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Dark As Knight

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Green eyes snapped opened and Emma sat up with sharp gasp. She was back in her own bed—a bed she hadn't occupied in some time. The curtains by the balcony were drawn, allowing the cool breeze to enter the room. Emma wiped her brow and pushed the covers from her body and slipped out of bed. Once her bare feet hit the cold floor she realized that someone had changed her out of her armor and she was wearing casual riding clothing. She mentally thanked whoever dressed her that they were loose and comfortable. Even though she had a completely new wardrobe, she still had issues with the clothing she was dictated to wear all her life. She hated to be confined and restricted, feeling most at home in her custom-made armors. Emma slowly realized that she was not alone in the room, and quickly broke free from her inner-musings. Regina was sitting in a chair in the far corner next to the fire place, looking more stoic and regal than Emma has ever seen her before.

Emma worked her jaws to say something, but nothing was coming out. Running her hand through her messy blonde hair, she walked over to where Regina was sitting. Emma just stood there for awhile, staring down at her toes...not sure what to say.

Regina sighed deeply, fingers fidgeting, she couldn't even make eye contact with Emma. She didn't want the young woman to see evidence that she had been crying for the duration of her impromptu nap. "The healer said you hit your head fairly hard, but that you'd be fine. I...I am having dinner brought to us anyway."

Emma didn't miss the 'us' part, at least Regina wasn't mad at her...well not to the point that she'd want to just ignore Emma completely. Slowly, a bit unsure of herself, Emma sat down on the cold, tiled floor at Regina's high-heeled feet. The blonde wrapped her arms around her knees and rocked a little bit, like a ball. "How are you?"

"I'm still in shock dear. This...should not be possible."

Emma blinked, nodding slightly. "You never told me why Regina."

The Dark Queen scoffed, "It doesn't matter now."

"It matters to me! I meant what I said last night Regina..." Emma looked up at the brunette and despite the setting sun, Emma's enhanced vision enabled her to see tear tracks, making it obvious that Regina had cried at some point while she has been sitting in that chair waiting for Emma to wake up. Whether those were happy tears or not, Emma wasn't sure, but she wanted to know. "I do care about you."

"No one cares about me dear. Not anymore. Those who cared, are no longer here."

Emma bit her bottom lip, still rocking back and forth. "Regina..." Emma trailed off, not knowing where to start...Sure she was as complicated as the next person, but Regina... Regina was a kind of complicated that required a lot of patience. She was even confused by her own feelings, almost hurt...or angry, that Regina made it sound like a personal attack on her being. She basically spat in her face by saying that she didn't care. But righteous indignation would get her nowhere with this beautiful, complicated, puzzle of a woman in front of her. Emma needed to tread very lightly. "Why won't you just let me care?"

"Everyone that has ever 'cared' about me is gone Swan, they're dead...and they are never coming back. My heart has been broken enough, and I have been betrayed more times than I'd like to admit."

Emma rolled her eyes and leaned back, palms flat against the floor. She was getting comfortable because she had a feeling that she and the Dark Queen were going to be talking for quite awhile. Emma stretched her legs around the two front legs of the chair Regina was sitting in. "I'm not going to betray you...and I won't break your heart." Emma added when she saw the flicker of doubt flash across the Regina's face. "Are you not happy about being pregnant? From what I''s not an everyday occurrence."

"Why wouldn't I be happy?" Regina shot back, sounding offended.

"I don't know." Emma offered a bit sarcastically with a small shrug, "Maybe because I'm the one who got you pregnant."

Regina didn't understand what Emma meant, until the blonde looked down at her crotch and pulled one of her golden locks from her face. "Emma, how can you even think that?"

"You're not giving me a good reason to think otherwise. Are you embarrassed that it was me that got you pregnant?"

Regina stared down at Emma, but the blonde wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of meeting her gaze, she would not give in and let this go. Regina was about to say something just as she was interrupted by a soft knock at the door. When the servant entered the chamber the young girl blushed upon seeing the Dark Knight and the Dark Queen. This was the first time the young maiden had seen the kingdom's Champion out of her armor and leather pants. Regina cleared her throat, breaking the young girl from her stare. Her blush deepened as she bowed, "My apologies Your Majesty. This is where I was told to bring the dinner for two."

