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i am a good good boy

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Jimin and Jeongguk. An epic love. The ideal couple. Jimin was short and soft in all the ways Jeongguk was tall and hard. The stuff of dramas, Taehyung supposed.

Until recently.

Taehyung had been fostering suspicions regarding the nature of his best friend’s relationship for a while now. He knew it couldn’t be considered normal behaviour to be so invested in his friend's sex life but his Detective Conan lifestyle was a product of his own shameless attraction and (mostly) their tempting actions.

It all began last year on Jimin’s 26th birthday wherein taking his position as BFF with gravitas, Taehyung had orchestrated an extreme houseparty at his apartment. Approximately six hours into the event he was well and truly pissed off cocktails and shots. In hindsight, he guesses the rum Seokjin had bought back from a holiday in Jamaica (that he had slurped off Jimin’s stomach after pushing him onto the coffee table in the middle of his living room) was really to blame. The two men escaped to Taehyung’s rooftop garden which had been barred off from the party guests (because god forbid he found cigarette butts, alcohol, vomit, chicken wings, panties or cum in his geraniums) where in the middle of frantically pledging to extend their friendship contract to the end of time, it happened.

Taehyung was staring into Jimin’s eyes which seemed beautifully clear unlike his own bleary red gaze when his brain decided to fuck over his conscious nervous system. As far as drunk kisses go, it was pretty spectacular. Tongues and teeth clashed, hands grappling at each other’s shoulders and waist (but no further down, small mercies) and it was a solid three minutes before either of them had the sense to pull back. After a session of breathy laughter in which Taehyung still couldn’t raise his eyes from Jimin’s thick lips wet with his saliva, Jimin confessed his love once more and dragged them both back into the fray of his party.

Approximately twelve hours later, when the party was over and Taehyung had woken up, the despair hit. He had kissed Jimin. His cute best friend. His very un-single very cute best friend who was currently pottering about his home, tidying up before his boyfriend came to collect him.

The doorbell buzzed.

“Jimin-ah! Jimin-ah”

Responding quickly to the wails, Jimin sprinted up the spiral of stairs to find his bestfriend gripping his blankets in what appeared to be...terror?

He tried his best to keep his smile down.

“Are you okay, TaeTae? Feeling sick? I tidied up as much as I could but I can ask Kookie to stay and help us finish it?”

Gosh, what a lucky man he was to be friends with this beautiful person.

“No no, Jeongguk’s been working all night, go home and celebrate your birthday with him”

No way did he want to see Jeon Jeongguk, son of the general commissioner of the KNPA and a rising SWAT officer after shoving his tongue down his boyfriend’s throat. He’d pass, thanks.

Jimin seemed to have forgotten all about the fiasco of last night and Taehyung sent him on his oblivious merry way (after an appropriate amount of cuddles), promising to catch up with the two of them soon.

However, since childhood, Taehyung had never been one to lie or keep his feeling under wraps because he was awful at it. So it surprised no one that less than two weeks later when he’d been invited over to dinner at Jeongguk and Jimin’s, that he came clean. He’d also never been quite so good with timing either which only dawned on him after he stuttered his sordid secret to Jeongguk, a man trained in assault, as he held a paring knife.

Jimin didn’t like the skins on his apples, Taehyung’s brain supplied, and hopefully he likes me with all my organs where they should be.

Thankfully, Jeongguk just laughed at him. His turmoil was clearly comical to the arsehole.

“I know, hyung. You thought Jimin hadn’t told me? He was gushing about it for like two days afterwards.”

Despite being a fair bit taller and significantly more muscular than Taehyung, Jeongguk suddenly seemed to be looking at up at him through his eyelashes in a rather demure manner, “He didn’t want to freak you out.”

Gushing? Freak him out?

A decade of friendship later, Taehyung suspected he had Jimin all wrong.




Since that revelation, Taehyung found himself more attuned to their behaviour around him.

For example -

In honour of securing a lead role in a new historical drama, Taehyung hosted yet another party to get to know his cast members before filming began. His own friends had been invited and before he knew it, his home was a hive, people buzzing around every room and on every surface.

Jeongguk had never been the most tolerant person, especially around the extroverted celebrities Taehyung, and in turn Jimin, mixed with, tending to get irritable when in large crowds for social events. So when Taehyung saw them staring at him across the room before leaving hand in hand to his bedroom upstairs, he just figured Jeongguk needed some down time.

He followed them a little while later, getting bored without either of the men for him to annoy in his tipsy state. The sliding door to his room was maybe two inches open and as he couldn’t hear voices, he decided to peer inside, you know, to make sure he wasn’t interrupting an intimate moment.

And with the way his luck works out, he obviously was.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Jimin had Jeongguk kneeling on the floor between his legs cradling his head in his lap. Jimin petted Jeongguk’s hair firmly, a sight Taehyung was familiar with. Whenever Jeongguk would join them after a hectic night on Seoul’s streets, Jimin’s first move was to bring the taller man’s head down to his shoulders in a hug and stroke his hair and neck.

However, when Jeongguk rose from behind Jimin’s arm this time, he didn’t have a soft smile on his face, he had Jimin’s cock in his mouth.

Taehyung’s jaw unhinged in shock as a fully clothed Jeongguk pulled his head back, letting Jimin’s dripping cock slip out of his mouth with a squelch.

Jeongguk strained his neck to look up at Jimin and panted lowly, knocking his head into Jimin’s small hand, asking for something that Jimin seemed to understand because within a split second Jimin grabbed a tight fistful of hair and Jeongguk sank back down.

The sight was made all the more obscene by the fact he couldn’t see anymore flesh except for what was revealed from the front of Jimin’s boxers when his boyfriend slurped off his dick slightly.

It proved hard to focus on anything for too long, Taehyung’s eyes jumped from the long lines of Jeongguk’s body to Jimin’s head thrown back with his bottom lip wet and gripped tightly between his teeth as he began to fuck his dick up into his boyfriend’s mouth. That in particular prompted memories of their own kiss, the image rushing back as a punch of heat in his lower belly.

Jimin soon started whimpering, his movements becoming more jerky and Taehyung just knew he was close to coming. Not daring to even breathe too heavily as he leant one arm on the wall, Taehyung grabbed his cock from where it was fattening up underneath his jeans. When he saw his sweet, cuddly Jimin tug on Jeongguk’s thick black hair from the roots, he swore he could feel his dick dripping into his boxers.

“Come on, we have to get back to TaeTae,” Jimin breathed into the room and dropped his head downwards to stare at Jeongguk.

Apparently inspired by this, Taehyung saw Jeongguk’s cheeks hollow and had to hold back a moan at how tight his hot mouth must have felt around Jimin’s swollen dick.

With every sloppy sound coming from Jeongguk’s mouth, Taehyung tightened his hold on his dick as if that would stop it from twitching and drooling precum all over the place. It must have been far too long since he’d given or received a good dicking judging by how damp his crotch felt just from watching his friend give a blowjob.

Leaning in a fraction closer to the opening, his eyes traced over Jeongguk’s face which was beginning to show a pink flush on his cheeks from his efforts. Watching Jeongguk pull off Jimin’s dick once more until only the head was resting between his lips drew him closer in anticipation.

Taehyung vaguely noticed that Jeongguk hadn’t moved his hands from where they lay limp beside his folded legs the entire time.

The entire experience was so surreal, it hadn’t fully sunken in that he was (quite inappropriately) watching his closest friends have sex and not some live action porn for his entertainment.

Until Jeongguk dug the pointed tip of his tongue hard into the sopping wet slit of Jimin’s dick and at the same time looked directly into Taehyung’s eyes. His dark slanted eyes were amused as Taehyung’s own widened impossibly at being caught. It was too late to retreat now when he saw Jeongguk’s eyes flicker down to glimpse at where Taehyung was rubbing between his legs.

Taehyung shivered and struggled to regulate his breathing, wondering offhandedly if this is what cardiac arrest felt like. Jimin sensed the lapse in attention he was getting and opened his eyes, giving Jeongguk’s hair another pull.

It was embarrassing at how hard Taehyung was grinding into his hand and even more embarrassing when he came in his boxers with a gasp at -

“Come on, Kookie, you’re such a good boy”

Jeongguk’s hooded eyes that were trained on his squeezed shut as he stopped playing with the tip of Jimin’s cock, moaned loudly and went back down on him completely.

and he clumsily ran away.



Or there was last week when he did his routine harassment call to see what time Jimin and Jeongguk would be turning up to the club.

“I’m so sorry, Tae. Jeongguk’s just feeling a bit...under the weather. I think it’d be best if we stayed at home”

Okay, now Taehyung knew he was being lied too. Jeongguk was possibly the healthiest man he knew, with his habit of attempting to coerce everybody to join his 5:30am gym routine, he was sure the younger hadn’t been sick in all the years they’d known each other. To make the situation all the more suspicious, Taehyung could hear laboured breathing in the background from Jimin’s side, deeps grunts fragmenting it every so often.

Taehyung had a sudden surge of bravery.

“Is that...w-what is that, Jiminie?”

Jimin only sounded all the more chipper from where he was sat clenching on Jeongguk’s cock, who was restrained to their bed with a vibrating prostate massager up his ass and a ring around his cock, “What’s what?”

“All that noise on your side, sounds like dog or a bear or something.”

“Oh haha, that noise. Jeongukkie, TaeTae says you sound just like a dog,” Jimin’s voice was teasing and it was answered with a whine that immediately exposed what was really going on.

“He’s just whining about being ill, you’ve embarrassed him now.”

Embarrassed Jeongguk? Jimin should have been more concerned about how he was feeling right now, Taehyung thought.

In the silence that followed, Jimin kept talking.

“Hey, you’re so noisy, Kookie. Say sorry to TaeTae for being so loud.”

Not realising just what that meant, Taehyung nearly screamed when Jeongguk’s voice stuttered through the line, deep and clear.

“S-sorry for being noisy. I’m just feeling a bit funny tonight.”

Instead of screeching into the club because they were clearly fucking or something while talking to him on the phone , the actor did the next best thing and babbled out some words vaguely similar to Korean before hanging up the phone, saying goodbye as he passed Hoseok on the dance floor and heading home to trade his bottle of beer for a bottle of lube and his fist.


In hindsight, maybe parties were the problem here. Taehyung didn’t know if he wanted to try his luck and throw another right now or hightail back to Daegu and join a monastery to save his poor dick the pain.

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Taehyung had never been one to leave his bed any earlier than necessary for his schedule. It was also no surprise to him that the first message to come through on his personal phone was from Jimin. The man had the enviable trait of being able to wake before sunrise without assistance, something his enviable work ethic had instilled in him since childhood.
It would be easy for Taehyung to ignore a notification from most people (save his grandma and her habit of sending pictures she’d taken of him on her television) but he’d never seen Jimin’s name on his phone and placed it back down.

In a practiced move, Taehyung dragged his body upright with his duvet still cocooned around him, only his face and hands on show as he squinted his eyes to unlock his phone.


CHIM CHIM [7:39am]
Good morning!! Let’s meet at the usual Starbuck’s for 12 today! My treat!


Well, there was nothing unusual there. The two friend’s often met up with each other at short notice when they weren’t working and it was one less day wasted watching anime and dreaming of the day he’d be cast in the live action adaptation of Attack on Titan.

Despite having nearly five hours notice to get to the coffee shop that was a 5 minute drive from his apartment, Taehyung found himself rushing from his car to make it there. He spotted Jimin sitting at a table outside with his legs crossed primly. After years of friendship he was finally immune to feeling insecure in the presence of such a perfect human, as he buckled over his sandles into his seat, taking in Jimin’s green cashmere sweater and skin tight jeans. The massive Saint Laurent sunglasses perched on his nose were a bit intimidating when all Jimin was doing was smiling at him after their dramatic greetings were out of the way. Taehyung greatly appreciated the fact that Jimin’s smile was at least 50% in his eyes, and having them hidden behind the dark lenses, combined with the prolonged silence as he sipped his own drink, was a little unnerving.

“So, what’s up?” Taehyung looked up through his fringe as he struggled to scoop the cream from his strawberry frappucino up with the tiny spoon at the end of the straw.

“Jeongukkie and I would really like you to have a threesome with us, if you’re interested.”

Taehyung kept piling cream onto his straw before he froze and his face went slack with shock for a couple of seconds.

“Just so I’m sure we’re thinking the same thing, what are you suggesting?”

“I really don’t think it’s possible to be any more explicit without me sketching out sex positions on a napkin.”

Jimin finally reached up to take of his sunglasses so he could meet his friend’s eyes, shifting his chair closer to their table as he folded them up, “I’m sure you’ve put it together that we’ve been hinting at you for the past year, but until now, we were content to let you make the first move.”

Taehyung’s heart was quite possibly overworking itself at this revelation, “H-hinting how?”

“Oh god, Kookie was right. You know all the times you’ve stumbled upon us being intimate, or heard us, we were trying to, how shall I put it, lure you in,” Jimin smiled, clearly pleased with Taehyung’s reaction, “Although recently Kookie thought that maybe you didn’t realise what we were doing, I mean why else wouldn’t you approach us? We really went at it with the kissing on my birthday so I assumed you were at least attracted to me. And even if you weren’t attracted to me for some strange reason, I know you definitely have a thing for Jeongguk, I’ve seen you staring.”

After letting all that out, Jimin took a shot of his smoothie straight from the glass, squirming in delight when Taehyung’s eyes automatically darted to watch him lick the excess off his lips.

“I have so many questions. You planned all of this? I’ve been having an ongoing crisis over being a dirty voyeur!” Taehyung whispered furiously.

Jimin laughed loudly, the attractive sound causing a few of the other tables to glance over.

“So what do you say, TaeTae?”

“Oh my god, yes.”

The conversation didn’t end there. Jimin explained that he’d only suggested Starbucks in case Taehyung had been uncomfortable with the whole idea. They’d driven back to Taehyung’s home in their separate cars and Taehyung was grateful for the few minutes alone, still wondering if he was truly alive.

Taehyung mind quickly began frying up images of them making out in his flat, equal parts nerve wracking and exciting.

After over a decade of friendship it wasn't hard for Jimin to spot the change in Taehyung. The way he looked up through his eyelashes when asking if he'd like something to eat or the broad palm settled on the small of his back as he was lead to the living room. Really, he was nearly as obvious as Jeongguk.

Jimin just rolled his eyes and beat the cushion next to him with his hand.

“Come sit.”

Seated closer together on the living room sofa, Jimin told him the threesome would likely happen once Jeongguk had returned from his annual Tae Kwon Do retreat next week, on a day convenient for them all. The older man shared that he trusted Taehyung to be clean from any STIs (he knew nearly all the people his friend had ever fucked around with, being an actor surprisingly restricted the sex pool) and that there were no preconceived conceptions of his role.

“You just go with how you feel most comfortable at the time. Your pleasure means as much as mine or Kookie’s”

He promised that Jeongguk was already more than happy with the idea, but if he wanted to confirm his consent, he could call him any time.

Most importantly, Jimin promised him this wouldn’t ruin their friendship, had laughed when Taehyung stuttered around the possibility of him breaking Jeongguk and him up.

“Don’t flatter yourself, TaeTae. Threesome’s are for healthy and stable relationships. We both love you and we’d never do anything that could come between the two of us.”

And that was that.


The days till Jeongguk’s return from his camp in Busan were eagerly monitored by Jimin on his phone calendar, until the day he finally heard the alarm alerting him that his boyfriend would be on his flight back to Seoul and on their doorstep in two hours tops. He practically slam dunked his bowl in the sink and jogged into their ensuite bathroom to clean up and out.

He’d rang the other man as soon as he’d gotten home from talking to Taehyung last week, having warned him to keep his phone close that day despite the quite strict rules on electronics at the old school dojo. Jeongguk had immediately gotten excited on the phone and it only felt right for Jimin to deny him and make him swear not to touch himself or orgasm until he was home. That hadn’t stopped Jimin from talking himself through an orgasm on the phone though, cumming into his fist with Jeongguk panting about how good Taehyung’s wide tongue would be when Jimin sat on his face.


Jeongguk had spoken to him the entire taxi ride back to their home from the airport, only hanging up when it was time to pay his fare. Still, Jimin’s heart was racing at the sound of keys in the door and he stood up, shoving his fringe back from his face a couple of times in anticipation.

