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Darling, You’re Wild

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As the chilly winter snow tumbles outside, inside their bedroom, the air feels alight with fire. The room is silent save from the pitter-patter of Jared’s heart echoing throughout his chest sounds like a sonic boom, pounding in his ears as he lingers just barely out of his sight. Less than a dozen steps away from Jensen, close enough that he can smell his intoxicating aroma, Jared’s nostrils flare, and his pupils dilate; his face was hot and his heart was pounding. His mate was in heat, and to Jared, Jensen smelled mouthwatering.

Jared wishes to lose himself in Jensen’s touch, in his soft lips that would give him such sweet kisses that Jared would collect them, bottle them in a jar. Jared tries not to look, he’s not a pervert who spies on his mate as he steps out of the shower, he respectable to give Jensen his privacy; yet he cannot help but look.

The heat within Jensen was suffocating and he had taken a cool bath to help sooth him. Of course, nothing would tame the flames like a breeding, but the bath had calmed him out of fire haze and now that he stands naked before his mate, he knows Jared is drawn to him, enchanted by his sweet scent.

Even after all these years together, Jared is still crazy in love with Jensen. Jensen’s beautiful eyes shimmer brighter than all the diamonds in the sky. Unable to resist his mate, he moves closer, nearly pouncing, tugging him out of the bathroom and onto the bed, growling heatedly.

Smoldering hot, Jensen could feel sweat and water trickles down his spine, could feel his mates tongue follow the water drop, every lap of that wicked tongue pumps lust through his body like a wild fire. The man behind him purrs, rumbling into his skin, and even though Jensen cannot see his mate, he knows Jared eyes him with desirable intent full of fire and desire. His gaze burns brightly in low light of the bedrooms amber warm glow.

Closer and closer the Alpha’s tongue trails, Jared growling like a predatory wolf, closer until Jensen finds his body alight as a tongue laps between the crease of his ass. He trembles, his lips pink and sweet as they part on a hushed gasp. He feels the heat of the man’s tongue inside him, slicking in circles around his twitching flesh.

Jared’s tongue writhes up and down, around his rim, even pressing kisses to the flesh, teeth nipping gently. When his breath catches in his throat Jensen’s fingers curl into fishes, feeling slickness trickling from him, and the Alpha wolf makes a growling sound in the back of his throat, teeth lightly nipping Jensen’s skin, lapping up the sweet juices.

He nearly whines like a needy pup when his mate slides one slick finger wet with his own slick inside him. The fingers twist and curl, touching him in all the ways that make him wish to howl to the moon. He feels heat smoldering upon his skin, he wants his mate so badly, needs to be bred; he whines quietly and squirms, swiveled his hips as Jared rims him.

The Alpha’s lips warm and soft, pressing teasing kisses to his leaking ass, making him come apart so easily. He wishes he could wrap one hand around the alpha's cock, knowing he could feel Jared's knot at the base. Big, hard, throbbing with the need to tie them together.

When Jared moves away from between his thighs and up his spine, growling and purring and making the sweetest sounds, closer until he is pressed along Jensen’s trembling body, the omega titles his neck submissively, gasping in pleasure as Jared, nips at his neck, laying a little claim upon him. Jared can smell of his pheromones, the ripe, musky aroma easily enticing him to wish to mate with Jensen. Jensen’s whole body trembles, his cock twitching and leaking against his stomach.

As Jared's hand wraps around his cock, squeezing around the base and swirling his fingertip through the pre-come leaking from the swollen tip, Jensen nearly purrs at the touch, skin tingling like electricity across his warm skin. The finger still inside him finds the little bundle of nerves that when touched makes him howl, his hole wet and warm with his arousal as he leaks.

Pushing his Alpha over onto his back, Jensen climbs up onto Jared's lap, their lips locked together in a heated kiss, and when Jared growled, a deep passionate rumble, the noise made Jensen’s cock throb. When Jensen grabs Jared's cock and lines the tip up with his hole, he doesn’t miss the way the younger wolf growls even louder, more passionately, hands coming up to Jensen’s hips.

Jensen sinks down onto Jared's cock, groans as Jared thrusts up into him before he is even buried to the hilt. As Jensen began to ride Jared’s big, beautiful cock, the moans that slip from his lips are needy and lustful. Jared grinds with him, the alpha set up a slow, deep rhythm, thrusting into him as rumbling purrs flow from his lips, body singing with pleasure as he savors the tight heat around his cock. Jensen’s green eyes burn brightly with arousal; he gasps, body quivering as pleasure slams into him so strongly it nearly knocks the breath from his chest. Hot shivers slice through him, a rush of heat and passion jolted through his body, his skin tingling and warm to the touch. His heart's rhythm beats quickly as his cock thickens, leaking heat between their bellies.

Jared’s fingers brush over Jensen’s nipples, making him shiver and moan...and cry out in pleasure when he take a nipple between his fingers and tugs. Jensen takes a deep breath, tries to calm his racing heart, yet failing when Jared soothes the sting in his chest with a gentle brush of his fingertips, his mate thumbing across his throbbing nipple only doing well to elect a low moan from him.

Pulling Jensen down, Jared brushes his lips across his mate’s sweet lips, a feather soft kiss that burns his soul brightly, smiling at the lustful sounds each kiss provoked. Jensen could feel heat tingling down at the base of his spine as he drew in a deep breath, he was open and slick and every smooth glide of Jared’s hips pushed him closer and closer to orgasmic bliss; the scents all around him, sex and musk made him dizzy. He was on fire, heat and pleasure smoldering through him as Jared drives powerful thrusts deep into his body. Every inch of his body is blazing with liquid fire, burning his skin against the touch of Jared’s sweet lips.

