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Dark As Knight

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Emma was back in her old armor that had been cleaned and smelled a lot better than it had before-hand, something for which she was grateful but she even happier to have somewhere to place all of her weapons and her sword. She was starting to feel unprotected without it all on her person.

It's been two days since she has last seen the Evil Queen, two days since she has last slept in that feather soft bed—and in those two days time...Emma has learned much about the Huntsman that she deemed necessary, he was a creature of habit and paranoid. Within an hour on the first day Emma found herself donning a peasants robe, just so she could blend every 5 minutes that he has looked over his shoulder.

The third day; however, the Huntsman finally took his leave from the Dark Kingdom before the crack of dawn. He was going on foot to where it was he was going—Emma simply assumed her was going to the White Kingdom for his weekly reports. Emma followed him out of the Dark Kingdom making sure to keep far enough behind him that he was unable to see her...but the tactic worked both ways. Emma simply tracked him by his footsteps, he may be a Huntsman—but she was Darkness, and the forest was her element. When safe under the cover of the forest, Emma ditched the peasant robe and walked into the shadows, using the darkness to see without being seen.


Emma dusted her tired, bruised, and battered body off. Rulf had knocked her down for the umpteenth time that day and it was raining so hard she could hardly hear what the burly man was telling her, least of all see him. It'd been a half a year since Emma has allowed the darkness into her mind, body and soul...since she's allowed her anger and distastes for her parents and their precious kingdom to override her system.

The two feelings she felt the most—were the very ones that kept her up late at night, the same two feelings that caused her to have purple bags under her eyes the next day and the next. Aside from the pain of her beatings delivered by a man twice the size of her father, and being hungry...Emma's lack of control for her emotions were going to kill her faster than Rulf ever could.

"I can't do it!" Emma screamed at the blurry shape before her, spitting out the rain as it poured into her mouth when she yelled. "I can't see!"

"Then you will be killin' yer self girl! You hunt! You kill! You eat!"

"I can't see dammit!"

"Ya don't need ta see...the Earth is ya eyes and ears now...use it!"

"I can't do—ah!"

Emma never saw the blow coming, but she felt it. Rulf knocked the young blonde back onto her bottom and into a rather deep puddle behind her. Emma covered her bloody nose with both hands as she watched Rulf approach her slowly.

"Yer a worthless piece of shit! I don't know why Dead Man's Land wanted ya girl! But yer not worth a damn!" Rulf growled down at her, his black eyes filled with anger. "Ya can't even kill a grass nibbler! Yer ain't worthy of the gift given to ya." Rulf sneered down at Emma, "Believe in what ya become girl. It's yer destiny now."

"Now get yer ass up."

Emma swallowed her anger and with low grunt she got back on her tired feet and stepping onto firmer ground. She wanted nothing more than to curl up with her itchy blanket that she had stitched together from several different dead animals, and plot of ways to burn down the White Kingdom.

"Fight me girl..."

"I can't...see you!"

"But I see you, girl!"

Before Emma could even think to pick up her numb arms to defend herself, the blacksmith was on her. Emma blocked the best she could, but the hits were coming too fast and too hard for her to catch on time. Then, just for a split second, Emma saw Rulf's face clear as day—as if it weren't raining fog. She brought the hilt of her dagger to his chin, followed by two quick elbows. Rulf back tracked and her vision was blurry again. Neither figured moved, only the rain and their heavy breathing could be heard.

"I-I saw you...I saw you!"

Rulf grunted, "Again!"


The Huntsman finally stopped near a small pond, and he set his gear down and washed his face. Emma knew—just by all of the white flowers surrounding the small pond, and how relaxed the Huntsman became—that they were now in the White Kingdom's territory. The Huntsman no longer looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was following him, but of course he wouldn't. Emma was using the shadows to follow him...Sometimes she would be only a few feet away from him, sometimes she would walk the shadow next to him until it ended and she had to teleport to another.

