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Mika was never really a fan of flowers; actually, it'd be safe to say that he didn't like them at all. Their supposedly sweet scent makes him sneeze and they were harder to manage than a teenager with a credit card on a mall trip. So it was really confusing to him as to why his sister, Krul, wanted him to go to the local flower shop today.

"What does she need a planter for anyway?" Mika grumbled into the neck of his jacket as he made his way down the somewhat crowded avenue on a crispy winded March afternoon.

Entering the shop that promptly read "Ichinose Flowers," Mika began stalking around the small salon for what Krul desired.

"What even is a planter?" Mika mumbled as he was practically glaring at a bin of daffodils; the bright flowers seemingly mocking his irritated demeanor.

"Can I help you with something, Sir?" a voice from the nearby counter called, their tone as sweet as nectar.

Mika turned in the direction of the alluring baritone and met sparkling emerald buds, pink petals speckling their sun-kissed skin.

"A flower..." Mika thought in awe as he was sure his face was starting to color as a goofy grin began to stretch onto his visage.

"Uhh... I, I'm looking for a planter." Mika stuttered.

A soft chuckle resonated from the other, leaving their station at the counter, Mika now being able to clearly see their name-tag read 'Yuu.'

"Well, you won't find any there, planters are the flowers already planted in the pots dangling above the display window over there." Yuu pointed.

Mika wanted to slap himself for his cluelessness in front of the beautiful man, instead settling on his cheeks flushing more as he grabbed a random pot and took it over to the counter.

Yuu slipped behind the counter and began punching in the order on the register, "You don't know much about flowers, do you?" he questioned.

"Is it that obvious?" Mika replied, rubbing the back of his neck.

Yuu continued to punch in the order as he answered, "You didn't look too happy when you walked in, oh 975 yen."

Mika dug out his wallet as he kept the conversation going, "They make me sneeze, I think I maybe allergic; or have an aversion." he explained, handing Yuu a 1000 yen bill.

"Flowers make me smile, they're bright and colorful and always seem to make me happy." he said, putting in the payment and handing Mika his change.

"You make me smile." Mika accidentally blurted out.

Yuu nearly dropped the planter as he was about to hand it to Mika; both of their faces shining a dark crimson.

"Huh?" Yuu gasped.

"Sorry! It slipped out!" Mika cried.

"It's okay, normally I'd knock out someone's teeth if they did that, but... You're pretty cute, so I'll let it slide."

"Cute?" Mika gawked in thought.

"Is there anything else I can help you with?" Yuu asked.

Mika took a moment to ponder on his response, deciding to go for it.

"Yeah, can I get your number?"

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"Why did I pick this job again?" Yuu grumbled as he pulled apart two young girls who were fighting; the blonde girl, Mitsuba, accidentally hitting him in the eye as he pulled her away from the lilac-haired girl, Shinoa.

"You're great with the kids, Yuu-chan, of course this job is perfect for you." his co-teacher, Mika, said as he was handing out juice boxes for snack time.

"Yeah, I like kids, not brats." Yuu hissed as he set the two girls in the "time out corner."

"Shinoa* isn't a brat, Micchan is. She cried because I beat her at drawing." Shinoa remarked.

"You tore up my picture!" Mitsuba shrieked, only to have Shinoa stick her tongue out at her.

Yuu lightly tapped both girls on the head with his fist, "No more fighting, or else Mika won't give you your snacks." he reprimanded.

"Sorry, Yuu-sensei..." both said, flushes spreading on their faces as the blonde teacher gave them juice boxes as well.

"See, perfect job for you, Yuu-chan." Mika chimed, patting Yuu on the head in praise.

The slightly shorter teacher flushed at the action, staring up at the other with a slight pout; taking a moment to admire Mika's golden locks that was held in a small ponytail.

"Eeeew~ Mika-sensei and Yuu-sensei are flirting again!" a boy with pink hair, Shiho, cried, a small brunette boy beside him, Yoichi, covering his eyes in embarrassment.

Yuu's face inflamed, "Kimizuki, be quiet, Mika and I aren't like that!" he insisted.

"Awwwwwwww, but I loooove you, Yuu-chan!" Mika whined, wrapping his arms around Yuu's waist and his chin resting on his shoulder.

The class erupted in giggles as Yuu struggled to free himself from the embrace, his face brightening all the while.

Yuu was about to yell at the other to let go when Mika suddenly released him.

"I'd hug you for longer, Yuu-chan, but I've got to give the kids their sandwiches. Don't get jealous while I'm gone." Mika teased, pecking the ebony-haired teacher on the cheek.

"Who'd get jealous over something so dumb!?!" Yuu screamed at the other, face red and a hand unconsciously cupped his cheek; as if in attempt to have the sensation stay there for longer.

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"Right foot, green!" Shinoa called happily, obviously relishing in enjoyment at her friends' discomfort.

"It's already there, you midget!" Kimizuki grunted in his pretzel position.

Yuu groaned, feeling the intense need to stretch out his limbs, but he'd be damned if he lost; he was not doing the penalty for losing.

"Why aren't you two playing?" Mika demanded, Yuu flinching as his breath tickled his ear, but he had to agree with his childhood friend. Only Mika, Kimizuki, Yoichi, and himself were playing in possibly the worst position ever; right foot green, left foot blue, right hand yellow, and left hand red. Yuu somehow found his way under Mika, putting himself in further risk of collapsing.

"Well, we need a spinner." Shinoa said.

"And I am not taking part in that stupid penalty. Why would I want to eat a jar of jalapeño peppers with no drink?" Mitsuba added.

"But you two were the ones who came up with the penalty!" Yuu cried.

"Hush Yuu-san, or I'll tickle you and make you lose." Shinoa warned.

Yuu gulped, Yoichi offered him a sympathetic look.

"How about if we can last the next five moves, then Shinoa-san and Mitsuba-san do a different penalty?" Yoichi suggested.

"That's fine." Shinoa answered.

"Just as long as it's not stupid." Mitsuba said.

Both Yuu and Kimizuki glared at the petite blonde; what a hypocrite!

"Good job, Yoichi." Mika said, once again making Yuu flinch from his breath; the onyx-haired boy's face coloring in response.

Shinoa flicked the spinner on the piece of colored cardboard, grinning maniacally at what it read, "Left foot, red!"

All four boys groaned as the two girls giggled ferociously; Kimizuki and Mika eased their feet over with relative simplicity, Yoichi had to stretch his small leg out as far as it could to reach a free circle.

Yuu could feel sweat accumulate as he tried to get his foot safely on a circle without slipping; settling on the one behind Mika's foot, this turned out to be a good choice on Yuu's part, as it allowed him to stretch his back out and elevate somewhat.

However, it was detrimental to Mika.

Unknown to Yuu at the moment, the fact he could elevate himself was due to using Mika as a balance. His ass pressed against Mika's thigh, the blonde boy's face brightened in addition to the flush he gained from the strain of holding the position.

Shinoa spun the spinner again, "Right hand, yellow."

The boys sighed in relief, not having to move, effectively knocking out another turn.

"Left hand, green." Shinoa ordered.

They all moved their hands accordingly, Mika releasing an audible choking noise as Yuu's bottom pressed harder onto his thigh.

"You okay, Mika?" Yuu asked, turning his head to look at his friend, rocking his hips as he did so.

Mika held his breath as he nodded in reply, this was torture and a blessing on his body.

"Two more rounds..." Mika thought.

"Left foot, blue." Shinoa called.

Moving said body part once again, Mika bit his lip to muffle his groan as Yuu's ass once again rolled into his hips.

"Last one..." he mumbled.

"Right foot, red!" Shinoa said the last order.

A wave of dread passed through all the boys; Yuu easily maneuvered his leg to a circle, the elevation he gained gave him enough room to move his somewhat cramped leg.

Yoichi could only place a toe on a cirlce, strain evident on his face. Kimizuki's long leg struggled to weave through the mess of limbs, but he still managed to place his foot on an open circle.

Mika took a moment to psych himself up before attempting to move. Picking up his foot, Mika decided to be ballsy and slipped his foot through the gap of Yuu's legs to find a free circle; placing him only a few inches from falling and his face precariously close to Yuu's butt.

"Alright, now you've got to hold this for ten seconds!" Shinoa ordered.

"This bitch!" Yuu shrieked in a whisper.

"They are getting the worst penalty!" Kimizuki snapped in a harsh groan.

Mitsuba took out her phone and used the stopwatch app for the timer, pressing the green start button.

Yoichi sweated bullets, Kimizuki's glasses were falling off, and Yuu had a serious need to scratch his nose, but Mika clearly had it the worst. The blonde couldn't help his mind wandering as he thought about what would happen if he were to bite one of the round, plush globes in front of him.

Mika felt blood rush to somewhere that wasn't his face when Mitsuba announced time was up.

"Good job, you guys, I didn't think you'd make it." Shinoa said.

But Mika didn't hear her, with ungodly speed; he stood from the mat, grabbed Yuu around his waist, threw him over a shoulder, and ran to the closest bedroom.

Shinoa grinned at the sight, "Look like they're gonna get twisted in something else."

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Whoever said high school was the best time of everyone's life was clearly wrong and Yuu wanted nothing more than to give them a good punch in the nose.

High school sucked!

He sucked at almost every class; and his friends made it their everyday mission to ridicule him over it. Even sweet Yoichi would give a smart and witty remark at Yuu's most recent failure in academics. The only good one was Mika.

Mika was Yuu's childhood friend and next-door neighbor for as long as he could remember; practically Yuu's family.

While Mika didn't bully Yuu like the rest of their friend group, he didn't help with Yuu's high school life at all. Yuu and Mika had been teased for years over acting like an old married couple, something that Yuu had grown used to; what threw him off was suddenly developing a crush on him in ninth grade.

Suddenly, Yuu was extremely conscientious around Mika and barely had any conversations with the blonde without his face being a mess of red or his heart thundering away in his chest.


"Ahh!" Yuu shrieked, suddenly being pulled out of his thoughts to be brought back to the reality that was the second-floor hallway.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you, Yuu-chan, but you were seriously spacing out there." Mika said, grinning at his friend.

"He was probably thinking about what your wedding will be like when you finally propose to him, Mika-san." a small lavender-haired girl beside Mika said.

Shinoa Hiiragi, the bane of Yuu's existence

"No I was not, you stupid chibi!" Yuu cried as both he and Mika flushed at her statement.

"Oh, then were you thinking about your first date together? Or your first kiss? Or when Mika-san will finally fuck yo-" Shinoa blabbered on until Yuu threw his bag at her.

"I was not thinking any of those things!" Yuu yelled, face engulfed in flames, Mika no better.

"Owww, no need for roughness, Yuu-san." Shinoa said, rather nonchalantly for someone who had a five-pound schoolbag thrown at their face a moment ago.

"It was a little extreme, Yuu-chan..." Mika added, trying to get his blush under control.

"Whatever, maybe it'll teach her to stop teasing us." Yuu pouted, crossing his arms over his chest.

Mika gulped at the sight, if looks could kill, he'd be well since gone from Yuu's adorableness, "He's so cute."

Shinoa looked between the two and smirked, "You two are so in love." she said.

The two boys flushed all over again.

"Shinoa, shut the hell up!"

"Let's go, lovebirds, class is starting!


Whoever said love was easy, Mika craved to throttle them.

Nothing about love was easy!

Especially when it came to loving your childhood friend who was more dense than a brick wall.

Mika had loved Yuu since they were eight and Yuu still hasn't realized this at sixteen.

It also didn't help Mika's confidence of Yuu reciprocating when he responded so violently to their friends' taunts.

As Mika, Yuu, and Shinoa walked to history class, Mika could only stare at the back of the ebony-haired beauty in front of him.

"Yuu-chan, what can I do for you to realize? Will you hate me when you find out? Is there any way for you to love me back?" Mika thought, a frown spreading slowly along his visage.

Shinoa silently glared between the two, "They are so stupid, it's so obvious they like each other. Why can't they just make-out already?" she thought from her spot next to Yuu.

Then suddenly, a thought came to her devious mind.

Jutting her foot out, Yuu's step was caught on her ankle, sending the boy crashing to the ground.

"Yuu-chan, are you okay?!" Mika asked, confused as to how his crush fell.

"Yeah, it felt like I tripped on something." Yuu responded.

Mika offered his friend a hand, to which Yuu accepted. Shinoa slipped behind the blonde and pushed him forward; sending the other toppling down as well.

"Yes!" Shinoa thought in glee, fleeing the scene before she was mauled.

