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The Other Trager Girl

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Chibs sat back in a chair in the main clubhouse with a beer in his hand, glass of whiskey on the table. Hap and Sack had left to take the Nazi piece of shite somewhere far more private so when the Chicago lads got here in the morning they'd be able to have a productive conversation with the fuckwad.

As usual, Bobby and Juice were arguing over music. While he stayed out of it, privately he agreed with Bobby. He wasn't sure what Juicy-boy listened to, but most of it was noise to him. Usually there were croweaters and sweetbutts around to distract him from the noise, but with what was going on tonight he understood why Clay had them sent away.

He was just getting ready to bellow at the two of them to shut their gobs when the door to the dorms opened and Tig and the lass came through, the lass holding a baby monitor.

She looked over at Juice and Bobby and shook her head at Juice. "Dude. Why in the fuck are you trying to get him to listen to your new metal bullshit?"

He and Tig laughed as Bobby looked over at her with a thankful grin. "Thank you for speakin' sense to him darlin'."

He saw Jackie come in and his smile broadened. Ye'd have to be dead not to notice the lad's reaction to Tig's daughter and grand-daughter and despite the early interest in Hap, he had the feeling no man saw Jules bed without Sophie's approval and the lassie hadn't shown one iota of interest in Hap while Jackie was already a favorite, candy or not.

Juicy looked to defend himself. "His musical tastes are stuck in the sixties and seventies. I'm just trying to bring him into the twenty-first century."

Jackie had gotten a beer for himself and had brought one to the lass, who took it with a nod of thanks. After taking a swallow, she gave Juice a withering look. "First of all, nothing wrong with being stuck in the sixties and seventies musically. Seriously, you're going to dis the Beatles, Stones, the Who, Zeppelin, Dylan, do I need to go on? Plus, he was singing Elvis to Miss Thing when I came in." She turned to Bobby. "Really well too. Sophie thinks that's a Pearl Jam song by the way." Then turned back to Juice. "And if you want to bring him into the twenty first century you don't play him fucking Linkin Park. Play him White Stripes. The Black Keys. Kings of Leon." She looked back at Bobby. "You love Elvis, right?"

Bobby nodded. "You could say that darlin'. I do an Elvis act." The rest of them chuckled.

Her eyes widened happily. "Cool. While we are here, you are welcome to sing to Sophie whenever you want. She will worship you forever." Then grinned. "Back to the point." She looked back to Juice. "You want to introduce new music to people you have to build off what they already like. He's a classic rock dude, you gotta give him blues based modern rock." Then shook her curls again. "Then again, from what little I've heard, I'm pretty sure Sophie has better taste in music than you do."

Tiggy was sitting back with a grin splittin' his face at his kid takin' Juicy down. "What does the baby doll like?"

Jules turned to her Da. "The order changes day to day but her top four are the White Stripes, Pearl Jam, Eric Church, and Garbage." Then chuckled. "This month."

Juice frowned. "I've heard of all of them except the guy." Juice sounded put out. He thought himself up on things.

Jules shrugged. "Country artist. Only has one album. But she likes it. So do I." She shrugged again. "I'll tolerate most anything for a little while, and actually like most anything other than well, a lot of heavy metal, you know, thrash and speed metal. Sorry, I like melody and am a sucker for a well-crafted song." Then the lass tilted her head and grinned, and once again there was no doubt to who her father was. "And I refuse to listen to Mexican polka. I hate that shit. I'd rather have to listen to that God awful hate metal that Dougie was poisoning my sound system with than listen to that excuse for music."

"But you're half Mexican." Juice looked confused.

Jules look turned back into Tiggy's psycho look. "I am not Mexican. I am not Latina. I am not Spanish. I am Basque." Then looked back to Tig. "Or at least half Basque." Tiggy chuckled behind her while everyone other than him and Tiggy looked confused. Tig, because he was assumin' Tig knew the lass's Mum's history, and him, well he was from Europe and the Basque weren't all that dissimilar to the Catholics in Northern Ireland.

Jules looked around and noticing the look on his face, gave him a wry grin. "Yeah." Then looked at Jackie and Bobby. "Technically Basque country is parts of Spain and France. It spans the border along the north." Then glanced back her Da. "My mother's father is from the Spanish side. Navarre. My mother's mother is originally from the French side. Labourd. Well, before her family moved to Paris not long after she was born. They both came to the States after World War II. My grandfather went back a couple of months before my mother was born. He's a founding member of the ETA."