Emma was aware of her many opportunities to kill the wild man, but she was also aware that she could find out what he has already told the White King and Queen and tell Regina—if she didn't already know. So Emma leaned back against a tree with her arms crossed making sure to keep inside the limits of the small contour. Suddenly she heard leaves rustling to her right, just before a woman in a red cloak came through followed by another woman wearing...she was wearing an armor. An armor with the White Kingdom insignia on her shoulders, and the grand white cape that was clasped around her shoulders.

Emma felt her anger flare, but she managed to stay against the tree.


Mulan placed her arm on her companions arm after noticing that Red was looking around their small area with a suspicious eye, "What is it?"

Red shook her head, taking another deep breath—her eyes honing in on the tree with the small shadow. "Does anything seem wrong with that tree?"

Mulan smiled softly, "I'm the White Knight Red, not a wolf. I don't know...It looks pretty harmless to me." Mulan let Red's arm go as she stepped closer to her, out of earshot from the Huntsman, "Are you okay?"

Red was able to tear her eyes from the tree, nodding. "Yes, I'm fine."

Mulan eyed Red for a moment before turning away and making her way back to the Huntsman who was waiting for them patiently by the pond with Red a few steps behind her, still feeling a bit uneasy.

Mulan greeted The Huntsman with a slight incline of her head, "Why do you look so anxious Huntsman? You look as bad as your note."

"Should Snow be more worried than she is now?" Red inquired absentmindedly, her senses still on high alert. "Were you followed?"

The Huntsman looked at Red less than impressed, "You know I am better than that...Of course I was not followed, the Evil Queen's men are brutes—subtly is not their style!"

Mulan smirked, "Alright so what was so important that you couldn't wait until the end of the week? Did you find the thief?"

The Huntsman shook his head, "No...but..." he took a deep breath, straightening his back, "But I found the White Kingdom's Princess." Emma pushed herself off the tree in alarm, nearly exposing herself.

"What?" Red hissed, eyes flashing dangerously as she stepped closer to him. "Is she dead?"

He shook his head, eyes darting between the wolf and White Knight. "She is not dead, and the Evil Queen has been keeping her as her errand girl..." and then the Huntsman went on to tell Mulan and Red, and unknowingly Emma as well, everything he had overheard that fateful morning Rumpelstiltskin visited the Dark Queen in her personal chambers.

"We have to get back and tell Snow! She has to know her daughter is alive and imprisoned. The Evil Queen truly has no heart!"

"I have to go back, I cannot stay long. I told Lancelot I was going for a run with the wolves. I will send another air note on my next visit."

Mulan and Red nodded, "We'll make sure that Snow knows what Regina has done. The princess is alive, and she needs help."

"Long live the Evil Queen." Mulan comment sarcastically.

"Long live she shall." Chuckling was heard behind them.

The three White Kingdom loyals turned around and saw the hooded figure in all black. They saw no Dark Kingdom crests on the mysterious person's person, but they were still cautious. "I thought you weren't followed!" Mulan accused the Huntsman without taking her hand off the handle of her sword or taking her eyes off the approaching person.

The Huntsman sputtered, "I wasn't!" upon closer inspection he recognized this person, "You're the thief that's been stealing from the Dark Queen...How are you here?"

Emma mentally went over her chances of killing all three of them to keep her status from Snow White—she had a decent chance of being successful despite one of them being a wolf, which put her at a slight disadvantage. Emma finally shrugged, "The Evil Queen wants me to collect something for her—I ran away instead." The second part was a complete lie, but they didn't have to know that. "I came here in hopes of refugee...found you three."

Mulan glanced at the werewolf standing next to her, "What do you think?"

Red narrowed her hard gaze at Emma, trying to see the woman's face but the hood was pulled too low, only her mouth was visible. "The Huntsman said you were in the evil bitch's dungeon for a have her smell all over you, but you don't smell like a prisoner..." she growled, pushing down her cloaks hood as Mulan slowly drew her sword and the Huntsman got his bow and arrow ready. "Explain, or die right here thief."

Emma cursed the maidens for washing her clothes yet again, she had honestly forgotten about it and therefore she hadn't anticipated Snow's best friend sniffing out her fabrication. Emma resisted the urge to reach back and draw her own blade. It was a delicate situation for her—it was becoming clear that her five year vacation of being supposedly dead, was coming to an end. She almost continued with her little white lie, yet what was the point? She was going to kill them anyway.