Mika and Yuu's faces erupted in a pink stain. Yuu was effectively pinned beneath the other, their lips pressed together.

Quaffing, Mika chanced pressing further on Yuu's mouth; earning an embarrassed squeak from the other.

"Oh my god..." both thought in unison.

When Mika wasn't met with Yuu pushing back, he feared he made the biggest mistake of his life.

About to pull away, Yuu's hand gripped the sleeve of Mika's uniform blazer; cautiously placing the slightest pressure against Mika's maw.

Flushing, the two slowly pulled apart; Mika tugging them both up to stand, keeping their hands connected.

"Um..." Yuu whispered.

"Uhhhh..." Mika failed to articulate.

Silence fell between the two, both unsure of what to say; Yuu eased his fingers between Mika's.

"Um... Wanna skip class?" Yuu asked, squeezing Mika's hand, eyes sparkling with eagerness and curiosity.

Mika smiled, returning a press of fingers to Yuu, "Yeah, let's go." he said, leaning in and placing a peck on Yuu's forehead.

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"What the fuck?"

Those words slipped from Yuu's lips before he could spare another thought over the matter.

Shinoa had been very insistent on everyone going on a trip over winter break; all eventually agreeing on an onsen in Nagoya that Narumi recommended.

What Yuu didn't expect was for Shinoa to stick in a meddlesome hand in a mess it didn't belong. Having been under the impression that they would all room together, the onyx-haired young man was rightfully puzzled as to why he and Mika were in a second, private room; one that was especially for couples.

"It'd be too crowded if all six of us roomed together, so I thought that you and Mika-san would like to have a room to yourselves." Shinoa said in her sing-song voice, one that Yuu knew all too well was her scheming pitch.

"Then why are we the ones stuck in the room with one bed?!" Yuu questioned angrily, pointing to the lone futon with ferocity, as if the bedding was at fault.

"I don't know, maybe the staff assumed you were a couple when I booked this room." Shinoa said with a wide grin; just giving Yuu the implication that she purposely booked a couple's room for them.

"Shinoa, come on, I wanna get in a bath!" Mitsuba called from the hallway, growing ever more impatient; Yoichi and Kimizuki long since had gone to their room.

"Coming, Micchan! Have fun you two!" Shinoa replied, leaving before Yuu could complain any further.

"That Shinoa..." Yuu grumbled, a flush beginning to mantle on his cheeks, the realization of having to be in this situation all vacation finally setting in.

"Oh, come on, Yuu-chan, it's not that bad." Mika finally spoke, placing his bag in a far off corner.

"I mean, I guess, but..." Yuu started, parking himself on the tatami floor in defeat.

"Look on the bright side, we don't have to deal with any more of Shinoa-san's shenanigans over this vacation." Mika said, starting to explore the room, opening a door that presumably led outside.

"Hmmm... That's true..."

"Ah! Look Yuu-chan, the room comes with a private, outdoor bath. Let's use it." Mika decided.

Yuu walked over to the area, observing the decent sized hot spring, sprinkled along the surface were chrysanthemum petals; effectively coloring the water a faint rosy pink. The slightly shorter's face flushed to a similar shade of the steaming water; embarrassed over the couple-oriented spring.

"This is gonna be a rough three days..." Yuu thought.


"While Mika had played off the ordeal rather nonchalantly, he was no less flustered with the predicament as Yuu; in fact, it could be argued that Mika was even more embarrassed.

"I don't know if I should be thanking or plotting to murder Shinoa-san for this." Mika muttered, tying a cotton towel around his waist, prepping to enter the bath; Yuu having gotten in a few moments prior.

"Mika, hurry up, the water is actually really nice!" Yuu called from outside.

"I'll be there in a minute!" Mika answered, taking a deep breath in hopes of it helping him stay calm, he entered the bathing area and quickly slipped into the bath.

"It's about time, Mika." Yuu said, taking notice of his friend's presence, hands scooping up some water and watched as the liquid spilled from he gaps of his fingers; he petals lightly dying his fingertips.

"I didn't take that long, Yuu-chan." Mika replied, splashing water onto his arms as he began to wash.

A silence soon encompassed the atmosphere, but a comfortable silence; one that was calming and sweet as nectar, one that seemed blasphemous to destroy the tranquility.

"It almost feels like we really are a couple..." both thought in unison, chancing a glance at each other. Eyes locked for a passing moment before they whipped their heads away; red in teh face and hearts slamming against their rib cage.

"I-I'm going to get out now." Mika announced, hastily getting out of the spring.

"Huh, but you've only been in for like ten minutes." Yuu complained, hoping he could convince Mika to stay in longer.

However, Mika didn't even offer him a reply, he simply sped his way back into the room to change.

"Jeez, way to be a killjoy, Mika..." Yuu grumbled, pouting as he too climbed out of the tub to change.


"I thought I was gonna have a heart attack." Mika muttered as he tugged on a tee-shirt to go along with the sweatpants he already had on.

The door leading to the bath slid open and closed, knowing it was Yuu, Mika turned to greet him; only for his face to blossom in color anew at the sight.

There Yuu stood, hair somewhat flat from the water, donned in the onsen's cyan and white striped yukata; sash tied rather loosely around his petite waist, offering Mika a generous view of his chest.

"Mika, did you get heatstroke from the bath or something?" Your face is all red again." Yuu inquired with concern.

"I'm fine, Yuu-chan! Nothing to worry about!" Mika exclaimed, waving his hands to and fro in front of his person.

Yuu quirked a brow at the blonde's actions, noting it was not a usual reaction for Mika to have, "Okay, whatever you say."

Soon after, the two had gone to rejoin their friends for dinner, explored the remainder of the inn to check for things to do for tomorrow, and finally returned to their room to sleep.

The initial phase of climbing into the single futon was as awkward as discovering they had to share it in the first place. The two begrudgingly slid under the covers with tinted cheeks, the anxiety of having to sleep in such close proximity to each other prevented either of them from falling asleep.

"Hey Mika, you still awake?" Yuu asked.


"I still can't believe Shinoa did this to us." Yuu groaned.

"Neither can I, but I guess it's better than sharing this space with four other people."

"Yeah, I guess."


"Um... Oh, Mika, why aren't you wearing a yukata? It's like, customary to wear one when at an onsen, everyone else was wearing one." Yuu pondered.

"Huh? Oh, um, I guess I didn't want to? It's not really my thing."

"OH, yeah, it is pretty weird. They don't really look all that good on me, either, I just thought I should wear it."

"It looks pretty on you, Yuu-chan!" Mika yelled in argument.

"What?" Yuu whispered, face pink.

Mika blushed, the words he said settling into his mind, but it was how he truly felt about it, "I'm serious, Yuu-chan, it looks really good on you. You look cute."

Yuu grinned dumbly, face vivid with color, before he nailed a half serious punch at Mika's shoulder, "Stop, that's embarrassing."

Mika chuckled, "But it's true, Yuu-chan looks soooooo cute!" he teased.


Before Yuu could attempt to punch Mika again, the blonde rolled on top of him, pinning Yuu beneath him.

Lightly pecking Yuu on the lips, Mika grinned, "Yuu-chan's the cutest in the world." he said in a serious tone.

Yuu flushed, then smirked as he leaned up and gave Mika's lips a peck of his own, "Then you're the sweetest in the world."

Pouncing down on Yuu's lips once more, Mika made a mental note of thanking Shinoa for giving this room to them.

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If Mika has said it once, he's said it a million times; Yuu and alcohol should never mix. Whoever came up with the bright idea of letting Yuu drink eight shots of Fireball Whiskey will be hunted down by Mika and maimed.

"Ahhh... C'mon Mika... Lighten up... Havva beer..." Yuu slurred, face illuminated from the amount of alcohol in his system.

"No, Yuu-chan, I have to drive us home." Mika stated firmly.

"Such a party-pooper..." Yuu pouted, taking a swig from a bottle of Blue Moon that Kimizuki had given to him; the pink-haired member of the group finding it too bitter to enjoy.

"I'm trying to be responsible, since ou seem to have forgotten how to be." Mika retorted.


Mika rolled his eyes at Yuu's response, instead he scanned his eyes across the bar; Shinoa and Mitsuba were over by the pool table, hustling some unsuspecting bar-goers into a game. Kimizuki had escorted Yoichi to th e bathroom, the brunette in dire need to empty his stomach of the liquor he'd consumed; Mika cast a thought that Yuu will be like that in a few hours time.

"Yo, Mika, keeping an eye on Yuu I see." someone to his right spoke, the blonde turned to see a tall brunette perched in the stool next to him.

Mika grinned, "As always, what brings you here, Narumi-san, I thought you weren't much of a drinker."

"Eh, Shusaku wanted to go out, I decided to tag along." Narumi said, thumb pointing to his friend who was currently choosing a song on the jukebox.

"Narumiiii! Heeey!" Yuu greeted the new arrival, getting up and hugging the taller, body slumped against the larger frame.

"He, Yuu, already wasted, huh?" Narumi asked.

Yuu smiled and shook his head, "Nooo waaay! I can keep going!" he said, slipping onto Narumi's lap.

The brunette flushed as Mika glared at the sight, a menacing aura creeping behind his eyes that made Narumi break out into a nervous sweat.

"C'mon, drink with me, Narumi~ Mika won't cuz he's boring." Yuu garbled.

"O-okay, just get off my lap, Yuu." Narumi replied, trying to coerce Yuu back to his stool, all the while keeping an eye on the ever more growing irritated Mika.

"No!" Yuu whined like a child, wrapping his arms around Narumi's neck.

And in that very moment, Mika's reason snapped; he knew all too well this wasn't Narumi's fault, but the blonde wanted nothing more than to knock the older male off his stool.

Standing from his seat, Mika slammed a fist on the counter, "Yuu-chan, we're going, get off of Narumi-san." e demanded.

Yuu pouted, "No! I'm staying right here!" he stated, tightening his grip on Narumi.

Mika could only see red, without sparing another word, he scooped Yuu up from Narumi's lap; cradling him in his arms. "It was nice seeing you, Narumi-san, but we have to go." Mika spat, despite not actually blaming the other for this, he couldn't control the venom spewing from his voice.

Exiting the bar, Mika ignored Yuu's complaints as he strapped the shorter into the front seat of his '97 Thunderbird*, quickly heading to the driver's side and pulling away from the curb.

Yuu watched Mika drive, the blonde's expression clearly sour to the intoxicated ebony-haired boy. Leaning his head onto the taller's shoulder, Yuu wrapped his arms around Mika's bicep; effectively making the blonde's cheeks color.

"Were you jealous?" Yuu asked, hiccuping somewhat between his words.

Mika's face flushed further as he turned a corner, "And if I was?"

Yuu giggled, Mika took a moment to silently appreciate the sweet baritone as the owner of the voice leaned up and pecked him on the cheek.

"Then I'd tell you, you have nothing to worry about. After all, it's Mika who I love." Yuu hummed, snuggling into the blonde's side, dozing off almost immediately.

Mika's face shaded crimson as he parked his car in front of Yuu's house, carrying the onyx-haired boy to bed, Mika placed a kiss to Yuu's lips, "And Yuu-chan is the one who I love."


Yuu woke up at quarter to seven in the morning with a throbbing headache and the greatest need to throw-up. Paying no mind to Mika, who was passed out on the love-seat in his room, Yuu made way to the bathroom and poured out the contents of his stomach into the porcelain bowl.

Flushing the toilet and rinsing his mouth out with tap water, Yuu returned to his room in hopes of getting a few more hours of sleep when his phone buzzed. Picking up the mobile, he saw it was a message from Narumi; who Yuu vaguely remembers was at the bar last night.

You good, man? You were pretty wasted last night. Oh yeah, tell Mika 'my bad,' didn't mean to make him jealous. But you were the one who sat on my lap, not like I asked for it.

Yuu flushed reading the message, not knowing how to respond, he placed his phone back down. Crawling under the covers of his bed, Yuu spared a glance at Mika before falling asleep.

"What happened last night?"

Chapter Text

"Dinner's ready!" an eight-year-old blonde boy announced, carrying out a large pot of curry.

"Yay! Mika-nii's curry!" a small brunette girl cheered in excitement.

"Oh, I didn't make it this time, Yuu-chan did." the blonde said as an ebony-haired boy his age came out carrying porcelain plates and spoons to be used for the dinner.

"Yuu-nii made the curry?!" a younger boy asked, making the older one blush.

"It's not that big a deal! I know it's not going to be as good as Mika's." Yuu grumbled as he set the plates on the table.

