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Dark As Knight

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Regina sat at her vanity early the next morning watching Emma sleep. The blonde was a very beautiful woman, and a mystery of sorts. She wanted to know what the former Princess has been doing the past 5 years besides trying to rob her blind. How she managed to survive Dead Man's Land and why she was so...dark. It didn't add up to the Evil Queen— Emma is a product of True Love, she wasn't supposed to have an ounce of darkness in her, and Regina wanted to know what happened between then and now.

"Beautiful, isn't she dearie?"

Regina sighed quietly, of course Rumpelstiltskin would drop in unannounced and uninvited when Regina was spying on someone—someone sleeping. Regina waved her hand nonchalantly towards her mirror as she turned around to face The Dark One. He was sitting on the edge of one her guest chairs—a chair she was going to burn as soon as he left. "Rumple, to what do I owe the unfortunate pleasure of this visit so early in the morning?" Regina's sweet smile was forced and fake.

Rumpelstiltskin giggled slightly, "No need for hostility dearie—I come with good news!"

Regina raised her eyebrows, she knew in Rumpelstiltskin's tilted mind... Good news was only good for him and no one else, but she also knew in order for him to get what he wants—he needs people to unwittingly assist in his schemes; hence...why he was currently invading her personal space in her bed chambers. "Whatever it is you think I'd be interested in— I'm not."

Rumpelstiltskin tittered again holding up one long finger, a sly smile stretching across his scaled face. "Ah...but you will be my dear—that is...if you want to keep your precious kingdom."

Regina despised him. The hate for Rumpelstiltskin rivaled with her loathing of Snow White. One couldn't keep a secret and the other lived for secrets, she just couldn't win...not until they were both dead and no longer making her life miserable. Regina sighed, going to sit at her desk acting as if she wasn't even remotely interested in what he had to say—they both knew it was a lie.

"What are you blabbing about now imp? My kingdom is in no danger."

"The prophecies say otherwise dearie—and they never lie!"

"No." Regina agreed, eyeing him warily. "But you do...What do you want Rumpelstiltskin?...If you aren't going to tell me, go on your way. I have a kingdom to run."

"Not for long" The Dark One added cryptically, "Somewhere in the future...there is a knight, a White Knight…that shall bring your death."

Regina frowned, glaring at him wishing he would just tell her, but she knew that's not how he worked. "If you're referring to Snow White and Charming's precious Princess, imp. That won't be happening any time soon."

The Dark One smiled at the Evil Queen wryly, slowly standing and creeping closer to her desk. "Perhaps not...but she doesn't possess True Love's magic anymore. She is but a girl that can play with a sword."

"Who is it then?"

"That is a surprise my dear."

Regina brought her hands together on top of her desk, fingers laced tightly to prevent herself from throwing a fireball at Rumpelstiltskin's head. She would rather not destroy her bedroom so early in the morning. "Why are you telling me this? One would think you'd be happy to see me dead."

"While that may be true—you still have your uses." he pointed to the mirror that Regina was previously using to spy on Emma, "And so does she."

Regina was even more confused, did he not just say that Emma was useless? She was getting a headache just by trying to keep up with what he was not telling her. "Of course—she's the thief that's been taking all of my gold. She's simply paying me back."

Rumpelstiltskin simply chuckled, rolling his big, wild eyes slightly. "But you and I both know she's more than a thief...and more than the White Kingdoms Princess, and I know she's more than your errand girl."

The Evil Queen had, had enough of his backwards attempt at a conversation. Slamming her hands down on her wooden desk and nearly pushing her chair over as she stood, Regina leaned over until they were practically nose to nose. "What. Do. You. Want."

Rumpelstiltskin's grin grew impossibly wider, and he looked like he was on the verge of breaking into a happy dance. "Your happy ending..." he whispered conspiratorially, still pointing at Regina's vanity mirror. "…is there dearie." And in an instant...he was gone in a cloud of gold smoke. He left Regina in a very irritated and muddled attitude.


Outside of the Evil Queen's bed chambers, the Huntsman stood eavesdropping on the entire conversation that went on between Rumpelstiltskin and Regina. He had used his high rank to let the night guards off duty two hours prior, in hopes that the Evil Queen would visit the dungeons today to see the thief, but Graham got much more than that.