Emma got to her feet and walked over to the shorter blonde with a smirk on her face, "What's for dinner...?"

"M-Meredith." the young girl managed to stutter out, captivated by Emma's mesmerizing, emerald eyes. "And stew is for dinner, beef stew."

Emma stopped next to the cart and lifted the lid, turning her head as the steam came out of the small pot. "Smells good, do you work in the kitchen?"

Suddenly, all of the color in the girl's face drained and she looked as pale as a dead person. It didn't take a genius to know that Regina was standing behind Emma. Regina stepped in between Meredith and Emma, glaring so hard at the maiden that she started trembling. "Thank you Meredith. You're dismissed. For the rest of the evening." Regina's tone may have been dripping with sweetness but her eyes were burning with anger and her smile promised malice.

Meredith bowed and ran out of the room like her bottom was on fire, slamming the door shut after her. Regina turned on Emma, glaring. "What the hell was that?"


Regina took Emma's face between her hands with her nails jabbed into the skin beneath her jaws and brought Emma's face close to hers until they were nose-to-nose. "You're mine!" Regina pressed her lips to Emma's, taking the blonde's mouth possessively until they needed oxygen. "Mine."

Emma breathed, smiling slightly. "So, you were jealous then?"

The Evil Queen narrowed her eyes, "Jealousy is beneath me."

"Then don't get possessive. I'm not one of your mindless drones Regina. I still have my heart and everything I'm saying is real, and everything I'm starting to feel is real too. Why can't you just see that?"

Regina closed her eyes and shook her head, rubbing noses with Emma. "It's a long story...and it is not a happy one."

Emma placed a chaste kiss on plump red lips, "It never is."


Regina lit the fireplace as Emma fixed two bowls of beef stew for them and sat down in the middle of her bed, ignoring Regina's disapproving glare. Regina then magicked away her royal dress and changed into silk nightgown that left very little to the imagination. Emma carefully held both warm bowls in her hands as Regina settled back into the plush pillows. Quietly Emma handed over a bowl, and relaxed herself. The two women ate their stew in silence; both thinking. Regina was pondering about what was about to transpire between them, wondering if it would be a good or bad thing. While Emma was trying not to freak out about the fact that a little human was growing inside of Regina and would be here very soon—and it was her little human. Emma smiled subconsciously causing Regina to raise an eyebrow. Emma noticed and smiled even more. "What?"

"What are you thinking Emma?"

Emma set her bowl aside and scooted a little closer to Regina, tentatively reaching past the woman's hand that held the soup bowl, and touched her stomach, only to jerk her hand back when she felt a sudden flutter of magic at the tip of her fingers from beneath Regina's skin. Worried green eyes met guarded brown ones. "Is that supposed to happen?"

Regina sighed, and magicked their bowls back to the dinner cart. "I don't know. I've never been pregnant before."

Emma smiled sheepishly, "Right."

Regina sighed, biting her bottom lip. It was now or never... "Dear? How much do you know of the animosity between your mother and me?"

Emma shook her head, moving to get comfortable on the pillows next to Regina, lying on her left side, to the right of Regina. "Uh, I don't?"

Without really thinking about it, the Dark Queen shifted closer to the blonde until they were touching. Emma placed her pale hand over Regina's stomach cautiously waiting for the glare to back off, but it never came. Emma was surprised, but she didn't comment on it...She just enjoyed the moment; not wishing to ruin it. Both women were quiet for awhile, just enjoying their shared warmth. Emma was mindlessly tracing patterns over Regina's silk covered stomach, playing with the magic that seemed to be swirling around inside the brunette's abdomen.

"When I was a young girl, my father...gave me Rocinante for my tenth name day. And I started my riding sessions the very same day. That's how I met my first love; Daniel." Emma didn't stop her ministrations, but she was startled when Regina spoke; and of course Emma recognized that name as Regina's most prized steed. "He was our stable boy." Regina shifted again, taking Emma's hand in her own and playing with the blonde's nimble fingers in her own. "The only time Daniel and I were able to be together—and alone, was for my riding sessions. We would take long rides across the green pastures during the spring and spend time at the lake."

