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Blinded by Music

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He doesn't remember how it happened, when it happened, or even why it happened. He questioned how he could be that unlucky and unfortunate. All he did for several days was feel sorry for himself and for his older brother, Namjoon. Because of him, Namjoon has to take more time out of his day to make sure he doesn't hurt himself or break down for the hundreth time since their parents are always too busy to watch Taehyung themselves.

Taehyung feels lost because he can't do anything with himself now. After an accident that shouldn't have happened to him, and should never happen to anyone else, Taehyung became blind. Losing your ability to see the beautiful things in life was an awful feeling and Taehyung hated it. He couldn't do anything that he used to do, he couldn't actually watch any more anime on his phone, he wouldn't be able to see the screen. His whole world was dark.

The world was pitch black to him and he knew it'd never change. Well, he believed that it would never change until he met Min Yoongi, one of Namjoon's close friends that was also a music major like his older brother. When him and Yoongi end up alone together, Namjoon had asked him to stay with Taehyung in their shared temporary studio and he had agreed since he needed to finish what he was doing anyways, Yoongi ends up asking him how it feels to be blind.

Taehyung frowns, he only knows where Yoongi is sitting because of where his voice had come from. "It's awful, not being able to see anything. You can't see the beautiful things in life that once made you happy," and Taehyung feels sad all of a sudden.

Yoongi looks at Taehyung before standing up, walking over to Taehyung to pull him up, guiding him to the chair he was previously sitting on. "Not all beautiful things are able to be seen, Taehyung. Listen to this, alright?" Yoongi makes sure that Taehyung sits down on the chair comfortably before placing his headphones onto his head, biting at his bottom lip. Yoongi's finger hesitates to press the play button but he does it regardless, watching as Taehyung listened to a song he produced earlier in the year.

Taehyung looks like he likes it which makes Yoongi smile. "Woah, this is amazing! Did you produce this Yoongi?" He asks while removing the headphones from his head, not sure of where to look which makes Yoongi chuckle. Yoongi thought Taehyung was adorable (unlike his brother Namjoon).

Leaning against his desk, Yoongi almost nods before remembering that Taehyung wouldn't be able to see it anyways. "Yeah, I did a few months back. Not my best, not my worst," he replies while ruffling Taehyung's hair.

"It's so good, you're talented. I'm kind of jealous," Taehyung says while staring down at his lap. It made Yoongi feel somewhat bad for him.

So, he places his hand onto Taehyung's leg and gently squeezes it. "Everything happens for a reason, they say. You, like everyone else, have a place in this world. You'll find something you can do eventually. Don't give up." And Taehyung smiles widely at Yoongi's encouragement.

When Namjoon comes back for Taehyung, he's somewhat surprised to see them getting along. Namjoon does glare at Yoongi, which of course doesn't phase Yoongi at all, before telling Taehyung that it's time for him to go home. "Aw okay, bye Yoongi! Thanks for teaching me!"

And Yoongi's just confused as Namjoon when Taehyung says that. Namjoon doesn't question and leads Taehyung out of the studio. Yoongi sits there for a few more seconds before it hits him in the face. Not all beautiful things are able to be seen.

"I wonder how Namjoon ended up with such a cute brother," Yoongi says to himself while shaking his head. He places his headphones back onto his head and begins to work on something he's been pushing aside for awhile. Taehyung inspired him to work on this one in specific and he doesn't know why exactly but Yoongi doesn't question himself as he continues to work himself to his limits until late at night.

The next time Taehyung gets to see Yoongi is in the studio again. "Ey, Yoong, you in here?" Namjoon asks, loud enough for Yoongi to hear, and he screams back a 'Yeah'. Taehyung comes in first, Namjoon standing behind him with his hands on Taehyung's shoulders to guide him into the room without him hitting a wall. "Mind if Taehyung hangs out with you again? Got some business to do and parents are still at work."

Yoongi hums before nodding. "Yeah, sure. Fine with me," he replies as casual as he can, trying to mask the feeling of excitement. He was excited to show Taehyung his new addition to his so-called mixtape. It definitely wasn't his best but he wouldn't say anything about it until Taehyung hears it himself.

"Be back in about an hour, Taehyung don't give Yoongi too much trouble." And with that Namjoon's gone.

Taehyung's smiling is glowing, in Yoongi's opinion, and he pretends he knows where Yoongi's location is. "Hi Yoongi hyung!"

And Yoongi smiles at how excited Taehyung seems to be just by being able to see him. Yoongi was semi-glad that Taehyung couldn't see his face, not because he thought himself as ugly or anything but just because he knew Taehyung could never like him for something like his looks. Well, that and Yoongi just doesn't want to be caught out for being excited by Taehyung. "Want to listen to the song I finished about thirty minutes ago?"

