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My Future Nerdy Valentine

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I want to find someone who talks about me like they are Cecil Palmer and I'm Carlos the scientist.

I want to be giggly and giddy like Sparks Nevada is over Ginny West.

The problem is my tongue gets tied like Martin Crieff talking to... well anyone.

But I just know that you'll be brilliant like the Sahara Desert, Niagara Falls, the Northern Lights and polar bears!

I will love you more than Arthur Shappey loves Christmas.

I want us to be like Romeo and Jomio, Julio, Juliet!

Well, perhaps without the tragic death like that of yet another intern.

To the family and loved ones of intern - wait, wasn't I just about to state how all I really want to do is find and love and talk about you?

Say it over and over like
"I'm...from earth"
I... love you.

A sigh. "Carlos the scientist"
I can't wait till it's your name on my lips.

I'm waiting for you like a bus in the rain and the day when my life will never be the same.

"And I fell in love instantly."