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Cold Chocolate and Sweet kisses

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Winter in the Saitama household was beyond cold- if they weren't under the kotatsu that is. The heat bill would be too expense for the bald hero if he turned it up. Instead he forced himself to bear the cold. It wasn't too bad though, Genos was a walking heater and he only had to leave the kotatsu if he needed to leave the house or clean up. Despite the freezing conditions, a certain cyclist of justice decided to drop by.

The knock on the door made the bald hero jump, no one ever visited. After all, Genos had keys and that was really the only person he talked to. Getting up with a groan for having to live his warm and comfortable kotatsu, Saitama made his way to the front door. The door opened slowly and it squeaked, he would have to oil the hinges later. What surprised him though was a freezing cold Mumen rider.

"Oh Mumen Rider!" Smiling he opened the door all the way and invited his fellow hero in. He enjoyed the cyclist's company. Something about their personalities clicked... He didn't know how to explain it.

"Hello Saitama! I hope you don't mind I stopped by unannounced... I was in the neighborhood and I thought I stop by!" Grinning the C-class hero took off his helmet and goggles, following the B-class hero inside.

"Don't worry about it. Sorry it's a bit cold... I can't afford to turn the heater on" chuckling Saitama closed the door behind Mumen and headed to the kitchen. Would it be wrong for him to consider the cyclist as his friend? Mumen rider was one of the few heroes that appreciated him, not that he needed it but it was nice.

"It's alright. Do you mind if I take my armor off? It can get kinda heavy..." Pushing up his glasses, Mumen looked over to Saitama who gave him a quick nod. With that the hero took off his armor till he was only in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. The jeans complimented his legs nicely.

"Would you like some hot chocolate?" Saitama's voice came from the kitchen, followed by the sound of kettle being filled with water.

"Ah yes that sounds good!" Sitting down under the kotatsu, the brunette looked towards the kitchen with a fond smile. Saitama made him really happy... It was refreshing to have a hero he could really look up to. Saitama inspired him to keep on fighting. The bald man reappeared a few minutes later from the kitchen with two cups of hot chocolate.

"Here you go! Careful it's hot!" He sat down next to Mumen under the kotatsu, setting the two mugs down on the table. Blowing a bit on the hot chocolate, Saitama took a sip and almost spat it all out. "Hot hot! Yeah I would wait a bit..." He mumbled out as he rubbed his tongue. Chuckling at the sudden out burst, Mumen smiled warmly at his friend.

"Saitama you make me really happy..." The cyclist said in a soft tone as he looked at the hot chocolate on the table. Oh no there it was again... His heart was beating fast and his hands felt shakey. This always happened when he thought of Saitama. Lately he had been figuring it out ever so slowly... Why did he get like this around Saitama. "Saitama I..."

The bald man couldn't take it anymore. This whole visit had been making his heart beat and his stomach fill up with butterflies. Turning to Mumen Rider he slowly closed the gap, his lips only a few centimeters away from Mumen's.

"Do you mind... Do you mind if I kiss you?" His voice felt like it was trembling, scared of the worst possible outcome. His heart was beating in his ears, he felt like biting his lip, and his strong hands were balled up into fists. All of that changed when the brunette nodded his head. Relaxing his muscles and smiling softly, Saitama leaned in.

Ever so slowly the hero met his lips with the cyclist's. Savoring the taste and feeling the soft lips move under his. Mumen wrapped his arms around the B-class hero and smiled into the sweet kiss. Fireworks went off if their head and their hearts felt like they were beating in sync... It made them both giggle at how corny this all was. Pulling away, the two looked each other in the eyes, mesmerized.

"So... Does this mean you like me too?" Worriedly Mumen spoke in a soft tone, lightly touching his lips.
"Yes" Saitama chuckled, almost as if the answer was obvious. Ruffling the brown hair on the top of Mumen's head, he smiled fondly at him. Giggling Mumen took a sip of his hot chocolate. Tasting it for a bit he almost bursted into laughter.
"It's cold"