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Lily's Thorn

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Jacob stood in front of the Floo, wearing black slacks and a black shirt. His trunk was behind him, his wand in the holster on his arm underneath his shirt and Moirai in her cage on the floor next to him as she mewed and scratched at the door. His father was standing next to him. It was time for him to go back to Hogwarts, which meant that it was time for Jacob to go to the Malfoy's. The next term started in about four days or so. 

"If you don't want to go, I can make an excuse," said his father. "Say you got grounded or something."

Jacob looked over at them and saw a smirk on his face. "No, I'll be okay. Thanks, though. I just… I don't know what your boyfriend's parents would ask, and especially not… them. I mean, they didn't really know me before, and now it's like… I'm dating their son, and I'm not the 'ideal Malfoy companion,' which I'm sure is a pureblood girl, which I am… neither of those things, but Draco told me not to worry about it because he chooses me, but…"

Severus put a comforting hand on his shoulder. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but you're thinking too much." 

Jacob chuckled. "Yeah, you're probably right, and I really want to spend some time with Draco before we go back. It feels like we haven't seen that much of each other since school ended."

"You've seen him every two or three days like clockwork." 

Jacob chuckled. "It's just weird not seeing him every day."

"And spending every waking moment with him, yes, I know," his father said, causing a light blush to cross Jacob's cheeks. "Now, be good."

"I am always good!" Jacob never intentionally got in trouble. It just… always seemed to happen. 

"We both know that is a lie, but that is not to what I was referring to." A blush crossed Jacob's pale cheeks when he realized what his father was talking about. "Don't think I haven't noticed how… intense you and Draco have become. Lucius and Narcissa are a bit more old fashioned; they might not be as understanding as I am. Just be careful when you two are… alone."

Jacob nodded. "Okay, okay, I'll keep that in mind," he said. "You know what else will be weird? Not seeing you every day." He turned towards him with a smile. "And that's not something I ever thought I'd say." 

"That makes two of us," Severus agreed. "Now, go on!" He gently nudged him towards the fireplace. "And remember, if you need me, owl me or floo me, and I will see you Sunday night."

Jacob nodded, taking a deep breath as he grabbed his trunk with one and squirmy Moriai's cage in the other. He walked into the fireplace, setting his trunk down as he was handed some Floo Powder by his father. "Malfoy Manor!" he yelled, and he disappeared in a swirl of green flame.

He pulled himself off the floor, dusting himself as he checked on Moirai. A bit shaken, she seemed fine otherwise and soon started meowing at him again. He grabbed his trunk and the cage and was making his way down the Entry Hall when a familiar blonde figure suddenly came into view. "Hey, there. I've been waiting for you to arrive all day."

"Sorry, I had to gather everything up, but I'm here now." Jacob didn't mention that part of that had been his nerve, but his boyfriend didn't need to hear that. Soon enough, Draco had walked towards him and drawn him down to a quick kiss. It didn't last long before his parents came into view.

"Welcome, Jacob," said Lucius. "Pleasure to have you here." He noticed the cage in his hands, and the mewing still coming from it. "What is that?"

"My cat." Which was fairly obvious. He assumed the question dealt more with the fact that they probably hadn't known he had one.

"Precious," said Narcissa, though she sounded bored. "It's probably best to keep her in your room during your duration here. We would hate for the little thing to get lost. This is such a big place, after all."

Jacob nodded. That made sense, actually. If she got lost in this place, he'd never find her. His thoughts were cut off when Lucius Malfoy snapped his fingers. A House Elf appeared before them. "Take Mr. Snape's things, and his cat, to his room." The House Elf bowed, and Jacob handed over the trunk and the cage before the elf disappeared with a pop. "Now, let us show you to your room."

What was the point in that, then? He thought to himself, but then again, it was nice not to have to lug that cage up the stairs and down the hallways. He hadn't thought that the elder Malfoys would be leading him to his room personally, though. 

Draco filed in beside him as Lucius and Narcissa made their way up the stairs, down a few hallways before coming to a large door. He looked down the hallway. Large windows were at the end of the hall, and along the entire length of the hallway behind them. Lucius opened the door, and Jacob was greeted with a posh, very large bedroom. It was definitely bigger than his own back home. 

