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Stuffed Canary

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Sara Lance hadn't celebrated her birthday in over six years, something Felicity Smoak took exception too. It was understandable, Sara was ship-wrecked and fighting for her life during her first birthday away, and the other five had taken place while she was in the League of Assassins, a group which didn't exactly scream light-hearted celebrations, but as far as Felicity was concerned that was all the more reason for Sara to celebrate, and be celebrated as the amazing woman she was. And certainly, no girlfriend of Felicity's was going to be miserable on her birthday. Felicity was going to make sure of that, no matter what it took.

If that meant inviting her girlfriend's ex-girlfriend who was not just a scary Assassin but the Heir to the Demon herself Nyssa al Ghul so be it. Although it may yet prove to be a decision Felicity regretted as Nyssa spent the whole night staring at her. As she spent most of her time with Sara at first Felicity thought nothing of it, but then Sara went to the bathroom and still Nyssa stared in her direction. After that Felicity increasingly looked over at Nyssa, their eyes meeting more than once, and Felicity was pretty sure she would have wet herself if she wasn't literally surrounded by superheroes.

When the party was winding down Nyssa approached her, Felicity's heart hammering inside her chest as the intimidating woman marched up to her and asked, "Can I speak to you privately?"

Glancing at her girlfriend who raised an eyebrow at this Felicity began, "Erm..."

"No harm will come to you." Nyssa interrupted, turning to Sara as she added, "I swear by the name of my father, Ra's al Ghul."

There was a moment of silence and then Sara turned to the other blonde and simply said, "It's up to you, babe."

Felicity looked back and forth between the two former lovers, and then as a smug smirk crossed Nyssa's face, "Fine, lead the way."

With only a brief glance at her ex-girlfriend/Felicity's current girlfriend Nyssa turned and walked away, Felicity cautiously following her. This was hardly the smartest thing she'd ever done, but the last time they were all in a room together Sara had threatened Nyssa's life if she touched 'one hair on Felicity's head' which was a big deal as Sara had told her that Nyssa was the first person she had ever fallen in love with, Felicity being the second. Also logically speaking if Nyssa was going to try and kill her it wouldn't be after luring her away from Sara. Unless... it was some kind of double bluff, Nyssa using the excuse she would never be that sloppy to shift the blame onto some pre-picked out fall-guy... oh God, perhaps Felicity had made a terrible mistake.

Felicity was actually relieved when Nyssa led her out onto the balcony of the penthouse that Oliver had rented for the occasion because it had see-through windows. She could even see Sara who was watching them intently, Felicity suddenly feeling brave, at least until Nyssa turned around and gave her that terrifying stair which she had been giving her all night. Then she looked her up and down, Felicity never feeling more on display. Then she gulped as Nyssa stepped into her personal space and played with a strand of her hair.

"You are very beautiful." Nyssa said softly.

"Thanks." Felicity blushed, "Sara prefers the term cute, but it kind of gets repetitive, and honestly a little condescending-"

"But you talk so much." Nyssa said bluntly, flicking Felicity's hair away.

"I get that a lot." Felicity squeaked.

"You also seem, now how would Sara put it, very vanilla. Sweet and innocent." Nyssa smirked, "Sara is, in her own words, a slut. It makes me wonder how someone like you can please her."

Feeling emboldened by having Sara and all her friends who were beginning to look at them through the glass, Felicity puffed up her chest and pointed out, "She's with me, so I must do okay."

"I suppose..." Nyssa admitted, before smiling, "But I wonder, do you fuck her in the ass?"

Felicity was grateful that the music was still too loud for anyone else to hear Nyssa, or herself for that matter, as although she initially blushed she forced herself to admit as boldly and quietly as possible, "Yes."

Looking genuinely surprised Nyssa murmured, "Lick her ass."

"Yes." Felicity said, feeling smug, "Look, I know Sara is like, way kinkier than I'm used to... also a lot more female. Like 100% more than I'm used too. But I love her, and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for her. And for the record, I kind of like the kinky stuff, thank you. So, nice try, but there's nothing you can say to drive a wedge between us. We have no secrets."

For a second Felicity thought she had one, then the shock expression morphed into something which weirdly looked like something reminiscent of respect before Nyssa landed a verbal blow Felicity didn't see coming, "Have you had a threesome with her?"

Felicity could feel her eyes going cartoonishly wide as she could only squeak in reply, "What?"

Smirking with what looked like relief Nyssa continued, "It is not uncommon for my father to enjoy multiple lovers at the same time, as his predecessors did. Sara knew this, which is why she confessed a desire to participate in such pleasure. But I must confess, I couldn't bear the thought of sharing her. Have you?"

There was a long silence, then Felicity looked over at Sara, "She never said anything."

"The Sara I know was always very private, but your boss assures me you have a talent for getting the truth out of people." Nyssa said, "But given everything you already know, I doubt you think I'm lying about Sara's greatest fantasy."

Looking back at the assassin Felicity murmured, "She said it was her greatest?"

"At least of the things she never tried." Nyssa smiled, "And it's not too late."

"Uh... what do you, oh! OH!" Felicity said, realisation hitting her seconds later, "I, I thought you couldn't bear the thought of sharing her?"

"Not when Sara was mine." Nyssa admitted, "Now she's yours, and the decision falls upon you to offer her this gift or not. Although you did say you would do anything for her, and make this 'best birthday ever'."

There was a long silence and then Felicity pointed out, "You just want her back?"

"Yes." Nyssa admitted sadly, almost laughing as she added, "But I'm not convinced it will work. I have seen her with you. She adores you. Not that I can blame her. You are truly beautiful. Sharing her with you, even just for a night, would be no great hardship."

Another long pause and then Felicity said, "I'll think about it."

Nyssa allowed Felicity to turn and walk a few steps before calling out, "'I'll be waiting in your apartment. If your decision is no you have my word I will leave without seeking retribution."


Sara had tried not to panic when Nyssa first approach them, or when she led Felicity away or the two of them were talking. Not just because she feared for Felicity's safety. That was part of it but Nyssa had given Sara her word and it was unlikely she would try something so bold under the circumstances, but for better or for worse what she was most afraid of was Nyssa telling Felicity something about her that would scare her off. After all, she had shared much with Felicity, far more than she had originally intended to, but there were some things Nyssa knew about her past, the things she had done, things she'd rather left forgotten.

So when Nyssa left Felicity unharmed it was a relief, but Sara's mind was not entirely put at ease given the expression on Felicity's face as she returned to the party, Sara quickly approaching her girlfriend and nervously asking, "Everything okay babe?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine." Felicity quickly replied unconvincingly, and then when Sara gave her a look she leaned in and added, "We can talk about it later, okay? For now just enjoy your party."

Sara swallowed and nervously whispered in Felicity's ear, "Are you breaking up with me?"

"God no!" Felicity exclaimed, loud enough to grab everyone's attention. She then blushed and whispered in Sara's ear, "I'm absolutely not breaking up with you, I just can't have this conversation right now, okay? I need time to process. Until then, please try the cake. It's so good."

What was going on made Sara finally cave and had some of the cake Felicity had been pushing on her for an hour. It was admittedly good, but taking the time to sample some cake meant she lost sight of Nyssa, and when she went looking for her she was nowhere to be found. Which was frustrating, because it meant Sara had spend the next few hours obsessing over what was waiting for her when the party ended, and assuring the likes of Oliver and Diggle everything was fine when the truth was she didn't know herself. Still she hadn't forgotten her training and was able to stop herself not to push Felicity for answers the second they left the party. Thankfully Felicity didn't make her wait much longer than that.

In fact as soon as they got in Felicity's car the hacker turned to her and blurted out, "Is your greatest fantasy to have a threesome?"

After letting out a huge sigh of relief Sara couldn't help but chuckle a little as she replied, "That's it? Oh thank God!"

Felicity frowned, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Cringing Sara cautiously replied, "Well, it's just... I've done a lot of bad things."

Giving her a sympathetic expression and taking her hand Felicity said softly, "But I already know all that."

"You know the PG version." Sara pointed out softly, unable to look her girlfriend in the eye, "You don't know the names of the people I killed, how I killed them and what happened because I killed them. If you did, you'd never see me as anything but a monster."

"That's not true." Felicity insisted.

"Maybe, maybe not." Sara said, attempting to change the subject as she looked at Felicity and smiled, "But compared to the darkness of my past a silly little fantasy is nothing."

"But... did you really ask for one? From Nyssa?" Felicity asked.

Sara paused for a few seconds, weighing her options and then replied, "Nanda Parbat is like a different world. Only the Strong survive there. Part of that survival is indulging in whatever earthly pleasures are available, and given sex was free and easily available threesomes, foursomes and so on were practically commonplace. I brought up the subject with Nyssa, because there were a lot of good-looking people around her and yes, I'd always wanted to indulge in that particular kink, but she didn't want to share me, so I dropped it."

Felicity nodded and then asked, "And how do you feel now?"

Frowning Sara asked, "What do you mean?"

Lowering her gaze Felicity mumbled, "Am, am I enough for you?"

"Oh Felicity, sweetie, you're everything I could possibly hope for, and far more than I deserve. Don't let some stupid fantasy let you doubt that." Sara said firmly, taking both Felicity's hands in hers.

There was a long pause, and then Felicity looked at her, "Do you still want too? Have a threesome, I mean. Obviously."

Sara bit her lip, debating her response for a long time before admitting, "If it didn't mean losing the best thing that ever happened to me, sure."

"Well then..." Felicity said as boldly as she could, letting go of Sara's hands and starting the engine before she lost her nerve, "I did promise you the best birthday ever, so let's have an all-girl threesome."


The drive back to their apartment was in total silence, mostly because Sara was too busy trying to get over her shock at this development. True, Felicity had been open to things she would have never imagined her to be, and had even liked these things, but this was extreme even for Sara, and she openly considered herself to be sexually wild. Could sweet Felicity really go through with this? Would it destroy their relationship? What had Nyssa said to convince Felicity to go through with something like this? And more importantly was it really worth risking everything just for her wildest fantasy?

When they finally reached their destination and Felicity stopped the car they sat there in silence for a few long seconds and then Sara murmured, "So, Nyssa is waiting for us in our apartment?"

"Uh-huh." Felicity nodded.

"And you're sure you're okay with this?" Sara asked, and then when Felicity shrugged Sara sighed, "Felicity, we're not doing this unless you're sure."

"Oh right, because I'm sure everyone who goes through with having a threesome is blasé about it." Felicity scoffed, "Sorry, I'm not as cool as you and Nyssa, but I'm not the delicate snowflake you both seem to think I am. I can be just as kinky and bad ass as you. And whatever she says I know Nyssa is just doing this to get you back, but if she's going to do it it's not going to be because she's more kinky and bad ass than I am. And if you're going to leave me for her, I'd rather you did it now, because it would destroy me, but I would live. I'm not sure that would be the case if I full any more in love with you. So let's just do this, and see what happens, okay?"

Sara was once again stunned into silence by Felicity Smoak, although eventually she smiled softly, gently took Felicity's hand with hers again and firmly said, "I love you too. So, so much. I promise whatever happens I will not leave you for her."

Felicity turned to look at her, softly smiled and then got out of the car. Sara quickly followed suit in the two blondes held hands in an awkward silence as they travelled up to the tiny apartment which had become their love nest. Sure enough they had an intruder in the form of Nyssa al Ghul, who was actually looking a little uncharacteristically anxious as she watched them slowly enter and locked the door behind them.

"So, do you want me to leave?"

All eyes turned to Felicity who looked Nyssa up and down for a second and then replied, "No, stay."

For a few brief seconds Nyssa looked relieved, then a familiar smirk crossed her face, "Then follow me."

Without another word Felicity and Sara obeyed, stripping off their jackets as Nyssa removed her armour and a great deal of her uniform, although she was still mostly clothed once they reach their destination, at which point Nyssa turn to Felicity and asked, "Did Sara tell you the details of her fantasy?"

"No." Felicity admitted softly.

Nyssa smirked again, and slowly approached her beloved, "Sara wishes to be roughly taken. Used and abused, although not hurt by her lovers. To both be shared and fucked at the same time. Is this something you feel you're up for Felicity?"

As the brunette turned to her Felicity forced herself to look as confident as she could manage and then boldly state, "You don't need to tell me Sara likes it rough, and I'll do whatever it takes to make this her best birthday ever."

"Even if it means DP'ing her?" Nyssa pushed, smiling as she glanced at Sara who was actually blushing slightly, "Because that's her favourite part of the fantasy. And I have to admit, the idea of my beloved taking a strap-on dildo in her cunt, and one in her ass, at the same time is very, very appealing."

Felicity couldn't help look taken aback for a couple of seconds, before realising she should have guessed that Sara would want that and simply nodded her head, "Like I said, whatever it takes. I'll, I'll do anything for her. I'd, I'd do anything for you Sara. I love you."

"Thanks babe." Sara briefly hesitating as she looked at her ex-girlfriend before telling her current girlfriend, "I love you too. Thank you so much for doing this."

"You're welcome." Felicity blushed, finding comfort in the fact that Sara also seem nervous.

"How sweet." Nyssa scowled before forcing a smirk as she turned back to her beloved, "How about you Sara? Are you prepared to do anything to please myself and Felicity?"

"God yes." Sara huskily replied.

"Good." Nyssa purred, gently cupping the back of Sara's head and pulling her forwards.

Naturally Nyssa pushed her own head forwards in turn, the two women meeting in the middle for a gentle kiss. Which wasn't quite as good when Sara was hers, but Nyssa did have to admit there was a thrill to doing this in front of Sara's new girlfriend. Not that she truly loath Felicity Smoak, the girl just had something she desperately wanted and this was the first step to getting back what was rightfully hers, Nyssa putting every ounce of love she had for Sara in this kiss, determined to show her beloved she was still her everything. After that she allowed the two blondes to kiss, intending to show the difference, although there didn't appear to be any, Felicity needing little encouragement to kiss Sara with the exact same amount of passion Nyssa had shown.

Part of Nyssa was happy to see this, because if Sara insisted on being with someone else, at least it was someone who genuinely loved her as much as Nyssa did. But mostly she was surprised that she wasn't overwhelmed by jealousy. Sure, that had a lot to do with it, but mostly she just enjoyed the view. Instead of analysing that she gently and wordlessly insisted that the two blondes break their kiss so she could kiss Sara again, she and Felicity taking it in turns to worship Sara's lips with their own for several long minutes.

Then Nyssa calmly ordered Sara, "Strip."

Unsurprisingly Sara was only too happy to obey. She had never been shy about her body, at least not to Nyssa's knowledge, and she certainly shouldn't be. Oh yes, Sara Lance was hot and she knew it, the little tease gleefully stripping off her clothes torturously slow, and while Nyssa enjoyed a little teasing after watching Sara disrobe she didn't show nearly as much restraint taking off her own things. In comparison Felicity was adorably shy, still almost fully clothed when Nyssa and Sara were completely naked, and what happened next would either help or prove Felicity wasn't worthy of Sara.

"Get on your knees!" Nyssa ordered her ex-girlfriend and then after her beloved had obeyed walked forwards so that her cunt was directly in Sara's face, "Good girl. Now eat me. Eat my pussy you little slut, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, lick me, ooooooooooooh Gooooooooooooddddddddddddd!"

To Sara's credit she immediately started licking Nyssa just the way she liked it, making the brunette moan and cupped the blonde's head to push Sara's face deep into her cunt. To Felicity's credit she didn't look away for a second. In fact, she found the courage to not only take off the rest of her clothes, but to start fingering herself, the cute blonde settling herself into the middle of the bed and just enjoying the show as Sara continued to prove she hadn't forgotten how to make Nyssa moan, groan, gasp, whimper and cry out in pleasure.

Sara had missed this. She adored Felicity, and her delicious twat, but even though the brilliant blonde had stolen her heart a piece of it remained with Nyssa al Ghul. Partly because while Felicity was surprisingly good at topping her, she just didn't have the air of effortless dominance that Nyssa did, Sara's submissive side thrilled at her current position, and the wonderful words falling out of Nyssa's mouth, each one making Sara's insights tingle. At least when Nyssa recovered the ability to speak coherently, which took a few long minutes of gentle but firm pussy licking, not that Sara minded.

It was certainly worth it for when Nyssa recovered, "Yes, oh yes, lick me! Lick my pussy you beautiful woman! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss, oh Sara, you're such a hot little slut. Mmmmmmmmmm, my beloved is a dirty little pussy licking slut who just can't get enough of my cunt. Oh yes, lick my clit, oh God, lick it just like that, oooooooooooh fuck, harder! HARDER! Ohhhhhhhhhh, good. Now fuck me! Tongue fuck me you little cunt licker! Mmmmmmmmm yes, stick your tongue inside my cunt and fuck me with it! Fuck me, oh Sara, fuck me with your tongue, Sara, OH SARA!"

Sara was a little surprised that Nyssa asked to be tongue fucked this early. Sure, they had plenty of quickies before, but never this quick, and it wasn't like they were in a rush. Of course, the point of this was probably to remind Sara how good her ex-girlfriend tasted, not that she actually needed reminding, and it was very possible Nyssa was saving her strength for when she would be the one actually contributing to the fun. Actually, knowing Nyssa al Ghul it was hard for Sara to believe that wasn't her goal. Not that it mattered. Sara had made a promise to Felicity, and as much as she loved Nyssa she just loved Felicity that much more.

Of course Sara wasn't going to explain that to Nyssa and lose her chance for a all-girl threesome, for a second or two Sara feeling guilty about that, although ultimately she was fairly confident that even if Nyssa didn't succeed in her obvious attempt to win her back that her ex-girlfriend would still treasure the memory of what would no doubt going to be a very special night. To ensure that Sara pushed her tongue as deep as it would go into Nyssa's pussy. Not right away, partly because she wanted to hear Nyssa becoming more desperate for it and make sure she was ready for it, but mostly because Sara loved being a tease.

When she did finally push her tongue inside her ex-girlfriend Nyssa was completely incoherent, and screams of pleasure became deafening as Sara slowly invaded her cunt and then started fucking it with her tongue, effortlessly pushing the Heir to the Demon to the edge of orgasm in what felt like seconds and then kept her there for what felt like hours. In reality it was probably only minutes, but however long it was Sara loved every second of it. Well almost, the Canary worried about her current girlfriend's reaction to watching her eat out her ex-girlfriend.

Nyssa got a front row seat to Felicity's reaction and it alone almost made her cum. Which was a problem for her, as the point of this particular exercise was to prove that she could outlast the likes of Felicity Smoak. That she could hold back her orgasm longer than anyone in the name of prolonging the wonderful sex she and Sara always shared, but thanks to Felicity, and Sara's skillful tongue work, Nyssa didn't last nearly as long as she wanted too. And for that she mostly blamed Felicity. Herself too, although not Sara. Never Sara. So the majority of the blame landed on the deceptively sexy Felicity Smoak.

It didn't seem fair. Nyssa had known Felicity was desirable. She was not blind. But she had thought her merely cute. Not in her league, and certainly not in Sara's. But the woman possessed far more confidence and beauty than Nyssa originally gave her credit for, and she was now blown away by the sight of a completely naked Felicity Smoak gently masturbating to the sight of Sara going down on the other assassin. Why was that so appealing to her? Why did it consume her vision and thoughts when her beloved was kneeling in front of her and tongue fucking her pussy? Why was Felicity Smoak so intoxicating?

As if sensing Nyssa wasn't giving her the attention she deserved Sara gradually increased the pace of the tongue fucking, forcing the Heir to the Demon to close her eyes and concentrate on not cumming. However despite her main goal for this particular act having her beloved's mouth and tongue worshipping her soon proved too much for even Nyssa's restraint and she came wonderfully hard into Sara's mouth. That mouth quickly became glued to her pussy, Nyssa feeling a incredible thrill as she felt Sara sucking the cum out of her, although it was little consolation to having failed her goal.

After that the floodgates were open, Nyssa knowing she would be unable to stop herself and not even trying. Instead she grabbed Sara's head in both hands and pushed the face of her beloved as deep as it would go into her cunt. Soon after that she began grinding against Sara's eager mouth, the blonde doing a commendable job at swallowing the majority of the brunette's cum, despite the fact that Nyssa was currently using her face as a fuck pad. Then she opened her eyes to see the look of lust, and a little apprehension, on Felicity's beautiful face, which only made Nyssa cum harder.

Normally at this stage Sara liked to add her fingers into the mix, if she hadn't already. Shove one, two, maybe even three fingers into her lover's pussy and/or up her ass, ideally while using her other hand to pleasure herself. This time round she wanted to wait for later, and Nyssa was grinding against her face a little too roughly for Sara to slip her hand between their bodies, so instead the Canary concentrated on grabbing onto the brunette's butt and pushing herself even deeper into Nyssa's cunt. Towards the end she even gave up on the tongue fucking entirely and concentrated on sucking whatever part of her lover's pussy she could in between greedily gulping down Nyssa's cum.

As a side-effect of her intensive training Nyssa had the stamina to continue this for quite a while, Sara making her cum several times in the process, but predictably the Heir to the Demon wanted to save her strength for returning the favour. So she push Sara away sooner than both of them would have liked, but Sara wasn't about to complain. No, she was grateful for the opportunity to turn around and look at Felicity to see how her girlfriend was coping with all of this, a big part of Sara terrified that Felicity would be curled up in a ball, blushing and awkward, and/or silently furious that Sara had cheated on her, right in front of her no less.

So It was a tremendous relief to see Felicity with one hand cupping her tits and the other on her pussy, the other blonde briefly frozen like a kid with their hand stuck in the cookie jar. Then Felicity smiled bashfully, sat up, scooted forward a little and then beckoned Sara forwards. With a ridiculously big grin on her face Sara scurried onto the bed until she was kneeling in front of her girlfriend, Felicity not hesitating to grab onto her face and pull her in for a deep kiss, her current girlfriend tasting the cum and pussy cream of her ex-girlfriend on her lips and tongue. Then Felicity broke the kiss about a minute later and pushed the fingers which had just been playing with her cunt into Sara's mouth, Sara eagerly sucking them clean before Felicity kissed her again, this time tasting herself on Sara's lips and tongue.

"God I love you!" Sara said softly and breathlessly with a huge grin her face was the latest kiss was broken.

"I, I love you too." Felicity murmured softly, glancing back and forth between the loving look in Sara's eyes and the 'kicked puppy' expression on Nyssa's face. Obviously realising what she'd just done a guilty expression crossed Sara's face, but before this threesome could come to a screeching halt Felicity slide her hand to the back of Sara's head and pushed her downwards forcefully while ordering, "Now eat my pussy!"

"Yes ma'am." Sara grinned, not needing to be told twice.

Sara started eagerly licking her girlfriend, starting with slow gentle strokes of her tongue along Felicity's pussy lips while making sure to avoid her clit. As she wasn't told otherwise Sara continued with that technique for quite a while, although it wasn't long before she started hitting Felicity's clit with every other lick, making sure to keep every touch gentle. After all, after being practically drowned by Nyssa's juices Sara wanted to take her time and enjoy Felicity's yummy pussy, and of course tease the other blonde directly. And the brunette indirectly. From the sounds Felicity was making she was succeeding, and Sara didn't need a sound to know that Nyssa desperately wanted to rejoin the fun.

Felicity enjoyed a bit of teasing. Living with Sara meant she had too, and she had started that before the two of them had officially got together, although when it came to sex there was definitely such a thing as too much teasing and Sara often pushed the boundaries of that. Or at least Felicity's boundaries of that. However with another person involved Felicity doubted that she'd have to wait too long for some satisfaction, so first she closed her eyes and just enjoy the sensation of the other girl's skilful tongue caressing her centre, one hand going back to gently caressing her tits while the other stroked Sara's hair.

Of course it was hard for Felicity to keep her eyes closed when there was an assassin in the room. Or at least an assassin who she didn't trust, and despite Sara promising on several occasions that they could trust her ex-girlfriend considering she was the Canary's current girlfriend Felicity found it very difficult. Although it only seemed like Nyssa had no alternative motive right now, that her only intention was to bring Sara pleasure, and Felicity was fine with that, as long as she got to watch. God, Felicity never got this into porn, and yet the sight of a naked Nyssa al Ghul kneeling down behind her girlfriend and sliding a finger or two inside her was incredibly erotic.

From her current position Felicity didn't get a good look at it, but she presumed that's what happened considering the way Sara briefly stopped licking her pussy to moan. Sara then started licking her with faster and firmer swipes of her tongue, hitting Felicity's clit almost every time and occasionally even wrapping her lips around it for a brief sucking. That had Felicity blissfully closing her eyes again, especially when there was another moan from Sara, probably indicating that Nyssa was now officially finger fucking her.

Opening her eyes in hopes of seeing some form of evidence of this Felicity was instead greeted by the sight of Nyssa leaning down and presumably licking Sara's pussy or ass hole. If Felicity was in that position she would definitely be rimming Sara, partly because Nyssa had teased her about it earlier and partly because she knew Sara loved getting her ass fucked, and given her earlier conversation with Nyssa it was hard to believe that at least one of them wouldn't be butt fucking the girl they loved. And as Felicity was determined not to be outdone she promised herself she would be fucking Sara's butt tonight, if only to remind Sara and/or prove to Nyssa that she could, and would, do it.

Nyssa was in fact licking Sara's ass hole with long, slow strokes of her tongue while gently fingering her beloved at the same pace. Which was something Nyssa had always enjoyed doing to her lovers, but none of the others got off on it quite like Sara Lance. Oh yes, Sara Lance loved ass play, and Nyssa was proud of the fact that she was the one to introduce her to it. The first who had rimmed the beautiful blonde, who had the pleasure of talking this girl into performing her first rim job by shoving her tongue up her ass, and perhaps most importantly Nyssa was the one to take Sara's anal cherry. For that matter, she was the first woman to slide her fingers inside Sara's pussy, Nyssa smiling into the ass hole of her beloved as she reflected on how many firsts they had.

How could Felicity possibly compete with the history Nyssa had with Sara? Oh right, because for every good memory there were 10 bad ones, Nyssa thought sadly. Most of those weren't her fault, although it did not matter now. All that mattered was showing Sara that no one could please her as much as Nyssa, and whatever price was worth paying for them to be together, Nyssa soon setting out to prove that as she increased the pace and force of the pussy fingering and ass licking.

Even as her heart swelled from making Sara moan with pleasure Nyssa held no ill will towards Felicity, which was baffling to the Heir to the Demon. If it had been anyone else stealing the heart of her beloved she would despise them, and think nothing of hurting or even killing them if she got the chance. Yet she couldn't hate Felicity Smoak, the computer girl was just so intoxicating Nyssa knew that if she had met Felicity first she would have most likely pursued her. So indulging in a threesome with her was proving to be a genuine pleasure, far more than Nyssa anticipated. She especially liked the way what she was doing to Sara made her ex-girlfriend moan into her ex-girlfriend's current girlfriend's pussy, meaning Nyssa was essentially pleasuring both blondes at once.

Of course as pleasant as that thought was Nyssa's main focus remained her beloved, Nyssa curling her fingers inside of Sara's cunt to hit her G-spot while literally trying to push her tongue into Sara's butt hole. The fact that the forbidden hole open to allow pretty much the full-length of Nyssa's tongue to enter it was a testament to all those nights Nyssa had taken this ass, but also proved Sara had continued getting regular ass fuckings, most likely from the innocent seeming Felicity, the thought almost enough to make Nyssa cum. Her actions were certainly enough to make Sara cum, Nyssa fucking her precious blonde's holes through her orgasm and to several more.

Not to be outdone Sara pushed her tongue into Felicity's pussy at the same time Nyssa shoved hers up her ass. Sara was much more slow and gentle with the penetration and the initial tongue fucking, but it wasn't long before she had Felicity on the edge of orgasm, or long before she was pushing her over that edge. Part of Sara would have liked to stretch this out because there was nothing she liked more than eating Felicity's pretty little pussy, but with Nyssa skilfully making her cum over and over again it didn't seem right to deny Felicity. Besides, Sara was eager to get DP'ed by her ex and current girlfriend at the same time.

More importantly Felicity whimpered, "Please Sara, please... I, I need to cum. Please make me cum, oh God! Sara, oooooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddddd Saraaaaaaaaaaaa!"

What was Sara supposed to do? Not make the woman she loved cum? Okay, she had been just about able to resist in the past and the name of making Felicity's eventual orgasm that much more powerful, but it would be just rude to deny her when she herself was receiving such incredible pleasure. Besides, Sara wasn't in the mood for teasing. No, she was in the mood to swallow some girl cum, and after just a few minutes of intense tongue thrusting she got what she wanted, Sara having to quickly pull her tongue out of Felicity's cunt and wrap her mouth tightly around that entrance so she could swallow as much of Felicity's cum as she could.

Sara was proud of the fact that she swallowed most of that heavenly cream, but a good amount ended up on her face and then even more as she worked tirelessly to make Felicity cum over and over again. As it was Felicity's pleasure which mattered most to Sara, and Nyssa was providing her with plenty of pleasure anyway, the Canary eventually convinced herself to replace her mouth with her fingers. In all fairness, it was thrilling to feel Felicity's pussy squeezing her fingers every time the other blonde came, but it just couldn't compare to swallowing Felicity's cum. So, after a few minutes of fingering, Sara switched back to tongue fucking her girlfriend.

Back and forth Sara switched between those two techniques, along the way beginning to play with Felicity's clit to make sure she came extra hard. Whenever she was tongue fucking Felicity she would use her fingers to rub her clit, and although it had an effect Felicity went completely crazy whenever Sara finger fucked her and wrapped her mouth around her clit to suck it and/or flick it with her tongue. Nyssa also helped, her work causing Sara to moan, groan, gasp, whimper and even scream against Felicity's sensitive flesh, the vibrations causing the brilliant blonde to cum even harder.

Meanwhile Nyssa had three fingers of one hand slamming in and out of Sara's cunt while two fingers from the other hand hammered Sara's ass, the Heir to the Demon smirking proudly as she once again effortlessly made her beloved cum. Nyssa then licked her lips as she pushed a fourth finger into Sara's pussy, her precious blonde squealing into the pussy of the other blonde has she once again came. Came for Nyssa, the Heir to the Demon making her cum harder than anyone ever could, especially this beautiful but physically weak computer nerd.

Wanting to emphasise her superiority as a lover over Miss Smoak Nyssa briefly considered fisting her beloved. She knew Sara could take it, they had done that before and the other assassin was halfway there already. But Nyssa knew it wasn't what Sara wanted most now, and while the whole point of this night was winning Sara back Nyssa was going to do just that as she gave her precious Ta-er al-Safar exactly what she wanted. So reluctantly Nyssa pulled away and covered her strap-on cock in Sara's pussy cream.

Sensing what she was doing Sara pulled herself away from Felicity's pussy, grinned wickedly and then slowly crawled over to Nyssa and took the other assassin's strap-on into her mouth. Nyssa smiled with wicked delight as Sara began sucking her cock, slowly and softly at first but quickly picking up the pace and moaning as she tasted herself on it already. It would not be the last time she did that. Nyssa promised herself that. Oh yes, Sara was going to get plenty of chances to taste herself on her cock, both today and for the rest of their lives, Sara having no choice but to choose her once she proved beyond a shadow of a doubt Felicity was no match for Nyssa al Ghul.

"That's it Sara, suck my cock." Nyssa said, in the name of her last thought giving Sara the dirty talk she craved, "Mmmmmmm yes, suck my cock you little cock sucker! Make sure it's nice and wet for your slutty little fuck holes. Ooooooooh yes, the slutty little fuck holes myself and your girlfriend will be fucking at the same time, proving what a slut you are."

"So do it." Sara challenge, once she pulled her mouth off the dick, "Fuck me."

"Give me a proper cock sucking first, you inpatient little bitch!" Nyssa growled, before smirking, "Then maybe."

Sara grinned wickedly up at the brunette, and then effortlessly took every single inch of that dildo down her throat, showing off skills that Nyssa could only wish she taught her beloved blonde. Sara then moaned happily, tasting the last of her juices. Nyssa had been sure to coat the full-length of the shaft, and thanks to how much she had already made Sara cum she had plenty of liquid to do it, Nyssa through much enjoying the sight of Sara's head once again buried in her crotch, before looking over at the already sweaty body of her rival. Part of her thought she was so beautiful, part of Nyssa felt guilty for trying to steal Sara. After all, she knew the pain of losing the Canary. However there had to be a loser here, and it would not be her.

Eager to officially win Nyssa only gave Sara a few minutes to deep throat her, then she past Sara the other strap-on and said, "Here... for your pretty little blonde."

"Thanks." Sara grinned after taking Nyssa's dick out of her mouth, happily grabbing the toy and turning to Felicity. She then briefly turned back and said, "Seriously, thanks Nyssa. For everything."

"You're... you're welcome." Nyssa said, watching with a mixture of lust and jealousy as Sara turned her full attention to her current girlfriend.

Felicity had barely recovered from her orgasms when she felt her legs being lifted up slightly so Sara could easily slide a harness up them. As this wasn't the first time they had done this Felicity automatically lifted her butt up at the appropriate times, making it nice and easy for Sara to strap the dildo around her waist. A few seconds later she looked down and sure enough, she was rewarded with Sara grinning up at her, the base of the dildo in her hand and the tip resting against her lips.

With Felicity watching Sara slowly opened her mouth and took the first few inches of the cock into her mouth, the Canary then taking several long minutes to bob her head up and down the shaft just like she almost always did whenever Sara was in the mood to get fucked like this. However there was one possible difference, that being the other assassin in the room, who was now sporting a dildo of her own in between her legs, and even moved closer like she was going to try and fuck her while Sara was sucking Felicity's strap-on.

Before Nyssa could do that a clearly impatient Sara jumped up and impaled herself on Felicity's dildo. She hadn't even deep throated her, something Felicity was pretty sure never happened unless they were fucking in public. Had she mentioned that Sara had kind of corrupted her? Not that Felicity could concentrate on the past when in her present her girlfriend was slowly sliding herself down on her strap-on until every inch of the dildo was inside her, Sara letting out a long moan and savouring the moment before beginning to gently bounce up and down on Felicity's cock, much to the delight of every woman in the room.

At times like this Felicity was never sure where to look. Sara's big beautiful boobs bouncing in time with each thrust, the other blonde's pretty little pussy sliding up and down her cock, or that gorgeous face awash with ecstasy. The last was probably Felicity's favourite, although everything else was just as captivating, including the unusual sight of the Heir to the Demon slowly approaching her girlfriend from behind, Felicity's excitement and nervousness coming back full force as the moment of truth approached. Then Sara opened her eyes, gave her a warm smile and then stop bouncing and leaned down. For a wonderful second Felicity thought Sara was going to kiss her again, but for better or worse Sara had something kinkier in mind.

Reaching back and spreading her butt cheeks Sara begged, "Do it Nyssa! Fuck me! Mmmmmmmmm, fuck my slutty little ass while my girlfriend is fucking my pussy. Please? I wanna be double stuffed."

"And you shall be." Nyssa promised as she finished getting into position.

Nyssa's favourite part of a woman's body was her ass, and Sara truly did have a magnificent rump. It was one of the many things Nyssa loved about her. In fact, probably due to her love for the girl, Sara's ass was the best in the world in Nyssa's opinion. It was certainly the best she'd ever seen, and her favourite fuck hole, so even with all her training it was impossible for Nyssa to keep the evil grin off her face as she firmly pressed her strap-on against Sara's butt hole. Not that she tried not to grin, Nyssa putting all her energy into stretching Sara's ass hole, the whole world melting away until there was just her cock and the hole she so adored.

All too soon Sara's slutty ass hole stretched wide enough to accommodate the head of Nyssa's cock, making her precious Canary sing for her. More accurately Sara cried out and then moaned in pure pleasure, which was a sweeter sound than any a real canary made to Nyssa. Sara continued making those sounds as Nyssa slowly slid her strap-on into the blonde's bottom, Nyssa taking her time so she could savour every second of it, and perhaps more importantly so that Sara had time to appreciate what must be a unique sensation.

Nyssa had never been DP'ed herself, but she could imagine it was a very pleasant experience for those with a submissive side like Sara. As a pure top Nyssa had no desire to submit to such debauchery, but the sounds coming out of Sara's mouth almost made her reconsider. One of the sounds, a moan, was so loud Nyssa was surprised the neighbours didn't complain, or that idiot Oliver Queen didn't suddenly burst in and start threatening her of hurting his ex-girlfriend. She almost wished he would, so he could find out exactly what she was doing to Sara, with the help of his precious assistant.

Putting such thoughts out of her head Nyssa teasingly asked, "Do you like this Sara?"

"Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooodddddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmm, it's sooooooooooo goooooooooodddddddddd mmmmmmmmmmm, more! More, more, more! Ooooooooooooh fuck, please Nyssa give me every inch. I want every inch of you and Felicity inside me." Sara whimpered.

Unable to deny her beloved anything Nyssa sped up the pace ever so slightly, ensuring that every single inch of her dildo was buried in Sara's ass in a matter of seconds. To be fair at that point there had only been a few inches not inside Sara's ass, but it was still forcing places deep inside the blonde to be stretched unnaturally wide, and with the addition of the cock inside her pussy surely it shouldn't be pleasurable, but again Sara was proving her claims of being a slut to be accurate as she continued crying out in only pleasure. Nevertheless Nyssa gave her several long seconds before she began thrusting her hips back and fourth, officially beginning to sodomise Sara while there was a cock in her cunt.

Sara was in heaven right now. Or at least close to it as someone like her would ever get. Then again considering all the blood on her hands Sara Lance had been unfairly blessed as of late. Sure she had gone through hell on Nanda Parbat and with the League of Assassins, however in the process she found love with the awesome Nyssa al Ghul and then the awesome in a whole other way Felicity Smoak. To have sex with both those lovers at the same time was incredible, but to have them DP her with strap-on cocks was beyond anything Sara could accurately put into words.

During the initial penetration of the second dildo it was hard enough for Sara to even think, her whole world revolving around Nyssa's cock slowly pushing its way into her ass, rubbing against her anal walls and the thin layer of flesh separating the newly added dildo against the dildo in her cunt. Even as her slutty ass quickly relaxed to once again being invaded and she sought of got used to the feeling of two cocks inside her mostly Sara just thought 'wow' over and over again. Then the amazing pleasure she felt became too much and she suddenly desperately needed to cum, and unlike her proud ex-girlfriend and her sexually shy current girlfriend Sara had no problem begging for what she wanted.

"HARDER! MAKE ME CUM!" Sara screamed at the top of her lungs before whimpering, "Please, please, please, ohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddddd make me cum! Fuck my ass, fuck my cunt, mmmmmmmmmm, pound my little fuck holes and make me cum. Please Nyssa, ooooooooooooh, fuck me! Butt fuck me Nyssa, mmmmmmmmmm, butt fuck me like you did the night you took my anal cherry, oh shit, only harder. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssssssssss, that's it, pound me deep! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddd, mmmmmmmmmm, you too Felicity! Please fuck me babe. Fuck me, YES FUCK ME, OH FUCK, SHIT, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! FUCKKKKKKKKKKK YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS, POUND ME, POUND MY FUCKING HOLES, OHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!"

Naturally Nyssa was only too happy to grant Sara's request and pick up the speed and force of the sodomy, but what was really impressive was that Felicity didn't hesitate to do the same. Well, there might have been a second or two there, but in the past Felicity had become completely lost in watching Sara ride her, and compared to that it was instantaneous. Considering her current condition it certainly felt instantaneous to Sara, who despite her best efforts became completely incoherent as her ex-girlfriend and her current girlfriend literally began fucking her at the same time. Before it was more like Nyssa impaling Sara on Felicity's dick with every thrust the other assassin gave to her ass, and as heavenly as that was it couldn't compare to dildos being thrust inside her at the same time.

If that wasn't enough Felicity grabbed her firmly by the hair, forcing Sara to look into her eyes, and then ordered her, "Cum for us! Cum for me and Nyssa while our cocks are in your pussy and ass you little slut! Yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, that's it, cum. Cum for me baby. Cum for us, as we DP you like a whore. Mmmmmmmmmm, you're such a good whore for us Sara. Such a good, beautiful little whore for me and Nyssa. Our beautiful Canary... hey, I guess this makes you our stuffed Canary. Because we're stuffing you full of cock and you're absolutely loving it, isn't that right baby?"


This more than anything else was why Sara loved Felicity Smoak. She would do whatever it took to please her, even if it was outside her comfort zone. And by now she knew just what to do and say to make Sara cum as hard as she possibly could. Okay, the stuffed Canary thing was a little eye rolling, but in the moment Sara loved the mockery and it made her cum extra hard, which was really saying something because as soon as Felicity gave her permission Sara started experiencing some of the hardest climaxes of her life. Climaxes which felt like they would never end as her competitive lovers both seem to be determined to make her cum the hardest.

Technically with both their strap-ons pounding in and out of Sara's pussy and ass respectively it was more like they were working together and Felicity would have been fine with that, really she tells herself she would be, but from the look in Nyssa's eyes she could tell right now they were in competition with each other, and Felicity hated to lose. Not that the competition was really fair at the moment given that Nyssa was much stronger than she was and their current position made it much easier for the brunette to deliver consistently hard thrusts. Of course the other side of that was that even though she had more stamina Nyssa was the first to stop.

Impressively instead of just rolling off of Sara like Felicity did after ass fucking her girlfriend Nyssa pulled her dildo out of Sara's ass hole, smirked down at her handiwork and then moved round and then kneeled down right above Felicity's head with her dildo directly in Sara's face. Before Nyssa could order Sara to go ass to mouth the vigilante opened her mouth wide and eagerly wrapped her lips around the head of the cock, the self-proclaimed ATM slut moaning happily as she tasted the deepest part of her butt. Although Felicity like to think she had more than something to do with it, thrusting extra hard up into Sara's cunt to prove that point.

"Yes Ta-er al-Safar, suck my cock." Nyssa panted gleefully, gently stroking the hair of her beloved while giving Sara the dirty talk she had told her long ago was such a turn on for her, "Be my good little cock sucker and suck my cock clean. Clean it of every drop of your naughty little ass as we bring this little... stuffing session to a close."

Taking that as a personal challenge Felicity carefully slid her strap-on out of Sara's cunt and herself from underneath the other blonde so she could get a better angle, only for Sara to remove her mouth from the dildo and moan, "Bang my butt Felicity! Oh please, spit roast me."

With that Sara went back to sucking the cock and Felicity refocused her attention on Sara's ass hole. At first she was hesitant to do so as the poor little hole was already extremely well fucked, unsurprisingly gaping open from the pounding Nyssa had given it, but then Felicity locked eyes with Sara's ex, Nyssa giving her this challenging smirk which filled her with boldness. Enough to shuffle forward, guide her strap-on dildo to Sara's gaping butt hole and slamming forwards, making the Canary first cry out loudly and then moan just as loudly around the cock in her mouth as Felicity anally penetrated her girlfriend then started sodomising Sara shortly afterwards.

Thanks to Nyssa's handiwork the toy cock shot up Sara's ass with the greatest of ease, Felicity's thighs smacking against her girlfriend's butt cheeks in a matter of seconds and although she blushed bright red for a couple of seconds Felicity fought through it and began butt fucking the much, much tougher girl. As Sara's moans, groans, whimpers and cries were of pure pleasure Felicity then continued increasing the pace until she was fucking the other blonde's butt as hard as she could, and while that was nowhere near as hard as Nyssa had been it was enough to make Sara cum again, so Felicity chose to count it as a victory.

It didn't happen right away, but Sara's back passage was loosened from Nyssa's brutal thrusts so Sara felt nothing but blissful pleasure no matter how hard Felicity fucked her ass. She also felt like a massive slut being once again sandwiched in between two women, their strap-on dildos taking her from both ends this time. Sara wasn't sure whether this position was more slutty than the last, but it felt wonderfully equal right now, especially as the dildo fucking her was being worn by formally sexually repressed Felicity Smoak and the one in her mouth Nyssa al Ghul had just pulled out of her butt.

Sara had considered herself wild in the bedroom before she had been shipwrecked, but meeting the Heir to the Demon had opened her up to all kinds of unspeakable things. Ass to mouth was one of them, Nyssa taking great delight in 'making' her do something so nasty, forbidden and submissive while Sara found she liked it for pretty much the exact same reason. And normally she'd savour that this depraved act, but she wanted to be able to beg Felicity to make her cum, so rather than taking her time she quickly deep throated the dildo, cleaning every drop of her ass cream in a matter of minutes.


Throughout this Nyssa didn't move, meaning that when Sara became too incoherent to beg she could wrap her lips around her ex-girlfriend's cock so she could once again feel the joy of being double teamed. Sara also began pumping herself backwards and forwards, timing her thrusts with Felicity's to make sure that her mouth and her ass were impaled as hard and as deeply as possible, the two blondes working together to make sure that Sara received a blissfully hard climax, quickly followed by another and another and another, until even Sara was impressed, and she personally trained Felicity to give her the type of ass fuckings Nyssa had taught her to crave.

During that impressive butt pounding she received from her current girlfriend Sara was constantly glancing up at her ex-girlfriend and smiling around the dildo in her mouth. Nyssa wasn't easily impressed, but Felicity had done it, Nyssa having clearly underestimated the nerdy blonde girl since day one. Sara knew she had, the lovesick Canary once again removing her mouth from Nyssa's strap-on, so she could look round at her favorite nerd and grin as she saw Felicity lost in her own little world. She then restarted the BJ while continuing to stare up at Nyssa, the whole time wondering what she was thinking.

Nyssa was thinking many things. Mostly she was incredibly impressed by the performance of a woman she had mistaken as sweet and pretty, but weak and feeble and therefore not worthy of her precious Sara Lance. Weirdly, Nyssa was mostly pleased to be wrong, because the most important thing to her was that Sara was happy, and honestly, it was incredibly erotic to see a warrior like Sara being so totally dominated in this way by a slip of a girl who couldn't match her beloved in battle, Felicity easily ass fucking Sara through climax after climax and then not only remaining upright when she pulled out but the girl actually had the courage to stare her down while Sara slowly turned around to clean her current girlfriend's cock.

Actually Nyssa found herself the one to break eye contact, and while that was mostly so she could get a good look at Sara sucking the other blonde's dildo clean, and an even better look at the combined handiwork of herself and Felicity, part of her actually felt intimidated by this girl, even more than when Felicity had ass fucked Sara with a impressive amount of force. That force, along with her own, had left Sara's poor butt battered and bruised, the once tiny hole between those cheeks gaping wide open in testament to how hard it had been pounded, and yet Sara was bobbing her head up and down Felicity's strap-on, the feared vigilante known as the Canary moaning happily as she submissively went ass to mouth for the physically weaker blonde.

The sight was intoxicating, and yet heart breaking for Nyssa. She had believed herself and Sara were destined to be, a perfect fit... soul mates. Sure, Sara had left her and had other lovers, such as Oliver Queen and now Felicity Smoak, but she had left her because she hated killing for the League, not because she didn't love Nyssa. So Nyssa had hope. Hope that Sara would tire of being a free spirit and eventually settle down with the only person who could give her what she truly needed. Apparently she had, but it wasn't with Nyssa. Sara had found her perfect match, her light in the darkness, and she had left Nyssa alone in that darkness.

Heartbrokenly Nyssa slowly collected her clothing and dress herself, hoping to silently slip away but Felicity wouldn't let her, "Where are you going?"

Taking a deep breath Nyssa turned around, forced herself to look directly at Felicity and softly but firmly said, "I did not believe that anyone truly deserved Sara. I'm glad to be proven wrong."

For a moment Nyssa took one last look at her clearly exhausted beloved in the arms of the other blonde. Sara looked guilty, like she had done something wrong. Nyssa would tell her otherwise, another time. She just couldn't be here in this room, see Felicity giving Sara the after-care that Nyssa had so loved giving her previously, without wanting to scream and/or break her earlier promise. Although she couldn't even stand the thought of hurting Felicity, because she made Sara so happy. So putting on the bravest face she could muster Nyssa al Ghul turned her back on the love birds and left the room and then the apartment feeling utterly defeated and broken.

Chapter Text

Sara Lance closed the door to her apartment, leaned back against it and sighed in relief. She'd been officially 'off the clock' for about half an hour, but it didn't feel like she could truly relax unless she was in the presence of her girlfriend Felicity Smoak, or at least something that reminded her of her cute girlfriend. Their home was Sara's favourite reminder, as it was where they had officially become a couple, although the training matts she had first seduced/fucked Felicity on was a close second, Sara briefly grinning at the memory before she suddenly became aware of the fact she wasn't alone.

Her training prevented her from giving away that she knew about the intrusion, but inwardly she cursed. She had been on her feet for the better part of eight hours, and she had been so looking forward to just crashing on the couch before heading out to join the rest of Team Arrow for their usual nightly activities. She'd definitely rather avoid a physical confrontation that she might be too exhausted to win, but it was very possible that she might not have a choice. Fortunately she was a Master Assassin, and the vigilante known as the Canary, and if someone was trying to rob her and her beloved Felicity then Sara pitted them. And if it was someone more dangerous, well, Sara still pitted them, because no one broke into her home.

Well, almost no one, Sara breathing a sigh of relief as a familiar figure stepped out of the shadows, "Nyssa, what the hell?"

Nyssa smirked softly, "I didn't mean to startle you."

"You didn't." Sara huffed, crossing her arms, "I just... I just can't believe that after all this time you refuse to do me the courtesy of knocking, just to look cool."

Lowering her head Nyssa softly apologised, "I am sorry. I, I wasn't sure you'd see me."

"Do you really believe that?" Sara asked, uncrossing her arms and stepping closer.

"No." Nyssa admitted, then with a chuckle added, "I guess old habits die hard."

There was a long pause and then Sara asked, "What are you doing here Nyssa?"

There was another pause, then Nyssa stepped closer and said, "I have a proposal for you."

Sara raised an eyebrow, "Really? What is it?"

Yet another pause, this one the longest yet, and then Nyssa finally spoke, "First I wanted to congratulate you. I did not think it was possible to find someone worthy of you, but the more I see of Miss Smoak the clearer it becomes that she may be the only one worthy of you. I see now why you speak of her so highly."

Sara was taken aback by this. Nyssa al Ghul was nowhere near as egotistical as her father, or many other people she had met, but she normally had a healthy swagger about her which was half earned and half a mask to hide any doubt she may have. For her to lower that mask and be vulnerable was rare, Sara only bearing witness to it a few times in the past, and that was mostly during an after sex glow. Which meant whatever Nyssa wanted she was willing to do anything to get it, and while Sara had an idea what that might be she wasn't sure how this was meant to achieve it.

"Thanks, I guess." Sara murmured, "But why-"

"It was hard for me... letting you go." Nyssa interrupted, "It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Watch you with first Queen, and then her. Fall in love with her, and she with you. I, I hoped to win you back with a little threesome, but it only showed me you are truly happy. And that's what I want. Above all else I want you to be happy. So I want you to know, whatever happens Felicity has nothing to fear from me. I would never hurt your beloved, because it would be like hurting you, and I cannot bear the thought of that. But... I've been thinking about it a lot, and maybe I don't have to lose you to her. Maybe there's another way."

Sara frowned, and as Nyssa gave her the opportunity to speak she asked, "What do you mean?"

There was another pause, then Nyssa stepped closer and softly pleaded, "Promise me... promise me you'll hear me out?"

Taking her ex-lover's hand Sara, softly smiled, "Always."

Nyssa returned the smile and then after another pause began, "I remember when I first brought you to Nanda Parbat. You were fascinated by our ways, customs... the things we did to unwind. There was one thing in particular that fascinated you. Do you remember what it was?"

Sara smirked briefly, "Your Daddy's love for threesomes?"

"Yes, that." Nyssa said awkwardly, "Since last we met I have been researching the League's history and found that it was not uncommon for the reigning Ra's al Ghul to marry as many women, or even men, as they wanted. One Ra's had as many as five wives at the same time, and a sizeable Harem. Of course I never imagined wanting to enter into such an arrangement myself... until now."