Emma noted how soft Regina was talking, almost as if she were in a trance. She wasn't jealous at all, she was enthralled by this new side that the Evil Queen seemed to possess and she hoped that one day the brunette would use that same wispy tone of voice when she spoke about her.

"My mother didn't allow much time for such activities, but in that short time, as the days passed...I found myself falling in love with Daniel. And for the first time in my life...I was happy. I wanted to live the rest of my life with him, loving him and to have a family with him. I didn't care about his status, he loved me and I loved him. That was all that mattered."

"What happened?" Emma murmured.

"Our mothers." Regina growled, tensing.


It was a beautiful spring afternoon, the weather was warm and though the skies promised a bit of rain—it was perfect for a riding session. A young brunette wearing a powdered blue riding coat with tan riding pants raced across the meadow; through the tall pine trees with a smile so bright it might have rivaled the sun, had it been visible. Regina Mills slowed Rocinante down as she approached an oak tree at the top of a small hill. Upon their approach, a man with dark brown hair came from behind the oak tree. Laughing softly; Regina expertly hopped off of Rocinante and into the man's arms, kissing him soundly on the lips. The two hugged and kissed under the large tree until Daniel pulled away, smiling down at Regina.

"I thought we could take a ride to Firefly Hill, and then by sundown we can have a picnic-"

"I can't." Regina's smile faltered, "I, ah, I have to be back in an hour. Tea time. A lady never misses her tea time." she added sarcastically with a slight roll of her eyes, looking longer smiling.

Daniel huffed, shaking his head slightly and pulling away from Regina. "This is absurd!" He put some distance between him and Regina, before turning to face her once more. "Stealing kisses between lunch and tea? When are you going to tell your parents about us?"

Regina smiled sadly, walking to the man she loved and taking both his hands in her own. "It's not my parents...It's her." She didn't even have to say the woman's name, they both knew Regina was speaking about her mother— Cora Mills. Regina didn't want to say the woman's name too loud, lest she show up and ruin the rest of her day.

Daniel scoffed, "I don't understand? So, I work in the stables? She started off as the daughter of a miller." he shook his head, disbelief written all over his face. "Wouldn't she of all people understand?"

"She does!" Regina tried to reassure him, looking at him with hopeful brown eyes. "But she thinks one's trajectory needs to keep moving up and..." Regina was struggling to find the right words without offending him.

"And I'm down." Daniel finished for her, catching on to what Regina was struggling to tell him. He pulled away from her once again to go lean against the tree, letting his head drop back against it.

"She believes that Daniel. I know better." Regina didn't understand why Daniel couldn't understand how difficult her mother could be—how difficult she! It just wasn't as easy as he thought it would be.

Daniel reached over and took the young brunette in his arms. "Regina. Tell her! She'll get over it, what can she do?"

"Have you not seen her magic? I—The real question is what can't she do?"

Daniel smiled softly, kissing her once more. "Who cares about magic?" he cupped her jaw, caressing her cheek with his thumb. "True Love's the most powerful magic of all. It can overcome anything."

Their magical moment; however, was shattered by a loud whinny from a horse that went zooming past their spot under the tree with a young girl screaming for her life, begging for someone to help her. Regina reacted faster than Daniel and she ran to Rocinante. Regina and Rocinante chased after the terrified child on the wild horse for half a mile until Regina was close enough to grab the girls arm. With an impressive show of strength Regina pulled the dark-haired girl over her lap and Rocinante began to slow down to a stop just as Regina unfortunately lost her grip on the small child with the light pink fur coat, and she fell to the ground, ungracefully.


Emma blinked, sitting up slightly. "Wow. I was not expecting that."

Regina sighed, "Yes gets better dear." Judging by Regina's dry tone, Emma knew it was only about to get worse. "Saving your mother ruined my entire life. After rescuing her...her father, your grandfather, King Leopold showed up asking for my hand in marriage. Do you have any idea how terrified and confused I was? And my mother...she accepted because I was taking too long to answer in my state of shock, and my father just stood by and let her. He didn't even try Emma. So much for Daddy looking out for his little girl. And all Mother wanted was power—it was always about power with her, and nothing else."

