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The Other Trager Girl

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The ride back to Charming was fairly uneventful. The Mayans that had the motel under surveillance skittered the minute he, Clay and Jackie had ridden up. He was sure to scurry back and tell Alvarez that the Sons had come to escort the outsiders to Charming.

Not that he was especially worried. Both Jackie and Clay were able and from what he had gleaned from the Chicago lads, with the exception of the techie, were more than capable. In fact the youngest Lyons seemed to be itchin' for some kind of dust up. He wasn't sure if he was seein' things or not, but the lad seemed to far too out of sorts about what had happened with the lassies.

But it really wasn't his concern, other than it seemed to rattle Jackie some. He knew when he had answered his door this morning that whatever internal debate Jackie was having seemed to be done and he'd made his choice. With the little lassie in his arms Jackie looked well, content, and in a way he never had before. So, he hoped Butch got his head out of his arse soon and got with the fuckin' program.

They were about six blocks from the clubhouse when he could see Jules sauntering down the street. That really was the only word for it. Looking over, he could see the middle Lyons boy grin. Ah, this must be a usual ritual for them. He shook his head for a second trying to block out the thought of Kerrieanne, did no good for him to wallow there.

Over the roar of the bikes he could hear Jake Lyons holler at the lass. "You can ride with Red, he's got room for ya."

Jules nodded and he nearly laid his bike down as he watched her swing up behind her eldest brother without the lad slowing down a fuckin' bit, like this was something that had been done hundreds of times. The lass wrapped her arms around her brother and rested her head on his back, flashing Jackie a wide grin.

He could see Jackie shaking his head in front of him like he was havin' trouble believin' what he was seein'. He could hear the younger two Lyons laughing and for one moment he almost forgot what had brought them all to this place.

It was all brought back home when they reached the lot and Tig was standing there with the little lassie in his arms, white bandage like a beacon on her cheek. But even with her wound the little lassie was bouncin' around, happy as a lark.

After he, Clay and Jackie got their bikes parked they walked over to the picnic tables where everyone else had seemed to gather. Looked like Ope had shown up while they were gone, still lookin' a little shell-shocked at the events of the last ten hours. Couldn't blame him, it was kind of a mind-fucker.

While the Lyons were getting their bikes parked, the lassie made it clear now that Jackie was back, that's where she wanted to be until her Mum and rest of the clan made their way over. Jackie took her happily, listening as the lassie told him all about Bobby's pancakes and helping with the eggs. Ope looked over at him and raised an amused eyebrow. He shrugged back with a smile. He had no answer for Ope, he'd never seen Jackie like this. Oh, sure the lad was head over heels for Abel, but the boy was still in the hospital, and Sophie was here. And she was mobile, verbal, and at the age she was, it was all about her. But here was Jackie, soakin' it up like he'd been there from day one.

Hell, didn't even seem to bother Tiggy that much. The SAA just looked over at the two with a slight softening around the eyes. Ah...he got it. Tiggy could handle the bond being forged if it meant the lassies would stay in Charming.

But looking over at the gaggle of Lyons', he had the feeling that Papa Lyons was feeling quite the opposite. Jake Lyons had gotten off of his bike and gone right to Jules, pulling her into his arms and planting a kiss on her temple. He could see the man speaking to her and after a minute or two, the older man nodded and then let her go, jerking his head towards the two youngest lads.

While Jake had been talking with Jules, Red had been digging in a saddlebag. When Jake was done with her, he stopped for a moment to speak with his eldest son and VP. While he couldn't see the younger man's face completely, he could see the man's jaw clench and then his head nod. Jake clapped him on the shoulder and started to walk towards the tables where SAMCRO had gathered with Sophie. Red stopped him for a second by shoving something into his chest. Jake looked down and smiled a little and nodded, then continued his walk towards his grand-daughter as his son walked over to his siblings who were in a huddle of their own, arms wrapped around each other, heads down so that their conversation could be private. He smiled just a smidge. He hadn't had siblings, but he'd had plenty of cousins and he recognized the move. It was a way to have a private family talk in public.

When Red got to them, he put his, well, the other two hadn't been wrong to call him Gigantor, arms nearly around the other three and leaned his head between Butch and Jules.

He looked over to Jackie who was staring unabashed, like if he looked hard enough he'd be able to figure out what was being said. The lad was so caught up that he almost didn't notice Jake Lyons until Sophie squealed in his ear. "Grampa!" Jackie jumped a little and Jake chuckled.

"Maybe not so loud baby Princess. I'm sure Jax likes his hearing." The man reached and took the lassie from Jackie.

Sophie looked back at Jackie. "I sorry Jax." Then hugged her Grandpa. "Hi Grampa."

Jake hugged her like he hadn't seen her in years. "Hi baby." Then pulled away to look at the lassie as he pressed something into her arms. "Uncle Red brought you somethin'."

The lassie beamed. "'Pook!" Then waved the little stuffed German Shepard at Tiggy. "Look Other Papa! ’Pook!" Then looked back at Jake. "Other Papa gave me a Sam bear so 'Pook has a friend."

Jake looked at Tig with neutral eyes and then back to Sophie and his eyes softened. "Well...isn't that just a little bit of alright." The lassie nodded and hugged her Grandpa.

The lassie looked over at the Lyons' siblings. "Want Unca's and Mommy."

Jake gave her a kiss on the head. "In a few minutes baby. Uncle Red wants to talk to them for a minute."

He laughed to himself. Right. No, the lad was doing his father's dirty work. But he had the feeling that wasn't a new thing. He knew how MC's were. Da's were gone. A lot. He had the feeling, especially for the two youngest, that Red was as much a father figure as Jake was.