He bounced on the balls of his feet and rolled his eyes when he heard his boyfriend kick the door closed and his suitcase topple over in his rush to find Jimin.

Jeongguk strode through to their living room and his breath was caught in his throat. After three weeks apart, there stood his love, wearing one of his old KNP trainee shirts that hung just below his upper thighs. In that moment everything about his partner seemed exaggerated, his hair fluffier, his lips pinker, his thighs thicker. His imagination could never match reality.

“Baby,” he breathed as Jimin ran at him, his hands automatically grabbing at the shorter man's thighs so he could wrap his legs around his waist.

Jimin wasted no time kissing him, open mouthed and wet, their lips meeting noisily. Jeongguk groaned into the kiss as he felt his fingers dip into the meat of Jimin’s thighs. He bounced Jimin against his chest so he could quickly shift his hands to hold onto the flesh of his ass instead. The oversized cotton shirt had ridden up to Jimin’s lower back, and Jeongguk rubbed his thumbs over the elastic band of the cotton boyshorts beneath it.

Once Jimin felt strong fingers dip into his underwear and begin to slide between his ass cheeks he let his feet hit the ground and pushed Jeongguk back with a hand on his chest.

The taller of the two took an instinctive step forward, but Jimin had his elbow locked in place to hold him back.
He chuckled at the desperate look on his partners face, the sound trailing off into a noise of appraisal when his eyes dropped to the raised front of Jeongguk’s grey sweatpants.

It was no secret that seeing the thick line of Jeongguk’s cock pressing against the grey fabric would have Jimin gagging for it in seconds. Before murmuring for Jeongguk to lead the way to their room, Jimin dragged his hand down Jeongguk’s solid chest until his fingers could feel around the growing hardness in his sweatpants.

Jeongguk shuddered and snatched Jimin’s wandering hand into his own, and did as told.

There was little time to enjoy the feeling of his own mattress after sleeping on a yo for weeks, when the minute his back touched the plush material, Jimin was plastered to his chest.

Jeongguk soon had one hand awkwardly shoved against the front of Jimin’s peach boyshorts squeezing along the width of his hard dick, and the other tugging at the sides of them in an attempt to yank them off.

“They’re not gonna come off if you keep this,” Jimin wrapped his fingers around the wrist of the hand on his cock, “there.”

Jimin pulled the arm up from between their bodies and threw it back so it lay over his boyfriend's head. Jeongguk swallowed thickly, he knew exactly what the sudden display of strength was leading to and so did his cock, if the violent throb it gave was any indication.

Jimin placed his palms on Jeongguk’s chest and balanced his weight heavily there for a few seconds, watching as the sudden movement knocked the breath out of the other. The two held eye contact for a solid few seconds before Jeongguk’s panting drew Jimin’s eyes down to his wet, slack mouth.

A spate of thoughts on what he could do with that mouth charged through his mind and he couldn’t resist dropping his head down for one last kiss. Jeongguk strained his neck upwards to push his tongue further into Jimin’s mouth and that was enough a sign for Jimin to switch up the pace.

He used his hands against Jeongguk’s chest to bounce himself back up into sitting on his boyfriend’s lap, grinning at the whine that came from both the pressure on Jeongguk’s chest and cock.

Sliding backwards a couple of inches and tilting his hips down had the bulge of Jimin’s cock perfectly aligned with Jeongguk’s own. The change in angle had Jimin’s thighs drop into a deeper stretch, his knees sinking further into the mattress on either side of Jeongguk’s hips. This new position limited the motions he could make and Jeongguk was quick to push his luck.

Large hands rested on his hips, thumbs brushing his hipbones where Jeongguk’s pawing had dragged his shorts down.

Jeongguk used his grip to grind the smaller man against his aching cock. His biceps strained as he guided Jimin’s hips until he was sure he could feel the heat from between Jimin’s legs through his sweatpants. Once Jimin let his head loll back and began to shove his own hips down, Jeongguk leaned back on his elbows watch his undulations.

The beauty of cotton shorts over lace was that Jeongguk could very clearly see the off centre wet patch that blossomed around where the head of Jimin’s cock was nestled. The sight made saliva flood into his mouth from thought of rubbing his tongue against that patch and tasting the full flavour of Jimin’s precum.

Jeongguk had always loved getting messy during sex, many people saw it as an uncomfortable downside, but for Jeongguk there was nothing more sexy.

(Jimin also had the pleasure of a boyfriend who actually liked having his face jizzed on and sloppily eating ass like it would supply him oxygen, so it was a win-win, he would never complain about getting down and dirty.)

Jimin didn’t have a long lapse in composure, his hips soon came to a still but Jeongguk couldn’t take his eyes off him. Jimin tutted and pushed the entranced man back down but the image still stuck with Jeongguk and he could literally feel his cock squirt out precum into his own boxers, that were increasingly damp and hot under his sweatpants.

“F-fuck, baby, let me get my pants off, please,” he heaved.

Jimin just laughed again and pushed his ass back onto Jeongguk’s erection with a force that bordered on cruel, just to hear him shout out.

“Kookie, I can feel your dick jerking through your sweatpants...must be so wet,” he mused.

His lips downturned in false reluctance, he raised up onto his knees, “I suppose I better at least make myself more comfortable,” and used his small hands to push his shorts down his thighs.

Jeongguk followed the stretch of the fabric from his hips over his solid thighs, eyes darting back up once Jimin’s cock was finally in sight.

“Yes,” he breathed out. Jimin and Jeongguk had always been sexually voracious with each other, and showering and changing aside, it was rare for them to go a day without seeing or touching each while naked in a more intimate manner.

His annual retreat however not only had restrictions on technology but also no strong enough reception for mobile data or WiFi. So there went any hope of Jimin’s premier league nudes.

And this particular reveal wasn’t doing much to calm him down.

While Jimin may have lost most of his teenage puppy fat (a sad loss, in Jeongguk’s opinion) with age and exercise, that hadn’t seemed to have affected his cock. Jimin’s length was short and chubby, the perfect size for Jeongguk to cover and squeeze in his hand, with only the head peeking out to dribble fluids over his fingers.

The skin was as soft as the rest of his body but flushed and a couple shades darker than his tan skin. In his arousal, thick veins stood out against the flesh of his dick just waiting to throb under the blanket of Jeongguk’s tongue.

“This has been waiting for you, babe. It’s missed you.”

Jimin stayed kneeling but used one hand to steady his erection and began rubbing the slit of his cock with the index and middle finger of the other.

“You see how wet I am? I bet you could slide a sound in me right now, no lube.”

“I could, I could,” Jeongguk nodded jerkily. He knew how sensitive Jimin’s slit was. The first time he’d been allowed to shove his tongue up against it, Jimin had squealed, trying to push Jeongguk away in fear he was going to piss himself rather than just come intensely albeit prematurely.

“No you couldn’t,” Jimin grunted out, “because you’re a naughty boy”

Before he could protest that, no, he’d only been good thus far, Jimin forced his two fingers past his lips to rub around inside Jeongguk’s mouth. They had been slathered in precum and the bittersweet taste disappeared regretfully fast on his tongue.

“Look at you whining from just having my fingers stuck down your throat!”

Jimin sounded in awe and even if he wanted to, Jeongguk couldn’t correct him that two weeks of no orgasm and a solid 11/10 body on top of him was a reasonable amount of stimulus to be whining over.

Getting frustrated he tensed his abs and bucked his lower body up high enough to knock Jimin off balance, and out of his mouth, sprawling between his long legs.

Wiggling, Jimin quickly got his shorts the rest of the way off and wiped his wet fingers on them. Jeongguk sighed at the waste.

Jeongguk had long gotten rid of shirt and Jimin crawled back up to lightly slap his cheek in annoyance. When he only got a shuddered exhale in response, his annoyance only increased.

Following up, he pinched Jeongguk’s nipples tightly between his thumb and forefingers. Perhaps it was a bit evil, knowing how sensitive that part of his boyfriend’s body was, but the way his exhales turned to sudden deep moans was a far more satisfying punishment.

“Jimin, please let me touch you. I can wait. Just let me-” Jeongguk’s murmur cut off into a shout as Jimin tugged on his hard nipples in a sharp move.

“This is why you’re a naughty boy, who doesn’t deserve to touch my cock. You say you’ll wait but I know the minute you get your filthy little mouth on me, you’ll be cumming in your pants...again.”

Jeongguk felt blood rush hotly to his cheeks in shame at the reminder of his habit to come untouched while giving head.

“And tell me, babe, what will that make you?”

“Please, Jimin, I-”

Leaving his boyfriend’s nipples alone for now, he gently draped his arms over the taller man’s broad shoulders, almost comforting. Jeongguk was caught unprepared when Jimin used both of his small hands to fist the hair at his nape so he could wrench his head back.

The move brought their bodies closer together, the cock Jeongguk had been salivating over for the past half an hour or so now shoved up between the ridges of his abs.

Jimin looked down at Jeongguk’s upturned face, brown eyes still glassy from having his nipples played with.

“I said, bitch, when you come in your pants before I even touch you...what does that make you? Don’t make me ask you again”

Normally, Jimin hated to see his love embarrassed or uncomfortable, but that was only in public. In private, nothing quite got Jimin going like seeing Jeongguk squirm and stutter in embarrassment.

“Hah, ah!” Jimin gave his hair a warning tug, “Useless! I-it makes me useless,” he stuttered.

Jimin’s smile spread up to his eyes in glee.

“Exactly! If you come, your soft little dick is completely useless to me. I can’t ride a soft little dick now, can I?”

“N-no. You can’t.”

“I can’t what?” he teased.

“You can’t,” Jeongguk paused as he physically felt the heat of embarrassment in his chest, “you can’t ride my soft little dick.”

Giggling again, Jimin pecked his cheek quickly.

“That’s right, honey," Jimin said, backing off on his knees so he could begin to shimmy those godforsaken sweatpants off the desperate man beneath him.

Once he had the back pulled down over the muscular curve of Jeongguk’s ass and the front settled at base of his prominent v-line and the thick base of his cock, he stopped.

Scratching his nails through the short patch of pubic hair on show, occasionally letting his fingers run across the inch of dick visible, Jimin smiled warmly at his splayed out partner.

“I’m going to be a bit selfish tonight, Kookie. You might want to play longer but I’ve got my plan sorted. I’m going to suck your cock, get it all wet, and when you come in my mouth, I’ll spit it straight back out on you”

This time Jimin didn’t move to punish Jeongguk when his hips twitched towards him.

“Like I said, I’m gonna be selfish. You haven’t cum in over two weeks so very soon after, I’m going to sit on your cock. I might even let you fuck my hole yourself, if you get hard enough, quick enough, like a good boy.”

The scratches around his groin were steadily pushing Jeongguk to a worrying point. The pleasure encasing his lower half was coming in hot stabs that meant he was going to cum very soon and he was very nearly beyond the point of stopping it. It took a lot of physical power to keep his arms splayed out to the sides of their large bed rather than lift them to clutch at his beautiful, caring Jimin.

“Jimin, I love you.” The serious tone of the statement was at odds with his disheveled state.

“I know, Jeongguk. And you know I love you more.” Being naked and straddling his boyfriend who had his hard cock half hanging out his pants might have seen an unusual place to begin confessing love, but they’d never been conventional.

Caught up in emotion and wanting to get to his prize, Jimin yanked Kookie’s sweatpants and boxers down until only the head of his cock was cradled in the thick material. Bracing his hands on sides of Jeongguk’s waist, Jimin leaned down to lick wetly along the damp length on show, moaning in appreciation of the sweat and precum clinging to it. Jeongguk grunted in pleasure, biting his lip in frustration. The salty taste made him hungry for more and as he suckled his way down to finally get at the head.

Wow, Fantastic Baby! Boom Shaka Laka, Boom Shaka Laka

And there went the loop that signalled the end of a many good things.

Jeongguk sat up in panic.

Taehyung’s customised ringtone could be heard from the living room and Jimin pulled his lips away from Jeongguk’s shaft with a pop.

Figuring he never ignored Taehyung’s calls and that it would be even better for his Jeongguk to wait a little longer, he swung his legs off the bed. Jimin was nothing, if not disciplined.

“Don’t start begging me, I’ll be back soon,” Jimin turned around to leave their room but had a second though and reached back onto the bed to grab his discarded boyshorts to wipe down his still hard cock. Jeongguk was wide mouthed in shock but still followed Jimin’s thick lips when he sucked the lower in between his teeth as he swiped the shorts over the drooling head of his cock to collect the mess there.

“Take your pants off so you're ready when I come back,” Jimin pushed his fringe back to watch him follow through, the kicked puppy look on Jeongguk’s face not wavering. His dark eyebrows were downturned and his mouth pouted outwards, once again at odds with the speed at which his cock sprung out of its confines at last.

Jimin poked his tongue into his cheek, cheekily.

But first -

He threw his wet boyshorts so they landed over Jeongguk’s throbbing erection and spun on his heel to strut out of the room.

A hand raised in farewell and a final stern “behave, don’t touch yourself” before his beautiful, caring Jimin left him alone.

For a moment, all Jeongguk could do was stare at the quite comical sight of the limp shorts hanging off his standing cock like a sign of surrender.


In Jeongguk’s defence, he spent the first minute alone well behaved, his hands braced behind his back and his head resting on his shoulder.

Jimin hadn’t planned out a scene for them, it was just meant to be their standard passionate reunion sex (that had managed to deviate a little).

Nevertheless, Jeongguk felt himself grow more disobedient with being neglected. Hadn’t he listened to Jimin when he was told not to touch himself for nearly three weeks? He hadn’t complained either.

It wasn’t fair. Not one reward for his good behaviour.

Well, Jimin had dangled it in front of him on a string, who was he to ignore it?

Jeongguk snatched up Jimin’s boyshorts and did what he’d been thirsting for. He shoved the soft material up against his nose and inhaled deeply. The musky scent of Jimin registered with a jolt of heat in his groin. He rolled over onto his belly so he could rut down into the thick blanket on the bed. He was so sensitive, it felt like he could feel each cotton fibre as he worked his hips.

The hand that wasn’t holding the material against his nose snuck down to grab the base of his cock, using his grip to rub it side to side on the blanket. The absorbent material took in most of the fluid his cock was spitting out and the resulting friction against his foreskin and head had him whining and babbling.

“Jimin, oh, Jimin. It feels so good”

The stabbing heat from before was back, and this time he didn’t try to resist it.

Opening his mouth, he stuffed it with the still damp crotch of Jimin’s shorts, grunting at the taste he’d been craving for. The flavour and feel of the cotton on his tongue was all he needed.

His back arched up, spine popping at the force with which he pressed his forehead and cock down into the mattress.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Jeongguk’s muscular thighs and abs trembled with the effort of humping the bed. Each joint in his body went taut as he finally came, his teeth clenching into Jimin’s shorts. Even through his clenched teeth and makeshift gag, the deep whine of “Jimin” sounded clear through the room.

Oh god, he was in so much trouble, Jimin was going to be so pissed off at him. Thoughts of the last time he came without permission ran through his mind, locked in his chastity cage as punishment.

There was little time to dwell on how disappointed Jimin would be, however, when he swore he could actually feel the slit of his cock widening with the strength of his delayed orgasm, his come spraying out.

Even as he collapsed back down on to his belly, he could feel the veins winding down the column of his cock throbbing with the blood pulsing through them.

Once the pleasure started to simmer down, he began to feel anxious at Jimin’s reaction, even as he gently rubbed his still hard cock through the stripes of cum on the bed.

His heavy breathing continued as he turned to lay the side of his head on the bed, right in the puddle of drool that escaped around the panties in his mouth.


Jeongguk’s bleary eyes snapped open. He scrambled to pull the shorts out of his mouth.

“Oh no,” Jimin’s jaw was clenched from where he stood in their doorway, but his eyes were mischievous, “you keep those in.”

The anger on Jimin’s face was mostly superficial, because Jeongguk was in luck today. Any other time he’d dare to get himself off without permission, he’d have his cock wrapped up before he could even start crying out apologies. As much as Jimin would love to have his boy leashed up and sobbing, he was touch starved himself and resigned to overlook the transgression this time.

Jeongguk didn’t have to know that though.