With a quickness that even Red Riding Hood couldn't even follow, Emma pulled two throwing knives and threw them at her with everything she had. The werewolf barely had a split second to duck one blade but she wasn't fast enough for the second which was now buried hilt-deep into her shoulder, the force of the throw knocking her off balance, and luckily for her it wasn't made of silver. Emma finally unsheathed her sword from her back, simultaneously splitting one of the Huntsman's arrows down the middle, before it could tear through her chest and blocking Mulan's charged assault. Being so close now, Mulan was able to see Emma's face partially, but Emma's hood was still casting a shadow over her eyes, keeping her identity a mystery…not that she cared anymore.

As the Huntsman was loading another arrow and trying to get a good shot without hurting the White Knight, Red had recovered and shifted into her wolf. In an instant, a blur of black hit both Emma and Mulan, knocking both women onto the hard ground. Red was on Emma swiftly, trying to disarm her by biting her arm off. Emma pushed Ruby off with both her feet, sending the wolf rolling into a nearby tree head first. The Huntsman was about to take his shot just as Emma stood, but he stopped—his blood running cold.

Mulan blinked away surprise after a few moments, and lowered her sword quickly. "P-princess?!" A soft whine could be heard from the side lines, but Emma ignored that—she was cursing herself for being so careless, Rulf wouldn't be so happy with her. "Princess you're really alive! You're here!"

"But how?" The Huntsman sputtered, "I-I thought the Evil Queen—" he stopped, still shaking his head unable to wrap his head around the sight in front of him. "but you're the thief?...I don't understand?"

Red barked in agreement but she had yet to change back, she was more than happy to see that her best friend's daughter was alive, and that there was hope for the White Kingdom—but her instincts were telling her that this was not the same little golden-haired girl she remembered, this was most definitely no longer even the same person. Emma's appearance was hard and she looked like a grown woman who has been through a war with life and death.

Emma wiped her bloody nose with the back of her hand, "This is not how I had intended for this go."

Mulan frowned, confused. "How was this supposed to go Princess? You're safe now...You do not have to do the Evil Queens bidding any longer. My name is Mulan...I'm—Well I'm the White Kingdoms White Knight...the King and Queen's Champion."

Emma's eyes widened, then narrowed at Mulan. "But you're a woman...My—Snow" Emma corrected herself quickly, "doesn't believe that women should be in the field. You're lying." even as the words left her mouth, Emma knew that Mulan wasn't lying. She just couldn't believe how much of hypocrite her mother was, even now! That could have easily been Emma in that armor, defending her kingdom if her mother had just let her from under her thumb, but no. Snow White couldn't give her daughter the satisfaction, instead she gave the title and responsibility to a complete stranger.

Mulan's frown deepened, "As are you...It is not unheard of for women to be in combat, Princess."

"Stop calling me that" Emma growled, hand tightening around her handle. Red noticed and slowly got back on all fours, crouching low to the ground, golden eyes trained on Emma mentally begging her not to move. "I am not the Princess anymore, nor do I wish to be ever again."

"The Evil Queen took her heart", The Huntsman butted in coming to Mulan's side. "The Princess would never say that. She's being controlled, and she doesn't know what she's saying or doing."

Emma took advantage of the White Knights brief distraction when she looked at the Huntsman uncertainly, Mulan barely had time to raise her own blade to defend herself from Emma's blitz attack. As she continued to step away from the blonde, countering all her attacks, Mulan managed to look at Red who was sitting by the tree still; conflicted. "Go! Go tell the Queen!"

Red nodded her big head, and turned disappearing swiftly into the forest. Emma growled in frustration, she forced more of her weight into her last blow to Mulan which was blocked putting them in a power stand-off. Out of the corner of her eye, Emma saw the Huntsman by the edge of the small area taking aim, but at her legs and not her head. "Time to end this game," Emma thought. She kicked the top of Mulan's bent knee as she simultaneously wrapped her blade around Mulan's, forcefully sending it straight towards the Huntsman.

