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tell me (what is love)

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There were many ways to explain exactly why Jungkook was sitting in front of two people, one hybrid and one human, looking down at him with pitying but also angered faces.
1) Jungkook had been hungry and simply needed something to eat, but he just didn't have any money to buy something.
2) He hadn't been careful enough.
3) Seungkwan was a dick.


Truthfully, the disaster went way back, and it had all started 18 years ago with Jungkook's mother, a cat-hybrid, announcing her pregnancy. She was happy but also scared, since Jungkook hadn’t been planned. Still, she was excited about the life she was now carrying inside of her – her boyfriend at that time, Dylan (the name speaks for itself) seemed to think otherwise. Because as soon as she announced her pregnancy, there was a lot of yelling, crashing of things, packed bags and slammed doors, ending with Jungkook's mother alone in an empty apartment and with no money.

It goes without saying Jungkook's following childhood hadn’t been the easiest. His mother was still as happy about Jungkook as she was when her boyfriend left her, he was her own blood, her identity, he had her black ears and tail, her dark blue eyes, even if he was also carrying his father's genes inside him - she loved him with all her heart. Sometimes coming home to her small baby boy was the only reason she still managed to wake up in the mornings. Because their life was far from an easy one.

His mother was constantly working, finding a new man was out of the question. Jungkook remembers it made him sad as a kid, not being able to see his mother so often. His mother had often found him curled up by the door, he’d tried to stay awake for her, but his body always betrayed him. Even though it was sad, and Jungkook often felt lonely in the small apartment, he knew his mother wasn't home a lot because she needed to earn enough money for their living. Often times his mother would look at him with sad eyes that shone in the kitchen lights and she’d apologize, "I’m sorry for being gone so much Jungkookie". But Jungkook would tell her he understood, and she would pat him on the head and coddle him. Sure, Jungkook had cried himself to sleep a couple of times at 2AM because he’d woken up from a nightmare, scared to death and calling his mother’s name, but Jungkook was a big boy, and he never told her this.

Instead, both Jungkook and his mother tried to make the best of the situation. When his mother would come home earlier, Jungkook would greet her with warmed up rice and kimchi set on the table. He never managed to set the cutlery in its right place ‘did the fork go to the left of the plate or the right?’ but it didn’t matter. Those were his happiest moments. When he and his mother would eat dinner together. They would talk about everything and nothing, with smiles on their faces. Jungkook preffered to focus on these moments, when he thought back.

Jungkook's mother always told him to be friendly to everyone he met, and that he should welcome people with open arms. (albeit not literally, which Jungkook learned after 4 years of greeting the mailman with wide open arms. It had been a Friday, when he was 6 years old that his mother, in a fit of laughter, finally revealed that had not been what she’d meant.). His mother said it may not seem like it at first, but there is good in every single person, no matter how bad they seem to be.

Of course Jungkook had disagreed with her multiple times over the years because Junhoe was such a meanie that would always call him and the other hybrids weird names, and because of Jinhwan who had simply stolen Jungkook's sandwich, the one his mum had made for him in the morning. Jungkook had encountered many people that definitely weren't nice. But his mother stood for her statement, teaching him the better: “I'm sure Junhoe is just not used to hybrids. Not everyone has a mum like you, Kookie” or “We don't know how Jinhwan has it at home, Jungkook. Maybe his parents aren't able to prepare him a breakfast? Tomorrow I will make you one sandwich extra and you can ask Jinhwan if he wants it, okay?” Jungkook had nodded feverishly, amazed by his mother's kindness.

The next day Jungkook silently offered Jinhwan the sandwich, not wanting to embarrass the other by showing that he didn't have his own breakfast. He had never seen Jinhwan smile that bright.


“Mum, what is love?” Jungkook had asked one evening. It was Jungkook's eleventh birthday and his mother had worked extra hours to have this one day free. The whole day had been great, starting with pancakes (Jungkook's favorite breakfast), continuing with a chocolate cake that had eleven candles stuck on top of it and ending with them sitting on the couch, watching Jungkook's favorite movies. He didn't need any presents, having such a great day together with his mum was enough of a present.

She chuckled and softly combed his hair with her fingers, just the way Jungkook liked it. “My my, you sure are curious! Well, it's always different and depends on the person. There are similarities though. If you love someone, you care for them and want them to be safe, want them to be by your side as much as possible, you'd do everything to guarantee their happiness because their happiness is yours. They're the most important person in your life.”

Jungkook looked at her in awe. “Then you must love me too mum! Right?” At that his mum let out the warm laugh that Jungkook loved oh so much. She then kissed his forehead and held him tight in her embrace as she whispered,“I sure do.”


It was just half a year later when Jungkook saw it first. It was when he accidentally opened the bathroom door without knocking, the clock saying 3am. He had woken up because of a full bladder walking through the small apartment in the dark and didn't even bother to see that the light was already on on the other side of the door, being in a half asleep state.

His mum turned from the mirror to him, eyes big in shock and wet with tears. Jungkook's gaze instantly dropped to the floor, full of hair that had fallen out of his mother's head. He opened his mouth to say something, but everything that came out was a choked sob. He might have been only eleven, but he wasn't stupid.

As soon as she saw the tears flowing down her son's cheeks, Jungkook's mother immediately rushed to him and pulled him into a tight hug, sobs leaving her own mouth as she burried her face in Jungkooks hair.

“I'm so sorry. Mummy is so sorry, Jungkook,” she whispered, her voice muffled by Jungkook's thick black hair. Jungkook wrapped his small arms around her obviously thinner frame,both bodies shaking from crying. “It's okay Mum, we're gonna do this together right? You and me?” His mother nodded at this, and pulled slightly away to look at Jungkook, using her thumbs to wipe away his tears, smiling. “Of course, Kookie. You and me together.” It had always been them together.


Jungkook's mother died half a year later from blood cancer, three days after Jungkook's twelfth birthday. It was a rather warm September day, the sun seeping through the apartment window's blinds. Just like the day Jungkook had been born on, as his mother told him, it was the warmest day in a whole month. He brought the sun with him, was what she had said.

There wasn't much to do afterwards. A twelve year old was simply not capable of taking care of himself, no relatives whatsoever. Which is why, as soon as the authorities found out, they sent Jungkook to an orphanage, promising him a warm home with lots of other children and caring people. Jungkook, as naïve as he was, believed them, even looking forward to his new home because it meant not being alone anymore.

But the orphanage was the reason his life turned into hell.

No, maybe hell started when his mother left him. But all the time he lived with his mother, he was an optimistic, loving and trusting person, always believing in the good in things and people, just like his mother had taught him. But the orphanage was the place where he learnt that there wasn't good in everything and everyone. It didn’t help that he gave them an extra sandwhich in the morning, they didn’t smile like Jinhwan did, instead they threw it right back at him.

