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The first wave of it always catches Zayn off guard. No matter how obsessively he watches his calendar, no matter cautiously he prepares, he always seems to lose his breath when his heat slams through him.

He’s in his room, neck prickling sweetly as a shock of pleasure rolls through him. The second wave comes soon after, a little needier and forcing a tense puff of air to escape from his clench teeth. And then everything goes to hell.

It’s terrifying how quickly the pleasure inside of him can turn to pain. He curls up on the bed, hands scratching over his bare skin so that he could give his pain a focus point. But it’s futile – the pain remains as an insistent, growing ache that settles in his bones, his blood stream, his fucking muscle fibre and tissue. He ruts against his mattress, feeling the drag of his cock on cotton sheets, bringing brief pleasure before the pain takes over again. He grinds a little harder, breath caught in his throat and moans muffled by a pillow, hips snapping pathetically while he chased some sort of relief.

An orgasm hit him a moment later, raw and wet and only fulfilling for a handful of seconds. It would be his first of dozens that day, he knew.


“I’m still not sure this is a good idea,” Niall said with a frown.

Zayn looked at him from over the large box in his arms, opening his mouth to reply, but Harry beat him to it.

“He’ll be better off with us next door, Ni,” Harry told him, picking up his own box. “Besides, I can’t go without him for too long. Not after living together. I get separation anxiety.”

“I already know that,” his boyfriend said fondly with a soft smile, before he was looking back at Zayn and frowning a little in concern. “But it’s just, like. My dorm’s full of, you know. And I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable if you go into heat or one of the lads has a rut or something, you know?”

“Uncomfortable,” Zayn echoed. He tried to keep the flat tone out of his voice at the topic. He probably fails. “You mean, you don’t want someone forcing themselves on me.”

“It’s a reasonable point,” Louis said when he walked in, quickly kissing Harry and Niall on the cheek before unplugging one of Harry’s (many) eccentric lamps. Louis’ eyes were indifferent when he looked up again, shrugging. “But we’ve gone over this a bunch of times, and have all agreed this is best.”

“I haven’t,” Niall pointed out.

Louis hip-checked him on his way back out the door. “Three against one, babe.”

Niall was still grumbling fondly as he went to take his box downstairs, Harry following him and no doubt consoling him with whispers about what they were going to do now that they were living together. Zayn was just barely wrapping his head around their situation, and had come to the point where he was simply numb to the facts: Niall, Harry and Louis were all dating and very much in love, one alpha with two omegas, respectively, and now they were all moving in together.

Zayn looked around the mostly bare apartment, where his and Harry’s stuff used to fill the spaces that now consumed the room. They may have only lived here together for a little over two years, but he knew it was going to be hard to say goodbye to. An end of an era, Louis had proclaimed with a clink of pints a few weeks ago, the decision between the four of them solidified by Niall buying them a round. And Zayn was happy for the three of them, he was, and was definitely thankful that he didn’t have to walk in on another threesome on his couch (he hopes), but he still felt a lump in his throat as he looked at the squashed candy wrappers on the floor where his couch used to be.

“Damn, you’re slow,” Niall said with a kind laugh, returning to the room. Zayn wasn’t sure whether he’d been here for a freakishly long time lost in thought or if Niall was just exerting his alpha speed to impress his boyfriends, but regardless Zayn blushed a little in embarrassment.

“Reminiscing,” he said, shrugging.

“Think of it this way,” Niall began, clapping a hand on Zayn’s shoulder with a soft warmth. “You can come over any time you want – but knock, probably, because the three of us are going to be a bit excited for a while, and Harry’s heat starts next week – but you also get your space and don’t have to deal with us when you’re trying to do your coursework.”

Zayn chuckled at that, images of the boys literally lying on top of his textbooks because they were bored and couldn’t have sex with Zayn in the room. It had happened too often.

Niall grabbed another box and the two of them made their way back out into the hall and down the stairs, talking as they went.

“Wait,” Zayn said suddenly, turning to Niall with a growing smirk. “What’re you going to do if their heats sink up?”

Niall shuddered at the thought, but Zayn didn’t miss the red creeping into his cheeks. “If it hasn’t happened already, I doubt it will now.”

“I don’t know,” Zayn said with a bit of a sing, enjoying how Niall’s blue eyes flickered as his mind worked. “Harry and I were friends for years, but we started sinking up within months of living together.”

“Trust me, I’ve heard the stories,” Niall said with a grin. Harry had long since told Niall and Louis of the arrangement he and Zayn had before they met, where their heats would sink and they’d made the most out of each other’s company to get themselves through it. Niall had completely understood – found it hot, much to Harry’s amusement and Zayn’s horror – and insisted that he didn’t care. Niall was a kind alpha, and seemed to understand that omegas really can’t control themselves too well when they’re in heat.

Which is why Niall’s rightfully nervous about Zayn living by himself. Even if Zayn was going to be next door to the three of them, right at the end of the hall so that there was no dorm on his other side, Niall’s dorm building was literally filled with alphas. It was a sort of unspoken rule on campus: building A was for alphas, and buildings B through to E were for betas and omegas. Niall had offered to move to their building instead, but when word got out a few of their neighbouring omegas quietly asked them to not bring Niall to their building. It had bristled Zayn, and had definitely angered the usually-mellow Harry, because Niall was gentle and faithful and has never touched someone without consent, even that time his rut came early.

(Harry had organised for Niall and Zayn to meet privately so that Zayn could be convinced the boy did in fact love Harry and wasn’t using him. They ended up alone in Niall’s apartment, eating take-away and joking about some of Harry’s weirder habits, when suddenly Niall had gone rigid and a glazed, dark look eclipsed his face.

“Go,” Niall said lowly. There was a whine in his voice, begging.

Zayn had understood immediately, and had scrambled to pick up all his belongings.

“I’ll bring your stuff around tomorrow, just get out of here,” Niall had groaned out through clenched teeth, pulling at his hair and falling more solidly onto his couch. Zayn had run out of there, shoes in one hand and dialling Harry’s number in the other. It had been a bit terrifying, watching Niall go from gentle to shaking with the effort of controlling himself. Zayn had seen the way Niall had clenched his fists to his side, his body recognising the omega on his couch and desperate to knot. But the outcome could have been worse, much worse, and Niall had come over to apologise two days later with a slab of beer even though he’d done nothing wrong.)

But Zayn had understood why the other omegas were scared. Without knowing Niall, they saw what all omegas saw: a confident, loud alpha, strutting around with two omegas by his side and grinning with the type of arrogance only alphas had.

Of course, Zayn did know the Irishman, and knew that Niall was only loud when he was cracking jokes or otherwise found something amusing, that he was just walking freely rather than strutting, and that the arrogance he seemed to radiate was just a projection of how Zayn saw the other alphas around him. Zayn had met dozens of alphas in his lifetime, and very few were as considerate as Niall. They were almost all entitled, aggressive, and deeply confused by the fact that Zayn would rather writhe in pain for twenty-four hours than be knotted by them.