"What happened after that?" Emma asked softly, flattening her hand over Regina's stomach. The warmth that spread over her hand through Regina's night gown was comforting, and she just couldn't leave it alone.

Regina sighed, "After the King left, Mother went to go prepare the wedding...I left to the stables to tell Daniel the news. He didn't take it so well. He was upset with me, but we planned to run away together and never return...and as luck would have it...your mother overheard what was supposed to be a clandestine conversation and ran off to tell of our plans." Regina sat up slightly, and Emma followed; supporting herself on her elbow. "I managed to catch her before she found anyone and talked her out of it...and I told her about Daniel and me. I thought she would understand and I made her promise not to tell anyone...especially my mother. Another mistake."

Regina shook her head and took a deep breath. Emma saw Regina's hand trembling ever so slightly. The Dark Knight sat up fully, scooting back on the pillows sitting up next to Regina now. Emma didn't say anything, she simply watched the emotions play across the Dark Queen's face. Tentatively, Emma took the darker woman's hand and Regina squeezed it with silent gratitude.

"Snow broke her promise and she told my mother about Daniel...and that same night Daniel and I planned to run away, Cora—my mother caught us, and she took his heart from his chest and crushed it to dust right in front of me." Regina whispered, eyes closing to prevent the tears from falling once more and squeezed Emma's hand yet again; tighter this time. "I didn't understand at the she knew. It wasn't until the day of the wedding... Snow White confessed to me what she had done." Regina turned to Emma with those forlorn and infuriated brown eyes. "And I wanted to...I've never wanted to harm someone so much in my life."

"Is that where it began? The Evil Queen?"

Regina chuckled, shaking her head. "Yes, and my reign began when I had Leopold murdered by the man that is now trapped in the mirror." Regina's smile was cold and humorless.

Emma hummed appreciatively, "What happened to Cora?"

"I pushed her into a Magic Mirror provided by Rumpelstiltskin and it shattered. I haven't seen her since, but I know where she is."

"Is this what you meant? The beginning? Where we took Snow?" Regina nodded solemnly. "Why didn't you just kill her? Cora,I mean. To be free of her permanently?"

"The same reason you haven't killed yours yet, dear."

Emma rubbed the back of Regina's knuckles with her thumb. "Regina, I really am sorry that your mother killed your True Love and it was my mother's fault. I really wish that-"

"I don't."

Emma swallowed the rest of her apology, almost choking on the words. "Wha..huh? But...wait, what?"

"I never said Daniel was my True Love dear. He was the first person I've ever loved that loved me right back, and at the time, I would have settled for that. He believed we were True Love's but I knew better...and it was wrong for me to deceive him, but I was so desperate to be loved and to be free."

"Do you regret not killing my mother when you had the chance?"

Regina sighed, looking deep in thought. "Yes and no."

When it was clear that Regina was not about to elaborate, Emma asked another question. "Why couldn't you have children before Regina? Why would you do that?"

Regina sighed, she had guessed that Emma would ask eventually. She stared down at the hands in her lap, "King Leopold married me because he thought I could keep his darling daughter company...he came off as sweet in public, but behind closed doors...He was just like any other man, he wanted things from me...things I wasn't ready to give-wasn't willing to give." Regina caught herself crying and begging the older and unflattering man to stop, to be gentle—but there was so much pain. Regina blacked out before he was even finished. And a few nights later after spending ample time in the kingdom's library...she made a spell to prevent her from giving that man another child. "I did what I had to do to survive." Regina whispered.

Emma swallowed and tried to reign in her anger because the man was dead, but knowing that Regina went through that for years and no one did was just frustrating and Emma wanted to hit something. She wished more than anything now that she was going on that raid, to release some of her steam. "I'll be right back."

Emma withdrew her hand and slipped out of the bed. The Dark Queen looked at her Dark Knight, worry in her eyes. "Where are you going?"

Emma leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on the brunette's lips, "I'm going to use the bathroom, and then get ready for bed...seeing as I won't be helping to tear down the White Kingdom tonight."

