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Unexpected Love

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Unexpected Love

Chapter 1:

It's 11:45 AM and i just got out of the shower in my new downtown apartment in Chicago, i have a towel on my waist, showing of my new chiseled six pack and biceps from working out. I go to my closet to see what i decide to put on, The shirt i decide to put on is a Drew Brees #9 New Orleans Saints jersey, Black jeans and Adidas sneakers with my dreads in a ponytail, then my cell phone rings as i put on my shoe and then i run to the phone to answer who it is.

"Hello?" I said as i pick up my cell phone and it's my girlfriend Samantha, who i've been dating since my senior year in high school.

"Um...Hey." Samantha said hesitantly and for some reason i knew this was not gonna be good from the way she sounded as she spoke.

"What's wrong, Samantha?" I asked worriedly

"We need to talk." She told me over the phone.

"Sure, is there something wrong?" I wonder as know this was not going to be good.

"It's about our relationship." She stated.

"Is there something i did wrong?"

"No, you're a wonderful boyfriend and all, but what i'm trying to say is that this relationship is not working anymore." She said

I freeze for a good 30 seconds as i'm trying to let this sink in. "Are you trying to say--"

But before i finish, She cuts me off. "It's not you that's the problem, i met someone else a month ago that i liked. i thought we would be together, but this guy i met is who i want to be with. therefore i'm breaking up with you."

My heart shatters at the statement that she just said, the girl that i treated like a queen and gave her everything she needed when we first met was breaking up with me? Tears were in my eyes.

"Who is the new guy that you want to be with?"

"Jamaal, his name is Tony Johnson, i met him on the Red Line at North/Clybourn Station."

"You mean the same womanizer that i met once at 95th Street last year?" I Remark

"Yes, that's the one. When i met him, i thought he was a show off, but now i think he's kinda cute. But don't get me wrong, you'll always be sexier than him. But i'm really sorry to do this to you, i was very glad to have a boyfriend like you and My Parents liked you so much, i thought that was a sign that we would be together ferever. But i guess what the heart wants is what the heart wants." She said to me, with a hint of sadness in her voice

"No, no. I wish you luck with your new boyfriend and i wish you nothing but happiness." i said, tears falling from my eyes that i'm single again.

"You'll find another girl that would want to be with you and when you find her, i want to wish you and her nothing but true happiness, also i hope she'll be good to you like i was." She said as the phone clicked, with that i fall on the couch and put the pillow on the couch and let my tears out. I was pissed and i found out she was a Detroit tigers fan anyway, White Sox, Bulls, Bears and Blackhawks all the way.

I Decide to take a nap after 30 minutes of crying over Samantha dumping for Tony and around 4:35 pm i awake to a voice.

"Are you ok?" The feminine voice asked, i open my eyes and i see a brunette female around 34 years old and it's Fergie.

"Hey, Ferg."