The White Knights blade sliced through the Huntsman's chest like a hot knife cutting through butter, and time seemed to slow down when he dropped his bow and arrow as he crumpled down to the ground, taking his last breath. Mulan's cries were cut off as Emma hit the back of her head with the hilt of her sword, effectively knocking the dark-haired warrior unconscious, then sheathed it once more. She had half a mind to go after the wolf, but it was too big of a risk, for all she knew the wolf could be coming back with help. Emma quickly went over to the Huntsman and withdrew the shining blade from his chest without care. She made quick work of detaching his head with one clean cut, and grimacing as she stuck it on the end of the White Knights sword. With one last look at the headless body and unconscious White Knight, Emma took her leave.


Beside the fact she was carrying a bloody sword with a head on the end, Emma was in a good mood—she wasn't being escorted to the Dark Queen's throne room, she was able to walk alone without babysitters. The guards opened the double doors for her, grimacing at the head, recognizing the Huntsman immediately. They were curious as to what he did to warrant the Queen wanting his head—and using their former prisoner to get it—and not do it themselves.

Emma was surprised to see the throne room was full of villagers, but they were parted like the red sea as if expecting Emma's arrival. Some couldn't even stomach looking at what she was carrying in her left hand, and others simply just couldn't look away either out of fascination or horror—Emma didn't care, she had a one track mind for the woman sitting in the crystal black throne, wearing an equally black dress with a large collar that covered nearly the entire back of her head and dipped very low in the decolletage. When Emma reached the bottom of the stairs, Regina stood from her throne leisurely. "I trust that everything went accordingly?"

Emma nodded curtly, she wasn't sure if she wanted to be cross with the Evil Queen or not. "I got more than just his head."

Regina sighed quietly, figuring that the Huntsman would try to turn Emma against her. She was relieved Emma decided to come back—Rumpelstiltskin's words kept haunting her since Emma left to kill the Huntsman. Of course being in front of all her subjects, Regina was anything but relieved or happy, too see Emma. She was the twisted Evil Queen, she held out her hand for the sword. Without breaking eye contact Emma handed it over, thankful to let the sticky handle of the sword go. Regina wrapped her hand around it tightly, not caring about the cold blood oozing between her fingers.

"I am certain you all know whom this was...and for those of you that don't, this is the Huntsman's head. The Huntsman thought he could spy on me and give the White Kingdom and their undesirable royals an advantage of this realm. I have been rather indulgent until the past couple of days." Regina studied the object in her hand for a moment before holding it high for all of the court to see. "I am no longer taking and crushing your hearts, for it is simply becoming too merciful. You commit treason against your home and crown, your ending will not be a pleasant one. I promise you this."

A small cloud of purple smoke engulfed the sword and head in Regina's hand and it was gone, leaving behind only the pristine hand of the monarch, as if it never had the desecrated blood on it in the first place. She went back to standing in front Emma who had yet to take her eyes from her. "Court will recommence tomorrow. Everyone out...Now."

Once the room was clear everyone and the double doors were firmly closed, Emma pushed her hood back. "You knew."

Regina went back to her throne and sat down, crossing her legs at the knee with her elbows resting on the arm rests, fingers laced under her chin. "Of course I knew."

"How long? Why didn't you tell me you knew my true identity?"

"I knew when I first saw your face...You've changed, yes. Nevertheless, I'd be a fool not to recognize the White Kingdom's lost princess...and I can guarantee that I will not be the only one. Snow White will eventually find out your heart still beats."

Emma cleared her throat, looking off to the side. "She does...ah...I was playing with my kill today...ran into the White Knight", Emma spat the title out as if it were poison, "and the wolf...they saw my face and the wolf got away. I didn't kill the White Knight...didn't have the time, but I believe Snow knows more than she should now..." She dug her toe into the tile, scuffing it. "It was a mistake, I won't let happen again."

The Evil Queen smirked, almost letting a chuckle slip through. A bashful Emma was a cute sight, not that Regina would admit that out loud. "Playing with your kills or leaving survivors?"