And without hesistation, Taehyung loudly voices (more like yells) a yes. Taehyung doesn't try to hide the fact that he is very much enjoying Yoongi's stuff. Yoongi doesn't even have to ask him if he likes it because Taehyung beats him to it. "This is amazing like everything else you've probably done, I adore you and your mixtape so much." Taehyung never has a negative thing to say about Yoongi and it encourages him greatly.

Yoongi tilts his head because wait--Taehyung adores him? It kind of hits him in the face that Taehyung may possibly like him, he wouldn't be shocked since all Taehyung does is praise him, and hell, maybe he likes him too but that's almost a no-no since he is Namjoon's little brother. Yoongi does value his life, afterall. "Thank you, Taehyung. Your words are honestly flattering."

Yoongi listens to Taehyung as he talks about nonsense and he would occasionally murmur something to show that he was indeed listening. When Namjoon walks in to retrieve his younger brother, he thanks Yoongi for hanging out with Taehyung and he shrugs. "No problem, kept me company anyways. Take care."

Taehyung waves goodbye to him (well almost since he technically waves goodbye at a wall) but he still finds it cute regardless. Yoongi decides to push any emotions he could have towards Taehyung to the side, they weren't necessary.

There are times where Yoongi questions why he puts up with Namjoon's bullshit, maybe it was because of Taehyung or maybe it was because Namjoon was actually very good at music, but when he's awoken from a nap (yes, Yoongi naps at nine o'clock at night) and he's ready to deck Namjoon until he sees the message itself.

dipshit: Parents are out of town tonight and I finally scored a damn date with that person I've been crushing on for fucking ages. Mind coming over to uh--hang out with Taehyung? I can't leave him by himself.

And Yoongi didn't have the heart to say no so he texts back a 'I'll be there in a few minutes.' Namjoon seems very pleased. When Yoongi gets to Namjoon's, Namjoon is already gone. Taehyung, in the living room staring at the television even though he can't watch what's going on.

When he sits himself down next to Taehyung, he seems startled since he didn't hear Yoongi come in. "Yoongi hyung?" Taehyung asks in a quiet voice, unsure if it's actually him or not.

"One and only," and Yoongi sees Taehyung release a breath that he didn't realize was being held. "Sorry I scared you."

Taehyung shakes his head and turns off his television, while turning to face Yoongi (or trying to face Yoongi). Eventually, they end up listening to Yoongi's hip hop playlist, which Taehyung really digs for some reason (not that Yoongi is complaining, his taste in music is on point). "Hey Yoongi, am I allowed to ask you questions?"

"Huh, of course." Yoongi replies while rubbing the back of his neck. Namjoon will probably get home soon, Yoongi thinks to himself.

Taehyung taps his chin for a few seconds before an imaginary lightbulb appears above his head. "I want to know more about you, about what inspires you to make the music you do."

Yoongi stays silent for a minute before speaking up. "There's not much to me really, I'm just college music major with a passion for making music. I don't want to be an idol in the public eye, I just want to make music because that's what makes me happy," he starts, watching Taehyung's expressions as he talks (and shit, he thinks he is fucked because he thinks he really, really is starting to like Taehyung). "As for inspiration, everything and anything can inspire me. For instance, you can inspire me. You may be blind but you cope with it very well and you still live life as if you can still see."

Taehyung ends up smiling widely and that's when Yoongi realizes that he is dead. Namjoon is going to probably skin him alive. Sure, Taehyung stays silent for a few minutes but Yoongi enjoys the silence because it's comfortable and not awkward at all. "Yoongi," Taehyung starts before looking aimlessly around the room as if he could see Yoongi. "Can I touch your face? I want to get an idea of what you look like since I can't see how you look."

Yoongi can't say no to Taehyung. Yoongi scoots closer to Taehyung and gently grabs Taehyung's wrist to guide his hand up to his face. Taehyung's quiet the whole time, almost like he is focusing very hard on the so-called task, he starts by grazing his fingers across his cheeks. When Taehyung's done with his cheek, his fingers end up lightly knocking into the glasses he was wearing for no reason. "Glasses?"

"Fake." Yoongi replies immediately. He doesn't need glasses, he just likes how they make him look.

Taehyung nods and lets his hand meet Yoongi's head, softly running his fingers through Yoongi's hair. "What color is your hair? It's soft."

"Faded mint green, looks more blonde." Yoongi replies and that's when it smacks him in the face. He liked his best friend's little fucking brother.

When Taehyung's done, he shyly retracts his hand. "I bet you're attractive. I wish I could see for myself instead of having to touch your face," Taehyung replies sadly and Yoongi pats his leg.

"You're not missing out on much I promise."

Taehyung lets out a sigh before chewing on his lip. "Would it be too much to ask," he starts shyly, taking a deep breath before continuing, "for a kiss?"

And Yoongi almost chokes on his own spit. He doesn't reply with words, he replies by scooting closer to Taehyung. He replies by placing his lips onto Taehyung's and the thought that Namjoon could be home whenever completely is tossed out of his mind as Taehyung snakes his arms around his neck. The kiss isn't forced or rushed, it's gentle and Taehyung's lips on his feels so damn right.