Towards the back of the bedroom in the middle of the wall, there was a large four-poster bed. It had beige curtains and a light blue comforter. On either side were a pair of nice, dark wood end tables. His trunk and Moirai's cage were sitting at the foot of the bed. On the left wall, there was a very large wardrobe. In the opposite corner, there were two plush chairs and a table in between them. A door was not far from that, going to what he assumed was an ensuite bathroom.

"This will be your room while you are staying with us," he explained. "The House Elves will be at your disposal, simply call, and they will come and get whatever you require. Our bedroom is at the end of the hall, Draco's in the next hall over." He turned to both of them, looking between them. "Now, you stay here, and he stays there. Do you both understand?"

A light blush crossed his cheeks, and he didn't look to see if Draco was blushing, too. Jacob nodded. "Yes, sir," he said simply, and he heard Draco saying the same. He knew what he meant - no coming into each other's rooms in the middle of the night. He didn't want to think about what would happen if they caught them snogging, but he didn't plan on not doing that until they got back to Hogwarts. 

Lucius nodded. "Very well. We will leave you to get settled. Dinner will be in a few hours. A House Elf will come to fetch you." With that, he and his wife swept out of the room, leaving him and Draco alone as they closed the door behind him. 

Moirai continued scratching at her cage door, very unhappy with being locked up. "Okay, okay, give me a minute," he said, opening up the door. The little black cat scampered out, disappearing underneath the bed. Jacob chuckled as he turned back to Draco who was walking towards him. "Well, that was awkward."

Draco nodded, bringing him down into another kiss. "Yes, it was. If you didn't have a cat, they'd probably be telling us to keep the door open."

"Yes, they probably would." His dad had asked for the door to be open while they were both in the room, but Moirai knew their house. This place was much too big for a kitten to be running around in for only a few days. "You know, my Dad told me to be good before I came over here. Said that your parents were more old fashioned and probably less understanding than him."

Draco shrugged his shoulders at that remark. "That's probably not too far off, actually," he said, going over to sit on the bed. "My parents talked to me, too. 'Remember that you're only fifteen… you're too young… don't rush into anything… you haven't known him that long…'" He waved his hand, indicating that there had been more to the conversation along the same lines.

Jacob nodded as he set up, made sure Moriai was set up before coming to sit next to Draco on the bed. The blonde leaned forward, kissing him slowly on the lips before pulling away. "Did you notice your hair is getting longer?" Draco asked, reaching up to twirl a bit of his dark hair around his finger.

He nodded. "Yeah, I've been having to push it out of my eyes more now." It had gotten a bit annoying, actually. He didn't want to cut it yet, but it wasn't what he was used to. 

"It looks good on you," Draco said, lowering his hand down. "I would offer to play you a game of Quidditch, but it's freezing outside, quite literally. How about we go swimming instead?" At the blank look on Jacob's face, the blonde continued. "You do remember we have an indoor pool, yes?" He rolled his eyes. "Honestly, and I gave you a tour last time we were here."

"In my defense, that was six months ago, and this manor is as big as ten normal houses put together, if not more," Jacob replied.

Draco chuckled. "Well, that may be true… and we did go by it pretty fast," he agreed. "Do you mind if I practice first? Mother gets cross if I forget to practice every day when I'm at home. She knows full well I don't practice at school." He shrugs. "As long as I'm not slipping, though, I think she tolerates it."

"Sure, I don't mind," he said. "I'd love to hear you play and sing again."

Draco smiled as they stood up and left the room. "And hopefully, this time will go better than last time."

Jacob rolled his eyes. "You know I did apologize for that, and I think I've more than made up for it."

Draco's smile turned into a smirk. "We'll see."


About an hour after Jacob left, Severus found himself back at Hogwarts. He unpacked all his things, putting them away before going to find Aurora. He figured it was prudent to find out what had transpired while he had been away if anything. He made his way out of the dungeons and up the stairs. He had been to her rooms only a few times before, as she usually came to see him. It might be wise for him to check her office first, though.

He found his way up to her office and knocked on the door. A moment later, the door opened. She was sitting behind her desk, looking over some pieces of parchment that sat there. It took her a moment to look up, and a small smile crossed her face when she saw him. "Ah, Severus, you're back," she said, pushing the parchment away as she leaned towards him.

