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Sinful Sinister Sweet

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He had always thought that he would die a virgin. He did not deserve love after all and he was way too unattractive for someone to notice him. Needless to say someone like Yamato.

The other was-

“Micchan, if you beat yourself up while we’re in bed like this, I will unleash my instincts on you,” Yamato’s voice pulled Misao out of his thoughts again. The other wrapped his legs around his waist and pulled him down so that their hardening cocks brushed against each other, eliciting soft sounds of pleasure from both of them. “Come on!”

“Ah, Yamato, I am incredibly so-”

The rest of his apology was cut off by a kiss and Misao finally decided that yes, it was time to stop thinking and time to take action instead. To let his instincts guide him.

“Go wild.”

“I shall unleash my inner beast.”