"But it looks good, Yuu-chan, I can't wait to try it." a girl around his age, Akane, said taking a whiff of the spicy aroma.

Mika was handing out servings to the kids when he spoke, "I don't even like my curry, Yuu-chan's looks the closest to authentic Hyakuya curry."

"You're only saying that to make me feel better." Yuu said, taking a seat at the table.

A young boy could not wait for food any longer, digging into the tangy curry and rice, "Yuu-nii, this is great!"

Akane began eating her serving upon hearing the proclamation, "Oh wow, it is!"

Soon enough, all the other orphans were eating the curry, "Yuu-nii should make the curry all the time!"

Mika smiled around a spoonful of spicy sauce, "What do you say, Yuu-chan? Wanna take over curry duty?" he asked.

Yuu flushed as he nodded, "I'll make it again next week..."

And all the kids released a chorus of "Yay!"

The next day, Yuu was adopted.


Mika groggily awoke, checking his phone for the time and immediately groaning; his hour nap at four before dinner somehow turned into three hours and his college's dining hall has just closed.

"Fuck me..." Mika grumbled, getting out of bed and pulled on his black combat boots.

"Lacus, why didn't you wake me up?" Mika complained to his roommate, who was currently powering through his Calculus homework.

"I did, three times, you wouldn't budge." Lacus replied, not even looking up from his textbook.

"Goddammit... Where did you say that curry place was again?" the blonde asked, grabbing his school ID and car keys.

"Sanguinem Boulevard." Lacus said, punching numbers in his TI-84 calculator.


"Bring me some?"

"If you have the money for it."

"Nevermind." Lacus said, scratching his head in confusion at a certain problem.

Mika left his dorm, hopped in his car, and took the five minute drive to the restaurant. A quaint diner named 'Ichinose Curry' was the tell-tale sign that Mika was in the right place.

Walking into the restaurant, Mika passed on sitting in a booth, instead opting for a stool at the counter. A tall, ashy blonde man handed him a menu.

"Would you like anything to drink?" the employee asked, Mika observing his name-tag read 'Shinya.'

"Water, please." Mika answered.

Shinya poured the blonde his beverage as he read over the menu.

"Here you go, ready to order?" Shinya asked, placing the frigid glass on the counter.

"Um... I'll take a serving of mild curry."

"Alright, coming right up." Shinya said, writing the order on a post-it note and hanging it in the order window.

"Yuu-kun, order of mild." Shinya called into the window.

"Kay~!" a sharp baritone responded, grabbing the note; Mika didn't get to see their person, for Shinya was partially blocking the window, but he could've sworn he saw an emerald orb.

"'Yuu-kun?'" Mika accidentally blurted.

"My son, a bit of a brat, but one hell of a chef. He's probably the same age as you." Shinya explained.

"Oh..." Mika said.

It couldn't be...

Suddenly, the door to the kitchen slammed open, a tall man with slicked back jet hair stormed out.

"Stupid son, I take the time out of my day to offer to help him with his work and he tells me to get out of his kitchen... It's my restaurant! God forbid I help him on one order!" the man fumed.

"Guren, you know as well as I, the second you touch food, it's ruined." Shinya teased.

"Yuu should let me help! He's the only one back there, it'd go by faster! Ungrateful brat!" Guren seethed.

"Don't touch my curry!" the same voice answered from the kitchen, presumably Yuu.

"It's best if you don't, Guren." Shinya added.

"Fine!" the man huffed, taking perch next to Mika.

"Is he your son, as well?" Mika inquired, lost in the debate.

"Yuu? Yeah, Shinya and I adopted him twelve years ago." Guren replied, Mika's eyes bulging in shock.

No way... It couldn't... Right?

"Um, from what orphanage?" Mika asked, gulping.

"Oh jeez, Shinya, you remember?" Guren looked to his partner.

Placing a thoughtful finger to his chin, Shinya said, "If I remember correctly..."

Just then, the door to the kitchen opened, and a figure stood before Mika behind the counter soon after.

"Order up." they said, Mika took in their full appearance; peach skin, ebony locks, emerald slits...

"It was the Hyakuya Orphanage, right?" Shinya finished his statement.

But Mika didn't seem to hear it, already having his answer from just looking at the man.

He stood up, noticing he had a good four-or-so inches on the other, hands grabbing the chef's shoulders.

"Yuu-chan?" Mika asked.

The other man's face shifted from curiosity to familiarity in the blink of an eye, "Mika, is that you?"

Mika's answer was to pull Yuu halfway across the counter that separated them in a embrace.

Chapter Text

"Why are we here?" Yuu mumbled in dissatisfaction, crossing his arms over his chest and kicking his feet in the chlorinated water.

"Yuu-chan, it's 96-degrees outside, the air-conditioner isn't working, so the net best thing to cool off is going to the pool." Mika explained, floating around in the pool nearby.

Pouting, Yuu lightly splashed some water onto Mika with his foot, "Couldn't we just buy some ice-cream instead?"

Grinning, Mika lifted himself out of the pool and grabbed his towel, "If you wanted ice-cream, you should've just said so, Yuu-cahn. I'll be right back." he said, making his way over to the pool's snack shack.

Following the blonde with his eyes as he left, Yuu immediately felt boredom set in. Staring down at his reflection in the water, Yuu allowed himself to get lost in this thoughts. He had never really liked large bodies of water; pools, lakes, the ocean, as a result, Yuu never learned how to swim. He was a little jealous he couldn't enjoy the water with Mika, but he'd rather work on his tan anyway.

Too bored to wait any longer, Yuu stood from his perch and moved to join Mika at the snack-bar, but his journey was cut short as he almost immediately bumped into someone. A wet splat on the asphalt flooring followed immediately the collision.

"Oh sorry." Yuu said, looking up to see a tall brunette man, who was walking with an equally tall blonde man. Not expecting a reply, Yuu moved to swerve around the two taller men, but his arm was roughly grasped.

"And where the hell do you think you're going?! Look at what you did to my fries!" the brunette man shouted, finger pointing to somewhere on the ground. Green eyes followed the finger, finding an order of cheese fries splayed about on the ground.

"Oops, sorry man." Yuu said.

"'Sorry' isn't gonna cut it! Go buy us more!" the blonde demanded.

Yuu's brows began to furrow, "Sorry, but I don't have any money. It was an accident anyway, why you gotta be a dick about it?"

The two men didn't seem to take kindly to the onyx-haired boy's counter, both having cynical smirks cross their visage, "Then how about we all swim together instead." the brunette smiled.

Alarm sirens went off in Yuu's head, he needed to get away from these two. However, the grip on his arm was too strong, soon enough, his other arm was restricted by the brunette and his legs by the blonde.

Lifted up and dangling by his limbs, Yuu felt fear creep into his heart, "One, two, and!" the two men counted, tossing Yuu into the pool.

Crashing through the water with a thwack, Yuu's lungs immediately filled with the chlorinated liquid, arms thrashing about, trying to bring his body back to the surface.

But he couldn't, all Yuu could feel was his body sinking closer to the concrete flooring and the pain of the oxygen in his lungs being replaced with water.

Eyes slipping shut, Yuu barely heard the muffled sound of another body plowing into the water. He barely registered the arms wrapping around his body and pulling him back up to the surface.


Mika had just returned to the pool when Yuu was tossed into the pool, panic arose within Mika, "Yuu-chan!" the blonde screamed, throwing the popsicles he bought off to the side and dived in after his childhood friend.

Wrapping his arms around Yuu's lithe body, Mika swam them back up to he surface. The air blessingly infiltrated Yuu's lungs as his head breached the surface, slowly opening his eyes, Yuu was greeted with the sight of a worried Mika.

"Yuu-chan, are you okay?!" Mika cried.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine..." Yuu muttered, voice hoarse from swallowing the water. The blonde hoisted Yuu out of the pool, placing him at the edge as easily as if he weighed nothing at all before pulling himself out of the pool as well.

The two men who had thrown Yuu in stood stock-still, amazed at how quickly Mika retrieved Yuu. Mika grabbed a nearby towel, it wasn't even of the ones they brought, but it didn't matter to Mika as he wrapped it around Yuu.

Mika promptly turned his attention to the two men after tending to Yuu, his eyes darkened and practically screamed death to the two strangers.

"If I ever see either of you two near my Yuu-chan again, it'll be you two at the bottom of the pool. With sandbags tying you down. Do you understand?!" Mika threatened.

The two men hastily nodded their heads in understanding, they bolted away from the blonde.

Yuu's cheeks flushed at Mika's words, pulling the towel tighter around him.

Mika huffed a sigh and turned back to Yuu. Kneeling before the other, Mika took hold of Yuu in another embrace; Yuu flushing further.

"I'm sorry, Yuu-chan, I won't leave you alone again." Mika breathed, soothing his hand through Yuu's hair.

"It's okay, Mika, let's just go get some more ice-cream, it looks like you got rid of the ones you already bought." Yuu replied.

Mika grinned, "Alright, let's go." he said, taking hold of Yuu's hand and leading them over to the snack shack.

Yuu leaned over and planted a peck on Mika's cheek, "Thanks for saving me, my Mika." he said, his voice raising to a teasing note.

Mika's cheeks brightened, then leaning over to return the gesture to the onyx-haired boy lips, "Any time, my Yuu-chan."

Chapter Text

Yuu couldn't imagine his face getting any hotter, half of his body was pulled across the counter as he was squished against his long time missing childhood friend and family. Soon after getting adopted by Guren and Shinya, he sent a letter to the orphanage asking how everyone was; when he got a response, Mika had also been adopted.

No one seemed to have gotten Mika's adoptive family's address, so Yuu couldn't communicate with him. Yuu went by without hearing a single word from Mika, and now, twelve years later, Mika appears before him; suddenly more handsome and taller than he remembered.

"Um... Mika... I missed you, too, but I'm at work..." Yuu muttered, eyes darting back and forth between his fathers. Shinya had a gentle, happy smile, while Guren was cheekily grinning; Yuu can tell by that expression that he is going to get the teasing of a lifetime for this.

Mika flushed in realization, grabbing Yuu by the shoulders and pushing him away, both locking eyes as their faces darkened.

Guren hummed in amusement, "So... Yuu, you gonna introduce your father to your boyfriend?"

Yuu swiftly turned around and glared at the older man, "He's not my boyfriend, stupid!"

"Well, could you introduce your friend to your good father, Yuu-kun?" Shinya asked.

"This is Mika, we grew up in the same orphanage." Yuu explained, Guren silently muttering something along the lines of 'favoritism.'

Suddenly, a spark of light flashed through Yuu's eyes, "Dad, I'm taking my break now, Mika, let's move to a booth." Yuu said, picking up Mika's plate of curry.

The two relocated to a nearby booth, sitting opposite of each other, "So what happened to you, Mika? I sent a letter to the orphanage a few week after I got adopted and you had gotten adopted, too. No one knew any of your new contact information, so I couldn't find you." Yuu said.

Mika took a bite of his curry before answering, "You've heard of the Tepes Family, right? I was adopted by the matriarch, Krul, I also got sent to a private, boarding school for most of my school-life, so I couldn't contact anyone. I never got your new family's contact information due to suddenly leaving."

Yuu nodded in understanding, "Yeah, there was no way to contact each other at all. But wow, the Tepes Family, lucky you. Told you, you'd get adopted by some rich family."

The blonde smiled at the remark as he pushed his spoon around in the rice, "Yeah, you did."

A hand suddenly cupped one of his cheeks and Mika jolted, staring at Yuu, "I really missed you a lot, Mika." he said, face illuminated.

Mika's cheeks colored as he placed his hand over Yuu's, "I missed you, too, Yuu-chan."

Yuu sat with Mika until he finished his meal, afterwards walking him out to his car, "Stop by again sometime, I work everyday." Yuu informed.

"Okay, try not to drain my wallet, Yuu-chan. Your curry is too good." Mika replied.

Yuu snickered, "Oh, here." the onyx-haired young man handed the blonde a slip of paper.

Mika took it without question, "It's my cell number, call or text me sometime, I wanna hang out again." Yuu explained.

"Will do." Mika said, pocketing the paper.

Smiling, Yuu stood up on the balls of his feet and planted a kiss to his cheek, "I gotta get back to work, but I hope I'll be hearing from you soon."

Mika blushed as his hand cupped the spot that had been kissed, "Definitely, if it means you'll kiss me again."

"Call me by tomorrow and the next one will be on the lips."

Mika called Yuu before he even left his parking spot.

Chapter Text

Yuu couldn't help the smile that exploded on his face as the man dressed up as Goofy lifted him up and twirled him around, Mika mirroring his expression as he danced in a circle with Mickey.

