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Dark As Knight

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It has been some time, approximately one month, since Emma and Regina set Jefferson up for failure and trapped him in the underworld quite possibly forever and taking possession of his magic hat and storing it away in Regina's collection vault. His demise wasn't in vain...Regina was now in possession of an item the Ice Queen has desperately been searching for, for a very long time. The Dark Kingdom now had the Ice Queen's attention but as far as the Ice Queen leaving Arendelle to come to the Enchanted Forest was still touch and go and Regina had to settle for the woman to contact her via went from the waiting game to playing chicken.

It has also been a month since she and the Dark Queen made their relationship official for public knowledge, and that opened a new topic of discussion when it become the topic of discussion not only for the Dark Kingdom but every other kingdom they were affiliated with; add to the fact that Emma, whether she was renounced or not, was the White Kingdom's princess and that did seem to put some of the other kingdoms at ease that they had some White Kingdom blood in the Dark Queen's land, even if she was as demented as Regina.

Politics. Emma scoffed, shaking her head as she pushed herself away from the window that gave her a wonderful view of the town that surrounded the Dark Kingdom. She never liked politics. They never really made sense to her, and she wasn't willing to give it a try any time soon. Emma had a few hours to herself because Regina and Belle were having lunch and Emma didn't want to stick around for the political talk she was sure the two women would engage in—either that or talk about the baby...Not that Emma minded talking about her and Regina's child. Besides she wasn't even hungry. Not really.

She made her way down to the dungeon room where Prince Charming was being kept, she hadn't physically seen him for about a month—honestly she had forgotten all about him, but today for some reason he was on her she decided to pay him a visit, even if she had no idea why.

She briefly acknowledge the two guards outside the boys less than stellar new home before waving them away to go do something else. Emma opened the heavy wooden door with ease and stepped inside the dark room. She left the door open to allow some light into the room, of course she didn't need it but she figured it would make his whimpering stop if he could see her too—somewhat.

Emma leaned against the wall making sure to at least make sure her face was visible and crossed her arms across her chest, staring down at her..her younger brother. He was dirty, and that worn wool blanket that he wore around his little body and the straws of hay in his hair made him look like a peasant and not the Prince he is...or rather- the Prince he once was. Emma smirked at that thought.

Henry had no idea why his blonde sister was smirking, and honestly he knew he should be concerned why this woman—who killed the last of his family in front of him— was smiling at him, but he couldn't because whether either of them liked it or not—they were the last of the Charming bloodline, well to Henry's knowledge.

"You look pale...and hungry." Emma commented after a while, she was scaring herself now. She had no inkling as to what possessed her to come down here, she didn't care about this kid before...and she still doesn't. She had better things to do like go spar with her best friend; Pocahontas. Yet, here she was. Sounding like the caring big sister she wasn't.

Henry nodded, his friend Grace usually brought him so of her bread when she was able to visit him in the middle of the night when the guards were either sleeping or just not paying any attention. "Are you here to hurt me like you hurt daddy and Mulan?"

Emma cocked her head to the side, she's been asking herself that question since she made the decision to come down to his cell. Why was she down here? "I was just checking on you, making sure you're still alive?" It sounded more like a confused question than a confident and reassuring answer.


Emma said nothing and for a while, neither did Henry. He was welcoming the cool air coming into his cell...he didn't have a window so he really had no idea what the exact time was but he could tell between day and night by the temperature. It was cold at night, and unbearably hot during the day for it still being winter time. He was also appreciating the light, his young eyes were still adjusting but it was a welcomed ache.

"Tell me about dad?"

The blonde knight went rigid, "What?"

"Um, can you tell me about our dad?"

"Your father" Emma sneered emphasizing 'your', "He was..."-an idiot, and he was weak. He didn't know left from right, and he wasn't a true King. He was an idiot. He ran around like a chicken with his head cut off most of the time. He had no real sense of direction when it came to politics. He was an idiot. He was born and raised on a fucking sheep farm and got the draw of luck when he was down on his luck. He was an idiot then too. Emma slowly started to nod her head, lips pressed tightly as if she had a good answer. "Your father, is a fallen King. I suppose to some he was a great man...and to the others, like me, he wasn't so great and he wasn't worthy of the crown. The end."