Regina watched her champion disappear behind the double doors that led to her bathing chamber, she heard the bitterness the blonde tried to cover up, but failed miserably. The Evil Queen was not to be deterred from her set punishment. She could; however, make her time more enjoyable than telling sad stories. Regina had to admit, telling Emma about the beginning was nerve-wracking for her, and having Emma take it all in stride was even better. She wanted Emma to know who she was behind the cold eyes and cruel and cunning smile.

Regina had never wanted to let someone inside her walls so badly until Emma came into her life not so long ago. Regina wasn't sure how True Love was supposed to feel but-

"Miss me?" Emma emerged from the antechamber wearing her black robe, barefoot and seemingly relaxed, but Regina could tell that her warrior was none too happy still, and her knuckles were slightly red as if she'd been hitting the stone walls. The Dark Queen realized that the raid was far from Emma's mind.

Regina smiled anyway, deciding that they both had enough gloom for one evening. "Of course dear, I was losing my mind without you."

Emma grumbled under her breath as she strode back over to her side of the bed. The darker woman's eyes widened slightly when Emma dropped the robe to the floor; she was naked as the day she was born and without shame. She was growing to be more confident with what she was blessed with. Emma pulled back the covers and crawled in, getting completely comfortable.

Regina closed her mouth and cleared her throat, not sure what to make of Emma's sudden mood change. "Right, I suppose it is getting late."


"And we do have to be awake in a few hours to ride to the ruins of the White Kingdom."

Emma licked her lips, observing Regina's fidgeting from hooded eyelids. "I suppose so."

Regina sighed, "Goodnight Lady Swan." She raised her hand but Emma's shot out like a snake, and cool pale fingers wrapped around her wrist startling the Dark Queen. "What do you think you're doing?"

Emma let her wrist go and shrugged nonchalantly. "You don't have to go Regina. I know this isn't where a Queen should sleep but...just for tonight. Sleep with me."

Such a simple and innocent suggestion, though Regina couldn't help but feel as if there was something else. But she was just too tired to figure it out, she moved in order that she could pull back the covers on her side of the bed as well.

"You know it's only fair if you're naked too."

"Are you trying to seduce me, Swan?"

Emma wiggled her eyes brows, stifling a yawn. "Is it working?"

"You're not very subtle dear." Regina removed her night gown anyway, and uncharacteristically tossed it somewhere behind her and settled under the duvet near the middle, her back to Emma. When Regina blew out the torches with her magic and blocked out the moonlight, the room was dark save for the warm glowing light that was emmitted from the small fireplace across the room, and it was very quiet except for their light breathing and the crackling wood. When Regina was sure Emma was fast asleep she released a shuddering breath and stared ahead into the darkness. She had never told anyone why she is the way she is. Very few people knew the start of the Evil Queen's path of destruction...and it's been so very long since Regina had gone down memory lane.

A toned arm, wrapping around her middle and pulling her closer to a solid, but soft front of the body behind her, startled her from her thoughts yet again, Emma's warm breath washing over her ear causing her to shiver involuntarily. "It's just me here Regina."

"I'm fine Emma."

"No. you're not. You're shaking and as tense as a bowstring." Emma pulled Regina closer and held her tight, kissing her just behind her ear. This tenderness was new territory for both women, but it just felt so natural for them, for each other. Regina understood Emma's unspoken message but she just couldn't—it was too much. The Evil Queen crying years and years worth of pain and loneliness in the arms of the only person in the world who might give a damn about her? It was just too much, and it being too much—broke her resolve, and as soon as that first tear hit the pillow...more followed after and she turned around in Emma's arms and buried her face in the crook of the younger woman's neck, and in her blonde hair.

Emma said nothing but she held Regina as close as she possibly could, rubbing her back soothingly.


Charming frowned when one of his knights, one of the few they had left remaining at the castle while the rest were out looking for his wife, burst through the double doors leading into his cold and lonely throne room. Charming sat up straighter looking haggard, "I thought I made it clear I didn't want to be-"

"The Evil Queen's army is on its way here!" The panting knight cut his King off smoothly, trying to control his breathing, but his heavy and flashy suit of armor wasn't meant for the sprinting he had just performed to get to his King with the message.

Charming was out of his seat, alarmed and afraid. "What?! How do you know this?"

