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Episode 1: Mysteries in Royston Vasey

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Scene 1:1/1 Ext. War Memorial Day.

We see two legs passing by very fast. They are black trousers and we see a part of a long black coat.

Scene 1:1/2 Ext. Hospital. Day.

We see Mike King going in the Hospital.

Scene 1:1/3 Int. Hospital. Day.

Mike King is going into the Radio Booth. Just a few seconds later, a patient without a leg is going to Mike King into the Radio Booth.

Patient #1 Mr. King, you've got to help me. I heard what you do for people, who need a new body-part. Would you provide a new leg for me?

Mike I did that a long time ago, but I don't do it anymore.

Patient #1 Please, Mr. King. I can't live with one leg. I really need it. I will give 8,000 pounds for your efforts.

Mike Well, alright. I do it. But don't tell anyone, it will be the last time.

Patient #1 Thank you, Mr. King. I will never forget you that.

Scene 1:1/4 Int. Hospital. Day.

Mike King is going in the Morgue to find a leg for the patient. But he doesn't find a leg.

Mike Shit! No leg. What can I do now?

Scene 1:1/5 Ext. Joke Shop. Night.

We see the same legs than before passing by. Then we hear a loud scream.

Scene 1:1/6 Ext. & Son. Day.

There is a crowd of people. In the middle of the crowd is a corpse. Then Bab's Cabs drives and stops. An unknown man, DI Carlyle, gets out of the cab.

DI Carlyle Hello, I'm DI Carlyle. I'm here to investigate this murder. So what do you think what happened here?

Charlie Hello. I don't know.

DI Carlyle Did you know him?

Charlie No, I don't think so.

DI Carlyle His left leg is missing. That's very weird. Who needs a leg?

Charlie I don't know. Maybe you should go to the hospital.

DI Carlyle Yes, that's the next thing I will do. Thanks for your help. If anything else is coming to your mind, please, call me.

Charlie Yes, I will do.

Scene 1:1/7 Int. Hospital. Day.

DI Carlyle is going through the corridor of the hospital. He comes to the doctor in charge, Dr. Edgar Fish.

DI Carlyle Hello, I'm DI Carlyle.

Dr. Fish Hello, I'm Dr. Fish.

DI Carlyle Dr. Fish, what happened with the victim?

Dr. Fish Someone chopped the left leg off.

DI Carlyle Yes, I saw that. My question is why someone should do that.

Dr. Fish Well, maybe someone collects legs and he needed a left leg.

DI Carlyle Why would someone do something like that?

Dr. Fish Do you know any horror movies? There are a lot of that, in which something like that happens.

DI Carlyle Yes I know horror movies, but this isn't a movie. This is reality. Or do you think, someone watched too much of them?

Dr. Fish Could be a good point.

DI Carlyle Do you have any idea, who could do something like that?

Dr. Fish No, I have no idea. But some time ago there were unidentified nosebleeds. At that time, a lot of people died because of these nosebleeds. Maybe the murder has something to do with it.

DI Carlyle Nobody dies because of nosebleeds.

Dr. Fish In this town, they did. Maybe we are a special town.

Scene 1:1/8 Ext. Hospital. Day.

DI Carlyle comes out of the hospital. At the same time we see a mysterious man with dark clothes and a long dark coat from behind. The man crosses the way of DI Carlyle.

Scene 1:1/9 Int. Hospital. Radio Booth. Day.

Mike King is sitting behind the microphone. A patient is coming inside.

Patient #2 Mr. King, I heard what you are doing for patients.

Mike And?

Patient #2 I want you to help me. I need a new hand. I can give you 6,000 pounds.

Mike I can try. But I give no guarantee.

Patient #2 Alright, then?

Mike Alright.

The patient leaves. Just a minute later, Dr. Lucas Wesley is entering.

Dr. Wesley King, we can't do this anymore. The man last night was the last for me.

Mike Dr. Wesley, do you want that everyone in town knows your secret?

Dr. Wesley King, that is blackmailing.

Mike Yes, but it is because of a good cause.

Dr. Wesley What do you mean?

Mike There is another patient who needs a new hand.

Dr. Wesley Alright, King. But this will be the last one.

Dr. Lucas Wesley is leaving the Radio Booth.

Mike We will see.

Scene 1:1/10 Ext. War Memorial. Day.

Al is standing at the news booth. Pop is coming by to look after him.

Pop Al, is everything alright?

Al Yes, Pop. Everything is fine.

Pop What's the matter, son?

