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Oh Captain, my Captain

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The sky was a velvety black, littered with stars, and a full moon shining brightly on the waves. You shivered a little as a cool breeze blew across the deck of the ship.

The entire crew was on deck, celebrating Morgan’s birthday. You smiled, watching as they each took turns arm-wrestling, only cheating a little bit, now and then.

You refilled your mug with the sweet red wine, then walked over to stand behind him, slipping your arms around his neck. Just as he was about to win this match, you blew in his ear, surprising him.

While the crew laughed and joked, you whispered in his ear.

“Don’t stay up too late defending your title, Captain. I have a gift for you, too.”

You dropped a quick kiss on his cheek before pulling away and heading toward the cabin you shared.

You closed the door behind you, glad that you’d already had the opportunity to sneak away and prepare the cabin; now you just hoped you’d have long enough to finish getting yourself ready.

You quickly slipped out of your dress and into the delicate, frilly night dress you’d found at the last town. Christopher had kept Morgan busy long enough for you to make your purchase and secrete it away for a special occasion.

Ten small, bright red ribbons, running from the neckline to the hem down the front of the dress were its only form of closure. You chose to tie only the top six, and took a seat in Morgan’s favorite chair, one leg crossed over the other.

The two of you hadn’t actually ever made love before, and you were both nervous and excited. You closed your eyes, imagining how it would feel to have his big, rough hands running over your body, your bodies locked together. Your heart was beating faster just thinking about it.

You heard the latch of the door and kept your eyes closed for just a moment, before rising languidly to your feet and gliding the few steps to stand in front of him.

His eyes were wide and his mouth hanging open.

You placed two fingers under his chin and closed his mouth, allowing your fingers to wander down his neck and chest.

“Happy birthday, Morgan.”

He blinked rapidly a few times.

“What’s this?” He was obviously surprised.

“Your last birthday gift, and one that only I can give.”

He cupped your cheeks in his hands, eyes the same grey as a storm-tossed sea boring into yours.

“Are ya sure, lass?” His voice was thick with emotion.

You covered his hands with your own before answering.

“Absolutely, my Captain.”

He crashed his lips into yours, fierce and joyful, sliding his hands down your body and pulling you against him. You could feel his excitement, pressing hard against your belly.

Slowly, he let loose and stepped back, taking the time now to admire his gift.

Taking your hand, he pulled you over to his chair and sat down, nudging his knees between your legs, so you straddled his lap, his hands on your hips.

He pulled you in for another kiss, reaching to untie the bow at the neckline. He trailed kisses down one side of your neck and along your collar bone, to the dip at the base of your neck.

He untied the second bow, kissing down the center of your chest, and across the exposed parts of your breasts.

Your eyes had drifted closed as you gave yourself over to the pleasure of his touch, threading your fingers through his soft hair.

You could feel him untying the rest of the bows, and heard him chuckle.

“Looks like my gift is excited to be opened,” he teased.

You didn’t have time to respond before he took one nipple in his mouth, sucking hard through the lacy fabric.

You gasped and arched your back, your fingers tightening in his hair.

His free hand, done now with the untying, pushed the dress open and slid up your body, tweaking and rolling your other nipple until you were squirming with need.

He began kissing his way across your chest, the fingers that had been toying with your nipple now lifting to push the gown off your shoulder, then sliding around your waist as his mouth locked on to that nipple.

The hand that had been around your hip now slid the gown the rest of the way off your body, then slid around your hip and between your legs.

His fingers, tickling your swollen and hyper-sensitive clit, sent a shot of lightening through your body.

“Morgan….” you moaned his name, your breathing ragged.

“Oh, very excited indeed,” he taunted, now curling his long fingers inside of you, finding your sensitive spots with ease.

With his fingers inside of you, his thumb began to circle your clit. You began rocking your hips, desperate for more, pressure building low in your belly.

He sucked one of your nipples into his mouth again, the sensations combining to send you over the edge. You laid your forehead on his shoulder, breathing hard, a trembling mass of jelly.

“So far, I’m very pleased with my gift,” he whispered in your ear, sounding very pleased with himself, too.

He lifted and twisted you, slipping one arm under your knees, the other around your back, and stood, carrying you to the bed and laying you down. He stepped back to gaze at you, drinking in the sight of the woman he loved, open and waiting for him.

“You’re beautiful, _________,” he whispered, quickly undressing himself.

You watched as he undressed, enjoying the smooth movements of the muscles beneath his skin.

“So are you, my captain,” you replied, admiring the muscles of his chest and stomach, and his fully-engorged cock, throbbing with each beat of his heart, the tip glistening with pre-cum.

You held out your hand to him, beckoning him to join you, and he obliged with a smile, kneeling between your thighs, teasing the entrance to your core with the tip of his cock.

“I could stop now,” he offered.

“Don’t you dare,” you answered, rolling your hips to meet his.

His hands landed on either side of your shoulders, and he leaned down until your lips barely touched.

“As my woman wishes,” he answered, taking your lips as he slid into you.

You wrapped your arms around his chest, your legs around his hips, pulling him deeper inside, as close as you could physically get.

He waited for a moment, his forehead resting on yours, relishing being sheathed to hilt inside you.

He started sliding slowly out, and you clenched your muscles around him.

“Gods, ________, you feel so good,” he whispered, the tip of his cock just outside your entrance. He pushed into you again, another long, slow stroke, and you opened greedily, taking him all in. “So tight…”

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” he breathed, sliding slowly out, pausing, and pushing back in.

“So have I,” you whispered, fingers digging into his back, the slow friction driving you crazy.

“Well, then I won’t keep you waiting any longer….”

He began to pump faster, and in no time at all, you were cumming again, your hips bucking to meet his as you whimpered his name.

He leaned down, sucking and nibbling at first one nipple, then the other, before straightening up, letting his hands glide over you body.

“You’re so soft,” he groaned. “Here…,” his fingers dances over your breasts, “and here…,” as they trailed over your stomach and the insides of your thighs, “and especially here,” he smiled, gently squeezing your, the fingers of the other hand ghosting along your nether lips.

You gasped and lifted your hips, greedy for more.

He smiled and grabbed your ankles, spreading your legs wide as they would go, smirking as he watched his cock sliding in and out, this new angle and harder thrusts quickly building the pressure again.

“Morgan!” You called his name, your head thrown back, your hands gripping the bedding so tightly a tiny part of your brain was afraid it would rip.

He leaned back down, panting as he once again rested his forehead on yours. His was slick with sweat, and you could feel the sweat on his body as he stretched on top of you, holding your hands above your head and stealing your lips, as he picked up his rhythm again.

You didn’t think you had another orgasm in you when his thrusts became erratic. Until he found your clit with his fingers and one of your nipples with his mouth.

The fingers of your free hand dug into his back as you peaked again, and this time, he came with you, driving himself as deep as he could go and shooting his hot seed into your belly as he called your name.

His head dropped to your shoulder, and he lay on top of you for a few moments, your arms and legs wrapped tightly around him as your orgasms subsided.

“I love you, _______,” he whispered. “Thank you for giving me the best gift I’ve ever received.”

“My pleasure,” you replied, your fingers running through his hair again. “I love you, too.”

He rolled over onto his back, pulling you with him. While he pulled the blankets up, you settled your head on his chest, one ear directly over his heart, your bodies twined together.

He kissed the top of your head as the candle in the lamp finally guttered and went out, and you drifted to sleep, safe in his arms, the slow, strong thump of his heart your lullaby.