Severus nodded, taking the seat opposite her. "Indeed, I have just finished unpacking. I wanted to see how things went while I was away."

"Nothing interesting to note," she said. "No detentions, thankfully. With that… woman around, who knows if she would even have let me handle it. I did have a couple of first years come to me, feeling homesick around the holidays."

Severus gave a wave of his hand. "That happens every year. The holidays are hard for the younger students who cannot go back but wish to," he agreed. He himself had been quite glad not to have to return home. If he could have stayed during the summer holidays, he would have. Anything if it would have meant not having to see his father ever again. Luckily, the old bastard had died when he was thirteen.

Aurora nodded. "I simply told both of them that likely they are not the only ones struggling, and to speak to their Prefects," she explained. "That they could also speak to their friends, who might be dealing with the same thing." It was much along the lines of what he would have told them. "Enough of that, though. Is your boy going to be staying with you until everyone else gets back on Sunday?"

Severus shook his head. "No, he's staying with the Malfoys."

Aurora raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Staying with the boyfriend and his family."

Severus nodded. "Yes, Lucius and Narcissa believed that he should experience the train ride back," he explained, "though I believe they wanted to use it to get to know him better as well."

Aurora gave a light chuckle. "Well, that should be an interesting story for the two of you when he gets back," she said. "I was just about done here, going over my lesson plans for next semester briefly. They don't usually change much. Do you want to go back to my quarters? We could have a drink. I haven't opened the bottle of wine you gave me for Christmas. Alcohol is much better when shared with a friend, I find."

"I should get my own affairs in order first, but thank you for the offer," he said.

Aurora shrugged. "Another time, then."

Severus nodded, getting up and heading for the door. She hadn't seemed offended at all, but he did enjoy her company, even if he couldn't spare the time right now. As his hand reached for the doorknob, he stopped and turned back. "Perhaps Saturday night, though?" he asked, turning back to look at her.

Aurora smiled at him. "That sounds just fine. I will see you then, Severus."


Jacob ended up sitting on the floor of the music room as Draco played and sang, going through exercises and songs. The room was relatively simple, at least for the Malfoys. There were stacks of music books around, and the piano that Draco was working on. It didn't seem as if he needed any practice at all. His playing and singing sounded flawless to his ears. Then again, he was no expert on music technicalities or whatever it was called. He was perfectly content to listen to him work.

Jacob wasn't sure how long he sat there listening to him before Draco turned around to face him. "Well, I think that's enough practice for one day," he said, before standing up and walking over to him. He held out his hand for him, helping Jacob up from the floor. "Shall we go swimming now?"

"Er, um… I don't actually have anything to wear," he said, slightly embarrassed. When his father had bought him a new wardrobe, he had not thought about asking him to buy swimming shorts, too. It hadn't occurred to him that he would be going swimming anytime soon. 

Draco rolled his eyes. "Well, I have a spare you can wear; our size shouldn't be that different," he said. He led him back to his room, throwing him a pair of shorts. They changed real quick before heading downstairs. 

Jacob followed his boyfriend as he lead him past the drawing-room and dining room, leading him towards the back of the house past the kitchen. There was another doorway here, which led outside. They had taken this way previously to go and play Quidditch, but he hadn't seen the second set of doors before. He opened them, leading them into a massive indoor pool area. It was covered in glass, allowing one to see out onto the grounds, which were covered in snow at the moment, or the sky above, which was cloudy. It was nice and warm in here, though.

The pool itself was massive, with a diving board on the deep end and a waterfall over by the steps leading down into the shallow end. He spotted dials all along the pool edge, though he had no idea what they did. Off to the right was what looked like a jacuzzi. Draco threw his robes off on one of the lounge chairs sitting around, and Jacob followed suit. He watched the blonde's back as he walked over to the deep end of the pool and dived in, elegant and graceful.

Jacob smiled, walking over to the edge of the pool and jumping in. Eager to see what the dials did, he swam over to the edge. Apparently, they changed the temperature of the water as well as the color. You could make the water any color you wanted it. Turning a dial, he looked to see the water turning a deep blue. He turned the dial back before swimming over to the next set of dials and turned one. The lights along the pool changed, turning purple. Smiling, he turned the dial back to the way it had been as Draco continued swimming around behind him. 

