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Sinful Sinister Sweet

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After giving up on the Ranger Keys and the Greatest Treasure of the Universe, the crew of the Gokai Galleon hadn’t given up on their treasure hunting adventures. Far from it. And so, after a couple of struggles, they had obtained another one of the universe’s greatest treasures. Apparently it was something only few people had ever gained access to and it was said to be a treasure that was both beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Many who had sought it had not returned or had vanished soon after finding it.

The five Gokaigers were led into a long corridor by an old sage. “You will be granted an hour with people from the realm of the dead. That is one of the greatest treasures of the universe. It is not simply to talk to the dead but to meet them.” He eyed them. “Always remember, these people are no more. They are in a world different from yours. Once the time is up, you will all return to where you belong. Unless of course, you get drawn to the other side too much and fall for the temptation of death.”

A set of five doors appeared, one in front of each of them.

“We don’t even get to choose who we see?” Luka huffed.

“Rest assured that somebody you want to see will be waiting for you behind your door.” The old sage smiled. “My choices have never been wrong.”

They stepped forward and opened their doors at the same time.

Frankly, Marvelous had no idea what to expect behind his door. For the others, he vaguely did. There was no way that Sid wasn’t waiting for Joe behind the blue door for example and Ahim would probably see her family. The other four members of his crew all had someone they had loved and lost on the other side but Marvelous? He couldn’t think of anyone.

He had never known his parents and he’d seen AkaRed not too long ago and the other wasn’t really in the realm of the dead. He was living on as a righteous spirit, a Super Sentai Hero. So maybe his room would be empty.

At first glance, it was but then a pair of arms came around him from behind and a warm chest was pressed against his back. Marvelous stiffened and he didn’t know how he recognized the other before he even saw him but he did.

“You look surprised to see me, Marve-chan. Not that you’ve even laid an eye on me yet.” It hadn’t gone by unnoticed. Then again, Basco knew him well.

“Why are you here?”

“Because I’m dead, remember? You killed me.” Basco chuckled. Then he rested his chin on Marvelous’ shoulder. “And yet somewhere inside of you, inside that heart of yours, you don’t want me to be dead, to be gone. You wanted me to be here, waiting for you.” A palm was pressed onto his chest, over his heart and Marvelous felt fingers digging into the fabric of his shirt, into his skin.

As suddenly as Basco had appeared and pressed himself against him, he was gone again, stepped away and in front of Marvelous. Opening his arms, Basco invited him.

“Well, now that you have me here, what do you want to do with me? I’m yours. You can do with me whatever you want and I’ll do whatever you say. I’m an obedient puppet of the great Captain Marvelous. So, at your service,” he curtsied.

This, for some reason, snapped Marvelous out of his surprised stupor. “You’re not anyone’s puppet.” He looked at Basco and his eyes showed how serious he was. “I have no intention of ordering you around or telling you what to do. You have a will of your own. You have a free will. I will not take away that freedom.”

“That heart of yours is the reason why you get hurt, Marve-chan.” Basco’s expression looked conflicted, complicated for a moment. “By people like me.”

Then he started to discard his clothes. The hat went first, then the shawl and the coat, until he was standing in front of Marvelous in his green shirt and pants only. “Feeling nostalgic yet, Marve-chan?” Of course he still looked different than he used to. There was no way Basco would be able to go back to being the person he had once been. Same went for Marvelous. Too much had happened since then. But that didn’t mean they couldn’t pretend.

Basco reached out to push the red captain’s coat off of Marvelous’ shoulders slowly and gently. It dropped down to join Basco’s clothes on the ground. Looking into the other’s eyes, Basco whispered softly, “Kiss me, Marve-chan. Like you used to.”

Grabbing a fistful of Basco’s shirt, Marvelous yanked the other towards him and crushed their lips together without a word. The tension between them almost seemed to crackle and release sparks, so much it had built up in even just a few short moments.

Time was of essence, so neither of them wasted much. Clothes went flying and they tumbled onto the sole piece of furniture in the room - a couch that looked exactly like the one on the Gokai Galleon but a little longer and wider. Enough so that Marvelous could lie down comfortably on it with Basco climbing on top of him.

The kiss had long turned into an almost frenzied make-out session. It only stopped when Marvelous pulled away for a moment, his fingers having found something on Basco’s body that he didn’t remember to be there and yet he knew where exactly it had come from. They were scars. Scars of the wounds that had killed Basco. Wounds from fatal injuries that none other than Marvelous himself had inflicted upon the other.

“I heard some people think that scars make you sexier. What do you think, Marve-chan?” It hadn’t gone by unnoticed. “I think they’re rather decorative.”


“Nuh uh, don’t say anything.” Basco clicked his tongue and then moved to claim Marvelous’ lips again. “Don’t say a word.” They went right back to where they had left off, sucking, licking and biting at each other’s lips as they worked off the rest of their clothes.