Al Nothing, nothing really, Pop.

Pop You sound familiar. Like ...well, no one.

Al You mean, Rich.

Pop I don't know someone with this name.

Al Pop, I'm really worried about him. I haven't seen him for a long time.

Pop I know. Since the day he was robbed by this boy.

Al No, Pop. Rich and I spoke since then on the phone.

Pop What? You betrayed me, Al!

Al Pop, I didn't want to betray you. I didn't want to leave him behind. I was worried that he couldn't survive alone. But he did really well.

Pop I don't want to hear this.

Al Pop, listen. He was fine. But I didn't hear of him for weeks.

Pop When he did so fine before, he will do now.

Al I don't think that. This time it's different from the other. He doesn't answer his phone, Pop. I think he is in trouble.

Pop I don't care about him. He's not my son anymore.

Al Pop, please. He is your son, and he always will be.

Pop No, he won't. And if you say anything else, you can keep company with him.

Al Pop, I don't care what you say. If Rich could do that, so can I. I will look for him. I will find him and then leave you with your news booth alone.

Al is leaving the news booth.

Pop No, Al. You can't leave me alone.

Scene 1:1/11 Ext. Shit office. Day.

We see a blue trailer. We know it from the third series, it is the one with the office of Joseph Nigel Lisgoe.

Scene 1:1/12 Int. Shit Office. Day.

Glenn and Barry are in Lisgoe's office. Lisgoe is in a very bad mood.

Lisgoe You two will find him.

Glenn Of course, Mr. Lisgoe.

Lisgoe He owes me a lot of money. And I don't want to lose it.

Barry But what happens if we didn't find him? Maybe he left the town.

Lisgoe You will find him. If you don't, you have to pay me the money.

Barry But we haven't so much money.

Lisgoe That will not be my problem. If you don't find him, it will be your fault. So, you have to pay for your fault. Is that clear?

Glenn Of course, Mr. Lisgoe.

Barry Yes, Mr. Lisgoe.

Lisgoe Alright. Then go and find him.

Glenn and Barry leave Lisgoe's office.

Scene 1:1/13 Int. Video Vault. Day.

Henry and Ally are there as usual. DI Carlyle is walking towards them.

DI Carlyle Oh, I see. You guys like horror movies.

Henry Yes. We love them. What about you?

DI Carlyle Oh yes. Me too. They are great.

Ally We have seen most of them.

DI Carlyle Really? Which one would you recommend to me?

Henry I don't know. Species.

Ally No, Alien is much better.

Henry Do you think so?

Ally Yes. It's great.

Henry Yes, I think you're right.

DI Carlyle Thank you for your advice. I will think of that.

DI Carlyle is leaving them and the Video Vault.

Scene 1:1/14 Ext. Video Vault. Night.

We see just the right shoulder of the mysterious dark-dressed man passing by. Then we hear a loud scream.

Scene 1:1/15 Ext. Charity Shop. Day.

A crowd of people is standing around a corpse. The corpse has just one hand. The right hand is missing. Then DI Carlyle is coming, there is another man, DCI Albright, with him.

DI Carlyle Another murder. This time it is the right hand missing.

DCI Albright Who do you think could do that?

DI Carlyle I don't know. Yesterday I talked to Dr. Fish, the doctor in charge. He thought, maybe someone who watched too much horror movies. That's why I went to the Video Vault. There I met two guys who love horror movies, but I don't think that they did it.

DCI Albright Did anyone know, who could something like that do?

DI Carlyle No, everyone had no idea.

DCI Albright These two guys, in the Video Vault. Why do you think they didn't do that?

DI Carlyle They are just interested in movies. I don't think they couldn't murder anyone. I think they just watch movies and do nothing else.

DCI Albright What are we doing now?

DI Carlyle First, we will look for clues and then we will talk to other people in town.

Scene 1:1/16 Ext. Joke Shop. Day.

Al is looking for Rich. Then DCI Albright is passing by.

DCI Albright Hello, I'm DCI Albright. I investigate the murders.

Al Hello, I'm Al. What do you mean with murders?

DCI Albright Last night, there was another murder.

Al Really? What happened?

DCI Albright We don't know yet. That's what I want to ask you. Do you know who could do that?

Al No. I heard there was a leg missing at the first murder. What is missing this time?

DCI Albright Yes, at the first murder was the left leg missing. At the second murder there is the right hand missing.

Al I can't believe that someone can do that.

DCI Albright I don't know, but we will find that out. Thanks for your help.

Al You're welcome.