Jimin joined him on the bed quickly, and in a split second had another fistful of Jeongguk’s hair. The shorter manhandled Jeongguk so he scrabbled to ease the strain on his neck.

“You look so pathetic like this baby. All it took to get you wetting yourself was tasting my panties, huh?”

“Jiminnie, I didn’t mean to,” his muffled words were perfectly clear to Jimin, but the man still squinted his eyes and tilted his head to the side in confusion.

He let go of Jeongguk’s hair and took in the sight of him. His hair normally kept cropped on the sides had grown, chunks splayed across his forehead with sweat. His jaw was stretched slightly around his underwear, making his jawline all the more prominent. Jimin’s hand followed his eyes, running down Jeongguk’s strong neck, lightly squeezing his pectoral muscles, sliding down between his abs until he reached his goal.

Jeongguk’s cock was still hard but flagged slightly from his orgasm, the thick length rested up against the crease of his thigh, the tan skin flushed deeply.

Jimin tugged the shorts out of Jeongguk’s of mouth, “Get the lube.”

Moving on autopilot, he scrambled to lean over and tug the drawer under their bed out so he could get to their lube stash.

He twisted the lid swiftly, ready to pump it into his palm but Jimin snatched it off him.

“You know what, I’ll do you one better. You wanted to taste my panties, yeah? Get your tongue all up against them? Well I’ll let you taste the real thing,” he pushed Jeongguk back down once more and clambered up his chest.

Jeongguk’s hands grabbed straight at Jimin’s ass, digging his fingers into the fat and spreading his cheeks apart. Jimin’s hole was already fluttering, betraying his composure and there was the unmistakable glistening smear of lube spread between his cheeks, a sign that he’d prepped himself long before Jeongguk was home. He rolled his tongue around in his mouth for a moment, gathering up saliva before he was pulling Jimin down to his mouth.

He licked broad stripes over Jimin’s hole, grunting when he felt the muscle tense up in pleasure. Jeongguk pulled back a fraction to spit onto Jimin’s hole before stabbing his tongue into him. Jimin’s insides were hot and slick around his tongue, and the feeling was doing wonders for Jeongguk. Ridiculously turned on, he ignored the ache building in the base of his tongue and sped up, pushing his tongue in deep enough so he could suck on the quivering rim.

Above him, Jimin was losing his mind. His legs were shaking already, one hand reached behind him to clutch at his boyfriend’s hair.

“That’s it! You were humping the bed like a fucking dog, now stick your tongue out like one,” after weeks alone finally getting his boyfriend’s tongue had him overwhelmed, cock drooling precum once more, “You’re so fucking nasty, sucking on my panties. I should make you put them on, squeeze your cock in them. I bet you’d like that, hm? Film you humping the bed again and send it to Tae.”

This talk only made Jeongguk more wild, squeezing two fingers into Jimin alongside fucking his tongue in and out. He couldn’t keep quiet, moaning at the humiliating image of Taehyung seeing him so weak.

“I spoke to him on the phone, told him you were in the shower but what do you think he’d say if he knew the truth? That you were a b-bad boy with no control who cums in minutes. You think he’d even want to bother fucking you, when you only think about your own little cock. Hah, hah, you’re doing so good now. So fucking perfect for me baby” Jeongguk now had his head thrown back so he could watch three of his long fingers spread and fuck Jimin’s ass, spit and lube sliding thickly down his wrist. He pulled his fingers back an inch or so to massage his fingertips into the spongy gland that made Jimin shudder back onto him and release a stream of staccato moans.

Not wanting to cum from being fingered and eaten out, Jimin pulled away to straddle the man beneath him, nearly squealing when Jeongguk crooked his fingers in a move to keep him close. Jimin wasted no time in pumping the lube into his palm and fisting the hot girth of Jeongguk’s cock. His fingers briefly played with his foreskin, sliding it over the sopping wet head, before pushing it back down.

“You ready, Kookie?”

“I’ve been ready the minute I saw you, come on, bounce on my dick,” his whiny tone made Jimin laugh fondly.

“You’re getting brave now your mouth’s free, huh?”

Jeongguk strained his neck up to watch Jimin hold his cock up and hover his ass over it. Jimin’s chest rose and fell slowly as he relaxed himself to take his boyfriends sizeable length.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve been waiting so long please just g-” Jeongguk’s breath was punched out of him when Jimin’s hole finally began to swallow his cock. Jimin’s walls were velvety and hot, each ridge of muscle felt as his wide shaft sunk deeper into his boyfriend. With all of the prep he’d had, it didn’t take Jimin long to settle his asscheeks against the top of Jeongguk’s firm thighs.

The feeling of being stretched had his nerves firing intense impulses throughout his body, he smiled when he felt Jeongguk hold one of his hands and slowly rocked in circles on him. The smile dropped off his face when Jeongguk sat up on his knees, one arm wrapping behind his shoulders to hold him close. He let go of Jimin’s hand and pushed his palm onto Jimin’s lower belly. Jimin bit his bottom lip when Jeongguk’s warm palm settled there, moaning out loud as the pressure pressed onto his prostate and the cock in him. The intimate position made him lean forward to hug Jeongguk’s chest close to his own and sobbed into his hair. Jeongguk knew the most Jimin could do was pull off a few inches in this position so he jerked his own hips up, eager to drive Jimin to orgasm before him.

He felt Jimin’s fingers begin to massage the nape of his neck, “You feel so good in me, Jeongguk, I’ve missed you so much. Please, please make me cum,” Jimin whispered into his each, warm breath fanning out with each word.

Jeongguk loved this, loved the passionate and powerful love making just as much as he loved their dirty sex. He loved sex with Jimin anyway he could get it, could never truly complain about anything when Jimin gave him so much pleasure in the end. Wanting to see his boyfriend come, he flipped them over so Jimin was on his back for the first time that afternoon. Without prompting, Jimin wrapped his thighs tight around Jeongguk’s waist, his ass lifting up to deepen Jeongguk’s sharp thrusts into him.

No more words were exchanged, just heavy pants, the slick sound of Jeongguk’s cock punching into Jimin’s wet hole and the mattress shifting under their weight. Jeongguk reached a shaky hand out to stroke Jimin’s cock, rubbing his palm over the head. He recognised the high, feminine whines that meant Jimin was about to cum and did his best to tense his thigh muscles and get Jimin screaming.

Fuck, yes, yes, yes,” Jimin convulsed, the outline of his abs appearing as he tried to push his hips up and take more of Jeongguk’s cock. Tears stung the corners of his eyes as he came, his chubby cock twitching with each shot of cum.

Jeongguk knew he didn’t have to ask for permission when they were like this so he let the waves of Jimin’s clenching ass milk his cock. His jaw tensed and Jimin eyed the veins standing out on his boyfriend’s neck when he came for the second time that day.

“Such a good boy, filling me up so nicely,” cooed Jimin, gentling Jeongguk through his final stuttered thrusts despite how sensitive he felt. The last few rolls of Jeongguk's sounded out wetly through the room, the cloudy fluid of his cum already dribbling out of Jimin's ass.

Fifteen minutes of snoozing later, the couple were still lounging in bed. Jimin’s head was resting on Jeongguk’s shoulder and their joined hands lay on his waist. He looked up at the younger man through hooded eyes, “you’re on bedding duty, this is Egyptian cotton that you’ve got your cum all over.”

The boyish smile he got in return made his heart flutter, “I just get back and you’re putting me to work? You better have some lamb skewers laid out for me in the kitchen then, housewife,” he gave Jimin’s ass a playful smack.

“Oh, I don’t ...but Taehyung will when he comes over in about an hour,” Jimin said coyly, looking off to the side.

Jeongguk squawked, “Are we gonna…?”

“No, no, I just invited him over to eat and talk, he’s missed you too. Although I can still put you in my panties, we can see how wide eyed Tae’ll get if you flash him.”


Chapter Text

Jimin reclined against his mountain of pillows, briefly enjoying being able to relax his muscles while he watched Jeongguk go through his morning push ups on the floor beside their bed. Their mornings were usually like this, both men in their own lanes but beside each other in their routine. Jimin predictably began to get restless around the 60th push up. While plumping up his pillows to pass the time, he was struck with an idea that lifted his spirits.

“Jeongguk, today’s the day,” Jimin bit his lip when he saw Jeongguk’s pace falter for a split second

“I know, babe,” he panted out in reply, after a moment of silence.

“Good, that’s when you’re done here, get both boxes down,” Jimin sat cross legged now, in a much chipper mood as his boyfriend powered through the last 10 push ups at an almost comical speed.

Jeongguk rested on his knees and looked up at Jimin for him to continue. Instead, he got a quick kiss on the lips before Jimin was bouncing off the bed and heading to their en suite.

“Okay,” he mumbled to himself with raised eyebrows.


The black and white boxes had been a fixture in Jeongguk’s life for the past few years, a gift from Jimin on his 21st birthday, not long after he hinted at his interest in being pushed down and used. They were matte, large and padlocked, stored behind mixed stacks of t-shirts and scarves on the top shelf of their main closet.

Jeongguk messily pushed the stacks of fabric to the side, easily reaching for the boxes, fingers stiff around the weight as he dragged them off the shelf, one in each hand. It was no secret Jimin kept the boxes high so Jeongguk had to get them himself if he wanted to play.

Jimin asked him to pick a colour first, not surprised when Jeongguk said “white” immediately. The contents of the white box usually always determined his choices from the black box.
Jimin closely watched the tan skin of his hands, the few pale scars on his knuckles, as he fumbled with the small combination lock. In no time, the lid was unzipped and flipped back, exposing the many silk bags inside.

“Can I?” Jeongguk asked, rubbing the edge of the first bag between his thumb and forefinger.

“Of course, baby. It’s all on you,” Jimin beamed.

Not caring if he seemed too eager, Jeongguk flipped through a few bags and dragged out a silk bag he knew the size and shape of well. He gently placed it before Jimin’s legs on their bed. Just watching as Jimin tugged open the drawstring and wiggled his fingers inside the bag had the first jolt of arousal wash over him.

“Aw, Jeonggukie! No Dog or Slut tonight, huh?” Jeongguk supposed he really shouldn’t feel his cheeks warm at Jimin’s comments or his mock pout as he whined in disappointment.

“We shouldn’t play too much with Tae today, don’t want him to be overwhelmed.”

Jimin hummed, "That's true. We'll be as vanilla as we can."

The white box stored all of the collars they had collected over the past few years. Some of them cheap elasticated lacy things and others premium leather, customised with stainless steel lettering. A fair share were Jimin’s own to wear, on the occasion he demanded more attention from Jeongguk than he normally got in the bedroom. From the two dozen collars in their box, only about six were used frequently by Jeongguk. Many of them had only been used once but were held onto as mementos, such as the rather niche white velvet collar with a small acrylic carrot dangling from it (Jeongguk had binned the matching rabbit tail in shame, not quite brave enough to Naver semen removal tips for faux fur).

This one however, wasn’t one they’d used in a while. Jimin ran his fingers across the length of supple calfskin leather, fingertips jumping over the two stitched on loops before wrapping his palm around the width of it. He flexed his wrist as if testing the weight of the collar, before nodding at Jeongguk’s silent response and perking back up.

Their black box was larger than the white, lined with pockets to help house their smaller toys, such as their nipple clamps and bullet vibrators which Jeongguk deliberated over briefly before dipping his fingers into the section and pulling out his leather cock ring. He didn’t let Jimin’s soft huff of laughter deter him as he wrapped his fingers around the girth of one of the larger silk bags keeping their toys clean and separated.

He kneeled up on the bed so he could speak into Jimin’s ear as he slowly pressed the weight of the toy into his speechless boyfriend’s hand.

“For you,” he whispered through his smirk.


Taehyung picked up his gift and metaphorically dropped his balls before knocking on the door in front of him. The entire journey to his friend’s home had been spent trying to master mind over matter exercises. Taehyung wasn’t too nervous about the plan to fuck two of his friends, Performing Arts school had done a good job stripping him of the little shame he’d had. The only credible threat he thought about was the possibility of his excitement killing off his erection (and the niggling fear that Jeongguk would come to his senses and try to throttle him while he was sucking Jimin off or something).

Jeongguk answered the door after an unusually long wait, he looked slightly harried, his hair free of product and flopping across his forehead. They hadn’t even exchanged greetings before Taehyung dragged his eyes down from the high neck of Jeongguk’s hoody to the front of his fitted sweatpants where the material was raised against his already hard dick.

“Hey, Kookie,” he greeted, not raising his eyes.


“This is seriously cool, I didn’t even know you could get this flavour.”

“I don’t want my dick to taste like peanuts.”

“Peach or orange is clearly the best,” Taehyung declared.

Jimin rifling through the woven gift basket full of condoms and lubricants with a running commentary served as the perfect ice breaker.

Looking around the living room he had helped decorate when Jeongguk's father had gifted the couple the apartment, he was pleased to find he still didn't feel insanely nervous. Taehyung had tried to dress for easy access in soft skinny jeans (as much as he loved them, he feared his clown pants weren't the sexiest) and a thin sweater but Jimin had clearly beaten him in the easy access aesthetic. The smaller man stood up as he inspected some ribbed condoms, wearing the oversized Gucci jumper Taheyung had bought for his birthday. It was hard for Taehyung to stop glancing down at the way the striped hem of the jumper sat perfectly under the curve of Jimin's ass, feeling tempted to flip it up and bite his thighs.

The three men had only allowed a moment of awkward silence before they had launched into a full blown discussion on which they wanted to use most.

Now straddling Jeongguk and trying to wrestle open the lube sachet for him to taste, Jeongguk looked over Jimin’s shoulder and met Taehyung’s eyes with a nervous gaze, looking away quickly and only half-heartedly batting Jimin’s hands away.

The couple seemed to have forgotten the bottle of Astroglide, Taehyung tilted his head...fisting lube that was popped open on the coffee table. Well, that was a good a sign as any.

He picked up the bottle and cleared his throat.

“So I take it you started without me?”

Jimin swung his legs over Jeongguk’s lap and kneeled on the sofa next to him before speaking.

“Come here, Tae.”

Taehyung sat next to Jimin, and didn’t resist when he was pulled forward by his neck for a kiss. It was everything he remembered their drunken encounter to be and more. The slick sounds of their lips moving had his hands twitching for something to hold so he settled his large palms on Jimin’s waist. He gasped and squeezed when Jimin nipped at his bottom lip sharply.

“You like that, huh? I’ll remember,” he mumbled into Taehyung’s slack mouth.

As soon as Taehyung leaned forward to reconnect their lips, Jimin pulled back and Taehyung was forced to make eye contact with Jeongguk, who had his bottom lip sucked between his teeth, eyes bright and focused.

“Go on, kiss him,” Jimin prompted softly before turning to Jeongguk, “Take off your jumper, show Tae what you picked out for him.”

Taehyung eyes darted between the two men as Jeongguk did as he was told, using the few seconds to calm his breathing. Taehyung’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open once Jeongguk was shirtless, he shook his head slightly in despair, not knowing whether he should look at Jeongguk’s abs, chest or neck. Seeing Jeongguk shirtless countless amounts of times did nothing to make the picture any less arousing. Jeongguk’s abs tensed periodically, betraying his calm demeanour and Taehyung’s breathing sped up once more. He reached out the short distance to run his fingers along the length of the thick black collar settled at the base of his friend’s neck. The leather was soft under him, and he couldn’t resist hooking a finger into the shining d-ring on the front, crooking his finger to tug slightly. The small action barely moved Jeongguk but still drew a gasp out of him.

“Hey,” Jimin whined from the side. Impatiently he grabbed the back of Jeongguk’s hair and tilted his head back.

Not needing to be told again, Taehyung leaned in. He used his grip on the collar to try and tug Jeongguk closer to him, Jimin rose an eyebrow at the little show of dominance and pulled on Jeongguk’s hair to get him back in position.

The two had barely connected lips before Jeongguk was whining into Taehyung’s mouth. Jimin knew what kissing Taehyung felt like and found his self-control wavering while watching them. He used his free hand to squeeze his growing erection under his sweater, the wet noise of Taehyung and Jeongguk’s mouths edging him on. Pulling back as far he was allowed, Jeongguk panted to catch his breath, mouth hanging open, but Taehyung just leaned in closer to keep kissing him. Jimin bit his lip, enjoying the sight of someone else making Jeongguk’s chest heave.

