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Sweet Story of Gom x Kagami

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“Taiga..oh my Taiga! Please, you must come back to LA by anytime soon. need you, sweetheart!” the melodic voice of his mom echoed in his eardrum as soon as he picked up the line. The melodic voice of her full of anxiousness. Kagami rushed towards the balcony to have his sweet space far from those rainbow heads that loitering in his house and began to talk with his mom.

“What..what’s happening mom? You looks like having some trouble over there.”

“Dad..your daddy..he..”

“Did that old man give you a hard time there? I’m gonna punch him right away.”

“No’s not like what you think. He..”

The words that came after that struck in his head like a thunder.


 Anyway, let’s have some flashback here. It happened right after their street ball match with Jabberwock…

Vorpal Swords won. They have won over Jabberwock with a mere single digit difference but to them, the Generation of Miracles, this was the sweetest victory they had ever feel. A victory achieved with hard work and more importantly, with the power of team play that they never had before. So, to those prodigy this was the first time after their dark past which winning was too easy, they play alongside with all they had and this feeling of victory..they will never forget. Ever.

Meanwhile, Kagetora and Akashi both turned into their demonic form and began to punish those Jabberwock jerks with the bet they made before. Akashi with his intimidating aura ( the other personality of Akashi) made them bow to his words, ‘I’m absolute. Lower your head, scumbag!’

“ Be a good little doggy and crawl on the ground that you spit on before! Do that until you get on your bus. Oh, and stick out your tongue a little and lick all your spit until there is no more. Ok?” Akashi commanded. Once you messed with this Akashi, there will be no turning back. Poor Jabberwock.

“Papa! Stop him! This is too much I can’t bear to watch!” Riko rushed towards the crowds to knock on some sense to his father.

“Huh..why should I? They deserve it since they belittle our Japan and messed out with Kuroko and the GoM, serve them right. Hahaha.”

“KNOCK IT OFF!” the Great Riko went into her Demon Queen mode and punched Kagetora right on the face. Including Akashi..



Kagami was hungry as he saw a grilled taco stall through the corner of his eyes, he couldn’t resist the urge to eat. He ignored the ruckus made by his teammates ( those six rainbow heads) regarding how Riko had that much guts to punch the intimidating captain and began to walk towards the stall. Kagami didn’t notice the gazed of those baby blue eyes of his shadow following his pace. “Mister, here’s your taco. Wow, you can really eat this much eh?”

Kagami grinned and stuffed a piece of taco inside his mouth.“ Well, this deadly match is kinda draining my energy so, my stomach send a signal to fill ‘em up.”

“Kagami-kun, you’re not supposed to talk while your mouth is stuffing.” Said Kuroko out of nowhere only to make the other redhead shocked and choked his food.

“Kuroko. Damn! W..water…I need water.” Kagami punched slightly his chest while Kuroko..he didn’t expected the teal head to hit his back with his deadly ‘Ignite’ palm. Causing him to stumble forward, if it wasn’t of his solid built and reflexes he might be the poor basketball player which being thrown all the way on court.

“Sorry, did I hit it too hard?”

“Indeed you’re killing me, dumbass!” Kagami yelled. Hearing Kuroko apologized once again just made him boiled and, why did he heard a sneering chuckle somewhere near him? Kagami averted his attention and looked around to find the source of the foreign sound only to be shocked by a cool and freezing sensation on his left cheek. D, one of Jabberwock members who wore the #7 jersey just lent him a bottle of cool mineral water. Both Kagami and Kuroko looked at him with wide eyes and jaw-dropped in disbelief as it was the Jabberwock member who offered a drink to Kagami. A JABBERWOCK MEMBER. MIND YOU. JUST OFFERED A DRINK TO HIS MERE OPPONENT WITH SUCH POLITE (it’s fake maybe) SMILE!

‘Ok, Taiga! Don’t get carried away. There is no such thing he gonna treat me, who just his opponent a while ago! If there’s any, well, it will be the world gonna end soon.’ Kagami was stunned as he didn’t know how to react in this awkward situation.

Dude, don’t look so shocked! Take this mineral water, no worries my treat.” With that, he nudged Kagami’s face with the bottle. Kagami huffed and stumbled backwards.

Of course I’m shocked! You being this kind just give the creeps all over my body! You put poison in that drink right?! Admit it.” Kagami snarled, pointed his forefinger at the huge guy in front of him. D’s eyebrow twitched in irritation.

Like hell I would! Plus I’m being sincere here! Even if I want a revenge it would be basketball, you nuts! Just accept my treat Kagami Taiga!” after few insults he threw the bottle right at the spot where Kagami easily caught it with his bare hands. This time, Kagami was more than surprised, how come that creep knew his name? More likely, his full name!

Dude, I’ve already told ya that I didn’t put any poison in it! Just, drink it up!

Uhh..okay. Bb..but how did you know my name? Just.. uh, I find it weird for you knowing the name of someone stranger like me. I didn’t even introduced myself properly, well, it’s because you guys are damn arrogant bastard to begin with and I thought it’s a waste to drain my saliva just to spell out loud my name.” Kagami unsealed the cap and began to drank it all until the last drop then he realized he didn’t say his thanks yet to his..lifesaver? Kagami muttered a small thanks just to be heard by him.

Are you that thirsty? You emptied the bottle with just one go! Well, I can do that too. Don’t ya think that we have some similarities?” he began to step closer towards Kagami who was wearing an unsatisfied expression on his face.

Oi, you didn’t answer my question yet! How did you know my name?” Kagami half pissed. Firstly, the guy in front of him didn’t answer his question a minute ago. Second, the saying that they share the same habit was enough to make Kagami felt gross. Was that guy actually friendly or he just become a goody two shoes for certain purpose?

Wearing a smug face, D leaned closer towards him, nearly invades his personal space. Kagami being aware of his personal space moving few steps back. His animal instinct said that this guy cannot be trusted yet! D clicked his tongue and scratched the back of his head.’s not like what you think. Ah, how should I say this eh? Few days before we came to Japan, I’ve met an interesting guy and his street ball teammates in Michigan. Sure he challenged me in one-on-one and I accepted it. (please note that Nash and Silver aren’t interested in useless match) It turns out, I won but with a mere single digit. Our battle was ferocious and the victory seemed favourable on his side however he must be unlucky that time when there was a crazy fangirls approaching him in the middle of the game and.. I take the opportunity to land my last shoot.”

His last sentence made Kagami thought something that is familiar with a blonde head he knew. ‘Ah, is he somewhat Kise’s underclassman? Lucky popular guy!’

D cleared his throat and continued with the story. “I told him that I will go to Japan to play in the street ball match and I promised him to have another rematch after we got home. I still remember his name. Allen Parker, and he is a bright guy you know?” Kagami choked his saliva and his eyes was wide open in terror, just like when you saw a Ju-On creeping out from your TV.

When I said I’ll go to Japan, his face lighted up and nagged me to tag along but I turned him down of course! He said that he wanted to see a certain person named Kagami Taiga then he started talking about how magnificent this Taiga person was. Almost half an hour description on how strong you’re in the court, your ferocious face as a tiger always hide the gentleness inside and when you’re flustered or embarrassed you blushed so much like a cute tiger cub!” That last sentence made Kagami wanted to sew the nice lips of the guy in front of him and made him suffered of not being able to talk for a week worth.

HUUUH!! Did that brat saying such thing ‘bout me in front of you?” he instead let out a grunt. Well, it’s not this guy’s fault but that Allen guy was!

 “You two sure known each other. Are you two that close?

Kagami face-palmed and flailed his hands in denial. “Urhh, we’re not that close. I mean.. we’re quite close when we’re little and, ughh..let’s not talk about that annoying brat!” Kagami tried to hide his blush as much as he could. God, he was so embarrassed when a certain person describing him cute to a stranger. ‘Oh, I will punch and kick him hard when I have the chance. I promise!’

Kagami raised his head when he heard D let out a loud chuckle until tears formed at the corner of his eyes. “You’re mocking me aren’t you?”

Putting his hand on his stomach to suppress his laughter, D shook his head in denial and cleared his throat. “Nah, I was just thinking..” he put his arm around Kagami’s shoulder and now they’re face to face.

What Allen said was true..” Kagami just didn’t get what he was saying. He was on the verge to protest the opinion but another arm sneaked around his waist forced him back to reality.

Huh? What are you…

The blushing you, is just too cute.”


With a split second, D closed their gap and smooched their lips together.


“Mmhff..” Kagami was too late to endure this kind of attack. He did struggle but as the kiss gone deeper, his face became as hot as the grilled taco and his vision began to get blurry followed by his mind got all blank, knees turned jelly and then collapsed.

Just what….



Kuroko was there, beside Kagami. He was always beside his light, all the time. When this American guy approached Kagami, he felt an uneasy feeling inside his chest. ‘Am I imagining things or probably, it’s my instinct that say we should avoid this guy. More likely, Kagami-kun is the one should stay away from him.’ Kuroko kept following them when the guy dragged Kagami elsewhere, isolated from people’s attention. However, his patience grew thinner by time the guy invaded his light’s personal space and the moment he devoured Kagami’s precious lips, his level of patience exploded, emitted such dark miasma out him. Kuroko was never felt this angry before (well, the last time he get mad was during their match with Kirisaki Daiichi) till he could felt his blood boiled in rage. Irritated, he converged all his aura on his palm, waiting for them to be concentrated enough for him to launch a solid punch to that guy.


“Get off damn perverted ganguro!” Without giving the guy any chance to respond, Kuroko Ignite-punched him right on the face until a crack sound of a jawbone was heard. Oww, that’s sure hurt like hell! The guy grunted in pain before fell on his butt.

What the fuck are you doing?!” he snarled, hands gripped on jaw.

And what you thinking you’re doing toward Kagami-kun just now? I don’t like a stranger like you doing bad things on Kagami-kun.” He replied with his usual stoic face despite his cold tone and dark aura that was able to emit shivers to people around him. But this guy was somewhat failed or pretended not to be shaken by those dark aura, he instead stood up and made a double-jerk face.

I’m not doing anything wrong. As if I care about what you're thinking you midget!” he snapped back.

Well, it seems like you don’t mind it if I make my masterpiece on your bald head.” Akashi appeared behind D out of a sudden making the guy to freak out. Plus, Akashi was holding his mighty scissors and was making a gesture ‘do you want this shiny scissors to carve a masterpiece out of your bald head?’ really did send shivers down the tall guy’s spine, as a proof, Kuroko saw him stumble backwards. With an evil smile, Akashi pointed his scissors to the guy in front of him. “If I knew from the start, I will punish you even more that you will regret for being born in this devastated world!

Realizing his life was at stake, he ran away and yelled something like, “He’s out of his mind! Somebody call 911!

“Akashi-kun, why did you interfere me in the first place? I was planning to teach him one or two lesson.” Kuroko asked with curious voice after Akashi stopped his laughter. He was having a hard time to support the unconscious redhead by laying the other’s arm on his shoulder though he barely could withstand the Newton’s Law that act on Kagami now. Akashi sighed at such one-sided view.

“Look Tetsuya, you can’t even support the heavyweight Kagami on your own so how should I supposed for not helping you? Plus, your ‘teaching’ method is too soft as if he would learn his mistakes.” Once Akashi finished his line, he sneaked into the other redhead’s arm and supported his torso. Kuroko’s baby blue eyes slightly dilated because this Akashi was willing to support Kagami without hesitation. Akashi carved a tiny smile on his lips. “Furthermore, I have the same thought as you. I hate it when somebody touch my teammates, more likely, my friend.”

Kuroko just nodded his head as Akashi was already acknowledged Kagami as one of his friends. It’s good to hear that but..what’s with this uneasy feeling?


 2 hours later at Kagami’s…..

“I don’t even know that Bakagami can be knocked down with just a kiss.” That was an annoying sneer which first welcomed him once he gain his consciousness. A sneer that came out from the mouth none other than the God of Porn, Aomine.

“Pathetic-nanodayou. But I also pity Kuroko and Akashi because those two have to carry this glutton by their tiny shoulder. Thank goodness we got Murasakibara here.” Said Midorima in teasing manner while adjusting his mighty glasses. That was second sneer he heard once his brain reactivates.

“Ahh, I don’t really wanna help him. He’s too heavy and I’m now suffering a hunger by just carrying him into the minibus.” Ok, that was the third and he lost his patience. Kagami clenched his fist and snarled at those trio who bad-mouthed him.

“Murasakibara. You’re the one to talk so I don’t wanna hear that from you! And Aomine. Go fuck yourself! I’m merely an innocent whom his first kiss was stolen by a random guy, of course I hate it too and Midorima! I don’t need your pity, thank you very much.”

Somehow, Kise burst a laughter while Aomine and Midorima gave him an annoying snicker. “Aah, you heard him too Kise? Oi, Kagami! Are you too confident that you’re an innocent? There must be some gravure magazines you hid somewhere here. Ah, don’t worry lemme check for you!” Aomine rose from the couch and hands wandering under the gap between the couch and the floor.

“Oi, oi! Don’t do anything crazy in my house! I’ve said that I don’t…”

“Ahah! Found something!” Aomine send him a big, victory smirk.

“Hmm..what is it Mine-chin? Show them to us.” Since when Murasakibara became interested with anything or whatever he had in his house? Was what Kagami thought.

“It’s elastic..and flexible. Ah, wait! It does has strangely rough and gritty on its surface though. I wonder what it is…” as soon as Aomine pulled that ‘thing’ out, he squeal out of fear made the other around him to freak out even the absolute Akashi jolted his shoulder a bit.

“AAARGGHHHH! AN IGUANA!” Aomine threw the iguana away only to patch on Kise’s face resulting the blonde to freak out even more. He pulled the iguana off his face and tossed it elsewhere before he collided with the already hysteric Aomine causing both of them fell on floor. Meanwhile, the troublesome iguana approached Kuroko and without wasting any time, he did a tap pass to Midorima. The emerald haired man was shocked with the pure coincidence and due to his unprepared condition, he made a really, really terrible shoot that even a tortoise could laugh. Midorima’s not-so-high projectile shoot was blown off by the ceiling fan but it didn’t end here, instead the iguana was smashed towards Murasakibara and the purple giant didn’t wait any longer to slam down the menacing iguana onto the floor but.. he never intended to..

“Ah!”…Send that iguana right onto Akashi’s lap! Akashi went stiff for few seconds before he got up from the chair and sent them a death glare, resulting the other rainbow heads froze at Akashi’s intimidating aura (except Kuroko who maintain his stoic face as usual).

“If you guys wanna get rid of this thing, just throw it quietly would’ya?” In a blink of eye, Akashi threw the iguana who brought the ‘misfortune of the day’ out through the window. His toss was swift and smooth without any preliminary movement. He then turned towards the troublesome bunch. “Should I give you guys an hour tutoring about manners, hmm?”

‘He’s scary! This Akashi/Akashicchi/Akachin is scary! Why he’s still won’t switch into the original one yet?’

“Oo..oii. I don’t wanna interrupt anything but..i just don’t believe you guys could freak out with just a stuffed animal. Furthermore, Akashi! Don’t just throw away my things like that! You’re the one should learn about manners and stuff!”..It’s actually a stuffed jelly iguana that Alex bought for him though.

“Uhh…so, it’s a toy?” they said in unison. Kagami could felt the vein in his forehead was twitching in irritation and he kinda had the urge to land a solid punch to their faces.

Kagami massaged his scalp, man.. he has had enough with the Kiseki no Sedai who invited themselves to his apartment. Ok, they did helped him out when he was unconscious and brought him home safely and he felt grateful for that. However, according to what he heard from Kuroko, after the other senpais and Takao excused themselves Akashi ordered them to stay until he was fully awake. When Midorima asked why he told so, Akashi added that he was afraid if Kagami had psychological shock when he woke up due to the kissing incident before (as if he was affected by that. Mehh..) and Akashi thought he might need the GoM to help him recover from the shock. Well..he DID recover but encountered another good amount of shock as he woke up with six colourful heads making mess with his living room and found out six jars of cookies on his counter ‘magically’ clean and clear. What a SUPERB way of recovery they gave him!