DCI Albright is leaving. Al is looking for Rich again.

Scene 1:1/17 Int. Job Centre. Day.

DI Carlyle is interrogating Ross Gaines in Ross's office.

DI Carlyle Mr. Gaines, I'm DI Carlyle. I'm investigating the cases of murder down the street.

Ross What can I do for you?

DI Carlyle I just want to know, if you saw or heard anything at the nights before.

Ross No, I wasn't here at that time.

DI Carlyle Where were you?

Ross I was at home. I think you need prove for that, but I was alone.

DI Carlyle Do you know who could murder someone?

Ross Well, no. I don't think she would murder anybody.

DI Carlyle Who do you mean?

Ross Her name is Pauline Campbell-Jones.

DI Carlyle What personality does she have?

Ross Well, she is ill-mannered, ignorant and foul-mouthed.

DI Carlyle I will speak to her. Thank you for your help. If anything comes to your mind, please call me.

DI Carlyle hands him his business card.

Ross Of course.

DI Carlyle leaves Ross's office.

Scene 1:1/18 Int. Hospital. Radio Booth. Day.

Mike King is in the Radio Booth. Then a man is entering.

Patient #3 Mr. King, please, you have to help me.

Mike With what could I help you?

Patient #3 I need a new nose.

Mike I don't know.

Patient #3 Please, help me. I have 3,000 pounds.

Mike Alright. But a nose is tougher than other body-parts. So, it could last a while.

Patient #3 OK, but please try your best.

Mike I promise.

The patient leaves the Radio Booth.

Scene 1:1/19 Int. Mickey's House. Day.

DI Carlyle speaks with Pauline Campbell-Jones (Michaels).

DI Carlyle Ms. Campbell-Jones?

Pauline Actually, it is Michaels. I'm married.

DI Carlyle I'm sorry. Mrs. Michaels. I would like to ask you a few questions about the murders in town.

Pauline Sure.

DI Carlyle Where were you in the last two nights?

Pauline I was here with my husband Mickey. Do you think I did it?

DI Carlyle No, I have to ask this question everyone.

Pauline OK.

DI Carlyle Do you know who could do something like that?

Pauline No. I really don't know.

DI Carlyle Well, thank you for your co-operation. Please, call me, if anything comes to your mind.

DI Carlyle gives Pauline his business card.

Pauline Yes, I will do that.

DI Carlyle leaves Pauline.

Scene 1:1/20 Ext. News Booth. Day.

Glenn and Barry do their work. They are looking for the guy they have to find.

Barry Glenn, I don't think that we find him.

Glenn Barry, we will find him.

Barry No, we don't. Lisgoe will kill us because we don't have enough money.

Glenn Believe me, he is in town. And I'm sure, we will find him.

Barry I hope you're right. Can we eat now?

Glenn No, Barry. We want to find him, don't we? We will look for him.

Barry Oh, come on, Glenn. We need a break.

Glenn Alright, but just an hour.

Barry OK.

Glenn and Barry go into the Raw Egg for a meal.

Scene 1:1/21 Int. Raw Egg. Day.

DI Carlyle and DCI Albright sit at a table. They talk about the case.

DI Carlyle Do you have something new for me?

DCI Albright Not really. I talked to a man, but he didn't know anything. Well, but he looked worried by the way.

DI Carlyle That could have another reason.

DCI Albright Maybe. What about you? Have you something new?

DI Carlyle First, I thought. I talked to a man in the Job Centre, but the woman that he thought about has an alibi.

DCI Albright So, we have nothing new. What means that we have more time to spend in this town.

DI Carlyle Yes, I think so, too.

DCI Albright We should close this case quick. This town is beginning to scare me.

DI Carlyle Me, too.

Scene 1:1/22 Int. Job Centre. Ross's Office. Day.

Ross sits at his desk. Pauline flounces in the office.

Pauline Ross, you bastard! You said to the DI that I murdered the people!

Ross Why would I do that?

Pauline We both know, you hate me.

Ross Of course, I hate you. But I never would say that you would murder someone.

Pauline Of course, you would!

Ross Come on, Pauline. Do you really think that from me?

Pauline Yes, I do. You told Inspector Cox, that I kidnapped you.

Ross Yes, but just because you kidnapped me.

Pauline That's not important.

Ross Yes, it is.

Pauline How could you do this to me?

Ross How could you did anything to me before?

Pauline This isn't the point here.

Ross Maybe not, but you know, that is the reason because I hate you.

