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Damnatio Memoriae

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"Come not between the dragon and his wrath."
 ― William Shakespeare, King Lear


“That should take care of it.” The lady said as she turned her back again.

Suddenly, small pieces of broken wood and stones whooshed past her neck and cheek, evading beforehand as she sensed it ripple in the wind. Soon immediately, a rake came flying next. She deflected it but it was followed through and clutched by a blurred silhouette of an arm. It bashed her with the rake and she defended by crossing her arms together. “What the…”

“Do you like hurting people..?” Kyrie asked in a calm voice dissonant with her contorted facial expression. The lady tried to push away but Kyrie didn’t even budge.

“What are you?! Get off me, you brawny wench!” The lady leaped about ten meters above the ground and manifested a crystal lance on her left arm.

The minions stood as they watched the duel and unbeknown to them, a pair has sneaked up behind and broke Shinjou’s cage. They are a man and a woman with clothes similar to Shinjou’s but decorated with colorful patterns and sashes. The minions looked behind, realizing what was going on but alas, they have already set him free.

“Don’t just stand there! Do not allow our prisoner to escape!” The lady said while being locked in the duel with Kyrie. They stampeded towards the rescuers but the woman of the pair blocked their charge.

“Shinrai! Take our son to safety.” The woman instructed as she revealed a brush and wrote symbols in the air.

“Understood, my dear.” Shinrai replied.  “But Tetom, take care of yourself.”

“No worries here.” The wind began to blow stronger and gray smoke gathered around the spot, confusing the monsters. Tetom followed it up by blasting them with chains of lightning.

Meanwhile, Shinrai tended to their son. It almost broke his heart to see Shinjou’s fatal-looking injuries but he tried his best to hide it. “What happened, son?”

“I overestimated myself. Sorry, pa. I think I’m going stale without a lot of practice.” Shinjou said as his father examined his wounds. Shinrai then took his own brush and swept his son’s wounds with it. Slowly, Shinjou’s wounds began to close.

“Good work stalling them. I’ll give you that. Any later for us to come and you would have been killed though. ”

“I just took your command. I want to help you fulfill the promise, to protect her, for her m--”

“I get that. For now, rest and leave this to us.”

“Okay,” Shinjou paused and winced, “Take care.”

Meanwhile, the duel between Kyrie and the crystal lady rages on as Tetom’s smokescreen spread to the rest of the shrine grounds.

“Die, you whelp!” The lady screamed as she charged towards what she thought was Kyrie’s silhouette. She strikes. Then it’s gone. The figure faded away abruptly as it mixed with the smoke. About to turn around, a sudden blow to the waist caught her off guard. She motioned to defend herself but several other blows connected before she finally was able to leap to a higher ground, the shrine’s thatched roof.

How?! How can she fight me evenly?! The young girl’s prowess left her truly confused. She can feel her knees’ weakening as her bewilderment at her opponent’s resilience was slowly turning into fear. “I’m no mere being! I’m a servant of the Maestreya!” She shouted as she welcomed Kyrie’s assault.

“Could it be?” Tetom asked aloud as she concentrates on sending shockwaves of energy against a row of crystalline warriors. She sent dirt and gravel around them and with a stroke mashed them into a pile.

“Seems like it. Despite our awareness of this happening someday, it’s still astonishing.” Shinrai responded as he held back his own set of monsters. “The initial outburst from awakening a Rikuryn’s true potential; it’s as if one has disturbed a sleeping dragon.”

They have felled several monsters but they noticed that living ones seem to be able to absorb parts of their living comrades but of varying levels of success.

“Do you think she’ll be okay?” Her enchantment against the clumped monsters didn’t last long and they resumed their attack after breaking away. She leaped back and her husband followed. “Meanwhile on our case, these guys aren’t this strong before.”

“She’s putting up a good match, looks like it. Also I’m positive that we can finish them. I think that we should kill them all at once so that none of them would be able to pick up the dead one’s body parts.”

Tetom looked at him questioningly while he oafishly grinned back, “That sounds easier than done.” Then she smiled and said, “But I guess this is one of the reasons why I married you.”

“I will not lose to you, you hear that!” The crystal lady growled as their weapons clashed, Kyrie with a rake and the lady with her arm-spikes.

“You talk too much.” Kyrie quipped.