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Lily's Thorn

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The next week went by rather quickly. After they were done with their date, they met with Hermione for their weekly study sessions. Jacob was glad that Draco was back with them. He had gotten used to it being the three of them, and he hadn’t realized how much he had missed it until the blonde was sitting next to him once again, where he belonged. The next day, it was back to Occlumency with Severus. He figured that they would get back to the memories next week. He wasn’t sure which he was looking forward to less. If the rest of the memories were anything like the first, it was going to be a long ride as they looked through them all. Occlumency lessons weren’t much better, though his father did say that he was making progress every week and that he was doing quite well for a beginner. He wasn’t sure how much he believed that, but then again, Severus was not the type to sugarcoat things for anyone.

That night was a DA meeting, and then back to classes, which luckily went quickly for the most part. The Slytherin team hadn’t really practiced much, because Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff had their game coming up. It seemed like the game with Gryffindor had been just yesterday, but before he knew it, it was Saturday and time for the second Quidditch match of the season. 

As usual, Jacob woke up early this morning and exercised with Draco. After they parted, he headed to the Chamber of Secrets to meet with his father and Hermione for their weekly lesson. “Jacob! Morning!” she said. She talked about the next night’s DA meeting and what she wanted to do with the group as the Christmas break came closer. He was listening and inserting comments occasionally when all of a sudden, Hermione stopped speaking and just smiled at him before changing the subject. “So, things with Draco are going well.” It was a statement, not a question. “I never got a chance to ask you how the date went, but I’m going to assume it went well. What did you two do?”

Jacob could feel the heat rising in his cheeks. Yes, things with Draco were going well, better than he could have imagined though it was still very early in their relationship, if you could call it that yet. “You could say that,” he said. “He took me to the Room of Requirement. He got food from the kitchens; we had a picnic, and… it was wonderful.” 

Hermione continued smiling at him. “I’m so glad,” she said. “It’s nice to see you happy.”

Jacob smiled back. “If someone would have told me a year ago, or even six months ago, that this is what my life would be like,” he told her, “you know, Severus being my father, me dating Draco, not even speaking to Ron and being fine with it, and being in Slytherin… I would have thought they were mental, and would probably have hexed them into the next century.”

Hermione chuckled. “Believe me, I know the feeling,” she said. “Not quite the same as you, but I get what you mean.” Jacob realized that her life had changed a lot, too. She no longer had her two best friends in Gryffindor; she was alone most of the time when she wasn’t hanging out with them or Terry, who was also in a different house. That was a far cry from how things were last year, and yet it never seemed to bother her.

“So, how are things with Terry going?”

Hermione gave a light shrug of her shoulders. “Well enough, I guess.”

“You guess?” That wasn’t really what you were supposed to say when someone asked how things were going with your boyfriend that you’d been seeing for over a month now. Surely, you should have some feelings on it one way or the other?

“I mean, we get along well enough, we like talking to each other and hanging out,” she said. “Kissing him is nice, but there are no fireworks, you know? I mean, I know chemistry can happen over time and we haven’t been dating that long. I guess I’m just new to all this? I’m not quite sure what to expect, you know?”

Jacob nodded. “I know the feeling,” he said. “I don’t have any advice, because you’ve dated more than me.”

Hermione gave a light chuckle, a light blush creeping on her cheeks. “Oh, honestly! Viktor doesn’t count. He mainly just watched me study. We hardly did anything else besides that, I swear, and I didn’t start dating Terry that much longer than you’ve been Draco.”

Jacob chuckled. “In all seriousness, though,” he continued, “I think you should just trust yourself.” He shrugged his shoulders. “If you don’t think the relationship with Terry is going anywhere, then break it off. If you do think it could or you’re enjoying yourself or what have you, then see where it goes.”

Hermione smiled back at him. “Thanks, Jacob,” she said, giving him a hug as his father walked in to start their lesson. 