The other kids quickly learnt how naïve Jungkook was and didn't hesitate to use it for their advantage. No matter what bad thing happened, if Jungkook was close, he was the one responsible. They blamed him for everything. Kids who Jungkook thought of as friends ratted him out for something he didn't do, everyone in the orphange did. It didn’t take long before he’d become the orphanages resident "bad kid"

And the punishment was the worst part of it all. Jungkook never knew people were allowed to hit children, being taught that violence was never the right answer. But oh did they hit him. On the fingers, on the thighs, on the back – all of these places were covered in dark bruises.

Those were the main reasons Jungkook decided to run away as soon as he had the chance to, making him a homeless, beaten up hybrid.

He could have waited until he turned 18 years old, since he was already 16 and a couple of months anyway, but he didn't want to spend another year in the hell that made him who he was today: cold hearted, aggressive and not trusting. Thank God his mother couldn’t see him now.

Soon after he started his life on the street he learnt that there were a lot more homeless teenagers than he'd thought. He quickly got into a circles of human and hybrid teenagers that were either kicked out, ran away or were out on the streets for other various reasons.

They all accepted the way he was, not opening up to any of them, just hanging out with them, getting food together and all that stuff. Not because he needed him, not because he necessarily liked them, but because being all by yourself on the streets was as hard as one would imagine it to be.


They always found a place to sleep, offered him blankets if it was cold outside even though they knew he'd decline, shared their food with him and generally tried making his reality a little less shitty than it was. He didn't depend on them or expect them to do anything for him, knowing how humans are by now. Yet when he knew he hadn't eaten for more than 30 hours because he couldn't get his own food, he didn't hesitate to take the food out of that hand that was offering him some.


Yet, on one eventful day, he was out looking for food together with Seungkwan. Which was unusual, since Jungkook always looked for food alone. But Seungkwan had insisted on coming with him.

They looked around the area a little until they found a rather small convenience store, probably not popular which meant not many security measurements. “Perfect,” Seungkwan had said with a smirk on his face, walking in front of Jungkook, in the direction of said store.

They walked in acting like regular customers, the bell ringing as they entered.Their hands were not hidden in their jacket's pockets, because that would already look suspicious. Jungkook's ears were carefully hidden by a red beanie, because stray hybrids were more common than homeless humans - and strays were famous for stealing.

Instead of walking in silently, they acted as if they had just watched a really great movie and started a conversation about it, laughing and talking as they went through the store and picked up stuff from the shelves only to hide it under their jackets.

They seemed as if they were being careless but in reality they were aware of all their surroundings, looking out for security cameras and people they could be seen by.

What they did not see coming was a blonde boy turning the corner of the aisle and straight on walking on them putting something in their jeans pockets.
The boys stared at the boy in shock as his eyebrows furrowed then came running towards them in a high speed.

Seungkwan was quicker to react turning on his heel and running out the store, pushing Jungkook in the process and making him stumble and fall. He cursed and tried to stand up quickly enough to not be caught by the furious boy, but he was caught by his wrist before he could even get on to his knees. The boy pressed his body back onto the floor, his cheek pressed against the store's linoleum floor. “Got you, little rat.”


And that brought him to his current situation. The boy that had caught him earlier and the shop owner, a hybrid, were looking at him, expecting an answer. After two minutes of silence with no answer coming out of Jungkook's prideful mouth, the blonde seemed to get annoyed by Jungkook's stubbornness. “Just say why you were fucking stealing! Do you want to land in jail? You barely look a day over eighteen. Where would you go, hm?” He said, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“Back to where I come from.” Not like he had another choice.

“Why did you try to steal?” The shop owner spoke up, voice tender and soft, the complete opposite to the other.

“Fuck because, because I needed the food, okay?! I don't have the money to buy any and I'm fucking hungry,” Jungkook snapped, not looking up at the other people. Could they either just report him or let him fucking go, Jungkook didn’t sign up for a therapy lesson.

“Oh. So, so you're a stray? Hyung he's a stray. We can't call the police,” the shop owner almost whined. The blonde snorted in disbelief. “Why the hell not? Stealing is a crime you know.”

“But Hyung! He just didn't want to starve to death! Stealing was probably the only way!” Talking that way, the shop owner, who was taller than the blondeby a couple of centimeters, seemed extremely young, like a little boy even.

Before they could discuss any more, the shop's bell rang once again.

Jungkook heard footsteps until he looked up to see that another person had joined their lovely circle. He was just a little smaller than the blonde boy, his frame didn't seem as delicate though. He was wearing a white tank top and black jeans, a blue cap hiding his hair. He had wide shoulders, pronounced arm muscles visible due to the top. His body seemed like another universe compared to his face. He had slim eyes but big at the same time, rounded at the edges. A small nose in the center of his face and big, plump lips right underneath it. His cheeks were round, yet his jaw was sharp and bony. This boy seemed to be full of contradictions. Crap, Jungkook had been staring for too long. He diverted his gaze back to his hands.


“Oh,” The guy said, voice smooth but sharp as well, nothing like Jungkook had ever heard. The boy looked In confusion at the ones standing in front on Jungkook. “Who's this? And why is he sitting here like he's your son and you're giving him a lecture?”

The shop owner snickered. “Well, technically we are? He's a stray and him and a friend of his tried to steal some stuff. Well his friend ran off before Hyung could catch him but well, he wasn't fast enough.” Jungkook huffed. “He's not my friend.”

“Well, judging by the way he let you hanging, he probably isn't anymore,” the blonde guy said and was starting to piss Jungkook off.
“He wasn't my friend to begin with. I don't have friends, don't need them, don't want them.”

There was a split second of silence before the new boy started speaking again. “So? What're you gonna do about him?” His question was followed by another silence, the boys in front of him were probably thinking, Jungkook assumed.

“We're gonna let it go, it was an emergency for him because he's extremely hungry, which is why we're also going to give him so food,” the shop owner said and Jungkook sighed in relief.


“Don't do that,” the new boy disagreed and Jungkook looked at him with furrowed eyebrows.Wow, that was rude, fuck you too random stranger guy with really nice arms that Jungkook had not been staring at. “You know, he's not going to live long of some crisps and sweets,” the boy continued and then turned to look at Jungkook, meeting his gaze and smiling. “come home with me for the day. I will cook you some real food, you can also sleep over if you want to? There's supposed to be a storm tonight,” he said and it took Jungkook a second to process his words before replying.

“I-I don't need your pity, nor your help,” Jungkook said angrily and then turned back to the shop owner and the blonde boy, “and not yours either, thank you.” With that he stood up, leaving the things he tried to steal on the counter and made his way to the exit. He didn't need pity from some strangers, he didn't need friends. He didn't need anyone.

But he was stopped by a warm hand around his wrist. He turned around and was met by puppy-like eyes.

