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Game of Thrones - Tyrell fandom

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The gardens were full of golden roses, blooming with the Mander's breeze. Mace was walking on the gardens with his mother, lady Olenna Tyrell.

-You have to refuse that boy’s offer. Robert has to children and Renly has an older brother, he was no claim to the throne.

-But mother, if we help Margaery can be a queen. – Mace said, proud with the thought of being father of a queen.

-Listen to me you fool, if this marriage happens house Tyrell will be dragged into a war that we cannot win. Renly has no claim to the throne! You just stay still and let everyone kill each other while we continue with our lives.

-Mother, I know what I’m doing.

-No you don’t, you’re like most men. Grow up leaning how to fight, but forget to learn when not to fight. - Olenna said, sitting on a bench and Mace sat next to her.

-Let’s discus this together. I’ll call a meeting with my most trusted bannermen and my children, and we’ll decide what to do.

-You’re the Lord of Highgardern, warden of the south, defender of the Marches, High Marshal of the Reach. Do not drag us into a war fighting for the wrong person.

-Mother, I decided what to do. Now, I’ll go write a letter for master Lomys to copy and send. – Mason stood up and went to his chambers.
He started writing a letter, first to lord Tarly.

‘Dear lord Tarly.
You are hereby convoked to Highgarden to discuss matters that affect the entire Reach.
Come to Highgarden as soon as possible, having four days to arrive.
The things here spoken, shall not be repeated anywhere else.
Believe when I say that these matters have to be discussed.
To this meeting, I convoke the lords in who I trust the most, so I hope I can count with your presence.
Sincerely, Mace Tyrell’

After Mace finished the letter he looked for master Lomys, who was in his laboratory working on some ointments for the squires who got hurt practicing sword with sir Vortimer Crane. As soon as the Maester saw Mace he bowed.

-My lord, how can I help you?

-I have a letter for you maester. Please copy it and send it to the lords Tarly, Hightower, Rowan, Redwyne, Fossoway of Cider Hall and New Barrel, Crane, Costayne, Ashford and to lady Oakheart. – Mace said, handing the letter to master Lomys.

-Right away my lord. – The maester headed to his desk and asked his assistant to copy the letter and address to the lords Mace Tyrell told him. After that, Lomys sent the letters and the ravens carried in their wings the future of the Reach.

Each lord got his message and all of them attended to the convocation, and so did lady Oakheart.
Lord Rowan was the first to arrive. The banner of his house, a golden tree over a silver field, was waving with the wind when the sentinels spotted it and lord Tyrell was warned. Highgarden’s gates were opened and lord Mathis Rowan came in with his retinue.
Mace Tyrell was waiting with his family next to the castle’s door to greet lord Rowan.

-Lord Mathis, it’s always a pleasure to see you. – Mace said.

-My lord Mace Tyrell, the pleasure it’s all mine. – Mathis bowed.

-Lord Rowan – Margarey bowed as did Loras and Garlan.

-It’s a pleasure to receive you. – Willas said.

They got in the castle and lord Rowan was conducted to his chambers.
After lord Rowan, lady Oakheart arrived with her retinue. Her house’s banner was three green oak leaves on a golden field. As she got in, lord’s Redwyne’s banner was seen coming from south. And all the lords that were summoned arrived one after each other, being lord Costayne the last to arrive.
At night they went to Highgarden’s great hall to have dinner. The food in Highgarden was the best in all Westeros, and lord Paxter Redwyne brought four barrels of red wine. They all ate, but the dinner was followed by the meeting.

-So, what do you want to talk with us about, my lord? – Randyl Tarly started

-Renly Baratheon came to me asking me to support his claim to the Iron Throne. – Mace said to everyone, getting some shocked looks.

-Yes, that’s a marvelous idea! – said lord Jon Fossoway of New Barrel.

-No, it’s not marvelous. It’s reckless. Renly has no claim to the throne, and why would we go to war for someone who doesn’t deserve the throne neither the support of the Reach?

- asked lord Connor Crane

-I agree with lord Crane, it’s not worthy. – said lord Leyton Hightower

-I follow you, Mace, in whatever you decide.- Lord Paxter Redwyne claimed.

-And so do I. - said lady Arwyn Oakheart.

After some hours discussing if the Reach should go to war in support of Renly Baratheon, seven lord and lady Oakheart were against the war, and two supported the war.

-Then it’s decided, we won’t support Renly’s Baratheon claim to the throne.

The lords went to their chambers and Mace’s sons Willas, the heirs to Highgarden, and Gralen approached him.

-Father, I agree with your decision. Go to war supporting someone without a claim was insane. – Willas told his father.

-Your grandmother said the same, but the thought of seeing my daughter as a queen and later my grandson as a king fills me with pride. – Mace said with a smile, imagining a grandson of his sitting on the iron throne.

-There are other ways to get that, father. – Willas told Mace.

-What are you talking about, Willas?- Mace asked, raising an eyebrow.

-I’m talking about…- Willas started, but was interrupted by Renly who had just got in the hall.

-Hello, lord Mace. I see you finished talking with your Bannermen, when will we go to war? – Renly asked

-We won’t, Renly. – Willas told Renly with a tone of pleasantness in his voice. Willas couldn’t stand Renly, who was trying to destabilize Highgarden.

-Willas is right, you have no claim to the throne, we won’t support you and my daughter won’t marry you. – Mace added.