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Second Chance

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Sometimes Yoongi would wake up in the middle of the night and watch his husband sleep. Four years ago he would’ve laughed at the idea of watching someone sleep, that’s just fucking creepy. Though now he got it, he understood the appeal. You need to have someone you love to really understand the urge.

Four years ago Yoongi didn’t love anyone but himself.

The news that he was going to get married was a shock. The news that he was getting married a week after meeting his future husband was even more of a shock. That’s to be expected in an arranged marriage that your parents never inform you about.



“Are you kidding me?” Yoongi stared at his father standing his ground with the man who could be rather intimidating.

“Yoongi please.” His mother said softly from the side making him look at her briefly but she dropped her gaze from him. He looked back at his father feeling rather betrayed.

“Yoongi this is a business; you have to understand.”

“No, I don’t have to understand. I won’t do this, I won’t.” Yoongi turned and left his father’s home office.



Yoongi didn’t know then what he knows now. Looking at his husband, ghosting his fingers over the others face. He didn’t know how great this man was, and how much he needed him in his life. Every day he regretted the way he treated the other for the first two years of their marriage. He felt he’d be apologizing for it, for the rest of their lives and even then he didn’t think it’d be enough.



“Yoongi I have your laundry – oh God!” Taehyung dropped the laundry basket he had been holding and stared at the bed in shock. Yoongi’s boyfriend jumped off of him when Taehyung barged into the room without knocking. “I’m so sorry!” Taehyung covered his eyes as his whole face turned red.

“Get the fuck out!” Yoongi yelled throwing a pillow at Taehyung hitting him on the head. He glared at the boy as he ran from the room slamming the door shut.

“I thought you said he wasn’t here,” Hoseok whispered from under the sheet he had grabbed to cover himself.

“I thought he wasn’t! The damn house is so big he must’ve been downstairs.” Yoongi pulled at his hair a bit. How did he not hear them when he walked up to the door? Was the kid that out of it?

“Let's just go to my house from now on,” Hoseok said cautiously moving from the bed as if he expected Taehyung to burst through the door again.

“Where are you – don’t go. He won’t come back, babe.” Yoongi crawled to the edge of the bed standing on his knees as Hoseok pulled on his boxers. Hoseok gave him a sad look and walked over to his lover wrapping his arms around his waist, and Yoongi wrapped his arms around his neck.

“I love how needy this situation makes you.”

“You bring it out of me.” Yoongi kissed him trying to draw him back in so he’d stay. Hoseok pulled away though shaking his head.

“I have to get to work soon anyways, not all of us are rich.” Yoongi rolled his eyes pulling away from him and allowed the other man to get dressed.

When Hoseok was dressed he came over to Yoongi’s side of the bed and gave him a kiss before leaving the room. Yoongi waited a few minutes before getting up and taking a long shower knowing he has to finish what Hoseok couldn’t earlier.




“Don’t you have friends?” Yoongi asked as he walked into the kitchen as he felt a feeling of disappointment seeing that Taehyung was home. Taehyung opened his mouth but shut it again.

“I m-made –“ He stopped speaking and motioned to the food that he had just finished making. Yoongi looked it over but went to the fridge and grabbed a water.

“Here,” Yoongi put his water down on the counter and pulled his wallet out of his jeans. “Here’s some money. Go out, make some friends, go be weird, I don’t care. But please don’t make me have to see you every day anymore okay?” He put the money down then grabbed his water and left to order some delivery.



Yoongi sighed getting out of bed feeling that staring at Taehyung for 20 minutes was starting to get creepy. He moved from the room and headed downstairs. Looking back, he had been an asshole to Taehyung for the longest time. He only thought about himself and how bad the situation was for him instead of taking Taehyung into account. Yoongi loved Hoseok – his boyfriend of 3 years when they had been forced into marriage – and he had planned to find a way to be with him forever. He was thankful towards Hoseok for making him realize what he wouldn’t have seen on his own.



This was awkward. Hoseok and Yoongi were supposed to be having a nice date at home but things were awkward. Hoseok wouldn’t look at Yoongi, only looking at the movie playing. The tension was starting to get to Yoongi.

“Are you really fucking mad right now?” Yoongi snapped turning towards Hoseok on the couch so he could fully see the other. Hoseok looked at him with a hard and serious look that looked so foreign on his face.

“Yes Yoongi, of course, I’m mad.”