Suddenly, there was a buzz in his pocket followed by ringing phone. Kagami knitted his eyebrows. It’s unusual for him to get a call at this time. He took out his phone from his pocket and glance at the number on his screen.



“Sorry guys, I got an important call here so, don’t do anything crazy! You know, I’m watching! Kuroko, could you make them tea? I have an instant one, on the shelves. Thanks!” Why his mom did called him at this moment? As Kagami could remember, his parents seldom make a phone call since he began his first year at Seirin. There must be something wrong.

“Taiga..oh my Taiga! Please, you must come back to LA by anytime soon. need you, sweetheart!” the melodic voice of his mom echoed in his eardrum as soon as he picked up the line. The melodic voice of her full of anxiousness. Kagami rushed towards the balcony to have his sweet space far from those rainbow heads that loitering in his house and began to talk with his mom.

“What..what’s happening mom? You looks like having some trouble over there.”

“Dad..your daddy..he..”

“Did that old man give you a hard time there? I’m gonna punch him right away.”

“No’s not like what you think. He..” Kagami gulped. Waiting for his mom’s response.

“He’d done it! He’d made a girl!” he could hear a whimpering sound from the other line but, Kagami was dumbfounded. He still couldn’t digest his mom’s words.

“ you means..what? What the hell you’re trying to convey actually? I don’t get it! Wait a sec, you didn’t mean old man..was flirting on another girl??” Kagami was barely standing now but thanks to the pole he could hang on.

“Whatever it is, Taiga, you should get back home! ASAP. I don’t wanna hear any excuses since your school break will starts within a week. I just need you to visit me and spend your time with us here. So, mom want you settle all school or club’s activities special exemption letters, your flight here and stuffs. I'll transfer extra cash to your bank account so make sure it’s all settled within Saturday, yaa! That’s all. I love you, sweetheart! Chu.”

‘Truuuuutt..’ the line was cut off.

“Wha..? She decide everything on me and cut off just like that?! Shit. Looks like I’ve no choice then..”

“If she said so, just do her favor. After all, she’s your mom Kagami-kun.” Kuroko’s voice came out of nowhere made Kagami choked his saliva.

“Kuroko, bastard! Since when you’re eavesdropping our conversation?” Kagami pulled him by his collar.

Kuroko, calm as ever reply with a slightest smile. “If you’re worrying about coach’s nagging, it’s not a problem. You can say you’ll have your street basketball practice with your American friends. I’m pretty sure coach and the others understood that well.” Kagami slowly loosen his grip.

“Kuroko..” he could see those baby blue eyes of his shadow, gleamed but he couldn’t tell it’s for what.

“Besides.. I want to follow Kagami-kun too. If you don’t mind, can I accompany you to America? For this upcoming holiday.”

Kagami could feel his heart stopped for a moment. Did he misheard? Kuroko wanted to go with him to America? Why he so suddenly came up with that idea? Or, was Kuroko just kidding? No. as far as Kagami knows, Kuroko won’t be kidding at the time he decides on everything. So..was he SERIOUS?! And, why the heck he could see pink shades on his shadow’s cheek!

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As soon as Kagami picked up the call and went outside. Kuroko took a chance to make a mini discussion with the Kiseki no Sedai group. Kuroko stood beside Aomine and took a deep breath before he started the conversation.

“So what is it you want to tell us Tetsu?” Aomine spoke with a yawn, eyes half lidded. Well, no wonder he’s sleepy coz he’s happily sprawled on the couch and conquered every inch without giving any space to anybody. Generous!

“Let me be blunt. I want to know.. what do each of you thinks.. what do you feel.. about  Kagami-kun? So far until today.” Kuroko’s question made them silent for a moment. All of them had puzzled looks on their face. Well, as always it’s Kise who broke the silence.

“Eeh.. Kurokocchi? Why did you ask such weird question so sudden?” Kise wrapped his arms around his chest. Midorima scoffed at Kuroko’s question.

“I always thought you will come out with something wise and more descent topic to be discussed Kuroko. But now, you want us to share thoughts on no other but that idiot? Don’t make me laugh.”

Kuroko stared at Midorima. “Midorima-kun please don’t be a tsundere.” Kuroko’s word strike through his trachea made the other guy choked his saliva. Akashi who was standing beside the chair mumbled something before smiling in suggestive manners, then joined them by sitting on the floor.

“Tetsuya, why do you think having discussion about him is important? Are you planning on something?” he said while tapping his chin. Kuroko nodded.

“Because he is already becoming one of us, the Kiseki no Sedai. So, I’m asking are you guys fine with that?” this time he’s dead serious. Actually, he just wanted to make sure..

“That’s why I said it’s a dumb question! We’re fine with him though he’s so stupid, but he’s actually.. a…gg..go…” Midorima stuttering. His cheek went pinkish hue. Kuroko knew he was having a hard time to spout the ‘good’ word out.

“Come on Midorimacchi! You can say it! Spout it!” Kise slapped his back furiously, slightly making fun of Midorima. Midorima mumbled before continued where he left on but, a tsundere was always a tsundere. He still couldn’t made himself saying ‘he’s a good friend’ into a flawless and smooth single phrase!

“He’s having a hard time there. I think we should move on Tetsuya. If we wait for him to finish his line, it should take until half a decade. So, Daiki?” Akashi took Kuroko’s role to interview the other. Aomine, realizing his turn to take on the question he sat up from his original position. Murasakibara then took his chance to sit on the couch beside Aomine. Scratching his head, he spoke lazily. “Uhh, is it my turn?”

“Hmm… how should I say it? He’s my rival and always be my rival. I’m glad that I have someone strong enough to play one-on-one with me. But, he couldn’t even beat me and always losing! Gahahaha. That’s why I said, the only one who can beat me is… ouch! Quit with those painful jab, Tetsu temme!”

“You should quit with that selfish quote, Aomine-kun. Besides, don’t you see Kagami-kun is gradually evolving?” Kuroko ignored the insults that came from Aomine’s mouth. Instead, he exhaled in relieve. Two is out, he noted. He then reverted his attention towards Kise who was still gaping with troubled look on his face as if he’s trying to solve a complex factorization in Maths. He then grunted and ruffled his hair roughly.

“Aah..i dunno how to describe Kagamicchi but I respect him! Both as friend and rival. Ah, I love his cooking too! He’s far too good compared to Momoicchi back then. Ahahaha..”

“If Satsuki heard this I doubt you will live your life peacefully Kise.” Aomine’s words snapped him back to reality. Heck, no! Kise won’t do something stupid like criticized her cooking in front of her. Who knows, besides sulking all days she might poison him with her cooking. Sometimes, even Momoi could be the most dangerous among them.

“Hummm.. I don’t like him in the first place but, I really love his cookies. I should advise him to quit basketball and be a full time patisserie.” Murasakibara’s commentary only made Kuroko pissed off so, without any warning he laid another painful jab on Murasakibara’s rib causing the purple giant groaned in pain. Murasakibara sent an angry glare at him however Kuroko wasn’t faltered with the giant’s stare instead he did stare back and replied, “It’s not your place to choose and decides his destiny Murasakibara-kun.”

“At first glance, I thought that Kagami is only a basketball idiot just like Daiki..” the tanned guy snorted at Akashi’s statement but the other paid him no mind. Akashi continued, “Since I saw him and Tetsuya played against us I realized that he’s the true light that ignites Tetsuya’s will towards basketball and gives him hope to defeat us and make us prove his style. Kagami has my respect except for his manners on dining table and his art of speaking.”

When Akashi emphasized the word ‘manners’, both Murasakibara and Aomine pretended as if they’re not hearing anything.

“So, Kuroko. Does this satisfy you?” asked Midorima. Kuroko nodded with smile but nobody could tell whatever the meaning behind his faint smile.

“Yes. Your thoughts has been heard loud and clear, so.. if you’ll excuse me..” Kuroko rose from his sitting position and turned his heels.

“Ww..wait, Tetsu! Where’re you going? You aren’t going to tell Kagami about this right??” Aomine sweat-dropped. Same goes to Midorima, his face turned pale as he don’t want his tsundere-ness being unveiled in front of Kagami.

Kuroko merely shook his head. “I’m going to kitchen, Kagami-kun asked me to prepare tea for us earlier. Don’t worry, I won’t tell him.” With that, Aomine…no, all of them sighed in relief and they continued to talk about something else that was not related to Kagami, without realising their phantom sixth man already used his misdirection and snuck out to the balcony where Kagami’s conversation with his mom took place.






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“What are you guys doing here in the first place?!” Kagami hissed as soon as a certain someone greeted him from behind. He turned his glance towards his shadow company but the unpleasant and dark look on Kuroko’s face proved that he’d nothing to do with those rainbow troops who appeared before him. So, Kagami concluded it as ‘they merely invited themselves’ and why there’re big luggage alongside them? “And.. what are those luggage for? Don’t tell me…” Kagami’s eyes widen.

“Yes.. we’re going to join your trip to America, Kagami. Is it a problem if we join for a field trip together?” Akashi replied with straight face only to make the other redhead to growl in irritation. Not to mention the energetic Kise who jumped excitedly with the ‘group of GOM travelling to America and Kagamicchi being their reliable tourist guide’ plans.

“All hail to America! Yatta!”

“Don’t screw with me!” Kagami stretched his hair strands, haywire overloaded in his head.

Once again, why it ended up like this??

One week before the incident at the airport..

“Huh? What kind of excuses there are? You think you could make me believe that, Bakagami!” was the response they received from their coach the next morning.

“It’s true…! Urkhg.” Kagami couldn’t spoke clearly because Riko was suffocating him with her infamous neck to jaw-lock. “Don’t worry coach, it’s not like we’re just visiting Kagami-kun’s family in America for no avail. On the same time, we’re planning to join street basketball which Kagami-kun used to and strengthen our skills there.” Kagami was too grateful for Kuroko backing up him and his logic seemed piqued Riko’s interest. He should treat him vanilla shake later.

“I think it is a good idea to let them go, Riko.” Hyuuga pursued her. Riko sighed and released Kagami who was then panted and gasping for air. “It’s not like I restrict them to go but, the practice match with Touou ought to be next week and we can’t..” Riko’s speech was cut off when Hyuuga’s slender finger touched her soft lips. Meanwhile, the background character whistled at the romantic drama in front of them.

“It’s okay. Our players are strong enough to take on Touou even without Kuroko and Kagami. Let them polish and sharpen their skills there. Remember, it’s for the sake of Seirin too.” Hyuuga’s speech replied by a nod from the girl. Hyuuga smiled at that then he turned towards Kuroko and Kagami who looked clueless. The dark haired captain suddenly change into a devilish smirk, “Well, if only their street ball practice pay off then it should be okay..” the light and shadow duo gulped. “..If you screwed up during your comeback, I won’t hesitate to give both of you extra training.”

“Yes sir!”

Which was then led to…

“Eeh.. what do you mean by Tetsu-kun and Kagamin couldn’t make it to our practice match?” Momoi’s voice rang throughout Touou Academy Gym. Aomine who was lazing around immediately woke up when he heard about that. His eyebrows twitching in both irritation and a bit disappointed, he walked towards Momoi who was talking about the current issue to Wakamatsu. “Oi, Satsuki. What’s the big idea? Why that Bakagami and Tetsu couldn’t play for our practice match? Do you know…”

“Mou, calm down Dai-chan! Kagamin will be away for several weeks to visit his family in LA while Tetsu-kun accompany him there. I’m sure it’s only Kagamin’s family matter but for several reasons Tetsu-kun insisted to follow him.” Momoi brushed her bangs sideways. Aomine scrunched his nose.

“What the hell that Bakagami need to be accompanied? What is he? A kid!?” with a snort Aomine turned his heels, facing his broad back in front of Momoi. He grunted in silence, ‘Why the hell? Damn, Kagami.. there is no point looking forward for our next game if you aren’t there! Since nobody can stop me, with you around.. at least I can go all-out.’ Ahh, he will just skip that match and took a nap somewhere or buy Mai-chan’s latest.

“Ah, Dai-chan I forgot to tell.. Tetsu-kun didn’t just enjoy his vacation with Kagamin. Aida-san told me they will polish their skills with the street basketball team which Kagamin used to play with. So, we must be careful when they return.” Aomine spilt his saliva and turned to face Momoi. “Huuh??”

Which was then the third and fourth person getting involved..

Aomine met Midorima and Kise at Maji while explaining the whole story to them. Somehow, it piqued Midorima’s interest by how much effort Kuroko take just to make him stronger, nevertheless the tiny sky blue head was planning to play with Kagami’s team in America. It’s too far away, nanodayo!

“Kurokocchi sure has something up his sleeve. Well, Kurokocchi is being Kurokocchi. By the way Midorimacchi.. you bought the Super Maji Cheeseburger but don’t you want to eat it?” said Kise while pointing at the super-sized cheeseburger on Midorima’s left hand. The emerald head just took a glance of it then smirked.

“It’s my lucky item for today, nanodayo.” He then put it on the table only to give a chance for Aomine to snatch it away. Before Midorima could respond, the tanned boy already unwrapped the cheeseburger.

“Maa.. you’re just wasting your food so it’s okay if I eat it up right? Furthermore, nothing such bad luck exist. Ittadakimasu!” with a devilish smirk he devoured the cheeseburger until they became half already.

Midorima startled. “My cheeseburger!! Curse you, Aomine!”Poor boy whom his cheeseburger just being eaten.

Consequently, the Emperor had his hands on this..

They made discussion through Skype with Akashi and Murasakibara. So, the red emperor made his absolute decision. “We follow them. All of us, no exception. Think of it, it is not fair only two of them get better. Apparently, Kagami is already become part of us, the GOM and we have the obligation to took part in their field trip. If we want to improve, we should improve together.” All of them seemed reluctant at first because there’s no need for them to involve with the plan but Akashi made them shut by saying since he’s the one came up with this idea, he will sponsored all their fares and book them First Class Suites on the flight. All of them didn’t wait any longer to pack their belongings. Well, anyone could get excited if they go on a vacation for FREE!

Currently, here there were. At Narita International Airport, Tokyo..

“Fuck off!”Kagami shoved them. Kuroko didn’t say anything but Kagami was sure he was glaring at Akashi with stern look. Kagami jolted when one tanned and strong arm lounged on his shoulder. “Tche.. don’t be so stingy baka!”

“What d’you say, Ahomine?!”

“The truth that you don’t want us to tag along…could it be…you don’t want us to interrupt your ‘honeymoon’ with Tetsu there, am I right?!” Wrong button Aomine! You pushed a wrong button to hit on Kagami Taiga’s temper. Network of veins popped on Kagami’s forehead.

“We’re not going to honeymoon, you idiot!! Get off your arm!” Kagami was totally pissed off with Aomine as the tanned guy just blurted out none other than nonsense. Was Aomine losing some screws in his tiny little brain that he actually thought of him being in romantic relationship with Kuroko? Well, it’s not like the tanned ace have a brain though…

“Calm down a bit, you moron! We came here under Akashi’s sponsor as he wanted us to practice basketball under different environment and see whether we are capable to cope with different surroundings while keep our play in a pace.” Midorima interrupted. Akashi gave his ex-vice-captain a light tap on the shoulder.

“Indeed. Changes in environment, culture and opponent’s play style… isn’t it give you thrill and excitement at the same time? After our match with Jabberwock, shouldn’t you notice how wide the gap between our strength and theirs. Therefore Kagami, with this matter of fact, you will let us to join your trip?” Akashi gave him a wary smile. There was a moment of silence and…the sound of Murasakibara munching down his chips.