This was by far one of the most beautiful pool areas he'd ever been in. Everything looked immaculate and expensive. He wondered if the Malfoys just thought, "What's the most expensive thing we could do?" and then did it. It all was just a little too much, though, but maybe that was only because he wasn't used to all this. He wasn't sure he'd ever be able to walk around here without an escort.

"Are you just going to stand there by the edge, or are you actually going to swim?" Draco called out to him.

"Oh, I'm coming, I just wanted to check out the dials, that's all," he said, swimming out to him. "Race you?"

"You can't beat me, but sure. I'll humor you."


Jacob wasn't sure how long they swam around, but he was quite worn out by the time they finally stopped. Turned out, Draco was a very good swimmer, and he had a hard time beating him. "Lots of lessons as a child," Draco said smugly. "A Malfoy has to be good at everything, you know."

"Oh, yes, and extremely humble as well," Jacob replied, which only earned him a splash from his boyfriend. 

"Shall we get into the jacuzzi? The temperature is always perfect." The blonde swam over to the edge and got out. Jacob looked at him as he got out, water dripping on his skin, his back smooth and elegant, his legs long and lean. He imagined himself running his hands along his back, into his hair… "Are you going to come along? I don't mind if you watch, though." He winked. "The view must have been nice."

Jacob blushed, having been caught staring and swam over to the edge and got out as Draco was stepping into the jacuzzi. "You know it was. You're my boyfriend. I'm allowed to check you out if I want to, aren't I?" 

A light laugh escaped Draco's lips as he watched Jacob walk over. "Yes, I do suppose that is quite true, and I do enjoy that my boyfriend likes what he sees," he said. 

Jacob noticed his gray eyes were aimed towards his chest, and he couldn't help but smile. He stepped into the jacuzzi, sliding in beside Draco. The blonde immediately pulled him close, drawing him in for a kiss. Jacob moaned into the kiss, acutely aware of how close they were, of Draco's bare chest. One of Draco's hands was on his neck, and the other was currently resting on his chest.

Jacob pulled back lightly. "I definitely do." He had one arm around his shoulders, the other resting on Draco's thigh.

"Lucky for you, I like what I saw, too," he said, pulling him down again.

Jacob couldn't argue, melting into the kiss. He moved the hand that was on Draco's thigh, wrapping it around him and pulling him closer. His lips were intoxicating, and he couldn't get enough of them. It seemed as if the more time that they spent together, the harder it became for him not to kiss him every time he saw him. Draco's smooth hands wandered their way down his chest as he worked his way up Draco's back. The blonde worked the hand that was around his neck into his hair. 

"It's time to get ready for dinner." The voice was stern and familiar. 

A light blush crossed Jacob's cheeks as they separated. "Yes, Father," Draco said obediently. He disentangled himself and stepped out of the hot tub. Not wanting to be alone with Lucius, he followed his boyfriend over to the wall where there were some towels. Each of them grabbed one and quickly dried off before going over and getting their things. 

The two of them headed off for the door until Jacob felt a hand on his shoulder. "Not so fast, Jacob," he said. Hearing that, Draco turned around a curious expression on his face. "He'll be along shortly. Go on, Draco." The blonde nodded, giving Jacob an expression that clearly said he was sorry before continuing down the hallway. "Now, I think it's time that you and I have a chat, don't you?" 

No, really, I'm good , he thought to himself, because he had no wish to be interrogated by Lucius Malfoy. Nor had he ever thought that if that happened, it would be because he was dating his son. "Er, sure, um, what about?" he asked as he turned around to face him because he had no idea how these things were supposed to go.

Lucius dropped the hand from his shoulder. While their height difference was not what it used to be, Jacob was still aware of how tall the other man was. "I have a simple question to ask you. What are your intentions towards my son?"

Jacob blinked up at him. "Er, what? I'm sorry, sir? I'm not even sure I understand the question." What did that even mean? Was that what parents always asked their child's significant other? Because he had no idea what this meant, nor how to give an answer that would placate Lucius and get him out of this conversation.\

Lucius looked frustrated with that answer. "Your intentions, Jacob. What are you hoping to get out of this relationship with Draco?"