“Did you have to treat him like that?!” Hoseok motioned up indicating he was talking about Taehyung.

“He’s fucking annoying.”

“He’s annoying Yoongi?”


“He’s fucking annoying? Then what the fuck are you?!”

“Excuse me?” Hoseok sighed running a hand through his hair and turning to his lover.

“Have you ever thought about being nice to him?”

“Taehyung?” Hoseok nodded. “Why would I be nice to him?”

“Cause he’s never done anything to you!”

“I didn’t ask for this fucking situation.”

“Neither did he!” Then there was silence. Both of them staring at one another with a spark of anger in their eyes. “What are we even doing here?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, us. This relationship.”

Yoongi frowned in confusion at how this all was escalating. “Where is this coming from?”

Hoseok sighed trying to sound calm. “I have been thinking about this and – I think that you need to start getting along with Taehyung instead of fighting with him and just being rude all the time. You’re just a bully to him and he is such a sweet kid.” Hoseok looked away back to the movie that was still playing. “We can never move beyond where we are here. I want to get married, I want kids. I love you but you can’t give me that. At first, I thought that it’d be fine to keep dating even though you're married, I really did. It’s been a year though and I just feel like – and seeing the way you treat him. I think if you actually looked at Taehyung, really looked you’d find him beautiful.”

“Are – are you breaking up with me right now?”

“I’ve been wanting to for a month now and I just – I think that you would love Taehyung if you really opened your heart to him. Or at least, love him enough to make this work.”

“I can’t believe this right now,” Yoongi said in disbelief leaning back on the couch and resting his head on the back of the couch staring at the ceiling.

“It’s for the best, you may thank me one day. You need to remember, though; he didn’t ask for this either, he really didn’t.”



Yoongi entered the kitchen and grabbed a glass from their cupboard. When he couldn’t sleep milk was his go to thing. Hopefully, it worked tonight but his mind seemed to be in overdrive.

He didn’t take that break up with Hoseok well at all. Hoseok had been such a big part of his life and it felt like he was the only thing keeping him sane through the whole forced marriage. Little did he know that the man sleeping upstairs in their bed was going to change him for the better.



After two months of moping around the house, Taehyung seemed to have had enough. One morning, bright and early, he entered Yoongi’s room without knocking, and opened his blinds. The bright light shined in Yoongi’s face bringing him from his slumber.

When his eyes finally opened he was practically blinded by the light. “What the fuck?”

“Good morning!” Taehyung said grinning at Yoongi while he held a tray with breakfast on it.

“What the fuck?”

“I made breakfast.” Taehyung held the tray out to Yoongi but the elder didn’t take it. Instead, Yoongi searched for his phone mumbling about what time it was. “It’s seven.” Taehyung supplied.

“In the morning?!” Yoongi exclaimed not understanding why he had to be up at such an ungodly hour when he just wanted to wilt.

“Well duh.” Taehyung set the tray down on the nightstand and then pulled the covers off Yoongi.

“What the fuck?!!!” Yoongi grabbed a pillow to cover himself since he was only wearing shorts.

“Look I know that breakups are hard and you’re sad but you can’t just stay in here. You need to go out make some friends, get a life. Don’t just stay in here rotting away.” Taehyung then turned to leave the room pulling the covers tighter in his arms as he left but stopped short of the door. “Oh and please take a shower after you eat. I’ll put these in the wash and you can bring the sheets and pillowcases okay?”

Taehyung didn’t wait for a reply and just left the room. Yoongi was still confused on what the fuck just happened.



Yoongi took his milk into the living room and decided watching some infomercials may put him to sleep while he drank his milk.

Taehyung had really taken charge and they almost seemed to switch personalities. Where Yoongi felt he rarely saw Taehyung and when he did it brought a sour taste to his mouth, he suddenly was seeing him all the time and feeling lonely when he wasn’t around.



“Morning!” Taehyung bellowed as Yoongi entered the kitchen never failing to give the elder a mini heart attack.

“Morning,” Yoongi grumbled still unable to understand how the kid always has so much energy. He moved around the kitchen blindly reaching for a cup from the cupboard, he is nothing without his coffee.

“Are you going to the studio today?” Taehyung asked him not looking up from his phone that he was tapping on rapidly.

“Yea I have this track I’m working on with Hoseok and Namjoon.”