Deciding he’d been selfless enough, Jimin gripped his boyfriend’s chin and moved his face away from their friend.

“What do you think of Jeongguk’s little surprise for you?”

“It’s,” Taehyung swallowed, “it’s really nice, Kookie. I like it a lot.”

“Thank you,” Jeongguk muttered with a bashful smile.

“I had a chat with Jeongguk earlier today, I let him decide what he thought we should do tonight. Do you know what he chose?”

Jimin smiled and dropped his boxers, his lower half still covered by his long jumper.

Taehyung turned back to Jeongguk who had been watching him the whole time.
“What did you want us to do tonight, Kookie?” he offered tentatively.

There was a moment of silence and just before Taehyung was about to turn to Jimin for guidance, Jeongguk spoke.

“I wanted to show you how I am for Jimin. How he likes me.”

Jimin tutted loudly, “Got to be a bit more detailed there. He already knows how much of a slut you are, don’t hold back.”

Well, that was new. Taehyung couldn’t help the instant reaction his body had towards the word and neither could Jeongguk seeing as his hips jerked upwards.

“I wanted to show you how much of a... good boy I am for Jimin. Show you how good I make him feel, make you want to have me too.”

“I already want you, you don’t need to worry about that,” Taehyung couldn’t help but feel inappropriately endeared.

Jimin smirked.

“He’s been waiting a long time for you, I’ve had him worked up for hours.”


Moving to stand behind Taehyung, Jimin pushed his hands under Taehyung’s shirt, brushing his hands up towards his nipples, pleased to find them hard already. Taehyung dropped his head back to rest on the smaller man’s chest, letting out a breath at the touch. When Jimin moved one hand up to stroke his neck, he closed his eyes, only to have them fly open in surprise at the feel of wet warmth on his chest. Looking down, he saw Jeongguk had leaned forward, broad hands coming up to hold around his ribcage as he licked over his nipple with the flat of his tongue, softly sucking while Jimin pulled Taehyung’s sweater off.

“Are you sensitive here?” teased Jimin as he pinched the slick skin on Taehyung’s chest.

“Y-yeah," he whimpered.

Jeongguk and Jimin smiled.

“As I was saying,” Jimin started, absentmindedly, “just before you came in, I had Jeongguk grinding on my thigh, begging me to touch him just a little bit before you came. Do you think I did?”

Taehyung shook his head in the negative.

“Exactly right. I just ignored him, let him rub his cock on me like a bitch in heat,” Taehyung groaned as Jeongguk bit down hard at this, his nipples puffy and tender from the attention.

A smack sounded through the room as Jimin slapped Jeongguk on his shoulder.

“Come on, I want you to show Taehyung what you were doing earlier.”

A tremor in his breathing was the only sign Jeongguk was embarrassed. Taehyung seemed more than happy with this idea as he sat back on the couch and planted his feet firmly on the floor.

Jeongguk didn’t waste time, swinging his leg over Taehyung’s so he hovered just above his crotch, waiting for Jimin to tell him to start.

The man in question now stood behind Jeongguk before grabbing his hips and forcing them down to meet with Taehyung’s. Both men moaned, the friction heavy and rough. Not knowing what to do with hands, Taehyung just grabbed the back of the sofa and threw his head back to enjoy the ride. Dry sex was something he usually didn't have the time to do during hook ups unlike in his teenage years when it was a staple. Jimin guided Jeongguk’s hips as the two men kissed sloppily, he kept the rough motions up until he could feel the muscles in Jeongguk’s backside twitching, body gearing up to cum. Taehyung whined in disappointment when Jeongguk stopped, but it was short lived as Jimin pulled Jeongguk up and his tracksuit pants down.

In front of him, Jeongguk’s cock was thick and wet. Standing straight out with how engorged it was, owing to the leather band strapped at his base, the skin around it bulging softly and flushed dark. Some of the thick veins around his shaft seemed to pulse with arousal and Taehyung’s gut burned at the sight, the contrast between his masculinity and how he passively waited for Jimin to guide him turned him on badly. What shocked him most wasn’t the cock ring, but the amount of precum that was literally dripping from Jeongguk’s slit, the head of his cock shiny with it. Suddenly, Jimin’s chubby fingers squeezed around the fat head, he laughed lightly as more precum dribbled out over his fingers and jerked his hand around the head a few times.

“Jimin, please,” Jeongguk cried. Frustrated at the way Jimin would loosen his fist when he tried to thrust into it.

Not waiting for Jimin to finish, Taehyung shuffled to the edge of the sofa and licked over the head of Jeongguk’s cock with the wide spread of his tongue. Jeongguk’s precum was tangy, and it only made his mouth water. As Jimin dropped his hand away, he took Jeongguk in deeper, sucking in strong bursts as he tried to take as much as he could. Above him Jeongguk was shaking, his hands held in Jimin’s as his boyfriend rutted his own cock against his ass, cooed at him and praised both of them for being so good.

“What does it feel like, baby? Is he sucking your little cock good?”

“Yes, yes,” Jeongguk groaned, “TaeTae, your mouth is so hot, feels so good.”

Taehyung bobbed his head faster at this, using his free hand to rub around Jeongguk’s balls.

Jimin noticed and instructed, “you can squeeze harder than that, he loves it.”

"He's not delicate, he never screams as loudly as he does when I spank his cock and balls, you should see it one day. He cries, it feels that good," Jimin revealed, self-satisfied.

He knew he’d been listened to when Jeongguk wailed, his hands clenching on Jimin’s in distress as his orgasm was mostly choked back by his cock ring. Taehyung pulled back in surprise at the sudden rush of precum and cum and Jimin rolled his eyes, spanking Jeongguk’s thigh hard. It was taking a significant amount of effort for him to not bend Jeongguk over and spank him for it, make Jeongguk hold Taehyung’s cock in his mouth as he takes it…but all three of them had to be on the same level for this.

“He’s a dirty boy isn’t he, won’t he even warn you when he’s gonna cum,” he tsked as Jeongguk just moaned softly and shivered through his come down.

It took Taehyung a few moments to blink away his glazed over eyes, staring dumbly up at his friends with his thick lips open and wet. He always got like this during and after oral sex, devoting himself to the task and most times letting his mind take on that comforting fuzzy feeling that left him a bit dopey.

“Come on baby, up,” Jimin prompted.


Jimin called Jeongguk to join him where he was kneeling on the thick fur rug on their living room floor. The taller man dropped to his knees quickly and started kissing down Jimin’s neck. Taehyung watched as he seemed hesitant to put his hands on Jimin, one hand gripping the fur, the other resting on the bottom of Jimin’s black sweater.

“Tae, come over here,” Jimin breathed out.

When he travelled the short distance, he sat on his heels, not bothering to cover the front of his straining boxers with his hands.

Jimin moved Jeongguk’s hand from his thigh to his lower back, shuffling closer to him.

“Jeongguk, show Taehyung what you did for him. Go on,” his voice goaded.

Taehyung startled as Jeongguk’s hesitant nature disappeared. He grabbed Jimin’s hips with both his hands and spun the man around so roughly he would have face planted had he not had the reflex to put his hands out.

Jeongguk placed a palm between Jimin’s narrow shoulders and pushed, forcing him to drop onto his elbows. Satisfied, he hungrily grabbed at Jimin’s thighs, squeezing hard enough Taehyung saw the impressions of his fingers linger for a moment. Jimin got progressively enthusiastic with each squeeze, breaking off into a shuddered moan when Jeongguk squeezed his asscheeks, one in each hand.

Scrambling over to Jeongguk on all fours, Taehyung was met with the sight of Jimin’s ass held open by the other man. What made him moan though, was the base of what appeared to be a bright purple butt plug shoved deep into Jimin’s ass. Jeongguk instructed Taehyung to hold Jimin open for him so he could pull the toy out but as soon as Taehyung’s hot palms touched him, Jimin twisted his torso to grab his wrist.

“Jeonggukie can only use his mouth, he should know that.”

Jimin didn’t seem that hung up on the mistake as his quickly dropped back into his position but Jeongguk still murmured an apology.

Without the use of his hands, Jeongguk was forced to kneel lower in a position similar to his boyfriend. He wasted no time in getting to the task at hand, nipping at Jimin’s asscheeks before shoving face between them. Taehyung let out a moan at the image, oral sex was always something he’d enjoyed giving to women and though he’d never tried with a man before, he’d always imagined what the feeling of someone else’s tongue fucking into him would feel like. He couldn’t dwell on that thought for too long as Jeongguk expertly held the base of the toy between his teeth, moving his head from side to side to tease Jimin.

“Jeon - ah!”

Jimin was cut off as Jeongguk suddenly jerked his head back, pulling out a couple inches of the toy. Taehyung still sat close, blindly worming his hand into his boxers, not willing to miss a thing. Jeongguk was drooling now, spit starting to sliding thickly down his chin as he worked his jaw to get a stronger grip on the toy, teeth making the silicone give way.

“Stop for a second, babe,” Jimin said, voice level. His jumper had slid down the curve of his back, bunched up under his arms.

Seeing Jeongguk’s lips stretched around the toy incensed Taehyung to move his hand faster. He squeezed tight at the base of his cock and slid his hand up to the head slowly, not ready to risk cumming so soon. Jimin’s face was buried in the crook of his elbow while he used his other hand to fist his own cock.

“Jimin, can I touch you?” Taehyung spoke, eyes searching for Jimin’s who didn’t look up but nodded his head vigorously.

The other man eagerly shuffled forward and replaced Jimin’s hand with his own. He had to forcibly push the thought that he was actually holding his best friend’s dick out of his mind before he said something stupid from nerves. Jimin picked up on Taehyung’s mood and reached back under himself to guide the grip of Taehyung’s hand.
Once Taehyung had fallen into the rhythm of squeezing tight along Jimin’s hot shaft and rubbing his palm across the weeping head of his cock to lubricate his hand more, he looked back to where Jeongguk was breathing heavily, mouth still stretched around the sex toy. Jeongguk looked up at him through the heavy line of his eyelashes and just as Taehyung was about to reach out to him, Jimin spoke.

“Baby, come on, pull it out so Tae can fuck me. He hasn't been touched this whole time, bet he can’t wait to get his dick wet,”

Taehyung moaned out in agreement and let go of Jimin’s cock to watch Jeongguk finish. Jeongguk shifted back a couple inches and raised up on his palms to give him leverage as he pulled back. He was met with resistance briefly and smiled around his mouthful while maintaining eye contact with Taehyung.

“Holy shit.”

Taehyung’s hips spasmed. He quickly cupped both his hand around his covered cock as if that would somehow restrain the heat in his lower body. Jimin’s hole stretched, slick and pink, around a swell in the toy. Jeongguk slowly dragged it out, pausing around the widest part, he waited until Taehyung looked back at him before gesturing down with his eyes. Acting on his signal, Taehyung reached out to run two fingers around Jimin’s rim, increasing the pressure when he felt how hot and soft the skin was. Jimin’s breath kept hitching every time he tried to squeeze around girth of the toy to force it out, only to have it nudged back in by Jeongguk.

“It looks so good, Jimin. Are you gonna pull it out Jeongguk?” Taehyung murmured.

Jeongguk nodded, his movements wiggling the toy about and allowing the bulb to slip out with a squelch. He gently tugged the thinner part out as Jimin’s muscles clenched tightly in the absence of the thick dildo. Taehyung looked at the toy once Jeongguk had let it drop to the floor and felt his own hole clench at the sight of it. It wasn’t ridiculously long but the thick bulb in the middle of the length made the fisting lube make sense. The toy looked heavy, and Taehyung was quite impressed Jimin managed to carry that around without letting on.

Remembering what was on offer, Taehyung turned back to Jimin, “Jimin can I kiss you?”

“Of course.” Jimin moved to raise up on his knees and Taehyung let him start to turn around so he could remove Jimin’s jumper before he pushed him back down much like Jeongguk did earlier. He slapped his large hands onto both of Jimin’s ass cheeks, squeezing lightly before pulling them apart gently.
He let go of one cheek to run his index and middle fingers around Jimin’s puffy entrance, tracing the dribble of lube down his perineum to push up against his firm balls. He did this a couple of times before speaking, “I want to kiss you here, if you’d like.”

The gasp he got in return from both of the men made him smile and he decided to shake off any hesitancy and dive straight in. However, Jeongguk stopped him with a hand on the shoulder before he could get started.

The dark haired man held up a sachet of peach flavoured lube with a smile, “Believe me, Astroglide isn't the nicest taste," Jimin cackled in the background, "Put two fingers in and spread them.”

Taehyung gulped and nodded dumbly, he sucked two of his finger first despite how much lube there seemed to be inside Jimin already. The heat of Jimin’s hole made him bite his lip, he couldn’t resist fucking his fingers in along the smooth ridges of his walls a few times before Jeongguk had the sachet torn open in the corner. The cold foil of the packet made Jimin’s hole twitch as Jeongguk squeezed the lube up inside him before throwing the packet aside.

He retreated back onto his knees, but not before telling Taehyung to spank Jimin once. The other man looked confused but as Jimin just swayed his ass he followed through. The reaction was instantaneous, once his palm smacked the flesh of Jimin’s cheek, his hole clenched up tight around Taehyung’s fingers, lube dripping out down his hand. Taehyung had to swallow to stop the increase of saliva in his mouth overflowing at they way his ass jiggled and the blushed spot left behind glowed.

Following through on what he'd wanted to do earlier, Taehyung shimmied lower to the floor so he could bite at Jimin's thighs. The soft skin was firm between his teeth and he sucked hard, leaving splotches of spit and red skin in his wake. He continued on like this, finally sinking his teeth into the smooth crease where Jimin's ass met his thigh. This seemed to be a sensitive point because Jimin was soon cursing and demanding Taehyung to eat him out.

“Come on Taehyung, you’re taking too long! You can taste me now.”


Taehyung dropped his head down, pressing his full lips against Jimin’s hole for moment before falling into a familiar pattern. He dragged the whole width of his tongue up Jimin’s ass crack a few times, wetting his tongue with the sweet flavour of the lube. When he pointed his tongue to push it in, Jimin was loose and wet enough for him to flex the length, attempting to flatten his tongue and stretch the walls.

Jimin gripped the fur beneath him in pleasure, tensing his thighs to stop them quivering.

“Jeongguk, touch yourself now. Sit in front of me.”

Jeongguk had his boxers off and hand squeezing up and down his cock in an instant.

“Are you wet enough?”

“Y-yeah, it feels good”

Jimin smiled deviously and bit his lip. Taehyung pulled back to suck strongly on his rim and he spoke up over the sloppy sounds.

“Kookie used to fantasise about what your tongue would be like on me, Tae. Ah, that’s so good. He’s touching himself at the sight of another man doing his job properly.”

Jeongguk grunted, rolling his hips up into his fist.

“Did you know Taehyung love to eat pussy, Jeongguk?” Taehyung moaned loud at this, speeding up his efforts and using his thumbs to hold Jimin's ass open for him,” He’s had more practice than you, knows how to make me feel good. Baby, you should be embarrassed. Look, I don’t even need to ride his tongue, he can just fuck me like this, better than you.”

“No, Jimin, no” Jeongguk was whining now, shaking his head slightly at Jimin’s breathy tone but not stopping his hand or looking away.

“Yes he can, I bet his face is soaked from how wet I am,” Jimin threw an arm back to fist Taehyung’s hair, “he’s getting so deep. I think I’ll call Taehyung over when I want someone to eat my ass from now on. You can just sit there and watch, touch your cock and wish you were better. You don’t deserve to have me get your face all wet”

Taehyung groaned and alternated between pushing the flat of his tongue down Jimin's perineum, letting it slide into his hole on the way back up and sucking his puffy hole while fucking his tongue in and out quickly. Jimin seemed to like that most, now grinding his ass back on to Taehyung's face.

“Jimin please, can I cum? I’m gonna cum so soon, please”

Jeongguk’s other hand rubbed the hot skin around where his cock ring was clasped.

"Is your ring hurting you?" Jimin managed to ask seriously.

"No I just want to cum."

“Then stop.”



Behind Jimin Taehyung was starting to shake. He never knew dirty talk would get him so worked up, he wanted so desperately to look up at Jeongguk wanking himself off but he ate up the praise Jimin was giving him more.