"Get out of it?" Jacob was confused. What exactly did Lucius think he wanted? The confusion must have shown on his face because Lucius seemed to look more annoyed at that remark. "Er, nothing, just his… company and affection, that's all. I happen to really like your son." He hadn't even voiced to Draco how much he really liked him, but if it would get Lucius off his back, it was fine.

Lucius stared down at him for a moment, before seeming to relax a bit, as much as he ever did. "Hmm, that is satisfactory then," he said. "You should get dressed for dinner." He snapped his fingers, and a House Elf appeared at their sides. "Please escort Mr. Snape to his rooms." The elf bowed and gestured down the hallway. Lucius walked down the hallway, their conversation apparently at an end.

What the fuck was that? He asked himself. It was then that he realized the elf was still bowed, waiting for him. "Oh, er, sorry," he said. "Er, lead the way." The elf squeaked in embarrassment before walking down the hallway, leading him to his room before bowing and disappearing with a pop. Jacob just stood there for a moment before washing up for dinner. That had to be the weirdest conversation he'd ever had, but at least Lucius had seemed satisfied with his answer.

A moment later, there was a knock on the door and Draco entered, closing the door behind him. "Sorry about Father. What did he want? He didn't interrogate you too badly, did he?"

"He asked what my intentions were."

"What?" Draco looked about as confused as he had been. "What does that even mean?"

"I didn't know, either, and he didn't like that. So, he clarified and asked me what I was hoping to get out of our relationship."

Draco took a moment before responding. "What did you tell him?"

Jacob shrugged his shoulders, a light blush crossing his cheeks. "The truth. Nothing except your companionship and affection, and that I really liked you. He seemed satisfied with that because he then sent a House Elf to lead me here and walked off, so…"

Draco sighed, coming over and kissing him. "Sorry, but at least it wasn't that bad," he said. "And do you? Really like me, that is?"

Jacob nodded, kissing him back. "I do."

A smile crossed Draco's face. "I do, too. Not that I didn't know that already, but it's nice to hear." He kissed him again. "We should go, though, before my father comes looking for us again." Jacob agreed, and the two made their way downstairs for dinner. The last thing he wanted was for them to get caught snogging again, especially when they were half-dressed. He did not want that to happen again.


Dinner hadn't been that bad, all things considered. Lucius and Narcissa continued asking him questions, and Draco continued trying to fend them off and direct the conversation away. Sometimes his parents allowed that, and others they would bring the conversation back to him. It was awkward, and he was glad when dinner was over with, and they were both excused. 

He and Draco made their way back up to his room. He didn't see Moirai but knew she was around hiding somewhere. Draco flopped down onto the bed, and Jacob came to lay beside him. "Well, that was fun," he said with a heavy sigh.

"I knew they'd be like this. I mean, they're just trying to get to know you, make sure you're good for me," Draco said, giving a wave of his hand. "I just wish they wouldn't go on like this. I mean, I'm fifteen, and I am fully capable of taking care of myself. Besides, I think I can choose who I date for myself without needing my parent's opinion."

Jacob chuckled. "Isn't that the truth, and I am very glad that you chose me," he said, turning over on his side. The blonde followed suit. He reached over, resting a hand on Draco's hip. The blonde smiled at him, and all thoughts of dinner and the interrogation by Lucius were erased. 

The blonde reached over, reaching out to touch his chest. His slim fingers slowly drifting down his chest. Jacob rubbed his hip before slowly pulling Draco closer to him. The blonde kissed him before gently pushing him down onto his back. The blonde crossed one of his long legs over him so that he was straddling him. Jacob settled his hands on each of his boyfriend's hips as Draco ran his hands up to his chest before leaning down to kiss him again.

Draco's lips were slow and gentle, inviting him in and asking permission. Jacob was all too happy to oblige. He slowly slid on hand up, feeling the smooth skin underneath Draco's shirt. It seems that the blonde had the same idea because he felt his long fingers going underneath his shirt before slowly pushing the shirt off. They stopped kissing only long enough to get the shirt before their lips found each other again, their kisses almost needy and eager. 