The knight held up a pigeon that had an arrow through its tiny body, something Charming failed to notice at first, and there was an unfolded note resting on it. "It came from the outside but was shot down by an unknown enemy, Sir. We sent two scouts to investigate, but they never returned. I believe it is safe to assume we are already under attack!"

Charming swallowed thickly, he should have seen this coming...he should have, he swore under his breath. Snow would have seen it coming and she would have been ready. The knight was speaking again, not giving the White King time to think. "Sir, we need all fighting men surrounding the kingdom. We need everyone who is capable, if we wish to hope to survive. Do I have your permission?"

Charming hesitated but nodded, "Yes, yes Captain, now go!"

"What of the champion and your boy? We can-"

"Don't worry about them, I can take care of them."

"Very well sir. Best of luck to you my King."

"You too." Charming called to the retreating knight's backside. Charming ran both of his hands over his head and screamed for all he was worth. He lost his daughter. He lost his wife. And now he was about to lose his kingdom—and it was all because of the Evil Queen. It was always because of her...and she had finally won. Charming resisted the urge to fall to his knees and wait for his death...but he had Henry, his son. He had to protect Henry and he had to protect Mulan and Red. They trusted in him and Snow, and now that the White Queen is—gone, he was their last hope.

Gathering what little strength he had left, King Charming ran out of the throne room and through the grand halls of his kingdom. He had no idea why they insisted on so many floors and such long hallways. By the time he reached the room where his champion was being healed and attempting recovery with his son and Red by her side, he was out of breath...and it hurt.

"Dad!" Henry jumped off the bed and ran into his father's arms happily, unaware that his father was not happy. But Red noticed, she slid off the chair that was next to Mulan's bed and walked over to where David was, who now had Henry secure in his arms.

"What's wrong? What's going on?"

Charming shook his head, cradling Henry's to his shoulder. "The Evil Queen. She's not finished. She is coming." His intense gaze flickered to where Mulan was resting, "We have to leave."

The wolf's eyes widened, "What about Mulan? We can't leave her!"

"Can she be moved?"

Red nodded frantically, "Yes."

Charming passed his son into Red's strong arms and went to Mulan. He carefully pulled back the covers and made quick work of wrapping the bedsheets around her body. Gingerly, Charming scooped his arms beneath her neck and the back of her legs, and pulled the unconscious warrior from the bed. Without another word, he followed the wolf that was carrying Henry out of the castle through the back entrance on the west wing. As Red kicked open the door, she stopped dead in her tracks and Charming almost knocked her over.

"Red what the he...oh my god."

The White Kingdom's crops were ablaze with smoke so black it looked as if the sky had fallen. Henry had finally taken in to account that something was wrong and he was holding onto Red tighter than he was before and crying because he was afraid and he wanted his mother. There were more than a handful of villagers and knights working together to put the fire out, but the more water and snow they dumped on the burning crops...the angrier the fire became. It was as if it were fueled by magic. Most definitely the work of the Evil Queen!

"They're here! They're here! The Evil Queen's army is at the front gate!"

Charming shook his head, taking in the disaster before them. Then he suddenly remembered something, something from a long time ago when their kingdom was built—He thought it was ridiculous at the time, but Snow had insisted, and when his wife wanted something she got it. "Come on! I have an idea!"

Red turned and followed Charming back into the palace, only catching a glimpse of the Evil Queen's dark knights as they rounded the corner, taking lives on their way in. Charming led them to the kitchen and to a stove that was hardly used. "Move the stove."

Red shifted Henry in arms, not understanding. "What? David, we don't have time for this!"

"Just trust me, move the stove. Please!"

Red sighed and set Henry down, who ran to his father, hugging his leg. "Daddy I'm scared."

David looked down at him, "Everything's going to be okay son, I promise. We will be fine. I promise you this, Henry."

The unbearable sound of metal on the tiled floor made the two royal males wince and look at Red pushing the stove with a grimace. Once the stove was out of the way, no one moved.

"Daddy what is it?"

"Our way out, son."


Early the following morning...