He pushed his face harder between Jimin’s cheeks to get his jaw even more wet, wanting to please Jimin.

After a few moments, Jimin stuttered out for him to stop and he pulled away, not registering the ache in his tongue. Jimin sat up on his heels hair in disarray with red cheeks, and ordered Taehyung to stand.

“Come pull his boxers down Jeongguk, it’s the least you can do after being so lazy while he did all the work.” Jimin smiled as he spoke, giving Jeongguk’s hair a gentle stroke as he did as he was told.

(Taehyung never thought he’d see the day he was smiling fondly down at his best friends, face wet with lube and his dick hanging out.)

Jimin spent a few moments admiring Taehyung’s cock, the dark flushed colour of it, the plump mushroom head with the foreskin rolled back. His balls were heavy as he cupped them in his palm, sensitive too as the other man’s cock started twitching at just that.

“I’ve wanted to suck your cock for ages. Is that alright?” Jimin looked up from beneath his eyelashes.

Taehyung nodded jerkily, conscious of the way his cock seemed to respond to just being stared at by the two men.

“That’s not how it works here, Taehyung,” Jimin continued softly, “you have to tell me what you want me to do to you.”

It took a little effort for Jimin to not laugh at the way Taehyung’s cock kicked again, a bubble of precum forced out through his slit.

“Please, Minnie, can you suck my cock? please. “

“You want me to kiss your pretty cock?”

“Kiss it, suck it, please, just touch me,” Taehyung’s hands clenched into fists over and over.

Jimin relaxed his jaw and let the wet head of Taehyung’s cock rub against his tongue. He sucked around the head, tightening his lips until Taehyung jerked his hips, before letting the tight ‘o’ of his mouth slide off. Jimin let the cock head sit on his plump bottom lip for a moment before he grabbed the base and held it up. Soon he was sucking and licking on the tip in a way that could only be likened to French Kissing while staring up at Taehyung with hooded eyes, the wet smacks sounding loudly through the room, only hidden by the shouts Taehyung let out when Jimin dipped his mouth low enough to lightly tug on his foreskin with his teeth.

Jeongguk watched impatiently as his boyfriend started taking Taehyung in deeper, edging towards deep throating him. He knew better than to touch his cock, so he began to play with his nipples instead. They were already sensitive and puffy from where Jimin had him lay on the sofa with his jumper shoved up so he could suck his nipples to get him hard. The sight of his boyfriend’s neck stretched out, throat swallowing with another man’s hands in his hair made him pinch his nipples harder. Jeongguk’s grunts drew Jimin’s attention and he pulled off Taehyung slowly.

He wrapped his hand around the base of Taehyung’s wet cock tightly, “fuck my fist, babe”

Taehyung didn’t hesitate, holding onto Jimin’s wrist and rolling his hips.

“I feel a little bad for you, baby,” Jimin pouted at Jeongguk, “what would you like? You haven’t had much say so far”

The weight of both Jimin and Taehyung’s eyes on him made him shiver in all the right ways.

“I want to watch Tae fuck you, I wanna suck him off and have him cum in my mouth. I wanna cum on you and clean you up.”


Jimin let go of Taehyung and spread himself out on the rug, “You happy with that, Tae?” he teased, his head thrown back to look up at both men.

“Yeah, I can work with that, no problem.”


Taehyung went back to the coffee table to pick up the gift basket he’d bought over. Jeongguk took it happily, rifling through until he found what he wanted. Jimin sat back on his elbows to watch Jeongguk apply a small amount of lube to Taehyung’s cock. The younger man used his long fingers to massage the turgid length, making a circle with his fingers to pull the foreskin over the head, spreading precum about. Taehyung leaned back on his palms but couldn’t look away from his friend’s hand working over him. The sight made him tense up and he was scared he would come. Jeongguk seemed to sense this and he let go straight away, reaching for an ultra-thin condom. Jimin and Taehyung raised their eyebrows but said nothing, especially when Jeongguk lined the condom up with the tip of his cock and used his mouth the push it all the way to the root.

“Oh my god, that’s so hot,” Taehyung couldn’t help but share.

“He’s had a lot of practice, you’ll have to try him as a cock warmer one day.”

“Cock warmer?” Taehyung forced out while Jeongguk slicked him up over the condom with the remainder of the lube.

Neither of them answered Taehyung but they both looked at him expectantly. Jeongguk had moved to rest Jimin’s head on his knees and Jimin’s legs were bent up and dropped open in a characteristic display of confidence and with a boyfriend who idolised Jimin as much a Jeongguk, it was no surprise he was so open (in more ways than one).

Okay, I’m, uh, going in?”

All three of them chuckled and Taehyung took that as good a sign as any. He held the base of his cock in one hand and used the other to hold Jimin’s thigh up for him. It took him a few slick pumps before he began to sink into Jimin’s heat. He moved slowly, a little unsure of how Jimin liked it.

His mouth hung open slightly, weak with pleasure as he felt Jimin’s muscles squeeze with each inch he pushed in as if he was encouraging him. He was so hot inside and the grip on his cock was unlike anything he’d ever felt. Taehyung slid his palms down to spread Jimin’s ass further, letting his thumbs wander in to rub up against where he was buried.

“Ah!” Jimin cried out when Taehyung let one of his thumb nails run lightly across his stretched rim.

“Kookie, my other leg,” he managed to get out. Jeongguk quickly held his other leg up, knee very nearly pressed to his chest, ass rising up and letting Taehyung slide in the last couple inches smoothly. Jimin felt so exposed and dirty with the two larger men watching him with his ass spread wide and his cock hard against his belly. He cursed under his breath at the image of himself being dwarfed by Taehyung and Jeongguk yet still being in control of them as they did their best to pleasure him.

Jeongguk couldn’t look away from where Taehyung’s trimmed pubic hair pressed up against Jimin’s balls, couldn’t stop the dribble of precum falling from his cock head at the sight, knowing exactly what it felt like to have his cock hugged by Jimin’s ass.

Once Taehyung bottomed out he started with grinding his hips in tight circles for a few moments until Jimin spoke up. His chest was rising shakily and he held one of Jeongguk’s hands, “Fuck me Taehyung, I can take it. If you fuck as good as you eat ass, it’ll be fine,” he wiggled his eyebrows cheekily.


Taehyung was fucking Jimin with quick snaps of his hips, pulling out until only the tip of his cock was left inside and then slamming his full length back in. Taehyung had no experience with finding the prostate and while Jimin was reacting enthusiastically to his movements, moaning out praises and pushing his hips up, Jeongguk knew there was more he could do.

He reached over with the hand Jimin was holding onto and splayed his palm across Jimin’s lower belly. He hooked his thumb into Jimin’s bellybutton and squeezed his soft stomach briefly before leaning some of his weight down on it.

Taehyung’s breathy moans hitched as Jimin’s slick hole clenched around him suddenly and the smaller man’s legs began to shake.

“If you push down here Tae, he loves it. It’ll help you hit his spot.”

Taehyung slapped one of his hands over Jeongguk’s and pushed down each time he thrusted in roughly. Jimin’s mouth dropped open and he wasn’t proud of how close he was to drooling. His prostate was being stimulated with each thrust and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. The image of Jeongguk helping Taehyung fuck him was stuck in his mind, thoughts of having both of them fuck him at once, thoughts of Taehyung being collared up with Jeongguk and willing to do as he was told.

“Baby, Tae, I’m coming,” Jimin slipped a finger in the ring of Jeongguk’s collar and yanked him down to face level. He kissed him sloppily, and panted into his mouth as the pleasure built up in him.

Taehyung was jerking his cock quickly, his big hand fitting around him so perfectly. It took Taehyung’s thumb rubbing forcefully against his frenulum on the upstroke for Jimin to cum. He didn’t reach to stop Taehyung’s motions, the overstimulation making his stomach muscles seize up. Taehyung kept jerking his shaft as his thrusts stuttered through the post orgasm tightness of Jimin’s hole. He let go of Jimin’s cock and watched in awe as his slit kept spilling out dribbles of come into the puddle forming on his tummy. Looking further down at where his balls were slapping against Jimin’s fat ass cheeks and his cock was being swallowed by Jimin’s ass he lost himself for a moment, using all his strength to hike Jimin’s hips up, getting as deep in him as he could.

“Jimin, you feel so good, I’m so close.”

When he next looked up he jolted at the sight of Jimin forcing Jeongguk down by the back of his collar, to lick his cum off his belly. Taehyung’s eyes flittered up briefly and stopped when he saw Jimin staring straight at him.

“You gonna come in me, Tae?”

“Please,” Taehyung breathed out, slowing down his hips to stave off his orgasm.

“Pull out baby” Jimin’s voice went high as Jeongguk suckled on the head of his cock.

Taehyung wanted to cry but he did as he was told, moaning at the slight resistance when he dragged his cock out, fingers holding the condom in place. Jeongguk pulled off at the same time and watched as Jimin got onto his hands and knees. Although Jimin had come once, he could come again without getting hard if he was fucked well enough in this position. Jeongguk would know, he was often in Taehyung’s place, the only difference being Jimin held tightly onto a leash attached to his collar, meaning he could do little more than focus on driving in as deeply as possible.

Jimin’s back curved beautifully with the angle making his waist seem even narrower and his ass fatter, tilted perfectly for Taehyung to squeeze past his prostate. Handsy as usual, Taehyung held a handful of Jimin’s hips in each hand, using his grip to pull Jimin to meet his thrusts. The continuous stimulation had Jimin edging towards a prostate orgasm with no touch to his cock.

“Take off your ring now,” he managed to get out.

Jeongguk’s hands shook as he tried to unclasp the leather band without touching his cock too much, knowing this meant he would be inside Jimin soon enough. No way was he going to cum before that.

“J-jimin, I can’t hold it much longer,” Taehyung was practically hunched over Jimin at this point, hair hanging low in his eyes.

“You can come after me, babe. Just a little bit longer.”

Jeongguk appreciatively eyed the muscles in his thighs and ass as he worked in and out of Jimin with loud squelches as Jimin was getting vocal in a way he only did when he was going to come untouched. He was groaning and whining, never sure what to do with himself when his lower body was dipped in warm pleasure. With his jaw slack and his face pressed up against the rug, Jimin squeezed his eyes shut as Taehyung’s cock pushed up past his prostate and sent him over the edge.

“J-jiminnie, I’m gonna, I’m cumming,” Taehyung had never felt anything so tight before as Jimin’s entire body seized up, the violent clench of his ass sucking him in, his own balls and ass pulsing as the pleasure worked through him. He was frozen, hips twitching slightly as he felt himself empty into the condom, his eyes were glazed over, not seeing Jeongguk greedily palming Jimin’s cock to gather up his cum so he could fist his own cock with it.

When his eyes focused more, he saw Jimin looking over his shoulder at him with a soft blissed out smile.

“That was so good, TaeTae. You did so well,” he didn’t move, letting Taehyung calm down a bit.

“Thank you,” he swallowed, “Sorry I couldn’t do what you wanted, Kookie.”

Jeongguk came over and used his messy hand to hold Taehyung’s neck and lead him into a kiss, “It’s okay,” he spoke quietly against the other man’s lips. Jeongguk began to rut against Taehyung’s hip, desperate for friction.

“Do you want me to touch you?” Taehyung looked at him wide eyed and reached down to jerk his friend off. Jeongguk’s cock was practically dripping wet with his own precum and Jimin’s cum and his pained moan in reaction shocked him.

“He’s so sensitive, Tae, he’d cum in seconds if I let him.”

Taehyung held the base of his cock and let himself slip out of Jimin’s sex. He was still half hard and his girth left Jimin gaping slightly. He licked his lips at the sight of a job well done, Jimin’s hole was puffy and open, twitching weakly around nothing.

Jeongguk all but mounted Jimin within seconds, pushing his flexing cock inside Jimin’s ass. Taehyung was taken aback, surprised Jimin could take more after two orgasms but it seemed that this wasn’t about him.

Jeongguk was a mess in no time, moaning out pleas for Jimin to let him cum, to let him mark him up. His meaty thighs smacked loudly against Jimin’s ass, the noise making Taehyung’s cock twitch weakly from where he sat off to the side.

The size difference between the two was really something, Jeongguk’s broad body and wide hands seemed to dwarf Jimin. Taehyung couldn’t help but hope he got to fuck Jimin in front of a mirror someday so he could see what they looked like, if it was a good, as natural as Jimin and Jeongguk fit together.

“That’s it, baby. You’ve waited so long, such a good boy, isn’t he Tae?” Taehyung murmured out in agreement, calling Jeongguk a good boy with a touch of shyness not suited for someone who was just shoved balls deep inside another man.

“Tae, come and pull on his collar,” Jimin told Jeongguk to pause when Taehyung reached him, “Just slip your fingers in the loop and tug, be careful, don’t hurt him,” he warned. Jeongguk smiled shyly at Jimin’s concern before he was ordered to start up again.

Taehyung swallowed thickly as he looped his fingers into the metal ring over Jeongguk’s throat. He curled his fingers towards him and tugged gently, not even surprised at Jeongguk’s gasp making his cock throb in interest.

When Jeongguk’s moans picked up, Taehyung could only feel slightly envious that he wasn’t still inside that tight heat.

“You can cum when you want, baby. Wherever you want,” Jimin panted, “That’s my good boy.”

True to Jimin’s word, it didn’t take Jeongguk more than 10 seconds to orgasm. Taehyung’s fingers slipped out of the collar when Jeongguk shuddered towards Jimin. He had his arm wrapped tightly under Jimin’s hips, pressing his chest nearly flush to Jimin’s back. It surprised Taehyung just how noisy Jeongguk was during sex, whining and mewling as he came while Jimin was relatively quiet aside form his heavy breathing. He soon eased up and let his cock fall out. It flexed strongly, a few spurts of cum splattering on Jimin’s back before he circled his fingers around the base and held one of Jimin’s cheeks aside so he could cum over his asshole.

Jimin let out a quiet sigh at the feeling of Jeongguk’s cum splattering on his skin.

There was a minute of calm accompanied by their breathing.

“You don’t get soft straight away?” It took Taehyung a second to realised Jimin was talking to him.

“Ah! Not always no, I’m usually good to go again in a couple of minutes...not that I want you to, you know! I just-”

Jimin and Jeongguk laughing sobered him up, here he was sat with a filled condom by his thigh, Jimin now lying on his stomach between his legs covered in cum and Jeongguk behind him crossed legged and massaging Jimin’s lower back and leaving kisses down his spine.

“Are you sore, Jimminie?” Jeongguk spoke so tenderly, Taehyung felt like an outsider. Jimin didn’t seem to mind as his ass was spread once again, this time so Jeongguk could look him over. This must have been standard practice because when Jeongguk began to lick Jimin out, he only whined low in his throat, pushing back to allow Jeongguk to clean up any of his cum.

Taehyung wasn’t sure if he was supposed to get hard watching this, he didn’t want to be the only one with an erection when all Jeongguk was doing was caring for his boyfriend.

This was one of Jeongguk’s favourite sights, seeing Jimin’s asshole blushed and slightly swollen, opening up to the lightest touch and covered in his cum. He wouldn’t say out loud (he knew Jimin knew) that he’d made Taehyung wear a condom because he wasn’t quite ready to share that with someone else. His tongue dragged over Jimin’s heat gently, just trying to get Jimin clean and not overstimulate him (too much, anyway).

When he was done, he stood up to let his joints stretch out, suggesting they should all take a shower. His open arms didn’t interest Jimin, who jumped onto his back, clinging naked and sticky with no shame. Taehyung stood up then, and looked around a bit awkwardly before seeming to make his mind up. He placed his hands on Jeongguk’s shoulders and craned his neck to kiss Jimin. Jeongguk huffed between their weights, cringing away at the sound of smacking lips so close to his ear.

“Aw, don’t feel left out Jeonggukie! Here you go,” Taehyung squished his cheeks between his palms and pressed a hard kiss on his forcibly pouted lips.

Jeongguk tried to glare at Taehyung but with the way Jimin was chuckling and the smile Taehyung had on his face, it didn’t stand strong.

Chapter Text

The thick wood of their bedroom door cut into the line of the hallway as Jimin led him down. Taehyung’s toes curled instinctively when his bare feet stepped from the cool wooden floor boards onto the heated carpet of the bedroom, eyes impulsively scanning the room before they reached the only thing that was out of the usual.