After that, Jacob and Hermione split up, going their separate ways down to the entryway for the Quidditch match. Draco was there waiting for him. “How was your morning?” the blond asked, putting an arm around him and kissing him on the lips.

Jacob smiled down at him. “Good, yours?”

“Uneventful,” he said, and the two of them began to make their way down to the Quidditch Pitch. They found the Slytherin side and made their way to some empty seats. There were two in front of Blaise, Daphne, Theodore, Crabbe, and Goyle. Pansy and the other Slytherin girls were sitting next to them. Marcus was sitting alone in front of them, and the empty seat next to him must go to his best friend, Salenia, though she wasn’t here yet.

“Where’s Salenia?” Draco asked, having apparently noticed the empty seat in front of him.

“Getting her combs back from the teams,” Marcus answered, barely glancing back at them.

Not more than a moment later, the redhead herself appeared, sitting down next to Marcus. She handed him a comb, and they immediately started to do their hair into Hufflepuff Yellow and Black. As soon as they were done, they both turned back to look at them. “You’re supporting Hufflepuff, right?” asked Salenia, though judging by the tone in her voice and the look on her face, she didn’t expect to receive another answer.

That’s right, Marcus’s boyfriend is one of the Beaters, he thought to himself. Jacob and Draco glanced at each other, before turning back to her. “Sure,” Jacob said, taking the combs.

Salenia smiled at them. “Great! Pass them along when you’re done.” 

They both did their half-yellow, half-black - not that Jacob needed the black comb, of course - before handing them to Elizabeth, who was sitting next to Draco. In a few minutes, they all looked down at the field as both teams walked out to the middle of the field. He saw hair being turned into Ravenclaw Blue and Bronze on the opposite side of the pitch, figuring that Salenia must have given the other set of combs to her Gryffindor girlfriend for her to spread around amongst her house. That was quite clever, actually.

Down on the pitch, Zacharias Smith and Roger Davies shook hands tightly before Madam Hooch blew the whistle. Fourteen brooms shot up into the air. The game had begun.


“Welcome to the second Quidditch match of the season, Hufflepuff versus Ravenclaw. This is a test for new Hufflepuff Seeker, Summerby, who’s up against more experienced Seeker, Cho Chang,” announced Lee Jordan as the brooms soared upwards. “Smith has the Quaffle first, and he’s off. Smith passes to Calladwaller. Calladwalder passes back to new Chaser Lunz, but no, it’s intercepted by Davies. You have to know Davies wants to be the top this year, especially as this is his last year. Davies passes to Chambers who passes to Bradley. Ooh, Bradley is hit by a well-aimed Bludger by Loughton, one of the new Hufflepuff Beaters, and it’s Lunz of Hufflepuff with the Quaffle.”

The game was already intense, and it had just started. Lunz passed to Smith, who passed to Calladwaller. Smith shot forward, and Calladwalder tried to pass back but got intercepted by Chambers of Ravenclaw. Chambers passed to Davies, who tried to pass to Bradley, but he got hit by a Bludger. “Excellent Bludger by Walton, the other new Hufflepuff Beater,” said Lee Jordan. “Good choices of Beaters by Smith this year. He means business.”

“This is going to be a great game,” Draco said next to him. Jacob had to agree. Both teams meant business. Hufflepuff had the Quaffle again, and made their way back down the field. Bradley passed to Smith, who passed to Lunz, who passed back to Calladwalder. Davies came up to intercept, but he was hit by a Bludger by Loughton. Jordan's not kidding, Jacob thought to himself. Those two are good. Loughton and Walton were best friends; he knew that from Salenia and Marcus. They were like a well-oiled machine together, predicting each other’s movements.

Ravenclaw had the Quaffle again, but another well-timed Bludger, this time from Walton, and Hufflepuff had the Quaffle again. “Your boyfriend is doing quite well for himself today,” Elizabeth said to Marcus from her seat next to Draco.