Emma looked up at Regina, glaring. "Both."

Regina sighed, pursuing her red lips. "See that it doesn't Lady Swan. However..." The Dark Queen stood gracefully, "I do have a few meetings to attend before dinner. You will be accompanying me for dinner correct?" Emma nodded, and Regina did as well. "Good, we will talk about our little...arrangement further over dinner. Until then..." Purple smoked twisted around the Dark Queen starting from her feet and then she was gone, leaving Emma alone in the throne room.


As usual a guard knocked on Emma's door before entering to tell her that dinner would be served soon. Earlier she had bathed and dressed in a pair of black riding trousers, boots and a tucked black blouse, for she wasn't in the mood for colors. She wasn't escorted down to the dining hall this time, and thankfully Emma knew how to get there on her own—barely. Not surprisingly, the Dark Queen was already there, sitting at the head of the table waiting for her. She had changed dresses yet again, but her dress was still black, but this one was suede and it resembled the red velvet dress Regina wore the other day and the bodice pinched Regina's waist more than the other did. Her hair was yet again pulled up to the back of her head, while the rest cascaded down her back.

Emma wanted to do nothing more than run her fingers through the brunettes hair just to feel how soft it was, but she didn't. She sat down before she did something to embarrass herself and or get thrown back in the dungeon for a week. As soon as Emma sat down the servants brought the food out to their end of the table and poured their drinks. Once they were gone Emma was feeling awkward again, so she just filled her plate and mouth with anything that looked like it would taste good just to avoid talking.

"Your parents have spread the word that you're alive and my prisoner. They'll be demanding you back soon..." Regina commented as if she were talking about the weather, as she delicately cut a slice of ham and ate it, looking at Emma to gauge her reaction.

Emma swallowed her food, albeit painfully. "They're not my parents anymore. And I swore my loyalty to you. They don't have the right...not anymore."

"Your fealty must be witnessed and official dear...Neither goal has been accomplished. The sooner we get done, the easier it will be to ward your parents off. They're idiots with crowns, but even they know the law."

"Tomorrow? During court?" Emma just wanted to get it over with because she was never the one for being center of attention, and she knew the longer she waited to come back from the dead officially...the bigger the crowd. A small part of her wished she had just begged Rulf to stay on Dead Man's Land, or went somewhere else that wasn't so damned close to her old home...but the bigger part was calm and remembered what Rulf always irritatingly told her when he was beating her down. "Yer destiny follows don't follow it girl." Every decision and mistake Emma made was a price she had to pay, good and bad.

"If that is what you want."

"Snow is wrong about you...You're not a bad Queen, you're not crazy or ugly or a murderer. You're beautiful, you put your kingdom first and you have a creative way for punishment for those that deserve it, but you're no murderer."

Regina frowned, setting her goblet down. "Don't speak on something before your time dear...I've been alive for a very long time, and I've done many, many cruel things to the innocent." Regina couldn't comprehend why she was telling the blonde about her past, it wasn't any of her business, yet it came spilling out as if they have known each other longer than a few days. Regina quickly changed topics, "Now about this brought me the Huntsman's head. For which I am deeply grateful."

Emma looked at Regina, confused. "I failed, Snow knows-"

The Evil Queen brushed off Emma's concerns with a careless wave of the hand, "That is irrelevant now...I just wanted the Huntsman dead. I was tiring of his company anyhow. His death was your induction, and you are magnificent my dear little Swan."

"So...Who did you get?"

"Excuse me?" Emma's sudden change in conversation addled the Dark Queen for a beat. "Ah, I see where your head is now." Regina grinned at her own pun while Emma blushed, filling her mouth with bread and greens. "Your request was unusual, as most would request protection or..." Regina cut her eyes slightly, shaking her head. "Something of no real value but you dear...Your request is something special. You're a virgin are you not?"

Emma's face flushed more and she forced herself not to duck behind her long blonde hair. "Yes."

"Something so precious will not be cherished by some wench. You need someone who will teach you the art of making love with a woman and not just fucking her in the hay behind the stables."

