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Sinful Sinister Sweet

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“What-What are you two doing?” Brain’s voice shook a bit when he felt Heart pressing himself against his back and watched Medic get down onto her knees in front of him.

“Celebrating.” Heart smiled and reached around Brain to undo the buttons of the dark green jacket. “Celebrating a joyous event. The return of a dear friend. His rebirth in our midst.” The jacket dropped down onto the floor and was soon joined by the shirt underneath along with Heart’s own heavy, long coat.

Medic’s hands were on Brain’s belt, unfastened it with nimble fingers before unbuttoning his slacks and pulling down the zipper.

The way she licked her lips gave Brain an idea of just what her goal was.

So did that mean Heart was-


Brain let out a shuddery breath when he felt something hot and hard rub against his ass through the fabric of Heart’s pants, the only thing separating the other’s rather obvious erection from Brain’s body now.

Maybe it was because his body had just been restored by Medic but Brain seemed to be overly sensitive to every touch, every caress.

“We’re happy you’re alive and with us again, Brain.” Heart murmured softly and kissed the nape of Brain’s neck gently. “So very happy. It’s hard to put this happiness into words, so let us show you instead.”

A hot mouth engulfed Brain’s cock and he looked down, stared even, at Medic’s head moving back and forth from his crotch.

He couldn’t tear his eyes away, fascinated by what he was seeing.

It wasn’t until he felt Heart inside of him that he turned to look over his shoulder, to look at his friend, his ‘king’. And he smiled when he saw Heart smile as well. “Your happiness is my happiness. And your pleasure certainly is mine as well.”

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“Gou, this is not a good idea. You are intoxicated and unable to think.” Chase stared at the other blankly when Gou backed him up against the wall.

The other male made a face and slammed his hands against the wall, trapping Chase between them. “Don’t tell me what to do. You know very well that I won’t listen to someone like you.” There was a slight slur in Gou’s voice and his pupils weren’t completely focused anymore, his eyes glassy and his face was flushed with warmth from the alcohol.

Chase kept trying. “You will regret this later.”

“I’m human.” Gou snarled. “We forget stuff. Especially the morning after we got drunk off our asses. Get that into your head...system...whatever.”

“What if I remind you of it?” Chase challenged.

“You won’t. Because you’re too nice to do something like that.” Gou deadpanned and then leaned in closer. “Especially if I ask you not to.” His lips were only inches apart from Chase’s now. “You care about me too much to do something like that. You won’t hurt me like that.”

“Would it hurt you if I did it?” Chase asked, a mild note of confusion in his voice.

“Maybe.” Gou replied. “But I probably wouldn’t show it. I’d tell you that you’re a moron and ignore it. Like I always do.” He let his eyes fall shut.

“Let me love you now, Chase. Let me love you and then forget about it again.” He kissed the other rider briefly. The contact was brief and gentle. “Because I can only do this while I’m drunk. Drunk enough to be honest to myself.”

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Souji walked past the school gates and was about to turn towards the street towards the station when he saw someone waiting by the school sign. The girl was wearing a dark green and black plaid skirt and wore the black blazer of a nearby private school. Chin length, straight black hair framed her heart-shaped face. She was slender and a bit on the tall side for a girl with a pale complexion.

A couple of guys had gathered around her but didn’t seem to be approaching her directly.

When she caught Souji’s gaze, she smiled and waved. “Oh my, there you are!”

Souji had to keep his jaw from dropping. It couldn’t be. The voice was different but everything else certainly wasn’t. Well, except for the clothes and the hairstyle.

“Ia- Ah, what are you doing here?? What the hell is this all about?” He stalked over and hissed at the other. “And what are you even wearing?”

The low chuckle was definitely Ian’s voice again. “Had some help from one of my girlfriends. You said you didn’t want -me- to hang around here like a creeper to pick you up from school, right? So I had to think of something that looked more natural.” Ian wrapped his arms around Souji and smiled sweetly. “What’s wrong about picking up my boyfriend, hm?”

“Oi Rippukan! Who’s your girlfriend?” One of Souji’s senpai from the kendo club called over.

Another one appeared next to him and elbowed him in the side. “Way to go! She’s pretty. Won’t you introduce us?”

“This is I-Ina. Kuroda Ina.” Souji coughed when he saw Ian raise an eyebrow in amusement. The other was clearly giving him a look that said ‘you’ll have to explain this to me later’. Souji wanted to throw those words right back at the other.

“Nice to meet you.” Ian chirped in a rather convincing girl’s voice. “Thank you for always taking care of Souji at the kendo club.”

Quite a crowd had formed around them by now.

“Say, Kuroda-chan, how’d a guy like Souji manage to get a girl like you?”

“Ah, I guess I made the first move?” Ian tilted his head over and smiled cutely. Then he made a pistol with his hand and winked. “I shot him straight through the heart.”

“As expected. Rippukan here needs a girl who takes some action. Way to go, Kuroda-chan.”

“Senpai, as much as I’d like to stay and talk, we have somewhere to be.” Souji interrupted them and grabbed Ian’s hand. “So if you’d excuse us.”

There were catcalls and wolf-whistles of course when he pulled the other along with him. Souji didn’t let go of Ian’s hand until they arrived at the - luckily still empty - Spirit Base. He took a deep breath once they were inside.

“So, Kuroda, huh? And here I thought you’d be more creative, Boy.” Ian poked the younger male and laughed softly. “Maybe I should start calling you Midori-kun instead.”

“Ian, what the hell were you thinking??” Souji then burst out, ignoring Ian’s teasing. “I knew you were a pervert but I never imagined you’d pull of a stunt like this!”

Ian laughed and wrapped his arms around Souji. “Don’t tell me you didn’t like it because you totally enjoy this. And well, this served two purposes. I’m sure you remember that you told me not to wait in front of your school like a creeper. So I did my best to blend in and not arouse suspicion. I think I managed that pretty well.”

Then he hooked his fingers into Souji’s belt loops and pulled him closer. “The second one is, you get to undress me now. I’m giving you the opportunity to experience a normal schoolboy romance here, Boy.”

“How on earth is this normal?” Souji groaned.

“As normal as a world gets in which dancing dinosaurs protect humanity,” Ian replied.

“I’m sorry I asked.”

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It must have been the adrenaline coursing through their bodies, Marvelous thinks afterwards. They had narrowly avoided another skirmish with the Zangyak and managed to get their hands on a pair of great Ranger Keys.

While AkaRed had withdrawn into the captain’s quarters to plan their next step, his two charges had gone to celebrate in Basco’s room. After a round of shots - something strong and sweet that had pleasantly burned his way down Marvelous’ throat - they had ripped off each other’s clothes and tumbled onto the bed.

The ensuing struggle was part of the foreplay, part of a ritual, a routine. Gaining the upper hand was not easy and it often took a while until one of them surrendered. Basco liked his partners feisty and Marvelous wasn’t one to back down from a challenge. He also wasn’t someone to take things lying down. He did things in the flashiest way possible.

Marvelous came out victorious this time around, using Basco’s own red headband to tie the other’s wrists together behind his back.

He knew that wouldn’t restrain the other for long but it would be long enough. Long enough to get Basco where he wanted him. Long enough for him to sit back and enjoy.

“You know what I want, Basco.”

“I do, I do.”

Leaning back against the headboard and propping himself up with the pillows, Marvelous watched, leered up at Basco as the other straddled him and then lowered himself down onto Marvelous’ waiting cock.

“Enjoy the ride, Marve-chan.”

“You bet I will.”

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Four minutes.

Houji’s eyebrow twitched slightly.

Nine minutes.

His grip on the tablet computer tightened to the point he feared he’d break it, so he let go of it and put his hands onto the table. Houji’s nails scraped across the surface slightly.

Thirteen minutes.

A shuddery breath left his lips. He was careful not to make too loud a noise. There were people coming and going from the computer room, passing by in front of him.

Well, not like their judging looks would change if he did make a sound. Everyone already wrote him off as a lost cause anyway. Even Umeko. Well, it was better this way.

Fifteen minutes.

“How long are you planning on keeping up this nonsense?” Houji’s voice was breathy and unstable. He was trying hard to bite back sounds that threatened to spill from his lips.

Eighteen minutes.

Reaching down between his legs, he grunted, “Let me warn you. It’s judgement time now.”

Closing his eyes, Houji let out a long, shuddering breath and put his arm over his mouth. He bit into the sleeve to muffle to groan as his body reached its limit.

Ban re-emerged from under the table, licking his lips and grinning widely. “That wasn’t so bad, was it, partner? Been a while since we did that, too.”

“Don’t call me that.” Houji tried to catch his breath again. “And last time I checked this was something you kept to private quarters and beds and not the public computer room of the Earth Headquarters of the SPD.” He shot Ban a dirty look. “What’s Tetsu going to say when he hears about you sucking off the infamous slacker of the Earth Division, huh?”

“Nothing because he won’t find out.” Ban planted his hands onto the armrests of Houji’s chair and leaned in closer to Houji. “So, will you listen to my plan now?”

Houji sighed and leaned back. “A promise is a promise. So shoot.”

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It had all started harmlessly enough. To celebrate their latest victory against the Deboss Legion as well as for a sort of ‘housewarming party’, Utsusemimaru had brought some fine sake and traditional Japanese snacks to the Spirit Base. With Torin having moved on to being a Spirit, Utsusemimaru was the only permanent resident of it now.

Amy had excused herself quickly - despite the holidays, she had to watch her studies or risk another ‘Gentle Day’ and she also had her part-time job at the Tiger Boy still. Nobuharu had stuck around a bit longer but had also excused himself early to go back to his family.

This left Utsusemimaru, Daigo, Ian and Souji.

The latter had been nursing his usual melon cream soda while the older three - plus Nobuharu - had finished the first small bottle of sake.

“Souji-dono, you should drink with us as well.” Utsusemimaru smiled. “As a warrior, it is your right to properly celebrate a victory.”

“I can’t, Ucchi. I’m not old enough to drink yet.” Souji shook his head. “It’s okay.”

“Don’t be such a goody two shoes, Boy.” Ian grinned. “And by Ucchi’s standards, you’re more than qualified to drink.” He looked at the samurai. “Isn’t he?”

Utsusemimaru nodded. “That is right, Ian-dono.”

“What do you mean?” Souji looked at the male to his left.

Ian looked back at Souji. “Genpuku. It’s the old coming of age ceremony. Never heard of it from your dad or maybe grandfather?” When Souji shook his head, Ian continued, “The genpuku ceremony marked the passing from childhood to adulthood. For a samurai that was the day he received his sword and armor and was expected to take part in battles.”

Daigo caught on and grinned brightly. “Yeah, you definitely qualify. The day you became KyoryuGreen was when you became an adult. And if that’s not enough, Torin gave you his sword, didn’t he? He acknowledged you as an adult, definitely!”

“You even graduated from your ‘child-name’ to an adult one.” Ian snickered.

“I don’t think going from calling me Green Boy to Boy really counts.” Souji shot Ian a dirty look at the memory.

Utsusemimaru smiled. “I insist, Souji-dono. Let me drink with you as a brother in arms. Please do me the honour.” He filled another sake cup for Souji and handed it to him.

“I-” Souji still didn’t look very sure but then Ian leaned over and whispered something into his ear. His cheeks went red and he shoved a laughing Ian away from him again before he lifted the cup. “Well then. It’ll be my honor to drink with you.” He addressed Utsusemimaru.

The samurai’s face lit up with an even brighter smile and Utsusemimaru lifted his own cup as he inclined his head towards Souji. “It is an honor, Souji-dono.”

Souji brought the cup to his lips.

“Drink slowly, Boy.” Ian advised, grinning.

“That’s brave, Souji.” Daigo gave their youngest a thumbs up.

So that had been the first cup of sake.

A few cups later - Souji seemed to have inherited a good tolerance for sake from his ancestors - things started to get a little heated up.

“So, in exchange for partaking in one of your customs,” Souji looked at Utsusemimaru, “How about you also take part in a modern one? I’ll teach you.”

Daigo and Ian looked at each other, Ian raising an eyebrow and Daigo shrugging with a bright grin on his face as if saying ‘let’s go for it’.

“Of course! What kind of custom is it, Souji-dono?” Utsusemimaru asked.

“It’s less of a custom and more of a game.” Souji said. “It’s called Truth or Dare. A person is picked at random, for example by spinning a bottle, and then has to choose either revealing a truth or doing a dare. Whoever starts the game or whoever just finished their task will be the one to ask the truth question or decide on a dare.”

Ian chuckled quietly to himself. “So there IS a bit of normal teenager in him after all.”

“This game requires quite a lot of bravery, Ucchi.” Daigo ‘warned’. “I’m all for it!”

“Since you’re new to this, you can start, Ucchi.” Souji placed an empty sake bottle onto the floor - Utsusemimaru had somehow managed to bring in tatami mats and now a whole room in the Spirit base was basically Japanese style.

“Alright. I accept this challenge, Souji-dono.” Utsusemimaru nodded.

Ian grinned. “It’s alright to involve other people by the way. So it doesn’t have to be something one person can do by himself.”

“I see. Thank you for the clarification.” Utsusemimaru then took the bottle and gave it a spin. It landed on Souji.

“How fitting.” Daigo grinned. When Utsusemimaru didn’t say anything, he prompted, “You have to ask ‘truth or dare’, Ucchi. You want to find out what Souji-kun wants to pick, right? Only then can you ask a question or dare him to do something.”

“Ah, of course.” Utsusemimaru nodded. “Truth or dare, Souji-dono?”

Shrugging, Souji replied, “Dare.”

“Brave!” Daigo complimented.

“Let’s see,” Utsusemimaru thought for a moment. “How about you exchange garments with Ian-dono? Just your upper garments are fine.”

“Clothes, Ucchi. Wouldn’t really call these garments.” Daigo laughed.

“Aw, so harmless.” Ian chuckled and looked at Souji. “Well then, Boy?”

“Alright.” Souji got up and took off his uniform blazer before he started to undo his necktie and unbutton his shirt.

The dare had been quite harmless but Daigo found himself watching with interest as the other two stripped. And so did Utsusemimaru. After all their teammates were rather nice to look at to say the least. There was plenty to admire.

Utsusemimaru chuckled when he saw Ian in parts of Souji’s uniform. It brought back memories - and really Ian’s normal hair looked a lot nicer with the uniform.

As for Souji.

“That actually looks good on you.” Daigo crossed his arms. “Or is it just because we haven’t seen you in clothes that weren’t your uniform that often?”

“Thanks.” Souji sat down again. Then he blinked. “Ah, do we need to change back?”

“Nah, keep it on for now, Boy. I know you like wearing it.” Ian smirked.

Souji coughed and then spun the bottle. “King. Truth or dare?”

“I keep no secrets from my friends. I’ll go with truth!” Daigo grinned widely and crossed his arms in front of his chest in a challenging gesture. “Give me your best shot, Souji!”

“Would you say that you prefer being dominant in bed or are you more of the type who likes if someone else takes control?” Souji asked casually.

Utsusemimaru blinked. “Souji-dono! Something so personal-”

“It’s okay, Ucchi. That’s part of the game.” Ian reassured. “Also, what happens and is said here, stays here. We won’t tell anyone if you don’t want us to. I guess that’s an underlying agreement when you play this game. Unless you’re an ass of course.”

“I see. So it’s a code of honour. How very intriguing!” Utsusemimaru nodded. “I guess I still have much to learn.”

Daigo patted Utsusemimaru on the back with a grin before he turned back to look at Souji and hummed before he replied, “Little bit of both?” Daigo shrugged. “Don’t mind it if someone wants to take control but if they want me to do stuff, I won’t say no either.”

“Okay.” Souji seemed satisfied with that answer. It was a very Daigo answer.

“My turn then.” Daigo spun the bottle. “Oh, Ucchi! Truth or dare?”

“Let me go with truth for now.” Utsusemimaru decided. “For I shall also not keep secrets from my friends.”

Chuckling, Daigo asked, “Have you ever fantasized about one or more members on our team? And by that I mean in a sexual way.”

Utsusemimaru looked flustered but then nodded. “Yes.”

“Oh my.” Ian wiggled his eyebrows. His eyes flickered over to his left briefly.

“My turn.” Utsusemimaru said quickly and spun the bottle. “Ah, Ian-dono. Truth or dare?”

Ian hummed. “Since it’s you, Ucchi, let’s go with dare.”

“How about a kiss,” Souji suggested in between sips of sake. “This game usually has a lot of kissing in it. Don’t go easy on him, Ucchi. He’s challenging you.”

“I will accept your challenge, Ian-dono. A kiss it shall be then.” Utsusemimaru decided and looked at Ian. “With the person on the non-sword-hand side.”

It took Ian a moment to figure that one out and when he did, he looked into Daigo’s grinning face. “Oh my, someone’s eager. But I don’t mind.” He grinned back and then leaned over to share a slow and playful kiss with the leader of the group. It was rather obvious that the two of them were putting on a show for Utsusemimaru and Souji.

“King-dono, Ian-dono,” Utsusemimaru was at a loss for words. Souji had dropped his empty sake cup and it landed on the tatami with a soft thud.

Unfazed by Utsuemimaru’s astonished gasp, Daigo and Ian continue to kiss. At one point, Daigo’s hands were coming up from where they had been resting on the floor, to Ian’s hips, looking for the hem of the uniform shirt the other was still wearing.

Until a wooden sword blocked his way. “I think he said kiss, not grope.”

Souji was giving his leader a slightly sour look and withdrew his bokuto again slowly.

“Indeed I did.” Utsusemimaru nodded vigorously to emphasize the point.

Ian grinned and pulled away from Daigo. “You heard them, King. I guess that’s as far as you go.” Then he added in a playful tone, “For now.”

When they were done, Ian put ‘his’ clothes in order again before he reached out for the bottle and gave it a spin with a flick of his wrist. “Boy, truth or dare?”

“Dare,” came the prompt reply. The amused grin on Ian’s face made Souji look away, flustered and blushing. Had that been too quick and obvious? Probably. He blamed it on the alcohol in his system.

Ian chuckled lowly. “Someone wants a kiss, huh? Well then, person of your choice. And this time, anything goes.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

Souji’s hand snatched the tie around Ian’s neck and he yanked on it to pull Ian closer. The older male lost his balance and ended up straddling Souji’s lap as the teenager crushed their lips together in a fierce kiss. His hands, unlike Daigo’s, disappeared under Ian’s clothes very quickly, pulling the other even closer against him.

“This is quite an interesting custom. Uh, game.” Utsusemimaru blinked when Ian and Souji didn’t seem like they were going to stop making out any time soon. He raised an eyebrow when Souji seemed to unbutton the shirt Ian was wearing in less than five seconds flat. Then again, that was Souji’s own shirt and after wearing it every day the other probably had quite a bit of practice when it came to buttoning and unbuttoning it. “It is certainly showing me quite a few things about all of you which I did not know before.”

“Isn’t it?” Daigo grinned. “Never expected Souji to be the jealous type. Maybe he got a little bit more honest about his feelings with the help of this.” He poured Utsusemimaru some more sake.

Utsusemimaru returned the favour and refilled Daigo’s cup as well. “I am surprised that Ian-dono is going along with all of this. I certainly did not expect him to kiss you so willingly earlier. Neither did I expect him and Souji-dono to…” He waved his hand towards the pair’s general direction. Ian had gotten rid of the leather jacket and Souji’s t-shirt by now.

“I told you before that you don’t really know much about Ian. And no worries, there wasn’t anything to that kiss at all. Well, mostly. Ian isn’t unfaithful and wouldn’t betray- Wait, you didn’t know? Those two are totally into each other.” Daigo blinked. “Have been for a while actually. It wasn’t hard to notice. They’re about as subtle about it as KyoryuPink would be in a horde of Zorima. Although, well, this is the first time I’m actually seeing them at it.”

“No, I did not notice.” Utsusemimaru looked down.

Daigo flailed. He’d killed the mood. He had to fix that again. “Now uhm, they seem to have forgotten about us. How about we continue with just the two of us, Ucchi?”

“Just the two of us, King-dono?” Utsusemimaru tilted his head over slightly.

Tossing the cup back in one go, Daigo slammed it down again and with a nod. “Yeah. It’s your turn then. Truth or dare?”

“Let me go with truth once more.” Utsusemimaru decided but then regretted the choice immediately when he remembered the previous question.

Of course Daigo hadn’t forgotten about it. “So who have you been thinking about in a not so innocent way?” There was an almost predatory smirk on his lips.

“That would, King-dono.” Utsusemimaru swallowed.

“Brave answer.” Daigo grinned. “That deserves a reward.” He not so subtly moved over to sit closer to Utsusemimaru, as close as he could without actually sitting in the other’s lap. “How about you do something you’ve been fantasizing about with me?”

“W-Where do I start.” Utsusemimaru licked his lips.

“Anywhere’s fine.” Daigo chuckled. “But I guess a kiss would be a start?”

“Ah, that is indeed a good idea.” Utsusemimaru smiled and then closed the gap between their lips.

The kiss was nice and slow, both of them enjoying it to the fullest - tasting each other, rubbing their tongues against each other. Daigo noticed that Utsusemimaru wasn’t a shy kisser at all. The other definitely had experience. He was rather considerate though, yielding to Daigo almost immediately every time Daigo pushed Utsusemimaru a little.

A rather loud moan from the other side of the room made them turn their heads and break the kiss again. Utsusemimaru’s eyes widened a little bit at the scene in front of them. Ian and Souji had apparently moved on from ‘just making out’ very quickly.

“What Souji is doing looks pretty good to me.” Daigo looked at the other pair with obvious interest. Neither Ian nor Souji were wearing any clothes anymore at this point and Souji was in Ian’s lap, riding the older male’s cock, bringing his hips down hard at a steady, slow pace. “I bet that feels amazing.”

Ian glanced over to Daigo and Utsusemimaru. “I am certainly not complaining. If Ucchi over there is not enough to handle you, you can come over here and I’ll take care of you, King.”

“Eyes on me, Ian.” Souji’s hand cupped Ian’s face and turned his head back around. “You shouldn’t be paying attention to anything else right now.”

“I’m starting to like this possessive streak of yours, Boy.” Ian’s ego was liking it for sure.

Daigo laughed. “Ah, there goes my chance. Not that I would’ve left you alone, Ucchi.” He smiled at the other. “Where does this leave us then? Have any ideas or requests? You can ask for anything. Don’t be shy.”

“It would most certainly be appropriate to worship your body in a position such as Souji-dono’s.” Utsusemimaru started, “But if I may voice this request, I think I’d like to take things a little slower. That is, if you do not mind, King-dono.”

“I just told you it’s fine!” Daigo made a face. “I would never make you do anything you’re not comfortable with!” He smiled and then tilted his head over. “So let’s stick with uhm, how would someone from your time put it? Ah, let’s just provide each other some shared comfort as fellow battle weary warriors. Or something like that.”

Utsusemimaru’s face lit up with a smile. “That would certainly be possible. And very much appreciated, King-dono.”

After some rearranging, of both their bodies and their clothes, Daigo ended up on top of Utsusemimaru with one of his hands on the samurai’s cock. Utsusemimaru’s strong fingers were wrapped around Daigo’s own. They felt each other up a little first, gauged the respective other’s reactions.

It didn’t come as a surprise to Daigo that Utsusemimaru matched his pace, following his lead once more. He didn’t comment on it though, merely filed the information away for later. For another time.

They stroked each other individually for a while, before Daigo moved his hips lower and wrapped his hand around himself and Utsusemimaru’s erections, rubbing them together. The action drew a surprised but also delighted gasp from Utsusemimaru’s mouth. A sound Daigo definitely wouldn’t mind hearing again.

Maybe it was because they had both been pretty worked up from the earlier shenanigans already but it didn’t take too long for them to come all over each other’s hands.

As they both came down again, Daigo kissed Utsusemimaru, riding out the last of his climax. To his delight, he found Utsusemimaru kissing him back with the same vigour.

When Daigo laid down on his side - his arm had threatened to give out and he hadn’t wanted to just slump down onto Utsusemimaru - he noticed how quiet things had gotten in the Spirit Base. He could hear heavy breathing only in addition to the soft sound of running water from the fountain in the other room.

It took a while until the sound of someone moving on the tatami could be heard.

A moment later, he felt a wet towel hit his face and he pulled it off to look up at Ian’s already clothed form. “Clean up? I don’t think you want to stay like that.” He gave Daigo a small grin and then proceeded to drop another towel onto Utsusemimaru’s face before moving over to clean Souji with the last one still in his hands.

“So thoughtful.” Daigo grinned and proceeded to wipe himself down and put his clothes back in order - or well, not all of them. He’d go to sleep soon, so there was no need to get fully dressed again. When he was done, he noticed that Ian and Souji were getting ready to leave. At least Ian was. Souji didn’t look capable of doing much anymore at this point really.

Ian was carrying a half-conscious Souji on his back. “I’m taking him back to my place for the night. There’s no way he won’t get himself into trouble back at his place like this. Plus, somebody will have to be there to nurse his first hangover.” He smiled at Daigo. “I assume you’re staying here tonight, King?”

“Yup.” Daigo smiled and then patted Ian’s shoulder. “Thank you, Ian. You’re a real friend.”

“Not like I didn’t get anything out of it.” Ian chuckled. “I learned more unexpected but interesting things about our boy here.” Souji smacked him weakly for that.

Laughing, Daigo mock-saluted to both of them. “Well, get back safely. I’ll see you around.”

When they were gone, Utsusemimaru asked, “Why do I feel that there was more to that conversation you had with Ian-dono just now?”

“Ah, did we get caught?” Daigo laughed sheepishly this time. “Well, you see, Ian was helping me out with something. I had a bit of a problem and wasn’t sure how to go on about fixing it. He helped me, so I thanked him. Also because things worked out well.”

“I see. What kind of problem was it, if you don’t mind me asking?” Utsusemimaru pulled out a futon for them for the night.

Smiling, Daigo cupped Utsusemimaru’s cheek and looked at the samurai. “This.” He pressed a gentle kiss on the other’s lips. It was chaste and brief, unlike the ones they had shared before. Full of other emotions, of more guarded and not raw feelings.

Utsusemimaru blinked. Then his face lit up with a smile as well. “I see. I guess I should express my gratefulness to Ian-dono as well.”

“Ah, don’t worry about that. He knows.” Daigo chuckled and then stripped down. “Alright then. Bed? I could use some sleep.”

“As you wish.”

Chapter Text

Souji looked out of the classroom window. It was a nice day outside. Too bad there was no practice today, the sun would have probably felt nice.

“Listen everyone, your regular World History teacher Sonoda-sensei will be absent today so a relief teacher will take over that class. Please treat them kind and with respect.” Their homeroom teacher announced just before the bell. The class acknowledged the announcement and then saw their homeroom teacher off.

The school day passed by in a flash, Souji didn’t really remember anything in particular. Before he knew it, it was time for the last class - World History.

The principal himself came into their classroom just before the period started. “Please take your seats everyone and welcome your relief teacher for World History, Yorkland-sensei.”

Souji almost fell off his chair. “What.”

Ian stepped into the room and smiled at the class. He was wearing clothes that looked like they could almost have jumped out of their World History book. It was an outfit that reminded Souji of what he imagined European aristocrats would be wearing. Dark slacks, a white shirt, a tailored vest (or ‘waistcoat’ as Ian had told him before) and a stylish scarf held by a brooch.

“Rippukan-kun?” Souji snapped out of his reverie.

“Can you answer the question?” Had the other asked him something? Souji wanted to slap himself for zoning out so much during class.

Looking down, Souji shook his head. “No, Yorkland-sensei, I’m sorry.”

“Were you a naughty boy and not paying attention?” Suddenly Ian was right next to his desk and Souji felt the other placing a hand under his chin to tilt his head up with. “Naughty boys like you need to be punished.”

“Ian, what are you- we’re in the middle of class!” Souji jumped up.

“Nobody is watching us, so don’t worry, Boy.” Ian placed a hand on Souji’s shoulder and pushed him down so that he was sitting on top of his desk. And true enough, when Souji looked around the classroom, there was nobody there but them. How? When?

Quick, nimble hands loosened Souji’s necktie and moved it aside to get better access to Souji’s shirt buttons. The blazer and cardigan were dropped onto the ground carelessly as Ian slid them off Souji with almost practiced ease. One of Ian’s hands pushed itself under Souji’s shirt once all the obstacles were gone while the other started to unbutton it slowly.

Souji’s mind was reeling. This wasn’t happening. He wasn’t sitting in the classroom on his table half naked with Ian leaning over him. No he wasn’t. He also wasn’t about to yank on that scarf around Ian’s neck to pull the other closer and kiss him until he was dizzy. Absolutely not. Absolutely- oh fuck it.

A sigh of pure bliss left Souji’s lips when Ian touched him. His slacks hit the ground, followed soon by his underwear. His shirt and tie were the only articles of clothing still on him but they didn’t really hide much at this point.

“What a sight you make right now, Boy.” Ian smirked. “So tempting. Alluring.”

“Don’t talk like that.” Souji tried to protest meekly. “It sounds perverted.” A soft moan left his lips when Ian brushed a finger over his nipples.

“Who is the pervert here, huh?” Ian’s tone was amused - as always. His finger wandered further down. “Tell me what you want, Boy. I want to hear you say it.”

Cheeks burning, Souji pulled his eyes away from the other. Ian was doing this on purpose. He knew the other was. It was entirely embarrassing and maybe also a little shameful but a part of Souji liked this. Liked being teased and played with by the other.

Taking a deep breath and trying to steady his voice, Souji replied, “I want you. I want you to bend me over this table and-”

A finger on his lips stopped him. Ian smiled. “Okay.”

Souji’s tongue flickered out and he licking Ian’s finger teasingly. Just because he liked being teased by the other - sometimes - didn’t mean that he couldn’t fight back or get his revenge. He couldn’t tease or provoke Ian with words very well but those weren’t the only means of teasing or provoking someone. Souji preferred taking action over talking anyway.

“You’re such a naughty boy.” Ian chuckled darkly and pulled Souji up before flipping him over and pushing his upper body down onto the desk. “But you know I don’t hate that.”

Bracing himself, Souji looked over his shoulder at the other. He wanted to retort something but his words got stuck in his throat when Ian slid a finger into him and started to spread him open, prepare him for what was still to come.

Once Ian deemed Souji ready, he positioned himself and pushed into Souji from behind.

Souji gripped the table so hard his knuckles turned white.




“Boy! Boy! Wake up!” Ian shook Souji to try and get a reaction from the other but to no avail. Souji remained out cold. Although the other’s body felt rather hot in his arms.

“What have you done to them, Luckiero?” Ian demanded and glared at their enemies. A few minutes ago the six of them had been fighting the latest DeboMonster (it looked vaguely like a sheep and reminded Ian a bit of the nightmare monster from a while back but instead of pyjamas it was wearing what seemed to be lingery) when Souji and Daigo had collapsed and de-transformed. The two of them had been leading the attack against the monster.

“Ah well, won’t hurt to tell you because you’re going down soon anyway. Your friends are stuck in pleasant and happy dreams. They won’t ever want to wake up again. And you can’t wake them up by normal means either! So once you all get hit, you’ll sleep forever! Like Sleeping Beauty! Not that any of you are particularly beautiful.” Luckiero grinned and hopped around happily. “Candelira-sama helped me out with this one. It was inspired by DeboAkumu. This is DeboMusei*, the one who will destroy all of you stupid Kyoryugers! We’re going to take you out one by one, just you see!”

Ian tried to think. He motioned for Utsusemimaru to grab Daigo. “For now it’s best if we retreat. Amy, Nossan, fall back. I’ll take care of this one.” He pulled a beast battery out of his case and put it into his GabuRevolver.


He hit the DeboMonster with Stymero and made it bother the surrounding Zorima instead, which prompted Luckiero to hit it and call it stupid. While their enemies were distracted, the four remaining Kyoryugers made their way back to the Spirit Base.




“King-dono, your ice-cream is dripping onto your chest. Let me clean that up for you if I may.” Utsusemimaru knelt down in front of Daigo and then leaned in to lick the offending little droplet of melted frozen dairy product off his leader’s bare stomach.

“Woah, woah, Ucchi, that tickles!” Daigo laughed but tried to hold still, less he wanted more of his treat to drip down onto him - or Utsusemimaru for that matter.

It would ruin the moment. And Daigo wouldn’t want to do that right now. Things were awesome. The two of them were at the beach, clad just in their bathing trunks. It was just the right temperature out - not too cold and not too hot - and the sound of the waves rolling ashore was lulling him into a relaxed state.

While uh, Utsusemimaru’s tongue on his skin brought him into a slightly different state. There was no more ice-cream on him, so why was Utsusemimaru still-

“Let me be of service to you, King-dono.”

“Ooh, what did you have in mind?” Daigo grinned and didn’t bother to hide his excitement now. “I have a feeling it will be good.”

“It should be quite good if everything is executed properly. I shall give my best.” The samurai smiled at Daigo. Utsusemimaru then crawled on top of Daigo and leaned down to kiss him. Daigo returned the kiss enthusiastically. Reaching up, he cupped Utsusemimaru’s face with one of his hands. The other one pushed itself into the other’s long hair.

Running his fingers through the soft strands, Daigo pushed the hair tie down until it dropped onto the sand. The moment it did, Utsusemimaru’s hair fanned out, some of it fallen over his shoulders. Daigo felt a few stray strands tickling him.

He took a moment to admire Utsusemimaru like this. Of course Daigo also loved the ponytail on the other - a lot - but there was something about Utsusemimaru’s hair like this that ignited something inside of him. This hairstyle was wild and free somehow, not restrained or guarded. It was also something very private somehow. Something only Daigo was allowed to see and nobody else. He liked that thought.

Daigo’s finger stayed in Utsusemimaru’s hair even as the other wandered lower. When the gold samurai let Daigo’s cock slide past his lips, Daigo’s grip on the dark strands tightened a little bit. “This feels GREAT! You have awesome ideas, Ucchi.”




“Souji is burning up. And I think he might be in pain.” Amy placed a cool cloth onto the other’s head. “And King is grinning like a huge pervert.” She hit him, for good measure. He didn’t really react to it - or well, he did, he started to chuckle softly. Amy moved away.

For a moment Ian thought about pointing out to Amy just what kind of happy dreams their teammates must be having considering he’d figured it out from the name of the monster but he decided against it. Now wasn’t the time for jokes.

Ian crossed his arms and tried to think, piecing together all the information they had on the monster’s abilities. “They’re asleep and cannot be woken up by any normal means. They’re stuck in nice and happy dreams. So nice they don’t want to wake up again.” He looked down at Souji and then at Daigo and back again. “Then we’ll just need to turn those dreams into nightmares which they want to wake up from. It’s the opposite from last time.”

Nobuharu frowned. “And how are we supposed to do that?”

“Sometimes dreams can be influenced by outside forces.” Ian twirled his GabuRevolver around and got up to get something from the charging station. Then he knelt down next to Souji and leaned in to whisper something into the other’s ear.

After a few moments, the expression on Souji’s face turned into a frown.

Ian then moved on to Daigo to do the same. Daigo jerked awake soon after, rubbing his arms with a slightly haunted expression.

“That was incredibly awful and not brave at all. Ugh the mental image!” Daigo shuddered.

“Wow! It worked!” Amy smiled. “Ian, you’re amazing!”

Grinning, Ian crossed his arms. “My theory was correct.”

“Woah, what happened?” Daigo looked around, brain apparently not quite caught up yet.

