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Lily's Thorn

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Jacob found his heart beating very rapidly as he headed back to the Slytherin Common Room. He wasn’t sure how you were supposed to act or dress on a Valentine’s Date since he’d never been one. Draco always dressed well. Was one supposed to dress a little better for a date on Valentine’s Day? He had no idea. He would have asked Hermione, but he didn’t think she knew, either. Yes seemed to be the right answer to that, and he certainly didn’t want to look drab next to his boyfriend. 

Draco was already getting ready by the time he was up there, looking great as always. Jacob hesitated before putting something on, just a simple shirt and pants, something nice but not overly special. He wasn’t sure what else to wear, so he hoped that this was okay.  Judging by the look on his boyfriend’s face, he didn’t seem to mind at all what he was wearing. That seemed to be a pretty good sign, at least so far. Then again, Draco never seemed to mind what he was wearing.

“You seem a bit tense,” Draco said, reaching up and giving his shoulders a quick rub before taking his hand.

“I don’t know. It’s Valentine’s Day.”

“That’s a reason to be so tense?” Draco asked, smirking at him as they made their way into the Common Room. People were all queuing to get outside. Theodore and Astoria were standing there, fixing to leave.  “Technically, if it makes you feel better, Valentine’s Day isn’t until Wednesday.”

Jacob chuckled as they left the common room, seeing Marcus and Salenia both dressed up rather nice, walking ahead of them, heading towards the Entrance Hall to meet their respective significant others. “True, but this is still our Valentine’s Day date,” he said as they made their way up. Couples and friends were greeting each other as they headed outside.

“Sure, it is, but what do you think is going to happen?” Draco asked as they made their way outside, pulling their cloaks around them. The snow that had come earlier this week had melted a bit. The weather had warmed up a bit, but it was still a bit windy. He pulled them over off the side a bit, pulling him close and slipping his arms around him.

“Er, I don’t know, I guess…” Now that Jacob was thinking about it, he couldn’t think of what might go wrong. Could they have a bad date? It hadn’t happened yet, though they hadn’t actually been on that many dates. They spent a lot of time together, though. He shrugged. “I can’t think of anything. I guess I’m just a bit nervous, is all. There’s a lot of talk about how important Valentine’s Day is.”

“It’s just another day,” Draco said. “Unless you want to make it more. Personally, I find the importance of the day to be a bit… ridiculous. You’re going to spoil your significant other only one day a year? Two, if you count their birthday?” He scoffed. “No, I would spoil mine anytime he wanted. Screw the day. I would take you out anyway, regardless of the holiday or not.”

Jacob was blushing furiously now, but he understood Draco’s mindset - he intended to spoil him whenever he wanted and didn’t care what day it was. He should have figured that - he remembered him buying him a very nice expensive quill, one he still used every day. And that hadn’t been for any reason except he’d needed one. He didn’t doubt that Draco was only holding himself back because it was still pretty early in their relationship.

Taking Jacob’s silence and blushing as a sign that the conversation was over, Draco secured an arm across his waist, and the two of them started heading towards Hogsmeade. Jacob slipped a hand around his waist as they walked, “You know,” Draco said, “I have to say that cloak looks really good on you.”

Jacob laughed, looking down at the emerald green silk cloak that Draco had gotten him for Christmas. He hadn’t worn it since he’d gotten it, but it was a very nice robe. Draco had gotten it for him, intending him to wear it at some point. So he was, and besides, the spells on it kept him nice and warm against the breeze. “I wonder why that is,” he said. “I guess my boyfriend has good taste.”

Draco smirked, giving his waist a light squeeze. “Yes, I suppose he does.” He sounded a bit haughty and self-confident, almost as if saying that he knew he had chosen well when he had chosen the cloak. Jacob just rolled his eyes, knowing he didn’t need to encourage him. 


They had lunch in Hogsmeade. Unlike the last time they’d been there, the place was crowded. When they had walked by Madame Puttifoot’s Tea Shop, it was crowded, too - couples leaning in close together, smiling, blushing. He preferred the little restaurant they’d gone to last time. Neither he nor Draco was keen on the tea shop’s atmosphere, though it seemed to be the most popular destination today. 

After lunch, they headed to Scrivenshaft’s. Draco bought another quill, a silver one with a blue tip. He also purchased some colour-changing ink, one for each of them. Jacob was going to buy some black ink while they were there, but Draco insisted and bought it for him. This time, he didn’t argue with him. He understood that this was what Draco was like, and if he wanted to buy it for him, what was the harm? Jacob wouldn’t have hesitated to buy things for his friends - and for Draco - if he had his money. He didn’t yet, of course, and he never thought he’d miss it until he didn’t have access to it.