For Yuu's 12th birthday, he had begged and pleaded for months for the orphanage to go to Disneyland. The caretakers budgeted and saved enough money for them all to take the trip to Chiba to go to Tokyo Disneyland.

"This place is the best!" Yuu cheered, hugging Goofy, who returned the gesture with the same amount of gusto.

"We should try to come back here again, Yuu-chan!" Mika said, now playing with Donald.

The onyx-haired boy beamed even brighter at the proposal, "Yeah, definitely!"


Four years later, Yuu was impatiently bouncing in his seat on the Shinkansen*, waiting to see the familiar entry gate to the famous amusement park.

"Yuu-chan, calm down, we're almost there." Mika said beside him, taking hold of Yuu's hand.

"I can't help it, Mika, it's been four years since I've last been here." Yuu explained, lacing his fingers between Mika's.

The two were currently on their class trip, this year, the class decided on going to Chiba to spend the week at the famous Tokyo Disneyland. Since the announcement, Yuu could barely contain his excitement and now that they're practically there, nothing could calm the ebony-haired boy down.

"We get you're excited for many reasons, Yuu-san, but keep your dick in your pants. There are children at the park." Shinoa said, across from Yuu, Mitsuba giggling beside her.

Yuu flushed at the statement, "Shut the fuck up, Shinoa! We all know you're gonna take any opportunity you can get to sneak off and have sex with Mitsuba." he retorted.

The blonde girl fumed as Shinoa replied, "How vulgar, Yuu-san. Micchan and I do not 'have sex,' that sounds so distant and unromantic; we make sweet, passionate love. Not that you would know what that's like, cherry boy."

The boy's face erupted as a vein in his forehead pulsed, "What the hell did you call me?!"

Before Shinoa could further engage in the banter, the train conductor's voice sounded over the intercom, "We will now be arriving at Tokyo Disneyland Station..."

Yuu stopped listening to the remainder of the message after hearing they arrived; quickly grabbing his duffel bag of luggage from the overhead carrier as the train docked at the station.

"Come on, come on! Let's go!" Yuu pleaded with enthusiasm, almost bouncing on the balls of his feet with anticipation.

"Okay, okay, I'm hurrying, Yuu-chan." Mika said, retrieving his own belongings, hand being grasped by Yuu's before he could even confirm he was ready.

The class took a bus ride over to their hotel for everyone to drop their things off in their rooms and were dismissed for fun after attendance was taken; instructed to report back to the hotel by seven for dinner.

Yuu didn't need to hear anymore than that, immediately taking hold of Mika's hand and jogging back to the park. The two flashed their passes to the ticket vendor and passed through the rotating metal gates.

The two childhood friends gaped in awe at the wondrous environment, vague memories coming back to them as they took in the sights they first saw four years prior.

"Wow..." the two mumbled simultaneously, looking to and fro between the rides, attractions, and buildings.

Mika grinned, spotting the park mascots by the fountain, entertaining small children as their parents watched close by, "Look, Yuu-chan." the blonde said, pointing to the beloved, iconic characters.

Yuu's eyes sparkled as his emerald orbs caught sight of the tall dog character, "Goofy-san!" he squealed in childish glee. Goofy had always been Yuu's favorite for some reason or another; even refusing to let him die even once whenever he played Kingdom Hearts.

"Wanna get a picture?" Mika asked, a gentle smile painted on his face.

Yuu's cheeks flared, "C-can I? I'm not too old?" he questioned, innocently.

Mika's own cheeks tinted at the adorable sight that was his best friend, "Of course you can, Yuu-chan, who says you can't?" he reassured.

The two made their way over to the mascots, Mika handing his iPhone to one of the mothers, requesting she take their picture.

"Say, 'cheese!'" the woman said.

"Cheese!" the group said, the woman snapping a couple pictures before handing Mika his phone back.

"See?" Mika said, in reference to Yuu's earlier shyness.

"Yeah!" Yuu replied, pecking Mika's cheek in thanks.

Mika flushed, but quickly shook it off, "Race you to The Matterhorn!" he said, already sprinting to the nearby attraction.

"Hey, hold up, you cheater!" Yuu cried, speeding after the blonde.

Chapter Text

"Mika, I'm telling you, if you want to go to the prom with Yuu, you're the one that's gonna have to ask him." Crowley said as he was digging around his locker to find his literature textbook.

"Yeah, I don't think Amane is smart enough to figure out a way to ask." Lacus added as he was fixing his ponytail.

Mika ran a hand through his golden tresses, "Okay, but what if Yuu-chan doesn't want to go to prom with me?"

Krul looked up at him from her iPhone, "And who would he go with, Hiiragi? She's already going with her girlfriend."

"Yuu-chan may not even want to go." Mika said.

"Oh, silly Mika-kun, of course Yuu-chan wants to go to prom! There's no one in the world that would purposefully miss their own prom!" Ferid sang, throwing an arm around the blonde's shoulders.

"Mika, just ask him already, prom is two weeks away." Crowley insisted, slamming his locker shut.

"I'll wait until I know for sure Yuu-chan wants to go." Mika said, leaving his group of friends to walk to class.

The four watched the blonde's receding figure when Lacus spoke, "Ten bucks that he asks by the end of the day."

"Ten that Yuu asks him." Crowley replied.


"Yuu-san, ask him!" Shinoa whined.

"I don't even know if Mika wants to go!" Yuu replied, kicking a soccer ball to Narumi.

"Yuu-kun, I'm sure he wants to, he's probably waiting for you to ask." Yoichi said as he answered a question to his trigonometry homework.

Narumi kicked the ball to Kimizuki before putting in his input, "Maybe Mika wants to ask him."

"That's what I was thinking." Mitsuba said as a finger twirled a strand of hair.

"Which is it, do I ask him, or does he ask me?" Yuu questioned, stopping the approaching ball he received from Kimizuki with a foot.

"Dude, it could go either way, just try to bring the conversation up." Kimizuki said.

The bell rang, signaling the end of their free period, Yuu grabbed the ball and ran to put it back in the equipment shed.

"Fifteen bucks Mika asks him." Narumi said.

"I bet twenty they both ask each other." Shinoa replied.


After school, Yuu and Mika met up in the student parking lot next to Mika's Charger, about to partake in their weekly McDonald's run.

As they pulled out of the parking lot, the childhood friends took notice that neither were making an attempt to start a conversation; both mentally consumed with waiting to see if the other would ask the long awaited question.




And more silence and anticipation filled the void. The car came to a stop at a red light, behind four-or-so other cars.



The two spoke simultaneously, gazes locking as their words spewed; faces flushing, though reason unknown to the other.

"You first." Yuu said.

"No, it's okay, you can say it first, Yuu-chan." Mika answered.

An annoyed grunt escaped Yuu's nostrils, "Okay, we're gonna be stuck here all day if we keep this up, how about we say it at the same time?"

"Oh, okay..."

A silent countdown sounded between the two of them as their blushes worsened.

3... 2... 1...

"Will you go to prom with me?"

They gaped in immediate response before wide grins spread across their visages.

Neither could respond vocally, as a loud car horn honked behind them, Mika pressing his foot on the gas pedal; not knowing the light had turned green.

"Yes." Yuu said.

Mika smiled as he took hold of Yuu's hand in his own.


Later that night, the two were confused about the comment war that was going on in Yuu's Facebook status, where their friends were arguing over who owed who money.

Chapter Text

"Shinoa, why do I have to go with you to your yoga class?" Yuu asked in irritation.

The petite girl simply smirked at her friend, "Remember how you asked me what my technique to control my stress? Well, it's this."

Yuu cocked a brow, "Uh-huh, but I'm not stressed, Shinoa."

"Oh, that's where you're wrong, Yuu-san, it helps with more than just mental stress. Your body could probably use a good stretch; especially since you haven't had a good fuck literally ever." the lilac-haired girl explained as they entered the studio.

"Shinoa, what the fuck?!" Yuu cried as his cheeks flushed.

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about, Cherry Boy; yoga works the areas you can only work during sex."

Yuu huffed a sigh as they sat on two empty mats near the middle of the relatively large class, "Yeah, like you know, you're a virgin too, you know."

The girl snickered in reply, "Yeah, but you react so offended, so it's funny to call you out."

A blonde man entered the studio not long after, "Sorry, car troubles, let's get started, class." he said, taking perch at the head mat, facing everyone.

Yuu's face felt hotter than normal and his throat went dry; this man was hot. He looked to be the same age, with sunny tresses and sky eyes, taut muscles, and his sharp collarbones that peeked through the collar of his tanktop were oddly sexy.

"That's Mika, the new instructor." Shinoa whispered, a knowing smirk on her visage.

Emerald eyes sparkled as he observed the man, "Let's start by limbering up, pull your feet to your center and press your elbows into your knees; this is called a 'butterfly stretch.'" the instructor, Mika, explained, swiftly demonstrating before getting up to assist.

The class did as instructed, Yuu groaned as his stiff bones and muscles cracked; he hadn't done any stretches in quite a few weeks. He felt a body press against his back as two large hands came to his knees and pressed down; helping Yuu stretch further.

"You seem really stiff, guess I'll be keeping a close eye on you." a voice whispered into Yuu's ear. Yuu shivered and static ran up his spine as his face flustered.

"Alright, everyone, up and shake it out, we'll start with 'Sun Salutations.'" the person behind Yuu said, leaving him and heading to the front, Yuu noticing it was Mika.

Sun Salutations lasted for a few minutes before starting the rest of the stretches, Yuu mentally noted Shinoa was right, his body was already starting to feel lighter.

"Alright, I hope everyone worked on their back arches, because I want to see them today." Mika said.

Yuu gulped, a back what? He turned to Shinoa, who was already in her arch, as was the rest of the class; Yuu being the only one still standing apart from Mika.


"Oh right, you're new, here I'll spot you." Mika said, making his way to Yuu.

Mika placed a hand on Yuu's back, "Just lean back, I got you, keep going until your hands touch the floor." he explained, Yuu stretched backwards, hands placed on the floor.

The instructor began to move his hand away from Yuu's back, and the onyx-haired boy's center immediately began to buckle from his weight. Mika's hands shot to grasp Yuu's hips and the boy squeaked.

"It's okay, I got you." Mika smiled as his spoke and Yuu felt the blood that rushed to his head color his cheeks.

"Okay, good job everyone, get up slowly." Mika said, helping Yuu stand upright before once again returning to the front.

As the class dragged on, Yuu began to detect a pattern; Mika would ask the class to do some advanced technique that both of them knew Yuu couldn't do. So Mika would come over and assist, but not without some promiscuous touch that made Yuu blush.

"And we'll end with 'Downward Dog.'" Mika instructed and Yuu sighed, finally something he could do.

The class moved to the technique as Mika walked around and helped some others reach further.

He came to Yuu and placed a hand at his sacrum, Yuu blushed a bit as the hand was a bit too close to his butt than he'd like.

"Wow, you can do this one pretty well. I'd love to see you do this with me on top of you." Mika mumbled huskily loud enough for only Yuu to hear, who's face became set aflame as he fell out of the stretch.


"That's it for this week's session, I hope to see you all again next week." Mika said.

The class all stood and filed out at their own pace, Shinoa stopped Yuu before he could sprint out of the studio.

"So, how did you like it? Mika couldn't kee his hands off you." she grinned.

"It was fine." Yuu muttered, flush still marring his face.

"Excuse me, may I have a word with him, Hiiragi-san?" a voice interrupted, it being none other than Mika.

Shinoa giggled, "He's all yours." she said and skipped out of the vicinity.

"Did I embarrass you?" Mika asked, a knowing smirk on his face.

"Yeah." Yuu pouted, crossing his arms.



"Sorry, Yuu-chan, how about I make it up to you with some coffee?" Mika offered.

Yuu tilted his head aslant, "What makes you think I'd be interested?"

"Don't know, but I'd like to get you to come next week." Mika said.

Yuu pondered on the proposal for a moment before shrugging his shoulders, "Sure, why not, just as long as you keep your hands to yourself, Pervy-sensei."

Mika laughed at the statement, "I'll try."

Chapter Text

Ever since he was young, all Yuu wanted was a carefree life; he preferred everything to be simple and cause as little trouble for him as possible. It was due to these desires that he got a job as a deckhand at the town harbor right after high school.

Ideally, he'd work, save money, and eventually buy a boat and live his life on the sea. Nothing would make Yuu happier, so all he had to do was stick to what he was good at; minding his own business and keeping things simple.

So, how did this troublesome thing find its way into his bathtub?