Emma's eyes widened hearing Regina swear, it wasn't something a Queen should do, but when Regina did it, Emma's brain shut down and all the blood rushed to her little head which was now straining to see the woman who woke her up. "Uh...s-so…what? I don't understand…"

The Evil Queen almost laughed, Emma looked ready to pounce on her over the table, and she hasn't even made her move—yet. Regina looked into her happy endings bright green eyes...She wasn't sure how Emma was going to affect her future but she was going to have all the fun she could with the younger woman while she could. "I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving you in the hands of a wench...So I'm going to uphold my end of the bargain myself."

Emma nearly choked on the piece of meat she was in process of swallowing, she patted her chest a few times and washed it down with the rest of her wine. "W-what?" she sputtered, trying to get her bearings and trying to make sense of what Regina just said. "You..wan-uh..want to..with me? With me? What?"

Regina stood from her chair setting her napkin next to her plate, deeming dinner was over. "Lady Swan, if you're quite finished butchering words...Please follow me."

"Wait..." Emma remained seated and not feeling the courage to rise just yet, "Why?"

Regina frowned down at Emma, narrowing her piercing brown eyes. "Are you questioning your future Queen?"

Emma swallowed and licked her suddenly dry lips, shaking her head. " your Majesty." forgetting that she was sporting something more than a pair of wet panties.

Still masking a disapproving frown, Regina's eyes zeroed in at Emma's crotch and her lips twitched. She was really congratulating the two idiots for making such a fine creature indeed, "You'll learn soon enough. Come along."

When Regina turned her back, Emma quickly picked up a roll from her dinner plate and followed after the Dark Queen, wondering what she was in for tonight.


Emma obediently followed the Dark Queen to her bed chambers, her mind was jumbled between questioning what was going on and just going with it...As soon as she entered the Queen's bedchambers and saw that it was completely dark except for the large fireplace across from the bed, Emma went for the latter. Regina closed the door as soon as Emma had fully entered, she saw that the woman was utterly tongue-tied, and enthralled. Regina brushed past the stiff blonde, and went to sit on the edge of her bed with her legs crossed and arms propping her up. Emma was just standing there with half a mind to just call the entire thing off and just save herself the embarrassment.

"What's wrong dear? Never been this intimate with a woman before?"

Emma almost rolled her eyes, knowing she was being teased. "No, I um..." Emma looked at the fireplace and away from the beautiful woman across the room. Her father's words clouding the opportunity in front of her. "I'm not exactly normal...and this is a mistake. You can keep the head...but I don't need..." Emma gestured between herself and Regina, "This…Can I bargain for something else?"

Regina regarded the tense woman standing by the door, finding herself conflicted with her emotions yet again. Regina was reigning in the Evil Queen for this woman, something she hasn't done in years...she hasn't felt the urge to be so solicitous towards another being since—since Daniel. Regina stood and went to Emma slowly, as if she were approaching a wild animal that's been caged for so long...And that may have just been the case when Emma was involved. Regina took the blonde's trembling hand and lead her to the bed, Regina was pleased when Emma didn't put up a hassle. Regina pushed Emma down in her previous spot then put her hands on her hips.

"Dear, no one is solely ordinary...not in this land. What are you so afraid of Lady Swan?"



"Emma, just call me Emma. Behind closed doors at least…Please?"

Regina nodded, thrumming her fingers on her waist impatiently. "Alright then Emma, what are you so afraid of? We are both mature women are we not?"

Emma shrugged, deflating slightly. "I'm a little different than most women your majesty...part of the reason why I left the White Kingdom."

Regina recognized the sorrow in Emma's eyes, from one estranged daughter to another Regina knew how to comfort Emma with words, but that would be for another time...Emma was desperate for physical contact, for someone to physically care for her and Regina was more than willing to give it.

"Undress me."

