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A Morbid Twist

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"Why had he decided to leave. What could he have done differently to keep him alive."
Those where just a few of the thoughts going through Achilles head when he saw the limp lifeless body hanging from the ceiling fan. He fell to his knees, his cries could only be recognized as those caused by immense pain, and loss.
Now he was left alone in isolation with only distant memories of warmth to keep him comfort.
What else is there left to feel when everything you lived for is taken away from you in the blink of an eye.
He felt numb remembering that day, the day when his happiness went away, but soon it'll be over.
"Soon you'll be with him again" he thought as he took the gun in both hands pushing it to his forehead pulling the trigger.
With one shot he was free, free to be with his other half.
Free from all the judgement that comes with being who you are.