A few hours before

"Alright, I just finished docking, Captain Rene." Yuu called to the man on the deck of the small liner.

"Thank you, Amane-kun, here you go," the long-haired man said, handing Yuu a few large bills of yen for his work. "That's all I need today, you can go home."

Yuu smiled, "Thank you, sir, see you tomorrow."

The young man changed into his casual clothes in the dock cabin, grabbed his backpack, and headed out, "Hmm, 20000 yen, not too shabby." he mused, thumbing through the bills.

Yuu walked along the shore, relishing in the chilly sea breeze; his daily after work routine. "One day, I can have this whenever I want, not just after work." he whispered with ambition.

A soft groan broke Yuu out of his daze, doing a double-take of his surroundings, the ebony-haired young man caught sight of a form under the pier. Feeling his stomach knot up in anxiety, Yuu dashed to the form, hoping it wasn't an injured person.

"Hey, are you alright?!" Yuu cried, he noticed this person was gorgeous, a mop of blonde hair, pearl skin, Yuu had never seen anyone more stunning.

Yuu took note the man was shirtless and his lower half was still in the ocean, lacing his arms under the blonde's pits, he dragged him out of the water with great trouble.

Slowly but surely, Yuu inched the blonde out of the sea; he was astonished that the lithe-framed man was much heavier than Yuu had expected. Spotting the sapphire tail was the immediate explanation; wait, tail?

"Aaah!" Yuu shrieked, releasing his hold on the man, or rather, merman.

"What the fuck?" the onyx-haired man mumbled, staring at the unconscious man in disbelief.

Yuu knew he couldn't just leave the merman here, as anyone could find him and do who knows what to him. Nor could he simply toss him back into the ocean, as he could get hurt, or worse.

Left with no other choice, Yuu grabbed his hoodie from his bag, wrapped it around the blonde's tail fin, and slung him onto his back and slugged his way home.


"so you were swimming near the shore when you were caught in an undertow and hit your head on a rock?" Yuu asked, summarizing the story he just heard.

"Yup." the merman said, fin lapping at the water he rested in, hands fiddling with the cyan pucca shell necklace he was wearing.

Yuu blinked lazily in response, "Wow, that's pretty dumb."

The blonde chuckled weakly, "Yeah, I wasn't really paying attention."

"Well, if you're gonna be staying in my bathtub for the time being, you should probably tell me your name." the emerald-eyed man said.

"Mikaela, but you can call me 'Mika.'" the merman answered.

"Mika, huh. I'm Yuuichirou, but everyone calls me 'Yuu.'"

"Okay, I forgot to say it earlier, but thanks for saving me and giving me a place to stay, Yuu-chan." Mika said.

Yuu flushed, "Don't mention it, and drop the 'chan!'"


A few weeks have passed since Yuu picked up the merman called Mika, and over the time they spent together, the two had grown closer. Yuu slowly found himself not wanting to spend as much time on the dock, instead, he'd rush home to see Mika as soon as his shift was over. The blonde had only intended to stay for a week, but Mika found himself enamored with Yuu, the ebony-haired boy filled the small void of homesickness he had; at this point, Mika was content with not going back to the sea at all.

Mika blew bubbles in the bathwater, eagerly awaiting for Yuu to return home from work to surprise him. Today marked the one month anniversary of them meeting, Mika had secretly bought a bath bomb from a tv ad he saw and thought it'd be fun for he and Yuu to enjoy together.

The clock turned to six pm, the time Yuu's shift ended, his house was only a two minute walk from the pier, so Yuu would be coming in at any minute now.

Five minutes passed. That's not out of the ordinary.

Thirty minutes passed.

"Maybe he ran into a friend and they're talking." Mika said to himself, turning on the tv that Yuu had put in the bathroom to entertain himself.

Mika had got caught up watching an anime movie about a woman who had to raise her two children by herself after her wolf husband died*. Noticing Yuu still hadn't come home, Mika checked the time.

8:07 pm

Yuu is over two hours late, instantaneously, negative thoughts rushed into Mika's brain and heart.

"What if he got hurt, or kidnapped, or, or...!" Mika freaked, he couldn't bring himself to finish the statement.

Yuu needed him, Mika lifted himself from the tub and flopped onto the cold, tile floor. Cautiously, Mika began crawling his way to the door. Mika has never seen the rest of Yuu's house; in fact, this is the first time Mika has left the bathroom in general.

Pulling his way out the door, Mika recalled the sounds he heard whenever Yuu would come home from work and attempted to trace the path. Sweat began to accumulate from his efforts and his body was starting to dry out, Mika was so close to the front door, he couldn't believe his body was giving up on him.

A hand reached for the knob, fingers barely grazing the metal, the room began to distort and fade to black.

"Yuu-chan..." Mika groaned as he lost consciousness.

He could faintly hear the sounds of the door open and someone frantically call his name.


A rejuvenating splash of water woke Mika up, the blonde found himself back in the tub, but then he remembered why he left it in the first place.


"I'm right here, Mika."

Mika turned and spotted that Yuu was right beside him in the water. The blonde tackled the other with all of his being.

"Yuu-chan, you're okay! I was so worried!" Mika cried, tears slipping from his cerulean orbs.

The ebony-haired boy returned the gesture, "I'm sorry, Mika, I was doing some grocery shopping and lost track of time." Yuu explained, hand rubbing Mika's head, comfortingly.

Mika looked up with a sad smile, "I'm just you're alright, Yuu-chan."

Yuu's face caught on fire at the blonde's words, he burie his face into the other's shoulder to hide himself.

"Wait, Yuu-chan, you went shopping a few days ago, why did you go again?" Mika questioned.

Yuu flinched slightly before replying, "I wanted to get your favorites for dinner to celebrate the one month anniversary of you being here." he explained, face coloring more.

Mika flushed, grinning in happiness, Mika pressed a kiss to Yuu's ear, "Thank you, Yuu-chan."

"Don't mention it." Yuu said, but then felt something wrap around his neck, looking down, Yuu saw he was now wearing Mika's necklace.

"Happy anniversary, Yuu-chan."

Yuu smiled as he placed a kiss to Mika's lips, "Happy anniversary, Mika."

Chapter Text

"Crowley, is there any way you can steer this boat steadier?!" Ferid yelled as he fought against the gale, struggling to unfold the sail.

"This is as steady as I can make it go, I'm literally trying to fight the ocean here!" the man called back, utilizing his entire body to keep the wheel straight.

Sucking on his teeth, Ferid turned to his captain, who was occupied with helping passengers into the lower deck, "Captain Mika, what course of action should we take?"

"Safety of the passengers comes first, try to navigate to the closest island!" the man replied as he assisted a child down the stairs.

"Aye, aye, Captain!" the two-toned hair man said, veering the boat towards the west.

Waves tackled the body of the vessel, shaking all aboard. Mike rushed to the bow of the ship in hopes of consulting with Ferid on their next priority, while on course to is subordinate, a harsh wave splashed the boat, the peak of which washing onto the deck.

Taken by surprise, Mika was knocked aside by the frothy water, slipping on the wet flooring, the blonde fell over the railing and plunged into the dark sea.


Yuu lazed on a large stone, fingers fiddling with an oyster, nails lightly attempting to pry it open to stop a moment later to attempt once more. Emerald eyes panned upwards, observing the wild ripples dance along the surface he's always longed to breach.

"Looks like quite a storm." he mumbled to himself, dropping the oyster to pull his arms behind his head and stare dully at what was his sky; his jade tail idly kicking the sand.

The sound of a fin cutting through the water broke Yuu out of his trance, turning to see Kureto, a fellow merman; with a none too pleased glare in his eyes.

"Prince Yuuichirou, this is where you've been? You've had your father worried, he's furious I'll have you know." the man explained, crossing his arms over his chest.

Yuu rolled his eyes, "If Guren cared so much then he should've come himself, not send you."

Kureto didn't falter at the prince's dissatisfied tone, "Your Highness, you know His Majesty is busy."

"Too busy to look for his son?"

"Yes." the man deadpanned.

The ebony-haired boy huffed a sigh, turning away from the man, "But the captain of the royal guards isn't, what a laugh." he spat before swimming away.

"Your Highness, return to the palace immediately!" the man yelled, chasing after the younger.

Yuu swam as fast as he could, eventually losing him in a reef colony, "Stupid Guren, stupid Kureto, just leave me alone; I'll come back when I want to." he said, taking perch on the seabed.

Peering back up to the surface, Yuu felt his curiosity peak once more, "Going up for a little while couldn't hurt." he decided, swimming upwards.

As he began his journey up, Yuu noticed something plow through the water and descended quickly. Grabbing hold of it, the merman saw it was a blonde man; one without a fin.

"A human?!" he screamed in shock, "Wait, Shinya told me humans can't breathe under water, what do I do?!"

Eyes darting all over, they eventually landed on his 'sky,' with no hesitation, Yuu swam upwards.

Slowly bringing his and the man's heads out of the water, Yuu took in his surroundings. While obscured by the raging storm, he could tell it was just like home, only the sea was beneath him. Spotting a landmass a couple tens of miles away, Yuu strengthened his grip on the blonde as he headed for the island.


"Mika! Mika! Where are you?!" Ferid called to the ocean, hoping to see the familiar blonde pop up.

"Ferid, there's an island about fifty miles away, let's dock there and call for a search party!" Crowley said from his position at the wheel.

"Alright, set a-course for land!"


Groaning, Mika cautiously opened his eyes, hands surveying what he was laying on; sand. "Huh?" he muttered, sitting up.

Noticing a figure some odd feet away, Mika deduced they must have been the one that saved him.

"Excuse me!" he called to them.

The person jumped, probably not expecting to be called to, "Thank you for saving me."

They nodded their head in reply, not turning to meet the other's gaze, "Um, what's your name, I'd like to properly show my appreciation for your help."

"Oh, that's okay, you don't have to do anything." they spoke.

Rising from his perch, Mika moved himself closer to his black-haired savior, "Nonsense, at the very least, I could..." Mika said, but cut himself off as he took in the other's appearance.

They, he, was cute. Peach skin tainted a faint rose, possibly from exerting the energy to get them to shore, bright shamrock orbs looked anywhere else but at Mika.

The blonde flushed, this man was beautiful, "I'm Mika." he said, still dazed of the other.

The onyx-haired boy finally met the blonde's gaze, his cheeks darkened, "I'm... I'm Yuu." he mumbled, "He's really handsome." he added in thought.

Mika smiled, "Yuu... Nice to meet you, Yuu-chan." he smiled.

Yuu's chest thumped loudly, "N-nice to meet you, too, Mika."

"My crew is probably going crazy without me about now. Oh, I'm the captain of an ocean liner, I can invite you on, free of course for your assistance earlier." Mike said, changing the subject.

Yuu gulped, "Um, thank you, but I'll have to decline."

"What, come on! It'll be fun!" Mika cheered, taking hold of Yuu's arm, trying to lift him up.

"Ah, no don't!" Yuu cried.

Mika was met with the deceiving weight of the other man, tripping over himself and falling to the sand once more.

"Are you okay, Mika?" Yuu asked.

"Yeah, you're just a lot heavier than I was expecting." Mika replied, chuckling softly.


"Sorry, but you weigh..." the blonde tried sitting up, placing a hand where he thought Yuu's thigh would be. Instead of the familiar sensation of soft skin, Mika's hand rested on a scaly, textured surface.

"Huh?" Mika whispered.

Yuu gasped at the hand on his tail, knowing Mika had grown suspicious, despite his better judgement, he lifted his tail from its hiding place of the sea water to show the other.

Mika's aqua orbs widened, "A tail fin?"

Yuu nodded his head, "Yeah..."

"So, you're a mermaid?"

"Merman." the onyx-haired man corrected.

"Ah, yes, sorry. Well, I guess that explains everything then."

The other's head bobbed in agreement.

"Legends always did say sirens could attract men with ease, no wonder I fell at first sight." the blonde grinned.

Yuu's cheeks flamed, "What? You're not... scared?"

"Scared, of someone as cute as Yuu-chan? No way!"

The blush on Yuu's face worsened.

A horn's piercing ring slashed through their moment, both turned to see a fairly large liner heading for their shore, "My ship! Yuu-chan, hurry!" Mika said, edging Yuu back in the water.

"But, Mika..."

"I can't say my crew or passengers will have pure intentions if they see you. For your safety, head back to your home." Mika intruded.

Sadness crept into Yuu's sage eyes, he dragged himself into the sea, "Will I ever see you again? he asked, hope laced in his voice.