Neither of them hear the front door open but hell, Yoongi wished he had. "I'm ba--what the fuck is going on?" And both of them pull away from each other. Yoongi knows he is absolutely fucked right now. "Yoongi, what the fuck do you think you're doing?"

And before Yoongi can even answer, Taehyung butts in. "It's not his fault, I asked--" and Namjoon tells him to hush up for a moment which makes Taehyung frown.

Yoongi stands up from the couch, running a hand through his hair. "There's no need to tell Taehyung to hush up."

Namjoon is glaring at him and just folds his arms. "You need to get out of my house, Yoongi." Yoongi sighs in annoyance but grabs his coat anyways. As he's about to leave the living room, Namjoon adds in: "And stay the hell away from Taehyung."

Yoongi just shakes his head because this was fucking ridiculous. Before he leaves the house, he's positive he hears Taehyung say "It's not his fault, I asked him to kiss me!" But all Yoongi can do is sigh.

The winter air practically consumes him as he walks outside and he rushes for his house cause damn, it's really too cold out. From then and there, they avoid each other completely. Whenever Namjoon is in the studio, Yoongi isn't and vise versa. Yoongi sighs because all he can think about is Taehyung.

Is he okay? Is he eating well? Does Taehyung miss him as much as Yoongi misses him?

Yoongi doesn't really know. He also doesn't know how long it's been since him and Namjoon have talked. He honestly doesn't understand why Namjoon got so mad at him for kissing Taehyung. Maybe it was the whole brotherly instinct thing that he would never ever understand but all he could do is place his head on his desk. He can't fucking focus at all right now.

He almost pisses himself when he hears someone knock on the doorframe. It's Namjoon. Yoongi just stares at him with his signature grumpy look, especially since he doesn't want to talk to Namjoon at all right now, and sighs. "Can I help you?"

"We need to talk about what happened," Namjoon says and Yoongi's wondering why he's coming to him now about the situation. Yoongi's barely been in any awkward silences but this definitely takes the cake. "Listen, Taehyung, he really likes you. He's been begging me to let him see you."

Yoongi sighs and doesn't look Namjoon in the eye because what can he even say? Yes, he likes Taehyung for who he is. Yes, he'd like to try and be with Taehyung. No, he doesn't want to deal with Namjoon.

"Yoongi, I know I probably overreacted but I'm protective of him especially now that he's blind."

"What does him being blind have to do with how I feel about him?" Yoongi replies and he's gonna end up yanking his hair out. "I like Taehyung for who he is, blind or not."

Namjoon doesn't say much after that and he does eventually leave. Yoongi can only shake his head and he continues to press keys on his keyboard, hoping that what he is typing would even make sense as a rap. It probably wouldn't because what the hell is his mind right now?

It's about thirty minutes later when Namjoon comes back. Yoongi sighs and almost tells his he doesn't want to talk about it anymore but when he looks, Taehyung's standing there with Namjoon guiding him into the room. Taehyung looks in the wrong direction to ask Namjoon where they are even though Namjoon's left.

"Namjoon stepped out." Yoongi casually says and Taehyung's eyes go wide. "And before you ask, yes I am Yoongi."

Taehyung seems overjoyed to see him and excitedly stands up. Yoongi ends up standing up too and pulls Taehyung into a hug. "I've missed you so much, I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked you to kiss me."

Yoongi holds Taehyung as close to him as he can before saying 'Fuck it' in his head. He pulls Taehyung in for a soft kiss and Taehyung doesn't argue at all. "You're not wearing your glasses today." Taehyung points out after they pull away and Yoongi laughs.

"No, I'm not. I didn't feel like pushing them up all the time," Yoongi says while poking Taehyung's nose. "I've missed you too, by the way." And Taehyung tries to kiss Yoongi on the lips and misses completely, kissing Yoongi right below his eye. They both laugh and Yoongi sighs in content. "You're so cute and I really hope Namjoon doesn't kill me before I ask you out."

Taehyung grins widely and jumps up and down in place. "Hurry, hurry, ask me out before he walks in and ruins our moment again."

Yoongi is speechless for point two seconds and laughs before properly placing a kiss onto Taehyung's lips. "Because I suck at this shit, I'm just gonna say be mine, Taehyung."

Grinning and nodding rapidly, he tries to place another kiss onto Yoongi's lips but misses again. "It's hard to kiss your lips when you're shorter than me!" Taehyung whines and Yoongi actually laughs. Usually he glares when people mention his height but with Taehyung, he'll let it slip.

"It'll be alright, want to listen to another composition I just made?" And Taehyung would never say no to hearing one of his works.

Being mauled by Namjoon would definitely be worth the price of being able to keep a precious person like Kim Taehyung.