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Sinful Sinister Sweet

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“Love is a game.” Parado climbed onto Emu’s lap. “And I’m going to win it.”

Emu swallowed. He couldn’t find his voice and thus couldn’t reply or comment on what the other had said. He had a feeling where Parado was going with this though. After all the other was him. And he was the other. Somewhere at the back of their minds, they were in synch. Somewhere deep down, he wanted what the other was offering.

And not only did Parado know what he wanted, the other also knew what he liked.

A lewd moan left Emu’s lips and his hips jerked upwards.

“Just like that.”

“I know. Come on, Emu. You, too! I don’t want this game to be too one-sided.”

It did go both ways, didn’t it? Although judging from Parado’s reaction, the other was not as accustomed to it as Emu was. Parado’s knowledge was merely second-hand. This was his first time experiencing things himself. Emu hoped he could make things worthwhile.

They pushed each other closer and closer towards the sweet release.

Parado smiled and whispered into Emu’s ear, “My heart is dancing with joy, Emu. This feeling, it’s something I haven’t experienced before. I like it. Give me more of it.”

The words were enough to push Emu over the edge.

He might have lost this round but he wouldn’t lose the next one. Two could play this game.