His pretty pink lips part on a moan as Jared’s hips push in deeper, the thick flesh breaches him, makes him howl out his mate’s name. The coil of his orgasm is building quickly in Jensen’s belly; moaning, bodies writhing in pleasure, the loving soul mates try desperately not to come just yet, wishing for this moment of passion to last a little longer. Jensen whines low in his throat as he palms Jared’s cheeks and brings him into a kiss, the air rushing from his lungs when Jared nips his lips. His breath keeps leaving his lips in rough gasps, he feels dizzy with arousal, his body shaking as sparks tingle through him.

Jared soothes his hands up his sides; brushes his thumbs over the curve of his hips and making heat pool in his belly. His strong body moves with the grace of a panther, muscles shifting fluidly beneath his smooth skin as his hips grind upward, Jared’s slides into Jensen as smooth as a knife through butter, his rhythm as steady as his heart; he kisses Jensen, capturing the moan from Jensen’s lips.

As Jared’s knot thickens, Jensen digs the fingernails into Jared’s chest, urging him on faster; Jared picks up his rhythm, yet his lips are sweet and gentle on his boyfriend’s lush mouth. Jensen is panting in bliss as Jared keeps rocking against him, his hole squeezes around Jared’s thick flesh. Jared’s hands latch tight to Jensen’s hips as the bed sways with the rhythm of their love and Jensen feels hot all over, burning up hotly and he flushes pretty pink as Jared pecks a gentle kiss to his lips, so, so soft like velvet.

As Jared kisses his lips softly, sweetly, and wraps his arms around him to hold him in a loving embrace as they mate, Jensen knows not only has his body been claimed, but so has his heart and soul.

When the fire has burned out between them, and they sated and clinging to each other as they come down from their glorious high, Jared’s lips press little kisses to Jensen’s lush lips. They lay cuddled together, breathing in the same air, both scent of Alpha and Omega wafting around them.

Only when they are able to untie down Jensen move, but not very far. He gathers a few more blankets and pillows from the guest bedroom and claims a spot on their bed as Jared smiles fondly at him. Making a nest for himself out of cozy blankets and fluffy pillows, and stealing one of his mate’s fluffy, soft, hoodie. Jensen nestles down in the sheets, surrounded by the scent of his beloved mate. He pats the bed to beckon Jared closer.

Sniffling softly, Jared slides closer, brushes a gentle hand across Jensen’s rosy red cheek, his thumb gliding gently, before he pulled the bed sheet closer around his omega, tucking him in to keep him warm.

“I love you, Jensen.” Jared tugs Jensen a little closer, holds him a big tighter, smirking when his mate nuzzles his cheek and softly purrs into his warm skin. Jared kisses his forehead, and Jensen just...melts. Slow and sluggish, sighing heavily as he sinks into Jared, nuzzling his chest, hugging him even tighter; it feels so good, heavenly.

Pleasantly sated, and feeling safe in his beloved’s arms, sweet dreams quickly find Jensen. His beautiful green eyes close, his breathing evens out, and he falls asleep in his mate’s arms, a little joyful smile twinkling on his lips.

Come dawn, the snow has stopped and the town has become a winter wonderland.

There is nothing better in the world than walking up to a beautiful snowy morning, snuggled beside the man he loves in a warm, cozy, king size bed. Jensen wakes slowly, groaning as his sleepy-hazy mind returns from the world of peaceful, pleasant dreams. A beautiful snowy day greets him and with nowhere to be today and no place to go he snuggles deeper into the warm, cozy bed sheets, smiling a blissful grin.

Jared is still lost in the dream world and sleeping soundly. Jensen wiggles closer to Jared and presses little kisses to his neck, and it’s not his imagination when Jared purrs happily and snuggles closer to him. Jensen nibbles playfully on the warm, smooth skin of his mate’s neck, trying to rouse Jared awake. He bites his jaw and his sweet lips, watching as his Alpha’s eyes began to flutter.

“Come on, sweetheart. Rise and shine.” Jensen encourages his sleepy lover, gently brushing a hand through his mate’s wild shaggy hair. Like a puppy, Jared whines, not wishing to wake up.

Jensen chuckles and brushes Jared’s tussled bangs out of his face. “Come on, Jared. Time to wake up; wanna see those beautiful eyes of yours. Never seen anything more gorgeous than you, sweetheart.”

The sweet-talking brings Jared around, and he groans, his eyelashes fluttering before he opens his eyes. His gaze is sleepy-hazy, but he sees Jensen, and he smiles brightly, happy and joyful, and Jensen grins back at him and kisses him sweetly.

“Wa’ time izzit?” Jared mumbles, drowsy.

Jensen doesn’t care because it doesn’t matter; they have the entire day to themselves, a chance to kiss and cuddle and enjoy the down time to unwind and relax. Tis the holiday season and nothing could be better than spending the day in bed cuddling with the man he adores more than life itself. Jared, still sleep, tugs Jensen into his arms and locks him there, snuggling his mate, and Jensen decides that they could do better to catch a little sweeter dreams. It was still early and the bed was warm and soft, and there was no reason to leave the blissfulness.

Together, the mate’s slips back off to sleep, cozy and warm and snuggled in a cocoon of love, while the snow once again begins to fall outside.

♥ END ♥