The smallest of smiles crossed Marcus’s face, but it was gone in an instant. “Yes, he is,” he said, as Lunz of Hufflepuff soared the Quaffle towards Smith. “He and Adam want to be professionals some day. They have goals.” Smith passed the Quaffle towards Calladwalder, who shot forward towards the goal. Letting the Quaffle fly out of his hands, it soared right past the Ravenclaw Keeper, Johnson. “Ten points to Hufflepuff!” Jordan announced. “Hufflepuff leads the game ten to nothing.”

Ravenclaw had the Quaffle now and was working its way down the field. Davies passed to Chambers, who passed to Bradley, and then it was back to Davies. Just as Davies passed the Quaffle to Chambers again, he was hit by a Bludger. The timing had literally just been a split second off. Chambers passed to Bradley, who passed to Davies. Loughton shot a Bludger, and Davies dropped the ball. Calladwalder was right there, but the Quaffle was snatched up by Bradley. Bradley threw the Quaffle towards the hoop and they watch the Quaffle sail right past the new Keeper’s outstretched hand. “Ooh, tough luck for new Hufflepuff Keeper, Montgomery. Ravenclaw scores, and ties up the game ten to ten.”

Hufflepuff had the Quaffle after that. Smith passed to Calladwalder. He was hit by a Bludger by one of the Ravenclaw Beaters, Newberg, and Davies picked up the Quaffle. Davies passed to Bradley, but Walton hit with a Bludger and the Quaffle was back in Hufflepuff’s position. Salenia was screaming so loud that he was sure that she would go hoarse by the end of the game. Marcus, meanwhile, was gripping his seat so hard that he looked like he could just tear a piece of it off.

Hufflepuff Chaser Lunz was hit by a Bludger from Ravenclaw Beater, Pearce, and Ravenclaw took the Quaffle back. Davies passed to Chambers who passed to Bradley and then back to Davies. Davies avoided a Bludger from Walton, and the Quaffle was back in Hufflepuff’s possession. 

“There’s a lot of back and forth so far,” Draco said. “They’re pretty evenly matched.” As soon as he said that, Hufflepuff scored again, making it twenty to ten. 

“Who do you think it is a bigger threat to us?” Pansy asked him as Hufflepuff scored again, making the game thirty to ten in favor of Hufflepuff.

“I don’t know,” Draco said. “It’s hard to tell which of the Keepers is better right now. As far as Chasers go, I would say they’re pretty much even.” As he spoke, Ravenclaw had the Quaffle again and was moving it back down the field. One of them was hit by a bludger from Loughton. “But Hufflepuff Beaters are miles better, that’s for sure.” Hufflepuff had the Quaffle again. Jacob nodded as he listened to the blond speak. He was actually pretty spot-on as far as he was concerned. “I think Ravenclaw has the edge, though. They’re going to win.”

“Oh, and what makes you say that?” said Salenia from in front of Draco, a slight defensive tone to her voice.

“Simple, it all comes down to the Seeker,” Draco explained. “Chang is the better Seeker; she has the experience. Unless Summerby gets lucky, I don’t think Hufflepuff can beat Ravenclaw.” Both Salenia and Marcus sent him dirty looks, but the blond just smirked at him. “Just being logical, that’s all.” Hufflepuff had scored again, and now Ravenclaw had the Quaffle once more. 

“He’s got a point,” Jacob said. “It’s a pretty spot-on analysis, actually.”

“He’s your boyfriend, of course, you agree,” Marcus said coldly. 

A light blush crept on his pale cheeks, and a quick glance at Draco saw that he had the same blush on his, as well. “It’s not that. He’s right. Besides, Pansy asked his opinion,” he said. “So, Draco answered.” Ravenclaw dodged a couple of bludgers from Loughton and Walton, scoring again. That made the score thirty to twenty to Hufflepuff. 

“Of course, this makes no difference whatsoever as none of the other Seekers are as good as me,” Draco said, that haughty, arrogant tone he was famous for evident in his voice.