"Wait, you want me and Felicity to marry you?" Sara exclaimed, letting go of Nyssa's hand.

"In a manner of speaking." Nyssa smiled softly, quickly adding, "Although I am not proposing marriage."

There was yet another long silence and then Sara softly murmured, "So what... you want to date me AND Felicity?"

Nyssa lowered her head, "I know it sounds absurd, but I love you. And I think you still love me, while you clearly love Felicity. And Felicity clearly loves you, and I know I could love Felicity, because I'm halfway there already. Besides, I never recall you cumming quite as hard as when myself and Felicity DP'ed you, and I believe we could all achieve similar ecstasy if we took this... unconventional step and became a couple. Or whatever this would be."

There was a long pause and then Sara mumbled, "Felicity would never go for that."

"Do you truly believe that?" Nyssa raised an eyebrow, "Because the girl has proven to me that she would do anything for you, and I think you know that."

More silence and then Sara said, "Maybe, but I didn't leave you for her. We broke up. Not because we stopped loving each other, but because I could never make you choose between me and the League. It's all you know, and I get that, but I don't think Felicity ever has, and if we were all... together, I don't think she could look the other way."

"You never gave me the choice." Nyssa said after staring at her beloved for a long moment, "Sara, I would have chosen you over the League."

"Would you?" Sara frowned, stepping into the brunette's personal space, "Be honest Nyssa, would you?"

There was another pause and then Nyssa admitted, "Alright, maybe not. But that's only because now I truly understand what I've lost. Now I would do anything to get you back. Anything, except hurt Felicity, who I now think about almost as much as you. Please Sara, please give me the chance to prove how much I want you both."

Sara thought about it for what was only a minute or so, but felt like an eternity to both women. On paper it was a dream come true, but could such a thing actually work? Could Sara actually have Felicity AND Nyssa? Sara loved them both so much, and the potential sex between the three of them, if it was anything like the last time, was enough to make her want to say yes. However, it was hard to imagine such an arrangement working. And yet Sara just couldn't say no, not when Nyssa was looking at her like that, and not when it was what she truly wanted.

So Sara simply said, "Leave the League. If you're serious about choosing me over them... about choosing us over them-"

"I am." Nyssa said, adding more forcefully, "I will."

Nyssa turned to leave, naturally via the window, Sara then called out to her, "Are you sure your father will let you?"

Without looking back Nyssa said, "I will not give him the choice."


One week later...

Felicity Smoak closed the door to her apartment, leaned back against it and sighed in relief. She'd been officially 'off the clock' for about half an hour, but it didn't feel like she could truly relax unless she was in the presence of her girlfriend Sara Lance, or at least something that reminded her of her sexy girlfriend. Their home was Felicity's favourite reminder, as it was where they had officially become a couple, although the 'Arrow cave' worthy had first met, and first made love, was a close second, Felicity briefly grinning and blushing at the memory before she suddenly became aware of the fact she wasn't alone.

Without thinking she called out, "Sara?"

She then cursed to herself because if someone had broken in she had just totally given away that she was here. Then again she didn't open and close the door to softly, and while her self-defence skills had greatly improved there was only so much she could do, so if Sara didn't answer in the next five seconds her best bet was probably just to run. Then again what kind of burglar, or assassin, broke into someone's home and then started softly weeping?

"In here." Sara called out from the bedroom.

Instantly relief flooded Felicity's body and she breathed a sigh of relief. That relief quickly faded after hurrying to the bedroom she shared with her beloved Sara and she found her girlfriend snuggled up with another woman. Sara's ex-girlfriend no less. Although to be fair 'snuggled up' was an exaggeration as it was more like Sara was gently holding Nyssa in a comforting embrace, which in itself was weird as Felicity never thought she'd see Nyssa al Ghul looking this vulnerable. Not that it lasted long, Nyssa moving away from Sara and wiping her eyes, which didn't help the feeling that Felicity was interrupting something.

Trying and failing to make a funny joke out of this Felicity murmured, "Well, it's good I'm not an insecure kind of gal, otherwise... erm, well... you know."

As Felicity trailed off lamely the two assassins stared at her for a few long seconds before Sara explained, "Nyssa's father disowned her."

"Oh." Felicity murmured, eyes going wide as realization hit her, "OH! Nyssa, I'm so sorry."

Lowering her gaze Nyssa simply said, "It was the preferable choice."

Felicity frowned and looked at Sara who filled her in, "Ra's wanted to marry her off. To a man."

"But she's..." Felicity frowned again, then her eyes went wide again, making her feel like a cartoon, "Oh God!"

"It, it isn't uncommon." Nyssa said, desperately trying to compose herself as much as possible, "In the League everyone is expected to make sacrifices, especially the Heir to the Demon. If things were different I would have made that sacrifice. Even given my father the grandchild he desired. But he has become increasingly unreasonable, and when I confessed wanting to leave the League, if only for a short time, he became enraged and forced me to make a choice. Fortunately I'm not the only child of Ra's al Ghul, or I would not be permitted to leave."

Felicity stared in disbelief at this turn of events, and then because it was the only thing she could really focus on right now, blurted out, "But why did you want to leave? I, I thought you liked being the Heir to the Demon?"

"I did. But I have a greater desire." Nyssa confessed, finally looking at Felicity again.

There was a long pause and then Felicity simply murmured, "Sara."

Nyssa shook her head, "Both of you."

Felicity frowned again, then Sara gently took her hand and guided her to set down on the bed before telling her, "Felicity, sweetie... Nyssa has a proposal for us. And... I... just, just try and keep an open mind. Please?"

As Felicity once again frowned Nyssa took a deep breath, turned her full attention to the new comer, took one of her hands in hers and softly said, "Since last we met I've thought of you often. Have you thought of me, and our time together?"

Before Felicity could answer Sara placed a hand against her back and softly whispered in her ear, "Don't overthink it babe. We're just looking for a yes, or a no."

"We're?" Felicity murmured hesitantly as she glanced at Sara before turning back to Nyssa, "I, I... I mean, of course. How could I not, considering... what we did."

"Indeed." Nyssa nodded, "Such a thing is not easily forgotten. But when I think back to that night, it's not the overall act, or a part of it, I think of, but the feeling. How natural it was. How... right. I confess I was trying to outdo you, show Sara I was her true love, her soulmate, and yet you made me doubt it. Since shortly after I met Sara I never doubted that she was meant to be mine and I was meant to be hers, but I wonder if it isn't that simple. If perhaps it is not I and Sara who are meant to be together, but I, Sara... and you."

"What?" Felicity frowned.

Fearing rejection Nyssa somewhat hurried the next part, "You see, in the League it is common for particularly men to have multiple wives, and often it's less a matter of sharing the man than a matter of... how did you put it Sara?"

"One big fuck pile." Sara grinned softly into Felicity's ear.

"Yes, that." Nyssa said dryly, before continuing, "I now wonder if we are meant to be together. All of us. And whether it is destiny, or a choice, I believe we can make each other happy in ways we could not on our own or in simple pairings, and if you just give us a chance, me a chance, I swear I will spend every day proving I adore you both."

Sara gave Felicity if you long seconds to absorb that information, then she gently stroked her hair and softly told her, "I know Nyssa is coming on a little strong, but she insisted on it to show how serious she was. It doesn't mean you have to decide now. In fact, I'd rather you took your time and thought about it. This will only work if we are honest about what you truly want."

"Is it?" Felicity softly murmured, turning her head to look at Sara, "Is this what you want?"

"I want you." Sara quickly but firmly replied, cupping Felicity's face as she continued, "I chose you before, and I choose you now. I will always choose you. You're the light of my life. But without me, Nyssa has none in hers. And no matter what she will always be a part of me. I love her almost as deeply as I love you, and when I had you both in this bed the last time we were all together, it was more than just a dream come true. It was like having everything I ever wanted. And I'd give nearly anything to have that again. Anything, except you."

That little speech hurt Nyssa, but if she was careful it wouldn't matter as she intended on having both of these beautiful, intelligent and amazing women. If not forever then at least for tonight, Nyssa waiting a few seconds after Sara let go of Felicity's face to gently grab it herself and turn the hacker to face her. She then told her, "As Sara said, a decision does not have to be made tonight. And when you're considering this please understand, I am not asking for forever, just for the chance to see where this goes. To see if we could work together. I would even join your misguided little attempt to better this sorry world. For now, I only ask that you allow me to show you how good I could make you feel. If nothing else, as a thank you for the previous evening, which I shall treasure forever. As I shall the precious memory of tonight, if you let it be so."

With that Nyssa moved to cup Felicity's face with both hands, leaned in and kissed the hacker. And Felicity let her. What choice did she have? Her brain was too busy trying to process what she had just been told that she couldn't have pulled away. Not that she wanted too. Did she? Because this probably wasn't a good idea in the long-term, but Felicity wasn't sure she truly wanted to resist. After all, her body didn't seem to want to, her lips going into business for themselves and kissing Nyssa back, which only encourage the deadly assassin to do more.

Nyssa was very cautious with her prey. She had been thinking about Felicity for weeks, and Sara too of course, but last time she had not given this enchanting creature the attention she deserved and Nyssa intended to rectify that. Although Felicity was far too nervous for Nyssa to just tear off her clothes and have her wicked way with her right from the start, so she had to go slow. Which was probably a good thing as it forced her to give Felicity the attention she deserved. Especially for what was essentially their first time, as while they had fucked Sara together they had barely touched each other.

Gloriously it seemed that this time it would be Nyssa and Sara joining forces to fuck Felicity, as while the hacker slowly relaxed into the kiss Nyssa sensed her beloved Canary begin to pepper kisses on Felicity's neck and shoulders, moving her long blonde hair to gain access to that soft skin. After sometime Nyssa joined her, leaving Felicity to briefly moan in approval. Then Sara took over kissing the adorable hacker while Nyssa concentrated on Felicity's neck, the assassin going back and forth for a little while between those two duties before gently encouraging Felicity to stand up so they could remove her clothes, and their own.

The two assassins worked together as if they were one body, Nyssa's heart fluttering as she briefly remembered how well she and Sara worked together as a team. How they had beaten the finest the League had to offer during training, the various different targets they had dispatched together in the name of the League, and of course the beautiful nights they had shared in each other's beds. But this was something new and unique, although Nyssa hoped it would become routine, as it was as beautiful and natural to her as any of those other things.

Once they were all naked Sara gently pulled Felicity down onto the bed again, this time positioning her girlfriend on the edge of the bed while she was sitting behind her. Understanding Sara's plan immediately Nyssa smiled at her ex and hopefully future girlfriend and then kneeled down in front of hopefully her other future girlfriend. It was very tempting to go straight for Felicity's pussy, but instead Nyssa leaned up slightly to press a quick kiss to Felicity's lips before quickly kissing her way down to the other woman's breasts, cupping then gently in her hands as she took one nipple and then the other into her mouth.

As Nyssa began going back and forth, obviously licking and sucking Felicity's nipples, Sara went right back to kissing her girlfriend's neck, leaning back slightly so she could kiss her shoulders and upper back. She also used her hands to massage Felicity's back, sides, and sometimes thighs. Basically anything which would help her to relax, and gave her teasing pleasure, which would make it more likely for Felicity to shut off her brilliant brain and just get lost in lust. Of course if Felicity really wanted to stop they would, but until her precious hacker told her she wanted to stop Sara was going to use every trick she knew to keep things going.

Luckily for all involved Nyssa didn't spend too long on Felicity's tits. Felicity didn't normally need much foreplay to get in the mood, or at least not after Sara had teased her in other ways, and Sara knew from the way Felicity was moaning and relaxing into her touch, and Nyssa's, that she was ready for a little pussy eating fun. Nyssa realised this too, something which didn't surprise Sara because of their time together, Nyssa kissing her way down Felicity's stomach, and then... kissing her thighs. Dammit, this was giving Felicity more of a chance to freak out, which was the last thing Sara wanted. So she decided to do something about it.

Namely press her tits firmly against Felicity's back, lean in and whisper in her ear, "You're in for a real treat baby. Mmmmmm, Nyssa is so good with her mouth. I can't wait to see how good she makes you feel. To hear you moan for her. Scream for her. Cum for her. Oh baby, I love you so much for doing this for me. You really are the best girlfriend ever."

Particularly that last part was extremely manipulative. Sara knew that, and she regretted going to those lengths, but it felt like her initial plan backfired, her words only making Felicity tents as her cute girlfriend easily over thought the situation. Luckily, after a tense couple of seconds, Felicity relaxed back into her and Sara smiled against her lover's skin, knowing that she had narrowly avoided disaster. Even more luckily Nyssa seemed to be kissing in the right direction, but just in case she kissed down the other thigh Sara slowly slid her hands around Felicity's body to cup her boobs.

It was probably just as well she did, because Nyssa annoyingly kissed up and down Felicity's thighs for almost a full minute, clearly driving the poor girl crazy. Luckily for all involved Nyssa then settled over her target and gave Felicity a long slow lick, making Felicity cry out joyfully. Nyssa then began a firm but steady cunt lapping, making Felicity constantly cry out, whimper and moan in pure pleasure. It was adorable and Sara loved it, but she couldn't wait for Felicity to scream and cum for Nyssa, Sara trying to gently hurry that along by continuing to play with Felicity's tits and kiss her neck and upper body. Also just so she could remain involved.

Nyssa loved tasting another woman for the first time. Not that she didn't enjoy everything about a first time with another woman, she very much did. In fact, before she had fallen deeply in love with Sara Lance, she had been something of a 'womaniser', bedding as many beautiful women in and out of the League as she could. Her favourite part of all those seductions was sliding her tongue over another woman's centre and tasting what she had to offer. And while Nyssa had believed this would be special, her imagination hadn't done justice to just how much she would instantly love the taste of Felicity Smoak.

Letting out a long moan during that first lick Nyssa savoured that first wonderful taste, and then repeated the process, albeit without that long moan. The important part was she began licking Felicity's pussy with a slow but gentle rhythm, and almost just as importantly while Nyssa remained mostly silent for the rest of this round of oral sex Felicity very much could not, the adorable blonde letting out a series of moans, gasps, cries and whimpers which had Nyssa grinning wickedly as she continued to lick the tasty treat in front of her.

While Felicity was making those adorable sounds Sara was whispering in her ear just loud enough for Nyssa to hear, "That's it baby, moan for her. Moan for Nyssa. Mmmmmmmm, she loves it when a beautiful woman moans for her, and so do I. Oh Felicity, your so cute when you moan... and gasp, and whimper, oooooooooh, I love it so much. I love you, and I love watching you getting lick by Nyssa. Ohhhhhhhh yeah Nyssa, lick her harder! Faster! Make my cute little girlfriend cum in your mouth!"

During that last part Sara pulled away from Felicity's ear to address Nyssa directly, Nyssa doing her the courtesy from between Felicity's legs so she could lock eyes with her beloved. This of course led to Sara grinning down at her, Nyssa returning the grin even though it wasn't very visible to Sara from her current position. Also, because she couldn't deny Sara anything anymore, Nyssa began licking Felicity faster, if not harder. She also made sure to hit Felicity's clit with every lick instead of every other lick like she had been doing from the start, which in turn squeezed more moans, gasps, cries and whimpers out of the other woman.

Even though she couldn't help but do as Sara said Nyssa tried not to increase things too much as she wanted to savour tasting Felicity's pussy for the first time. Unfortunately the faster she licked, the more cunt cream there was, Nyssa soon wrapping her upstairs lips around Felicity's downstairs lips so that yummy liquid flowed directly into her mouth and down her throat. Then she just couldn't resist sucking the tasty treat in front of her, which in turn made Felicity let out even more adorable sounds and pushed Nyssa to lick and suck harder and faster, the process repeating over and over again. Not that Felicity complained.

Exactly the opposite in fact, Felicity even whimpering, "Oh my God Nyssa, fuck me! Mmmmmm, fuck me with your tongue! Ohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddd Nyssa, oh Nyssa, oh fuck me, fuck me Nyssa, oooooooooooh fuck! Tongue fuck me! Oh fuck, fuck, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! OH NYSSA! SARA! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD!"

Felicity said a lot more than that, in between and often during all the dirty things Sara was whispering into her ear, but those were the loudest and certainly the most coherent words that came out of her mouth throughout the incredibly oral sex she received from Nyssa al Ghul. And she only said that when she was really, really desperate to cum, Felicity holding off for as long as she could because Nyssa was predictably wonderful at eating pussy and Felicity just couldn't get enough of her mouth and particularly her tongue. And everything Sara did only made it better. Not that Felicity could imagine doing it without her. Well actually she could, and she had, but that was far from the point.

If Felicity was truthful herself she'd had a crush on Nyssa al Ghul since she met her. Before than actually, Felicity having hacked into the airport security system when Nyssa first came to Starling City over a year ago under Oliver's orders so he could have some idea what he was up against. Felicity had tried to resist the urge, but Nyssa was just so hot, and her fantasies of Sara were briefly replaced with fantasies of Nyssa. Since then she'd had the occasional fantasy of the two assassins ganging up on her like this, but her wildest fantasies couldn't compare to the actual experience.

Hopefully things would only get better, because as good as Sara was making her feel Felicity knew her girlfriend could do better, the hacker particularly tempted to try and push Sara backwards and onto her face so she could eat her pussy while Nyssa was eating hers. Try being the important word, as Felicity guessed Sara was in a giving mood, and she had no chance of forcing the Canary to let her share the love as Sara clearly had her heart set on concentrating on the MIT graduate. Of course being helpless under the force of nature which were the two assassins was part of the charm, Felicity revelling in the power the other two women had over her until touching, licking, sucking and the bad words being whispered into her ear became too much.

Luckily when she asked for it, or more accurately beg for it, Nyssa seemed more than happy to give her what she so desperately wanted, Felicity screaming at the top of her lungs as the brunette shoved her tongue inside her while the other blonde chuckled in her ear. Then Nyssa started thrusting her tongue in and out of Felicity's pussy, gently at first but quickly picking up speed while Sara poured pure filth into her ear, the combination of the dirty words and the tongue thrusts pushing Felicity over the edge of orgasm pretty quickly. The two assassins then effortlessly kept her on her high for what felt like hours and seconds at the same time, the ecstasy melting Felicity's brilliant brain until she was nothing but a quivering, screaming mess.

In the moments before she made Felicity cum Nyssa mourned the loss of her chance of giving this enchanting woman a long drawn-out pussy eating and promised that if the two blondes excepted her little indecent proposal then she would bound Sara and force her to watch as she spent hours in between Felicity's thighs. Or better yet bind them both so the two of them would be at her mercy, poor little Felicity only able to whimper and writhe as Nyssa ate her pussy to her heart's desire. Maybe she would even place a vibrator against Sara's clit so she could keep both blondes on the edge of orgasm for hours. But that was in the future.

For now Nyssa very much was concentrating on swallowing Felicity's cum, the brunette of course loving the flavour of it the second it hit her taste-buds and craving more. Getting more was easy now the floodgates were open, Nyssa simply moving her tongue from Felicity's cunt to gulp down her cum and then returning her tongue to that lovely little fuck hole for some intense tongue thrusting until she got another mouthful of cum. Nyssa then repeated the process over and over again, the only deviation being when she briefly pushed her finger into Felicity's entrance and used her tongue to lick her clit, but even then it wasn't long before she returned to her favourite routine.

Nyssa would have very much like to continue that routine, but she was vaguely aware of Sara moving from the bed to the side of her and then she cupped her face gently before tugging her backwards. As there wasn't much force behind it Nyssa could have resisted, but again she couldn't deny Sara anything, especially if the Canary wanted what Nyssa thought she wanted. Sure enough it was a simple kiss, except this was different to any they'd ever had before as Sara was tasting another woman's cum and pussy cream on Nyssa's lips and tongue, making the experience even more erotic than usual, and Nyssa wouldn't have thought that possible.

After a long, deep kiss Sara pulled away and breathlessly told her ex, "There are strap-ons in the bottom draw over there."

Getting the implication Nyssa got up, walked over to where Sara had indicated and studied what was on offer. After a brief moment of contemplation Nyssa chose a modest sized strap-on dildo for herself and a similar one for Sara, assuming they were going to mirror the last time only with Felicity in the middle. Or at least she hoped they would. Just in case she also retrieved a bottle of lubricant before turning around so that while she strapped on her weapon of choice she could watch Sara continuing to have her wicked way with Felicity, a sight she very much enjoyed.

After Nyssa got up Sara couldn't resist turning to Felicity and giving her pussy one long lick. Then a few little licks, just to make sure any remnants of cum were gone. Then despite a nearly overwhelming urge to continue Sara began slowly kissing her way up her girlfriend's body until she reached her lips. Well, she may have lingered on her boobs for a little bit, but that was just to make extra sure that Felicity had recovered from her orgasms and was ready for more. Fortunately Felicity's stamina had greatly improved since they'd started having sex a little over a year ago and by the time Sara reached her lips Felicity welcomed her with as passionate a kiss as they'd ever had before.

Felicity then tried to flip them over, only for Sara to stop her, break the kiss and grin, "Not so fast babe."

This caused Felicity to frown, "But it's your turn. Isn't it? I mean, it can be Nyssa's turn if you want, I just thought-"

"Have you ever thought about being DP'ed?" Sara asked bluntly, then when she saw the shock on Felicity's face added, "Cause ever since you fulfilled that particular fantasy of mine I've been wanting to do the same to you, and see the look on your face when you cum as hard as I did."

There was a brief pause and then Felicity softly mumbled, "I, I don't know."

"Oh come on baby, please?" Sara whined automatically, before quickly adding, "I mean, it's totally your choice, but you love it up the ass almost as much as I do, and I know it's always scary to try new things, but babe, seriously, if anything is worth pushing through fear it's this. And we'd totally stop if you wanted too. Or we could leave it for another night if you really want, but trust me, if you do you'll be kicking yourself. And, and you do trust me, don't you sweetie?"

There was another brief pause, then Felicity smiled, reached up and stroked Sara's face gently before replying, "Look who's rambling now."

"What can I say, you rub off on me." Sara grinned widely, wiggling her eyebrows to heavily imply the innuendo.

"Well I know you love it when I rub off on you." Felicity giggled, happily embracing the cheesy innuendo.

"And you love it too." Sara giggled back.

"I really do." Felicity said, staring lovingly at her girlfriend, "I love it, and I love you."

"Me too." Sara smiled softly, "I love it, and I love you too."

Feeling jealous for the first time tonight as for a couple of seconds the two blondes stared lovingly into each other's eyes Nyssa cleared her throat and asked, "Well Felicity, what is your answer?"

Startled out of her lovesick daze Felicity blinked a few times, looked back and forth between Nyssa and Sara and then eventually said, "Alright, but be gentle, okay?"

"Always." Sara smiled softly, that smile becoming wicked as she added, "At least as long as you want it that way."

That caused Felicity to blush so adorably that Sara just couldn't resist leaning down to give her girlfriend a quick kiss before jumping up, grabbing the dildo Nyssa held out for her and then strapping it around her waist. She then considered what exactly to do next. Obviously she wanted to get to the DP, but how should she lube the dildo first? She knew for a fact Felicity's pussy was nice and wet so the tube of lubricant would probably be overkill, and she preferred making Felicity give her a blow job before she fucked her pussy. But Felicity seemed a little nervous for that, so ultimately Sara decided to just spit into her hand, rub that saliva into the dildo and then simply lay down next to her girl.

"Hop on babe." Sara said, Felicity quickly complying and positioning her pussy over the dildo and then slowly pushing herself downwards.

The dildo easily slipped inside of Felicity's cunt and the hacker let out a long adorable moan as she first penetrated her own cunt and then lowered herself down the rest of the way. When she was fully sitting on Sara's lap Felicity closed her eyes and took a second just to enjoy the sensation. She then opened them again, and the two blondes exchanged a brief smile before Felicity began bouncing up and down on the dick, either because she remembered how Sara had told her that relaxed her when she had been in the middle of a DP or just because she wanted too. Either way Sara was in no hurry to stop her as there was nothing she liked more than Felicity Smoak riding her strap-on dildo.

Nyssa also loved this sight, but there was only so long she could wait to get involved again, and it already felt like an eternity, so it probably was not long before she called out, "Felicity, are you ready?"

Seeing the apprehension in her girlfriend's face Sara quickly chimed in, "Nyssa will lube up your ass first, right Nyssa?"

"Of course." Nyssa nodded.

"And like I said, we can stop at any time, but I really think you'll love it." Sara promised.

"Okay." Felicity agreed hesitatingly after a brief pause and then turned to Nyssa, "Just make sure to work up to two fingers. Really stretch out my butt before you fuck it."

Nyssa grinned wickedly, "This isn't the first time I've done this."

Felicity blushed slightly, which even to her seemed absurd under the circumstances, "I know."

Sara grinned as Nyssa kneeled down behind the blushing Felicity and, Sara assumed, pressed a well lubed finger to Felicity's ass hole and slowly pushed it inside her. Nyssa was too much a pro for it to be anything else, and the moan of mostly pleasure Felicity let out indicated that it wasn't anything the hacker couldn't handle, Felicity staying still as a statue as Nyssa finger fucked her ass. She had been that way ever since Nyssa broke her concentration, and while Sara mourned the loss of the bouncing watching Felicity's face as she was anally fingered to prepare her for a DP was almost just as good.

Just as Felicity had requested Nyssa thoroughly stretched her butt, eventually adding a second and then even a third finger into her butt hole, and then continuing to finger the forbidden hole until Felicity moaned, "Okay, that's good. Now fuck me. Mmmmmmm, fuck my ass! DP me! Oh please, DP me."

"As you wish." Nyssa smirked as she pushed one of Felicity's cheeks aside and then pressed her dildo to the girl's butt hole, "Relax little one."

"Felicity, look at me." Sara said softly, and then when Felicity looked her in the eye she told her, "You can do this. I've fucked that cute little hole plenty of times, and I know you'll love this even more, trust me babe."

Even though she couldn't see her face Nyssa could tell that Felicity was blushing, and that blush was adorable. It was reflected in Sara's sparkling eyes and the way her beloved grinned, Nyssa feel a twinge of jealousy before she remembered she intended to make both these beautiful women hers. That this was her chance to make what had become her greatest fantasy a reality, and perhaps all she would have to do is make a beautiful woman cum, which was her favourite thing in the world. Especially when she was using anal sex to achieve that goal, Nyssa focusing once again on Felicity's ass hole as she began pushing forwards, watching with delight as that hole stretched for her, eventually wide enough for the head of the dildo to slip inside.

"Oh God!" Felicity gasped as she felt herself begin stretching, then when her ass was actually penetrated she cried out, "OH GOD!"

"Baby, are you-" Sara began.

"I'm fine." Felicity insisted through gritted teeth, "I, I just need a minute."

Nyssa gave her one, tearing her eyes away from the beautiful sight of Felicity's ass hole stretching for her to Sara giving the other blonde a sympathetic look, quickly followed by a gentle kiss. That turned into a gentle kissing session, Nyssa's jealousy resurfacing, although Nyssa didn't have to look away this time. All she had to do was look back down at her cock stretching Felicity's butt hole and her most perverted of desires consumed her thoughts, Nyssa actually having to struggle to hold back for a full minute and the moment the brunette thought the blonde was ready she pushed forwards again with the same result as before.

Except this time there was no verbal exchange, Felicity just broke the kiss to cry out and then went right back to kissing Nyssa's beloved, not that Nyssa blamed her. In fact, she rather enjoyed it now that her lust consumed any other emotional response she might have been having, Nyssa's eyes flicking back and forth between where the two beautiful women were kissing and where her dildo was disappearing into Felicity's delightful bottom. Until of course the anal penetration was completed, Nyssa giving Felicity a chance to relax and to enjoy the moment before she officially started sodomising this enchanting creature who had managed to do the impossible.

Nyssa wouldn't have believed anyone could tear her heart away from Sara, as while Felicity hadn't technically did that she had been able to grab her heart and hold on, these two beautiful blondes consuming Nyssa's thoughts until one of them wasn't enough. And maybe that was actually a good thing, because it meant she could 'stuff' her beloved Canary and delightful nerd, Nyssa grinning with pride as thanks to her years of experience sodomising women she soon had Felicity moaning, groaning, gasping, whimpering, and crying out from pure pleasure, Sara eventually breaking the kiss so that the two assassins could get the full enjoyment out of this sounds of the woman who had come between them in the best way possible.

Felicity wasn't sure what she had been expecting. Pleasure mostly, but with a lot of pain and weirdness she would need to get over to truly enjoy it. Instead she pretty much loved it right from the get go, Nyssa skilfully entering and then loosening her back passage so that big strap-on could slide in and out of her butt, not just rubbing against her rectum walls but the dildo inside her pussy. Or at least the thin wall of flesh separating them, that feeling better than Felicity could have imagined.

It felt so good that not only did her fuck holes relaxing what felt like record time but Felicity found herself racing towards a much needed orgasm. And that was just with Nyssa gently fucking her ass, and pushing her downwards onto Sara's cock. But of course just as Felicity could taste her own orgasm Nyssa slowed down, denying Felicity what she now so desperately wanted. Luckily she knew what she had to do to get it, and Felicity had absolutely no problem doing that right now.


With that Nyssa finally returned to the slow but steady pace she had been dishing out the majority of the ass fucking, Felicity crying out gratitude but continuing the begging as she has learned the hard way she would be punished for doing so. Well, technically that was Sara, but she doubted Nyssa would be more merciful. Then again Nyssa continued fucking her ass even as Felicity became increasingly incoherent, the brunette not even taunting her. Neither did Sara, although she did give her this look which might have been able to make Felicity cum on its own. It certainly helped push her to climax, as said the sudden thrust she got from Sara's dildo.

In fact Sara thrusting upwards into her pussy triggered the best orgasm of Felicity's young life, her holes clamping down around the toys inside it and her body shaking as pure bliss washed through her body. Not that it even slowed the assassins down for a second, Sara even beginning to fuck her almost as hard as Nyssa, and the brunette was really starting to cut loose, Felicity feeling like she literally lost her mind as she was fucked through orgasm after orgasm. Thankfully that wasn't the case, as no one wanted to date anyone who was literally mindless, which was the last rambling thought Felicity had for a good long while as she became consumed with pleasure.

Sara loved seeing Felicity like this. Free of all her worries and insecurities, and completely lost in what she was feeling. She just wished that her girlfriend could look her in the eye while she was cumming, because that was pretty much Sara's favourite thing ever. And that was really saying something considering all the wonderful things she did with Felicity, and had previously done with Nyssa. Of course it was no great hardship to watch Felicity with her eyes tightly closed or a faraway look in her eye and flailing so adorably from the force of her orgasms. Orgasms Nyssa was giving her, Sara weirdly delighted by that fact, which at least boded well for their little experiment.

While Felicity was in no condition to concentrate on such a thing as looking her in the eye Nyssa was more than willing to take over where Felicity left off, the former Heir to the Demon locking eyes with the Canary and smirking at her. Taking that smirk as a personal challenge Sara started thrusting upwards, gently at first but swiftly picking up the pace until it felt like more of a joint effort than her simply laying back and letting Nyssa do all the work. Which made Felicity scream louder and spasm more fiercely before finally collapsing down on top of Sara, whimpering and shaking from the after-shocks of her orgasms.

Immediately both the assassins stop thrusting and Nyssa looked extremely pleased with herself. For her part Sara bit her lip, wanting to continue but not sure if Felicity was up for it. Luckily Felicity raised her head up and gave her this look which Sara interpreted as continue, the vigilante known as the Canary cautiously thrusting upwards, and then when her girlfriend whimpered in mostly pleasure she gently but forcefully rolled both Felicity and Nyssa onto their sides and picked up the force of her thrusts.

For a few seconds Nyssa looked taken aback, then the wicked grin returned to her face and she began fucking Felicity's butt again, quickly timing it so she was using the same rhythm as Sara. The two former League of Assassins members then gradually picked up the pace somewhat, and although Nyssa never used the same amount of force when she was on top she and Sara ended up taking the hacker's fuck holes very forcefully, once again making Felicity cum even more until the poor thing passed out in Sara's arms. Only then did Sara stop completely, Nyssa following suit and then yanking her dildo out of Felicity's ass.

For a few long minutes Sara and Nyssa slowly got their breath back, then the brunette slowly got out of bed prompting the conscious blonde to softly call out, "You don't have to go, you know?"

Nyssa considered staying silent as she slowly got dressed, before ultimately murmuring, "I can't?"

"Why?" Sara asked, then when there was no reply pushed, "I want you to stay."

"So do I." Nyssa said, before turning back to her love, "She needs time to think. You both do. Until you reach a decision, I can fuck you, but I can't be around you both and just watch you be intimate without me. It hurts too much."

"Nyssa-" Sara began.

"Goodbye Sara." Nyssa said firmly, adding before she left, "I'm staying in the same place, and under the same name, as last time I was here. When you're ready with your answer, come and find me. I promise to accept whatever you decide, and... and thank you for these two special nights. They have been some of the greatest of my life, rivalling even our first time together."

"I love you Nyssa. No matter what." Sara promised as Nyssa headed for the window.

"I love you too. Both of you." Nyssa murmured, deliberately too softly for the other women to hear.

Chapter Text

Nyssa al Ghul glanced at the cheap bedside clock for probably the fifth time in the last five minutes. She tried to concentrate on her book, but it was no use. Normally she was in better control of her emotions, but it was impossible to do so now she was so very close to regaining her beloved, along with the most wonderful bonus possible. She couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, couldn't do anything except think about Felicity Smoak and Sara Lance, and the two incredible threesomes they'd had together, and most importantly the life they might share if the two blondes were to agree to her little indecent proposal and allow her to join their relationship.

Even though many erotic images echoed through Nyssa's mind she never once touched herself, knowing her own fingers couldn't do justice to what she had felt while sharing the bed of her beloved Sara and the enchanting Felicity. Nyssa was also holding onto the vague hope that she would see them today, and they would be able to engage in more of the kind of fun they'd had the last two times, although it was far from a guarantee. It was still less than 24 hours since they had last parted ways, and it was reasonable to assume they would need more time to think about her proposal. On the other hand, if they felt anything close to what she did, they wouldn't be able to stay away.

So while Nyssa tried to remember her training and be realistic she couldn't help but jump off the cheap hotel bed and pretty much run to the door the second she heard a firm and steady knock. It was unlikely that an assassin would do such a thing, but not completely out of the question they would attempt to catch her off guard. Other fools had made the same mistake. Happily, when she cautiously looked through the peephole all she saw was an adorably nervous looking Felicity Smoak and her beloved Sara Lance, who was also clearly nervous but hiding it well. Although she felt the same way Nyssa couldn't help smiling briefly before opening the door and trying not to look too hopeful or needy.

"Beloved." Nyssa nodded at Sara once the door was opened, then turned to Felicity and nodded to her too, "Beloved. I am very happy to see you both. And so soon since we last spoke."

"May we come in?" Sara asked softly, doing a good job of hiding her decision.

This made Nyssa nervous, but she nodded and stepped aside, "Of course."

Sara strolled into the room, openly and quickly checking for a danger before naturally finding none. Felicity followed and also looked around, although Nyssa doubted that she was checking for danger. More liked that she was trying to find something nice to say about the tiny hotel room that Nyssa had chosen, and struggling to find it. This made Nyssa briefly smile again as she shut the door behind them and turned to her guests. Smiling was something Nyssa rarely did, and yet it was becoming more frequent now she was spending time around Felicity, again proving why Sara was so smitten with her, and why Nyssa was falling just as hard for the girl.

"Erm, nice place." Felicity mumbled unconvincingly.

Nyssa scoffed, "My father has denied me my inheritance, but I made preparations for such an unfortunate turn of events long before he became completely unreasonable. I assure you both, I have a small fortune at my disposal."

"It's standard procedure in the League." Sara chimed in, explaining to Felicity, "Hide in plain sight, and not draw attention to ourselves."

"Which a big expensive suite would do, I get it." Felicity nodded, before focusing on Nyssa, "We're here to talk. I mean, obviously we're here to talk, and we're talking now, but we're here to talk-talk, you know?"

"I think she does, sweetie." Sara grinned at her blushing and rambling girlfriend, before turning her attention to her ex, "We have some conditions."

Face brightening Nyssa replied, "Of course."

"First, no killing." Felicity said firmly, briefly glancing at Sara before adding, "Or at least not unless it's absolutely necessary."

Nyssa nodded, "I anticipated as much."

"You need to join Team Arrow, so we can keep an eye on you." Sara chimed in.

"If I must." Nyssa agreed.

"And you have to recognise Oliver as team leader and follow his orders." Felicity added.

Nyssa's eyes narrowed, "Now you're just being unreasonable."

"Nyssa." Sara gently scolded.

"Fine." Nyssa grumbled.

"We're not saying you have to respect him, you just have to be united with us behind him. At least when it comes to combat, Because any unit which isn't united will fall." Sara said, "You taught me that."

"I know." Nyssa nodded, "And I never said I didn't respect him. I merely do not like him. Or understand your interest in him beyond his skill as a warrior, and perhaps his misguided belief that he can save his city."

"Maybe if she saw him on the salmon ladder." Felicity mumbled, before blushing as the other two women looked at her.

"I don't think that would make a difference to Nyssa, babe. She just doesn't swing that way." Sara smiled, before becoming serious again, "I know I do not need to tell you to be at least civil to our friends, but for the sake of covering our basis I really must insist."

"Of course." Nyssa nodded, "I swear to treat them with respect... anything else?"

"Honesty." Felicity said softly, drawing the attention of the other women for the right reasons, "One of the main reasons I fell for Sara so quickly is that she never lied to me. Sure, she only told me about everything with the island, and you, when she was ready, but there is a difference between that and-"

"How Oliver chooses to keep his family and friends in the dark?" Nyssa offered.

For a second Felicity glared, which just looked adorable, then grumbled, "Yeah, that."

"Obviously a certain amount of white lies are fine." Sara chimed in, "But I shouldn't need to explain the line to you."

"No, you don't." Nyssa agreed, "This term, and the others, are very acceptable. Is there anything further?"

"Yes." Sara said, closing the gap between them, "If we agree to your little proposal, I expect you to treat us both equally. Just as you should expect the same from us. At least in time. It may take some getting used to, but our goal should be to ensure no one feels left out."

"I couldn't agree more." Nyssa smiled.

"And this shouldn't all be about sex." Felicity quickly added, "I mean, we can absolutely have sex, especially tonight, but you need to go on actual dates with us."

"I look forward to it." Nyssa beamed, before clarifying, "Both the dates and the sex, although I know which I'd prefer right now."

"Me too." Sara smirked, before adding, "But there is just one more thing, although it isn't a condition. More a strong suggestion."

"Oh?" Nyssa raised an eyebrow, "And what is that?"

There was a pause, then Sara took Nyssa into her arms and explained, "I loved every moment I was with you, but... I never truly felt like an equal. Not until I hooked up with Felicity."

"I... I'm, I'm so sorry Sara." Nyssa began, before nervously asking, "I, I never meant to make you feel that way... but what is it you want me to do?"

"Let us top you." Sara said softly, "In every way me and Felicity were topped during our last two threesomes."

There was a moment of silence and then Nyssa asked softly, "In every way?"

"In every way." Sara confirmed, sliding hand down to squeeze Nyssa's ass in the process.

"It doesn't have to be tonight." Felicity said softly, stepping closer, "We can work up to it, but I think Sara is right. It would help us all feel equal. And-"

"I think..." Nyssa interrupted, "I think that's only fair, but I would prefer to just get it over with."

Sara smiled, pressed her forehead against Nyssa's and softly murmured, "If you change your mind, at any time tonight, let me know."

Sara then pressed her lips to Nyssa's, her former and perhaps now current girlfriend eagerly kissing back. Too eagerly for Sara's liking, the blonde gently encouraging the brunette to take things slow, as there was no rush. They had all night. Which was ironic, because on their first few nights together when they had first become a couple it was Nyssa gently encouraging Sara to take it slow. Whether she got the irony or not Nyssa quickly obliged and the two shared a soft, gentle kiss for what felt like hours, but was probably only minutes. Either way it felt like coming home to Sara, and she suspected Nyssa felt the same way.

She then experienced the same sense of security and belonging when she broke that kiss to repeat the process with her beloved Felicity. They had planned out this part before hand so Felicity was waiting for Sara and eagerly greeted her lips with her own, that kiss lasting just as long as her kiss with Nyssa before Felicity broke it so she could have an equally long and gentle kiss with Nyssa while Sara got the pleasure of watching. The three of them went back and forth for a little while, not stopping when they slowly began to strip each other of their clothes. Well, mostly. There were a few unfortunate seconds it was unavoidable, but for the most part their lips either stayed locked together or pressed against the newly exposed skin.

Shortly after the kissing began they started to gently stroke each other's bodies. At first in innocent places like their sides, backs, faces and hair, but it was not that long before they graduated to boobs and butts. Sara was unsurprisingly the first one to grab Felicity's cute little butt and give it a good squeeze before doing the same with Nyssa's, the other two then returning the favour. This made them all giggle and for a moment things were light. Then Sara slid her hand up to squeeze Nyssa's right breast, and things became very serious again.

Briefly Nyssa took the chance to return the favour and gently squeeze the tits of Sara and Felicity before they ganged up on her, each taking a nipple into her mouth and sucking on it. Naturally this caused Nyssa to moan happily, the former assassin then sticking out her chest and slipping both her hands into long blonde hair so she could press Felicity and Sara against her breasts. Which in turn caused the blondes to suck on the brunette's nipples even more gleefully, although despite her growing desire to speed this up Sara stuck to the plan and need to worship Nyssa's boobs. Or boob, as the case may be.

Felicity did the same, although she did follow Sara's lead later and bring her hand up to massage the breast she was working on. Then she pulled it into her mouth while she added her tongue into the mix, sliding it around Nyssa's nipple clockwise and then anticlockwise before gently flicking that sensitive bundle of nerves. Felicity did that for quite some time, until Nyssa gently pulled her back, look deeply into her eyes and then kissed her. The kiss was deep and passionate, taking Felicity's breath away so much that Nyssa allowed her a few seconds to gasp in staring lovingly at her before she pushed her back down to her breast again and repeated the process with Sara.

This happened a few times before Nyssa gently pulled them away from her and towards each other, Felicity and Sara quickly taking the hint and wrapping their arms around each other before slamming their lips together for maybe what was their roughest kiss ever. It was certainly as passionate as any they'd ever had, but it was not long before they turn their attention back to Nyssa, the two blondes staring at her lustfully before Sara dropped to her knees in front of the brunette and started licking her pussy. Maybe a bit quickly, but Nyssa unsurprisingly didn't seemed to complain, given the way she cried out in pleasure.

After a second or two just to enjoy the sight Felicity moved back to resume the tittie worship, before Nyssa gently stopped her before addressing Sara, "Wait... I, I think Felicity should do it."

Looking up from in between Nyssa's legs Sara raised an eyebrow, "You think?"

"I want." Nyssa quickly corrected herself, turning her eyes to Felicity as she boldly added, "I want Felicity to be the one to eat my pussy."

"Oh." Felicity murmured, blushing for some reason.

"You can eat my ass." Nyssa told Sara dryly, without taking her eyes off of Felicity.

"Gladly." Sara grinned, quickly shuffling around behind Nyssa, making room for Felicity to take her place.

Instead of complying immediately Felicity just watched Sara get into position, curious to see if she would be as eager with licking Nyssa's ass as she was with her pussy. Felicity thought she would be, given that Sara had proven that she loved giving, and receiving, rim jobs just as much as she liked having someone munching her muffin. But instead Sara chose to be a little more teasing, and thus began with literally kissing Nyssa's ass. Which gave Felicity an excuse to follow suit, slowly lowering herself to her knees just as Nyssa looked like she was going to complain and then covering her muscular thighs in gentle kisses before finally licking Nyssa's pussy.

When she did it was a long, slow lick which avoided Nyssa's clit, but it still made the deadly woman cry out in pleasure, which was great for Felicity's ego. It was followed by soft moans as Felicity repeated the process and thus began slowly but thoroughly licking Nyssa's pussy, moaning frequently to herself at the other woman's exotic taste. For a moment or two Felicity cursed herself for not making sure that she got to do this sooner, especially after the skilled cunt lapping Nyssa had given her the last time they'd had sex. Then Nyssa let out another cry and Felicity smiled, because while her ego might like to believe that was because of her she suspected it was because her other girlfriend Sara had 'officially' joined the fun.

Sara firmly believed she joined the fun when it had started, and she certainly hadn't stop, as literally kissing Nyssa's ass was a lot of fun. And not just for her, from the sounds of Nyssa's moans. But this was certainly the moment she gently pulled apart Nyssa's juicy ass cheeks and slowly slid her tongue up the other assassin's ass crack. She did that a few more times before focusing in on her target, which like the initial crack licking got another sexy cry out of Nyssa. And to her credit Sara got a few more as she pressed her face deep in between Nyssa's ass cheeks and settled in to giving her former, and now current, lover a long, drawn-out rim job.

This wasn't the first time Sara had eaten out Nyssa's ass. Not even close. In fact back when they had been together Sara had spent a lot of time with her face buried in Nyssa's butt cheeks, the then Heir to the Demon either literally sitting on her face or laying on her stomach while Sara worshiped her most private hole. Sara still missed those times, even when she had Felicity's cute little booty to lick to her heart's content. To once again find herself in between Nyssa's cheeks was an honour and a privilege, but to be licking Nyssa's ass while Felicity licked the brunette's pussy was out of this world, and Sara was determined to give Nyssa an extra thorough rim job to celebrate the occasion.

So Sara eagerly lapped away at Nyssa's butt hole for what felt like hours, somewhere along the way puckering up and literally kissing that little rosebud. She also wrapped her lips around it and sucked it. Finally she pressed her tongue against Nyssa's ass hole and slowly but firmly pushed forwards. As the biggest thing Nyssa had ever had up her butt was a finger Sara's tongue didn't get very far. At first she couldn't even get it inside, but Sara was persistent, and she had learned patience, and she cared about Nyssa so very much, so ultimately she succeeded and then grinned in triumph as Nyssa let out an extra loud cry of pleasure.

"Oh fuck!" Nyssa cried out, tightening the already tight grip she had earlier taken on Sara's hair as she added, "Mmmmmmm yes, that's it beloved! Shove your tongue up my ass! Ohhhhhhhhh yes, shove your tongue up my ass as my other beloved licks my pussy. Ooooooooh, that feels so good. Oh fuck me, oh fuck! Fuck me Sara, ass fuck me with your tongue, oooooooooooooh yessssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmm fuck! That's right, fuck my ass with your tongue! Oh Sara! I love you Sara. And I love you too Felicity. Ohhhhhhhhh, I love you both so much, and I want you both to fuck me. Oh please Felicity, fuck me. Fuck me like Sara is fucking me. Tongue fuck my cunt like Sara is tongue fucking my ass. Please Felicity, I want you to oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooddddddddddddd!"

Again Sara smiled into Nyssa's ass as the rightful Heir to the Demon signified that Felicity had been quick to respond and shoved her tongue into Nyssa's cunt. Which didn't surprise Sara, but somewhat disappointed her, simply because she would have liked to hear the mighty Nyssa al Ghul begging sexy little Felicity Smoak a little more. Especially as it wasn't like Felicity wasn't willing to tease. In fact sometimes she could be a little too eager to be a tease. Not that Sara really minded, because it was an excuse to step up her own tongue fucking, which she was sure that Nyssa would have been begging for if she still possessed the ability to be coherent.

Nyssa had tried to hold back from asking for more for as long as she could, so she could just enjoy the moment of these two beautiful women worshipping her body. Then when the time came she tried to make it clear it was a demand, but despite her best efforts it came out as begging. Shameless begging at that, Nyssa actually grateful when Felicity pushed her tongue inside her as she instantly became incoherent, because although it was embarrassing to constantly moan, groan, gasp, cry, whimper and even scream, it was preferable to continuing to beg like a common whore.

As the daughter of Ra's al Ghul Nyssa would have had her pick of the League's warriors, and means to secure anyone she wanted, regardless whether she possessed any good looks or charm. Fortunately for her she possessed both, so it had been easy to seduce women outside the League, and she suspected those who gave themselves to her within it mostly did so willingly than out of any sort of obligation. So not only was she very familiar with lesbian sex, but she'd had the pleasure of fucking two or more women at once many times before, but Felicity and Sara were special. Nyssa loved them both so much, and as incredible as it was to fuck them it was even more incredible to be the centre of attention.

Two beautiful women tongue fucking her pussy and ass would have inevitably made Nyssa cum. Hell, she suspected even the straightest of women would have cum under the circumstances, especially considering the skill her two lovers were showing. But because it was Sara and Felicity poor Nyssa just couldn't hold back her own orgasm, which was a shame, because the high Nyssa felt just before she went over the edge was incredible. Of course what she felt after it was better, but it signified the beginning of the end for this incredible experience. Or at least this incredible part of it.

Not that Nyssa complained. No, she was too busy pushing the faces of Felicity and Sara as deep into her pussy and ass as they could possibly go and throwing her head back so she could let out the loudest scream of the night, Nyssa no longer caring how she sounded because she was experiencing the best orgasm of her life. Which was really saying something considering what she had experienced with Sara, and with both Felicity and Sara. And yet it was almost literally mind blowing, Nyssa forced to loosen her grip on the hair of her beloveds as in that moment all she could concentrate on was remaining standing.

Felicity initially experienced something similar, namely a stubborn determination to swallow every drop of Nyssa's cum, which she liked even better than Nyssa's regular pussy cream. Unfortunately there was just so much of it, so despite her experience with Sara Felicity just couldn't get it all, although she tried her best. And she continued to try her best in between fucking Nyssa to orgasm after orgasm. Not that she did it alone. No, her wonderful girlfriend helped a lot. Oh yes, her girlfriend helped her fuck their girlfriend, that thought making Felicity giddy with delight.

It did unfortunately make her feel guilty too. After all, she was the one getting all the yummy cum. What was Sara getting? Okay, she knew Sara really got off on giving a rim job, but that didn't get better as time went on so it felt like Felicity was being greedy and getting all the reward. Then again as she pushed her tongue back into Nyssa's cunt and fucked the brunette to another climax Felicity realized something, she could totally reward Sara later with a kiss. Oh yes, they would kiss and share what was left of Nyssa's cum. It would be glorious, and appropriate, and Sara could totally lick up all the cum which escaped onto Felicity's face, and as time went on there was a lot of it.

In the meantime Felicity wanted to concentrate on swallowing Nyssa's cum. And making Nyssa cum. Which was more important. Felicity needed to remember that. After all, she liked to think of herself as a giver. And to be fair she was giving Nyssa everything she had. Pretty much. Although there was one thing she hadn't done which she wanted to do as soon as she thought of it, although that meant pulling her mouth away from Nyssa's yummy cunt, and Felicity really, really didn't want to do that. But again what really mattered here was Nyssa's pleasure, so after giving the assassin one more climax Felicity moved her hands up so she could finger fuck the Heir to the Demon.

Felicity intended to push two or three fingers into Nyssa's cunt and then fuck her with them while sucking on her clit, maybe while her free hand rested on Nyssa's thigh for balance. That never failed to get Sara off nice and hard. However Felicity didn't take Sara into account. Specifically that Sara's hand was already resting on Nyssa's thigh, meaning she ended up covering it, which tipped off Sara to what she was doing. Surprisingly Sara stopped her, grabbing her hand before it could reach Nyssa's pussy and then leased their fingers together. Which was surprisingly intimate, Felicity suddenly very aware that they were fucking Nyssa together, as a couple. Only, the three of them were now a couple, which was another thought which made her giddy.

Sara didn't get giddy. Well, maybe she did, because this certainly felt like it, but she would never admit it. But it was certainly impossible not to admit she was happier than she'd ever been, which was really saying something considering the physical and emotional pleasure she had known from being with these two women, but to be with them together, like this, was truly amazing. Especially because Sara was positive she could feel Felicity's tongue moved through Nyssa's body, giving Sara the perverted feeling of kissing one girlfriend through the other's body. Or that's what it felt like anyway, and it was a feeling Sara never wanted to stop.