Kagami breathed in then let out a heavy sigh. He finally gave in. “Yeah, do whatever you like but don’t get overly buddy-buddy with my mom or dad. They are crazy enough to drive you crazy and one more thing, don’t ever get near my room!”

Aomine smirked at that. “Heeh~ so you did hid porns or something inside your bedroom eh? Thought you’re the same with me, how sneaky…”

“No. I just don’t like my privacy being invaded by someone as dirty minded as you. Well, got to go! Our plane is awaiting, see you at LA Airport then.”

“Ah, wait! You won’t go there.”

Kagami let out unsatisfied groan as Akashi made them to hold up. “Uhh, what again Akashi?”

“As our trustworthy tourist guide, you should boarding with us. Ah, by the way both of you should aware of your missing tickets.” Kuroko and Kagami’s eyes dilated at that by the time they realised their tickets now were on Akashi’s possession.

“Since when?” Kuroko asked. Heck, how did he did not feel the emperor’s presence while he actually hold the ticket close?

“Neh, Kurokocchi. Akashicchi was determined to get both of you along with us. Not even say he booked such First class suites for us so that I won’t get separated from Kurokocchi! Kagamicchi should be grateful too-ssu.” The blonde said while trying to bear hug Kuroko. Keyword ‘trying’.

Heeh?? Is this for real? Akashi just offered him and Kuroko, no, the whole GoM to board First class suites which Kagami never dream of even he had such money for it but thanks, he would just prefer being a decent as long as he was comfortable and satisfied with economy or premium class seat.

“Oi, don’t pull out such face! You are not thinking about turning down his offers, won’t you?” Midorima’s irking voice snapped Kagami from his thought.

Kagami blinked twice before scratching the back of his head.

“Uhh…no, I was just thinking, that, am I too special for you that you even bother to book expensive suites? Well.. it’s just.. I’m just curious.. Kuroko, yeah. Maybe he deserves that but for me whom you merely know less than a year… I can’t help but think! ” he said that bluntly but then screaming internally for him just being so straightforward.

“Pfft..hahahaha. Sorry man, if I’m Akashi I won’t think of you being so special.” Aomine waved his hand in a mocking way.

“Kagami-kun doesn’t need to think that much. Your brain can’t support processing that many info.” Kuroko deadpanned while Kise and Aomine just laughed as a response.

“Won’t you try to back up me a little instead of blackmailing me, Kuroko?? Wait, you’re saying you agree with them?” Kuroko gave a glance at Akashi before returned his gaze towards Kagami.

“Wasting a rare chance like this won’t do any good, Kagami-kun. Besides…” Kuroko turned his gaze towards Akashi who just smiled elegantly considering he just won over Kuroko and Kagami, making them agree to board with Akashi and the GoM. Kuroko paused a moment before continued, “I just remembered that I have something to talk to Akashi-kun.”

“Okay, okay. I’m in. Satisfied? So, where a we going? Which gate?” Kagami raised both hands up means he was forced to surrender.

“Akachin, are you sure you want to bring him along? Is him necessary? He is too loud and it’s annoying.”

“What with the coming out you bastard?? You’re the one who annoying here! Baaka~baaka.”Damn Murasakibara. When he was about to silently compliment them, that big kid just came out of nowhere and sputtered nothing but words that irked him the most. If it’s not Akashi who stopped and managed to control the situation, Kagami guaranteed that there will be a cat and mouse…correction, two giants chasing each other at the airport.

“Off we go. Let’s ridee!!” With an adrenaline rush, Kise dashed towards Gate A2 and dragged poor Kuroko along with him, leaving the others shouting for them to slow down from behind. With Murasakibara that only busied himself with his snacks, hot-headed Aomine who Kagami thought will picked a fight with him anywhere, anytime, Midorima.. well he might just keep quiet during the flight but might try to piss him off somehow and Akashi…he might threw some lecture if they didn’t behave, or read them guide book and travelling tips, or even worse forcing him to play shogi instead of playing against Midorima or Kuroko. Wait, as if the last thing gonna happened.

Whining inside, Kagami just hoped they didn’t bugged him with question regarding his true reason to go back to his hometown. He didn’t want them to interfere with whatever his family problems. Putting on his red headphone, he let himself immersed into the music. Looking up the sky outside the glass window, he shoved his hands into his pockets while murmured something against his breath.

“I only wanted a peaceful flight..”

Chapter Text

Jan ken pon!”

“Shit! Why it’s me again? Midorima, you cheater!”

Midorima smirked. “Heh, I’m not that cheap. You’re just too bad at janken, Kagami. Plus, Oha-asa said Cancer is second today, I might have experience unpredictable situation but as long as I have my lucky item…”

He pointed at the orange life jacket that peacefully resting on his seat.

“I’ll always in the God of Luck’s blessings.”

“Don’t joke with me!” Kagami was unsatisfied with this game he played along Midorima, Kise, Murasakibara and Aomine. The rule is, players will do janken until the last loser was eliminated. Then, the final loser will get a punishment by others who wins. But the problem was..why it’s only him that kept losing to them for two rounds straight?!

Kagami made a jolt when suddenly Murasakibara lashed out right in front of him with his long arms caging his sides. Blood rushed towards his face as their nose was barely touched. “Alright~ Ready for punishment?” Murasakibara’s usual lazy voice suddenly changed into a deep and a bit seductive tone. He wasn’t used to the purple giant’s deep voice yet it was so close to his ear, made his heart stopped and he swallowed hard his saliva.

“Wh…what are you” They were so close that Kagami could feel the guy’s warmth on his epidermis.

‘What is he doing? Does he planned to seduce me or what?’

Chapter Text

“Wait, wait, wait! Hold on. Kise, don’t pull my arm!” Kagami screeched at a sudden pulling force on his right arm.

“Kagamicchi. I’m scared!!” Kise whined with teary eyes.

“This plane is going down! We gonna die!”

“Okay, relax everyone. It’s just a normal air-pocket, soon gonna be ooo..kay?? Whoa, Akashi!” Kagami jerked backward when a sudden turn of event yet way too cliché already took place in a mundane daily life of certain Kagami Taiga. That was Akashi who OOC-ly jumped off his seat and crashed his small frame against Kagami’s strong and muscular body with arms wrapped around the redhead’s torso.

The way Akashi acted so unnaturally sent a MOE vibe among the occupants in the first class seat. Kagami stammered.

“A.. Akashi. Are you…perhaps..”

“Shut up!”



Baby are you down? x5


Even if the sky is fallin’ down, down…down (oh)

Kagami tried to sit back and relax, by setting his mp3 player on, headphones cosily covered his ears from any disturbing sound from unrecognized entities…

Poke, poke

Just pretending he was too absorbed with one of his favourite song, “Down” by Jay Sean ft. Lil’ Wayne. Ah, he had a laundry list of English songs and some J-rock from his favourite bands such as Granrodeo, Oldcodex, UVERworld and Rookiez. He gonna have some sweet time to enjoy those..

Poke, poke

So baby don’t worry

You are my only

You won’t be lonely

Even if the sky is falling down

You’ll be my only

No need to worry

Baby, are you down? x5

Another poke, or rather a jab on his ribcage successfully get on his nerves.

“What the fuck?! Are you trying to make me throw you outta this plane?” he slapped Aomine’s devious hand to stopped them from poking his ribs and sent a murderous glare at the tanned guy.

“You look too absorbed into the music so I intended to bring you out of the ‘ZONE’ and…hey, I only poke you a little! Tetsu did the last jab so don’t blame on me fully.”

“Kuroko, you little…”he wanted to scold the teal haired straight away but his mouth went shut at the sight when Akashi took out THE WHOLE SET OF SHOGI BOARD!


He might have imagine this (in previous chapter) but…

To think that Akashi really lived up to his expectation…

And to think his imagination became reality…

“This is bogus!! Akashi, you ruin my mental image of you!!” he screeched while Akashi and Midorima who apparently sitting in between them, having both hands on ears to prevent their eardrum from being damaged horribly.

“You’re noisy. Can’t you even be more ear-splitting?” Akashi replied calmly while setting those shogi pieces into symmetrical arrangement. Only to irked Kagami more.

“That’s not my point here! I mean…I know your obsession towards shogi but don’t you go overboard, bringing the shogi set here. It’s against rules.” Akashi is the young master of such prestigious family, a person with intense amount of charisma, not to mention he is pretty strict on maintaining his image, was what Kagami thought all long. Heh, even the person he found the most perfect can be crazy sometimes! This world is fair enough though.

Akashi let out his sigh. “As far as I know, there is no rule in this world that prohibit passenger from bringing or playing shogi inside the plane. As long as you don’t disturb other passenger, you can even play Monopoly in here. The real thing is, we’re now in a first class suite hence all the good reason to bring shogi along since all this room is reserved for us and only us. Now Kagami, do you still think it is wrong for me to play shogi inside the plane?” Heck! Before he knew it he was already being backfired by Akashi! Goddammit!!

Oh wait, not he’s only being backfired…the other kiseki also, aside from Kuroko, were acting as if he was pathetic creature on Earth! What the hell?! They even laughing behind but the most obvious one was Aomine. That aho sure will continue his mocking afterwards since he hold the most grudges on him.

“Gah, fine! You win, do whatever you want but don’t drag me to play shogi! I’m not that talented, ok?”

Again, when he looked at Akashi…the other redhead had a dejected look on his face, whatta fuck?! Wait, don’t tell me…

“Ah, how unfortunate. I already have an intention to let you play one game with me, Kagami.”

“Huuuhh??” Kagami coughed at that. That was the least he expected from Akashi. How an ‘emperor’ like Akashi could chose a mere ‘commoner’ like him? Akashi must have planned something on his mind, Kagami thought.

“Akashi-kun. Let me play shogi with you, since Kagami-kun is a total idiot when it comes to the game of strategy. I will be your rival.”

Kuroko intervened whilst taking a seat face-to-face with Akashi. Kagami took a relieved breathe for his shadow who slyly interrupt with his ex-captain’s planning thus saved him, despite the part Kuroko said he was a total idiot…yeah, that part…he gonna ‘keep it viewed’ until he got the chance for a payback.

Akashi huffed, then chuckled.

“What’s so funny, Akashi-kun?” Kuroko said in his usual monotone but if Kagami heard it clearly, his tone was a little bit more stern than usual.

 Akashi smirked. He tucked the last pieces between his fingers and put it on its place on the shogi board.

“Then, it’s decided. You will be my rival, Tetsuya.”

He might be imagining it but…if his animal instinct was not mistaken, did those two just have a double-meaning conversation? What the hell they’re arguing about? He didn’t get it at all!



Jan ken pon!”

“Shit! Why it’s me again? Midorima, you cheater!”

Midorima smirked. “Heh, I’m not that cheap. You’re just too bad at janken, Kagami. Plus, Oha-asa said Cancer is second today, I might have experienced unpredictable situation but as long as I have my lucky item…”

He pointed at the orange life jacket that peacefully resting on his seat.

“I’ll always in the God of Luck’s blessings.”

“Don’t joke with me!” Kagami was unsatisfied with this game he played along Midorima, Kise, Murasakibara and Aomine. The rule is, players will do janken until the last loser was eliminated. Then, the final loser will get a punishment by others who wins. But the problem was..why it’s only him that kept losing to them for two rounds straight?!

Kagami made a jolt when suddenly Murasakibara lashed out right in front of him with his long arms caging his sides. Blood rushed towards his face as their nose was barely touched. “Alright~ Ready for punishment?” Murasakibara’s usual lazy voice suddenly changed into a deep and a bit seductive tone. He wasn’t used to the purple giant’s deep voice yet it was so close to his ear, made his heart stopped and he swallowed hard his saliva.

“Wh…what are you” They were so close that Kagami could feel the guy’s warmth on his epidermis. ‘What is he doing? Does he planned to seduce me or what?’

“Oi, Murasakibara! I know you’re a big idiot but can’t you realize how suggestive your action are?” Midorima scolded him, with a hint of blush on his cheek he pulled Murasakibara’s shoulder harshly, away from him. Safe…not! As stubborn as he was, Murasakibara continued doing where he left on.

Like an unsatisfied child, Murasakibara pouted and huffed. “Eeeh – but Muro-chin once did like this to me. He told me its normal thing to do since he said he and Kagami were used to do this kind of thing….”

“That was when we were little, you idiot! You’re acting strange and it scares me out of hell!” Kagami was embarrassed to death since his deepest-secret past story with Tatsuya was revealed in front of his rivals and that was the worst situation ever, aside from being ‘hunted’ by Nigou. His cheeks turned pink hue but he quickly covered it by angrily broke free from the purple giant and punched his face while he was at it.

“Both of them grew up in foreign country, so we can’t really blame on them-ssu. I bet there are many photo albums of both you and Himuro-san in your parent’s house, Kagamicchi. I am eager to see that~ssu.” Kagami glared at Kise.

“No. Don’t you dare looking at my old photo albums, Kise! I won’t allow it.”

“Oi, when’s my turn to punish him? I can’t wait to slap his forehead with this party-clapper.” Aomine wasn’t entertained at all since the idiot only put all his soul and interests in basketball. From his looks, Kagami knew he was bored. Poor him, their flight had 8 hours more before arriving to their destination. Hang in there, Aomine! – was all Kagami could pray for him.

“Actually I wanted to pull his annoying hair that’s why I was sitting close to him, since all of you misunderstood that, I will rip his eyebrow instead..” Kagami quickly covered his eyebrows before Murasakibara reached out and violated them mercilessly. Then, an intense battle occurred between him and Murasakibara with both of them refused to lose. Things get more heated up when Aomine, who he thought had already lost interests in this game suddenly marched in to slap his forehead. Kagami couldn’t catches his breath from the first shock yet he had to deal with Aomine’s aggressive attack, fuck him and his agility! Now he was caught in both sides, with Kise who entered his yandere mode out of a sudden and hugged him from behind thus restricted his movement.

“Oi, wait! This is going too far, you guys gonna kill me! Kise, lemme go!” He shouted but the cunning blonde didn’t seem to let go of him same goes to Aomine, with that evil grin that could kill anyone he imitated as ‘Joker’ and said those lines in between his teeth.

Oh, I’m not gonna kill you! I’m just going to hurt you…really, really bad.”

‘Oh, God! Please help me! They’re going to ‘rape’ me for real!’ Kagami couldn’t do anything but prayed as the promising sights that awaited him were nothing but pure malice. Kagami’s face went pale at those thoughts but it only lasted for few seconds until he could feel his face returned to its original colour again. He sighed in relief when Akashi and Kuroko’s presence calmed those crazy, madmen down.

“Are you guys got no shame? Making a fuss in a plane…I wonder where you put your brains.” Akashi patted or rather, try-not-to-stab Murasakibara’s shoulder and, oh…the purple giant barely made it alive from Akashi’s deadly glare. Meanwhile, Aomine and Kise also were caught red-handed by their captain’s glare and barely survived from Kuroko’s lethal jab.

“Midorima-kun, I believe you’re the most rational person out of these guys but to think that you initiated this ridiculous game yet you couldn’t manage to control them…was that probably their idiocy is getting through you?” Kagami couldn’t believe what he heard just now. That all mighty Midorima Shintaro was being offended by Kuroko?!

Midorima clicked his tongue in annoyance. “It’s not like I didn’t do anything. You already knew that these idiots are not the type to listen to others! Aside from that, did you both finished playing shogi already?”

Kuroko took a glimpse at Akashi before nodded at Midorima and said he was finally able to defeat Akashi with two wins over 4 games they had play.