Trying to exercise a bit of restraint, Taehyung dragged his gaze along the length of the low pine bed frame, the super king beds mattress was wrapped in the Mulberry silk bedsheets he had gifted them from China and the deep dyed red of the material glowed against Jeongguk’s skin. He was on his knees, the thick muscle of his thighs resting on his calves.

Taehyung lay down alongside Jeongguk and propped his head up on one arm so he could watch as he ran his fingers from the blood warm skin of Jeongguk’s thigh to the watery smooth surface of the sheets.

“Do they feel worth the money?” Jeongguk quipped, mouth slanted into a smile

Taehyung shifted up onto his knees, humming as he rested his chin on Jeongguk’s shoulder. He wrapped one arm around Jeongguk’s waist, holding him close while the other stroked steadily from his neck down to the base of his spine. He didn’t stop there, tucking his ring and little finger behind his thumb so he could continue down between Jeongguk’s ass cheeks, until he reached what he was looking for. He tapped on the metal there with two fingernails, the sound dulled from where the body of the prostate massager was engulfed in his ass. Taehyung hummed again, smiling against Jeongguk’s neck when he suddenly pressed down on the base of the toy, rotating it with the heavy press of his fingers.

Jeongguk jolted, jaw tensing as he let the pleasure shake through him. He grunted when Taehyung didn’t let up, the blunt end of the toy grinding slowly against his prostate.

Taehyung spoke once Jeongguk’s jaw had gone slack, his arms shaking and ass pressing back on the pressure, “I think this was better value for money, honestly.”

Jimin sat off the end of the bed, leant back on arm. He watched with a neutral expression when Jeongguk met his gaze.


“Wrong name, babe.”

Jeongguk let out a high noise, “Ah!” which he might have been embarrassed by if he wasn’t so tied up.

“Taehyung-ah,” he groaned.


He didn’t get a response, Jeongguk shuddering harder when he pushed more firmly on the toy. The consistent pressure on his prostate had Jeongguk’s cock throbbing in its cage and he could do nothing to stop the steady stream of precum that dribbled out from the slit in the cage. It didn’t take long for Taehyung to pick up on it, his large hand grabbing his caged cock from underneath so the tip rested on his palm.

“Oh, what’s this?” Taehyung gently nudged the weight in his hand to see the slick plastic covering the flushed and veiny shaft slip across his palm.

He reached the tip of his long fingers down to stroke against Jeongguk’s balls, the hot skin sensitive and twitching. He relaxed on the prostate massager for a moment, long enough for Jeongguk’s spine to slowly straighten out again and his breathing to level out.

Then he pressed back down, perhaps a little too hard, just to see the head of Jeongguk’s cock spit out another clear dribble. He held the toy tightly before letting go so he could use his other hand to lift the cage off his hand.

"Nnn,” Jeongguk bit his bottom lip when Taehyung flopped onto his belly between his spread thighs so he could lick over the plastic of the cage.

The bittersweet streaks of precum were licked off first, Taehyung moaning lightly at the taste. He swallowed thickly as he nosed along the side of Jeongguk’s restrained cock, thankful Jimin had bought one with slits along the side. Sure, they were for ventilation, but they worked even better for Taehyung to stick the tip of his tongue inside and run it up and down the exposed skin. Jeongguk grunted again, his hands clenching uselessly. He felt so small whenever he was like this with Taehyung or Jimin, unable to stop whatever they wanted to do for him.

As if his thoughts translated over to his boyfriend, Jimin moved without him noticing, coming stand beside him. Jimin rested his hand on the crown of his head, fingers threading through his hair to brush along his scalp softly. With a lot of will power, Jeongguk craned his neck backwards to look up at jimin, the other man towering over him. The teasing strokes of Taehyung’s tongue along his cock made it hard for him to keep his eyes open. His upper body fell forward to hunch over Taehyung as soon as the other went back to the tip and engulfed the plastic in his mouth. It was worse this way, memory reminding Jeongguk of exactly how his dick in Taehyung’s mouth felt but reality only letting his feel the warmth of his breath and tongue seep through the plastic.

Jimin tucked two fingers into the back of his collar, tugging the leather band to pull him back upright.

“He must feel sorry for you, Jeongguk. Why else would he want to suck your soft little cock, hm?” Jimin sounded far too cheerful for the words that came out of his mouth.

When Jeongguk just moaned softly in response, trying to bury his face in Jimin’s side, he tutted, “You’re being quite ungrateful. Not even a thank you?”

“Sorry, thank you, Tae.”

“I guess that’ll do, he’s always so nice to you isn’t he?”

“Y-yeah, he’s the best.”

Jimin smiled at that. Taehyung was still between Jeongguk’s thighs, face shoved lower now so he could mouth wetly around Jeongguk’s balls.

He let it continue for a moment longer before he asked him to stop and sit up. Taehyung did so, licking his lips which puffed up so easily. Predictably Jimin let go of Jeongguk and dragged Taehyung in for a kiss. He sucked along his bottom lip, faintly tasting his boyfriends cock, making him aggressively lick into the other man’s mouth. It was all Taehyung could do to hold onto Jimin’s shoulders as he controlled the kiss. His gasp when Jimin pulled back was cut off midway as Jimin jabbed his shoulder to send him sprawling back on the bed. The shorter man was swift, as he nimbly climbed onto the bed to sit on Taehyung’s lap.

“Take your shirt off.”

Jimin’s eyes were dark, and the soft smudge of eyeliner around them made his gaze sultrier, more intimidating. Taehyung nodded, eyes wide and jerkily shimmied out of his shirt, throwing it off to the side without much thought.

Jimin settled his hands over Taehyung’s rib cage, hands rising and falling with each deep breath he took. He ducked down to run his lips over the prone man’s chest, speaking loud enough for Jeongguk to hear, “Keep watching, Jeongguk. Your hands are taken care of because you can’t be trusted,” Jeongguk’s wrists twisted in their restraints at the reminder.

“But I don’t want to hear you begging either, alright?”

A response wasn’t expected, if the way Jimin leant down to take Taehyung’s nipple into his mouth was any indication. He sucked the already hard flesh between his teeth, biting down with enough force to make Taehyung cry out. He’d figured out after the first time that Taehyung was pretty big on nipple play and so he didn’t bother to reprimand him when he felt Taehyung’s hands grip on his hair.

He squeezed one hand between their bodies, so he could massage Taehyung’s cock through the fabric of his pants the same time as he bit down on one of Taehyung’s nipples hard enough to leave a faint indent of his teeth and hear him shout. Taehyung scrambled to undo his jeans and wiggle out of them when Jimin stretched to get the bottle of lube lying by the pillows.

Jimin sat back after that, kneed Taehyungs thighs wider apart so he could sit crossed legged between them, his knee close enough to feel the heat from between his legs. Pushing his fringe back with one hand he reached forward to lift Taehyung’s cock up from his belly with the other, rubbing his thumb over the hot delicate skin of taehyung’s shaft, pressing lightly on the largest vein.

He switched it up quickly, twisting his firm grip up and down the length, wrist rolling fluidly with the movement. The lube squelched loudly, and Taehyung tried his hardest to stop writhing so much. He’d just strained his neck up to watch Jimin work when said man leaned forward and wiped his tongue heavily across the head of his cock, just as another squirt of precum pearled at his slit.

Taehyung shuddered and fell back immediately, hands gripping the sheets by his hips as his head thrashed from side to side. Jimin knew how sensitive the head of his dick was, knew exactly how he would react to the firm kitten licks dipping directly into his slit, the sweet twinge of pain as the tip of his tongue pushed firmly enough to stretch his urethra, gone before Taehyung could cry about it. Doing this gave Jimin a power trip, he loved watching Taehyung fight against himself to keep his hips flat on the mattress, loved that it was because there was nothing he wanted less than Jimin to let go of him. Jimin let spit pool onto his tongue while he played with Taehyung’s cock between his fingers to keep him on edge. He glanced over at Jeongguk, pleased to see his gaze was fixated on where his hand worked. He cupped his tongue to keep from drooling as he leaned back towards Taehyung’s cock, the other man scrabbling against the sheets to lift his head back up. Just as Taehyung anticipated the warm wet of Jimin’s mouth, he was jolted into another flush of arousal when the head of his cock was pinched between Jimin’s thumb and forefinger.

“Oh – oh!” his jaw dropped, voice deep as he stammered.

Jimin let go, the throb of his grip pulsing before he spat directly onto the throbbing glans, roughly rubbing up underneath his frenulum. Taehyung seized up, eyes rolling into the back of his head. Just the thought of Jimin spitting on him made his entire body clench, his senses in overdrive, his dick kicking at the sound and feel of Jimin’s saliva dripping down him.


The mattress shook as Jeongguk slid himself forward in frustration, fists clenched as he envied Taehyung’s position, his eyes prickling with arousal.

“There we go,” Jimin muttered and suddenly let go of Taehyung’s cock, hoping he’d cool down and not come into a ruined orgasm.

Taehyung jumped when Jimin patted his thigh loudly, “Just couldn’t let TaeTae have his moment, huh? Had to make it all about you. Are you jealous? Did you get upset watching him get his dick wet while you’re still…locked up?”

Jimin pouted with exaggerated sympathy. Jeongguk responded by jerking his shoulders, trying to shuffle closer to the pair, grunting softly and shaking his head.

“So selfish,” Jimin tutted, letting the silk sheets help him slide of the bed.

Jeongguk stopped moving at that, rolling his head onto his shoulder to watch as Jimin approached him from the side. He soon lost sight as Jimin climbed up behind him, wrapping his arms around him. When Jimin’s hands came up to play with his nipples, he squirmed in happiness. The soft dry pads of Jimin’s fingers rubbed and tugged at his chest, the friction creating a delicious heat and burn.

“Shh, shh,” the smaller man soothed, taking in how erratically his boyfriend’s thighs were spasming. He slid his hands down to Jeongguk’s wrists, gently massing the skin he could reach around the thick cuffs.

He didn’t need to ask, Jeongguk just rubbed his hair against Jimin’s shoulder, speaking gently, “I’m okay.”

“Taehyung, why don’t you get the other toy our baby wanted to play with.”

Taehyung was doing a good job at not shaking like a leaf in frustration as he followed through, slipping off the bed to step up to the long ottoman at the foot of the bed. He first let his fingertips run against the firm shaft before feeling the tight braid of the handle and lifting the cane up to eye level. He looked along the length, reminding himself that he’d practised, that it was okay to feel turned on about this because nobody was actually getting hurt.

Well- not in a way they’d dislike.

With that confidence boost, Taehyung swaggered back over to the couple with a bit too much poise for how heavily his cock bounced.

Taehyung tried not to falter at Jimin’s soft smirk, choosing to focus on Jeongguk’s body, moving the slim leather tab at the end of the crop over Jeongguk’s arms, smacking it lightly against his fingers.

The noise prompted Jimin to get up again, brushing past Taehyung with a kiss to his shoulder blade.

Jimin palmed Jeongguk’s hair off his forehead as Taehyung tied the blindfold on, even though the thick velvet was knotted carefully, Jimin still waited for Jeongguk’s okay before removing his hand to let Jeongguk’s hair flop over the fabric.

Jeongguk’s eyes squeezed tightly under the blindfold when his world shifted, Jimin slipping out from behind him and letting his body drop onto his back, knees up and feet just touching the bed from his thigh restraints.

It was clear the moment Taehyung fully fell into his role. His shoulders dropped, relaxed, and his head followed through, tilting to the side so he could stare down at Jeongguk. Jimin watched the change happen, his cock jerking in his pants.

The leather tab at the end of the crop journeyed down Jeongguk’s leg, poking at the crease of his thigh, circling over his knee, running across the tip of his toes.

Taehyung lingered his focus there for a second, letting the fantasy he'd not yet talked to Jimin about touch his memory. He has him bound, on his stomach or maybe his back, feet raised. Now he'd have rope around Jeongguk's strong ankles. He uses a crop, the exact one in his hands to smack the soles of Jeongguk’s feet. They’re large and strong, not exactly what would normally come to mind when thinking of feet in a sexual way. However, they were soft, well cared for, with something delicate in the curves of arches and balls of his feet, especially for someone who had been in boots practically since he could walk. Yes, Taehyung would take his crop to the pale, soft soles of his feet, stripe them with red and leave them throbbing and heated. He’d touch that hot tender skin with his cock. He’d slick them with lube, most likely a tingling one to make it hurt that little bit more. Taehyung would feel the burn of the rope when he grabs onto the loop to keep Jeongguk’s feet steady so he can slide his cock right through the space of his arches - let the slick firm heat drag along his shaft. When he comes it's all over the red stripes of the cane, ruining the perfect welts with the mess of his cum.

“Fuck,” he murmurs to himself, feeling his pulse and cock throb off beat for a moment.

He meets Jeongguk's face just as the other nudges the slack cane with his toes. In the few seconds Taehyung had been silent, he knew exactly what had occupied him. His knowing smile makes Taehyung flush, the same embarrassment as when Jeongguk had been equally perceptive and recognised his desire for the couple.

“Wow, you're relaxed enough to be smiling. We must not be doing very good, hm?” Jimin's voice smoothed out the silence.

Taehyung smiles as Jeongguk’s drops.

Taehyung waited for Jimin to shift around, spooning against the large man’s side, head pillowed on his shoulder. Jeongguk made a startled noise when Jimin latched onto his chest, mouth surrounding his areola, sucking his entire nipple. Jimin made it sound out noisy and wet in the room, just like Jeongguk liked. As Jeongguk’s heavy breathing turned into moans, Taehyung made a move. He smacked the crop down from hip height, not much weight behind it, to hear the way the firm shaft of the toy snapped against the plastic between Jeongguk’s thighs. Following through with more, lifting the crop slightly higher each time had Jeongguk thrashing. He wished his hands were free so he could grapple at Jimin’s hair, ground himself just a little. Jimin let his teeth drag over his boyfriend’s areola to catch on his nipple, rolling the tender flesh between his teeth. He looked to Taehyung, timing Taehyung’s strokes of the crop to Jeongguk’s thigh with increasing the pressure on his nipple, carefully making sure his jaw didn’t clamp down too much.

Taehyung stopped his onslaught for a moment to lay himself down over Jeongguk, kissing his cheek before sliding back to straddle Jeongguk’s hip.

“Does it hurt?” Taehyung’s voice was pitched lower than usual, a good sign he was ready to fuck.

“It feels good,” Jeongguk’s voice was remarkably steady now that Jimin had eased back. He stroked Jeongguk’s cheek soothingly at his response.

Just as Jimin opened his mouth to speak, Jeongguk answered his unspoken question, “thank you.”

“Talk to me, what does it feel like when I smack your cock?”

“It, it feels heavy , so good, it’s not enough ,” he whined lowly.

Jimin gasped, “how ungrateful,” he scoffed when Taehyung drew back quickly and Jeongguk flinched forward to follow.

“I think you should make him work,” Jimin smirked up at Taehyung’s voice.

“Hmm, I should, shouldn’t I,” he murmured to himself before patting Jeongguk’s chest and getting off the bed.

Jeongguk swallowed thickly at the loss of contact and shuddered involuntarily when he heard the drag of the wooden drawers across the room being opened. His hips rocked shallowly, the ache in his cock not possible to ignore. His balls felt so tight and tender, the throbbing making him near stupid with the need to just fuck and fuck.

He didn’t notice Jimin’s return but tuned back in at his voice, “All he ever really wants is something tight and wet to sink his dick into. That’s why,” a hand grabbed at his useless cock, and tugged it from side to side. The skin just shy of the base of his cock was pulled taught with each move, and he was ashamed at helpless he was to do anything but moan.


“Wrong name.”

“T…Taehyung? Please..”

“Oh!” Jeongguk’s shout fell just below the sound of their soft leather flogger slapping against his inner thigh with a sting. Every few seconds the flogger would slap along his thighs again, giving just enough time for him to feel each sting bloom hot across his skin. On the next few strokes it hit high enough for most of the tails to strike against his balls, his legs jerking in response. The pain had him straining his neck back, tongue lolling out of his mouth smearing spit.