Sadly it did, and much sooner than Sara thought was acceptable, but she didn't complain as she was soon given one hell of a consolation prize. If it could even be called that. Because after tightening her grip on the hairs of the two blondes Nyssa pulled them away from her yummy fuck holes and then gave them a few long seconds to breathe properly for the first time in who knows how long. But then she stepped to the side and pushed their faces together, Sara grinning happily and reaching one hand around Felicity's back and one around the other blonde's head as she helped Nyssa to pull Felicity towards her for a deep kiss.

"Kiss!" Nyssa commanded throatily before she pushed Felicity and Sara together, and then after the two blondes started kissing the brunette chuckled and added, "Oh yes, share my flavours you wonderful little sluts! Make sure you both get a good taste of my pussy and ass! Oh Fuck! Mmmmmmmm, that's so hot! You're both so, so beautiful."

Honestly Sara was expecting more commentary from Nyssa, if only because Sara had always loved dirty talk and convinced her previous lovers to frequently do it, especially Nyssa and Felicity. Then again, maybe Nyssa was just lost in the side of the two blondes kissing, and Sara couldn't complain how considering how they were both going at it with everything they had, the Canary delighted to find that her dear sweet Felicity didn't need much encouragement to roughly kiss her. The hacker even seemed to enjoy exchanging flavours, Felicity's tongue probing Sara's mouth deep in search of ass cream just as thoroughly as when Sara's tongue searched Felicity's mouth for pussy juice.

Eventually when they did break apart they both took a second to catch their breath again, then Sara turned her attention back to Nyssa who was sitting on the bed and had clearly regained some of the energy she must've lost when they were fucking her simply by watching the make out. Sara then quickly gave her a wicked smile, crawled over to her and kissed Nyssa just as deeply as she kissed Felicity, giving the brunette a mixture of her juices in the process. Then when that kiss was broken it only took a little curl of her finger to encourage Felicity to come sit the other side of Nyssa and give a similar kiss to the Heir to the Demon.

The three of them then spent some time kissing and then Sara asked, "So, are you ready to get your beautiful butt fucked?"

Lowering her gaze Nyssa mumbled, "I suppose."

"You suppose?" Sara questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Cause you don't have to do it, you know?" Felicity chimed in, "If you're not ready."

Nyssa took a calming breath, then insisted, "I am ready. As long as you take my anal cherry while Sara is inside my pussy."

"Me!" Felicity squeaked, "Cause I thought-"

"I want it to be you. I want to give you this gift, to show you how dedicated I am to you. And you..." Nyssa pushed, turning from Felicity to Sara, "I want to look into your eyes and know I am loved and safe as I am violated. Please Sara, I... I feel safe with you. I always have."

There was a brief silence and then Sara leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to the top of Nyssa's head, "Of course."

After another brief silence Felicity mumbled, "I'll get us some strap-ons."

Felicity stood up, and then stayed where she was as she remembered she didn't actually know where they were, but luckily Nyssa quickly told her, "In my suitcase. You can't miss them."

Felicity smiled in relief at Nyssa and then scurried over to the assassin's bag to retrieve the necessary items. Sadly there wasn't much variety, which wasn't that surprising as Nyssa was used to being the fucker, and she'd come back to the city hoping to fuck Felicity and Sara, neither of whom were strangers to big toys, especially Sara. So Felicity was just going to give Nyssa as many chances to back out as possible, and perhaps most importantly choose the smallest dildos she could find to make this as easy on Nyssa as possible if she insisted on going through with it, like Felicity was expecting she would.

When she turned around Felicity was expecting to find Nyssa and Sara frantically making out, and possibly forgetting she was even in the room. Instead they were both looking at her with an intense stare which caused Felicity to let out a little squeak. In turn this caused Sara and Nyssa to smile fondly, they then stopped holding hands, something which Felicity hadn't actually realized they had been doing until now, and then Sara stood up and slowly walked towards her. When she reached her Sara gave her a brief kiss and then took a strap-on from her and started attaching it to herself, prompting Felicity to do the same.

Once the dildos were strapped around the waist of the two blondes Sara grinned wickedly at Nyssa and asked, "So, wanna suck your first cock?"

Nyssa crinkled her nose, the way Felicity found cute, and then softly asked, "Can we save that humiliation for another day?"

Sara initially opened her mouth to say yes, but instead offered, "How about afterwards? When they're covered in your yummy pussy and ass cream, both of which I know you love from the amount of times you've sucked them from my tongue and fingers."

Those words made Nyssa blush, but she nodded, "Agreed."

"Alright." Sara murmured, spitting on her hand and then grabbing that saliva into her newly acquired dick as she slowly walked over to the bed and then got into the centre of it on her back, "Then get on top of me. Don't be afraid, you had my fist inside you, so should be able to take this dildo no problem."

While those words made Nyssa blush adorably, which was no doubt part of Sara's plan, Felicity expected that Sara was reminding Nyssa of their past as a way to remind Felicity about it and put her mind at ease. As they decided what to do about the brunette's proposal the two blondes had talked more about Sara's sex life with Nyssa than ever before, and while Felicity remembered being told about the fisting, she mostly just remembered Nyssa had never used a dildo on herself before, or allowed someone else to do it.

Which wouldn't have necessarily been clear if Felicity hadn't known about Nyssa's experience level, because despite a few blushes and a little hesitant the Heir to the Demon mounted Sara's strap-on and slid all the way down it with ease. Then again Felicity couldn't see her face, or know what she was feeling, so it was possible Nyssa felt a little pain or discomfort as her pussy was stretched deeper than ever before. Not that it stopped her from beginning to bounce up and down on Sara's dildo, leaving Felicity mesmerized, mostly by Nyssa's large ass jiggling with every thrust, Felicity unable to stop staring as she rubbed the lubricant she had found in the suitcase into her newly acquired cock.

After what was probably five or ten minutes, but felt like much longer, Sara called out, "Felicity, I think that Nyssa is ready for you to join the party."

"Oh, right." Felicity stammered, quickly taking her place behind Nyssa and then nervously asking, "Wait, shouldn't I lick or finger her ass first? Or... Something?"

"Just get it over with." Nyssa snapped, then quickly added a softer tone, "I'm so Felicity. I'm just-"

"Nervous." Felicity smiled, "I get it. But I need to do something."

"Then squirt some of the lube onto my hole if you must, but no more." Nyssa insisted.

"She'd had worse." Sara helpfully pointed out, "A lot worse."

"Yes." Nyssa admitted, then added with a slight blush, "And, and I wish to feel it. The pain. The humiliation. I... I wish to feel it."

There was a long pause in which Nyssa feared she had put her lovers off, then Felicity mumbled, "Okay, but you have to relax."

"Yes Nyssa, relax." Sara cooed softly, and then after Felicity obediently squirted some lube onto Nyssa's virgin ass hole.

Nyssa fought the urge to flinch as Felicity gently pulled one of her ass cheeks apart with her hand while using the other to pressed the dildo against her. She didn't succeed as much as she would like, and got some words from Sara in which she was sure her lover didn't mean to be patronising, but Nyssa couldn't help feeling insulted. After all, she was Nyssa al Ghul, the rightful Heir to the Demon. She could handle a little pain. Nevertheless Nyssa found herself gritting her teeth as Felicity slowly pushed forwards and gradually stretched her ass hole, and she let out a mix of a cry and a grunt as her anal virginity was taken by the most unlikely candidate.

"Shhhhhhh, it's okay baby. Just relax." Sara cooed, and then when Nyssa gave her a look she smiled softly, "Oh don't pout."

"I'm not pouting." Nyssa grumbled.

"Yes you are, and it's so cute." Sara grinned, before sighing as the brunette became clearly more upset, "Nyssa, I love you, but you can be stubborn and rigid, when for this, you need to relax. And I just-"

"Want to help me, I know." Nyssa grumbled softly, before smiling, "And I have the perfect way you can do that."

To Nyssa's disappointment instead of anticipating what she meant Sara opened her mouth again, presumably to ask what she was talking about. On the bright side this made it easier for her to do what she wanted, namely grab Sara's face, pull her in and shove her tongue down her throat. Initially Sara seemed taken aback by this, but she quickly began kissing back, which did a great job of relaxing Nyssa. Unfortunately it also distracted Felicity, so much so that Nyssa had to prompt her to keep going, tragically meaning she had to take a brief break from Sara's lips to address her other lover.

"You may continue." Nyssa said matter of fact after pulling away from Sara, and then of course immediately returning to those wonderful lips.

Ironically under the circumstances it seemed that Felicity was more nervous about taking Nyssa's anal virginity than Nyssa was about losing it, the rightful Heir to the Demon able to stay cool, calm and collected as usual, at least while kissing Sara. Meanwhile even after being given that prompt, Felicity seemed hesitant to continue, just as she been hesitant initially to push the dildo into Nyssa's butt hole. Not that Nyssa complained about this, as it meant Felicity very slowly and gently entered her ass, giving her plenty of time to adjust to every additional inch pushed into her rectum.

Thankfully the pain was nowhere near as bad as many of the things Nyssa had endured, and while it felt wrong, nasty and humiliating to get her most private hole violated in this super forbidden way the taboo nature of it was rather thrilling. More importantly Sara's plan was working like a charm, because this felt like such an intimate thing, something she could share with no one else, and she was sharing it with Felicity and Sara, although mostly Felicity. After all the adorable hacker was the one who had officially taken her anal cherry, nothing would ever change that, Nyssa feeling closer than ever before to Felicity Smoak, and loving that fact.

Felicity was certainly very aware that in a very perverted way she and Nyssa would now always be connected. She, little nerd girl Felicity Smoak would always be the one who took the anal virginity of the rightful Heir to the League of Assassins Nyssa al Ghul, something for better or worse neither of them could never, ever forget. It was also arguably the first time Nyssa was truly submissive, sexually or otherwise, and it was definitely Felicity's first time of being anyone's first anything. Which made the moment so intense Felicity honestly found it hard to breathe, let alone continue to push a dildo up the ass of a woman who knew like 1000 different ways to kill her or knock her out.

Because of that, and it was the lease she could do considering it was Nyssa's first time taking it in the ass, Felicity made sure the entire anal penetration was nice and slow. Then when her thighs connected with Nyssa's butt cheeks, announcing every inch of the strap-on cock was deeply embedded within the assassin's bowels, Felicity gave Nyssa several long minutes to adjust to the sensation of getting her ass so obscenely stretched and filled before she did anything else. Also, if she was being honest with herself, Felicity was just enjoying the moment.

Then Felicity cautiously asked, "Are, are you ready?"

"Yes." Nyssa snapped, before softening her tone, "Yes, please Felicity... fuck me."

"Fuck you where?" Sara grinned wickedly.

Focusing on her ex and hopefully future girlfriend Nyssa gave her a look and then announced, "My ass! Fuck my ass! Fuck me in the ass Felicity, I want to be fucked in the ass! I want you to be the one to officially give me my first ass fucking while I am skewered on Sara's dick. Do it now! I am ready. Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck me up the ass! Fuck, OH FUCK!"

Despite herself Felicity couldn't help grinning a little bit as Nyssa gasped from getting what she wanted, namely Felicity slowly pulling a few inches of dildo out of the assassin's ass and then pushing them back in before repeating the process, and thus officially beginning to give Nyssa al Ghul her first ever butt fucking. Then that grinned faded away in favour of just staring dumbfounded at the sight of her dildo pumping in and out of that stretched open butt hole, Felicity spreading Nyssa's cheeks with both hands so she could get the best possible look at that perverted sight, just as she had been doing ever since she let go of the strap-on once it had been pushed far enough up the other girl's ass.

As she did this Felicity thought about how it wasn't that long ago her sex life could have been considered normal. Ordinary. Maybe even boring. Not that she found it boring, but at least when compared to DP'ing a highly trained assassin with another highly trained assassin it kind of was. And she certainly never dreamt of being so fascinated, let alone turned on, by the sight of a freshly de-virgined ass hole stretching around a strap-on dildo, especially not one strapped around her waist. And yet she was so glad she was now experiencing it, and oh so grateful to Sara for being the one responsible for it all. Felicity was even able to tear her eyes away from Nyssa's dildo stuffed ass hole for a few seconds to smile lovingly at the woman responsible.

Sara caught Felicity's wandering eye and returned that soft smile for those few seconds, but was the one to break it so she could return her attention to Nyssa. Considering the horrors Nyssa had survived just from her training Sara had no doubt Nyssa could survive the initial pain of being butt fucked, and sure enough she had taken the worst of it without complaint. But humiliation was something Nyssa was less trained to tolerate, and Sara knew Nyssa considered taking it in the ass to be a great indignity, hence why this had been the perfect thing to see just how committed she was to the idea of the three of them becoming a couple.

Surely there could be no greater humiliation for the proud Nyssa al Ghul than to be butt fucked by a little nerd girl she could kill or render unconscious in seconds, and yet she took it. More importantly, if they were all very lucky, this incredible feeling of humiliation would only fuel Nyssa's sense of submission, a feeling Sara knew her ex-girlfriend had almost never felt. Of course it was no guarantee that Nyssa had a submissive side, and/or that she would enjoy this at all. So Sara took certain measures to try and ensure it, like caressing Nyssa's breasts, staring into her eyes and perhaps most importantly whispering naughty things to her.

"You're doing so well baby." Sara cooed half a dozen times, in different ways and languages, before adding, "Mmmmmm, this is so hot. I've dreamt of this for so long. Watching as you get fucked in the ass. I even dreamt of Felicity being the one to do it, sometimes just like this, so you're literally making my dreams come true. I love it! And I love you. I love you and Felicity, and the things we do together, mmmmmmmm, oh baby, we're going to have to do this more often. Maybe every day, because I definitely want a piece of your sexy little ass. Mmmmmm oooooooooh fuck, almost as much as I want you to fuck mine. Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh Nyssa, I wanna be sandwiched in between you and Felicity again, the two of you pounding my fuck holes and making me feel like a total fucking slut! Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm, is that how you now feel baby? Like a total fucking slut? Felicity Smoak's little anal slut? Our DP addicted whore? Our... Stuffed Assassin? Huh?"

To Sara's relief, and maybe even surprise, her blatant manipulation worked. Or maybe part of Nyssa really did like it in the ass. Or ideally, both. No matter the reason a sharp cry of pleasure escaped Nyssa's lips, indicating Sara was on the right track and it was only a matter of time before she had her stubborn lover cumming for her like a little slut. To celebrate this revelation Sara flashed Nyssa a happy smile and then gave her a long, deep kiss while turning her groping of Nyssa's body up a notch, specifically by pinching her nipples in that way she knew the brunette liked.

That actually got a groan out of Nyssa, but it was mostly masked by their lips being so firmly pressed together. The following groans weren't, Sara breaking the kiss and then grinning at her lover before she again pinched Nyssa's nipples, getting the exact same reaction out of her in the process. She then continued to use her tricks to get gasps, cries and even whimpers out of the stubborn assassin, until finally she got what she really wanted, that being a moan of pure pleasure. Sara had to thrust her own hips upwards at the same time Felicity was thrusting forwards to achieve that, but it was totally worth it to see the look on Nyssa's face.

After a few torturous minutes of this Sara grinned wickedly and asked, "What is it Nyssa? Do you want something baby? Cause you know, all you have to do is ask nicely, and me and Felicity will totally give it to you? Isn't that right babe?"

As Sara looked over Nyssa's shoulder at her and smiled Felicity smiled back and replied cheekily, "Definitely. If she asks nicely."

Nyssa scowled at annoyance at Sara, who only grinned in response, the brunette then tried to resist the cruel blondes but ultimately she whimpered, "Harder."

"Louder." Sara demanded with a smaller yet more wicked grin, "Make sure Felicity can hear it."

Again Nyssa gave Sara an evil look, but ultimately cried out, "Harder! Fuck me harder! Ooooooooooh Gooooooooodddddddddd, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Fuck... fuck my ass. Oh God Felicity, fuck my ass harder. Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, ass fuck me as hard as your little body can. I want to feel it. I want to feel it every time I sit down. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, that's it my beloved, pound my ass. OH GOD SARA, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS, FUCK MY PUSSY TOO! OH GOD! OH FUCK! HARDER! BOTH OF YOU FUCK ME HARDER AND MAKE ME CUM! DESTROY MY HOLES! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD!"

Nyssa felt as though she could die from embarrassment, but thankfully her beloveds did not force her to beg for long. More accurately her beloveds did not inflict that humiliation upon her, Felicity being the first to comply, but Sara following shortly afterwards. Not that Sara did much at first, merely offering the occasional thrust up into her cunt, but it was more than enough to force a cry of pleasure out of Nyssa's mouth as the pleasure quickly intensified. Meanwhile Felicity increase the pace as promised, although she took her sweet time building up to giving Nyssa the hard fucking she had been forced to beg for.

At the beginning of this debauchery Nyssa was grateful for Felicity's caution, as although going so incredibly slowly forced Nyssa to dwell on her humiliation it minimised the most bizarre pain the assassin had ever known. Then Felicity's slow thrusts, and Sara's shameless groping, helped keep Nyssa nice and relaxed as her rectum adjusted to being misused so obscenely. Then in a move which both horrified and intrigued Nyssa the sodomy began to feel good. Part of her had been hoping it wouldn't, this would prove to her lovers that she was a pure top, and if they ever did another DP, it should be one of the two blondes in the middle, but Nyssa wasn't too disappointed considering just how good it eventually became.

Good enough that she hadn't been able to resist the urge to beg for more, and not that long afterwards the pleasure she felt became the most bizarre ecstasy she'd ever felt, and Nyssa just couldn't stop herself from cumming. Perhaps harder than ever before. Perhaps. But she definitely gave up what was left of her dignity as she slammed herself up and down to meet the thrusts of her two lovers, Sara slowly but surely increasing the frequency of her thrusts until she was pumping Nyssa's pussy with the same non-stop pace that Felicity had been using on her ass for quite some time at that point.

The two blondes might have given her some more dirty talk, or perhaps they didn't, honestly the brunette was too far gone to tell, but Nyssa was amazed just how well Felicity and Sara worked together to give her what had to be a record number of orgasms, at least for her, Nyssa bombarded with so much pleasure she actually passed out. Which would have been embarrassing, if she wasn't basically a mindless fuck toy Sara and Felicity were pounding into with machine-like efficiency, in the process making Nyssa so very proud of them. After all, she had trained Sara, and obviously Sara had in turn trained Felicity, in a way making them her two most successful, and valued, students.

Sara had made Nyssa pass out through sex before, but it had never been this satisfying. She had also never been this conscious herself at the time, as for now Felicity was doing most of the work, although Sara was very tempted to roll them over onto their sides and start showing Felicity what hard fucking was all about. Or she just push Felicity away, switch holes and do the one thing she'd always wanted to do, but never got a chance to, namely fuck Nyssa al Ghul in the ass.

She was very tempted when Felicity finally ran out of steam and rolled off of Nyssa with a tired groan and loud pop as her strap-on left the assassin's freshly de-virgined ass hole. But she wasn't into fucking unconscious women, and while she could have tried going after Felicity both of them were too tired to really fuck properly. There was something however Sara couldn't resist, so after gently rolling Nyssa to the other side of her, and giving them all a few seconds to recover, Sara crawled her way down Felicity's body and quickly took the head of the other blonde's strap-on dildo into her mouth.

Sara then moaned like the shameless ass to mouth loving slut she was, excitement allowing adrenaline to fill her again and then slowly re-energising her enough to bob her head up and down Felicity's shaft, slowly but surely taking every inch into her well-trained throat and thoroughly cleaning the dildo of every drop of Nyssa's anal cherry. Oh yes, this was the strap-on dildo which had just taken Nyssa al Ghul's anal virginity, and while Sara had always planned to let Nyssa have this honour when the time came she just couldn't resist. Which was something Felicity of course had to call her on.

"You slut!" Felicity giggled lightheartedly, "I thought you wanted Nyssa to do that."

Sara shrugged, "She didn't seem up for it."

The two blondes looked over at the sleeping assassin and smiled wickedly. Felicity continued doing so as Sara lowered her mouth and made absolutely sure she got every single drop of Nyssa's ass juice, before crawling up Felicity's body to share it with her girlfriend, while her other girlfriend slept. To her delight Felicity eagerly kissed back, the two blondes engaging in a gentle kiss for a few long minutes. Then Sara unstrapped her own dildo and they then shared the taste of Nyssa's pussy before snuggling up together, the Canary carefully pulling her ex and now current girlfriend against her without waking her up.

"I love you." Felicity whispered softly.

"I love you too. Both of you." Sara softly replied, before grinning, "This is going to be fun."


Chapter Text

Thea Queen had always considered herself straight. Mostly. Growing up there had been the occasional fantasy, but mostly she thought about men and she only ever dated them. Although she had never loved any of them until Roy. Oh how she missed Roy. But his forced exile was just one of the many changes in her life which led her to be on the back of a motorcycle and clinging onto Sara Lance while dressed in all red and questioning her sexuality. Actually she had been doing that last thing ever since her brother had finally told her the truth about his life as a vigilante, and revealed that the women surrounding him weren't just beautiful, they were bad ass superheroes.

Which had skyrocketed her passing interest in them, especially now Roy wasn't around to distract her from her curiosity. And Sara did smell so good. Sweaty, but good. And now she got to watch the likes of Sara and Nyssa al Ghul effortlessly kick the asses of the local scumbags Thea felt her crushes on these women grow and grow. But she had to control herself, because Sara was already dating Felicity, who was equally bad ass in her own right, and she was pretty sure Nyssa was dating Laurel. Which was why Thea was so shocked when she and Sara reached their HQ only to find Nyssa with her hand down Felicity's skirt.

"Guys! We've talked about this. No sex in the Arrow cave." Sara smirked as her girlfriends quickly pulled away from each other. Or more accurately a clearly annoyed Felicity pushed Nyssa away, prompting Sara's smirk to become even more wicked.

"She started it!" Felicity whined.

"I don't doubt it." Sara grinned, "But I'd expect that from her. Or me. You're supposed to be the one to keep us both in line."

Blushing furiously Felicity protested, "But, but... I thought you weren't coming back. You know, like Oliver and Dig."

Sara shrugged, "We searched the parameter, but we couldn't find anything, so we decided to head back."

"Without informing me!" Felicity snapped.

"Erm, guys... what's going on?" Thea finally asked after a few long seconds of being completely dumbfounded.

"We... erm... we..." Felicity quickly jumped in and then panicking when everybody looked at her and she had suddenly had no idea what she had been going to say, if indeed she had something in the first place. Either way, there was a deafening silence and then she squeaked, "We, have an arrangement."

"An arrangement?" Thea frowned.

"Indeed." Nyssa confirmed with a smile which made Thea blush and turn her gaze away from her.

"It's no big deal." Sara said nonchalantly, unable to keep that tone of voice as she awkwardly added, "We're just... dating."

"What, like... all three of you?" Thea asked in disbelief and the other three women just nodded, although some more boldly than others, pretty much freaking her out, "And that's no big deal to you?"

"Why should it be?" Nyssa asked, "In The League the reigning Ra's al Ghul often takes many wives and lovers."

"This isn't The League!" Felicity pointed out flatly, briefly glaring at her brunette girlfriend before turning back to Thea, "I'm sorry you found out like this. We were going to tell you eventually, it's just, this is kind of new. The polyamorous part at least. Me and Sara were together before that. For awhile actually. Which you, erm, knew, so... erm..."

"I think she gets it sweetie. " Sara said softly as a way to gently cut off her rambling lover, although she never looked away from Thea, "We were going to tell you eventually. It's just all kind of new."

"And weird. We get that it's weird. Well, Nyssa doesn't think so, but she was raised by wolves." Felicity chimed in.

"I was not-" Nyssa began indignantly.

"The point is..." Sara quickly interrupted, "We're sorry we didn't tell you, and we hope this doesn't freak you out too much. And if you have any questions, now is the time to ask."

There was a long pause and then Thea croaked, "Does Oli know?"

"No." All three other women more or less said together.

"Sooooo..." Thea began, briefly hesitating but she just couldn't stop blurting out, "Are you three, you know... monogamous?"

"Yes." Felicity replied quickly and without hesitation.

Meanwhile Sara frowned, "Why do you ask?"

"Why indeed." Nyssa grinned wickedly.

"I, I... I..." Thea started while blushing furiously.

"Could it be that Miss Queen wants to join us?" Nyssa grinned while walking forward menacingly.

"No, no, no, get your mind out of the gutter Nyssa." Felicity scolded, "Of course she doesn't want to join us."

"I kinda do." Thea admitted softly, although her words sounded deafening, especially as everybody went silent.

Felicity also froze, turned away from Nyssa to Thea and then mumbled in disbelief, "You what now?"

"Sorry." Thea blushed.

"But, but... but you're straight!" Felicity blurted out.

"Mostly." Thea nodded, then letting out a laugh as she admitted, "But you're all just so fucking hot."

"Well, I think that settles it." Nyssa smiled.

Sara's eyes went wide, "That does not settled. For God sakes Nyssa, she's just a kid."

"I'm not just a kid!" Thea said angrily, before her eyes went wide, "Wait, are you actually offering me a four way? Like seriously? Because if you are I'm so down for it."

Turning to the younger girl Sara pointed out, "I used to babysit you!"

"Yeah, and I've had a huge crush on you ever since." Thea admitted, and then blushed because she didn't mean too.

There was a pause and then Sara looked at Felicity guiltily, the other two doing the same without the guilt, causing Felicity to go postal, "You can't be serious?"

"Why not?" Nyssa asked.

"Because it's wrong!" Felicity blurted out, feeling like she was the one going crazy, "She's Oliver's sister!"

"So?" Sara replied nonchalantly, "Oli didn't care about crossing that line when he was flip-flopping between me and Laurel."

"This would be different, and you know it." Felicity pointed out.

"In some ways." Sara admitted, before quickly adding, "But in others not, and all things considered he doesn't really have a right to judge. So if he ever finds out, and I think we can all agree none of us want that to happen, but if he does he can be mad for a while, but he should accepted as karma and move on. And if he doesn't, well, he'd be lost without the three of us. Or more accurately you. So he'd have to get over it sooner or later."

There was a long pause and then Felicity mumbled, "I, I thought we were going to be monogamous."

"Ha, you Americans and your monogamy." Nyssa scoffed, before quickly adding, "I'm not suggesting she join us permanently. Just for the night. Which I assume is what she and Sara want."

There was a chorus of nodding, another even longer pause, then Felicity protested, "But she's-"

"Just a kid?" Thea offered, "So what? At 20 I'm old enough to put on a mask and run around shooting people with arrows, but not to have group sex? What kind of insane logic is that?"

"I was going to say we work with you, but that's equally stupid given who I'm dating." Felicity grumbled, followed by more silence.

"Felicity." Thea sighed, before moving forward until she was right in front of Felicity and then softening her tone, "Look, I want this. I want you. All of you. So, so bad. I've literally dreamt of it. The three of you ganging up on me. Having your way with me. Turning me into a little fuck toy. So please just do it. Or agreed to watching Nyssa and Sara do it. Please Felicity? I'll do anything if you'll let me be your fuck toy?"

As she spoke Thea slowly got down on her knees in front of Felicity while looking up at her pleadingly, and she stayed there for what felt an eternity when she was done talking as Felicity just stared back. Then Felicity softly said, "Oh God, let's all go back to my place before I chicken out."

There was a chorus of happy sounds from the other three women, Sara closing the distance and leaning in, "I promise you won't regret this babe."

Felicity blushed, and then frowned at her girlfriends, "I'm holding you to that. Both of you."


The ride to Felicity's and Sara's apartment, which they apparently now shared with Nyssa, was surreal and thankfully quick. Thea wasn't as good at reading people as Nyssa and Sara, who were usually good at hiding their emotions anyway, but she was pretty sure everybody found it weird and were relieved when it was over. Especially Felicity who everyone could really was an open book, Thea silently wondering how she had ever kept her brother's secret for so long if she was this bad at playing it cool. Then she got very distracted by Nyssa, who apparently wasn't just grateful that the awkward/silent drive was done with, given that as soon as the door to the apartment was closed and locked the assassin pulled Thea into her arms and kissed her.

It was surprisingly gentle, which was probably for Thea's benefit. Trying to show that was unnecessary Thea kissed back eagerly, wrapping her arms around Nyssa trying to push her tongue into the other woman's mouth. Sadly Nyssa didn't respond to that like she hoped, and gently but firmly forced Thea to slow her role. Which was disappointing, although Thea didn't exactly complain. After all, she had dreamt of kissing Nyssa, and the two now watching blondes, for years and is eager as she was to do this, and more, Thea did like taking a minute to savour the moment. And Nyssa did eventually allowed tongues into the mix, it was just on her terms. More specifically her tongue invading Thea's mouth, leaving Thea to massaged it with her own.

Sara was amused at seeing this. Nyssa always had to be the top. Even on the rare occasions she and/or Felicity were able to talk her into bottoming she still tried to take control, and it was adorable watching Thea trying to take that from her only to be put in her place. Adorable, and extremely hot. Which only helped Sara look at Thea in a way she never had before. Well, there may have been the occasional glance when she first returned to Starling city, as five years later after last seeing each other Thea had changed from a pretty teenager to a beautiful young woman. However she had always felt out of bounds. Besides, Thea had Rory while Sara struggled to keep her eyes off of Felicity.

It was hard to take her eyes off two beautiful women kissing, but Sara just about managed it to check in on the only source of light in her world. Then she couldn't help but smile, because Felicity had the same look of embarrassed lust she'd had during the first few threesomes with Nyssa, which was just so cute. It was also a encouraging sign that Felicity would ultimately be all right with this, although not as much as the nerdy girl turning to her and giving her a bashful smile. Sara returned it with a happy one of her own before turning back to her other girlfriend and her soon to be new lover, confident as she could be that Felicity wasn't freaking out.

She turned just in time to see Nyssa break the kiss and look expectantly at Thea. The younger woman gasped breathlessly, but after a few long seconds smiled wickedly at the older woman. Nyssa smiled back, turned Thea around in her arms and wordlessly pushed her towards Sara. Taking the hint Sara moved forward and extended her arms to grab Thea, the youngest vigilante in their group smiling again before practically running into the Canary's arms. Thea then kissed Sara roughly, only to quickly learn that like Nyssa before her Sara would only accept a gentle kiss, at least for now, the blonde thrilled that the brunette quickly submitted to her like she had Nyssa.

Part of her, a very big part actually, wanted to kiss Thea just as roughly as Thea apparently wanted her too, but they had all night and Sara had no intention of rushing it. So she waited several minutes before pushing her tongue into Thea's mouth, and even when she did it wasn't that long before Sara broke the kiss and repeated what Nyssa had just done, making sure to give Thea a little time to recover before passing her back to Nyssa. She didn't always, Nyssa moving in closer so that she and Sara could pass Thea around like the little toy the younger girl had confessed she wanted to be, and to delight there wasn't even a hint of complaining from Thea. Or Felicity for that matter.

Turning her attention to their other girlfriend Nyssa asked, "Would you like a turn sweetie?"

Which of course made Felicity blush adorably, "I'm, I'm fine. Just keep going. Please?"

Nyssa smiled at Felicity and then pulled Thea in for another deep kiss, she and Sara sharing the 20 year old for a few more minutes before she pushed her back and ordered her, "Strip for us."

Thea hesitated, but only because she was deciding how best to do this. She had practised stripping in front of the mirror many times, and while her practiced routine had been a big hit with Roy he was a guy and therefore really easy to please. This, this was different. This was three experienced women, who probably wouldn't be as impressed as one horny boy. More to the point while she had practised taking off skirts, dresses and jeans in a sexy way she hadn't done the same with her super suit, which was meant more to mirror her brother's attire than look sexy, so not only would trying to remove it sexily be difficult but it would also be kind of icky. So she went with her first instinct and practically ripped the costume off of herself, practical and unsexy underwear and all, as quickly as she could.

Once the younger brunette was awkwardly standing naked in front of her Nyssa ordered, "On your knees."

Sara opened her mouth to protest, but before she could Thea fell to her knees, causing her to change tactics, "Nyssa, let's not be too rough with the kid, okay?"

"Oh, I don't think she minds, do you Thea?" Nyssa smiled wickedly, slowly advancing on her pray and then walking around her.

"No." Thea nodded, leaning into the touch as Nyssa rewarded her by gently stroking her hair, "Do whatever you want with me."

"Awww, isn't that sweet?" Nyssa grinned.

Ignoring her girlfriend Sara firmly told her friend, "Thea, if you ever want us to slow things down, or even stop, just tell us. I promise we won't be mad. Okay?"

"Okay." Thea nodded, happy to be given an out even if she didn't want it.

"Good, now that's settled..." Nyssa smiled, "Thea, have you ever eaten pussy before?"

Thea blushed as she replied truthfully, "No?"

Nyssa smiled knowingly, "Would you like to eat Sara's?"

"More than anything." Thea admitted softly.

"Then beg for it." Nyssa pushed, "Beg for the privilege of eating Sara's pussy. Mmmmm, and trust me it is a privilege. As I and Felicity know so well."

Felicity blushed at Nyssa's words, and the way Nyssa looked at her, but not as much as when Thea began to shamelessly begged, "Please can I eat Sara's pussy. I want it so bad. Please Sara, let me eat your pussy. Please? Please allow me the privilege of pleasing you with my tongue. I, I don't really know how, but I'll figure it out. I promise. Or you can tell me what you like. Or Nyssa can. Whatever, I don't care, I just want to eat your pussy. Please Sara, please let me eat you out. Let me lick you, then Nyssa, then Felicity, mmmmmm, I want to lick you all! I want to lick all your pussies and be your little pussy eating lesbian slut."

There was a long moment of silence and then Sara smirked, "Well, since you asked so nicely."

With that Sara started slowly stripping off her clothes, easily putting Thea to shame. To be fair while Thea's outfit was designed to be more practical than sexy Sara's was exactly the opposite, which was understandable. If Thea had tits like that she'd definitely be using them as weapons, both on the people she fought and tried to seduce. Same went for that booty. Well, Thea thought she had a pretty good butt, even though it wasn't in the same league as Sara's, Thea very much hoping she would get to play with those assets sometime in the future. And if she had to do a good job at eating Sara's pussy to get that privilege then she would do so happily, Thea thought as she struggled not to drool as Sara removed the last of her clothing.

For a few seconds Sara stood there in all her glory, allowing Thea to admire it before raising an eyebrow and smirking, "Well, don't you want what you begged for?"

"Right, sorry, it's just... you're so beautiful." Thea blushed, quickly shuffling forward.

"Awww, thanks sweetie." Sara smiled.

When she reached her destination Thea bit her lip, then deciding to push her luck looked up at Sara and asked, "Can I play with your tits a little first?"

Sara smiled again, "Of course."

Then Sara bent down and Thea reached up to eagerly grabbed two handfuls of the other girl's boobs, for the first time touching another woman intimately. Touching Sara Lance intimately, that fact along with the action itself causing Thea's heart to hammer in her chest. It certainly didn't calm down as she did her best to do what she liked, caressing both breasts for a few long seconds with her hands before taking one nipple into her mouth and gently sucking on it. This got a encouraging little gasp out of Sara so Thea did the same to the other nipple, except this time she also swirled her tongue around it before she began to suck it.

Over and over again Thea went back and forth between those nipples, sometimes kissing the flesh around them and other times going straight for them, but always licking and sucking them eagerly. And even though the position wasn't particularly comfortable for either of them Sara allowed her to do this for quite a while before straightening up and gently guiding Thea's face in between her legs. Once she was back at her ultimate destination Thea hesitated only for a brief second because of pure nervousness before leaning forward, closing her eyes and sticking out her tongue while silently praying she would do a good job. She never even thought she wouldn't like it, and the second Sara's flavour hit her taste-buds she was proven right.

Sara let out another little gasp of pleasure as Thea's nervous but eager tongue pressed against the bottom of her pussy and then slowly slid all the way up to the top before then repeating the process, squeezing more gasps out of Sara. Soon after she began moaning and occasionally swearing in pleasure too, partly to encourage the nervous pussy licker, and partly because Thea wasn't at all bad for her first time. Plus this was still Oliver's little sister, and a girl only just out of her teens, so having her on her knees in front of Sara and slowly but eagerly licking her cunt was beyond intoxicating. And wrong. Not that Sara really felt bad for Oli given their complicated history, but given that history this still felt wrong, which was one of the reasons it felt so good.

Soon Sara was closing her eyes because she just couldn't cope with the intensity of looking down and seeing little Thea Queen in between her legs. It was also part of a reaction which also included tilting her head back and letting out an extra loud moan as for the first time Thea cautiously lingered on her clit. She had been gently hitting it with pretty much every stroke of her tongue, but after such a positive reaction Thea went after it with a vengeance, not just rapidly licking it but wrapping her lips around it and sucking it. Leaving Sara with a choice. Even if she could let Thea keep going and cum quickly, SHE could stop her and draw this out a little bit.

It was a tough choice, but ultimately Sara opened her eyes, reached down, grabbed a firm hold of Thea's hair and gently pushed her downwards while telling her, "Not so fast sweetie. There's no rush."

"Sorry." Thea apologise nervously.

"Oh no, don't be sorry honey. Just slow down." Sara said softly, "We've got all night, and I want to enjoy this."

"Don't we all." Nyssa chimed in, slowly closing the distance between herself and Sara.

Smiling happily Sara reached out and pulled Nyssa firmly into her with one arm while one brunette wrapped her arms around her and kissed her and the other brunette returned to her pussy licking duties. Sara then enjoyed a slow, sweet kiss with Nyssa for several minutes, which was so consuming she almost didn't notice Thea nervously sliding her hands up her thighs and around to squeeze her ass. Not that Sara minded, especially as it coincided with Thea wrapping her lips around Sara's pussy lips and sucking them gently, proving that she had in fact researched this. Or she was lying to them and had done this before, although Sara suspected the former.

That was why she continued to encourage Thea, first by gently pushing her head deeper into her cunt, and then eventually breaking the kiss with Nyssa so she could moan, "Oh God Thea, that's it! Mmmmm, eat me! Eat my cunt. Oooooooh baby, that's it, lick me just like that. Now suck it, suck my pussy lips just like that, ohhhhhhhh Thea, your even better than your brother."

"Sara!" Felicity exclaimed.

Sara hadn't meant to say that, as she initially looked apologetic at Felicity and then at Thea, but she stopped short of actually apologising when she saw the look on Thea's face. There was clearly a moment of debate, then she started licking Sara even more thoroughly than before, which caused the Canary to smile wickedly. She had expected Thea was a girl after her own heart back when she was babysitting for her, but apparently she had no idea just how much she was, because the younger brunette seemed to delight in being told that she was better than her brother at eating pussy, Sara really wanting to elaborate in that moment, but deciding against it for Felicity's sake. And apparently no one else in the room.

Nyssa would certainly have like to hear Sara elaborate, but she understood they were walking a fine line, at least at the moment. But hopefully not for very much longer, because Nyssa had been trained to be observant and she liked to think in a short amount of time she had got to know Felicity Smoak very well, and could tell when she wanted to do something. Even if every ounce of her relevant training wasn't telling Nyssa that Felicity wanted to join the fun, or at least such herself. Quietly confident that it was only a matter of time Nyssa mostly concentrated on making Sara feel good watching the pretty little first-time pussy licker in between the legs of her beloved.

That was until Sara broke their latest kiss and very generously offered her, "Would you like a turn with this hot little slut's tongue?"

"Of course." Nyssa smiled sweetly, before reaching down in between Sara's legs, grabbing Thea's hair and forcefully pulling the younger brunette from the blonde's pussy to her own while firmly ordering, "Eat me! Eat my pussy you little ooooooooh yesssssssssss!"

Before Nyssa could even complete the order Thea started eagerly lapping away at her pussy, causing Nyssa to lose her train of thought as she closed her eyes and moaned in approval. She then opened her mouth to continue the encouragement, but before she could get a word out she was being kissed again by an eager tongue she would know anywhere. Of course she eagerly kissed back, and silently admitted it was probably for the best that Sara had silenced her, given the fragile state the watching Felicity was currently in. So she chose to show her approval in other ways, namely by gently stroking Thea's hair as the inexperienced but eager girl continued licking her pussy.

It was very rare that Nyssa would shove a first timers face in between her legs and bark orders at her, but Thea was a very special case, and Nyssa's guessed that this would be more than okay with it was quickly proven right. If anything it was too effective at encouraging the inexperienced girl as Thea not only started giving her quick licks but made sure her tongue hit Nyssa's clit every single time. Which in itself Nyssa was hesitant to stop given how good it felt, but she to wanted this to last. After all, this wasn't just any first-timer, this was the sister of the irritating and self-righteous Oliver Queen, and Thea was a worthy ally in her own right, so the last thing Nyssa wanted to do was rush this.

Which was why Nyssa did ultimately break the kiss with Sara, look down and firmly tell Thea, "I believe my beloved told you there was no rush."

"I'm sorry, you just taste so good." Thea apologised, briefly pulling her face from Nyssa's pussy

"I know." Nyssa said dismissively, before pushing Thea's face back where it belonged, "Now get back to eating my cunt. I don't want you to make me cum just yet, but I certainly don't want you to stop. Ohhhhhhh yes, lick me you little bitch! Oh fuck, That's right, not to slow and not too fast, just the right amount of pussy licking, mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh."

"Nyssa, take it easy on the kid." Sara whispered into her ear before going back to what she was doing before, namely kissing Nyssa's neck.

As they both knew that it was for Felicity's benefit Nyssa did indeed take it easy on the kid, although Thea was quickly proving she was no mere child. Well, she had proved that many times before in battle, but this was far more pleasurable. So wonderfully pleasurable. So much so that the desire to be greedy and hog this hot little mouth became increasingly tempting. But Nyssa was a good girlfriend, something she felt she proved nicely by silently pulling Thea's head from in between her thighs and then pushing it in between Sara's, all without breaking the kiss, to Nyssa's delight Thea seemingly happy to be passed back and forth like a good little lesbian fuck toy.

Thea loved being used like this. It was everything she dreamt about and more, because as much as she tried her imagination hadn't done justice to the taste of pussy. Especially not the taste of the pussies of Sara Lance and Nyssa al Ghul. Oh God, she still couldn't believe she was going down on Sara Lance and Nyssa al Ghul. Fingering herself and tasting it just couldn't compare with doing what she dreamt of for so long, and not just getting to do it but doing a good enough job to make these strong, beautiful women moan in pleasure for her. Fuck, it was so overwhelming. The only way it could be better was if Felicity joined them, and clearly she wasn't the only one who wanted that.

"Are you sure you don't want a turn baby?" Sara asked Felicity.

"N, n, no." Felicity stammered, not really convincing even herself.

"No you don't want a turn, or know you're not sure if you don't want a turn?" Nyssa pushed with a sly smile.

"No, I don't want a turn..." Felicity clarified, almost adding the words 'not yet'. Instead she quickly added, "But I... I do wanna see you cum in her face. Both of you."

"No problem babe." Sara grinned wickedly, before looking down to the girl in between her legs, "You heard my girl, make me cum! Ooooooooh yeah, push your tongue into my cunt and make me cum. Oh Thea, mmmmmm, fuck me Thea. Fuck me! Ohhhhhhhh shit, I wanna cum all over Oli's sister's pretty little face. Oh fuck, make me cum, make me fucking cum, ooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssss, oh fuck!"

For a few long seconds Thea was too dumbstruck by Sara Lance begging her to make her cum. Or more accurately ordering her to make her cum. Either way it was overwhelming, so much so that it took her a while to respond, considering she had been wanting to do this for what felt like forever. Hopefully she made up for it by ramming her tongue as deep into Sara's pussy as it would go and then beginning to tongue fuck the other woman. It certainly took away Sara's ability to speak coherently, which was a very good sign, but nowhere near as good as the heaven which came next, which was namely the flavour of Sara's cum hitting her taste-buds.

This made Thea whimper with joy. Soon as she tasted Sara's regular cream Thea hadn't thought there could be anything better, but she was overjoyed to be proven wrong as her mouth was filled with the most heavenly liquid she had ever known. She was so overwhelmed by it that a lot of that amazing liquid escaped, prompting Thea to desperately start swallowing Sara's cum, but it was no use, the other girl was just cumming so much, and she was grinding against her face while doing it. Then it was over and Thea felt like she needed more girl cum like she needed oxygen, so she frantically tongue fucked Sara to another climax, and then another, and another, and then another.

Just as she was getting tired Thea was given a short break. As in a few seconds while Nyssa forced her to switch back to the pussy of the Heir of the Demon with the words, "My turn bitch! Make me cum!"

Honestly Thea was sure that Nyssa said more, probably a lot more, but she was so focused on making her cum that she really didn't notice. It didn't help matters that unlike Sara who had been nice enough to mostly stay still and allow Thea to swallow her cum Nyssa started grinding against her face after her first orgasm. She started out gentle enough, but it wasn't long before Nyssa was fucking her face so roughly that Thea was struggling to breathe, let alone swallow cum. Which made Thea feel like a failure as a fuck toy. Because really, how could she allow all that precious girl cum to go to waste? Then again the fact another girl was cuming in her face was so hot, Thea feeling like Nyssa was marking her as a pussy loving slut, drenching her face so much that other women would always know what kind of slut she truly was.

Nyssa was tempted to make the cute little lesbian eat pussy all night long, but she had never been that selfish a lover, so after the latest in a long line of powerful orgasms she turned to Sara and suggested, "Ooooooh Sara, I think, mmmmm, I think our little slut has earned herself a reward, don't you?"

"Way ahead of you babe." Sara grinned, holding up the two strap-on dildos she had retrieved while Nyssa was having her turn.

"Excellent." Nyssa beamed, pulling Sara into a quick kiss before pushing Thea away, grabbing hold of the dildos and holding them out to the younger brunette, "Strap them to us."

After a few seconds gasping for breath Thea grinned wickedly, "Yes Mistress."

Sara allowed a small smile to cross her face at those words, then turned her attention to Felicity, "Do you want one babe?"

"No." Felicity blushed, not taking her eyes off Thea as she rushed to obey, "I'm good."

"Are you sure?" Sara gently pushed, before pointing out, "You could lay down so Thea could ride you, that way you wouldn't have to do anything. Mmmmmm, and we could make her air tight."

"I'd, I'd still rather just watch. But please, please double stuff her." Felicity practically begged, before smirking, "Make her your stuffed Queen."

"Oh don't worry, we will." Nyssa promised with a wicked grin, then once the cocks were in place she looked down at Thea and added, "But first let's get them wet. I assume you've sucked cock before, so let's see what your precious boyfriend Roy left behind."

Nyssa instantly regretted mentioning Thea's ex. She hadn't known him that long but he was good to Thea and Team Arrow missed him very much, although none more than Thea who looked taken aback from the namedrop. It was almost enough to make Nyssa apologise, which Sara could explain was extremely rare, but luckily that wasn't necessary. Instead after a few seconds of hesitation Thea grabbed both dildos by the base and began stroking them like they were real before taking Nyssa's cock into her mouth and beginning to bob her head rapidly up and down. Then she moved to Sara's cock and did the same, going back and forth between those dildos to make sure they were nice and wet. Pretty much the entire time Nyssa wanted to provide a little commentary, but she didn't trust her own voice after that last comment.

Luckily Sara didn't have the same concern, "Oh yeah, that's it Thea, suck my cock! Take it deep into that pretty mouth which just made me cum so hard and get it nice and wet so I can fuck you. Yes, now do Nyssa. Yessssss, suck Nyssa's cock! Take it deep down your slutty little throat! What, you've never deep throated before? Yeah, that's what I thought. That's what I fucking thought. Now back to me. I want some of that deep throat action. Yeahhhhhh, take it deep. Come on, deeper, deeper, that's it, deeper, ooooooooh, good girl. That's real good Thea. I'm so proud of you. You're turning out to be a really good cock sucker for us."

Those words made Nyssa smirk and gave her the confidence to gently grab hold of the back of Thea's head and push her deeper down the dick when it was her turn once again for a little head. Sara quickly followed suit and they began to encourage Thea to take the dildos almost all the way down her throat. Sadly she just couldn't get the last little bit, although Nyssa silently promise that one day soon she would. Oh yes, someday soon Thea would be a Sara Lance calibre of cock sucker. For now she simply gently encouraged Thea to lick the lower parts of the cocks, which the little slut eagerly did while looking up at them pleadingly, Thea obviously more than ready to get fucked. And oh, was she about to get her wish.

"So, which of this pretty little fuck holes do you want?" Nyssa eventually asked almost conversationally.

Instead of answering Sara kneeled down, gently pulled Thea away from Nyssa's cock and while gently stroking her face asked, "Thea, have you ever been butt fucked?"

Thea shook her head and softly replied, "No."

"Would you like to be?" Sara gently pushed.

There was a brief silence and then Felicity butted in, "I know it seems scary, God knows I was when Sara took my anal cherry, and when these two DP'ed me for the first time, but trust me it's worth it for the orgasms. Especially if the other has her strap-on in your pussy at the same time, because wow, is that awesome."

Sara and Nyssa turned to smile at Felicity with affection, but Thea kept her eyes on Sara until she turned back to face her and then she softly asked, "Could you do it?"

"Absolutely." Sara grinned, "It would be an honour."

"I guess I get her pussy then." Nyssa said, striding over to the bed and getting into the centre of it, "Come along girl, do you want to get fucked or not."

Thea blushed adorably and glanced at first Nyssa, then Sara, who quickly told her, "Felicity's right. It will be easier on you, and feel amazing."

"Okay." Thea said softly, finally getting off her knees and scrambling to get into position.

Thea's eagerness made Nyssa smirk, although not as much as the obvious nervousness and the way that Thea blushed and couldn't look her in the eye at first, despite what they had already done. To be fair Thea got a little braver when she was in position, the younger girl pushing herself down without hesitation onto Nyssa's cock, which Nyssa graciously held in place while Thea concentrated on getting that cock into her pussy. It turned out to be quite easy, which wasn't surprising given how eager Thea had been to eat pussy, that privilege making her little cunt wet and ready to be fucked. Also while it hadn't been up to Sara's standard Thea had given quite the respectable blow job for a girl her age.

When that big dick slipped inside her little cunt Thea close her eyes, threw her head back slightly and let out a long moan of pleasure. Then she opened her eyes again and smiled down at Nyssa like the good little slut Nyssa knew she could be. No, on second thoughts in this moment Thea was just a woman satisfying her needs without shame, and was beautiful. Nyssa very much looked forward to when Thea would truly act like a slut and take two big strap-on cocks inside her, but for now it truly felt enchanting to watch Thea slowly but confidently pushing her self all the way down the dick and then beginning to bounce up and down while continuing to moan, groan and whimper happily.

After a few minutes of just watching this glorious sight Sara called out with a smirk, "Felicity honey, could you grab the lube for me."

"Su, sure." Felicity blushed, pulling her hand out of her skirt like a kid with their hand caught in the cookie jar.

Sara beamed at that reaction, although she quickly looked away and focused on Thea's cute little backside again, causing her smile to fade into a look of burning lust as she slowly approached her pray. Once she reached her destination Thea understandably tensed up, but thankfully relaxed as Sara softly cooed and stroked her back. She then briefly continued the soothing cooing after allowing her hand to slide to Thea's ass, although it didn't take long for the girl to relax and stop her bouncing to allow Sara to do what was necessary to prepare Thea to lose her anal virginity, with a little help from Felicity who quickly appeared by Sara's side and held out a tube of lubricant for her.

"I got it!" Felicity announced.

Sara smiled, grabbed Felicity's hand and pulled her into a deep kiss which lasted maybe a full minute, then she broke it and firmly told her lover, "Take off all your clothes and start fingering yourself."

"Okay." Felicity squeaked.