Emma looked up at Regina trying to ease the butterflies in her stomach. With unsteady hands, Emma reached for Regina's small waist as she stood, merely a few inches between their bodies. Emma pulled the string that held Regina's cincher. It slipped off the brunette's waist and around her feet revealing another set of laces in the front begging to be undone. The dress was gone before it could hit the ground, but Emma's attention was on the naked woman standing in front of her, "Wow..." Emma's cock jerked in her pants and if it weren't from the painful restraint from the riding pants she wore, Emma was sure she would've come on the spot.

Regina smirked, taking a moment to allow Emma to drink in her rawness. She heard the blonde swallow painfully hard before meeting her gaze. "Strip."

Regina pushed Emma aside and sat down on the edge of the bed yet again now at eye level with Emma's crotch. Emma hesitated a few beats, but that was a beat too long for the Evil Queen. Regina had the draw string on Emma's pants undone and her hand inside the younger woman's pants in seconds. Emma gasped and her hips jerked towards Regina when she felt the older woman's cool hand wrap around her heated and hardened member. No one has ever touched Emma down there so intimately…Not even herself.

Regina licked her red lips and pulled the heavy cock free from its confines, and she was more than satisfied with what she saw and held in her hand. She looked up at the blonde who was looking down at her with wild eyes, yet she looked so lost. "You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of Emma, absolutely nothing."

Regina tugged at Emma's cock a few times, eliciting a loud groan from the woman above her before she reluctantly let it go and crawled further onto her. She heard rustling of clothing behind removed behind her, when she settled back on her pillows Emma was void of any clothing and her shyness seemed to have disappeared with them. Regina noticed the shadows being cast from the fireplace were all literally drawn towards Emma, making the room seem darker than it should have been, and Regina stored that observation for a more appropriate time. Emma crawled upon the bed, emerald eyes taking in Regina's body yet again.

"Stop." Emma did immediately, looking at Regina confused and wondering if she did something wrong already. "I want you to use your mouth first."

"My mouth? Why? Is that sanitary?"

Had Regina not known what she knows, the Evil Queen in her would've taken over and pushed Emma off the bed and out of the room, offended at such an accusation—no matter how inadvertent. "Are you insinuating I'm dirty, Lady Swan?"

Emma eyes widened, and she shook her head vehemently. "No! No, I just—I this what women really like?"

Regina simpered, "I don't know what other women like, but this is something I really like...and that is all that should matter to you."


"Emma." Regina cut off whatever nonsense that was sure to be spilling out of the blondes mouth, "I am not teaching you how to have sex with every maiden that will throw themselves at your feet...I am teaching you how to have sex with me. From this night on...I am the only woman you will bed. Ever. Are we clear?" Aside from her commanding sentences, Regina sounded perfectly relaxed, speaking to Emma as if they have been through this game many times before.

Emma nodded without hesitation, for as far as she was concerned, Regina was the only the only woman she had eyes for anyway, "We are clear my Queen."

"You may call me Regina whilst we are in alone. Now…" Regina laid back and spread her legs to accommodate Emma's body. "What are you waiting for dear?"

Emma quickly lowered herself down in front of Regina, who promptly threw one tanned, shapely leg over Emma's left shoulder. Emma of course has never seen a vagina before much less put her mouth on one—at least not until now. Regina kept herself neatly groomed and it didn't look as bad as Emma was expecting, it was better than she had imagined. Emma watched as a few tear-shaped droplets flowed out of Regina. Without another thought, Emma moved her mouth closer, sticking her tongue out and licking the Queens soft rosy lips. Surprised that she tasted like tangy apples, Emma licked her again...Testing if the first time was a fluke, it wasn't and soon Emma had Regina's glistening nether lips in her mouth savoring Regina's succulent juices they trickled down her throat like honey.

Regina's hands had abandoned the sheets and were behind Emma's head, tangled in blonde locks as she began to grind against the younger woman's face. "Yes dear, just like that..." Regina hummed and sighed softly. Looking down at Emma finding vibrant green eyes staring back at her Regina shivered, "Do you see that little bump?" Emma nodded and Regina pulled the woman's hair, moving her to where she wanted her mouth. "Gently suck" it was more than a little bump but Emma happily ravaged it with her tongue, like it was her last. She felt Regina's leg that was thrown over her shoulder quiver when she captured the swollen nub between her lips. Regina's nails dug into Emma's scalp, "Aahh yes...yesss..." The Dark Queen's back arched as she came long and hard and Emma was almost afraid the night guards would come running in with their swords ready. Emma drank in Regina's screams of pleasure and her tangy, apple nectar until Regina released Emma from her death grip, and pushed the blonde away.

