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1. Supernatural / Sam & Dean / silence

Dean hit the pedal to the metal, he needed to distract himself from the silence in the Impala; he needed to forget at least for a while, that Sam was gone and that he would probably not come back this time.


2. NCIS / Tim, Abby / morning

When he did wake up the morning after a big explosion had destroyed the NCIS headquarters and caused a serious injury at Tony, he wasn't sure if he was ready to open his eyes and deal with the reality, but then he felt Abby's hand on his arm and he knew, as long as she was around, he would be able to move on.


3. Hawaii Five-0 / Chin Ho Kelly/Steve McGarrett / bike ride

McGarrett had some hard times to believe his eyes; two bikes, one white-green, the other one black-red were leaning at the palm tree in front of his house; for sure he hadn't expected that when Chin had promised him a lot of fun on their first free day since weeks.