Henry may be young, but he wasn't dumb. "But...that doesn't answer my question Emma..."

Emma pushed herself off the wall, letting her arms drop to her sides. "Sorry boy, there was nothing about that man worth storing away for storytelling. Perhaps you should ask someone who isn't biased."

Henry looked panicked as Emma moved, and he realized that his time with the cool breeze and light were coming to an end. "W-wait!"

Emma sighed, "What now?"

"," the young boy got to his feet and dusted his pants off out of habit, "Can I have a room?" at a quirked eyebrow, he stumbled forward. "Please? It's so cold down here at night it hurts and—and the hay is so itchy."

Emma smirked, "Yes, I suppose you aren't used to these conditions are you boy?"

Henry just shook his head, his unkept shaggy brown hair falling into his eyes. "I won't ask you for anything else I swear it!"

Emma stared down at him so long and hard that the small boy fidgeted under her piercing gaze trying not to show he was scared but he was failing miserably. Emma broke her stare and stepped out into the hall to address one of the guards on duty. "Take this boy to an available servant room and get him settled in. He's going to start helping with the cleaning duty."

"What?!" Henry squeaked but was quickly silenced when Emma looked at him pointedly, and he took a step back when she reentered the room.

The blonde stopped directly in front of him, and bent down with her hands on her knees and eye level with him."Cleaning duty little Prince. You want a warm bed and good food, you work for it. You will work for everything you want in life from now on, you understand?"

"But my dad...he is a King...and I am a Prince. We don't work!" he argued and nearly stomped his foot.

Emma laughed, she genuinely laughed. "Your King, your daddy is dead. And so is your mother. And your home is here in the Dark Kingdom now. If you wish to live past the age of ten, you will earn it. Got it?"

It was cruel, she knew, but she was giving him a chance at life without actually going soft. She was doing it her way, or she just wasn't going to do it at all. Henry nodded after a moment, looking resigned as if he realized he had no choice—actually, that is exactly what he concluded. He may be young, but he was no idiot. "Okay...I understand."

Emma stood and stepped out into the hall to address the waiting guard once more, "I want a guard with him at all times...and I will be checking in from time to time, and I expect reports of his progress. Understand?"

The knight nodded curtly, "Yes Lady Swan!"

Emma sighed, wondering what the hell was wrong with her. "And...the girl. The girl imprisoned behind the throne room, put her in a servant room as well with kitchen duty. The room is warded by magic, so wait until lunch time...there is a witch that delivers lunch around that time. Understand?"

"Yes Lady Swan!"

"I expect the same thing, one guard with her at all times, and weekly reports."

"Yes Lady Swan!" He saluted stiffly, eyes forward.

She saluted him, and left the knight to complete his task for the day.


Emma found the Captain of the Dark Kingdom near the venders, judging by the heavy looking bag slung over the womans shoulder, Emma figured it was just a slow day all around. As she approached her friend from behind she saw that Pocahontas was talking to a older man who looked like he was ready to run for his life, and Emma was now in hearing distance and now standing to the left of her friend.

"It is no concern of mine whether your family has..." Pocahontas halted her slow drawl and looked at him with a raised brow, "What was it again?"

Frightful eyes darted to Emma then back to Pocahontas, "Um...oh, food."

"Ah!"Pocahontas chortled sharply, startling both the blonde and old man...but the former of the two hid it better, "You really should've thought of that before you became peasants! We're through here!" she waved him away and he dropped his head and scampered away not wishing for any trouble from either high ranked warrior. Pocahontas turned to Emma with a bright smile, "What are you doing out here?"

Emma half shrugged, "Can't enjoy my friend terrorizing the villagers?"

"I suppose...must be a slow day for you too?"

"You have no idea." Emma groaned, falling into step with the darker skinned warrior as they made their way back into the Dark Kingdom's gates. But as they approached the front gates, Pocahontas suddenly pulled Emma out of the way just as a group of four white horses zoomed past them with a carriage behind them. "What the fuck?"

"Holy shit..." Pocahontas whispered, "Emma, look at the flag."

Green eyes zeroed in on the flag that was flickering violently with the high speed and her eyes widened when she got a good look at it. Without a warning, she grabbed her fellow warriors upper arm and magicked them inside the throne room. They were both rather shocked to see it empty sans Regina Red, Lancelot and Belle.