“Please, one night. I won't be able to sleep tonight knowing you're out there with no food and probably no place to sleep.” Jungkook thought for a second. If this complete stranger would just naively offer him a place to stay, then he must also be quite wealthy right? It should at least mean his place is big enough for more than one person. He was also wearing expensive branded clothes, Jungkook had noticed.
He saw a chance. The guy seemed to be completely oblivious anyway, he wouldn't notice Jungkook letting some of his expensive stuff slip into his pockets while staying, would he? Plus, coming with him meant free food, right?
“Don't worry, I'm not some creep wanting some cute hybrids. I'd just feel really bad letting you go now,” the stranger reassured.

“Fine,” Jungkook sneered acting as if the boy's reassurance was the reason he was tagging along. He hid his hands in his pockets and followed the naïve boy out of the store, trying to keep himself from grinning. What an Idiot.

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The way to the stranger's place was anything but quiet and Jungkook was internally screaming and cursing the entire way. He had sensitive ears and the guy just wouldn’t stop talking. Nothing seemed to stop him, not even the fact that Jungkook sat beside him looking positively ready to murder (which he was). He just wanted to rob this guy of some expensive jewelry and decorations and then be on his merry way, he had no intent of sitting through the audiobook of “Park Jimin the Biography”. Jungkook was beginning to question whether this was a good idea at all, he was more than ready to pounce as soon as the car came to a halt.

Despite Jungkook’s will he did learn a lot about the guy. His name was Park Jimin, and he was a dance major at some fancy university, since dancing had been his passion ever since he was a young boy and saw street battles for the first time. His parents were owners of some big company Jungkook had never heard of (yet this fact definitely interested him the most), but Jimin wanted to earn some money himself because he wanted to 'stand on his own feet' or some bullshit like that (Jungkook didn't really care if he was honest), his parents refused though, wanting him to focus on university.

“Park Jimin the Biography” didn’t stop there. Jimin continued with talking about how he began to take an interest for cooking after he started living by himself, how much he would love to have a pet because he’s always loved animals (I especially want a pug, have you seen how cute they are? My neighbor has one, it’s the kindest), about his lack of sleep and his reliance on energy drinks and coffee during exams.

Jungkook merely kept his eyes closed, truly trying his very best not to lose his temper and scratch the other's eyeballs out.

The car came to a stop and the motor was turned off, all of Jungkook's anger was sidetracked when he saw the huge building they were parked in front of.

“This is where you live?” Jungkook asked. It was the first time he had spoken since the car-ride began. His mouth was hanging wide open for a second until he came back to his senses and shut it. Jimin chuckled as a response. “Yeah. It's quite nice, actually.”

Jungkook just nodded, continuing to stare at the giant building in disbelief. He’d assumed that the other boy was a little wealthy and that he would live somewhere nice, but this was beyond Jungkook's imagination. “C'mon, let's get inside,” Jimin said and opened the door of his car.

Standing on the outside of the fancy building, Jungkook kept telling himself that there was no way the interior could look even more expensive – but boy, was he wrong. The floor was pure, black marble and so perfectly cleaned, he could see his own reflection. The walls were painted in white and a wine red, with a lot of probably very expensive paintings hanging on them. There was a kind of lounge zone on the left including a white sofa and armchair placed around a glass table.

The reception was striped in black and white, a man in a suit was standing behind it, typing something on his laptop. To the left and right of the reception were elevators, dinging every couple of minutes with posh, impeccably dressed people filtering out. Some gave him weird looks as they passed.

Jungkook did not feel out of place at all. He tried to keep himself from shuffling awkwardly and kept looking around instead.

The room itself seemed very bright, Jungkook looked up – and fuck him. There was a fucking chandelier hanging from the ceiling,. Are his parents some kinds of royalty or some shit? At the back of Jungkook’s mind there was the faint sound of ‘Jackpot’ ringing.

“Hi Jaewook Hyung,” Jimin greeted the receptionist with a smile, who replied with a similar one and a quick wave.

Jungkook followed Jimin into the elevator, eyeing every minor detail that fell into his view. He's never been to a really nice apartment before. Jimin clicked the button for the seventh floor and the elevator started moving.

“It's cool right?” Jimin asked, turning his face to Jungkook with a knowing smirk. Fucking arrogant asshole, Jungkook replied with a scoff and pretended he hadn’t been gawking just two seconds ago. Jimin didn’t seem fazed and the guy had the nerve to chuckle.

Jimin's apartment turned out to be even more exquisite than Jungkook thought it would be.

His place was massive. Jungkook just couldn't close his mouth anymore. The apartment's floor was a hazelnut brown hardwood floor, the walls were white just like the lobby's. The furniture was mostly in brownish or cream shades. One wall was just windows, leaving an incredible view over the city.

From where Jungkook was standing in the corridor, one could see the giant living room, an open kitchen on the right and doors on the left and right side of the apartment.

“Take your shoes off before you come in,” Jimin said and entered the living room area.

After he left his shoes in the corridor Jungkook took a closer look and started noticing some details. For example in one corner of the living room, there was a big black piano, with sheets sprawled all over it. There were also all kinds of pictures neatly decorating the walls and flat surfaces of the apartment. It was mostly pictures of Jimin together with various other people, people Jungkook was assuming to be Jimin's family and friends. He also noticed how clean the apartment seemed to be all together, at least for a guy Jimin's age.

“Do you want to take a shower before dinner?” Jimin asked him from the kitchen, which also, as Jungkook just noticed, included a small dining table for a maximum group of four people. Jungkook nodded and Jimin headed off into one of the rooms.

He came back after a couple of minutes with clothes in his hand, reaching out his hand to give them Jungkook. “Here, I don't really know your size but you are taller than me so I just took some of my larger clothes. Towels are in the cabin in the bathroom, soap and everything is in the shower. Feel free to use whatever you want.” Jimin smiled, and Jungkook just averted his gaze. What on earth did this guy want from him?

“Thanks,” he muttered, ready to take a warm and long shower. “That's Hyung for you,” Jimin reprimanded and raised his eyebrow. Jungkook rolled his eyes in response and turned around to enter the bathroom, finally escaping the noisy boy.

The bathroom was just as big and exquisite as the rest of the apartment and Jungkook still couldn't believe it. There were freaking stairs leading to the shower, since it was built pretty much as another tiny room attached to the bathroom. There was also a bathtub, that was more like a mini pool than anything else. The guy must have saved some country in his previous life, Jungkook was sure of it.

When Jungkook was done showering and taking a really hot and steamy bubble bath (just because he fucking could), he put on the clothes Jimin had given him and took a look at himself in the still slightly foggy mirror.
The bags under his eyes were surreal and he looked like he had neither eaten nor slept in six days (which wasn’t that far from the truth, really). His hair looked a little disheveled, having to cut his own hair since he was sixteen, there were some places where the hair was cut a little unevenly, but nothing too dramatic.

