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Sinful Sinister Sweet

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“Hase-chan, you really have a quick temper sometimes,” Jonouchi put a band-aid on the other’s cheek. “Getting into a fistfight with the mall Santa. And just as we got this job, too.”

“That guy was an idiot! And he was not doing his job properly. That’s why he got fired over this and we didn’t,” Hase huffed.

Jonouchi chuckled, “Which is a miracle.”

“Ow! Can’t you be more gentle?” Hase complained when Jonouchi dabbed one of the cuts on his face with disinfectant.

“Gentle? Heh. Well if that helps?” Jonouchi leaned in to kiss the other’s lips gently.

It helped - it made Hase shut up. Jonouchi used the dumbfounded stupor to treat the rest of the other’s wounds.

“There. All done.”

“What the- What the hell just happened?” Hase finally regained his ability to talk.

Jonouchi grinned, “Nothing?”

“Nothing my ass!” Hase grabbed the other by the shoulders. “You can’t just kiss me and say it was nothing. That wasn’t nothing.”