“You all right in there?” Louis asked, flicking Zayn in the neck. Zayn flinched away from him, but there was a smile on his face.

“Just thinking,” Zayn told him, the same smirk from earlier returning. “What’s going to happen when yours and Harry’s ruts sink up?”

Louis clasped Zayn’s face in his hands, eyes serious. “A very fun night, Malik.”

“I’ll make sure to buy earplugs.”


When Zayn had decided to move from his and Harry’s apartment to the room next to Niall’s dormitory, he never really considered the fact that he’d be reducing his space. The room was pretty typical: a bed, a desk, a dresser, and a kitchenette that had about a square foot of bench space, a stove top and an oven. There was one other door, leading to a tiny bathroom that was essentially a large shower with a toilet just out of the way of the spray. Zayn frowns at the sight, making a mental note to buy a mirror so that he can at least do his hair in the morning.

“Not too bad,” Harry said when he looked around, dumping a box on the floor. He smiled at Zayn like he knew the boy was unsettled by the lack of space but was pretending he didn’t. “It’s nice and… cosy. Warm.”

“You should be a real estate agent,” Zayn murmured, making Harry laugh.

Louis snorted. “He talks too slow. Could you imagine the auctions?”

“Enough chatting,” Niall said, carrying in a box of Zayn’s books. He looked like he was keeping his face carefully void of the strain his arms were obviously feeling. It seemed to be working, judging by the twin glazed looks in his boyfriends’ eyes. He dropped the box, clearing his throat. “Let’s get this done ASAP so I can shag my new roommates.”

“How romantic,” Louis drawled, smacking a kiss to Niall’s neck and practically skipping out the room. The rest of them followed.

When they got back down to the moving truck they were renting, a tall boy with broad shoulders was pulling one of Zayn’s boxes from the pile.

“Excuse me,” Zayn said, immediately on edge. He could tell instantly that the boy was an alpha, from the way he held himself and how undisturbed he looked when he turned to face Zayn. Zayn narrowed his eyes instantly, stepping in front of Harry out of instinct. “That’s my stuff.”

The boy looked to Niall questioningly. And, yeah, of course he’d seek out the opinion of the other alpha of the sidewalk, even if it was an omega addressing him.

“This is Liam,” Niall introduced, grinning like this wasn’t a weird occurrence. “He lives across the hall and offered to help carry stuff. Forgot to mention it.”

“Nice to meet you,” Liam said, smiling at each of the omegas in front of him. His eyes were kind, but Zayn didn’t miss the way his eyes darkened a little when he saw Zayn, obviously unclaimed in comparison to the boys by his side.

Zayn tried to relax, but something about Liam was making goosebumps appear across his skin. He made sure to walk with Liam always in front of him, never turning his back on the boy as he moved boxes of his things from the truck to his or Niall’s room. Liam didn’t seem particularly bothered – of course he didn’t – and even tried to engage Zayn in conversation.

“So,” Liam began, dropping back a step so he and Zayn were scaling the stairs together. Zayn’s eyes narrowed a little, shoulders tensing. “What’re you studying?”

“English,” Zayn muttered. He didn’t return the question.

“That’s cool,” Liam said, a seemingly genuine smile on his face. “I was rubbish at English in school, but I always found it interesting, you know?”

Changing the question so he’s talking about himself, Zayn notes. Typical. “That’s nice,” he said, a flat defiance in the way he holds his chin.

“Are you in your second year like Niall?” Liam asked. Zayn fought against rolling his eyes, and nodded. He was used to this: the shallow small talk before the alpha inevitably asks him out, smirking like he knows what Zayn’s answer would be, but then lips curling in the other direction when they’re turned down. Liam didn’t seem to notice his hostility. “Same, but I switched courses last semester so I guess I’m technically starting over again. I don’t know.”

Zayn was saved from having to think up something to reply with by Niall sprinting past, a shock of blonde hair and loud giggles flashing past before he was ducking into his dorm. Louis followed a moment later, armed with a cologne spray of Harry’s that Zayn knew first hand smelt like shite and lingered everywhere for days.

Zayn ducked into his own dorm and dumped his box on the bed. Liam went to do the same bed Zayn shook his head and pointed to the door. “That’s Harry’s.”

“Oh,” Liam said, looking a little sheepish when Zayn pointed at the name scrawled across the top. “Whoops.”

Zayn rolled his eyes and ducked past him, making his way down stairs again. He grabbed a lighter box, the one that’s probably filled with all his different pillows, feeling a little guilty when he saw the next box was filled with more books but figuring Niall would enjoy the chance to show off to his boyfriends again. Halfway up the first flight of stairs he passed Liam again, the boy looking a little frazzled when their eyes locked.

“Zayn,” he said quietly, pausing. “Are you feeling okay?”

Zayn narrowed his eyes, wondering what the fuck kind of pick up line this was going to lead to. “Am I-“

But then it hit him: the first wave, rolling through him like a tsunami, hairs on the back of his neck standing up as a soft whimper escaped his lips. He closed his eyes, holding back tears as the second wave crashed through him, followed quickly by the third. It was a week early. It was a fucking week early, and he was acutely aware that he was standing in an alpha dormitory building, two floors below his room.

“Fuck,” he muttered, pants dampening from slick while his erection grew at an alarming rate. He dropped the box, blindly reaching out for the railing. A warm hand touched his back, making him snarl loudly. “Get your fucking hands off me,” he hissed, eyes flying open and finding Liam there, tense and dark-eyed.

“You need to get to your room,” Liam said, voice low. His jaw looked tense and strained, losing the roundness Zayn had unconsciously noted earlier. His entire body was curled in Zayn’s direction, hunched over with his arm on the railing near Zayn’s waist. Zayn cowered away from him, even as his brained screamed at him to lay down and let the boy fuck him right there in the stairwell.

“I know that,” Zayn gritted out. He shoved Liam away from him with every bit of exercised control he had, leaving his box behind and sprinting up the stairs. He stumbled as pain spiked up his back, the simmering ache contorting into a feeling like knives puncturing each pore of his skin. It slowed him down, allowed time for his scent to spread.

Alphas began to stumble out of their rooms, eyes dark with interest. Zayn pushed on, ignoring the low, predatory growls and lewd comments that followed him. He hit the third floor with a sprint, hands on the wall to keep himself upright as he tried to get to the end of the hall as quickly as possible. It was a mistake, though, pressing his scent into the walls. Alphas were opening their doors on both sides, some bolder than others.