“You got hit by the monster’s attack, King-dono. But Ian-dono managed to counter the effects. Somehow.” Utsusemimaru looked at Ian with a confused expression. “I do not know how exactly he did that, though. For I recall Luckiero saying that they cannot be woken up by normal means.”

Ian sat down. “Normal means would be an alarm clock, or dousing them with water or trying to do something to their body like hitting them or shaking them. Or calling out to them. Admittedly talking to them wouldn’t have helped but I wasn’t just doing that.” He pulled out his GabuRevolver and ejected a beast battery. “This is the battery Torin had Tessai charge with the power of illusion. It didn’t work on Torin anymore but that didn’t mean that all the power had been used up already. So for a brief moment, I could get into King’s and the Boy’s heads and created an opening.”

Daigo grinned. “That’s just like you, Ian.” Then he made a face. “Thank you but I think you might have overdone it a little bit.”

Shrugging, Ian replied, “Would you have woken up otherwise? I figured only a real nightmare would do. And better be safe than sorry.”

“You’ll be sorry alright,” a hand came up to grab Ian from behind him. Souji pulled himself up and glared at the other. “I’m going to kill you.”

Ian laughed. “Oh my. Well, good morning, Boy. Finally woke up up?”

Hopping up, Daigo cracked his knuckles. “Alright, now to kick some Deboss butt.”

“The monster’s weakness is that the dreams will only work if they’re pleasant. So if we do not want to be affected, we have to make sure that our heads are full of nightmares.” Ian told the others. “So before we go and fight, we need to subject ourselves to truly awful mental images to ward off the DeboMonster’s powers.”

Daigo swallowed. “Okay, brave. Let’s be brave. This can’t be any worse than what I saw earlier when Ian woke me up. That was the most terrible boner-kill ever.”

“I asked Yayoi-chan and the doc for help. He says he’ll hit us with his best shot.” Ian opened the communication channel to the Plezuon Lab.

A few moments later, screams of horror could be heard from the base and Bragigas tilted his head with worry when the screams echoed through his dimension.


After they beat DeboMusei, the Kyoryugers called it a day and all went their respective ways home. Ian accompanied Souji. He’d wanted to get a word in private with their youngest member after the day’s events.

“You might have fooled the rest but you can’t fool me, Boy.” Ian smirked and walked a bit faster to fall into step next to the other. “What were you dreaming about earlier when you were hit by DeboMusei’s attack, mh? I heard you moaning my name in your sleep.”

Souji started to walk a little faster and turned away to hide his red cheeks. He couldn’t tell Ian that. He absolutely couldn’t tell the other that.

“That’s not a very brave answer.” Ian kept teasing Souji.

“If you know already, why do you keep bothering me about it?” Souji shoved the other.

“Because it’s more fun this way.” Ian grinned and then whispered into Souji’s ear, “And because I want to hear you say it.”

Images from his dream crept back into Souji’s mind and he broke into a run. “No!”

“Oh my!” Ian laughed and chased after the other. Just to make sure Souji didn’t run into a lamppost or something and hurt himself. He knew how careless the other could get when he was all worked up and flustered. It was cute.

Chapter Text

Just as he was stepping into his bedroom after a long day at work and a fight with yet another out of control Roidmude, Shinnosuke felt his consciousness waver and shift. If he wasn’t familiar with the sensation, it would have worried him but he was familiar with it. The only thing was, that he wasn’t quite used to it in this kind of situation.

“Woah, woah, Belt-san, what are you doing?”

He was talking but his lips weren’t moving. Shinnosuke’s voice was merely an echo inside of his own mind now. His body had been taken over by someone else.

Someone who had discarded his clothes at a speed that rivaled Mach’s.

Shinnosuke could see himself in the full length mirror, touching himself, stroking himself, face contorting with pleasure. The voice that moaned wasn’t his though and Shinnosuke didn’t feel a thing. It was quite a bizarre experience to say the least.

“Sorry, Shinnosuke. It’s just been so long since I had a body. Since I was able to feel. After all, I am only human. I missed this sensation. This pleasure.” Krim’s pace quickened and so did his breath. “It’s quite an exquisite feeling, Shinnosuke. If I’m allowed to say so, you do have quite a fine body.”

Frankly, Shinnosuke wondered if his mind was going into overdrive right now - and he kind of wished it would because that meant it would overheat and shut down soon.

“Does it really feel that good, Belt-san?”

“Really good.” Then Krim chuckled lowly. “Say, it’s no surprise that I’m deprived, considering I am but a belt now but your body seems to be telling me that you haven’t exactly been very active either, Shinnosuke. Surprising for a man like you.”

If he’d still been in control of his body, Shinnosuke was sure his eyebrow would have twitched now and he would have looked away with an uncomfortable expression on his face. He did really want to look away but alas, he wasn’t able to. “Belt-san, can we not discuss my sex life while you’re jerking yourself off in my body while I’m watching?”

“Mh, or would your body be more familiar if I touched you somewhere el-”

Voice rising an octave, Shinnosuke yelped, “Belt-san! Hands up front!”

There was a low chuckle but no further comment and the other did keep his hand on Shinnosuke’s cock. Krim finished quickly - almost embarrassingly so but Shinnosuke wouldn’t make a comment about that, no he wouldn’t.

Once the last little tremors of the orgasm had ebbed down, Shinnosuke could feel his consciousness shift again and slowly but surely regained control over his body. He grabbed some tissues to clean himself before pulling on boxers and a shirt.

“Nice drive! Thank’s for the ride, Shinnosuke.” Belt-san, back in his belt and sitting on the nightstand, smiled up at him and Shinnosuke let himself fall back onto his bed.

He desperately wanted to point out that the other’s words really sounded like they were implying something more dirty than the other had meant but he figured it wouldn’t be very smart to mention it now. Needless to say, the mental images.

“Give me a warning next time, okay?” He sighed softly. “...if I even let you do it again.”

Chapter Text

Shotaro had been napping on the couch in the backroom after a long day of looking for a lost iguana, a runaway chinchilla and a fugitive canary. He’d been blissfully asleep until something had pulled him from his dreams. Something warm and not entirely unpleasant.

A groan left his lips when something rubbed against his lower body again, brushed against his crotch. The action was repeated again and again and Shotaro felt heat building up inside of him. Mind waking up, he could feel his pants becoming a little bit too tight for comfort as his erection started to strain against its restraints made of fabric.

“You’re awake and you’re becoming aroused, I see. Just as predicted.” Philip smiled down at Shotaro, holding a book as usual. He ground his hips down once more, drawing a strangled sound from Shotaro this time as he tried to hold back another moan.

“Philip, what on earth do you think you’re doing?” Shotaro hissed and grabbed the other’s thighs before Philip could move again and continue his actions.

Philip made a face. “Let me continue, Shotaro. I found this rather compelling book and a lot of it says that things cannot be adequately put into words and have to be experienced. So that’s what I’m doing. A lot of them require a partner though. And you are my partner, aren’t you? So you have to help me with this.”

The corner of Shotaro’s mouth twitched and then he heaved a sigh, letting his head fall back. His hat slid off and landed on the ground but well, he’d pick it up again later.

Looking back up, he made a face at Philip. “If you insist on doing this, you better do it properly. Or your data will be severely flawed, Philip.”

Philip’s eyes lit up. “So you’ll help me, Shotaro?”

“Yeah. And let me just say this but I’d say I have a bit of experience when it comes to this. So let me be in control, alright?” Shotaro sat up and adjusted his position. Once he had settled down in a comfortable one, he tugged the book from Philip’s hands before he started to strip the other off his clothes. “And the first step is to get naked.”

“I think that can be arranged.” Philip pulled his shirt over his head before Shotaro could but then paused. “Ah, wait, you mean we should get rid of each other’s clothes, huh? Well then.” His fingers wandered to Shotaro’s shirt and he started to open the buttons. “I see.”

“And while you’re at it, c’mere.” Shotari reached up to place his hand on the back of Philip’s neck and pulled the other down for a kiss. It was chaste at first but when Shotaro brushed Philips lips with his tongue, asking for permission, asking for entrance, the other let him in and things went from there.

Chapter Text

“Kuroda. Were you checking out the new guy? You totally were, weren’t you.” Midori’s voice was dark and there was a dangerous edge to it. His eyes were narrowed as well.

Swallowing, Kuroda tried to hide behind his scarf and backed off a few steps. “W-Well he’s new, so I’m c-curious.”

“Don’t just go staring at other guys like that.” Midori pinned the other against the wall. “I should be the only one you look at. You should only have eyes for me and me alone.” He leaned in closer. “Or am I no longer worthy of your attention?”

Kuroda shook his head vehemently. “That’s not it, Midori-kun.”

Tilting up Kuroda’s chin, Midori growled, “I’m always faithful to you. I think it’s not too much to ask the same of you. Right?”

Grabbing hold of Midori’s shirt, Kuroda pouted a little. “I’d never be unfaithful to you, Midori-kun. For me, there’s only you.”

“That so?” Midori asked, eyebrow quirking up.

“Yes.” Kuroda nodded.

Crossing his arms, Kuroda demanded, “Prove it.”

Blinking, Kuroda looked at Midori for a few moments but then swallowed and nodded once more. “Okay.” He smiled at the other male and then looked around. Before they did anything else, Kuroda made sure that the doors were locked and nobody could disturb them by barging in unannounced and suddenly.

Once that had been taken care of, he went back to where Midori had been waiting for him - ah the other looked so good, leaning against the drawer like that - and watching him and got down onto his knees in front of the other.

“You’re a pretty thorough guy, aren’t you? Surprisingly.” Midori commented.

Smiling, Kuroda fidgeted. “I try. Especially if it’s Midori-kun.”

“Flattering me won’t help much.” Midori looked down. “Get on it.”

“Okay.” Kuroda undid Midori’s belt, opened the button of the other’s jeans and unzipped it. He would look up at Midori through his bangs every so often to check for reactions.

Getting a hand into Kuroda’s dark hair, Midori silently urged the other on. And he wasn’t disappointed. Sure, he had shared a few kisses with the other before - as part of their scripts or when they’d been out partying after a particularly good ‘play’ but this was the first time for them to do more, for them to get a little more serious.

Of course the mutual attraction was there. Kuroda was wasn’t very subtle about it and well, Midori wouldn’t just kiss anyone.

A shuddery sigh left his lips. “Keep going.”

Kuroda sure put his mouth to good use there. The other didn’t talk much and his voice was super quiet whenever he did but damn that mouth, those lips, they worked. And how they worked. This wasn’t a delusion, this was certainly real. Ah, Kinbara was right. Kuroda did have quite a few surprising traits. Of course Midori had known that, too but discovering one of those traits still felt special. And rather amazingly so.

Gripping the drawer, Midori tilted his head back and moaned softly. “Close, so close.”

When Kuroda swallowed his released, Midori felt shivers run down his body as he felt the contractions of the other’s mouth around him. They drew out his orgasm for a few moments longer than it probably would have lasted in another situation.

He sorted himself out again, while Kuroda got back up onto his feet and licked his lips - something the other did rather often when Midori was involved. Heh.

“Want to come home with me tonight, Kuroda?” Midori offered nonchalantly as he went to unlock the door again. “It’s been getting cold and we’re both a bit short on money this month. We can save heating costs by sharing body heat.”

“Sure.” Kuroda gave him a smile and nodded with a little plush toy he’d picked up.

Chapter Text

Torin had sent the Kyoryugers out to fight another DeboMonster and at first they had successfully done so until DeboChangeOver had hit them with some kind of attack. It had dissolved their transformation and had also resulted in them being unable to transform again. They managed to fend off the Zorima somehow and with Torin’s help, retreated back to the Spirit Base for the time being.

Yayoi greeted them there, worried. “I have been trying to find out what exactly the monster did to you but so far I haven’t come up with anything. I’m sorry.”

Sauntering over, Souji casually put his arm around her and offered Yayoi a daisy. “Don’t worry, Yayoi-chan. I’m sure you’ll find out. Maybe you should give this a break for a bit and clear your head. How about going on a date with me?”

“Souji! Flirting with ladies shamelessly like that is unsightly.” Ian tugged Souji back by the tie. “We need to figure out how to solve this problem.”

“Don’t be such a spoilsport, Black. Have a sense of humor.” Souji made a face and patted Ian on the back. “Relax a little bit, will you? We’ll fix this.”

“Please take this seriously. Now’s not the time to be joking.” Ian sighed. “It’s a problem.”

Amy knelt down onto the straw mat properly and sighed, before taking up a tea shawl and drinking from it. “This is indeed a rather troublesome situation. Being unable to transform at a time like this… What could that DeboMonster possibly have done to us?”

Nobuharu grinned. “Don’t worry, we’ll work something out! We have our bravery after all! That doesn’t change, right?” He made a peace-sign.

Utsusemimaru hung his head. “Rather than a brave situation it’s more of a grave situation.”

A surprised “Wow!” came from Daigo and he blinked and then smiled at the other brightly. “That actually sounded kind of witty, didn’t it?”

Yayoi and Torin stared at the group in front of them.

“It’s like their characters are all mixed up.” Yayoi observed. “It didn’t switch their bodies and minds again, did it?”

Torin stroked his beard. “No, that doesn’t seem to be it.”

Settling down next to Yayoi with a cup of black coffee, Souji offered, “Anything I should do to help? Toss around some ideas?”

Looking at the other, Yayoi made a face. “Souji-kun, doesn’t this seem weird to you? The way you’re acting. Do you remember anything from before the battle at all?”

“What’s wrong with the way I’m ac-” He looked at the cup in his hand and then his eyes flew over to where Ian was nursing a cream melon soda. “Wait a minute.” Souji frowned and put the cup down. “It’s as if I’m Ian. But I don’t feel out of place at all. It’s as if I had always been this way but that’s not right.”

Ian walked over just then. “It’s as if they changed us around without actually changing us. I am still me but I seem to be acting more like Souji. And I know I’m actually supposed to be a womanizing playboy, who doesn’t seem to take things seriously but that’s only because I suck a lot at being honest with people and sometimes myself.”

“Is that how I think about you? That’s totally not what I think about you.” Souji made a face. “But what you’re saying is right. And it makes sense.”

Humming, Torin came up with a theory, “It might be that your hearts and souls were switched out. So you’re still you but with a different person’s being and character applied to you. That’s why you cannot brave in. Your partners do not recognize you anymore because you’re technically different people. Bravery comes from your hearts and souls after all.”

Nobuharu joined in on the conversation then. “So you say we cannot access our bravery because our souls are mixed up somehow? We won’t let that stop us. We still have our bravery after all. I can feel it! So we still have the means to fight!”

Amy got up from the mat. “Let’s try and sleep over things a night, gentlemen? I believe that sleep might be inspiring when in a situation like this. A mind at rest can work better.”

“Are we really going to be okay like this, though?” Daigo wondered.

Utsusemimaru shrugged. “We’ll have to make do. And you young ones should head home. There’s school tomorrow. And I’m sure King wouldn’t want you to be sla-king off.”


The next day, Souji walked out of school and rubbed his back. Rin had hit him with her bag quite hard when he had flirted with some of the girls from the class next door. Things definitely couldn’t continue like this. He’d gotten so many weird looks today.

In front of the school gates, he spotted Ian not too far away, looking around nervously as some of the senior girls checked him out. Souji couldn’t help but smile at that.

“What is it that you came all the way out here for? Or are you scouting for some younger girlfriends, hm?” Souji sauntered over and gave the girls a few casual waves.

Ian sighed. “Hell no. All these girls make me nervous actually. I had an idea. I came up with something when I was doing a morning workout. But I need your help.”

“Morning workout? Oh right.” Souji knew he had forgotten something. “And well, if you want to, I can take care of the ladies real quick if they make you feel-”

“Let me test a theory. You’re coming with me.” Ian grabbed Souji and dragged him along before the other could go and hit on the girls. He had to pull the other away from a couple more girls around town on their way until they reached the bamboo forest in the nearby mountains where Zakutor resided.

The Voltasaur leaned forward to greet Ian at first but then tilted his head in confusion and looked at Souji and then back.

Ian and Souji looked at each other, having realized something at the same time. “That’s it!”


Elsewhere, Daigo, Nobuharu, Utsusemimaru and Amy were fighting a group of Zorima and DeboChangeOver with Luckiero in their civil form. They were able to keep the Zorima at bay somehow but the DeboMonster wasn’t just good at changing things but also at attacking them. The four Kyoryugers were forced into defense very quickly.

Silver and Violet came to back them up but they had to be careful not to be hit by any of the changing attacks, so they had their hands full.

“Where are Ian and Souji? Not that we could hold out much longer even with them.” Daigo asked and looked at the communicator.

Nobuharu hummed. “Maybe they worked something out. Those two are good with the more complicated stuff after all. I’m sure they’ll cook up something brave.”

“I hope you’re right because there’s something incoming from your right!” Utsusemimaru warned and they jumped out of harm’s way when an attack hit the pile of steel pipes they had been hiding behind. The force of the explosion threw them onto the gravel.

“Today is my lucky day. I am going to finish you off and make Deboss-sama happy!” Luckiero jumped around happily. “Me! I will show everyone what I can do!”

DeboChangeOver got ready for another attack but was stopped by someone shooting at it.

KyoryuGreen and KyoryuBlack appeared in front of their untransformed comrades.

“Sorry for the delay.” Green apologized.

“We’ve got this now.” Black aimed his gun at the monster. “Torin, Yayoi-chan, can you handle the Zorima? We’re going to turn everyone back to normal.”

“Okay!” Silver nodded and he and Violet lured the Zorima away.

Black looked at DeboChangeOver. “Alright, you’re up, Boy.”

Green positioned his GabuRevolver and GaburiCalibur.

Luckiero looked up in alarm. “Ah! I know that attack! He’s aiming for your changing pillow, DeboChangeOver. Quick, don’t let him attack you!”

Said and done, Green had to evade attacks and couldn’t set up his own. He moved closer to Black, who tried to cover for him.

“Did you not change them properly last time? Do it again! Then they can’t transform anymore!” Luckiero told the monster.

“Right, Luckiero-sama, let’s do that.” The monster nodded and positioned the pillow. “Change, OVER!”

“Now!” Just when their bodies had recovered from the attack, Green ducked. Black sent his GaburiCalibur flying and it pierced the pillow and damaged the monster severely. The resulting explosion sent the sword flying back and Souji rolled over to catch it.

Everyone else blinked when their hearts and souls jerked back into place.

Daigo jumped up. “Wow, that was a brave maneuver you guys! How did you do it?”

Luckiero was raging. “Yeah! How did you do that??”

Ian grinned. “We tricked you. We figured out how to transform despite our souls being all messed up. Since the Brave In depends on your heart and soul, the only thing we had to do was to switch things up before we transformed.” He ejected the Beast Battery from his GabuRevolver. It was green. He tossed it over to Souji, who caught it and then returned the black one to Ian. Resting the GabuRevolver on his shoulder Ian looked at the monster and Luckiero. “That’s how we managed to Brave In.”

Souji continued, “And we also figured out that there was one moment when you were open for a counter attack and that was the moment when you tried to switch people. So we made you believe you hadn’t switched us to have you let down your guard. The attack worked in almost the same way as DeboAkumu’s, so the same counter measure was easy to set up.”

Amy’s face lit up in understanding. “And since you were switched around, so were your attack positions. The moment you switched back Souji-kun was in the right spot to launch the real attack while Ian had been drawing the attention away by pretending to be KyoryuGreen before that. That’s awesome!”

“After knowing each other for so long, copying mannerisms for a short period of time is not that big of a problem.” Souji added. “Not if the people you’re trying to fool don’t know you quite as well. And we had you completely fooled.”

“Argh, unluckyo!”

The six Kyoryugers lined up. “Let’s go wild now!” Daigo called out.

“Brave In!”


When the battle was over, they returned to the Spirit Base. On the way, Ian chuckled softly when a few ladies threw looks at Souji and waved at him while the teen tried to duck away, ashamed, with his cheeks burning.

“I have to admit that despite all, things were a little amusing.” Ian patted Souji on the back.

“That’s not funny, Ian. I don’t even want to think about how to face everyone at school tomorrow.” Souji groaned.

Daigo laughed. “It is good to be back to normal. But I see Ian’s point. I feel like a super brave Nossan wouldn’t actually be so bad either.”

Nobuharu made a face. “Well then, should I teach Ucchi how to make proper jokes?”

“With all due respect, I would like to decline that offer, Nossan-dono.” Utsusemimaru edged away. “I think my humble self is fine just like this. I leave the humor to you.”

“Gentle didn’t give me as much trouble yesterday and today. I wonder if he’ll be shocked that I returned back to normal.” Amy wondered.

“I think we’re all good the way we are but that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from each other.” Daigo summarized. “We’re a team after all. We support each other!”

“Well said, King. Now, anyone else want to get some food before we call it a day?”

Chapter Text

Ankh’s lips went up and down once, licking experimentally. Then his tongue swirled around the tip, slowly, once then twice. When he thought nobody was watching his lips curled up in a small smile. It wasn’t a happy smile per se. More like a predatory one. He knew he was going to get something he wanted very soon.

Opening his mouth he let it slide all the way in and then almost all the way out again. He didn’t care about the noises he made while he did so. The wet smacking and sucking noises echoed through the room almost deafeningly.

Eiji had to swallow hard. The sounds were getting to him. He tried to avert his eyes but found that he couldn’t. They were glued to Ankh, to the other’s face, his lips.

He groaned softly and resorted to slapping a hand over his face.

“What is it?” Ankh let it slide out with a wet pop. “Eiji?”

“Nothing. It’s nothing. Just you and your stupid popsicle.” Eiji sighed.

Chapter Text

To Daigo, there was no such thing as -a- meaningful relationship. All of his relationships had some kind of meaning to them. He had a bond with everyone he met, some way or other. Of course some were weaker or stronger than others.

Amy was like his younger sister, someone he got along with, someone he wanted to take care of.

Nobuharu was the responsible older brother, a little quirky maybe but that was part of his charm.

Utsusemimaru was the loyal friend, the one you could trust and rely on and who would never let you down.

Souji was a younger brother, someone you wanted to root for and watch as he developed and grew.

Ian was...Ian. The person by his side who complemented him. Insecure where Daigo was boasting with confidence - providing a much needed safety cushion sometimes as rushing into things without thinking as Daigo might want to, wouldn’t have been the best of ideas most of the time. Guarded where Daigo was straightforward, shy when Daigo was sociable, cool and collected when Daigo was hotheaded.

It was great! And it wasn’t just limited to fighting the Deboss Legion.

“King, don’t get too far ahead of yourself.” Ian caught Daigo’s hand before it could wander off to...places. “I’m not going to make this easy for you.”

Grinning, Daigo looked down. “Didn’t expect you to. Where’d the fun in that be?”

“Uh huh.” Ian’s eyebrow twitched slightly. “Sometimes I really can’t tell whether you’re brave or stupid. I guess with you it can be both.”

Chuckling, Daigo leaned in for another kiss. He absolutely didn’t mind that this took a bit of effort, that he had to challenge and coax Ian. It was fun, it was exciting.

Suddenly the world spun and Daigo found himself on his back and looking up at his team’s resident sharp shooter. The other’s weight was firmly planted on Daigo’s waist, keeping him from moving - at least for the time being. “How’s this?”

“I think I like it.” Daigo grinned widely and put his hands on Ian’s hips. “Show me more?”

“Greedy.” Ian chuckled but complied.

Someone cleared his throat and the two of them turned their heads.

“You do realize that this is the Spirit Base and people can just come in?” Souji looked flustered and tried very hard not to look at them - and failed, obviously.

“Shouldn’t you be home now, Boy? I thought you had a curfew.” Ian sat up and crossed his arms - he was not moving from his position on top of Daigo though. “And who are you checking out right now, King or me?” Then he smirked. “Or both?”

Sitting up abruptly and making Ian flail his arms in order to keep his balance, Daigo grinned, “Hey, if you want, I’m sure you can jo-”

“No thank you.” Souji turned around on his heels and was about to stalk off but Ian and Daigo were faster and stopped him, one of them appearing on each of his sides. Daigo put an arm around him while Ian leaned on his shoulder casually.

The latter tutted at him. “Not so fast, Boy. Not when you’re clearly interested.”

“Come on, Souji. Be brave. Tell us the truth!” Daigo encouraged their youngest.

Souji looked back and forth between the two older males. “You seem to have a rather open relationship? I thought you-”

“What’s wrong with that?” Ian shrugged.

“Keeping things open makes things more fun. And new things are awesome.” Daigo nodded. “Come on, Souji. Let’s brave in together.”

“That joke would’ve made Nossan cry. You didn’t just-” Souji made a face.

Chuckling, Ian spun Souji around and nudged him towards his and Daigo’s makeshift bed. “Try to ignore that. Or get used to it. You’ll probably have to get used to it. Our King’s gotten a bit too fond of that one.”

“You like it, Ian! You totally do!” Daigo mock-pouted.

Turning towards their leader, Ian pointed out, “Didn’t say that I hated it.”

Chapter Text

Souji sighed and loosened his necktie. Another day at school was over. It was hard to keep up the pretense, to keep up his image of a good school boy but well, that was part of becoming an actor. He considered it part of training.

“Rippukan-kun,” a soft voice spoke up from behind him and Souji turned around to spot Ian lurking behind some of the bushes. The other’s face was half-hidden behind the fluffy scarf Ian was wearing. It made him look adorable. Which was probably the whole point.

“Ian. What are you doing here?” He strode over and then placed his palm against a tree trunk, trapping Ian and keeping him from moving anywhere. “Were you waiting for me perhaps?” A small smirk tugged on his lips. “What did I tell you about waiting for me around school, huh? Why didn’t you just wait at the base?”

Ian fidgeted nervously. “I wanted to see you, R-Rippukan-kun.”

The smile was back on his face and Souji leaned in closer. “So honest. Such honesty should be rewarded.” He leaned in closer. He heard a soft gasp from the other but that didn’t stop him. It actually urged him on more.

Before their lips could touch, loud roars could be heard and they jumped apart as a pair of human-sized dinosaurs(?) appeared in front of them. One was bright red with yellow hair and the other was bright pink and looked like it had cute eyelashes. It looked like they were doing some kind of dance.

In the middle of it, they were knocked over by a thug. He wore an assortment of gold necklaces and a pair of sunglasses along with his loud leopard print shirt.

“Watch where ya goin’ ya bastards! Or I’ll mess you up!”

The sound of a whistle being blown echoed through the street. “Stop it right there!” A police officer came running and then proceeded to chase the thug around the pair of dinosaurs.

Ian blinked and then ripped off the scarf. “Oh my! What the fuck is going on here??”

Suddenly the scene staggered and the borders of a film-tape became visible. Ian pulled out his GabuRevolver and fired a shot at one of the buildings.

The scene shattered and DeboDirector the 2nd and Luckiero fell out onto the street.

“I knew something wasn’t right here.” Ian crossed his arms.

“Ah, why isn’t he all caught up in your movie illusion, DeboDirector the 2nd? Unluckyo!”

Souji mussed his hair up again, embarrassed by how unsightly the slicked back look was. Next to him Utsusemimaru looked a little confused as to what to do with his attire or how to wear it and Amy and Daigo were pulling off the heads of their dinosaur costumes. Nobuharu didn’t seem to mind the police uniform too much.

“Who wouldn’t notice something was wrong here? This was ridiculous!” Ian sighed. “Someone tell me why this was a love story between Boy and me. And how on earth I ended up being the girl.”

DeboDirector the 2nd sighed. “There was no suitable actress among you for a proper love story. Besides, I drew the inspiration from one of your minds.”

Daigo and Nobuharu made faces.

Ian turned to look at the others. “Who was watching weird movies last night??”

“Not me this time!!” Amy raised her hands in defense.

Utsusemimaru hung his head. “Amy-dono lent me her DVDs so I could study them and learn about modern times. So I watched a few different ones last night.”

“What kind of DVDs did you give him?” Daigo turned to the only girl in their midst.

Amy seemed to shrink into her costume. “There might have been BL mixed in. Oops?”


“I’m sorry!!!” Then she turned to look at DeboDirector the 2nd. “And there’s a girl right here, you blind ugly monster!!”

Luckiero tilted his head over. “You don’t really count.”

“Aah…” the four male Kyoryugers seemed to understand that sentiment somehow.

“GUYS!” Amy made a face.

Daigo pulled off the dinosaur costume and stepped forward. “Anyway, it’s time to Brave In!”

The other five lined up next to him and they pulled out their Beast Batteries and GabuRevolvers. “Let’s kick some Deboss butt!”

The DeboMonster was easily defeated but Luckiero doused it with the rejuvenating water as usual. DeboDirector the 2nd grew to his gigantic size with the battle cry, “NATAKU!”

All heads turned towards KyoryuPink.

“There might have been a Gundam DVD mixed in with the DVDs, too?”


They defeated the giant DeboMonster as well and then made their way back to the Spirit Base to charge their Beast Batteries again.

On their way, Ian glanced over at Souji.

“What’s wrong, Boy? You’ve been trying to sneak glances at me the whole time. Don’t think I didn’t notice them.” He nudged the younger male. “Is it about earlier?”

Souji blushed in embarrassment. “Maybe. What if it is?”

Smirking, Ian asked, “Did you want to kiss me?”

“The use of past tense here is not quite correct.” Souji yanked Ian down. The kiss was brief but undeniable. It actually had Ian blinking for a few seconds after in surprise and stupor.


Sighing softly, Souji commented, “It’s weird how much I prefer you calling me Boy over you calling me Rippukan-kun. That really didn’t sit right with me.”

Ian wrapped an arm around Souji and pulled the other against his chest. He leaned in to whisper into the other’s ear. “What if I call you ‘Souji’?”

A shiver went down Souji’s spine.

“You know the effect that has on me.”

“Oh yes, I do.” Ian chuckled.

Chapter Text

After giving up on the Ranger Keys and the Greatest Treasure of the Universe, the crew of the Gokai Galleon hadn’t given up on their treasure hunting adventures. Far from it. And so, after a couple of struggles, they had obtained another one of the universe’s greatest treasures. Apparently it was something only few people had ever gained access to and it was said to be a treasure that was both beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Many who had sought it had not returned or had vanished soon after finding it.

The five Gokaigers were led into a long corridor by an old sage. “You will be granted an hour with people from the realm of the dead. That is one of the greatest treasures of the universe. It is not simply to talk to the dead but to meet them.” He eyed them. “Always remember, these people are no more. They are in a world different from yours. Once the time is up, you will all return to where you belong. Unless of course, you get drawn to the other side too much and fall for the temptation of death.”

A set of five doors appeared, one in front of each of them.

“We don’t even get to choose who we see?” Luka huffed.

“Rest assured that somebody you want to see will be waiting for you behind your door.” The old sage smiled. “My choices have never been wrong.”

They stepped forward and opened their doors at the same time.

Frankly, Marvelous had no idea what to expect behind his door. For the others, he vaguely did. There was no way that Sid wasn’t waiting for Joe behind the blue door for example and Ahim would probably see her family. The other four members of his crew all had someone they had loved and lost on the other side but Marvelous? He couldn’t think of anyone.

He had never known his parents and he’d seen AkaRed not too long ago and the other wasn’t really in the realm of the dead. He was living on as a righteous spirit, a Super Sentai Hero. So maybe his room would be empty.

At first glance, it was but then a pair of arms came around him from behind and a warm chest was pressed against his back. Marvelous stiffened and he didn’t know how he recognized the other before he even saw him but he did.

“You look surprised to see me, Marve-chan. Not that you’ve even laid an eye on me yet.” It hadn’t gone by unnoticed. Then again, Basco knew him well.

“Why are you here?”

“Because I’m dead, remember? You killed me.” Basco chuckled. Then he rested his chin on Marvelous’ shoulder. “And yet somewhere inside of you, inside that heart of yours, you don’t want me to be dead, to be gone. You wanted me to be here, waiting for you.” A palm was pressed onto his chest, over his heart and Marvelous felt fingers digging into the fabric of his shirt, into his skin.

As suddenly as Basco had appeared and pressed himself against him, he was gone again, stepped away and in front of Marvelous. Opening his arms, Basco invited him.

“Well, now that you have me here, what do you want to do with me? I’m yours. You can do with me whatever you want and I’ll do whatever you say. I’m an obedient puppet of the great Captain Marvelous. So, at your service,” he curtsied.

This, for some reason, snapped Marvelous out of his surprised stupor. “You’re not anyone’s puppet.” He looked at Basco and his eyes showed how serious he was. “I have no intention of ordering you around or telling you what to do. You have a will of your own. You have a free will. I will not take away that freedom.”

“That heart of yours is the reason why you get hurt, Marve-chan.” Basco’s expression looked conflicted, complicated for a moment. “By people like me.”

Then he started to discard his clothes. The hat went first, then the shawl and the coat, until he was standing in front of Marvelous in his green shirt and pants only. “Feeling nostalgic yet, Marve-chan?” Of course he still looked different than he used to. There was no way Basco would be able to go back to being the person he had once been. Same went for Marvelous. Too much had happened since then. But that didn’t mean they couldn’t pretend.

Basco reached out to push the red captain’s coat off of Marvelous’ shoulders slowly and gently. It dropped down to join Basco’s clothes on the ground. Looking into the other’s eyes, Basco whispered softly, “Kiss me, Marve-chan. Like you used to.”

Grabbing a fistful of Basco’s shirt, Marvelous yanked the other towards him and crushed their lips together without a word. The tension between them almost seemed to crackle and release sparks, so much it had built up in even just a few short moments.

Time was of essence, so neither of them wasted much. Clothes went flying and they tumbled onto the sole piece of furniture in the room - a couch that looked exactly like the one on the Gokai Galleon but a little longer and wider. Enough so that Marvelous could lie down comfortably on it with Basco climbing on top of him.

The kiss had long turned into an almost frenzied make-out session. It only stopped when Marvelous pulled away for a moment, his fingers having found something on Basco’s body that he didn’t remember to be there and yet he knew where exactly it had come from. They were scars. Scars of the wounds that had killed Basco. Wounds from fatal injuries that none other than Marvelous himself had inflicted upon the other.

“I heard some people think that scars make you sexier. What do you think, Marve-chan?” It hadn’t gone by unnoticed. “I think they’re rather decorative.”


“Nuh uh, don’t say anything.” Basco clicked his tongue and then moved to claim Marvelous’ lips again. “Don’t say a word.” They went right back to where they had left off, sucking, licking and biting at each other’s lips as they worked off the rest of their clothes.

Somewhere along the way Marvelous’ mind drifted off into a bit of a fuzzy state and he barely noticed anything else around him anymore. His world narrowed down to the person in his arms. Nothing else mattered right now.

Groaning softly, Basco looked down reprimandingly when Marvelous wrapped his fingers around Basco’s straining erection. “What do you think you’re doing, Marve-chan?” He was panting softly, his breath getting a little shuddery as the pleasure and arousal made themselves more and more noticeable.

Marvelous suppressed a shiver when he saw the other looking down at him with his kohl lined eyes and face framed by dark curls. “Getting you off. Isn’t this the goal?”

“As much as I appreciate it that you’re thinking about me, this isn’t just about me.” Basco removed Marvelous’ hand. “But I do remember that patience was never your thing. So I should have seen this coming. Very well then. Time is of the essence.” He pushed himself up and adjusted their positions so that Marvelous was sitting on the couch and Basco was properly straddling his hips. “Just imagine this was the Captain’s Chair in the Galleon.”