“You two are…”Taehyung left the question hanging there for Yoongi to finish. It had been five months since Taehyung had forced him back into society. The kid wasn’t as bad as Yoongi thought initially he was cute sometimes.

“We’re fine, he’s dating someone so it worked out.”

Taehyung nodded giving Yoongi a smile before looking back at his phone. “That’s good.”

“What are you doing today?” Yoongi asked after his coffee was in his cup. He took a sip as he watched Taehyung. 

“Oh, I’m meeting up with a friend.”


“Did you want lunch today? I could stop by the studio on my way out.“ 

Yoongi blinked at the offer. He didn’t let just anyone come to the studio yet Taehyung had managed to make it there three times. 

"That would be nice.”

“Okay, I’ll bring your favorite.” Taehyung sent another smile his way before rushing off to his room laughing at something on his phone. 

Yoongi  wished he could make Taehyung laugh like that.


There was a loud knock at the studio door that made Yoongi pause the track he was working on. “Come in!” He called out to whoever it was. The door opened and the smell of food entered the small space making his stomach lurch in excitement. 

“I come with food!” Taehyung announced laughing at himself as he walked in putting his to go bag on a small table next to the couch. 

“About time,” Yoongi grumbled turning to Taehyung who was busy putting all the food out. 

“I know you missed me Yoongi, it’s okay.” Yoongi scoffed at the idea but couldn’t help but admit he did miss the Tae. 

“What’d you get me?”

“Your favorite of course.” Taehyung opened the container showing the contents to Yoongi. The older of the two couldn’t help but smile accepting the food. 

Taehyung even got his favorite side dishes and drink.

Yoongi struggled to remember any of Taehyung’s favorite things. 



There was a noise behind Yoongi that alerted him that Taehyung was awake. He looked behind him to see the younger stumbling down the stairs. His hair was going every direction, and he couldn’t keep his eyes open no matter how much he rubbed them. 

Yoongi had never seen something so beautiful.

“Why aren’t you in bed? I was cold.” Taehyung mumbled dropping down next to Yoongi instantly cuddling up to his side. 

“I couldn’t sleep.” Taehyung hummed for him to go on and after a moment of observing the young Yoongi did. “I was thinking about how I used to treat you. How we got to this point.”

“Don’t think about that.”

“You know I can’t help it.”

Taehyung grabbed Yoongi’s hand seeming to examine it before intertwining their fingers.

“Think of the happy. Like when we got together, our first date when I asked you to come to my grandma’s farm with me.”

“With the strawberries.” Taehyung laughed nodding his head.

“Yes and we ate so many strawberries -”

“- your grandmother swore we would turn red.” They both laughed at the memory.

“Then you told me I would be cute red.”

“And you kissed me.” 

“I had been wanting to do that since the first time I saw you.” 

“Really?” This was the first time this was revealed to Yoongi. Taehyung pulled away from his husband giving him that look that made Yoongi feel like the most loved man in the world. 

“Of course! You’re so hot how could I not?!” Taehyung looked off as if trying to remember four years ago. “You had mint hair and only wore black and didn’t give a fuck about anyone. You were so cool I just wanted to squeeze you.” Yoongi rolled his eyes trying to think of how him four years ago would’ve reacted to that.

“But right after the wedding we got here and you told me about Hoseok and I was so sad. But Hoseok is such a great person I couldn’t be mad really…he was always so nice to me and would apologize for you. being forced into a relationship you don’t want isn’t fun for anyone.”

“I know that now.” Taehyung nodded giving his hand a squeeze. 

“I know you do. When you two broke up I was heartbroken for you since I knew he made you so happy. You were so sad.”

“Then you demanded I got my life together.” Taehyung laughed 

“I did cause I missed you! I may have hated you a lot of times but…” Taehyung looked at Yoongi and reached up to cup his face stroking his cheek. “Somehow I was able to miss an asshole like you.”

“I don’t know how I was horrible.”

“You were but sometimes you would randomly be nice. I mean who knew all I had to do was kiss you for you to fall for me.” 

“Like in a kids movie? Just a kiss fixes everything.”

“Well, not everything but after that, you were nicer, cuter, actually more open. Made me feel like you noticed me. Like from that kiss on we started over like how it would have been had we not been forced into this. Like fate giving us a second chance.”

“Maybe it was meant to be, us, you and me.” 

“Maybe. But I thought you thought fate was bullshit.”

“It is, for everyone besides us.”