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Sinful Sinister Sweet

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“Why are we here, Ian?”

“You can’t tell me a kid your age has never been down here. This is where you’re supposed to hang out, boy. Just look around you! There are only students here. I’m an old geezer!”

“I’m not interested in these kinds of places.”

“But you should at least see them once in your life, boy. Or you’ll miss out on an important part in your high school life.”

“Well if it makes you happy.”

Kuroda smiled a little when he overheard the friendly banter of what seemed to be a couple passing by above him. He was waiting, hidden in the shadows of a wall in front of a shop a level below the main street level. The main street was swarming with school girls, so he didn’t dare to wait there. He knew the person he was waiting for would find him here.

It had been a few months since they had last met. Ever since Kuroda had left Gekidan Bazooka to pursue a real acting career it had been harder for them to see each other.

They did stay in touch, though. Despite busy schedules on both of their ends sometimes, they would still make sure to message or call each other at least once every day.

Today was a rare day off for both of them so they had arranged to meet. Kuroda could feel his heart beating faster with each minute the clock moved closer to their agreed meeting time. Despite them keeping in touch, Kuroda would find himself getting insecure at times. They were both actors and Midori was a real professional now. What if the other just put up with him? What if those feelings were no longer real? What if the other thought Kuroda was too high maintenance for him as a partner?

Or well, too weird. Kuroda was sure that in the showbiz world, there were hundreds if not thousands of other people who might tickle Midori’s fancy and would be a lot easier to deal with than Kuroda. Who were a lot more, well, ‘normal’.

A pair of arms came around him from behind and Kuroda tensed up a little bit with a soft squeak. But then he noticed that the figure pressed against him was a familiar one.

“M-Midori-kun! You surprised me!”

“Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.” Midori apologized and then turned Kuroda around so they could look at each other. “Long time no see, Kuroda.”

“U-un, long time no see,” Kuroda smiled at the other. Ah, Midori was still so handsome. Or actually, the other seemed a lot more handsome now than last time.

“Your hair’s gotten long. I like it, Midori-kun,” Kuroda ran his fingers through the dark locks gently. His heart was skipping a beat because he really did like this new look on the other. And when the other looked at him through the long bangs now it made him feel a little weak in the knees. “It looks very good on you.”

Midori smiled, “Thanks.” He took Kuroda’s hand and pulled him along. “Let’s go.”

“Where to?” Kuroda blinked. They hadn’t made any plans for the day.

“My place,” Midori announced. “I’m taking you home with me today. So it’ll just be the two of us. That’s okay with you, right?”

Kuroda blushed and nodded enthusiastically, “Yes!!”

“I’m still an unknown actor who only gets small roles but I’ve been able to pay my bills and everything with the money I earn while doing what I love,” Midori told Kuroda on the way.

Midori’s happiness was Kuroda’s happiness. He tried to convey that to the other by squeezing the other male’s hand. He didn’t dare to do more while they were still in public. But it didn’t take long for them to make it to the small but cozy apartment Midori now called his own. Once they were inside, Kuroda wrapped his arms around Midori just as the other pushed him up against the wall and then brought their lips together.

The kiss felt good. Nostalgic, warm, electrifying. All kinds of things.

Before Kuroda could help it, a moan had slipped past his lips when Midori pulled away briefly. “I’m glad I still have that effect on you,” Midori whispered and sent shivers down Kuroda’s spine. He then tugged on Kuroda’s hand again. “Come on in. I have a nice bed.”

It made Kuroda’s heart skip a beat. His feelings almost went into overdrive when instead of just tugging him along, Midori picked him up and then carried him to the bedroom princess style. Kuroda flailed a bit before he wrapped his arms around Midori’s shoulders for support.

When they tumbled onto the bed and Midori had crawled on top of him, Kuroda reached up to caress the other’s cheek gently. “I love you, Midori-kun.”

“I love you, too, Kuroda.”