“That’s your thing, Basco. I don’t care wherever the hell we do it.”

“Aw, you’re no fun, Marve-chan.”

A low groan fell from Marvelous’ lips when the other sunk down onto his cock just a few moments later. Wrapping his arms around Marvelous’ shoulders, Basco whispered, “Better enjoy this while it lasts, Marve-chan. In a few moments I will go back to being dead. I’ll be gone. And very possibly for good this time around. There are only so many times you can call someone back from the dead after all.”

“You said earlier that this heart of mine is what causes me to get hurt by people like you. It will continue to do so because that’s just how things work for me. It’s also the place where you’ll be. Always.” He wouldn’t say this to Basco’s face directly but hey, mumbling it into the other’s shoulder was close enough, right?

“Fuck, Marve-chan, when did you get so damn cheesy? That crew of yours must really be rubbing off on you.” Basco laughed and then smirked. “Or do more than just that. In case of certain blue swordsmen. Am I right?”

“Don’t talk about other people while you’re getting fucked by me, Basco. You’re really an idiot.” Marvelous snorted. Then he chided, “Or you just want to protect yourself by doing and saying shit like that. Who’ll be the one hurting more like that, you or me?”

Laughing again, Basco threaded his fingers into Marvelous’ hair and then pulled Marvelous closer. “Touche, Marve-chan. But you are forgetting one thing. I’m dead. Feelings don’t matter to me anymore. If I’ve ever had any to start with.” His hips rocked against the Gokaiger Captain’s. “Nothing really matters to me anymore.”

“Your mouth lies but your body doesn’t, Basco.”

“Shut up, Marve-chan. Shut up.” Basco silenced Marvelous then, pressing his lips against the other’s in a desperate and needy kiss.

Bringing his hips down hard and fast against Marvelous’, it didn’t take long for Basco to get somewhere good and Marvelous was never far behind. They both liked it rough and there was a whole series of marks all over both of their bodies - scratches here, bite marks there. They stood out a lot more on Basco’s paler skin, turning a bruised blueish-green instead of red, like on Marvelous’ own.

And then the world around them was flooded by whiteness as the orgasm washed over them like a tidal wave washing over the deck of one of the human pirate ships of legends on Earth, swallowing and taking everything with it and leaving nothing behind.

When Marvelous regained some form of consciousness, or maybe awareness, again, he noticed something strange. Something wet was dripping onto his skin.

Looking up, his eyes widened slightly when he discovered the source of it.

Leaning up slightly and craning his neck a little as he did so, he lapped up the next droplet before it could fall, making Basco flinch a little bit in his arms but the other seemed too far gone still to push him away, probably not having regained control over his body yet. And maybe that was another reason for what Marvelous was witnessing right now.

Just like Basco’s blood wasn’t red like that of a human, his tears weren’t salty but bittersweet on Marvelous’ tongue. It was the first time for him to see the other male cry. Basco had never been someone for such honest emotions.

“I wish I could kill you right here, right now. Just so that you could stay here with me and join me in death.” Basco laughed dryly. “I guess that’s why so many people never return after finding this treasure. Let’s see how many people return to Galleon-chan from your crew, Marve-chan.”

They both knew all of them would. Marvelous had faith in his crew. Otherwise he wouldn’t have come here with them in the first place. He could tell from the tone of Basco’s voice that the other thought the same thing he did.

Basco got off first and then went to put his clothes back on. Once he had puled on his coat again, he turned back to look at Marvelous - one last time. “But alas, this means I will be exploring this world and stealing its treasures ahead of you then.”

“Goodbye, Basco.”

“Goodbye. And good luck, Captain Marvelous.” Basco smirked and tipped his hat.

Chapter Text

Yamato shivered when Tusk nuzzled his neck. The Zyuman smiled and breathed in his human partner’s scent slowly, thoroughly enjoying it. He quite enjoyed the way Yamato smelled. There was a distinctively human smell about the other but it wasn’t as strong as it was with others of the same species that Tusk had encountered. There was something more soothing and familiar about Yamato’s scent. Something arousing.

“What are you doing?” Yamato swallowed and tried to speak with a steady voice but he couldn’t keep it from hitching ever so slightly. Tusk’s smile turned into a small smirk.

“You ask that now?” Tusk murmured against the human male’s neck. He felt Yamato’s fingers twitch slightly against his own. Their hands were wrapped around their cocks and were rubbing them together needily. “I thought you knew what we were doing.”

Moaning softly, Yamato instinctively leaned his head over to give Tusk more access to the crook of his neck. “Well, I know the basics of what we’re doing but you’re doing something else. Is that a Zyuman thing?” Then he smiled and added. “Or a Tusk thing?”

“Combination of both,” Tusk answered simply and then moved to catch Yamato’s lips with his own, effectively silencing the other.

Sliding his tongue against the other’s felt different from entwining his trunk with that of another elephant Zyuman but not any less pleasant. And the little sounds that Yamato made were rather pleasing to his ears as well. Yeah, this wasn’t so bad after all. He could get by like this for now, here in the human world.

His sensitive nose picked up a slight change in Yamato’s scent. The other was close to his climax. Ah well, he couldn’t expect a human to have the same endurance as someone like himself. Although admittedly, Tusk wasn’t that far behind himself.

Breaking the kiss, he moved down to nose at Yamato’s hair and neck again.

Apparently his breath ghosting over the other’s skin was enough to push Yamato over the edge and the other came with a soft groan, spilling himself over his own and Tusk’s hands.


The way Yamato said his name sounded different than when he said the names of the other three Zyumen in the group. Tusk wouldn’t really admit it openly but he liked it. It made him feel special. He wanted to be special. He wanted to be special to Yamato.

He reached his climax and made a more guttural, animalistic sound when he snapped his hips into Yamato’s hand one last time.

Afterwards, he whispered into the other’s ear softly. “Guess you can add this to your research experiences. You can consider yourself honored. Being part of a Zyuman mating ritual isn’t something that happens every day. You might be the first human to ever do something like this with a Zyuman.”

“I didn’t just do this in the name of science. Or for the experience.” Yamato reached up with his clean hand and caressed Tusk’s cheek. The touch surprised the Zyuman a little. “I did it because I wanted to. And because it’s Tusk.”

“What the hell are you saying.” Tusk looked away in slight embarrassment. His smugness from a few moments ago all but blown away. “You make it sound like it meant something.”

“Didn’t it?” Yamato asked softly, his hand not moving.

Tusk leaned into the touch. “Maybe.” He closed his eyes. “Maybe it didn’t not mean anything.”

Chapter Text

“Makoto, what are you doing?” Alain demanded when Makoto pushed him up against the wall. He glared up at the other through his bangs. “Explain.”

Smirking, Makoto leaned in closer, unphased by Alain’s glare. He was too used to it by now. “You’re a prince, right? You’re meant to be revered and worshipped. So let me do just that.”

Frowning, Alain asked, “Is that one of your weird human customs as well?”

“I guess you could see it that way.” The taller male’s hands ghosted over Alain’s clothed chest and wandered down to the other’s pants. “Just relax and enjoy.” With a flick of his wrist, he undid the button and pulled down the zipper. Once done, Makoto got down onto his knees and tugged Alain’s garments down with him.

“What are you-”

“Shh.” Makoto’s smirk was still on his lips. “Don’t speak.” His fingers wrapped themselves around Alain’s cock and gave it a few tentative strokes.

The sensation made Alain jerk back slightly and he let out a surprise, incoherent sound.

“If you thought that felt good, just wait for what comes next.” There was a pun in there somewhere but Makoto knew it was going to get lost on the other. Maybe he’d explain it later. Maybe.

“Nex-” the rest of the question was cut off by an incoherent sound - something between a moan a yelp and a groan. One of Alain’s hands came to rest on Makoto’s head and fisted some of his hair. A soft thunk sound told Makoto that the other had probably thrown his head back a bit as well and he smirked around Alain’s cock as well as he could.

Alain took a few moments to regain his speech. “You will have to explain this to me later. I will make you explain it to me.”

Makoto just hummed in agreement, sending Alain off into a series of moans and curses.

To Makoto’s amusement but not surprise, it didn’t take long for Alain to become undone. A part of Makoto waited with curious anticipation. The other wasn’t exactly human after all. Would it be the same? Taste the same? He hadn’t quite thought about all of that beforehand. A lust clouded brain would do that to you.

When he licked his lips and rose to his feet again, Makoto checked off all questions but one with ‘pretty much the same’. The taste was different though. Although he couldn’t quite put his finger on how exactly.

“Did you like that?” He asked and wiped the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand.

Alain, still trying to catch his breath again, replied, “I think that was good.”

“Better than takoyaki?” Makoto grinned and earned himself a slap on the chest.

“You owe me an explanation, Specter. I want to know. Everything.”

Chapter Text

The room was filled with the sounds of joy and sadness all at once. Graduation would bring forth all different kinds of emotions. Souji wasn’t sure what to feel either. He went to sit at his desk and pulled out his communicator, seeing that class hadn’t started yet. Well, if one could call it class still. They weren’t doing much, just preparing for the upcoming ceremony.

Souji smiled when he read the email from Daigo and Utsusemimaru that was waiting for him in his inbox. Judging by the picture the two were either somewhere in South America or the Mediterranean, Souji wasn’t sure where exactly the two had gone. After defeating the Deboss Legion, Daigo had taken it upon himself to show Utsusemimaru around. That didn’t just mean teaching him about the modern times but the world they lived in right now as well. Literally. So the two had gone on a trip to visit all the places Daigo had visited in his youth and then some.

He felt a pang of jealousy and closed his communicator again, putting it into his bag. Souji couldn’t complain, he had brought this upon himself after all.

Instead of distant countries, his thoughts shifted to the last sentence in the email. His two traveling friends had promised to come back in time for Souji’s high school graduation which was coming up soon. Less than a week from now. Less than- a look at the calendar told him that it was happening in about three days from now.

Time had passed slowly and yet in a flash. It was weird.

Turning to look outside at the alley of cherry trees that led up to his school, Souji felt himself getting lost in thought once again. It had been almost two years now. Ever since their fight had ended. Ever since /that/ day.


He remembered it vividly. Souji had arrived at the Spirit Base to find Ian reading something, letter in one hand, coffee cup in the other.

“Looks like good news?” Souji had gone to sit down next to the other. Almost immediately, one of Ian’s arm came around him to pull him closer. A habit they had developed when alone.

“One of my old university associates invited me to join him at an excavation site in Peru. He says they might have found a new species of dinosaur and artifacts from an ancient civilization that hasn’t been explored yet.” Ian had sounded excited but then his features had softened a bit and he had turned to look at Souji. “But I think I’ll decline and remain in Japan.”

Souji had wanted to say something, to tell Ian that he didn’t have to put others before himself but he hadn’t been able to. Ian, maybe knowing what Souji had wanted to do, had silenced him before he had been able to utter even a single word. Hormones had taken care of the rest.

It wasn’t until later that day, when most of their team had come and gone, that Souji’s brain remembered what had happened. He had then decided to ask someone else for help.

“King, you should tell him to go.” Souji had looked down after telling their team leader the whole story. “I’m sure he’ll listen to you. Or more like, he’ll let you speak.”

“What makes you think he will, Souji?” Daigo had sat down next to the youngest member of the group. “This isn’t something for me to decide. Ultimately it’s Ian’s own decision. But if you ask me, I think the only one who can help him make that decision is you. It’s you he doesn’t want to leave behind. That’s how strong his feelings are for you.”

Souji had made a sound of frustration but he wasn’t one to give up and really, a part of him knew that Daigo was right.

So he had confronted Ian a few days later.

“It’s you who’s afraid of missing me too much. I’ll be totally fine!” Souji had made a face. “So go already, you idiot. Don’t let me see you back here until you’re done over there.”

“Boy,” Ian had looked at him for a few long moments. Then he had laughed and nodded. “Well then. If that’s how things are, if that’s what you want, then so it shall be.”

After that they had kissed goodbye - they’d made a promise after all, nothing serious before Souji turned 18. The only exception had been that one fateful night before the final battle against Deboss. It could have been their last.


The sound of the school bell brought Souji back to the here and now.

Three more days. Somehow time couldn’t pass fast enough now. Souji wondered how he’d been able to hold out the past few years. Maybe he’d simply used up all his patience now.

The three days passed, excruciatingly slow and yet almost with lightning speed. Tears were shed, hugs were shared and cheers were heard when the seniors left the school grounds for the final time. It was a perfect spring day and the cherry blossoms were starting to bloom, sending a scatter of petals down onto the people filing out of the school gym.

After the Ceremony, Souji went to celebrate briefly with his parents. It felt good to have both of them with him, together. It felt like a real family again. His mother had to leave to go back to work soon after though and his father still had classes at the dojo to tend to. But Souji wouldn’t be alone. He knew his friends were waiting for him, so he made his way to the Spirit Base. Taking a different entrance than the one close to the Tiger Boy, he found the place empty and quiet, much to his surprise. It turned out to be not completely empty though. Someone had been there, waiting for him.

“Congratulations, Boy.” The voice made him whirl around and Souji was almost embarrassed at how his heart seemed to leap into his throat upon seeing the other again after so long.

Ian’s hair had grown out quite a bit and the other had tied it back into a ponytail. It showed off the piercings on his ear and emphasized his neck-line.

“Ian.” Souji couldn’t move for a moment but then his body launched itself forward and he threw himself at the older male in a rare show of emotions. Laughing softly Ian wrapped his arms back around Souji and held him close.

“Miss me?”

“Of course, idiot.” Souji smacked the other none too gently. “You’re back.” A part of him was having a difficult time believing it. Although he couldn’t explain why.

“C’mere. All the sentimental stuff can wait for later.” Ian pushed him away a little bit, only to bring their lips together. Souji kissed the other back desperately. He hadn’t let himself think about the other’s absence too much but of course he hadn’t been able to stop himself from doing it completely. There had been times when he had found his thoughts wandering, where the feeling of longing had gotten almost unbearably strong. All of those moments of longing and loneliness faded away now. Being in Ian’s arms again felt like coming home.

They hadn’t been in touch much for the past few years, agreeing that it might just make the absence more unbearable. Both of them had also been busy with their respective lives. Souji had thrown himself into both his swordsmanship and school. Ian had told him to make up for all the lost time - to have a fulfilled high school life now that his duty as a Kyoryuger didn’t require him to run off into battle anymore. It had helped to ease the loneliness, helped him to push the thoughts away and lock them up securely but never to forget.

All those locked and pent up thoughts and emotions were released now.

Threading his fingers into Ian’s hair, Souji almost felt himself making a sound close to a purr at the feeling of the silky locks brushing against his fingers. There was so much more to hold onto now. So much more to use to pull Ian even closer.

Souji knew it was a bad idea to do it at the Spirit Base. He knew that it was a terrible idea because virtually anyone in their team could just wander in at any moment now but his rationally thinking side was no longer in control of his body - or even most of his mind - right now. His hormones were severely inhibiting any kind of coherent thought process. It had been too long. He wanted the other so much right now, needed him.

Ian’s lips separated themselves from Souji’s own and started to wander down his neck.

Throwing his head back with a moan that would have, under normal circumstances, made his own ears burn in embarrassment, Souji begged, “Ian, please-”

“Shh, I’m on it, boy. Don’t worry.” The fact that Ian wasn’t teasing him or gloating at how he’d made Souji beg showed just how desperate the other was himself. It was a small comfort that Ian was just as hot and bothered as Souji was right now. Absence made the heart grow fonder and all that, huh.

They found a mattress in one of the backrooms of the Spirit Base and Souji let Ian push him down onto it. Ian’s skilled, nimble fingers made short work of Souji’s school uniform. On the other hand, Souji took a while to fumble with Ian’s stupid leather jacket and pants.

Finally he was able to feel Ian’s skin against his own and Souji tried to savor every moment of it as much as he could. So long. So very long.

It was tempting to just stay like this, stay in Ian’s arms and as they both held each other close but he wanted more. “You remember our promise?”

“Of course. What do you think I’m doing right now?” Ian pretended to be a little offended and then proceeded to kiss a trail down Souji’s neck and chest.

True to his words, Ian didn’t leave it at just kisses and gentle touches. Souji wrapped his fingers around Ian when the other started to touch him, returning all of Ian’s caresses as well as he could. He hoped Ian wouldn’t leave it at this either. Souji’s body was almost aching with want. It remembered that one stolen night, that one forbidden night of desperate love making before they had gone into a battle that could have been their last. It remembered and it was longing for it. Longing for those same sensations.

Souji was about to resort to begging once more but Ian’s name died on his lips when he felt something slick entering him. “Ooh!”

“You’ve certainly gotten more vocal in the time I was gone. Can’t say I mind.” Ian mused.

“Don’t get used to it.” Souji grated out. “Today’s an exception.”

“I see.” Ian left it at that and continued to prepare Souji thoroughly.

Thoroughly meant slowly. Souji let out a soft whine when Ian added another finger.


“Ian, I think if you don’t get a move on, Souji will explode.”

Ian would have probably jumped up, if it hadn’t been for Souji’s arms around him holding him down. “Fuck it, King, how long have you-”

A hand grabbed the hood of Daigo’s vest and pulled him back. “King-dono, I told you it was too early still and that it was inappropriate to stay and watch. You’re intruding on their privacy.” Utsusemimaru poked his head around their leader’s form and bowed. “My apologies, Souji-dono, Ian-dono. Do continue. We’ll be back later for the celebrations.” He proceeded to drag Daigo away and there was the sound of them teleporting out of the Spirit Base again.

Souji’s heart was racing as it pumped blood into all kinds of places - his face and his groin being the major two. He felt so embarrassed that he wanted to sink into a deep, dark hole right now but he would be damned if he didn’t drag Ian down with him as well.

“King was right, I will explode if you don’t do something soon.”

“Who are you and what have you done to my innocent boy?” Ian sounded amused and leaned down for a short kiss. “Brace yourself.” He then pulled his fingers out of Souji. The loss made Souji whine a little bit once more - a reflex, he knew there was more to come.

His entire body felt like it had been set on fire when Ian finally pushed inside of him. Souji grabbed hold of Ian and wrapped his arms around the older male. Despite his mind being mostly gone or clouded by lust, Souji was still careful not to dig his fingernails into Ian’s back. He knew the other was sensitive there.

Everything became a blur of feelings and sensations. The melodies of their souls blended together and grew louder and louder until they were almost deafening.

Souji barely remembered when it all came to an end, when he reached his climax and drowned in Ian and everything the other was making him feel. Somewhere in his mind the fact that Ian also came inside of him registered but Souji was not really aware of it.

The world only came back into focus slowly. Souji took his time to recover, took his time to bask in the afterglow. It wasn’t until Ian settled snuggly against his back that Souji moved again. He turned his head a little bit to try and look at the other when Ian wrapped his arms around Souji and held him close. It was a sign to Souji that the other was about to say something. To say something important.

“I’ll be going back to South America and after that will be a trip to the university in England to look at all the collective results. Will you come with me this time, Souji?”

The other actually saying his name still sent shivers down Souji’s spine.

“You bet I will.”

Chapter Text

“My dearest friend! Brain, it is you, isn’t it?” Heart’s face lit up when Brain walked towards him. “So you, too, have evolved and acquired a human form.”

Brain’s pace quickened. “Heart! Yes, I have come this far. I wanted to be reunited with you once more.” He smiled. “How can I be of assistance to you? Tell me anything! This form might be a little limiting but I will do whatever it is that you wish.”

“Limiting, you say? That isn’t true. It might be different from the bodies we were given but it has its own use and functions.” Heart frowned a little bit. “Maybe you shouldn’t be so hasty. Take your time to explore, Brain. I shall accompany you. I shall teach you.”

A sound that sounded like an indignant squeak left Brain’s mouth when Heart pulled on his clothes, discarding the green jacket, grey slacks and everything underneath quickly and almost effortlessly, leaving Brain’s human form bare and naked to the world. “Heart, what are you doing? Ah what is this feeling?” It wasn’t anything he had ever felt before in his Roidmude form. The data from his human told him that this was embarrassment. He was in a state that would be described as ‘flustered’.

“Human bodies have a much stronger, refined sense of touch. Coupled with the ability to feel, it opens up a whole new world.” Heart ran his fingers down Brain’s body. “You picked a very fine specimen, Brain. I approve of your choice.”

The sound that left Brain’s mouth this time was different. Breathier. A moan?

Heart’s fingers didn’t stop, they wandered lower and then they touched a part that hadn’t been there before. A part that was as new as the sensations it made Brain feel, the heat that shot down his body. It was a pleasant feeling.

“Ah, Heart, don’t stop!”

“I do not have the intention to.” Heart’s voice was reassuring, patient and gentle as always.

It was such a strange feeling. Brain felt his legs threatening to give out under him and he grabbed hold of the closest thing, which happened to be Heart’s shoulders, to steady himself. These feeling of pleasure coursing through him, they were exquisite. They were new and entirely wonderful. It was just as Heart had said. Human bodies offered more than he had initially thought they would.

When the pleasure reached its peak, Brain felt himself slipping into what could only be described as pure bliss. He sunk down onto his knees in front of Heart.

After a few moments, he came back to the here and now.

“Let me return the favour, Heart.”

“I would certainly not say no to that, my dear friend.” Heart threaded his fingers into Brain’s soft blond hair gently. “Let’s explore this new life of ours together.”


Chapter Text

Takeru yelped in surprise when he was roughly pushed up against the wall in his room at Daitenkuji. When he saw who had ambushed him in the middle of changing clothes, he blinked. “Makoto-niichan, didn’t you just leave with Al-”

“You dove too deep into my desires. And I’m afraid I cannot let you go again until you fulfill at least one of them. Now that you finally have a body again to experience everything. To feel. I’m sure you missed it, too. The feeling of a human touch.” Makoto’s eyes were dark and intense. “I am speaking from experience.”

Swallowing a lump that had suddenly formed itself in his throat, Takeru tried to suppress a shiver. Oh he had missed the actual feeling of human touch alright. There had been times when he had craved it even. It had taken a lot not to go insane when the others had ‘touched’ him and yet not. Hugs and the like hadn’t felt the same without a body. Sure, he had been a manifested ghost and as such had been touched by others but it just hadn’t felt right. Or rather, there had been no sensation at all really.

He had tried to remember the feeling of a real hug, a real touch and caress many times in order to keep himself from going insane. In order to fool himself. Sometimes it had helped, sometimes it had only made things worse.

And maybe that had been why he had always thrown himself into battles even more recklessly. The pain he felt then had been the only thing that had still been real.

“Makoto-niichan,” his voice sounded a little shaky. “What are you going to-”

The rest of his words got stuck in his throat when Makoto’s fingers slid past the waistband of his pants. They weren’t touching anything good yet but just the thought that they might in a few seconds was drawing a rather embarrassing sound from Takeru.

“Let’s dive even deeper.”

Chapter Text

This was the start of something new. This was some kind of new emotion. Naga could ‘feel’ it and that in itself was new. It had never happened before, for him to be able to ‘tell’ that he was feeling something that he was having some sort of emotion or emotional reaction. It amazed and at the same confused him. It also scared him a little.

Until now, he had not had any emotional reactions at all. Sometimes it had frustrated him but in a quiet moment, he had been glad as well. A part of him knew the consequences of having emotions still. It had been ingrained into every person of his race. If one of their people were to show signs of developing emotions, they would be executed as they posed a threat to the peace and stability of their homeworld. Or undergo ‘reprogramming’.

It was something normal people did not know and had not seen. The reconditioning of those who showed signs of emotions. Naga had also seen people having to rely on medicine to shut out all of their emotions in order to keep living a normal life.

Were emotions really worth all of this? He didn’t know but Naga was willing to find out. And really, being wanted dead by his home system on top of being wanted by Jark Matter wouldn’t really make a difference. What was one more threat?

But back to the present situation.

Emotions and feelings had gotten him a little sidetracked but they had also been the cause for his musings in the first place. It had all started in the aftermath of Scorpio’s demise. Stinger had opened up to the rest of them but also not completely. There were still things the other hid from the others, from them. Naga had only stumbled over the other by chance.

And looking at Stinger’s expression had stirred something inside of him. Naga had reached out to touch the other’s cheek gently and before he could think, words had left his mouth.

“I wish I could absorb those emotions and relief you of them. They are causing you so much pain.” To him, numbing emotions and making them go away had been the natural solution. This was what his people had taught him. On the other hand, it was wishful thinking, to somehow be able to absorb other people’s emotions and make them his own. That way he would finally be able to properly learn and understand the things called feelings and emotions.

Stinger had shaken his head. “They might be causing me pain now but it won’t last forever. The pain is outweighed by something else. So don’t worry. It’s important to feel pain, though. It keeps you in check and it makes sure that in return, you can also feel pleasure and happiness.” Then Stinger had stopped himself and apologized. “I’m sorry I-”

“No, don’t worry. Hearing your explanations about emotions is the only way I can try to make sense of them. So even though I cannot completely understand, I can try to.” Naga had interrupted the other. “So I just learned from you that pain is not always bad.”

“No, it isn’t.”

Naga had pulled his hand away then. The warmth of Stinger’s body still lingered on his palm.

He then realized that Stinger’s tail had wrapped itself around his waist without him noticing. It had been such a gentle touch, almost like an embrace. When Stinger realized - the other had not seemed to have done it consciously - he blushed and quickly uncurled it, freeing Naga. There had been a soft shiver that had gone through Stinger’s body when he let go of him.

And that had been the end of their little exchange.

It hadn’t been the first one - they had talked briefly like this once in a while ever since Naga and Balance had joined the crew and ever since Stinger had ‘returned’ from his mission as a spy. Naga had felt comfortable around the other because Stinger had never been a man for many emotions and feelings and thus was not as confusing and hard to deal with compared to most of the others - at least most of the time. Maybe that had been the same reason Stinger had felt comfortable around him. Naga never judged or asked uncomfortable questions. After all, Naga did not know how to coerce out a reaction based on feelings and emotions.

Their little exchanges had always been comfortable before, sometimes they had just sat in silent companionship. This time had been different though.

And ever since, Naga had felt that strange nagging sensation and it would always return to his thoughts whenever he caught Stinger throwing him looks or glances. He wondered if something was going on with the other as well.

That had been a few days ago now and Naga had found himself pondering about things ever since. He’d look at Stinger and the other would look back but then they would both look away again but Naga could feel something tingling somewhere under his skin and he wondered whether it was mutual or not. If it were the case, it probably wasn’t exactly the same - after all the other had emotions, even though Stinger liked to hide them a lot of the time - but at least something that was comparable. For some reason Naga was almost sure that these confusing feelings were mutual. It was probably the reason why Stinger kept throwing him looks.

Looks that sent shivers down his spine.

In the end it was Kotaro who figured things out for them, albeit purely by accident. It had been after their latest strategy meeting, which Naga had spent half-distracted, that their youngest blurted it out for everyone else on the commando bridge to hear. “Don’t be so oblivious you two! He’s courting you. You two are in the middle of a mating ritual.”

Stinger choked on his drink and immediately had Champ hovering over him worriedly. Spada dropped the platter he had been holding with a soft ‘Mamma Mia’, Hammie’s eyes went wide as did Lucky’s, Garu looked confused, Raptor seemed to be blushing, Balance blinked curiously and Sho Ronpo coughed softly.

Kotaro then lifted up a glass case he had brought from their latest trip from Earth that held a pair of beetles. “Observing nature really is interesting!”

“Kotaro, please be careful about comments you make,” the commander patted their youngest make on the back. “You surprised us for a moment there.”

Everyone else went back to business as usual but for some reason the words would not leave Naga alone. So when everyone dispersed to retire for the time being - there was no day or night in space after all - Naga wandered around and tried to sort out his thoughts.

The people of his home system did not really have something like ‘mating rituals’ or anything of that sort really. Reproduction took place in birth pods. Males and females of their people had to contribute when they became of age or able to and then children were distributed by the government. Everyone looked the same and there were no feelings involved after all so things did not matter, people did not care.

But Naga had heard about the past. He had heard about mating rituals involving people of his species. And one of the things he was pretty sure had been involved in one had been for one of the partners to possessively wrap his limbs around the other.

Kind of like how Stingers tail was wrapping itself around him again right now.



The other was hiding his face behind a hand in - was it embarrassment or something else? Naga couldn’t tell. But Stinger was shivering all over. The shivering, which caused the other’s to outright vibrate, intensified when Naga spoke up and accidentally brushed his fingers over parts of the tail. It pulsed and twitched under his touch.

“Kotaro might have been right.”

“But why?” Naga did not understand.

“Do I look like I know?” Stinger sounded exasperated. He was tugging Naga closer with his tail, until they were within touching distance of each other’s hands and arms. “I just know that for some reason I feel attracted to you and cannot stay away, no matter what I try. And you keep looking at me as well. Which does not help at all.”

The universe was large and cross-species reproduction - as long as both were compatible - was not unheard of. Naga’s own people were said to have been born from one such union. It was frowned upon these days by his people - since they were such a secluded culture - but strangely enough it was neither forbidden nor banned by their laws. As long as no feelings were involved of course. It seemed strange to Naga somehow.

Stinger had pulled him closer with the other’s tail and when Naga stood so close to his comrade, he sensed the pheromones the other was releasing. And he noticed with something akin to wonder and surprise that he was releasing his own. They sent little ripples through the scales on his skin. For Stinger, it seemed to make the other’s skin smooth and hot.

“My room.” Stinger decided then and tugged Naga along and then through one of the doors.

They lost their Kyuranger jackets first and Naga was tugging his shirt over his head when Stinger’s tail uncurled itself from around him. Stinger was taking a while with his clothes, his garments more elaborate than Naga’s and involving many smaller pieces and layers. Naga watched as each article of clothing slid down onto the floor. Many things looked well-worn and also handmade. Something the Scorpion tribe had been known for apparently.

Standing in the room undressed for too long was making Naga feel a little cold, so he went ahead and slid down onto the mattress of Stinger’s bed. He stretched out on his stomach and waited. It was a position he had never taken before. It showed a lot. If not everything.

Naga rarely displayed his more snake-like features. The only exception was when he used the power of his eyes. He wondered whether the others would feel uncomfortable when they saw him like this but then again, more than half of them were not exactly human-looking either, so they probably would not care, now that he thought about it. For some reason he felt especially safe to show Stinger everything right now, so he just laid himself bare.

He was rewarded by Stinger’s fingers gently running down his back, tracing the white and silver scales there as the other crawled over him. The sound Naga made sounded very genuinely like a snake’s hissing sound and the pupils of his eyes dilated into slits. Naga turned around and wrapped his arms around Stinger’s shoulders before he leaned in for a kiss.

When they moved closer to each other, Naga felt something poking his midriff. Something was protruding from between Stinger’s legs, a piston shaped appendage of some sort maybe? No, a sexual organ, Naga remembered. It looked very similar to a human one. Balance had tried to teach him some of that - for fun the other had said - a while ago when they had gone to earth. If Naga recalled it correctly, his friend had called it an erection.

He reached out to touch it gently with his fingers, which made Stinger hiss softly. A sound of pleasure, Naga could tell. That gave him an idea.

“Change with me.” He was already rolling them over, though, so he was not giving the other any option to deny him the request. When he had Stinger on his back, Naga moved lower.

Naga watched as Stinger arched off the bed when he wrapped his long tongue around the other’s erection. Naga liked the soft pulsating of it. It was almost like a heartbeat against his tongue. He could sense the life underneath the skin - the life that could be created with what was waiting to be released.

The pulse reverberated through his body and was echoed by his own sexual organs’. Which had never been active before, so this also took Naga by surprise. Especially the scaly skin pouch that was unfolding itself and opening, aching to be filled.

All members of Naga’s species were hermaphrodites, possessing two sets of sexual organs - it was purely for efficiency and safety reasons. Even if only a single specimen remained, it would be possible to revive their species once more. And there would always be enough people available for reproduction. The split between ‘males’ and ‘females’ was pretty much at random. It was decided by numbers at birth and it only served to divide his people into different working groups with different responsibilities really. There was no such thing as gender identity.

Right now, Naga’s receptive organ was reacting more strongly than his productive one (which was pretty similar to Stinger’s), meaning that his body was recognizing Stinger as the productive source and was willingly adapting to it.

Stinger’s tail came around him again, tugging gently but firmly, trying to get him to let go and come back up again. Naga obliged and uncurled his tongue from around Stinger’s erection.

“Our species seem to be more compatible than others,” Stinger murmured softly. “Maybe that’s why the pull is so strong.” He ran gentle fingers through Naga’s hair. “I want you.” The other’s voice was soft, no more than a whisper, close to Naga’s ear. It sent a rippling wave through his scales again, making them stand up and lie down again, from his neck down to his feet.

“I want you, too.” Naga laid down on his back again and wrapped a leg around Stinger, tugging the other against him and letting Stinger’s appendage brush against his open pouch. “Please.”

It did not take long for Stinger to oblige. When Stinger’s pulsating appendage slid into his pouch and filled him, Naga realized that he was actually feeling something. It was a new sensation, a completely new experience. And it was wonderful.

“What is this feeling?” He asked before he could stop himself.

Stinger merely smiled down at him, “I think it’s pleasure.”

“It’s my first real feeling.” Naga whispered softly. “I am feeling something.”

“I’m glad it’s something like this,” Stinger kissed his forehead. “It’s worthy of being a first.”

Naga found himself agreeing with the other. This definitely was worth becoming something very unforgettable to him. He would make sure to burn it all into his memory.

The physical reminder that Stinger provided him with would help with that.

With the most sensitive nerves running together in his pouch area, Naga could feel every inch of Stinger inside of him and he could feel every slight change as well. The rhythm and pulse changed from one moment to another and when it did, Naga could feel something entering him in small, even waves - it went further than Stinger’s appendage could reach. The thick fluid gathered in his pouch and was enclosed in it as the pouches’ layers began to close again, little by little, as Stinger drew out of him again.

Stinger shivered and then collapsed on top of Naga when he was all the way out again and Naga wrapped his limbs around the other in a reflex. Stinger’s tail also curled itself around him, or both of them actually, protectively. It made sense. They were both at their most vulnerable right now. It made him feel safer. Safe enough to close his eyes and drift off to sleep.

Naga woke up again when he felt Stinger’s tail uncurling from around both of them. It was hard to say how long they had stayed like this - keeping track of time in space was difficult, besides, all of them had a difference sense regarding time in the first place - but Naga felt well rested.

Stinger sat up and Naga got a better look at the other’s back for the first time. He reached up and ran his fingers down the other’s spine, tracing the vertebrae that went from being almost invisible under the other’s skin, to protruding to forming the other’s tail. He also noted that the markings that were on Stinger’s tail were also on the other’s skin, albeit a lot more faint. If one merely glanced at them, they could easily be mistaken for small bruises or maybe even veins.

The tail twitched and then Stinger turned around to look down at Naga.

“This will stay between us?”

“If that is what you want, I will keep silent about it.” Naga nodded.

Stinger took Naga’s hand. “I don’t mean it in a bad way or anything. This isn’t a goodbye or something. No once off. Warriors of my people do not do that.” The Scorpion tribe was a loyal one - which had made Scorpio’s betrayal all the more unbearable and unbelievable probably.

Sitting up fluidly and gracefully like a snake, Naga wrapped his arms around Stinger and then guided the other’s hand down to his now closed pouch. It was the only spot on his body that was warm now. Both due to there being some residue of Stinger’s heat but also because of what was inside of Naga. “My people do not have intercourse for the mere sake of pleasure. Whenever this happens it happens for the sake of reproduction.”