Regina looked at her two top warriors with a look of relief, "I was just about to send Sidney to fetch you two. We have an unannounced visitor to deal with it seems."

Emma nodded and made her way to her lover, pulling her into her arms. "Yeah we know, she almost ran us down at the gates."

Regina kissed Emma chastely before she pulled away, "The Ice Queen's arrival is unexpected but not completely unprepared for. Everyone get ready, this woman is unpredictable...and it is best to be ready. Now."

Regina took her rightful seat on her throne, looking as regal as ever and every bit of the Evil Queen with her smirk in place as if nothing was amiss. Emma had her hood up and stood behind Regina's throne to the right while Pocahontas took the left side. Red was next to Emma, while Belle was next to Pocahontas—much to the wolfs displeasure...and Lancelot made up the rear. His pride was still hurt from being demoted and replaced by his wife, and he was still trying to get the hand of being the Lt. It was a lot more grunt work than he realized...especially when he got a taste of being the Captain.

They didn't have to wait long, the doors to Regina's throne room were thrown open and all the occupants felt a breeze of cold air that was harsher than the winter breezes mother nature had to offer. The Ice Queen was a truly beautiful woman, and the frostiness that seemed to cover her skin like a second skin made her even more intriguing. Only a keen eye could see the thin sheet of ice that covered the womans exposed skin and Emma admired her wits—it'd take double the hits to assassinate this woman. One hit to break the ice and another to break skin—but by then, the Ice Queen would've been aware she was trying to be killed—if she wasn't before the first strike.

The Ice Queen came without any protective guards, it was rather arrogant of her do so and everyone standing behind Regina took offense to that. It was a message. A message that the Ice Queen thought that the Evil Queen and her guard were not worthy of a good fight. She found them easy. Emma may have admired this womans natural defense mechanism—but she was curious to see how far the womans head could roll before she could defend herself.

"Finally," The older blonde spoke after a moment of assessing Regina's personal guard, "I have the pleasure of meeting the Evil Queen in the flesh...with an added bonus of her dream team."

Regina kept her smirk in place, though it was forced but she couldn't stop her eyebrow from raising. "My dream team dear?"

"Two witches..a wolf, a spirit warrior and...a man who I assume is nothing but a mere sacrifice."

Pocahontas' hand twitched but that was the only indicator that the Ice Queens words bothered her. Regina chuckled, and chose not to stand but instead shifting her weight. If the Ice Queen had the audacity to insult her guard, then she would not respect this womans status of a Queen. Regina looked down at the Ice Queen like she was another other peasant that came to her crown for one thing or another—it didn't go unnoticed either.

"I apologize for dropping in on such short notice," she didn't sound sorry at all, "But I understand you have something that belongs to me."

Regina smirked and settled back into her throne smugly. " mean the urn? That hideous thing? I'd be glad to get rid of that useless thing." Regina made a show of being disgusted, "Unfortunately, it belongs to the Dark Kingdom, not Arendelle."

The Ice Queen's smirk fell and she set a cold glare upon Regina, "Then I will just take it from you."

Regina laughed halfheartedly while Pocahontas and Emma shared a look over the Evil Queen's throne. "Take it from me? You honestly believe that you can take anything from me? I'm the Evil Queen dear, if anything—it is I that takes from you."

The Ice Queen sighed deeply, as if she were bored. "Fine, then I will offer you something you want in exchange for my urn."

"Arendelle's alliance for this unsightly urn, of course." The Ice Queen looked as if she were about to challenge the Evil Queen, but Regina was suddenly on her feet with the urn between her elegant hands and she had the Ice Queens attention. "We've been discussing it for a while, and now it's time for it to be official."

The older Queen tore her eyes from the urn and met Regina's self-satisfied gaze with a cold one of her own. "And what if I don't wish to form an alliance with the Dark Kingdom. Arendelle has been closed for reasons. We have no trade business to offer you, Queen Regina. I simply want the urn and to return back to Arendelle in peace. I have brought pounds of gold but our alliance is not up for discussion."

Regina turned and handed the urn to Emma who handled it carelessly and almost dropped it. The older blonde's eyes widened then narrowed, "Be careful with her!" she hissed, "Do you fools have any idea who is in that urn?!"