Standing some more in front of the mirror, he noticed something on the right side of the sink, golden and very shimmery.
He took it in his hand and couldn't believe it – a freaking Rolex. A motherfucking Rolex!
The watch felt heavy in his hands and Jungkook shivered in happiness. Wow this guy was an idiot. This was definitely his luckiest day ever since he had began to live on the streets.

He paused for a brief second, but did not hesitate any further before he put the expensive watch into the pocket of his discarded jacket. Seungkwan was so going to regret leaving him behind.


He came back to the living room only to be greeted by an incredibly tasty smell hanging in the air and Jimin telling him to join him at the table.

They ate pretty much in silence except for a couple of questions and attempts at starting a conversation Jimin's side, attempts which mostly consisted of generic questions such as: Does it taste good? Did the shower feel nice? How do you like it here so far? Jungkook kept replying with one word answers, signaling that he had no interest of holding any sort of conversation with him.

Jimin ended up cleaning the dishes, while Jungkook took another tour around the apartment, trying to see if there were more treasures waiting for him. Those included another watch, some cash he actually found stacked in a drawer, and prescription drugs he had found in a cabinet. He was sure they'd be very easy to sell since some drug addicts would take anything that looked like a pill if they had the chance.

When Jimin announced that it was getting late and that Jungkook must have had a hard day so it would be better for him to go to sleep, he guided him through the apartment into a bedroom, again a big and expensive-looking room. The bed was king size and standing in the middle of the room. Similar to the living room, one side was panoramic windows. At the other side there were a couple of big, black drawers.

Jungkook let himself fall onto the big bed, inhaling the scent of fresh and citrus smelling bedsheets, feeling drowsiness kicking in after only a couple of seconds.
Jimin chuckled at the view and quietly left the bedroom whispering “Good night Jungkookie,” and closing the door behind him.

But Jungkook didn't sleep for long, since sleeping was not what he was here for.

He opened his eyes and took a look at the alarm clock standing next to his bed. 3:48am. Perfect, the other boy had to be fast asleep by now.
He slowly stood up and made his way to the door of the guest room, trying to make as little noise as possible. Technically he already had enough stuff to keep him alive for quite some time, but with the other boy being asleep, he wanted to take his chance and look for some more items. The more the merrier, right?

Entering the living room area, he tried to locate certain things he had seen before, using his cat trait to see in the dark to look for more. To his relief the hardwood floor wasn't making any creaking sound as he had expected it to, making things even easier for him.

After circa twenty minutes of scavenging the area and Jungkook's pockets were filled to the brim with stuff he knew was expensive and some stuff he was just assuming to be. He had even found an Ipad, the newer version. He knew it because he had seen an advertisement in the newspaper.

He was making his way from the living room to the hall, ready to get the fuck out, when he heard a clicking noise and was immediately after blinded by the lights that were turned on in the apartment. He froze and looked around, simply to be met with Jimin's tired but surprised face. “Jungkook? What are you doing up?” Jimin rubbed his eyes. Jungkook saw as Jimin finally took notice of the items in his hands, and a frown formed on his face, the frown quickly turned to something uglier.

“Jungkook what the hell do you think you're doing?” His voice became loud and huskier. Jungkook remained absolutely frozen in his spot, he didn’t know what to do or how to answer. Jimin stalked closer to him.
“Someone is kind enough to offer you a place, food and clean clothes, and this is how you repay them?” He spat, his eyes were seething with emotion. He kept eye contact and Jungkook couldn’t look away. His gaze seemed to be searching for something. Jungkook’s heart suddenly seemed so heavy and his throat felt clogged.

He regained his voice but what he said didn't come out even half as convincing as he wanted it to. “W-Well what did you expect?” A wave of anger hit Jungkook and he became louder, “did you really think a stray like me wouldn't try and steal anything? What the fuck do you take me for?”

Jimin averted his gaze and a scoffed, “ I was giving you the benefit of the doubt,” his voice was lower again, more sad than angry this time. He turned his face back to Jungkook, an obvious change in his features.

Jungkook felt pressured with Jimin's eyes on him, it was like he was pushing him, making him feel smaller and smaller. The feeling in his chest followed suit and became heavier with every passing minute. ”You shouldn't. Give people the benefit of the doubt and they'll misuse it,” he replied with a quiet voice.

There was silence for a while, the air gradually became even thicker than before. Jungkook felt like he was suffocating. Jimin was the one to break it. He took a deep breath, and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “So,” he raised his eyebrows, “you're gonna take it?” He gestured towards Jungkook's full hand.

Jungkook's eyes became big in surprise. He definitely did not expect that. “Y-You're letting me take it?”

Jimin only gave him a disappointed shrug, turning around before answering, “just get out of here. I don't want you in my apartment anymore.” And with that he walked back to his own room, and shut the door behind him with enough force to make the entire apartment shake.

Jungkook hesitated for a second. He got what he wanted. He had so many treasures in his hands and pockets, he was sure he would make an insane amount of money with. Yet the heavy and pressuring feeling in his chest remained, making him unsure.

What was this feeling?

Jungkook decided to scurry out of the apartment before he could change his mind.

Chapter Text

The following days were just fucking shitty.

Instead of following his plans of getting rich as fuck by selling all the goods he had stolen, a weird gut feeling kept him from selling anything at all. Whenever he was about to press call to one of his streetmates and arrange a sale, his thumb kept hovering. It had been 5 days and Jungkook still had all of Jimin’s belongings. Now they were just standing there, mocking him. It was getting ridiculous.

After Jungkook had ran away away from Jimin he’d immideately returned to the empty warehouse, which was as close to a home as he’d ever get. He had been completely soaked, drained in ice-cold rainwater which sent shivers down his spine. He had tried to protect Jimin’s belongings to the best of his abilities. There couldn’t be any damaged goods.

Jungkook barely had time to react before he was tackled to the ground by a worried Seungkwan. He tried to move but was locked in a tight hug.


“Where the fuck have you been dude?” Seungkwan asked, his hands still on Jungkook's shoulders. Jungkook shrugged. He was still low-key pissed, now that he thought about it. With some added force he shook him off. "I found a place to stay in for the night but i was thrown out» he muttered offhandedly, and went to his own ‘room’ before Seungkwan did anything else. 

His life had continued the way it was before his encounter with Jimin. The same copy-paste life he’d grown accustomed to over the years.  What he wasn’t accustomed to was his stomach. It was still acting up, and it got worse whenever his mind drifted towards the ginger, or when he passed the stash of unsold belongings. It made him restless, to the point he couldn’t sleep at night. He didn’t even touch Jimin’s iPad anymore, and Jimin’s sweatshirt felt heavy around his shoulders.

It was night, and Jungkook was sleeping. For the first time in a long time he had a dream. And it wasn’t a dream, but a memory.