That made Stinger’s eyes widen slightly.

“I can choose when it happens, though. It’s a protective mechanism.” Naga rested his head on Stinger’s shoulder. “And it won’t stop me from doing something like this again.” And he definitely wanted a repeat of the previous night. Or many. So he would be able to feel something.

Ah, feelings and emotions sure were dangerous things. Now that Naga had gotten a taste of them, he did not think that he would be able to stop. But that had been what he wanted, right?

This had been what he had decided was even worth dying for.

Chapter Text

It started harmlessly, with Leo touching him more than what might have been necessary but the other had always been a friendly fellow and well, being a big cat, it was all about touching and being touched. Yamato hadn’t minded.

Then Leo had started to actively rub against him and had initiated more than mere subtle touches but ones that required a little more attention. Again, nothing Yamato couldn’t deal with and couldn’t just brush off as cat-like behaviour from the other.

When Leo started to breathe down his neck and lick his nape, things started to get a little bit harder to ignore and brush off. It was also too late to escape now.

Leo had him pinned down onto the bed and was more or less rutting against him.

“Leo,” his voice came out a lot breathier than Yamato would have liked. It was almost a moan. And could you blame him, it wasn’t like something like this was not getting him at least a little bit aroused as well. “What-”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know what this is all about. You did not reject me. So this is the natural course that things go.” Leo looked down at him and there was a slightly dangerous gleam in the other’s eyes. It was a predator looking at his prey.

Willing prey.

Yamato swallowed. Yeah, somewhere at the back of his mind he had known. And somewhere at the back of his mind, he was still curious. There were many things one could learn just from simple observation but there were also things that were best learned when experienced first-hand. It wouldn’t be a first.

“Be gentle with me?”

“Heh, if that’s all?” Leo grinned and then ripped off Yamato’s clothes, claws tearing through the fabric all too easily but they were careful not to tear skin in the process as well.

Yamato wanted to protest that for a moment but he did not have time to do so. Leo quickly made him forget about what he had been about to say or do. The pleasure started to cloud his thoughts and Yamato succumbed to it.

He only emerged briefly - like a whale going up to the surface to breathe before diving deep into the ocean again. The moments when he did emerge were strangely enough just after the times when he was plunged into the pleasure the deepest, just after he had reached his climax. The moments were very brief at first but got longer as time passed.

As his body started to feel the limits of its human abilities. He had lost count of how many times they had ‘mated’. Leo’s recovery time was a lot shorter than his and Yamato swore that he had kept up better than other humans might have. But he had his limits and he knew they were about to be reached. When Leo came inside of him the next time Yamato passed out.

When he came to again, he was lying on his bed and was aching all over.

“What made you think that you could possibly keep up with Leo?” a disapproving voice asked and then Yamato felt the sting of something being applied to his back. “It’s a good thing you like to wear long sleeves and a scarf. You’re a piece of art right now.”

Ah, scratches. Yamato winced.

“What happened to him?”

“I think he kept going even though you were unresponsive but then he went to find another outlet for his excess energy. Once Lion Zyumen get going, they’re hard to stop. Both males and females. Their normal mating rituals can last for hours on end. A couple might even forget to eat, sleep and drink while they’re at it.” The salve was put onto the nightstand. “I am surprised you lasted as long as you did. Considering you’re only human.”

Yamato sank down onto the pillows again. “Part of me is surprised, too.”

“Get some rest, you reckless researcher.”

“Thanks, Tusk.”

Chapter Text

The shiver that ran down his spine stemmed both from arousal and fear. Those two seemingly conflicting and contradicting things seemed to mesh together seamlessly when it came to being with the other. It was the natural reaction of the two beings that were united inside of him. Wataru’s human side was scared while his Fangire side was more than interested. And the latter was winning the battle for dominance right now.

“That’s right, Wataru. Let your instincts take over.” The words were punctuated by the other’s lips joined the gloved hands on his bare neck and back.

From the corner of his eyes, Wataru could see how the room suddenly started to have colorful spots dancing around inside of it, as if someone was shining light through stained glass. It could only mean one thing. Their Fangire sides were showing.

“So beautiful.”

When something slick and hot entered him, Wataru arched up and felt himself getting pulled back against another body. The motion brought him down on the other’s shaft even further and drew a moan from his throat that sounded so lewd it was making his ears burn. It was almost unthinkable that he was capable of producing such sounds.

“Let me hear more of that.”

Ah, of course the other had noticed, too. And just like Wataru would coax sound of his violins, the other now tried to coax more of those sounds out of him. Rather successfully.

The force of his orgasm was almost enough to knock him out and Wataru collapsed back against the body behind him. His world was a blur of colours that only came back into focus when the other laid him down and crawled above him to caress him and press their lips together in a gentle kiss.

“You’re mine, aren’t you, Wataru? You won’t leave me.”

“I won’t, Taiga. I won’t.”

Chapter Text

Having people at his disposal to do with as he pleased was great. What made things even better was the fact that some of them were rather visually pleasing.

One of the ones who fell into that group was the young doctor he had recently gotten to ‘cooperate’ with him. It would be such a waste not to use this great opportunity.

“What else is there that you want me to do?”

“Ah, it’ll be an easier task this time.” Masamune smirked.

“Anything. I will do anything.”

Ah, such obedience. This was why he liked him so much. The male worked just like a game piece, just like an avatar in a videogame, doing as Masamune commanded him to.

“Get on your knees, Hiro. Over here.” He spread his legs. That should be enough of a hint.

There was hesitation in the other’s eyes.

Ah, he could provide some more motivation. Masamune smirked. “Or do you not want to become the best surgeon in the world? Who knows, if I become too sexually frustrated, I might go on a rampage and accidentally destroy things.”

That got the other to move.

Masamune ran his fingers through the soft hair appreciatively when Hiro obediently pleasured him. The young doctor was quite good with his mouth and tongue, maybe as good as the other was with his hands.

“Good boy.”

Chapter Text

Stinger was hurting all over when he entered the galley on the Orion and poured himself a cup of coffee. He needed it to wash down the painkillers.

To his surprise, someone else was there as well, sipping on a cup of what seemed like tea.



They acknowledged each other.

Then Stingers eyes fell onto something on Naga’s wrist. It had become visible because the other’s sleeve had slipped up a little bit. He made a face and then downed his coffee and the medicine he had nabbed from the medical bay.

His container joined another one in the trash.

“Balance?” He asked once he was done.

“Temperature adjustment. His species is a lot less sensitive to it.” Naga replied and then looked at Stinger. “Same?”

Stinger shook his head. Then he blushed a bit and looked away. “Size.”

“Ah. Champ isn’t exactly-”

“I know!” He cut the other off before Naga could say anything. Hearing it out lought might be even more mortifying than just thinking it AND admitting it.

At least with Naga it was okay because the other would keep it to himself. Just like Stinger would keep the information the other had given him to himself. “Let’s not talk about it.”

“I wonder why he is equipped with it, though.” Naga suddenly spoke up again. “If it was his creator, or whether it was Rebellion.”

Stinger really did not want to think about something like that. He really wished he had Naga’s unfeelingness right now. “Let’s really just not think or talk about it.”

Some things should just be left unsaid.

Chapter Text

“Lucky, are you sure you want to-”

“If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here, right? I would actually think of myself as rather lucky to be here with you like this right now. This does not happen every day.”

As if knowing that his words would not be enough to ease Garu’s worries, the leader of the Kyurangers moved his hips then, causing Garu’s shaft to slide further into him. The knot went past the ring of muscle of Lucky’s anus and Garu howled softly at the tightness and heat that engulfed him.

There was no holding back anymore now. They could no longer be separated until they had both consumed this passion. Garu’s own hips snapped forward to meet Lucky’s.

Abstinence had apparently pulled a number on Garu, or otherwise, Lucky just had a lot of stamina for a human - or at least humanoid - but their orgasms came at around the same time. Garu pulled out of Lucky again when he had spent himself, to the last drop.

Lucky flopped down onto the mattress with a grin. “I am so lucky. It felt totally good!”

Chapter Text

He had always thought that he would die a virgin. He did not deserve love after all and he was way too unattractive for someone to notice him. Needless to say someone like Yamato.

The other was-

“Micchan, if you beat yourself up while we’re in bed like this, I will unleash my instincts on you,” Yamato’s voice pulled Misao out of his thoughts again. The other wrapped his legs around his waist and pulled him down so that their hardening cocks brushed against each other, eliciting soft sounds of pleasure from both of them. “Come on!”

“Ah, Yamato, I am incredibly so-”

The rest of his apology was cut off by a kiss and Misao finally decided that yes, it was time to stop thinking and time to take action instead. To let his instincts guide him.

“Go wild.”

“I shall unleash my inner beast.”

Chapter Text

The flush of his cheeks starting to spread down across his shoulders, it seemed like the feeling was mutual because the other was squirming against him and Takaharu could feel the other’s interest more than he could see it at this point. It was starting to bump against his thigh. Of course Yakumo was not going to admit it. At least not quite yet.

“This situation is definitely not easy.” Yakumo promptly looked up. He was trapped under Takaharu on the futon. “What’s the meaning of this, Takaharu?”

“I would’ve thought that you of all people would have figured it out the moment I jumped you. Don’t make me explain things. You’re the smarter one.” Takaharu feigned innocence.

It wasn’t working on the other obviously.

“I know we’re not the stealthiest ninja out there but this is a little sad, Takaharu.”

Takaharu grinned. “Well, this will make things faster then. Because you’re not so stealthy yourself right now either. And since I’m nice, I’m going to let you choose.”

Yakumo snorted, “You’re making this too easy for me.”

Chapter Text

“Love is a game.” Parado climbed onto Emu’s lap. “And I’m going to win it.”

Emu swallowed. He couldn’t find his voice and thus couldn’t reply or comment on what the other had said. He had a feeling where Parado was going with this though. After all the other was him. And he was the other. Somewhere at the back of their minds, they were in synch. Somewhere deep down, he wanted what the other was offering.

And not only did Parado know what he wanted, the other also knew what he liked.

A lewd moan left Emu’s lips and his hips jerked upwards.

“Just like that.”

“I know. Come on, Emu. You, too! I don’t want this game to be too one-sided.”

It did go both ways, didn’t it? Although judging from Parado’s reaction, the other was not as accustomed to it as Emu was. Parado’s knowledge was merely second-hand. This was his first time experiencing things himself. Emu hoped he could make things worthwhile.

They pushed each other closer and closer towards the sweet release.

Parado smiled and whispered into Emu’s ear, “My heart is dancing with joy, Emu. This feeling, it’s something I haven’t experienced before. I like it. Give me more of it.”

The words were enough to push Emu over the edge.

He might have lost this round but he wouldn’t lose the next one. Two could play this game.

Chapter Text

Stinger groaned when the other entered him. And then when Lucky moved and hit a sensitive spot, he accidently snapped his tail forward and whacked the other male’s backside with it. His tail connected with Lucky’s skin with a loud smacking sound.

He was about to apologize but then Lucky moaned loudly and thrust into Stinger harder.

“You liked that? You’re a pervert.” Stinger commented.

Lucky grinned. “You just got lucky. But I guess so did I. That felt good! Do it again?”

Chapter Text

“Graphite!” Emu’s eyes widened and he tried to reach for his Gashat but the Bugster was faster than he was. Graphite dashed forward and within the blink of an eye, had Emu pinned against the wall. Smirking, the other leaned in closer, right into Emu’s personal space.

A shiver went down the doctor in training’s spine.

Graphite’s smirk widened. “I didn’t notice this before but now it’s quite obvious. How interesting. How very, very interesting.”

“What do you mean?” Emu asked.

“Your cluelessness makes it even more interesting.” Graphite chuckled darkly. “I can’t wait til you and your friends find out, Doctor Wannabe.”

“I am not a wannabe, I am just still in training!” Emu protested.

“Whatever you say.”

The rest of what Emu would have wanted to say was silenced when Graphite leaned in to claim his lips. For some reason something in his brain seemed to short circuit at the contact. He kissed Graphite back with vigor and a hunger he had not known he possessed. Emu stopped resisting, stopped pushing against Graphite and just let the other do as he pleased.

Graphite used that to shove a hand down Emu’s jeans.

A lame joke about game joysticks came to mind but he brushed it aside.

Emu was reduced to soft moans. His eyes slipped shut as he focused completely on Graphite’s hand pleasuring him. There was more than that though. Some kind of feeling was coursing through his veins, a strong, hot feeling.

Once he had reached his climax, he slid down to the floor and slumped over.

“A bit too intense for a human?” Graphite wiped his hand on the pristine white doctor’s coat the other was wearing, staining it.

Then he looked up and grinned. “Ah, there you are.”

“I am not sure if I like this game you’re playing here, Graphite.” Parad frowned.

Graphite wrapped an arm around his fellow Bugster. “You’ll come to like it, I’m sure.”

Chapter Text

“Shinnosuke,” Chase spoke up while he and the other were having a drink in the cafeteria.

“What is it?” Shinnosuke asked and took a sip from his drink after taking another bite of his food. It was a slow day so he was able to have a proper meal for once.

“Can you tell me what a kiss is like?”

Shinnosuke promptly choked on his drink.


Coughing, Shinnosuke replied, “Uhm, well, kisses are hard to explain. Why?”

“The human I copied was apparently not equipped with this knowledge. And after hearing about these things from a few people, I got curious.” Chase admitted.

“Ah well, you see,” Shinnosuke tried to look for words. “Kisses have to be felt. To be experienced. You can’t just explain them with words. You can’t just make data out of them. It’s pretty complicated.”

Chase hummed thoughtfully. “Then, would you be willing to help me with that then?”

Shinnosuke blinked and took another sip from his drink. “With what exactly?”

“Let’s kiss.”

Water went spraying all over the table as Shinnosuke promptly choked again. He really needed to learn not to drink anything while he was around Chase.

“...swear you will not tell anyone about it. Ever. And I mean ever!” A Roidmude like Chase would probably outlive all of them but still. Better be safe than sorry. Shinnosuke looked at the other, expression dead serious. “Do not tell anyone.”

“If that’s what it takes.” Chase nodded.

Shinnosuke swallowed and then leaned in. Here’s hoping he wouldn’t regret this decision.

Chapter Text

Brain flailed and bolted to find a safe place to stay in until he had calmed his racing heart. This was such an anomaly! It was not supposed to happen! He was the brain for fucks sake. The heart was not supposed to control his actions, although well, Heart was actually the reason for this whole mess. So maybe there was some kind of logical connection he had not quite figured out yet. But he would. He was the brain after all.

Biting his handkerchief, he took a few deep breaths.

All illogical thoughts and actions aside, this actually felt- nice? Brain didn’t really know for sure. These kinds of feelings were new to him. Or feelings at all. Could Roidmudes feel? Or was it some sort of side-effect from copying a human? Maybe it was a simulation.

“Brain, my dear friend, are you not well?” Suddenly Heart appeared right in front of him and placed a hand onto his head, gently scrunching up his hair. “If there is anything, please tell me. I do not want you to suffer all by yourself.”

“Heart,” the pitch of his voice was even higher than usual and Brain tried not to flail visibly. He hated this, this illogical and almost uncontrollable thing. It was like he was short circuiting or something like that. A terrible glitch in his system. And yet. “It’s nothing bad. I am just trying to cope with this new form and all that comes with it.” There, that sounded logical and like him, right? It also wasn’t a lie.

He didn’t want to lie to Heart.

The smile that appeared on the other’s face sent him on an emotional rollercoaster once more. “I see. It does seem to take a while to get used to. But I’m glad you’re fine.”

Ah, he really liked this attention the other was giving him. And Brain found himself resolved once more that if it really had to come down to it, he would gladly die for the other. If it was for Heart, there was nothing he wouldn’t do, really. He didn’t hate this. Not really. Really.

Chapter Text

The first thing Daigo noticed when he came into the Spirit Base was that the melody that usually surrounded the Kyoryugers was in a horrible discord.

“Hey Ucchi, what on earth happened?” He asked Utsusemimaru, who seemed to be looking back and forth with a worried and troubled expression on his face.

“King-dono!” The other looked relieved to see him but then the worried expression was back on his face. “It appears that Souji-dono and Ian-dono had a fight. Or well, are still in the process of having one,” Utsusemimaru updated their leader. Just then Ian slammed his communicator onto the table angrily.

“That’s it. I’m leaving. Oh don’t look at me like this is all my fault, Souji. Half of this is all yours!” And with that he left the base.

Souji grumbled angrily, “Right back at you. Go wherever you want I am done with you!”

Daigo winced. “He called him Souji. This is serious.”

“I have not seen Ian-dono quite this emotional before. Or Souji-dono for that matter.” Utsusemimaru seemed at a loss.

Souji also packed up his things and left the Spirit Base. If there had been a door, he probably would have slammed it on his way out.

Amy sighed. “I guess both of them have reached a breaking point.”

“Do you know what’s going on?” Daigo asked.

“Ian is stressed and I totally get him,” Amy crossed her arms. “I heard he got word from his parents to you know, get married and settle down. Gentle gets on my case, too but I’ve been able to keep him at bay, saying I’m still young and need more experiences first before I can settle down and think about marriage. But Ian is older than I am, so I guess people are more persistent. And well, you know how Ian likes to have his freedom. And most of all, for all the girlfriends he has, he’d never consider any of them for something permanent. His heart does not belong to a woman. It only belongs to one person.”


“Yeah. And maybe that’s only adding to the stress. Ian realizing just how strongly he feels for Souji, how serious he is about the other, it might be scaring him. You know how bad he is with his emotions and being honest with them.” Amy sighed.

“Definitely. What about Souji?”

“I think he has his own sources of stress. The one-sided love from Rin for one. I think he feels honoured that she is feeling so deeply for him but it is also troubling him because he does not return those feelings. And then he’s coming to terms with his sexuality and there are other students around him who tease him about things. And who knows what his parents might think of everything. He also has exams to worry about.” Amy worried the hem of her shirt. “On top of it, he isn’t the best with emotions and all that either. He’s better than Ian but he lacks experience?”

Daigo ruffled his own hair, “Aaah, this is so complicated!”

“You guys worry too much,” Nobuharu appeared with some drinks for everyone. “Why don’t we just let them be? Who knows, it might blow over again and they’ll be back to normal before we know it. Shouldn’t waste our energy on it.”

But things didn’t go back to normal. Ian and Souji did not show their faces at the Spirit Base at the same time over the course of the following week. And if they had to share the same room, neither of them would look at the other. They still functioned as part of the team and all but one could definitely tell that something was ‘off’.

And then Ian vanished.

At this point, even Nobuharu was starting to get a little frustrated with the situation.

“Maybe we should do something. Neither of these stubborn mules will budge.”

Daigo crossed his arms and shook his head. “Nah, leave them be, Nossan. They’ll come around. Or well, Souji will.” He looked over to where their youngest was seemingly doing his homework at the table. “Ian already did. I know that for a fact. But he can’t take the first step. Souji has to be brave enough to do that.”

“You talked to Ian?”

“Briefly, yeah. And man, he did a couple of brave things.” Daigo hummed. Then he smiled when he saw Souji putting his pencil down, “I think it’s about time.”

It took another two days but then Souji turned up at the Spirit Base looking a little restless.

“Sorry Souji. I don’t have any ideas where he could be,” Nobuharu looked at their youngest apologetically. “He has gone and is gone.”

“I am equally clueless, I’m afraid, Souji-dono,” Utsusemimaru apologized as well.

Amy could only offer a shrug and Daigo raised his hands in a ‘nope’ gesture.

“None of you have heard of or seen Ian, really?” the brunette looked down. “None of his girlfriends have seen him in all this time either. Where on earth could he b-” Souji blinked. Ian would be in the last place he’d look at. In a place that was so obvious that Souji would carelessly overlook it. He was so dumb!

He dashed out of the Spirit Base.


Souji ran down the hall of the dojo and into the living quarters. He went past those of his father and his own and stopped in front of the guest rooms. Ian, clad only in a black kimono, looked up when the door was thrown open. He smirked.

“I knew it wasn’t your honorable father when I heard your loud footsteps, boy.” Ian greeted him and wiggled his fingers in a sloppy wave.

“You were here all along.” Souji was slightly out of breath. “And I didn’t notice.”

“But you figured it out now.” Ian shrugged.

Eyes narrowing, Souji stepped into the room and slid the door shut behind himself. He made his way over to where the other was still sitting. “You knew I would.”

“Eventually. Yes.” Ian held Souji’s gaze.

Without any further ado and without uttering another word, Souji grabbed the collar of Ian’s kimono and yanked the other in for a kiss. The other let him take the lead for a few kisses and until they had rolled onto the futon spread out in the corner of the room but then Ian flipped them over and pinned Souji down.

The kimono was sliding off of one of Ian’s shoulders, baring the other’s pale skin. Skin that was covered with scars in some places.

For a moment, the other stopped, as if he was waiting for some kind of signal.

Souji blinked and wondered whether or not he should say or do anything but then he heard it. He heard their melodies beginning to rise in volume around them until they were almost deafeningly loud. When they reached their peak, Ian dove down and Souji found himself drowning in the darkness the other brought over him.

It was a pleasant darkness, a gentle, velvety black.

Ian was nothing but gentle with him but Souji already knew the other’s game. And he had learned. As a now 18 year old male he had had more than enough resources at his disposal.

He waited for the right timing, for just after Ian had finally entered him fully and was pausing to let both of them adjust to the sensations. Ian took things slow and even though it was very sensual it was still passionate in its own way. Souji always enjoyed it but that didn’t mean that he didn’t want to experiment a bit.

So when Ian let his guard down a little bit, Souji rolled them over and straddled Ian, sinking down even further onto Ian’s cock. The other’s sounds of protests were cut off when Souji place his hands on Ian’s chest to hold him down and then started to move his hips.

It took all of the bravery he could muster - to overcome the embarrassment and the nerves - but Souji thought it was worth it. His pace was fast and hard and yet all of his movements were calculated, every roll of his hips as planned as the slashes and hits of his sword. And they all hit home, just like Ian’s shots would.

Maybe it was a combination of the effort and pleasure that momentarily knocked Souji out when he went over the threshold of pleasure and plunged straight into a pool of bliss.

When he came to again, he was lying on his side and in Ian’s arms. His heart was still racing. His skin was covered by a sheen of slowly cooling sweat. Souji lifted an arm - it felt heavier than it should - and wrapped it around the other in return.


“There’s no turning back now. You’re stuck with me. Souji.” Ian whispered softly. “There will be no one else but you.” He laughed softly. “Well, there hasn’t been in a long time now.”

“That means you’ll also be stuck with me.” Souji rested his forehead against Ian’s.

Chapter Text

“We’re pretty similar, aren’t we?” Emu looked a Sento. “A scientist-”

“And a doctor. Fighting to protect people. For love and peace in the world. Yes, I would think so,” Sento agreed. “It’s been a pleasure to do so together.”

Emu smiled. “Pleasure is mine.”

“Having someone you love must be nice. I could tell from the way he acted that you mean a lot to him.” Sento looked over to where Parad was.

“Ah but there’s nothing you need to be jealous about? Don’t you have someone who cares about you as well? Someone who’ll go to great lengths to do something for you?” Emu smiled and stopped Sento before the other could say anything or rebutt, “Even if it means causing you one hell of a lot of trouble sometimes.”

Sento blinked. “I...guess?”

Chuckling softly Emu suddenly shivered. “Ah and Parad and I, what we have is a little special. It’s different from what most people have.” His eyes glowed red and then he smirked at Sento. “If you want a piece of that then how about this. I’ll show you something that’ll definitely make your heart beat faster in excitement.”

The shorter male then pressed a kiss onto Sento’s lips.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Banjou stalked over but before he could do anything, Emu had already pulled away with a small smirk on his lips that reminded Sento more of Parado than Emu when he thought about it.

Before he was far enough away, Emu whispered, “Jealousy makes for a great game. One that will really and truly make your heart jump with joy.”

Sento could only blink.

Chapter Text

“Mh, I guess I’ll put this to good use.” A wet sucking sound could be heard and for a moment Eiji wondered what Ankh was talking about. The question got stuck in his throat.

Eiji gasped in surprise when he felt something slick and cold enter him. “Ankh, did you just-?!” He moaned when Ankh pulled the object out again but then proceeded to push it pack inside - deeper this time. “Oh god you did!”

He could hear rather than see the other raise an eyebrow. “You seem to be enjoying it, Eiji.”

“I can’t believe that you’re doing this. After all this time,” Eiji was laughing a little though. He wasn’t completely surprised to be really honest.

“You better make up for the popsicle I just wasted on you.” Ankh murmured and leaned in closer to Eiji’s ear, pressed kisses onto Eiji’s hot skin.

“How about this, I want more. I want you. All of you, Ankh,” Eiji turned around, as much as he could, and caught a glimpse of blond hair.

Ankh smirked. “Is that greed that I hear in your voice? Very well. I won’t say no to that.”

Chapter Text

“Mind if I join you, Captain?” Joe sat down next to Marvelous and then set down a pair of glasses and a bottle. “I brought another friend as well.”

Marvelous chuckled, “Very well.” He downed the first shot without even flinching and then asked for another, which Joe poured with an amused smile on his face.

“What are you thinking about, Marvelous? It’s not like you to be unable to sleep.”

“I could say the same about you,” Marvelous downed another shot. “And I would bet it’s for the same reasons, too that you cannot seem to sleep either.” He looked ahead. “We’re almost there. This is the last place. This place has the key to all the keys.”

A small blue dot appeared in the distance.


Marvelous’ smile widened. “The anticipation is keeping me up. We’re so close.”

“We are indeed,” Joe nodded, a smaller smile tugging up the corners of his lips. “You know this but I will follow you. No matter what.”

“So loyal,” Marvelous leaned over and stole a kiss. “Thanks.”

Chapter Text

Shotaro looked at Philip’s back as he stepped into the underground lair. The physical distance between them wasn’t big. A few steps and he’d be at the other’s side.

But there was a distance between them that seemed almost infinitely large.

“You’re someone so far out of my reach. I cannot even hope to be on the same level with you. Even just standing next to you seems blasphemous sometimes. We live in different worlds, we are from different worlds. Opposites attract, they say, opposites complement each other, they say but you know, sometimes, it’s also good to have the understanding of someone who knows. Who’s seen and experienced the same things.” Shotaro looked at the other. “Maybe Shroud is right. I’m not a good match for you. And you might not be a good match for me. I’m not a good match for you, Philip.”

He took a deep breath, “But.” He silenced the other’s attempt to speak. Shotaro looked into Philip’s eyes. “But I want to be. I want to be the one by your side.”

Shotaro averted his eyes again. “I am a selfish man, Philip.”

He blinked when he felt arms coming around him. “I know you are. And you can be. Be as selfish as you want. Tie me, bind me, shackle me to you. For I do not want to leave your side. I do not care if you hold me back, as you say. Because I like being here. I do not need to go anywhere else. As exciting as possibilities may be, they are also scary. And who knows what would await me.” Philip said softly.

“Remember when we first met? I asked you whether you had the courage to ride with the devil. I couldn’t do it alone. Couldn’t have done it without you. It took both of us to do it.”

His grip on Shotaro grew tighter. “You bring out the best in me.”

“Was the last book you read from the library about how to be sentimental or something? Or is that the wrong word,” Shotaro tried to sound aloof but was - of course - doing a terrible job at it. He was half-boiled after all. He couldn’t hide his feelings easily.

Chapter Text

“The question is how an idiot like Banjo could get through to me even though nothing else could. It’s not just that he punched me hard enough or something because that did not work before.” Sento rambled, more to distract himself than to really think about matters.

Too many things were happening at once. Everything was slowly but surely falling into chaos. There were so many things he should be thinking about but he did not want to focus on them - at least at this moment. So he tried to distract himself - and maybe everyone else - with something else. Create a moment to breathe.

“Maybe because he, unlike me, was able to get all the way through.” Misora theorized.

Sento blinked, “Eh?”

“All the way through. To your heart. Because the only thing strong enough to stop the brain is the heart. The heart is the only thing the brain cannot control completely even if it tries.”

There she was again, the Misora who sounded so much older than she should. The Misora who had seen and experienced more pain and suffering than most other girls her age. Pain and suffering that had made her age inside, made her old before her time.

“Why would he, out of all people-”

Misora stopped Sento before he could continue, by poking his chest.

“The answer is right here, Sento. You know it but you’re not admitting it.” She looked up at him. “And nothing will happen unless you do because we both know that he’s too stupid.”

“What if I don’t want anything to happen?”

“You’re a terrible liar, Sento.”

Later that night, Sento sat down onto the small bed in the basement lair. Banjo was already passed out on one side of it. Sento looked at the other’s peaceful expression and then heaved a sigh. He couldn’t believe this. And yet he couldn’t deny it either.

There was something between them. There had been right from the start.

At first Sento had thought that it had just been because their fates had been so similar and that he was feeling some sort of odd companionship towards the other.

But with time he had realized that it had not just been that. There had been more to it.

Banjo had lit a flame inside of Sento that hadn’t been there before. At times the flame was warm and comforting and Sento could draw strength and happiness from it. At other times it was too hot for him to handle and all that came from it were pain and suffering.

Misora had told him that there was only one thing that could do something like that to you.


“All that thinking of yours is keeping me awake.” Banjo suddenly spoke up and cracked an eye open to look at Sento. “Shut off your brain for once and relax, okay? You’re human. All the pain you’re feeling should be more than enough proof of that. And humans need to sleep to function. Someone who is supposed to be a genius should know that much, right? It’s basic biology or something. For a genius you really are stupid sometimes. Now, sleep.”

Banjo pulled him down onto the mattress and then kept his arms around him. “I’m not letting you move until you really have to. I’ll punch you and knock you out if I must.”

“This is a really stupid idea. As expected of something that comes from an idiot like you,” Sento rolled his eyes but then muttered, “But I don’t hate it.”

“Ha.” Banjo smiled triumphantly and then yawned. “Now, sleep.”

The even rhythm of Banjo’s breathing and the warmth of the other’s body pressed against his back eventually lulled Sento to sleep and for once, his brain did shut off for a bit.

Love. Hah.

So unscientific.

And yet fascinating.

Chapter Text

“Woah, Keiichiro-senpai! You didn’t have to come all the way here. I’m okay. I’m sure you have more important things to do than to check on me,” Sakuya sat up on the bed. He hid the slight pain and discomfort the movement caused. The wound wasn’t bad enough to warrant a night in the hospital but the doctors wanted to observe him for a night to make sure that the injury induced by a Gangler weapon would heal normally.

Keiichiro strode over and pushed Sakuya back down. “There’s nothing more important than the life of my comrades. Of course fighting the Ganglers and protecting people is important and our duty but taking care of my team is also one.” Then he looked at Sakuya, expression mellowing out a little bit. “Taking care of you.”

Sakuya smiled brightly, “Keiichiro-senpai!”

“You,” Keiichiro made a face at Sakuya, “Wipe that smile off your face. And promise me right here and right now that you’re never going to do something stupid like that again. Thanks to your actions we’re indebted to those bloody thieves now.”

“I’m sorry,” Sakuya stopped smiling, as requested and his head drooped a little.

Sighing, Keiichiro crossed his arms and then muttered under his breath, “There is no replacement for you, you hear? So you have to promise me to take care of yourself and to not do something stupid like that again. Something stupid that might endanger any of the members of the team, including yourself.”

Sakuya knew that Keiichiro took promises very seriously. He felt a little warm and fuzzy inside because the other cared so much about him as well, though so he wasn’t feeling completely down.

Raising his hand for a salute, he smiled, “I promise.”

“Good. That-”

Pushing himself up again, Sakuya cut the other off before Keiichiro could finish.

“You seal promises like that with a kiss, Keiichiro-senpai,” Sakuya grinned.

Keiichiro spluttered.

Chapter Text

They could see the little boy playing games with Nico from the window.

“Trainee, please explain.” Hiiro looked at Emu. “Who is that kid?”

Emu looked up at Parad, who was grinning and then sighed. “I wish I could.”

“Who is he.” This time it was Taiga asking - or rather, demanding.

“Well, he’s half-human half-Bugster because his parents are a human and a Bugster. Do not ask me how the procreation works because I haven’t the slightest.” Emu finally got out.

Hiiro raised an eyebrow, “Bugsters and humans can procreate?”

“Oh for fucks’ sake,” Taiga grunted.

Poppi blnked, “That’s possible?”

“I guess it is?” Emu squirmed. “It’s not quite the same as giving birth to a human child, though. Although I think it’s different from giving birth to a Bugster as well.”

“Were you there when it happened?” Hiiro asked.

Taigo crossed his arms, “Answer, Emu.”

Emu averted his eyes.

Finally, Parad spoke up, “Oh yes he was. He’s the mother after all.” He grinned.

Hiiro dropped the knife and fork he had been holding, Taiga’s eyes widened, Poppi slapped both hands over her mouth and Emu looked like he wanted to sink into the floor.

Chapter Text

“I know you love all the team stuff and I know you love all of us but you need to take one for the team all the time and rely on the rest of us a bit more. Or it’ll end up like this,” Ian looked at Daigo and crossed his arms.

Daigo laughed softly and looked up from where he was lying on a hospital bed. “Ah, I’m sorry Ian. I’ll be more careful in the future? Maybe.”

“Oh my, why do I even worry about you?” Ian let out a long suffering sigh but then gently put a hand onto Daigo’s arm. “Feel better soon, okay?”

Amy appeared next to Ian. “Ian is right, King. Don’t do something rash again, okay? We need you and most of all, we care about you.”

“Yeah please rely on us more,” Souji added from Ian’s other side.

Nobuharu was on the opposite side of the bed, along with Utsusemimaru. “Alright y’all no more tal-king. A man needs to rest or it’ll give him the rest.”

“Well said, Nossan-dono,” Utsusemimaru smiled.

“Only Ucchi would be polite enough to compliment that,” Ian rolled his eyes. “Oh my.” But he complied and left with the rest of the gang. Well, most of them.

“You don’t have to stay here, Ucchi? I’ll be fine. And well, I guess I should rest,” Daigo looked at Utsusemimaru, who had stayed behind.

The samurai smiled warmly and sat down on a chair next to the bed. “But nobody said that you had to do that all by yourself, King-dono. And it would be no different from what you did that got you into this situation. It’s courageous to do something like that, to charge in all by yourself but it’s brave to ask other people to help you.”

“You got me there,” Daigo laughed softly. “Thanks for keeping me company, Ucchi.”

Chapter Text

Joe had to leave it up to Marvelous to do something like this in the most dangerous location do to it on the galleon. Well, it was also the flashiest place and way of doing this kind of thing, so maybe he shouldn’t be surprised. Being flashy was Marvelous’ forte after all.

“I don’t think your mouth is going to be enough, Joe. As talented as it is.” Marvelous interrupted Joe’s musings. “Come up here.”

Letting Marvelous’ cock slip from his lips with a wet pop, Joe rose from his position between the other’s legs and then looked down at Marvelous, who was sitting on the captain’s chair with his legs spread. “Up here, you mean-”

“Ride me.”

His captain didn’t beat around the bush. Joe appreciated straightforwardness. Why make things unnecessarily complicated?

Stripping off his pants, Joe straddled Marvelous. “Don’t complain when I blow your mind instead of just your cock, Marvelous.”

“You’re confident. I don’t hate that.”