Draco's nails lightly grazed down his chest, causing Jacob to moan into the kiss. He moved his hands to the front of his boyfriend's chest, unbuttoning the shirt before pushing it off his shoulders. Draco threw the shirt off to the side before putting his hands back on his chest. Jacob ran his hands down his chest, enjoying how Draco's smooth skin felt underneath his fingers. He moved one hand down, the other moving around to his back. He slowly ran his hand down his back, slowly running it down to his arse. 

Draco moaned, rocking his hips into him. Jacob found out that he liked that quite a bit. He pulled him closer, and the blonde rocked his hips into him again. He wasn't sure what they were doing here or where they were going; apparently, Draco had the same idea, because he broke the kiss. For a moment, the two of them stayed there like that, neither of them moving, until Draco broke the silence.

"Have you thought about it?" he asked, his voice a bit huskier than normal, but quieter, almost as if he didn't want to break the moment between them. At first, Jacob was confused as to what he meant, but Draco continued. "Sex. Have you thought about it?"

It took Jacob a moment to find his voice. "When you're on top of me, rocking your hips like that, it's hard not to think about it." A smile crossed Draco's lips, and he gave him a soft kiss. "Have you?"

Draco nodded. "Yeah, when you're kissing me like that and have your hand on my arse, as you said, it's hard not to think about it," he said. It took a bit before Draco spoke again; he almost seemed to be a bit tense. "It's just… I want to. I do, it's just… not right now, or soon, you know? I just… want to work up to that, and I figure that we'll know when we want to… take that step. Does that make sense?"

Jacob nodded. "Yeah, it does make sense. I feel the same way." He could feel Draco relax a bit. "I want to, as well, but as you said, I don't want to rush. I don't know how any of this works, but I guess we'll figure it all out together, right?"

Draco nodded, kissing him again. "Right, and for now, I am very happy with this." So was he. Right now, this was exactly where he wanted to be. "Although we should probably stop. I wouldn't put it past my parents to come and barge in." 

Jacob groaned. "Don't remind me." That thought killed any mood that he might have had up until that point because he had been so wrapped up in the gorgeous blonde on top of him he hadn't even thought that Lucius would do exactly that.

"Pick this up tomorrow?'

"If he lets me, yes," Jacob said, and Draco just rolled his eyes as he grabbed his shirt before moving next to him. At least this way, if Lucius did interrupt them before they needed to go to bed, they weren't doing anything but cuddling. He was more than happy to continue kissing him, but he knew they had needed to cool down a bit anyway. Besides, he was more than content to just spend some time with him. That was more than enough.


By the time Saturday rolled around, Jaccob was ready to go back to school. Lucius and Narcissa never left Draco and him alone for long. If a House Elf didn't come to interrupt them, then one of them would. They ended up going for a walk at one point, despite the freezing temperatures. He found his new cloak kept him quite warm, as he and Draco did, walking with their arms wrapped around each other. They went to use the jacuzzi only for Lucius and Narcissa to come to use the pool that day, too. It seemed after Lucius had caught them, they didn't want to leave them alone for too long after that. 

Saturday night, Jacob was packing his stuff when he heard the door open behind him. "Oh, still packing?" Draco asked the obvious. "I just finished, and my mother caught me and gave me a minor lecture. I think she's been dying to catch me alone the past few days, but I've been with you constantly."

"Or they've both been with us because your parents have been hovering and overbearing," Jacob said.

The blonde rolled his eyes. "She says they're concerned."

That got Jacob's attention, and he stopped packing, turning around to face his boyfriend. "Concerned? Because of what? You said yourself that they liked me."

"Oh, they do," Draco said, walking over to come and sit on the bed. "They just think our relationship is too… intense. We're only fifteen, and we're too young for such things." That gave Jacob pause, and he wasn't sure what to think about it. He stopped packing and went over to sit beside Draco on the bed as the blonde finished talking. 

"I told her it's fine, that she has no reason to be concerned. I just think she doesn't understand. I mean, I'm sure she and my father knew each other when they were in school even though they weren't in the same year, but they didn't get married to each other until their mid-twenties. Their marriage was arranged, you know. Or how did my mother put it… it was 'highly encouraged.'" He shrugged his shoulders. "So I just think they don't understand, you know? They never mentioned dating anyone else, so if they did, it must not have been enough to mention.

