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Go to Sleep Little Baby

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Angelica Schuyler Church resisted the urge to let out another annoyed huff. One of the worst things about coming to visit from another country was having to wait to get through passport control. She was in far too much of a rush to deal with this right now. Angelica had meant to be in town for the birth of her sister's third child, but the little monster had decided to be born half a week early. Unable to change her flight because of work obligations, Angelica had to suffer through a week of Alex gushing about the kid before being able to actually meet the little guy.

She anxiously shifted her weight back and forth as she stood line as the officers seemed to check everyone's passports at a sloth-like pace. How hard was it to ask a few questions and check a picture?

"You would think that in this day and age the process would go quicker," said the woman standing beside Angelica. She's much older with white hair, wrinkles, and a slightly stooped back.

Angelica smiled "No kidding. Some of us have places to be."

"Meeting your beau," the woman said knowingly, drawing a laugh from Angelica.

Meeting new people has always been a favorite activity for Angelica. It was part of the reason she'd gotten into journalism in the first place, to meet new people and talk to them.

"I actually left him back in London," Angelica replied, "I'm here to meet my new nephew."

"Congratulations, dear," said the old woman, patting Angelica's arm.

It was finally her turn, so Angelica gave the other woman a small wave and strode forward to the counter. For the length of time she had to to stand waiting in line, the few minutes it took to get her passport stamped felt ridiculously short and soon she was on her way out the door.

"Thank god," She muttered under her breath taking leave of the airport to hail a cab.

Of course, it had to be smack dab in the middle of rush hour, so she didn't get to the hospital until nearly an hour and a quarter later. She found her father and the two older kids in the maternity waiting room. The younger Philip is asleep in the chair next to the older Philip and Angelica's namesake is slowly flipping through some glossy magazine and studying the pictures intently.

"Hi dad," Angelica greeted, leaning over to kiss her father's cheek.

"Hey Angel," Philip Schuyler replied.

"You drew babysitting duty, huh?" Angelica laughed.

"Got it in one," her father said with a smile.

"Hi Angie," Angelica tried to get the attention of her niece.

"Auntie!" the girl said happily, abandoning the magazine to wrap a tight hug around Angelica's legs, "You're here!"

"I'm here," Angelica agreed, "I'll be here for a week."

"A whole week," gasped Angie, "Philip!"

Before either adult could stop her, Angie shook her older brother awake. Philip yawned as he sat up.

"What," he grumbled. He also perked up when he saw his aunt, "Aunt Angelica."

"She's here a whole week," Angie confided, climbing up into the chair and seating herself in Philip's lap.

The two of them were thick as thieves and had been that way practically since the day Angie had been born. Philip rested his chin on Angie's shoulder and grinned up at Angelica.

"Angelica you made it," Alex smiled as he walked into the room.

"Hi Daddy," Angelica grinned.

Alex's face twitched in an amusing way, "That wasn't funny the first time you said it three kids ago."

"When has that ever stopped me before?" Angelica asked rhetorically.

"Fair enough," Alex sighed.

"Now can you stop keeping my from my sister?" Angelica folded her arms across her chest, "after all she's the only one I care about seeing," she teased.

"Love you too," Alex said with a small shake of his head. The corners of his mouth threatened to turn up into a smile, which Angelica counted as a success.

"Alright," she said as Alex began to lead her down the hall to the room where Eliza was staying, "What've you decided to name the little guy?"

Alex gestured for Angelica to enter the room ahead of him. It was apparent that Eliza had just finished nursing as she was attempting to do up the cardigan she wore over her hospital gown. Angelica stepped forward and took the child so that her sister could make herself presentable.

"I'm so glad you're here, Annie," Eliza sighed, watching as Angelica carefully cradled the baby.

"I'm glad I'm here too," Angelica responded with a smile, "Go on then, answer the question. What's his name?"

"Alexander," Alex said, chest puffed out proudly, "Alexander Jr."

Angelica laughed, "You would name your child after yourself."

Eliza grinned and Alex glared, but it didn't have much heat in it.

"I'll have you know Alexander is a great name," Alex replied.

“Promise me that you won’t grow up to be like your father,” Angelica whispered to the baby, “I can hardly handle one, and why would you make my dear sweet Liza deal with two of you?” she directed the last part at Alex.

“Annie,” Eliza giggled, “it’s not like he had final say, I had to actually agree with him on the name.”

Angelica passed the baby back to Eliza as a nurse returned to the room, "You ready to go home today?" she asked smiling.

"More than ready," Eliza nodded.

"Why did you have to stay so long anyway?" Angelica, "It's only been a day or two in the past, but it's already a week since the little guy was born."

"It was just a mild case of postpartum preeclampsia," Eliza said, carefully pronouncing the condition so as not to stumble over the syllables.

"Preeclampsia? Isn't that bad? Why didn't you tell me?" Angelica shot frantically.

"Calm down, Annie," soothed Eliza, "It wasn't a big deal. Just a bit of high blood pressure and it was solved pretty quickly. They just wanted to make sure that everything was alright with Alexander Jr before they let us go. Everything is fine, I promise. Now, Alex get the baby all bundled up while Angelica helps me dress."

Alex signed the last of the discharge paperwork the nurse had brought him and compiled, carefully lifting his newest son. Soon, all four were ready to go.