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Last Name Basis

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"Sagara, can you pass me that?"

"Sure, Hikawa, just one second."

As Seiji reached over to grab the condiment in question, passing it over towards Iona, Hime could only find herself narrowing her eyes at the two of them. It wasn't that she was angry at Iona's choice of condiment- but rather, the names that the two of them still insisted addressing each other by. She had been putting up with it all this time, but she was beginning to reach her limit.

What kind of couple were still on a last name basis even seven months into dating anyway?

"Hime, is something wrong?"

Seiji's voice snapped the Blue Sky princess out of her thoughts, but didn't exactly do much to get rid of her frustration. She had been putting up with it all this time, but today was the day she would finally say something on this issue!

"Yes, something is wrong." Hime said, folding her arms in front of her chest, before glancing quickly between the two of them. "And that's your names, your names! Or rather, the names you use for each other!"

"Names?" Iona blinked, glancing over towards Seiji, who have her a small shrug. "What's wrong with our names, Hime? Is there something wrong with how we call each other?"

"It's probably just another one of her romance lectures again." Seiji couldn't help but sigh, resisting the urge to make his internal grimace external. He had, of course, been on the receiving end of a good number of those- apparently Hime thought he was being inadequately romantic, or something like that. What was so wrong with showing up to a date wearing a hoodie and sneakers anyways?

"It is!" Hime declared, standing up abruptly, startling the other customers in the restaurant a little. Noticing this, she quickly sat back down, coughing into her hand to cover her embarrassment, before returning to the topic at hand. "Don't you think it's weird? The two of you have been dating for seven months now, and you're both still on a last name basis with each other! Not mention the three of us are already in college, how many years have you known each other now?"

"Probably since we were around six?" Iona paused, giving it some thought. That had been around when Seiji had joined the dojo, hadn't it? "But for most of that, we were only sparring partners. I don't think we really became friends until the whole Phantom Empire business."

"But, it's been about seven years since then!" Hime said, before heaving a deep sigh. "Honestly, I know that you two aren't exactly the storybook romantic couple, that you have your own ideas about relationships and the like- and I understand that, I do. But I think it would be better if the two of you called each other by your first names."

"Your romance lectures would indicate otherwise." Seiji couldn't help but quip, glancing Hime's way. "But well... Hikawa and I have always called each other like this. It isn't exactly something we've ever thought about before."

"Sagara's right." Iona nodded her head. "I suppose a bit of it might be out of force of habit, but... we've not really thought about using each others first names before. At least, I haven't."

"I haven't either." Seiji admitted after a moment of thought, folding his arms in front of his chest. "But, it's not like we don't love each other or anything, just because we use each others last names right? Besides, you're the one who gets annoyed when we call each other by things like 'darling' and 'honey', Hime."

"Pet names are different than first names!" Hime insisted, glancing towards Seiji. "Besides, it's weird that you can so readily use such cheesy pet names without a hint of irony, yet you can't call each other by your first names! Can you even do that in the first place?"

"Are you trying to suggest it's impossible for us to call each other by our given names?" Iona couldn't help but laugh a little. "Don't be silly, Hime, of course we can."

"That's right." Seiji nodded his head.

"Then, do it." Hime said, glancing from Seiji towards Iona. "If you really can, that is."

"Eeh, right here?" Iona blinked, before heaving a sigh. "Fine, if that's what it takes to make you happy, Hime. I'll prove to you that I have no problem using Sagara's first name."

"Then, go on."

Clearing her throat for a moment, Iona closed her eyes, turning towards Seiji. Her cheeks tinted a bright shade of pink as she looked at him, and she paused to straighten out her skirt a little, before clearing her throat again. "T-then, here I go."

"S-" The purple haired girl began, before she found herself swallowing her words back. For some reason she could feel her heart pounding loudly in her chest- but all she was trying to do was use her boyfriend's fist name, right? "S-"


It was a wonder that Hime's head didn't simply slam into the counter. "See?!" She said, pointing towards Iona, her eyes narrowing. "You really can't use his first name! And what about you, Seiji? Don't think you're off the hook from this either! Use it now, Iona's name!"

"Ehhh." Seiji couldn't help but fuss a little, before glancing over towards Iona. Her cheeks were still a faint shade of pink, and he couldn't help but feel his own heart pound in his chest just from looking at her- why was she so cute, no matter? "Then, I'll do it!"

"I-" He began, feeling his heartbeat intensify. "I-"


This time, Hime's head really did impact with the counter, causing her silverware to clatter. It was all the Blue Sky Princess could do to let out a loud groan, not yet ready to raise her head, knowing that she'd just have to face the college couple's bright red faces once she did.

Sure, she was happy that the two of them had started dating, and she was just as happy over how in love they were with each other but for a pair that it was hard to stop from being gushy over each other, the two of them didn't really seem to have a romantic bone in their bodies!