“That was fucking draw! Kuroko you’re amazing! If it was me I don’t think I could’ve stand a chance.” Kagami woke from his seat to get his best friend and ruffled his teal blue hair. He couldn’t help but to feel proud at Kuroko’s ability aside from his already nourished skills in basketball. Kagami heard a soft chuckle coming out of Kuroko’s mouth. 

“It was indeed a tough battle but thanks, Kagami-kun. Your compliments liven me up, it seems like I’ve won over here.”

“Ahh, it’s only shogi. Why are you guys so serious about that?” Aomine groaned and yawned. “I’m too bored, Kise entertain me!” Aomine aimlessly slung his arms over Kise’s shoulder and the blonde seemed like he was connecting his brain cells to give a rational thought.

“Ahah! How about we play…a game of truth or dare? We’ll made a circle then put a bottle in the middle after that, spin this bottle until it stops at someone and then that person need to choose either telling us their deepest secret or dare to face-off certain punishment! How was it?”

“Can’t you get over with punishment game? I’m getting sick of it already! Is that the only thing you can come up with, Kise?” Kagami was totally worn out after their game earlier and now Kise requested another punishment game, just how much energy the blonde reserved? He merely glared at Kise when the blonde pulled out his sad face after his idea being rejected by him.

Clap! Clap! His eyes quickly searching the source of the clap only to find out Akashi, with beamed eyes. ‘Ahh…this is bad! When Akashi had his interest on something, we can’t really do anything to stop him’

“Nice idea. I would like to play that truth-or-dare game. How about you, Kuroko?” he asked the teal haired teen.

Kagami grinned confidently. “Heh, if you’re asking Kuroko his answer should be ‘I’m not interested’. Right, Kuroko?”

“I don’t mind playing that. It will be fun, I guess.” There. He thought Kuroko might be his saviour from this stupid game though it seemed like his last hope was broken into pieces. How dare that midget…

“Kuroko, you demon.” That was his last words before being dragged into the darkest pit of hell.



He. Knew. It!

Just like Midorima said, “Leo might have terrible luck today so be cautious and bring along your lucky item, a wind chime with emerald green emblem” he merely took that as joke but it turned out the Oha-Asa maniac was true though Kagami will never admit it in front of him!

The game just started for the first round and the bottle…yeah, that fucking bottle barely passed Kuroko hence, it stopped at where Kagami’s position was. Well, he was fucked up real bad today.

“So, Kagami-kun do you want to tell us truth or take the punishment?” Kuroko asked with his usual poker face but Kagami knew he had fun doing this to him, such yandere midget. Kagami pulled out a deep frown with hands squishing his own cheeks.

“I… am reaaally sick of those stupid punishment so… I’ll take the truth, I guess?” finally he gave in. It was hard to choose between ‘died by telling the truth’ or ‘died from getting punishment’, but come to think of it…they didn’t know if he lied right? Well, he’ll just faking the truth then. Kagami internally smirked at his own ideas…

“Shall we start with me asking first?” Akashi looked eager but still politely raised his hand to question.

“Go ahead.”

Akashi cleared his throat. “What did you actually say that enticing enough for the American guy to kiss you back then?” His direct question made Kagami choked his saliva. He didn’t expect Akashi to ask him about this and heck, how will he answered this? The truth was too embarrassing and to tell them the truth behind what had happened before the kiss scene meant to dig his own grave!

“Huh? Kagamicchi why did you suddenly turned pale? Akashicchi, stop teasing him with that kind of question…Kagamicchi might die from lack of blood flow.”  

Akashi lifted one eyebrow. “Heeh? Are you sure he would die from my question, Ryota? Kagami is strong enough to endure my attacks before so this kind of question will not kill him, right, Kagami?”

Feeling offended plus he noticed that Kuroko was staring at him with judging eyes, he submit his defeat. Kagami rubbed his temple and evened out his breathing.

“Okay, stop bickering. I will tell you the truth okay?” he eyed them one by one, trying to reassure those ‘hungry’ monster who acted like a mere spoiled kid just recently. Kagami bit his inner lips, he was a terrible liar ever and with Kuroko and Akashi’s judging eyes, it’s impossible for him to lie even he trying to keep his straight face.

“The truth is….”


As if on cue, a natural force shook the whole plane like its gonna rip into two. As the passenger inside the plane went into panic mode, the captain said that the plane was now crossing the zone of turbulence and calmly reminded passengers to return to their seats and fasten their seatbelt.

The real issue is, how 6 grown up teenagers freaked out at the sudden air pocket and completely causing a riot in the first class suite.

Why six?

Because, aside from Kagami, all six of them rarely travel abroad so that’s why….

They NEVER expected that air turbulence will occur while they’re on plane. So, that’s how Kagami was stuck in between two big boys, who clung to him as if he’s their life-jacket and the worst part is he need to run his hand against the small of their backs in order to calm their asses off.

“Okay, okay..calm down Kise. Calm down Kuroko. This is just a normal air turbulence, soon its gonna be o – kayy?”

Though he said that, reality was even harsher as the turbulence looked like they’re not going to ease off either. Kagami bit his inner lips, he was a bit scared and worried if they couldn’t get out of the zone alive because as much as he could recall, this is the worst air turbulence he’d ever experienced.

Aomine and Midorima already hugged each other while muttering random prayers, even mentioning some Greek Gods which names Kagami didn’t know existed.

 “Kagamicchi. I’m scared!!” Kise whined with teary eyes. His attention now reverted to the blonde male who was still holding on to him like his life depended on it.

“This plane is going down! We’re gonna die!”

“Okay, relax everyone. It’s just… a not – too – normal air-pocket but trust me, this going to end soon okay? Whoa, Akashi!” Kagami jerked backward when a sudden turn of event yet way too cliché already took place in a mundane daily life of certain Kagami Taiga. That was Akashi who OOC-ly jumped off his seat and crashed his small frame against Kagami’s strong and muscular body with arms wrapped around the redhead’s torso.

The way Akashi acted so unnaturally sent a MOE vibe among the occupants in the first class seat and miraculously, all of them shut their random screams and whimpers, now staring widely at both Akashi and Kagami without saying a word.

“A.. Akashi. Are you…perhaps..” he wanted to say the words ‘fear of height’ or something similar to the terms of ‘aerophobia’ on Akashi but decided to not do so as the other flashed him a glare.

“Shut up!”

“I’m not scared or anything. I just…happen to stumble on you and, no! I’m not taking advantage because of this stupid turbulence. And…I’m definitely not scared!”

So he said, but Kagami and all of them saw it right through their eyes as the captain of Kiseki made an attempt to scoot back to his seat while gripping Kagami’s arm tightly until his knuckles turned white and how his legs wobbling before succeeding to his seat.

‘OMG! OUR MIGHTY AKASHI FINALLY SHOW OFF ONE OF HIS FEAR, FIGHT ME! HE’S SCARED!!’ Bet everyone was having the same thought right now.

“I know what you’re thinking fam!” Akashi snarled back but his voice lack off the usual aura thus the theory of Akashi being aerophobia is confirmed! 

There’s a ‘ding’ and the captain’s voice conforming that they’re finally made it out safely was heard through the speaker. The flight turned to normal, the atmosphere turned to normal and all the passengers finally able to relax but the stillness in the first class suite was beyond normal! No one dared to speak a word after what had happen during the air turbulence.

Kagami just shrugged and brushed his bangs as he excused himself to the washroom.

At the same time, the plane was shaking a little and Kagami’s eyes happened to watch how Akashi flinched at that but then he nicely covered it up with a fake cough.

‘Acting tough now, huh?’

Kagami glanced at his wristwatch. 5 hours to go…ah, what a long trip!



Chapter Text

LAX Airport

“What the hell??” Kagami nearly shrieked yet surprised and happy at the same time as he made his first step at arrival hall, he was greeted with a colourful banner written “WELCOME HOME, TAIGA!!!” and he could hear BTS Seo Taiji ‘Come Back Home’ was being played somewhere in the background.

From afar, he saw Mr. Park and his wife waving happily at the sight of him. Kagami beamed with amusement as he ran towards them, giving them a bear hug while the couple returned the hug warm heartedly.

They mumbled something in English before Kagami realised that he didn’t introduce his ‘beloved’ rainbow friends to them yet.

“Hello uncle! The name Kise Ryota, call me Ryota btw. Nice to meet you!!” Kise, the most energetic one and the first to approached the couple smoothly as if they had known each other for the longest time.

Oh, guess…he didn’t need to introduce them since they already introduced themselves.

But, he ain’t forgetting something…didn’t he?

“Guys, meet my family’s driver, Mr. Park Jumin and his wife Mrs. Hanley. Mr. Park is a Korean while Mrs Hanley is from Brooklyn, NYC.” He introduced the couple to them. His friends nodded simultaneously.

“Aww, such polite kids! You can call me Aunt Hanley and I’m Taiga’s nanny btw (^_^)\/. He’s such a stubborn kid when he was little and we used to bicker a lot, hahaa. It’s fun to see him making friends with five handsome boys!”

“Pleased to meet you, boys. Welcome to LA!” Mr. Park spread his sunshine smile before looking back, searching for his banner.

“Uncle, looking for this? The banner was about to fly elsewhere so I keep it on my hold.” Kuroko, who they completely forgotten about his presence suddenly appeared in front of the couple, making them yelp in surprise.

“GHOST!!!” Mr. Park screamed his lungs out.

Meanwhile, Kagami and the others slapped their own forehead. How could they forgot about Kuroko and his ‘genius’ low presence?

“Oh my God! Honey!!” Mrs Hanley rushed to her husband’s side as the man lying unconscious on the floor and tapping his cheeks. Kagami was shocked too as he grabbed Mr Park’s hand warily and brought his ears closer to the oldest chest to check his breathing rhythm.

Meanwhile Kuroko sat beside Kagami, with guilty surrounded his face, he raised up both hands in the air.

“Kagami-kun..I...I think I’ve killed your uncle. I will take responsibility. Now, please take me to the police”


Akashi sighed while slowly brought out his phone.
“Shall I call police?”

“Shouldn’t you call an ambulance instead of police?? Akashi where is your logic?!”


“Aishh, jinjja(really)? What kind of shitty ability was that till it’s lethal enough to make my dad hospitalize?” Park Jimin, the one and only daughter of Mr. Park was throwing tantrum when she knew her father being hospitalized and that she had to take over her father’s duty to drive the only heir of Kagami Corp. back to his penthouse.

“How many time should I remind you to not shit talking about my friend’s ability? He does not intend to do so to uncle Park.”

Kuroko who sat in between the grumpy driver and Kagami only able to hang low his head. For God’s sake he didn’t dare to receive a piercing gaze from the grumpy driver. If gaze could kill...Kuroko counted he must have been stabbed hundredth times by that glare. Alone.

“Kuroko..he is..special. Like, you know. Even he scared the shit out of me sometimes but, once I get used of his low presence, he’s just as normal as we are. He has a big heart despite having small body.”

Kuroko stared at Kagami, the redhead maybe didn’t notice this but Kagami was directly praising him and low-key stating that he made Kagami felt comfortable with his presence. This feeling, was so warm that Kuroko couldn’t describe with words. No one can make him felt like this. He felt so special.
Good thing that Kagami is an airhead who didn’t notice his expressionless stare turned out to be much more...affectionate.

“ it just my imagination? I think I just saw a hearty eyes just now.”

Crap. Destiny do hate him sometimes and it’s Midorima who had caught him red-handed staring at Kagami affectionately, out of all people!

He sent Midorima a stern stare but the latter just shrugged it off with a hum.

Good thing that the rest of his Kiseki members were pretty oblivious of the exchange in atmosphere between Kagami-Kuroko-Midorima. Oh, minus Akashi who seemed to lost interest to the world and just letting himself immersed into the music with his Limited Edition Beats by Dr Dre. Perfect for blocking any sorts of disturbance in your life.

“Hey, Kuroko. Are you okay? Its okay if you want to badmouth this kid since she has no mouth filter!”

The girl at the driver’s seat snapped. “Hell no! I am ONE year older than you so which one should be called a kid, you shitty brat?”

“Oh, shuddup you b*itch! If you don’t want to be called a kid then act like a girl at your age! But you didn’t! Instead keep acting like a spoiled brat.”

The girl grumbling before smacking Kagami’s shoulder hard. The two continuously having a word fight until Kuroko decided to open his mouth to stop their immense fighting.

“Kagami-kun, Jimin-san...I think both of you should stop fighting and focus more on the route here since...the Waze app saying we should’ve arrived but why we’re still going on different route?”

“Holy shit! Taiga, this is all your fault that I lose focus on my driving! Damn it.” She cursed again before making a U-turn.

“What the hell? You’re practically living here yet you still forget the way to my house? F*cking amazing, Jimin!”

The girl in the driver’s seat just clicking her tongue in annoyance.

“I rarely go to your house these days, that’s why I can’t really remember...”

Kagami just snorted at the stupid excuse.

“Huh, can’t you just admit that you have a short term memory and are growing senile?”

Hearing those sinister comment coming from Kagami’s mouth, Jimin slapped him again. Hard. This time on his thigh thus received a surprised yelp that made Kuroko jolted because of the high pitch followed by a string of curses.

Kuroko deeply sighed. This is not his Kagami back in Japan. HIS Kagami that he knew rarely curses but God knows how much LA changed him as soon as he set his feet in America.

“Kagami-kun, language.” He reminded the redhead. He smiled when Kagami muttered a sorry before smacking his own mouth.
Which earned a satisfying grin from Jimin.

“Yeah, you’re right Kuroko! We need to teach this guy a lesson for his bad language.”

“Sorry for interrupting but I learnt it from you!”

Kagami stuck out his tongue childishly at Jimin which Kuroko found it hilarious and chuckled lightly.

“Whateva. But, please take note that Chloe is new to the family so you need to mind your language in front of her. Your father hates it so much that he once scolded me when I accidentally used an inappropriate language when I’m talking to him in front of Chloe.”

Kuroko raised his eyebrow. Didn’t Kagami only has his mom and there’s only three of them in the family?

Then, who is Chloe?

It looked like not only him was curious, Kagami seemed not recognizing this Chloe person. He stared at Jimin with a puzzled expression.

“Wait, wait, wait. Just now you mention..Chloe. Who’s this Chloe?”

Kagami received a weird expression from the girl. “Ehh? Doesn’t your dad mention anything about Chloe..Kagami Chloe?”

Kagami stared at the car ceiling as if he was recollecting a certain event before his gaze fell to Jimin. He now stared at be coldly.

“Wait, don’t tell me this Chloe is the woman that make my dad cheating on my mom!”

Jimin’s face change into a frown at that statement. Looked like she was trying to process the situation before chuckled lightly.

“Oh dear, Chloe is not like that. She is the most sweet and amazing person I have ever seen.”

Kagami snorted at that. “ Yeah, she’s sweet, that’s why she made my dad fall for her and cheating on mom!”

The SUV arrived safe and sound at Kagami’s penthouse. Jimin parked the SUV in front of the doorstep and open the car boot so the boys easily took out their luggage.

“Remember. Be nice to Chloe!” Was her last reminder before bid a farewell to Kagami and the other boys.

“Uwaahh!! Kagamicchi, what a big house you got here! It’s architecture is unique you will never see this in Japan. Right, Aominecchi?”

The said tanned guy took a good time to examine the house thus making him hit by an awestruck due to the beautiful landscape surrounding the penthouse and a unique, but simple architecture of the house.

“Hey, Aomine! Close your mouth or a fly gonna slip inside your mouth!” Kagami hit his shoulder.

“Never knew your family are this rich, Taiga.”

“Shit. I know you’re quite rich Kagami but never expected that you are THIS rich!” Aomine shouted in disbelief following Akashi’s cue.

“Yeah..I’m a pretty decent person unlike someone..” he didn’t mention Akashi but the other red head huffed and rolled his eyes.
Suddenly, a heavy tanned arm slump on his shoulder.

