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Go to Sleep Little Baby

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Philip entered the hospital room clutching his grandmother's hand.

"Hey buddy," Alex greeted his son.

"Daddy!" Philip ran to Alex who picked him up.

Alex hugged Philip, "Did you have fun spending the night with Grandma and Grandpa?"

The little boy nodded his head, his curls bouncing as he did so. Alex then sat him down on the couch beside the bed where Eliza was holding the newest addition to the Hamilton family. Despite looking exhausted there was no denying that she seemed to be radiating with happiness.

Philip was looking curiously at the small bundle in his mother's arms. His parents had told him that he would be getting a little sister, but it hadn't seemed quite real, like it was just a story they were making up.

"Philip, this is Angelica," His father said with a smile.

Philip inched closer in hopes of getting a better look at his sister.

Her face was quite pink and all squished together. Philip wasn't quite sure what to think until she opened her wide, dark eyes. His chest felt kind of funny, but Philip wasn't sure why. He could see his mother smiling at him, Philip smiled back and looked at Angelica.

"Hi..." His voice was quiet and soft.

"Alex... Look at them..." His mother whispered to his father.

Alex couldn't help the tears that came to his eyes as he watched his son and daughter.

"Can I hold her?" Philip asked his parents.

"If Daddy helps you," His mother replied.

Alex had Philip sit down and then leaned down to lift Angelica from Eliza.

"Make sure you support her head," Alex instructed, placing the baby carefully in Philip's arms, making sure that she was resting against the young boy's chest.
He kneeled nearby, resting his hands lightly below Philip's to add more support. Philip was completely enraptured, staring down at his sister like she was the most amazing thing he had ever seen.

"She's so big," Philip murmured.

Alex chuckled, "You're just small, bud."

Philip pouted slightly, this caused Alex to laugh, it was amazing how alike he was to Philip.

"Let's give her back to mama," Alex said, still laughing slightly, "I think it's nap time."

"For mama or the baby?" Philip asked, reluctantly relinquishing his hold on Angelica.

"A little bit of both," Eliza responded through a yawn.

"Okay," Philip sighed.

"Tell you what I think there is a playground downstairs where we you can go and play," Alex took Philip's hand.

Philip's eyes brightened, "Really?"

Alex nodded, "Yes, we can come back later okay?"

"Okay," Philip agreed.

Alex lifted the boy into his arms easily and Philip looked back at his mother and sister in the bed over his father's shoulder.

"Bye mama," he called softly, "Bye Angie."

"Bye sweetie," Eliza waved as her son and husband left giving her time with her parents and to rest.