“Jimin, please,” his words were cut off when his chin was grabbed in one hand and held him still as he was kissed. The familiar brush of their tongues made him try and be more forceful, shoving his tongue into Jimin’s mouth but his head was quickly pushed back into the mattress. He didn’t fight against it, just let Jimin take what he wanted, swallowing their mixed saliva like it was water after a drill.

“Mmph, Jimin” he breathed when the other man pulled back. Their lips touched slightly, wet between with spit.

“Wrong name,” Taehyung whispered against his lips and Jeongguk flushed in humiliation.

Jimin ran the flogger across the red blotches on his boyfriend’s thighs, “He can’t even tell who’s got their tongue in his mouth,” he laughed, “Are you that desperate, huh?”

Jeongguk grunted when they both stopped touching him. He could hear fabric rustling to his side and spun his head to look towards it.

“Let’s play a game – a really easy one, I’m not mean. Guess who’s touching you and you get a reward” Jimin said.

“You can pick what you’d like,” he added.

Jeongguk’s eyes darted around underneath his blindfold uneasily, as if the offer was too good to be true. Licking his lips, he cleared his throat, “Take my cage off please, I wanna…”

“You want to?” Taheyung trailed off.

“I wanna fuck, Jimin,” he murmured.

Taehyung laughed, “Fair enough, so do I.”

Jeongguk smiled as he heard what sounded like Jimin slapping Taehyung’s arm. Hands were suddenly on him, unbuckling the restrains from around his wrists.

“Are you sure, Jeongguk?” It was definitely Jimin letting his wrists go with how close his voice sounded.

“Yeah, Jimin.”

Jimin bit his lips at Jeongguk’s confidence, excited to see just how long it would last. Turning away, he locked eyes with Taehyung as he finally undressed, leaving his tight briefs on to tease Taehyung. He slid himself into perching on the edge of their mattress, his ass resting just by Jeongguk’s head, knees spread. Taehyung’s eyes dropped to where Jimin’s hand massaged the line of his cock, and his knees dropped to the carpet soon after.

Nosing at Jimin’s warm lower back, Jeongguk let his mouth wonder down to bite at the top of his ass cheeks, sloppily sucking at the flesh between his teeth. Jimin’s breath hitched at the bite, the stinging pain making the pleasure of Taehyung deep throating his cock more intense. He blindly searched behind him with his free hand to grip Jeongguk’s hair and drag his head towards where Taehyung was focused. He had a hand buried in each man’s hair now, using his grip to pull Taehyung off slightly and drag Jeongguk over his thigh so he could suck along his shaft.

Jimin hummed in pleasure, falling back onto his palms now that they both knew their place. Taehyung held the head of Jimin’s cock on his tongue, sucking tightly and Jeongguk did the same with what he could reach. He was getting frustrated at the limited amount of space he had to work Jimin over.

This was the first time he’d had two hot wet mouths on him at once, another fantasy he hadn’t known he was so desperate to fulfil. God, being friends with Taehyung was amazing. He worked his hips up, gently forcing more of his cock into Taehyung’s mouth. Before he could moan at the way the other started bobbing his head in tight little drags, he gasped as Jeongguk nudged his thighs open further with his head. Jimin lifted a hand to reprimand him but it fell back immediately when Jeongguk began tounging at his balls, straining forward over his thigh to suck at the sensitive skin, softly scraping his teeth along the hot skin to tease. Jeongguk was breathing heavily through his nose as he continued with his onslaught, and Jimin had never felt so weak. He used the last of his strength to pull himself up enough to watch both heads of dark hair moving between his legs, a twinge of annoyance that he didn’t have his phone to hand for a picture, or even better, a video to capture the wet noises and little grunts his boys were making as they pleasured him. Jeongguk started to hum around his mouthful, triggering Taehyung into doing the same. He waited until Jeongguk pulled back for air to drag him back up with a hand around his throat. He wasn’t risking any sudden movements with Jeongguk’s teeth playing at his balls.

“TaeTae, Tae, come on, off.”

Thankfully, Taehyung listened and quickly drew back, glazed eyes meeting Jimin’s own, which were very nearly teary with denying his own orgasm. He glanced over to Jeongguk who back on his knees, hair dishevelled and muscles tense as he awaited his instructions.

“Let’s play our game now, hm.”

Jeongguk finally fell into the space where he lost track of time, he couldn’t tell how long they’d toyed with him, couldn’t place whose hands were on his body. Jimin and Taehyung were smart, both touching him at once, only brushing their fingers over him, not giving him enough time to feel for the width or length of their hands. Fingertips pushed him onto his back, spread his legs again. He heard a laugh, Jimin – Taehyung wasn’t quite so cruel - when his tongue was pinched between two fingers and tugged on until his mouth was flooded with saliva and he gagged, struggling to swallow, tongue coiling back and head flinging to the side to let the spit dribble out of his mouth. He’d been so desperate to not choke that he’d forgotten about the clamps the wondering fingers had snapped on his chest, then secured to the front of his collar, the chain shortened until the chain was very nearly taught. Jeongguk snapped back around, the strings of drool splattering around his jaw. He could feel his eyes dampen from the pain throbbing through his chest, the clamps were securely on (he knew Jimin always made sure of that) and his thrashing had tugged so tightly on his nipples, he was surprised they weren’t numb yet.

However he couldn’t succumb to the pain completely – his desire to be in this position saw to that. He knew Jimin and Taehyung were looking at him now, down at him. He could only imagine how he looked, blindfolded, head tilted down as far as it could go to lessen the pressure on his nipples. He knew Jimin and Taheyung were looking at his nipples, probably red from the torment and shame ran hot through him. It was always something that he had been embarrassed by, Jimin playing with his nipples. When he would do residentials for his training, some of his older team members used to find it hilarious, waking him up by pulling at his chest, rolling with laughter as he stammered and blushed on his way to the shower. Jimin loved it, delighted in being able to make Jeongguk cum from rubbing and biting at his chest.

Oh God, Jeongguk thought back to the time Jimin had come back from visiting his family, with a small tissue filled box from a little boutique in Busan. Jimin had made him wear the baby pink bralette around their flat for the whole day, he’d picked the pale colour so they could see the brown skin of his nipples, pressed against it. As much as he loved seeing Jimin in lingerie, it was a humiliating experience for him to wear it. He’d worked years pushing his body to try and lose his delicate hip to waist ratio and flat stomach that always got him teased. Jimin knew it embarrassed him to be made to wear lingerie because he liked it so much. There was no hiding with Jimin. He had taken his time that day, rubbing at the material with his tongue, his fingers, a bullet vibrator. Jeongguk had been in his cage too that day, and when he lay on the floor – after giving Jimin head- whining over the throbbing between his legs, Jimin raised a foot to his chest, the lace grating near painfully against his tender flesh with each press of Jimin’s toes.

Jimin cursed as he watched his boyfriend zone out, panting heavily at whatever he was picturing in his mind. He bit his lip as he eyed Jeongguk’s body, from head to toe, he’d never get tired of looking at it. The muscle that thickened his chest, arms and thighs, the dip of his waist, although lessened through his work, was still there. God, Jimin had always been a touchy person and Jeongguk just brought out the worst in him. He flicked at Jeongguk’s nipple suddenly, delighting in the strangled gasp he got in return, as the metal pulled on his skin again.


On his back again with his legs spread, Jeongguk truly felt the ache of the cage on his cock. He loved being in this position, belly up and vulnerable. While physically Jeongguk emulated his father and brother, he’d always been sensitive in a way they weren’t. Personally he’d always been a bit ashamed of it, even more so when it translated into his sexual development. He’d lost his virginity to Jimin and had been happy to play dominant under Jimin’s guidance. However there was always that itch at the base of his thoughts – that want to be the one pushed down and controlled. Thankfully, Jimin wanted exactly the same.

Taehyung bit his lip to stop groaning when he watched Jimin press circular motions into the base of the toy, he’d only just started exploring that side of himself, with a set of small jelly-like plugs Jimin gifted him. The strangled noises and groans that wrestled out of Jeongguk’s throat, the dribbles of precum that filled the plastic around the head of his swollen cock were all so relateable, he could almost feel the phantom pleasure.

“J-Jimin, it’s Jimin please –“

“Alright, Jeonggukie. You have to wait until we ask to tell us okay?”

Taehyung chipped in, “That’s right, pay attention.”

He spotted the little control on the side and smiled. When he turned back he almost choked, Jimin had released one of Jeongguk’s hands and was riding his fingers, with slow controlled rocks and bounces of his hips.

“Fuck”, he mumbled.

Jimin’s eyes were hooded, lips parted as he rolled his body on the three fingers in him. Jeongguk was trembling at the warmth surrounding his hand, the way Jimin would clench when he pulled up, squeezing his fingers together. Teasing at what could easily be around his cock right now if he wasn’t so weak. He tried to crane his upper body towards Jimin but Jimin scoffed and smacked his shoulder back down so quickly, his head throbbed.

“I didn’t say you could get up. I just need this,” Jimin squeezed his hand around his wrist painfully, “the rest of you is useless right now. Taehyung can have it, if he wants.”

Jimin looked from under his lashes at the other man, sensually trailing his eyes down to Jeongguk’s mouth. Taehyung got the message.

Taehyung couldn’t help but moan as he brushed the tip of his cock against Jeongguk’s wet lips. The other man’s tongue peeked out on instinct to lick his lips, the hot muscle stroking over the head on Taehyung’s cock on its way. Taehyung hesitated, still a bit unused to having someone being ordered to do things.

“Oh!” he exclaimed in surprise when jeongguk leaned up as far as he could go to suck on his cock. Taheyung buckled forward, knees resting on the edge of the bed, hips lowered so Jeongguk could work. Drool was already bubbling around the tight line of Jeongguk’s lips and it trickled down when Jeongguk hollowed his cheeks and shook his head from side to side, bobbing his head as he did so.

Taehyung gasped and braced himself with one arm on Jeongguk’s abs. Jimin called his name quietly and gestured to the remote that was in his hand. He handed it over without a question, watching Jimin sink back down onto Jeongguk’s fingers as he sunk his cock a little deeper into his mouth.

Taehyung wouldn’t have known Jimin had begun to play with the remote, the expensive toy’s motor whirring too quietly for him to hear at this level. The way Jeongguk immediately groaned loud enough for him to feel the vibrations gave it away. The man beneath convulsed, his torso jumping slightly, throwing off Taehyungs balance. He slipped forward, his cock sinking the final few inches into Jeongguk’s mouth.

Jimin mentioned that his boyfriend hadn’t yet mastered the act of deep throating, and Taehyung could feel that in the way he swallowed erratically, his hot throat squeezing around the sensitive tip of Taehyung’s cock. It was impossible to pull out straight away, the tight milking sensation overpowered his manners. He stumbled back, intending to give Jeongguk a few moments to catch his breath when Jimin’s voice caught him off guard.

“Come on,” Jimin sounded annoyed before slapping his panting boyfriend’s cheek hard, “I’m getting – ah!

Jimin’s moans were a sharp staccato, raw and surprised in the midst of his cruel taunts. He was forced to hunch forward, palms pressed flat on the mattress for stability. Taehyung slowly palmed at his own cock, carefully watching as Jeongguk’s bicep and forearm flexed, veins bold underneath his skin. The man was forcing his fingers into Jimin, deep and fast, enough to make the smaller man try and pull off when he ground his fingers in wide circles while up to his final knuckle.

“J-Jeonggukkie, s-slow down,” Jimin dissolved into moans again when his request went unheeded.

He patted the sheets blindly until his fingers brushed the casing of the remote, jabbing at the little button to increase the vibration of Jeongguk’s plug. That soon stopped the younger man, his fingers slipped wetly out of Jimin’s well fucked ass so he could fist the sheets beside him. He couldn’t even pretend to take it well, his ass clenching on the toy only drew it to press more tightly against his prostate, the rumbling vibrations making his cock weep.

“Hah, that must hurt, baby,” Jeongguk full on whined when Jimin pressed the toy in further, “If you’d listen you wouldn’t be in the position,” he sung.


Taehyung jolted in surprise when Jeongguk suddenly tensed, thick neck straining, arms and legs pressing stiffly into the mattress. From where his head had been thrashing, the blindfold had risen slightly, and a few tears rolled over his flushed cheeks. His hips spasmed and Jimin spoke softly, “Tae, look.”

He followed down to where Jimin was looking and his jaw dropped slightly as he saw the unmistakable streaks of cum smeared inside the plastic of his cage and dribbling out between his legs.

“Woah, I didn’t know he could, you know, with that on,” Taehyung tried not to sound too entertained by it all.

“Well, he’s not supposed to,” Jimin gently pulled out the slim plug to Jeongguk’s visible relief. He lifted Jeongguk’s caged cock by the tip with one finger, and then let it fall down to hit his balls, to Jeongguk’s visible distress, “You’ve got the control of a teenager.

“Believe it or not, it’s not a very pleasurable experience. Feels almost like your mum walking in on you jerking off, and you cum out of shock. A bit disappointing.”

“Traumatic, more like,” Taehyung hated that he could relate to Jimin’s comparison.

Jimin giggled, “Trust me, when I take this off it’ll be anything less than traumatic, huh baby?”

Taehyung palmed at Jeongguk’s thighs, making sure to squeeze especially hard at the raised stripes of red from the crop. His hands were released so he could hold Jimin open as he licked him out. The chain on his nipples had been loosened, Jimin holding it tight in his fist as he rode Jeongguk’s face. He tugged on it harshly when Jeongguk rubbed his tongue against his asshole with sloppy shakes of his head, smearing spit everywhere and making him groan.

Jimin smirked when he looked up at Taehyung, the other man had cupped his balls in one hand, massaging gently while his other rubbed messily around the head of his cock. Taehyung was fixated on where Jimin’s thighs were spread open around Jeongguk’s head, focued on the stream of wet noises coming from Jeongguk’s mouth.

“Stop playing with your cock, Tae,” Jimin spoke between moans.

He swore he saw Taehyung’s bottom lips wobble as he listened and let go, sweaty palms resting against his knees.

“Good boy, I need that later so hands off.”

Taehyung nodded dumbly, open mouthed and bleary eyed.

“Doesn’t mean you can be lazy though, hm? This slut,” Jimin slapped Jeongguk’s side, the man under him gasping out in shock, “is working hard, why don’t you help him out.”

Taehyung swallowed thickly and raised up on his knees, eager to do something. Jimin grinned and told him to grab the discarded vibrator.

Feeling only a twinge of regret for what he was about to do, Taehyung pressed the metal of the toy against his friends caged cock and turned it on. The resulting vibrations made him jump slightly, the strength of them buzzing into his fingertips.

Jimin panted over the clattering of the metal on plastic, Jeongguk groaning in panic below him. His orgasm in the cage must have been awful because he seemed almost scared of another, hips trying to pull as far away from the vibrations as possible.

“That’s it baby,” Jimin cooed, “So loud for us.”

His sweet tone vanished quickly when he shuffled forward on his knees. Taehyung looked up through his hair as Jimin hovered over his boyfriend’s mouth, balls not far from his lips.
One of his hands slipped between his legs to squeeze at the hot heavy skin, knowing Jeongguk was watching.

“Are you gonna lick here for me? Put that nasty mouth to good use,” Jimin watched the arousal on Taehyung’s face, knowing Jeongguk enjoyed being ignored.

Before the other man could even respond, Jimin lowered himself back down, the wide flat on Jeongguk’s tongue stroking against him immediately. He played with the weight of his balls gently at first, rolling his tongue around them, sucking one into his mouth.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s it, just like that,” Jimin whined.

Deciding to be a bit more cruel, he reached back to fist Jeongguk’s hair tightly, “Take it all! Come one – oh!

Taehyung cursed as Jeongguk stretched his mouth to take in Jimin’s balls, spit spilling out around his mouthful.

“Turn up the vibration, Taehyung,” Jimin’s voice was shaky, “If you bite me, baby, you’re gonna be back in that blindfold and that cage won’t be coming off for a while. I’ll get you used to taking dick instead, make you even more of a bitch than you are now. Bet you like the sound of that, bet it’s what you’ve wanted all this time, huh.”

Jeongguk’s chest was convulsing as he tried to breathe through his nose and cry out at the force of the vibrations on his sensitive dick. Jimin’s words had him trying to scream around his mouthful in protest.

