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The Past Makes Us

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In the night when she comes crawling
Dollar bills and tears keep falling down her face

It was absolute torture trying to sleep that night. He tossed and turned in bed, willing away thoughts if not his apparent arousal, moaning in frustration as his back rubbed against the sheets. Reminding him, warming him, sending small aftershocks straight to his groin. Turning to lay on his stomach was no better because all his body wanted was to rut against the sheets. He balled his fists into the pillow. He refused to masturbate. It wouldn't end there. Tomorrow, he would be even hornier. It was best to just let it all become dormant.

Tonight may not have been the best night to give into going to see Hange but when he thought about why he had a jolt of desire so strong raced down his body sending heels digging into the bed, back arching and his heart doing more than its fair share of pulsating. Fuck! Why was that one shitty brat affecting him so much? He hissed through his teeth as his hips rolled involuntarily, mind going straight to the fight they had earlier. How he had been between long tan legs more than once today and how he- No!

Levi did cut himself a little slack because he really had very little practice at stopping desire, directed at himself or otherwise, usually just avoided these predicaments but this was getting out of hand. Eren was trying to take things slow as he probably should but what the hell was that stupid kid thinking giving him a confession like that? Utterly ridiculous. And why was Levi respecting it. He should get up, smack Eren awake and make him take responsibility for this stupid resolute hard-on but, no, he only turned on his side and closed his steely heated eyes against the darkness of the room willing himself to not think about gorgeous naively determined brats.

Levi was absolute hell on wheels the next day. While not literally throwing gasoline on anyone and anything, he was lighting everyone up. Eventually leading to the grouch to hole up in his room. By noon, Eren hadn't seen the man but had heard several complaints and one compliment by Ymir about the "encounters of the Levi kind". Once Hange interrupted Armin and his lunch sporting huge puppy dog eyes and a knot on her forehead he knew he would have to go and face wrath for the good of the house.

It couldn't be about the conversation that was never quite finished yesterday since he never received an answer. If it was there was no need to be an asshole to everyone else in the house, Levi could have just come to him. He had hoped for a yes but was increasingly worried that it was a no. Wait...he shouldn't be worried if it was a no. A no meant that as least Levi had enough will to say no. Eren pushed back his bangs, silently admitting to himself that he really didn't want to hear that as he made his way up the stairs and to Levi's door at the far end of that corridor.

A realization hit him like a ton of bricks to the back of the head, his eyes going wide. Was Levi actually saying ‘no’. Not to him but to everyone? Eren thought back over the week and then shifted his mind to the financials. The bruises that day, getting thrown in jail, the cleaning spree, that...situation in the office, fighting, increasingly irritated and lastly no income from Mikasa for at least the last week and a half. His eyes ignited with purpose as he knocked on the door.

The door swung inwards, protesting against the sheer force. "Shit for brains! I already told you I-Oh. It's you." The raven flatly glared at the taller man, who should not be allowed to look so appealing in a t-shirt and jeans especially after all he endured last night. "Piss off."

Eren took the glare with surprisingly nonchalance. "Are you going to invite me in?"

There was a tilt of his head as the awareness of Eren grew that glare intensified. "Didn't you hear what I said Yeager? Piss. Off."

She'll never walk away

The burnet wedged himself between the swiftly closing door and the jam, intentionally getting into Levi's space. He could feel the frustration and slight nervousness roll off his beautiful companion. Heat that was made of both anger and longing laced his words, "Why didn't you tell me you were having withdrawals?"

The impact of the question knocked the volatile man back just enough for Eren to slide into the room and close the door.

As he leaned against the door, he closed his eyes to the sight of the open balcony curtains shedding daylight onto the neatly made queen sized bed. “I thought we would have more time.”

(I don't think you understand)

“The fuck are you going on about?” Levi crossed his arms to keep his hands to himself. As much as he wanted to push Eren out of the room, touching him right now was out of the question. He was barely keeping his breathing together and he knew he was becoming flushed. This time he was resisting the languid feeling that was spinning out from him. He wanted so badly to seduce the little spitfire and he reached for the best emotion he knew to detain it.

“You know what don’t care, get your ass outta MY room already! Nothing but a god damn nuisance since you got he-The fuck are you doing Yeager!” Eren had reached out a hand probably to cup his cheek or some other stupid romantic gesture but Levi evaded and moved deeper into the bedroom. He really couldn’t take that right now.

“I thought we had more time to get to know each other better but I’m not going to let you be in pain if I can help it.”

Levi heard a rustle of fabric and closed his eyes hearing the shirt drop to the floor. He didn’t turn around because the next to last thing he needed to see was a shirtless Eren. The boy just didn’t know when to leave well enough alone! How was he the one being seduced now?

