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of awkwardness and first encounters

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Min Yoongi can't help the small quirk of his lips that appears when he sees the tall figure ahead of him stumble, hand quickly moving to muffle a soft laugh, hoping that it sounded like a cough. He wasn't kind you see, far from it. But for some reason he didn't want to embarrass the figure any further, knowing full well what it's like to trip in public.

"Ahem- sir-sir- are you listening?", a petit women asks the man ahead of him, and yoongi blinks as he focuses, having been lost in his own thoughts, past experiences running through his head.

The other man steadies himself and grows silent for a moment before he snaps back to reality as well, blinking rapidly, cheeks flushed in an incredibly adorable way, at least to Yoongi.

Cute. Yoongi thinks as he tries to see more of the other, shifting his weight to the side to get more of a view, almost craning his neck to see.

The man coughs awkwardly and relays his information to the woman, soon waiting patiently for her to return with his medicine, order apparently having been called in earlier.

Yoongi licks his dry lips, not feeling the least bit guilty at his ease dropping, deeming it to not be creepy whatsoever.. hopefully. He soon however sees his chance, knowing the woman would be back soon.

"So, strong ibuprofen eh? You must've had surgery or something. I remember having had to have some for myself whenever I got my wisdom teeth taken out years and years ago." Yoongi tries his best to make conversation, but he's damned by his own self when he yawns, pearly whites and gums showing.

"Well I can definitely see they're missing with that yawn you've got there. Nice to meet you, I'm Taehyung by the way. These ladies here take forever huh?... and nah, I haven't had surgery. I tend to have frequent migraines so I decided to give it a try. I heard this shit can mess up your liver if you take too much, but whatever. I just want my headaches to stop man." Taehyung tsks lightly, either unaware or uncaring about the fact that Yoongi's eyebrow had raised high while he was talking, surprised by how easy the conversation was to start.

" Wow.. that must really take a toll on you if you're resorting to prescriptions." Yoongi clicks his tongue, silently hoping he makes sense as he nods his head, striving to push past his own hesitance and awkwardness.

"Yeah.. so listen she's on her way back, I'm going to catch you later. Hopefully actually catch you, because you're definitely a catch." The taller even had the nerve to wink after he drops his cheesy line, turning back around to face the counter, fingers drumming against it before they quickly move to his wallet.

Needless to say, Yoongi's jaw was pretty much on the floor after that one. He couldn't believe this, the cheesy line wasn't even that good.

A couple of head shakes later, he abandons post- otherwise known as his place in line- to follow the boy, yet again deeming his actions to be devoid of creepiness.

"H-hey wait! Taehyung!", he calls, hand reaching out as if to stop the other man. "What do ya say about us hanging out together, or well- " he breaks off, rubbing his neck sheepishly.

Before he can get too awkward, the other surprises him with a warm grin, arm lazily drawing him close as if they are old pals, faint traces of cologne filling the air as he steers Yoongi around.

"Ya betcha, there's no way I'm letting you get away. You're too pretty to." Yoongi visibly gags at that one, and it goes without saying that was a start to a long and beautiful relationship- cheesy lines and gagging aside.