Sinking down onto the other, Joe tossed his head back a bit and let out a moan. It helped him to relax and to take in more of the other. Marvelous wasn’t exactly a small man.

Joe tensed when he felt Marvelous’ fingers on his own erection.

“Are you someone who gets turned on by the thought of others potentially walking in?”

“Are /you/?” Joe returned the question.


They went hard and fast though and finished before any of the others could come and potentially interrupt them or make things awkward.

Chapter Text

Tusk’s tail swished back and forth nervously until Yamato left the room. He sighed softly when the door closed behind the other.

“Is something the matter, Tusk?” Misao walked over and set some snacks down onto the table in the tree house. “Is there anything I could maybe help you with?” Then Misao turned around and crouched down, “If I am worthy of even being asked for help that is. I know I am not but you know it would be rude not to ask…”

Sighing, Tusk went to pull the other back onto his feet.

“What do humans do when they have a question they cannot seem to answer by themselves?” In his homeworld, he might have asked one of the elders but none of them were readily available now and he didn’t know whether or not Yamato’s uncle qualified. He had his doubts about the ‘wisdom’ of that man somehow.

Misao’s face lit up. “Oh, if that’s the case, why don’t you try using the internet? There are search engines like Google that you can type your question into and it will come up with suggestions as to how to answer your question.”

“Internet? Can you show me how to use that?” Tusk asked.

“With pleasure!!” Misao went to get a computer and quickly set Tusk up.


It took Tusk quite a few attempts - he shouldn’t be surprised that this thing wouldn’t come up with solutions to Zyuman problems - but in the end he found something like an approximation to his problem and an answer as to what it was.

‘You are in love.’

The concept itself was easy enough to understand. Love existed in Zyuland as well after all.

But the circumstances were different. There had never - at least to Tusk’s knowledge - been a case of cross-species love between a Zyuman and a human. Did that even work? Was it even allowed? What should he do about it? Could he love a human like he would love another one of his own? Would Yamato maybe be able to reciprocate?


That last questions threw up a myriad of new problems.

Tusk opened a new search window and after a short moment of contemplation started typing. ‘How can I get the person I like to love me back?’

Resting his head on the table, Tusk let out a sigh.

All of the things written on the internet required him to be proactive. That was not in his nature. It even went against his nature.

Maybe he should just give up.


He jumped in his seat and whirled around.


He was proud of himself. He sounded a lot calmer than he felt.

Smiling, Yamato moved in closer. Oh so close. Too close.

“You’ve been on the internet a lot these days, haven’t you?” Yamato smiled.

Tusk felt his heart sinking. “Uhm, yeah. What of it? I’m trying to learn about some things.”

“I see,” Yamato nodded and then really leaned into Tusk’s personal space. “That wouldn’t happen to include things about me, would it?”


“I guess whoever taught you about the internet didn’t teach you about search and browsing histories. Also, you were using my computer.” Yamato pointed out and then smiled, taking Tusk’s hands. “We’re connected but I didn’t notice your feelings before. So I guess I should apologize for that first.”

“There is no need to apologize!” Tusk somehow managed to gather himself again. “You-”

He didn’t get any further than that. Yamato was pressing a kiss against his lips and wrapping his arms around Tusk, caressing his back.

The action sent a shiver down Tusk’s spine. This was more familiar territory. This was how-


“Yamato, you-”

Yamato grinned. “You’re not the only one who can use the internet to research things.”

Narrowing his eyes, Tusk asked, “What did you search for?”

“Elephant mating rituals.” Yamato grinned.

Chapter Text

The Deboss had been defeated, Daigo had come back safely and life had gone back to normal for most of them. Or it would have.

Souji stumbled into the Spirit Base. “Ian is gone!”

“Oh yeah. He left this morning. He didn’t tell you?” Daigo asked from where he was getting ready to leave and go off somewhere himself, along with Utsusemimaru.

“No, he didn’t! And apparently I was the only one he didn’t say anything to. That idiot!” Souji was angry. “And I’m unable to reach him. He didn’t take his communicator or phone or anything. Do any of you know where he went?”

Scratching the back of his head, Daigo replied, “Ah, I’m afraid not. I thought he was being pretty brave, just going off without any means of communication.”

“Brave? He’s a stupid coward,” Souji balled his fists. “If he shows up again, I’m going to give him a piece of my mind!”

If he shows up again.

The thought somehow gnawed at Souji.

Below all of his anger laid a multitude of fears and insecurities. He thought he and Ian had moved past all of this nonsense. After that final battle, after Ian had praised him and had properly acknowledged him, they had also acknowledged each other. What they had, shared and felt. While dragging each other back to the forest to find Utsusemimaru and Nobuharu, they had consumed those feelings for each other.

Nothing more than a few fleeting kisses but still. Souji had been so sure that once the final battle was over, they would continue on that path.

But he couldn’t continue all by himself. A relationship needed two people.

At night, he was lying awake in bed thinking about things, wondering about the reasons for Ian’s actions. On some nights, he ended up blaming the other and got angry again. On other nights, Souji would give himself the blame.

Maybe Ian had just done all of it to reassure him. To give Souji something to hold onto when faced with a possible end of the world. When faced with possible death.

It seemed like something the other would do.

But it also seemed like something Ian would do would be to run from his own emotions. During the battle, things had just moved too fast and there had been no ways to escape, so Ian had not had any choice but to face things and act on them. With everything over, though, the other had been given more than enough opportunities to run away.

And that was probably what the other had done.

Why, though?

An answer dawned on him when his senior from the kendo club at school approached him one day. “Hey Rippukan, how are things going with you and Rin-chan?”

“Katsuyama-san? We’re friends, if that’s what you’re asking for?” Souji blinked.

“Tsk, not like that. Come on, you dating? Some people are speculating that you’re going to get hooked up and you’re going to produce the next kendo ace for your family’s dojo and all that,” the other male nudged him and smirked.

Souji blinked. “Huh?”

“Wow, so there really is nothing? Everything sure is getting worked up over nothing then.”

Marriage. Heir. Family.

Those were things his own family rarely ever brought up. Or hadn’t brought up until now but when he thought about it, people around him had talked about it a lot.

Nobuharu frequently talked about his family. And he also talked about getting married and starting his own family as well. The other also seemed to be dating someone quite successfully but wasn’t telling anyone about it. Although his sister seemed to know.

Amy also talked about marriage sometimes and about being the heiress to her family and all the expectations that had been put onto her as a result. Gentle was being the opposite of his name for that reason once again. Especially now that the fighting had ended and Amy could focus on her studies again instead of Kyoryuger activities.

Thinking about the others made Souji wonder about Ian. None of them really knew much about Ian’s family or background. The only things Souji knew were that Ian was from England but had Japanese roots. And also that the other was an archeologist, who had travelled with a friend before said friend had been murdered by the Deboss Legion.

Souji had seen the scars on Ian’s body, something not many people apparently had.

Looking up at the sky, Souji wondered where the other might be. And what he was doing and whether or not Ian was okay. He really hoped the other was okay.

Days passed like this and turned into weeks, which turned into months and eventually even into years. Souji had entered university by now and was moving towards officially becoming an adult at the ceremony in January, despite having turned 20 already.

It was on the way home from class that he thought he saw a familiar figure ahead of him.

Before he could think, he had broken into a run. Without even confirming the other’s identity first, he grabbed him by the shoulders and spun him around.

“You idiot! Where have you been all this time?” Souji grabbed Ian by the collar and then sought out the other’s eyes. They were hidden behind long bangs but visible. “Do you know what I went through thanks to you?”

“Boy,” ah, even hearing the nickname was making his insides tighten painfully.

It had been so long.

“You idiot. I should punch you for what you did. Clobber you with one of the wooden swords from the dojo.” He didn’t have one on hand now but knew where to get one. “Idiot.” His voice broke a little bit and Souji tried to bite back tears.

“Say something, Ian!”

Ian looked at him, something that was a little out of character for the other. It showed that the other was taking this seriously. Souji could see a myriad of emotions there. Ian was atypically unguarded. Something about that unnerved Souji.

“What happened to you after our final fight?”

“My family found me and took me back to England,” Ian finally got out and then he pulled Souji into an almost bone crushing hug. “I wanted to get in touch but I couldn’t. They wouldn’t let me. And then we made a deal.”

Many of Souji’s fears that he’d had over the years turned out to be true. He wrapped his arms back around Ian and then pushed him away a little bit. He could feel Ian stiffen under his fingers but before the other could pull himself completely away from Souji, Souji stopped him and just kept Ian a small distance away from him.

“Ian,” Souji tried to find words but none would come out.

So he did the next best thing that he could think of. He crushed his lips against the other’s.

They melted against each other, bodies fitting together just like they had all those years ago in the forest at the foot of the Deboss stronghold. The kiss did not hold any less emotions either. Both of them were desperate once more. Desperate for each other.

“Even after all these years, are you willing to take me back?” Ian asked.

Souji looked back at the other, “I am the one who should be asking that!” He hit Ian’s chest - gently. “There wasn’t a day when I didn’t think of you, dumbass.”

“Same here, Souji,” hearing the other say his name still sent shivers down Souji’s spine and he held onto Ian again, afraid that if he let the other go, he would vanish again.

Ian nuzzled him. “Well, I guess my family will have to uphold their end of their deal then.” He looked at Souji. “How about your family, I hope nobody will come after me with a sword if I ask them to give you to me.”

Looking at Ian for a moment, Souji then laughed softly. “I’m not letting you or my parents talk to each other until I have checked you all for weapons.”

Chapter Text

“Chase!” Gou was trembling. He couldn’t believe it. But he was really seeing the other. He was touching the other. The other was right there in front of him.

And the burning pain he felt in his lungs from running way too fast, he told himself and not from the joy of seeing the other again, and way too much was telling him that this was all real. This was happening. He had reached his goal, accomplished his mission. Well, almost. There was one more thing he needed to do.

“Gou. What is the meaning of this?” Chase asked, voice deep and flat, just like Gou remembered it. “I am back in this world?”

“Yes you are, you stupid piece of junk,” Gou laughed tiredly and then grabbed Chase by the shoulders. “Do you want to know how much trouble it was to get you back?”

“Why, Gou? Why would you-”

Gou gestured for the other to stop and shut up. “Say, Chase. You said before that you loved my sister, right? Think you could make do with the other Shijima?”

“What do you mean by th-”

Chase didn’t get the chance to finish his question because Gou had already pressed his lips against the Roidmude’s in a gentle and yet very emotional kiss.

Chapter Text

The reddish glow enveloped the person in front of him but slowly faded away and revealed a familiar figure, a familiar face. Eiji’s face lit up.



The other seemed confused, maybe a little disoriented. But that was to be expected.

“Welcome back,” Eiji smiled. “Welcome home.”

Ankh raised an eyebrow, expression aloof but then it softened. “I’m home.”

Chapter Text

“Shoki! Emu!” Parad and Poppy ran over to where Emu and the young child were lying on the floor, having flung a few meters back when a monster had attacked them.

Parad glared at it, practically seething.

“Now you’ve gone and done it. You have made me very, very angry.” Parad pulled out his driver and Gashat. “I will crush you.”


Emu opened his eyes again and looked up at Parad, who smiled at him.

“Everything okay there, Emu?”

“I think so,” Emu looked down at the child in his arms. “Shoki is okay as well.”

“That’s good,” Parad smiled warmly. “No matter what happens, I will protect you.” He kissed Emu gently - making Poppy slap her hands over her eyes and turn around in mild embarrassment. “Because I love you.”

Chapter Text

“Alo, alo, there, Hiromu. All alone?” Enter smirked and sauntered over to the Red Buster.

“Enter!” Hiromu jumped to his feet. He wanted to alert the commander and the others but he found that his communicators were dead, all connections jammed. “What?”

Enter clicked his tongue, “Non, non. This is just going to be between you and me.”

Cables shot out from the wall and restrained Hiromu before he could reach for his morpher or his weapons. He cursed inwardly. He had been too careless. He had believed himself safe and had even sent Nick away on an errand. His Buddyroid would not be back for a while.

“What are you plotting?” Hiromi glared at Enter.

The other chuckled, “Moi? Nothing too bad. I’m just going to learn a bit more about you humans. That’s all. And I’m going to use you for that.” He moved closer to Hiromi and breathed into his ear, “You know, there’s always been something that humans had and that machines or programs couldn’t understand. Or didn’t have a need to understand.”

“Love?” Hiromu volunteered, sounding slightly disgusted. His breath hitched the next moment when Enter roughly grabbed his crotch but then squeezed gently.

“Desire.” Enter enlightened him. “Need.” Another gently squeeze. “Lust.”

Enter’s hand disappeared down the pants of his uniform and Hiromu couldn’t help but let out a moan. He tried to get a hold of himself again, though.

“That’s insane! It’s something you will never understand. No matter how much r-research you do!” Hiromu tried to struggle against his bonds but the cables were strong and fought back against him, as if they were alive. And maybe they kind of were. Enter was controlling them. They were moving according to his will.

Smirking, Enter caressed Hiromu’s cheek, “Do not worry. I will be tres gentil. We will start with stimulation and then eventually move on to penetration.”

Hiromu wanted to protest again but something was slapped over his mouth, effectively gagging him. What followed was a vicious circle of pleasure and pain and pleasure again that drove him to the brink of insanity.

Chapter Text

“Hase-chan, you really have a quick temper sometimes,” Jonouchi put a band-aid on the other’s cheek. “Getting into a fistfight with the mall Santa. And just as we got this job, too.”

“That guy was an idiot! And he was not doing his job properly. That’s why he got fired over this and we didn’t,” Hase huffed.

Jonouchi chuckled, “Which is a miracle.”

“Ow! Can’t you be more gentle?” Hase complained when Jonouchi dabbed one of the cuts on his face with disinfectant.

“Gentle? Heh. Well if that helps?” Jonouchi leaned in to kiss the other’s lips gently.

It helped - it made Hase shut up. Jonouchi used the dumbfounded stupor to treat the rest of the other’s wounds.

“There. All done.”

“What the- What the hell just happened?” Hase finally regained his ability to talk.

Jonouchi grinned, “Nothing?”

“Nothing my ass!” Hase grabbed the other by the shoulders. “You can’t just kiss me and say it was nothing. That wasn’t nothing.”

Chapter Text

Ryuuga’s transformation became undone but even then he didn’t stop. He grabbed the other by the neck and slammed him against a wall. His fingers squeezed.

“Sen-to! Sto-p!” Ryuuga croaked and tried to loosen his grip but to no avail.

And then the other went limp.


With a gasp, Sento bolted up and almost fell out of the bed in the process. His breathing was ragged and cold sweat was running down his forehead. He was shaking as well.

Panicking, he looked around. The spot next to him on the bed was empty. Ryuuga wasn’t there. Had this been a memory? Or had it been just a dream?

Sento frantically prayed for the latter.

Scrambling to put on his shoes it took him longer than he would have liked but he finally managed and stumbled out of the bedroom and then up the stairs. He had just made it into the cafe when he ran head first into someone else.

“Woah, Sento, what’s wrong?” Ryuuga blinked at him.

“Ryuuga,” Sento breathed and then all the tension left his body and he almost collapsed into the other’s arms. Ryuuga caught him and kept him from falling.

“Sento? Are you okay?” Ryuuga went down with him and the two of them knelt on the floor of the cafe. Sento let his head thunk against Ryuuga’s shoulder gently.

“You’re alive.” His voice was barely audible

“Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I be?” Ryuuga blinked, apparently having picked up Sento’s words despite them being so quiet.

Sento grabbed Ryuuga’s shirt and pulled down the collar to look at the other’s neck.

There were no marks. It had been a dream. It had just been a dream. A nightmare.

“This is the worst,” Sento laughed dryly and let go of the shirt again. “When did I start caring so much for you, you stupid musclehead?”

Ryuuga sighed softly and muttered, “You tell me, you stupid genius.” Then he picked Sento up and effortlessly carried him back to the bed. “You’re saying gibberish again. Back to bed with you. You need more rest. All of the crap that’s happened lately is affecting you.”

“Don’t talk like it isn’t the same for you,” Sento retaliated and pulled Ryuuga down with him when the other laid him down onto the bed.

They looked at each other for a few long moments. Then, both of them seemed to be leaning in at the same time, meeting each other halfway. The kiss was chaste at first but did not stay like that for long.

Restraint flew off the bed, followed by shoes, socks, pants, underwear, jackets and shirts.

When both of them sunk back down onto the sheets after spending all of their energy, Ryuuga was already slipping off into sleep when he whispered a soft, “Can’t kill me that easily, Sentou.” Against his neck that made Sentou shiver slightly.

Ah, that muscled idiot.

Sento smiled almost fondly and turned his head, just in time to watch Ryuuga drift off completely.

He might not remember the exact time when he fell in love with this big idiot but he did know one of the reasons why he had come to love the other.

“Well, I guess they say idiots don’t get sick. Maybe huge idiots like you don’t die.”

Chapter Text

“The Global Police is getting ahead of us gradually. I don’t like it,” Toma frowned unhappily and crossed his arms. “It won’t be long until they accidentally destroy a Gangler and the Lupin Collection they have with them. Be it by accident or not.”

Umika looked down, “But how can we keep track of them? At least, easier than now?”

Kairi stared at the basket on the table in front of him as if he wanted to burn a hole into it. He balled his fist. “I will do whatever it takes to get back the Lupin Collection and make our wish come true. I swear.” He rose to his feet and then lifted his other hand that had been holding the envelope they had received from Kogure-san not too long ago.

“I have a plan.”

Leaving the bistro, Kairi was almost surprised at how easily he was able to locate the person he had been looking for. Unlike the other times that he had run into the other outside, the other was fully dressed in ‘work clothes’ this time.

“Hello there, Mr. Detective,” Kairi smiled and jogged up to the other. “Hard at work? You know, we could arrange deliveries to your workplace if it’s so close if that would help with the running off. You could come back to the food afterwards. Otherwise you’ll make Toma said by wasting all of his great food.”

“Ah, from the bistro,” Keiichiro acknowledged Kairi. “Sorry for that. Maybe we should consider that for the future.” Then he seemed like he wanted to leave again.

Kairi grabbed him by the wrist. “Mr. Detective, there’s something I’d like to show you. I think it’s something you would be interested in as well.”

“I do not have time for this,” Keiichiro tried to resist but Kairi was insistent, his grip strong.

“It’ll help you with your work.” Kairi looked at the other and then leaned in closer, “I saw a Gangler not too far from here. I was looking for you because I always hear about how dangerous they are and I thought it would be better to alert you.”

Keiichiro’s eyes widened. “Where are we going?”

“This way,” Kairi tugged the other along and lead the way. He smirked when he was sure that the other wasn’t looking. This was going pretty well so far.

They reached an abandoned factory soon. It was full of clutter and thus places to hide. It would not be surprising if a villain would pop up from within the shadows any moment.

“You should leave. This might get dangerous,” Keiichiro looked at Kairi.

A loud sound made them both jump and Kairi used the opportunity to press himself closer to the other. Very close. And rubbing in just the right places.

“Can’t I stay with you? I think that might be safer than me trying to leave.”

The slight widening of Keiichiro’s eyes and the accelerated pulse didn’t escape Kairi’s keen observation skills. He almost had the other where he wanted him to. Just a little more.

“Well, okay. I cannot risk an innocent bystander getting hurt. Stay close to me.”

“I will,” ah so easy. Kairi pressed himself closer. He would stay close. Very close.

His skilled, nimble and quick hands found their way into the other’s pants and before Keiichiro could make any sounds of protest, Kairi had silenced him with his lips, catching all questions and possible swearing and drowning it out.

Kairi noticed how Keiichiro was pushing back against him but not strong enough to make him budge. It had been a gamble. After all, the other was a trained police detective and the leader of the Patorangers. Kairi had gone up against him as Lupin Red often enough to know just how strong the other was. So the only reason why the other hadn’t pushed him away could only be that Keiichiro didn’t want to do it - at least part of him.

He filed that information away for later use. Lady Luck was smiling at him.

His lips and tongue kept the police detective silent while his hands worked the other’s cock and then undid the other’s pants. He didn’t pull them down, merely opened them just enough to get the other’s growing erection out.

Then Kairi broke the kiss, gave Keiichiro’s dazed face a quick smile and then disappeared from the other’s line of sight for a moment.

Getting onto his knees in front of the other male, Kairi leaned forward and wrapped his plush lips around Keiichiro’s cock. Soon, he felt the other’s hand in his hair.

Ah. Even a prim and proper fighter of justice like the other could turn a little egoistic in such a situation. Although Kairi didn’t feel the other pulling him forward or anything. Even in his aroused state, Keiichiro seemed to care for him - as a citizen to be protected.

It didin’t take long for Kairi to finish the other off. He supposed that the other didn’t have a lot of experience with these things on top of probably not having had any sexual activity recently, considering his line of work.

Breathing heavily, Keiichiro was still recovering from his orgasm when his headpiece beeped softly, signalling an incoming transmission. It was the signal for Kairi that things were probably going to get more interesting sometime soon.

Kairi, who had gotten back onto his feet and was nuzzling the other’s neck now, leaned in closer to listen in on it.

“Keiichiro? The Gangler this time has the ability to hypnotize people to make them do as he wants, so the reports of people acting strange add up. They will lose consciousness once they have accomplished what he wants them to do and wake up without their memories of the incident. That’s why nobody could remember the crimes they committed,” Tsukasa could be heard via the communicator. “Be on alert. The Gangler is headed towards you.”

Oh, this was working out really well.

The transmission ended and Keiichiro stiffened when Kairi zipped up his pants again and pressed him against the wall. “Now I’ve got you weakened and trapped here, Mr. Detective. We got to wait here a little bit until-” Kairi didn’t say anything else. He slumped forward and would have fallen onto the ground if not for Keiichiro’s fast reflexes.

“Oi! What-”

“I know you are here somewhere, Global Police. I will get rid of you and become the next boss of the Ganglers,” a woman stepped out from behind a pillar and looked around. She then shed her human form and turned into her true, Gangler form.

Keiichiro cursed. He put Kairi down gently and then grabbed his VS Changer.

“I am right here, Gangler. And it will be me, who gets rid of you!”

The Gangler laughed. “Oh my, aren’t you a handsome one! Let me tell you, I always get handsome guys like you to do what I want.”

“You! You made him do that,” Keiichiro muttered under his breath. “Unforgivable!”

Kairi, who had gotten up and brushed off the dust, watched from the shadows. “Just like him. Getting worked up over something like this. But that’s just him, I guess. Ever the hot-headed detective.” He grabbed his own VS Changer. “Well then, time to get to work.”

The Lupinrangers were able to secure the Lupin Collection before the Patorangers made short work of the Gangler. When everything was over, Keiichiro dissolved his transformation and made his way back to where he had left Kairi. He found the younger male where he’d left him, still unconscious but Kairi stirred when Keiichiro lifted him up.

“Mr. Detective? What happened, where am I?”

“Do you remember what happened?” Keiichiro asked.

Kairi blinked in confusion and looked at Keiichiro, then Tsukasa and Sakuya in turn, Wow, everyone is here. And uh what do you mean? I was out grocery shopping and then a lady asked me for directions. She said I was cute and charming and people were probably unable to say no to me. Then things get hazy. And now I woke up here.”

“It’s just like the other victims we talked to before,” Tsukasa made a face. “The Gangler must have used him to locate you, Keiichiro.”

“Unforgivable,” Keiichiro was seething. “Using innocent citizens like that.”

Sakuya helped Kairi up. “We should take him in to give him a check up, senpai. Make sure there are no side-effects or injuries or anything.”

“Yeah.” Keiichiro got up as well. “Please do come with us.”

Kairi nodded, “Okay.”

He smirked to himself when the three police detectives weren’t looking. Things were going according to plan. It had almost been too easy.

When the examination was done, Kairi was free to go. Keiichiro came out to see him off by the exit. “I’m sorry you got dragged into this. I have failed my duty to protect you as a citizen of this town.”

“Ah, don’t worry about it too much, Mr. Detective,” Kairi smiled and shook his head. “I am okay, right? Nothing really happened.”

There was a complicated expression on Keiichiro’s face for a moment - it was almost laughably easy to read him. Kairi raised an eyebrow inwardly. The other did not seem to be able to brush off what had happened so easily.

“I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Thanks to you, I’m sure,” Kairi upped his smile a bit and then enthusiastically grabbed Keiichiro’s hands. “Thank you. And I hope you visit the bistro again. Don’t let this incident stop you from doing so. You’ve become a regular at this point, so I’d miss you if you stopped coming.” Then he tilted his head over, “Unless you’d rather have me deliver things, like we said before. Then I’ll just come here.”

Keiichiro looked like he was searching for the right words for a moment. In the end he simply replied with a simple, “Uh yeah. I’ll see what the others think.”

He was looking at Kairi and there was something behind that look.

Kairi chuckled inwardly. ‘Oh no, Mr. hot-headed detective, don’t tell me this thief has stolen something rather important from you. Did I accidentally take your heart?’

They said goodbye and Kairi returned to the bistro.

“Kairi, where did you go?”

“I just got a checkup at the headquarter of those pesky police detectives. For Gangler induced injuries or something,” Kairi grinned. “I brought a souvenir.”

He presented the others with a listening device.

“Even if they find the bugs, they won’t be able to trace them back here. Everything is scrambled and set to disperse the signal to many different places.” Kairi said proudly. “It’ll hopefully last us for a while.”

“Kairi, you-”

“If I wasn’t willing to go this far, I would never have accepted this. I am going to do whatever it takes to fulfil our wish and to keep our promise.” Kairi looked at the other two.

Toma nodded. “Whatever it takes. Well done, Kairi.”

Umika was probably too innocent to understand just how far Kairi had gone but Toma understood - the way he looked at Kairi told him that. Kairi also knew that Toma had properly read the memo about the Gangler target for this time.

Chapter Text

“I know how this works with two people,” Takaharu crossed his arms, “But three?”

Nagi was blushing slightly. “I’m already a little overwhelmed just by the prospect of two.”

Yakumo huffed, “You two are so useless. This is totally easy.” He stripped off his shirt. “And you call yourself ninja. Tsk.” Glancing over his shoulder he commanded, “Follow my lead. I’ll make this as easy for you as I possibly can.”

They all got undressed and then sat down on the futon, Takaharu and Nagi clearly waiting for any further instructions from Yakumo.

“Shuriken Formation,” Yakumo positioned all of them in what looked vaguely circular - limbs were sticking out here and there, making things look a bit like a human shuriken indeed.

“And then take hold of what’s in front of you gently. Caressing first and then, well, just do what I do.” He gave up on trying to explain things with words.

When Yakumo felt how the others - especially Nagi - were getting a little too worked up from being sucked off at the same time as sucking someone else off, he broke away. “Easy, isn’t it. Now, one second.” He used his ninja skills to slip away for a moment to get some essential things before they could continue.

He came back to Takaharu and Nagi making out. Yakumo watched for a bit, appreciating the sight in front of him but then butted in. “Threesome. Threesome,” he scolded.

Yakumo positioned everyone again and then put a tube of lube into Takaharu’s hands. “You know what to do with that, right?” He spread his legs slightly and offered his backside to the other. Then he looked at Nagi and shoved the other down onto his back. “I’ll take care of Nagi.” He smirked and leaned down closer.

“If you’re good, I’ll let you be in the middle next time.”

Nagi squeakd softly and asked, “Next time?”

“You’ll be begging me to let you once you’ve seen it,” Yakumo smirked, confident.

Things went rather smoothly - Takaharu did not need instructions at this point and Nagi was just taking things in and being a bit passive about it but attentive at the same time. Yakumo was rewarded for his patience and teachings when he entered Nagi and then felt Takaharu pushing into him from behind as well.

“Oh yes.”

It took a few tries for them to figure out a rhythm that worked for everybody but eventually they managed. Nagi gasped when two hands wrapped themselves around his almost forgotten erection and pumped it in time as well.

The intense looks for Takaharu and Yakumo down at him eventually pushed Nagi over the edge first. Yakumo pulled out of him and then let Takaharu thrust into him harder, bringing both of them to their climax as well.

Slumping down onto the mattress next to Nagi, Yakumo grinned. “Easy, wasn’t it?”

“You’re right, Yakumo. Being in the middle does look rather good.”

“So, next time then?” Takaharu grinned.

“Yeah, next time.”

Chapter Text

When Ryuga pressed him down into the sheets, Sento broke the kiss and pushed the other away slightly, “Now wait a second. There is no way that I, the main character in this, would not take the leading position here. You should accept your bottom position under me.”

“If you want to top that means you have to do all the work and you cannot judge how it was in the end because I will be deciding THAT.”

“What an unusually logical argument coming from you.”

“We’ll decide this like all real men decide things,” Ryuga cracked his knuckles.

Sento’s eyes narrowed. “Bring it on, muscle head.”



[Ryuga tops]

“This is the worst,” Sento sunk back down onto the sheets. But he wouldn’t go back on his words. A deal’s a deal after all. “Well, go ahead then. The body of this scientific genius is all yours for the night.” Or whatever time it was really. Considering this was a basement with no windows it was hard to tell. And some of the clocks and watches weren’t accurate either.

Ryuga smiled, “You won’t regret it. I promise.”

“Big words.”

The other cut off any more of his words. Sento closed his eyes and kissed back. To be honest, he thought that Ryuga was a good kisser. Although he’d probably never tell the other that - it would not do any good to Ryuga’s ego. That was already big enough.

And Ryuga’s ego wasn’t the only thing that was big.

Sento tried to keep his mind on some kind of analytic thought process - he tried to file all of the sensations away for later analysis and reflection. It gave him something to do while Ryuga pushed his fingers in and out of him, stretching him and preparing him for what was still to come. Sento knew this was necessary and he’d appreciate it later but right now it was just torture. Sweet torture.

Ryuga was being incredibly gentle and caring. Then again, Sento noted wryly, the other had experience when it came to these kinds of things. And really, he had known that the other was nothing but a considerate lover, despite being a huge idiot. Which was probably why Sento felt so drawn to him. Again, something he’d never admit out loud.

“Are you ready?” Ryuga’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts and brought him back to the here and now.

In his usual haughty tone - although a little strained - Sento replied, “What am I supposed to answer? ‘Build up’?”

“Just yes or no, you retard,” Ryuga rolled his eyes and then pushed Sento’s shoulders down, “Relax? It might be uncomfortable at first but bear with it.”

“I can take it,” Sento replied confidently but he couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. He gasped softly when he felt Ryuga’s hand on his cock again. “What-”

“Distraction maneuver,” Ryuga grinned and then pushed the tip of his own erection into Sento, causing both of them to moan at the sensation.

Things became a little hazy after that. Sento felt his mind getting clouded over by feelings he hadn’t been familiar with before. Lust? Passion? Something along those lines. It felt good to let go like this. Not to have to think and to only feel and enjoy.

Ryuga was spoiling him, doing all the work and seeing to it that Sento felt good. He’d have to thank the musclehead for that later.

When both of them reached their climax, Sento felt at peace for the first time in a long time. Completely relaxed and somehow free. As if Ryuga had taken off all the weight on his shoulders and tossed it away.

Sento held the other when they sunk back down onto the mattress. There was a small smile on his lips - but Ryuga was in no position to see it, so it was all good.

“How was that?” Ryuga had the nerve to ask.

“Not too bad, musclehead. But next time I’ll be in control.” Sento replied.

“Hah. Only if lady luck lets you.” Ryuga sounded like he was challenging him but Sento could hear the willingness in the other’s voice. He knew the other pretty well at this point.

What had he done to deserve someone like Ryuga? Sento really had no answer to that. Whatever it was, though, he hoped it would last. He hoped the other would stay with him for a while. Although, again, it was something he wouldn’t say out loud. For now. “Shut up and let’s sleep now or I’ll kick you off the bed and let you sleep on the floor.”


[Sento tops]

Flipping their positions, Sento smirked, “Don’t take it too hard. This is the natural way of things. It was supposed to happen.”

“Less talking more action then. I’m not going to come from you talking to me. I’ll fall asleep.” Ryuga yanked Sento down for a kiss.

There had been an indignant remark on Sento’s lips but he’d save it for later. Ryuga was right - for a change - actions did seem more appropriate in this situation. But then, what was appropriate in this situation? Sento tried to think.

“Could it be that Mr. Genius here does not have any idea about this? Is this your first time?”

He would have expected the other to gloat and poke fun at him but for some reason Ryuga sounded genuinely like he was trying to offer him help. And to be fair, Sento had to admit that in these kinds of matters, Ryuga had more experience than him. Sento knew how things were supposed to work in theory but had never put them into practice.

As far as he knew Katsuragi Takumi had been in love with his research and had not had any interest in anything or anyone outside of it. And Sento knew that he himself hadn’t really done anything to change that either.

“Ah but I guess there’s no way that there’s something the genius scientist doesn’t know about,” Ryuga continued and then guided Sento’s hands down. Was the other helping him?

And Ryuga was doing it so that Sento wouldn’t have to admit that he was a novice at this whole thing as well and thus not hurt his pride. Well, somewhat. He had to give it to the other to think of something like this. Stupid idiot.

Stupid tight and hot idiot. Sento groaned inwardly when he was buried inside of Ryuga not too much later. For something such as this to release so many endorphins into one’s bloodstream, he wondered if he would ever be able to understand. But maybe it wasn’t so much the act but everything that surrounded it.

Ryuga’s breath ghosting over his skin, the sounds the other made ringing in his ears, everything was coming together and making him feel like this. Was making him lose control, almost like with the Hazard Trigger. Just that instead of losing himself in the darkness and going on a rampage, this time Sento drowned in an ocean of pleasure and lost himself in a world of pure bliss.

When he snapped out of it again, he was looking down at Ryuga’s smiling face.

“You really are a genius. That was pretty damn good.”

“Well, of course,” Sento huffed and let himself fall onto the mattress next to the other.

Then Ryuga grinned, “Let’s do it the other way next time and see whether this one or the other one is a Best Match, okay?”

“In your dreams,” Sento snorted but he didn’t sound as unwilling as he could have.

Chapter Text

When his back hit the door, Shotaro felt some of the air getting knocked out of his lungs and he had to break away from the kiss for a moment. “Philip?”

“You’re worried about people suddenly coming in, right? So if we do it against the door nobody can do that,” Philip smirked up at Shotaro. “And what’s more, I read that the change in position will feel quite great. So I’d like to look into that. Are you up for it?”

Philip’s hands ran over Shotaro’s upper arms suggestively, tracing his biceps and indicating who was going to take which position in this.

Shotaro sighed, “You really are a devil, Philip.” There was no malice in his voice. Instead, there might or might have not been mild interest. He groaned softly when he felt Philip’s hand sliding past his slacks’ waistband. “And a damned impatient one, too!”

It wasn’t the first time they had done this but Shotaro still couldn’t get used to it. Maybe it was him being unable to process that his pride was actually permitting it. It was pretty clear as to who called the shots in this relationship but Shotaro had not objected. He liked it and maybe wanted Philip to be the dominant one in this.

“At least let me take my clothes off. Our clothes off,” Shotaro grabbed Philip’s long vest and yanked the sleeves down so it dropped to Philips elbows and then finally onto the floor. “Or they’ll get really messy later.”

Grinning, Philip undid Shotaro’s tie and unbuttoned his partner’s shirt. “Good idea.”