Ignoring the other blonde Sara grabbed the lube with one hand and then use the other to smack Thea's butt roughly enough to cause the younger girl to cry out, and then she firmly ordered, "And as for you, spread your cheeks and show me that pretty little virgin hole!"

In a flash Thea reached back and pulled her ass cheeks as wide apart as possible, giving Sara the best possible view of Nyssa's dildo stretching Thea's cunt and above it the cute little virgin butt hole that Sara was about to violate. It was such a stunning view that Sara took a long second or two just to enjoy it before squirting a generous amount of lubricant onto her right hand, using her left to rub it into her fingers before reaching down and starting to gently caress Thea's ass. When this didn't cause Thea to tense up Sara pushed one and then two fingers into that incredibly tight hole, causing the other girl to gasp and moan in mostly pleasure.

"So, is she tight?" Nyssa asked with a wicked grin on her face.

"Virgin tight." Sara grinned, confirming Thea had been telling the truth while gently teasing the poor girl. Then after a few moments of anally fingering the younger girl Sara pulled her fingers out and replace them with her cock, briefly sliding it up and down Thea's ass crack as she taunted the younger brunette, "The real question is, is this what she really wants?"

"God yes, please Sara, fuck me." Thea whimpered, saying whatever she thought would get her what she wanted, "Fuck my virgin ass! Pop my anal cherry. Mmmmmm, be the first to take my tight little butt."

Sara smirked, "Not bad, but I think you can do better."

Taking the hint Thea got increasingly graphic, "Fuck my ass! Please fuck my virgin ass! Pop my butt cherry, take my anal virginity, fucking wreck my tight little virgin ass! Please Sara, I wanna be butt fucked by you. I want my former babysitter to fuck me up the butt. I want my brother's ex-girlfriend to pound my tight little virgin butt and make me her fucking butt slut! Fuck my ass Sara! Fuck it and make me love it, I have always wanted you too. Mmmmmm yeah, ass fuck me in front of your girlfriend. I mean girlfriends. Oh fuck, I mean fuck me in the ass while one of your girlfriend watches and the other fucks my pussy. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, DP me like a whore, OH GOD!"

At the end of that little speech Thea let out a loud cry as her ass hole was stretched for the first time by an invading force, Sara almost taking her friend's butt cherry with one hard thrust. She was certainly tempted, but it probably wasn't the best thing for Thea. Besides, this way she got to savour the sight of Thea's virgin ass hole stretching around the head of her cock, Sara making it stretch wider, and wider, and wider until it allow the head of Sara's big dick to slide through it and into Thea's butt, officially meaning that Sara had just taken the anal virginity of little Thea Queen. A fact which was so overwhelmingly hot to her that she almost missed the adorable little cry Thea let out as she was robbed of her butt cherry. Almost.

Instead Sara grinned wickedly and savoured the moment. After all, this wasn't just any girl that she and Nyssa had picked out of a bar or within the League of Assassins. No, this was little Thea Queen, a girl she had known for what felt like her whole life, or at least her life before the island, and would always think of as the little girl in pigtails that she would chase around the Queen Mansion now had her sexy 20-year-old body sandwiched between Sara and Nyssa. And Thea was spreading her cheeks so that Sara, and Felicity, could get the best possible view of the double penetration. God, it was so hot. And so worth it even if Oliver found out that she'd taken his sister's ass cherry.

Felicity felt super guilty for her part in all of this, not just because of Oliver but for all of Team Arrow and Thea herself. Especially the last one, as she was encouraging a younger girl into debauchery that she wouldn't have to dare to try if she hadn't been so hopelessly in love with Sara. And okay, it had worked out for her, but that didn't mean Thea wouldn't end up being emotionally scarred. Or physically. But Felicity couldn't stop watching, and now she couldn't stop fingering herself, especially as she watched her precious Sara robbing another girl of her anal virginity, a sight which should have enraged her but instead made her desperately want to cum.

Without a word Felicity had nervously moved around Thea's body so she could get the best possible look at the anal penetration while tearing off her clothes, and now she couldn't take her eyes off where Sara's big dick was slowly but surely disappearing into Thea's butt hole. That previously untouched butt hole that was being slowly filled by her girlfriend. While her other girlfriend cooed gently into Thea's ear as the poor girl was double stuffed. Fuck, how had this become her life? How had she ended up watching her girlfriend fill Thea Queen's virgin ass full of cock? And how had she ended up frantically masturbating to it?

Perhaps most importantly of all why did she immediately obey when Sara called out, "Felicity, stick your cunt in this bitch's face!"

That should have appalled Felicity, but not only did she not protest but she didn't even hesitate. Instead she walked around the bodies of the three women, crouched down and pushed her cunt Thea's face. Felicity even grabbed hold of Thea's short brown hair so she could also be shoving the younger girl's face forward to make sure Thea couldn't escape the lust which had taken over her body. Fortunately the last thing Thea seemed to want was to escape, as she held Felicity pushed her face as deep as it would go into her cunt and then immediately started licking Felicity's pussy with infectious eagerness, pausing only to moan which caused wonderful vibrations against Felicity's fuck hole.

Initially when this intense pussy licking began Felicity closed her eyes, tilted her head back and let out a long loud moan. As that meant she couldn't watch her two girlfriends DP Thea it wasn't long before Felicity opened them again, but it was a struggle to keep them open given how much Thea's eager but inexperienced tongue was getting to her, especially when the younger girl went after her clit. To be fair unlike Sara and Nyssa she hadn't yet been granted a release, and had watched while they received theirs and then started the double stuff this sexy younger woman. So Felicity didn't think it was fair to blame her for not lasting long before begging for more. And it was unlikely Sara and Nyssa would reward Thea with a orgasm until she made Felicity cum, so really Felicity was doing someone a favour here. Doing everyone a favour really.

So even though she tried to hold out for a little while it was not long before Felicity whimpered, "Please Thea, make me cum! I need to cum. Please, please, please, please, pleaseeeeeee, ooooooooh stick your tongue inside me and fuck me! Fuck me, ohhhhhhhh fuck, tongue fuck me Thea, fuck me ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddd yeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!"

Thea had been waiting for that command for literally hours. Or better yet years, as Felicity Smoak was irresistibly cute and ever since Thea first saw her she wanted to fuck her, and that desire had grown the more she had known her. Finally being able to do it was an honour and a privilege, one which part of Thea wished she had the patience to properly savour. But after teasing her for who knows how long by gently thrusting just over half of the dildo in and out of her ass Sara finally buried the full length in Thea's butt. Then after a few seconds to savour the moment again Sara began ass fucking Thea with every inch of that big cock while another was in her pussy. As a result Thea really wasn't in the mood to drag this out.

Instead she shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into Felicity's cunt and then hammered it in and out until she got what she wanted, namely a mouth full of girl cum. Or more accurately a face full, because when Felicity finally came it happened so fast that Thea didn't have time to react. Thea tried to make up for it, but Felicity was just cumming so hard, and there was just so much cum, and Sara was fucking her ass so good that almost all of the heavenly liquid ended up covering her face. However Thea did get to swallow some of Felicity Smoak's cum, while getting DP'ed by Sara Lance and Nyssa al Ghul no less, so it was hard to complain. Besides, she loved it when boys, and now girls, came in her face.

After what was admittedly an incredibly hard climax Felicity stumbled back and away from the three other women, which was disappointing because Thea had been hoping to lick the blonde hacker to another orgasm. She couldn't really complain though considering Sara chose that moment to pick up the pace, effortlessly sodomising Thea to the edge of orgasm, and then keeping her there just as effortlessly. Thea could instantly tell what was required of her, but it was incredibly hard for her to stop screaming in pleasure long enough to say. In the end she had to use all the mental discipline that her father and brother had taught her for ignoring pain and/or channelling it so she could beg for what she so desperately needed.


Luckily for Thea it wasn't long before Sara ever so slightly increased her pace, instantly making her cum obscenely hard. It only got better seconds later when Nyssa started thrusting up into her pussy, the two assassins working together as Thea could only imagine how many times they had done before to Felicity and other women, effortlessly giving their lucky victim ecstasy which felt lethal. As in Thea literally thought her brain was going to explode or melt or something from the overwhelming pleasure that was turning her into a screaming and trembling wreck. And in that wonderful moment, it kind of felt like it would be worth it, just for a few more seconds of this ecstasy.

Nyssa smirked as Thea cum on her cock over and over again thanks to the combination of her thrusts and Sara's. Honestly her beloved was more than capable of gifting Thea with multiple orgasms without her, but she was tired of simply lying back and doing nothing, and wanted to make this extra special for the youngest Queen. Which was why a few minutes later when Sara began slowing down and eventually pulled her strap-on out of Thea's butt, which was far too soon in her opinion, Nyssa glared at the blonde, before grinning wickedly at the other brunette and then flipping them over. Out of courtesy to Sara she had slowed down her thrusting at the same time, and although she restarted it it was nowhere near as hard as Nyssa was capable of, or that she wanted to give the other girl right now.

Of course, it was all part of her plan, Nyssa gently stroking Thea's face before asking her, "Can I have a turn with your cute little bottom?"

"Nyssa!" Sara warned, "Don't overwhelm the poor girl. Remember she hasn't had sex in months, let alone as much as us. It's not her fault if she can't keep up."

Thea wasn't sure she could survive another orgasm, but she still whimpered, "It's okay. I, I... I want you too. Mmmmmm, fuck my ass. Fuck it hard."

"Oh honey." Sara shook her head, "You're about to regret that."

Smirking wickedly Nyssa quickly pulled her cock out of Thea's cunt and then inserted it into the younger girl's butt hole almost just as quickly, causing Thea to whimper and cry with a mixture of pain and pleasure as her well used bottom was once again violated. Those whimpers and cries quickly turned to pure pleasure as Nyssa began to gently sodomise the other girl, Thea's legs, which had been laying either side of her ever since she flipped them over, quickly wrapping around her waist and the younger brunette holding her tightly as Nyssa began showing her just how good it could feel to be butt fucked by another woman who knew exactly what she was doing.

In what felt like no time at all Nyssa had butt fucked Thea to the edge of yet another climax, and kept her there for a few long moments just to watch the small girl squirm underneath her and struggled to beg for more. Then just as Thea found the strength to utter a coherent syllable Nyssa grabbed the other brunette's legs, pulled them up to her shoulders and practically bent the poor girl in half so seconds later when she increase the pace she had a leveraged to pound Thea's butt hole as deep and as hard as possible. Fortunately Nyssa knew that Thea's training made her very flexible, so not only was this not painful for the smaller girl but she screamed in pure ecstasy as Nyssa brutalised her butt through orgasm after orgasm.

Out of the corner of her eye Nyssa could see the look of concern on Sara's face, and especially on Felicity's, but she ignored them. This girl had offered her body up to them as a sacrifice to their mutual pleasure, and from her screams of pleasure and the cum squirting out of her cunt and onto Nyssa's stomach it seemed that Thea was more than getting her fair share. Nyssa even thought that Thea would agree that her ass hole was a small price to pay for such pleasure, and if she had literally ruined it Nyssa knew a few ways to fix it. For now though she just became lost in her animal lust, Nyssa brutally pounding into her submissive mate as the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of roughly fucking another woman up the ass pushed Nyssa over symbolisms of her own, much like it done for Sara when she was the one abusing Thea's butt.

Sara had certainly received her fair share of orgasms, but even though she was a little jealous over the ecstasy that Nyssa and especially Thea were experiencing right now she was mostly concerned for her friend safety, which was why she studied Thea's face carefully and inevitably she yelled, "NYSSA STOP! She's unconscious!"

Nyssa was grateful for the shout out, because while she had become lost in using Thea Queen as an orifice for her pleasure she didn't like fucking unconscious bodies. She wasn't about to share that gratitude though, and instead pouted at Sara and told her, "You always have to spoil my fun."

Felicity gasped as with one fluid movement Nyssa then abruptly pulled her big dildo out of Thea's poor butt hole and then turned the other brunette over onto her front so that the three older women got a good look at the damage the assassin had done to their younger friend. That gasp was partly because of just how quick her girlfriend was, but mostly it was because of just how widely gaping Thea's ass hole was, that up until recently virgin hole looking like it would never close again, and in turn that Thea would never be able to sit properly again. It shouldn't have been a turn on, but after so much kinky sex with Sara, and more recently Sara and Nyssa, Felicity just couldn't stop staring lustfully at that ruined hole as her girlfriends argued.

"Now look what you've done." Sara grumbled.

"Yes, this is certainly the first time one of us has fucked another girl into unconsciousness." Nyssa quipped dryly.

"This isn't just some girl, we work with her." Sara pointed out, "You shouldn't have overwhelmed her like that."

"I think you underestimate her." Nyssa said, before smirking, "Or perhaps you're upset because now we don't have anyone to clean our cocks."

Despite herself Sara smirked back, "Oh, I wouldn't say that."

With that the two assassins turned to Felicity, who didn't realise their eyes were on her for a few seconds, and then she looked up and startled, "What?"

"Felicity honey..." Sara smiled sweetly, "Nyssa was mean and fucked our slut into unconsciousness. Now who's going to clean our cocks?"

"Can You think of anyone who could do that?" Nyssa smiled.

Felicity blushed, but nodded, "Yeah... I think I can."

With that Felicity got down onto her knees with the intention of shuffling over, or maybe even crawling on her hands and knees over, to her girlfriends. Instead Nyssa and Sara quickly close the distance between them, Sara getting their first and telling her, "Suck it babe. Suck Thea's ass off my dick."

Normally the reminder that the dildo in front of her had been used to butt fucked a girl was great incentive for Felicity, especially when it was her own ass that had recently been violated, but this time and caused her to hesitate. It was still very much a turn on, but a fresh batch of guilt washed over her for what she was about to do. It wasn't enough to stop her though, Felicity again blaming Sara for her slutty behaviour as she wrapped her lips around the strap-on dildo her girlfriend had used to pop the anal cherry of her boss's sister and her dear friend Thea Queen. She then moaned in pleasure at the taste, which again she blamed on Sara.

"That's it baby, suck Thea's ass off my cock." Sara grinned wickedly, "Mmmmmm, you like the taste of little Thea Queen's ass, huh? You do don't you? Oooooh, you dirty girl. Oh yeah, you tried to be good and not join in you just couldn't resist feeding Thea your sweet little pussy, and now you're sucking her little ass off my dick like the good little ATM slut you are."

"And mine." Nyssa chimed in, "Oh yes Felicity, don't forget about me. My cock is covered in ass cream too, so don't neglect it. Ooooooh yes, that's it, good girl. Clean my cock! Clean both those cocks of Oliver Queen's sister's ass hole you nasty ass to mouth bitch. Ohhhhhhh, that's hot."

It didn't take long for Felicity to switch cocks, partly because she greedily sucked the tip of Sara's cock clean in a matter of seconds and she wanted a second chance to savour the deepest part of Thea's bowels on a dick. Mostly she was hoping that it might just make her girlfriends shut up, because while up to a point she was still loving their dirty talk Felicity was extremely embarrassed that she had given in and helped defile Oliver's little sister, and naturally Nyssa and Sara were taking great delight in reminding her of that fact. Of course she didn't think it would work, and sure enough Sara and Nyssa kept talking, and even began grabbing hold of her hair and pulling her from one cock to another and then holding her in place.

Luckily Felicity was doing better at tuning them out when she wanted too, and it was easy when she had ass cream to clean. The perverted flavour also allowed Felicity to turn off her own brain for a few blissful minutes. But then of course she needed to shove the dildos deeper into her mouth and down her throat to get more anal juices until she had the entire length of first Nyssa's cock, and then Sara's, choking her windpipe. Briefly she was given another distraction in the form of Sara pulling her up into a deep kiss, the Canary moaning softly as she tasted Thea's ass on Felicity's lips. Then Nyssa took her turn with Felicity's lips, then with Sara's, before pulling back and the three girlfriends stared at each other before glancing at the still unconscious body of Thea.

"We should keep her." Nyssa said casually.

Felicity glared at her dark-haired girlfriend, "Nyssa, if we keep adding people to this relationship it's going to get ridiculous."

"I didn't mean it like that." Nyssa explained, "I meant like a pet."

"That would be hot." Sara admitted, and then when Felicity glared at her she quickly added, "Or we could just occasionally hook up with her. I think she'd be down for that. At the very least we could ask her. You know when she wakes up."

Felicity then glared at her blonde girlfriend, before biting her lip and looking over at Thea, and then after thinking about it mumbled, "Well, it couldn't hurt to at least ask."

Chapter Text

Sara Lance had been thrilled when then ex-girlfriend Nyssa al Ghul had suggested a threesome with Sara's then girlfriend Felicity Smoak, and it worked out better than she could have ever imagined. Surely nothing could beat that, right? Well, they were about to find out, because tonight she wasn't going to be just a Stuffed Canary. No, tonight she was going to be a Fully Stuffed Canary, meaning there would be a nice big strap-on cock in her mouth, pussy and ass at the same time. And that was thanks to Thea Queen, their youngest teammate on Team Arrow and the girl she used to babysit for, and who now was the little fuck pet of Sara and her girlfriends. So surely Thea deserved a reward, right?

That's why Thea was currently handcuffed to the same bed where Sara had taken her anal cherry, naked except for a cute little dog collar around her neck and the butt-plug in her ass, whimpering so wonderfully as Sara slowly kissed her way back and forth between her nipples. Of course this wasn't the real reward, just a preview, one which had lasted a lot longer than Sara had anticipated as Felicity was running late, again, perhaps proving that Sara needed to have another talk with Oli about overworking her genius girlfriend. Or maybe not, as in this case she loved the excuse to make Thea squirm, until her desire to please Sara was overridden by her need for some satisfaction.

"Please..." Thea whined softly and pathetically, "Please Mistress Sara, fuck me."

"Did we give you permission to speak?" Nyssa asked softly.

"It's okay Nyssa." Sara quickly placated her watching girlfriend before turning her attention to her little sub, "It's okay. We've waited for Felicity long enough. And it might even be better this way."

With that Sara started kissing her way down Thea's flat stomach, forcing herself to go at least a little slowly while the younger girl cried out, "Oh God yes, mmmmmm, oh Mistress Sara fuck me! Fucking lick me! Eat my pussy! Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, please, please, please do it. Lick me! I need you tooooooooo oooooooooh yeeeeeeeeesssssssss, ohhhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddd!"

It wasn't the first time Sara had gone down on this girl. Oh no, that came the day after the first foursome with Thea, in which Sara had genuinely been trying to be good, despite what Felicity might think, and stay away from the other girl at work, only approaching her at the end of her shift to explain that the previous night had been fun but Thea was under no obligation to do anything else if she didn't want too. It wasn't her fault that a few minutes later she had cleared her boss's desk, laid Thea down on top of it and then fucked the younger girl's brains out. It was totally Thea's for dropping to her knees and begging for the privilege of being Sara's bitch. Because really, what else could she do at that point?

Once she reached her destination Sara was thrilled to learn that Thea's pussy was just as tasty as she remembered it, although unlike the first time Sara went nice and slowly so she could really savour the taste of the girl who was still technically her boss, even if it had become crystal clear that Thea had no power over her, and didn't want it. In fact she seemed perfectly content with just squirming against Sara's tongue, although she did occasionally pull at the restraints on her hands and feet. Particularly her feet, although Sara was pretty sure that was just because Thea wanted to wrap her legs around her head like the very first time she had eaten her out.

Thea definitely wanted to do that, if just to reignite that precious memory of the first time her pussy had been treated to the incredibly skilled tongue of Sara Lance. Although she very much like the fact that she couldn't. That for all her training she was now completely helpless and at the mercy of these superior women. Of course that was true without the restraints, but they were an added thrill which Thea had quickly grown to love. Mistress Sara and Mistress Nyssa were two very experienced Doms, and with their help Thea had embraced the role of the sub and would happily do anything these dominant women wanted.

That this was now what they wanted was beyond thrilling, and if Thea had to endure a little pleasurable torture in the process so be it. Unfortunately Mistress Sara had pushed her beyond her capabilities, and while Mistress Sara had promised her she wouldn't be punished if it truly became too much like it did a few seconds ago Thea couldn't help but hope she would be punished anyway, and from the look on the face of Mistress Nyssa she would anyway, even if Mistress Sara wouldn't find out about it. Which was good, because there were a few things Thea like more than being bent over the knee of a superior woman, or her desk at work, or some other surface so she could receive a nice hard spanking from one of her Mistresses.

Although it as hard to think about things she might receive in the future while another woman was going down on her. An incredibly experienced woman who was only too happy to show off her skills at eating pussy, skills which easily put her to shame despite over the past few weeks practically living with her head in between the legs of one of her owners. Her wonderful Mistress Sara, who was currently driving her crazy with just a few gentle licks, and just as Thea thought she was getting used to it Mistress Sara lingered on her clit to pull her from her mind and makes her cry out extra loudly once again. God, it was heaven. Or at least it was for a lesbian slut like Thea Queen.

Bisexual slut would probably be more accurate, but Thea's dating life after Roy wasn't exactly stellar and she had made it very clear to her Mistresses that she was only too happy to give up men if it meant being their little dyke fuck pet. Hell, given the overwhelming pleasure she was feeling right now Thea would have become a nun if Mistress Sara would only make her cum. So overwhelmed was she that Thea didn't even notice when someone else entered the room. Partly because they remained uncharacteristically silent for a few long seconds before making their presence known, initially startling Thea before she grinned happily.

"Sara, what the hell!" Felicity exclaimed, forcing herself to sound angry before she grinned and playfully scolded, "You started without me?"

"Sorry babe, you were just taking so long." Sara apologised after reluctantly removing her mouth from Thea's pussy and turned to the other blonde. She then stood up and strolled over to Felicity while telling her, "But now you're here... the real fun can begin."

Felicity opened her mouth to ask what exactly Sara meant by that, but before she could get a word out the Canary kissed her. Although assaulted her might have been more accurate, Sara pushing her tongue into her mouth straightaway so Felicity would have absolutely no choice but to taste Thea Queen's pussy on her girlfriend's lips and tongue. Not that it would really matter, because after a year of being together Felicity couldn't imagine ever turning Sara down for a kiss, even if it resulted in her feeling incredibly guilty. In this case especially guilty because she undeniably liked the taste, and even moaned softly when it hit her tastebuds, causing Sara to smirk triumphantly for a few seconds before Felicity started kissing back.

After making out for a few passionate minutes Sara grinned knowingly, "How did our slut taste?"

"Good." Felicity blushed, unable to deny it, "But I'm still not sure I can, you know..."

"Oh come on baby, you know you want too." Sara pushed, "And Thea does too, isn't that right Thea?"

"Yes Mistress Sara!" Thea quickly agreed, "I want Mistress Felicity to eat me. Please Mistress Felicity, eat my pussy. I want you to eat my little dyke cunt soooooo bad Mistress Felicity, please do it."

"You heard the girl." Sara said, slipping behind Felicity, placing her head on her shoulder and pointing her in the direction of Thea's open legs, "Just look at that wonderful little invitation? Can you really turn it down when I got it all nice and ready for you? Wouldn't that just be a waste?"

"Well, yeah... but-" Felicity began.

"No more buts." Sara quickly interrupted, before softening her tone again, "Come on Felicity, Thea has been our dyke bitch for months now and you still haven't tasted her."

"Which is cruel given how much you've used her mouth." Nyssa chimed in with a wicked grin.

"Exactly." Sara agreed, giving Felicity a gentle push forward, figuratively and literally, "So come on babe, go get you some of that 20-year-old pussy."

Felicity stumbled forward, gulped softly, and then whispered to herself, "Oliver, please forgive me."

With that Felicity took Sara's place on the bed and took her first long lick of Thea Queen's pussy. Well, straight from the source, because she had tasted it before on Nyssa's lips and tongue, and the fingers of Nyssa and Sara, as both of her girlfriends prepared her for this moment. Although nothing could have really prepared her for the moment she tasted Oliver's little sister right from the source and heard Thea her moaning for her as she licked her. The guilt was just so overwhelming, but not as much as her desire for more, Felicity quickly establishing a steady tongue rhythm as she began greedily licking Thea's little pussy.

Those first half a dozen licks were slow and gentle, and Felicity completely ignored Thea's clit despite the fact it looks so swollen and needy, because despite her apprehension now she had finally crossed this line Felicity wanted to savour the first time she fucked her friend and little sister of her boss with her mouth. However the constant whimpering out of Thea's mouth ultimately convinced Felicity to show her friend some mercy in the form of some attention to her clit, at first just touching it with every stroke of her tongue, but then quickly moving to lingering on it and then taking it into her mouth, both of which really made Thea cry out in pleasure and her yummy juices flow.

It was tempting to push even further, but then Sara scolded her, "Felicity, don't spoil our bitch."

"I think that's a little hypocritical given how much you've spoiled her with all those ass fuckings." Nyssa grinned wickedly at Sara, before turning to Felicity, "But Sara's right, there is no need to spoil her. Or rush this. Mmmmmm, especially not when your pretty little blonde head look so good in between the legs of Oliver Queen's little sister."

The little reminder of who this was had Felicity blushing a little, but thankfully her girlfriends didn't keep reminding her. In fact they remained suspiciously silent, Felicity glancing over at them to see what they were up to, without pausing the pussy licking of course, as she was very used to having to keep one eye on especially Sara. To her surprise, and delight, the worst the other two did was strip themselves. Other than that they just seemed generally content with watching her, which Felicity actually found a little flattering. It made her want to put on a show for them, and that's exactly what she did, using every wicked trick that Nyssa and Sara had taught her to tease Thea for what felt like hours before finally giving her what she wanted.

Thea whimpered joyfully throughout this. Lately all her secret desires had been satisfied, or more accurately the ones involving having amazing lesbian sex with Sara Lance and Nyssa al Ghul. However sex with Felicity Smoak had been limited to Thea being given the privilege of eating Mistress Felicity's pussy and there was a big part of her which selfishly wanted more. Which wasn't surprising considering she used to be a spoilt heiress, but Thea felt she had done a good job of shaking the bratty nature she may be had as a young child turned into mature women, and more importantly a good sub who patiently waited to be given a treat.

It had been hard, because Thea really wanted Mistress Felicity to join in the fun some more. At lease with Thea involved. The hacker had no problem when Thea was chained up and forced to watch her Mistresses go at it, but she had only had the privilege of watching that ones and while it gave her plenty of masturbation material watching it had been torturous as she wanted in so badly, and was ravenous when she was finally unchained. Fortunately Mistress Nyssa and Mistress Sara were happy to oblige, even if unfortunately Mistress Felicity hadn't. But she was now, and that's all that mattered, Thea forcing herself to remain silent and just enjoy this even as her body ached for more.

Luckily Mistress Sara was a big softy at heart, and showed some mercy by offering up some encouragement, "Come on Felicity, you know I love watching you eat pussy, but there's no need to overdo the teasing. Trust me, poor little Thea has suffered enough."

"And who's fault is that, beloved?" Nyssa quipped with a smirk.

"Felicity's." Sara replied without hesitation, then when Felicity lifted her head and gave her a look she simply shrugged and added, "What? You were late."

"And you need to learn some self-control." Felicity pointed out, before licking her lips and looking up at Thea while she continued to talk to her other girlfriends, "But Thea shouldn't have to suffer for your impatience, so as long as she asks nicely I'll be more than happy to make her cum."

Her eyes lighting up Thea whimpered, "Please Mistress Felicity, make me cum. Please fuck me and make me cum for you. I want to cum for you, I want toooooo ohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddd! Fuck yes, fuck me, oooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!"

Honestly Thea would have liked the opportunity to beg a little longer, simply because she didn't know when it would be her getting her pussy eaten again, and there would never be another first time that Felicity Smoak would be doing it, but really that was just the spoiled brat in her threatening to come out again. Anyway, it was really hard to be disappointed when another woman was slipping a finger inside her very welcoming pussy, Thea losing the ability to speak as Mistress Felicity slowly pushed her finger inside her. She then leaned back when Mistress Felicity gave them both a moment to savour having her finger all the way inside Thea's cunt, but it was only briefly as soon afterwards the other woman officially began finger fucking her.

Soon after that Mistress Felicity lent down and began gently licking Thea's clit, Overwatch effortlessly bringing Speedy to the edge of orgasm in what felt like seconds. She then kept her there for a little while, but it wasn't long before Mistress Felicity was slipping a second finger in and then wrapping her lips around Thea's clit and sucking on it. Not hard, but hard enough to make Thea cum. Oh was it ever hard enough to make her cum, Thea throwing her head back and letting out a loud scream of pleasure as her pussy clamped down hard on the fingers of her Mistress and covered them with her girl cum. Then she did it again and again and again, Mistress Felicity effortlessly spoiling Thea with multiple orgasms.

Felicity didn't mean to make Thea cum quite so much, and she was surprised her assassin girlfriends didn't say something. Or just pull her off. It wouldn't even be hard as they were a lot stronger than she was, but they must have been enjoying the show too much to stop it. Which was flattering. Mostly. There was a part of Felicity which felt like they were smirking at her the entire time, and at least Sara was probably touching herself, but mostly it was a flattering testament to her vastly improved skills, and watch her with someone who wasn't technically part of the relationship without any jealousy. Which just showed how twisted their relationship had become, but still.

It also helped that Felicity knew exactly what they had planned for the night, and unless that changed for some unlikely reason Thea wasn't going to need to do much but just lie here and look pretty. Hell, Felicity could have fucked Thea into unconsciousness and they could have still probably gone through with what they had planned. In fact she could all but guarantee they would, which was good thing, especially when Felicity tasted Thea's girl cum and instantly wanted more. She had felt that way when Sara had gone down on Thea and then kissed her afterwards. In fact that memory was one of the many reasons why Felicity had agreed to do this. But tasting it because she was making Thea Queen cum was a wholly different experience.

Her mouth was so close to Thea's cum leaking cunt it was inevitable that she would taste some, and when she did Felicity immediately removed her fingers from her friend's pussy and replace them with her mouth, greedily sucking at that yummy hole until there was no more girl cum to swallow. Then she slammed her tongue inside that tight little twat and hammered it in and out until Thea once again came, her experience with Nyssa and particularly Sara allowing Felicity to instantly remove her tongue and swallowing at least the majority of that precious liquid before she reinserted her tongue and repeated the process.

This continued until finally someone intervened and suddenly Felicity found herself being yanked upwards, turned around and roughly kissed. It all happened so fast Felicity honestly wasn't sure who it was, but as she felt a soft feminine body pressed against her own she relaxed and assumed it was one of her girlfriends. Probably Sara. In fact she'd be willing to bet money on it, both on the way the other woman kissed her, and her impatience of waiting for Felicity to stop of her own accord. Then after a few minutes of frantic kissing Felicity was proven right, Sara breaking the kiss and then stepping back to give Felicity that megawatt smile which was so rarely seen, and made her heart flutter at the fact that she was the one it could bring this out of Sara given how solemn she had been when they first met.

"That was amazing babe." Sara grinned wickedly, "Now we just need to get you to strap on your big dick and fuck Thea up her tight little ass."

"Assuming that you'll leave that hole alone long enough for Felicity to have a turn." Nyssa quipped, "Or anyone else for that matter."

"Hey, it's not my fault I'm the one with the most access to that sweet little butt." Sara pointed out, and then looking over her shoulder before Felicity got her attention.

Those words of course made Felicity blush a little, but she joined in on the fun by reaching down to roughly squeeze Sara's ass and as confidently as she could manage told her, "It's not Thea's tight little ass I'm going to be fucking tonight."

Sara gasped softly when Felicity grabbed her butt, then she grinned excitedly, "Yeah?"

"Yeah." Felicity said boldly, "And since you were the one who begged us to make you a fully stuffed Canary you can go get my big dick, strap it around my waist and get it nice and ready for your slutty little ass hole."

"Mine too." Nyssa added, "Don't forget my big dick. Or one for Thea."

"Yes Mistress Felicity, yes Mistress Nyssa." Sara said only half mockingly as she eagerly did what she was told.

Sara had already picked out exactly which dildos her girlfriends, and fuck pet, were going to be using on her, so it was a simple matter of pulling open the bottom dresser draw where they kept their favourite toys, grabbing the three strap-ons on top of the pile and then quickly returning to Felicity. She then dropped to her knees in front of the hacker and held out the harness for Felicity to step into, Felicity quickly obliging so Sara could pull it up her thighs and then tightened it around the physically weaker blonde's waist. Then Sara took a firm hold of the dildo, gave it one playful stroke and then looked up at Felicity before wrapping her lips around the head of the man-made meat and then began to bob her head up and down.

"That's it bitch, suck my cock!" Felicity boldly told the assassin, knowing it was exactly what both her girlfriends wanted, the looks they were giving her encouraging her to continue, "Yeah, suck it! Get it nice an wet for your slutty little ass hole. You don't want lube, do you? No, Sara Lance is such a massive anal whore that she can take it up the ass with just a little spit. And she wants to feel a little pain for the inevitable pleasure as her whore hole is stretched and reminded that it's a fuck hole for Felicity Smoak and Nyssa al Ghul! Fuck Sara, you look so good on your knees. Oh yeah baby, you look good on your knees, sucking my big dick so I can shove it right up your sexy little ass, but I think we are making Nyssa jealous. Aren't we baby?"

"Damn right you are!" Nyssa grinned, moving to stand right beside Felicity, "Oh Felicity, I do love watching Sara suck your cock, but don't hog her. Mmmmm, I want some of that whore mouth too. And we are supposed to be sharing her after all."

"Of course." Felicity agreed, briefly looking at Nyssa while doing so before turning her attention back to Sara, roughly grabbing the other blonde's hair and pulling her mouth away from her strap-on, "You heard us slut, don't pretend like you didn't. Strap Nyssa's cock to her and suck it! Yeah, suck it like you've been sucking mine."

"Yes Mistress Felicity, yes Mistress Nyssa." Sara said, this time without any mockery in her voice as she quickly did as she was told.

In what felt like seconds Nyssa's strap-on was firmly around her waist and Sara was eagerly taking it into her mouth. Clearly showing her approval Nyssa wrapped her fingers into Sara's hair, gently pushed more dildo into the kneeling woman's mouth and then restarted the verbal encouragement that Felicity had so wonderfully started. Sara listened to every word of it with a happy smile on her face, although it definitely wasn't her main focus. No, that was giving Nyssa a thorough blow job. One a well practised cock sucker like herself could be proud of. But before she could really get going and stuff that dick down her throat she was forcefully pulled off of it and onto the other, surprisingly by Felicity.

"My turn." Felicity said brightly, "And you better deep throat this time bitch!"

Those words of course delighted Sara and she rushed to obey, quickly taking enough dildo into her mouth that it was poking the entrance to her throat. It then slipped into her windpipe, Sara fighting her urge to gag as she continued her dissent with every bob of her head. Then just as she was about to get the last few inches she was pulled off again, this time by Nyssa, and ordered her to do the same thing for her. This process was repeated a few times before finally Sara was allowed to deep throat the entire length of first Felicity's cock, and then Nyssa's cock, which was slightly frustrating but mostly just hot for the vigilante known as the Canary.

Then after a minute or two of literally fucking Sara's mouth Nyssa pushed the blonde away and then as she gasped on the floor she told her, "Don't forget about Thea. She still needs to be equipped and prepared."

"Yeah Sara." Felicity chimed in lustfully, "Give your little bitch a cock she can fuck your cunt with."

"Oh, she won't be fucking me babe." Sara grinned, standing up and walking over to the bed, "I will."

"You mean we will." Nyssa corrected.

"Yeah, sure." Sara murmured, too busy with the final strap-on to really pay attention.

Given how Thea was still bound to the bed this final stage was difficult, but far from impossible for someone like Sara. It helped that Thea had fully regained consciousness after her rather draining series of orgasms so she was able to wordlessly lift her butt up so Sara could slide the harness underneath it and then strap it around her waist before proceeding to give the younger girl a nice and sloppy wet blow job. Although the difference was that she wasn't pushed back and forth between this dildo and another, and the entire time Sara stared up into Thea's eyes while remembering just how thoroughly she had dominated this girl over the past few weeks. And exactly what was going to happen next.

Thea was also very mindful how totally Mistress Sara had dominated her, to the point where she thought of her as Mistress Sara in her head, and of course the amazing gift she would receive next, but her main focus was on the present as Sara Lance gave her a blow job. That alone blew Thea's mind. It was a kind of kinky act Thea could have never imagined, even after becoming Mistress Sara's plaything. The fact she was handcuffed to a bed made it very clear who was in charge, but still. And God, did Mistress Sara ever look beautiful like this. Oh yes, Sara Lance looked good sucking Thea's cock. And she was doing such a good job of it, eventually taking the entire length down her throat so she could cover it with her spit.

Then all of a sudden Mistress Sara was crawling up the bed until they were again face to face, and so that her pussy was hovering over Thea's cock. Mistress Sara then smiled at her wickedly and without breaking eye contact reached down, grabbed hold of the dildo and held it firmly in place while she pushed herself downwards. Eye contact was then briefly broken as Mistress Sara closed her eyes and let out a long moan, obviously savouring the penetration. Then she opened her eyes again as she began slowly lowering herself down further, the older woman easily taking the dildo and then again savouring the moment when she was sitting on Thea's lap with the full length buried inside her.

It wasn't long after that pause that Nyssa called out, "Sara, stop wasting time and start riding that dick."

"Yeah baby, ride it." Felicity agreed, and then when Sara did as she was told Felicity happily continued, "Oh yes that's it Sara, ride that dick! Mmmmmm, you look so sexy babe. So sexy riding Thea's dick. Come on Sara, bounce up and down. Make us want to fuck you."

Shooting her girlfriends what kind of looked like a playful grin from where Thea was Mistress Sara slowly increased the pace of her bouncing. It was likely she was going to do that anyway now she had built up a rhythm, but it was clear she still enjoyed the encouragement, and so did Thea. She had loved dirty talk before becoming her friend's sex slave, and now she loved it even more. Almost as much as watching Mistress Sara's boobs bounce up and down with every thrust, or the look on Mistress Sara's face as she turned back to her. Of course she didn't have a great view of what happened next, but she definitely love that too.

"So, do you want her ass first, or shall I do the honours?" Nyssa asked Felicity.

"You do it." Felicity replied without hesitation, "I don't think I have the patience to be gentle with her right now."

"Very well. Sara, stay still and allow me to get into your ass!" Nyssa said, slowly leaning down behind her prey and softly asking, "Aren't you forgetting something?"

"Yes Mistress Nyssa?" Sara replied after a brief hesitation.

"That's right bitch." Nyssa purred lustfully, before slapping Sara's butt, "Do not forget again."

When her butt was slapped Mistress Sara understandably let out an audible gasp, quickly followed by a smile as Mistress Nyssa pulled one of her butt cheeks a side with one hand while lubricating two fingers on the other hand by briefly popping them into her mouth before bringing that hand down to her target. From the happy sounds that followed Thea guessed that Mistress Sara was being anally fingered, with what happening next being pretty obvious to the bounded sex slave. It was then especially Thea wished she could see exactly what was happening, but she still felt it was an honour just taking part in this small way. Especially as the constant bashing against her clit thanks to the stimulator within the harness was giving her more physical pleasure than she could have guessed, along with the mental high of being able to DP Mistress Sara.

Nyssa was very much looking forward to that, although she would not allow her lust for Sara or her amazing ass to cause her to hurt her first love. Of course she was probably way too cautious, considering she was back to giving Sara extremely frequent anal poundings, but Nyssa didn't feel that anyone could blame her, especially Felicity as she knew how fun it was to finger fuck Sara Lance and hear the Canary go from cooing happily to grumbling about not getting what she wanted. Not that Nyssa really paid attention to such things. No, she was too busy enjoying stretching Sara's sexy little ass hole with first one, and then two fingers.

When she finally pulled her fingers out and pressed the head of her strap-on against her girlfriend's slutty ass hole Sara let out an excited gasp and Nyssa could tell she was opening her mouth to encourage this action. Before she could Nyssa rammed forwards, roughly forcing the head of the dildo into Sara's butt and causing the Canary to cry out loudly in a mixture of pleasure and pain. As not even that could force a cry of pure pain out of her little bird Nyssa had absolutely no sympathy for her, and gave a series of hard thrusts to force the rest of the dick up Sara's butt before officially beginning the sodomy. Which of course caused Sara to gasp, groan and cry out in mostly pleasure.

Then Nyssa roughly smacked Sara's ass a few times, which for most people would have been a punishment, but depraved whore that she was Sara Lance just groaned in pleasure. Which made it tempting to use every ounce of her strength to smack and fuck Sara's ass, which just might be soon enough that she wouldn't enjoy it, if that was even possible, but no. Nyssa wasn't willing to really take the risk of hurting her beloved Canary. Besides, with her years of experience pounding ass, and Sara's years of experience of taking it up the ass, it was a simple matter of minutes before Sara's bowels loosened to the point that she was moaning loudly in pure pleasure, and shortly after that she started to beg for more.

"Hard! Mmmmmm, fuck me harder Nyssa." Sara moaned softly and dreamily, "Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, pound my ass! Fucking slam my fucking little hole! Oh yeah, fuck me! Fuck me harder, AH!"

Suddenly grabbing a firm hold of Sara's hair Nyssa yanked it up violently so the blonde was forced to lift her head up, allow the brunette to growled, "What happened to Mistress Nyssa?"

“I, I, I…” Sara stammered, genuinely caught off-guard, "I wasn't being serious."

Nyssa raised an eyebrow, then asked knowingly, "But you wanted to be?"

"Permanently? No... but for right now, hell yeah." Sara admitted with a grin.

"Then beg properly you whore!" Nyssa demanded, yanking back on Sara's hair.

"AH, fuck me! Fuck me Nyssa!" Sara grinned mischievously just to get another yank, then when she got it continued more submissively, "AH FUCK! Oh Mistress Nyssa, please fuck my ass! Mmmmmm, please fuck my tight little ass hole. Fuck it hard and deep and make me cum like a bitch. Please Mistress Nyssa, fuck me harder in my bitch hole."

Nyssa grinned, "One harder ass fucking, coming right up."

"Wait!" Felicity interrupted, "Don't hog her. She's my girlfriend too. I want a turn with that slutty little bitch hole of hers."

There was a brief pause and then Nyssa grinned again, "I'm sorry Felicity, you're absolutely right. You should have a turn with this bitch's butt hole... so go ahead. Do it! Mmmmm, stuff Sara's bitch hole so we can make her air tight."

"Oh God yes, stuff my ass Mistress Felicity!" Sara begged gleefully, "Stuff my slutty little ass full of your cock so Mistress Nyssa can stuff hers in my mouth and make me suck it clean while you're fucking my ass. Make me your stuff Canary. Mmmmmm, your fully stuffed Canary. I wanna be Mistress Felicity's and Mistress Nyssa's fully stuffed Canary. Oh God, my ass feel so empty, and so does my mouth. Please Mistress Felicity, Mistress Nyssa fill my holes. Ohhhhhhh shove your cocks up my ass and in my ass so I can be made air tight. Come on Mistress Felicity, take my slutty little ass hole and fuck me like a bitch, just like Mistress Nyssa did. Please just fuck me! Fuck me, fuck ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, fuck me, fuck my ass, oooooooh fuck!"

As she had spoke Nyssa pulled her strap-on completely out of Sara's ass, shifted her body so she was kneeling to the side of the Canary and then spread her cheeks widely and invitingly for the hacker. Felicity watched this with interest, and opened her mouth to either taunt Sara or tell her to beg, but as Sara beat her to it, and wouldn't let her get a word in edgeways, ultimately she just seemed to give up and kneeled behind her ultimate target and took aim at it. Despite her earlier words she then slowly violated Sara's loosened and open ass hole, which was a little disappointing for Nyssa, but only a little as she got a front row seat to the debauchery.

Sara was far more disappointed by it, and frustrated, and yet it was another reason she loved Felicity so much. Her nerdy girl knew Sara want her to tease her, and slowly pushing that dildo up her desperately wanting to be fucked ass was probably the best way she could do that. Well, that and giving her an infuriatingly slow and gentle butt fucking once the full length of that strap-on was buried inside her bowels, which of course Felicity did. Although as much as she craved to be fucked hard this way Sara would be able to enjoy the sensation of getting triple stuffed even more, something she literally couldn't wait any longer for, so once again she began begging.

"Mistress Nyssa, please give me your cock. Mmmmmm, I want your cock in my mouth." Sara whined in between moans, "I wanna suck my own ass off your cock while Mistress Felicity fucks my ass with hers. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, I wanna be made air tight. Please make me air tight like the little slut I am. Please? You promised, ohhhhhhh, you promised you'd make me air tight. Ooooooh yeah, to stuff all my holes and make me your little stuffed Canary, mmmmmm, your fully stuffed Canary, so just do it! Feed me your yummy ass flavoured girl cock as Mistress Felicity uses hers to fuck my slutty butt. Oh come on Mistress Nyssa, you know you want too. Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, fuck my mouth, mmmmmm, fuck my dyke mouth with your girl cock! Oh yes!"

Finally Nyssa moved towards her and pressed the tip of the dildo which had just been deep inside Sara's ass against Sara's lips, the Canary immediately parting them so Nyssa could push forwards even more so that the strap-on slid inside Sara's mouth. Sara then moaned happily as the taste of her own ass hit her taste-buds, and she closed her eyes not only to savour the flavour but the moment she was officially made airtight. Oh yes, she finally had a cock in her cunt, and another in her ass, and yet another one in her mouth, which had to be the ultimate slutty thing she could do. It certainly made her feel like a total slut, which she adored. And just when she didn't think it could get any better, it did, as her girlfriends began taunting her.

"Yessssss, that's it you perverted little bitch, suck it! Mmmmmm, suck my cock!" Nyssa ordered gleefully, "Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, you look so good with a cock in your mouth. I've always thought that, but you look even better with a cock in every single one of your holes. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, my sweet Canary looks good with everyone of her holes stuffed with dick! Yeahhhhhh, take it! Take it slut! Take it in every one of your holes! Yesssssss, let's see Sara Lance take a girl cock in each one of her dyke fuck holes at the same time like the total lesbian whore that she is! Oh yeah, that's so hot! How does it look to you, Mistress Felicity?"

"Amazing." Felicity moaned softly, a little preoccupied by the sight before her, but for Sara's sake she forced herself to recover and get into the dirty talk, "Sara's ass looks like it was made for my girl dick. And it was! Oooooooh yeah, yours and mine. Sara's little ass hole was always meant to take our dicks, just like her mouth was meant to clean them afterwards. Which is what's happening right now isn't it? Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, I see you Sara. Sucking on that dick just been in your ass. Mmmmmm, fucking ATM whore. And now yours our little air tight whore! Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssss, thanks to Thea you're now our little air tight whore, our three hole slut, our fully stuffed Canary taking it in each and every one of her hot little dyke fuck holes! Isn't that right Thea?"

"That's right." Thea piped up, "Mmmmm, and she really does look so fucking good. So-"

"Shut up slut, superior women are talking." Nyssa interrupted, before going right back to the dirty talk, "Oh yes Sara, you look so good taking it in all your holes. Mmmmmm, and you're taking it so well you dirty little slut."

If her mouth wasn't full Sara would have thanked them for the flattery, and be happily agreeing with all the dirty words that she loved so much. As Nyssa's dick was stuffing her mouth Sara settled for smiling around it and staring up lovingly at her first true love, as the second one continued gently sodomising her. Most of all she greedily sucked that cock, cleaning every single drop of her butt cream from the head of the strap-on in a matter of seconds before working her way down the shaft. She took a little more time with the middle portion before ultimately stuffing the dildo down her throat so she could clean the last of her ass juice, Nyssa helpfully shuffling forward every so often to make it easier for her.

Shortly after Sara's lips reached the base Nyssa paused the taunting and said, "Awww, looks like this deep-throating slut has no more ass cream to clean. Any idea what we could do about that Felicity?"

Taking the hint Felicity smiled, "I might."

With those words Felicity yanked her cock out of Sara's ass and Nyssa pulled hers from Sara's mouth and the two swap places. If Sara had been the one pounding some ass she would have been seek it as well, especially as Nyssa could be such a butt hog, but she suspected this was just another example of how selfless Felicity could be, once again putting Sara's needs before her own. In this case Sara's need, or at least perverted desire, for butt cream, Sara eagerly opening her mouth like a baby bird a second before Felicity was even in position. This earned her a look which seemed to say 'typical' from Felicity, but the selfless girl didn't hesitate in giving Sara what she wanted.

Neither did Nyssa. In fact she seemed to deliberately time it so that as soon as Felicity was pushing her ass flavoured cock into Sara's open mouth she was shoving her spit coated dick straight up Sara's slutty ass. Her ass hole was nowhere near as open as her mouth, but it was so loose and slightly open so all Sara really felt was pleasure from that penetration. Well, there was little pain, but that only added to her pleasure because she was a twisted little slut. Further proof of that was how she moaned again when the unique flavour of her own butt hit her taste-buds, Sara closing her eyes to savour the sensation of her mouth an ass once again being filled, making her air tight.

She got plenty of chances to savour that feeling as Nyssa and Felicity switch places over and over again, making sure Sara was constantly tasting her own ass on one of their cocks. It also ensured that her slutty ass was thoroughly stretched out and prepared for the pounding to come. Honestly it was a bit much, considering just how regularly her two girlfriends butt fucked her, and then Sara liked a little pain with her pleasure. Of course she still got it, just another way. An arguably more pleasurable way, as Felicity and Nyssa kept up the constant switching much longer than was necessary, making Sara ache for a climax. Which in a way made her love them even more, but there was only so much teasing that even a trained assassin could take.

Inevitably as Felicity and Nyssa switch places for what felt like the millionth time Sara cried out desperately, "Hard! Fuck me harder! Please Mistress Nyssa, Mistress Felicity, make me cum. I need to cum. Oh please, I need to cum with your cocks inside me. All of them! You too Thea. I want all your cocks inside of me, fucking all my fucking fuck holes like the greedy little whore I am. Please? Please pound all my slutty little fuck holes at the same time. Make your fully stuffed Canary cum. Please Mistress Nyssa, Mistress Felicity, use my mouth and ass hole like a whore's cunt while I ride Thea's cock with my whore cunt so I can cum like never before."

There was a brief pause, just to make sure Sara had finished, then Nyssa turned to Felicity and asked, "What do you think my love?"

"Well, she did asked nicely for it. And she did remember our proper titles." Felicity pointed out with a grin, "So I say we give it to her."

"Agreed." Nyssa smiled wickedly as she and Felicity finished switching places, "I'm in the mood for some hard fucking anyway."

With that Nyssa shoved her cock back into Sara's mouth, the blonde not savouring the flavour this time and instead just eagerly starting to suck as she knew what was to come. Meanwhile the other blonde slowly pushed her dick back into Sara's ass, honestly more slowly than Sara would have liked, but she always trusted Felicity to give her what she wanted. Sure enough after a initial slow thrust which buried every inch of that strap-on back up her butt, and also establishing a steady rhythm, Felicity began picking up speed, inevitably giving Sara the hard butt pounding she so desperately wanted. About the same time Nyssa started fucking her mouth, making this heavenly experience even better than what came before, and even though it didn't seem possible it was only going to get better.

For a few long seconds Sara found herself on the edge of orgasm, but she was so overwhelmed she couldn't tell whether Felicity was teasing her or her body trying to resist just so she could get a few more precious seconds of awareness of this wonderful assault on her body. Either way as amazing as the triple fucking was her inevitable climax came as a relief, and a powerful one at that. Perhaps even more powerful than any she had ever known. The ones that followed it definitely were, because Sara was being roughly pounded by the two women she loved, and their pet slut, making her feel just so overwhelmed. So loved. So fucked.

Felicity did her best to hold back her own climax, but it was only a matter of time. Not just for the stimulator inside the harness constantly bashing against her clit, but because of Sara's butt cheeks jiggling against her thighs with every thrust, and the sounds their flesh meeting made. Also the garbled screams of pleasure which were escaping from Sara's thoroughly fucked mouth. Most of all there was a mental high from not only butt fucking this deadly assassin, but being part of a triple fucking. Oh yes, with the help of Nyssa and Thea she was giving Sara her first ever triple pounding, and Felicity had arguably the most important role at the moment is not only was she slamming Sara's ass hole but with every thrust she was impaling her pussy on Thea's cock.