Emma sat up on her knees looking down at the brunette that was staring back at her. Emma was so hard it was starting to hurt, she wanted to get rid of it but she also didn't want this night to end...Ever. The Evil Queen sat up slowly, legs still spread around Emma's body. She reached down between their heated and slightly sweaty bodies, and took Emma's throbbing member with both hands—one wrapped around the other and squeezed mildly, and Emma almost lost it. "That was a good start my dear little Swan...but there is much more you need to learn. I'm going to relish teaching you how to make love to a woman."

"To you My Queen, to you..." Emma rasped, trying to keep her exceptionally disciplined body from moving least she exploded all over Regina's breasts and her pretty brown nipples that were as hard as she was, and end the night before she was ready to.

Regina's brown eyes twinkled in the fire light as she ran both of her thumbs over Emma's mushroom head, catching the pre-cum that was oozing out. "And don't you dare forget it." The Dark Queen continued to pump her hands over Emma's well lubricated cock until she had the blonde moaning and panting for release with her eyes closed tightly, and her head thrown back. Just when Emma was about to release years worth of come, Regina stopped, as if she knew exactly how close Emma was to crossing the point of no return. With her trademark smirk, Regina once again laid back on the pillows, pulling Emma down on top of her, moaning when she felt the head of the blondes cock caress her clit.

No words were passed between the two women as they gazed into the other's eyes. Regina leaned up and kissed Emma on the lips, which immediately parted and welcomed the Dark Queen's tongue with her own. Regina could taste herself on Emma's mouth and she has never tasted so good on anyone before. Emma's hands found their way to Regina's ample chest, massaging her soft breasts while toying with the woman's nipples. They kissed for a long time, simply unable to break away from each other and neither noticing that the shadows had completely taken over the room, enveloping them in a blanket of darkness and closing in on them as they further lost themselves in each other.

Regina reached between their bodies and guided Emma to her entrance."Slowly, my little Swan." Regina was so calm and so in control, Emma was momentarily stunned in awe. The blonde had to fight her body from just pounding into Regina like a wild animal. Emma slowly pushed her steel rod inside of Regina, feeling her warm, wet velvet walls welcome her...swallowing her whole, until she was buried so deep Emma was trembling from the urge that came back with a vengeance to just take Regina hard and fast.

For Regina, she was trying to hold off on setting Emma loose on her body—the former princess was the biggest she's had since...well she simply was. "You feel so good perfect…" Regina whispered, pulling Emma down blindly for another kiss. Confident, Emma began to slowly fuck the brunette beneath her—pulling all the way out and then leisurely pushing all the way back in until their bodies connected again. Emma, painfully, continued to fuck Regina deep and slow for the next few minutes until she just couldn't take it anymore, grunting between clenched teeth she broke their slow kiss and took her hands away from Regina's breasts, planting them on either side of the woman's head.

Emma began to fuck the Evil Queen harder and faster, and thankfully the cries and pleas were of pleasure and for more. The Dark Assassin was more than willing to give it, and as she went harder and faster in search for her own release, Regina's screams and her nails digging into a pale bare back drawing blood were well worth the exertion, and Emma was sure the entire Dark Kingdom could hear their Queen being plundered high into the heavens.

"Oh...oh Re-gina!" Emma groaned, still trying to hold on. But she couldn't, and luckily Regina was right there with her. In their final moment of simultaneous bliss, both women unknowingly encased the entire Enchanted Forest in a moment of darkness, as their broken and blackened souls danced together.


Somewhere in the mountains,in a smaller castle, sitting in his windowsill; Rumpelstiltskin grinned widely, eyes wild with excitement when the darkness disappeared just as quickly as it appeared.

"I am coming my son. I will find you Bae...I will find you..."