Taehyung gaze jumped from Jeongguk’s mouth in shock when Jimin near squealed, he pulled on Jeongguk’s chain to make him shout louder - the buzz from his screams running through his cock so nicely – before collapsing forward, face coming to rest on Jeongguk’s hip, knocking the vibrator out of Taehyung’s hands. Jeongguk’s mouth opened and closed, adjusting to the sudden amount of air he could breathe in now Jimin lay limp.

When Jimin had slid off Jeongguk, his soft cock smearing his cum across Jeongguk’s nipples, he propped himself up against the headboard. Taehyung had scrambled to turn of the vibrator from where it was buzzing mutely against the bedding. It took him a while with how he struggled to look away from Jimin’s face. He looked so…cute, face flushed, hair fluffed up and the nastier side of Taehyung leered at his soft cock, resting so perfectly on his thigh, the shaft flushed and balls shiny with spit still.

“Do you want to play with him, Tae? I’ve had enough for now,” Jimin smiled over at Jeongguk when he moaned pitifully at his rejection.

Really, who was Taehyung to refuse. He manhandled Jeongguk over onto his knees, the weight of the other man’s frame remind him just how big Jeongguk was compared to him and Jimin, how easily he could have either of them under his control if he wanted. Jeongguk’s face screamed petulance, playing up now at Jimin handing him over so easily. Taehyung grinned, he’d get him back into place in no time.

He grunted in shock when he felt the long forgotten crop slap against his cage again, head spinning round to see Jimin standing at his side. With the crop held loosely in his grip he tapped against the plastic a few more times.

“TaeTae can’t use this,” the crop slid up beneath his nipple clamp chains, jostling them before reaching his mouth, “and we’ve all used this up already,” the tab of the crop rubbed against his swollen lips.

He met Taehyung’s equally playful gaze, the smile slipping off quickly as he hit Jeongguk’s shoulder with the crop.

“Eyes front! Our Taehyung has as surprise for you, big baby, be patient.”

Jeongguk looked wearily up at Jimin when the other man slipped in front of him, sitting cross legged.

“I ruined our little blindfold game, so here’s a new challenge. I’m gonna put this,” he waved the crop, “in your mouth. If you drop it, your dick stays locked. If you keep it in, you’ll be out in no time. What do you say?”

Jeongguk’s eyes blazed, itching to take on the challenge, “Hurry up then, hyung.”

Said man just rolled his eyes and shoved the crop to rest between Jeongguk’s teeth. His tongue came up on reflex to stroke against the leather, gagging slightly at the strong taste, spit already flooding his mouth.

If Taehyung was going to spank him, he must be overestimating his strength if he thought he’d falter from it. He arched his back, shoving his ass up towards Taehyung to taunt him once the man’s hands landed on his ass cheeks. He looked Jimin in the eyes resolutely.

That resolve dissolved at breakneck speed, when instead of Taehyung’s palm crashing down on him, he felt the hot brush of his tongue against his asshole.


Taehyung wasn’t gentle with him, fucking his tongue into him quickly, making sure it sounded as sloppy as possible.

Jimin grabbed him by the chin, gripping hard to avoid slipping with the streaks of drool on Jeongguk’s face.

“Look at you, you think you’re such a big boy huh? But all it takes is someone’s mouth on you to make you cry.”

“He’s so tight, Jimin,” Taehyungs voice was low.

“Mm, I know. For someone who doesn’t really like things shoved up his ass, he likes your tongue an awful lot,” he laughed.

When the slick sounds started up again, Jeongguk’s eyes got teary. He’d always been so responsive to any stimulation, tears springing to his eyes so easily when he was feeling extra sensitive.

He understood why Jimin’s loved mocking him whenever Taehyung gave him head. He was so good at it, so good his pleasure addled mind felt pathetic, how could he ever make Jimin feel this good.

Every few licks, Taehyung would suck around his rim, teeth gently stroking the flesh, heat searing through his nerves.

“Why don’t you tell me, tell me how much you like getting your dirty little ass licked out by TaeTae.”

Taehyung moaned at that, going at him more ferociously. Jeongguk, shook his head, carefully adjusting his grip on the crop.

He shouted, the crop nearly rolling out of his mouth when Jimin tugged directly at the clamps on his nipples, the blood swollen buds burning at the touch.

Say. It.”

The fight drained out of jeongguk’s body, shoulders slumping as he sobbed.

He parroted Jimin’s words back to him, the words slurred from his full mouth.

“Sorry, couldn’t quite hear that,” Jimin teased.

When the crop was yanked from between his teeth he looked up at Jimin frantically, and the other man cooed down at his teary face.

“Aw don’t worry, the games not over, we just need to hear you more clearly.”

Jeongguk’s lips quivered, throat bobbing as he tried not to break down.

“I like when TaeTae licks me,” he forced out.

“Not quite,” Jimin sang.

“I like when Tae licks my ass!”

“Wrong again, love.”

Jeongguk heaved, humiliation rocking through him more because he just couldn’t stop pushing back onto Taehyung’s face, couldn’t stop creating the image of the slighter man behind him, touching such an intimate place making him weak.

“I like it when TaeTae licks my a-“he quickly corrected himself at Jimin pulling on his hair,” when TaeTae licks my dirty little ass!” he choked out.

“Did you hear that, Tae?”

Taehyung lay off from Jeongguk’s ass, head starting to get fuzzy, jaw aching, “Hm?”

“Jeongguk has something to say to you, wants to thank you for your hard work.”

Jimin stroked Jeongguk’s shaking back, petting him as though he was sympathetic despite the glee on his face.

“Taehyung, th-thank you for,” he swallowed heavily a few times before continuing, “thank you for licking my ass.”

Ugh fuck, it’s no problem babe. You like playing like you’re so big, don’t you. Think just because you have a big cock, a big body, you get to be in charge. Just look at you now though, that cock’s not much help is it. All these muscles and you still let me eat you out, huh? Just kneel there and take it, because hyung told you too, hm? Such a good boy.”

Taheyung’s gravelly voice, had Jimin rubbing at his hard-on once more.

“Fuck Tae, it’s your turn now yeah, lie down.”

He’d never been so happy to hear that, throwing himself back, once arm over his eyes in anticipation.

“Got to get, Jeongguk out of his cage first though, he didn’t drop his toy so he won this time.”

Jeongguk sniffled, “Like I don’t win every time.”

“Hey, I still have the key, don’t be so cheeky,” Jimin mumbled as he grabbed it out of the drawer, “Come on, on your back, open your legs.”

Jeongguk felt the heat rush to his cheeks as he rolled over, feeling shy suddenly. He squirmed when Jimin had to lift the cage up to unlock it, thighs twitching as the cage slowly came apart, sliding off from around his balls and his shaft.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Taehyung had propped himself up to watch.

“There we go,” he praised as he eased the last inch off, letting it clatter onto the bedside table.

“Oh look at you, my big baby. You’re so hot, this must hurt so badly.”

Taehyung watched in awe as Jeongguk’s cock responded to Jimin’s soft strokes, filling out.

“Is it sore, honey?”

Jeongguk nodded sadly despite his relief at being freed.

“That’s a shame…now go and get the lube for me.”

He did as told, crawling back to Jimin and hissing with each movement his tender cock made. Jimin was sucking Taehyung’s cock, ass arched up between his legs and Jeongguk got the hint. He huffed as he fingered more lube up into Jimin, eyes glued to the way his long fingers were so easily sucked inside.

“I won’t make you wait any longer, Tae.”

That must be nice, Jeongguk thought.

Jimin straddled his friend’s hips, smiling down at him, sultry even in his desperation before changing his mind. He spun around so he faced Jeongguk now, remembering on the off chance that Taehyung had a soft spot for this position.

“Shit, Jimin,” Taehyung whispered, hands already gripping onto the soft give of Jimin’s hips.

“The whole time, don’t take your eyes off me,” Jimin ordered, “Jeongguk, come and put him in me.”

Taehyung spared Jeongguk a look of pity, he couldn’t muster up anything but desire now it was his turn to fuck Jimin.

“Ah! Don’t be petty, Jeonggukkie!” Taehyugn griped.

Jeongguk had grabbed his cock with an unnecessarily tight grip, the uncomfortable throb of it soon forgotten as Jimin sank straight onto him.

Oh my God.

Taehyung gasped, fingers digging into Jimin’s ass, pushing his ass cheeks together when Jimin milked his cock, tightening up on his dick in waves. He slapped at Jimin’s ass when the other man started grinding his hips in little figure eights, clenched tight around him.

Shit,” he tried thrusting up but his hips collapsed when Jimin started bouncing with quick little jumps of his ass.

Taehyung trembled when he saw Jimin had his hands on Jeongguk’s shoulders, using his boyfriend as support to fuck another man. Jimin’s voice was high, moaning out every time his ass smacked down against Taehyung’s pelvis or each time Taehyung spanked him or scraped his nails against his fat ass.

As much as Jimin loved to tease, he was gagging for it as much as the other two. He let his body weight rest on Jeongguk’s broad shoulders, kissing his boyfriend as Taehyung’s cock stabbed into him perfectly.

“B-baby, look here,” Jeongguk followed Jimin’s gaze down past his soft belly, ”Look where Taehyung’s in me, he’s so big, I have to keep squeezing his cock, he’s making me so loose.”

Jeongguk shook.

“You’re gonna be in here after yeah, gonna have his sloppy seconds and be grateful for it. Watch Taehyung, let him teach you how to fuck, baby.”

Jeongguk couldn’t take it, his own cock was jumping, watching his boyfriends little body bounce so happily on somebody elses dick, it wasn’t fair. He reached between Jimin’s legs, wrapped his fingers around Taehyung’s balls and squeezed gently at first, before tightening his grip.

“Jimin! Fuck, Jimin I’m gonna cum!”

Looking over his shoulder, face incredulous, Jimin’s jaw dropped, “Are you serious? It’s been a minute!

“I-I’m not joking, uhn, yeah,”

Jimin pulled off, shaking his head in shock. He ignored Jeongguk laughing in favour of watching Taehyung’s heavy cock slap back against his stomach, dribbling out cum still. His face was blissed out, eyes hooded and mouth smiling, not a trace of shame.

“You really can’t blame me,” he sighed.

Jeongguk snorted again at that, finding the whole thing hilarious. He soon shut up when Jimin reached for his nipple clamps. He steeled himself, ready for the torturous sensation to start up again. His eyes sprung open when Jimin opened the clamp with gentle fingers, leaning in to blow over the stiff flesh, making him shiver.

“Oh, hyung,” he cried when Jimin started licking over his nipples with firm flicks of his tongue, moving between them a few times.

“You gonna fuck me now, with this big cock?” Jimin squeezed along Jeongguk’s shaft, the skin hot against his palm.

Jimin was back on all fours, after pushing Jeongguk off the bed to stand behind him. Not before slipping his blindfold on again, deciding not to go so easy on his boy.

“Come on now, baby, hurry up.”

Jeongguk shuffled forward hesitantly, until his knees touched the edge of the bed. Jimin had told him to use no hands, and he thrust his hips forward uselessly, trying to sink his cock into Jimin’s heat. He missed, the head of his cock sliding down Jimin’s ass crack, over an ass cheek before he’d had enough. He blindly reached out until his palms hugged Jimin’s ass, His thumbs slid down his crack to spread his cheeks, something flaring up inside him when he felt Taehyung’s cum, thick and wet there.

He jabbed forward a few more times, grunting out when he sunk home. He was paralysed by the feeling for a moment, the fat head of his cock finally wrapped up in the soft heat of Jimin’s ass again, his balls squashed up against Jimin’s as he pressed their bodies tightly together.

“Bad boy, couldn’t get your dick in without help,” teased Jimin. His eyebrows furrowed when Jeongguk reached up to pull off his blindfold, tossing it to the side.

“Your bad boy, yeah?” Jeongguk smiled, grinding his cock in slow small circles to hear Jimin gasp.

When Jimin’s arm flew back to grab at the chain hanging from his collar, Jeongguk swore, neck jerking forward when the smaller man wrapped the end in his fist and tugged him down.

He strained on his tiptoes, hunched over him, going still when Jimin spoke into his ear, “I thought I told you to be grateful to get your dick wet with Tae’s cum, hm? Why don’t you fuck me properly and show me,” Jimin pushed Jeongguk back with a jerk of his shoulder, the length of the chain letting him stand back up with only a slight curve to his spine.

Despite having negative desire to have to get it up again, Taehyung watched Jeongguk pull out until only a few inches sat inside Jimin. His jaw dropped when Jeongguk fucked the thick column of his cok back in, using every ounce of his body weight to drive deep. The lewd slapping sounds of Jeongguk’s thighs against Jimin’s rang out, the strength of his strokes forcing lube to leak out of Jimin’s ass in wet squirts. He’d never seen someone get fucked so brutally, the sight of it making his body flush with heat when he was sure he should be horrified.

Y-yeah, yeah,” Jimin’s words were slurred amongst his staccato moans as Jeongguk fucked him.

His head bounced like a rag doll, mouth open and drooling, thighs shaking. Jeongguk’s abs tensed on each thrust, using all his strength to drill his cock into Jimin’s asshole, he knew he’d fucked in just right for the head of his cock to kiss Jimin’s prostate, when the man tugged on his chain, squealing out.

Hyung, hyung, can I come?”

Jimin was breathless, it took him a few seconds to gather himself and respond, “A little bit longer, baby, so good.

Taehyung licked his lips, diving in to kiss against Jimin’s slack dripping mouth. He pulled back to spit on his palm, snaking the hand down to grab at Jimin’s swinging cock, jerking his fist over it as he licked into Jimin’s mouth, swallowing his moans.

“Does it hurt, hyung? You m-must be sore,” Jeongguk said shakily, mimicking Jimin’s words.

It did hurt, in the best way. Jeongguk hadn’t fucked him like this in a while, with good reason. Rough sex like this left Jimin aching for days, left him gaping and empty. Jeongguk couldn’t get his dick back in for those few days, would have to gently finger him with oil to soothe him, massage his lower back, slowly eat him out, wanting to wait on him hand and foot.

Despite all this, Jimin wouldn’t stop him, couldn’t, as his prostate was rubbed against, cock dribbling into Taehyung’s soft hand. It took Jeongguk battering his cock inside and spanking him roughly in time to push him over the edge. He tensed up in his orgasm, muscle spasms jerking the chain forward forcing Jeongguk to still his hips as his ass clenched down on him.

Jimin cried out his pleasure, eyes stinging with tears form the intensity, Taehyung not letting go from playing with the head of his cock until Jimin’s body collapsed under Jeongguk’s weight.
The taller man pulled out slowly, with a dirty sucking noise. Taehyung came over to stand against Jeongguk, hugging his waist as his cock finally flopped out, shining with a mix of their cum and lube. Jimin’s upper thighs were damp with smears of the stuff and Taehyung couldn’t help but reach down to pull his cheeks open.

“Look at what you did, Jeongukkie, such a good job.”

Jimin’s asshole twitched weakly, the muscles going lax, letting more cum dribble out onto the silk sheets. His rim was puffy and red, fitting in perfectly between his blushed and scratched up ass cheeks.

When he looked back over his shoulder, face red, lips fat and glistening, eyes shining, Jeongguk felt himself go weak in the knees and crawled forward to spoon him on the messy sheets. He kissed along his neck, murmuring thanks you’s, burying his nose in Jimin’s fluffy hair. Accidentally brushing his ass against Jeongguk’s soft cock when he shuffled further into his hold, Jeongguk winced and cupped his crotch in one hand.

Taheyung wiggled his way into Jimin’s arms soon after, curling up so he was face to face. He kissed each man gently before making a thoughtful noise.

“Hm, the watermarks on these sheets…”

Jimin groaned, “Ah shit, you reckon I could throw them in the washer?”

Jeongguk shook his head behind him, “No way, gotta dry clean them.”

“Taehyung’s taking them, then.”

“I’m the guest!”

“Some guest you are, huh? Coming over and fucking my boyfriend,” Jeongguk groused.

Making an indignant noise, Taehyung was about to argue back until Jimin cut him off with a press of his lips. He could hear Jeongguk making kissing noises behind him and rolled his eyes, turning back to kiss him as well.

“Babies,” he sighed, content, despite the mess, in the warmth surrounding him.