It helped a lot that Nyssa was more or less in the same boat as she was, even if Felicity was worried that the Heir to the Demon and was taking Sara's words a little too literally. Because Felicity had seen Sara take a lot of punishment, both of the pleasurable kind and the non-pleasurable kind, but she had never throat fucked her quite this brutally before. Which was really saying something, because Sara had confessed a love for rough sex, and it was hardly surprising that both Nyssa enjoyed it too and it was something they had frequently done together, but they had been having it more and more around Felicity, making her feel increasingly inadequate.

For better or for worse this led to Felicity giving Sara's ass everything she had, perhaps fucking it harder than ever before. As a result she squeezed a lot of orgasms out of Sara, and inevitably out of herself, but to her credit Felicity pushed through it and the ones that followed as she was determined to prove she could be just as much a top, or at least just as much a butt buster, as Nyssa al Ghul. Whether she achieved that goal was debatable, but thanks to her previous times with Sara and her training outside the bedroom Felicity did herself proud. Ultimately though she reached her limit, and rather embarrassing herself by collapsing she pulled out and admired her handiwork.

After a few long seconds of staring at Sara's gaping butt hole Felicity turned to Nyssa and told her, "Your turn."

Wordlessly Nyssa removed her cock from Sara's mouth, moved behind her and shoved that big dildo up Sara's ass. If it was Felicity there was no way she could resist saying something, but there was something really sexy about the way Nyssa could move so silently and then just as silently going for the kill. Which was very much metaphorical in this case, which luckily Felicity didn't dwell on as she just stared at Nyssa as she had her way with Sara's butt, contentious to watch at first. Then she remembered her insecurities, and moved around Sara so she could shove her ass flavoured cock into her girlfriend's mouth one last time tonight and try and face fuck her half as hard as Nyssa just did.

Thea was so jealous of Mistress Sara right now. She had been jealous of her throughout the triple fucking, but it was never more overwhelming than at that instant, because although it was very close Mistress Nyssa was the best butt fucker of the group and to see her delivering a hard anal pounding was truly a work of art. Combined with Mistress Sara getting to taste her own ass via Mistress Felicity's cock and the fact that every thrust from Mistress Nyssa impaled Mistress Sara's cum squirting cunt on the dildo strapped around Thea's waist and Thea wasn't sure she could even fathom how submissive pleasure Mistress Sara was feeling right now.

Surely the only way that it could possibly be better was if Thea was a thrusting upwards into Mistress Sara? Thea wasn't sure about that at first, because she had been so lost in submission lately it was hard for her to imagine topping in any way, and even what she was doing now felt kind of unnatural. But it also felt really good, and Thea would do absolutely anything to give Mistress Sara just a little bit more pleasure. However she was worried that there would be repercussions from her other Mistresses. And sure enough when she did try a few cautious thrusts Thea soon received a look from Mistress Nyssa which could practically kill a man. So she quickly cut it out in favour of letting her Mistresses do all the work.

Of course mostly it was Mistress Nyssa, but Mistress Felicity was doing her best to make Thea insanely jealous, and no doubt make Mistress Sara cum harder, as she slowly forced her strap-on into Mistress Sara's mouth and then began to fuck it. And fuck it with more force than Thea thought Mistress Felicity was willing to give. Hell, it was so hard that Thea's throat tingled with the memory of previous face fuckings she had received from Mistress Nyssa and Mistress Sara. It also made her cum, the stimulator inside the harness and the sheer joy of doing this to Mistress Sara making Thea cum oh so wonderfully hard. So really, she couldn't complain.

Especially considering that after who knows how many mutual orgasms Mistress Nyssa roughly pulled her cock from Mistress Sara's misused ass and after admiring her handiwork for a few long seconds walked around and shoved her cock into Thea's face, Mistress Felicity politely moving aside to make this easier on everyone. Whether there was initially more words than 'suck it' would perhaps always be a mystery to Thea as she immediately opened her mouth and started greedily sucking at the ass flavoured dildo, instantly loving the taste of Mistress Sara's ass which she had previously only sampled once before. Then after a few minutes of ravenous sucking she heard something very clearly, something which made her submissive heart skip a beat.

"Yeahhhhhh, suck it good slut, mmmmmmm, because you're next." Nyssa threatened, trying not to smirk at the clearly happy reaction this got from her pet.

Chapter Text


"No." Thea replied quickly and unconvincingly, then when all her Mistresses gave her a look she admitted, "Okay, maybe a little. But mostly I'm excited, I swear."

"It's just that, erm, after last time..." Felicity stammered.

"Some of us were wondering if we were being a bit too mean. Mostly Felicity." Sara chimed in, giving her girlfriend a bit of side eye, before admitting, "But me too."

Thea blushed a little as she admitted, "I'm good. Seriously."

"Do you feel you deserve it?" Sara asked after a pause, "You know, given what we do. Because I totally get that."

"Why do you think she lets me spank her sometimes." Nyssa grinned.

Ignoring the assassin Felicity pushed, "Well do you?"

"I don't know." Thea lied with a shrug, and then when she got another look added, "Okay, yeah. A little. But I trust you guys not to go too far."

"Just remember, red, and we stop. Mercy, and we ease off. No exceptions. Okay?" Sara said softly, and then when Thea nodded she smiled and added, "Good, now strip and get on your knees slut."

"Yes Mistress." Thea replied with a smile.

Sara Lance tried not to smirk too widely at that response, and the way that Thea Queen immediately started slowly stripping for her and her girlfriends Felicity Smoak and Nyssa al Ghul. She wasn't sure how successful she was, but a smirk definitely crossed her face when Thea finished removing her 'superhero' outfit and got on her knees in front of Sara. The younger girl even remembered to lower her head like a good little submissive should, which was why Sara was confident they were taking the right approach with this girl. Which just made it more important to make sure Thea knew this was a safe space to explore her submissive side, and her friends would take care of her. Friends who could give her what she needed. What she craved.

With that thought in mind Sara closed the distance between them until her crotch was directly in front of Thea's face, and then she asked, "Do you want to get fucked?"

Looking up at the blonde Thea said softly, "Yes Mistress."

"Yes what?" Sara pushed.

Thea briefly frowned in confusion, then realisation hit and she quickly replied, "Yes Mistress, I want to get fucked."

Sara paused for dramatic effect, and then stripped off her own outfit. Her girlfriends followed suit, only Felicity didn't really have a 'superhero' outfit, and Nyssa certainly wouldn't call her assassin's uniform that. Not that Sara was particularly fond of the term 'superhero' outfit, but it seemed so much more appropriate term for what Thea chose to wear, as it was bold and made a statement, much like the girl herself. The girl who despite everything was still so full of hope, and because of it seemed so much younger than the rest of them, despite only about five years separating them. It made would happen next even more wicked.

When they were all fully naked Sara slowly began circling her pray, partly to build tension, but also to give Thea a good view of her other two now fully nude Mistresses so she would be even more in the mood for fun. Which was probably unnecessary, as like Nyssa and herself Thea found going out and kicking the asses of the violent criminals of Starling City, many whom were their twice the size, to be highly arousing. However, has just pointed out, while Nyssa and Sara normally used it to further channel they're feeling of power Thea wanted to be punished for taking the law into her own hands. And perhaps rewarded, Sara was determined that Thea would get both tonight.

Stopping in front of the other girl again, this time with her wet and exposed pussy in her friend's face, Sara asked, "By?"

Because of the pause in the conversation, and what was now on display, it was understandable that it took a few long seconds for Thea to blink awake, realise what Sara meant and reply, Sara impressed that when she did Thea looked up and boldly said, "By you Mistress Sara. I want to get fucked by you. I want to get fucked by you, and Mistress Felicity, and Mistress Nyssa. I want all three of you to fuck me. Please, fuck me."

"Stand up and walk over to that wall!" Sara ordered firmly, then when Thea did as she was told Sara added, "Bend over! Mmmmm yeah, hands against the wall and stick that ass out. Good girl."

Another wicked grin crossed Sara's face as Thea arched her back to perfectly display her gorgeous little rump to the hungry eyes of her Mistresses. It was a sight Sara could never get tired of, and it was a struggle to even tear her eyes away from it so things could continue, but for better or for worse Felicity let out a little forced cough to let Sara know she was worried that they were pushing Thea too hard again, and making sure Felicity, and everybody, was comfortable was always the priority over even this. So Sara turned to Felicity, mouthed 'trust me' and then advanced on Thea, coming to stand behind her and almost casually beginning to grope her cute little butt.

After a few long seconds of that Sara further tested her slave by almost whispering, "How?"

Having expected something like that Thea almost immediately replied, "By all of you, at the same time. Please Mistress Sara, I want you, Mistress Nyssa and Mistress Felicity to fuck me. I want you to fuck my pussy, my mouth and my ass all at the same time. Please Mistress Sara, make me your airtight slut."

"An airtight slut huh?" Sara smirked, "Like me last night?"

Thea briefly hesitated, then cautiously said, "Yes Mistress Sara, like you last night."

Teasing her slut Sara roughly grabbed Thea's shoulder length hair and pretended to be angry for a second or two, before smiling, "Really? You want to be that big of a lesbian slut?"

"Sara." Felicity mumbled, but she was mostly ignored.

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea whimpered, "I want to be a total lesbian slut for you, and Mistress Felicity and Mistress Nyssa. I want to be the biggest slut ever."

"Good." Sara purred into Thea's ear as she let go of her hair, "Only the biggest, nastiest, dirtiest lesbo sluts would actually want three women to fuck them in each and every one of their holes. But you know what that means, don't you Thea?"

Guessing from the way Mistress Sara's hands moved back to her ass cheeks, and previous experience, Thea offered, "You're all going to fuck my ass?"

"Yes, that's right Thea." Sara smirked, lowering her face a little to get closer to that cute little butt, "We're all going to fuck this tight little ass of yours. One after the other. Mmmmm yeah, three women, all up your ass, one by one, until this poor little hole is gaping wide open. Is that what you want you little anal whore?"

"Yes." Thea squeaked lustfully, "Please Mistress Sara, ruin my little butt hole!"

"Oh I will. In fact, because I'm the one who fucks it the most, I'm graciously letting your Mistress Felicity and Mistress Nyssa go first. Oh yeah, I'm going to watch my girlfriends take their turns with your little ass hole, and then if there's anything left of you I'm going to slam your little shit hole until you're unconscious!" Sara growled lustfully into Thea's ear, before spreading the younger girl's cheeks, "But if we are going to do that, I think we need a bigger butt-plug in your bitch hole than this little thing. Don't you agree Nyssa?"

"Oh yes." Nyssa grinned, before adding, "Why don't you hold her cheeks open for me while I get a bigger plug?"

"Gladly." Sara grinned, doing as she was told.

Nyssa stayed where she was for a few moments just so she could watch Sara displaying her target for her, her beloved Canary turning her body to the side so she wasn't obstructing the view and kneeled down even further so she could get the best view of the butt-plug exchange before she finally spread those cheeks, exposing Thea's cute little bitch hole being stretched open by that sex toy. But not stretched enough. On that Nyssa definitely agreed, which was why even there it was a little tough to tear her eyes away from that pretty sight Nyssa did it, if only for a few long seconds, then she retrieved a bigger plug and then return to make the trade.

Grabbing the handle of the plug which was still in Thea's butt Nyssa spent a few seconds pulling it almost all the way out, then back in again, making the younger brunette's back hole stretch around the lower part of the toy, making her pet whimper and moan in the process, then she suddenly pulled it out of the way and pressed it against Thea's lips. Without hesitation Thea opened her mouth expectantly, allowing Nyssa to push the butt-plug fresh from Thea's ass into her mouth. Thea then wrapped her lips around it and moaned like the well-trained ass to mouth slut she was, causing herself and Sara to grin wickedly. Nyssa also leaned in to offer up a little encouragement.

"That's it, suck it clean like a good girl." Nyssa whispered in Thea's ear, "Suck that butt-plug while I shove this bigger one up your tight little ass so we can all fuck it hard."

This encouragement was no doubt unnecessary as Thea would have sucked the plug clean anyway, but it did prompt the younger girl to suck loudly and greedily, which made her moan even more. It also made Nyssa grin once again, before she kneeled down behind Thea, briefly admired the little baby gape in front of her and then spat on the other brunette's loosened butt hole before pressing the large plug in her hand firmly against it. Luckily she had the presence of mind to have already coated it in lubricant before she returned, meaning Nyssa didn't have to wait another moment before once again stretching the tight little ass hole of Thea Queen.

Even Felicity moved so close to get a better view of this, meaning that all three of Thea's Mistresses watching her back door slowly open as Nyssa gently but firmly pushed forward, Thea groaning around the sex toy in her mouth as she was technically plug from both ends. Yes, Nyssa greatly liked that thought, and it was ever present in her mind as she pushed that plug almost all the way into Thea's butt hole, only stopping when the widest part of the plug was stretching her bitch's ass hole. She then left it there for a few seconds, before pulling back and repeating the process. Which might have seemed cruel, but Thea would thank her later. Or now, given the way she was moaning.

Not that Nyssa teased her for that long, partly because she received a not so subtle cough from Felicity, and partly because she wanted to receive some attention herself, which she made pretty clear after finally pushing the plug all the way in and turning to Sara, "There, nice and stretched. But as it would be better to leave it for a few minutes, how about in the meantime we have a little fun with this slut's mouth?"

"Good idea." Sara agreed, letting go of Thea's cheeks and straightening up, "But as we'll be mostly using her ass, how about we make her kiss our asses to prove how much she wants it?"

It wasn't exactly what Nyssa had been thinking of, but she liked the sound of it, so she nodded, "I could go for a rim job."

Sara first grinned at Nyssa, then at Felicity, "How about it babe?"

"Sure." Felicity said, believing she knew the answer to that question, but wanting to ask it anyway, "As long as you'd like that Thea?"

"Oh yes, I'd love to Mistress Felicity." Thea quickly replied, cautiously moving back slightly "Mmmmm, I love eating sexy girl ass. Please let me eat yours. Let me stick my tongue up your sexy asses to prove how much I want you to fuck mine."

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Sara grinned, assuming a similar position that Thea was just in, "Here, you can start with mine."

Thea quickly dropped to her knees behind Mistress Sara and pressed a soft kiss to her right ass cheek, then her left, before going back and forth. She would have liked to just bury her face in that meaty butt, however she had been thoroughly trained to begin every rim job by literally kissing ass, and that's exactly what Thea did. First to Mistress Sara's amazing butt, and then with a little prompting she did the same thing to the equally amazing butts of Mistress Nyssa and Mistress Felicity, both of whom helpfully lined up next to Mistress Sara to make it easier for Thea to go up and down the line, making sure each of those ass cheeks were covered in kisses before the real fun could begin.

As she started with Mistress Sara it seemed fitting she was the first one Thea spread the cheeks of so she could worship the most forbidden hole of her Mistresses, starting with tender kisses before swiftly moving on to long, slow licks. Thea of course kept that up for a long time, the only difference being that she occasionally switched butt holes, mostly when prompted, but after a while she did increase the force of her licks and even began pushing her tongue into those asses. Not that she got very far with Mistress Nyssa's incredibly tight back hole, but she was able to shove her tongue through the regularly well pounded ass holes of Mistress Felicity and Mistress Sara.

Again this was prompted by orders from her Mistresses, but that was only when they could get a word in edgeways from Thea's near constant begging in between kisses, and later licks, "Please Mistress Sara, fuck me. Mmmmm, fuck all my slutty little fuck holes with your big hard girl cock! Please? I want to be fucked. I need to be fucked! Please Mistress Nyssa, pound my ass hole! Slam fuck it harder then when you and Mistress Sara took my anal cherry and made me yours forever. Please? I need it. Please Mistress Felicity, stuff my holes and make me your fully stuffed Queen. I want all of you to fuck me at the same time. I want my Mistresses to fuck my pussy, ass and mouth hard and deep and make me their little airtight whore. Please? Please Mistress Sara, Mistress Nyssa, Mistress Felicity, use me for your pleasure."

"I guess that will do." Sara said nonchalantly, before ordering firmly, "Go get us some nice big dildos and strap them to us so we can stuff you full of girl cock."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea eagerly nodded in reply as she rushed to do as she was told.

"And give all of us a nice long blow job so our cocks are wet and ready for your slutty fuck holes." Nyssa chimed in.

Thea thought that one went without saying, but she still agreed, "Yes Mistress Nyssa."

With well-practised ease Thea retrieved three strap-ons and scurried back to where her Mistresses were standing expectantly. She then held out each harness, allowing each one of her Mistresses to step into one, and each time they did she pull them up their thighs and tighten them around their waists. Once all three were tooled up they gathered around her so she could not only easily switch between each dick, but use her hands to stroke which ever ones weren't in her mouth. Thea had done this a few times, and as she sensed the other two drawing close she brought up her hands and instinctively started stroking. But as Mistress Nyssa had been the last of her owners she had given a cock Thea just couldn't resist wrapping her lips around it the second it was in place.

As she closed her mouth around Mistress Nyssa's strap-on Thea heard a soft moaned, although she honestly wasn't sure if it came out of her mouth, or one of her Mistresses. Not that she could concentrate on that when Mistress Nyssa's cock was in her mouth. Oh no, that was a good way to get a spanking, and while Thea would in fact enjoy that it just was not worth displeasing her owners. Luckily her body had already gone into autopilot, meaning that when she refocused Thea found she was already obediently bobbing her head up and down Mistress Nyssa's strap-on, while her hands were stroking the strap-ons of Mistress Felicity and Mistress Sara.

Sara greatly enjoyed watching little Thea Queen sucking the cocks of her girlfriends, but it wasn't long before she was left feeling jealous. After all, Thea not only switched to Felicity's cock but then after a few minutes of bobbing her head up and down on that she switched back to Nyssa's again. It wasn't intentional of course, Thea knew better than to play favourites. Or at least Sara hoped she did. But there was still no fun being left out, even if it was only for a little while. It wasn't like Sara could even feel it like a guy could, but it was the principle of the thing. Sara almost said something about it, which would have made her seem really bratty, so she was really grateful she was saved from that by Thea finally stuffing her cock into her pretty little mouth.

Rewarding Sara for her patients Thea took Sara's dick deeper into her mouth and the other two. Well, she started off with the same gentle bobbing as with the other two, but eventually taking it into the back of her mouth, then Thea relaxed her throat muscles and stuffed that dildo into her windpipe, causing Sara to grin wickedly, first at Thea, then at Felicity and Nyssa. Her girlfriends were too busy watching their cock sucking slut to notice Sara smirking at them, not that Sara cared as her gaze quickly returned to her sex slave, even as she moved back to Nyssa and then Felicity to give them the same deep throating treatment, making sure those dildos would be truly ready for her slutty little fuck holes.

Along the way Sara chose to reward Thea for her fine work, first by reaching down to stroke her hair when she went back to sucking her cock, then with verbal encouragement, "Mmmmm, that's it Thea, take it deep down your pretty little throat. Yeahhhhh, good girl. Good little cock sucker. Ooooooooh, that's so hot. I love it when a pretty little thing like you sucks my strap-on cock and gets it nice and ready for me to fuck her with it. Mmmmmm, especially when she is getting ready for me to fuck her pretty little butt hole with it. Ohhhhhhh, you like the sound of that, don't you? Oh yeah, grin up at me while you're sucking my cock! Mmmmmm, show me just how much you love it."

Nyssa of course had beaten Sara to it, starting her verbal encouragement much sooner, and she was only too happy to continue it after she allowed Sara to get in on the fun, "Yes Thea, make it wet. Make my cock nice and wet so it slides easily into your slutty little butt hole! Mmmmm, take it, take it down your throat! Take it all the way down your throat bitch! I want every inch dripping with your saliva when I shove it up your tight little ass. Not that it will be tight when we are finished with it. No, mmmmm, it's going to be a gaping crater! You hear that Thea? The most private hole on your body is going to be gaped wide open after we are through with you, because all three of us are going to slam fuck your little shit hole like the anal whore you are!"

Even Felicity got in on the action, "Oh yes Thea, suck those cocks! Suck our big cocks! Suck the big strap-on cocks of your Mistresses you little dyke slut! Ohhhhhhh yeah, get them nice and wet for your pretty little fuck holes. But especially for that butt. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, get our cocks ready for your slutty little butt hole, cause we're all going to be pounding that little hole hard and deep tonight. Oh yeah, we're gonna take turns slamming your little bitch hole until you cum like the little ass whore you are! Oooooooh fuck, but not before you cum like a total slut with our big dicks inside you at the same time! Oh God yes Thea, you're gonna be our three hole whore, every little hole on your body mine to use. And Nyssa's, and Sara's, of course."

"Yeah she is." Sara grinned at Felicity's quick correction, then added as she made her way to the bed, "And speaking of which, I think it's about time we got this show on the road. Thea, come sit on my cock."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea gasped breathlessly, scrambling to do as she was told.

Shortly after Sara had laid down in the centre of the bed Thea got on top of her, positioned her entrance directly over Sara's cock and began slowly pushing her way down it. The head of the dildo easily entered Thea's pussy, causing Thea to let out a long loud moan of pleasure. That moan continued as Thea slowly but surely impaled herself on Sara's strap-on, not stopping until she had every inch buried inside her. There was then a pause for a few long seconds, Thea obviously waiting for permission to start moving. Sara gave her pet's pussy a chance to recover from the invasion, then she showed her approval with a wicked grin.

While Sara was more than ready to give more explicit instructions that was more than enough for Thea, who started slowly bouncing up and down, causing her little titties to jiggle delightfully and her face become a wash of pleasure. For a little while Sara just enjoyed that view, combined with the almost equally as delightful sight of Felicity and Nyssa watching Thea's cute little ass bounce up and down in front of them. Then Sara made the view even better for her girlfriends by reaching down and starting to play with Thea's butt-plug, slowly pulling it in and out of her friend's back hole to further prepare her for what was to come, and spreading one of the cheeks with her other hand so her girls could get the best possible view of it.

"It's the moment of truth Felicity." Sara mumbled a few minutes later, "Are you ready to take this hot little ass and make it yours?"

As she said that second part Sara pulled the butt-plug out entirely, quickly shoved it into Thea's mouth for cleaning, and then spread both of the other girl's cheeks with her hands, causing Felicity to stammer, "Y, yes?"

"What was that beloved?" Nyssa gently pushed/teased.

"Yes." Felicity said more firmly, "I'm ready to butt fuck Thea."

"Then go for it." Sara grinned, "Butt fuck our bitch! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, butt fuck little Thea Queen! Butt fuck Oli's kid sis so we can make her our airtight slut! Ooooooh, our fully stuffed slut."

Felicity had to pause for a minute, first because she was so overwhelmed at the sight of Sara spreading Thea's ass cheeks, giving both Felicity and Nyssa an even better view than before of Thea's tight little twat stuffed with Sara's strap-on. Then her brain finally processed Sara's words and she was hit with an unfortunate reminder that this was Oliver's little sister, and although the damage was essentially done fucking her up the ass just seemed like a step too far. Or at least that's what Felicity had been telling herself for the past month or so, but now she had committed to do it, and Thea had beg her to do it, and despite how wrong it was she couldn't help but do it.

She couldn't help but kneel down behind Thea, strategically avoiding Sara's legs as she settled into that position and then pressed her lubed up strap-on against the younger girl's butt hole. Felicity then paused again, but this time not because she was hesitant, but because she was savouring the moment. Then Felicity pushed forwards slowly but firmly, Thea's most private hole quickly and easily spreading open and allowing her cock to slip inside like the well-trained and regularly used bitch hole it was. Thea even moaned like a slut, further eroding any lingering apprehension Felicity had and replacing it with pure lust.

Especially when Thea spat out the butt-plug and cried out, "Yes, fuck me! Fuck me Mistress Felicity! Fuck my ass, stuff it with your cock! Ah fuck, stuff me!"

That little outburst just made Felicity push a little harder and faster, which was clearly Thea's intent, but Felicity didn't care about being manipulated, she just wanted to fuck some ass. Thea ass. Oh yes, Felicity wanted to fuck Thea Queen's ass hole, but first she needed to stuff it full of cock, which is exactly what the crazed computer expert now did, not stopping her thrust until her thighs were resting against her friend's cheeks, announcing every single inch of that big dildo was buried in Thea's butt. And through it all Thea had moaned like the total anal whore she had been turned into by Nyssa and Sara, and once the penetration was complete Thea began the begging again, even more desperately than before.

"Oooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, every inch! Mmmmmm, every inch of your big cock is up my ass Mistress Felicity, ohhhhhhhh, and it feels so good." Thea moaned and whimpered, "Your big cock feels so good up my ass, but I want more. Oh yeah, Mistress Sara, Mistress Felicity, you're stuffing my holes so good, but I want my mouth stuffed too. I'm a greedy little whore who wants to be made airtight. Ohhhhhh, please make me airtight. And please fuck me. Mmmmm, please fuck my slutty little holes. Especially you Mistress Felicity. Please? I need you to fuck my tight little dyke ass so we can really get this party started. Come on Mistress Felicity, fuck me! Please just fuck me. Fuck my ass! Ass fuck me, fuck me in the ass, just, ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, mmmmm, that's sooooo gooooooddddd, yesssssss!"

For a brief time Felicity listened to that begging with a wicked smirk on her face, then she gave Thea what she wanted. Or more accurately what they all wanted, Felicity dully aware of Nyssa and Sara watching her impatiently as she listened to Thea, and then with glee as Felicity slowly moved her hips back and then forward, officially starting the butt fucking. Oh God, Felicity officially began fucking Thea Queen up her tight little butt, her big dick sliding in and out of Thea's slutty little ass hole with every thrust pushing her up and down Sara's cock. Of course Felicity went nice and slowly, as this was the beginning of the ass fucking, but of course it wasn't enough for a total butt slut like Thea Queen.

Proving what they all knew Thea whimpered, "Harder! Please fuck me harder! Oh Mistress Felicity, fuck my ass harder. Mistress Sara, fuck my pussy. Mistress Nyssa, fuck my mouth. Please just-"

"Patients you greedy little slut." Sara growled lustfully, "You'll get what you want eventually."

"But-" Thea whined.

"No buts!" Nyssa said firmly while moving closer to the action, "Felicity, don't hog that slut's ass. Remember, we all get a piece of it tonight."

"I remember, but can I have a little longer, please?" Felicity pleaded, "It is my first time with this hole after all."

"And who's fault is that?" Nyssa pointed out.

"She's right Nyssa." Sara chimed in, "It's her first time with Thea’s ass. She should get a little longer."

Nyssa narrowed her eyes, thought about it for a few long seconds, and then grumbled, "Fine, but I'm only giving you five more minutes. Use them wisely."

"I will, I promise." Felicity reassured with a cute little smile before doing just that.

Nyssa couldn't help but return that smile, partly out of love for her girlfriend and partly out of the delight at seeing geeky little Felicity Smoak butt fucking little heiress Thea Queen. It was always thrilling to watch Felicity sodomising a woman who was physically superior to her, and while Thea might not be close to Sara's level she could have still easily kicked Felicity's ass, but instead Thea was getting her own ass fucked by their favourite computer nerd. Of course this was special. This was Felicity using their fuck pet's ass for the very first time. Something they were all enjoying, given the happy looks on their faces and the sounds they were making. Particularly Thea.

As such Nyssa knew she should be more patient and let Felicity have her fun, but as much as she enjoyed the sight in front of her nothing quite compared to ass fucking another woman herself. Besides, soon after Nyssa got her turn with that tight little butt hole Felicity would be free to stuff her cock into Thea's mouth, and she knew how much Thea love tasting her own ass. More importantly it would signify the first time they were truly making Thea airtight, something they'd all been looked forward too. Even Felicity. Of course Nyssa could make Thea airtight right now, but it seemed like for this special occasion the cock which entered her bitch's mouth really should be flavoured with bitch ass.

So Nyssa waited another long five minutes and asked, "May I have my turn now?"

There was a brief pause and then Felicity reluctantly replied, "I suppose."

To her credit Felicity then immediately pulled her cock out of Thea's ass and sidestepped out of the way, not only allowing Nyssa to take her place but giving her the best possible view of Thea's baby gape. Sara continuing to spread those cheeks for them was a big part of that too, but Nyssa was hardly concentrating on who was responsible for giving her this pretty sight right now. No, she was far too concentrated on how cute Thea's ass hole looked as it remained slightly open, and how much wider that hole would be once she was done with it, Nyssa practically licking her lips as she pressed her strap-on against Thea's butt hole and then pushed the head inside.

It was one of the easiest penetrations Nyssa had ever performed, Thea's loosened back hole quickly stretching to allow the first few inches access to her most private orifice, which of course made the little slut moan happily. And she kept moaning as Nyssa stuffed her ass full of cock, the assassin not stopping until her thighs were resting against her teammate's cute little cheeks. Even then Nyssa only stopped to savour the moment for a few seconds before gently starting to fuck her bitch up the butt, Sara making sure that she would have the perfect view of her cock sliding in and out of that forbidden hole. Then Felicity gave her a view to rival it.

"Hey Thea, ready to become airtight?" Felicity asked.

"Oh God yes, please Mistress Felicity, please make me airtight!" Thea pleaded.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm not convinced." Sara grinned wickedly.

Before Mistress Felicity had a chance to agree or disagree Thea butted in, "Please! Please make me airtight Mistress Felicity! Please? I want it so bad. Mmmmm, I want you to stuff that big cock which has just been up my butt directly into my mouth so I can suck the yummy ass juice from it and officially start taking it in all three of my little fuck holes like a total whore! I want you to fuck my mouth Mistress Felicity, mmmmm, please fuck it. I want all three of you to fuck me all at the same time, making me your three hole whore. Your airtight slut. Your walking, talking fuck hole. Please Mistress Felicity, Mistress Sara, Mistress Nyssa, use me however you want. Ohhhhh yeahhhhhh, mmmmm, use my holes, fuck them hard, please just-"

Thea was then silenced by Mistress Felicity shoving her cock directly into her open mouth. She also might have directly ordered her to suck the cock, but if she did Thea didn't hear her. No, as soon as she had very clear permission she wrapped her lips around that dildo and began greedily sucking, moaning with delight at the taste of her own ass, and more importantly being finally made airtight. It took a few moments for it to truly sink in, as she had wanted this so long and the built up and teasing had seemed to last forever, but yes, Thea finally had a cock in her mouth, pussy and ass all at the same time, and it felt so beyond amazing she couldn't possibly put it into words.

For a short amount of time she tried, but that just caused her to slack off in her cock sucking duties, and she was rightfully punished for it as Mistress Nyssa pushed her hands away from her cheeks so she could roughly smacked her ass to wake her up. It worked, and Thea refocused on the most important thing in the world to her, pleasing her Mistresses. In this case by beginning to bob her head up and down Mistress Felicity's cock, the older woman softly pushing her hips forwards every so often so that Thea was able to stuff every single inch of that dick down her throat and thoroughly clean it of every drop of her yummy ass cream.

It wasn't long after that Mistress Felicity and Mistress Nyssa switch places so Thea was given a fresh batch of butt cream, Thea showing her gratitude for this by again forcing herself to concentrate on cleaning the cock in front of her while another one pounded her ass hole, and caused her pussy to gently bounce up and down on a third. Although it became increasingly difficult to concentrate on cock sucking, even when that cock was covering her yummy anal juices, when the overwhelming pleasure of being triple fucked soon had her desperate for an orgasm. No, actually she was desperate just from the double fucking. This, this was unbearable, and as much as she tried to hold off so she could enjoy this for as long as possible ultimately Thea had to beg to cum.

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" Thea shamelessly begged during one of the switchovers, "Please Mistress Felicity, Mistress Nyssa, fuck my slutty ass hole harder! Fucking gape that bitch hole of mine wide open! Please? Oh please, I want all three of you to fuck my butt hard and deep and make me cum like the little ass whore I am! Mmmmm, butt fuck me, butt fuck me hard! Please? I wanna be butt fucked until I cum like a bitch with a nice big dick up my fucking ass! Ohhhhhhh fuck, ruin my fucking shit hole! Make sure I can't sit for a week! Make Oli ask why I'm walking funny in training! Oh yeah, make my big brother and your boss more suspicious than he already is about what's really going on around here. Oh fuck, make The Green Arrow realise his baby sister might just be a butt slut, and its you three who are wrecking my fucking butt hole whenever you God damn want! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME MMMMMMMFFFFFFF!"

Fortunately for Thea it was Mistress Felicity's turn to fuck her ass, and it didn't actually take that much begging to convince her to slam the entire length of her strap-on up Thea's slutty little ass and start giving her the butt pounding that she so desperately wanted. Okay, she might have started out slow again and built up her pace, but in Thea's current state of mind it felt like seconds between the hard anal penetration and the moment that Mistress Felicity had to be pounding her butt with every ounce of her strength. Either way Thea found herself crashing over the edge of countless orgasms which left her as a completely mindless slut she so loved being.

Sara grinned wickedly as Thea's cum started squirting on her cock and escaping out onto her stomach. There was nothing she loved moer than making a beautiful girl cum. Well, it might be better if it was one of her girlfriends in the middle, or herself, but she had still had a deep connection to Thea, and making her cum was always a treat. Especially as it was a real team effort this time. Oh yes, Felicity might have been doing most of the work, but still all three of them were making her cum in that moment, making this moment truly special, and one that at least Sara would treasure forever. And she knew Thea, Nyssa and even Felicity would too.

Wanting to make the moment even more perfect, and to make Thea cum even harder, Sara started thrusting upwards into Thea's cunt. This seemed to have the desired effect, and the added result of prompting Nyssa start fucking Thea's mouth like it was a cunt, or ass hole. Arguably more brutally than necessary, or was decent, but luckily it didn't last that long as either because she was too tired, or because she didn't want Thea to suffer, Felicity pulled her cock out of Thea's ass and stumbled back, giving Nyssa the opportunity to take her place. An opportunity which Nyssa unsurprisingly immediately capitalised on, slamming Thea's ass through a few more climaxes in the process.

For this part Sara let Nyssa do all the work so she could save her energy for when inevitably when her fellow assassin stopped. Which of course took awhile, Nyssa's ego not allowing her to be outdone by Felicity Smoak, but eventually Sara had her turn, and the second she got the chance she flipped Thea over, pushed her legs onto her shoulders and started giving her everything she had got. And considering she had been the one saving her strength while Nyssa and Felicity did the majority of the heavy lifting, everything she had was quite a lot, Sara at least having the presence of mind to enter the other girl slowly and build up the pace before really brutalising her butt.

It was very reminiscent of their first time together, and while Sara hadn't asked permission like Nyssa had the incoherent screams of pleasure and the fact that cum was squirting onto her stomach even more violently than before now her cock wasn't inside of Thea's cunt told Sara that her bitch was absolutely loving it. And so she, the stimulator on her clit combined with the sheer mental pleasure of anal dominating the younger girl causing her to have a lot of satisfying orgasms herself, much like she knew that Felicity and Nyssa had for her. Of course, there was only so much that poor little Thea could take, and when she looked like she was about to pass out Sara took pity on her, pulling her cock out of Thea's ass hole and rolling her over so she and her girlfriends could admire their handiwork.

Felicity blushed as, without being prompted, Thea slowly reached back and pulled apart her butt cheeks, exposing her battered back hole which was gaping wider then Felicity had ever seen. Which wasn't exactly surprising given the brutal poundings it had taken from three different strap-on cocks, but it was still quite a sight to see, and even though it made her blush it also made her weirdly proud of herself for being a part of it. Obviously her girlfriends Nyssa and especially Sara were to blame for that, as they were such a bad influence on her, and Felicity didn't need to look away from Thea's gaped ass hole to know that the two assassins were staring with shameless lust at their handiwork.

After maybe about a minute of enjoying that sight Nyssa asked, "Did you enjoy that Thea?"

"God yes Mistress Nyssa." Thea moaned happily, "I loved having all three of my Mistresses using my slutty little ass hole like the fuck hole it is. It felt so good, and I came so hard, mmmmm, and my bitch hole is now nice and loose, proving I am the property of three superior women who can butt fuck me whenever they want."

"We're glad you enjoyed it." Sara grinned, "Now come and get you're reward for being such a good little ass whore."

"Yes Mistress Sara!" Thea grinned wickedly, rushing to do as she was told.

To her shame Felicity found herself disappointed when Thea took her hands off her cheeks and turned around, but it was totally worth it to have Thea kneeling down in front of them and with a look of utter devotion in her eyes take Sara's cock into her mouth. Felicity kind of wished that Thea had chosen hers first, but she certainly didn't complain as she enjoyed the sight of Thea sucking cock too much for that. Especially when it was fresh from her ass, and Sara's cock was the freshest having been the last to plunder Thea's bowels, the little ATM slut moaning happily as she tasted the deepest part of her own butt on the head of that dildo.

After a few long seconds of savouring the flavour Thea began bobbing her head up and down Sara's cock, pretty much moaning happily and staring up at them the entire time. Then she moved over to Nyssa and then finally Felicity to repeat the process, going back and forth for a little while taking those dildos ever deeper into her mouth. Clearly the little slut was trying to drag this out, but as soon as Nyssa and Sara began giving their usual verbal encouragement it wasn't long before Thea was stuffing every inch of each cock down her throat in turn, quickly getting every drop of her ass cream in the process. Not that it stopped her. No, well-trained cock sucking bitch that she was little Thea Queen worked tirelessly to please her Mistresses, even as they continued to taunt her.

"Mmmmmm, that's it Thea! You suck that dick. You suck that dick which was pounding your butt just a second ago you filthy little ass to mouth whore! Oh Fuck!" Sara moaned happily in encouragement pretty much the second Thea wrapped her lips around the head of her cock, "Oh yes, you're such a whore. Mmmmm, our greedy little ATM whore. Oh Thea, you look so pretty with a cock in your mouth. I always thought that, ever since we made you our submissive little bitch. Yeahhhhhh, you're such a good whore Thea. Taking all three big strap-on dicks inside you at the same time, your pussy, mouth and ass all stuffed like a good little airtight whore. Then taking all three big strap-on dicks up your butt like a prize winning anal whore. And then taking all three big strap-on dicks from your butt straight into your mouth like the total ATM whore you are! Oooooooh yesssssss, mmmmmm, take that cock deep down your throat, but remember you've got two other cocks to clean."

"Yessssss, that's it! Every inch down your throat bitch! Take every inch of Sara's big cock, which has just been deep inside your fucking ass, down your fucking throat! Fuck, that's hot." Nyssa practically growled with lust, and then when Thea switched over to her she happily encouraged, "Ohhhhhhhh yessssssssss, now my dick! It's been up your ass too. They all have! Which means there's plenty of yummy Thea Queen anal cream for Thea Queen to clean up! Ooooooooh yesssssss, come on you spoilt little princess, clean those cocks! Clean every single one of them until they're spotless! Get every drop of your ass off them. Yesssssssss, that definitely means you deep throat my fucking dick, but don't forget about Mistress Felicity's cock. And make extra sure Mistress Sara's strap-on is clean of your slutty ass, just in case she fucks one of us next. God forbid we should get some of your filth on us."

"That's it Thea, you're doing great!" Felicity encouraged once she finally got a word in edgeways, then when things got even better for her she eagerly added, "Oh yes, suck my dick! Suck your yummy little ass off my big dick! Oh fuck yeah, mmmmmm, suck it! Suck the cock which has just been up your butt you sexy little slut! Oh God Thea, I loved butt fucking you! I wasn't sure I would, I thought I would feel guilty, but it was awesome and I want to do it all the time! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, I wanna butt fuck you as much as Mistress Sara does! And I wanna triple stuff you! Oh yeah, most importantly I want to make sure you're our triple stuffed Queen, or should that be our fully stuffed Queen, every single fucking day! Would you like that Thea? Would you like us to fuck all your hot little fuck holes at the same time, every fucking day? Yessssss, I bet you would? Mmmmmm, who wouldn't?"

Which gave Sara a wicked idea, "Yeah, we should totally triple stuff you next. Please baby? Mmmmm, that would be so hot. I swear you'll love it. I did."

"Oh yes." Nyssa grinned, "Triple stuffed hacker, I do like the sound of that."

Even though she blushed at that suggestion Felicity liked that idea. She liked it a lot. After all, she loved being double stuffed, and surely that wouldn't be much different than being triple stuffed? Except it would make her feel even more slutty, and it may make her cum that much harder. Which was why she had been considering asking for it for a while, but hadn't because they'd been having so much fun topping Thea lately, and they'd triple stuffed Sara more than once and she just hadn't been ready to give up that dominance yet. Felicity could feel she was getting close, but there was no reason to give that away. After all she wasn't as slutty as Sara Lance, or Thea Queen.

So Felicity simply smiled and said, "Maybe."

Chapter Text

Laurel Lance had been accused of being nosy a lot during her life, especially by her little sister Sara. She had gotten better in later life, although if she hadn't she might have figured out Oliver was the Arrow instead of needing to be told. More importantly while she didn't want to put a further strain on their sometimes rocky relationship, Laurel was a little worried for Sara, who was acting weird, even by her standards. Laurel kind of thought she might be cheating on Felicity Smoak with her old girlfriend Nyssa al Ghul, which would be bad because Sara had told her multiple times that Felicity was the best thing to ever happen to her, her eyes lighting up in a way which told Laurel it was true. And she truly thought Felicity was good for Sara. Which was why she decided to find out the truth. Which was far more bizarre than she imagined.

Finding out was ridiculously easy. All it really took was showing up unannounced at the bar Sara worked at an hour before it opened, Laurel ironically using the training that Nyssa had shown her to sneak into and through the bar undetected. It wasn't long before she heard the tell-tale sounds of sex, which almost had Laurel instantly turning back as it could have easily been Felicity visiting Sara before work for a quickie, and she didn't want to see her sister like that. What sister did? But for some reason she continued, and as she got closer and closer to the sounds, her eyes became wide as the moans, whimpers, gasps and cries of pure pleasure became more and more recognisable. And it wasn't Felicity's voice, or even Nyssa's, that Laurel heard. No, it was worse. Far worse.

Suddenly Sara called out, "That's right, take it! Take it you bitch! Mmmmmm fuck, this ass is so tight! How are you still this tight? Oh fuck, I love it!"

That was followed up with a familiar voice, "Yessssss, fuck me! Fuck my butt! Oh Mistress Sara! Oh God, ooooooh fuck, drill my tight little bitch hole!"

Thea Queen! Oliver's baby sister, a girl both Lance sisters had babysitted for, and oh yeah, Sara's current employer! That's who Sara was having an affair with? And from the sounds of it fucking her up the ass? WTF! Laurel literally wanted to scream what the fuck at the top of her lungs, but she was completely stunned into silence. But not stopping. She should have. As soon as Laurel realise what was going on she should have run away as fast as her legs could carry her, but she just had to see it. So she found herself making her way to Thea's office and poking her head through the door and being confronted by the most obscene sight she'd ever seen in her life.

Little Thea was kneeling on top of her desk with Sara underneath her, both girls completely naked except for a strap-on dildo firmly around Sara's waist, and in Thea's ass. Tiny little Thea Queen, Laurel could vividly remember as a little child running around in pigtails, was bouncing up and down on a dick strapped to Sara's waist, the dildo violating her most intimate hole. God, how could a girl that petite take such a big cock in her ass? How could anyone enjoy such a thing? And more importantly, why couldn't Laurel look away? Oh fuck, time just seemed to stand still as the Lance sisters watched little Thea Queen anally riding Sara's strap-on, the only difference being the older one watched in a mixture of horror and disbelief, and maybe a hint of something else, while the younger one watched with a big grin on her face.

"Hi Laurel?" Sara grinned and waved at her sister when she noticed her.

Looking over her shoulder Thea blushed, stopped what she was doing and stammered, "Laurel! I... I... I..."

"Thea, get down on your knees and suck my cock!" Sara suddenly interrupted.

There was a few long seconds of deafening silence as Thea and Laurel just stared at each other, then Thea lowered her head and softly said, "Yes Mistress Sara."

After that absurd exchange Thea slowly lifted herself off of the cock, Laurel seeing that the dildo wasn't just wide but it was long too. For a moment Laurel thought it would never end, like a magic trick, or better yet a dream, but then it was out and Thea was dropping down to her knees on the floor and taking the dildo which had been just deeply entrenched within her ass into her mouth. The little slut even moaned at the taste, which Laurel thought only the most desperate whores and porn stars did. Then Thea started bobbing her head up and down the cock, Laurel not sure what was more obscene, the ass to mouth or Thea's butt hole gaping open. Actually, it was probably the fact that she couldn't look away from them.

"Wanna take a closer look?" Sara offered, finally pushing Laurel into running away in disgust.

Once Laurel reached the bottom of the stairs she saw Felicity coming out of the secret entrance to the Arrow cave, and blurted out, "Sara's cheating on you!"

Felicity blushed slightly before admitting, "No she's not."

"Felicity, I just caught her fucking Thea in the ass!" Laurel insisted, "I saw it!"

"I, I know about that." Felicity admitted, and then after Laurel turned and ran after just staring at her for a few long seconds the hacker called out, "Laurel, wait! I..."

But it was no use, Laurel was practically already gone, Sara descending the stairs a minute or two later and telling Felicity, "It's okay. It's all part of the plan."


Laurel texted Oliver that she couldn't come out on patrol tonight because something came up, which technically wasn't a lie. Luckily he let it go and didn't push her for details, because in her current state of mind she wasn't sure what she would say to him. Or even what she would eventually say when she saw him again. Or any of them for that matter. Whatever it was Oliver should probably know about it. Then again ignorance is bliss, and she certainly wished she hadn't found out about her sister and his sister having sex. Especially not such a twisted version of it. And yet to her shame Laurel found herself in a constant state of arousal and she just couldn't get the picture of Thea anally riding Sara out of her head.

That cute little butt bouncing up and down before her, those butt cheeks jiggling ever so slightly from the force of the sodomy, Thea's butt hole stretched obscenely wide around that cock and then gaping open after the tiny girl got off of it, fuck, how could anyone find that hot? Or seeing their friend eagerly taste their own ass on a cock? For that matter how had Laurel allowed herself to get such a good view of it. Oh God, why couldn't she have just run away when she had the chance? Then at least her imagination wouldn't have been so vivid and it wouldn't have been distracting her all day and keeping her up at night. It was so frustrating by the next night Laurel was extremely eager to hit something and headed straight to Arrow HQ as soon as she was done with her day job.

When she got there Laurel almost turned and ran again as the boys were nowhere to be found, while Sara, Felicity, Nyssa and Thea were all clearly waiting for her. The only difference was that Nyssa and Felicity were sitting down, while Sara was standing in the centre of the room with a wicked smile on her face, and she was petting Thea who was kneeling besides her. Suddenly Laurel thought back to Sara's recently weird behaviour, and while she had been clearly flirting with Nyssa there might have been some flirting with Thea too which she had dismissed thinking Nyssa was the more likely candidate for trouble, and Sara would never go after Thea who was almost like a third sister to them. And yet there she was, Sara's pet. Which Felicity was cool with for some reason.

Her curiosity, and her anger, outweighing her apprehension Laurel made her way down the steps and walked straight up to her sister, calling out when almost there, "Where's the boys?"

"Dig has a nice evening planned with his wife, and I think Oliver has a date." Sara explained, "They owed me a favour, so we have the place to ourselves."

"Just like that?" Laurel raised an eyebrow.

"Well, they needed some convincing at first, but I can be very persuasive." Sara grinned wickedly, before proving her point, "Isn't that right Thea?"

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea said softly, yet quickly and clearly.

For a few long seconds Laurel just stared in disbelief at the display in front of her, then she sighed deeply, "God, why are you so weird?"

"What? You weren't returning my calls." Sara said innocently, a sly grin crossing her face, "I needed to get your attention."

"Okay, fine. Explain yourself." Laurel grumbled.

"Well, first you really need to get better at stealth." Sara gently scolded, "I knew you were following me from the beginning. And were watching me fuck Thea's butt."

"I'm very ashamed if you." Nyssa chimed in, almost playfully by her standards, "I taught you better than that."

Ignoring Nyssa and concentrating on what her sister said Laurel frowned, "You knew I was watching, and you didn't say anything?"

"You seem to be enjoying the show." Sara shrugged.

"Again, why are you so-" Laurel began, and Sara gave her a hurt look and she sighed, "Whatever. I need to work on stealth. Sure, I'll get right on that. So... what 'show' did I end up walking in on?"

"Stuffed Canary?" Felicity offered, and when the others looked at her she defensively pointed out, "What? If this was a TV show or something it would totally be called something like that. And be pretty hot."

"Anyway..." Sara said to get them back on track, "The point is, I wasn't cheating on my girlfriends. I was just playing with my pet."

"Your..." Laurel wasn't even sure where to start, "Girlfriends? As in plural?"

"Me, Sara and Nyssa." Felicity clarified.

"Nyssa wormed her way into my relationship with Felicity." Sara further explained, "Then Thea found out, and one thing lead to another."

"Please." Nyssa scoffed, "You wanted to make that sweet little thing your bitch since before you went after the hacker."

"That's true." Sara grinned shamelessly, "And now I have it all. Well, almost."

"Meaning?" Laurel asked suspiciously.

"Meaning why should I have all the fun?" Sara smirked, "After all, good sisters share, and maybe if we adopted that philosophy sooner things wouldn't have been so bad between us."

Laurel blushed furiously and murmured in disbelief, "You can't be serious."

"Why not?" Sara asked.

"It would be weird." Laurel said.

"Why?" Sara pushed.

"Because, because we're sisters!" Laurel exclaimed, unable to believe she had to remind Sara of that fact.

"So? We could just double-team my hot girlfriends." Sara pointed out, "I don't mind, and I know they would love it. Isn't that right girls?"

"Yes." Nyssa agreed eagerly.

"Yeah." Felicity admitted bashfully a few seconds later.

"At the very least you could borrow Thea." Sara then insisted while stroking some hair out of Thea's face, "She's been dreaming of a Lance sister sandwich her whole life. Mmmmm, and she'd look so cute sandwiched between us, don't you think Laurel? Can't you just imagine this beautiful face in between your legs while I'm pounding one of her little fuck holes? Or vice versa? Or we could make it a real sandwich, you know, with one of us on the bottom and one of us on top with pretty little Thea Queen in the middle, us fucking her pussy and ass at the same time, making her the Lance sisters' little stuffed Queen. Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, come on sis, let's DP Thea together."

Which shouldn't have sounded remotely appealing to Laurel, but God help her it did, and she did a poor job of hiding it as she protested, "But, but I'm straight."

"Please!" Sara scoffed, "I've seen the way you look at Nyssa and Felicity, and Nyssa definitely think she could have fucked you during training. She just wanted me and Felicity more."

"It was pretty close." Nyssa chimed in apologetically.

This caused Laurel to blush and weakly protest, "But it's Thea!"

"I know." Sara grinned, before looking down at her pet, "But little Thea Queen is all grown-up. Yeahhhhh, she's not a little girl anymore. No, she's a hot little fuck toy. Isn't that right baby girl?"

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea said obediently.

"I know, why don't you show us? Mmmmm yeahhhhh, put on a show for us, and show Laurel just how much you've grown-up, and filled out." Sara ordered with a grin on her face while stepping back to give Thea plenty of room.

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea repeated, slowly getting to her feet.

Thea was super nervous that she was about to screw up Mistress Sara's plan. It was terrifying because Thea lived to please her Mistresses, and this would be the ultimate way to displease them, perhaps even become the Queen causing problems between the Lance sisters. The worst part was that it would be so easy, and Thea just couldn't read the expression on Laurel's face. As a result the beginning of the striptease was anything but sexy as Thea bought trembling hands up to her mask and pulled it off before undoing her top and pulling it off slowly. When Laurel didn't run screaming from the room after that Thea slipped out of her shoes and went to work on her pants.