Jacob just chuckled as Ravenclaw gained possession of the Quaffle again. He had a point, though. The only one who seemed to have given Draco a challenge before had been him, and he was no longer another Seeker. Besides, the blond was doing better than ever. Just at that moment, one of the Ravenclaw Chasers was hit by a Bludger and the Quaffle was back in Hufflepuff’s position. This was going to be a long match.


Jacob wasn’t sure how long the game had gone on, but it was one of the longer games he’d seen at Hogwarts. The game as tied seventy to seventy. Calladwaller had the Quaffle for Hufflepuff and passed it to Smith. Smith was hit a bludger by Ravenclaw Beater, Newberg and the Quaffle was picked up by Davies. The entire match had been like that, back and forth, hit by a bludger, back and forth. There had been one brief glimpse of the snitch earlier, but Cho had lost it. Now, both Cho and Summerby were circling above the match on opposite sides, both searching for a glimpse of the Snitch that would end the game.

Davies had passed to Chambers, who got hit a by Quaffle by Walton. The Quaffle was picked up by Smith, who dashed back in the other direction. He passed to Lunz, who passed to Calladwaller. Calladwaller dodged a bludger from one of the Ravenclaw Beaters before quickly passing to Smith. Smith tossed the bludger towards the center ring, and it sailed right past his outstretched fingers. “That’s eighty to seventy to Hufflepuff! This has been a very close match!” called out Lee Jordan.

No sooner had Jordan said that then Cho went into a dive. Everyone was sitting on the edge of their seat. “Summerby is following her lead, and is coming up on her,” Jordan said, “but I think she was too far ahead and yes! Chang has caught the snitch!” Summerby had still been still a few feet behind her; Cho had been closer and had seen the snitch first. All fourteen players sunk the ground, the Ravenclaw team surrounding Cho, who held the Snitch high her in her hand.

“What a great match,” Jacob said. He could see the disappointed looks on Salenia and Marcus’s faces. 

“I called that one,” Draco said, standing up. Jacob stood up with him, and they made their way out. “We are definitely going to win this year. Mark my words.” Jacob just smiled as their group made their way out of the stands and back into the castle. Yes, he couldn’t wait for the next Quidditch match after the first of the year. 

“You think so?” Jacob asked him as the made their way out of the stands. “Both of them played very well tonight.”

“Yes, but we have one of the best Chasers in the school,” Draco said, squeezing his hand, “and the best Seeker. I have complete faith in our ability to triumph, and do whatever it takes to do that no matter what.” Jacob smiled at him. Yes, it was definitely going to be an agonizing wait until the next Quidditch match, that was for sure.


The rest of the day, the game was all anyone talked about. Everyone was saying how well both teams had played, and wondering if either team could beat Slytherin. The consensus in Slytherin House was, of course, that their team was destined to win the Quidditch Cup this season for the first time in four years. There didn’t seem to be another opinion at all in the entirety of his house. The rest of the houses disagreed, but that was bound to happen.

At dinner that night, it was still a topic of conversation. “They still think they can beat our team,” Salenia said, sitting down in between Marcus and Daphne. “I was going around, getting my combs back, and I heard everyone talking.” She relayed what the others were saying - Hufflepuff says that it was just Summerby’s first match as Seeker and that he would improve. 

Draco almost laughed at that. “What, they think he has a chance at beating me? That’s laughable,” he said. “It doesn’t matter how good their Beaters are. Crabbe and Goyle are quite good themselves. Bletchley is a better Keeper by far than Montgomery. She’s just not up to par. And Summerby couldn't beat Chang. There’s no way he’s going to beat Weasley, let alone me.” There were some laughs from the rest of their group around them, who obviously agreed with him. “No offense to your boyfriend, of course.” Marcus gave a shrug.

