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Sinful Sinister Sweet

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“A Bugster getting married to a human? And to his own to boot? Well, well, haven’t we all come along for a crazy ride,” Kiriya commented when he overheard the conversation in the CR. “Go get yourself some advice from Doctor Love before you do it, though.”

Parad blinked. “Doctor Love? Who is that?”

Kiriya shrugged. “None of the people here to be completely honest with you but I guess you could try Hiro or Taiga. Since they’re both equally terrible at it, they might be able to give you a negative example of how to not do things? That’ll help.”

“Makes sense,” Parad nodded. “Okay.”

“No worries. If you just view it as a dating sim or otome game you’ll be fine. Just think of them as guys who chose the wrong route in the game.”

Parad’s face lit up. “Thank you! Now that’s something I can work with.”

“Figured. Now off you go! And good luck!” Kiriya mock saluted.

Said and done. Parad went to find the two doctors in question and it was his lucky day because he found both of them together.

Hiro was eating sweets - of course - and Taiga was sitting across from him, drinking coffee.

“I have something I’d like to ask you,” Parad did not beat around the bush. “I was told you would be able to help me with this.”

Hiro looked up from his cake. “A problem?”

“Let’s hear it,” Taiga set down his cup.

So Parad told them about what was on his mind and he immediately got responses - unfortunately they were varied.

“A proposal? A proposal should be well planned, like a surgery.” Hiro set down his cutlery.

“Look for your target, take aim and pull the trigger. That’s how you get a job done.” Taiga crossed his arms and then shot Hiro a nasty look. “Too much planning will just make you miss the perfect timing for things.”

“If you plan well enough, timing should not be an issue,” Hiro shot back.

“If you plan too much you’ll never stop and thus never get anything done,” Taiga retorted.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail,” Hiro rose to his feet and slammed his hands onto the table. “Failing to plan everything carefully is also a sign of disrespect towards the other party. Careful planning shows care and consideration.”

“Sometimes things have to be done on the spot. Time is a luxury,” Taiga rose to his feet as well and planted one hand onto the table to lean over and closer to Hiro.

“Time can be ma-” before Hiro could counter the argument with one of his own again, he found his lips blocked by another pair. Parad saw how the surgeon’s eyes widened slightly.

Taiga pulled away again and smirked, “Did not plan for this, did you?”

“Who said I didn’t?” Hiro held Taiga’s gaze.

Parad stepped away from the two and made his way back down to the CR. He had the feeling that they had long forgotten about him and were too busy with each other to really do anything else. So he wasn’t expecting any answers from them.

Nobody had really been of any help but maybe that was because he had phrased his questions wrong. They had however all answered a question Parad had not asked. One that had been far more important than getting advice on how to propose.

None of the people he had asked had spoken out against the idea. All of them had accepted it and by not voicing any disapproval, had thus approved of it. Of them.

Down in the CR, he found it empty except for one person sitting at the table.

Smile tugging up his lips, he went to hug the other from behind. “Emu!”

“Oh, Parad,” Emu looked up. “I was wondering where you went.”

“I was talking to people,” Parad replied and then leaned down to kiss Emu shortly. “And I have something to tell you, too. Or rather, to ask you.”

Emu smiled up at the Bugster. “What is it? I’m all ears.”

“Will you marry me, Emu?” Simple and straight to the point. “I love you. You complete me. I want to be by your side forever. I want to be the one and only person by your side.”

It looked like his words took a while to completely register in Emu’s brain. When they did, the other’s eyes widened. “Parad, are you serious?” When he saw the earnest expression on Parad’s face he stopped. Emu got up and turned around to look at Parad properly. He took his Bugster’s hands into his and them smiled warmly.

“Well, if this were an RPG, I guess I would select ‘Yes’.”

“Your answer is making my heart dance with joy!” Parad smiled and then wrapped his arms around Emu once more. He lifted the shorter male up and twirled Emu around, making him protest meekly while Parad laughed happily. “Let’s do it!”