“Okay, now tell me how much you can treat me American hamburgers if you lose one-on-one with me? Dare to bet?” As soon as saw the usual shit-eating grin on the latter’s face, he blow a sigh in defeat.

“I’ll treat y’all American hamburgers later but why can’t you let me in first?”

No. He wasn’t going to lose to Aomine in their usual match but he was too lazy to start a bicker with him right now. Moreover in front of his door house.

Suddenly, the door was open from the inside, revealing a figure of a beautiful red haired woman with a nice curve behind it. The woman’s eyes widen in pure shock followed by a slight beam in her eyes before storming right towards them with arms wide open.

“Oh my God! My baby son is baaaacckkk!!!!”
Kagami was holding a breath when his mother nearly choke him with her strong bear hug. If it’s not due to his strong built, he would be tackled down by his mother from the impact.

“Taiga, I miss you sooo much! Do my baby boy miss me?”

She said lovingly while patting her son’s back. Kagami smiled and responded to her by stroking her long, wavy hair and kissed the crown of her head.

“Yeah, mom. Miss you a lot. By the way, mom...”


“Can you not...urh...calling me with that nickname in front of my friends? It’s...a bit embarrassing.” He whispered against his mother’s ear.

Kagami hoped that the bickering will took a little late but nope, he was wrong as his ‘friends’ were too ‘generous’ to let them slide.

From behind, there was “ you’re a momma’s boy eh? Aww..cute.” By none other than Aomine and the “Never thought you’re soft inside” by Murasakibara. The heck?! When did the purple head learn those dirty words??

Relax. Relax Taiga! They will be sleeping at the backyard tonight! He dared it.

His mom peeked from behind his shoulder and squinted her sky-blue eyes to see who’s at the back.

“Please don’t mind the crappy noises mom. These friends of mine have few screw loose in the head.” Unfottunately, he was the one who being slapped on the shoulder by his mom followed by his unsatisfied whining.

“Mom!! What’s that for??”

“Why don’t you message me that you’re bringing your friends along? You should tell me sooner so that I had the time to wear proper clothes and makeups! Oh, gosh! I am all bare-faced yet..

Oh my! All your 6 boyfriends are so handsome I’m so happy! Probably the happiest mom ever!”

Now, now...his mom acted like a spoiled fangirl who was squealing and dancing around them, checking their faces while giving each of the rainbow head a kiss on the cheek as a cherry on top.

“Oi, oi, oi. What’s the commotion? I was taking care of Chloe upstairs.” Came a cold yet firm voice from behind that sliced the warm and bubbly atmosphere just now with his mere voice alone. Kagami turned to face the owner of the stern voice.

“Oh, it’s you old man! Long time no see. You don’t need to frown dad because that obviously made you look older.” He greeted with a mocking tone.

His dad’s face changed from strenuous to shock. A good little silence filled the living room. There was no words exchanged between them as his dad descending the staircase.

“H..hey, don’t you think that Kagamicchi has that strained relationship between son-dad?” Kise nudged Aomine who was beside him.

“Uh, I think it is as it looks like.”

“Ne, Kurochin..Kagachin’s dad is scary. Isn’t he?” This turn, it was Murasakibara who scooted down to whisper by Kuroko’s ear, receiving a ‘not sure’ shrug from the shorter male.

“Ohohohoh! Tai-chan how dare you talk to your dad like that? You barely arrived yet you trash talk to me like that? Aish, this spoiled brat! Can you at least pour me sweet nothings, my baby boy Tai-chan? Ahahahaha”

Well, that turn of event made the Kiseki shocked after being fooled by the dad-son play. Yeah, because who wouldn’t get confused? At first they’re throwing daggers but seconds later they’re like...a fluffy bubbly papa bear who hugged his cub with anger issues lovingly as if there is no tomorrow.

“H..hey, you..shitty old man! gonna..stranggle me to thhiss! Back off I said!”

Kagami finally broke free from his dad’s killer hug while begging oxygen. Good grief, he felt like he was near a death gate while in the bear hug.

“Aww, shouldn’t you be happy that we’re home together? You might missed me a lot while in Japan, that’s why you are back home right?” His dad said with a wide grin.

“Cut that shit off! I am home because I want to kick your perverted ass that badly!”
Now, it was his dad who turned confused.

“Eeh? Why?”

Kagami was pissed off by his dad’s reaction

“Don’t play dumb! You’re cheating on mom while playing with that Chloe girl, you think I am a fool who dunno anything?! Mom might stand with you but I won’t!”

“Taiga, don’t!” His mom pulled back his arm.

“I wanna kick his ass mom and this is for your own justice too! Don’t hold me back, mom.”

“No, I think you misunderstood. All of this is a misunderstanding.” His mom’s soothing voice made him confused. Why did his mom being so forgiven? Aren’t she supposedly getting angry with his dad?


Was she fine with dad playing with another woman?

His dad merely laughed while shaking his head.

“Oh my, Taiga! Gimme a sec I’m gonna bring Chloe downstairs.”

“Wh...what’s happening?”

“Oii..oii.. I’m confused. What’s the situation we are in?”


Few moments later, Kagami’s dad was walking downstairs...

With a cute baby girl around 3- months old cradled on his arm. His dad shoved the baby in front of Kagami’s completely puzzled face while smiling happily.

“Behold your little sister, Kagami Chloe! She is such a cutie pie and just reach 3-months old.”

That left Kagami’s mouth wide agape and he couldn’t find a right word to describe this.

“Hehee...what I was going to tell you on that day is we have a new baby girl. Since I was too rushing for dinners I couldn’t tell you that part!” that was it?

“Chloe, meet your brother Taiga. Say ‘hi’ to each other~”

Kagami was dumfounded. He’s having a baby sister! He’s gonna be a big brother!

“ Chloe? Who I thought...”

“Mhmm, who you thought the girl I am cheating with. The truth is, she’s your sister!! Aren’t you surprised?” his dad nodded proudly.

“Mom is surprised too when I was diagnosed pregnant months ago, you know...since doctor said I can’t get pregnant after my third miscarriage. For some reason, miracle happens and then there is Chloe!”

Slowly, Kagami took Chloe from his dad’s hold and cradle her on his arms. How long since he wanted to have a younger siblings? He always wanted it when he was a kid, but then he befriended Tatsuya and had him as his brother.

He brought the little Kagami closer and kissed her tiny mouth. He inhaled the comforting scent of the baby lotion and nudged the soft skin with his nose.

Ah, so warm. He thought. So, this is a feeling when you have an additional family in your home. It’s so warm.

The scene ended with the Kagami family formed a hug together.

“Ah...I wish I have a warm family like Kagami do.” Akashi spoke out of sudden but in a lowest possible voice. Still, Kagami’s mom heard that sad voice so she pulled all 6 of the teenagers into a group hug.

“Ah, mom is so excited right now! Having Chloe, and having your friends coming over. This is like a thanksgiving so..

Pumpkin pie tonight? Anyone?”


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Chapter Text



From previous chapter...


The Kiseki were shocked with the sudden turn of event in Kagami’s household with the presence of Chloe, who was introduced later as Kagami’s new little sister. The Seirin’s power forward wore a dumbfounded face but then, his face soften as soon as he cradled little Chloe in his arms.


He smiled affectionately as he sang lullaby to the baby. The rest of Kiseki nearly had their eyeballs popping out as they watch this new side of Kagami Taiga which, they had never seen before. The Kagami they knew is fierce on court and only thinks of basketball, aside from his ability to cook which adds some points to his charm but this...this is totally different.


The face that’s almost angelic and the voice that is soothing to the ear.


It might be his imagination but Kuroko somehow could see stars and flowers around his light. His heart was thumping loudly he could even hears it himself, or was it someone else’s?


He glanced at the rest of the Kiseki and he by their reaction. Kise was smiling in awe with eyes sparkled, Aomine froze on the spot, Midorima gulped down his saliva in a suspicious way, Murasakibara suddenly stopped munching his snacks and had his mouth hanging while Akashi...well, Akashi had such a complicated face. He realized Kuroko was eyeing him, thus he faked a cough and send the rest of the Kiseki to reality.


Kuroko can never feel at ease. Bringing all the Kiseki no Sedai was the worst decision ever. The angelic side of Kagami which Kuroko thought he got the privilege to know was now being exposed to others and he did not like the idea a little bit!


Especially to his eccentric bunch of friends.




“Our maid just go back to her hometown last week so we have to prepare meals for ourselves.”


There’re clinks and clangs inside the kitchen in Kagami’s household. Kagami’s mom said that she wanted to bake a pumpkin pie, one of her specialty but they didn’t have a ready-made pie crust so she had to make it from scratch.


“Mom, I think you have to make a double – triple recipe for that because we have someone who has a monstrous stomach for dessert.” Kagami reminded his mom while emphasizing the word ‘monstrous’ and ‘dessert’.


“You know I can hear you, Kaga-chin!”


Kagami chuckled mischievously. “I know. I just warned you, if you touch Chloe no desserts for you!”


Murasakibara whined. “Eh, but I just...”


Midorima interfered, “Murasakibara, baby at 3 months old are delicate! So don’t touch her with your dirty hands unless after you rinse your mouth and wash your hands with sanitizer!”


Muraskibara clicked his tongue but he obeyed with Midorima’s requests. Furthermore, he didn’t want the little girl to get sick because of him. Kise who was eyeing Midorima for a while wore a meaningful smile on his face.



“Haha, nothing. It’s just...I never see this side of you, Midorimacchi. How sweet of you~”

Midorima rolled his eyes with a huff, he adjusted his glasses. “Because I have a family with medical background so I am aware with diseases that can be transferred through skin contact to an infant.”


Chloe whined when the swinging stopped, Kise pushed Midorima aside and take charge swaying the crib while talking sweet nothing to Chloe in a baby voice. The baby cried when Kise playing peek-a-boo with her.


“Eeh, she don’t like it?”


“I think she don’t like you. Make way, Kise” Midorima hushed Kise to scoot a little bit and the baby stopped crying. Midorima smiled, he poked the little cheeks of the baby and make circles on her tiny hands with his finger. Midorima’s heart completely melt when Chloe started playing with his finger.


He flinched when a familiar cough was heard from behind.


“Started to grow fond of her eh, Midorima? If you show this gentle side of yours to everybody in Shuutoku, you will get more friends you know?” Kagami flashed his grin toward the already blushing Midorima.


“Sh...shut up! I don’t know what you’re saying.” Midorima tried hard to hide his blush. He didn’t expect to get caught red-handed by Seirin’s power forward.  


“Thanks to Chloe we get to see everyone’s soft side. Good job Chloe on bringing the humanity back to the Kiseki.” Kuroko appeared from nowhere and already seating beside Chloe’s baby crib, making the green haired shooter jolted in surprise.


“Kurokocchi, since when you have been watching?”

“Since the beginning, I guess.”


Kagami shrugged his shoulder and shook his head at the sight of Midorima bickering with Kuroko and Kise. He walked pass them to pick up Chloe from her crib and cradled her in his strong arms. It’s true, having Chloe here was like a miracle itself. He never had the experience being a brother so this is his first time and he felt the fulfilment.


Speaking of a brother...


“Crap, I forget to tell this news to Tatsuya! He need to know this!” Kagami used his other hand searching for his phone in his pocket.


“Taiga, I know you’re excited being with Chloe but didn’t I told you to go to grocery store?” his mom’s voice perked from the kitchen.


“Wait a sec, mom. I need to get a good selfie with Chloe and tell Tatsuya that I have become a brother!”  


After taking around two or three selfies, he put Chloe back to her crib and send a SNS to Tatsuya, sharing the good news with his sworn brother.


“I wonder how will Murochin reacts to this, Kagachin.” Murasakibara perked from behind him, just finished washing his hands and rinsed his mouth it seemed. Kagami glared at how insensitive Murasakibara was about personal space.


“He will love it! By the way, don’t peek on my phone!”  


“You have a good relationship with Himuro-san from Yosen ain’t you, Kagami?” Akashi, who had been silent since at the airport finally voiced out his thoughts.


Kagami scratched the back of his head, nodded at the statement. “Yeah...had an argument before but, after Winter Cup, we reconciled and the rest is history.”


“I see..”


“Okay, I need to do some grocery shopping. Kuroko, will you help me?”


Upon hearing that, Murasakibara’s head shot up. “I wanna go! Kagachin, let me go with you!”


“No, you’ll wreck havoc. Either Kuroko or Akashi is fine.”


Hearing his name, Akashi shot up from his seat and was ready to put on his jacket. “So, I can go?”


Kagami who was already tying his shoelaces stopped for a brief moment. “Yes...wait. No!”


“Aah, but I’ve never been into a grocery store before. I kinda, want to experience it here.” Akashi wore a dejected face, making it hard for Kagami to reject his approach.


Kagami missed a hint signalled by Kuroko for not letting Akashi joined their grocery shopping so, when he gave his okay to Akashi, he heard Kuroko sighing against his ear and that’s when he knew that he’s already made a mistake.




In the grocery store...


“I thought Kagami-kun’s dad will drive us here. Never imagine myself riding Uber Pool just to go to the grocery store.” Said Kuroko while pushing a trolley that was half full with groceries and other things like snacks, soda drinks and paper towels. Kagami who was eyeing the listings of groceries he need to buy, just humming in response.


“My dad, he’s not the type to wait so I didn’t expect anything.”


“This is my first time riding Uber Pool and doing groceries. It is a fun experience, don’t you think so Kuroko?” added Akashi, who appeared with a huge amount of canned tomatoes which he carrying them all with both hands.


Kagami watched him with unbelievable expression on his face as Akashi put all of them in the trolley. “What are you putting inside my trolley?”


“They’re canned tomatoes, as you can see. Since Kagami said you need it for tomorrow’s breakfast.”


“Yes, but I don’t need that much. Put all of them back and only leaves 4 cans behind.”

Seeing Akashi stared at him with a cold glare, his voice stuck in the throat. “Never mind, I’ll put them back myself...”


“I didn’t say anything.” Akashi replied, bluntly.


But your face said it all – was what Kagami wanted to say but he chose not to and quietly just put all the extra cans into their shelf before proceeding into dairy section to buy some sharp cheddar and mozzarella, or maybe Colby jack since they didn’t have that kind of cheese back in Japan.


“Kagami-kun, I’ve never seen this many kind of cheeses in a grocery store before.”


Kagami glanced at Kuroko and replied heartily. “Well, this is America you know. Since my mom is becoming more like typical American, she loves putting cheese into everything just to make the dishes look extra or fancy. Lucky thing I don’t really like putting stuffs into my dishes unless it’s cheeseburger.”


“Does all Americans love cheese that much?” asked the teal boy. Curiosity written on his face.


“I’m not saying all of them but most of them, yes. They do.” He replied while putting American cheddar and Colby jack cheese into the trolley.


“Oh, is this Gruyere? I only taste it once when I went into a fancy restaurant with my father. Can we have it to make macaroni ‘n’ cheese, Kagami? As I remembered, Gruyere tasted heavenly.” Akashi picked up a pack of Gruyere from God knows where and showed it in front of Kagami and Kuroko.


“Akashi-kun, is it my imagination or you seem rather excited just doing groceries?” Kuroko asked sharply. Only to receive a smug grin from the latter.


“Kuroko, have you ever heard a premonition ‘when in Rome do as Romans do’? If we’re in America, we need to experience and do what they did in daily life.”

“No, you’re clearly do as YOU want. Akashi-kun, you can’t fool me and you knew it better than anyone else.”


Kagami watched silently as they banter to each other. It was such a rare sight since both of them rarely lose their cool or banters like this.


“So Kagami, is it okay for me to put some gruyere in the mac ‘n’ cheese? I’ll pay for this and I can help your mom to prepare it.”