Emma was the first of the two to awaken, which was surprising because Regina was more of an early bird than she was. Somehow, during the night they had changed their positions, they were no longer facing each other and hugging but they were...spooning. They've never spooned before and it was new. Emma chuckled quietly, they were doing a lot of new things as of late it would seem. Though she had to admit holding Regina like this from behind felt nice, and it was comforting. Her bottom arm was tucked under Regina's pillow while her other arm was across the brunette's stomach, hand resting just beneath her bosom, but the best part of it all...Emma's lower body had firm contact with Regina's perfect round ass. She had an erection and she was sure if Regina was awake, the older woman wouldn't be just lying there...or at least teasing her about it.

Emma sighed in content, this was just perfect. She closed her eyes, then opened them once again, suddenly remembering why she woke up in the first place. Reluctantly, the Dark Knight rolled away from her slumbering Queen and left the bed. When her bare feet hit the floor she felt the chill go through her bones. Shivering, Emma picked up her robe and threw it on as if that would do anything. Just as she was about to enter the bathing chamber, there was a knock on her door before two knights came bustling in; startling Regina awake, she sat up quickly clutching the sheet to her chest with one hand, and the other holding a fire ball.

"What the hell do you two think you are doing?!" she snarled, angry for being woken up so abruptly.

One of the knights looked between the amused Dark Champion and their irritated Dark Queen. "Uh—ah, my Queen. We apologize." they both bowed quickly as they regained their bearings. "We came to alert the champion that you were missing. We went to wake you as requested and-" Regina extinguished her fire ball and then held up one finger, the knight immediately shut his mouth.

"As you can clearly see I am perfectly fine and safe in the company of my Champion. Make sure Rocinante is ready and prepare the Champions steed as well. We shall be down within an hour."

"Yes, Your Majesty." they both bowed and left. Once the doors were closed, Regina dropped her sheet and fell back against the pillows mumbling something. Emma laughed and went to take care of her business. When she came out she found Regina still in bed, this was so unlike the Evil Queen everyone knew and loved to hate. She was a woman who had her happiness ripped away from her at an early age and never had any chances to let the real Regina out. Emma stood at the edge of the bed, arms crossed loosely across her chest.

"Shouldn't we be getting ready to leave?"

"Magic dear" Regina's eyes were roaming all over Emma's scantily clad body. "I can think of better things to do until we are expected to be down at the stables."

"What about breakfast? I'm really hungry right now. I skipped lunch yesterday you know."

Settling back against the pillows, Regina smirked, her voice dropping an octave. "If you're hungry dear, I have something better than cherry tarts." Emma dropped her robe to floor once more before crawling on the bed toward Regina, who spread her legs willingly. The brunette placed her left foot on Emma's shoulder when she got close enough. Emma glanced at the foot before sitting up on her knees as she took Regina's soft foot between her hands and kissed it gently.

The blonde saw the surprise on the older woman's face, but she ignored it because she had no idea why she kissed her foot either, but Regina's feet—for being in high heels day and night—were so soft and so beautiful that Emma just couldn't resist. Dropping her foot gently, Emma did the same to the other foot, but Regina didn't resist; she just looked on curiously...she didn't think having someone caress her calves while kissing her feet would be something that would arouse her. Lady Swan seemed to be teaching Regina things about her own body while simultaneously learning how to please it.

Using her free foot, Regina pushed it against Emma's hardening shaft; pressing it up and against the blonde's stomach, flexing her toes against the soft skin of the muscle. Emma groaned and shivered as her hips rocked against the older woman's foot before she came back to her senses and caught it, moving it away.

"We don't have time." Emma breathed, answering Regina's unspoken question. Setting her feet aside, Emma positioned herself before the woman's wet core; and she was ripe. Emma drank her in, breathing deeply—familiarizing herself. Leaning forward Emma kissed her, allowing Regina's juices to flow over her lips. Regina's clit was already peaking from under it's hood and Emma took the hard bundle in to her mouth. Regina moaned, tensing beneath Emma as she tried to keep her hips from bucking. Emma wrapped one arm around a tanned thigh as she pushed one, then two fingers into her pussy feeling how ready the brunette was. Her muscles pulled on Emma's long fingers as she sucked Regina's clit harder, as if her life depended on it. Hands were now in blonde locks, pulling and pushing. Emma could hardly breathe when Regina locked her thighs around her head, but she didn't dare stop. And Emma took Regina with her mouth over and over until they had to leave.