Pauline Maybe you did it, just to frame that to me.

Ross If I did that, I had murdered one guy and not two guys.

Pauline I think that's true. But who did it?

Ross What do you mean? Who did the murders or who told the DI of you?

Pauline Both.

Ross I don't know. I don't even know who could do that.

Pauline What do you mean? Who did the murders or who told the DI of me?

Ross Both. By the way, does Mickey know that you are here?

Pauline No, does he have to?

Ross No.

Pauline Why do you ask?

Ross No reason. It's just chatting.

Pauline So, I should go now. I hope I will never see you again.

Ross Yes, you should go. And I hope that all the time.

Pauline Bye, Ross.

Ross Bye.

Pauline leaves Ross's Office.

Scene 1:1/23 Ext. Butcher's Shop. Night.

We see the legs of the mysterious man from behind passing by. Then we hear a loud scream.

Scene 1:1/24 Ext. Butcher's Shop. Day.

We see a crowd of people standing around a corpse. This time the nose of the corpse is missing. DI Carlyle and DCI Albright come outside the crowd.

DCI Albright Who needs a nose?

DI Carlyle I don't know. I think, we should ask Dr. Fish. He might know that.

DCI Albright That's a good idea.

DI Carlyle and DCI Albright leave to go to the St. Mary of Bethlehem Hospital.

Scene 1:1/25 Int. Hospital. Day.

In the hospital corridor, Dr. Fish talks to DI Carlyle and DCI Albright.

DI Carlyle This time is the nose of the corpse missing. Do you know who needs a nose?

Dr. Fish Well, I don't know. Wait a second. We have a patient who lost his nose. And he is really upset because of that.

DI Carlyle We should talk to him.

DCI Albright Yes, definitely.

DI Carlyle At what ward is he lying?

Dr. Fish At Ward 2, Room 237.

DI Carlyle Thank you.

DI Carlyle and DCI Albright go to the elevator.

Scene 1:1/26 Int. Shit Office. Day.

Glenn and Barry are in Lisgoe's office.

Lisgoe So guys, do you find him?

Glenn Not yet, Mr. Lisgoe.

Lisgoe Find him!

Barry That is not so easy, Mr. Lisgoe.

Lisgoe Why not?

Barry I think, he left the town.

Lisgoe No, I'm sure, he is still in town. If you don't bring him to me, you will bear the consequences.

Glenn We will find him, we promise.

Lisgoe Alright. Go.

Glenn Yes, Mr. Lisgoe.

Glenn and Barry leave Lisgoe's office.

Scene 1:1/27 Int. Hospital. Day.

Dr. Fish, DI Carlyle and DCI Albright are at Ward 2, Room 237 to visit the patient without the nose, but he isn't there.

Dr. Fish The patient isn't here, but this is the right ward and the right room.

DI Carlyle Maybe they are doing some test.

Dr. Fish Yes. I look in the file.

Suddenly, a nurse is coming in the room.

Dr. Fish Nurse, where is the patient without the nose?

Nurse He checked out today.

Dr. Fish Why? What happened?

Nurse He was operated this morning.

DI Carlyle You found a nose for him?

Nurse Yes, someone brought a nose. So, they operated him.

Dr. Fish Thanks, Nurse.

The nurse leaves the room.

DI Carlyle So, this morning brought someone a nose. Maybe the murderer.

DCI Albright Yes, I think so, too.

Dr. Fish What do you want to do now?

DI Carlyle Now, we have the reason for the murders. We have to find out, who has this reason and why? Can we look into the patients files?

Dr. Fish No, sorry. There is the patient confidentiality. But I can.

DI Carlyle OK, we need all names of patients who need a new body-part.

Dr. Fish, DI Carlyle and DCI Albright are looking in the computer. Dr. Fish give them a list of patients who need a new body-part. DI Carlyle and DCI Albright leave.

Scene 1:1/28 Ext. News Booth. Day.

Pop stands behind the News Booth. Al is coming to the booth.

Pop Al, there you are. I know you would come back.

Al Pop, I don't come back.

Pop What are doing here then?

Al I can't find Rich.

Pop Don't mention this name when you are with me.

Al Pop, I'm sure, there is something wrong with him.

Pop Of course, it's something wrong with him. He disappointed me. And you know why.

Al Why can't you forgive him for that? He did a mistake and you prosecuted him for that.

Pop I will never forgive him.

Al Why?

Pop He betrayed me.

Al Pop, he is in big trouble. I know it.

Pop It is not my problem. I cast him out, remember.