It was a flashback to an evening when his mother had not been working. He must’ve been 7 if he recalled correctly.  It had been a happy day, filled with giggles and laughter. While his mother and him had been preparing dinner, Jungkook had been so excited that he accidentally threw a mug on the floor with his tail, breaking it. It was his mother's favourite, the one she would always drink her coffee out of in the morning. Jungkook had made it in Primary school, decorating it with handdrawn flowers and a drawing of the two of them, smiling.

His mother had sighed and had kneeled down to pick up the shattered pieces. “Oh Jungkook,” she’d said and picked up the pieces one by one, with nimble fingers.

Jungkook's vision had turned blurry, and a heavy feeling  had spread in his chest area. “Mummy..” he had mumbled, reaching up to wipe away his tears with the back of his hand.

His mother had thrown the mug away and had kneeled once again, so she could be at the same level as Jungkook. He’d felt a warm hand on his cheek. “Kookie, why are you crying, hm?” He’d shaken his head in confusion. “I-I, my chest hurts Mummy,” he’d sobbed, though his mother had smiled. “That's guilt, Jungkook dear. Sometimes we don't know we did something wrong until we feel it,” she’d placed her warm hand on Jungkook's heart, “this is where you feel everything. Love, sadness, guilt, anger. Everything you feel is here. And they all feel different from each other.”

Jungkook had tilted his head. “And, what if I feel guilty Mummy? What do I do?” He’d asked. “We say sorry. Most of the time we feel guilty because we made someone else feel sad. And if we apologize the other person knows that you feel bad for making them sad. Sometimes they won't be so sad anymore and instead be happy that you said sorry.” Jungkook had thought for a second at that and then he’d jumped his mum, throwing his arms around her neck and hugging her tightly. “I'm sorry Mummy.”

 His mother had just laughed, hugging him just as tight. “It's okay Kookie, we're going to make a new one together, okay?” Jungkook had nodded feverishly.


The cup they had made the following week was even prettier than the first one.


Jungkook woke up with a jolt, and could feel the heavy feeling return as quickly as it had left him when he fell asleep.


He was feeling guilty.


Guilty for using Jimin's kindness, letting him give him his clothes, a meal, a warm bed and a ceiling above his head, just for Jungkook to exploit him later on, by stealing the things precious to him, and hurting him in a terrible way. Jimin had been so kind to him, and Jungkook had thrown it out the window.


“Hey Kook, where ya headin' to?” Siwon, some older guy that had been living on the streets for over six years now, asked him. “Just gotta go somewhere,” Jungkook replied and waved goodbye. He had one hand hidden under his jacket, the iPad tightly held in its grip.

Twenty minutes later and he was standing in front of the same supermarket he had tried to steal from ten days ago. He sighed and opened the door. The bell of the shop jingled and alerted his presence.

He quickly made his way to the counter where the same guy from ten days ago was standing, ears perked and a big smile on his face. Jungkook already wanted to turn around and bail.


“Oh! You're back! Yooongi! Look who's come back!” He chirped in a singing voice and the same grumpy guy from his first time in the store walked over to the counter.


He lifted an eyebrow. “Oh? Feeling bad for taking use of Jimin yet?” He sneered and Jungkook averted his gaze. He was not gonna start fucking crying, no way, this was already turning degrading enough.


“Yoongi! Don't be like this! I'm sure that there's a reason he's back. So what can I do for you?” The dog hybrid said.


“I-I need to know how to get to Jimin's place. He drove us last time so I don't have an adress or anything, I just know what the building looks like..”


The other boy tilted his head and his smile grew even bigger.


He turned his head to look at the mint haired boy. “We can drop him off there later can't we?” But the minty-haired shook his head. “We have an appointment with Namjoon later, remember? We can give him the directions though, if you really want to help.”


The other boy looked back at Jungkook and bit his lip. “Is that okay?” Jungkook just nodded. “You want to apologize, right?” Suddenly the linoleum floor turned out to be extremely interesting, Jungkook gave another nod, “I also want to return his stuff,” he said quietly.


The boy quickly pulled out a sheet of paper from below the counter and scribbled something on it. When he was finished he slid it to Jungkook's side. “There you go. I described the way there as well as I could. I wrote down the address too, so if you get lost or something, just ask a passenger for the way. I'm Taehyung by the way! And this is Yoongi!” His finger pointing on the other worker. “I hope things will turn out well for you.”


Jungkook hoped that too.


The way to Jimin's place was longer and harder than Jungkook had thought. Of course he knew it would take longer than last time, since he was walking now, but he actually did get lost two times and his pride was just too big to follow Taehyung's instructions and ask someone for the way. The thought of talking to a stranger also scared him half to death, not that he’d ever admit that out loud.


On top of that, as a nice icing on the cake, the sky had opened and yet again drenched Jungkook through and through.  Jungkook did his best to not get the iPad and other stuff wet,he was terrified of ruining them. They were his tickets to becoming guilt-free, after all.


But after what felt like ages of walking in the rain, he finally arrived at the giant building.


He walked through the revolving door and his soaked boots made a slapping sound against the marble floor with every step. He could feel the cleaning lady glare daggers at his back as he dragged in mud and water, and tainted the otherwise dust-free floors.


The same smiling receptionist from last time greeted him. Jungkook gathered all the courage he had, and walked over to him.


“Uh, I need Park Jimin's apartment number?” The receptionist nodded and typed something on the laptop in front of him. “You're the guy from a week ago, aren't you?” There was a glint in his eyes Jungkook couldn’t quite decipher. He nodded.  The receptionist gave a light smile.

 “Seventh floor, room number 718. Greet him from me, please.” Jungkook nodded yet again and made his way to the elevator.

Once stepped inside he pressed the button and suddenly he felt not even half as confident as in the morning when the idea hit him. His heart hammering like a woodpecker at a tree. He played with the hem of his shirt and tried to keep his tail in check.


With a ding the doors opened. Jungkook carefully stepped outside and started searching for the right door. The anxiousness kept creeping its way up his throat and Jungkook felt like he was suffocating. Every part of his body was screaming at him to turn the fuck around. His entire body was quivering. He imagined all the worst scenarios. Jimin screaming at him, yelling, maybe finally doing the sensible thing and calling the police on his ass now that he had the chance. But Jungkook swallowed his worries, he was anything if not stubborn.  He’d already come this far.


A little further down the hallway and he found the door he already had stood before once in the past.  Next to it, a number had been engraved in gold, and under it was a doorbell with Park Jimins name by it. He pushed the button before he had a time to back out.


A nice sound, most likely the doorbell, could be heard echoing inside the apartment. He heard hasty steps coming closer to the door and ok Jungkook felt like he was going to pass out. Stay calm Jungkook, you're just gonna return the stuff and leave as quickly as possible. You’re doing the right thing.


The door opened in a swift motion, and in front of him was the same Jimin from over a week ago, all big eyes and tousled hair. This time he was wearing a large black knitted sweater and grey sweatpants. His eyes grew even bigger as they met Jungkook's.