Their clothes dropped down onto the floor one by one. When they were both almost completely naked, Shotaro flipped their positions and pressed Philip against the door as he initiated another kiss. He hadn’t taken off Philip’s striped shirt - the door was cold and he didn’t want his partner to touch it with his bare back. Shotaro himself was still wearing his dress shirt but it was unbuttoned and sliding off a bit. Philip had made no other move to remove it further, though and Shotaro hadn’t bothered.

“I trust that you got what we need,” it wasn’t a question. He just held out his hand and felt Philip placing the necessary items into it. “Thanks, partner.”

He ran a hand down Philips body and then rested it on the other’s thigh, beckoning the shorter male to raise his leg. “Only one for starters.”

A raised eyebrow met him when he looked at Philips face. “What? Did you think you were the only one here who knew how this works?” In theory. “Don’t underestimate me.”

“As expected from you,” Philip smirked in amusement and raised his leg to grant Shotaro the needed access. Shotaro had to pull all his willpower together when he prepared Philip because the other was holding onto him and making all those sounds so close to his ear.

Everything went straight down to his crotch.

Once all preparations were done, Shotaro stepped away a little bit to give his partner more room. Then he hoisted Philip up. The other’s legs came around him almost automatically.

“Bear with it for a moment. I’ll be right there,” Shotaro requested and then guided the tip of his cock to Philip’s ass. “Almost-”

He didn’t get to finish whatever he was saying, Philip had already moved his hips down and buried Shotaro inside of him more than half-way. It almost made Shotaro lose his balance and only slamming his hands to the left and right of Philip’s head kept him upright.


His partner smirked at him. “Shotaro, do you have what it takes to ride with the devil?” He leaned in and licked Shotaro’s earlobe. “Or rather, to be ridden by the devil?”

Shotaro swallowed.

Chapter Text

“Hey, Bakazumin! Are you gonna wake up again or not?”

“Who are you calling an idiot, you idiot, huh?” Kazumi pushed himself up and groaned a bit when that irritated the injuries. He frowned. “Hey Banjo, how come you’re all dapper? You got your ass kicked a lot worse than me.”

Ryuga grinned, “Maybe I’m just sturdier than you.”

Kazumi snorted. “Maybe it’s like that old saying how idiot’s don’t catch colds. Idiots don’t get hurt. Guess that makes you a really big idiot.”

“What was that??”

Sento poked his head into the room, “Can you two just like, kiss and make out and whatever and shut the hell up? I’m trying to be a hero and save the world here.” The other rolled his eyes and his head disappeared from view again.

Looking at Kazumi, Ryuga shrugged. “You heard the guy. Are you up to it?”

“Did that Hard Guardian hit your head too hard?” Kazumi asked but for some reason he was not completely averse to the idea that Sento had just suggested. “You think Mi-tan would be into this kind of thing?” He wondered.

“Very,” Ryuga nodded, expression serious.

Kazumi thought for exactly one second and then shrugged. “Okay, let’s go for it.”

Straddling Ryuga, Kazumi claimed the top position for himself and also took the lead when it came to the kiss. He had to admit that Ryuga was a good kisser, though. He followed Kazumi’s lead but was also not afraid to try and take the initiative a few times, baiting and teasing Kazumi and testing the boundaries.

The kisses got him in the mood, so Kazumi shed his coat and shirt. Ryuga soon followed suit and then they pressed bare skin against bare skin. The contact drew a soft sound from Ryuga. But apparently it hadn’t been ‘soft enough’.

“Can’t you two be quiet for one sec-...ond,” Sento blinked when he took in the scene in front of him. “You two what-”

“What? You told us to, no?” Kazumi grinned. “Oh, I know. Wanna join us?”

Sento did not say anything but the back of his hair suddenly stood up, signalling interest.

Chapter Text

Don tried not to make a sound. He bit his sleeve in an attempt to silence himself. When he did so, he peeked down over the dark green fabric and he almost regretted doing so.

But what was done was done. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from Joe’s figure anymore, Joe’s head that was bobbing back and forth as the other sucked him off. It had happened so suddenly, the other cornering him at his workbench on the galleon and then getting down onto his knees. Don’t hadn’t resisted. Not because the other was way stronger than him but because secretly, he’d been wanting this. So it was like a dream come true.

It turned into something that he hadn’t even dared to imagine in his wildest dreams because the next thing he knew was that Joe’s warm, wet mouth was gone from his cock and the other towered over him. Hoisting Don up onto his workbench was nothing to someone like Joe and so he did it with relative ease.

The workbench had just the right height. It reached around Joe’s hips. Don swallowed.

He knew where this was going. And the anticipating was making shivers run down his spine. Without a word, Don spread his legs. Joe moved into the space between fluidly and then lifted his hips up a little.

First there were slick fingers pushing into him. And then there was a brief moment of pain that shot up his spine. Don beared with it. He knew - okay, he hoped - that pleasure would be hot on the pain’s heels. This would be worth it. He had to bear with it just for a little longer. And when he did, he was rewarded.

Joe’s thrusts were making the workbench rattle a bit. The sound was mixing in with the soft moans and mewls coming from Don’s lips. Joe wasn’t entirely silent himself but his sounds were softer and lower than Don’s, more like deep grunts and groans of pleasure.

Neither of them spoke a word.

It was a little embarrassing to admit but Don passed out when he reached his climax, the force of his orgasm knocking him flat. When he came to again it was morning, light streaming in from the window of his room.

His room?

Sitting up he winced a little at the pain in his lower body. He realized that he was sitting on his bed. Joe must have carried him here. The thought brought a small smile to Don’s face.

Chapter Text

“You have another day off tomorrow, Tsukasa?” Keiichiro asked when he saw the calendar on the wall. “Compensation for the one that kind of turned into work because of the Gangler attacking the amusement park?” He lifted his cup up to drink.

Sakuya smiled, “I hope you’ll have a proper day off this time. What are your plans, Tsukasa-senpai? Is it another hunt for a cute stuffed toy?” He almost spilled his tea when Hilltop kicked him under the table but he saved the contents of his cup and took a sip.

Tsukasa looked at the calendar as well and admitted, “I have a date.”

Both Keiichiro and Sakuya choked on their drinks. Hilltop raised an eyebrow at Tsukasa’s forwardness. “Well then, you should enjoy yourself to the fullest!”

“D-D-Date?” Sakuya stammered, “Who’s the lucky guy?”

“I am not obliged to tell you that,” Tsukasa crossed her arms. “None of your business.” She then excused herself and left the room.

“Keiichiro-senpai, do you know anything about this?” Sakuya turned to the leader of the team. “Didn’t you say that it was impossible for her to…”

“I didn’t say impossible,” Keiichiro pointed out. “Just that it was unlikely. And unlikely does not equal impossible.” He looked at the door. “Color me surprised, though.”

The door to the room opened again but it wasn’t Tsukasa who entered but Kairi. He produced a basket with fresh pastries and a thermos with coffee. “Jurer Delivery Service!”

“Oh, Kairi-kun!” Keiichiro got up and then looked at what the other had brought. “None of us ordered this, though. Or did we?” But both Hilltop and Sakuya shook their heads. Jimmy Carter also indicated that it had not been him.

Kairi grinned and placed an elbow on Keiichiro’s shoulder before he rested his chin on it. “It’s on the house. A special treat for our favorite regulars.” He winked and then whispered softly. “There’s your favorite red bean paste danish, too, Kei-chan.”

Keiichiro cleared his throat, “Uhm well, then thank you for your generosity.”

Mock saluting, Kairi walked to the door again, “Can’t protect the citizens from Ganglers with an empty stomach, right? Or chase after criminals without the needed sugar to power your system. We’re all in your care. Well then, until next time. Adieu!”

“Wait, I’ll walk you out.” Keiichiro followed the other.

Sakuya looked after them and then hung his head. Was it just him or was everyone getting hitched but him? Maybe he should message Umika later.


Over in Bistrot Jurer, Umika made a face at her phone and typed a reply. “Good thing I actually do have plans this time around. ‘Hello Sakuya-san. I unfortunately already have plans. It’s an important date that I have been looking forward to. Maybe next time.’ Or maybe not.” She sighed and put her phone down. Only for it to buzz with a message.

Toma came out from the kitchen and lifted his own phone. “Kairi confirmed that the Global Police is searching for the Gangler at shoe stores. We gotta get moving and intercept it.”

“Roger that.” Umika nodded and the two went to get ready and meet up with Kairi outside.


Umika was in a good mood when she arrived at the shopping mall the next day. The Lupinrangers had successfully gotten their hands on another piece of the Lupin Collection and thus had gotten another step closer to their goal. They had also made short work of the Gangler, banishing the police detectives to the spectator ranks.

Her smile faltered a little when she spotted the person she was supposed to meet. The other had a rather gloomy expression on her face.

“Tsukasa-san,” Umika jogged up to the other. “What’s the matter?”

“Ah, I don’t want to trouble you with my work things,” Tsukasa sighed. “I’m sorry. I’ll snap out of this again in a minute. I don’t want to ruin your day.”

Shaking her head, Umika tried her best to cheer the other up, “You shouldn’t apologize. These things happen. I understand!” She smiled. “Let’s go ahead and go inside? Maybe getting your thoughts away from work for a bit will help. Let’s refresh your spirit!”

A small smile appeared on Tsukasa’s face and she nodded, “Okay!”

The two of them went inside and Umika led Tsukasa to a huge toy store that had a wide selection of stuffed toys on display ranging from cute ones to ones that were more for acquired tastes. She couldn’t help but laugh when she saw Tsukasa’s face lighting up at the sight of those. It was very cute.


Umika’s smile turned a little wistful. It had been a while since she had considered another girl - or woman - genuinely cute. Shiho had been the last one. And maybe the only one.

It had also been Shiho who had introduced Umika to this place before.

And now Umika had taken the female police detective here, Patoren3Go. No, she hadn’t taken her here. She had taken Tsukasa here. This was not about work, or their other identities. This was just about them. As people.

After a while, Tsukasa seemed to have picked a stuffed animal she liked. It was a panda with the face of a gangster and vampire fangs and little bat wings.

Yep, peculiar taste. But somehow that made the other all the more endearing. Umika poked the panda’s cheek. “Do you want it, Tsukasa-san?”

“Eh? Ah well, I,” Tsukasa stammered and her cheeks started to turn a little red.

Umika grinned and then plucked the stuffed animal from the other’s grasp. “I’ll be right back!” She went and paid for the toy and then placed it back into Tsukasa’s arms. “There you go it’s all yours now. I hope it’ll help you to relax and recuperate after work.”

“Umika-chan? But you didn’t have to,” Tsukasa blinked.

“But I wanted to. Consider it an apology for not getting you the right stuffed animal last time after the Stamp Rally.” Umika smiled warmly this time. “This time I wanted it to be one you really wanted and liked for sure. So I had to get your help in choosing it.”

Tsukasa smiled back then. “Thank you, Umika-chan. I’ll take good care of it!”

The panda went into a bag - Umika knew the other was terrified at the prospect of anyone seeing her with something like this - and then the two continued their little shopping date. They went and got cute parfaits, dropped by a pet shop (“That terrier reminds me of Keiichiro.” - “This poodle looks just like Kairi.”) and walked past the windows of all the shops displaying the latest fashion and trends.

Umika wistfully looked at some of the displays. These things used to be more fun and important to her but now they no longer meant much. Things that a normal girl her age would think or care about did not matter to Umika.

Turning her gaze away from the windows, it inadvertently landed on the fountain in the center of the shopping center. Umika stopped.

This was where it had happened.

She didn’t realize that she must have become frozen on the spot - ah how ironic - and must have spaced out because the next thing she knew was Tsukasa appearing right in front of her, a worried expression on her face.

“Umika-chan, are you okay?”

Umika realized that there was something wet on her cheeks and quickly raised her arm to wipe away the tears with her sleeves. “Ah, I’m sorry. I just got lost in thought.”

She squeaked softly when she was pulled into a hug. A gentle hand rested on the back of her head and guided her to a shoulder.

“It’s okay. If, if you need a shoulder to lean on, I’m here. And I promise you, I will do everything within my power to keep any more people from being harmed by Ganglers.”

Holding onto the other’s shirt, Umika closed her eyes and let the tears fall.

Ah, she also liked the other’s strong side. This was what she had cherished in her relationship with Shiho as well. They both had their strengths and weaknesses and were able to compliment each other.

Umika felt safe and comfortable here in Tsukasa’s arms. Just like she felt comfortable when she was teasing the other about her strange tastes and the fact that the strong lady of the Global Police was scared of haunted houses. She felt almost safe and comfortable enough to trust the other with her secrets. But only almost.

“Thank you, Tsukasa-san,” Umika pulled away again and dried her tears. “Sorry.”

“Don’t apologize, Umika-chan.”

Umika’s eyes widened a little when Tsukasa leant over and gently kissed her forehead.

“I will protect you and make sure you don’t have to go through something like this again. I will protect your happiness.”

Ah, she wanted to believe in the other’s words. And just give in. But Umika knew that she couldn’t. She had made a promise. And that promise might entail things that the other might be unwilling or unable to do. It most certainly involved a lot of things the other severely disapproved or even outright opposed.

But maybe - a foolish part of Umika’s heart whispered - maybe after all of this was over there might be a chance for them.


“Thank you, Tsukasa-san. That means a lot to me.” Umika leaned up and caught Tsukasa’s lips with her own when the other was pulling away from her. “But that’s too much for me to ask of you. So please, don’t think of me. Keep thinking of all the people.” She caressed Tsukasa’s cheek. “I can’t and won’t keep the strong and cool Tsukasa-san all to myself.”

She gave the other a tight hug and then pulled away.

“Thank you again for today, for everything. I have to get going now.” Umika waved with a smile. It faded the moment she turned away and jogged towards the exit of the shopping center. When the door shut behind her, she whispered a soft, “Adieu. For now.”

Chapter Text

Emu clung to Parad when the other entered him and then buried himself inside of him fully.

Parad smiled, “Emu, we’re one now but we still have separate bodies. It feels so good it’s making my heart do all kinds of strange things.”

“It does feel good,” Emu let out a shivering breath. “Parad.”

Maybe this was humanity’s dream, Emu thought somewhere at the back of his mind. He had created Parad as his ideal companion when he was young. A playmate. Someone who could keep him company and live up to his skills. Someone who complimented him and fit together with him perfectly. But then that companionship had matured, along with his body.

Apart from being just a friend and playmate, Parad had become more than that. His real companion, his lover, his other half. Someone Emu wanted to be with until the end. Someone Emu wanted to be with forever.

A selfish part of Emu wished for something that would bind the two of them even closer together than they already were. He didn’t know whether or not that was possible - what would be closer than technically being one and the same person - but that did not stop him from wishing it.

He held onto Parad tightly when he reached his climax and then sunk back down onto the sheets, sleep claiming him fast and easily.

The sound of a child crying roused him from his slumber again.

“Emu,” that was Parad, “How do you stop this?”

And that had been how everything had started.

Confused as to why there was an infant with them suddenly - or how really because both he and Parad were pretty light sleepers and Emu always locked his door - Emu had done the first thing that had come to his mind. He had taken the child to the hospital and done a thorough examination. His pediatrician senses had been kicking in full force.

Looking at the test results though made him do a beeline for the CR. Down there, he and Parad encountered Director Kagami, who took the test results and then looked at them.

“It seems to me like you have unlocked the ultimate quest in life. Raising a child.”

“What?!” Parad looked at Emu.

Emu was speechless. He couldn’t seem to be forming any coherent words. His shock shouldn’t be so big, considering that he had been the first one to see the test results and everything but hearing it confirmed by someone else was making his brain short circuit.

“A child?” Poppy came out of her game and hopped over to look at the little boy in Emu’s arms. “Oh my! He’s-” she looked at Parad and Emu and then tilted her head over, “Yours?” Her eyes widened as she looked back from Emu to Parad. “He IS yours! But how?”

Director Kagami chuckled softly, “Oh Poppy, you don’t know how babies are made? You know it’s when two people really love each other and then get together. Usually on a bed-”

“I know how THAT works,” Poppy smacked the director. “But this is Emu and Parad!”

Parad crossed his arms, “But that’s exactly what Emu and I did. And then it was there.”

“He. Not it,” Emu corrected gently. “He needs a name.”

Poppy was still sputtering off to the side.

“A name?” Parad looked at the baby. “Huh, I guess he didn’t really have an input yet, huh.”

“You think like a video game character but I guess that’s how you Bugsters work,” Emu noted and then frowned. “What should we name him?”

Suddenly something shimmered on the baby’s arm. An armband appeared, just like the ones a newborn infant would get at the hospital, sporting their name and other information, such as weight and blood type. Blinking, Emu looked at it.

“Hojo Shoki.” Parad read it for him. “Hah. So the name was selected after all.”

“This is just a little bizarre,” needless to say that it went to everything that Emu had ever learned about babies while studying for his pediatrics degree. Or ever ever.

Someone came walking up the stairs of the CR. It was Hiiro. “Intern. What is the meaning of this? This child is half-human and half-bugster! He is an existence that should not exist! Who knows what kind of dangers he could bring to both the human and the game world?”

“If you want to lay a hand on him, you will have to go through me first,” Parad stepped up.

“He’ll be fine! He’ll grow up loved and with many people around him who will take care of him. Like Auntie Poppy, Big Sis Nico, Uncle Taiga and you, too, Uncle Hiiro. I’ll limit his time with Uncle Kiriya. And we’ll think about Uncle Kuroto.”

“Did you just make everyone and auntie and uncle?” Poppy looked at Emu.

“Well, I consider yourself his family. Is that so bad?” Emu looked back at her.

Poppy smiled, “That’s so sweet!!” She went and touched little Shoki’s hand gently and the infant looked up at her and laughed. “Ooh! He likes me! Yes little one, I will be the best auntie out there that you can think of!!”

Director Kagami patted his son on the back. “I understand your concerns, Hiiro but haven’t we started to peacefully coexist with the Bugsters who are still among us? And well, the little one wasn’t born by sacrificing anyone’s life. So, give him a chance?”

“But-” Hiiro wanted to retort but then let it be. “Alright. But monitor him closely, Intern.”

“I will,” Emu promised.

“Get yourself one of the starter packs from the pediatrics department, okay? You have my permission to do so,” Director Kagami smiled. “If it calms everyone down somewhat, you can use one of the CR rooms for him for now. So if something happens, we’re equipped.”

Said and done, Emu - and Parado somewhat - set up camp in one of the rooms of the CR and Poppy helped Emu with building a makeshift crib for Shoki.

They had just put him down when Shoki started crying. Parad sighed. “What’s up with that? What do you do to stop it, Emu?”

Emu frowned. “Well, that’s the goal of this little game.” He looked at Parad. “Figuring out what the reason is. It’s like a puzzle game but at a super difficult level.”

Parad raised an eyebrow, “Well then, count me in. Let’s see who can clear this first.”

Poppy walked back up to where Director Kagami and Hiiro were looking at the test results on the table still. “I’d rather they didn’t treat raising a child like a game but I guess with those two it cannot be helped.”

“I’d be more concerned if this were a real child.”

“He IS real,” Poppy insisted. “Just because he’s different, he is not any less real than a fully human child.” She huffed. “Get that into your head!”

A few days passed without too much of a hitch. Kiriya came in the second day to have a look at Shoki. He was of course extremely intrigued by a human and Bugster hybrid but he was nothing but gentle and understanding when he was with little Shoki.

While Kiriya analyzed his data, Emu and Parad played with Shoki. If their child wasn’t lacking something, it was entertainment. Night fell and Parad and Emu went to sleep on the bed next to the crib. Despite being light sleepers, they did not notice how a little hologram appeared above Shoki’s crib.

There was a soft ‘Level Up’ announcement and Shoki’s body grew.

“Papa Emu. Papa Parad. I’m hungry,” a voice said and then hands were on him shaking him.

“Okay, I’ll get us something at the ca- EH?” Emu’s eyes widened and he unceremoniously fell off the bed and face-planted. “Ow….!”

Parad yawned and sat up. “What’s wrong Emu?”

“Papa Parad!”

“Oh, Shoki!” Parad’s face lit up and he lifted the little boy up. “You have reached the next level, I see. As expected. This is making my heart dance with joy!”

Crawling back up and rubbing his head, Emu sighed, “How can you make this sound so normal?” He ave Shoki a smile when the boy looked at him with worried eyes. “Ah, you said you were hungry, right? I’ll get us some food.”

When he returned with food, there were more people in the CR.

Nico kicked Emu.

“I was told it was a baby but that’s totally a little kid!”

“Ow! Oh hey, Nico-chan. Well, he was a baby until this morning?” Emu rubbed his shin.

Taiga crossed his arms. “He’s maturing at a rapid pace. There has to be some kind of reason for it. Some kind of energy source. I’ll look into it. If it looks like trouble, I’ll be coming here to kick your asses.”

“Ah, aren’t you all helpful,” Emu muttered under his breath and sighed.

Forget raising a child. The biggest quest here was dealing with the ‘extended family’.

Chapter Text

“Welcome,” Toma looked over to the door. “Ah, Detective Sakuya.”

“The cake set please,” Sakuya ordered and went to sit down at the usual table. He sighed softly and then looked around. There was nobody else in the Bistrot but him and Toma. “Where is everyone else? It’s rare for Umika-chan not to be around.”

Toma shrugged, “She’s off today. Considering how much she usually works I guess that’s well deserved. I think she was saying something about going out with a friend.” He carefully set down the baskets with the cutlery and napkins. “Kairi just went on his break. It’s quiet now as you can see, so that’s okay.”

He chuckled softly, “Believe it or not, he’s actually working properly for once.” Maybe because a certain someone - who was not Toma - had told the other to work properly. Then again, despite all, Kairi could be serious and do things properly if he wanted to. Toma looked at Sakuya. “How about you? You’re all by yourself today.”

“Well Tsukasa-senpai is off today. And Keiichiro-senpai was with me but he excused himself before we could get here saying that he’d thought of something important and was going elsewhere instead. So yeah, here I am.” It was Sakuya’s turn to shrug this time. “It’s okay.”

“More like thought of someone else,” Toma rolled his eyes. The timing was so obvious. Toma couldn’t quite understand what Kairi and the other police officer saw in each other. He would be very opposed to the relationship if it wasn’t for the fact that he knew that Kairi was hurting himself more than anyone or anything else by being in it. Toma knew that ultimately, Kairi’s sense of responsibility would make him choose their mission and their promise over everything. And that included his own life. Toma was the same.

Going back into the kitchen, he glanced over to the police detective once in a while. Just by himself, the other was rather quiet. It made Toma feel a little sorry for the other.

Walking back over, he put a tray down in front of the other and then set down a coffee cup for himself before he sat down on one of the vacant chairs.

Sakuya blinked, “Wait, I didn’t order-”

“It’s on the house. You look like you need a pick-me-up.” Toma took a sip of coffee.

“You’re very kind, Toma-san,” Sakuya smiled and after muttering a polite ‘itadakimasu’ he picked up the cutlery and started to dig in. “And it’s delicious!!”

“Eat up then.” Toma smiled and continued to sip on his coffee. He wasn’t going to initiate a conversation. If it came down to it, he was just providing some companionship. Although really, it would be so easy to draw out secrets from the Global Police out of the other now. He just had to ask the right questions. But somehow Toma wasn’t feeling like it.

Maybe because he did not want to make use of the other’s vulnerable state right now? Was he trying to play fair? What a stupid thing to do for a thief.

And really, he kind of regretted it a moment later whe Sakuya did start talking.

Sakuya sighed and set down the eating utensils once he was finished with the food on his plate. “Before, I had always seen Keiichiro-senpai and Tsukasa-senpai as untouchable people. They were far away existences for me. Then it occurred to me that it might be because the only person they could possibly let into each other’s orbits was the respective other but that turned out to be wrong as well. They’re more like brother and sister really. Especially with Keiichiro-senpai I always thought that he was one of the people who was more married to his job or too busy with it to be interested in anything or anyone else.”

He frowned. “I was rather shocked to discover that Keiichiro-senpai seems to be in a rather intense relationship. Whoever his partner is seems like a rather fierce lady. The marks on his back the other day were still quite red and also rather impressive. I don’t think he realized that he had marks on his back or he wouldn’t have changed with them showing so obviously. Unless he knew they were there and he wanted to show them off?”

Toma choked on his coffee.

“But it seems good for him. He’s a lot more relaxed than he used to be.” Sakuya smiled. “I keep hearing that love changes a person. I hope I’ll be able to experience it, too.”

Looking at the younger male, Toma smiled encouragingly. “Love does change a person. And true love is one of the best things you can ever experience in your life. I’m sure your time will come. Until that time comes, you might want to tide your heart and body over by seeking companionship.” Why was he telling the other that? Toma didn’t really know the answer himself. Maybe his big brother instincts were kicking in.

Apparently Sakuya - despite not always being the brightest crayon in the police box - caught on to that. “Are you offering?”

“I might be.”

Chapter Text

Masumi cursed softly under his breath. The simple sounding recovery mission for this particular Precious had turned into something beyond his imagination. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong had indeed gone wrong and now he and Akashi were stuck inside an old tomb located inside an active volcano under the sea.

He sighed when he looked at the status report they had gotten from Sakura. The others were working on getting them out but the cave in caused by an attack from a yet to be identified source was making things difficult. One wrong move and Masumi and Akashi might not make it out alive - either due to being buried by rock or swallowed by lava or the ocean. None of those options sounded particularly appealing.

“Bet you want to go back up to space now,” Masumi tried to sound like his usual snarky and nonchalant self. “Although I guess suffocation would be a problem there, too, if things went terribly wrong so nevermind it’s exactly the same thing.”

“Risk is part of an adventure,” Akashi chuckled and then walked over to where Masumi was standing. He patted his comrade on the back. “You did well, leading the group in my absence, Masumi. Especially when faced with none other than me as your enemy.”

More out of habit than because he wanted to, Masumi batted Akashi’s arm away. “Shut up.”

The other pulled away his hand and arm but did not move away from Masumi. Instead Akashi gently took a strand of Masumi’s long hair and kissed it. “I also like that you grew out your hair. It looks very good on you.”

“Hey, if I didn’t know any better, I would say that you’re flirting with me.” Masumi turned around. “If you’re just screwing around, drop it. Or I’ll punch you.”

“And if I’m not?” Akashi looked dead serious.

Masumi swallowed, “Well then- but wait, aren’t you straight? What about Sakura?” He suddenly found himself backed against the wall behind him and consequently trapped behind the rocks and Akashi’s body with no way to escape.

“I care for her. She cares for me but we don’t quite have that kind of relationship. And well, being open to all allows for more adventures. Allows for more things to be explored.”

The answer somehow did not surprise Masumi at all. He had suspected that the other swung both ways for a long time. He had just never expected Akashi to swing his way.

To be honest, he had wanted the other to. And maybe still did.

“Well, it looks like we’re trapped here and have nothing to do,” Masumi shrugged and tried to sound calm and collected although on the inside he was everything but.

Snapping his fingers, Akashi grinned, “Attack.”

And then the other leaned in for a kiss, which Masumi returned.

Chapter Text

Gai moaned when the other hit a spot inside of him that made colours explode in front of his eyes. Colours brighter even than those of all the combined Super Sentai groups.

“Joe-san, that was amazing! Do it again?”

The other pirate thrust deep into him and hit that spot repeatedly - as expected of the Gokaiger’s expert swordsman. Being precise and exact was his forte. As well as aiming to please - in more ways than one right now.

“Squeezing,” Joe grunted when Gai tightened around his cock.

Grinning, Gai commented, “So we can both feel good.” He then reached down between them to touch his own straining erection. “I’m almost there.”

“Come,” it was as if Joe was granting Gai permission. And maybe he was.

And Gai wasn’t one to be told twice.

Chapter Text

It turned out that the research into regenerative medicine and all that had a side effect - not only humans but also Bugsters were brought back to life. Although Parad knew he should be happy about that, the resurrection of this particular Bugster was something he could have entirely done without.

Emu was currently looking at the Bugster who looked exactly like a desaturated Parad. Dan Masamune’s strain of the Bugster Virus. And despite all that had happened with the other before, Emu didn’t seem to be affected by it negatively at all. Quite on the contrary, he seemed happy to have the other around.

“You need a name. We can’t also call you Parad after all,” Emu crossed his arms.

The other smiled and then wrapped an arm around Emu. “Any name you give me will be good. After all, it will be a name you came up with just for me. Unlike everyone else who’s had their names given to them through other means.” He glanced at Parad and Parad knew that the other was doing it on purpose. He was challenging him.

In a way, Parad should have seen it coming. This was technically him after all. And yet it wasn’t. The way the other acted - especially around Emu - was making Parad’s heart do all kind of strange things. He didn’t like that at all.

He decided to be honest about things and went to approach Emu when the other was alone.

“I don’t like seeing you with that guy. It makes me uncomfortable,” Parad pinned Emu against the wall. “You’re mine.”

Emu blinked at Parad first but then he smiled and reached up to wrap his arms around the tall Bugster. “I am. And that fact will never change. Unlike him, you and me share a special bond, don’t we? It’s something that cannot be changed or replaced by anyone else.”

Parad relaxed. Emu was right. He suddenly felt silly for worrying and feeling jealous.

“You’re right, Emu.”

“But somehow seeing you jealous is cute,” Emu grinned. “I like it. Maybe I should make it a game. See which one of us wins.”

“Oh?” Parad narrowed his eyes in interest. “If it’s a game I will definitely not lose.”

“Let’s play then,” Emu pulled Parad down and brought their lips together. They shared a few kisses before they moved further. Some of their clothes went flying onto the floor as they stumbled onto the bed.

The sounds coming from Emu grew loud and then also increasingly lewd. And despite this not being their first time doing something like this together, it was making his cheeks burn.

Parad of course found it very amusing. “I know all the right buttons to push when it comes to you, Emu. You cannot win against me.” He entered Emu and made more sounds leave the other’s lips. Parad enjoyed hearing every single one.

Chapter Text

“You know, that pent up sexual frustration might not affect some people but it does affect me.” Chiaki leaned against the doorframe of Takeru’s personal quarters, yukata sliding off one shoulder. “Since you and a certain other person are both extremely unable to deal with these things yourselves. So let me help you out.”

Takeru blinked when he suddenly found himself with a lapful of Chiaki. “What are you doing, Chiaki? What is the meaning of this?”

Chiaki pressed a finger against Takeru’s lips. “Shh, ‘my lord’. This is just me being your good and able servant. Trust me, you need and want this.” And before the other could say anything else, Chiaki crushed their lips together in a not so innocent kiss.

Chapter Text

“So, is the president of the galactic federation super busy or does he still happen to have time for things like friends?” Lucky was lounging in Tsurugi’s chair when the other returned to his office - without his bodyguards. Alright, lucky.

Tsurugi seemed amused and not at all surprised when he saw him. “Lucky. What brings you here? I thought you were travelling a completely different part of the universe.”

“Can’t I be here? You know I like Earth,” and there were plenty of reasons why he’d come and stop by once in a while. Many of his friends were here after all and then there was also Spada’s food. And well, the man in front of him was another reason. A good reason. Although really, Lucky didn’t know whether it was mutual or not. He hoped it was.

He blinked when Tsurugi was suddenly very close as the other had leaned down to look at him and Lucky found himself pinned down by the gaze alone, unable to move from the chair. “How about we move this somewhere else? Somewhere more comfortable? Unless you’d like to risk someone walking in at any moment.”

“If luck is on my side, nobody will,” Lucky grinned almost defiantly, it was a challenge.

“Holy moly,” Tsurugi chuckled, “I almost forgot you were an adventurous one.”

Chapter Text

“The scientific process behind this would be very intriguing,” Sento looked at the infant in Emu’s arms and then at Parad, who was standing not too far away. He tapped the screen to get a closer look. “I wish I could get a sample from you to analyze it but I guess a cross-dimensional transfer or biological samples would be pushing things right now.”

“That we can have this conversation is already amazing enough,” Emu agreed.

“Progeneration of a human with a non-human, well, it’s nothing unheard of in our world either,” Sento glanced behind him to where Banjo was doing push ups.

Then, at the same time, both of them said, “Forget about it, I’m not having your kids.”

Emu and Parad cracked up when they saw them like that.

“You two are also in pretty good synch,” Parad moved closer to the screen. “You should consider it. It’s a good thing. It makes your heart dance in pleasant ways.”

“I don’t need any dancing hearts, thanks,” Banjo grumbled.

The connection between the two worlds was cut off then - it wasn’t very stable.

Emu closed the laptop and bounced Shoki gently in his arms. “Well, they don’t know what they’re missing out on. But maybe they’ll realize it one day.” He laughed. Shoki echoed it.

Parad hummed in agreement. He was about to say something when the door to the CR opened and someone walked in. The sound of a baby toy - a bell of some sort - could be heard. A moment later, a person dressed in a colorful garment appeared on the stairs.

“Oh, Takeru!” Emu smiled. “What brings you here?”

“I heard the news from Nico-chan when I met her by chance the other day. So I thought it would only be appropriate to come and celebrate?” He lifted a bag. “There are presents from everyone at the shrine. Onari sends his best regards but he had another engagement today and couldn’t make it. But I’ll bring him next time.”

“You shouldn’t have!” Emu was touched. Parad accepted the bag from Takeru considering Emu had his arms full. “We’d be happy to see him again. I heard he shaved his head?”

“Yeah, he returned to his duties at the shrine,” Takeru smiled. He joined the family and they proceeded to get caught up on each other’s lives.

Emu was happy that his family seemed to be accepted by his fellow Kamen Riders as well as all of his friends. It was a good omen. Or was it?

Chapter Text

When Chase opened his eyes, he was disoriented at first. He felt strange. He felt different from the previous times when he had ‘woken up’.

“I think it worked,” a voice said. Chase didn’t recognize it. But it was male.

“Holy shit, it did!” This voice was familiar. Turning around, Chase was just in time to catch how the other was sitting up on what looked like an operating table at a hospital.

“Gou,” he looked at the other.

“That’s right, it’s me, you stupid piece of junk,” Gou walked over to him and punched Chase in the chest - gently. “Shit I can’t believe it actually worked. You’re back. And you have a body and existence. Science sure is something.”

“Why didn’t you just-”

Gou stopped Chase. “As if I could leave you, you idiot. Not after what you did.”

“But why? We aren’t-”

Again, Gou stopped him. “We are. We are. And more than that, too. More than that brain of yours might be able to comprehend. But no worries, I hear that in this form you are capable of learning and even capable of having a heart.”

“Heart,” that brought back memories. Some painful memories. “He- They-”

“Yeah,” Gou sighed. “But who knows, these guys might be able to bring them back, too. And maybe this time, we might actually be able to co-exist peacefully.”

Chapter Text

“Beardy, let me guess, you never ever had to cook for yourself in your entire life,” Kazumi looked at the state of the kitchen. “You probably just paid off your Home Economics teacher as well.” To say that it was a mess was an understatement.

“I went to a private academy. We didn’t have useless subjects like that.” Gentoku huffed.

Kazumi rolled his eyes. “Figures.” Then he rolled up his sleeves. “Now listen up. I don’t really care whether or not you make a mess out of this place but I cannot take it when someone disrespects the ingredients people put so much effort into producing. Especially not these vegetables, you hear?”

“I don’t see your problem, Potato. This tastes perfectly fine to me,” Gentoku grumbled. “And all vegetables taste the same to me, too.”

Balling his fist, Kazumi had to keep himself from punching the other - or worse. “You will not trash talk the vegetables from the Sawatari farm. I will make you eat those words, Beardy. You will see the light once I’m done with you!”