He arched an eyebrow. Jackie looked at the lass. "Okay, I'll admit it. I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about." Then looked over at him. "But I'm guessing you do."

He nodded and took a drag of his smoke. "ETA is kinda like the IRA Jackie. Basque nationalists. Terrorists to others." He looked over at the lass. "Didn't they break a cease-fire not that long ago?"

She shrugged. "Probably. Aitona Baroja sends letters from prison in France, trying to get me into the cause, but I think he forgets I'm a couple of generations removed. And American." Then looked at Juice. "But I'm Basque enough to take offense when someone calls me Mexican." She shook her head. "Seriously, the Basque were there when Caesar came to Gaul and he calls me a Mexican." With a chuckle she rolled her eyes to the ceiling. "No wonder Sophie shook her head at you. You're another Dennis. Put you in front of a computer you're a fucking genius. The rest of the time, someone should follow your pretty boy ass around to make sure you don't do something retarded." The lass took a long swallow of her beer.

At that Tiggy nearly fell out of his chair laughing, Bobby and Jackie not far behind. He had a pretty big grin on his face himself. The lass had kinda hit the nail on the head when it came to Juicy. Tech wise the boy was a genius, the rest of it, not so much.

The lass looked at Juice with a smile. "Sorry dude, I've had a really crap couple of days and a bit of a temper on my best day, and this is nowhere near that. And you've been an exceptionally easy target."

Juice gave her a shaky smile back. "Well, you haven't tried to punch me, so we're cool." Then Juice slid his chair back and got up. "Think I'm gonna head out. I'll see you guys in the morning."

The lass looked a little dismayed. "I didn't mean to run you out of your own clubhouse, dude."

Juice shook his head. "You're not." Then grinned a little. "I'm almost through a level, kind of want to finish it tonight."

He shook his head. This was another time that most of them had no bloody idea what the fuck Juice was talking about. But the lassie nodded. "'re a gamer." She shook her head. "So not a gamer, but have plenty of friends who are. Halo or Call of Duty?" He grinned behind his hand, the lass was doing a fine job of assuaging any hurt feelings.

"Call of Duty." Juice grinned while the rest of them rolled their eyes.

Jules nodded. "Okay. Like I said. So not a gamer." Then laughed. "Unless you count Candyland."

Juice waved his goodbye and as the door closed behind him Jules looked at the rest of them. "He was patched because none of the rest of you know how to use a computer, right?"

Jackie looked at her with an amused look. "That obvious?"

She grinned. "He's Dennis all over. Seriously, even the legacy was close to not being enough for him."

Jackie frowned. "Legacy?"

She looked at all of them. "Yeah. Oh, I forget you guys probably don't know. The Chicago chapter of Satan's Sons you only get to prospect if you're a legacy or if you're former military. And they prefer Special Forces. And what they really prefer is both. Other charters don't have that particular rule, but we do. Rip got in because he was Recon. Jake is both. His Dad, Old Jake, was a fighter pilot in Korea and Satan's Sons President until about ten years ago. Jake was Recon with Rip. Red is Jake's son, so he's third generation and he did six years in the Marines, Recon also. Red is six years older than me. Dennis is Jake's middle kid. Went to M.I.T. at fifteen but wanted to be MC. He's three years older than me. Butch is Jake's youngest. He's the odd one. Kinda. Went to Annapolis then BUDS school for the SEALS. He's a Lieutenant. Last I knew he was somewhere in Afghanistan. But who knows, since he's been a SEAL, 'it's classified' comes out of his mouth on a pretty regular basis. He's a year and a half older than I am." She nodded with a smile. "Shit, those three are more my brothers than Dougie. Rip was my legal guardian, but Jake, and then Jake and Lu fuckin' raised me." She laughed. "More proof that woman needs her head examined. Hook up with a guy who has four kids ranging from sixteen to ten?" Then looked around. "I'm rambling again. I do that sometimes."

He wasn't sure who was more okay with it, Jackie or Tiggy. He wanted to laugh so badly. One man who usually didn't give a flying fuck about anything other than his own base wants and needs unless it was club related, and another who had spent the last two months mooning over a teenage love come back, both now happily hanging on every word coming from well, he'd never say it aloud for a number of reasons, one of the most fetching females that had stepped foot in SAMCRO's clubhouse in his tenure here. And both men eager for more. Well, no one could ever say that he didn't help a brother or brothers in need.