Their horses were ready and waiting near the stables when they arrived. Regina waved away her stable workers and was preparing to mount Rocinante when she caught Emma staring at her, "What is it Lady Swan?" She was no longer the soft woman that Emma fell asleep with and woke up to, but she was now the Evil Queen, Queen of the Darkness—the woman people ran from when they caught wind of her arrival.

Emma shrugged, taking a step forward so she wouldn't be overheard. "Should you be riding a horse with..." she glanced down at Regina's stomach.

Regina pursed her lips, tilting her head slightly. "I may not know much just yet, but I know I am not risking anything right now by riding a harmless animal. Was there anything else?"

Emma shook her head and went back to her own steed, he was black as night, like her armor and his name was Apache. She pulled a carrot from her pocket and gave it to him before mounting the rather large beast. She rolled her hips subtly on the saddle to adjust her new armor attachment that protected her crotch area. She had hardly noticed the upgrade...until she was sitting on her mount.

Regina and Rocinante came up next to them, the two women's legs touching. "Are you ready dear?"

Emma took a breath, drinking in the crisp morning air and looking around the area blanketed in snow. "You know...I've always wanted to meet the woman whose name made my mother flinch every time it was mentioned, always wanted to meet the woman who hated the White Kingdom as much as I did. The woman who took hearts for the fun her own entertainment. Though, I still have my heart, so I guess that last part is a rumor."

Regina raised a brow, eyes narrowed at the blonde who refused to look at her. "I collect heads now dear, but if you're truly curious. I can take your heart and show you just how that 'rumor' started."

Emma smirked, and pulled up her hood. "Why take something that's already yours?"

All of sudden Belle ran up on her own, slightly, brown steed. "Sorry I'm late Your Majesty, there was a small issue that arose in the court. It has been resolved of course."

Regina barely nodded in acknowledgment. Belle noticed she was glaring holes at the 'oblivious' champion and wondered what the hell she had just interrupted. But Regina wasn't glaring at all, at least not in a malicious way—She was in shock.

"We had better get going if we're going to make good use of the light." Emma finally broke the silence.

Belle nodded as she took the lead. Regina snapped out of it, promising herself that she and the blonde warrior were going to be having another talk very soon. Emma finally let her grin break free as she pulled up the rear. She knew her confession was going to be on the Evil Queen's mind the entire trip. She hadn't meant to say it, but she didn't regret it either.


"What do you mean they escaped?!" The Evil Queen growled, she was beyond upset. "How could you morons let those idiots escape!?" Regina was so close Lancelot that he could see the purple in her intense and angry eyes, and he was actually worried for his life.

The big man swallowed, restraining himself from shrugging, because he honestly did not know how the Charmings and Mulan got away. "I-I don't know Your Majesty, but we caught the wolf. The one they call Red. We believe she knows, but she isn't talking."

"Yet." Emma commented casually, twirling a single silver dagger between her fingers. She was itching for some fun.

The Dark Queen pushed past the Captain of her army and took in the scene before her. The White Kingdom was still burning and everything was nothing short of chaotic. The blue sky was not visible, as the black cloud loomed over the palace's land, fitting the mood perfectly. It was a beautiful sight for a beautiful day. The brunette turned, furious eyes on her champion. "Find out what that wolf knows. Now."

Emma bowed slightly, "Yes My Queen."

Pocahontas signaled for Emma to follow her, and Belle tagged along. She didn't feel safe with anyone but the Champion and the Queen at the moment, but the look in Regina's eyes had Belle opting for the blonde's company.

As they disappeared behind the fallen walls, the Evil Queen addressed the Captain once more. "Are there any more failures that you would like to report, Captain?"

"No, Your Highness."

Regina eyed him with narrowed eyes, "If we do not find them by tomorrow morning, you will no longer be the Captain of my army. Your wife will, and you will be her Lieutenant. Do you understand?"

Lancelot bowed his head in frustration, "Yes, I understand."

Regina smirked, to some it may not seem as much of a punishment, but sometimes hitting it where it hurts was better than seeing blood. Sometimes.