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Devil of a Time

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“Are you sure you’re willing to pay such a price? Sign such a contract?”

The voice coming from the chair, not facing me, was that of a child - but I knew that this child was the best detective in the city, along with his partner, standing beside him. If I was going to find my love, this was where I needed to come.

“Y-Yes. I need Grimsby to be found… I… I’m worried.”

“We might have a devil of a time on this one.”

I studied the other detective of Funtom’s detective agency, hesitant. He was good-looking, smart, but smiled at his own sentence. Something was funny for him… but something was off.

The chair whirled around, and the young boy - Ciel Phantomhive was his name - looked up at her. “We’ll find his scent. Go after it like… hounds.” The man snickered again, and the boy shot him a glare. “You will then fulfill the terms of your contract, yes?”

It was a relief to hear them say they would find him, and my knees almost threatened to buckle, but I nodded.

“Yes, thank you!”

And the moment I was out of here, perhaps it was time to do some investigating of my own, but on these two…