Not only was the White Kingdom's lost Princess still alive, but she's been with Regina all this time! The Huntsman knew he would have to tell Snow White and Charming soon, but it would be another few hours until he could get away long enough to the pigeon pen and send a notice to the White Kingdom, for he dared not the risk of travel by horseback.

The man closed the door as gently and quietly as he possibly could, standing by the pillar outside of Regina's door once more, waiting impatiently. However, he failed to notice a certain genie, trapped in a mirror, monitoring his actions a little ways down the hall and the gleam from his shining sword. And had the Huntsman stayed to spy on Regina a bit longer, he would've known that the Mirror, Mirror on the wall was telling it all.


The Evil Queen waited patiently in her bedchambers until the Huntsman was relieved of his post that she wasn't supposed to know he has taken. She wasn't as oblivious to his frequent night trips to the White Kingdom, every other week, as he thought she was. Regina was quite aware of the few spies that resided in her kingdom, most were high in rank—so that she could keep a very close eye on them, to manage them easier. She was mindful of how much he knew, and that he sent an air message to the White Kingdom as soon as he was relieved from duties.

Now safely behind the thick doors of her study, Regina sat behind her desk carefully thinking.

"Ahem, your Majesty?"

Regina side and looked at her mirror, eyebrow raised slightly annoyed that he broke her train of thought. "What?"

"If you do not mind me asking—why not just crush the Huntsman's heart and be done with him?"

Regina's gaze cut to the chest sitting on her desk that contained the Huntsman's steady beating heart, but she knew that would be too easy. Simple and quiet yes, but Regina wanted his blood. "Then I would be giving him mercy—spies don't deserve mercy Genie. Guard!"

One of the knights came running in, looking alert for any sign of danger. "Yes your Highness?"

"Fetch me Lady Swan—now."

"L-lady Swan my Queen?"

Regina almost rolled her eyes, "The thief!"

The knight bowed slightly and ran out, closing the door behind him. The genie in the mirror looked back at Regina confused, "Why are you summoning her? She's nothing but a thief! You cannot be sure she isn't a spy either!"

The Evil Queen simply smirked, still staring at the door. "We'll see."


Emma was startled as the doors flew open and a knight came into her bedchambers, thankfully Emma still wore decent attire from the night before. She turned away from the mirror and stared the knight down. "Can you not knock?"

He glared at the blonde, but held his tongue of any snide remark. "The Queen requests your company. Now!"

Emma was mildly surprised that the dark woman didn't get Emma herself, but she didn't comment on it, instead she followed the slightly taller knight out in the hallway and to wherever it the Dark Queen was. They went down two flights of stairs and past several more closed doors and through a few barely lit hallways. Eventually the guard stopped just outside a door that had two guards standing outside. He bowed slightly to Emma and took his post across the hallway, directly in front of the door.

Emma walked up to the large door and knocked three times, entering when a muffled voice called for her to enter. The blonde felt as if she had stepped into another world, compared to the dark hallways and staircases she just went through...this room was well lit and very open, it was tastefully decorated. There was a large mirror that took up a portion wall on one side of the room, a large desk that sat right next to the open balcony doors, and a black chaise lounge in front of the fire place—a chair the Evil Queen herself was perched on, looking as regal as ever in a red velvet dress that hugged her delightful curves even as she was sitting down. To complete the elegant look of her ensemble, she had some of her dark hair gracefully pulled to the top of her head, while the rest fell straight over her shoulder.

Emma swallowed thickly, and closed the door quickly. Her eyes were darting everywhere to look for a place to sit, but the only chair available was the one behind the Queens work desk...and the space at the end of her lounge chair at her feet. Emma opted for neither and tried to keep her eyes from wandering over the older woman's body as she stood a few feet from the Dark Queen—Instead she stared at the woman's forehead, thinking about old and sick people.

"What can I do for you today?" Emma's lack of formal greeting didn't go unnoticed by Regina, but she decided to over look it—she had far more pressing matters than the blondes lack of etiquette.

"I need you to kill someone for me."