Salenia continued, saying how she had overheard the Ravenclaws saying that Chang was flying better than ever and that they had a good chance this season with Potter gone. “I don’t think so,” Jacob said. “I mean, Ginny Weasley flew very well during the match against us, just not as good as Draco. I mean, sure, there’s a chance there, I suppose. They did well today. I would think that a match between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw would be very good, but we don’t know who Gryffindor’s new Keeper is, so there’s no way of knowing how that would work out.”

Draco nodded in agreement. “What about the Gryffindors?” he asked. “Surely, they’re being as overconfident as ever.”

“Alana said that tryouts for the new Keeper are tomorrow,” Salenia explained. “She’s trying out, so we’ll see how things go after that. The general opinion appears that if they can find a decent Keeper, that they have a good shot at salvaging the rest of their season and beating both Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. I mean, they have the Weasley Twins and Ginny Weasley, not to mention their three Chasers are pretty good, too, but they need a new Keeper first.”

“For once we agree,” Draco said, “but still, no one can challenge us now.” There were nods from agreement from the others, and it certainly seemed as if that’s the way things were going to go. There was no way to know for sure until the next semester started and the Quidditch matches resumed again, but things were definitely looking good for the Slytherin team. Jacob thought it was a bit ironic that he had been a part of the reason why Slytherin had lost the last Quidditch Cup, and now he was going to be a part of the reason as to why they won.


That night, as usual, Draco slipped into his bed again. That had become an every night occurrence between the two of them. After dinner, the blond would come into Jacob’s bed. They would study for a bit, but more often than not, they ended up just kissing. For instance, that night, Draco brought his books. “What do you think about this?” he asked, showing Draco a paper he had been working on.

Draco looked over, took his expensive quill, and marked through a few lines. He marked out a couple of other words before adding a few of his own. “There, try that instead and it’ll be better,”  he said.

Jacob looked over the work, he could see exactly what Draco was talking about. “What would I do without you?” He smiled over at him. He knew that he had Hermione helping him before, but he felt like he had been doing better schoolwork since he had been getting Draco’s help. He wasn’t sure why that was, but the fact remained nonetheless.

“Fail,” Draco said simply, smirking at him. Jacob chuckled, shaking his head, as Draco slowly leaned in, lightly touching their lips. It was a tease, the ever slightest of touches with the promise of something more. It made him want to push Draco back down on the bed.

“I thought we were going to study,” Jacob said, edging his body closer to the blond’s as he pushed his books down towards the end of the bed so that he could get closer to him because damn it, he needed to. 

“We did,” Draco said, repeating the same motion with his own books. “Now I have something else in mind.” He smirked before pressing their lips together again. Jacob moaned into the kiss, moving one hand to his hip, gripping it tightly. The blond snaked a hand around his waist, pulling their bodies close together. Nothing felt better than feeling Draco’s body up against his own, and when they were together, it seemed like everything else just drifted away.

As usual, though, it always ended too quickly. Draco pulled back, smiling up at him. “Mmm, we should probably stop,” he said. “We do get up early in the morning.” Jacob nodded, knowing that Draco was right. There was no need to take things too quickly right now. “I was thinking, next weekend is another Hogsmeade weekend, right? We could spend some time together, although we will need to separate because I do need to find you a Christmas present.”

Christmas? Fuck! Jacob thought to himself. He had completely forgotten with his life being insane lately, but as the holiday was coming in just over a month, he would need to start thinking about getting people presents. Hermione, she was always easy, but his father? What the hell was he supposed to get him? Or Draco ? He had never needed to buy something for a boyfriend before, let alone a rich one who could buy anything he wanted.

“Right, of course,” Jacob settled on saying after a moment’s hesitation. “Sure, but I’d love to go to lunch or something. It’ll be nice just the two of us.”

The blond smiled up at him. “I should get to bed,” Draco said, leaning in for a good night kiss. “Goodnight.”

Once he was gone, Jacob took off the silencing charms that they always put on and did his Occlumency training. As soon as he drifted off, he was left the remaining thought, What do you get for the boy who has everything?