In the meantime, if Draco wanted to buy him things, who was he to argue? 

As they made their way back down the High Street, they saw many of their friends. The Three Broomsticks wasn’t as busy as it normally was, but there was still a good crowd in there. Some were surely gathering after their dates, others who didn’t have any. He spotted Ron sitting with a few people, fellow Gryffindors among them. As they walked along, he spotted Hermione and Terry heading into Tomes and Scrolls. He expected Draco to lead them there, but he continued walking. Hmm, maybe he had more plans for them today.

Jacob stayed silent as they made their way back to the castle and back down into the Slytherin Common Room. It was relatively empty, with only some first and second years hanging around. Draco lead him back to their dorm, and they put their stuff away. He wasn’t sure what else was going on until his boyfriend walked back over to him, pulling him onto his bed.

Jacob chuckled, but he wasn’t complaining. Draco immediately dragged him up towards the pillows, swinging his leg over so that he was straddling him. “Mmm, I wanted some time alone with you. I feel like we do, but usually at night when we need to go to bed,” Draco said, running his hands up Jacob’s chest. “Not during the day when we’re going to be alone for a good couple hours.”

Jacob ran his hands up Draco’s thighs, his hands going to his hips. Draco slid his hands from Jacob’s waist under his shirt. He let out a moan, and Draco quickly pushed at his shirt. Jacob helped him remove it before quickly pulling at the hem of Draco’s shirt. They were usually used to needing silencing spells, pulling back the curtain to make sure they couldn’t be seen or heard. Now, they were alone. Truly alone. There was no one else in the dorm right now. All had been in Hogsmeade last time they checked and would probably not be back for a couple of hours.

Draco leaned down and kissed him deeply. Jacob slid his hands around, pulling him closer. Draco ran his hands up his back, feeling the smooth skin as his boyfriend ran his hands along his chest. He couldn’t get enough of this. Draco was rocking his hips against him, and Jacob couldn’t get enough of him. He was very aware of the muscles underneath his fingers as he trailed his fingers along his skin. After all this time, they knew this part of each other’s bodies fairly well.

Jacob had no idea where this was going, whatever they had. They seemed to be figuring it out together, so far, though it had only been four months. All he knew was that he never thought they would get along so well, but Draco seemed to balance him in a way he needed. Draco also pushed him, challenged him without making him feel stupid. The way it felt when they kissed, touched… it was intoxicating. He had never understood the big deal about wanting to kiss someone until Draco, but he understood it all now.

Jacob wanted to drown in him, and knowing they had a couple of hours, he wanted to enjoy it as much as possible.


They didn’t get much studying done that day, but they managed to get a couple of hours later on and some more Sunday night after dinner. His father had gone back to Occlumency, and while he didn’t feel there was much progress being made, his father felt things were going to be okay. He wasn’t sure he agreed, but he trusted that Severus would keep on the right track for the Easter meeting with Voldemort. 

There was no DA meeting this week, with the upcoming Ravenclaw versus. Slytherin match coming up. Ravenclaw had the pitch that Sunday night, with both teams having the week booked. Ravenclaw was practicing, in addition to Sunday, also had Tuesday and Thursday. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday were reserved for Slytherin. Between that and studying, he was distracted from anything Voldemort-related, at least temporarily.

Ravenclaw had a good offense. They were a pretty tight team, though Montague wasn’t too worried. They weren’t as aggressive as the Slytherin team was, and that had served them well. The Ravenclaw Chasers were sharp and smart. Their defense wasn’t as good, though. Bletchley was the more experienced Keeper, and Ravenclaw’s new Keeper, Johnson, was no match. Their new Beaters were good, but so were Crabbe and Goyle. The ultimate test came down between Cho and Draco. Cho was good, but Draco was flying better than ever, and he had the better broom.

Montague pushed them to be aggressive, shove, and push them if they must. Jacob just rolled his eyes at that. He had no intention of forcing such roughness on the other team. It seemed almost like cheating. They were aggressive enough, and they had won their game against Gryffindor fair and square, and Jacob had full faith that if they played like that, they would win again. He also believed that the Gryffindor Chasers were better than the Ravenclaw ones.

They had also had to come up with different scoring methods - the Ravenclaws would be expecting him to be the primary scorer. And he was. He was by far the best flyer, fastest, quickest, but they couldn’t rely on him too much. Montague had come up with a few things, some fakeouts and diversions, so they didn’t depend on his scoring too much. Jacob knew they were flying well provided Montague, and the rest of the team didn’t get the Ravenclaws any penalty shots.