Again Thea wished she had opted for a sexy costume, like Sara's, instead of one which mirrored her brother Oliver's, and her ex-boyfriend Roy's. But on the bright side Sara had given her some tips on using what she had, like turning her back to her intended audience and bending over while pulling down her pants to show off her cute little butt. She did the same with her panties, after removing her bra perhaps even more slowly than the rest. The fact that Laurel didn't run during these things was very telling, and despite her limited experience with reading people Thea was fairly certain that her old babysitter was looking at her with lust, which was something she had wanted for a very, very long time.

"As you may have noticed I love fucking girls up the butt." Sara broke the silence as she pressed a hand gently on Thea's back, silently telling her to stay in place. Then she slid her hand down to Thea's now naked ass and pulled apart the cheeks to make sure Laurel got the best possible look at the little handle of the butt-plug sticking out of Thea's back hole before she continued, "There's nothing I love more than taking a nice big dildo and shoving it up a sexy girl's ass. Especially Thea's. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, I've butt fucked Nyssa and especially Felicity lots of times, but there's something special about this little bitch hole. I fuck it whenever I can, and when I'm not using it I like knowing it's ready for me, so I make Thea wear this. It keeps her stretched, and reminds Thea of her place. And who knows, maybe I'll get another pet to plug someday."

"You're getting side tracked sweetie." Felicity warned.

"She does that a lot." Nyssa grumbled.

"Right, sorry." Sara apologised, composing herself after becoming lost in her lust for Thea's ass, then smacking that ass and ordering, "Thea! Stop distracting me with your hot little ass and get on your knees!"

"Sorry Mistress Sara." Thea apologised, quickly doing as she was told.

"Now, where was I..." Sara pretended to think for a second before grinning, "Oh yeah, trying to share my toys with my sister. Which I know, isn't exactly normal, but then again neither are we. We're vigilantes who spend all our time kicking ass, and then working our asses off to pay the bills. I mean, come on sis, when was the last time you had a date? Or even met someone? Better yet, when was the last time you had a good fuck? Because that's what I'm offering. I'm doing my uptight big sister a favour by offering her my slut to give her orgasms. You don't even have to commit to anything. You can go away and think about it, or preferably you could take Thea's mouth out for a test drive. She has been so looking forward to this, and you wouldn't want to disappoint her, would you?"

On cue Thea started begging, "Please Laurel, let me eat your pussy. I want to eat it so bad. Please give it to me. Let me make you feel good. Mmmmm, please let me make you cum in my mouth. I want to taste your cum. Please? I'll do whatever you want, be your little fuck toy, just please, please let me taste your pussy. Please, just a taste?"

There was a long pause and then Thea cautiously shuffled over to where Laurel was standing and then looked up at her pleadingly. When there was still no reply she cautiously reached for Laurel's pants and undid them. Then with one final nervous look up Thea pulled Laurel's pants and panties down and buried her face in between the older woman's legs. It wasn't exactly super fast, but it certainly wasn't slowly, and it almost sounds like there was a protest about to come out of Laurel's mouth when Thea took her first long lick of The Black Canary's pussy, causing whatever words might have been about to come out to immediately dissolve into a loud cry of pleasure.

Not wanting to give Mistress Sara's sister a chance to regain her bearings Thea immediately followed up with another lick, much faster than the first. The following ones were just as fast, and although they weren't at top speed they were much faster than the normal teasing Thea had been trained to start out with. She also made sure to linger her tongue on Laurel's clit, which particularly got some satisfying sounds of satisfaction out of the older woman, which in turn made Thea grin with delight. Especially when she glanced upwards to take a look at the expression on Laurel's face, their eyes briefly meeting before Laurel blushed and looked away, prompting Thea to let go and even linger on her clit.

Laurel couldn't believe she was actually allowing this to happen, but God help her, seeing Thea act so submissive had really gotten to her. Both now, and how she had acted before when Laurel had caught her with her sister. Worst of all, Sara's words had actually gotten to her. Which was something Laurel would never admit, but at least some of her arguments weren't so crazy. It had always been challenging finding the right guy, and it was virtually impossible now Laurel was spending all her free time training or kicking ass. Laurel really needed to blowoff some steam, and as Thea seemed so willing... really, what was the harm? Other than the simple fact that she was totally betraying Oliver and the Queen family. And Thea was like another little sister to her. And her friend. And, oh God, this was so wrong.

Those reasons and so many more echoed inside Laurel's head for the rest of the night, but especially for the few minutes after Thea finished begging to eat her pussy. However even as Thea approached, exposed her lower half and then started licking her pussy in the middle of Arrow HQ in front of an audience which included her own sister Laurel just couldn't seem to be able to tell Thea to stop. She even opened her mouth several times intending to do the right thing, but instead just moaned, groaned, whimpered, gasped and cried out in pure pleasure. Laurel even found herself resting her hand on the back of Thea's head and pulling her closer instead of pushing her away like she should.

She just couldn't help it. It just felt so good, it had been so long, and she had always wondered what it would be like to be with a woman, and Thea was just so enthusiastic, and God, did Laurel mention it felt so incredibly good? Like, way better than when men had done it. So, so much better. Thea found the most sensitive areas of her pussy in what felt like seconds and then started a ruthless assault on them which rendered her completely speechless. It also paralysed her body, leaving her with an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. Or at least that's what Laurel told herself. In reality she had been trained by two of the women watching her now to overcome such feelings, to the point where Laurel knew she could stop this if she really wanted too. And yet she didn't, which made her feel so guilty.

In an attempt to alleviate some of the guilt she was feeling Laurel closed her eyes and tried to imagine she was with Oliver. Of course that was a mistake considering who was actually going down on her, and as much as she tried Laurel just couldn't think about anybody else other than the two siblings of the Queen family, so ultimately she found herself opening her eyes again and staring down at little Thea Queen lapping away at her pussy. Which should have been offputting, but it was anything but. As sadly was the fact that she had an audience, Laurel's eyes briefly darting up to those of Felicity, then Nyssa, then finally worst of all Sara, the last making her whimper pathetically.

Sara was fighting with every fibre of her being to keep a stupid grin off her face. She knew it would be a losing battle, but she fought valiantly for a surprisingly long time. Of course, it didn't take long for her to initially lose, but somehow she managed to wipe it off her face after Laurel didn't protest to Thea taking off her pants, and then more importantly beginning to eat her pussy. But then Laurel looked over at her with this priceless expression on her face, making this whole thing worth whatever would come next, and Sara just couldn't help herself. In fact the biggest stupid grin of her life crossed her face, and Sara was pretty sure it stayed there as she watched her sex slave fuck her sister.

Most sisters probably wouldn't be so overjoyed at seeing their sibling having sex in front of them. Especially not when it was with one of her lovers, and her other lovers were watching along with her. However the Lance sisters hadn't been normal for a very long time, especially Sara, who had meant every word she had said to Laurel earlier. Well, the most important parts of it, like the fact that happiness was hard to come by in their line of work, and most importantly that Laurel needed to get laid. Perhaps Thea wouldn't have been Sara's first choice to make that happen, but considering the circumstances it was more than satisfying. Clearly both for Sara, and more importantly Laurel.

It was harder than it should have been for Sara to look away from her fuck toy tonguing her sibling's cunt, but The White Canary forced herself to do it on occasion just so she could check up on Nyssa, and more importantly Felicity. After all, Nyssa was the one who initially suggested adding her into their relationship with Felicity, pushed them to allow Thea to join them as their pet, and back when it was just the two of them invited many, many women to join them in their bed. Felicity on the other hand still felt guilty for what she had done to Thea, and had misgivings about Sara's current plan. However to her credit Felicity just seemed to be enjoying the show at the moment.

That might change later, but Sara was always confident she could talk Felicity into anything. It was Laurel who was her main concern. Luckily Thea was able to use the extensive training that Sara, and Felicity and Nyssa, had given her in the art of eating pussy to keep Laurel in place, and eventually cum in that pretty little mouth of hers. Through it all Sara grinned with various degrees of size, and struggled not to provide her usual commentary. As a result the room stayed eerily silent, except for the soft sounds of Thea's eager licking, and later sucking and swallowing, and of course the moans, groans, gasps, whimpers, cries and eventual screams of pleasure escaping from The Black Canary. So, quite noisy, just not in the way Sara was used too. Or liked. But she could more than live with it if it meant achieving that goal.

Laurel tried to conceal, or at least somewhat stifled, the sounds of her enjoyment at first. Not because she was under any illusion she could hide the truth from Sara or Nyssa, or perhaps even Felicity at this point. No, she was doing it for the sake of her own sanity. But Thea was just too good. Then she proved to be even better than her initial work suggested. Oh yes, that initial work turned out to be just teasing compared to what came later. Particularly wrapping her lips around Laurel's clit and sucking on it, which brought the lawyer to the edge of climax, then Thea pushed her tongue inside her cunt which pretty much instantly triggered that climax she had been working towards for what felt like so long now, and yet no time at all.

The second that climax hit Laurel let out a scream which could easily rival her Canary cry, so much so that she was worried that Thea might get hurt, or think she had done something wrong. Either way Laurel feared she would stop, which in that moment was unbearable. It was a fear which was quickly proven unfounded, as while Thea pulled out her tongue it was only so she could wrapped her mouth tightly around the entrance to Laurel's pussy and suck the cum straight out of her. Although it was more like just leave her mouth there and allow the cum to shoot directly down her throat as Laurel was just cumming so hard. Cumming in Oliver's little sister's mouth, that thought only making Laurel cum harder.

As soon as Thea had finish swallowing her girl cum she shoved her tongue back inside Laurel's cunt in an obvious search for more. This time she hammered her tongue back and forth, but it didn't take long before Laurel was cumming in Thea's hot little mouth again. It then happened again, and again, and again, little Thea Queen who Laurel remember chasing around her mansion in pigtails tongue fucking Laurel's now extremely sensitive pussy until the older brunette gave the younger one what she wanted, namely more girl cum to swallow. And not only did Laurel give it to her, but eventually she became an active participant.

In the middle of it Laurel heard a familiar chuckle, and she focused ahead for the first time in what felt like forever. Mostly she had been so preoccupied with throwing her head back and screaming, and more importantly focusing on the tiny vigilante in between her legs, Laurel had more or less forgotten about the three women watching her. Especially the fact that one of them was her little sister Sara, who was apparently so amused by all this that she was chuckling while watching Laurel getting tongue fucked. For a moment it put her off, but then Thea made her cum again, and then Laurel couldn't care less about her perverted little sis. She didn't care about anything except for her own pleasure, Laurel becoming completely lost in it as Thea continued worshipping her pussy.

Thea had never been more grateful for her pussy eating training from her Mistresses, as it allowed her to swallow the majority of the juices which flowed out of Laurel's cunt, particularly during that first climax. As expected, thanks to her previous experience, although Laurel's regular pussy cream was super yummy her girl cum was liquid heaven, and Thea just couldn't resist quickly switching her concentration to swallowing down every drop of that precious honey. Which she thankfully succeeded at, despite Thea being momentarily distracted when Laurel's cum hit her taste-buds, and it was official, she had just made Laurel Lance cum in her mouth.

It was a really big deal for Thea, because it meant she had made every single woman she ever truly wanted cum for her. Just thinking that made her smile with blissful happiness and pride, especially because she had made them cum in her mouth, meaning that she had swallowed the girl cum of every single strong and powerful woman currently in this room. The women who regularly kick the asses of every single scumbag in the city, and while sometimes Thea felt truly part of that team right now she just wanted to be that team's little cum bucket. Something superior women used to get themselves off after a long day of crime-fighting. And if Sara's plan succeeded this would become a regular thing, pushing Thea even more to give this her all.

So even though it ultimately ended with her missing some precious cum Thea started frantically tongue fucking Laurel in between climaxes. More accurately thanks to all the previous build up, and again her training, Thea was tongue fucking Laurel through climax after climax, making her even more blissfully happy and proud of herself, and more importantly giving her more cum to swallow. Along the way Laurel even helped out by beginning to literally fuck Thea's face, which Thea more than welcomed. It also gave her a interesting thought, namely like sister, like sister, Thea totally remembering how Mistress Sara liked to use her face just like this to get off. Then unfortunately Mistress Sara put an end to her fun.

"Okay, that's enough." Sara called out loudly enough to get through Thea's pussy drunkenness, "We don't want to spoil her. Or you. So back off Thea. You've had more than enough of a taste of my sister."

"But I haven't." Nyssa chimed in with a wicked smile, "Come here Thea. I want to taste Laurel's juices on your tongue. Provided Sara doesn't mind, of course."

"Go ahead." Sara grinned, "Mmmmm yeah Thea, go feed Nyssa my sister's cum."

As well-trained as she was admittedly Thea hesitated to remove her mouth from Laurel's cunt, even rebelliously lapping up a little leftover cum. She did however immediately slow her roll, making it a little easier on herself and Laurel when she finally pulled herself away from the yummy treat. Although she didn't hesitate for her next command. In fact she had almost finished crawling over to Mistress Nyssa when Mistress Sara gave the permission that Thea had been expecting, and when she finished her journey she was almost as eager to kiss Mistress Nyssa as Mistress Nyssa was eager to taste Laurel's cum. Thea then became completely lost in that kiss for a few long minutes, barely aware of what was happening, although it sounded very positive and exciting.

Sara enjoyed that view for a few long seconds, and especially Laurel's reaction to it, and then she closed the distance between herself and her sister and pointed out, "You owe me a favour."

Startled by suddenly having her sister in her face Laurel stammered, "What, what did you have in mind?"

With an evil smirk Sara revealed the strap-on she had been hiding behind her back and ordered, "Put this on and lay down."

Laurel had been so preoccupied with watching Thea first crawling across the floor, then kissing Nyssa and sharing her cum with her that she hadn't even noticed Sara approach. She also had no idea when Sara got a strap-on, but then again she had been very distracted by little Thea Queen eating her out. So that was quite the one, two punch which made Laurel seriously consider running away, like she should have done from the start. But she supposed it could have been worse, and she assumed from Sara handing her the sex toy that she would be just letting Thea ride her, which before now she could never have imagined, but in that moment Laura really wanted to thank Thea for what she'd just done. Ideally without eating pussy, as she just wasn't ready for that. Not yet, she thought with a blush.

So Laurel cautiously did as she was told, strapping on the dildo and then laying down on the cold floor of the Arrow HQ and waited for further instructions. It was actually kind of a relief, as it meant covering up her currently bare lower half. But then of course Sara started stripping, Felicity and Nyssa quickly following suit, although in the latter's case a little later, and only after she pushed Thea away. They stopped at their underwear, and although Laurel was grateful to not see her sister completely naked she was a little disappointed about Nyssa and Felicity stopping. Then Sara pulled a couple of strap-on dildos from a drawer in Felicity's desk, which hopefully weren't there all the time, otherwise Laurel just wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it, passed one to Nyssa and then strapped the other on.

"You see sis..." Sara began while she and Nyssa equipped themselves, "We've been taking it in turns to be made airtight, and it's Felicity's turn, and while Thea would be more than fine on the bottom, I just love the idea of getting you involved. In fact I think the two of us should get things started, that way it's a Canary sandwich."

"Oh, and why should I let you go first?" Nyssa butted in.

Genuinely startled Sara protested, "We already discussed this."

"Yes, but you didn't give us time to argue." Nyssa huffed, "Honestly Sara, you can be so entitled sometimes."

"She's got a point babe." Felicity chimed in, mostly to tease Sara.

Sara thought about this for a moment, then relented, "Okay, you may have a point. But please Nyssa, let me go first. I wanna be part of Laurel's first DP. And I promise, I'll make it up to you."

"Alright." Nyssa sighed, "But I'm not just watching."

"Well, Thea's ass is available." Sara pointed out with a wicked grin, "I'm sure she'd be more than happy to offer it up for you."

"Oh yes, please Mistress Nyssa fuck my slutty little ass!" Thea pleaded.

Before Thea could continue Nyssa said, "I think that's an excellent idea. Thea, get on all fours like the little anal loving bitch you are, and start playing with your butt-plug. Loosen that ass up for me to fuck."

"Yes Mistress Nyssa." Thea replied, and started doing as she was told.

"You too Felicity." Sara grinned, "Take off the rest of your close, sit on Laurel's cock and then play with your butt-plug. Entice me into fucking your ass."

"Like you need encouragement." Felicity scoffed, even as she did as she was told.

Despite how lewd that exchange was Laurel kind of enjoyed it. To her shame what she enjoyed even more was little Thea Queen getting down on her hands and knees, then reaching back with one hand to grab hold of the handle to the plug in her butt and then start thrusting it in and out, moaning happily when she did so like the little anal slut she clearly was. What Laurel enjoyed just as much was Felicity stripping off first her bra, and then sliding down her panties, turning around as she did so to show off the fact that, yes, there was a butt-plug firmly up her ass, proving just how thoroughly Sara had planned this out. Which momentarily angered Laurel, but then Felicity straddled her, and suddenly she couldn't concentrate on anything else.

To be fair more than once Felicity glanced at her apologetically, and paused as if to silently say are you sure you want to do this, which was much more courtesy than Sara was giving her. But, probably because of Sara, Felicity still went through their orders, lining up the entrance to her pussy with Laurel's dildo and then pushing herself down at with clearly practised ease, Felicity even moaning happily, proving that walking around with the plug and watching Thea go down on Laurel was sufficient preparation for her. Then Felicity reached back and started playing with her plug, which caused her to moan even more, which again Laurel probably enjoyed more than she should have. Hell, the fact that she was still here was a testament to that, as this wasn't thanking Thea for what she had done. Then again Felicity had done a lot for her, and despite herself Laurel really, really wanted to see what was going to happen next.

After a few minutes of enjoying this sight Sara asked, "Felicity, are you ready?"

"Yes." Felicity immediately moaned, and then knowing all too well what Sara wanted reached back and spread her cheeks, and then continued, "Mmmmmm, please Sara, fuck my ass. Fuck my slutty little ass hole! Fuck it with your big dick. Oh fuck! Please Sara, baby, oooooooh, fuck me! Fuck my butt! Stick your big cock in my back door while Laurel's in my front, so I can be the filling in a Lance sister sandwich. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhh, a Canary sandwich. Please Sara, make me the meat in a sandwich between you and Laurel. I wanna be double stuffed. Mmmmmm, and then triple stuff. Or should that be, fully stuffed? Ooooohhhhhh yeahhhhh, I wanna be your fully stuffed hacker! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, one cock isn't enough, I need three. But two will do for now."

"How about you Thea?" Nyssa practically purred with delight, "Are you ready to get your whore ass fucked?"

"Yes Mistress Nyssa! Yes I'm ready to get my whore ass fucked!" Thea eagerly replied, reaching back to spread her cheeks and then shamelessly begged as Felicity continued doing the same, "Please fuck my whore ass Mistress Nyssa. I want it to be fucked by you. Mmmmmm, I need my whore ass fucked! Please Mistress Nyssa, pound fuck my slutty little whore ass hole! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, fuck me! Fuck my little whore ass! Please? Use my ass hole for your pleasure! Please use it to take out your frustrations at being left out yet again by Mistress Sara. Please? Please use my fucking butt hole like you own it, mmmmm, which you do. You own it, so use it! Mmmmm oooooooh yessssss, use my whore hole, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck me!"

Sara and Nyssa exchanged a smile as they listened to the encouragement before simultaneously pulling the butt-plugs from those cute little bitch holes and then penetrating those hot little asses, causing Felicity and Thea to let out a loud cry. There was then a little more begging from the anal sluts, although Felicity gave up pretty quickly as she was obviously savouring the feeling of getting sandwiched by the Canaries. As for Thea, she had a problem remaining coherent as Nyssa slammed the full length of her cock up her slutty little butt and then started sodomising her. Which made Sara smile with wicked delight, and very nearly do the same. But no, this was a special occasion, and Sara fully intended to savour it.

It was also important to keep an eye on Laurel, who still seemed unsure about all this. Or at least Sara tried her best to casually glance at her sister's face, although that was difficult when she had two other sights which were much more captivating. Especially Felicity's butt hole slowly swallowing her cock, and the little nerd spreading her ass cheeks to provide Sara with the perfect view of that obscene sight. Watching Nyssa fucking Thea's tight little ass came pretty close, but she obviously was involved in it, and as much as she adored Thea she didn't love her like she loved Felicity. Besides, she regularly got to watch Nyssa sodomising Thea, but this was the first time she was DP'ing Felicity with her sister.

Hopefully it would be the first of many times, although Sara couldn't help pushing her luck when her thighs came to rest against Felicity's ass cheeks, causing her to moan with delight, "Oh yeah, every inch. That's every inch of my big dick up your butt Felicity, meaning it's official, you're the filling in a Canary sandwich. How does it feel? You like it? You like being double stuffed? You like being the little DP slut of the Lance sisters?"

""Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, it feels good. It's also good." Felicity moaned happily, "Mmmmmm, I love being the filling in a Canary sandwich. I love being double stuffed. I love being the little DP slut of the Lance sisters! Oh fuck, please, please fuck me! Fuck my holes like the little lesbian slut I am!"

Before Felicity could get any more out Sara interrupted her by turning to her sister and asking, "What about you Laurel? Do you like it? You like making a hacker sandwich? Double stuffing one of my girlfriends with me? Making her our little DP slut?"

Laurel blushed furiously, and then after a long pause stammered, "I... I... I..."

"Do you think we should fuck her?" Sara eventually prompted.

After a few more long seconds Laurel nodded. It wasn't even a particularly enthusiastic or clear nod, but it was better than nothing, and Sara didn't really need much excuse to fuck Felicity Smoak up the butt, especially right after Felicity had secretly begged for it. Besides, Sara was fairly confident that this wouldn't be the thing to push Laurel over the edge into freaking out and bailing on this very special sister bonding moment. So Sara began slowly pumping her hips back and forth, officially beginning the latest butt fucking of Felicity Smoak, and the first time that she was DP'ing another woman with her stuck up big sister.

Given how nervous and unsure Laurel had been during the response Sara redoubled her efforts into concentrating on her sister, despite the previously mentioned distractions becoming even more attention grabbing, Sara unable to look away from them entirely as she did spend the majority of that at least half aware of the expression on Laurel's face. That vigilance proved rewarding as while Laurel seemed constantly unsure of herself and more than a little embarrassed she also seemed to enjoy herself. Not quite as much as the rest of them, but enough for Sara to feel confident with her decision. Perhaps even confident enough to take the next step.

Nyssa still resented being left out of this special moment, even if it was minor compared to the moment she would be enjoying in a matter of minutes. But it was hard to stay mad when she was ass fucking another woman, especially one with such a nice little ass hole as Thea's little fuck hole. Oh yes, Nyssa couldn't be truly mad when pounding the most intimate hole on Thea Queen's body, Nyssa revelling in the chance to show off her speed and stamina by sodomising Thea to the edge of orgasm and then cruelly keeping her there no matter how much she whimpered and beg for more. Nyssa did this in record time, even for this little slut, and she felt no remorse because she knew Thea had been loosened up by her butt-plug, and from Sara abusing her rectum earlier in the day.

Speaking, or more accurately thinking, of Sara, the original Canary suddenly called out, "Nyssa, ready to make Felicity air tight?"

"Oh yes." Nyssa grinned, pulling out of the whimpering Thea without a second thought and then shuffling over to shove her dick into Felicity's face, "Suck it my pretty little hacker! Suck Thea's slutty ass off my cock! Become our little, what was it now... ah yes, our fully stuffed hacker! Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, that's it, suck it Felicity! Suck that ass flavoured dick."

Of course twisted little ass to mouth slut that Sara had trained her to be Felicity had no hesitation in wrapping her lips around the head of that dildo the second she got the chance and began greedily sucking on it. Felicity then seem to savour the taste of the deepest part of Thea's butt for a few long seconds before beginning to bob her head up and down the cock, eventually beginning to push it into her throat so she could give it a thorough cleaning. The type of thorough cleaning that Nyssa had always expected from Sara, and now thanks to Sara she could expect it from both her girlfriends, and their bitch. Okay, maybe Felicity wasn't quite as good as Sara, but it was pretty close.

Although if anything Felicity seemed more into it than usual, which was very understandable given this was officially the first time she was taking it in all three of her fuck holes at the same time. Nyssa was also a little overwhelmed from that knowledge, and from the sight of Sara behind Felicity and giving that cute little butt the fucking it deserved while there was another woman underneath Felicity stuffing her pussy. Yes, they were truly ganging up on Felicity Smoak and it was glorious. Especially because the woman underneath Felicity wasn't simply their slut Thea, but Sara's sister Laurel. Which hopefully meant that Nyssa would be soon having some fun with the older Lance sister. It was extremely unlikely she wouldn't now, given Sara's wicked plan, although this was more than enough.

Throughout the blow job Nyssa gleefully encouraged Felicity, "Yesssssss, that's it Felicity, take it deep! Take it all! Mmmmm, take the entire length of that cock down your throat. Make sure you get every drop of Thea's ass cream off that cock. Oooooh yeahhhhh, clean my cock while Sara uses hers to fuck you up the ass while you ride her sister's dick with your little queer pussy! Or should that be Mistress Sara to you right now? Whatever, just take those dicks! Take every inch of those womanly dicks in your slutty little fuck holes like the little three hole whore you now are! Oh fuck Felicity, you look so good getting fucked in all your holes. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, we're definitely going to have to do this more often. Oh fuck yeah, every inch! Every inch right down your whore throat! That's a good whore. What's that? You want more Thea ass? Well, I suppose because you have been a very, very good girl it would be okay. What do you think, Mistress Sara? Should we reward Felicity?"

"Fuck yeahhhhhhh!" Sara agreed eagerly, "Go get some flavouring for that big dick!"

With that Nyssa returned to fucking Thea's butt, that little bitch hole remaining open and ready for her return. Thea wasn't quite ready to cum any more, however it didn't take long for Nyssa to get her back to that point, then Nyssa return to Felicity's mouth and then back to flavour her toy. For a while Nyssa cruelly went back and forth, only occasionally rewarding her bitch for her good behaviour by shoving her cock into Thea's mouth a few times so she could clean it. Whenever she did Thea cleaned that cock enthusiasticly, the tiny girl trying not to complain, but there was a limit to what anyone could take. Unfortunately for her Nyssa wasn't interested in showing mercy, just in getting her turn with Felicity's butt.

Felicity loved being made air tight. After being constantly guided further and further down the rabbit hole of kinkiness by Sara and then a growing number of women Felicity had no doubt she would love it, but like most things with her girlfriends it was better than she'd ever dreamt. The fact that she got to taste the deepest part of Thea's ass on Nyssa's cock was certainly adding to the fun, although she very much wanted to taste her own butt before she ultimately came. Of course she was confident she would not have to wait too long to know that joy, or the feeling of Nyssa fucking her up the ass. And sure enough she was proven right.

"Sara, stop hogging Felicity's ass. It's my turn." Nyssa said firmly after pushing her freshly cleaned cock out of Felicity's mouth.

Sara smirked, "All you had to do was ask babe."

Without another word Nyssa and Sara swapped places, although the brunette was faster and when she reached her destination she didn't hesitate slamming her strap-on into Felicity's butt hole. As that battered back hole was gaping wide open Nyssa must have thought there was no need to be gentle. Or she was too horny to care. Either way Sara had thoroughly loosened Felicity's rectum, so the hacker felt mostly pleasure as Nyssa ram the full length of her dildo up Felicity's ass in one hard thrust. Which of course caused Felicity to cry out loudly, Sara taking full advantage of that open mouth and shoving her cock into it in the middle of Felicity's scream.

That screamed turned into a loud moan as for the first time tonight Felicity tasted her own ass while her girlfriends, and one of her girlfriend's sisters, made her air tight again. She did this to savour the flavour of the deepest part of her butt, then Felicity started bobbing her head up and down rapidly so she could get every drop of the anal cream. More importantly she wanted to clean that cock quickly so she could get more when Sara and Nyssa inevitably swapped over again. Sure enough that's what happened, although instead of swapping over again like normal they also took a turn with Thea's fuck holes which made Felicity jealous, especially when they ended up spit roasting her, leaving Felicity alone except for Laurel's cock in her cunt.

Felicity was deeply annoyed by this, but allowed Thea sometime to clean the cock in her mouth before shamelessly begging, "Make me cum! Ohhhhhh Sara, aaaaaaahhhhhh Nyssa, fuck me and make me cum! Please? Please make your stuffed hacker cum! Ooooooooh Gooooooddddd, I need it sooooooo bad, ohhhhhhhh, please give it to me. Please? Please Mistress Sara, Mistress Nyssa, fuck me hard. You too Laurel! Ooooooh, fuck me! Pound my pussy and ass and make me cum! Fuck my mouth too if you want, just please do it. Ohhhhhh Goooooooodddddd, wreck my fucking fuck holes like the little whore I am! A DP whore! Slam fuck your little fully stuffed hacker and make her cum like the little DP whore I am! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck, please somebody, make me cum! Anybody! Ooooooooh yesssssss, harder, harder, harder, aaaaaahhhhhh Goooooooodddddd, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!"

It took longer than Felicity would have guessed, but eventually Nyssa pulled her cock out of Thea's mouth, shuffled round to behind her and then slammed her strap-on straight up Felicity's needy bitch hole again. And again her thoroughly loosened rectum welcome this rough treatment, perhaps even more than ever before, especially as it was followed up with a steady thrusting which rapidly increased until the sound of Nyssa's thighs smacking into Felicity's jiggling butt cheeks was almost as loud as the screams of pleasure coming from Felicity's mouth. Shortly after that Felicity received an overdue climax, and happily it was the first of many, her girlfriends reminding her while they could cruelly tease her for a long time eventually they did deliver the type of purists ecstasy she had ever known.

Thea was so jealous of Mistress Felicity for being constantly made air tight. It was like the greatest ecstasy she had ever known, and she so wished it was her. But as much as part of her wanted to she could never asked for a turn. No, Thea Queen was a good sex slave, and knew better than to push her luck like that. She hadn't even asked to be spit roasted, although it had been a wonderful surprise. Thea had been so close to begging her Mistresses to make her cum in that moment, although she was fairly sure that even though they probably wouldn't admit it they were saving their energy for Mistress Felicity. So Thea stayed silent and bided her time, which was easy as she was constantly being made to please one of her Mistresses with her mouth and/or ass hole, or at least given a front row seat to Mistress Felicity being made airtight.

Perhaps best of all she got a great view of Mistress Felicity cumming all over Laurel's cock thanks to Mistress Sara wordlessly turning her body so they were both facing the main event. Mistress Sara no doubt did this for her own benefit, but Thea very much got to enjoy the show as well. It still wasn't as good as being in Mistress Felicity's place, but it was still awesome, especially as Thea had never really seen a triple fucking from the outside before. Which was what she was seeing now, and it was still thrilling. Except for the hard to read expression on Laurel's face. That was a bit worrying, considering what Mistress Sara had planned. But Thea didn't dwell on it, not when she was so close to getting what she wanted.

Sure enough after pounding Felicity to a number of orgasms Nyssa pulled her cock out of her ass, sat down besides Laurel's head and ordered, "Thea, come here and clean my cock!"

"Yes Mistress Nyssa." Thea quickly replied and did as she was told.

Which was pretty easy as almost immediately after Mistress Nyssa pulled her dick out of Mistress Felicity's butt Mistress Sara pulled hers from Thea's ass and took Mistress Nyssa's place. Just as importantly Thea was on an adrenaline high and desperate to cum, so she scrambled over to Mistress Nyssa and swallowed about half of her cock and then started working on getting the rest into her mouth and down her throat. As Thea frantically cleaned that cock she could hear Mistress Felicity scream in orgasmic pleasure pretty much right next to her ear, which only motivated her to clean more frantically, and then to shamelessly beg once she was done.

"Please Mistress Nyssa, please let me cum!" Thea whimpered pathetically when she finally removed her mouth from Mistress Nyssa's cock, "Please? I could do it myself. I just need it so badly. Please?"

Nyssa looked thoughtful for a few long seconds, and then ordered, "Alright you do it. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, get that slutty little ass of yours on my dick so you can ride it! And face away from me. Ooooooh yesssss, that way you can watch your Mistress Felicity cumming like the little DP whore she is. Won't that be fun?"

"Yes Mistress Nyssa, thank you Mistress Nyssa." Thea eagerly replied as she scrambled to get into position.

Which caught Sara's eye, who briefly commented on that delightful sight, "Yeahhhhhhhhh Thea, ride that dick! Ride it good and hard with your slutty little ass hole! Oh yeah, make us proud. Make all three of your Mistresses oh so proud by riding that big fat cock with your tight little bitch hole and make yourself squirt! Ooooooh yeahhhhhhhh Thea, make yourself squirt just like I'm making Felicity squirt from fucking her up the ass while my sister fucks her cunt! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yessssssss, mmmmmm, you're both such DP whores! Mine and Mistress Nyssa's anal whores! Oh yes! Cum now whores! Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeesssssssss!"

Not needing to be told twice Thea had quickly mounted Mistress Nyssa's dick, her well fucked ass hole easily swallowing the full length in less than a minute, leaving her to begin bouncing up and down on it. Thea was so grateful that Mistress Nyssa had specifically ordered her into reverse cowgirl, as it meant she could continue watching the action, which only made it easier and quicker for her to receive the climax she had wanted for so long. It was then followed by another, and another, and another, as Thea relentlessly slammed her slutty ass up and down that cock for the next few heavenly minutes, which only got better when Mistress Nyssa took a firm hold of her waist and started slamming upwards into her bowels, making Thea cum even harder.

Laurel still couldn't believe she had agreed to be a part of all of this. Again she should leave, but it would not only have been difficult right now but she didn't want to lessen the ecstasy that Felicity was receiving, especially as she found it so fascinating. Occasionally Laurel might have fantasised about getting gang banged by hot celebrities, but only by male ones, only it was never something she would actually thought she would be involved with. But now she was. She was in a gang bang, and a lesbian gang bang at that. Laurel was in a lesbian gang bang with her friends and teammates, making Felicity Smoak airtight with the help of Nyssa al Ghul and worst of all her own sister Sara Lance.

Some form of those words echoed in her mind throughout lesbian gang banging Felicity, but it was especially mind-boggling when Felicity started cumming on her cock. Sure, Laurel couldn't feel it like a guy would, but she was very aware of it given Felicity's screams, the look on her face, and particularly the liquid soaking her thighs, legs and stomach. Then just when Laurel didn't think it could get more bizarre Thea started anally riding a dildo right next to her face, and when she came a short time later Nyssa moved her so that Thea's cum squirted out of her cunt and landed on Laurel's face, causing her to cry out in shock. Although to her shame it didn't quell her own enjoyment. In fact, it was exactly the opposite.

Inside her harness was a little nub bashing against her clit, which had felt pleasant at first, but Laurel didn't actually think it could make her cum. Clearly she had underestimated just how much her clit would be rubbed as Felicity rode her, or as was more often the case Nyssa or Sara pounded into Felicity's ass and this caused the hacker to be impaled on Laurel's dick. But it was more than that. To her shame Laurel found herself actually turned on by the sheer joy of doing this to another woman. She even enjoyed the feeling of another woman's cum on her face, especially as it was Thea getting her revenge from earlier. But more than anything else Laurel imagined what it would be like to be in Felicity's place. That more than anything else caused her to cum. Maybe not as powerfully as Felicity, but still pretty powerful.

Mostly she imagined herself being DP'ed by Thea and Nyssa as it was easy to imagine Thea in her place whenever Nyssa was above her. But that was not the only thought echoing through her head. Incredibly, and horrifyingly, Laurel found herself imagining Sara taking one of her holes, even if it was only her mouth so she could be made airtight. It was probably because whenever she fucked Felicity's ass Sara always spent some time grinning wickedly down at her, and more importantly she butt fucked Felicity so skilfully, and made her cum so effortlessly. But even that was not an acceptable excuse for some of the horrifying thoughts which made Laurel cum so hard.

Sara loved fucking Felicity's juicy ass. It was easily one of her favourite things in the entire world, and had been ever since she took Felicity's anal cherry. To be fair butt fucking other women had been a favourite pastime of hers since Nyssa introduced her to the joys of anal sex, first giving to and then receiving from other members of the League, but with the exception of Nyssa she didn't truly love those women like she loved Felicity, meaning every time was special. But this was extra special, as not only was she able to sandwich Felicity in between herself and her big sister, but she actually watched Nyssa ass fucked Thea so hard that her cum squirted onto Laurel's face, making her chuckle with wicked delight. Of course it was only a taste of things to come for her dear sister.

On that note, Sara gave Laurel a taste of her lifestyle, by pulling her cock out of Felicity's ass and shoving it directly into Laurel's surprise mouth. Or at least that was what Sara wanted to do. Instead she took off the strap-on first, meaning technically by the time it reached Laurel's lips it was no longer her cock. Although it was hard to think of it as anything else, which shouldn't have delighted Sara, but it did, especially as Laurel made such adorable sounds as Sara shoved that dildo into her mouth and gave her sister her first taste of Felicity's butt, and probably her first experience of ass to mouth. It certainly wouldn't be her last, Sara would make sure of that.

Another thing which really delighted Sara was that it didn't take much encouragement for Laurel to start sucking Felicity's anal juices off that dick. True, it could have been better, and she didn't so much as open her mouth for it as open her mouth in surprise as Sara was approaching, and then stared up at Sara in shock and then kind of pleadingly for a few long seconds. But then the taste clearly registered, and Laurel just couldn't seem to resist closing her eyes and then beginning to suck the dick like a baby with the bottle, and Sara was only too happy to feed it to her. She even started gently thrusting it in and out, literally fucking her own sister's mouth with a cock.

"Don't be too rough with her." Felicity warned weakly as she slowly got off the cock strapped around Laurel's waist.

"Don't you have your own cock to clean?" Sara quipped.

There was a brief pause, then Felicity slowly crawled down between Laurel's legs and took the dildo she found there into her mouth so she could eagerly clean it of her cum and pussy cream. Meanwhile Nyssa pushed an exhausted Thea off of her, grabbed hold of her head and shoved it in between her legs, Thea practically shoving the whole thing down her throat and greedily cleaning it of her butt juices. All the while Sara gently pushed her cock downwards, not stopping until the full length was buried inside Laurel's mouth and throat, meaning her dear sister had got every drop of Felicity's butt cream. Only then did Sara give her a break, and that was just a few seconds to catch her breath before giving Laurel an offer she knew she wouldn't refuse. Or a threat, depending on your view point.

"Next time..." Sara grinned at her sister, "You go in the middle."

Chapter Text

Laurel Lance's life had become really weird over the last few years. Fed up with seeing the guilty go free she had taken inspiration from her sister and become The Black Canary, and started patrolling the streets at night with her ex-boyfriend, her sister, his sister and her sister's ex-girlfriend. She'd met people with superpowers and magic, saved the city from total destruction, and after walking in on her baby sister butt fucking a mutual friend Laurel had somehow allowed Sara to talk her into a lesbian orgy. So yeah, really weird, but Laurel was afraid it was about to get a lot more weird given Sara's actions during that lesbian orgy, and the worrying promise she had made her at it's conclusion.

She was unable to think of anything else for the next 24 hours, and it kept her up during the night, to the point that she had to get herself off at the memory of those obscene things she had been a part of, while desperately trying to ignore a question which haunted her mind that entire time. It should have been enough for Laurel to firmly tell Sara no to ever doing it again. After all, sisters shouldn't be involved in the same orgy under any circumstances, and fucking her sister's lovers had been just too weird, even for her. But Laurel wanted to do it again. She didn't think she'd have the strength to say no if she was asked, and Sara had always been very persuasive, so Laurel wasn't sure she could, even if her fear was confirmed.

Confirming that fear wasn't easy. Laurel knew she wouldn't get anything out of Nyssa, Thea surprisingly didn't budge, and she just couldn't get Felicity alone to spill the beans. She tried calling her, only for Sara to answer the phone. She tried text and email, only for again Sara to answer for her girl. She tried approaching her at work, only for Sara to be there. Finally she showed up early to the apartment of Felicity and Sara, and apparently Nyssa, for her second lesbian orgy, only for Sara to answer the door with a grin and wordlessly invite her in. Laurel rolled her eyes, and just about avoided freaking out until she was safely inside the apartment where at least no one could hear. Or at least, no one she didn't no.

"Can I talk to you?" Laurel turned to her sibling, before then glancing back at Nyssa and Felicity who were sitting on the couch, "Alone."

Sara smirked, "Anything you have to say to me can be said in front of my girls. There are no secrets between us."

Laurel gulped softly, and then after a brief hesitation stammered, "When... when you said I'd be going in the middle this time... you meant in the middle of Nyssa, Felicity and Thea. Right?"

There was a long pause, then Sara smiled wickedly, "And why should I let them have all the fun?"

For a few long seconds Laurel just stared at her sibling with disbelief, then breathlessly reminded her, "But, we're sisters."

"Yeah." Sara grinned teasingly, "I haven't forgotten."

"But, but...WE'RE SISTERS!" Laurel exclaimed. "It's wrong."

Sara shrugged nonchalantly, "That's what some people say about orgies. And polyamorous relationships. And lesbianism."

"But..." Laurel repeated in disbelief, "We're sisters."

"You keep saying that." Sara quipped.

"That's because apparently you need reminding." Laurel grumbled.

"Why? Because I want to follow Nyssa's example?" Sara questioned.

Which of course caused Laurel to look at Nyssa with disbelief, the assassin then smirking and revealing, "My sister and I had a... difficult relationship before I made her mine. Now things between us are much better, and there has never been anything more satisfying than robbing my big sister of her anal cherry by shoving a nice big cock up her ass."

"Oh God." Laurel croaked in disbelief, before nervously looking back at Sara, "And, and that's what you want to do to me?"

"Fuck yeah." Sara admitted, closing in on her pray, "It did wonders for the al Ghul sisters, so why not us?"

"Because, because..." Laurel stammered, "It's wrong!"

"And yet, you're here." Sara pointed out, "I pretty clearly implied what I wanted last time, and yet you still came."

"Yeah, to tell you it's not going to happen." Laurel snapped, and then when Sara gave her a disbelieving look the older sibling quickly added, "Don't look at me like that. Or try to turn this around on me. I know what you are doing, and it's not going to work. You don't think I haven't picked up on your tricks by now? Well I have, and they're not working."

"Aren't they?" Sara pushed, stepping into her sister's personal space. Then when Laurel didn't react badly Sara pushed, "You came here because you were curious, just like last time, when you let a girl who might as well be our little sister eat your pussy until you came all over her pretty little face. You knew it was wrong, that you crossed a line, but you didn't care. It felt good, and given our lives we deserve every ounce of joy we can get from it. So why not forget the pseudo-incest and go for the real thing? From what I hear, it's really, really hot... and there is just no way I could ever let someone else take your ass cherry. Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, it's got to be me big sis."

For a few long seconds Laurel just stared with disbelief at her sister, then she turned to Felicity and practically whimpered, "Felicity... I, I can't believe you're okay with this."

Felicity blushed, but admitted, "There isn't anything I wouldn't do for Sara. And honestly, I think it's fucking hot."

"Me too." Thea quickly clarified.

"Don't look at them, look at me." Sara demanded softly, as she slowly turned Laurel's face back to hers, "I wanted to fuck you before, but I didn't know how to handle it, so I screwed Oliver instead. It took me a long time to admit that to myself, and you're way too uptight to ever admit you're hot for me without a little push. Luckily for us both I'm ready to do what needs to be done to finally get you out of that shell of yours and turn you into the hot little slut you really are."

"Sara, please..." Laurel whimpered.

"Shhhhh!" Sara cooed as she continued holding her sister's face in place while she glanced down to her lips.

They stayed like that for what felt like an eternity, and then Sara slowly close the short distance between them and pressed her lips against hers. Oh God, Laurel was kissing her sister! Or more accurately, her sister was kissing her. Except while Laurel wasn't kissing back neither was she pushing Sara away. Mostly that was because Laurel was just too stunned to move, but the terrible truth was part of her didn't want too. What was even worse was that her own body betrayed her, listening to that wicked desire deep inside of her and treacherously beginning to kiss Sara back, and the only thing Laurel seemed to do about it was whimper pathetically.

Sara was expecting Laurel to pull away, or at least not to kiss her back so soon. After all she more than anyone else knew just how stubborn and argumentative her big sister could be, it was what made her such a good lawyer, so it was only natural to assume that she'd have to break out her A - material to get this done. To Sara's surprise it seemed that despite Laurel's protests she was just as susceptible to Sara's blunt charm as the average straight girl that The White Canary hit on. Which was both delightful, and disappointing, as Sara had been looking forward to a long drawn-out fight before ultimately getting what she wanted. Oh well, she wasn't going to complain if Laurel instead chose to make it easy for her.

To be fair this wasn't quite a done deal yet. Laurel was super stiff when Sara gently kissed her, and even when she started kissing back it was clear that she was still hesitant to do so, the war inside The Black Canary only just beginning. Oh well, Sara would just have to make sure that the side fighting for Lancest won. And seeing as her tricks were working better than Laurel claimed, or initially wanted, Sara was only too happy to use them on her. That included plenty of caressing while kissing, at first ignoring the fun parts of her big sister's body before ultimately grabbing her boobs and butt while shoving her tongue directly down Laurel's throat.

She also began strategically taking off Laurel's clothes, and her own, taking off each piece nice and slowly, except for those she couldn't avoid breaking the kiss for, but making sure to leave plenty of time in between each item so she could relax her sister with her tongue. There was of course a few times Laurel whimpered and stiffened up during this, but she never straight up pushed Sara away or asked her to stop, so Sara continued to work her magic until both Lance sisters were standing there completely naked. Only then did Sara move her lips lower to Laurel's neck and begin gently kissing that. Then down to her boobs more or less giving them the same treatment.

If she was alone in bed with just about any other woman Sara would have spent a long time on both those areas, kissing, licking and sucking the sensitive flesh. Maybe even a little biting. She couldn't resist that last part, Sara eagerly marking her big sister as hers. But that was making Laurel tense up and whimper extra loudly, making it very clear that the older sibling was very close to running away, which of course was the last thing Sara wanted right now. Besides, there was something she wanted even more than to tease Laurel, so she decided to do it, and just hoped that she overwhelmed her sister was so much pleasure that she would stay and let her have her wicked way with her.

Laurel was already feeling extremely overwhelmed by everything that was happening to her. The kissing was bad enough, although to be fair at least that was so distracting Laurel could barely think about how she was making out with her little sister, in front of an audience no less. When Sara's lips moved downwards Laurel suddenly became a lot more aware of that audience. In fact she couldn't take her eyes off them, especially as they were staring back at her with looks of pure lust on their faces, and in their eyes. Which she would have expected from someone like Nyssa al Ghul, but Felicity Smoak and Thea Queen? God, what had Sara done to them? And was she going to do it to her?

More importantly, what was Laurel still doing here? Why was she letting Sara do this to her? Why had she kissed Sara, her own sister, back? Oh God, Laurel had actually kissed her own sister, and liked it. And was loving the feeling of Sara's lips on her body, especially the lower she got. What the hell was wrong with her? What was wrong with Sara? What was wrong with this entire thing? Were they under the influence of something? Was someone messing with them? Or was Laurel just a twisted freak who actually wanted to fuck her sister? No, it was Sara! It had to be Sara, didn't it? This had to be her fault, because the alternative was just too horrifying.

For who knows how long those questions and more echoed in Laurel's mind, leaving her just to stand there like an idiot as she was slowly pushed further into the unthinkable. Then just as she concluded that it wasn't her fault, and she got angry enough to push Sara away, she once again became too overwhelmed to think coherently as Sara dropped down to her knees and buried her face in between her legs. Her own sister pressed her face in between her thighs and licked her. Licked her pussy! Sara was licking her pussy, which should have been the final straw to help Laurel push the other girl away. But it wasn't. Instead she let out a loud moan of pleasure, and then to her shame reached down, grabbed the back of Sara's head and pushed her deeper into her cunt.

There could be no doubt whatsoever that Laurel should have grabbed tightly onto the blonde hair and pulled her away, and she wanted to tell herself that that was what she was trying to do, and her body had betrayed her. But the problem was, Laurel didn't really believe that. No, the truth was that she was weak. That it felt too good, and she couldn't resist. Maybe even that she wanted this. Wanted her sister to lick her pussy. Which luckily Laurel didn't have to dwell on very long, because it quickly became impossible to think coherently, and even when the ability to think returned the only thing on her mind was just how good this felt, and how she desperately wanted more of it.

Sara always knew that the forbidden fruit that was her big sister's pussy juices would be something extra special, but even her imagination hadn't done justice to just how amazing Laurel would taste. Maybe it was the fact that they were sisters which was making her biased, but Laurel just might have the tastiest pussy ever, and that was really saying something considering the calibre of cunt Sara ate on a daily basis. In fact the second that heavenly flavour hit her taste-buds it was a struggle for Sara not to go into overdrive and make Laurel cum as quickly as possible. Especially because of this was how her regular cream tasted Sara couldn't wait to taste her big sister's cum.

It was maybe the hardest thing she'd ever had to do, but Sara resisted that temptation. It would have been wrong. Far more wrong than society clearly was about incest, at least between sisters. Yes, sister-sister love was beautiful, and Sara promised that the Lance sisters would never deny themselves from that pleasure again. But she was also going to make sure they did it right, especially during this, their first time together. This was special. It always would be, no matter what happened, but to do it right Sara needed to go slow. It was what she had to do to give Laurel what she deserved, and would guarantee that Laurel would cum hard. So hard that her stuck up big sister wouldn't be able to resist the temptation of doing this again.

Which was why Sara continued to dish out long, slow licks, working her way from the bottom of Laurel's pussy all the way up to the top, brushing against her sister's clit with every other lick. Sometimes, like with the first and extra slow lick, Sara even lingered on Laurel's clit, and flicked it gently with her tongue, causing Laurel to let out an extra loud cry of pleasure. Cries which Sara slowly became more and more aware of as the pussy licking continued and she became less overwhelmed about just how good her sister tasted, and instead concentrated on her big sister's reactions. All of which were, very, very encouraging. Wonderfully so, each of them causing Sara to grin, and even chuckle in delight.

The first thing she was aware of was of course the cries, whimpers, gasps and moans of pleasure that Laurel was constantly, and shamelessly, letting out, which naturally pushed Sara to continue her licking. She was also dully aware of something touching the back of her head, but Sara been fairly certain it had been one of her girlfriends, most likely Nyssa, stepping closer for a better view, and to give her some unnecessary encouragement. Laurel would have been the more likely candidate, but Sara hadn't thought she was ready for that. Something which Sara was delighted to be proved wrong about. But it wasn't good enough. Not if Laurel wanted to cum. No, she was going to have to give her a more direct encouragement for that, and Sara was more than prepared to wait for as long as it took. After all, she was perfectly happy where she was.

Laurel didn't just want to cum, she needed to cum. It was shameful beyond words, but Laurel Lance felt a desperate need to cum. More than ever before. And cum in her little sister's mouth. God forgive her but she needed to cum in Sara's incredibly talented mouth and all over that pretty face of hers, the very thought of it pushing her closer to climax instead of disgusting her like it should have, but it just wasn't enough. She needed something to push her over the edge, and Laurel desperately hoped she could do it without actually having to say it, which was why she started off with simply whimpering more pathetically and with disparate need.

When that didn't work Laurel tried simply whimpering, "Please... Sara, mmmmmm, more! I need more! Please Sara... ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, give me more."

She repeated these words over and over again for quite a while with absolutely no luck, which made Laurel more and more frustrated. Especially when she tried to use the hand that she had unconsciously placed on Sara's head for encouragement to push her kid sister's face deeper into her cunt, and Sara just had the audacity to slow down her licking. Honestly, how could Sara be this cruel to her? It was bad enough she had forced her sinful desires upon her, and now she was denying her release? Or more accurately, denied her until Laurel completely humiliated herself. In front of their friends no less. God, this was so unfair. Unfortunately eventually her desperate need to cum became so great that Laurel didn't have a choice but to comply.