The two kept squabbling and made an even bigger mess of the kitchen in the progress.

“Is it just me, or do those two look like a husband and wife arguing?” Ryuuga asked.

“It’s just like a wife showing her husband how to cook for the first time,” Sento agreed.

The two were sitting at the counter and watching what was going on in the kitchen behind it, both with matching cups of coffee in their hands.

Chapter Text

They had been meant to be together. Other people had decided that they belonged together. That they should be together in order to fulfill some kind of mission, to be of some kind of use. For the sake of a bigger cause. They had been classified as a Best Match for each other based on scientific data.

None of that had probably predicted for them to be together quite like this.

Sento gasped when Ryuga moved and dug his fingernails into the other’s broad shoulders. It made Ryuga hiss softly but the sound did not speak of pain but of pleasure. Ah, the mysterious workings of the human body.

Neither of them spoke a word to the other. They didn’t need to. Here, they understood one another even without words. No, not just here. They did all the time really but they would use words sometimes for the benefit of others or maybe because they did not want to say the truth out loud. Even though they knew the other would be able to tell truth from lie.

To tell genius from stupidity. To tell head from heart.

When Sento reached his limit, he shivered his orgasm out and then slumped down against the wall a bit. Ryuga kept him from sliding all the way down, the musclehead for some reason still had enough strength to keep both of them upright in the shower. He wouldn’t say it out loud but Sento appreciated it.

Once both of them were clean, they curled up on their shared bed.

Like a strong dragon, Ryuga wrapped himself around Sento but instead of feeling intimidated, Sento felt safe. Their bodies fit together effortlessly in a way that was nothing but comfortable. There was only one way to describe it.

A perfect match.

Chapter Text

“Hello there, Red Phantom Thief.” Zamigo smirked. “How are you today?”

Kairi made a face. “Fuck off you ice bastard.”

Zamigo raised his hands in a mock gesture of defense. “Such language. So cold.” He chuckled darkly. “I’m liking you more and more each time we meet.”

When he was about to turn to leave, Kairi was stopped by Zamigo’s arm around himself. A picture was presented to him. Of him, Toma and Umika in their Phantom Thief getup but without their masks on. He froze. “Where did you-”

He tried to grab the picture but Zamigo pulled it away in one swift movement.

“Ah, not so fast.” Zamigo put the picture back into one of the many folds and layers of his tunic. “I promise you not to say anything. Especially not to a certain GSPO officer.”

“That promise isn’t going to be for free, am I right?” He wasn’t naive enough to think that.

“Correct,” Zamigo smiled. “I’d like a little something in return.”

“What is it that you wa-” the rest of Kairi’s question got stuck in his throat because the Gangler had moved closer to him again, too close. Zamigo was pressed flush against his back and had his arms around him. One hand was touching Kairi in a rather suggestive place. The gesture more than answered Kairi’s question.

“You.” Zamigo breathed down Kairi’s neck and it sent a cold shiver down Kairi’s spine.

Kairi’s blood ran cold. He was disgusted by the mere idea of this but he knew that he had no other choice. He could not drag the others down, he could not jeopardize their mission and their promise. He had to protect their identities.

“Care to be more specific?” Kairi was proud of himself that his voice wasn’t trembling when he spoke. Over the years he had learned how to keep everything inside. The pain, the panic, the fear. Everything. “Because you know, there’s quite a bit of ‘me’.”

“That’s true. So let’s see,” Zamigo hummed and then pushed Kairi down onto his knees. “I guess down here’s a start, isn’t it?” He looked down at Kairi. “Don’t get any funny thoughts unless of course you really want to meet the same fate as that beloved person of yours.” His eyes glowed dangerously. “You would look rather beautiful encapsulated in ice.”

Glaring up at Zamigo, Kairi more or less yanked down the zipper of the Gangler’s pants. He fumbled a bit with all the fabric - the other’s clothes were seriously weird but then again, would Gangler’s know how to dress like decent human beings, probably not - but eventually freed Zamigo’s cock, which was already showing signs of interest.

Wrapping his lips around the other’s length felt like sucking on a popsicle. It was cold and hard. The only difference was that it was alive. It felt alive, strangely enough.

Zamigo’s release, too, was ice-cold. It reminded Kairi of some of the drinks they sold during the summer months that consisted more of ice than anything else. Just that this tasted vile.

He coughed and almost threw up but was able to fight the gag reflex somehow.

Before Zamigo could continue doing things to or with him, a voice called out. A familiar voice and one that sounded alarmed. “Kairi! Are you okay? You! Get away from him!”

Zamigo shot Kairi a look. Kairi made a face but only for a split second. When he turned to look at Keiichiro, he had his usual ‘innocent Kairi’ expression on. “Hold it, Kei-chan. This guy might look weird but he just helped me. There is a Gangler at large somewhere around here. He almost got me but this guy got me before he did.”

“Is that so? I will go and find him immediately!”

Kairi pointed towards a random direction, “He went that way.”

Keiichiro went into pursuit of thin air. Once he was out of earshot Zamigo chuckled. “Lying so convincingly. You sure are cold. Maybe that’s why I like you.” He breathed another icy kiss against Kairi’s neck. “See you next time.”

“Piss off, ice freak.”

Chapter Text

“Parad has gotten quite popular around the hospital, hasn’t he?” Poppy smiled. “I’m glad he’s learned to get along with humans so quickly.”

“Hm,” Emu replied and looked at the report sheet in front of him but he wasn’t really looking at it. “That so.” He seemed atypically gloomy.

Poppy didn’t seem to notice and was skipping off towards the normal wards again.

Emu sighed and gave up on the reports and decided to follow suit. Standing up he almost tripped but caught himself. Something was definitely off today. And he knew where the source for this was. So he went to find it.

He found Hiro first, however. The other doctor had his arms crossed and was looking at something - or someone - with a seemingly blank look but Emu could tell the other was pretty displeased at what he was seeing right now. His suspicions were confirmed when the other doctor told him, “Inte- Dr. Hojo, please do something about THAT.”

Following the other’s line of sight, Emu thought he could feel some of Hiro’s displeasure bleeding into him upon seeing what was going on.

Parad was sitting not too far away from them, with a flock of nurses and patients surrounding him.

“Please go back to work,” Hiro barked, having reached his limit. Everyone scattered immediately, leaving Parad by himself. While the Bugster had been smiling earlier, his face fell a little now and he half-glared at the doctor in front of him.

“Something’s stuck up your ass today and it’s unfortunately not a certain someone’s dick or you’d be more relaxed and loose,” Parad’s tone was pretty cutting and it made Hiro’s eyebrow twitch a little in reaction. “You should-”

Before the two of them could get into a fight, Emu grabbed Parad by the coat and dragged him down towards the CR. Once he was sure nobody would see them Emu slammed Parad against the wall and crushed their lips together. When he pulled away, he was almost growling. “Don’t forget who you belong to, Parad. You are mine.” The tone and way of speaking seemed unlike Emu and more like Gamer M. The words were almost visibly bleeding with jealousy and possessiveness.

Parad’s face lit up with a bright smile, “I would never, Emu!” He wrapped his arms around Emu. “I like this side of you, Emu. It makes me happy to see it. It’s like a hidden, special level that needs to be unlocked first before you can play it.”

They locked lips again and Parad slid his hands down to Emu’s waist and behind, holding and pulling him close just as possessively. “And I’m not going to let anyone else play. Ever.”

“Well, I’m glad that this is mutual,” Emu murmured and then crushed their lips together again. Some of the tension was finally easing out of him. But he didn’t feel completely relaxed until later, until after he and Parad had properly confirmed their feelings towards each other on both an emotional and physical level.

Putting an arm over his eyes, Emu sighed, “Maybe Hiro wasn’t the only one who needed-”

Parad’s finger on his lips silenced him and his Bugster clicked his tongue. “That kind of language doesn’t suit you, Emu. It’s enough if I have a dirty mouth.”

Chapter Text

“Is the president of the Galactic Federation too busy for his friends these days?” Lucky appeared behind the large chair Tsurugi was currently sitting on. Tsurugi wouldn’t question how the other got past the heavy security. Even with clearance, somebody should have reported the other’s imminent arrival to him. Well, the other was just that lucky. As usual.

He smiled, “Legend that I am, I can manage to make time for friends and comrades.”

“Alright, lucky me.” Encouraged by Tsurugi’s words, Lucky turned the chair slightly and then slid into Tsurugi’s lap. Tsurugi noticed that Lucky was wearing simple clothes instead of the more formal Leo System attire he would wear to official functions.

“What about you? Isn’t being the king rather busy?” He asked the younger male.

Lucky shrugged, “I’ve been doing so much my people have been telling me to go and have some fun as well. So here I am? I am merely listening to the wishes of my people.”

“That so.” Tsurugi mused. “You sure live up to your name and reputation, Lucky.”

The younger male laughed and wrapped his arms around Tsurugi as he slid down lower into Tsurugi’s lap, grinding their awakening erections against each other as he did so. “I am the luckiest man in the universe, am I not? And I think that I get to bed Ootori Tsurugi, the president of the galactic federation and a living legend is proof of that.”

“That is indeed legendarily lucky.” Tsurugi’s breathing was becoming a little more laboured and he reached up to put his hands onto Lucky’s hips.

Despite being from an alien species, Lucky had human biology for the most part - as Tsurugi had first discovered when he and Orion had saved the younger male’s life. Unlike some of the other members of the Kyurangers who seemed human but possessed very different traits and bodies upon closer inspection. Not that that stopped people from doing things.

Just like Tsurugi was not going to stop what he and Lucky were doing if it were up to him.

“Clothes off?” Lucky asked, tone almost innocent and hopeful but the look the other was giving him was anything but that. Tsurugi knew all too well that Lucky was no virgin and that the other knew what he was doing. This wasn’t their first time doing something like this. Nor would it be their last, he was sure.

It was a little more difficult for Tsurugi, who was sitting pressed down into the chair, to get rid of his clothes but they managed somehow. Or rather, Lucky did. The other did most of the work and just had Tsurugi sitting back and enjoying the show he put on.

And what a show it was. It didn’t just give Tsurugi something to look at but also something to feel. If he recalled correctly, something like this was called a lap dance back in the day. He didn’t know what youngsters called it these days. But it felt enjoyable all the same. Enjoyable but also rather torturous. It was a very sweet torture. It was hard to only look and not to touch just yet. Lucky hadn’t given him permission.

It wasn’t until they were both in a satisfactory state of undress that Lucky invited him in. And so Tsurugi leaned in, leaned in and let his desire take over. Hands, lips, tongue, teeth, everything was fair game now.

Lucky had come prepared. Tsurugi felt how something slick was pressed into his hand, lathering up his fingers. He didn’t question it. He just took the hint.

Tsurugi was patient, could be patient still, as he worked one and then two fingers into the other. Lucky however, seemed to be getting impatient. The younger male was grinding his hips down again, down onto Tsurugi’s fingers but the sounds he made and his actions clearly said that he longed for more. That he wanted more. That he wanted Tsurugi.

So Tsurugi obliged. He made a sound that was a cross between a moan and a sigh when he felt himself getting engulfed by the tight heat that was Lucky. It set him on fire on the inside. The phoenix was burning at full force inside of him, fueled by the youthful energy that Lucky brought with him and the passion that had taken control of both of them.

Tsurugi tugged on one of Lucky’s piercings with his teeth, which drew out a soft hiss from the younger male. A hiss that turned into a strangled moan when Tsurugi sunk his teeth into the skin just above Lucky’s collarbone.

Lucky’s body arched in pleasure, which caused the other to sink down onto Tsurugi’s cock even further, making both of them groan in unison as pleasure hit both of them.

Wanting more leverage and a better angle, Tsurugi pushed Lucky down onto his table. He rose to his feet and then sunk into the other once more, pushing in even deeper and deeper with each thrust of his hips that followed.

He kept his eyes on Lucky, took in all of the changes in the other’s expression, in his voice. Nobody else got to see and hear the other like this. This was Tsurugi’s privilege.

Tsurugi knew that Lucky was getting close and the surest sign of it was when Lucky reached between them to wrap a hand around his own cock to jerk himself off in time with Tsurugi’s thrusts. And Lucky was not the only one getting close to the edge.

They went over it almost simultaneously.

Sinking back into the chair, Tsurugi basked in the afterglow for a little bit. Then his eyes went up to where Lucky was still lying on his desk. The other was propping himself up on his elbows to look at him when he felt eyes on him.

“You’re going to think of me every time you sit at your desk from now on.”

“Holy moly,” Tsurugi laughed softly. “But well, there are worse things.”

Chapter Text

“That collection piece has the ability to reverse someone’s character. The more evil they are, the more good they will appear. But it could also turn someone who is nothing but good into pure evil.” The words haunted Tsukasa. Even though she had told the others that she had gotten over what had happened, things weren’t that easy.

While she was able to distract herself during the day at work, she was defenseless once she closed her eyes at night to go to sleep. Nightmares came to haunt her.

At first she saw herself, a cute and fragile girl without a sense of justice or any care in the world. It made her sick to the stomach to see herself like that. But she could deal with it. What was harder to deal with were the images of the people around her becoming distorted in her nightmares.

Toma turned into a careless playboy with a dirty mouth. Umika turned into a delinquent girl-gangster and Kairi suddenly turned into a serious, well-behaved and quiet teenager who got pushed around by others. Sakuya, too, suddenly seemed serious, to the point of being uptight and stiff and a stickler to the rules while Noel turned into an arrogant aristocrat type of person. Keiichiro turned into what seemed like an ill-tempered and cruel mobster boss.

The nightmares continued and their severity seemed to increase every night. Things escalated rather quickly.

One night, Tsukasa found herself at the GSPO headquarters. She had passed Noel, who had dismissed her - or pretty much just ignored her - because people were all below him. Sakuya had timed her arrival, telling her that she was perfectly on time and that he approved of her setting such a good example as a senior.

He had then gone off to deal with Umika, who had beat up other girls for fun and then gotten into a fight with Toma, who had been courting said other girls.

Tsukasa had continued on into the mission room only to find Keiichiro, wearing a casual suit instead of his uniform, sitting in Hilltop’s chair. The other didn’t seem to have noticed Tsukasa’s entrance. He was looking down at something.

Or someone. As Tsukasa found out the next moment.

Keiichiro reached down and yanked up Kairi’s head roughly. “Look at you. The good boy is soiled and dirty now. I consider that a piece of art.”

“Mr. Policeman, shouldn’t you be protecting citizens and not harming them?”

“Who cares about other people. I only care about one thing. Having fun.” Keiichiro snorted. “And don’t you come at me with this kind of bullshit. You like this. You like the pain.”

Kairi looked back at Keiichiro and swallowed. “Yes. Yes I do.” He made a soft sound when Keiichiro tightened the rough grip on his hair. “Please hurt me more.”

Tsukasa bolted up on her bed, drenched in a cold sweat.

That had been so wrong. So very, very wrong on so many levels.

She grabbed one of her stuffed animals and hugged it close, willing her heart to stop racing and for the images to disappear from her mind. Her cheeks were burning slightly. Where had those images come from? What was wrong with her mind? Was she going insane?

It was no surprise that she didn’t dare to go back to sleep again after that.

“My goodness, Tsukasa-san! Are you alright?” Umika crouched down next to Tsukasa when she brought coffee for the four GSPO members. “You look terrible!”

Tsukasa looked at the girl and tried to smile - tiredly. “I haven’t been sleeping well.”

“It’s been a few days, Tsukasa. Maybe you should stop by the doctor?” Keiichiro crossed his arms, concerned. “Nobody will judge you for getting a health check up.”

Kairi appeared behind Keiichiro and leaned against him. “Kei-chan’s right. You only have one body. You should take care of it. Or it’s gonna be adieu when you face a Gangler.”

“Umika-chan! It’s so nice of you to worry for a friend!” Sakuya beamed at Umika but was ignored. Noel tried to comfort him when he hung his head in defeat.

Toma brought over some plates of food - Tsukasa noticed that hers had more of her favorites than it should have had. “Umika, Kairi, I know you like to talk to regulars but let’s get back to work. Other guests are waiting for their food.”

The trio shuffled off but Tsukasa suddenly felt better.

Everything had been but a nightmares. Things were normal in this world. Things were okay. Everything had been but a figment of her imagination.

Dreams however, were seldomly based on mere fantasies. They had roots in reality.

Tsukasa had finished work for the day and was about to head home but she noticed that she had forgotten something and turned back to get it. Voices from one of the corridors close to the locker rooms drew her attention and when curiosity got the better of her, she followed the voices to their sources.

“Good work today, Kei-chan,” Kairi pulled Keiichiro closer by the other’s necktie.

“Kairi-kun, we’re at the-”

“Aw, don’t be like that, Kei-chan. As if this was worse than the time in the park behind the trees,” Kairi laughed softly. There was a mischievous edge to it.

“True,” Keiichiro cleared his throat. “Still.” He looked around and then looked at Kairi, face serious as always. “I’d much rather do this somewhere more comfortable, though. So uhm, Kairi-kun, would you mind, no, would you like to, uh do you want to come home with me?”

Kairi blinked at that, seemingly surprised by the rather bolt move from Keiichiro. But then he smiled. “Yes. Yes I do.”

The words triggered pictures from Tsukasa’s nightmare again and she ran out of the building. “Nooo!”

Chapter Text

“Why are we here, Ian?”

“You can’t tell me a kid your age has never been down here. This is where you’re supposed to hang out, boy. Just look around you! There are only students here. I’m an old geezer!”

“I’m not interested in these kinds of places.”

“But you should at least see them once in your life, boy. Or you’ll miss out on an important part in your high school life.”

“Well if it makes you happy.”

Kuroda smiled a little when he overheard the friendly banter of what seemed to be a couple passing by above him. He was waiting, hidden in the shadows of a wall in front of a shop a level below the main street level. The main street was swarming with school girls, so he didn’t dare to wait there. He knew the person he was waiting for would find him here.

It had been a few months since they had last met. Ever since Kuroda had left Gekidan Bazooka to pursue a real acting career it had been harder for them to see each other.

They did stay in touch, though. Despite busy schedules on both of their ends sometimes, they would still make sure to message or call each other at least once every day.

Today was a rare day off for both of them so they had arranged to meet. Kuroda could feel his heart beating faster with each minute the clock moved closer to their agreed meeting time. Despite them keeping in touch, Kuroda would find himself getting insecure at times. They were both actors and Midori was a real professional now. What if the other just put up with him? What if those feelings were no longer real? What if the other thought Kuroda was too high maintenance for him as a partner?

Or well, too weird. Kuroda was sure that in the showbiz world, there were hundreds if not thousands of other people who might tickle Midori’s fancy and would be a lot easier to deal with than Kuroda. Who were a lot more, well, ‘normal’.

A pair of arms came around him from behind and Kuroda tensed up a little bit with a soft squeak. But then he noticed that the figure pressed against him was a familiar one.

“M-Midori-kun! You surprised me!”

“Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.” Midori apologized and then turned Kuroda around so they could look at each other. “Long time no see, Kuroda.”

“U-un, long time no see,” Kuroda smiled at the other. Ah, Midori was still so handsome. Or actually, the other seemed a lot more handsome now than last time.

“Your hair’s gotten long. I like it, Midori-kun,” Kuroda ran his fingers through the dark locks gently. His heart was skipping a beat because he really did like this new look on the other. And when the other looked at him through the long bangs now it made him feel a little weak in the knees. “It looks very good on you.”

Midori smiled, “Thanks.” He took Kuroda’s hand and pulled him along. “Let’s go.”

“Where to?” Kuroda blinked. They hadn’t made any plans for the day.

“My place,” Midori announced. “I’m taking you home with me today. So it’ll just be the two of us. That’s okay with you, right?”

Kuroda blushed and nodded enthusiastically, “Yes!!”

“I’m still an unknown actor who only gets small roles but I’ve been able to pay my bills and everything with the money I earn while doing what I love,” Midori told Kuroda on the way.

Midori’s happiness was Kuroda’s happiness. He tried to convey that to the other by squeezing the other male’s hand. He didn’t dare to do more while they were still in public. But it didn’t take long for them to make it to the small but cozy apartment Midori now called his own. Once they were inside, Kuroda wrapped his arms around Midori just as the other pushed him up against the wall and then brought their lips together.

The kiss felt good. Nostalgic, warm, electrifying. All kinds of things.

Before Kuroda could help it, a moan had slipped past his lips when Midori pulled away briefly. “I’m glad I still have that effect on you,” Midori whispered and sent shivers down Kuroda’s spine. He then tugged on Kuroda’s hand again. “Come on in. I have a nice bed.”

It made Kuroda’s heart skip a beat. His feelings almost went into overdrive when instead of just tugging him along, Midori picked him up and then carried him to the bedroom princess style. Kuroda flailed a bit before he wrapped his arms around Midori’s shoulders for support.

When they tumbled onto the bed and Midori had crawled on top of him, Kuroda reached up to caress the other’s cheek gently. “I love you, Midori-kun.”

“I love you, too, Kuroda.”

Chapter Text

“Do Bugsters eat?” Emu looked at Parad. “And does he eat?” He looked at Shoki in his arms.

Parad smiled. “I don’t really have to eat human food but I can. I’m fine with whatever you’re having. I’ll like what you like, Emu.”

“That makes things easier,” Emu hummed and then looked at Shoki again. “Well, I guess I’ll have to try things out until I find something that works.”

“Like in a puzzle game,” Parad chuckled and then took Shoki from Emu. “You go and do human stuff? I’ll keep him company and play with him while you do.” He lifted Shoki up and the boy visibly enjoyed being up high like that.

Emu laughed softly and then sighed. “I wish you would help with ‘human stuff’ sometimes but I guess I’ll let it slide for now. One thing at a time,” he went into the kitchen.

Being a pediatrics major came in handy when raising a child, Emu noticed. At the same time, being into games helped as well. Just like Parad had said, taking care of a child was like trying to solve a puzzle game - or a really hard quiz game. You were punished when you made mistakes, too. Severely.

When Shoki finally fell asleep - after a temper tantrum - Emu let himself flop down onto a chair. He would have missed it, clumsy as he was, but someone pushed it up to catch him.

Looking up, he found Parad leaning over him.

“We figured it out somehow.”

“We did. Thanks, Parad,” Emu smiled tiredly. He closed his eyes briefly when the other leaned down to steal a kiss. “This is the hardest ‘game’ yet.”

“But we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t clear this one, too.”


Chapter Text

“Mon Dieu, Sakuya-kun, what happened to you?” Noel looked at the youngest member of the GSPO. They were both off duty and out of their uniforms but apart from wearing his suit, Sakuya was also wearing an expression that spoke of utter misery.

“Noel-san,” Sakuya looked at him, “It’s just been a hard day. Literally.”

The other told Noel what had happened. “I woke up with it but then I noticed I was late so I had to make a run for it. I thought it would go away but it didn’t. But what other choice did I have? So yeah I came in like that and Tsukasa-senpai noticed.” Sakuya blushed slightly at that particular memory. “She told me to take care of it before Keiichiro-senpai or Commander Hilltop could see me like that.”

“Oui that sounds like her,” Noel nodded, perfectly able to picture the exchange in his mind.

Sakuya continued, “So I went into the shower room but it was uhm, occupied. I couldn’t see who was in there with Keiichiro-senpai but they must have done a rather good job, judging by the sounds he was making.”

“Oh la la,” Noel knew just who that had been. Not just because he could picture Kairi having a skilled tongue. Umika had complained about Kairi having gotten up early but then still showing up late to his shift at Jurer after going out to run errands.

“When the Gangler showed up, I was able to forget about it for a while and nobody really paid attention to it either - luckily - but now that work is over it’s back full force and I don’t know whether I will be enough to take care of it,” Sakuya admitted, hanging his head.

He blinked when Noel cupped his cheek and raised his head back up again.

“Well, then I will lend you a hand. Can’t just leave a friend hanging now, can I? Come with me.” Noel winked. “Consider it a little help from a friend.”

Chapter Text

Parad looked at Shoki as the boy slept on his parents’ bed. He had a habit of slipping in between them during the night when he got lonely. “Emu, I think Shoki needs a playmate. He has lots of uncles and aunts but that cannot replace playing with other kids.”

Emu looked at the other and hummed thoughtfully. “He shouldn’t have to grow up with imaginary friends, yeah.” Not like himself. “But I wonder if other kids would accept him for who he is?” Shoki wasn’t exactly a normal child after all. The kids might be okay with it but Emu feared what the parents of the kids could do to him if something ‘went wrong’.

“But I think you’re right. I have to go to work now but I’m sure we will be able to figure something out!” Emu gave Parad and then Shoki a goodbye kiss. “See you later.”

When he arrived at the hospital and changed into his coat, he almost fell on his face when a nurse ran into him from behind. “Hojo-sensei! Finally! People have been waiting for you!”

The nurse ushered him towards the ward and surely enough, the waiting room area was full of people. Emu stumbled into his room and sat down, accepting the first patient file from a nurse. Some of the things written in the file made him frown slightly.

“Spaces out a lot because she keeps getting lost in the Gaia Library? What-” Before Emu could mull over that a bit longer, the door opened and a pair of males came in. One of them was carrying a young girl in his arms. She appeared to be asleep.

“We were told you were specializing in pediatrics of a more special nature,” a male wearing a fedora hat sat down in front of Emu. “We came all the way from Fuuto to see you.”

Emu nodded, “Ah, I feel honored that you’d consider me suitable for-”

The younger of the two males in front of him, who had been looking at a book instead of at Emu, now looked at him over the edges of the book. “We were hoping you could help us with our daughter. This is Saena. As you can see, she appears to be a young girl. She appears to be human but she is not. And as such, I am unable to locate sufficient information to help her in the Gaia Library.”

“What is this Gaia Library?” Emu asked. “It’s in the file, too.”

“It’s a long story. Let’s just say it contains all of the knowledge of this world,” the other male said. “But well here’s the thing. Saena was looking at a video game a classmate had given her and suddenly she’s out cold. Philip couldn’t find her in the Library and we cannot wake her up. We were hoping you would be able to help us.”

Emu frowned. “A game?” He pulled out his special stethoscope.

The mark that appeared made his eyes widen. “Shoki?”

He closed his eyes. “Parad, is Shoki still asleep?”

Emu vaguely registered one of the males in front of him whispering to the other, “I have a good feeling about this, Philip. He zones out and talks to someone just like you.”

“Shut up, Shotaro. Let him work.”

A few moments later Parad appeared with Shoki. The boy was still asleep. Emu and Parad then combined their powers to enter Shoki’s game. They got the kids back out and Shoki and Saena opened their eyes again.

“They got into the game and forgot about the time. After all time passes differently in the game world, huh?” Emu sighed. “Sorry, this was partially my fault.”

“Don’t sweat it,” the male called Shotaro shook his head and then looked over to where Shoki and Saena were playing with a puzzle game in the kids waiting area. “I’m glad she’s found someone to play with. She scared off the other kids at her daycare because she’s smarter than all of them and just like her father here has some weird interests.”

“I’m counting you as one of those weird interests, Shotaro,” Philip retorted.

“You wound me.” Shotaro laughed softly.

Emu smiled, “Well, if you’d like, you can drop her off here any time. I’m sure Shoki would be happy, too. He’s wanted someone else to play with, too.”

“Sounds good. Thank you, Hojo-sensei.”

“Ah, just call me Emu,” he walked them to the parking lot outside the hospital and then bowed and waved when the family left. He had just been about to go back inside when he was grabbed by someone from behind. “Woah!!”

“Sorry! I was in a- oh hey!!” The guy smiled at him brightly recognizing him.

And that feeling was mutual. “I remember you, you were the guy who called me to fight the Shocker general,” Emu looked at Lucky. “Shishi Red, was it?”

“Alright, Lucky! I found you! You know my friends need a doctor who knows his way around kids. And you’re just perfect!!” Lucky grabbed Emu’s hand and pulled him along. Suddenly Emu felt himself and Lucky getting engulfed in what looked like a giant red globe and the next moment, they were leaving the Earth.

Emu flailed, “Uh what-”

“Ah, sorry!” Lucky apologized - though really, it didn’t sound like he was - and explained, “Naga and Stinger aren’t sure if their little ones are okay because they’re mixed species. And there has been no other successful mating of their species before.”

“I don’t know if this is still within the scope of my abilities but uh I’ll see what I can do.” There sure were a lot of special cases waiting for him today.

The other dropped him off on a spaceship and then ushered him towards a door. After pushing the buttons to open it, he pushed Emu inside without following. Emu stumbled into the medical bay of the spaceship and blinked at the scene in front of him. Suddenly his doctor’s instincts kicked in and he got going.

He checked Naga, who was lying on a bed. Stinger, by his side, had roused from what looked like a catnap. His hand was still holding Naga’s.

“He’s very tired and has gone into what seems to be a state of deep rest and sleep similar to hibernation but he is fine. There’s nothing wrong with his body that I can detect,” Emu said after a short examination. Then he went to the crib next to Stinger and peeked inside.

Emu saw two kids, a boy and a girl. They would have looked perfectly human if not for the scorpion tails protruding from underneath their clothes and a scatter of scales on their skin. The boy’s tail was a warm gold colour, as was his hair. There were markings on his tail as well, which were orange and black with a hint of purple. The girl had the same markings but her hair and tail were silver-white, a tad more grey than Naga’s.

“These are Aculeus and Manasa. They’re twins.” Stinger went to join Emu, “I had never heard of twins among my people. Our children are usually born one by one. But I think mixing with Naga might have done something in that regard. Since his people all look the same. Like, well, twins.” Not that these twins looked anything alike, Emu observed. They were like night and day or the sun and moon.

He blinked in surprise when Stinger suddenly blocked one of the tiny tails and kept the stinger from hurting Emu. “They don’t have poison yet but it would still hurt.”

With Stinger’s help, Emu examined the twins and then gently placed them back into the crib. He smiled at Stinger. “They’re both fine. There’s nothing that indicates that they’re suffering from any uh problems.”

“That’s a relief,” a quiet voice came from the bed.

“Naga!” Stinger was by the other’s side immediately.

Naga looked at Emu. “Thank you, doctor.” Both he and Stinger looked very tired but relieved. Emu looked at them and then at the crib and back again.

“How about all of you come to my hospital? You can stay there until you recover. I don’t want to say anything about spaceships and all that because I am no expert in that regard but I feel like things would be easier for you down on Earth? And I’ll be around in case something happens,” Emu offered. Then he smiled at Naga and added, “And I think Eito-kun would love to see you again. He’s made a full recovery and I heard he’s been very happy.”

Naga gave Emu a small smile. “I would very much like to see him again, too.”

“Let’s do that then,” Stinger nodded.

Said and done. Once Emu had seen to it that Naga Stinger and their family had gotten settled in a private room in the hospital - he’d done some negotiating with Hiro - he returned to the pediatrics ward. Another pair of males appeared in front of him when he opened the door to his examination room. A familiar pair of males.

“Sento-san? Ryuga-san?”

“My theory was correct. Since he met us in a world where we did not exist, a world that was a parallel world from ours, there was a slight chance that-” Sento went off rambling to himself for a bit, so Emu looked at Ryuga and the boy on the other’s lap.

Ryuga smiled, “Meet Takumi. Takumi, this is a doctor.”

“Uh, I can see that,” Takumi looked at Emu and inclined his head. “Hello.”

“Hello Takumi-kun. Is something the matter? Are you not feeling well?” Emu asked.

Takumi shook his head. “I’m fine. But Sento here is worried or something.”

That brought Sento back to the here and now and he looked at Emu. “Can you have a look at this kid? I would like to know more about his genetic makeup but I unfortunately lack the equipment to do it right now,” Sento crossed his arms. “I have the feeling that some sort of alien DNA might be mixed in with his. I’d like to find out whether this knucklehead is at fault or whether I did something while not paying attention.”

“Alien…” just as he had dealt with other aliens. Today sure wasn’t over yet. Emu pulled out a blank patient file and a pen, “Can you tell me more about him?”

“We just woke up with him sleeping between us,” Ryuga shrugged.

Emu hummed. “I can relate to that at least.” That’s how they had gotten Shoki, too. Then he agreed to run a few tests on Takumi - as requested. Usually DNA tests took a long time but after Sento tinkered with the equipment the results came out almost immediately. Emu wondered whether they should hire the other as the new technician. Medical science would surely benefit from this kind of technological advancement.

Sento looked at the data presented to him and froze. Ryuga frowned at it. “I don’t get any of the stuff that’s written here. Can somebody please explain?”

“The DNA test result says that it matches both of you. You both have a first grade relationship with this child. So that means a parent or sibling.” Emu explained dutifully. “And since neither of you are related, it means you’re his parents.”

“That is impossible, biologically-” Sento was going off again.

Ryuga ruffled Takumi’s hair. “Parent, huh? That’s cool.”

“And uh yeah there is some non-human DNA in there, too, like you suspected,” Emu added. “But the majority is human. If that helps?”

Sento sat down on a stool again. “A child. How do you even raise a child? Can we raised him normally? What are we even supposed to do with him?”

“You really are a stupid genius,” Ryuga rolled his eyes.

When they started arguing, Emu looked at Takumi. “Would you like to go out and play? I think my son Shoki would love to play with you,” he offered.

“Your idea and my idea are a perfect match, Emu-sensei!” Takumi grinned and slipped out.

Emu followed - leaving the arguing couple behind - and breathed a sigh of relief. Finally a moment of peace and qui-

“Intern,” Hiro appeared in front of him. “Outpatient call. At the specialist clinic.”

“Taiga-san’s clinic?” If Taiga wasn’t able to deal with this, how would he?

“They requested for you but couldn’t make it here. Go. I told him you were coming.” Hiro simply stated. “Don’t make him wait.”

“You’d know best in what kind of sour mood that puts him,” Emu muttered under his breath when he ran down the hall towards the bike parking lot. He took his bike over to Taiga’s clinic and was greeted by his fellow doctor at the door and led inside.

“Emu!” A familiar face was waiting there for him.

“Takeru!” He smiled. Then his face fell, “Wait, are you not feeling-”

Takeru shook his head. “It’s not me. I’d like you to have a look at Aion.”

A boy was lying on the bed in front of Takeru. He had black hair with little white tufts on one side. “The white tufts of hair make him look like Taiga.” He shot the other doctor a look that Taiga returned with a glare. So Emu turned back around.

“He’s not a ghost, is he? I guess if he’s with you he’s human?” Emu asked and then leaned down to examine the boy.

Takeru looked at Emu. “He’s not a human child per se. He’s from the Gamma World. But I guess he’s half-human? He’s Alain’s and Makoto-nii-chan’s but they decided to let him stay with us in the human world for a while until things over there settle down. Apparently there are a few issues and they don’t want him to be in danger. And Alain wanted him to see how beautiful this world was. And what his future would look like.”

“Uh, okay,” Emu decided not to ask any more questions today, really.

“I just wanted you to check whether the trip from the Gamma to our world wasn’t too hard on him? He seemed pretty tired and out of it, so I decided to find you,” Takeru said.

“He’s okay so far but if you’re worried I’m sure Taiga can keep watch over him for a night to see if things turn out okay? Don’t worry, he’s a great doctor,” Emu smiled.

“Don’t need you to tell him that,” Taiga grumbled.

Emu smiled, “Well unless you all want to come over to the hospital. You would be able to-”

“No thanks,” Taiga snorted. “Am not feeling like sweets right now.”

