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In a Moment

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In a Moment

“Hey, Hiyori.” Yato pushed himself up from the corner of her bed, where he’d been sitting as he waited for her to finish getting ready.

“Hm?” She hummed in response, focusing on her reflection in the mirror as she worked her hair into a bun. As she noticed him walking towards her, she turned to angle her body towards him, calling curiously, “Yato?”

He didn’t answer, continuing to move forward until she had backed into the wall with a small sound. He lingered over her with one hand against the wall and her breath hitched in her throat. His blue eyes washed over her curiously, but he made no further movement.

“…What are you doing?” She finally managed to let out, her face heating up.

His eyes widened a bit and he blinked, admitting, “I don’t know. I didn’t think I would get this far.”

“What do you mean?” She relaxed her shoulders, sinking back onto the wall in a more comfortable position.

"I figured you would have used jungle savate or one of your other martial arts moves on me by now." Yato stared at her intently, still waiting for her to react.

"Why would I do that?" She asked quietly, a blush working its way across her cheeks.

He dipped his head and lingered a few inches from her lips, whispering, “Because you always have before, whenever I got this close.”

Hiyori’s eyes closed as he moved in towards her.  After realizing he wasn’t going to kiss her yet, she let out a breath and answered sheepishly, “Maybe something’s changed.”

“Hmm.” He grinned to himself from her words, his free hand moving to her waist while the one on the wall slipped down to cup her face.

She let out a little gasp from the warmth of his touch, her garnet colored eyes flickering to his for a moment before she looked away, embarrassed.

He angled his face away from hers, but was still close enough that she could feel his breath against her cheek as he asked nervously, “Can I kiss you, Hiyori?”

She nodded slowly, gaining the courage to look up at him again with a small smile, “Yes.”

He pulled her closer, his lips clumsily skimming against her skin as he moved down to her lips, causing her to giggle. Even though her laughter made him lose his nerve, he quickly gained it back once she eagerly returned the kiss. Between his scent, his warmth, and the feeling of the kiss itself, she wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to pull away; he was mesmerizing. And he could say the same for her.

The bun she had made had already gotten messed up from being pressed against the wall, but Yato made it worse by starting to run his hand through the parts that had come loose. Though, at the moment, Hiyori didn’t care much.

At least until Yukine made his appearance in her window.

“Is everything okay? You guys are taking forev—” He peeked into the room, glancing around until his eyes finally caught sight of Yato and Hiyori, looking very disheveled and their expressions quickly changed from surprised to mortified as they stared back at him. Nearly falling out of the window, the blonde covered his face and announced loudly, “I’ll wait outside.”

Even though Yukine had already jumped down, Hiyori hid her face in Yato’s jacket.

“I guess he would have found out sooner or later.” He shrugged and gave a sheepish laugh, his arms still at her sides.

She groaned, “Yeah, but it would have been much less awkward if we had the chance to tell him rather than him walking in on us like that.”

“It’ll be fine.” He rested his head atop of hers.

“Mm.” She gave an unsure answer, still feeling embarrassed, but being close to him like this definitely helped.