“Hey, where you going?” one asked, arms wrapping around Zayn’s waist when he slowed to take deep breaths as another roll of pain exploded throughout him. The moment the alpha had contact with him Zayn was melting, groaning softly as he ground back into the alpha’s hardening crotch. Zayn was aching with arousal, keening softly as the alpha’s hands travelled over his stomach and under his shirt, petting softly at the hair under his navel. He pulled him into the room, teeth biting gently at Zayn’s neck as Zayn begged to be fucked. The door was almost closed when someone was slamming it open.

Niall looked livid, forcefully grabbing Zayn and yanking him out of the room. Zayn protested briefly at being removed from the alpha before his chest was slammed into Niall’s body. He started pawing at his skin, rutting against his leg desperately while he sucked at the pale boy’s neck.

“Zayn,” Niall muttered, voice cracking. “Zayn, stop, please.”

Zayn jumped up and wrapped his legs around the boy, nails scratching at the skin of his back exposed by a loose singlet. “Niall,” he whined, now grinding his hips into Niall’s stomach. “Please, Niall, need you to fuck me. Need you to – ah, fuck – need you to knot me good.”

Niall groaned brokenly, body completely tense and rigid. He pulled at Zayn’s hair to get him off his neck, making Zayn moan loudly at the force of the movement. “Open his door,” the Irishman snapped at someone Zayn couldn’t see, too concentrated on the feeling building in his stomach as he rolled his hips more insistently. “Get him – fuck, Zayn, stop – get him off me, I can’t- it’s- Louis, please.”

Zayn was suddenly ripped from Niall’s arms. Zayn snarled and thrashed at the omega that held both his arms and was trying to pull him away. Another pair of thin arms joined a moment later, shoving him into an open doorway. He groaned out for Niall, seeing the boy kneeling over and shaking for only a moment before his door was slamming closed, leaving him alone in the room. He tried to pull the door open, clawing at it when someone forcibly held it closed, before the need in his body outweighed anything else and he was stripping down, already blurring a hand over his cock and orgasming before he even hit the bed.

He pulled a dildo out of a small box waiting for him, wondering if Harry put it there for him. He heard a commotion outside of his door as he sank down onto the plastic, leaning forward and crying out as he fucked himself into the bed with the strong scent of surrounding alphas clogging up his senses.


Sometime early morning he awoke, body aching with exhaustion but thankfully nothing else. He must have cum more than a dozen times, drifting to sleeping for a handful of minutes before he was awake again, using toys or his fingers or just the sensation of the bare mattress under him to get himself off. He was filthy, covered in dried sweat and cum and slick, face tight from frustrated tears that had dried his pores hours ago. He padded across the room and showered quickly, dreading how he’d have to clean his mattress and properly make his bed before he could sleep again.

He heard murmuring next door, and suddenly it was all crashing down on him: rotting against Niall, begging to be fucked by the boy who was dating his best friend. His face flushed in embarrassment, heart pumping a little quicker as he realised that Harry would have seen, Louis would have, everyone in the fucking dorm would have seen as he threw himself at both Niall and that nameless alpha. Fuck, he needs to apologise to Niall, and to his boyfriends that were probably seething with anger.

He dressed quickly, pulling on loose clothing because his skin was still unbearably sensitive. When he pulled the door open, he was surprised to find Liam fall into his room.

The boy had clearly been sleeping against the door, clothes and hair ruffled and eyes blinking up at him blearily. Zayn blinked down at him in confusion, watching as the alpha scrambled to his feet, eyes wide and faintly sweating.

“S-sorry,” Liam stammered, backing a few feet out of the room. “I-“

“Fuck off,” Zayn snarled, pushing past him and heading for Niall’s dorm. He knew why Liam had been sleeping there: he’d obviously been driven mad by Zayn’s scent, trying to break through his door before his body gave up and curled outside where he could still smell him. Maybe he got himself off in the hallway. Something sour churned in Zayn’s stomach at the thought.

He knocked on Niall’s door just as he heard Liam close his. Louis was the one who answered, looking exhausted but not like he’d been sleeping. “Hey,” he said, smiling even as his eyes squinted at the light behind Zayn’s head. “Feeling better?”

“I’m so sorry,” Zayn said pleadingly. “I couldn’t control myself. I-“

“It’s okay,” Louis told him, pulling him into a gentle hug. “We’ve all been there, mate.”

“Is that Zayn?” someone called from further into the room, accent thick with exhaustion. Niall stumbled into view a moment later, running a hand tiredly through his hair. Zayn’s eyes were fixed at the litter of hickies on his neck, ones he no doubt put there the night before.

“Shit,” Zayn said, eyes flickering from the bites to the bags under Niall’s eyes. “Fuck, man, you’ve got to believe me, I couldn’t-“

“It’s fine,” Niall dismissed with a wave. He stepped forward as if to hug Zayn, pausing when he thought better of it. “Still sensitive?”

“A bit,” Zayn admitted, face flushing in embarrassment.

Harry appeared a moment later, only clad in a towel as he stepped out of their bathroom. “Last night was interesting,” he said in that slow way of his, stretching almost obscenely. There were love bites across his torso, purpling freshly.

Zayn’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked back at the other boys, seeing how sated Louis looked, leaning into Niall’s side as the blonde boy poked a little at a bruise forming on the omega’s neck. Zayn’s eyes brightened in surprise. “You guys had sex last night.”

“What did you expect?” Harry answered, indifferent to the open door as he dropped the towel and pulled on a pair of bright orange briefs. “You got him all worked up, so we made the most of it. ‘s economical.”

Zayn didn’t know how to feel about this, his friends getting off after he’d dry humped one of them in the hallway. “Weird.”

“So don’t feel too bad,” Niall said, smiling tiredly. “Because I had a pretty good night, in the end. And for the record, you’re a menace when you’re horny.”

Zayn grumbled something out, not even he was sure what. Louis pulled him into the room and the two of them collapsed on the couch together while Niall flopped down on the bed and Harry put on the kettle. Louis’ fingers were uncharacteristically gentle in Zayn’s hair. Zayn figured he was being nice to try and ease the mortification of the situation, but Zayn also knew how docile both Louis and Harry became when in the presence of their alpha. Although none of them have officially mated yet, and despite their being one more person in the mix than usual, they were practically already a married couple: alpha Niall taking care of his boys, and his boys being the perfect omega house husbands.

Harry bought their drinks over, tea for himself and Louis and coffee for Zayn and Niall. Niall kissed him on the cheek, all but pulling the lanky boy into his lap. Harry giggled, holding his mug carefully so none of the steaming liquid sloshed out.

“You should have seen it, though,” Louis said, grinning faintly. It took Zayn a moment to remember what they were talking about. “Like, after me and Haz finally got you into your room, that other alpha-“

“Mark,” Niall interjected.

“-right, Mark,” Louis repeated with a nod. “He came storming out of his room to try and get to you, right, and Niall was, like, on the ground because he was basically incapacitated, but was then trying to get me and Haz into our dorm out of the way, because Liam stepped in to help keep Mark back, and it was a mess. You caused a riot, Malik. It was fantastic.”

