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Four months.


It had been four months since the Shinoa Hiragi squad had run from the vampires, the humans of the Moon Demon Company, and civilization as they knew it. Four months with only the 7 of them for company. Four months of rewriting the world as they knew it.


For Yuichiro Hyakuya, that meant slowing down. Without battles to be sent into, nothing but scavenging for food and relatively stable shelter to occupy his time, Yuu let his mind wander for the first time in a long time, new subjects replacing ones that he had been eternally hung up on. He let himself think about a plethora of new things, such as the dynamics of his new squad, and in particular, his mind returned and returned to one spot--Mika.


When he realized why, it occurred to him vaguely that the realization shouldn’t have shocked him as much as it had. Mika was his earliest friend, his first Good Thing . Their death had been Yuu’s driving force, the one thing keeping him going, keeping him fighting all these damned vampires through the years. And then Mika had turned up, alive. Once again, Yuu's driving force had shifted. After Shinjuku, his reason to live became “Save Mika.”


Now, having done that, Yuu didn’t quite know what to do next.


He had been doing a lot of thinking.

It took a while, but there came a point when Yuu finally figured out how he needed to proceed.


“Mika, can we… talk?”


“Normally, I would agree, but I’m not sure if I should now, Yuu-chan. What’s going on? You’re making me nervous.”


Yuu stood, rubbing the back of his hand nervously and fidgeting. “Uh… I just have something I want to tell you. So listen up!”


Mika cocked his head. “I’m listening…?”


Blushing furiously, Yuu finally found the words with which to convey what he was feeling. “Mika… you’re… you’re the most important person in my life. I never want to be apart from you. you make me feel better when I’m sad, and I’d gladly give up all of my blood if it meant that you would be alright. Mika, I love you.”


The vampire blinked once, then ducked their head down, processing the information. Finally, they looked up again, but in their eyes were the suspicious threat of tears.


“Yuu… I’m sorry, but I don’t--you know I don’t feel any romantic attraction. It’s always been this way, and--”

Cutting off the other kid like a rude ass bitch, Yuu pointed his finger dramatically.


“Don’t be an idiot, Mika! You don’t need to apologize, that wasn’t even what this was about! I’m telling you all of this because I want you to stay with me forever, not because I want you to confess your romantic feelings. Who cares! Romance is stupid, anyway.”


Mika studied Yuu. “You mean… you want to stay together, forever; no romance, just you… and me?”


“Well, yeah! You, and me, and Kimizuki and Shinoa and Guren and Yoichi and Mitsuba. And Makoto, now, too. I’m not going to abandon my squad, because I love them, too, obviously. But yes, Mika! I never want you to leave or go back to the vampires. I want you to stay with us forever.”


Mik gave their oldest friend a weary smile; small, barely there, before they found themself breaking out into a larger grin, one they hadn’t felt the likes of in years.


“Yuu-chan,,, I feel the same way about you. You’re… you’re the only thing that kept me going in Sanguineum. I really love you.”




“Platonically,” Mika affirmed.


Yuu broke out into a wild grin to rival theirs, throwing himself forwards and taking Mika to the floor in a hug that even Yoichi would have to approve of. Hugs like that were legends, destined to live on in memoriam. Yuu spent this time nesting in as close as possible to Mika, resting his forehead against theirs.


Mika let out a laugh that seemed lost to time, unused. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to leave your neck exposed around a vampire?” He teased, red eyes lazily gazing up at Yuu’s green ones.


“Huh… I must have fallen asleep that day in training.”


They looked at each other and laughed. When nothing was left but the tiniest of giggles falling away and becoming timid smiles, Yuichiro broke the mood. “Seriously though. You can drink if you want. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?”


Mika looked away. “It’s been a week. I went a lot longer than that in Sanguineum. I’m fine.”


Yuu was nothing if not persistent. “Maybe, but it hurts, right? Tell me how to take the hurt away, and I’ll do it.”


“‘Taking the hurt away’ would hurt you, dummy. I take too much of your blood as it is.”


Yuu pressed his neck ever closer to Mika’s mouth. “I don’t mind,” he murmured.


“Yuu-chan, don’t. I told you I didn’t need it yet--”


“But do you want it?”


Mika pushed himself a bit farther away from Yuu. “Of course I want it. But that doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is Yuu-chan.”


“Don’t be stupid! I just told you that I love you and that I’d do anything for you, so why don’t you do this for me? I want you do drink my blood if it makes you feel better, Mika. You know that, right?”


“I know… Yuu, I know that you do too much for me. I don’t deserve… all this.”


“Shut the hell up! You do! You deserve everything I could do for you and more. So drink, damn it!”


Mika fell silent, pulling themself closer to Yuu, nesling their face in his neck. “Yuu…” they said at last. “It hurts a lot. To be so close to you… and your blood.”


Yuu pulled them closer, placing his hand over the back of Mika’s shaggy head of hair. “Drink.” he urged. “It’s okay. I love you no matter what.”






Mika nodded at last. “You’re really an idiot, Yuu-chan. Throwing your blood away willy-nilly.”


“At least I never gave my damn blood to Ferid Bathory.”




Mika ran their mouth over Yuu’s shoulder blade, finally picking out the spot where they figured it would hurt the least, and then biting down as gently as they could.


Yuu is too nice. He shouldn’t be letting me do this, thought Mika. I shouldn’t be taking advantage of him.


They drank as much as they dared to take, though Yuu probably would have given more, idiot that he was. When Mika pulled their mouth away, dizzy with the pleasant feeling of not longing, for once, for more blood, Yuu smiled again.


“Doesn’t that feel better?” He teased gently.


Yeah … yeah. You shouldn’t have done that for me, though, Yuu-chan.”


“Too bad. I already did.”


Mika buried their face in Yuu’s chest, letting Yuu’s blood settle in their body. When the silence became too much, they broke it, softly whispering. “Yuu… I love you, you know.”