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Sinful Sinister Sweet

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Joe had to leave it up to Marvelous to do something like this in the most dangerous location do to it on the galleon. Well, it was also the flashiest place and way of doing this kind of thing, so maybe he shouldn’t be surprised. Being flashy was Marvelous’ forte after all.

“I don’t think your mouth is going to be enough, Joe. As talented as it is.” Marvelous interrupted Joe’s musings. “Come up here.”

Letting Marvelous’ cock slip from his lips with a wet pop, Joe rose from his position between the other’s legs and then looked down at Marvelous, who was sitting on the captain’s chair with his legs spread. “Up here, you mean-”

“Ride me.”

His captain didn’t beat around the bush. Joe appreciated straightforwardness. Why make things unnecessarily complicated?

Stripping off his pants, Joe straddled Marvelous. “Don’t complain when I blow your mind instead of just your cock, Marvelous.”

“You’re confident. I don’t hate that.”

Sinking down onto the other, Joe tossed his head back a bit and let out a moan. It helped him to relax and to take in more of the other. Marvelous wasn’t exactly a small man.

Joe tensed when he felt Marvelous’ fingers on his own erection.

“Are you someone who gets turned on by the thought of others potentially walking in?”

“Are /you/?” Joe returned the question.


They went hard and fast though and finished before any of the others could come and potentially interrupt them or make things awkward.