Zayn sunk a little more into the couch, sipping his coffee so he didn’t have to speak.

“If I ever get my hands on that bloke, though…” Harry trailed off, shaking his head.

“On Mark?” Niall asked. Harry nodded gravelly, linking their ankles. Niall frowned, incredulous. “You guys don’t blame him, right?”

“He pulled me into his room,” Zayn said quietly, but his voice was firm. “He would have known I couldn’t control myself. So yeah, I blame him for trying shit.”

“You don’t understand,” Niall said, sitting up a bit straighter and shaking his head. “The smell of an omega in heat is just… there’s nothing to compare it with. It’s like, this immediate urge to fuck ‘em, and it’s impossible to drag yourself away.”

“I’ve been around you while you’ve started your rut, and I didn’t try anything,” Zayn reminds him.

“It’s different,” Niall told him, eyes a little clearer than before. “It’s worse than a rut, in my opinion. Like, a rut’s just a build-up of tension, right? But when an omega goes into heat, it’s like, biological, or summat. Seeing someone going into heat, perfect time to knot them and have a few pups. Mark would have been overcome with the need to impregnate you, Zayn.”

Zayn shrugged. “You could keep your head.”

“I love my boys, you know that,” Niall said, a possessive hand on Harry’s knee. He was shaking his head a little, frowning softly. “But letting Louis pull you off me was the hardest thing I’ve done in a long time.”

Zayn looked at the other two boys, trying to gauge their reactions. Louis didn’t look particularly put out, and Harry didn’t react more than just press a gentle kiss to Niall’s temple.

“Still,” Zayn said after a moment, eyes flicking back to meet Niall’s. “It was a bit unnerving remembering it, and then finding Liam sleeping outside my room.”

“Payno?” Niall asked in surprise. “Must have been keeping the other alphas away while I was, erm, busy here.”

Zayn frowned at this. “I thought he was trying to get in.”

“Nah,” Niall dismissed, and that was that. Zayn left as soon as he’d finished his coffee, knowing that the three of them probably needed some sleep. Harry, unabashed, had made a few quiet comments about the night they’d had, and Zayn gathered that it’d been a long night.

He stumbled back into the hall, pausing briefly outside Liam’s door as he wondered if the boy had, in fact, been making sure no one tried to break in and take advantage of him. Shrugging, Zayn shuffled into his own dorm, busying himself by fixing up his bed.


Aside from the obvious, there were a few other downsides to living in building A.

Firstly, there was almost always people crowding the hallways, taking up too much room while they exchanged banter and talked loudly. And of course – of fucking course – if Zayn had to ask them to move, they’d turn to him with amused eyes and predatory smirks, asking if he’d like to stay and chat. News had spread quickly that there was an omega in the building that was unclaimed by any of the alphas, living by himself and begging to be knotted by any alpha who touched him during his heat. Niall had made a point of telling his friends in the building to back off, that Zayn wasn’t interested, and a few had agreed easily. Others became more intrigued, wondering what Zayn was doing living in the building if he wasn’t trying to attract a nice, dominant alpha. It was revolting, to say the least.

This also led to the second problem: Zayn was provoked into snapping at alphas that he wasn’t interested, would rather spoon his eyes out than be knotted, on practically a daily basis. This resulted in some of the more aggressive guys trying harder, pulling Zayn to their chests and stroking his face with calloused fingers, or grabbing his books from him and refusing to give them back until Zayn gave in and let them walk him to class. (And then, of course, when the alpha pointed out how absolutely chivalrous he’d been and asks him out, Zayn would snap a sharp ‘no’ and have to run into his classroom before the alpha could grab his arm.)

And, finally, Liam was always hanging out with them. Like, always. He was apparently Niall’s best friend, and thus accompanied them everywhere, from coffee shops to bars to lunch in the communal kitchen. And he was always trying to engage in conversation with Zayn, too, asking whatever question came to his mind and persisting even though Zayn’s answers were non-committal.

Niall seemed to be catching on.

“Can you just try to get along with him,” the Irishman asked him quietly while Liam attempted to keep up with one of Harry’s long-winded stories. “Please?”

Zayn didn’t know how to explain to Niall how uncomfortable it made him to have an alpha constantly there without offending him, so he just nodded and pretended to be interested when Liam told him about himself: he used to study physio therapy but switched courses to business because he underestimated the workload of his original course; his parents were still together, and he had two older sisters (both betas), one of which recently engaged; he used to live in Wolverhampton before he moved south for university; and, the thing offended Zayn beyond all else, he preferred DC over Marvel.

“You do not,” Zayn protested, eyebrows furrowing. “There is no way you think that DC even holds a candle to Marvel.”

Liam shrugged, eyes bright. “I love Batman, so.”

“Batman is Iron Man but with a shittier backstory and sounds like a cat’s skull rattling in a vacuum cleaner,” Zayn told him passionately. “Don’t even get me started on ‘Batman vs Superman’, Christ.”

Hey,” Liam squawked, but he was smiling. “Marvel’s literally doing the same thing with Iron Man and Captain America.”

“That’s…” Zayn trailed off, throat dry as he tried to come up with something. “That’s different.”

“Sure,” Liam said with a grin. He wasn’t gloating like Zayn expended him to, instead sliding off the couch to ask Harry if he needed any help in the kitchen. They were in Niall’s dorm, Harry smacking Liam’s hands away from the spatula when he tried to stir the taco meat, Louis snoring loudly from their humongous bed, and Niall having left to make a quick beer run. It had been a couple weeks since they had moved in, but still-unpacked boxes were littered all over the floor. It didn’t look unlike his own room, actually.

Liam sat down again, passing Zayn a beer that he took hesitantly.

“Are you going to see the new Captain America movie when it comes out, then?” Liam asked, smiling easily. Zayn observed his posture: how his shoulders were straight and confident, but how he refused to sink into the couch or put his feet up, like he was scared to overstep his boundaries. He looked cautiously uptight, aware of the space he took up, which made Zayn relax slightly.

“Counting down the days,” Zayn admitted. “I’m also counting the days until they stop showing the shitty Batman previews at the cinemas.”

Liam put a hand to his chest, pretending to be wounded, and then they were bickering about it again. Eventually Louis was throwing a lopsided pillow at them, threatening to rip out odd parts of their body if they didn’t shut up. He softened when Niall walked in, though, curling softly into the bed when Niall kissed him lightly at his hairline. Louis had finished a particularly bad heat yesterday, and the room would have reeked of his scent if it weren’t for Harry’s particularly pungent candles.

“How’re you feeling?” Niall murmured, crouching so his face was level with Louis’ on the pillow.

Louis was only able to look his boyfriend in the eye for a few seconds before he was ducking his head, blushing faintly. “Good,” he said quietly, peeking up at Niall after a moment with a tranquil stare.