"Please Sara, make me cum." Laurel finally whimpered, and when even that wasn't good enough she groaned with frustration, "Ohhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd, oh Sara, fuck me! Please... Sara, oooooooh Sara, fuck me and make me cum! Please just fuck me! Fuck me harder, ah fuck, I need it! I need to cum! Mmmmmm fuckkkkkkk, please Sara, show some fucking mercy. It's bad enough you dragged me into this, the least you can do is let me, oh yesssss, let me, ohhhhhhh yesssssssss, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS! OH SARA! SARA! OH GOD! OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS!"

It seemed to take forever before Sara even pressed her tongue against her entrance, and even then she left it there for minutes which felt like hours before finally shoving her tongue as deep as it would go into her cunt, immediately rendering Laurel completely incoherent. After that Laurel continued showing her approval, although that wasn't by choice. No, Laurel lost complete control of what she was saying or doing as she went over the edge of the most powerful climax of her life, her cum squirting out of her cunt and directly down Sara's throat. And all over her face. Oh God, she was cumming in her little sister's mouth and all over her face, the thought just making Laurel cum harder.

Then to her overwhelming shame Laurel found herself cumming over, over, and over again until it felt like one big orgasm. God, and she thought Thea had been amazing eating pussy. Obviously Thea had learned everything she knew from Sara, and now Sara was showing Laurel the difference between student and teacher. Between an amateur pussy licker and a professional muff diver. Between having her surrogate little sister going down on her and having her real kid sister going down on her. Which was mind, and possibly soul, destroying us very soon the only thing that was left of her was an orgasming wreck. Although at least then she didn't have to feel guilty any more.

Sara became almost just as mindless as she frantically tried to make Laurel cum over and over again. As she predicted her big sister's cum was somehow even more delicious than her pussy cream, Sara becoming instantly addicted and desperate for more the second it touched her taste-buds. Which was why she quickly removed her tongue, sealed her mouth around Laurel's entrance and swallowed every drop of that precious liquid before ramming her tongue back inside to fuck more out of it. That of course was the easy part, but soon even with all her skills Sara struggled to even swallow the majority of that liquid heaven, and was forced to settle for it covering her face instead. Which wasn't a bad consolation prize, but it wasn't what she really wanted.

Of course what Sara wanted more than anything, even more than the privilege of swallowing Laurel's cum, was to make her big sister her sex slave. To do that Sara had to keep an eye on the prize, give Laurel so much pleasure that she would never be able to deny her again. Yet at the same time she would have to walk a fine line not to fuck Laurel into unconsciousness so she could give her the full treatment, and perhaps more importantly fuck Laurel's sweet little holes with her strap-on cock. After all, this might be her one and only chance with Laurel if when her sister sobered up from her overwhelming lust she would run away instead of falling into Sara's arms.

With that in mind Sara reluctantly replaced her mouth and tongue with her fingers, shoving first one and then a second into Laurel's pussy and beginning to thrust them in and out of her big sister's pussy while wrapping her mouth around the other girl's clit and beginning to suck it. She easily made Laurel cum a few more times than that, then in a preview for later Sara collected some escaped juices onto the index finger of her other hand and then slowly pushed it into her big sister's butt hole. As she did this Sara whimpered and moaned with overwhelming delight, anticipation, and the satisfaction of knowing she was right. Laurel's ass was definitely virgin. Although not for much longer. No, Laurel was not leaving this room until Sara had taken her anal cherry.

Needing Laurel to be conscious for that Sara reluctantly bought Laurel down from her high, and then slowly stood up and shoved the two fingers which had been in her sibling's cunt into that sibling's mouth. Laurel's eyes went wide, but Sara gave her a look which made it clear there would be no argument, so the poor little Black Canary whimpered, opened her mouth and allowed the other Canary to push those fingers inside. Laurel's reluctance was quickly forgotten as she sucked those fingers clean, almost not noticing when Sara replaced those fingers with one that had been in her butt. Almost. Laurel did briefly whimper pathetically, but another stern look had her sucking that finger clean too, and Sara grinning wickedly. Then Sara kissed her sister, allowing Laurel to taste herself even more.

After a few long minutes of kissing Sara kicked Laurel's weakened legs out from under her and then quickly spun her around to grab onto her from behind and lower her until her sister was kneeling on the floor, before growling in her ear, "Now do what I just did to you, to her."

Laurel was disoriented enough from all those monster orgasms she'd just received, especially as she had received them from her little sister. Then all of a sudden she found herself on her knees and looking up at a goddess. For a few long seconds it didn't even register that this was Nyssa al Ghul, as the only thing Laurel could see was an incredibly beautiful woman, and that woman's very wet cunt which was inches away from her face. After the whirlwind which was the past few days it only felt natural to lean forward and lick that cunt. Or maybe she was pushed by Sara? Honestly Laurel wasn't really sure, and it didn't really matter. No, all that mattered was that she was finally going to taste her first pussy.

Instantly loving the flavour Laurel moaned as it hit her taste-buds, and then she continued whimpering as she repeated the process, sliding her tongue from the bottom of the yummy treat the way up to the top, which even got some moans out of the stubborn Nyssa al Ghul. Oh God, that's who she was doing this too. The incredibly sexy assassin Nyssa al Ghul. Sara's first girlfriend and one of her trainers. Someone who had helped train both of the Canaries, herself and Sara, and now Laurel was licking her pussy and absolutely loving every single second of it. And she wanted more of everything she was experiencing, especially the yummy liquid that was the other woman's pussy cream and those far too infrequent moans.

So after half a dozen gentle licks Laurel started increasing the speed and the force of the cunt lapping. Perhaps more importantly she lingered on Nyssa's clit with every swipe of her tongue, instead of just accidentally brushing against it every so often. She also wrapped her lips around that sensitive bundle of nerves and eagerly sucked it, which succeeded in getting a sharp cry of pleasure out of the mighty warrior. Sadly Laurel's wide grin of pride was short lived as she was scolded for these actions, and then even worse told to move away from this yummy treat, and all she could do was hope the next 'treat' would be just as good.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhh God, slow down!" Nyssa moaned, gently but firmly yanking Laurel's head to make sure she had her attention. Then when the other woman slowed down her pace Nyssa grinned, "Yeahhhhh, that's it, mmmmm, lick me just like that. Ohhhhh yessssss, I'm not ready to cum yet. Oh yeah, I'm just getting started with you."

"Hey, if you need a break, I'm sure Felicity will be happy to oblige." Sara grinned.

"No, that's okay. Laurel was just licking my clit a little too fast, too soon." Nyssa explained.

"Now Nyssa, don't be greedy. We promise to share." Sara gently scolded, reminding her lover, "After all, I'm letting you be the first to test out her mouth, and she is my sister. You of all of us should know what a big deal that is."

"You don't need to remind me." Nyssa huffed, "Nor do you need reminding of the firsts you're getting, and the ones you have already taken."

"Let's not argue." Felicity interrupted, "It's okay Nyssa, you can have Laurel for as long as you want. I can wait."

"That's sweet dear, but Sara's right. It's time we shared." Nyssa smiled softly before pulling Laurel out of her cunt by the hair, much to Laurel's displeasure.

"Okay." Felicity gulped, not able to stop herself from adding, "As, as long as that's okay with you, Laurel?"

Rather than a verbal response Laurel dived face first into Felicity's pussy. Okay, she definitely got a little push from Nyssa, but that was even more unnecessary than when Sara had done it as in her current state of mind she certainly wasn't going to do anything else. Only instead of being exhausted into submission now Laurel was starving for pussy, and eager to see if Felicity tasted half as good as Nyssa did. Laurel fully expecting that to be the case, but when she was proven right she let out a little whimper of delight and started licking hard and fast, and as she wasn't immediately scolded for it she continued like that for a few blissful minutes in which she earned herself a lot of yummy juices.

Felicity had been feeling incredibly guilty about her part in the downfall of The Black Canary for quite some time now, but just before the moments of her getting physically involved that feeling of guilt became overwhelming. After all, they might not have always been the best of friends, as before Laurel found out the truth about Oliver, and what Felicity really did for him, they didn't really have any relationship other than some passing awkwardness. But ever since Laurel found out the truth, and particularly after deciding to follow in Sara's footsteps, they had grown closer, and Felicity couldn't help but think she should have warn Laurel of Sara's wicked intentions.

Of course if she had this moment wouldn't be a reality, and not doing right by her friend seemed a small price to pay for that beautiful friend ending up licking her pussy. At least in this moment Laurel didn't seem to have any complaints, and whatever lack of experience she had she was easily making up for with her eager licks. Although it actually took awhile for Felicity to realise that they were perhaps a little too eager, and she too should order Laurel to slow down before she came prematurely. Which was hard, because those licks felt oh so good, especially the ones directly to her clit, but ultimately Felicity did what she had to do, before one of her girlfriends beat her to it.

"Ohhhhhhh Gooooodddddddd Laurel, that feel so good." Felicity moaned happily as she stroked the other woman's hair, "Mmmmm yesssssss, sooooo gooooodddddd, ooooooh fuck, but you need to stop. I mean slow down! Yes, slow down Laurel, because the last thing I want you to do is stop. Ohhhhhh yessssssss, the last thing I want is for my girlfriend's sister to stop licking my pussy, while my girlfriend watches! Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, lick me Laurel! Ohhhhhh yessssssss, that's it, lick me just like that, oooooooh fuck, mmmmmm, lick the pussies your sister loves so much. Yeahhhhh, go back and forth between me and Nyssa and lick our pussies nice and slow so we can enjoy this."

"Does that make it my turn?" Nyssa quipped.

Even though she wanted to say no Felicity simply smiled and said, "Sure... Laurel, what are you waiting for? Go eat Nyssa's pussy."

"Yes Felicity." Laurel whimpered softly, quickly doing as she was told.

Instantly Felicity missed Laurel's tongue against her twat, but it was almost worth the loss to see the satisfaction on Nyssa's face as Laurel crawled in between her legs and began licking her. Laurel seemed happy with this development too, moaning softly at tasting Nyssa's pussy, and Felicity couldn't blame her, as she knew from experience it was delicious. Plus just the view of Laurel kneeling between Nyssa's legs was amazing. That said Felicity was grateful that only a few minutes later Nyssa was nice enough to send Laurel back to her, she and Nyssa then trading The Black Canary back and forth like the little fuck toy she was tonight.

Speaking of toys, or more accurately thinking of them, Sara had made Thea retrieve a strap-on and hold it out for her, Sara stepping into the harness and then grinning wickedly as Thea pulled it up her thighs and then tightened it around her waist. Sara was always impatient, but Felicity thought she would at least have given them a little longer with Laurel before she joined the fun again. Which turned out to be the case, Felicity watching with delight as Sara made Thea suck her newly acquired cock, the visual advantages making this whole thing more pleasurable for Sara's watching girlfriends. Although Felicity suspected that was merely coincidence.

Sara certainly intended to provide a show for her girlfriends, but that wasn't her main goal. No, that was to make sure that her big dick would be nice and wet for her big sister's cunt, and using the pretty little mouth of the girl who was practically her little sister seemed just the perfect way to do that. Besides, Thea looked so incredibly cute with a cock in her mouth, especially when she was on her knees in front of her. Oh yes, Sara loved seeing Thea like this. So wonderfully submissive and willing to do anything to please her, even if it meant sucking a strap-on as if it was a real cock. And thanks to Sara, Thea was really, really good at giving blow jobs.

The former heiress started out slow, just bobbing her head up and down the first few inches and sliding her tongue over the tip of the dick. Then she slowly began pushing it into her throat, inch after inch disappearing in between those pretty little lips until she had the full length stuffing her windpipe. That was when Thea started bobbing up and down the full length and looking up at Sara for approval, although this time round she didn't get much of it. Normally Sara couldn't take her eyes off such a wonderful wicked sight, but now she was watching her sister going down on her girlfriends. And perhaps more importantly, watching her sister's pretty little ass begging her for some attention.

It was a sign which literally had Sara salivating and licking her lips in anticipation of what she was about to do. Hell, it was hard for her not to just skip straight to the main event and truly make her big sister hers. But no, she would save that for when she had Laurel's full attention. For when it was just them, putting on a show for everyone else. In the meantime, she fully intended to do something almost just as good, namely gently push Thea away from her and then sneak up behind Laurel, kneeled down behind her and then slide her now very wet cock up and down the extremely wet pussy lips of her big sister, that older sibling letting out some wonderfully pathetic whimpers, but not offering up any real protest.

Deciding that was her cue to really get involved again Sara slowly but surely pushed the head of her cock into her big sister's pussy, causing Laurel to moan loudly into Nyssa's pussy. Nyssa almost certainly offered up Sara some words of encouragement, but they fell on deaf ears. At least for Sara, because she was far too preoccupied with the soft moans coming from Nyssa's twat. Because it could only mean one thing, her big sister was moaning into her girlfriend's pussy because Sara had just pushed a dildo into Laurel's cunt, proving that Laurel was enjoying this. Something Sara made sure she continued doing as she continued pushing forwards.

Laurel felt so ashamed. She still couldn't believe any of this was happening to her, or the fact that she couldn't seem to stop it. Hell, she wouldn't be able to physically beat the combined forces of Sara and Nyssa, but surely if she asked them to stop they would, right? And yet, she didn't. Fuck, she even moaned into Nyssa's pussy as her baby sister violated her. Because sure, it could have been Thea, but deep down Laurel knew exactly who it was, and her body didn't seem to care. No, all that mattered to her treacherous body right now was the pleasure she was receiving, and getting every single inch of that dildo inside her.

Her body soon got what it wanted, Sara burying every inch of her strap-on inside her pussy in what felt like a matter of minutes. Maybe less, honestly it was so hard for Laurel to tell when she had her face buried in pussy. And not just Nyssa's pussy. No, Nyssa and Felicity continued to feed Laurel their cunts, except it wasn't Laurel switching positions any more. It was Felicity and Nyssa switching positions so that Laurel could remain in place while her kid sister impaled her on a strap-on, and then began fucking her. Oh God, Sara began fucking her with a strap-on, making this far too much for Laurel to handle, her mind short-circuiting and leaving her nothing but a fuck toy to be used.

The problem was that after cumming already, and licking the pussies of Felicity and Nyssa, Laurel's treacherous body was raring to go, so not only did her cunt welcome that strap-on into it and allow Sara to easily pump in and out of it but it wasn't that long before Laurel wanted more. Before she even really knew it her treacherous body was thrusting back at Sara, causing her wicked sister to laugh with delight. Laurel cut it out quickly, but the damage was done. Everybody knew how much she was loving this, a fact which Sara was of course only too happy to use to her advantage. And Laurel couldn't even deny it, because she couldn't pull her face away from the yummy treats in front of her.

"Yeahhhhhh, you like that, huh?" Sara teased, giving her big sister an extra hard thrust to squeeze an extra loud cry of pleasure out of her, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, you love having your big sister's cock inside you? Yeah you do, mmmmm, my stuck up big sister Laurel loves having my cock inside her tight little pussy! Mmmmm, and she wants more. Oh yes, that's why she's thrusting her ass back at me. Well, if she wants a harder fucking, she's going to need to make my girlfriends cum first. You hear me Laurel? You want more, you make Felicity and Nyssa cum. Yeahhhhh, shove your little tongue inside my girlfriends and make them cum all over your pretty little face!"

"You heard your sister, make us cum!" Nyssa chimed in with a wicked chuckle, "Oh yes, make me, then Felicity, cum nice and hard and then maybe your little sister will make you cum. And you want that, don't you Laurel? To cum on your kid sister's cock? Huh? Oh yes, you want to cum for Sara. Cum from knowing that she is the superior sister, mmmmm, the superior fighter, ohhhhhhh, the superior Canary. Oooooooh yessssss, you're nothing but a tribute act Laurel. Ohhhhhh, a knockoff of the original model. And now, mmmmm, you're the original Canary's slut. Your sister's slut! Ohhhhhh yessssss, you are your little sister's slut, and you're going to cum on her cock like I'm about to cum on your face! Oh yes, mmmmm fuck, OH GOD SARA, Laurel, oooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssss, fuck me!"

Initially Laurel just ignored those words and continued to push her face into Nyssa's cunt as she continued frantically licking it. Then she did as she was told, not because she wanted to be fucked hard and allowed to cum again, but because all of the sinful behaviour had awoken a desperate need to find out what girl cum tasted like. Besides, it was a favour to her teammates. Allowing them to cum. And rewarding them for letting her lick their pussies. Or that's what Laurel tried to tell herself. That and any other excuse she could think of. Then her mouth was flooded with liquid heaven, which was somehow even better than regular pussy cream, and Laurel just went berserk.

Nyssa held herself back for quite a while just so she could continue taunting Laurel. However she didn't put her all into it, as she knew that Felicity was waiting for her turn, and she was just as eager to see Sara make Laurel cum. Besides, it was also hard to hold back when she saw the joy in Sara's face. Also just the sight of a beautiful woman thrusting into another while that woman frantically tongue fucked her. Hell, just the feeling of that tongue finally thrusting inside her after all that wanting was almost enough to send Nyssa over the edge on the spot, only really years of experience, and Laurel's inexperience, saving her in that moment.

Sooner rather than later though Nyssa allowed herself to go over that edge. Or simply everything caught up with her. Either way with a somewhat undignified cry of pleasure she found herself cumming in Laurel's pretty little mouth. To her credit she somewhat managed to silence herself while keeping a tight hold on the back of Laurel's head and pushing the other girl's face deeper into her cunt as she came. Perhaps more importantly she kept herself still while Laurel swallowed as much of her cum as she possibly could before going right back to the tongue fucking like a good little lesbian slut. She even made her cum again without Nyssa having to give her further encouragement, or grinding herself against Laurel's face.

It became increasingly tempting to do so, but to Nyssa's credit after a few orgasms she stepped aside to let Felicity take her place. Also to Felicity's credit the normally nervous IT girl didn't hesitate to step up and press her needy cunt against Laurel's face. Obviously Felicity was just as eager to cum as Nyssa had been, and possibly as Laurel was given she immediately got to work. Or maybe Laurel was just aching for their cum. Either way it wasn't long before she got it, Laurel obviously thrusting her tongue deep inside Felicity and fucking her with it until she achieved the desired effect and then immediately switch to swallowing cum.

That and the sound of Felicity letting out a loud cry of pleasure which echoed throughout the room had Nyssa and Sara grinning with satisfaction, but perhaps more importantly it had Sara increasing her pace. Obviously not enough to make Laurel cum, but enough to bring her to the edge of it. Enough to make the next part of Sara's plan easy. Or at least more likely to succeed. Either way the combination of that and just watching Felicity cover Laurel's face with her cum was enough for Nyssa to beckon Thea over to her. Oh yes, Laurel was really good for a first timer, but if everything went well Nyssa was definitely going to need some more attention.

Barely a second after Felicity had stumbled back and away from her Laurel whimpered, "Please..."

"Please what?" Sara teased with a wicked grin.

There was a brief silence and then Laurel whined, "You promised!"

"I said I would give you more if you made my girlfriends cum, and guess what? I'm giving you more." Sara revealed with a wicked grin, "You wanna cum? You're going to need to beg for it?"

This time there was a long pause as Laurel desperately fought against the urge, before literally crying, "Please Sara, make me cum! I need you to make me cum! Oooooooh God damn you Sara, make me cum all over your cock! Please? Ohhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd Sara, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me harder and make me cum!"

"Good girl... that was good... but not good enough." Sara grinned as her sister whimpered pathetically again, "No, if you want to cum, then you're going to have to give me something else..."

Laurel gasped and went pale as she felt something, which she quickly realised was a finger, sliding into her virgin ass hole, "No, you promised me!"

"I promised you nothing!" Sara said firmly pushing her finger slowly up to the knuckle inside that incredible tightness, and started pumping it in and out of her big sister's butt hole, "I gave you tasks to complete in order to cum. This is your final one. You do this, and you get to cum. And not just cum, but cum harder than you ever came before. And yes Laurel, that is a promise."

There was another pause, this one the longest yet, then Laurel lowered her head and whimpered in utter defeat, "Okay."

"Prove it! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, spread your cheeks to prove that you're giving me, your little sister, your virgin ass hole!" Sara growled lustfully while she continued to finger her sister's ass, "Mmmmm, and it is virgin, isn't it Laurel? Mmmmm, yeah it is! I've never had an ass tighter than this, and trust me, I've popped plenty of anal cherries, so I know a virgin ass when I see it. Or feel it on my finger! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, don't worry sis, you're in good hands. Trust me, when I'm done with you you'll be a total anal whore. My personal anal whore! Ooooooh yessssss Laurel, when I'm done with you you're going to be a little anal whore who's addicted to getting her ass fucked! And I'm gonna own that ass! Oh yeah, I'm about to take your anal cherry and make your little ass hole mine forever! Mine to use whenever I want, and to pimp out to whoever I want. Oh yeah, you're gonna be mine sis! Now spread those cheeks and show me how badly you want it!"

Laurel's pathetic whimpers were the only sound that could be heard for the next few long seconds, then she did as she was told, slowly reaching back and pulling her butt cheeks wide apart, exposing her virgin hole. Which caused Sara to chuckle wickedly, but thankfully not offer up any more upsetting words. But she didn't get on with giving Laurel what had to be the ultimate humiliation either. No, the bitch just kept fingering her ass hole for the next few long minutes, even adding a second finger along the way and swirling them inside her butt as well as pumping them in and out. Then just as Laurel was about to snap at Sara to get on with it the younger sister made the trade, almost making the older sister beg for mercy.

As those fingers were removed and her ass hole began to be stretched wide of than ever before Laurel opened her mouth to beg for mercy, but nothing came out. Partly because she was too dumbfounded to utter a word, but mostly because she still just needed to cum so badly she would do anything to get it, even this. Which she constantly second-guessed for the next few minutes, especially when the head of that huge strap-on cock stretched her anal ring wide enough for that head to slide through it and into her virgin ass hole. Her sister! Her baby sister had just shoved a strap-on into her butt hole, robbing Laurel of her back door cherry! Oh God, how was this happening to her?

Thankfully Sara pause to give her a few long seconds to relax, although that was probably so she could savour the moment, and it meant Laurel got to wallow in the humiliation of her little sister taking her anal cherry. Then Sara began very slowly moving forwards, causing inch after inch of strap-on dildo to slide into Laurel's rectum, causing The Black Canary to let out even more pathetic sounding whimpers, cries and gasps. Which was the only thing she could do at that moment, because she needed to cum just so badly, the pain and the humiliation of being anally violated somehow not off putting. In fact it was exactly the opposite, which was the most shameful thing of all.

It was one thing for Sara to be a total pervert who manipulated Laurel into a butt fucking in front of her female friends, a.k.a. Sara's lovers, the other Canary proudly announcing how she wanted to make her big sister her anal whore no less. But to actually find herself enjoying it was more shameful than Laurel could bear, which was really saying something considering the level of humiliation that Sara had subjected her too. But it was true. Laurel was loving everything about this unbearable humiliation, and all she could do now was try and hide that fact so she could keep a shred of her dignity. Or maybe just prevent herself from becoming her little sister's anal slave, which insanely seemed like it would be difficult enough.

Sara had no intention of letting Laurel deny her that, as the greedy Canary now wanted that more than anything else. Provided she got to keep Nyssa and Felicity, of course. They were still the most important people in her life, but now they had opened the door to allow her to go further it felt like she physically needed to make her big sister her sex slave. And most importantly of all in this moment, her anal slave. Her ass whore. Her butt slut. And whatever else she wanted to call her. The point was that Laurel would be hers, and Sara was using every trick she could to ensure that would happen, which at the moment mostly just meant going nice and slowly and listening out for a sign she should stop and take a break.

Luckily so far the sodomy couldn't have been going better. Laurel was taking it like a good little bitch, spreading her cheeks the entire time to make sure that Sara got the best view of the anal penetration, which the Canary loved, especially during that precious moment that Sara had slid her strap-on into Laurel's ass hole and officially taken her anal virginity. Oh yes, Sara would forever cherish the moment that she had popped Felicity's anal cherry, but as much as she loved Felicity this was even more special. This was her bossy big sister, who's ass hole was stretching for the very first time around an invading object, and it was her cock, Sara taking that ass and making it hers.

After today Sara would own her big sister's ass. No other outcome would be acceptable. Which was the thought which went through her head just before her thighs came to rest against Laurel's butt cheeks, announcing that the full length of her cock was buried deep within her big sister's bowels. Fuck, it was so hard for Sara not to taunt Laurel about that. However they were in a delicate state of the butt fucking, and she couldn't ruin things now. So Sara forced herself to stay silent throughout those next few long seconds that she gave Laurel a chance to get used to having a cock up her ass, and then even moments later when she officially started the butt fucking.

For those first few minutes of pumping the dildo in and out of her big sister's butt hole, and definitely throughout the anal penetration, Sara kept her eyes on Laurel's extremely widely stretched ass hole, but once she had established a steady rhythm she glanced upwards and smirked. She had been worried that actually watching her sodomising her sister would be too much for Felicity, but the hacker was staring with shameless lust at what Sara was pretty sure was both herself and Laurel. As for Nyssa, well, she was a little distracted by Thea licking her pussy, but she seemed to be giving Sara most of her attention, and she unsurprisingly didn't seem to be grossed out by it. Then Sara heard a noise which brought her back to Laurel, and when she heard it again she could no longer remain silent.

"Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, that's it Laurel, moan for me! Mmmmm, moan while I fuck you up the ass!" Sara gleefully taunted with a huge grin on her face, "Oh yeah, you love that, don't you? Yeahhhhhhh, it feels so good to get fucked in the ass, doesn't it? Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, my big sister loves it up the butt. Oh Laurel, you're going to make such a good anal whore."

Laurel literally wept with shame, but she just couldn't stop moaning as her treacherous body succumbed to the pleasure she really, really shouldn't be feeling. All she could do was bury her face in the bed sheets, and it wasn't long before even that wasn't enough to muffle her sounds of pleasure, gasps, cries and whimpers soon joining those initial moans as she became truly overwhelmed by what she was feeling. And yet, not overwhelmed enough. It, it wasn't enough. Laurel wanted more. God help her, she wanted her baby sister to butt fuck her harder and make her cum, the only thing stopping her now being the fact that she wasn't sure she could live with the shame of it afterwards.

Ultimately though it just became too much, and Laurel whimpered, "Please..."

"Please what?" Sara pushed.

"Please..." Laurel gulped, thinking of what Sara would want to hear, "Fuck me. Oooooh God Sara, fuck me. Fuck me harder! Please Sara, ram my ass! Fuck it hard and make me cum! You promised! Oh God, you promised if I gave you my ass you would let me cum, so please, ohhhhhh fuck, live up to your promise. Just let me cum you fucking bitch! Ah God!"

"Oh Laurel, you're the one on your hands and knees getting fucked up your tight little ass by your own sister. That definitely makes you the bitch here." Sara chuckled in delight, before smacking the other girl's butt and growling, "What are you?"

"The bitch." Laurel whimpered, and then realising what Sara truly wanted reluctantly added, "Your bitch."

"Damn right you're my bitch." Sara chuckled with delight, "In fact, I'm going to fuck you like one. Oh yes, get up onto all fours Laurel. It's time for me to butt fuck you like a bitch. Mmmmm yesssss, now bounce back at me. Bounce that ass back at me while I fuck you! Bounce it, ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, help me to fuck you hard and make you cum."

There was another long pause and then Laurel did as she was told, finally taking her hands off her cheeks and lifting herself up to all fours. She then briefly glanced up at her teammates, women she had thought were her friends, and yet here they were gleefully watching her getting sodomised by her sister, the thought once again making her blush as she lowered her head and started to push her ass back against Sara and her life ruining dick. Because that's what this was doing to her, ruining her life in turning her into the most perverted whore imaginable, because Laurel's desire to cum was quickly turning from a want to a desperate need, until finally she just couldn't take it any more.

"Please Sara, make me cum! I need to cum! I need it soooooooo bad, please fuck me hard and make me cum! Oh fuck!" Laurel whimpered desperately, "Please, you promised. You promised to, mmmmm, to make me cum, so do it. Make me cum so hard I wanna be your bitch forever. Make my ass yours! That's what you want, right? To make me your bitch? Well do it you perverted slut, ooooooh yeahhhhhh, pound me! Pound my little ass hole and make it your fuck hole! Fuckkkkk yessssssss, fuck it! Fuck me! Oh God! Oh fuck yes, yesssss that's it, harder! Harder, ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, ruin my fucking ass! Ohhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd, I want my baby sister to ruin my fucking butt hole and make me her bitch! Her anal loving bitch, ooooooooh yesssssss, make me cum Sara, OHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKK YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS, OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUCK!

It took a surprisingly long time but finally Sara began increasing the pace, Laurel matching her every step of the way so that every time the blonde pushed forwards the brunette push back, meaning that the ass fucking was as deep and as hard as possible. In an extremely weird way it was nice, the two sisters finally finding something they could work together on. They had always been two very different people and had pretty much only found common ground when it came to crime-fighting, but now they had something else in common, a desperate need to make sure Laurel's ass was fucked as brutally hard and deep as possible. Then they thankfully found something else, namely making Laurel cum as hard and as frequently as possible.

Before Laurel had been just telling Sara what she wanted to hear in order to get what she wanted, but the second the first climax crashed through her body that was it. She was broken. She was her sister's bitch. Sara's bitch. And whatever else she wanted to call her. Because that orgasm redefined her understanding of ecstasy, and there was just no way Laurel could go through life without expressing that pure heaven again. Especially as it was followed by another and another and another as the two sisters went berserk, seemingly literally trying to wreck Laurel's rectum. Which would be a small price to pay for what Laurel was feeling right now. As would becoming her little sister's bitch.

Sara normally prided herself on her ability to hold back her own orgasm for as long as it took, especially while butt fucking another girl. But this time the mental stimulation was too much, even for her to bear. She just couldn't take seeing her sister bent over in front of her, squealing and screaming in orgasm, her cum literally squirting into the bed sheets beneath them, as she made her cum from fucking her virgin ass and forever turning her into her little bitch. Plus she had three women watching her do it. Well two, Thea was still busy eating pussy. But the two women that were watching were the most important in her life, her beautiful girlfriends Felicity Smoak and Nyssa al Ghul, both of whom were enjoying the show almost as much as she was.

It was actually kind of sweet and perfect, cumming at the same time as her big sister during the first of many times that Sara would wreck Laurel's ass. Especially because that wouldn't be up for debate, this ass was hers now. Laurel had said it herself, Sara was making this ass hers, and Sara fully intended to cement those words by using this ass for her pleasure every single day from now on. Although she'd definitely make Laurel cum like this along the way, because it was clear that her big sister had truly been built for butt fucking, a fact which should be crystal clear to her stuck up sister by now. And if it wasn't, Sara would only be too happy to drive the point home, both with actions, and with words.


Unsurprisingly Sara didn't get a wordy response out of Laurel, although she got more than she was expecting as while it could be just her sister trembling from the orgasms she was giving her she swore that Laurel lowered her head a few times. Although it didn't really matter, because Sara wasn't asking, she was telling, appoint she drove home by grabbing Laurel's hair, yanking it back and giving her a real ride. And of course she slapped her already jiggling butt cheeks a few times for good measure, even though her thighs were more than doing a good enough job of that, along with making the sound of flesh smacking against flesh echoing throughout the room.

While it had been a little embarrassing to cum Sara felt she more than made up for it by pushing herself through what felt like a record amount of climaxes for both herself and her partner, just to make sure Laurel knew who she now belonged too. Of course she didn't have unlimited stamina, and ultimately Sara had to stop, and while normally that would involve leaving herself just enough energy to maintain her dominance she just couldn't hold anything back this time. And not because she was worried about Laurel not being broken. Just because she physically needed to give this ass every ounce of energy she had. Because of it both sisters collapsed down to their stomachs at the same time, Sara obviously on top of Laurel, and even though The Canary was able to fuck The Black Canary's butt through another orgasm for them both after that she had to just lie still for a few long minutes to get her breath back.

Nyssa always came nice and hard whenever Thea ate her cunt, as the girl's mouth was a dream even before the training had turned her into a world-class rug muncher. Of course it was always better when she was provided with some entertainment, and watching Sara brutalise her big sister's butt hole was truly spectacular. Perhaps the greatest thing Nyssa had ever seen, or at least definitely one of them, especially when Laurel seemed to break completely. Then Nyssa came extra hard into Thea's mouth when Sara finally stopped and after a few long minutes rolled off her sibling, revealing that Laurel's ass was widely gaped. Oh yes, Laurel Lance's ass hole was gaping wide open as a result of her little sister taking her anal virginity, hopefully providing Nyssa, Sara and Felicity with a new sex slave.

"Spread your cheeks." Nyssa ordered firmly, perhaps pushing their luck, but it was a necessary evil to ensure Laurel's submission, and the results spoke for themselves, "Wider! Oh yes, mmmmm, show us that ruined hole. Show us what a good job Sara did at breaking you in. Mmmmm yessssss, there is nothing like watching a freshly broken in ass whore expose her gaping bottom to her bettors as a sign that she now knows her place as a walking anal fuck hole. Yes, that's so good. Now show Sara. Mmmmm, YES, show your little sister her handiwork. Show her you now understand your place. Show us all that you know you're nothing but your baby sister's bitch!"

After Nyssa's initial order there had been a long pause, then Laurel whimpered pathetically and did as she was told, slowly reaching back and pulling her ass cheeks apart so she could show off her gaping butt hole. Which of course was visible without it, but emphasised the gape, and more importantly was a humiliating act for Laurel to do. Laurel then showed the same hesitance to show her sister that gape, but that could have been partly out of exhaustion. Either way she eventually did it, getting up on her knees, turning around so that her ass was facing Sara, and then pulling apart her cheeks. Which unsurprisingly pleased the Canary, Sara grinning wickedly and admiring her handiwork for a few long minutes before speaking out.

"Oooooooh, so pretty. Mmmmm yes, your ass hole is so pretty when it's gaped wide open from me pounding it hard and deep been showing you who's boss." Sara taunted, and then after a pause, "Laurel, you're being rude. Your Mistress just gave you a compliment. Remember when you used to scold me for not responding properly?"

Laurel whimpered, and then hesitantly replied, "Thank you Mistress Sara."

"God damn right that's what you say." Sara grinned, "And that's what you call me whenever it's just us, got it?"

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel replied, this time without hesitation.

"Good girl." Sara said, quickly adding, "And it's also Mistress Nyssa and Mistress Felicity, because from now on they own you too. Oh yes, me and my girlfriends own you and will use your hot little fuck holes whenever we want. Mmmmm, all of them! Understand?"

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel again replied without hesitation.

Sara smiled wickedly, "Good, now show me by sucking my cock clean. What? You got it dirty with your slutty ass. It's only right that you should be the one to clean it."

Before Laurel hadn't been able to even look at her sister, but now she looked back and frowned at her, then gave her a pleading look, before finally whimpering, "Yes Mistress Sara."

Throughout that last little hesitance Sara had remained stern faced, making it clear Laurel didn't have a choice in the matter. To be fair it shouldn't have been a surprise given that Sara had made her go ass to mouth as a preview of this night, but even Nyssa had to admit, willingly tasting your own ass on your sister's strap-on dick was an even bigger perversion than being forced to taste the ass of a friend. But unsurprisingly after what she'd just been through Laurel ultimately did as she was told, that being let go of her cheeks, turning around and crawling in between Sara's legs to wrap her lips around the cock that had taken her anal cherry. When she did Laurel instantly moaned with pleasure at the taste, delighting everyone in the room, but especially her dear sister.

"Yesssss, suck my cock! Mmmmm, suck my big cock sis! Suck it clean of your ass cream! Oh fuck! Suck it!" Sara moaned gleefully as she reached down to stroke that long brunette hair, "Ooooooh yeahhhhh, suck that cock sis! Suck my big cock! Oh Laurel, we're going to have such fun together. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, gonna fuck you up the ass every single day, and make you taste it just like this. Ohhhhhh fuck, you like the sound of that, don't you? Well listen to this, I made Nyssa and Felicity promise that your ass would be all mine tonight, and I promise you, mmmm, we've only just gotten started. Oh yeah, if you think your ass is gaping now just wait, because I'm going to completely ruin it by the end of the night. Yeahhhhhhh, I'm going to make sure my bossy big sister doesn't sit right for a week. Then, just when her ass is feeling better, we're going to gang bang your fucking ass! Oh yeah, we gave you a taste of being our little stuffed Black Canary tonight when you ate those pussies while I fucked you, but soon enough you're going to have a cock in every single one of your holes, and then you'll truly be a stuffed Black Canary. Oh yeah, suck it Laurel! Take it deep down your throat and get every drop, while you dream of being gang fucked!"

Those words only made Laurel suck more enthusiastically, the broken fuck toy even taking the dildo down her throat just as her sister ordered. God, Nyssa wished she still had Thea's mouth to make her cum again while she watched this. But to her credit she had been sharing Thea with Felicity throughout watching Sara sodomising her sister, and watching Felicity cum in Thea's mouth was almost just as satisfying as having a climax of her own. Almost. And it was almost as satisfying as thinking about the delightful future that Sara was telling Laurel about, Nyssa unable to avoid reaching down and beginning to gently rub herself. Especially as Laurel's ass was wiggling right in front of her, that gaped hole practically begging for her cock, a request Nyssa was very much looking forward to fulfilling.

Chapter Text

"Laurel, is everything okay?"

Laurel blushed bright red, but thankfully her back was to her ex-boyfriend, and she was just about able to get herself under control by the time she turned around and as convincingly as she could told him, "I'm fine."

"Really?" Oliver frowned, obviously not believing her, "Because you've been distracted lately, but it's never been this bad. Is that injury still bothering you?"

This time Laurel didn't have the luxury of hiding her blush, which was totally Mistress Sara's fault as she was standing behind Oliver and smirking, but Laurel pushed through it and answered, "Yeah, it is."

"Oh?" Oliver frowned, feeling awkward, "Maybe you should, you know, see a doctor or something. You've been walking funny all week."

"NO!" Laurel protested, quickly adding, "I mean, that sweet, but I just think I need a few nights off to rest. I'll be fine. Seriously, don't worry about me."

"Okay." He shrugged, heading deeper into their headquarters to change his clothes, "Let me know if you need anything."

"Will do." Laurel blushed, waiting until he was out of earshot before turning to her sister and whining, "Quit it!"

"What? It's hilarious." Sara chuckled, before moving closer and lowering her voice, "He was never that observant, or that smart, but you think he would realise you're acting the same way Felicity was when I took her anal cherry. Not that he knew why that was."

"Sara!" Laurel whined.

"But still, you need to do a better job of hiding how sore your ass is." Sara scolded, "Hell, Thea has done a better job than you."

"Thea was trained by Malcolm." Laurel protested.

"And you were trained by me and Nyssa, which means you should be better." Sara pointed out, moving even closer, "And is that how you address me?"

Laurel gulped, looked around, and then hissed, "We're in public!"

"We're alone. Trust me." Sara grinned.

With one last look around Laurel's shoulders drooped and she quickly apologised, "I do trust you. And I'm so sorry... Mistress. I'll do better. I promise."

"I don't know..." Sara became stern as she teased, "Maybe we should call tonight off as a punishment."

"No, no, no please Mistress Sara, anything but that." Laurel begged as quietly as she could as she dropped to her knees and pleaded, "Spank me in front of everybody, just please, don't deny me your sweet honey for another night. Please? I'll be good, I swear."

"I suppose." Sara smirked, stroking her sister's hair.

"Oh thank you Mistress Sara." Laurel beamed, and then after quickly checking the coast was clear lent down to press a couple of kisses to her sister's feet while murmuring, "Thank you."


Laurel couldn't believe she did that in the middle of Team Arrow headquarters, with her ex-boyfriend The Green Arrow and John Diggle changing only a few feet away. Then again, there were a lot of things she had done in those headquarters, and elsewhere, that she couldn't believe she had done. In her weaker moment she tried to blame it all on Mistress Sara, but while her baby sister had seduced her Laurel could have stopped it at any time. She still could, despite how it may seem sometimes, as there was no doubt in her mind Mistress Sara would stop if she asked her too, but Laurel didn't. Honestly it felt like she couldn't. That she physically needed everything her Mistresses eagerly gave her, and so much more. And tonight finally she would get more. Including one thing most of all.

So when they first got back to the apartment that her Mistresses shared and Mistress Sara pushed her up against the nearest wall to press her lips to hers Laurel didn't hesitate to kiss back. In fact she eagerly made out with her own sister for what felt like an eternity as the other female members of Team Arrow slowly arrived. Even when they did they just enjoyed the show for a while, before inevitably they grew impatient. Well, Mistress Nyssa grew impatient. Thea and Mistress Felicity seemed perfectly content to watch the Lance sisters kiss all night long, and part of Laurel wanted that too. Although not as much as she wanted more, so she was extremely grateful to her English sounding Mistress.

"Sara, it's been a week. Haven't you hogged your sister enough?" Nyssa quipped.

"No." Sara admitted with a wicked grin after she reluctantly broke the kiss, "And to prove it, I'm going to put on a show before we get started with the Black Canary Stuffing."

"Well, get on with it then." Nyssa grumbled, "And stop being unfair to the rest of us."

Briefly Sara considered arguing the point, then she shrugged it off in favour of asking her sister, "So sis, do you want to be a Fully Stuffed Black Canary? Huh? To have a cock in every single one of your fuck holes, at the same time, like a total whore? Is that what my prim and proper big sister want? Huh? Does she want me, her own sister, and my girlfriends to make her air tight? Is she that big of a slut? Huh?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Laurel eagerly agreed, "Yes Mistress Sara, I want you and Mistress Nyssa, and Mistress Felicity, and even your bitch Thea, to make me a Fully Stuffed Black Canary. I wanna be your whore. Your fully stuffed whore."

"And you know what that means, right?" Sara teased, turning Laurel around so her back was to their audience and bending her over slightly before smacking her ass roughly, "It means all of us get a piece of this ass tonight. Even Thea Queen. Mmmmm, fuck yeah, we're going to destroy my sister's ass. Oh fuck, if Oli thought you were walking funny before, he should see you tomorrow. Because I swear sis, you're not going to walk. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, you're just going to lie flat on your stomach and whimper pathetically because of the pain in your butt, and you won't even care, because you'll still be getting after-shocks from the giant orgasms we give you."

"I can't wait Mistress Sara." Laurel admitted with a whimper.

"Well I can, because I know what we're doing first." Sara grinned, smacking that ass again and ordering, "Mmmmm, and so do you, so get down on your knees and beg me for it."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel whimpered pathetically as she fell to her knees in front of her sister and started begging, "Please, please let me eat your pussy! Please Mistress Sara, allow me the privilege of eating your pussy! Please? It's all I thought about last week, mmmmm, and the thing I want most in this world, so please, let me eat your pretty little pussy."

"Kiss my feet, and keep going." Sara pushed.

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel eagerly obeyed, pressing her lips to Sara's feet and beginning to kiss her sister's boots while she whimpered, "Please, please let me taste your pussy Mistress Sara! I wanna taste your pussy. I love pussy Mistress Sara, and I've eaten everyone else's, even Thea's, can't it be your turn now? Can't I finally have you? Please? Mmmmm, I want to taste my sister's pussy. Oh my God, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want to taste my little sister's pussy. No! I don't want to just taste you Mistress Sara, I want to devour you! I want to stick my tongue in my baby sister's cunt and fuck her until she cums in my mouth and all over my face! I want my kid sister to use my face as a fuck pad and officially turn me into her rug munching dyke slut! I want it so bad. Please Mistress Sara?"

Sara smirked wickedly, her eyes fixed on Laurel kissing her feet every time she paused, before finally telling her, "I suppose that will do. You may pull down my pants and receive your reward."

Without hesitation Laurel straightened up and went straight for those pants, only stopping when she got to her goal because she guessed that her Mistresses would want her to do this part slowly. Well, that and her hands were shaking from nervousness and excitement given the line she was about to cross. Because sure, they had been having sex all week, and Mistress Sara had even gone down on her, but this would be the first time Laurel would actually be touching her own sister's pussy, and what little was left of her decency was telling her to stop. But she ignored that voice in favour of slowly undoing those pants and pulling them down to reveal that typically the dominant blonde wasn't wearing any underwear.

There was a long pause, mostly because Laurel was savouring the moment, then she leaned forward, stuck out her tongue and slowly slid it over Mistress Sara's pussy. Instantly she fell in love with her little sister's flavour as it set her taste-buds on fire. Because sure, her other Mistresses were beyond yummy, but this forbidden fruit was truly out of this world, and Laurel instantly needed more of it. Luckily for her getting more was easy, as all she had to do was repeat the process, sliding her tongue slowly up and down Sara's pussy lips over and over again coaxing more of that precious liquid into her mouth, down her throat and into her belly were it belonged.

Thea had been extremely jealous of Laurel monopolising Mistress Sara's attention. Luckily Mistress Felicity, and especially Mistress Nyssa had made sure she didn't go without some yummy pussy to eat, or God forbid, allow her ass to go unfucked. However she felt the strongest connection to Mistress Sara, and missed having the honour of worshipping her yummy cunt. On the bright side Thea had unofficially become the groups butt muncher, constantly finding her face buried in the ass of one of her Mistresses while Laurel ate them out, meaning that Thea couldn't resist looking hopefully at Mistress Sara until she finally got the dominant woman's attention.

"You want something Thea?" Sara teased.

"Just to please you Mistress Sara." Thea said submissively, and then when Mistress Sara gave her a look Thea cautiously added, "And maybe to lick your butt."

Sara made a show of rolling her eyes, and then chuckled, "Go on then, mmmmm, but only because you've been so good."

"Thank you Mistress Sara." Thea beamed, crawling over to her.

"God Sara, you really are pushing your luck." Felicity grumbled while Nyssa just stayed quiet.

"Ooooooh, I love stroppy Felicity." Sara teased, "Mmmmm, don't worry, I'm sure between you and Nyssa you'll find the appropriate punishment for me."

"As if there's any perversion you wouldn't enjoy." Nyssa grumbled, although she was unable to keep the fondness out of her voice.

While her Mistresses bickered Thea slowly positioned herself behind Mistress Sara and then took a few long seconds just to enjoy staring at her glorious ass. No wonder Mistress Felicity and especially Mistress Nyssa took such pleasure in pounding such a perfect posterior. If Thea were a top, or even a switch, she would probably want to do the same. But no, either because she had been broken or she had always been this way Thea was a happy little bottom, who only wanted to please her bettors, and she could think of no better way to start than to literally lean forward and press a kiss to the other woman's right butt cheek.

She then did the same with the left, then the right again, and so on, Thea going back and forth between those cheeks and covering them in kisses like the literal ass kisser she was in that moment. And in general when it came to her Mistresses. Then after maybe mentor that she pushed her face in between those cheeks, just literally smothering herself in them for a few long seconds, before sliding her tongue up Mistress Sara's ass crack. Then finally she spread those cheeks gently apart, and then when they were as wide as she could get them Thea spat onto her Mistress's ass hole and then started rubbing in that saliva with her tongue.

It was a process she repeated a few times before settling into a long drawn-out ass licking, Thea becoming blissfully lost in the gentle treatment for who knows how long. Partly because she just enjoyed the humiliation and submission of it, especially when Mistress Sara started taunting her about it. But mostly because she just enjoyed pleasing the dominant woman. Of course later when Mistress Sara called for it Thea was only too happy to literally pushed her tongue into the other girl's ass hole and fuck her with it. Thea even got her tongue pretty far up that butt considering Mistress Sara hadn't bottomed in over a week because she had been too busy topping Laurel, the lucky bitch. Hell, she was even the first to receive Mistress Sara's encouragement.

"Yessssss, lick me Laurel! Lick me! Lick your little sister's cunt you little whore! Oh fuck!" Sara moaned pretty much when her big sister started licking her pussy, repeating some version of those words until Thea got involved, at which point she really ramped up the verbal encouragement, "Oooooooh yessssssss Thea, lick my ass! Lick my fucking ass hole while my sister licks my pussy! Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk, I love having two women licking me, mmmmmm, make my fuck holes feel so good, soooooo goooooooodddddddd, oh fuck! Yes, eat me you bitches! Eat me! Oooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeessssss, stick your tongue up my ass Thea! No, don't do the same Laurel. Not yet. Oh yeah, don't worry big sis, I'll let you know when you can make me cum."

Sara mostly kept up that running commentary throughout the double oral assault she was currently enjoying. For better, or for sometimes worse, Sara was normally very talkative during sex, but this was the first time her big sister was going down on her, which had been one of her naughtiest fantasies ever since puberty, so she was having a problem controlling herself. Especially as Thea's eager little tongue was going to town on her ass hole, and her loving girlfriends Felicity Smoak and Nyssa al Ghul were watching her commit this social taboo with pure desire in their eyes, more or less making Sara's patients worth it. Because sure, she could have had Laurel eat her pussy before now, but Sara just couldn't pass up having every first with her sister in front of an audience.

Besides, the past week had been about making sure Laurel was beyond a shadow of a doubt completely broken, which involved Sara squeezing as many orgasms as possible out of her beloved sister. Mostly that involved relentlessly fucking Laurel's ass, as nothing was a better display of who was truly in charge, and Sara certainly knew nothing that would make Laurel more submissive to her. But there had been also a lot of Sara eating Laurel's yummy little pussy, and fucking her with toys and her fingers, all of which both Lance sisters had thoroughly enjoyed. In fact it might just have been the best week of Sara's life, which was really saying something considering how great life had become while dating both Felicity and Nyssa. But this, this was graduation, and Sara was determined that her sister would 'graduate' in style.

More importantly Sara would make sure they would all enjoy it, but especially Laurel. Laurel was who really mattered here, which was why she gave her a long time to get used to the taste of her pussy, and hopefully get addicted to it like Felicity, Nyssa and Thea were. Unfortunately it also meant that she couldn't invite Felicity and Nyssa over to kiss her, and maybe suck on her tits, like she had originally planned. It would just be too much. Hell, it was a risk getting Thea involved, and there would have definitely been something to be said for just having Laurel worship her alone, but Sara just couldn't resist having a tongue playing with her butt, even if it meant her sister got less time to worship her cunt.

Sure enough Sara eventually ordered a little ahead of schedule, "Now! Shove your tongue in my cunt now! Come on Laurel, mmmmm, you know what to do. I've been tongue fucking you all week, ohhhhhh, and now it's time for you to return the favour. Ohhhhhh yessssssss, oh God, OH GOD, ooooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd, mmmmmm, yes tongue fuck me! Tongue fuck me good! Yessssssss, you two Thea, mmmmmm, fuck me, fuck me with your tongue, oh fuckkkkkkk! Fuck my pussy! Oh shit Laurel! My ass, oh God Thea, fuck my ass! Yeeeeeeeesssssss! Fuck my fucking fuck holes! Fuckkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh, make me cum make me cum make me cum aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk!"

Obediently Laurel slowly slid her tongue into Sara's cunt without much encouragement, which was very promising indeed. Especially as without needing to be asked she push that tongue slowly into her and then started fucking Sara with it equally, but gradually picking up speed. Just like Sara had done to her. Which of course left Sara incoherently babbling, and then just screaming and swearing in pure pleasure as she came in her big sister's mouth for the first time. It would be the first of many, Sara had promised herself that before now, and the amazing pleasure she felt only solidified her determination to make her formally stuck up big sister her pussy loving bitch.

Laurel was born to be Mistress Sara's bitch. It didn't matter that Laurel had been born first, God or the universe or whatever had meant for her to be her little sister's fuck toy. Or maybe Mistress Sara had been designed to top her. Whatever the case Laurel had no doubt that she was meant to devote her life to eating Mistress Sara's pussy, and that was before she had tasted it. Tasting it alone had seal the deal, while Mistress Sara cumming in her mouth solidified Laurel becoming completely obsessed with her own sister's honey pot. Because Laurel hadn't thought anything could be better than Mistress Sara's pussy cream, but she was so glad to be wrong, and desperately tried to swallow every drop of the precious liquid which was her sister's cum.

