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Secret Santa

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Meph’s first Christmas after going to earth as a human, is interesting. There’s three of them crammed into a really rather small flat in Hackney, and most of the space is taken up by a frankly unnecessarily big Christmas tree. It’s bigger than the trees Lucifer had, and he only had them to make a point if God ever came down to spend Christmas day in the hottest place known to him. John said he didn’t realise the tree was that big, but Meph and Margaret both think that he’s just pleased to still be alive and not in Hell anymore. They’re kind enough to not mention this to John though. They do something that Margaret and John call Secret Santa, which is a concept that Meph is unaware of. Santa as a concept is lost on her a bit, as an ex-devils minion who never had a childhood she didn’t have Santa, and didn’t have Christmas. So a secret santa is lost on her. She’s informed that she has to pick a name out of a hat (that is waved at her when they mention the hat) and then buy that person a present. She gets john’s name, and as she was a demon and hasn’t quite lost the feeling that she should be making mischief at every opportunity, she buys him a copy of Walker Gary’s first single.