“Jungkook?” He asked, and his voice was raspy, like it hadn't been used for a while. He had probably been sleeping. Great, now Jungkook had even managed to wake him up. He averted his gaze and pulled out the iPad and T-Shirt from underneath his jacket. Jimin took them and gave Jungkook a slightly confused look. He, however, continued to pull things out of his pockets,  one by one he placed the belongings on the iPad Jimin was holding.


“I-I just wanted to give you back your stuff.” Jungkook swallowed. He didn’t dare look at Jimin’s face. “And, listen…  I-I'm sorry, okay? It was wrong of me to take your stuff. You offered me a bed and clothes and food and I..I'm sorry.” His head was hung low and he started shivering, his skin was cold from the wet clothes.


There was silence a small, prolonged silence, and Jungkook, too curious for his own good, looked up. He was expecting to be met by an annoyed or furious look. Instead he was met by Jimin's warm smile, his eyes still held a veil of sadness, but there was a happiness coating them now. “Oh Jungkook..” he said and Jungkook didn't know why, but somehow he had his mother's smile in mind and couldn't help but feel a warmth spread through his body.


“Come on, let's get you inside,” Jimin said and Jungkook stared at him in shock. “But..but I stole your stuff, and, and-” he stammered. “Have you seen yourself? You're all soaked? It would ruin my reputation of a kind man if I just let you leave. Now come in, I'll give you some clothes and make you a tea. Are you hungry?”


Jungkook didn't understand the world anymore.


But he just nodded slightly and walked behind Jimin into his apartment. “Close the door behind you.”


He stood in the living room dumbfoundedly, with no clue as to how to react or what to think. Why the hell was this guy so nice to him? Jungkook was a complete asshole and he still let him into his apartment? Even going as far as offering him a tea and clothes?


But then his mother's voice echoed in the back of his mind, “And if we apologize, the other person knows that you feel bad for making them sad. Sometimes they won't be so sad anymore and instead happy that you said sorry.” It made him smile, and he felt a wave of happiness spread through his body, lifting the heavy, queasy feeling previously harboured in his stomach.


Jimin returned soon after with clothes in his hand, just like he had the first time. “Here,” he gave Jungkook the clothes and smiled, eyes forming into crescents. For the first time, Jungkook smiled back. There was something surprisingly satisfying about that. “Thanks, Jimin Hyung.”


And Jimin’s smile widened.

He showered and changed in the familiar bathroom and quickly returned to the kitchen, where Jimin was already seated at the table. He had prepared dinner, together with freshly brewed tea.


Jungkook sat down on the opposite side of Jimin. The boy smiled and asked him if he wanted some tea, Jungkook nodded.


“Jungkook, I was thinking.  Do you want to stay here? I mean, it’s only if you want to, perhaps until you find something better,” Jimin said and looked at Jungkook with hopeful eyes. Jungkook’s mind reeled. He returned to playing with the hem of his shirt.


“I don't know. Are you sure you'd want that? After I tried … stealing and everything?” Jimin nodded with a soft smile on his lips.


“I don't know why, but I feel a need to protect you somehow? Like an older brother, I guess. I'd be very happy to have you stay here and take care of you instead of letting you live on the streets with nowhere to go. You wouldn't need to pay anything, maybe help me with the dishes sometimes and stuff like that, but I want you to feel at home here. I’ve been meaning to get a tenant for this place anyway. I have a spare guestroom,”


Jungkook took some time to process the preposition. It was scary, to just blindly trust someone like that. It went against everything he’d learnt on the street. Yet Jimin had given him the benefit the doubt, twice now, Jungkook imagined it was about time he did the same. He looked at the man in front of him, who despite everything he’d done still smiled at him. It filled Jungkook with a warmth that scared him and gave him hope at the same time. It was a splash of colour in his otherwise grey copy-paste routine.


“Okay.  Yes, i-i’d like that,” Jungkook said finally, and Jimin’s smile brightened.


This is how their story began.


After that there were a lot of things Jungkook learned.


During the week, Jimin woke up at six in the morning, in order to prepare breakfast for Jungkook and himself. He then showered and got ready for college. He left at about 7:30am and always left behind a sticky note next to Jungkook's breakfast, with when he would return and whether he would be bringing food or not in messy handwriting. If he would be home late he’d leave money for Jungkook to order some food for himself. The notes made Jungkook feel giddy. It was a feeling he hadn’t thought he’d ever have again.


During the time Jungkook spent alone he'd busy himself watching TV, sleeping, playing on Jimin's iPad or trying out stuff on Jimin's piano.


On the days that Jimin didn't have dance classes during the evening, he'd return in the early afternoon and cook for the both of them. They didn’t eat in silence anymore, at least not on Jimin's part, because he'd always talk rivers about his day and what he'd done, and then ask Jungkook what he had done all day, who'd reply with a simple: “Just watching TV,” or “played some on the iPad,”. Though he kept Jimin very up to date on his piano tiles highscore, to which Jimin would chuckle. They would watch movies together at night, and sometimes reruns of old shows.


But it wasn’t always all sunshine and rainbows.


Despite living with the male for a little over a week, Jungkook still felt shy and reluctant. Most of the people in his life except his mother had come and gone rather quickly. He hadn’t been close to anyone since he was 12. The closeness of Jimin and how much the male had begun to matter to him made him panic. The thought of Jimin one day leaving him like the others weighed him down, and Jungkook would often be angry with himself for becoming dependant on someone again. He was setting himself up for  more pain and disappointment. On these days, where Jungkook would turn sullen and silent, Jimin would still smile and talk to him. He never confronted Jungkook about it, it seemed he simply understood.


There were days where Jimin was tired too, and he’d struggle just to keep his feet moving forward as he sluggishly dropped his bag on a kitchen chair. It wasn’t easy juggling college and dance at the same time. Jungkook honestly didn’t understand how Jimin managed it. These days Jungkook would make dinner, even if he was only able to make ramen. Seeing Jimin like that made his ears lower and his eyes widen in worry. Jungkook would talk more, though he wouldn’t ask questions, because on these days Jimin was too worn out to talk, and he’d simply sit there listening to Jungkook and the drone of the TV. 


After a little more than a week of living together and they had moved into some kind of routine.


One evening though, Jimin spoke up about a topic Jungkook was hoping would never come up, ever.


They were sitting on the couch. Jungkook didn’t sit so far away from Jimin now as he used to. Still, ther was a fair distance between them. The moon was shining in through the window and the veranda door was open to leave a mild breeze flow through the apartment.


“Jungkook? I've been wondering for a while now…» Jimin spoke up, and garnered Jungkook’s attention, «why do you live on the street? Or used to, now that you're here,” The concern was written all over his face.


Jungkook’s body froze.


“I don't wanna talk about it.” He jutted out, in hopes of quickly shutting down the topic of conversation. His jaw was locked and he turned his gaze back to the television.


Jimin sighed and dragged a hand through his hair, “Jungkook, I have to get to know you at some point you know?”