They had a good practice Friday night, and when he woke up Saturday morning, he actually felt very good about the game. After he said goodbye to Draco after their morning exercise, he headed down to Myrtle’s bathroom for the defense meeting with his father.

Ron and Hermione were, as they had been last weekend, already there. He wondered if Hermione dragged Ron out. “Morning,” he said, taking a seat.

“Morning, Jacob,” Hermine said, quickly followed by Ron. “Are you looking forward to the game?”

“I am. We’ve been doing well all week,” Jacob told her. “Provided they don’t give the other team penalty shots, I think we’ll be doing well.” He had almost considered grabbing Draco’s combs - he had bought a set of each, and the Hogwarts and Valentine’s sets had come in. He had then remembered that Salenia would give her girlfriend hers, so there were no worries there. Besides, he knew people had bought them. He had spotted people with some Valentine’s colors in their hair last weekend.

“Wouldn’t put it past them,” Ron said. “Sorry, mate. Not everyone is as fair as you are.”

“They won their last game fair and square,” Hermione said. Jacob remembered the scene Ron had caused and had to admit, they were both right. He wasn’t going to bring that up now. He didn’t want to rehash things with Ron. “I’m no Quidditch expert, but I even I could tell that. Not that I didn’t want Gryffindor to win, of course.” She shrugged her shoulders before smiling at Jacob. “I’ll be rooting for you, though.” 

“What about the Slytherin rivalry?” Jacob asked, smirking at her.

Hermione rolled her eyes. “I sit with the Slytherins in Potions, I’m friends with you, so are Ron, Fred, and George,” she said. He had noticed she was still sitting with them in Potion, despite her and Ron making up. He figured it was none of his business, and he liked her sitting next to him.  “Fuck it. Who cares. You’re my friend. I can root for you without liking the rest of your team. And Draco’s not that bad.” 

How far things have come.


A few hours later, he and Draco were in the Slytherin’s locker room with the rest of the team. He only half-listened to Montague’s speech, hearing that they needed to be aggressive and overpower Ravenclaw to win. Jacob knew that Montague was smart enough to know he wouldn’t be a part of any roughhousing against the Ravenclaw team. They’d nearly butted heads a couple of times over the risk to the team. They didn’t need to be giving Ravenclaw points. Montague pointed out to Crabbe and Goyle to protect Jacob when he had the Quaffle because the Ravenclaws would be waiting for that.

They walked out of the locker room. The entire team’s hair was done in Slytherin Green and Silver, using Draco’s combs this time. Davies and the Ravenclaw team had their hair done in Ravenclaw Blue and Bronze. Looking up as Montague and Davies shook hands, he saw much more Blue and Bronze than Green and Silver, but he saw more Green and Siver than he expected, a few here and a few there. Some Gryffindors, which he suspected were Hermione and the Weasley’s. It was better than nothing.

“Welcome to the third Quidditch game of the season - Ravenclaw versus Slytherin,” announced Lee Jordan. “Both teams won their first matches. Whoever wins this game will be in the lead for the Quidditch Cup. ” Madame Hooch blew the whistle, and fourteen brooms shot up in the air. Davies was faster, and then Jacob, Montague, and Pucey were off after them. 

“Davies passes to Chambers, but a quick Bludger from Goyle and Slytherin has possession of the Quaffle.” Montague sped forward, Quaffle in hand, quickly passing it back to Pucey. Jacob was right behind them and caught the ball when Pucey passed it to him. For once, he was rooting for Crabbe and Goyle. “Snape has the Quaffle, and there was a Bludger headed his way, but Crabbe blocked it.” He saw one of the Ravenclaw Chasers, Bradley, on his right and quickly dropped down, passing to Montague. Jacob shot forward again. They were nearing the goal post now. 

As soon as Jacob was in position, Pucey tossed him the Quaffle. “Oooh, Pucey is hit by a Bludger from Newberg, one of the Ravenclaw Beaters, but the timing was off, and Snape has the Quaffle now.” Jacob swerved, knowing a Bludger was coming, and quickly launched the ball towards one of the goalposts. Johnson stretched out, moving to catch it, but it slipped right past his outstretched fingers. “And Snape scores - the first goal of the match, 10 to nothing to Slytherin.”

The Quaffle was thrown back into play, caught by Chambers, who sped off. Jacob and the other two Chasers were off after him. Chambers passed the Quaffle to Bradley, but a Bludger hit him before he had a chance to pass to one of his teammates. Montague was there to grab it, quickly passing to Jacob. The Ravenclaws were ready for that, though, and hit him with a Bludger. Wincing, he dropped it. Pucey and Chambers both shot forward and nearly collided, but Chambers pulled up at the last second to avoid colliding with the Slytherin.