Mika smiled as pink peppered his face, "I know the sea like the back of my hand, of course we will."

A toothy grin was his response, "I'll hold you to it, bye Mika, 'til next time!" Yuu called, waving a hand as his head submerged beneath the teal water.

"Until next time, Yuu-chan..." Mika whispered as he waited for his ship to arrive; the storm finally clearing.

Chapter Text

When Yuu enrolled in Ouran High School, he expected to fade into the background due to his common upbringing next to the wealthy elites. Honestly, it's what he wanted, less attention on him, the more he could focus on maintaining his scholarship. Having heard that the music room on the third floor was unoccupied, he figured it'd be the perfect study room.

So why is it that when he opened the door, he was met with the sight of six attractive men in front of him?

"Welcome back." a chorus of sultry voices chimed.

Yuu gaped, "Huh?"

Six men all blinked in confusion at the figure in the doorway. The men all had various appearances, yet all gorgeous in their own right.

On the left was a tall man with lengthy black waves with tired bags under his eyes. Next to him stood a younger man, with purple locks which had a portion tied up in a ponytail. The two seemed to be close friends as they stood with their arms around the others' waist.

The right side had two drastically different men; one was tall with two-toned crimson and black hair tamed in a braid. The other was more boyishly cute, with a small build and purple hair that fell to the floor; looking more like a young girl than a near adult man.

In the center was a tall man, snow tresses tied in a ponytail with a black ribbon, a smug grin on his visage. Perched in a lavender, cushioned chair was a blonde, the sunlight that passed through the window added an iridescent glisten to the golden sea; his warm and gentle smile gave the impression he was more approachable than the others and for some reason, he seemed the most attractive to Yuu.

"A boy?" the smallest questioned, hands fumbling with the sleeves of his periwinkle blazer that was much too big on him.

"Isn't he the new transfer student?" the taller purple-haired boy asked, his companion nodding in curiosity.

The white-haired one grinned further, "This is interesting." he mused.

"Not every day do guys come here." the two-toned haired one said.

The blonde stood from his position, heading over to Yuu, "Gentlemen, we're the Host Club, we don't say 'no' to anyone who crosses through this door. What's your name, I'm Mika." he said, extending his hand to the slightly shorter boy.

"Um... I'm Yuu." the person in question answered, taking hold of Mika's hand.

With sudden force and swiftness, the blonde dragged Yuu into the room, setting him on the chair he once sat in.

"Well, Yuu-chan, what's your type? Ferid, the teasing type?" Mika asked, gesturing to the white-haired man.

"Asuramaru, the boy lolita?" finger pointing to the smallest boy.

"Crowley, the cocky type?" Mika continued, gesturing to the man with two-toned hair.

"Lacus and Rene, the BL type?" who were the overly close duo.

"Or me, the prince type?" Mika asked, hand cupping Yuu's chin, pulling his face closer to his own.

Yuu's cheeks caught fire, leaping from the chair, his body colliding with a podium with a pricey-looking vase on top.

"What the fuck?! Stop, I didn't know you guys were here, I came here cuz I thought it was a quiet place to study!" Yuu cried.

"Then why not go to the library?" Crowley asked.

"I prefer to study alone."

"Come on, we don't bite, no need to be on guard." Ferid teased.

Yuu cocked a brow at the group, "It's true, Yuu-chan." Mika added.

Color brightened on Yuu's face once more, hearing the words from the blonde put him at ease, relaxing, Yuu slumped back.

Lacus' eyes widened, "Hey, look out!" he called.

But he was too late, the sickening sound of glass breaking filled the room; the previously chic vase now laid in pieces on the floor.

Yuu's face drained of color, "I-I-I'm so sorry!!"

"It's fine, it wasn't that much anyway." Rene said.

The ebony-haired boy sighed, "I can pay it back, how much was it?" he asked, fishing out his wallet from his pocket.

"If I recall correctly, it was three million yen." Ferid replied.

Dropping his wallet, Yuu's jaw fell slack, "Wha..."

"Oh right, you're a scholarship student from the rumors." Asuramaru said.

"Well if you can't pay for it, I guess you'll have to work it off." Crowley suggested.

"That's it, Crowley, alright from now on, Yuu-chan works for the Host Club!" Mika declared.


A week has passed since Yuu broke the vase, and by extension, joined the Host Club. 'Join' was a bit of an exaggeration though, since he was moreso forced due to the circumstances.

"Yuu-chan, come here and meet someone!" Mika called from across the room, Yuu joined the blonde, noticing a girl was with him.

"Yuu-chan, this is Krul, Asuramaru's sister and our manager. She and I will be teaching you how to properly be a host." Mika explained.

Krul closely examined the boy, inspecting his form, "Hm, not bad, alright let's get this started."

The lessons consisted of how to talk to the customers, etiquette, among other things; it felt like Yuu was being taught how to be a prince versus a host.

Collapsing onto a sofa, Yuu exhaled a sigh, Mika sat down next to him, "You're a natural, Yuu-chan."

"Thanks." he breathed.

"No, seriously, you learned everything quickly, the others have already taken a liking to you, I'm sure the ladies will love you. You really are a natural born host." Mika complimented.

Yuu's cheeks flamed, "T-thanks, Mika." he whispered, a pleased smile forming on his visage.

Mika's pale skin flushed, "Yuu-chan, you're so cute!" he squealed, embracing the other.

"Wha- Mika?!" Yuu shrieked, entire face bright red.

"Hey, hey, save it for the customers." Crowley teased from a couch across the room, currently accompanying a brunette girl.

"Aaawwww, but I love Yuu-chan way more than any of the girls." Mika whined, face rubbing against Yuu's.

"Don't let the girls catch you saying that." Lacus said.

"Hey, Mika, stop hogging him, let others have a turn." Asuramaru complained, hopping onto Yuu's lap; for some reason, the petite boy had developed a strong soft spot for the new host.

"Nooo, Yuu-chan's mine!" Mika said, grin plastered on his face, pressing a kiss to Yuu's temple for emphasis.

Yuu felt as if steam was emitting from his ears; at first, he was really nervous about being in this club, but now, after seeing these interactions, he realized he would fit in just fine.

Also, having an attractive blonde guy constantly fawning over him was certainly a nice bonus.

Chapter Text

"So why are we having a sleepover again?" a disgruntled Kimizuki asked, tone laced with irritation.

Shinoa laughed as she entered the living room with a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of soda, "But we used to have sleepovers all the time, why so aggressive about it?"

Yuu adjusted from his position on the couch, "Yeah, when we were like twelve, don't you think we're a little too old for sleepovers?"

Mika looked up from the book he was reading, head resting on Yuu's lap, "I mean, it's fun to hang out with everyone, besides, it's not like we have anything better to do."

"Yeah, they were always a lot of fun back then." Yoichi added.

Mitsuba flipped through the channels on Shinoa's flat screen, "The sleepovers are fun and all, but we're gonna need to do something else to make them funner."

"And that's exactly why I have this!" Shinoa interjected, thrusting the bottle to the group, which all could now see that it was empty.

The ebony-haired boy of the group cocked his head aslant, "An empty bottle of Sprite?" he questioned.

"Let's play truth or dare!" Shinoa proclaimed.

"What, are we junior high students?" Kimizuki demanded.

Yoichi sat down on the floor, clearing a space on the carpet, "Come on, Kimizuki-kun, we always had fun playing it before."

"Yeah, take that stick out of your ass for one night, man." Yuu teased, he and Mika moving off the couch and to the floor.

The pink-haired teen grumbled as he took perch in the circle on the floor. Shinoa grinned from ear to ear, spinning the bottle, effectively starting the game.

The first few rounds were tame; questions ranging from 'when was your first kiss' to 'prank call your parents in a funny accent.' Around the tenth round, the propositions became more and more risque, Shinoa having just gladly gone into great detail on her love for bondage and how that really bad novel series that recently got a movie* is a total bastardization of the practice.

She spun the bottle, the nozzle landing on the blonde male of friends, smiling cheekily, Shinoa did not hesitate to ask the question, "Truth or dare?"

"Hmmmmm... Dare." Mika replied.

Toothy grin marring her face, the petite girl announced, "I dare you to kiss Yuu-san!"

The two boys' faces erupted in bright crimson; it was no secret among the members of the group that there was something between the two childhood friends. They were constantly teased for it being so 'obvious,' and yet neither noticed the other reciprocated.

"W-what?!" Yuu screamed as Mika couldn't bring himself to look at his best friend.

"Nice one, Shinoa." Mitsuba cheered.

It's just a little kiss, no big deal." Kimizuki teased.

"Yeah, just put one on his cheeks and it's over." Yoichi added.

The lilac-haired girl swiftly interjected, "Oh no you don't, it's gotta be on the lips or it doesn't count!"

"Thanks a lot, Yoichi..." Yuu grumbled under his breath.

"Can't I just take a penalty or something?" Mika asked.

"Boo! Come on, Mika, it's not that big a deal." Mitsuba chastised.

Yuu sighed, "Let's just do it, Mika, maybe they'll finally leave us alone if we do it."

The sapphire-eyed boy exhaled, "Okay, fine."

Their eyes locked, cheeks flamed even more as the two leaned closer. Noses bumping, they held their gaze for a few moments longer before shutting their eyes.

Pursed lips connected, sparks channeling down both Mika and Yuu's spines. A cold hand cupped Yuu's cheek as the onyx-haired teen released a light mewl.

The kiss plenty sufficed for the dare, but was long overdue between the two teens. It finally happened and neither party was ready for it to end.

But they pulled apart in alarm at the sound of a shutter click and light flash. The two opened their eyes to see their friends with their phones out, snapping pictures; both of their faces flushed in response.

Later that night, Yuu's phone pinged in notification of Shinoa posting a photo of the kiss on her instagram with a choice caption.


Chapter Text

"So, you want me to babysit?"

"No, I want you to lead some new heroes."

When Yuu woke up this morning and was told to suit up, he thought he was finally being inducted into the Justice League.

Not being placed into a team of newbies.

"Guren, I don't want to supervise kids." Yuu groaned, arm hanging out of the Bat Mobile's window.

"They're not kids, Yuu, they're your age. I think this will do you some good." Guren explained, adjusting his bat-shaped cowl in the rear-view mirror.

Yuu rolled his eyes, "How so?"

Guren sighed at the young boy's behavior, "Spending time with kids your age and not just adults will help your social skills."

"Yeah right, sure."

Pulling into a secret mountain cavern, stone suddenly transformed into glossy machinery, Yuu whistled, begrudgingly impressed with the lair.

"This is the lair for Young Justice, the Justice League's counterpart team of young up-starts; like you." Guren explained, parking the Bat Mobile at the base of a staircase that led up to a circular pedestal.

"Your new team is up there."

"Whatever." Yuu grunted, ascending the stairs with Guren.

Atop the ascent stood several figures, five teens stood with five adults off in pairs; signifying to Yuu they were most likely hero and sidekick, much like him and Guren.

"Wow, for once you're on time, Guren." an ashen-haired man around Guren's age spoke, his petite brunette companion awkwardly shifted from foot-to-foot beside him.

Guren scowled, "Shut it, Shinya, I'm here aren't I?"

"Could you two save your flirting for later, the kids need to meet each other." said a petite blonde woman; her companion was a blonde girl of similar build.

"Fine, since we just got here, we'll go first. I'm Guren, or better known as Batman. This is Yuu, my apprentice." Guren spoke.

Yuu gave a casual wave, "I go by Nightwing."

"He was 'Robin,' but for some reason, he wanted to change it." his guardian teased.

"Who wants to be named after an annoying bird?!" Yuu shrieked, flushing.

A scoff resounded, followed by a whisper, "You sure do sound like one..."

Emerald orbs seared into a pink-haired teen, "What was that, Pinky?"

"What did you call me?" the other bit back.

Before their spat could continue, the pink-haired teen's mentor stepped in, "Calm down, Shiho, that's not how you make friends."

"Wh-wha... I'm not his friend!"

"I mean, we should at least try to be." the short brunette boy said, all turned to him in surprise, the boy flinched at suddenly becoming the center of attention.

Shinya laughed, "Well said, Yoichi, I suppose we'll go next; I'm Shinya, or Green Arrow. This is Yoichi, he goes by Speedy." Yoichi bowed respectfully to the group.

The pink-haired teen's mentor, a tall sandy-haired man with a goatee, spoke next, "And I'm Goshi, or The Flash, and that's Shiho, Kid Flash."

"Impulse." Shiho corrected.

"Right, my apologies, Impulse." Goshi said half-heartedly.