Jungkook's eyebrows furrowed.  “The past is in the past, there’s no need to dwell over what’s passed»


“But the past is a huge part of who you are, i want to understand you better Jungkook. It’s ok if you don’t want to talk about all of it, but just. Let me in some more? I’m really trying here.”


The frustration was clear in his eyes and Jungkook knew what Jimin was asking for was only fair. But Jungkook didn’t want to talk about the past, he couldn’t, because talking about the past     included acknowledging it and reliving it. It brought back feelings that Jungkook had stowed far, far away, to the very corners of his mind. He’d never talked to anyone about his past before, and he was afraid to open the floodgates.

“There’s nothing to tell,” he spat a little harsher than he’d intended, and left the room before he could see the hurt and disappointed look on Jimin’s face. He crashed onto his bed and burried himself in his blankets. With eyes shut he dreamt of a world with his mother in it. A world where he wasn’t broken, and where he could give Jimin what he deserved.

Chapter Text

This time Jimin felt as if it was his turn to apologize.

It was already dark outside, stars clearly visible through the apartment’s big windows. Slowly, Jimin patted through the living room to what had been Jungkook’s room for two weeks now. When he reached the light wooden door he took a deep breath and internally repeated what he wanted to tell Jungkook.

With a couple of soft knocks on the door, Jimin asked for entrance. For a couple of seconds all he was met with was silence. He already wanted to turn around and go back to his room, assuming that Jungkook had either fallen asleep or just didn’t want to see him, when a quiet voice from the other side said “come in.”

With a light creak he opened the door, handle tight in his hand. The light in Jungkook’s room was turned off, it was illuminated by the full moon shining outside. Jimin was able to make out his silhouette on the bed. Jungkook was lying on his side, tail tight around his waist and face averted from Jimin.

“What do you want?” Jungkook asked, still looking at the wall instead of Jimin.
Jimin closed the door behind him and took a couple of steps closer to Jungkook’s bed. He sighed. “Jungkook I’m sorry..” he began, uncertain if he could find the right words, “I never wanted to make you feel like you had to tell me something, so don’t think that okay? It’s just- I know barely anything about you. And I don’t want to know about it so that I can feel calmer with having you live here, but to actually know you. I never know what to talk to you about, because I have no idea what kinds of stuff you like. I never know what is a topic I shouldn’t talk about because I know nothing about your past. You don’t need to feel obligated to tell me anything about you, really, I just want you to know that I’d be happy to get to know you better, as a person. So that you can feel more at ease, too. Maybe having someone to talk to wouldn’t be so bad for you? But honestly it’s up to you, sorry for making you feel like you’re forced to talk to me about you. I-I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.”

Jimin ended his rant with a deep breath, and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He had been worrying about the other ever since he had made him mad, feeling extremely guilty for pushing the other to his limits. He stood silent, waiting for Jungkook to reply or at least look at him.

Which he did. He slowly raised himself from his lying position and looked up at Jimin.
“It’s okay,” he said quietly, “I know you didn’t mean to make me feel uncomfortable. Sorry for exploding like that. I’m not good at talking about my past and such.”

Jimin felt even more guilty about pushing the other as much as he had. Jungkook must have had a very hard time, considering how hard it was for him to talk about it. And Jimin had been stupid enough to cross the line.

“You don’t-you don’t need to talk to me about your past right now, okay? You can do it at some point, if you want. As long as you feel comfortable doing it. There’s no rush in opening up.”

Jungkook nodded and lied back down, curling himself a little. Jimin took that as his clue to leave and let the other sleep. “Goodnight Jungkook.”

Right when he was about to leave the other spoke up again, quiet but audible. “Can I play the piano tomorrow? My mum told me she used to play when she was younger but I never got the chance to try.”

And even if those were just simple words, a simple request, Jimin couldn’t help but smile. The other wasn’t exactly opening up the way Jimin had wished he would, but it was a start and he was so, so happy about it. “Of course, Jungkook! Maybe if I return from dance classes we can play together? I can show you how to read notes and stuff.”

“Okay,” Jungkook said, yawning, “Night Jimin.” Jimin snickered. “Goodnight.”

The next morning arrived quickly and Jimin felt just a tad excited. He prepared a tasty breakfast for Jungkook and some money, so that Jungkook could order himself some takeout or pizza. He also cleaned the piano the best he could, as he had not played for quite some time, it had started to become a little dusty. He left the apartment with a big smile plastered on his face and he couldn’t wait to come home.

When Jungkook woke up he groggily tried to open his eyes, but groaned as the bright lights burned his retinas. The sun was seeping through the windows and the bed seemed way hotter than it had the previous night. He moved a little from side to side, not wanting to get up yet, but his full bladder and growling stomach were telling him that it was time to do so.

Jungkook couldn’t lie. He was still not used to waking up in a warm, comfortable bed with soft sheets covering him. Body clean, smelling like peaches instead of garbage. He wasn’t used to feeling of carpets tickling this bare feet as he walked over to the door of his own room, the bright, big rooms he’d tiredly enter, with sun shining through the big windows and making the apartment look even more welcoming, or the neatly prepared bento on the table with a small note stuck to it that would usually say stuff like: “Lunch is in the fridge, eat well Jungkookie!” or “ I’ll be home at 8, feel free to order some pizza or something you’d like to eat!”. Small smileys or drawings hastily but carefully at the same time drawn next to it.

And even though he still wasn’t used to it, he already felt more welcome there than anywhere he had lived in the past years, ever since his mum had died, ever since he had lost the only place he could call his home.

The apartment was still not his home, it was just a place he was staying at for an uncertain amount of time, yet he felt incredibly comfortable in his daily routine of waking up, eating tasty breakfast, taking a warm shower (and maybe sometimes a hot bubble bath), watching TV or playing some games on the playstation, eating lunch and sometimes sleeping or wasting his time however he could until Jimin came home.

But today, after he had finished his breakfast and was yet again smelling like freshly plucked peaches, instead of moving to the couch, he hesitantly sat down on the small chair positioned in front of the big, black piano. It looked way cleaner than it did when Jungkook first had observed it in his first couple of days living in Jimin’s apartment.
Slowly, he put his finger on a white key, ghosting over it but not yet touching it. His mum had told him many stories about how much she loved playing when she was younger, even winning awards at contests for being an excellent player. Though she had to stop because of the difficult circumstances and it didn’t take Jungkook long to know that he had been the reason.

With the memory playing in the back of his head, he began lightly pressing down one key after another, curious of the sounds that the piano was producing. His ears twitched with every new sound that found their way into them, his nose crunching when he began pressing two keys at once and the sound coming out was nothing but awful.

That’s how he found himself completely forgetting lunch, instead sitting hours in front of the piano, pressing all kinds of keys in all kinds of combinations and experimenting as much as possible. Never in his life he would’ve imagined playing beautiful sounds to be this difficult, sometimes feeling as if his hand was simply not big enough.