Jacob shot forward, so did Pucey, who now had the Quaffle. They were still near the Ravenclaw goalposts. It would be easy enough to score again if they could avoid being hit by a Bludger. As Jacob neared the goal post, Pucey passed him the ball. He knew the Ravenclaws would shoot at him, and he wasn’t close enough for a clear shot yet. So, he dropped down, tossing the ball up to Montague, who was shooting forward above him, and continued onward to score as a Bludger went right above Jacob’s head.

“And the second goal from Slytherin with a fake-out,” announced Lee Jordan as the Keeper through the Quaffle back into play. “Ravenclaw is having problems getting the Slytherin’s away from their goal post! They’ll need to shape up if they want to turn this match around. Slytherin leads 20 to nothing.” Jacob was already heading back out, though. They couldn’t hang out near the goalposts because it made them too easy of a target. He had already been hit once and did not plan on getting hit again if he could help it. 

Montague had passed to Pucey, and Pucey now passed it to him. He whipped around and passed it to Montague, who was already heading back in the directions. He dipped down to avoid another Bludger. The Ravenclaw Beaters seemed to have it out for him, and he was trying to be ahead of them. He didn’t want to get hit again if he could help it. He was already shooting forward again and saw Montague pass to Pucey. Jacob was shooting forward past them and received the Quaffle from Pucey, not wasting time and throwing the ball towards the Quaffle. Johnson’s hand brushed it, but it went through the goal.

“Thirty to nothing to Slytherin, who has just dominated this game,” announced Lee Jordan. “Second goal of the game for Snape, as well. Ravenclaw has the Quaffle, and they need to keep it and get to the other end of the pitch if they want to turn this game around.” Ravenclaw was trying to do just that. Davies was off, throwing the Quaffle to Bradley, who passed to Chambers. Chambers was hit by a Bludger, though, and Pucey caught the Quaffle. 

Pucey shot off, and he and Montague were right with him. Pucey passed him the Quaffle, and he and Montague shot ahead, Pucey right behind them. Just then, Madam Hooch’s whistle blew. Jacob whirled around. “Blagging committed by Mr. Crabbe, who grabbed the broom of a member of the opposing team.” Crabbe looked sheepish to have been caught, while one of the Ravenclaw Beaters, Newberg, was glaring at him. “Penalty to Ravenclaw. One penalty shot.” Madam Hooch motioned for him to hand the ball over to her. He did as requested with a groan, giving Crabbe a rather nasty glare as they all headed over the other side of the pitch.

Madam Hooch handed the ball to Davies, the Captain. He seemed to be talking it over with his two other Chasers before keeping the ball and flying towards the goal post. Bletchley was observing him, slowly moving between the goalposts. Davies moved to the right, holding the Quaffle. Bletchley matched him, ready to block, only for Davies to throw it the other direction, towards the middle goalpost instead. Bletchley moved to block but wasn’t fast enough. The Quaffle passed through the goal. 

“A successful penalty shot from Davies and Ravenclaw scores their first goal of the match,” announced Lee Jordan. “Thirty to ten now. Let’s see if Ravenclaw can turn this match around.” Davies was trying to do just that. Bletchley had passed to Montague, who headed back towards the other side of the pitch. He passed to Pucey, but Chambers intercepted it, passing it back to Bradley, who headed back down the pitch. “Nice interception from Ravenclaw. They’re trying to turn this match around.”

Davies passed to Bradley, but Pucey intercepted, immediately finding Jacob and throwing it to him. Jacob turned and shot back, only to be hit by a Bludger. Again. Chambers intercepted and was back towards the goal. A quick pass to Davies. Montague headed for him, trying to go for a tackle, but Davies passed to Bradley, who shot forwards towards the goal. Bletchley was on him, but Bradley was faster. The goal went through. “Another goal for Ravenclaw, and they’re only behind by one goal now.”

Damn it , Jacob thought to himself as Montague caught the pass from Bletchley. Montague headed away from the goalposts. Jacob flew ahead, intending to be in front of him. The sound of the crowd got him looking back to see the Quaffle in Ravenclaw’s position again - according to Lee Jordan, it was a tackle from Davies that got the Quaffle away from Pucey. A glance at Pucey saw that his teammate was not happy by the incident. 

Jacob flew past Pucey. Bradley currently had the Quaffle and was headed for Bletchley again.  Pucey flew towards him, but Bradley was faster, passing it to Chambers, who was right near the goal area, waiting. Chambers turned and quickly sent the Quaffle through the opposite goal post before Bletchley could block it. “And another goal for Ravenclaw, and they’ve tied it up. The score is thirty to thirty.” They were falling behind - Ravenclaw wasn’t letting them keep the Quaffle, get it to the other side of the pitch because they knew if they did, they’d be in trouble.