Yuu chuckled, "I'd change my name too if it was 'Kid Flash.'" he thought, a grin spreading on his face in amusement.

A lavender-haired girl spontaneously pipped up, "I'm Shinoa, or Zatana, and this is my brother Kureto, he's Zatara."

The man beside her nodded his head in confirmation.

The blonde woman then introduced her pair, "I'm Aoi, I go by Black Canary, and this is my sister, Mitsuba, she's Empress."

Mitsuba smiled in greeting before waving.

"Ah, how nice, you saved the best for last." a sing-song voice erupted.

The group redirected themselves to the last pair, the man who spoke had the most unique appearance of all. He had lengthy white hair tied in a ponytail, his pupil was a blonde young man who had been completely silent.

"I'm Ferid, or Superman, and this is Mika, Superboy."

The five teens all gasped, "Superman? As in, theSuperman?!" Yoichi asked.

"Oh, a fan~ How lovely~" Ferid cheered, his companion rolled his eyes in response, Yuu witnessed the action and grinned.

"I think I'm gonna get along well with him." he thought.


The newly formed team soon settled into their new home, their hero mentors leaving them with some pieces of information recorded in a holo-message as their parting.

"Before you can embark on any missions, you'll need to develop some teamwork. We'll be sending in Power Girl and Hawkgirl* by the end of the week to start your training. They'll be your live-in mentors then on." Goshi explained.

"Also, we've been debating on your leader, and we decided that Yuu and Mika will co-lead, considering they have equal amounts of experience." Guren stated.

"Power Girl and Hawkgirl will arrive Saturday morning, until then, feel free to relax and geet to know each other." Aoi finished, and the message signed off.

Yuu flopped down on a circular, leather couch in a room that seemed to be the team's entertainment room. He pulled out a file and began memorizing the schematics of his new headquarters; all the while internally reviewing the message the heroes left.

"Co-leaders? Fucking Guren lied to me. Who was Mika again?"

Before he could continue his thoughts, he felt the couch shift in weight beside him, turning, he was greeted with the sight of the silent blonde from earlier.

"Oh, hey." Yuu said.

The blonde nodded in acknowledgement, handing Yuu a file. Accepting it, Yuu opened it, within were documentations of their teammates and themselves.

"So, what do you want me to do with this?" Yuu asked.

The blonde didn't respond immediately, as he waited, Yuu closely examining the boy's features; this boy was quite handsome, pretty even, with high cheekbones and long eyelashes. Yuu hadn't been aware there were boys as pretty as this one.

"I thought we could review the team and start making some strategies before our mentors get here." the boy explained.

Yuu's eyes widened, this was the first he heard the blonde speak and his voice was as beautiful as his appearance; it should be a crime for anyone to be this pretty.

"Good idea, I'm Yuu, by the way."

"I know, I'm M'kaa*, but Ferid told me to go by 'Mika.'"

Yuu flushed, slightly embarrassed he didn't remember this was his co-leader, not that he was going to let him catch onto that, "Cool, let's get to work."

The two spent hours on that couch, over-viewing the team, exchanging ideas, and gossiping over their mentors. They wound up passing out there, and when Yuu awoke at some point to get water, he saw that he had found his way onto Mika's chest and the blonde had slung an arm around him.

With a mantling to his cheeks, Yuu decided he wouldn't mind that kind of sight.

And when Saturday rolled around and he saw Mika in a tight, spandex shirt, emphasizing his musculature, Yuu noted he especially wouldn't mind seeing that either.

Chapter Text

He was gonna do it.

Mika was finally going to ask out his cute roommate.

For the past threw months, he has been weighing out his options as to if he should ask out his roommate, Yuu. Finally, after much deliberation, he reached a decision to go for broke and just ask. Nothing to lose, right?

And if he gets rejected, ruins their friendship, and makes living together uncomfortable, at least it's the end of the semester and can request a room change.

No pressure, right?

Yuu's schedule was surprisingly packed, only returning to the dorm after dinner to rush through his procrastinated homework and sleep. Mika eventually discovered Yuu commits an hour in between lunch and his three-o'-clock lecture to do his sports club's required individual workout.

On that matter, despite rooming together for three months at this point, Mika did not know what club his roommate was in. He didn't keep any equipment in the room, so it was most likely a more individual-based sport; like swimming.

Except, it definitely wasn't swimming. Yuu can't swim, nor does he even own a pair of trunks.

Entering the athletic building, Mika approached the front desk; sitting in the monitor chair was a red-head he recognized from his philosophy class as Mito.

"Hey Shindo, what's up, never see you here." she greeted, flipping her lengthy ponytail off her shoulder.

Mika waved, "Yo Jujo, I'm looking for my roommate, Yuu Amane."

Mito quickly looked through the sign-in spread sheet on the desktop in front of her, "He's upstairs renting Studio 3, it should be unlocked." she informed.

"Thanks, see you in class Monday."

"See ya."

Finding the room easily enough, Mika took a moment to gather his bearings before entering the room, "Yuu-chan, I wanted to ask you something..." he spoke, but his words quickly rolled off and screeched to a halt as his face erupted in flames.

Seeing your crush supporting their weight with their hands on a balance beam, legs spread in a straddle split, sure does fill the mind with thoughts of just how flexible one could be.

"M-Mika!" Yuu cried, losing balance and quickly buckling from his weight, head bonking on the wooden beam as his body fell to the crash pad below.

"Oh my god, Yuu-chan, are you okay?!" the blonde sprinted to his friend, who slowly sat up from his tumble.

"Yeah, I'm good..." the other grunted, hand rubbing the sore spot on his crown.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." Mika flushed.

"Nah, it's chill, my dude So, what's up?" Yuu asked, lightly shaking the pain away.

Taking in his roommate's appearance, Mika held back on his actual question; instead, he pondered on Yuu's choice of attire, "Why are you wearing leggings?"

Yuu's peach skin tinted brighter, "They're not leggings, Mika. It's my leotard." he clarified.

"Okay, sure, but why...?"

A heavy sigh escaped through Yuu's lips, "Cuz they're the best clothes to wear for gymnastics."

"You... You're a gymnast?"

"Since I was four." Yuu nodded in affirmation.

Well, that would've been nice to know...

"Why didn't you tell me?" Mika questioned, genuinely intrigued.

Rubbing the back of his neck cautiously, Yuu spoke, "It's a bit embarrassing. I mean, the clothes are tight and something a girl would wear. And I'm like, ridiculously flexible by people standards and have been teased about it before, so yeah..."

If Mika was being honest, he tuned out after the 'tight outfits' part, instead allowing his brain to wander, but he nodded along as if paying attention and not picturing the other boy in spandex.

"Yeah, I get where you're coming from."

"Yeah, thanks for getting it. Hey, I'm gonna shower off real fast, do you think you could help me and get my stuff?" Yuu asked, changing the subject.

"Sure, no problem."

The two entered the locker room, Mika gathered up Yuu's belongings as the other quickly washed off.

"Shit, Mika, come quick!" Yuu called.

Sensing some panic in his roommate's voice, Mika bolted to the showers, pulling back the curtain, Mika replied, "Yeah, Yuu-chan?"

Once more, Mika's face exploded. Yuu stood outside his stall, barely covering himself with his sweat-ridden leotard, "I forgot my towel in my bag, can you go get it for me?"

Nodding his flushed head, Mika shoved the cover back. As he walked to retrieve Yuu's towel, he took the time to mentally engrave the image of Yuu's wet, half-decent form; all those years of gymnastics sure did wonders on his lithe frame and muscles.

Mika could hold off on asking Yuu out if it meant being able to keep showing up to his individual workouts unexpectedly like this.

Chapter Text

This is a sight Yuu definitely isn't used to seeing.

It's no secret Yuu isn't the best at holding his alcohol, his and Mika's last outing to the bar being a prime example. From the horror stories his friends tell him of his intoxicated escapades, he gets drunk after only a few shots and is particularly clingy and flirtatious; poor Narumi was his most recent victim.

Whenever the squad agrees to go to their favorite bar on Sanguinem Boulevard, it's pretty much expected for Yuu to get drunk and Mika to take him home.

So, for the exact opposite of the usual events to be currently happening, Yuu has no idea how to handle the situation.

Mika was actually the one to propose the bar trip this evening, as he didn't have the best week of work and needed to blow off some steam. He even went out of the way and asked Yuu specifically not to drink, because the blonde was planning on drinking.

In Yuu's opinion, Mika had the highest alcohol tolerance in the group, but he never really drank a lot during outings. Shinoa likes saying Mika's Russian blood gives him the tolerance, but it was also the fact that Mika drank responsibly.


Due to his track record, Yuu didn't feel the need to hover over Mika's shoulder, keeping track of how much he was drinking, but in hindsight, he probably should have. Only half an hour into the night, Mika's had upwards of ten shots of dark and clear liquor and he was well gone.

"Mika, come on, I'm taking you home." Yuu said, hand under Mika's armpit, lifting him from his bar stool.

The blonde groaned huskily, "I can keep going though..."

Yuu squinted, unimpressed, "I don't care, you've had enough, your stomach and liver are already regretting what you had."

A loose grip settled on Yuu's hips, "Yuu-chan, come on, let me have fun..." Mika slurred, his body weight leaning against the other for stability.

"See, you can't even stand up on your own!"

"You good, Yuu?" a voice inquired, Yuu turned to see Kimizuki.

"Think you can help me get this drunkard to my car, I'm gonna take him home." Yuu explained.

Kimizuki nodded, "Sure thing." he reached out his arms to take hold of the blonde, only for the man in question to shove the helping arms away.

"I don't need your help." Mika grumbled.

"Mika, stop being difficult, he's trying to help."

"No," Mika's grip on Yuu's waist tightened, "he's trying to get you alone so he can have you for himself."

Yuu and Kimizuki flushed at the idiotic assumption.

"Mika, he has Yoichi!" Yuu cried.

"He's only with him cuz he's a discount Yuu-chan." Mika garbled.

"What did you say about Yoichi?!" Kimizuki yelled.

"Whoa, Kimi, chill, he's drunk! Mika likes Yoichi, he's just being dumb." Yuu defused.

The pink-haired man heaved a heavy breath, "He better, or I'm kicking your boyfriend's ass, Yuu."

"Try it, four eyes!"

Yuu slapped the back of the blonde's head, "Stop! If you don't stop acting like a brat, I'm gonna help him kick your ass."

The two managed to strap Mika into the passenger seat of Yuu's Jeep and Yuu pulled out of the bar's parking lot.

"You're so not allowed to drink next time we go out." Yuu teased as he carefully made a left turn.


Yuu glanced at the other, "What even was that, you acted like a total ass back there."

A hand squeezed the onyx-haired man's thigh, "I hate it..." Mika mumbled.

"Hate what? Mika, not while I'm driving." Yuu said, swiping the hand off his leg, only for Mika to grasp onto it.

"Hate the way others look at you..." Mika placed a kiss to the knuckles of Yuu's hand.

"Kimizuki was just helping me deal with you, you never get drunk and I needed a hand." Yuu asserted, parking his car in front of Mika's house.

"People do, though. Ferid wouldn't shut up all week, thought I wouldn't hear it, the prick."

Yuu's grass orbs widened, "That creepy senpai at your job? Is that why you wanted to go out?"

Mika nodded.

Leaning over the console, Yuu wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, "Mika, don't drink over something so dumb like that, it's how you wind up in situations like this. I do appreciate your concern, though." he said, kissing the blonde's lips.

"Promise you won't do anything like this again?" Yuu lightly demanded.

"Yes, Yuu-chan." Mika said, pressing their lips together for another kiss.

Yuu smiled, "Alright, now let's get you upstairs before you throw up."

Chapter Text

If Yuu were to describe himself as a cliche, he'd say he's a lone wolf... Well, a bit ineffectual, considering he does have some friends.

Not that the rest of the school cares about the semantics. In their eyes, he was an outcast.

Again, Yuu has friends, it's just he has his times where he prefers to be alone; whether it be to listen to music at a table by himself at lunch, or to climb a tree and read a book during free period.

Yuu was also never a fan of cliques, finding it foolish to limit himself to a singular label and have that be the basis of his identity. So he never wanted to be limited by such a title, naturally, he was the enemy of 98% of the student body. The remaining 2% was split between his little group of friends that understood him, and the person that he's currently dealing with.

Reminder, as the natural enemy of the average high school student, Yuu is often... Confronted by his challenging nature. Typically in the form of being corner by about four people; like what has just occurred.