Zayn frowned. He’d met Louis a little while before he’d met Niall, and was amazed by how loud and defiant and spontaneous one person could be. But when Louis was with Niall, he was soft and dainty. Docile. It was disturbing to watch.

Niall kissed him again, a little peck on the nose that made his boyfriend giggle, before he was toddling off to Harry and wrapping his arms around the boy’s waist.

“Weird,” Liam muttered. Zayn caught his eye and held it, questioning. Liam shrugged. “Just how they act around each other. All domestic, you know?”

It wasn’t quite the word Zayn was thinking, but he didn’t expect Liam to say it, anyway. The boy was an alpha, after all, and seeing omegas submit for their keeper wouldn’t be particularly off putting to Liam in the way it was to Zayn.


Zayn was in his room, textbooks spread out across his bed while he marked important sections with a highlighter. His glasses were falling down his nose a bit, but he was so caught up in a particularly interesting passage that he didn’t notice until someone knocked on the door and he jumped in surprise, glasses falling down his face.

He quickly slid them back on. “Yeah?” he called.

“It’s Liam,” the now familiar voice said. Zayn thought about telling the boy to come in, too comfortable to move, but thought better of it. He wasn’t going to give the alpha the wrong impression by inviting him in.

He slid out of bed, feet bare on the usually cold floor, and pulled open the door after taking a deep breath. “What’s up?” he asked.

Liam stood there in relatively nice clothes, hair styled and looking ready to go somewhere. “Oh,” he said, a bit confused. “You’re not ready?”

“What?” Zayn asked a bit dumbly, eyes pausing on where Liam’s shirt pulled tightly over his chest.

“The club,” Liam answered, reaching up an arm to scratch the back of his neck in an apparent nervous habit. “Harry said you’d agreed to come.”

Zayn groaned, thudding his head gently on the door he still held in his hands. “I didn’t agree, actually.”

Harry had asked him a few days ago, but Zayn had resolutely said no. While alphas were a minority against betas, easily outnumbered population-wise, they all seemed to flock to clubs, parties, the like. Some sort of authority complex to it, Zayn thinks. Besides, Zayn knew that Liam would be invited, too, and didn’t want to be left with the boy if he got drunk after the other three inevitably leave to dance or fuck around in a bathroom.

Liam seemed to take personal offense to this answer. He didn’t get angry, though – he looked tired. “Is it… is it because I’m coming?”

Zayn watched the boy for a moment, taking in the vulnerable look in his chocolate eyes, the droop in his shoulders and the seemingly unconscious pout to his lips. He looked quite disappointed, actually. “No,” Zayn found himself lying. “It’s because I, um, have a lot of work to do.”

Which wasn’t exactly a lie. He pulled the door a little wider and gestured to the books on his bed to cement his point. Liam looked from the books to Zayn’s face, eyebrows furrowed slightly as though he didn’t believe him but didn’t feel it was his place to comment. “The lads want to celebrate having finally unpacked their stuff,” Liam told him, as if Zayn didn’t already know. “Only took them three weeks, too.”

“And with so many hands to help,” Zayn mused. He looked down at himself, at the sweatpants and thick jumper and reading glasses sliding to the bridge of his nose again, and met Liam’s eyes with a shrug. “I’m not exactly dressed to go out, so.”

He went to close the door, but Liam was suddenly making an urgent noise. He held his hand through the door, holding a piece of paper. “I was told to give this to you if you said no.”

Zayn took the piece of paper after a moment, glaring at Liam’s hand until it retracted from his room. He closed the door while unfolding the note, finding Harry’s messy scrawl. ‘I’ll tell your mum about the orange peels, Malik.’

“Fine,” he called at the closed door. “Tell them I’ll be out in twenty.”





Liam was struggling not to stare, just-

Zayn really fucked with his head, right? Like, the boy was snippy with him and gave half-arsed answers, and in the next breath was debating the merits of different super heroes. He was tense when Liam was relaxed, but appeared endlessly comfortable when Liam was feeling visibly cumbersome. Most notably to the current situation, though, Zayn was still grumbling about being dragged to the club, yet he’d dressed up for a fucking runway.

And maybe it was a bit of bias on Liam’s part; he’d always found the boy attractive, beautiful, and the way he looked when his heat first started was painfully gorgeous. But tonight was something else: tight black, ripped jeans, a loose red singlet that showed off the wiry muscles of his arms and the tattoos that littered his skin, boots that fell heavily with every step, and, what had Liam so entranced, a plethora of jewellery that included a sparkling nose ring.

Niall nudged him with the jab of a finger to his hip, move thankfully hidden by the table. They were in a booth at the club, the omegas talking amongst themselves while Niall stared fondly at his boys and Liam stared awkwardly at Zayn. Zayn himself was staring out the booth at the crowd of people dancing, only focussing on the conversation for a few seconds if Louis pinched him before getting distracted again. Lights flickered over him, casting his face in blue and green and red.

“Seriously,” Niall said in Liam’s ear, a little huff to it. “If you keep looking at him like that he’ll run away screaming, mate.”

Liam tore his eyes from Zayn and focussed on his best friend. “Huh?”

“I already told you this,” Niall said, rolling his eyes but he was faintly grinning. “He doesn’t date, and definitely not alphas. And I don’t think he’d be the type to have a quick shag, either.”

“I wasn’t-“ Liam began, but stopped with a huff. “I wasn’t going to ask him, or anything.”

“As long as you know,” Niall told him, and then he was back to staring fondly at his boyfriends as they made out and giggled into each other’s necks.

Zayn wrinkled his nose when he saw them. “I’m going to get a drink.”

“I’ll come with you,” Liam said as he stood up, desperate to get away from the trio intent on fucking in the club.

Zayn’s eyes immediately narrowed. “I can handle myself, thanks.”

Liam groaned inwardly. “That’s not what I meant-“

But Zayn was gone between one blink and the next, floating into the crowd of dancing bodies where Liam could just see the bar over. Liam slid back into his seat, not particularly surprised to find that Louis was now in Niall’s lap, still making out with Harry while their alpha alternated kisses on their necks.

Liam repressed a shudder, quickly turning away from them before something nasty contorted his expression. He hated seeing them like that. He knows it’s not Niall’s fault, that the boy genuinely cared for his omegas and didn’t think anything was wrong, but Liam couldn’t help but watch as Louis traded his snarky edge for serene giggling, and Harry swapped his charisma and independence for something muted. They seemed happy, at least, but Liam couldn’t help but feel like he would find something missing in that sort of relationship.

His boredom must have been apparent, because it wasn’t long until a pretty girl with long brown hair was approaching him, head tilted to the dancefloor and hand trailing up his arm enquiringly. Forward, but not demanding. A beta, then.