Emma smirked, turning the object this way and that casually. "Should we? I don't feel about you Pocahontas?"

The blonde warrior tossed the urn to the spirit warrior who caught it easily, but it did nothing to ease the Ice Queen's nerves, instead it made her even more agitated than she already was. "Stop it you fools before you break her and I lose my Elsa forever!" It didn't escape anyone's that the temperature was dropping and the corners of the room were getting a little icy.

Regina took a step down, her grin tight and wicked. "Swear your alliance to the Dark Kingdom and you will have your dear Elsa back in Arendelle. We don't want your trade profits or your army, the Dark Kingdom has enough money and power to survive lifetimes."

"So why do you want Arendelle's alliance if you're so me Queen Regina, you do not want to end up on the bad side of someone like me."

Emma scoffed, but it was Belle who responded to the Ice Queens threat. "Someone like you? Please. You may have a mean cold shoulder, but it's the Dark Queen who should be feared. You should be groveling at her crown in gratitude for not destroying that pathetic rock you call a kingdom."

"Think of it like this Ice Queen, wouldn't you rather have Elsa have a familiar place to call home...or would you rather I destroy your...Kingdom, and keep Elsa in this urn forever in the fiery pits of hell."

The Ice Queen sneered but the temperature of the throne room went back to normal and the icicles in the corner of the room melted away. "You will rue the day you forced my hand, I promise you this. All of you."

"We're the most powerful kingdom in this world, get in line. Now swear your allegiance and go back home Ice Queen."


( Six months Later...)

The Dark Kingdom was thriving with power. The Evil Queen had the money, she had the power, and she had more land than any other kingdom in the Enchanted Forest, and any neighboring realms kingdom as well. No one dared challenge the Evil Queen as she also had the biggest army that any one has ever seen.

The Evil Queen's pregnancy is still the most talked subject among the lands of the Enchanted Forest, as some people believed that someone as vile as her would never be able to have children, then they learned that Emma, another powerful dark sorcerer, was her consort and it suddenly all made sense. Dark True Love's magic. It seemed a higher power had a morbid sense of humor to pair those two women together, both so underhanded and moral-less. Those who were light and against the Dark Kingdom were suffering at the brink of poverty, while the others who shamelessly pledged allegiance to the Evil Queen were well off and reaping the benefits of the ever powerful Dark Queen and her kingdom. Especially since the Dark Kingdom's battle arena was completed; neighboring kingdoms sent there most eligible knights to the arena to duke it out with other nights, and if they came back victorious...and not on the last thread of life, they were appointed the role as their realms champion until another challenged them.

The Dark Kingdom had more revenue than it could handle. And with the Evil Queen being Six months pregnant, her tyranny was more than anyone could handle either, including Emma. The Dark Queen was hormonal and twice her normal self.


"Emma, would it kill you to breath slower and quieter?!" Regina hissed as she set her book down to glare at the blonde, the same blonde that she hardly ever let out of her sight nowadays. They were currently sitting on their balcony beneath the brunettes beloved apple tree; enjoying the cool summer night breeze and the setting sun, and a light dinner. Well it was light for Emma, as Regina had staked claim on pretty much everything as soon as the servants left.

Emma just smiled and nodded, she had learned to just keep her mouth shut and take it all in stride. It didn't do her (or the kingdom) any good if one argued with a pregnant Evil Queen, especially for the one responsible. Emma keeping Regina happy benefited everyone, and if she didn't...heads rolled.

"Of course, I'm sorry for bothering you." Emma had also learned the art of placating her True Love two weeks after Regina's hormonal fits of rage. While the blonde look cool and collected on the outside, her mind was desperately trying to stay awake. Regina woke her at different hours of the night because she either had to pee and needed assistance getting out of bed because her belly was huge. Not that Emma ever told her that, even when Regina insisted that Emma be honest. Emma actually liked the extra weight her woman put on, but she'd never say that out loud, but Regina was beautiful even more so now that she was pregnant and practically glowing despite her tyrant like ways.

Regina rolled her eyes, and waved off Emma's comment as she stood. "I have to pee. Clean up this mess and come to bed soon, dear." That was another thing about Regina being pregnant, she no longer had a filter and her tongue was sharper than it was before. Emma found herself laughing most of the time, internally of course.