Pucey had the Quaffle now and passed it to Montague. Jacob was staying ahead of them, and the Captain passed him the Quaffle. He sped forward, eyeing the other end of the pitch, ready to pass before he got targeted again. He knew he’d need to pass soon, but he was the fastest player on the team. He was about to look around for either of his teammates when he felt a nudge against his shoulder and the Quaffle loosen a bit in his grip. Before he had a chance to right the situation, it was out of his hands, and Davies was heading back in the opposite direction.

“Excellent steal from Davies,” announced Lee Jordan, “and Ravenclaw once again has possession. Snape was too focused and not paying enough attention to what was going on around him. Rookie mistake, that.” Damn it. Jordan was right. It had been a rookie mistake. He hadn’t been paying enough attention, and Davies had taken advantage of it. He had been so concerned about putting some distance between the goal post. He wouldn’t make that mistake again.

He was flying back, and he saw that Chambers had the Quaffle now. He came up alongside him, nudging him with his shoulder, using enough force to get him to drop the Quaffle. Admittedly a little rougher than he had intended, but it had done the job. He was quicker at grabbing it and was about to head back to the other side of the pitch when he heard the whistle from Madam Hooch. “Foul to Slytherin. Blatching - flying with the intend to collide. One penalty goal for Ravenclaw.”

Jacob groaned. He had not been flying with the intent to collide, only tackle. He knew there was a fine line, and he had been a bit rougher than he had intended, but he hadn’t been that rough! Had he? Groaning, he passed Madam Hooch the Quaffle, who gave it to Davies as the rest of them back off from the goal area. There was another conversation between the Ravenclaw Chasers, and Bradley took the Quaffle this time. Bradley lined up, swerving in front of the goal to confuse Bletchley. He attempted to fake to the side at the last minute, but Bletchley wasn’t going to be fooled again. He caught the Quaffle, and Jacob felt relief.

“Bletchley caught the Quaffle,  and Ravenclaw fails to take the lead,” announced Lee Jordan as Montague caught the Quaffle from him. “Score stands at thirty to thirty, and it is still a tied game.” Montague had the Quaffle now. Jacob headed past him, ready to take it. Montague passed to him, and Jacob shot forward. This time, he wasn’t going to be distracted and let the Quaffle be taken from him. Pucey had caught up with him and was coming alongside him. He passed him the Quaffle, and Jacob immediately moved out of the way, shooting forward. 

Jacob turned around. Montague had the Quaffle now and passed it to him. He moved closer towards the goal but knew he couldn’t keep the Quaffle for long. He immediately looked to his left and saw Pucey right behind him. He passed him the Quaffle and then headed closer towards the goal. Pucey looked like he was going to score, only to pass the Quaffle to Jacob, who moved in to score before anyone had a chance to stop him.

“Great pass and another fake-out from Slytherin,” announced Lee Jordan. “Snape scores, with an assist from Pucey, and Slytherin leads forty to thirty, and they have taken control back in this game. They want this badly, and they are not letting Ravenclaw keep control without a fight.” Yes, they did, and they were not letting Ravenclaw win.


Ravenclaw did manage to get control once more, but they couldn’t score. Bletchley blocked the goal. That was the end of the line for them. Slytherin took control back and kept it. They scored three more times, twice using fakeouts and once with Jacob scoring outright. He did get once by the bludger, which made twice in the game so far. He was probably going to be sore for a while after the game, but it was worth it.

“Seventy to thirty to Slytherin - that is three goals in a row for them without even an attempt at a goal from Ravenclaw,” Jordan announced. “Ravenclaw can’t afford another run like that, and that is two in the game so far. Snape has the Quaffle, but Davies intercepts, Ravenclaw in possession, and - wait, Malfoy has gone into a dive! Slytherin Seeker has seen the snitch, and Chang has, too, but Malfoy’s faster and has the better broom. Chang is catching up to him; this could be close… but no, Malfoy has caught the Snitch. Slytherin has won their second straight match, 220 - 30. This may make them impossible to beat in the race for the Quidditch Cup.” Jordan sounded a bit disappointed, but nothing could be done. They were on fire.

Everyone landed, surrounding Draco and congratulating him - and themselves. Two matches down, one to go. Despite the uncertainty surrounding other things in his life - Voldemort - this was something else going right. They were going to win the Quidditch cup. They couldn’t be stopped. All that was left was Hufflepuff.