Liam agrees easily, even if only to escape Niall and his boyfriends. The girl wrapped dainty fingers around his wrist, a suggestive sway of her hips as she led him to the dancefloor. She didn’t turn around again, instead curling Liam’s arm until his hand was flat on her stomach. She drew him in that way, pressing back against his chest and swaying with the beat of the music, the slow drawl of bass egging them on while Liam hooked his chin over her shoulder.

He caught sight of Zayn a while later, making his way back through the crowd with a half-finished drink in his hand. He was only a couple metres from him when he’s being stopped, a slightly older alpha dragging him back against his chest. Liam can’t hear what Zayn’s saying over the music, but his face is defiant and lethal when Liam is able to glimpse it between the limbs that bounce around to the music. He thinks he sees Zayn try and pull away. He definitely sees Zayn throw his drink in the man’s face when he doesn’t let go.

Liam is pushy forward through the crowd before he realises what he’s doing. He grabs the alpha’s hand before it collides with Zayn, a warning in his eye. The alpha looks back with ferocity for a moment, but almost instantly settles into something dull and thoughtless. Liam figures that he’s intoxicated on more than alcohol, then.

When he looks at Zayn, the omega merely rolls his eyes before wondering off again. Liam doesn’t follow.

“That was so hot,” the girl he’d been dancing with whispered in his ear, teeth nibbling on his lobe again. Liam turns fully so he can put his hands on her hips, digging his fingers into the soft fabric of her dress when she bit gently at his exposed collarbone. “Wanna go somewhere private?”

Liam will never get to know what his brain decided on saying because suddenly there was another girl there, tugging urgently on the sleave of the other’s dress. They were talking with heads bent, the noise of their hurried conversation being drowned out by the loud music.

The first girl turned to him, looking apologetic. Liam already knew where this was going.

He made his way to the bar soon afterwards, placing an order for drinks and telling the bartender their booth number instead of attempting to carry all the drinks himself. He made his way back through the crowd, ignoring the interested looks from some people he passed as he powered on and slid back into the booth. Only Zayn was there, the others having obviously gone off dancing or to the loo.

“Where’s your girl gone?” Zayn asked, blinking over at him nonchalantly. “Finished already?”

Liam isn’t sure of what to make of his tone. “She had to leave.”

Zayn nodded noncommittally, eyes fanning around the club.

“Are you okay?” Liam asks, eyes focussed on the tense set of Zayn’s jaw and the glare that shadows his face.

Zayn shrugged. “Why do you ask?”

“Because you got manhandled a bit back there,” Liam said, frowning. “Did that not bother you at all?”

“’s a bit of a regular occurrence,” Zayn told him, eyes finally meeting. “For my kind, anyway.”

Liam didn’t know what it was like to be an omega, obviously, but he’d heard enough horror stories to realise it wasn’t the greatest biology to be gifted with. “Is that why you don’t date?” he asked curiously.

Zayn tensed up immediately, movements cautious as he regarded Liam. “None of your business,” the boy said with a vacant tone, as if to appease Liam while still clearly telling him to puck off. “How about you find some nice, docile omega.”

Liam frowned at this. “I’m not like that, I hope you know.”

“Of course you aren’t,” Zayn agreed. It sounded condescending. Liam didn’t get a chance to reply before a waitress was there, placing down the drinks he ordered between the two of them. Liam reached for the plain coke he’d ordered, sipping quickly for something to do while Zayn grabbed a drink at random. He watched Liam with a frown. “Not drinking?”

Liam shook his head, thankful for the change in subject. “Don’t drink,” he said. “I don’t like being drunk somewhere I’m not comfortable. You?”

Zayn stirred the lemonade idly. “Want to be conscious so I can make sure the lads get home safe.”

Zayn said this without any sort of recognition for himself, as though him forfeiting a good night wasn’t considerate at all. “That’s really nice of you,” Liam said earnestly.

Zayn barely glanced at him. “Omegas have to stick together.”

Liam felt as the briefly civil moment slid away from them. He felt like banging his head on the table. “What’s your problem?” Liam asked him, meaning to sound annoyed but instead ending up somewhere near resigned. “How can you honestly hate me so much when we’ve barely spoken before?”

“You’re an alpha,” Zayn said simply. He barrelled on before Liam can speak. “And don’t give me the whole ‘not all alphas’ spiel, because everyone has a breaking point. Even Niall. Even you.”

Liam considers this. “I suppose,” he said, slowly. Zayn watched him carefully. “And there are a lot of assholes, which I’m sorry about. What was Niall’s breaking point?”

Zayn took a moment to answer, pausing for so long that Liam thought he might have to repeat the question. “His rut,” Zayn said. “My heat.”

“Has he…” Liam trailed off, the implication on his tongue but not making sense in his head, not with Niall.

“No,” Zayn said quickly, quietly, barely audible over the music. “A bit longer then maybe, but the point remains.”

“What point?” Liam asks. He’s not trying to bait him, he’s just genuinely confused.

Zayn gives him a look like he understands. “Even alphas as great as Niall can’t keep their hands off without external help,” the boy said, finger itching just above his nose ring. “So I don’t like being around alphas, because it’s not like their rut schedule is printed on their forehead.”

“Mine comes on the 20th of each month,” Liam says. He’s not sure why. “It almost never varies.”

“Soon, then,” Zayn considers. He leans back in his seat, hands clasped around the drink. “Aren’t you worried you won’t be set of early by being around me and the other lads?”

Liam shook his head. “It only shifts if I were to mate, I think.”

“Weird,” Zayn said. He looks a lot more relaxed now. “Mine’s been changing a bit lately. Probably because I don’t live with Harry now.”

Liam didn’t know what to say to this, so he didn’t say anything. He looked around the club, noticing a few interested looks but not replying to any. When he looked back at Zayn, the dark haired boy was looking at him with interest. “What?” Liam asked, a little self-conscious.

“I’m bored,” Zayn said in lieu of an answer. “Dance with me?”

Liam didn’t get to answer before Zayn was wondering off to the dance floor. Liam trailed after him, wondering if Zayn always failed to let people answer him. Liam found that he didn’t particularly care either way.

It wasn’t like dancing with the beta girl. Liam was careful to keep his hands to himself, giving the boy space to move. A few people looked over at Zayn, bodies curling towards him in intrigue, but one look at Liam’s face and they backed off without question. Liam didn’t mean to be hostile or dictate who Zayn got to dance with, but occasions where Zayn actually seemed to enjoy his presence were rare, and Liam wasn’t going to pass up the bonding opportunity for some groping beta.

(Niall may have pulled Liam aside that first morning at the rental truck, hands on Liam’s shoulders and begging Liam to get along with Zayn, because he was absolutely gone for Harry – and Louis – and would rather not have to deal with a fall out if their friends didn’t get along. Liam had agreed easily, having no problems with accepting the dark haired boy as a new friend. And then Zayn made it clear that he wasn’t particularly up to it.)