Emma waited until Regina was back inside to let out a sigh of relief. With her magic, she cleaned the table and sent it to the kitchen, and magicked herself down there as well. She wasn't shocked to see Red and Belle in there together, sharing a drink. When they saw Emma they both became alarmed, and looked ready to bolt. Emma laughed and held up her hands, "She's in our room, calm down. Sorry if I interrupted something, I'm just gonna grab some-"

"No, no!" Belle interrupted with a soft blush as she set her goblet in the sink and soothed out the invisible wrinkles on her dress. "It's fine, we were just um talking."

Red couldn't even meet her blonde friends eyes, and Emma's smirk grew even more. "Talking...uh huh sure. Look, I don't wanna ruin whatever you two love birds have planned for tonight. I just came down for a break."

Red was the one who was smirking now, over the past few months not only has her relationship with Belle blossomed into something that wasn't so platonic as the older brunette guided the wolf embraced who she was born to be; she and the blonde were becoming fast friends. Pocahontas was another story, but at least she wasn't plotting ways to kill the wolf any more—thanks to Emma. "Is the Evil Queen wearing you out Dark Knight?"

Emma sighed deeply, shrugging. "Not so much physically, just mentally. I find myself using my magic more and more everyday just to stay awake. It's always one or other, but her main complaint is that I'm breathing. I've tried to find a spell that would conceal my breathing such luck." Emma winced, she felt a mental pull behind her head, and she knew it was Regina telling her to come back but she ignored it for the moment.

Belle snorted unladylike, "Emma. Regina is just caught up in her hormones, the Regina we all know and love...or love to hate for some, is still there—deep down inside."

"Yeah" Red wrapped a long, toned arm around the blondes shoulders and pulled her into a side hug. "Besides, you only three months left. You're survived six, don't start breaking now. I have a bet on you not breaking, so don't make me lose. We're friends."

Emma was going to comment on the fact that there was a bet going on about her survival with their pregnant Dark Queen, but the pulling behind her head was becoming harder to ignore. "I have to go, I don't think it'd be wise to have her looking for me."

Belle smiled and hugged their blonde friend, "Just show some empathy Emma, you'll be okay. I promise."

Emma nodded and bid her friends goodnight before magicking herself back to her bed chambers. Regina was in her night gown, sitting on top of the covers looking irritable. "What took you so long? Where did you go? I told you to clean the table, not go dawdling around the kingdom."

Emma sat on the edge of the bed to start undressing, starting with her boots. "I went down to the kitchen."


"Because you told me to clean up." Emma winced, that came out with more bite than she had intended but the damage had been done. She wanted for something to come flying at her but it never did, and she, cautiously, turned around. The blondes heart felt a stab of pain when she saw shiny obsidian eyes staring back at her. "Regina? Why are you crying?"

"I'm not idiot." She wasn't crying, not yet at least.

"What's the matter then?" Emma asked softly, clothes long forgotten as she edged closer to her upset lover.

The tears began to spill over in an instant and Regina shook her head, "I'm sorry I'm a bother to you Emma, I just need you so much and I hate that, but I do! I'm fat, I'm always hungry and my back hurts, my feet hurt and sometimes my nipples ache in the middle of the day at the worst times! And you're bitching about putting away dishes! You have no idea what I'm going through! I'm sorry that I treat you so bad but..." And the more the brunette ranted, the more she cried so Emma wasn't able to catch all of what she was saying but she knew she was being fussed at while simultaneously getting an apology.

Emma pulled Regina into a hug and just told Regina everything it was going to be okay until the woman stopped crying and pulled herself together. Emma felt bad because she didn't know what Regina was going through, and she just made her lover feel worse than she probably already did. Time for some butt kissing. The Dark Knight couldn't wait to get her Regina back, at least she could get some sleep. "Maybe I can hunt some raw meat for you tomorrow, and have it slow cooked for you tomorrow. The kind of meat that is rare in the Enchanted Forest. Sound good?"

Regina's face instantly lit up with a radiant smile that Emma loved so much, "You would do that for me?"

"Only for you." Emma confirmed, kissing her Dark True Love reassuringly.


