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The Beginning of Everything

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Hannibal Lecter……. had been alone for years. He needed no one other than himself to survive. His parents and sister were taken from him a very young age, and from then until the age of twelve he was alone. At the age of twelve Hannibal’s uncle Robertus found him living alone in an abandoned house in the woods near his family’s home, and even when Robertus brought him home, he would still wander out to his home in the woods, wanting to be alone.

And Hannibal was ok with being alone….. that was until he met Will Graham. Will Graham is the only reason Hannibal is letting the FBI get even remotely close to him. And Will was slowly becoming the only reason for Hannibal to love again. And for Hannibal that would be a miracle in itself. For love is not something Hannibal has felt since the death of his darling sister Mischa. And Hannibal was determined to make sure Will would never find out his secret. But, fate was not yet in his corner.

Will Graham…….has always felt alone, even though he had his dad. Never his mother though, she had left when he was young. His father, even though he was there, was always drunk. Johnathn Graham always cared for Will though. No matter what, he always managed to take great care of Will. Though Will always felt alone, no matter how much time he spent with his father or his dogs.

No one understood his empathy disorder…….that was until he met Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal had quickly become Wills sun and his everything. Will no longer felt alone because he had Hannibal, who understands him and his empathy better than anyone else ever could. And Will was slowly falling in-love with Hannibal and nothing could change. Not even if Hannibal was a killer. Which Will knew was not possible. For Will loved no one more, than he loved Hannibal. But, things were not all they seemed about Hannibal.