Kagami sighed. This guy really know how to make a deal with people. “Fine, if it’s on you we’ll make what you want. Plus, this is once in a lifetime chance too. Right, Kuroko? You too, tell me what kind of American homemade cuisine you’d like to try?”


Kuroko showed a mix expression between of annoyance and a let-down, it was faint but Kagami could catch a glimpse of it.


“As long as Kagami-kun makes it, I don’t care.” He said as he walked away to avoid Akashi’s gaze. Kagami caught up to him in no time, such a nice things to have long legs. Luckily, Akashi didn’t bother to follow them since he was busying himself to learn all kinds of cheeses on the display there.


Kagami looked at him with worry  showing on his face. “Kuroko, is there something that bothers you?”


Kuroko replied with a shrug. “Nothing at all, Kagami-kun. I’m totally fine, what makes you think so?”


Kagami rubbed the back of his head. He was calculating whether to say it or not. “Uh, I act totally different from the usual you. That’s being said, you’re always keeping your cool and rarely show your expression. And more importantly, I’ve never seen you having petty arguments with Akashi. It’s just...I don’t know.”


“I have my different side too, Kagami-kun. I just, rarely shows it unless it was getting triggered.” Kuroko stared at Kagami, now with a blank expression he always wore.


Kagami tilted his head, “Is allowing Akashi to get the cheese that he wants triggered you?”


Kuroko sighed in defeat. “You spoil him too much, Kagami-kun. That’s what I’m talking about, lets head to the counter. I think we have buy enough.”


Thus Kuroko pushed the trolley, leaving Kagami clueless. “Did I make him mad?”





As soon as they arrive home, the three of them put their groceries on the kitchen counter. Kagami’s mom beamed with amusement as Akashi offered himself to help while Kuroko who was sorting the groceries gave him a side eye.


“It’s my pleasure to help you with the cooking, Mrs. Kagami. I’ve been excited since I come here to experience what LA home cooking is like.”


Kagami’s mom chuckled and smiled sheepishly. “Oh my, don’t be shy and call me ‘mom’ too, son! My son’s friend is my son too!”


“Mom, don’t spoil them!”


“Then... can I call you mama? Since Mrs. Kagami really resembles my late mama. That is...if you don’t mind me.” Akashi said with head hanging low, trying to hide his embarrassment by counting the tiles in the kitchen.


Then, he felt like his weight was being pulled into a warm hug. Akashi’s stomach did a flip-flops but then he regain his senses and let himself drawn into the warmth of a mother that he was longing for.


“It’s okay, dear. You can call me anything.” Kagami’s mom replied sweetly.


Akashi felt a warmth and fondness slowly building up in his heart, then it generated to his whole body. Slowly, his ego and pride started to crumble. Akashi replied the feelings with a small nod and a hearty smile.




From behind, Kuroko and Kagami shared the same unbelievable glances. They knew that Akashi’s mom passed away a long time ago but to think that he yearned for a mother’s touch until now...


“That’s unconvincing, Akashi-kun.” “That’s cute, Akashi.” Kuroko and Kagami said at the same time but both gave different reaction which made Kuroko gaped and stared at him dubiously.


“What are you saying, Kagami-kun?”


“What?” asked Akashi curiously.

And the question resonates.


Thank goodness Kagami’s phone suddenly ringing, it’s a ringtone he set just for Tatsuya and thus, the simple call from Tatsuya saved him from the awkward moment of the day and he quickly fled from the scene.





Akashi realized his mistake. He was showing too much of his vulnerable side to Kagami and his former teammates since they stepped into this land. He felt weak, so weak right now that he didn’t even dare to meet eyes or spare glances with them especially toward Kagami.


Either his Lady Luck was left behind back in Japan or maybe today was just his bad day according to Midorima, Sagittarius is placed last and neither of those idea made him happy.


Oh, but don’t misunderstood. The dinner was fine. Akashi was amazed at how united, how strong the bond that Kagami and his family shared. They can sit in the diner table and eat together like normal happy family do and during their meal preparation, his dad was busy upstairs, maybe dealing something or just reading inside his mini library. But just in time before dinner, his dad was already downstairs, taking care of Chloe’s diaper and changed her clothes to fresh ones.


Unlike his own dad, Kagami’s dad was more friendly and hospitable but also strict when it comes to eating manners and cleanliness...or about his son’s grades. Like typical Asian parents do. Which made Akashi smiled quietly as he watched the sight of the family eating together while exchanging jokes and banters. It was an ideal family Akashi could ever wished for.


But then, he made another mistake because he was staring at Kagami a little too much their eyes eventually met. Like two magnetic fields that repels each other, both of them quickly averted their gaze and continued like nothing happened.


“Akachin~ today you looked strange. Is there something wrong? Are you okay?” Murasakibara who was sitting beside him noticed his unusual behaviour and bothered to ask about it.


Akashi forced a chuckle. “Nah, I’m good. Are you saying that you’re concerned about my well-being right now?”


His flat reply made the purple giant hummed in dissatisfaction while having a time munching his crispy chicken tenders. Looked like Murasakibara ain’t buying his answer.


“I’m asking because Akachin eats so little and unusually slow. Then I noticed you smiled like a love-struck teenagers.”

“That’s because I’m enjoying food. See?”


Akashi gaped as he heard Murasakibara cursed for the first time and it was directed to him! Murasakibara never dared talking trash to him before and now he just said ‘bullshit’ to him? Just about Akashi wanted to teach him lesson, Kagami’s mom already scolded him from the corner of the table.


“Atsushi! No swear words at dining table or no desserts after dinner!” she may looks sweet but her voice was as fierce as Kagami was in court. Never underestimate the Kagami family, fam!


Murasakibara swallowed his food down quietly as he was getting warned. Like a good kid, he apologized with a nod. “Yes, I’m sorry mama.”


Mama(I will address Kagami’s mom with ‘mama’ from now on) huffed and smiled proudly before she continued her attention on Chloe. Akashi gazed at Murasakibara widely.


“Wait, did you just call her mama too?”

“Yeah, that’s what she asked all of us before. When Akachin and Kurochin were out shopping with Kagachin.”


“Oh...” Akashi murmured. His self-esteem dropped one step lower. He thought he was impressive enough that he earned her trust and get to called her ‘mama’. Ended up, he was not the only one.


Akashi forced a laugh. Laughing at his own foolishness maybe, and directed his attention back to his plate instead.


“Oi, Kagami! Don’t hog all the orange chicken to yourself. Give me some!” Aomine stretched his hand out to snatch a bowl of orange chicken ala Panda Express from Kagami’s possession.


“Nope! This is mine, Ahomine. You get yourself another. Geez, all you do is eat, eat, eat and didn’t bother to help me in the kitchen! You have no shame.”


“What did you say? I’ve done the dishes and now give me that!”



Kagami and Aomine continued the bicker until the father snapped and knocked their heads together.






 Tatsuya: So, that’s how you get a bump on your head?

Taiga: Yeah. Dad’s pretty scary. It’s all Ahomine’s fault. If he hadn’t done that n just asked nicely I might consider to share mom’s limited edition orange chicken.

Tatsuya: (◍ ˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)(◍ ˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)

Tatsuya: Aunty’s orange chicken is da best! I can never forget their taste. Btw, I’m surprised n a bit impressed dat u managed to hog all the GoM to LA n what make me shocked is Atsushi since he is da laziest to even travel. Did u bribe them or what?


“What does he think of me?? A trouble magnet?”


Taiga: No! It was Akashi who bribe them wif first class tickets. I’d rather hang my Air Jordan on the plane’s fan than having them to follow me!

Tatsuya: Oic...they can be unexpected sometimes. Gud luck on surviving wif them then. U hv dealt with ur parent’s craziness b4 so I know u can handle them too.


Kagami massaged his sides a few times. “Tatsuya, you never know what it’s like when a bunch of crazy heads sitting in the same room altogether...”

Instead of what he said, he wrote a nice reply.


Taiga: Thx bro. I’ll take ur words as my motivation.

Tatsuya: Ur welcome lil’ bro! (•̀ᴗ•́)و

Tatsuya: Oh, and btw. Can u send me more of little Chloe pics? She’s so cute I can’t resist her charm! I’m so happy dat I feel like wanting to fly there right away n meet my lil’ sis (❁´▽`❁)


Kagami laughed. He’s sure attached to Chloe already.


Taiga: Sure. Chloe is sleeping rn. I’ll spam u wif all Chloe’s pic tmrw so be prepared!

Tatsuya: Bring it onnn...


Kagami smirked and wrote a last reply to Tatsuya before he bid his goodbye. The nights still long, so Kagami thought he wanted to get some air outside and he walked to the backyard. He could feel the sea breeze of Santa Monica even from here though, not as freshest air as you can get back at a beach in Japan where Seirin held their summer training.


“Akashi? What are you doing here?” Kagami was presented by a sight of a certain redhead with his PJ in his backyard. Akashi was sitting on a hammock while his head facing up, staring at the stars. Maybe, reminiscing his past?


Akashi turned his head slowly. “Uh, so it’s Kagami. My apologize, I might interrupt your night viewing here.”


“No, wait! You can stay. I promise I’m not gonna laugh or anything. Stay with me!”


So he said.

Thus, it’s been 15 minutes but both of them just sitting there, opposites each other and just said nothing. There’s an awkward silence since none of them bothered to break the ice. 


Kagami stopped playing with the grass when Akashi let out a breathy sigh. “As I thought, it was a bad idea for me to stay here. I’ll go inside first, goodnight Kagami.”


“Hold on! I have something to ask.”

Kagami didn’t know what kind of animal spirit that possessed him this night, he managed to stop Akashi from running away twice. This time, he pulled Akashi’s sleeve and consequently received a stern glare from the shorter male.


“What? Make it quick or else...”


“It’s about you! You’re not acting like the Akashi I know. You and Kuroko too. Is there something wrong?” Kagami blurted out what was on his mind. It was bothering him seeing Akashi and Kuroko both are not being their usual self.


As he received no snarl attack from Akashi, he continued. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to make you exposed, it’s because I’m worried you know? Both of you are my friends.” Although we have the least chemistry but I can’t ignore a defeated-looking Akashi – the last sentences he just keep it playing inside his head, he didn’t dare to ask it out loud.


Akashi looked like he was about to protest but then he had this complicated face before he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. “You’re the second person to ask me what’s wrong for today.”


Kagami lifted his eyebrow. “Oh, wow! Really? I’m honoured.”

The outcome was pretty unexpected on Kagami’s side. Both of them finding themselves settled in a gazebo at the backyard. Just how big Kagami’s backyard is?


“I...hate it.” Was the first sentence Akashi said once he was ready to open up.



Akashi hugged both his legs and didn’t bother to meet Kagami’s gaze. “Being vulnerable. It hurts my pride, when everyone expects me as the strongest and respectable among the bunch.”


Kagami opened his mouth to deny the ridiculous facts when he was just about to do so, Akashi added. “I know what you’re thinking, Kagami. Thanks to you that I have experienced loss before but this time, it’s not about basketball.”


He paused then continued. “It’s about me. Family feeling, is my weakness. When I see your interaction with your parents, there’s something warm and fuzzy feeling inside my body. Then, I saw how happy and contented you look when you hold Chloe in your arms. I felt jealous.


Furthermore, I thought of impressing your mom to be deserved to call her mama so I did the most embarrassing request but then, I realized I didn’t need to since they already get to call her mama without being impressive.”


He chuckled to himself and released his hold on the knees. He sit back in a relaxed position. “How foolish I am. Showing my weaknesses. Heh, you can laugh if you want too Kagami.”


Kagami replied with a relief sigh and started rubbing the back of his head which made Akashi arched his eyebrows. “Ahh, I thought it was something big instead it was just you feeling insecure about your senseless pride and cool image? Come on, there’s nothing wrong with showing your true emotions. It means, you’re being realistic not a plastic...I mean, why am I imitating Izuki senpai by making puns right now? Forget it!”


Akashi stared at him blankly. “So you're comparing me with a plastic?”


Kagami waved his hand swiftly. “No, no, no. That’s not what I want to talk about, what I am saying is...that’s not a weakness, Akashi. It’s’re just envious that you couldn’t get the warm family like you wished for and you’re just have it again.

To experience how real family reacts. You just want to make up the past...and experienced how it feels like once again. I know, you grew up with a strict parent that’s why, you longed to have family affection. Am I wrong?”


Kagami flashed his gentle smile that he rarely shows around the Kiseki, a smile that sent warm feeling inside Akashi. Akashi’s heart once again did a flip-flop but this time it’s different. It’s just with the two of them in the backyard, nobody else could see nor hear them.


‘Why my heart ain’t calming down?? What’s wrong with me?’


“What’s wrong, Akashi? You suddenly turned I switched on the wrong button? OMG, I’m so sorry! I don’t intend to...”


‘No, it’s not your fault Kagami! It’s my heart that has something wrong in it.’ Akashi tried to calm himself. He felt blood rushing into his face, luckily it’s night and the light source at the backyard weren’t bright enough to revealed his blush.


He cleared his throat and tried to make his voice sounded as natural as they can be. “No, you’re horribly right. You got me again, Kagami. Thanks to you now I feel much better. I’m indebted to you, once again.”


Kagami grinned proudly. “Keh, there’s nothing to feel indebted for. Now, we’re draw.” Kagami showed his fist.


“What’s that for?”


“It’s a gesture for a fist bump, duh. It’s a draw because earlier you just bring all the miracles without asking me beforehand and give me headache but now...

You’re showing me your true emotions. Proving me that every human, whoever they are, have their own soft side. Come on, let’s bump our fist together!”


Akashi blinked his eyes once, then twice before finally gave in to Kagami’s request. That night, Kagami and Akashi had their first fist bump together at the backyard under the night sky of Santa Monica, LA.


“Just a fair notice that I might change your mom’s preferences on being her most favorable and exemplar son in the house.” Akashi teased.


“No way in hell! Ahahaha.”


For some reason, Akashi felt the weight on his shoulder going lighter. They continued their heart to heart talk until it’s late at night and both of them didn’t manage to get to their bed as they drifted to dreamland downstairs with Akashi’s head lying on top of Kagami.






Chapter Text

That morning, Kagami earned an earful of nags from his mom for sleeping downstairs and made Akashi do the same thing.

“He’s our guest, Taiga. How can you make him sleep downstairs? Is our guestroom a joke to you?”

Kagami merely nod or shake his head whenever his mom hit right on point. Meanwhile, his mind was still processing on the scene that took place at the backyard last night. The sight of Akashi exposing his hidden self and emotion, it was too much to call it real.

And when he woke up with Akashi lying his head on his chest as if it was a pillow, Kagami couldn’t help but thinking how cute Akashi was. Well, no homo but Akashi showing his moe side only to Kagami made his heart flutter a bit.

Then, he saw Akashi at the garden in their backyard was cradling Chloe in his arms and showing the little girl the gentlest smile he had ever seen. A strange feeling sneaking up his heart.

“Taiga, you pay attention?”

He was snapped back to reality as his mom snapped her fingers right in front of his face. He stuttered when mama was eyeing him suspiciously. “Um, yeah...I am, hearing.”

“Good, then enough reflecting session we’re going to prepare breakfast. I already asked your friend, Shin to brew coffee whilst we’re talking...”

Kagami’s eyes widen in pure horror. “WHAT??? That kitchen disaster isn’t going to brew the coffee, he’s gonna blew up the entire kitchen!!!”

As if on cue, a burnt scent and smoke coming up from the kitchen following a loud gasps from a certain green head he knew. Both Kagamis hurried to the kitchen only to discover Midorima, covered with bits of ground coffee and beside him laid their coffee machine...their poor, now smoky coffee machine. The kitchen was now smoke-filled with a mix smell of burned coffee in a burnt coffee machine.