Henry had waited until the entire kingdom had succumbed to the sandman before quietly slipping out his bed. He slipped his feet into the ratty slippers he had bought from the village when Emma had allowed the guard to take him and Grace out to spend their hard earned shillings on things they needed, and his heavy cotton made robe.

The young boy who was once a Prince, became a master of stealth and he made sure not to linger in the shadows for too long because it was as if his sister had a special link to him and knew when he was doing things he shouldn't have been doing—like attempting to run away to find his mother. Henry had learned the hard way that things weren't so black and white. He hadn't heard from Rumpelstiltskin in some time, but he knew that the man would come when the Dark Kingdoms heir would be born—though he never explained to Henry why it was so important that they wait until then to find Snow White.

Henry's night guard had more brawn than brain, and was slumped in the chair by the door; sound asleep. Henry quickly, but quietly, ran along the wall to the bay where the female servants slept. He crawled on the floor beneath the mirrors to avoid being detected by the man that lived behind the glass.

Grace was already sitting on the hard stone steps waiting for him, and Henry was relieved that he didn't have to go down the stairs since there was a dark area that always terrified him because he never felt as if he was alone when he passed through it.

Henry sat next to his best, and older, friend. He moved his shaggy brown hair from his face and smiled at her. "Hi Grace."

Grace smiled back, then grimaced. "Next time we go into the village, buy some soap."

Henry frowned, "I took a bath, is that why you wanted us to meet? To tell me I stink?"

Grace shook her head, looking as serious as an 8 year old can get. "No, I met someone that can help us find your mom."

Henry's eyes lit up before doubt took over, and his green eyes narrowed. "Rumpelstiltskin says we shouldn't trust anyone to help us. He's the only one that can help."

Grace rolled her eyes, "But he's evil like your sister and the Dark Queen."

"Oh yeah? If he's so evil then why's he helping us?"

"Because evil people are liars that's why! I'm older and smarter than you Henry, I know these things."

"Yeah, but I'm cuter than you." when Grace settled for just glaring at him, the young boy sighed and shrugged. "Sorry. So who did you find?"

"The Blue Fairy."

Henry instantly perked up, he knew who the Blue Fairy was—she was one his mothers good friends. "The Blue Fairy? How? My dad said she died when the Evil Queen destroyed our home?"

Grace shook her head, "Not true, she came to me in a dream and she told me not to trust Rumpelstiltskin. He's not helping us at all."

Henry didn't want to believe it because he truly believed that the strange looking man really wanted to help him find his mom; but Snow White also told her son that the Blue Fairy was the most honest person in the Enchanted Forest.

"Well...what else she say?" Henry asked, still uncertain about who he should chose to help find his mom.

Grace looked over shoulder to make sure they were still alone, "The Blue Fairy said that they need something of your mothers to help find her, something like necklace or-"

"Oh!" he quickly lowered his voice, "When I was younger my mom gave me her scarf when I lost mine two winters ago. I still have it but it's dirty."

Grace smiled softly, "It doesn't matter Henry, it'll help us find your mom." she noticed that Henry's smile wasn't as big as it should've been, and she asked him what was wrong.

"It's just that...Emma keeps saying that both mom and dad are dead and-"

"Emma is a liar Henry. She's not a good person, she killed my dad in front of me. Does that sound like a good person to you?"

"No." Henry whispered sadly eyes on the floor, "But she can be good when she wants! She got us out of the dungeons!"

"Yeah and look at us now! We're stinky orphans that are trapped her. I'd rather be in the dungeons. Stop defending her Henry! She wouldn't do it for you, she's not a real big sister."

The younger boy wiped his eyes with the rough fabric of his robe, and stood. "What do I tell Rumpelstiltskin?"

"You won't have to tell him anything if we take the Blue Fairy's offer."

Henry nodded, "O-okay. Meet here tomorrow night?"

Grace smiled and stood as well and hugged the shaggy brown haired boy. "Yes, and bring the scarf."

Henry nodded and made his way back to his bay, while Grace thanked her lucky stars that he agreed. They were finally going to be free, she turned and skipped down the stairs unaware that amused green eyes at witnessed the entire interaction between her and the White Kingdom's former Prince.

"The game is about to get interesting."