Zayn dancing was a sight to behold, though, especially with him being sober. His hips moved suggestively with the music, a hand running through his soft looking hair as he ground his hips on nothing but air, knees bent in a way that transformed the dance into something grittier. He didn’t particularly care that he was gaining a bit more attention now, instead closing his eyes for long moments and losing himself in the music before opening them again and looking over at Liam with gentler eyes than he’d seen from the boy.

“You can dance properly if you like,” Zayn said, nodding to where Liam’s hands were rigid by his sides. At Liam’s confused look, Zayn grabbed his wrists and flattened Liam’s palms on his slim waist, moving a little closer. He leaned up to whisper in his ear. “I’m less likely to be bothered if you’re here,” he said.

Liam thinks he should be annoyed for being used, but finds that he’s too caught up in the feel of Zayn’s thin hips beneath his fingers.


Things became easier after that. Over the days that followed, Niall abused Zayn’s newfound friendliness by inviting he and Liam over all the time. While Zayn almost always started off initially tense and hesitant in Liam’s presence (and even sometimes Niall’s, he observed), soon enough Zayn would be able to talk freely with Liam, although always held back information when things became too personal, topics such as family and relationships and being an omega all instantly vetoed.

Liam had become so used to Zayn being at Niall’s that when he entered the familiar dorm for a movie night and found Zayn missing, something didn’t seem right. “Where’s Zayn?” he’d asked, trying to sound casual even though something inside of him was dropping. The new promotion for Deadpool had come out that morning, and he’d been eager to discuss it properly with someone.

“At work,” Harry supplied, already eating popcorn on the couch. Louis was next to him, lazily scrolling through his phone while Niall massaged his calf.

Liam frowned, suddenly realising that he was going to be surrounded by the loved up trio all night. “He has a job?” Liam asked, settling into an adjacent couch as far away from them as possible without seeming room.

“Yeah,” Louis said distractedly, back arching against Harry when Niall palmed a particularly tender spot on his legs. He looked up and saw Liam’s confusion. “I got a cramp during practice.”

“He plays football,” Niall said a little dreamily, looking over his shoulder at Liam.

“I know,” Liam said. “You tell me this every time he’s had a practice.”

“He’s quite fit in uniform,” Harry said. Louis turned to beam at him, earning a sweet kiss from the younger boy.

Liam wanted to hit them with something, a little.

“What movie are we watching first, Haz?” Niall asked his boyfriend.

“Love Actually,” the boy replied eagerly. Liam wanted to hit himself now.

While the movie was entertaining enough to hold his focus most of the time, he kept getting distracted by two things. The first being the trio’s constant cuddling, exchange of kisses and giggles into necks when one of them whispered something vaguely inappropriate. The second was a phone ringing, going off every few minutes and seemingly not bothering any of the other boys.

“Someone going to get that?” Liam asked them a little pointedly. He didn’t mean to be rude, but after a long day of classes and having to sit across from three of his best friends dry humping for more than an hour, he was a little cranky.

The three boys listened for a moment before figuring out it was Harry’s phone, and then were disentangling to allow the gangly boy to stumble over to the kitchen bench where his phone was going nuts. Niall paused the movie for him, wrapping his arms around Louis while Liam scowled inwardly.

“Hello?” Harry drawled slowly, sounding not unlike the Adele song. His posture suddenly stiffened. “What? Who- okay, I’ll be there. Yeah my boyf- yes, okay, I get it.”

He hung up the phone, appearing angry before he turned around and Liam could see the boy looked absolutely terrified instead. “Zayn’s gone into heat early again,” Harry said, swallowing thickly. “At work.”

Niall and Louis both reacted quite a bit to this. Louis gasped in horror, hands coming up to his face and eyes wide as he watched Niall swear and pull on his boots angrily. Liam didn’t get what was happening, and didn’t know how to ask while Niall continued to curse angry and run around madly to try and find his keys. Louis found them wedged into the couch and through them at Niall quickly, jumping to his feet and hugging Harry tightly to stop the boy from shaking.

“Need you to come, Payno,” Niall said, throwing Liam’s jacket at him.

Liam looked up at him in confusion. On a Friday night, he very much doubts a lot of people would be loitering around a convenience store or bookshop or wherever the hell Zayn worked, much less enough alphas to need backup. In fact, Liam would probably get in the way. “Why do you need me?”

“He’s locked in the bathroom,” Niall told him, hopping on the spot while he waited for Liam to come. Suddenly realisation dawned on him. “You don’t know?”

Something dark curled inside him, heart rate spiking at the terror still etched on the omegas’ faces. “Know what?”

“He works at a bar, Liam,” Niall said gravely. “He works at Carmen’s.”

Liam’s heart stopped. “Fuck.”

Things were in hyper speed, then, with Niall quickly kissing his boys goodbye before he and Liam were sprinting out the door and down the flights of stairs, rounding into a car park and slamming doors closed seconds before Niall was starting the engine and speeding off. There was no way he was abiding by the speed limit. Liam wouldn’t either.

Carmen’s Bar is a notorious hotspot for alphas, mainly because majority of the staff are omegas (mainly because hardly anywhere hires the breed anymore, considering how often implications with alphas arise). More so, it was a notorious hotspot for drunk alphas, the type who were already aggressive towards omegas without the added stimulant of one going into heat.

“He thought he’d be fine, you know,” Niall was muttering to him, knuckles white on the wheel. “He’s a bartender, so he figured none of the drunks would get close to him without a member of security escorting them out.”

Liam nodded along, eyes on the road. They were driving much too fast, but Liam couldn’t help but noticed as the minutes ticked by. From what they’d gathered from Harry, Zayn had locked himself in a bathroom when his heat first hit, and now he was stuck in there while security tried to pry the drunk alphas away. The big problem? The security were almost all alphas, too, according to the member of staff that had talked to Harry on the phone.

Niall finally peeled into the bar’s car park, not bothering to park properly before he was out of the car and running at the entrance.

“Maybe we should have bought more backup,” Liam said when they opened the doors. There were a few people near the entrance, some betas and scared omegas huddled in small clusters. But the majority of the crowd were at the back, leering at a closed door while the security plastered themselves against it, sweating profusely at the effort of not ripping the door off its hinges.

Liam could understand why. The scent hit him immediately, sweet and dirty and calling out to him.

A member of the staff approached them soon after they walked in. She was a beta, but still cowered from the men only meters from her. “You’re Niall and Liam, yes?” she said quickly. They both nodded. “Security are going to try and hold the others back while you go in and get him, okay?”

Again, they nodded. They pushed forward, ignoring snarls of protest as they pushed men out of their way. The security seemed to get some sort of signal from the hostess who had greeted them, and stepped out of their way of the door. It became quickly apparent that they were holding the door closed to keep something in.