It started as usual, Yuu was minding his own business until he became somebody else's simply by existing. Four tennis guys sauntered over to Yuu, one of them swiping the boo he had been reading right out of his hands.

"What'cha got here, Amane? A book? I thought you couldn't even read." the one who took the book ignorantly spat.

"Aww, that's adorable, Baka Amane is trying to get smart." another spoke.

"Maybe it's a boo on how to make friends, he definitely needs one of those in his life."

Yuu snatched his book back, "Shut up, idiots like you guys wouldn't even know where to begin to understand a book like this." he cracked.

"Huh?! What d'ya say, punk?!" one boy snarled, gripping the collar of Yuu's shirt.

Yuu was rearing back a fist when suddenly a voice called out, "Sensei, they're over here!"

"Ah shit, run!" and the tennis boys scattered, leaving Yuu alone, fist left in the air with no target.

"You can put the weapon down, I didn't actually get anyone." the same voice said, Yuu turned his attention to the other.

A blonde, blue-eyed, beautiful student stood before Yuu and only a fool wouldn't know who it was. Mikaela Shindo, student council president, captain of the fencing team, and third in grades of their year; he's the it-boy, the most popular kid in their grade.

"I know that." Yuu grunted, lowering his fist to clutch onto his book tighter, "...Thanks."

Mikaela grinned, "Don't mention it." then his azure orbs caught sight of something, "Brave New World? Wow, that is a challenging read. You're right, those idiots wouldn't even know where to begin with understanding that."

Yuu's cheeks tinted, "Oh, yeah... You've... You've read it?" he asked.

A nod, "Yeah, for class though, not for pleasure."

"It's not for pleasure..."

One of Mikaela's golden brows skewed, "For class?"

Yuu shook his head, "Practice."

"Practice? Practice for what?" Mikaela queried.

The color of Yuu's cheeks darkened, "For... Kanji..."

"Oh yeah, you transferred here in first year, you used to live in America until recently."

Yuu looked at the other, perplexed, "Huh? How did you..."

Mikaela's dove skin brightened, "W-we had class together during first year, I remember from your introduction."

What? But Yuu would've remembered having a class with the most well-known student of his year.

"Anyway, why that book for practice?"

"If that wasn't a deflection, I don't know what is," Yuu thought, "My dad suggested picking up advanced books to get my kanji up to level, so I just kind of pick at random."

Mikaela frowned, "If you do that, you won't properly learn the kanji. Comprehension is important in learning any language. I know, how about I help you, my kanji is pretty developed and I have tutoring experience."

"Seriously? You sure?"

"Yeah, I read the book, so I know what happens, so I can tell if you're bullshitting, just pay me with a coffee for every session or something."

Yuu snorted, "Alright, you have a deal."


Yuu and Mikaela would meet up twice a week to review content from the book and practice the stroke order for the kanji. These meetups have been going for two months now, and Yuu has taken notice of things.

Firstly, he and Mikaela -who insists on being called Mika- have grown quite close; Mika had given him a nickname, Yuu-chan, as soon as they started meeting up. Their interactions grew beyond their study sessions, they would chat in the halls between classes and even eat lunch together some days.

Perhaps because of these interactions with Mika, Yuu has also noticed he hadn't been messed with recently. No one approaches him to bully him anymore and some people have started greeting him. Not that Yuu cares per-say, it's just a lot easier to deal with.

But most importantly, Yuu's taken notice of just how pretty Mika is. His exotic appearance makes him unique enough to begin with, but it's more than just looks. Mika's personality is just as attractive as he is; reasonably mature, intelligent, courteous, yet also a bit childish and selfish at times. Despite the talk of the school insisting Mika is the embodiment of perfection, he's just a normal teenager.

And through their interactions, Yuu has come to see he and Mika aren't so different. While Mika is known throughout school, he says he really only has about five friends he considers close. And despite all of his activities, Mika prefers to do things alone and enjoys having some isolation now and again.

It's funny to think how differently they're perceived despite being so similar. But Yuu wouldn't make a big deal out of it, he didn't need to be popular, or have everyone know Mika was a loner. So long as he could have the intentionally accidental finger brushes as they flipped pages and the shared glances with warm faces, Yuu felt like that was more than enough to make him feel like the king of the world.

Chapter Text

"Are you sure you want to help me with this?" Yuu asked, a hint of nervousness could be detected in his voice.

"Absolutely, Yuu-chan, it's just taking notes after all." Mika replied, pen clicking in his hand.

Yuu answered as he stretched his legs, "Yeah, but do you actually know anything about gymnastics?"

Mika took a moment to appreciate the sight of Yuu lifting his leg into a perfect needle before replying, "Nope, but there are other things to take notes about."

After Mika discovered his roommate was a gymnast and in their college's gymnastics club, he threw himself into becoming involved in helping the gymnast's progress; much to Yuu's own surprise. The two were currently in Yuu's rented studio, Mika branded with notebook and pen to help prepare Yuu's floor routine for the upcoming competition.

"Things like stamina, creativity, and landings also need to be taken into consideration, and those are all things even a novice like me can point out." Mika followed up.

Huffing a sigh, Yuu said, "I guess that's true, I do have a bad habit of pushing myself too hard, and having you here will put me and my coach at ease."

"See, now let's get to work."

Yuu began tossing around ideas of how to start his routine, flipping and maneuvering over the padded mat beneath him as Mika wrote the techniques Yuu seemed to like and other fine details. This continued for over an hour before Yuu proudly announced they created half of his program.

"I think that's good for today." Yuu said, taking a long swig from his water bottle.

"Huh, really? I thought you'd want to go for longer." Mika questioned, packing his stuff away.

"Yeah, but having half a routine already is pretty quick for me, we can finish it up tomorrow."

Mika handed his roommate a towel to dry his sweat before continuing, "How long does it normally take for you then?"

"Hmm, like, three hours for a solid intro, typically. Having you here helped me focus and you pointed out stuff I never would've noticed. You were a big help, thanks, Mika!" Yuu grinned.

Dove cheeks were highlighted with a soft peppering of pink, "No problem, Yuu-chan, do you want me to help again tomorrow?"

Emerald orbs sparkled in excitement as Yuu's grin grew, "Could you?!"

Mika chuckled, "Sure, if you'll get dinner with me tonight."

"Sounds like a plan, let's go!" Yuu cheered, throwing an arm around Mika's shoulders, beginning to tell him of a curry restaurant on Sanguinem Boulevard he's been meaning to try, all the while Mika silently relished in getting a stealth date.

Chapter Text



“Shinoa, you’re fucking dead!” the shrill cry could be heard throughout the manor.

Feminine cackling was the immediate response as the pattering of feet followed, more frantic ones following in suit.

“What did the she-devil do this time?” Kimizuki questioned.

Yoichi chuckled, “Probably another one of her pranks.”

“That can’t be good.” Mika stated, his scarlet orbs looking down the hallway the noises were coming from.

Shinoa emerged from the corridor, giggling p a storm, throwing herself behind Mitsuba as if the blonde girl were a shield to protect her from the chaos that was about to come about.

Yuu stamped into the room, his peach complexion flushed as his hands were pressed to the top of his head, “Mitsuba won’t be able to save you, Shitnoa!”

The girl simply grinned at the boy, “And how pray tell will you be able to accomplish anything with your hands occupied like that?”

Yuu’s face brightened further as the others took note of the position of his hands, “Yeah, Yuu, why are your hands like that?” Kimizuki questioned.

“N-no reason…” Yuu’s voice trailed off, hands pressing further into his hair.

Mika rapidly approached his childhood friend, taking the smaller’s shoulders into his hands, “Yuu-chan, what’s wrong? Did she hurt your head?” his crimson eyes seared into Yuu’s, analyzing for any detail he could gather.

Mitsuba looked to Shinoa with a look of dread, “What did you do to him?” she asked.

“Nothing I was honestly expecting, but it’s much better than I could’ve imagined.” the other girl replied.

“So you did know this would happen!” Yuu exclaimed.

“Not necessarily, you saw the bottle, it wasn’t labeled.”

“Bottle?” Yoichi inquired.

“Oh god, you guys didn’t experiment with those potions again, did you?” Kimizuki asked incredulously.

“Potions?! What did you make him drink!” Mika released Yuu and turned his attention to the petite former Sergeant, glaring daggers as he awaited a response.

Shinoa cast her gaze to a wall, “Well, you know how he is, always looking for more ways to get power… We both thought maybe check the potions, it’s just that uh… They don’t seem fond of labels?”

“That sounds about right for Yuu, but the military not having labels? That’s a bit… Odd.” Kimizuki remarked.

“I do seem to remember Kureto-san asking Ferid and Crowley to attach the new labels the other day, maybe they forgot?” Yoichi recalled.

“What did we forget?” a voice called and the group of teens all turned to see the aforementioned vampires.

“Weren’t you two supposed to attach the new labels for the new potions?” Mitsuba asked.

Crowley scratched the back of his head, “We were actually supposed to do that? I thought it was weird the military man asked us to do something for him.”

“Did our precious Yuu-chan perhaps do something stupid again?” Ferid teased, observing Yuu’s quite unorthodox situation.

“Hey!” Yuu cried.

“Oh just show them already, Yuu-san, maybe if you show them, we can find the right potion to reverse it.” Shinoa said.

Emerald orbs scanned the area, faces of concern, curiosity, and delight met his gaze as they all waited anticipatingly to see his status. Gulping, Yuu slowly lightened the pressure of his hands and pulled them away from his ebony locks. Once his hands returned to his sides, he felt a light swoosh as something on his head erected itself for all to see.

Atop of the young boy’s head was a pair of onyx, fluffy cat ears, they flickered about to adjust to being free once more, as if they moved independently from Yuu’s control.

Laughter filled the room and Yuu’s cheeks enflamed red, “Fucking knew it…” he whispered.

“Oh my god, what the hell is that on your head, this is too good!” Kimizuki laughed, hand clutching his gut.

“They fit you quite well, Yuu-kun.” Yoichi said, chuckling between his words.

“Aaawww, they’re so cute, Yuu!” Mitsuba giggled.

“See, told you it was better than I imagined.” Shinoa added.

Mika’s ruby orbs were glued onto the extra appendages that stuck out of Yuu’s hair, they looked so soft and he had to agree with Yoichi, they fit Yuu very well.

Before Yuu could say anything, he felt a light tug to one of his ears, delicate and trained fingers massaged into the soft fur of the ear. A soft mewl escaped his lips as his head unconsciously nuzzled into the sensation, wanting even more.

“So cute…” Mika mumbled as he continued to massage the fluffy appendage.

“Aaww, how adorable, he even purrs like a little kitten.” Ferid’s sing-song tenor chimed and it grounded Yuu back into reality.

“The fuck you just say!” he snapped, yanking his ear from Mika’s hand, tensing a bit from the dull ache that pulsed through his head.

“Humans sure have weird tastes to make a potion that’s only purpose is to make extra ears.” Crowley commented, hand cupping his chin yet smirking at the sight of Yuu, he truly did resemble a kitten.

Mika cleared his throat and put a hand back on Yuu’s shoulder, “Let’s just go ask Guren about it, I’m sure he can help.” and he began dragging his friend away.

As the two walked down the hallway, Mika couldn’t tear his eyes away from Yuu’s new ears. He had an overwhelming urge to sink his teeth into one and just bite it.

“Thanks for getting me out of there, Mika, this is so embarrassing.” Yuu said.

“Oh uh, no problem, Yuu-chan…” Mika replied, evidently startled.

Yuu cast a quick glance to his friend before he spoke once more, “Hey um… Mika, could you do me a favor real fast?”

“Hm, sure, Yuu-chan.”

“C-could you… Do that to my ear again?”

“Please!” Mika exclaimed.

Yuu was taken aback for a moment, but took a delicate step closer to Mika, tilting his head towards his friend, ear flapping in excitement.

Mika’s fingers inched towards it, softly taking hold and scratched a nail into the fuzzy skin, “Mmmm…” Yuu hummed melodically, a wave of ease pulsating down his spine.

As Mika continued to scratch, he felt a faint thwack against his side every few moments, finally having enough, he cast his eyes downwards, which widened once his brain registered what he saw.

Peeking out of Yuu’s military jacket was a long, thin, nimble black tail that whisked back and forth in evident pleasure from the sensation at his ears.

“Uh… Yuu-chan, do you know… You have a tail?”

“Huh?” Yuu garbled, still in a haze of pleasure, yet Mika could see the gears slowly begin to turn in his friend’s head as he registered what had been said to him. Yuu leaned his head back over his shoulder and caught sight of the newfound appendage.