Aha. So they were having a lover’s spat. Emu filed that information away for later. “How about you, Takeru? Although, I guess there’s a reason for you to have come here instead of the hospital, huh?”

“I thought it would attract too much attention,” Takeru nodded. “And well, just as you said, since he does resemble Taiga-sensei a bit, I thought people wouldn’t be as suspicious.”

“I’m more than capable of taking care of one brat,” Taiga grumbled.

“Well, I might send Shoki over to play? Along with some others. If he’s with other kids, I guess young Aion might not stand out at all,” Emu suggested. “And he won’t be lonely.”

Takeru smiled, “That sounds great! Thank you, sensei!”

When Emu returned to his and Parad’s home that night, he found Shoki asleep once more and Parad waiting for him in the living room. They shared a brief kiss and then Emu let himself flop down onto the couch, tired from the day.

“You worked hard today. But look at it positively, we solved our problem from this morning.” Parad smiled and wrapped his arm around Emu’s waist to pull him closer.

“At the rate we’re going we have to open a kindergarten just for Shoki and his playmates,” Emu laughed softly and looked up at Parad. “Want to be their teacher? A special teacher for a bunch of special kids. I would trust you to be able to handle them.”

“Well, in case something happens I know which special doctor to call for help,” Parad chuckled. “Sounds like an interesting game to me.”

“You’re on then.”

Chapter Text

Since neither of them has a place they can return to in this world, they only have one option: creating a place for themselves. They discover that by some kind of dimensional magic - Ryuga calls it magic, Sento would never use a word so unscientific such as magic - they still have funds they can use. Sento theorizes that the things they had on them were automatically converted into things they could use in this new world. Money would exist in this new world after all. It was just them, their bodies, their beings, that were different.

The apartment is a nice change from the secret basement hideout - or later on, secret seaside hideout. There are proper windows, a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom with a bed that was actually made to fit two people.

Yes. A bed for two people. And only a single bedroom.

Sento complains of course, during the day when they try and live ‘around’ each other but then at night, it’s usually him who pushes Ryuga down onto the mattress and looks for the comfort that physical proximity provides. And Ryuga lets him, indulges him.

He knows Sento after all. He knows the other better than he might even know himself. Of course Sento would probably kill himself before admitting that. But it’s the undeniable truth and it’s mutual. They had no better match in this world than each other. And even in their original world, they had been no less than a perfect match.

This shows when they are like this, when their bodies fit together flawlessly as if they had been made for each other - and in a sense, maybe they had been.

“Harder, Banjo. Deeper!” Sento all but demands and claws at Ryuga’s back, pulls him in further by wrapping his legs around Ryuga’s waist.

Ah. It was one of those days. One of the days when Sento was threatening to drown himself in self-doubt and his insecurities. Even in this new world it happened sometimes. Things would come back to haunt Sento and then other thoughts would plague him like: what if I destroy this new world, too? All the things a genius like him would hopelessly overthink.

It’s Ryuga’s job to pull him out of those dark thoughts again because Ryuga does not think about things like that. Ryuga just lives, just moves on with life in their new world, new home. As long as Sento is by his side that’s all that matters to him.

“Stop thinking, idiot.” He whispers softly and then does as he was told, angling his thrusts differently to push in deeper and to put more strength into his movements.

Sento is a moaning mess for a few moments before he gathers enough coherency again to shoot back a breathy, “Shut up, musclehead.”

Ryuga decides to cut off any other words by kissing Sento messily. Words meant thinking.

It has the desired effect. Sento finally lets go and becomes incoherent, finally gets an expression on his face that says that his mind is pleasantly blank now.

That expression does not disappear afterwards when both of them recover from their orgasms. It’s the expression Sento eventually falls asleep with, too.

This was a welcome change, compared to their old world. Getting a proper night’s rest had felt like such a strange thing at first but both of them had gradually gotten used to it. And Ryuga was confident that just like they had gotten used to this, they would both eventually get used to being in this new world completely as well.

“Sweet dreams, stupid genius.”

“Shuddup muscle head.”

Chapter Text

“You saved us back there, Sakuya. Well done,” Keiichiro patted Sakuya on the back. “You’re living up to your position. And I hope you’re gaining more confidence in yourself, too.”

“Keiichiro-senpai,” Sakuya looked at the other. “Thank you!” Then he bowed. “But I’m sorry that I let a Gangler do this to me in the first place. I still have long ways to go.”

Keiichiro smiled, “Nobody was born perfect. Humans evolve. So keep going. I’ll have your back as you move forward. I promise.”

Sakuya beamed. “Thank you, Keiichiro-senpai! I promise not to disappoint you!”

His eyes followed Keiichiro as the other moved over to his desk and sat down at it. Sakuya found his eyes lingering on the leader of the Patrangers. He had always admired Keiichiro but right now, he found himself admiring the other in a slightly different way than usual.

Usually, he strove to get praise from his senior. Now, he wondered what he would have to do to get more than that. He wondered what it would be like to be held by those strong arms and to be told that he was doing well.

He’d have to work even harder from now on to get there.

Luckily, Sakuya wasn’t the type to give up easily.

Chapter Text

Another ‘lost’ piece of the Lupin Collection had surfaced but before the Lupinrangers could get to it, it had been snatched by another male wearing a long, red coat. All four of them went into pursuit but only Kairi was able to catch up with the other.

“Who are you? You don’t look like a Gangler,” Kairi aimed his VS CHanger at the other.

“I’m Captain Marvelous. A space pirate.”

Kairi frowned. “A pirate?” He clicked his tongue. “Well, I guess I’ll have to steal from a pirate then. I cannot have you keep that loot.”

They got into a brief fight over the ‘treasure’, blasting at each other with their guns and getting close enough for close range combat.

“You are but a mere thief. Your world is small. Compared to that of a pirate.” Marvelous looked at Kairi but then his smirk softened somewhat. “But I will acknowledge the determination in that heart of yours. To get the treasure no matter what the cost. In that respect, I guess we are the same.”

“Don’t lump me in with the likes of you. A thief and a pirate are still very different things,” Kairi swooped in for another attack which Marvelous seemed to dodge easily but then Kairi smirked and changed his course ever so slightly. “I will steal this, too.”

Marvelous’ eyes widened when he suddenly found himself on the receiving end of a kiss.

When they parted, Kairi held up the Lupin Collection item. “Sorry Mr. Pirate. But I don’t just steal for kicks. I have pride and skills as a thief. And this treasure is worth more than even my own life. Don’t hold it against me. Adieu.”

He vanished before Marvelous could react.

“Now that’s an accomplishment. He actually shut up our captain.” Luka applauded.

Joe crossed his arms, “Don’t take it to heart, Marvelous. You’re not the only one with a bad track record when it comes to thieves.”

“Hah. Whatever. There’s nothing more to get here. So let’s get some food. Gai said he’s treating.” Marvelous shrugged and walked off.

“I did? When did I say that, Marvelous-san??” Gai flailed.

The other Gokaigers followed.

Chapter Text

“A Bugster getting married to a human? And to his own to boot? Well, well, haven’t we all come along for a crazy ride,” Kiriya commented when he overheard the conversation in the CR. “Go get yourself some advice from Doctor Love before you do it, though.”

Parad blinked. “Doctor Love? Who is that?”

Kiriya shrugged. “None of the people here to be completely honest with you but I guess you could try Hiro or Taiga. Since they’re both equally terrible at it, they might be able to give you a negative example of how to not do things? That’ll help.”

“Makes sense,” Parad nodded. “Okay.”

“No worries. If you just view it as a dating sim or otome game you’ll be fine. Just think of them as guys who chose the wrong route in the game.”

Parad’s face lit up. “Thank you! Now that’s something I can work with.”

“Figured. Now off you go! And good luck!” Kiriya mock saluted.

Said and done. Parad went to find the two doctors in question and it was his lucky day because he found both of them together.

Hiro was eating sweets - of course - and Taiga was sitting across from him, drinking coffee.

“I have something I’d like to ask you,” Parad did not beat around the bush. “I was told you would be able to help me with this.”

Hiro looked up from his cake. “A problem?”

“Let’s hear it,” Taiga set down his cup.

So Parad told them about what was on his mind and he immediately got responses - unfortunately they were varied.

“A proposal? A proposal should be well planned, like a surgery.” Hiro set down his cutlery.

“Look for your target, take aim and pull the trigger. That’s how you get a job done.” Taiga crossed his arms and then shot Hiro a nasty look. “Too much planning will just make you miss the perfect timing for things.”

“If you plan well enough, timing should not be an issue,” Hiro shot back.

“If you plan too much you’ll never stop and thus never get anything done,” Taiga retorted.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail,” Hiro rose to his feet and slammed his hands onto the table. “Failing to plan everything carefully is also a sign of disrespect towards the other party. Careful planning shows care and consideration.”

“Sometimes things have to be done on the spot. Time is a luxury,” Taiga rose to his feet as well and planted one hand onto the table to lean over and closer to Hiro.

“Time can be ma-” before Hiro could counter the argument with one of his own again, he found his lips blocked by another pair. Parad saw how the surgeon’s eyes widened slightly.

Taiga pulled away again and smirked, “Did not plan for this, did you?”

“Who said I didn’t?” Hiro held Taiga’s gaze.

Parad stepped away from the two and made his way back down to the CR. He had the feeling that they had long forgotten about him and were too busy with each other to really do anything else. So he wasn’t expecting any answers from them.

Nobody had really been of any help but maybe that was because he had phrased his questions wrong. They had however all answered a question Parad had not asked. One that had been far more important than getting advice on how to propose.

None of the people he had asked had spoken out against the idea. All of them had accepted it and by not voicing any disapproval, had thus approved of it. Of them.

Down in the CR, he found it empty except for one person sitting at the table.

Smile tugging up his lips, he went to hug the other from behind. “Emu!”

“Oh, Parad,” Emu looked up. “I was wondering where you went.”

“I was talking to people,” Parad replied and then leaned down to kiss Emu shortly. “And I have something to tell you, too. Or rather, to ask you.”

Emu smiled up at the Bugster. “What is it? I’m all ears.”

“Will you marry me, Emu?” Simple and straight to the point. “I love you. You complete me. I want to be by your side forever. I want to be the one and only person by your side.”

It looked like his words took a while to completely register in Emu’s brain. When they did, the other’s eyes widened. “Parad, are you serious?” When he saw the earnest expression on Parad’s face he stopped. Emu got up and turned around to look at Parad properly. He took his Bugster’s hands into his and them smiled warmly.

“Well, if this were an RPG, I guess I would select ‘Yes’.”

“Your answer is making my heart dance with joy!” Parad smiled and then wrapped his arms around Emu once more. He lifted the shorter male up and twirled Emu around, making him protest meekly while Parad laughed happily. “Let’s do it!”

Chapter Text

The dimensional gate opened and Sento stepped through it as if in a trance. He found himself in what looked like an abandoned laboratory. Curiosity had him looking around for clues as to what kind of laboratory it had been and what kind of research had been done in it. He quickly found notes and data on some torn sheets.

“Lockseeds?” He whispered to himself. “How interesting.”

“Who are you? And how did you get in here?” A voice suddenly spoke up behind him. How the other had gotten in without him noticing? Sento would have to work on that. He could get a little too absorbed in science and forget about his surroundings.

Sento straightened up. “I’m just a scientist who happened to pass by.”

“Scientist?” Mitsuzane made a face. “Don’t take it personal but I have an immense dislike for scientists right now. I hope you did not bring some sort of calamity to Zawame or I will be forced to get rid of you right here and right now.”

“Calamity?” Sento looked down. “No. I do not wish to bring such a thing. Never again. I have seen too much pain and suffering already.”

Mitsuzane seemed to relax a little. “That expression in your eyes tells me you’re telling the truth.” He looked at the data Sento had been looking at. “If you do not wish to suffer any more, you’d better forget about this. This will only bring pain and suffering. And evil.”

Despite his curiosity, the other’s words of warning had Sento moving his eyes away from the data. He had meant it. Never again.

So the only thing he could look at now was the person in front of himself. “You, too, have eyes that are old before your time. Whatever happened must have made you age. And it has deeply hurt you as well.” He recognized that look. It was the look of someone who had done something terrible and wished he could undo it but couldn’t and now had to live with the consequences of it. Sento knew that look all too well. It was the one that looked back at him from the mirror almost every day.

“The pain will stay with me for a while,” Mitsuzane admitted, “But I am learning how to deal with it and how to move on. I will never be able to completely redeem myself but I am doing my damn best to try and at least make up for some of the things I’ve done.” Mitsuzane was the one to look away now. “It will never be enough but it’s something to live for. To strive for in life. It gives me a reason to be here.”

“Best of luck with that,” Sento patted the other on the back and then leaned in for a kiss. “For good luck. And maybe for the love of science.”

It was a terrible joke but he didn’t get to see the other’s reaction to it because he was pulled back into his own world and dimension in the next moment.

Chapter Text

When Ryuga calls out to him at the fountain, they look at each other for a few long moments. All thoughts fly out of Sento’s mind and it goes blank for a few seconds before he gathers his wits again - or at least tries to. He is not quite successful.

“You kept your promise,” Sento’s voice is soft and it’s almost breaking because it is so full of emotion. “You came to find me. And you remember me. This is the best.”

Ryuga snorts softly, “I think this might be the most honest thing I have ever heard from you, Sento.”

“Don’t let it get to your head too much.” Sento makes a face and shoves Ryuga away - gently - actions clearly betraying his words. “And don’t expect me to say this again.” In a very quiet voice he added, “Ryuga.”

“Woah what was that? Did you just say what I thought you said?”

“You probably thought nothing so yes I said nothing you idiot.”

“Don’t call me an idiot. And if you do at least add muscled to it!”

Sento laughs and then his thoughts are back on track. “I see. So the you who possesses Evolt’s DNA also does not belong into this world.”

“You sure know how to be rude after just meeting a person again,” Ryuga complains but there isn’t too much bite behind his words.

“It’s the best,” Sento says again and then summons the motorcycle. “Let’s go.”

“Where to?”

“Somewhere. Anywhere.”

They end up on a hilltop, overlooking the city. Sento reminisces with Ryuga for a while but when he gets tired of being interrupted by the other - or when he gets to something that is a little bit more difficult to talk about and remember since well, most of the things that had happened in their past, in their original world, weren’t the happiest after all - Sento just shoves Ryuga down into the grass.

Ryuga tumbles down half of the hill and pulls Sento with him. They roll down until they find themselves hidden completely by the long grass and flowers around them.

Sento is straddling Ryuga and grins. Ryuga raises an eyebrow, “Are you serious? Are you really going to do what I think you might be wanting to do?”

“Yes we are.”

“We are totally no-” Sento cuts off Ryuga’s protest by kissing the other. It takes a moment for Ryuga to give in but the other eventually does and places his hands firmly onto Sento’s hips, pulling him down against him, grinding their lower halves against each other. Clearly Ryuga is not as opposed to what Sento is doing as he had made it seem.

Sento knows. Ryuga knows, too.

After all, they had become one before. Not just once but twice. Not just their bodies but their minds and joined together and for a short time, they had been as close as humanly possible - no, they had been closer than that. They had been closer than any laws of science would have allowed them to be without becoming a singular entity.

It’s something that should not be thought about too much, Sento decides and lets the thought, the memories go. There are other things he can and should focus on right now.

He started this, so he was going to see it through until the end.

Both of their clothes go in between kisses, kisses that grow sloppier and messier as they move along, as Sento works a hand between them and rubs their erections together, as Ryuga works first one, then two fingers into him and spreads him open.

And then Sento lowers himself down onto Ryuga’s cock, rides the other until they both reach their climax. When Sento does, he suddenly feels at peace. And happy. It finally settles in that things are over. But it also finally, really settles in that it’s just them now. And will be for the rest of their lives because they only had one another.

But that was more than okay.

“Sento,” Ryuga’s voice is soft, too, for a change.

Sento looks down at the other. Ryuga’s eyes are still a little glassy with the residual passion but his mind seems to be clear.

“What is it, Banjo?”

“Let’s find happiness together, okay?”

A soft laugh leaves Sento’s lips but his expression is fond when he looks down and returns Ryuga’s gaze. “Let’s do that.”

Chapter Text

Ryuga finds Sento in an abandoned and empty house not too far from their hideout. Sento is sitting on a bed and is staring out of the broken window, staring off into the night, into space, into nothingness. The other had found his determination to fight again - after getting a small lecture from Ryuga - but it is still hard on him, Ryuga knows. And that’s why he’s here. Why he’s gone to find the other.

He kneels on the mattress behind Sento and wraps his arms around the other in a gesture of comfort but also support. His words are teasing, though.

“Still crying?”

“I wasn’t crying! Not earlier and not now!” Sento sounds indignant but then he relaxes into Ryuga’s embrace. “I’m glad I was able to figure out a way to stop you from going berserk.” Then, in a quieter voice Sento adds, “I’m glad you were there. I’m glad you’re here. Without you I would have given up. Without you, things would have ended there.”

“Well, it’s my job to pick you up again when you’re down,” Ryuga tightens the embrace a little, “Every dumb hero needs a reliable sidekick after all.”

“You a reliable sidekick? Do not get ahead of yourself,” Sento laughs.

The sound relaxes Ryuga again - and apparently Sento as well. Some of the tension eases out of the other’s shoulders when he laughs.

“And while we’re on the topic, I’m glad you’re here, too. I would also not be here if it wasn’t for you,” Ryuga says then. “You believed in me, still do and gave me a place to stay, a place to be, a reason and everything. You gave me a life.”

“We’re quite the match, aren’t we?” Sento sounds amused now, a sign that he’s gotten out of his rut and is on the way to recovery.

“A better than best match,” Ryuga nods and then he is pushing Sento down onto the mattress. It’s just them now in the room, in the house. And for a little bit, Ryuga wants to pretend that even the world is just them for a short while. Wants to pretend that there is no war waiting outside these walls, no crazy alien being who wants to destroy them all.

Sento lets him, lets him pretend and maybe pretends along with him. It’s not just Ryuga who wants this, maybe even needs this after all.

Personally, Ryuga thinks that Sento needs it more than he does. So he takes it upon himself to give and to please, to pleasure. Sento might argue that sex is all just biology and science, too but to Ryuga it’s all about feelings. And actions. Sensations.

He feels a surge of pride and accomplishment go through him when he has Sento writhing and moaning incoherent things underneath him a few moments later. He’s made the other stop thinking. It’s quite a feat, one that not just anyone can accomplish. Ryuga wants to think that it’s just him who can do it.

When they reach their orgasms - together - Sento clings to him and presses them close together. Ryuga hisses softly when fingernails dig into his skin but the pain is washed away by pleasure very fast. Still, he retaliates by biting down on Sento’s collarbone, just over Sento’s heart.

They burn each other’s marks into the other, leave a maybe lasting impression on each other’s bodies just like they have left a more than lasting impression on each other’s lives.

It’s perfect.

Chapter Text

Don moans when Gai enters him with one smooth push. He’s read about these kinds of things, he knows how they are supposed to work but it’s his first time experiencing it himself. It had taken a lot of courage to ask Gai but he had figured that if he were to ask anyone from the crew, it would be the other. And Gai had proven to be more than willing to help him out. Had been more than willing to accept Don into himself just a few hours prior and was more than willing now to also show Don the other side.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” Gai asks him. “Just like it felt good earlier.” Don can hear the other grin more than he can see it because he is currently on all fours on the bed and the other is behind him. “It’ll make it hard for you to choose which one is better. Just like it’s hard to say which Super Sentai team is better because they’re all incredible and awesome!”

For all the nonsense the other spouts a lot of the time, Don actually finds himself agreeing with the others words this time. They make perfect sense.

That’s the last real and coherent thought he has for a while. Gai gets moving and with each thrust of the other’s hips, each hot grinding sensation inside of Don, he loses himself a little more. Loses himself to the lust that takes over his body and his senses and does not let go until the orgasm drives it all out of him again.

Somewhere at the back of his mind he suddenly realizes that the sound he is making right now are eerily familiar. So that’s what the sounds he sometimes heard at night on the galleon were. He files that information away for later. Don is tired and completely spent now. But also deeply satisfied somehow. It’s a new feeling and he doesn’t hate it, isn’t scared of it. Which is always good. He’d be okay with feeling like this again.

Chapter Text

Gentoku feels the shackles closing around his wrists and then his hands are being pulled to the sides and up. He wonders what kind of torture Utsumi has in store for him next, what kind of humiliation he has to face at the other’s hands.

“You know what is to come. Deep down you know,” Utsumi whispers into his ear and then the other licks his cheek. “It’s no fun to just break the mind. Let’s break your body, too.”

The cracking sound of a whip follows and Gentoku’s clothes tear where it rips through them.

“Just like you broke mine when you shot me and threw me into the river. I’ll make you feel how it is to break, to get ripped into a million pieces,” Utsumi brings the wip down again and the display of dominance and power has him groaning a little bit as he does. The other is clearly getting off on this and Gentoku - to his utter mortification - notices that his body isn’t opposed to all of it either. Despite his mind hollering at it to stop, it is getting excited.

In the struggle for control between his body and his mind, his mind gains the upper hand for a brief moment and Gentoku pulls on his restraints and looks up to glare at Utsumi.

The other just smirks at him, gloats and comments, “Ah, it wouldn’t be any fun if you didn’t fight back. This is much more enjoyable.” Gentoku expects the wip to come down again but it doesn’t. Instead he feels and hears how is belt is getting undone and then his grey uniform slacks slip down onto the floor. The jacket is hanging off of him in shreds.

Cold air hits his skin but he doesn’t have time to feel cold for long.

Something hot rubs against his ass the next moment, is rubbed against his ass and then, is pushed inside him - without warning and without preparation.

The pain is different from the one induced by the wip. It shoots up his entire spine and down his legs, all the way to his toes. His entire body is protesting the intrusion but he cannot do anything against it. But he takes it. He can handle it. Somehow.

“Putting on a brave front or is there something you haven’t told people?” Utsumi sounds amused. “Wouldn’t that be an interesting revelation? I should tell the citizens of Touto that one of their leaders likes to be dominated and be submitted to torture. And that as good citizens, they should all follow that example.”

Utsumi brings down his palm and it slaps against the skin of Gentoku’s bare ass with a resounding ‘smack’. His body’s reflex is to tighten up at the impact.

“Yes, squeeze me you whore. You pain-loving pervert,” Utsumi repeats the action on the other side. Again and again as he moves his cock in and out of Gentoku.

The burning of his wrists is joined by a burning sensation between his legs but Gentoku’s mind is starting to swim. Things are starting to blur, to mix together. He can no longer tell pain from pleasure and pleasure from pain. And maybe in a protective mechanism, his body decides to stick with pleasure.

But behind that pleasure, something else starts to bubble up inside of him. Something dark and dangerous. Even darker and dangerous than anything he had felt before.

The darkness bleeds into his entire being when Utsumi leaves him after yanking his head up by his hair roughly to look into his eyes. The other seems pleased by what he sees. “I think we’ve almost got you ready for the next phase. Rejoice.”

Chapter Text

“According to this book, the king will lose his virginity today. To one of his loyal servants. He will awaken not only to his desires but also to his desires for more.” Wars put the book onto the nightstand and knelt down in front of Sougo. “I am here to serve you, my king.”

He ran his hands down Sougo’s still clothed lower body. “To give you and this body all the attention it deserves and desires.” Wars’ eyes roamed over Sougo’s body but did not meet the other’s eyes. He could tell without looking that the young male was curious and interested but also a little scared by all of this. But the curiosity seemed to have won because he let Wars’ do as he pleased. There was no protest when Wars’ undressed Sougo, little by little, one piece of clothing after another.

In between each article that was taken off, Wars’ would let his hands roam over Sougo’s body, would press his lips against the skin that was being exposed little by little.

To make it more comfortable for his liege, Wars’ maneuvered Sougo over to the bed and had the male sit down on the edge of the mattress. It allowed Wars’ easier access, even easier than before, considering he had a height advantage over the other already.

Sougo moaned, gasped and squirmed under his ministrations. The sounds encouraged and maybe emboldened Wars’ a little and he pushed the other down into a lying position and crawled over him.

He avoided Sougo’s lower regions for the time being, focusing instead on other sensitive areas like the neck, collarbone and nipples. Even just that had Sougo arching off the mattress in pleasure.

Finally, Wars’ reached the place between Sougo’s legs and he found the other’s cock already erect and straining there, pulsating softly even in anticipation and with arousal.

The next sound Sougo made sounded different somehow and it made Wars’ stop - worried.

He crawled off the bed and went to stand next to the bed instead, looking down at the other. “My king, is everything alright with you?”

Wars’ eyes widened when he was pushed down onto his knees roughly the next moment and found Sougo looming over him, expression different suddenly, from before. Wars’ recognized this expression. It sent a surge of glee and excitement through him.

“My king!”

“Serve your purpose, servant.” Sougo’s eyes were dark and cold. “Know your place.”

“I live to serve you, my king.” Wars’ reached up to cup Sougo’s balls and then took the other’s length into his mouth without any further comments, without any further teasing. The person in front of him now would not tolerate teasing. They would only tolerate obedience. And Wars would obey, oh yes he would.

A deep groan, more like a growl, came from Sougo. “Good. You may continue.”

Aah, just that, just hearing that tone was almost enough to make Wars come into his own pants. This was what he lived for. This was what he wanted.

Chapter Text

“You can call yourself quite lucky, Lucky. Hehe,” Shou Ronpo laughed at his lame joke while Garu slappd a paw over his eyes and let out a groan.

“I can’t believe you’re like this even in a situation like this, grr,” he said.

Lucky laughed at both of them and leaned back heavily against Garu. “Lucky me then.” He heaved a soft sigh and touched his abdomen. “Yosh, lucky, it doesn’t hurt,” he grined and stroked his pecs. “It just feels pretty empty now without you two inside.”

He blinked when Shou Ronpo’s interest seemed to be reawakened by those words.

The commander of the Kyurangers chuckled and stroked his beard. “Dragons do not just have seemingly endless lives. We also have seemingly endless stamina.”

“That’s too much for me, grr, but I’ll watch,” Garu huffed against Lucky’s neck. “I’ll sit out one round. I might be able to get back for the next, grr.”

“Okay, sounds good,” Lucky gave the wolfman a bright smile and short kiss and then focused his attention on the Dragon Commander again. “Let’s go, commander.”


Chapter Text

“Why should I get close and become friends with you? I swore to defeat you and I should really just do it here and now and be done with it,” Gates pushed Sougo away none too gently. “So you will never become a terrible demon king.”

Sougo caught up with Gates again and smiled, “I told you I would become a great demon king. One you can be proud of instead of hate. Instead of changing the flow of history right here and now like one of the Timejackers, you can subtly influence it. It’ll be better than something too drastic. You can guide me so I won’t stray from my path.”

“Why would I do that? Stop treating me like we’re-”

Gates’ eyes widened when he suddenly found himself unable to keep talking because a pair of lips had been pressed against his in a chaste but somehow playful kiss.

Sougo grinned at him when he pulled away, “Well, if we can’t be friends, how about jumping a step beyond that? I’ll let you be a part of the king’s innermost circle of ‘trustees’.”

“Who would want that?? Ugh,” Gates pushed Sougo off again and stalked off.

Chapter Text

Toma walked down the street somewhat aimlessly. It was after dark and Jurer was closed for the night. Unfortunately work did not end for the three Lupinrangers then. Since the Ganglers had been laying low for a while, even Kogure-san had been unable to dig up any information by himself and Noel had come back from the Global Police equally empty handed and thus they had decided to go and look as well. Kairi had found a few promising leads online but none strong enough to be a ‘winner’.

Which meant that they had to manually check them out. Noel had stayed behind to track the movements of the Global Police in case they made any. Kairi had gone off to the port area to check out an underground club not unlike the one where Giwi had operated his lucky charm business from before. Apparently there were rumors about shady dealings going on there, where goods were exchanged for money or other ‘forms of payment’.

Umika had been sent to a matchmaking service’s matchmaking party - apparently it always hooked you up with the perfect person but there had been cases of disappearances after the previous parties. And Toma was investigating a shop that sold love potions.

All places were equally suspicious and all places seemed like something a Gangler would do.

Although Toma wasn’t sure what love potions might have to do with conquering the human realm really. And who in their right mind these days, still believed in love po-


He wanted to curse his luck. Of course the first person he saw inside the shop was someone he knew. And of course it was someone from the Global Police. And out of all the members of the Global Police force it had to be this particular one.

“Sakuya-san,” he courtly inclined his head. At least he didn’t have to call the other ‘senpai’ anymore. He shuddered a little at the memory that particular thought brought with it.

When he looked at the other properly he noticed that Sakuya wasn’t wearing his GSPO uniform, nor was he wearing a suit. Which meant the other was here in private - most likely. He couldn’t be sure because as past experience had shown, the GSPO did run undercover missions sometimes when they got a lead.

“What brings you here?” He asked, breaking the silence again.

Sakuya looked at some of the bottles on a shelf wistfully. “A friend said that this shop was around here and that maybe if I got one of these, my love-life would finally take a turn for the better. Not that I really believe in it and not that I ever even thought about using one of these on Umika-chan, I swear! I just happened to walk by and was curious what all the fuzz was about. What about you?”

Toma shrugged. “This used to be a different shop. I didn’t know it had changed owners and well, was now selling these kinds of things. But since I had already come here, I thought I might as well have a look around.” Lying had become easier with time. And Toma could do it without breaking into a sweat. He could come up with simple, believable stories that would not spark too much curiosity or consequences. Unlike other people.

“I see. It is in an area with many specialty shops, so I guess it’s not surprising that there would be food ones, too,” Sakuya nodded.

The other had bought his excuse. Perfect. He didn’t say anything else and just went to look around then, trying to see if he could find any suspicious activity. But there did not seem to be any. The shop was empty, him and Sakuya were the only potential clients. The only other person was the owner, an elderly lady, behind the counter.

She wasn’t doing anything much either. Right now, she seemed to watch the ripples of smoke rising from a little incense pot.

The incense smelled strange but Toma brushed it off as just a scent he wasn’t used to. They had aroma candles at Jurer to cover up food smells and for some ‘atmosphere’ after dark sometimes but they smelled like citrus or lavender. Not like this. This incense smelled sweet, almost sickeningly so. It seemed to seep through his clothes and into his body.

It was making him feel a little lightheaded and woozy.

“Well, I shall take my leave then.”

“Ah me, too. I am not one for strong smells. It’s getting hard to breathe in here,” Sakuya followed him outside.

Toma had hoped that the crisp night air would help him clear his head again but it didn’t. He still felt lightheaded and somehow warm when they were outside.

Checking his phone he found no message from either of the other two. He tried to think of an excuse to shake the other off but somehow he couldn’t think of one. Sakuya wasn’t talking either so the two of them just walked down the street side by side. Why they were not separating, Toma didn’t know. He should have just taken a turn and gone off but for some reason his body wouldn’t let him.

When they passed a cheap love hotel, Sakuya suddenly grabbed his wrist and pulled him inside. They were in a room with a giant bed and dimmed lights before Toma realized.

“Aren’t you feeling hot, Toma-kun?” Sakuya finally spoke and the other took off the leather jacket he had been wearing. The t-shirt underneath followed, revealing the Global Police detective toned upper body. “Maybe you should take off some clothes, too.”

When he saw the other like that, something in Toma clicked - or snapped maybe. “You’re trying to seduce me? You’re years too early for that,” Toma slammed the other against the wall. “You always speak of love and relationships but the truth is that you have never had a real one. So you are no match for someone who has already made someone else his own. You are no match for me.” His voice was lower and had a darker quality to it than it usually did. And Toma would usually not use these kinds of words - would not brag and provoke like this - but his mind wasn’t completely clear.

His eyes followed the movement of Sakuya’s adam’s apple moving up and down as the other swallowed - nervously? No, excitedly. The other was excited. He was anticipating something. Waiting for something. “Toma-kun…”

“You won’t get someone just with words and half-assed actions,” Toma leaned in closer. “Kiss me. And show me that you mean it. That you want it. And if I’m wearing too many clothes for your tastes, well, then you should get rid of them if they’re in your way.” He pushed a knee between the other’s legs and rubbed it against the other’s crotch, drawing out a sound that sounded like a cross between a mewl and a whimper from Sakuya.

“I’m fine with this. But are you?” He looked down at the other male. “If you do well, I might praise you for doing a good job.”

That apparently got Sakuya going. The kiss wasn’t clumsy, so it wasn’t the other’s first. But everything else was. Sakuya fumbled with things - zippers, buttons, fabric - but he was determined and focused. And he learned as they went along.

Toma just gave a few subtle hints here and there. He just had to tug the other towards the bed to then find himself on the mattress only a moment later. Sakuya was on top of him first but that didn’t stay like that for long. Despite having a relatively smaller frame, Toma still managed to pin the detective down with his weight.

“Let me teach you what real pleasure feels like.”

He found everything he needed on top of the nightstand. This was a love hotel after all. This was why people came here. There was no need to hide things in a drawer. There was no reason to be discreet about what went on in these rooms, on these beds.

Despite having a fiancée, Toma was no stranger to being with other men. He’d discovered his bisexual tendencies during his high school days and had experimented with a few people, both men and women, before meeting Aya. So despite some time having passed since the last time, Toma still knew what to do. Where to put his fingers and how to move them to elicit those soft moans and whimpers from another guy.

Sakuya was quite vocal about things - unsurprisingly. It was a good thing that at least the rooms in this hotel were more soundproof than in others. The one thing that had higher quality in comparison. After all, things could get rather loud. And Toma had a feeling that they would soon in this room as well.

And they do. Sakuya makes up for all the sounds Toma does not make. And Toma is very quiet. It wasn’t something he had developed as a thief. He had never been very vocal about things, nor had he ever been a loud person. But while he was a quiet person, he did not mind it if others around him were louder and livelier. It was one of the things he loved about Aya. And maybe now about Kairi and Umika.

That thought coincided with his orgasm and suddenly his mind became clear again all of a sudden. His eyes flew over to his phone and he saw it lighting up with a message.

Pulling out of Sakuya and wiping himself off with some tissues, he made a grab for it.

Umika had hit the jackpot it seemed. Kairi and Noel were already on their way. Toma would follow as soon as he could. But he would clean up after himself first. He hated leaving a mess behind - both in the kitchen and in bed.

He pulled a blanket over Sakuya - the other seemed to have fallen asleep - and then left a note and some money on the table where the other would be able to find them easily.

The money was his share for the room - more or less, he hadn’t looked at the rates - and the note simply had ‘well done’ written on it. It wasn’t because he wanted to make the other happy or to uphold his end of the promise but because Toma had felt like he had used the other. He could have blamed it on the effects of some weird incense but that hadn’t been it.

Deep down he knew that he had wanted this. Had craved physical contact like this with someone who could take it. And someone who would give him something back. Sakuya had done so willingly. So the least Toma could do was to give him a small reward.

Plus, with the other out cold like this, the Lupinrangers would have one thing less to worry about at tonight’s heist. So it worked out.

He hoped that things would also be worth it to Sakuya because the other would probably be in for a scolding the next day for not responding and coming to the crime scene. Toma would make sure to have some of Sakuya’s favorite food on hand tomorrow to cheer the other up again.

Ah, he was getting soft. Or was he just developing a soft spot for this particular Global Police detective? Well, sharing a bed - and memories of wearing embarrassing leotards - brought people together. At least a little bit.