Al He is your son and he always will be, like me. And he always will be my brother. That's why I'm so worried about him.

Pop I'm not worried about him. I don't even know him anymore.

Al Please, Pop. You can't do that.

Pop Go, Al. If you don't change your mind, then go.

Al OK, I will go. See you, Pop.

Al leaves Pop alone at the News Booth.

Scene 1:1/29 Int. Hospital. Day.

Dr. Fish, DI Carlyle and DCI Albright are in the morgue.

DI Carlyle Do you have anyone in mind who would do that for that reason?

Dr. Fish Well, there were rumours about Mike King that he brought a new arm for Lance Longthorne, the Joke Shop Owner.

DI Carlyle Who is Mike King?

Dr. Fish He runs the Hospital Radio Station.

DI Carlyle Alright. We should visit him.

Dr. Fish Alright, I show you the way.

DI Carlyle Thank you.

Dr. Fish, DI Carlyle and DCI Albright go to the Radio Booth.

Scene 1:1/30 Int. Hospital. Radio Booth. Day.

Dr. Fish, DI Carlyle and DCI Albright stand in front of the Radio Booth.

Dr. Fish Sorry, but I have to go to work now.

DI Carlyle Alright, thank you for your help.

Dr. Fish leaves. DI Carlyle and DCI Albright go in the Radio Booth.

DI Carlyle Mr. King?

Mike Yes, that's me. Can I help you?

DI Carlyle I think so. We heard that you know where the body-parts come from.

Mike Who told you that?

DI Carlyle That is not important. Are these rumours about you true?

Mike No, whatever people say, it's not true.

DI Carlyle Do you know Lance Longthorne?

Mike Yes, he is a friend of mine. Why?

DI Carlyle People say that you brought him a new arm.

Mike As I told you that what people say is not true.

DI Carlyle Alright. Just a question, do you know who could murder someone because of the body-parts?

Mike No.

DI Carlyle Thank you for your help.

DI Carlyle and DCI Albright leave the Radio Booth. Mike calls someone on the phone.

Mike We have a problem. Two inspectors spoke to me about the murders.

Mike hangs up the phone.

Scene 1:1/31 Int. Hospital. Day.

Outside the Radio Booth. DI Carlyle and DCI Albright are going in the corridor.

DI Carlyle I think, he has something to disguise. Don't you think?

DCI Albright Yes, I think that, too.

Dr. Fish is passing by.

Dr. Fish Have you your murderer?

DI Carlyle I think so, but he wasn't it on himself. Or has he medical knowledge?

Dr. Fish No, I don't think so.

DI Carlyle What doctor would help Mike King with that?

Dr. Fish Maybe Dr. Wesley. I heard, he has a lot of problems and Mike knows about that.

DI Carlyle I will visit him. Do you know where he is?

Dr. Fish At Ward 5 is he most of his time.

DI Carlyle leaves. He is going to the elevator.

Scene 1:1/32 Int. Hospital. Day.

DI Carlyle visits Dr. Wesley at Ward 5.

DI Carlyle Hello, I'm DI Carlyle.

Dr. Wesley Hello, I'm Dr. Wesley. Can I help you?

DI Carlyle I hope so. Do you know Mike King?

Dr. Wesley Of course, he runs the Radio Station.

DI Carlyle There are rumours about you and Mr. King.

Dr. Wesley Really, I didn't hear about them. What rumours?

DI Carlyle That you and Mr. King would operate patients who want and need a new body-part. Is that true?

Dr. Wesley No. Why should I do that?

DI Carlyle Because you have a lot of trouble.

Dr. Wesley Who told you that? That is absolutely not true.

DI Carlyle Where were you in the last nights and in the mornings?

Dr. Wesley At the nights, I was in my bed and in the mornings do I have to work here.

DI Carlyle What work did you do this morning?

Dr. Wesley I had an operation.

DI Carlyle Was it a nose operation?

Dr. Wesley Is that important?

DI Carlyle Maybe. I need a list of your operations in the last few days.

Dr. Wesley OK, I will give it to you.

Dr. Wesley is giving a list to DI Carlyle. Then DI Carlyle is leaving the room.

Scene 1:1/33 Int. Raw Egg. Day.

DI Carlyle and DCI Albright are sitting at a table and talking.

DCI Albright Here it is. Here is written down that Dr. Wesley did a leg operation two days ago, a hand operation yesterday and a nose operation this morning.

DI Carlyle We got him. Let's go.