Both Kagami watched their kitchen with terror. His earlier premonition turns out right. Midorima literally blew up their kitchen in mere seconds.

Midorima turned to Kagami with a – more or less – guilty face. “Look, is my bad day. Oha Asa said Cancer is placed last with terrible luck and...I don’t know how to use coffee machine...actually.”

Kagami snapped. “All you did was blaming on your horoscope, can’t you f*cking apologize?!” Oh, he’s so going to kill Midorima! No matter how terrible someone at cooking, it’s impossible to blew up a coffee machine yet this ‘prodigy’ was capable to do so. Totally amazing! Indeed a prodigy.

Midorima spoke slowly. “I’m...sorry.”

Kagami watched as her mom gaped in utter shock, still unable to brain the situation but he knew, his mom was on the verge of crying right now. Kagami glared at Midorima, the green haired bastard flinched upon their eye contact.

“From now on, you...” he pointed at Midorima, “...stay away from the kitchen!”


For breakfast, they have pizza toast with tomato sauce and mac ‘n cheese made with triple kind of cheeses including gruyere as per Akashi’s request. Luckily they made it on time with the help of Murasakibara, Akashi and Kuroko. At least Murasakibara knew how to brew tea without burning everything unlike someone...

“I’m deeply sorry, mama. I really want to help but turns out, I made a mess out of it. Forgive me, mama.” From the kitchen, Kagami could see a silhouette of the green head prostrated himself in front of his mom. Mama stared at him unbelievably, she breathed in and let it out in a single, relieved sigh. She squatted and brushed Midorima’s shoulder gently. The three-point shooter slowly raised up his face to meet Mama’s gaze.

With a warm, motherly smile she said at Midorima, “It’s okay Shin, things can happen sometimes. As long as you’re not injured, it’s okay. It’s my mistake for suddenly asked you to do chores that you’re not familiar to.”

Midorima shook his head. “No, it’s my fault because I didn’t tell you what I’m not capable of.”

“Seriously, Midorimacchi really is a fool. How can you burn the coffee inside a coffee machine? Nobody even an idiot can’t do that!” Kise who just took his bath upstairs joined the conversation. Midorima side eyeing him.

“I heard about the commotion from upstairs. Good thing that was what making me awake. Finally, there’s something that you suck at yea, Midorima.” Aomine smirked, while walking downstairs.

“Shut up, as if you two are any better!” Midorima scoffed, pursing his lips in their direction.

“At least I know my role to stay away from the kitchen.” Aomine fired him back with his usual lazy voice.

Midorima clicked his tongue. The fact that they just lump him together with them irked him so much. He hated losing to these bunch of idiots. Moreover it’s in front of Kagami’s mom!

“Guys, sorry to break it but breakfast’s ready!”

“Right up! I’m so hungry.” As per cue, Aomine straight away went to the kitchen followed by Kise and mama. The blonde didn’t miss his chit chats with the mother while they were at it and asked her what’s her tips on looking young despite having two kids.

Meanwhile, Midorima quietly followed later but stopped at Kagami who was judging him with his eyes. Midorima mumbled few words that wasn’t even audible to Kagami. Kagami arched his double eyebrows and brought his ear close to Midorima, gesturing him to speak louder. “I can’t hear you, speak louder will ya?”

Midorima closed his eyes, his face tighten as he was trying to find the best choice of sentences to ask Kagami a favour. Gritting his teeth, he exhaled and open his mouth. “I...need your help, to get me my lucky item for today.”

“Really? Even we’re thousand miles away from Japan you still bragging about lucky items?”

“I need it to get rid of my bad omen, Kagami! A burning coffee machine, spilling ground coffee bits all over my’s all bad omen nanodayo!”

Kagami rolled his eyes as Midorima said that the disaster was caused by his omen and somehow connected to his horoscope ranked last for today though it was his own carelessness from the beginning. As if Midorima wanted to admit his own carelessness.

“Midorima, please stop blaming on omen or your horoscope. They got nothing to do with it. It’s just...yeah, you’re suck. That’s it.” But then, Kagami flinched when two pairs of hand grabbing his shoulders with a tight grip. Midorima stared right into his eyes in a serious way which made Kagami felt like as if they’re in a basketball court.

“I.Need.It. Or else...who knows it will affect everyone in this house.”

“Or else we just need to throw you outside and let you sleep in Downtown.” Said Kagami bluntly. He didn’t intend to be sarcasm but Midorima must knew the limit of his obsession.

Watching as Midorima still being persistent about getting his lucky item, Kagami let out a frustrating groan. Huffing, Kagami swatted his hands. “Fine, fine... Let’s hear it out. Geez, can’t you at least say please?”

Midorima cracked a smile but it only lasts mere seconds because he immediately hid his smiles by acting as if he was just adjusting his glasses.

“Saying please at you, only make my pride hurt..”

“Saying ‘please’ that'll only hurt your pride or you’ll get no lucky item for the rest of the day? Choose.” Kagami provoked the stubborn and egocentric green head with a challenging smirk.

Midorima choked back his words. He had no advantages here, life’s really suck. Reluctantly, he turned his face to Kagami and with a tomato-red blush he said ‘Please-dayo’ in an awkward manner only to have Kagami laughing right on his face.

According to Midorima, his lucky item today is a Ferris wheel’s ticket so here they were, at Santa Monica Pier where the Pacific wheel, the first solar powered-Ferris wheel in the world was. But they were not, definitely not on a date because the other rainbow heads were also there to keep them company. Though, most of them went their own ways.

Murasakibara already long gone for food hunting and he dragged Kuroko along so he didn’t get lost. Kise acted as Aomine’s guardian so that the Touo’s ace didn’t let loose at the beach as there resides groups of pretty college girls, bathing in the sun with their bikini tops to get that nice summer tan.

“Kise, don’t forget to bring ice pack! Just in case that Ahomine nosebleed too much.” Kagami tossed an ice pack toward Kise who was wearing a simple white tee with yellow shorts. Kise caught the ice pack easily and replied to Kagami with a nod followed by another wink.

Meanwhile, Akashi spotted a group of people playing chess at International Chess Park not far from the pier. He asked Midorima to tag along but Midorima refused politely but he promised he will stop by later once he get the Ferris wheel ticket in his hands. Kagami raised an eyebrow at Midorima’s statement.

“Are you saying that we’re just going to buy tickets then go without riding it? What a waste.” he asked as soon as Akashi walked to the other side. Midorima adjusted his glasses then nodded.

“Well, if you want to ride with me I think I don’t mind it. Besides, oha-asa said if I want to get rid of ill omen, I need someone who’s Leo to be by my side for the whole day”

Kagami choked on his own saliva. Be by his side? That was way too cliché! Midorima really didn’t know how to ask for a favour nicely but he can said a cheesy lines casually. Giggling lightly, he replied to Midorima awkwardness with a tease.

“So, I ranked first today yeah? That means, if having me around brings you luck...why not asking me nicely?”

“I am being nice!” Midorima objected. Kagami pursed his lips and swayed his finger left and right motion as a no-no gesture.

“No, you’re not. C’mon, I’m your lucky person today so if you want to share my luck you need to ask nicely as if you’re asking a girl for a date.”

Midorima’s face shot up, eyes widen as he stared at Kagami curiously. Then, he smirked. “So, you want to call this a date? I’m fine though my preferences are not some muscle-brained idiot like you.”

Despite being offended, Kagami realised he had make a stupid mistake. Dammit, he really need to think twice before he talk and now the situation backfired. Where’s his luck? He needed to use his luck right now! Before he could made up another excuse to counter, Midorima made another cringey teasing. He draped his arms around Kagami’s shoulder and began make their way to the ticketing counter.

Kagami cringed at Midorima’s attempt for doing couple-y act and swatted away his hands.

“Oh, come on! Don’t make a fuss over my friendly gesture. Didn’t you said that you want this to be a date so I’m just being nice.”

“I...I didn’t said that I want a date! And no, I don’t want an over-friendly green head to be my company! Take. Off. Your. Hand!” Kagami flustered over his speech.

Achieving his self-proclaim victory, Midorima huffed and walked away with a victorious smirk. Leaving Kagami behind dealing with his confusing situation.

Kagami calmed himself. “Phew, that was close. I was just joking, why did he take the joke seriously? Midorima is scary... Relax, Taiga. This is not a date.”

He tapped his chest but then, he flinched when Midorima called his name. His given name. Though it might be in a teasing manner to make him cringe, Kagami once again failed at an attempt to calm down as his heart thumping crazily.

“This. Is. Not. A . F*cking. Date. Period!”

Everything’s wrong with a nice Midorima.

Midorima tried to focus on the view of LA from up above. Actually, he didn’t plan to ride a Ferris wheel at all not to mention alone with the muscle-brained idiot in a cramped place like this. Once the safety door of the passenger car was closed, they didn’t bother to exchange words as Midorima busied himself appreciating the nice scenery outside.

From up above, Midorima could see the full view of the Pacific Park. He was astonished as soon as the view of vast Pacific ocean came to sight. As a normal tourist, he took out his phone and capture the beautiful scenery. As they’re at the peak, he could see the infamous Hollywood sign from afar. He didn’t waste any time to took the picture.

Out of curiosity, he finally decided to start the conversation. “Hey, Kagami. How far do we need to get to the Hollywood sign?”

Kagami was in a daze before Midorima asked him a question. “Uh, huh? What?”

Midorima rolled his eyes. “How far is the Hollywood sign from here and how can we get there.” He repeated.

“Oh. It’s near Beverly Hills neighbourhood. It’s quite far and a bit...of a hassle to get there because y’know, LA traffic is no joke. But if you want to, we can go hike there some time.”

Midorima replied with a nod. “We can bring Murasakibara together since he loves hiking. The other doesn’t seem to have interest in hiking.”

“Oh, he does? I think all he did is lazing around and eating snacks. Pretty unexpected, huh?”

Midorima nodded at that. Murasakibara is unexpected in many ways. Just as his ability to enter Zone during his match with Kagami’s team.

“So, is it closer to Hollywood Boulevard?”
“It is. What? You wanna go there? If you’re lucky you can meet celebs too!”

Midorima scoffed. It’s not like him to be interested in Western’s celebrity but if he got the chance, well, he’ll grasp it. As always, he replied with denying the facts. “It’s not like I want to meet celebs. I’m just interested to know what it’s like.”

Kagami crossed his arms and leaned his head to the cabin’s wall. “Lame. Takao is right, you’re not honest with your feeling and a tsundere.”

Feeling offended, he raised his eyebrows. “Am I?”
“You are.” Kagami replied casually.

Midorima wanted to say in reply but before he could, Kagami grabbed his shoulder and pushed him slightly aside. Midorima just about to retort at the redhead’s sudden action only to just let it hanging inside his head when he saw the redhead, palms attached to the windscreen and was looking at something that piqued his interest from the outside.

Midorima followed his gaze, then he saw a trapeze show was ongoing at the carnival held below. When he turned to Kagami, the redhead was mesmerized by the show and...did his eyes just saw sparkles on the idiot’s face? Midorima wiped his eyes and put on the glasses back. The sparkles gone and yup, totally his imagination!

“Woah, did you see that Midorima? That’s so cool! I’ve never seen it before. How did they do that?” Kagami said amusedly and pointed his finger at the shows direction. Midorima lifted his eyebrows, never seen the redhead looking this excited at something beside basketball. Midorima smiled inside.

“I don’t know. It was supposed to be you who knew everything about main attractions in Santa Monica Pier.”
Blushed, Kagami retorted. “It’’s not like I have much friends to go with here! Well, Jimin once brought me here but it was a long time ago. But then...I barely go here because I was too occupied with basketball.

“Indeed a Bakagami.”
“What did you say?!”

“Well, forget that. If you want to watch the trapeze show, just go and watch it. I’ll tag along with you, I guess.” Midorima replied without looking at Kagami’s face.

Then, here it comes. Kagami’s signature but rare angelic smile that flashed like a ray of sunshine. “Thanks Midorima!”

Ugh, nearly hit Midorima in the eyes.
Well, he really got no choice but to go along with Kagami since his luck depended on him. Midorima reminded himself.

Midorima bought four hotdogs and an extra large pack curly fries before entering the show. One hotdog for him and another three for Kagami since the redhead has bottomless stomach. Though the food he bought would not satisfied his large stomach at least, they can hold down his hunger for a short time. They found themselves a nice seating and began to dig in while enjoying the show.

“It says the trapeze show is performed by practitioners in the trapeze class and once in a while, Santa Monica trapeze class will collaborate with circus acts from various state or country and made a joint performance. Pretty cool, right?” Kagami stated as he read the brochure given at the entrance. Midorima simply hummed and nodded at the info. The redhead already downed two hotdogs while Midorima just finished half which was not to his surprise.

As the trapeze show ended, the ringleader welcomed their magicians to the stage and the audience were already heated up as magic show was their most awaiting moment. Well, except for these two basketball prodigy who had no clue as why the crowds suddenly hyped up.

“Midorima, pass me the curly fries.”

Kagami pulled out one longest fries from the bunch, with his head tilted back, he munched the fry bit by bit.

“For starters, we need to find two volunteers among you, lovely audiences...”

As Kagami pulled out another fries, there came the sea breeze blowing lightly and Kagami caught something in his eyes. He groaned.

“Let’s see which one should I pick~”

Midorima was distracted from the show as Kagami tapped his arm repeatedly. Arching his brow in annoyance, he mumbled. “What?” and then he saw Kagami pointed at his right eye while fanning at it in agony.

“My bad, caught something in my eye. Maybe the fries seasoning powder that was blown away by the wind. Hurry up, it’s hurts!”

Shaking his head, Midorima complied to his request. “Fine, come closer.”
Cupping his face, Midorima inched closer to the affected region and slowly blew the impurities away from Kagami’s eye.

“Any better?” Midorima asked, still didn’t budge from his position.

Kagami blinked his eyes few times. “Yeah, I think it’s fi....”

“Yo, the gay couple over there! The green and redhead one, yes you! Come to the stage! C’mere!”

Both Midorima and Kagami were perplexed when suddenly the magician appointed them as the gay couple. The crowds were all clapping hands and looking to their direction with amusement. Both of them staring at each other with a shocked face.

For a moment, they froze but then certain group from the crowds were cheering and pushed them to the stage.

“I see, young men these days are really brave to show their love and affection to each other. Let us give them another round of applause!”

Midorima went headache with just the cheers and whistles from the crowds. He rubbed his temple. “No, wait. You misunderstood, we’re not a couple!”

The magician just laughed and waved his hands. “It’s okay, don’t be shy. I have met few gay couples before.”

Both Midorima and Kagami groaned inside. How people can judge easily based on superficial evidence alone? Midorima shook his head upon having an image of the muscle-brained idiot as his lover.

He turned his gaze to the redhead beside him only to see Kagami was blushing head to toe and already covering half of his face with his own palm.

“Okay, let’s start with the wild looking but shy one. C’mon boy don’t hide your face because you gonna crush the rose petals with your hands.”

Kagami inched his face as the scent of rose petals reached his nasal cavity. Since when the magician put a handful of rose petals in his hand?

“Look, if you clasp your hand together...” the magician instructed him to place his palm on top of each other. “...and, tadah! A single red rose appear!”

The audience gave a round of applause. But the trick didn’t ended here.

“A single red rose is a symbol of love. So, give it to your boyfriend and show him how much you love him!”

Reluctantly, Kagami gave the red rose to Midorima who already had his second-hand embarrassment. Just going along with the atmosphere, Kagami added, “Since I don’t like you that much, only a single rose is enough to display my adoration toward you.”

Midorima twitched his nose but decided to go along with Kagami. “I don’t think a single rose is enough. Is your feelings toward me that shallow?”

