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Late to Dinner

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Mamiya’s wandering ended in the library. Here he found the subject of his search reaching for a book. Approaching casually from behind Mamiya tucks his hands into Ariga’s uniform pockets. “Hello, Messiah. You are late to dinner.”

“I wasn’t aware there was a certain timeframe.”

“There is if you wanted to eat in the cafeteria. We’ll have to go out to eat now.”

“You sound so disappointed”

“Oh, it’s terrible. You’ll have to treat me.”

“You’ll have to find your way out of my pockets first, I’m afraid.”

“Don’t want to.” Mamiya leans forward to nip at Ariga’s neck. “But I’m soo hungry.”

Ariga shudders slightly. Emboldened by this response, warm hands squeeze his legs through pockets teasingly. “There are many things in life we may not want but necessities often win out.”

Retrieving his hands, Mamiya chose to wrap those arms snugly around his partner instead. As he rests his chin on Ariga’s shoulder, the end result presses their bodies closer. “The nice thing is we usually get to choose when.”

“Mamiya… I thought you were starving.”

“I am.” The accused stands on tiptoe and braces himself against Ariga to reach an ear, nibbling delicately along the edge. Ariga’s breath hitches and he grasps Mamiya’s arms tightly.


Mamiya releases the captive ear, allowing his words to ghost along Ariga’s neck (the little of it left uncovered by their cumbersome uniform) with a smile. “Something wrong?”

“Something tells me this hunger of yours can’t be sated with food alone.”

“Such intuition, Messiah. What will I do with you?”

“Perhaps not coerce me in a semi-public place, for starters.” He turns his head and quirks his lips, hoping Mamiya sees.

“Ehh… if you’d prefer, we seem to have a room down the hall I can coerce you in instead.” Mamiya’s venturesome hands begin to move again; one smoothing up Ariga’s chest, the other sliding down the front of his thigh.

Ariga bites his lip, reaching for Mamiya’s wondering hands before they really get carried away. “Would you even be able to make it that far?”

“Well… if I must.” Mamiya’s problem is clear to them both given their proximity. ”Let me carry your book if we are leaving. Alright?”