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The Other Trager Girl

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Jax knew where she had gone before the screams started and was heading for the garage. He could feel Tig on his heels and the others following.

The screams from the fucking douchebag punk didn’t really bother him. It was the screams that were coming from Jules that were scaring the hell out of him.

He opened the door to the garage to find her pummeling her kidnapper. “You castrated him?! In front of his daughter?! My daughter?! What kind of worthless piece of shit are you?!” He felt nauseous at the thought that Sophie had been witness to something that atrocious.

The worthless piece of shit looked up at her almost defiantly. “Faggots get what faggots deserve.” The words slurred due to the swelling of his jaw where she had already landed blows.

She reared back onto the tips of her toes with her arm fully extended. He could see Tig grinning like a maniac out of the corner of his eye as her arm came down and she laid a smack on Dougie hard enough to give him whiplash. “WHAT did you just say?!” He could literally see her shaking with grief and rage, tears running down her face like a faucet had been turned on. But even with all of that he could see the wheels in her head turning. She smacked the shithead again. “Faggots get what faggots deserve hmm??” He could see her eyes start to bounce around the garage.

She then spun around and oh. Holy. Shit. She had the same goddamned look in her eye that Tig gets about thirty seconds before he goes completely psycho. Although there was this part of his brain that was also registering that her psycho look was light years hotter than Tig’s.

Still shaking, she made a move for the knife hanging off his belt. Tig caught her just as her hand grazed the handle, and wrapped his arms around her. “Shh…I gotcha doll. I gotcha.”

They all kind of stood around as Tig eased the two of them down to the floor of the garage, pulling Jules into his lap as he went. She continued to sob into Tig’s chest. “She was supposed to have a Dad. Her Dad, not just someone filling in.” Another sob. “And that little prick just took that away from her, FOR NO GODDAMNED REASON!” Her voice broke as she continued to cry.

His heart damn near broke when she went on, looking up at him, her voice shot. “No wonder she didn’t say a word until you guys found us in that parking lot. Not a single word for over two days.” He hung his head trying to corral his own tears as the room went silent.

Then the little Nazi fuck started to laugh.

Before he could even move, Chibs had tipped the chair over and kicked Dougie in the head. “Shut yer mouth, ye pathetic piece of Nazi shite.” Knocking the stupid fuck out once again. He gave the Scot an approving nod.

As Jules was calming down, Tig looked up at the rest of them, hands still stroking his daughter’s hair. He felt his hands itch a little, wanting to do the same thing. “I got a question. Do my eyes look like that right before I’m about ready to go after someone?”

“Yeah.” They all answered basically as one voice.

Tig nodded. “Cool. Always wondered what that looked like.”

He smiled a little when Jules looked up at Tig. “You’re strange.”

Tig chuckled as he pulled his newly found kid to him. “Oh doll, you have no idea.”

They all laughed because A) Tig wasn’t wrong. And B) it was going to interesting to watch her find out.

He walked over and put a hand out to pull her up, trying to ignore how natural it felt. He loved Tara, had since he was a teenager and he was finally getting his second chance. But the luster of the second chance was starting to diminish as he was figuring out she had only come back to escape, of all things, an ATF stalker. On the other hand, she had saved his son who was still lying in the toaster in the NICU at St. Thomas. He owed it to her to try, didn’t he?

Those thoughts left his head the moment Jules was standing in front of him looking tired, furious, and incredibly heartbroken. Mindful that all of the other guys with the exception of Bobby were in the garage, he looked at her with a gentle smile. “You okay darlin’?”

She shook her head with a very rueful chuckle as she wiped her eyes. “You know, why don’t you ask me that in a day or two. Right now I have no fucking idea. I just need a cigarette, and then try to get Sophie to go to sleep so I can have a drink and smoke a joint. So I can get some sleep.” She took a drag of a smoke that Juice handed her.

She threw it back at Juice's face as she was exhaling. More proof she was Tig's kid. “Let me rephrase that. I need a real cigarette.” She looked over at Juice. “I bet you’re really into hip-hop aren’t you?”

Juice nodded, eyes wide. “Yeah. How’d you know?”

She snorted. “Seriously. You smoke fucking Newport’s.” Like that explained anything. She failed to elaborate.

He handed her one of his. “Not a menthol. I promise.” Lighting it for her as she put it in her mouth. He had to look away for a moment as she took the first drag, because he was suddenly overcome for a moment by a vision of her on her knees, lips wrapped around something far more precious to him.

When he looked back to her, he could see the smirk in her eyes. Goddamn, she knew exactly what he was thinking.

She looked over to Clay. “Did Jake say when in the morning they would be here?”

Clay shrugged. “He thought it would be early, like before nine.” Clay lit his own cigar. “Why sweetheart?”

She shrugged. “Son of a bitch made me leave my purse, Jake is bringing me my wallet and my phone. I’ll let Gemma know that shopping will have to wait until they get here.”

Tig frowned at his kid. “Why are ya worried about that doll? I got you and Sophie covered.” Tig seemed confused that he had a kid who didn’t even think about his money.

Jules shrugged and he hid a smile behind his hand. He had a feeling that Jules was as stubborn as her father. “If Jake and the others are here before nine, it’s a moot point. If they aren’t, I guess we can argue about it then.” She took a final drag of the cigarette that he’d given her. “I’m going to check on Sophie, see if I can’t get her to fall asleep.” She looked down at the unconscious Dougie. “This fucker wouldn’t even let her bring Spook with her.”

Clay arched an eyebrow. “Spook?”

Jules kicked Dougie in the ribs. Looked like it made her feel better. “Spook is a stuffed German Shepard that Red bought her when she was born. She doesn’t leave the house without him. She doesn’t go to bed without him. I have to wash and dry him in the middle of the night when she’s passed out or she has a meltdown.” Then realized she was rambling a little. “Yeah. Gonna go check on Sophie.”

He watched, along with the rest of them as she walked out of the garage. He had to at least be honest with himself. He was as mesmerized by the back of her as he was of the front. He was fucked. And not in the fun way. At least not yet.