Emma blinked, rocking back on her heels slightly. They went from kidnapping to wanting to kill someone within a day, not that she cared, but a warning would've been nice. Regina noticed the blonde's slight hesitance and stood from her chaise not missing the way Emma's eyes dropped from her forehead and literally undressing her with those captivating green eyes. "Can you not do it, dear?"

Emma looked off to the side, "Of course I can...Whose life am I ruining today?"

Regina walked up to Emma, stopping when both women were just shoulder to shoulder and so that Emma was looking directly at her. "The White Kingdom's spy." That caught Emma's interest and Regina's smirk was present again. "Yes...My so called Huntsman has been 'spying' on me for years. Now I grow bored of the cat and mouse game. Kill him and bring me his head."

Emma made a face when she learned she would have to touch a severed head, she would just stick it on her sword and carry it back like that. "And what's in it for me?"

"Besides keeping your own head?" Regina threw back sarcastically, but she was dead serious. "A place at my court. You'll become my official Assassin." Regina moved away from the young blonde, strolling over to her mirror and turning around seductively, slow enough so that Emma had time to drag her eyes away from her bottom.

Emma could feel herself getting excited, and her leather pants were getting uncomfortably tight. She cleared her throat and brought her hands together in front of her crotch area—an action Regina did not miss, and found most interesting. "Why would I want to be your pet?"

The Evil Queen strolled closer to Emma, looking much like the cunning Queen that so many fell prey too...and never lived to tell the tale. "My pets don't have to resort to stealing dear. You do what I want you to do...and you will never...want…for anything." Regina whispered, stopping just as she invaded Emma's personal space. She could feel the pale woman's body heat through her dress.

"Why can't you just get someone else to do it? I'm just a thief...Who knows where my loyalties fall."

Regina's smirk fell leisurely, "I know you're much more than a thief Swan...much more...I've seen the bodies that you left behind when you took my currency. You're kills were forbidding. I need someone like you...I can trust that you won't let this," The Evil Queen brought her hand up and placed it over Emma's heart, digging her nails into the shirt...hard enough that Emma could feel them in her skin as well, "stop you from carving out a heart...or bringing me a head. Will it?"

If Emma still had any light left in her, she probably would've dry heaved, but she didn't have an ounce of light in her, and she would never regret that decision. She wasn't weak, and she could handle this. "No, it won't."

Regina grinned then, taking her hand away and moving back to her chaise, settling in the plush black chair once again, one hand resting on her hip. "So tell me Lady Swan...What will it take? Hm?" Emma's eyes once again fell to Regina's lovely body that was wrapped in that red velvet dress and she briefly wondered if the Dark Queen was naked underneath it. It was a thought Emma didn't really need, to encourage the hard-on she was so desperately trying to cover up, her cheeks were blazing now…and Regina saw this. "What do you want?"

"What do I want?"

"Yes, there has to be something you want?"

Emma cleared her throat, if possible...her face was burning even more and it was starting to spread down her neck and across her collar bone, "Um, I would like to to mate with"

"A woman? Or a man...dear?" Regina was highly amused, but she tried to keep it from surfacing. The young blonde was about to explode from embarrassment, and she didn't need that. She hadn't figured she would go for it outright, so boldly and so soon, but Regina wasn't going to complain...She liked when her subjects were honest.

Emma stared down at her boots, hands balled into tight fists in front of her crotch. "A woman."

Regina chuckled, eying Emma up and down, slowly taking in the woman's athletic build and long, golden hair that flowed down her back. She truly was beautiful, and Regina would deny it to the grave that she congratulated the two morons in the neighboring kingdom for making such a beautiful creature. She wanted to press the issue and tease the young Princess, but she didn't, not right now. Right now...there was a problem to be handled, and with the gracefulness only a Queen like Regina could possess, she was all business once again and managed to keep the smirk on her face.

"Simple enough. Done."

"Wait..." Emma held up her hands, unwittingly exposing what she was hiding in the first place. "You have to make sure she is discreet…and attractive...I don't want some hag..."

Regina's eyebrow's quirked, "Trust me dear...I will make sure she is everything...and then some." Regina would make sure of that.

Emma, seemingly forgetting about how revealing her leather pants were, sighed with relief. "So...where can I find this Huntsman?"