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Bumping noses

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The problem with being an idol with a boyfriend is that no one could ever know about it, not even your teammates. Yet Shun and Tommy had decided after that night in Hawaii that they would be together either way, even if they weren’t allowed to. They just had to make sure that no one found out. There was no holding hands, kissing or cuddling at the theatre or in the streets. They were getting enough recognition that it was too risky to do it even when they thought they were alone in the street. However, when they were at home, in either of their rooms, they could snuggle up together and keep their secret. However, this only worked at the orphanage when Tommy’s roommates were out, so they mainly stuck with Shun’s home.

Shun’s mum worked a lot, being a single mother, and Shun didn’t like being alone at home all that much anyway so Tommy could easily stay over without anyone being the wiser.

Tonight, Shun’s mum was working the night shift again, and the apartment was empty aside from him and his boyfriend. It was cold outside, snowing gently, and they were sitting on the couch next to each other, watching a movie Tommy had insisted was great and you had to watch during the winter. Honestly though, Shun wasn’t paying much attention to the movie. He was more concentrated trying not to go beet red in the face when Tommy snuggled up closer to him, nearly settling on his lap.

It felt nice.

His heart beat faster as Tommy leaned his cheek against his shoulder, tugging the blankets tighter around them. Then, with a small laugh, Tommy tugged a blanket up over their heads, and Shun made a face of surprise that was barely visible in the dim light sifting through the sheets. Tommy’s face was also red now, when he bumped his nose against Shun’s. “You know, in some places, this symbolizes a kiss.”

Shun’s cheeks went darker. “I know that.” He didn’t remember where, but he’d been told that. Feeling brave, and trying to pretend to be cooler than he was, Shun leaned in to kiss Tommy on the lips. “And this is an actual kiss.”

Tommy wrapped his arms around him, leaning forward until Shun fell backwards and the other boy was on top of him. The blond was laughing. “Do that again, Shun.”

The redhead didn’t mind doing that at all.