Kagami clicked his tongue and told the magician that Midorima needed more flowers. The magician nodded and pulled out a white handkerchief.

“It’s so sad that his love for you only worth’s a single rose but worry not, I have an idea! Let’s show your lover that you hold a biggest love for him. Repeat after me, Wingardium laviosa!”

Wait, was that a spell in Harry Potter series? What was the function of the spell again?

Wingardium laviosa.” Midorima repeated the spell half heartedly because it was too ridiculous.

And boom! From a single rose appeared a bouquet of red rose which blown Midorima’s logic thinking away. He heard another cheers from the crowds.

“Wow, that was awesome!” Midorima exclaimed. The magician smiled proudly before he bowed his head and instructed them to go back to their seat then proceeding to his solo tricks. Midorima gave Kagami another judging eyes and then without looking at him, Midorima shoved the bouquet right on his face.

Kagami scowled. “What was that for??”

“I don’t really like flowers. You keep it. Because according to oha-asa, Leo’s lucky item for today is a bouquet of flower. Doesn’t matter any flower but I think, rose will do. Just...take that as a token for letting us stay here!”

Midorima slurred as he speak but he was trying his best to hide his embarrassment. Kagami murmured a thanks and his attention was back to the magic show which to Midorima’s liking because...

He can’t handle any more of these awkwardness. This feeling, this atmosphere, this situation...were all new to Midorima. As if they were on a date.

Midorima shook his head hard at the stupid idea and laughed to himself. There’s no way they’re suited for each other as a couple right? Midorima chose to ignore the question in his head and just quietly enjoyed the performance.


Chapter Text


All eyes around the table stared at Akashi with awe as the redhead teen easily cornered his opponent until they’ve got no move left. His opponent blinked at the black and white tiles as he couldn’t grasp the situation by himself at how fast he lose to a mere teen. Akashi smiled proudly when the crowd that watching his chess play gave him a round of applause while some praised him for his cool moves.


“There you are, Akashi-kun! As expected.” As soon as he was done playing, he was greeted by Kuroko and was not surprised that he can spot the phantom player right away since he was accompanied by a purple silhouette that stands out among the crowd of people at International Chess park. 

Akashi smiled back at both of them and accepted accordingly when Atsushi offered him his share of snacks.


“Akachin never loses in chess either, huh?”

Akashi chuckled. “I’m flattered but it was not an easy play either. Many of them were good and they did their best tho.”


Atsushi stared at him in a weird way.


“Is there something wrong on my face, Atsushi?”


Atsushi shook his head. “Nah, I wonder why Akachin is behaving quite strange lately. You’re quite cheerful today, kind of like…what was that again? Like… you’re emitting an aura of someone who is drown into sweets..”


Atsushi made a hand gesture in mid-air as he had troubles finding the correct terms to it. Akashi and Kuroko changed glances before Akashi turned his attention to Atsushi who was tapping his chin with eyes frowned.

“It’s as if, the feeling you get when you indulge yourself into things you love? Ugh…this is so hard! I can only think of maiubo, potato chips and desserts, but, you get it right Akachin?”


Akashi made a confused face for few seconds when suddenly his mind rewinding the memory of last night…and how warm he felt when his head was pressed against Kagami’s chest as they drifted into Slumber-land. He couldn’t quite remember how long they were sleeping in such close proximity until Kagami’s mom caught them sleeping together downstairs and then, instead of greeting the other redhead, he hurried to the bathroom with face blushed from embarrassment.  


Akashi’s face redden as he recalled the scene and he missed Kuroko giving him an annoyed gaze.

‘Just because you have a little more luck to be able to sleep together with Kagami-kun while I was stuck together with the other troublemakers…’ Kuroko muttered to himself without sparing a glance at Akashi who turned bright red when Atsushi probed at him. Kuroko busied himself while looking around, searching for a certain tall redhead who he already crushing on. It seemed like Kagami was not with Akashi as he presumed but still, he was not relieved at all since there is a chance that Kagami went off somewhere with other members.


“By any chance Akashi-kun, do you know where Kagami-kun is?”


Akashi’s expression changed quickly from a love-struck teenager to his usual face he wore and replying to Kuroko’s question with a shrug. “I think he was helping Midorima to get his lucky item. But, Midorima promised to play chess with me once he get the lucky item though in the end he never come. I wonder…”


Kuroko became restless, he had a bad feeling about this. Akashi studied his expression and opened his mouth. “Are you…”


“Yo, Akashicchi you’re here! As I thought.” A familiar voice came to their direction.

“Kise/Kise-kun?” said Akashi and Kuroko respectively. The blonde smiled sheepishly towards them while dragging a sulky Aomine along. Kise made a surprised face when he noticed Kuroko and Murasakibara was also there with Akashi.


“Eh, did Kurokocchi and Murasakibaracchi came here to play chess with you?”


“No, they just happened to find me here. Same goes to you, Kise. How do you know that I was here? Did Midorima told you?” Akashi asked while motioned to his friends to the nearest shade to take shelter from the burning sunlight.


“No, I just had this gut feeling that you’ll be here since you love playing chess Akashicchi.”

Akashi chuckled at the reply, making Kise lifted one eyebrow. “Why did you laugh, Akashicchi?”


Akashi shook his head. “Nothing, it’s just…we all knew each other so much that we sometimes don’t need to tell the details.”


“Right? I thought the same too, we knew each other so much Kurokocchi!” the blonde threw himself to the poor teal haired teen and nearly crushed him with his suffocating hug. All of them settled under the small shade there.


“Speaking of Midorima, where is he? Did he run off with that Bakagami?”

“Uh yea, where are they?” Kise asked Akashi and Kuroko. Both teen shrugged. Even they had no idea where the two run off –


“Sorry, we’re late…”

“Oh, Midochin we’re just talking about y….”


Speak of the Devil, Midorima appeared before them but that was not the problem. The real scene-stealer was why the hell Kagami tailing him from behind with a BOUQUET of red roses? On top of that, Midorima’s face alone was enough to explain the situation between them. All eyes were fixated on the new ‘couple’ even Kagami was aware enough of their gaze and he’ll just prepare for their comeback…


“Ooh, what is this Midorima? Finally having thought of making that Bakagami to be your lover?”

“Midorimacchi you’re so soft! How romantic of you, buying a bouquet of rose for your date~”

“Is that edible flowers?” Atsushi’s different remarks made everyone turned at him with weird expressions.


“No, it’s not. Its real flower dude, where did you get that idea?”

“So Kagachin get real flowers for your date, eh? Congratulations both of you.” Atsushi clapped his hands twice.


“No! We’re not dating!” both Midorima and Kagami spoke at the same time, cutting the water before anyone can make wrong assumptions. Meanwhile, Kuroko and Akashi just kept silent and glared at Midorima with killing intent.


"FYI, I was just helping Midorima to get his lucky item and somehow…we got stuck there and…the rest is history.” Kagami said but the GOM weren’t buying his lame excuses as it was obvious that Kagami was hiding his blush behind the bouquet.


“Yeah, yeah, surely that’s how first date works Kagamicchi.”

“Oho, now we got our teasing material for the whole season. This is once in a lifetime chance! We’re gonna tease you reaaal~ good, y’know?”

“You bet, Mine-chin. I’ll mail Murochin so he know about his brother dating news too.”


Kagami panicked when Atsushi pulled out his phone thus, he lunged at the purple head and do whatever it takes to interfere him. Meanwhile, Midorima noticed a death glare and intense aura directed toward him from none other than Akashi and Kuroko. Midorima raised an eyebrow, what did he do wrong to deserve such treatment from those two and why the heck they get so angry for? Finally, the emperor opened his mouth after being silence all the time.


“Midorima, I demand an explanation. Is that the reason why you break your promise to join me at the chess park earlier?”


Oh, so Akashi was only feeling upset because of that? Was what Midorima thought.


“Actually, it’s true that Kagami helps me to find my lucky item and I’m just returning the favour as I was considerate enough to buy the flowers because it’s his lucky item! There’s nothing wrong with returning someone’s favour, right?” Midorima denied with all his might.


He was all calm and composed until the phantom player appeared before him with a cold voice, he stated, “You know it’s all bullshit, Midorima-kun and we aren’t buying that excuses.” Okay, that one made Midorima goose-bumps because first of all, Kuroko almost NEVER swears in front of him.


“Yeah, because it must be your intention to give Kagami flowers all along. As far as stating it’s just a lucky item, what a cheap excuse to hide your real intention Midorima and you ain’t fooling me.” Akashi added with a sharp remarks.


“Same goes to you, Akashi-kun! Incidence from this morning, don’t think that I’ll let it slide.”



“Stop it you two, do you really think I am like that?” Seriously, Midorima even wondered why Akashi and Kuroko were really pissed. Both of them started to act weird since yesterday.


“Because Midorimacchi is a tsundere and we all know that. C’mon, don’t be shy and just admit…” Kise said while poking Midorima’s side just to annoy the glasses guy.


Midorima rubbed his temple, his headache from dealing with the situation at the circus wasn’t even subdued yet the teasing from his group of friend starting to get heated up which make his headache worsen. He took a deep breath and explained the real situation. He even ask Kagami to show them the pictures taken from the magic show. Kagami pulled out two pieces of Polaroid picture they bought by the circus’s entrance.


“We got the flowers as a token for helping out the magician and nothing else! They even took a commemorative picture of us, satisfied?”


“Okay, reasons accepted!” Kise chirped.

“That was fast!”

“So, where should we head to next, Kagachin? I’m hungry…” said Atsushi while rubbing his stomach.

“Didn’t you just finished off a whole bag of chips?” Aomine stared at him unbelievably. Atsushi pouted.

“They’re just snacks, now it’s time for lunch.”


Kagami glanced at his watch. “Murasakibara’s right. It’s already half past noon, let’s head home first and then we’ll think where to go sightseeing next after we’ve done eating lunch. I’m pretty sure my mom was preparing lunch for all of us.”


“Eh? We aren’t eating out? There’re so many food stalls here.” Kise whined.

“Nah, we’re still students so eating at home is much more convenience. Saves money instead of eating out.” Aomine nodded. 


“Says the person who spend half his pocket money to buy porn mags…” Kagami dissed him back.

“Oh, shut up! That’s what we call a hobby.”


While the idiot trio continued their bickers, Midorima, Kuroko and Akashi were inside another world where they communicate through eye contact and read each other’s expression.


“Just so you know, Midorima…I’m still not gonna let it slide the fact that you take advantage of Kagami’s kindness and airhead-ness for your own selfishness.” Akashi stated, with his arm crossed.


“What’s wrong with you, Akashi? Are you sulking because I didn’t come to watch you playing chess?”

“That’s not the issue!”

“Pardon?” Midorima frowned. If that’s not the issue then what’s his problem?


“Midorima-kun is going too far as to ditch us and went ahead with Kagami-kun instead. You and Akashi-kun too, so sly.”


Midorima’s gaze went from Kuroko to Akashi and then back to Kuroko. Akashi raised one eyebrow. “Really, Kuroko? On what basis you’re saying me as a sly person?”


“If you’re saying sleeping with Kagami-kun and using the other’s chest as your pillow merely by accident, I’m gonna assume it as a ‘yes’.”


Midorima’s eyes widen like a fish. He heard from Mama that Akashi and Kagami were sleeping downstairs BUT he didn’t know that they were actually sleeping together in…in that position. Midorima turned his glance to Akashi who seems unperturbed with Kuroko exposing him right in front of his nose.


The redhead emperor then calmly reply, “I don’t care what you’re thinking about me but the reason behind that was because I asked Kagami to consult me for…certain things. We just talked and when we realised, it’s already past midnight and then…yeah, we’re just too tired to care about little things…”


Did they misheard? The airheaded Kagami? Consulting the Great Akashi Seijuuro? Did Akashi hit his head or something?


“Yeah, what a truthful story. Now I can’t believe you more, Akashi-kun.”


“Say what you want but that was what actually happened. Unlike certain someone who secretly baiting Kagami for a date but keep making horoscope as excuses.” Akashi said, giving a side-eye to Midorima who seemed too tired with this heated arguments.


“Owh, come on…can’t we not…”


“Hmm? I can sense an intense killing aura here. Akachin, Midochin, Kurochin…what happened between you three? Are you fighting?”


The tension subdued as Atsushi suddenly meddled in between them. All three of them didn’t bother to say anything but Midorima secretly thanked Atsushi for the first time in his life, for saving his ass from the situation. He actually considered Atsushi as a dense person but he can be sharp sometimes.


Atsushi stared at all three of them and humming in response before he suddenly shoved the rose bouquet in front of them. Midorima gasped, why did Atsushi get his hand on the bouquet?


“Akachin, Kurochin and Midochin shouldn’t be fighting each other. Or I’ll crush you with this roses. Oh, but I don’t want to crush Akachin! I’ll give one rose to you instead.”




That was so unexpected of Murasakibara Atsushi. As a sweet-tooth person, he’s so sweet…


“Actually, Kagachin has been staring at all three of you and he told me if you can’t calm down your asses then he’ll leave first by Uber and make us walking back to his house by ourselves. I came here for reconciliation and he promised to give me your portion of dinner treats if you’re still not making peace in…


Atsushi turned his head to change glances with Kagami who was standing at the back with arms crossed, then he raised three fingers. Atsushi nodded.


“In three seconds. Right. So…three seconds passed. Your treats are mine! Bye!” with that Atsushi fled the scene and regroup with the other three dense line.


All three of them gaped in disbelief. That traitor.




Atsushi loves flowers, aside from food, he loves rose the most. Moreover, his name ‘Murasakibara’ was literally derived from a rare breed of rose, the purple or violet rose. He rarely shows his hobby of taking care roses to his ex-teammates and he just doing it to pass time since he was little.


As soon as they arrived at Kagami’s house, Atsushi voluntarily arranged the flower in a clear vase but firstly he asked Kagami if they had Orbeez in the house. Once he get that in his hands, he filled quarter of the vase with Orbeez and soaked them in a water until they absorbed enough liquid, Atsushi carefully placed the roses one by one. His neat work was praised by mama and well, he’s slightly kinda like it too.


After lunch, Kagami said that he wanted to surf and the best and nearest beach to go surfing, according to the redhead is at Venice Beach.


“Eeh…beach again? Can’t we go somewhere else? Didn’t we just come back from the beach just now?” Atsushi whined.


“This and that, are different. Don’t you know that surfing can help strengthen your legs and core strength? Well, it somehow helped me improve my stamina when playing basketball.”


Atsushi pouted. If he didn’t follow them he’ll be alone in this house since it’s still awkward for him to be alone with Kagami’s parents.


“Finee…how will we go there?”


“We can rent bicycles and ride through Venice Boardwalk. It’s easier that way.”


“And boys…don’t forget to put your spare clothes and swimmers inside the bag. Here, mama give you tote bag one each!” Kagami’s mom coolly entered the boys’ room to give the tote bag for each of them.


“Mom, I don’t think that we need that much. Just give us the largest one, and we can dump it all there.”


Midorima lifted his glasses and questioned Kagami’s choice of solution. “So, who’s gonna carry the bag for us?”




“Rock, paper, scissors!”


Thus, the seven of them started the problem solving method with a war cry until the last one who loses will carry the heavy bag by himself.


Until it was down to Midorima and Atsushi, both of them made a staring contest before shouting rock, paper, scissors on top of their lung and the victory goes to…Midorima. Atsushi was stoned, he couldn’t believe he just lose in one second to Midorima.


Midorima tapped his shoulder with cheeky smile. “Thanks Murasakibara.”


The others also took the chance to bully the giant and put everything in the bag quickly before saying their thanks and leave the bag to Atsushi who was still unmoved from his position.


Atsushi groaned in frustration.

“Damn! I should just crush them all.”