"No worries lassie. But I do have a question for ye, if ye don't mind?" He lit a joint and took a hit and handed it to her. She took a hit and gestured for him to ask away. "That was quite the smack ye laid on the little Nazi shite. Ye've made that motion more than once. Do ye go around smackin' people like that often?"

She grinned as Tig choked on the hit of the joint she had passed to him. "No."

He grinned back. "Lass, I think this may be one of those times ye need to ramble a bit."

She looked over at Tig. Then looked over at Jackie and Bobby. As she went to answer, the clubhouse door opened and Sack and Hap came through. As the two went and grabbed beers, she looked back to him. "I don't hit people like that often, but I have spent more hours than I really care to think about hitting tennis balls. That was the down swing of a tennis serve."

Tig broke in. "Which at her best was close to ninety miles an hour." Then Tig looked at her. "Didn't you set the Illinois state record for aces in the state tournament?" Tiggy's tone implied that the SAA already knew the answer.

She shrugged. "Yeah. My junior year. Then set it again my senior year. I'm sure it's been broken. That was seven years ago." She made it sound like it was something that anyone could do. Maybe tennis was easier than it looked to him. Or maybe the lass was just modest.

Jackie finally got in on the conversation, but it was directed at Tig. "You know about that?"

Tig shrugged, looking a little embarrassed. All of them kept some things from their brothers, but something like a kid, that was kind of big. And the VP was calling him out, just the tiniest bit. "Like I said in the garage, I kept track of my kid. Even went to some matches when she was at Stanford for a year. Was at the match she tore her ACL at during the NCAA's." Tig looked over at his daughter with such pride it nearly made his own chest swell. "Finished the goddamned match before it totally gave out. Won too."

Jules shook her head. "Like that matters, had to forfeit the next one. Luckily we still won the National Championship." Ah, the lass was just modest.

Jackie looked at her questioningly. "Athletes rehab from that all the time and go right back. Why didn't you?" It seemed to him like the lass's answer was really important to Jackie. Like it was going to answer so much more than only the question he'd asked.

She shrugged. "As much as I love playing tennis and still do, I found out I didn't miss playing competitive tennis much. You have no idea how many hours a day get devoted to it. Between practices and then just working out so you have the stamina to play a three set match, which can go for hours, then always having to watch what you eat. That part sucked the most. And I'd been doing it since I was ten." Then an almost beatific smile crossed her face. "Plus if I'd gone back, there would be no Sophie and Sophie is better than tennis any minute of any day." Then the lassie chuckled. "Even when I have to fight every urge to give her a small dose of Benadryl so she'll stop bouncing around for five minutes."

Jackie chuckled. "Really. I can't see her that way at all." Then laughed as the disposable lighter the lass had been holding hit him square in the chest. "Hey! What, you played softball too?"

Tig grinned. "Basketball. Point guard. Sister Mary Pat would be proud."

Jules gave him a withering look. "Now I know why she'd walk around and shake her head at me and mutter 'just like your father'."

Tig's grin got wider. "She loved me."

Jules started to laugh with an incredulous look on her face. "No. She didn't."

Tig looked at her, amused. "She always told me she was praying for me."

Jules shook her head. "Because she thought you were touched by Satan." While her voice was filled with amusement, it was matter of fact. The rest of them started to laugh. He had to admit, the lass had a quick wit and good timing.

Bobby laughed. "So she knew Tig then."

He looked at Tig curiously. Tiggy had always been circumspect about his life before the Sons, saying it was the past and that was where it belonged. He knew the SAA was from the Midwest and had a fucked up relationship with his parents, that much was obvious, and had been Recon in the Marines. That was it. So he was going to take advantage. "Catholic school Tiggy?"

Tig shrugged. "Yeah, so?"

Jackie looked at Jules. "And you went to the same school and had some of the same teachers and no one said anything?"

Jules looked at Jackie like he was a little slow. "I just figured they were talking about Rip or Jake." She looked at Tig.

Tiggy sighed. "Me, Rip and Marina were friends since elementary school." After a minute. "And that's all you’re gettin' tonight." Then grinned at his kid. "I'm a mystery wrapped in an enigma to them."

"Then bubble wrapped in weird." His kid shot back. He almost fell out of his chair with laughter. He was kind of hoping the lass and lassie stuck around for a little bit, it would be fun, at least for him, to see what they would do for a couple of members of the Redwood Originals.