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The Other Trager Girl

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Gemma smiled a little as she watched the little girl scoot across the clubhouse floor triumphantly. Looking over at the girl's Mama, she gave an internal sigh. The poor girl looked about ready to pull her hair out, but to her credit, merely took a seat at one of the tables as if she were getting ready to watch a show.

She walked over and took a seat next to Tig's oldest daughter, and the two of them sat together quietly and watched the toddler say goodnight to Bobby and then the little girl turned to Chibs.

The small girl looked up at the scarred Scot. "G'night..." Then looked up at the man with a quizzical look. "What's you name?"

Chibs chuckled. "Chibs, lassie."

The little girl shook her head. "Don' like that. What's you real name?" She chuckled a little. Looks like the little one already understood the MC penchant for nicknames.

Chibs and the others chuckled. "Filip, lassie."

"G'night F'lip" Sophie skipping the first 'i' in the man's name, coming up with her own nickname Gemma guessed. "Thank you for helping with my owie." She reached up to give the Scot a hug.

"Anytime lassie." She could see Chibs close his eyes as the little girl wrapped her arms around his neck. With her dark curls and eyes, Gemma was sure that Sophie was reminding Chibs of the daughter he had been forced to leave behind in Belfast twelve years earlier. And that made her heart ache just a little for the man.

She smiled as her husband came and sat down next to her, giving her a kiss on the cheek. Then wanted to scream as Tig sat down next to Clay instead of going and sitting by his kid. She thought they had made progress when they were eating. She wondered what happened in the garage.

But she couldn't deny the small flare of delight when her son came and sat down next to the young woman, throwing an arm over the back of her chair. Maybe Tara fucking Knowles would finally be regulated to the past where she fucking belonged.

She turned back to the show as the toddler had moved onto Juice. The girl looked at the mohawked young man. "G'night..." Sophie stood there looking at the young man expectantly.

Juice swallowed. "Uh...Juice...or, um...Juan Carlos is my real name, you could call me that I guess..."

Sophie just patted Juice's knee. "G'night Juice." Trundling away shaking her head at the young man like she wasn't quite sure how someone could be so stupid.

Both her and Clay started to chuckle. It was such a Tig mannerism. Especially when dealing with Juice.

Jules looked over to them both. She leaned over the table. "That little head shake at Juice was pure Tig."

Jules nodded with a small smile. "Everyone in Chicago says it's pure me. I guess I know where I got it from." She could hear an almost wistful curiosity in the young woman's voice. Like she was finally going to get answers to questions she'd always had.

She bit back a smile as her son put a comforting hand on Jules's back as he handed the young woman a smoke. The girl looked over at her son with a smile. "Thanks."

Jackson gave her one of his best smiles in return. "Anytime darlin'."

Her attention was pulled away as Sophie came to a stop in front of her husband. Clay looked down at the small girl with Tig's curls and large dark eyes that were starting to fade fast.

The girl looked at Clay for a few moments. "G'night Gemma ol' man."

For a moment the clubhouse went totally silent until Clay's laugh boomed throughout, everyone else following suit. She didn't hold back her grin as Clay picked the girl up and placed her in his lap. "Good night little lady." Giving her a kiss on the head. "We'll see you in the morning."

Her brow furrowed for a moment when she heard Jules snicker. Sophie looked at Clay with an impish look on her small face. "Not if I see you first." Then gave Clay a hug before sliding off his lap and moving towards her.

She smiled as Sophie climbed up into her lap and wrapped her small arms around her neck. She really couldn't wait until Abel was old enough to do this.

Sophie gave her a kiss on the cheek. "G'night Gemma. Thank you for bac'n and eggs. And the 'jamas."

She gave the girl a kiss. "You're welcome sweetheart. We'll go shopping tomorrow and get you and Mommy some clothes. Okay?"

Sophie nodded, then looked up at her. "Can I get a princess dress?" She heard the guys’ chuckle.