DI Carlyle and DCI Albright are leaving the Raw Egg to go to Dr. Wesley. Now we see at another table Ross and Pauline sitting.

Ross Why do you want to see me?

Pauline I thought we should bury the hatchet.

Ross Why should we do that?

Pauline It's enough, Ross. Don't you think?

Ross What do you mean?

Pauline We know each other for a long time. I think, we should get along with each other.

Ross Do you mean?

Pauline No, I don't. Remember, I'm married.

Ross So, you didn't have a problem with that just days before your wedding, did you?

Pauline You know why I did that?

Ross I don't think, that was the only reason why you did that.

Pauline What do you mean?

Ross Come on, you find me attractive, don't you?

Pauline That's ridiculous, Ross.

Ross Do you know what's ridiculous? That you love Mickey.

Pauline What do you want to say?

Ross You changed your mind just in a second. What is the catch with that?

Pauline There is no catch. After prison, I just felt in love with him.

Ross But just days before were your words, that he's thick, he stinks and he lives in a shithole. What about that?

Pauline I know, I said that, but I changed.

Ross OK, I don't know why, but Mickey is my friend and we shouldn't talk about that anymore.

Pauline That's right.

Ross By the way, does Mickey know that you are meeting me?

Pauline No.

Ross Why didn't you tell him?

Pauline Because he wouldn't care about that.

Ross No, because you are attracted to me.

Pauline No, because he trusts me.

Ross Should he do that?

Pauline Yes, he can trust me. I love him.

Ross OK. What do you want to do now?

Pauline Well, after we finished, I will go back to Mickey.

Ross I would say, we are finished.

Pauline What about my idea to bury the hatchet?

Ross No, I don't like this idea.

Pauline OK, if you want that.

Ross Do you want to threaten me?

Pauline Maybe.

Ross Don't even think about that. You will lose.

Ross is leaving the Raw Egg. Pauline is just sitting there horrified of Ross's words.

Scene 1:1/34 Int. Hospital. Day.

DI Carlyle and DCI Albright are going to Dr. Wesley.

DI Carlyle Dr. Wesley, I arrest you because of the cases of murder in town.

Dr. Wesley Why?

DI Carlyle Your schedule tells us that you did three operations. A leg operation two days ago, a hand operation yesterday and a nose operation this morning.

Dr. Wesley So?

DI Carlyle That are the exact body-parts of the murdered people.

Dr. Wesley Alright, I did the operations. But the murders did Mike King. I don't go to prison for murders I haven't done.

DI Carlyle is taking Dr. Wesley to the police car. Then he is going back into the hospital to take Mike King.

DI Carlyle Mr. King, I arrest you because of the cases of murder in town.

Mike You haven't any prove for that.

DI Carlyle We have a witness.

Mike Who?

DI Carlyle We have the confession of your accomplice.

Mike That's not true.

DI Carlyle That is the business of the judge to decide.

DI Carlyle is taking Mike King to the police car. Then they are leaving Royston Vasey.

Scene 1:1/35 Ext. Hospital. Day.

Glenn and Barry are watching what is happening at the hospital. Lisgoe is coming to them.

Lisgoe What is happening here?

Glenn They are arresting Dr. Wesley and Mike King.

Lisgoe Why?

Glenn The murders in town.

Barry I think, you won't get the money of Dr. Wesley now.

Lisgoe Oh, really. So, I think, I will get it from you instead.

Barry It's not our fault, Mr. Lisgoe. The police was just a little faster than we were.

Lisgoe Alright, forget about it. There are others. And now to work.

Lisgoe, Glenn and Barry are leaving. Then we see Al in front of the hospital watching. We see the mysterious man going to him.

Rich Al, what happened here?

Al Rich! You are alright.

Rich Yes.

Al I was worried because I've heard from you for weeks.

Rich I'm sorry. I wanted to surprise you. So, what happened here?

Al Mike King and Dr. Wesley murdered a few people because of body-parts.

Rich Wow. What about Pop?

Al He's fine.

Rich Was he worried, too?

Al I don't know. But I changed, Rich. I will leave Pop, too.

Rich Are you sure? You know, you are his favourite son.

Al I know, but he doesn't talk about you since then. But you will always be my brother, even if Pop doesn't want you as his son.

Rich Thanks, Al. What do you think? Do you want to be my new business partner?

Al Are you sure?

Rich Of course. Me and you, together, we will be a tough business competition for Pop, don't you think?

Al Oh, absolutely. Thanks, Rich.

Rich Hey, you will always be my brother, too.