Somewhere along the way Marvelous’ mind drifted off into a bit of a fuzzy state and he barely noticed anything else around him anymore. His world narrowed down to the person in his arms. Nothing else mattered right now.

Groaning softly, Basco looked down reprimandingly when Marvelous wrapped his fingers around Basco’s straining erection. “What do you think you’re doing, Marve-chan?” He was panting softly, his breath getting a little shuddery as the pleasure and arousal made themselves more and more noticeable.

Marvelous suppressed a shiver when he saw the other looking down at him with his kohl lined eyes and face framed by dark curls. “Getting you off. Isn’t this the goal?”

“As much as I appreciate it that you’re thinking about me, this isn’t just about me.” Basco removed Marvelous’ hand. “But I do remember that patience was never your thing. So I should have seen this coming. Very well then. Time is of the essence.” He pushed himself up and adjusted their positions so that Marvelous was sitting on the couch and Basco was properly straddling his hips. “Just imagine this was the Captain’s Chair in the Galleon.”

“That’s your thing, Basco. I don’t care wherever the hell we do it.”

“Aw, you’re no fun, Marve-chan.”

A low groan fell from Marvelous’ lips when the other sunk down onto his cock just a few moments later. Wrapping his arms around Marvelous’ shoulders, Basco whispered, “Better enjoy this while it lasts, Marve-chan. In a few moments I will go back to being dead. I’ll be gone. And very possibly for good this time around. There are only so many times you can call someone back from the dead after all.”

“You said earlier that this heart of mine is what causes me to get hurt by people like you. It will continue to do so because that’s just how things work for me. It’s also the place where you’ll be. Always.” He wouldn’t say this to Basco’s face directly but hey, mumbling it into the other’s shoulder was close enough, right?

“Fuck, Marve-chan, when did you get so damn cheesy? That crew of yours must really be rubbing off on you.” Basco laughed and then smirked. “Or do more than just that. In case of certain blue swordsmen. Am I right?”

“Don’t talk about other people while you’re getting fucked by me, Basco. You’re really an idiot.” Marvelous snorted. Then he chided, “Or you just want to protect yourself by doing and saying shit like that. Who’ll be the one hurting more like that, you or me?”

Laughing again, Basco threaded his fingers into Marvelous’ hair and then pulled Marvelous closer. “Touche, Marve-chan. But you are forgetting one thing. I’m dead. Feelings don’t matter to me anymore. If I’ve ever had any to start with.” His hips rocked against the Gokaiger Captain’s. “Nothing really matters to me anymore.”

“Your mouth lies but your body doesn’t, Basco.”

“Shut up, Marve-chan. Shut up.” Basco silenced Marvelous then, pressing his lips against the other’s in a desperate and needy kiss.

Bringing his hips down hard and fast against Marvelous’, it didn’t take long for Basco to get somewhere good and Marvelous was never far behind. They both liked it rough and there was a whole series of marks all over both of their bodies - scratches here, bite marks there. They stood out a lot more on Basco’s paler skin, turning a bruised blueish-green instead of red, like on Marvelous’ own.

And then the world around them was flooded by whiteness as the orgasm washed over them like a tidal wave washing over the deck of one of the human pirate ships of legends on Earth, swallowing and taking everything with it and leaving nothing behind.

When Marvelous regained some form of consciousness, or maybe awareness, again, he noticed something strange. Something wet was dripping onto his skin.

Looking up, his eyes widened slightly when he discovered the source of it.

Leaning up slightly and craning his neck a little as he did so, he lapped up the next droplet before it could fall, making Basco flinch a little bit in his arms but the other seemed too far gone still to push him away, probably not having regained control over his body yet. And maybe that was another reason for what Marvelous was witnessing right now.

Just like Basco’s blood wasn’t red like that of a human, his tears weren’t salty but bittersweet on Marvelous’ tongue. It was the first time for him to see the other male cry. Basco had never been someone for such honest emotions.

“I wish I could kill you right here, right now. Just so that you could stay here with me and join me in death.” Basco laughed dryly. “I guess that’s why so many people never return after finding this treasure. Let’s see how many people return to Galleon-chan from your crew, Marve-chan.”

They both knew all of them would. Marvelous had faith in his crew. Otherwise he wouldn’t have come here with them in the first place. He could tell from the tone of Basco’s voice that the other thought the same thing he did.

Basco got off first and then went to put his clothes back on. Once he had puled on his coat again, he turned back to look at Marvelous - one last time. “But alas, this means I will be exploring this world and stealing its treasures ahead of you then.”

“Goodbye, Basco.”

“Goodbye. And good luck, Captain Marvelous.” Basco smirked and tipped his hat.