“Fucking brat. You making a mess in my room.” That came out a lot less reprimanding and more breathless than intended, deeper than intended.

The pop of a button and the tell-tale sound of the zipper, had him shifting his weight as his hard-on became a solid reminder of last night’s thoughts.

“Honestly, I was hoping I wouldn’t be the only one making a mess.”

Levi jumped and just barely bit back a moan as a hand slid under his shirt brushed his side and slid into the front of his boxers. As he grasped that hand going into his pants, another hand scrapped nails against his scalp moving hair away from his eyes, tipping his head back to rest against Eren’s shoulder. Soft hot lips kissed against his neck right below his ear.

“You keep making moves like these and I’m going to start thinking you lied.”

It took a second but Eren caught on, sounding amused. “I’m a virgin in body not in mind Levi. And my mind has been very naughty with you.” At that Levi finally let his hand go. “Let’s get these clothes off, yeah?”

(I don't think you understand)

Armin picked up the phone Eren had left on the table and he also grabbed some of the fruit left on the plate opposite himself.


Hel-Oh Armin?

Armin swallowed the grape. “Hi Mom! Everything still going as planned?”

Small hesitation that Armin caught. He and Carla had always had a way of speaking non-verbal cues. “Well I can’t say as of yet. How about you guys? Where is Eren?

A slight hum and a chuckle. “He is confronting his worst nightmare. I think we are doing okay. Farlan and Isabel left yesterday morning hand in hand off into the relative sunset. Might be why Levi is in such a mood today.” He wiped his hand on a napkin. “I did have a question though. Why did you tell Eren not to sleep with anyone here?”

(I don't think you understand)

He could see Carla waving it off with high amusement. “You know Eren just as I do. You give him a wall and whether intentional or not he is going to break through it head first.

The blond sighed. “You think this is a good idea? I didn’t know you’d actually agree with Hange.”

To be fair, I didn’t agree with Hange because she only knows Levi and not Eren. Now let me ask you, Stratego, what do you think would have happened had I not said that?

The entire reason they had to bring in Eren was because Levi couldn’t stop his outside activities. It had been almost a year of waiting. Prostitution wasn’t what the Manor was about and Carla couldn’t have the leader of a house engaging in it. It was too dangerous to the house and she definitely did not want new comers thinking that behavior was expected. Armin could have taken over but this wasn’t what he wanted to do besides Armin’s talents couldn’t be wasted on one house.

(I don't think)

“Do you think Levi is still upset with himself?”

Pride shined in Carla’s voice. “I do.

Her son and Levi could be a great team but they had to be on an even playing field. Hange might be crazy but she was no dummy in knowing who would have the upper hand if Levi succeeded in seducing her son. Carla couldn’t fault Hange for wanting to protect Levi and give him the advantage but Carla knew Eren would not use the raven in such a way that would warrant Levi needing such a benefit.

(I don't think)

“Then I think they would have already slept together. I would bet that they would have hardly ever talked and they would not understand each other at all. There would be some resentment on Levi’s side in how easy it was and Levi would have no problem manipulating Eren until Eren’s stubborn streak would pop up at the wrong time and that might remind Levi too much of his past…”

Armin could see it so clearly. They could have torn this place apart. She had changed the flow of events with one sentence.

(I don't think)

“Mom you are a scary woman. Do you think that they will figure out you’re a mastermind?”

Takes one to know one, Dear. Hange won’t since she will believe that she won. Levi will but right now he is too close to the events to take a step back. Eren might but he won’t care. The past makes us but once memories become greater than your visions for the future it will bury you. I have a great vision for those two and I hope they would find the same in each other.

Armin sat up, resting his elbows on his knees. “Why do I hear a “but”.”

It was Carla’s turn to sigh. “Because you pay too much attention. I need you to tell,” Carla’s tone was too casual, “tell Mikasa that Pixis is looking for her.

Armin didn’t know who Pixis was but if someone had a line on Mikasa it had to be because of that night they got arrested. It made the blond very uneasy but he put a smile into his voice. “I’ll be sure to do that.”

(I don't think)

Petra and I will be staying out here a little longer than anticipated. Hold down the fort!

“Okay, Mom, we love you.”

Armin-baby, I love you too. Give Eren a hug and let Levi give him the kiss for me. Bye now.

Armin’s smiled turned genuine. “Bye.”

The empty silence after only increased his wariness. He didn’t have enough information but something was up and sometimes you just had to listen to your gut. He cleaned off the table and thinking that if Eren wasn’t already back that maybe he had talked Levi down and he could give him Carla’s message. He could gauge Levi's reaction and start gathering more intel.

I don't think you understand