The door slammed open, and there Zayn was: panting and sweating and whimpering before he was launching himself at Liam, already rutting against him before his legs were fully around his waist. “Fuck me here,” he whined against Liam’s skin, lips hot on his neck. “Fucking fill me up, Liam, want you to knot me while everyone watches.”

Liam groaned at the words, knees weak as the scent of Zayn clogged his senses. Zayn was damp in his arms, from sweat or slick or a combination, and his jeans were a bit sticky at the front. “Did you get yourself off in there?” Liam couldn’t help but ask, gasping as Zayn palmed at his back and sunk his teeth into his collarbone.

“Mmhmm,” Zayn moaned, grinding desperately into Liam’s stomach. “Please fuck me, Liam. I’ll be so good for you.”

Liam stumbled a little. He was trying to keep his brain focussed on how the security were holding people back, how Niall was pushing a particularly insistent guy away, but Zayn’s scent was all he could think about. He wanted to drop to the ground right there, turn Zayn over and pull down his pants, slide into him and knot him there, mark him up while all the other alphas watched, claim Zayn as his. In was primal, ripping a low growl from his chest.

Niall tugged at his arm. “Come on,” he croaked out, pants looking as tight as Liam’s felt.

Liam nodded distractedly, trying not to get lost in how Zayn was mouthing at his jaw and building up a rhythm with his hips. He tried to get outside as quick as possible, snarling at anyone who came too close to him and Zayn. They finally got out the door, threats following them out into the night as Niall sprinted for his car with a bit of struggle. Liam couldn’t move, not while Zayn was gasping by his ear, a chant of “Liam, Liam, Liam” on his tongue before he was releasing the tension in him, creaming his pants and dampening Liam’s shirt. Liam would have fucked him right there if Niall hadn’t have pulled up with the car, shouting at Liam to get a hold of himself.

Liam slid into the backseat, Zayn straddling him and pawing at him. “Windows,” Liam gasped out, hands shaking as Zayn tried to undo his pants. He really needed some fucking air. “Windows, Niall.”

Niall was cursing nonstop, driving recklessly fast. The windows came down in sporadic jerks, as though Niall was shifting too much to keep his finger on the button for more than a few seconds.

Zayn was pulling at Liam’s hair, biting his chin in frustration, latching his lips anywhere he could while Liam held him firmly in his lap and didn’t let the smaller boy unzip his jeans, even if every fibre in Liam’s body was screaming at him to slip his cock out and take Zayn there in the back of the car.

“Please,” Zayn was begging, rolling his hips over Liam’s erection and shuddering wildly. “Need you, Li. Need you to knot me, fill me up with your pups, baby. I’ll be so fucking good, I promise.”

He cut off with an aroused sob, grinding more desperately. Liam felt the car start and stop jerkily, heard Niall’s groans and whimpers on top of Zayn’s constant mewling as he rode Liam’s cock, regardless of the clothes in the way.

“Stop, Zayn,” Liam pleaded, back arching as tension quickly became to build in him. He pressed his fingers firmly into Zayn’s hips to try and still him, but instead a moan was ripped from Zayn’s throat at the pressure, back arching and orgasming again, completely untouched.

Liam completely lost focus for a while, caught up in how Zayn’s lips rounded when he came, how his back arched and chest pressed against Liam’s, the smell of his scent and fresh cum combining and driving Liam crazy. Liam dug his fingers into Zayn’s skin harder, revelling in how Zayn fell against him, boneless, getting off at just the touch.

“Liam,” he could hear someone calling his name distantly, but it wasn’t important. Nothing was as important as the round of Zayn’s ass, clenching when Liam palmed it, Zayn begging for Liam to fuck him. But the voice was getting more insistent, a hand pulling at his shirt that wasn’t Zayn’s.

“What?” he snarled, eyes not leaving Zayn’s as the boys pupils dilated to take over his entire iris. Zayn was whimpering again, palming his crotch despite how sensitive he must be.

“You’ve got to stop,” Niall told him, voice breaking as he palmed himself. “Liam, you need to stop.”

Liam turned to face him then, zoning back in to focus. His eyes cleared, ears beginning to ring as sounds beyond Zayn’s pleas began to fill his mind again.

He slid out of the car, Zayn still clinging to him desperately, soft little mewls over Liam’s skin. It was a struggle to get Zayn upstairs, losing focus every few steps and pressing Zayn into a wall, grinding into him and biting his full bottom lip before Niall was hauling him back into reality. The moment they got to Zayn’s dorm Niall bolted to his own, stumbling into his boyfriends’ waiting arms. A few heads were poking out of their doors, so Liam was quick to dig Zayn’s key out of his back pocket (making the boy whimper encouragingly) and unlock the room, pushing the both of them inside.

He tried to extract Zayn from him, knowing that his focus would only last so long now that they were alone. “Zayn, off,” he panted out, frustrated as Zayn stuck to him like he had suction cups on his arm.

He was forced to stumble to the bed and lean over it, Zayn only finally letting go when Liam’s pressed him into the mattress with a hand on his chest. Zayn whimpered at the contact, grabbing Liam’s hand and sucking two fingers into his mouth, tongue running over the pads of the digits.

“Oh God,” Liam moaned, eyes closing at the way his body was demanding he take Zayn as his. “Fuck, Jesus.”

Liam pulled his hand away, quickly slinking back to leave. But Zayn displayed incredible strength, grabbing Liam by the arms and hauling him onto the bed. Zayn was crawling on top of him before Liam’s gasp of surprise even left his body, rolling his hips obscenely over Liam’s aching cock.

“Gonna fill me up?” Zayn asked through a moan, scratching up Liam shirt as he all but bounced on Liam’s confined erection, moaning loudly in the quiet room. It was all Liam could do, pressing his fingers into the clothed meat of Zayn’s thighs. Zayn was gasping again, so close to coming. “Fill me with your seed, hold me down and make me take it-“

Zayn’s words cut off when Liam flipped them, pressing Zayn into the bed face-down. Zayn’s moan was muffled into the pillow, chanting Liam’s name again as he pressed his erection into Zayn’s ass, grinding for relief.

He heard a bed banging against the wall, bringing his attention back to the present. He scrambled quickly off of Zayn, but the boy grabbed his arm again before he could get far. “Please,” he begged, body carefully pliant. “Liam, please.”

“I c-can’t,” Liam stammered out, trying to peel Zayn’s fingers from him before his resolve broke.

Zayn held on tighter. “Please,” he sobbed, voice cracking. Tears were pooling in his eyes and flowing over, making his wide eyes glassy and irresistible.

Liam finally pried himself away, something vital in him ripping as he raced for the door before Zayn – or his own body – could convince him to do otherwise. One last glance at Zayn showed the boy sobbing on his mattress, grinding helplessly while he tugged at his own hair. Liam closed the door.