She didn't look but she was pretty sure she heard Jules's head hit the table. And even though she knew she probably shouldn't, but fuck it, she was a Grandma now and if she wanted to spoil the fuck out of a kid, she could. She looked back at Sophie. "Sure darlin'. Why not?"

Yeah, even if her Mama was gonna be pissed, it was worth it for the smile it brought to Sophie's face. "Really?" She nodded at the little girl whose smile only got bigger. "Thank you!" Getting another hug.

She gave the girl another kiss. "But you have to go to bed for your Mommy after you finish saying goodnight. No arguing. Okay?"

Sophie nodded. "Okay." Then slid off her lap and made her way to Jax, who scooped her up, making the little girl squeal with delight and earned her son another mock smack on the back of the head from her mother. Personally, she was just fine with it. Jules could mock slap her son all she wanted to if it kept Tara away from him.

She couldn't help the smile that broke out on her face at the sight of her son and Sophie together. All of her fears about what kind of father her son might be were suddenly gone.

Sophie was nose to nose with her son. "Did you hear, I gonna get a princess dress. Gemma gonna get me one. Gamma Lu won't. Gamma Lu says biker princess don't wear dresses, but all the princesses in my books wear dresses, so I need a princess dress to be a princess. Right?" Couldn't argue with the girl's logic.

She put her hand over her mouth to cover up the grin at how flummoxed her usually confident son looked for a moment. Then Jax gave Sophie a game smile. "You sure do sweetheart."

This time she didn't hide her grin as Jules head lifted up from the table. "Honey, just for fun, what does Grandma Lu say biker princesses wear?" Jules sounded tiredly amused. Apparently Grandma Lu was a bit of a handful. Gemma knew that the woman was the old lady of Jake Lyons, therefore was Queen of the Satan's Sons.

Sophie looked over at her mother with a smile. "Leafer and diamons." And then the little girl tilted her head for a minute. "And fur." Then the little girl nodded. "That's what Gramma said."

She had to admit, she liked Grandma's idea of what biker princesses wear.

Jules nodded with a tired smile. "Honey, was Grandpa Jake in the room when Grandma said this?" The rest of them chuckled seeing exactly where Jules was heading.

Sophie nodded into Jax's shoulder. The little girl was starting to fade fast. "Yeah." Even her little voice was tired.

Jules reached over and brushed back her curls. "Grandma was yankin' your chain and tryin' to get Grandpa to buy her more bling at the same time."

Sophie nodded again. "Gramma likes bling." Her eyes were starting to close.

Jules stood up and went to take the girl from Jax. Sophie looked at her mother. "Other Papa carry me."

She looked over to see a flash of pleased surprise cross Tig's face before he schooled it back into his usual cool facade. God, she wanted to slap him. "Sure, baby doll."

When Tig walked past her, she stopped him for a second. "We moved them to the room across from you and next to Jax." He nodded as he took Sophie from Jax. She smiled as the little girl wrapped her arms around Tig's neck and buried her face in his shoulder. She could see the SAMCRO SAA gently cradle her head with a hand as he led them back to the dorms.

Her son stood as the three of them disappeared behind the closed door. The others, save her husband, dispersed. Before she could open her mouth Jackson turned to her, his face serious. "Just don't Mom. Just don't. I know you, know exactly what you're thinking, and now is not the fucking time for this. I don't want to talk about any of it and until I get shit straight in my own head, I'm not going to." Her son took a breath. "I'm going to go take a shower." He gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you in the morning. I love you." Then walked back to the dorms.

When she went to follow, Clay grabbed her arm. "You heard what he said Gem, leave him alone." Then lowered his voice. "If you want to get the outcome you want, stay the fuck out of it. You try to push him one way or the other you're just gonna end up with Tara as your daughter-in-law and Abel's mother. You stay out of it and let nature take its course, it'll be Jules."

She sighed. Her husband was probably right, but it was going to be hard not to meddle, it was her natural gear. "Fine."

Clay gave her kiss. "That's my girl. Let's go home." Putting an arm around her he walked her out of the clubhouse.