And he didn’t even notice that the sun was slowly starting to set in window behind him, only realizing how late it must have been when he heard the buttons of the apartment’s security system outside being pressed, following by the door being opened.

Jimin’s eyes quickly found their way to Jungkook’s, a big smile displaying on his face and he immediately put his bags down to walk over to Jungkook. “Have you been playing a little Jungkook-ah?” Jungkook nodded in response, frowning. “But it’s hard.”

Jimin chuckled, hands gliding over the back of the piano. “No instrument is easy, except for the triangle, perhaps. Do you want me to show you some stuff?”

Jungkook nodded eagerly, getting ready to stand up from the chair when Jimin motioned him to just move over a little to make some place for Jimin to sit on.

Still smiling a warm smile, Jimin smoothly moved his hands onto the keys, keeping them in the air. “This is one of the first pieces I learnt when I was younger. If you like it I can show you how to play it.” And with that Jimin began playing.

Jungkook was mesmerized. Mesmerized by how smoothly Jimin’s hands ghosted over the keys, pressing some harder some lighter, sometimes slowly sometimes speeding up, creating a beautiful melody. And it wasn’t just his hands that fascinated him. When he took a small glance at Jimin’s face he couldn’t look away. The other looked so incredibly calm. So warm and soft, eyes closed and the small smile never leaving his face. There was still little of the sun left, and that little light, orange and red, was shining through the window, making Jimin light up, hair strands shining and tan, caramel skin glowing. He looked nothing but ethereal.

Not realizing Jimin had finished playing, too enhanced in looking at the other, he quickly found his cheeks burning when Jimin opened his eyes and looked back at him softly, the sun now reflecting in his eyes making them brighter than they had already been. Quickly he returned his eyes back to the white and black keys. “That was beautiful.”

Jungkook wasn’t just talking about the melody that the even more beautiful Jimin had played for him.

But Jungkook would never even think about it like this in his head, repressing any kinds of thoughts about the other. Jimin was just a human like everyone else, there was no special place for him in Jungkook’s locked up heart.

Soon, Jungkook developed something close to an obsession with the instrument, spending more time on it than anything else, lunch and sleep often forgotten until Jimin would return late in the evening and remind him to.

Before he knew another week had passed and Jungkook had spent every day playing the piano from morning until evening. Jimin had yet sat down again next to him to see how far Jungkook had learned the song he had taught him. It was incredible.

Jungkook played the part Jimin had taught him with such an ease, as if he had been playing his whole life. Jimin always believed that hard work was the only way to become good at something, but then again, when did Jungkook not show him that he was just a big exception in a big crowd full of averageness.

When Jungkook finished, he didn’t look up to meet Jimin’s gaze, still waiting for the other to say something.

“Jungkook that was incredible! You’re – just, wow. I’ve not met anybody that learnt how to play the tones so softly after such a short time. You must have inherited the talent from your mum.” At that statement Jungkook visibly tensed, ears perking up and tail becoming stiff around the small chair.

Jimin was quick to saw Jungkook’s change in demeanour. “I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t just talk about your mum when I want to, it must still be hard for you, I’m sorry Jungkook-ah.” Jungkook shook his head. “It’s okay.” And though he said it was okay, he raised himself from the chair and walked to his room, shutting the door behind him.

Jimin deemed that the door to his room wasn’t the only thing Jungkook kept closed and to Jimin it felt as if he kept running against it, no chance of opening it in sight. He ignored the pang in his chest and moved to the kitchen to prepare tomorrow’s bento.

In the same day, Jungkook woke up in the middle of the night, being torn out of his sleep by loud crashing sounds. He quickly sat up, ears high and tail tense when it happened again. Loud crashing together with a bright, quick lightning outside, clearly visible through the large windows.

He didn’t understand. It had been so warm and sunny all day long, why would there be a thunderstorm now?

Another crash, louder than the one before and immediately followed by another lightning that struck the sky and Jungkook helplessly pulled his knees to his head and covered his ears with his hands, eyes closed.

“Darling?” His mother looked up from her papers, “Kookie, why are you awake at this time?” After his mother’s calm and soft voice there was a crash coming from outside, the wind making the windows rattle a little. Jungkook screeched and tears dwelled up in his eyes. “Mummy I’m scared!”

Jungkook’s mother immediately rushed over to him, kneeling down and pulling him into her tight and warm embrace. “It’s okay Kookie, Mum is here,” she wiped away a stranded tear on Jungkook’s cheek, “let’s go to sleep together, mummy’s done with work for today.”

It didn’t take him long to fall asleep in his mother’s arms under warm blankets, her hands caressing his back, even with the thunder and lightning continuing outside. Sleeping with his mum was the best after all.

But now his mum wasn’t here. There was no warm embrace, no calming voice to sooth him and make him fall asleep. He was all alone.

The fact that the windows were so large and made the lightning even clearer wasn’t of any big help either.

As soon as another roar thunder came crashing down, Jungkook screamed. It came out involuntarily, unwanted. He didn’t want to be scared, didn’t want to be weak, but the fear that he had always hidden inside of him was crawling out despite his efforts.

Only seconds later Jimin was standing in his room, breath ragged, supposedly from running, and his eyes were big with worry. When he spotted Jungkook being curled into himself, ears still covered and tail tight around his waist, he quickly rushed over to the other’s bed. “Jungkook? Jungkook what’s wrong?” He carefully put a hand on Jungkook’s shoulder, the other’s reaction was immediate.

He slapped Jimin’s hand away, not used to any kind of touch other than his mother’s. “Don’t touch me!” He tried to sound strong, sure of what he was saying, but his voice came out weak, cracking and not sure at all. “Jungkook…”

“Just..just go, okay? I can-I, I’m okay. I don’t need you to worry about me.” But right after Jungkook had spoken up again, another crash followed together with a lightning and Jungkook screeched, head hidden between his knees.

Jimin decided that he had enough of Jungkook’s stubbornness, especially now when it was obvious that he needed help. He slowly sat down in front of Jungkook and proceeded his plan by ever so slowly removing Jungkook’s hands from his ears, the other looking up at him with big eyes, ears low. He then tipped the other’s head up, spread his knees and then pulled him into a tight hug.

It took Jungkook a couple of seconds to realize what was going on. His heart was beating harder then it usually did and he didn’t understand. There were so many emotions rushing through him: anger, confusion, hurt. But the main emotion he felt deep inside was relief. As if his heart was lighter than it had been before, a feeling of safety washing over him. His whole body suddenly felt warm, warmer than it did the morning before when he woke up under the sunlight, covered in blankets. Warmer than his hands felt after playing the piano for hours.

It was when he closed his eyes, his arms slowly finding their way around Jimin’s waist while being laid down, still in a tight and warm embrace, that he decided that maybe sleeping with Jimin wasn’t so bad either.