Honestly, that explained a lot. They didn't seem very affectionate with each other, but that still seemed rather harsh. "I didn't even realize they did that anymore," he said.

"Well, they don't, but among the older Pureblood families, it's not that uncommon," he said, "but not all of them are. One of my mother's sisters married a Muggle-born, so I think her parents were keen on making sure that she and my other aunt had good marriages. My mother did; she and my father love each other very much, but not all are like that, from what I hear." Draco said it with an air that this was just the life that he had grown up in, but it seemed very strange to Jacob.

"Yeah, I think you're right," Jacob agreed, "I mean, on your parents, not understanding. It makes sense. I mean, my dad lets us be alone for hours at a time. I'm sure they'll come around." He offered a small smile for him. "They just need time." He was, however, quite glad that he wouldn't see them again until next summer, hopefully, because he needed a break.

"Yep, I'm always right, didn't you know that?" Draco said, a smirk crossing his lips.

Jacob had thought before about kissing the smirk off his lips, so this time, he did. "You're not, and you know it." 

Draco chuckled. "Yes, I do know that, but you don't have to rub it in." He leaned in and kissed him. "Besides, I'm starting to realize my parents may not be as smart as they think they are."

That was good, though Jacob already knew that his opinions were changing. It was good to hear him say it. For a moment, the two of them stayed there like that before Jacob pulled away. "I really need to finish packing," he said, as Moirai jumped up on the bed and mewed at them. 

"Good, then your cat and I will just lounge here and watch you." Draco moved, leaning back on the bed. Moirai seemed to agree, and with him having stood up, she walked over to Draco and jumped on him, mewing at him. Jacob rolled his eyes as his boyfriend began to pet his cat, a smile on his face, as he continued packing again.


Severus was sitting in the armchair in his rooms, the fireplace roaring in front of him. Two empty glasses sat at the nearby table, the other chair empty. He had just finished his work, and come back to his rooms to wait on Aurora. As if on cue, there was a knock at the door. "Enter." 

The door opened, and Aurora came in before shutting the door behind her. "Good evening, Severus," she said, a bottle of wine in her hand. She held it up. It was the bottle he gifted her for Christmas. "I figured we could share. I find it much better when drinking with a friend as opposed to drinking alone." She sat down across from him, a small smile on her face.

Severus nodded, gesturing towards the glasses. She poured some for each before setting the bottle down. Each of them took a sip. He had to admit it was not bad; he could see why she enjoyed it so much, even though it wasn't his favorite.

"So, anxious to see your son again?" she asked, her brown eyes looking at him over the edge of the glass. 

"Not anxious, no, but if you're asking if I'm looking forward to him coming back, the answer is yes," he said. 

Her smile widened a bit, and she took another sip. "In spite of yourself, you may actually become a half-decent parent." 

Severus rolled his eyes, but he knew that she was right. "I would never have thought that it would actually feel normal to have him around," he said. "It has been… odd not seeing him." He had often wished in the past that he would never see the boy again, but since they had discovered the truth, things had changed. Now, he was a normal part of his life, and the past few days without even seeing a glimpse of him just felt strange. "Besides, I think he'll be eager to get back to school after a few days with Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy."

"I thought Lucius was a friend of yours?"

"Oh, he is. But I know my son, and I also have a fairly good idea of how Lucius is dealing with his son's new boyfriend," Severus said. He knew that Jacob would be just fine; he could deal with it, and he would have to if he was going to continue to date Draco. "They can be a bit old fashioned sometimes."

Aurora nodded. "Seems to me that is something he'll have to learn to deal with," she said. "He and Draco Malfoy do not look to be separating any time soon. Sure, they're young, but they have been attached at the hip since the moment they arrived at school this year. Well, there were a couple of weeks there, but since they were dating after that, I assume they worked whatever happened out."

Severus nodded. "Yes, I think they'll be fine, and I think he will have dealt with them just fine during these past few days," he said. He reminded himself to ask how things went when he had some time with him next, which probably wouldn't be until next weekend. That left him feeling something else altogether because it was strange thinking they wouldn't have their weekly session this week. He also wanted to remark on the improvement in his grades. McGonagall had left him his grades from the first semester, normally mailed to family, and he had shown improvement in almost every course.

Times certainly had changed, hadn't they?