Thanks to being allowed to secretly practice her pussy eating skills on Thea over the last week Laurel was able to swallow at least the majority of Mistress Sara's cum. She wasn't as lucky with the following orgasms, but as long as she was pleasing her Mistress/sister it didn't really matter. All that mattered was Mistress Sara's pleasure, and Laurel was proud of the fact that she was able to squeeze plenty of that out of her sibling by driving her tongue back into Mistress Sara's pussy and slamming it in and out until she made the other girl cum again. Then Laurel quickly pulled her tongue out of Mistress Sara's pussy, wrapped her lips tightly around her entrance and swallowed as much as she could, just like before.

It wasn't just the fact that there seemed to be more of it, or it came faster, but the fact that Mistress Sara grabbed Laurel firmly by the head and started grinding her cunt into her pussy. Laurel was dully aware of Mistress Sara doing the same to Thea, although The Black Canary was definitely getting the better part of the deal, because while both subs were struggling to breathe at least Laurel was being rewarded with a face full of cum. Sure, that meant most of it didn't end up in her belly were it belonged, but a decent amount automatically squirted down her throat, and whatever didn't was marking her as a pussy addicted slut. More importantly it was marking her as what she was always meant to be, Mistress Sara's pussy addicted slut.

Another benefit was that Laurel, or someone else, could collect some of that precious liquid later and either keep it for themselves or give it to her. Sure enough this happened, although not the way Laurel was expecting it, as when Mistress Sara pulled her away from her cunt it wasn't so that the two sisters could kiss. No, the younger sister pulled her older sister's face away from her cunt, at the same time she pulled Thea's face from out of her ass, then Mistress Sara stepped out of the way and smashed the sub's faces together, Laurel essentially kissing the girl who was practically an honorary Lance sister. Oh yes, Laurel went from getting her face covered in her little sister's cum to sharing that liquid with the girl who was practically their sister, tasting Mistress Sara's ass on Thea's lips and tongue in the process.

"Yessss, that's it girls, share my juices." Sara gleefully encouraged while still gently but firmly pushing the heads of Laurel and Thea together, which was completely unnecessary given just how passionately they were kissing, "Share the taste of my pussy and ass you little sluts. Fuck yes, that's so hot. Mmmmm, there really is nothing like watching a pair of bottoms kiss after you've made them share your holes."

"Oh, I can think of a few things." Nyssa quipped, as she suddenly pressed herself up against Sara from behind, allowing the strap-on she was now wearing to slide in between Sara's butt cheeks, "Like butt fucking a Lance sister. Yeah, nothing beats that. And while I had my heart set on the older one, the younger one is practically begging to get her perfect little ass pounded. Mmmmm yeahhhh, then her big sister can be my desert."

"Tempting..." Sara almost considered it as she grinned wickedly and wiggled her butt against Nyssa's strap-on, "But I really had my heart set on making a Fully Stuffed Black Canary tonight, so... Laurel, go get me a strap-on. Thea, prepare Nyssa's for her."

As soon as Mistress Sara let go of Thea and Laurel they reluctantly pulled away from each other, and then as soon as the blonde was done speaking Thea eagerly replied, "Yes Mistress Sara."

Laurel opened her mouth to say the same thing, but she got distracted with the enchanting sight of little Thea Queen diving forward and wrapping her lips around Nyssa's strap-on and beginning to bob her head up and down it, only the fact that Mistress Sara cleared her throat getting her attention again, causing Laurel to blush and apologetically mumble, "Yes Mistress Sara."

Sara felt that Laurel owed her an apology for her hesitance, but it was difficult to maintain her annoyance when her submissive sister did as she was told. Especially as that gave Sara a chance to look around, and become fully aware that both Felicity and Nyssa were now fully naked except for a couple of strap-on cocks, Nyssa generously sharing Thea's whore mouth with their girlfriend while shooting Sara a few teasing looks. They made Nyssa's last words to her echo in Sara's mind, and she really liked the idea of bending over next to Laurel so Felicity and Nyssa could take turns ass fucking the Lance sisters. Or maybe Sara riding Felicity, and Laurel riding Thea, while Nyssa took turns in making one of them double stuffed.

Those were some truly wonderful scenarios, but again, Sara was determined to spend the night making sure Laurel was broken beyond repair. Or maybe just give Laurel the gang bang she so richly deserved for submitting completely, as pretty much the entire week Laurel had been looking at her with nothing but love and total devotion, and it was even more the case now, acting the perfect bitch as she not only retrieved a nice big cock, but strapped it around her waist and then took it into her mouth without needing to be told. Thanks to plenty of practice in the last week Laurel even shoved the dildo into her throat on the first bob of her head, and would have no doubt given her sister a thorough blow job if Sara would let her. But Sara had other ideas.

"Stop!" Sara ordered loudly after only a few bobs of Laurel's head, "Did I tell you to suck my cock? Did I? Huh? No, I didn't. So knock it off. Mmmmm, we both know a slutty little pussy like yours doesn't need nearly that much lube, especially when it's dripping wet from the pleasure of pleasing me. So let's just skip to the part where my stuck up big sister sits on my dick and starts riding me, shall we? Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, that's it, take off every little bit of clothing you've got! Yeahhhhh, let's see that hot little body of yours sis. Oh fuck yeah, my sister is so hot. Now get on my dick you slutty little bitch, ooooooh yeahhhhh!"

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel whimpered apologetically, before eagerly doing as she was told.

Pretty much the moment Sara sat down Laurel got on top of her, causing the original Canary to chuckle with delight. Then both Canaries let out a joyful moan as Laurel quickly lined her pussy up with the tip of Sara's strap-on and pushed herself downwards. Sara was gracious enough to quickly grab a firm hold of the fake dick to keep it in place, meaning both sisters were working together to make sure Laurel was penetrated. Something they succeeded in doing quickly and easily. Just the way that Laurel was able to push her cunt all the way down, and then eagerly start bouncing herself up and down. And for the same reason, namely Laurel being so wet from licking her sister's pussy, just like Sara had guessed.

It was hardly a difficult guess, given that Laurel was clearly aroused, and they had a week of nearly non-stop sex to tell Sara just how easy it was to turn her big sister on. At least if you were her little sister. And now they were working with the added bonus of what Felicity and Nyssa were going to do to her as there was no way Laurel wouldn't be ready for this. Still, Sara very much enjoyed the confirmation, and the two sisters once again became so lost in each other they completely forgot about anyone else. Sara even sat up so she could pull Laurel into a passionate kiss while firmly grabbing her waist to push her sister up and down her lap like she was using the other girl's cunt to masturbate her cock. Then Nyssa was again reminding them of her presence.

"Are you sluts forgetting about the rest of us, again?" Nyssa gently scolded.

"Sorry babe, we just can't help it." Sara grinned, not sounding the least bit sorry, "Ohhhhhh yeah, the Lance sisters just love fucking each other so much we just got lost in it. Mmmmm, but I'm betting you can do something to keep our attention."

"Damn right I can, but I'm in a generous mood, so I'm going to let you help me fuck your sister." Nyssa graciously offered, or more accurately ordered, "Oh yes, and you know how? Mmmmm, by spreading your sister's cheeks! Oh yes, that's it Sara, pull your big sister's butt cheeks apart and present to me that pretty little bitch hole. Help me turn your big sister into the filling of a sandwich. Into a total slut, a broken bitch... a Stuffed Black Canary. Ohhhhhh yessssss, let's stuff this pretty little Canary, like me and Felicity stuff our favourite Canary, and then we'll make her our little airtight whore. Oh fuck yeah!"

Nyssa smirked as she watched Sara slowly spreading her sister's butt cheeks, offering up her sibling's most private hole for Nyssa to fuck. She also revealed a butt-plug buried firmly in between those cheeks, proving that Sara just hadn't been able to keep her hands off of Laurel, or from relentlessly strap-on fucking her big sister's ass, or perhaps keeping her bossy sibling's bottom nice and stretched. Probably a combination of all three, but whatever the case Nyssa decided to have some fun with it, grabbing hold of that plug and sliding it in and out of Laurel's backdoor for a few long seconds. Which of course just made the Black Canary whimpered pathetically, and beg enthusiastically to get her ass fucked.

"Please fuck me, I need to be fucked!" Laurel whimpered, before quickly remembering her training, "Please Mistress Nyssa, fuck me. Fuck my slutty little ass hole. It's my sister's to use however she wants, mmmmm, it's Sara Lance's personal fuck hole, and she's giving it to you to fuck, ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk, so you can make me a Stuffed Black Canary. Yessssss, make me the meat in an all girl sandwich! Stuff me full of strap-on cock and use me like a lesbian whore! Ooooooh Goooooodddddd, I'm my sister's bitch Mistress Nyssa, and I want to be your bitch. Yours and Mistress Felicity's! I wanna be owned by Mistress Sara, Mistress Nyssa, and Mistress Felicity, all three of them using me however they want, whenever they want, whenever they want. Please just use me! I need to be used! I need to be used like the total dyke slut I am!"

Suddenly Nyssa yanked out the butt-plug, pressed it to Laurel's lips and softly ordered, "Suck it."

Without hesitation Laurel wrapped her lips around the head of that toy and really began sucking it clean, moaning happily at the taste of her own butt, proving once again that Sara had of course done a great job of training her sister to be the perfect little submissive slut. Which was a fact that Nyssa would now capitalise on, by DP'ing Laurel with her own sister, Nyssa licking her lips as she grabbed hold of her dildo, briefly slid it up and down the other brunette's butt crack before finally pushing it into that already opened back hole. Which again made the little anal whore moan happily, while her sister/owner giggled with delight, and happily offered up encouragement. Not that Nyssa needed it.

"Yeahhhhh Nyssa." Sara giggled with delight, "Fuck my sister's butt! Fuck it good and deep! Oooooooh fuck yeah!"

It was more than likely Sara said a lot more than that, but it was the only thing that Nyssa really registered as she was too busy with delighting in the view of her dick sliding through Laurel's anal ring and then deep into her ass. The butt-plug had been wide but short, making it one of the most easiest anal penetrations Nyssa had ever been involved with. After that she encountered a little more resistance as the rest of Laurel's rectum was tighter, but there was barely a hint of pain from the sounds the other brunette was making. So Nyssa continued with a slow but steady pace, and soon enough her thighs were coming to rest against Laurel's ass cheeks, announcing that she was 'balls deep' in The Black Canary's butt. Which of course really caused Nyssa to get some encouragement, and not just from Sara.

"Balls deep! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, we're both balls deep inside my sister! Oh fuck!" Sara gleefully moaned, "Mmmmm yes, fuck her! Fuck my sister! Fuck her ass! Fuck her slutty little ass! Come on Nyssa, oh baby, let's DP my big sister good."

"Real good." Felicity mumbled, lost for words as she moved closer to get the best look possible of Laurel taking those two dicks.

Thea did the same thing, then cautiously added, "Yes, fuck her. Fuck her ass."

Before Laurel interrupted them all with a loud cry of, "Ohhhhh Goooooodddddd, it feels so good. Mmmmm, I love it. I love having a cock in my ass, and one in my cunt. Please Mistress Nyssa, Mistress Sara, fuck me! Fuck me together. DP me like a whore! Please? Oh please, ooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeessssssss, ooooooh fuck!"

For a few long minutes Nyssa just savoured the moment, the encouragement, and of course the sight in front of her. Then with a firm grip on Laurel's hips she began pumping her own hips back and forth, driving the dildo in and out of the other woman's most forbidden hole and thus officially starting to butt fuck The Black Canary. Better yet, Nyssa was officially starting to DP The Black Canary with her sister, every thrust into Laurel's ass pushing Laurel's cunt down onto Sara's cock, which again got a very positive response out of the Lance sisters. Something Nyssa became so lost in she completely forgot that she was supposed to be sharing this ass.

Felicity didn't really mind being forgotten about given that she got one hell of a show, and unlike the three performing it she had the freedom to move around and enjoy multiple things about it. Just looking at the way their three bodies were pressed against each other was a treat, as was being able to see those dildos pumping in and out of Laurel's pussy and most notably at the moment her ass. But her favourite was the expressions on the faces of particularly her girlfriends, but also her friend, as the pure joy they were experiencing was indescribable, even as Laurel was being anally penetrated. Which was either a testament to just how much Sara had been pounding her big sister's butt, or the fact that Laurel was just a natural butt slut.

Either way Felicity was really, really looking forward to her turn, the only thing stopping her from demanding that turn sooner being just how much she loved that show, and of course love for Nyssa. Although her needs to fuck some ass was becoming so great that Felicity found her eyes drifting towards where Thea was waiting for further instructions. Which was an unusual feeling, because normally Felicity was the most patient of their little group, and she wasn't nearly as obsessed with fucking asses as Sara and Nyssa. No, she preferred to top in other ways. And when she did want to fuck some ass, it was nearly always Sara's perfect booty. But now she really wanted to fuck Laurel's butt, which was why Felicity decided to save her energy for it. Besides, it wasn't that long before she reminded Nyssa of her presence.

"What is it about sexy Assassins and hogging The Black Canary's ass?" Felicity questioned with a soft chuckle, before gently pushing, "Come on Nyssa, we're supposed to be making Laurel airtight, and I know this little ATM slut once to taste her own ass, isn't that right Laurel?"

"Oh yes, please Mistress Nyssa, let me taste my own ass!" Laurel cried out joyfully, "Mmmmm, I love tasting my own ass on Mistress Sara's dick, and I want to taste it on yours while I'm riding Mistress Sara's dick and Mistress Felicity is fucking my slutty little ass so I can be made airtight. A three hole slut! A Fully Stuffed Black Canary, ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, fuck all my holes and make me fully stuffed!"

"Well, since you've both asked so nicely." Nyssa relented, yanking her cock out of Laurel's butt and offering, "Go ahead Felicity, fuck this bitch! Mmmmm, teach her a lesson for being mean to you."

"Oh fuck yes, teach me a lesson Mistress Felicity! Teach me a lesson! Teach me ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!" Laurel pleaded, before crying out as she got what she wanted.

Getting a little overexcited Felicity shoved almost the entire length of her cock up Laurel's ass as soon as Nyssa had pulled her dick out and moved aside so Felicity could replace her. This actually resulted in her girlfriend's sister letting out a sharp cry of pain. Well, pain mixed with pleasure, and there was no formal complaint after that, but Felicity still felt incredibly guilty for it. So she paused to give Laurel a few long seconds to relax and then slowly push the rest of the dildo inside of her when she sensed one of the Lance sisters was about to complain about her stalling. She then repeated the process in between completing the anal penetration and officially beginning the ass fucking.

To Felicity's surprise, and to the disappointment of the Lance sisters, Nyssa didn't re-join the fun right away, instead taking Felicity's role of simply admiring the little show that was now two blondes sandwiching a brunette. Felicity wasn't sure whether this was as a weird way to make it up to her, or a way to tease Laurel, or just because Nyssa enjoyed the view, or a combination of all three, but Felicity definitely appreciated it as it meant she would have more time having Laurel's ass all to herself. And after Laurel had been more than a little bitchy to her Felicity was looking forward to having an excuse to really pound her butt. Although giving the way Laurel was whimpering perhaps this slow sodomy was more of an effective revenge?

Laurel had actually liked the sudden and brutal anal violation she received from Mistress Felicity. It wasn't something she would have thought the geeky woman would be capable of giving her, and she was so glad to be proven wrong, as thanks to Mistress Sara relentlessly pounding her butt over the past week Laurel had actually grown to enjoy the feeling of her rectum being roughly stretched, even when it was painful. She wanted more of that treatment, and more importantly a harder butt fucking, and yet at the same time at least part of her was content to be teased. Besides, it was what Mistress Sara wanted, and that's what really mattered here.

Throughout the DP so far Laurel had the opportunity to stare lovingly down at Mistress Sara, kiss and occasionally even whisper words of gratitude for turning her into her sex slave. Mistress Sara was an Alpha female who could have anyone she wanted, and rightfully had two loving girlfriends already, and a bitch. She hadn't needed to turn Laurel into her fuck toy, but out of the kindness of her heart she had, and introduced Laurel to amazing pleasure along the way. Although perhaps surprisingly this was even better than what came before, and yet it still was topped by Mistress Nyssa shoving her strap-on into Laurel's face, finally giving her the chance to taste her own ass while getting double fucked! Oh God, Laurel was getting triple stuffed, a cock in her pussy, mouth and ass all at the same time, the thought overwhelming her.

"Oh fuck yeah, take it Laurel! Take it in all of your fucking fuck holes!" Sara cried out gleefully as Nyssa shoved her strap-on into Laurel's mouth, completing the chain, "Oh fuck, that's so hot! Sooooo fucking hot, mmmmm, oh Laurel, I feel like I've waited my whole life for this. Mmmmm, to have you as my bitch, showing just how devoted you are to me by taking it in all of your holes, three cocks inside you at the same time, me and my perfect girlfriends taking my own fucking sister and making her our slut, oh fuck! Just, FUCK! Fuck yes, suck that cock! Take it deep! Come on, all the way, all the way, just like we practised. Mmmmm yessssss, take that cock as deep into your mouth as you are taking mine into your cunt, and Felicity's into your ass, you fucking slut! Oh Nyssa, life doesn't get better than this, does it?"

"No, it doesn't." Nyssa happily agreed, "Mmmmm yes, nothing beats taking your sister and making her truly yours, but showing off just how broken she is comes pretty close. Especially when she takes it in all of her holes for the first time. Oh yes Sara, your sister look so good taking all of our girl cocks. Maybe even better than mine. Oooooooh yes Laurel, deep throat that cock you greedy little whore! Prove just how much of a slut your own sister has turned you into. Oh fuck yes Sara, you're so right, Laurel look so good taking it in all of her holes. Ohhhhh, she was born to be our Fully Stuffed Black Canary, don't you think so Felicity?"

"Yeahhhhhh, so hot!" Felicity moaned, barely paying attention to the conversation as she was lost in fucking Laurel's ass.

At first Laurel was so overwhelmed by what was happening to her she barely even heard Mistress Nyssa's commands, and shamefully took a slap to her ass from Mistress Sara to get her to spring into action. At least then she was able to impress, eventually shoving the entire length of the dildo down her throat and eagerly clean it of her anal cream. She then did the same for Mistress Felicity's dick as the two Doms switched places, which happened over and over again for the next few minutes, meaning Laurel constantly got to taste her own butt while being triple fucked. Which again became overwhelming, only for a very different reason, namely a desire to cum.

"Make me cum, make me cum, for the love of God someone please make me cum!" Laurel blurted out during one of the changeovers, "Yes Mistress Sara, Mistress Nyssa, Mistress Felicity, ooooooh fuck, one of you make me cum! Pound my ass like the whore I am and show me who's boss. Show me I'm your Stuffed Black Canary! Show me you own me! Ohhhhhh yessssss, I'm yours! I know it, mmmmm, and you don't have to prove anything, ooooooh, but please do it anyway. Please make your bitch cum. Please? I need it so bad. I need, ohhhhhhh, need to cum, oh my God, oooooooh Goooooodddddd, fuck me, ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, ooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

It took a surprisingly long time but eventually Mistress Nyssa granted her wish and began increasing her pace until the sound of her thighs crashing against Laurel's butt cheeks were almost as deafening as the sound of The Black Canary's screams of pleasure, which were almost as loud as the Canary Cry without a dildo muffling them. Laurel was actually disappointed that Mistress Felicity didn't muffle her cries with her dick, but that was a fleeting thought as soon Laurel was going over the edge of the most powerful climax of her life. Which was really saying something considering what she had been experiencing lately, but it was true. And she had her wonderful Mistress Sara to thank for it. Oh God, Laurel could never thank her sister enough for enslaving her.

Sara was really amused at the gratitude Laurel showed her, not just now but constantly. She'd fucked a lot of women into submission before, but she never truly believed that she'd broken one before. Even with Thea, as that seemed more like just exposing the girl's true nature. Or maybe it was just because she had been hogging Laurel all to herself for the past week, barely giving her sister a second away from her just to make sure she wouldn't second-guess her submission to her. And maybe that was unnecessary, but Sara fully intended to fuck her big sister just as relentlessly for at least the next few weeks just to make extra sure that Laurel wouldn't ever be able to fix herself, and would forever be her broken bitch.

With that in mind Sara made sure she was the one to make Laurel cum, at least that first precious time. Oh yes, with one strategic thrust, and maybe the fact that she grabbed Laurel's face and forced her to look at her, Sara sent her sister over the edge of an incredibly powerful climax which made her squirt all over her strap-on cock. Something which Laurel did over and over again as Sara continued pounding up into that cunt. And Nyssa, and then Felicity, pounded Laurel's ass hole with their cocks, but Sara liked to think she was the main reason. And just to drive the point home Sara yelled directly into her sister's face what she truly was now. What Laurel would always be. What she would forever be. Sara would make sure of that.


Of course Laurel was in no state to be able to really respond, other than to nod her head, and even that might have been a result of her orgasms. Meanwhile Nyssa put everything into absolutely wrecking Laurel's ass, just as Felicity did when Nyssa pulled out and moved away, giving her a chance to take over. Which had become pretty normal when ever they shared Thea, and would now become normal with Laurel. Sara was determined it would. And just like with Thea, Sara took her turn when her girlfriends had exhausted themselves, on this occasion immediately flipping over and switching to her favourite hole before butt pounding Laurel through several more climaxes for them both.

Unfortunately at that point Sara had little left in the tank, as her clit had been constantly bashed and that combined with violating her sister in this way ultimately caught up with her, in the way it had with Nyssa and Felicity. Still, considering just how much she'd cum already Sara thought she did a pretty good job of pushing through it, using every ounce of her saved up energy to drill Laurel's ass hole like the fuck hole it now was. The fuck hole Sara had made for herself and her girlfriends to use whenever they wanted, but mostly herself. Then she collapsed down on top of Laurel and after both sisters just rested there for a few long seconds they fell into a passionate kiss with each other, savouring the sweet moment.

Then Sara broke the kiss and growled directly into her sibling's face, "What are you?"

"Your bitch!" Laurel whimpered without hesitation, quickly clarifying, "I'm your bitch Mistress Sara. Yours and Mistress Felicity's and Mistress Nyssa's. You all own me. Please use me however you want."

"Don't worry sis, I will." Sara grinned, before yanking her strap-on out of her big sister's butt hole, "Now prove your devotion by showing us that pretty little gape."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel whimpered, again obeying without hesitation.

Laurel was so exhausted it literally hurt to move, but that wouldn't stop her from obeying one of her owners, especially not Mistress Sara, as it was very clear Mistress Felicity and Mistress Nyssa could use her however they wanted, and Laurel would only be too happy to obey them, but primarily her true owner was her own sister. Something which gave her great joy and happiness, regardless of how twisted it was. It was the same story for slowly reaching back and spreading her cheeks to expose how widely gaping her ass hole was. Hell, Laurel even pushed her ass into the air, even though it was completely unnecessary, as her ass felt like it was as wide as the Grand Canyon.

Then after a few long minutes of silence Laurel hesitantly asked, "Does my gape please you Mistress Sara?"

"It's a good start." Sara quipped with a wicked grin, "But we've got all night, and trust me sis, we're going to see just how widely we can stretch you."

"We can start with Thea." Nyssa chimed in with an equally wicked smile.

"Thea!" Felicity exclaimed, before frowning at Sara, "You forgot Thea?"

"Did I?" Sara grinned at her blonde girlfriend, before returning her attention to her bitch, "Oh ye of little faith. Thea, grab a strap-on and lie down on the floor. I wanna see my big sister riding my bitch's dick with her well used butt hole."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea quickly responded.

"Yes, yes Mistress Sara." Laurel gulped about a second later.

The two subs then did as they were told, Laurel very grateful for the fact that she at least got to wait until Thea had got a dildo strapped around her waist and covered it in lube before she even had to move. Then as Thea lay down on the floor Laurel was quick to mount her and line up her gaping ass hole with that cock. She then pushed herself down it, Laurel letting out a pathetic cry as first the head and then the entire length of that big dildo slid into her battered butt hole. Which hurt, but it also felt really good, Laurel's ass hole quickly remembering it was a fuck hole to be used, allowing her to start bouncing slowly up and down while moaning in pure pleasure.

"Ooooooh yes, look at this little slut go." Sara chuckled, "Bouncing her shit hole up and down the cock of a total bottom like Thea Queen... God Laurel, you don't have an ounce of shame left, do you?"

"No Mistress Sara, I don't." Laurel replied, despite the fact that her blush said otherwise, trying to make up for it by insisting, "I'm nothing but your whore. Oooooooh God Mistress Sara, mmmmm, thank you for making me yours. I love being your little anal loving bitch."

"And my ATM loving bitch?" Sara pushed gently, bringing her dildo almost right in front of Laurel's face.

"Oh yes Mistress Sara." Laurel's eyes lit up, "I'm your ass to mouth whore! Mmmmm, I love sucking my own ass off of your cock, ohhhhhhh yesssssss, especially when there's another cock in my ass. Oh yeah, mmmmm, get it nice and ready for me to clean for you. And your girlfriends, oooooooh, my other Mistresses, mmmmm, I wanna clean them too. Please Mistress Sara, let me clean them, and you. I want to suck my ass off those big cocks and become a Stuffed Black Canary again. Please Mistress Sara, mmmmm, sister, give me your cock. I want it in my mouth. I need it in my mouth. Please sis, mmmmm, oh fuck, mufffllfff!"

"Good girl." Sara said huskily after she closed the distance between them, "Mmmmm, suck it."

As soon as Mistress Sara stepped forward Laurel opened her mouth wide and allowed her sister to shove her strap-on pretty much directly down her throat. Which initially made Laurel gag, but she'd had enough training cleaning cock from Mistress Sara to be able to fight through it and begin greedily gobbling up her anal cream and worshipping the superior sister's dick. Sometimes Mistress Sara would literally fuck her mouth with her dick, but this time she allowed Laurel to go at her own pace, simply chuckling and stroking her hair, which of course did a wonderful job of encouraging Laurel to take it all. And she did, every last inch down her throat so she could get every drop of that precious butt cream.

"Hogging your sister again?" Felicity teased, as she and Nyssa came to stand either side of Sara.

"Not at all." Sara grinned, "There's plenty of her mouth for all of us."

With that Laurel was pulled off of Mistress Sara's dick and on to Mistress Felicity's, and then Mistress Nyssa's. Which of course she cleaned just as thoroughly before starting to go back and forth between those three dildos, while the whole time riding a fourth with her ass hole. Laurel even managed to sneak a few more orgasms like that, before Mistress Sara kneeled down and pushed her strap-on into her cunt, once again making her a Fully Stuffed Black Canary. A wonderful treat which Laurel received over and over again that night, and for the days, weeks, months and years to follow as she revelled in being her little sister's bitch.

Chapter Text

Sara Lance was only too happy to visit Central City. After all, it wasn't often that Team Arrow were the ones to help Team Flash. In fact, it was normally the other way around. So it was only right that they return the favour. Besides, she was really fond of Barry, Joe and of course Cisco. Hell, even Harry had warmed up to them, and although she wouldn't admit it, she liked him too. But not as quite as much as she liked the female members of Team Flash, namely Iris West and Caitlin Snow. Oh yes, those two lovely ladies were the real reason Sara had insisted that she, and her secret harem, join Oliver in Central City to help out their friends.

Ever since they arrived Sara had been doing a good job of downplaying it, but inside she was like a kid in a candy store, gleefully eyeing the tasty treats and struggling to decide what to try first. The decision was made for her, as despite plenty of encouragement Caitlin insisted on staying behind in Star Labs to work late, which was apparently a regular occurrence for her. Meanwhile Iris had not only happily accepted the offer of having a girls night, but had even asked if she could bring her friend Linda Park, who was another beauty Sara couldn't wait to get her hands on. Although that wasn't the only reason why this seduction would be easy...

"So..." Sara said almost conversationally, "How long have you two been together?"

While she had strategically waited until Iris took a sip of her beer Sara hadn't actually thought she would get a spit take out of it, but she did. Not a big one, but it was more than enough to be telling, Sara grinning triumphantly at the proof of her assessment. Although the spit take wasn't quite as telling as the long pause, and especially the looks on Iris's and Linda's faces, which was kind of adorable really. Not as adorable as Felicity, but pretty close. Then Iris made a transparent attempt to brush it off, much to the clear displeasure of Linda, who tried to hide it, and her inner pain, by downing her latest drink, kind of impressing Sara in the process.

"What? No, no. We're not together." Iris laughed unconvincingly, "What would make you think that?"

Surprisingly it was Felicity who piped up, "Well, there's your body language, the way you look at each other, talk about each other, and of course, the fact that Linda flinches every time you call her a friend."

Iris gave Linda a telling look, and ironically it was Nyssa who tried to comfort them, "It's nothing to be ashamed of, you know?"

"I'm not ashamed." Iris said defensively.

"Aren't you?" Linda grumbled.

"No, it's just..." Iris hesitated, clearly taken off-guard, before continuing, "New."

"And it's not like were exclusive." Linda said softly, trying and failing to keep the disappointment out of her voice.

"Right." Iris started, before further explaining, "And really, we're just friends with benefits. But nobody knows, so if you could avoid telling anyone, that would be great."

There was a brief pause as Sara debated her next move. Really, this was better than she could have hoped for, giving her intentions, but there was one thing that might ruin it. Namely, the fact that Linda obviously wanted an exclusive relationship with Iris. Sara had suspected that before, but now she had confirmation she didn't want to ruin someone's chance for the love she had found. She also didn't want those feelings to interfere with her plans. Luckily for everyone involved, Sara was confident that she could get what she wanted, with the added side mission of making Linda and Iris officially a thing. It was the least she could do, after they had made themselves such easy targets for her.

"No problem..." Sara smiled flirtatiously, "Although I am tempted to use this information to blackmail you into bed."

There was a brief pause, and then Iris laughed, "Good one."

"You are joking, aren't you?" Linda asked, unsure what she wanted the answer to be.

"Sara..." Felicity warned.

"Relax babe." Sara said softly, taking Felicity's hand and kissing it, "You know I don't need to blackmail anyone into sex when I have you and Nyssa."

"You and Nyssa?" Iris parroted, her journalistic curiosity getting the better of her.

"Sara, Felicity and I are in a polyamorous relationship." Nyssa explained casually, like she was commenting on the weather, even while adding, "And Thea and Laurel are our fuck pets."

There was a brief pause, then Linda said dryly, "Wow, interesting friends you've got Iris."

"I'm only just learning how interesting." Iris grumbled, and after briefly staring at Felicity she asked her, "So, you're gay?"

"No." Felicity shook her head, "I'm bi. All of us are, except Nyssa."

"I just don't see the appeal of men." Nyssa admitted dryly.

There was another brief pause, and then Linda asked, "So, how does it work?"

Sara smiled flirtatiously, "The sex?"

"No." Linda blushed, "Well, no... I... I meant the relationship part."

"Like any other relationship." Sara shrugged.

"Well, it takes a little more work." Felicity admitted, before smiling, "But there's more opportunity for snuggles."

"And sex." Sara smirked.

"I bet." Iris said with a slight blush but with a smile too.

"Would you like to find out?" Nyssa offered.

Yet another pause, in which Iris and Linda looked at each other, before Linda questioned, "Seriously?"

"Why not?" Sara asked, "We're all young, and attracted to each other, and in our line of work you could die at any moment. Trust me, I know. So why not make the most of our lives?"

"By having crazy sex?" Iris question softly.

"If you didn't, wouldn't you regret it?" Nyssa pointed out.

"You could just watch, if you weren't comfortable with participating." Sara offered, avoiding the temptation to add yet.

There was a long pause, and then Iris asked the friend she'd known for the longest, "Are you okay with this?"

"Absolutely." Felicity said without hesitation, and then while blushing a little added, "It might not seem like it, but I'm just as twisted as these other two. Or, you know, four."

One final brief pause, then Iris turned to Linda and asked, "What do you think?"

"Honestly? I am so down." Linda admitted, before quickly adding, "But only if you are."

Turning back to the other woman Iris blushed slightly, and admitted, "I am."

Sara just smiled evilly.


"One more thing, aren't you two sisters?" Iris asked once they were through the door of the hotel room the visiting women were staying at.

"Yes." Sara grinned proudly as Laurel blushed.

"So, you don't have sex?" Iris questioned.

Looking over at her blushing sister Sara grinned proudly, "Who do you think made her like this?"

"Oh." Iris blushed, before truthfully admitting, "I'm not sure how I feel about that."

"Relax, she's not exactly my focus tonight." Sara pointed out while slowly walking forward.

Iris opened her mouth to say more, although she had no idea what. Thankfully before she could ruin the mood Sara closed the distance between them, gently cupped her face and pulled her into a soft kiss. As she still wasn't sure what to think about the previous revelation, and honestly she was really nervous, Iris didn't kiss back for a few long seconds and just stayed painfully still, but Sara effortlessly coaxed her into relaxing and returning the kiss. Before Iris knew it she was completely lost in that kiss, which slowly but surely grew more heated while Sara's hands began travelling over her body, further relaxing and arousing her.

When Sara eventually pulled back Iris got a brief glimpse of Linda and Nyssa kissing passionately before Thea replaced Sara and eagerly repeated the process. Then Laurel kissed her, then Nyssa, and then finally Felicity. It was probably good Felicity went last, as it was a little weird kissing the woman she had known for the longest and was easily her closest friend on Team Arrow, and within this little Harem, however it was not long before Iris got into it and from then on as the other women continued taking turns with her lips. In between kisses Iris could see that Linda continued to get the same treatment, which to Iris's delight didn't only include kissing. No, the other women slowly but surely began to strip them, and themselves, making the view even more erotic.

Once all of them were completely naked Laurel gave Iris one final and extra long kiss and then dropped her lips down to first her neck and then soon after her tits, causing Iris to cry out joyfully. For a few seconds she closed her eyes and just savoured that feeling, then she opened them again when she heard Linda moan and looked over to her best friend to find out she was receiving the same treatment from Thea. Which was a surprise, to be honest. Iris had been expecting Sara and Nyssa to be the aggressors. Maybe even Felicity. Not that she was complaining, in fact she was very clearly not complaining given how she was moaning, but she still couldn't help give Sara a quizzical look.

Instantly getting it Sara answered Iris's silent question, "We promised our subs the first taste of your pussies."

Iris blushed slightly, and then moaned, "I'm good with that."

Although she didn't reply with words it very much sounded like Linda agreed, moaning extra loudly as the 'subs' swirled their tongues around their nipples before sucking on them. They then went back and forth for a few unnecessary minutes, Iris struggling not to push them lower, and she even considered asking for it. Thankfully just as she was opening her mouth to do so Laurel began kissing her way down her stomach, Thea doing the same to Linda so that the Arrow girls simultaneously dropped to their knees in front of the Flash girls. Or should that be the Canary girls dropped to their knees in front of the Flash girls? Either way Iris got what she now so desperately wanted.

Laurel definitely got what she wanted, namely a chance to taste Iris West's pussy. She'd had a crush on the other girl since she'd met her, and thanks to her beloved Mistress Sara and her friends Laurel was truly embracing that side of herself. Of course Thea had wanted her too, and everyone else wanted a piece of her, and who could blame them, but Laurel had known her for the longest so her Mistresses had allowed her to call dibs. Or more accurately, Laurel had known Iris for the second longest amount of time, as Mistress Felicity had known her longer, but Mistress Felicity was a Dom so she got something else while as a sub Laurel got to be the first one amongst them to lick Iris's pussy.

She had been hoping that she would be the first woman to lick it, but learning that Iris had been hooking up with Linda Park was incredibly hot, and just made her easier to seduce. And it meant that Laurel knew Iris would know everything that she was about to do to her, and welcome it. That was partly the reason why she insisted on a little foreplay, because she knew she had this in the bag. Of course at the same time she didn't want to be seen as disobedient, or get beaten to the punch by Thea, so Laurel didn't spend nearly as much time as she would have liked on Iris's full tits before dropping to her knees and going for her big prize.

That prize was well worth the wait, and worth fighting for, Laurel moaning happily as the flavour of Iris West's cunt hit her taste-buds. More importantly Iris cried out and then moaned in pleasure as Laurel slid her tongue over her pussy lips and then repeated the process over and over again, the only difference being that the first time The Black Canary lingered on the other girl's clit while she tried to avoid it for the next half a dozen licks. Well, mostly. Laurel couldn't resist gently brushing against it every so often, or doing the same to Iris's entrance, but that was way too much of a tease to bring Iris any real satisfaction. No, that would come later. Perhaps much later, depending how generous her Mistresses were. Or eager to get involved.

From previous experience Laurel knew that Mistress Sara could often be impatient, but really at any time any of them could have ordered her away without giving her the privilege of making Iris cum, so Laurel did her best to enjoy this while it lasted. Besides, while she could feel the desire of her Mistresses she could hear how much satisfaction Linda was receiving from Thea, and Laurel refused to be outdone by her fellow sub. So yeah, Laurel might have started more than just brushing against Iris's clit. Although admittedly that was half about not being outdone by Thea, and also just to make sure there would be plenty more yummy pussy juice for her to swallow. And of course, to make the Flash girls feel good.

Linda definitely felt good right now. Maybe never better. Only, no. Iris going down on her when they were alone, that was better. Then she could close her eyes and imagine what they had was more than a friends with benefits arrangement. But this, this was pretty amazing. This was an all girl orgy, something that Linda never thought that she'd be a part of. In fact the first few minutes of that wonderful pussy licking it was just a little too much to bear, so Linda just closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of a soft tongue massaging her pussy. Of course that just made the physical pleasure that more intense, and soon Linda was opening her eyes again to prevent herself from begging for more too soon.

Maybe she would end up doing that anyway, given that she was surrounded by beautiful naked women. More accurately there were three naked women staring at her lustfully, while the fourth was being eaten out by a fifth, and the sixth was on her knees in front of Linda and licking her pussy. And the girl on her knees in front of her look to be barely out of her teens, which to be fair was only a few years younger than the rest of them, but everyone seemed so much more experienced than Linda, even this girl, given just how skilfully she was eating her pussy. God, it was overwhelming. And amazingly hot, and Linda just couldn't stop herself from pointing that out.

"Ooooooh Goooooddddddd yessssssss, lick me! Lick my pussy! Oh fuck yeahhhhhhhh, lick me! That feels so good, sooooooo goooooooodddddd, oh fuck!" Linda moaned deliriously, "Ohhhhhh yeah, keep licking it. It feels so good when you lick it. Oh God, fuck me! Mmmmm, fuck me with your tongue!"

"Lick my clit!" Iris interrupted, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh Laurel, lick my clit just like that, oooooooh, but not too much. Don't make us cum yet. Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk yessssss, we're just getting started with your talented little tongues. Oh fuck! Oh yeah, tongue us you little sluts! Mmmmm yeah, make us feel good. Sooooooo goooooodddddd, mmmmm, oh fuck yeah!"

That encouragement had the subs licking Linda and Iris even more enthusiastically than before, paying extra attention to their clits which they started to linger on, making Linda and Iris become incoherent for a few long seconds. When they regain the ability to speak it was the same kind of thing, mostly encouragement with occasionally telling them to slow down just so that they could enjoy this pure heaven for longer, which just caused the process to repeat itself, this time with Thea and Laurel taking their clits into their mouths and sucking on them gently. From then on they mostly concentrated on their clits, occasionally sliding their tongues down to tease their entrances, obviously trying to encourage them to beg for more. But they weren't ready. Not yet.

More accurately Iris wasn't ready to cum, and even as the need to cum became overwhelming Linda held herself back because she wanted to make sure her best friend got the most out of this. Besides, no matter how badly she wanted to cum she really wanted to stretch out this moment and enjoy being in her first, and probably only, orgy. The main thing she wished at this point was that Sara, Felicity and Nyssa would join in somehow instead of just watching them. The intense stares were a little creepy, especially from Nyssa who was kind of scary, and Linda couldn't help like the idea of one of them coming closer to kiss her and/or Iris. Or maybe play with their tits and asses. Maybe even push a finger up their butts. Just something to make this extra special, and maybe push Iris into begging for more.

Thea was more or less thinking the same things, as she adored eating pussy and would happily do it all night of her Mistresses wanted her too. However at the same time she was eager to taste Linda's cum, and wanted someone to push Linda and Iris over the edge so she could get it. Whether that meant one of the Flash girls begging for more, or her Mistresses ordering her and Laurel to finish the job, or better yet her Mistresses finishing the job themselves, it didn't matter, not as long as Thea got to taste some girl cum. Although she couldn't help wish her Mistresses would touch her, as it felt like it would only take one of them rubbing her clit a little to make her cum as she was just so horny. Sadly that didn't happen, but Thea was eventually given another privilege.

"Make me cum!" Iris finally whimpered, "I need to cum, oh please, mmmmmm, ohhhhhhh fuck, please Laurel, make me cum! Tongue fuck me and make me cum in front of your Mistresses. Oooooooh yeah, that's it, mmmmm, more, more, more, ohhhhhh Gooooooddddd! Oh fuck! Oh God yes, tongue fuck me! Fuck me good, ohhhhhh fuck my cunt, oh shit! Oh Laurel! Laurel! Oh fuck yes! Mmmmm yesssssss, fuck me, OH FUCK, OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK YEEEEEEEESSSSSSS, FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT, FUCK ME WITH YOUR FUCKING TONGUE, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!"

Quickly following suit Linda cried out, "Fuck me Thea, fuck me and make me cum! Oooooooh yesssssss, make me cum, make me cum, fuck me with your tongue and make me cum, oh yes, mmmmm fuckkkkkkk, fuck me! Please Thea, fuck my pussy and make me cum, oh God! Yes, fuck me, fuck me and make me cum, make me AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK, FUCKING TONGUE FUCK ME, TONGUE FUCK ME HARD OOOOOOOHHHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDDDDD YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK!"

Poor Iris didn't get much of a chance to talk before getting what she wanted, which seemed a bit risky on Laurel's part. Thea briefly debated whether she should do the same, before deciding to go for it. After all, Laurel could know something she didn't, and if that wasn't the case Thea didn't want to be left out of receiving a little spanking. But most of all Thea just couldn't resist using any excuse to taste girl cum sooner rather than later. So she shoved her tongue as deep into Linda's cunt as it would go and after a few brief seconds of thrusting it in and out Thea got her wish. Oh yes, she got her wish, meaning her mouth was flooded with girl cum, Thea quickly removing her tongue so she could swallow it all.

She was less lucky for the following climaxes, mostly because Linda started grinding against her face, but also because there seemed to be more liquid to swallow. Not that it stopped Thea from trying, and she was still able to get a decent amount of it into her belly. Besides, it wasn't so bad having her face completely drenched in girl cum, as it was a perfect reminder of what a little lesbian slut she had been turned into by her Mistresses. Oh yes, Thea loved having a face covered in girl cum. Okay, she would have preferred it to be one of her Mistresses, but it was still pretty hot. Also what was about to happen next wasn't her preference, as Thea's obviously wanted some attention, but she was still very much looking forward to being part of 'stuffing' these reporters.

"Okay bitches, that's enough. I said that's enough!" Sara ordered, a little angry at having to repeat herself, but it was quickly forgotten as Thea and Laurel reluctantly pulled their faces from those cunts and looked back at her, "Mmmmm yesssss, save some for us, sluts. For now, crawl over to each other and kiss. Oh yes, kiss each other and share the flavour of those yummy little pussies! Oh fuck yeah, that's so hot!"

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel murmured softly while her sister was still speaking, before practically diving at Thea.

Initially Thea opened her mouth to mumble those same words, but before she had the chance Laurel was pulling her into her arms and kissing her. Even though this stunned her Thea's body switched to autopilot and she wrapped her arms around Laurel while kissing her back, and of course moaning and getting to taste Iris's cum on Laurel's lips and tongue. Laurel likewise moaned from getting to taste Linda on her lips and tongue, and while neither of the subs got nearly as much cum as they would have liked this was one hell of a consolation prize. Their Mistresses even joined the fun by wordlessly seeking up to them and pulling them into some kisses which allow them to taste the combination of the cum of Linda and Iris. Mistress Sara and Mistress Nyssa were of course first, but to her credit Mistress Felicity joined in shortly after.

Iris watch this show with great interest, barely noticing that Linda was doing the same. If her friend was as exhausted as she was from those orgasms she must've been equally grateful for this little show, which Iris imagined had the same effect on Linda as it did on her, meaning it recharged her batteries and got her ready for more. Which was good, because it certainly seemed that Team Arrow were ready for more, given that Sara and Nyssa had a couple of strap-on dildos in their hands. However to Iris's surprise they didn't strap those toys to themselves, but to their bitches. Which of course Sara was only too happy to explain with a wicked smile on her face.

"Have you girls ever been DP'ed?" Sara asked almost casually, if not for the look on her face.

Which of course stunned the other two into silence for a few long seconds, and then Linda grumbled, "I've... I've never even been ass fucked."

"Me neither." Iris admitted.

"Excellent. We loved popping cherries." Sara confessed with another wicked grin, before ordering, "Although I suggest you give those cocks a little sucking before you stuff them into your pussies. And don't worry, the rest of us will use plenty of lube."

There was a long pause as Iris and Linda looked at each other cautiously, both opening and closing their mouths as they tried to think of a response. Part of Iris wanted to be offended at Sara for being so presumptuous, and maybe she would have been if it had been a guy acting as if it was given that she was just going to give up her virgin ass, but she couldn't deny Sara's confidence was a turn on. Or that she had previously fantasised about what it would be like to have two cocks inside her at once. So for better or for worse she decided to go for it, wordlessly kneeling down where Laurel was lying on the centre of the bed, Linda doing the same with Thea almost simultaneously.

Perhaps if she hadn't been so understandably distracted Iris would have questioned her about this, but instead she just wrapped her lips around Laurel's cock and began bobbing her head up and down on it. Iris was dully aware of Linda doing the same with Thea's strap-on, but for the most part during those long few minutes the whole world fell away and there was only Laurel's dick and how much she could take it into her mouth, and eventually down her throat. This cock was a lot bigger than the ones she was used too, but Iris thought she did herself proud, eventually taking most of it and allowing her saliva to slide down the shaft to the bace. Which of course was unnecessary given just how wet she was, but it seemed natural to obey Sara's orders.

Still, the second Iris was sure she'd put on a good enough show she straddled Laurel, lined up the entrance of her pussy with the dildo, which Laurel was nice enough to hold for her, and then push herself downwards. Iris then let out a loud cry of mostly pleasure as she was penetrated, and continued letting out mostly positive sounds as she slowly lowered herself the rest of the way down. Along the way Iris looked over to first watched Linda sucking cock and then sliding her pussy down onto it, the two reporters exchanging a smile once they were sitting on every inch of those dicks. Then they started to ride them, again letting out positive sounds as they did so. Positive sounds which only increased, until they were made to stop.

"Okay, that's enough of that. Iris and Linda stay nice and still so me and Nyssa can really get this party started." Sara ordered, quickly adding, "I mean don't get me wrong, I love watching a couple of hot girls bouncing on strap-ons, but it's just not as much fun as being part of the equation. Mmmmm, and those sexy little asses of yours are just begging to be fucked."

"Unless you don't want too." Felicity quickly added, ignoring Sara glaring at her as she explained, "Believe me, I know from experience that it's scary, but one of the best decisions I have made was to let Sara have my ass cherry. Mmmmm, she's such an amazing butt fucker, and so is Nyssa, oooooh, and the dildos in your pussies will help a ton. Ohhhhh yeah, and again, I know from experience it's amazing to be DP'ed by a couple of studs like Sara and Nyssa who know what they're doing."

"Just ask the sluts beneath you." Nyssa quipped.

Not needing any more encouragement Thea quickly agreed, "Oh yes, it's amazing. Mmmmm, me and Laurel love being double stuffed by our wonderful Mistresses, who are so good at fucking all our slutty little fuck holes. Isn't that right Laurel?"

"Oh God yes, we love it." Laurel eagerly agreed, briefly glancing over at Thea with gratitude before refocusing on her words, "We love getting strap-on fucked, especially in our slutty asses! Oh God, I love my little sister's cock in my ass. Mmmmm, but it's even better when it's you being double stuffed. Or triple stuffed. So trust us, you're in for a real treat."

"I believe you. And I'm willing to try." Iris said boldly, before looking over at her friend, "What do you think?"

Linda briefly hesitated, and then boldly said, "Bring it."

"Excellent." Sara beamed, before ordering, "Thea, Laurel, spread those cheeks for us. Mmmmm yes, give us the best view possible of those pretty little butt holes. And Linda and Iris, be good girls and beg us for it. Come on, prove what good little butt sluts you can be."

Iris was extremely tempted to point out anal virgins probably couldn't be butt sluts, but instead she obediently called out, "Please Sara, fuck my ass. I want you to fuck my ass. My virgin ass! Oh God, fuck it! Fuck my virgin ass you bitch! Oh Sara, your bitches just made us cum so good, mmmmm, now I want you and Nyssa to do it. And Felicity. Ooooooh yesssssss, I want you and your girlfriends to make me and Linda cum from being double fucked. Come on, stuff all our little fuck holes like the sluts we are. Please? Oh God, oh fuck yes, give it to me, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk! Oh yes, stretch my fucking ass, ohhhhhhhh fuck yeah!"

About the same time Linda chimed in with, "Yes, fuck us, mmmmm, please fuck us! We want to be fucked. I want to be fucked. Please give it to me. Fuck my butt! Fuck it at the same time there's a cock in my pussy. Oh fuck, butt fuck me, ohhhhhhh, fuck my butt, ooooooh, fuck me up the butt, oh God! Oh fuck! Fuck! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck! Ooooooooohhhhhhh fuck yeah, oh fuck!"

Sara savoured the moment, and the sweet sound of Iris and Linda begging to be butt fucked, for a few long seconds before pushing forwards. In the end part of the reason for pushing forwards was that Nyssa had already started, and Sara really wanted to do this together as a couple. Luckily Nyssa was obviously savouring watching Linda's ass hole stretch for her, giving Sara plenty of time to catch up and make the anal penetrations as simultaneous as possible. Taking two ass cherries as simultaneously as possible. Just like the good old days where they would pick a couple of girls up in a bar. Iris and Linda certainly cried out in unison, causing a wide smile of satisfaction to cross the faces of Sara and Nyssa, the two assassins then exchanging a look before pushing forwards even more. Which of course got more cries out of their conquests.

While there was definitely some pain and discomfort from Iris and Linda for the most part those cries were of pleasure and excitement, proving these were natural anal sluts, the thought making Sara grin wickedly. Initially this was meant to be just a one night stand, especially as Linda and Iris had feelings for each other. However now Sara was very tempted to keep them both. Sure, that might be one too many bitches, Sara running the risk of letting someone feel left out, but that was a good problem to have, and she was confident in her skill to keep everyone happy. Especially with the likes of Felicity and particularly Nyssa to help her out. Oh well, Sara could officially decide later, now she wanted to concentrate on the amazing little fuck hole in front of her.

God, it was such a tragedy they weren't able to convince Caitlin Snow to join them. If they had then Caitlin could have been bent over right next to her friends, Felicity sliding her cock into her ass hole instead of just watching and waiting her turn. Oh yes, Team Arrow should have got all of Team Flash in one go. But it wasn't too late. No, once they seduced Caitlin they could still line up all three of these hot little sluts and ass fuck and/or DP them all at the same time, while take it in turns to make them air tight. Oh yes, Sara loved that idea. Almost as much as she loved the idea of taking Caitlin's anal cherry, because she seriously doubted that uptight scientist had taken it up the butt before. Although even then maybe she should let Felicity take that cherry? It would only be fair, considering just how many cherries Sara had taken already.

For the rest of this glorious fucking Sara's mind regularly wandered to that glorious image of her girlfriends totally dominating The Flash's friends. However each time she forced herself to refocus on what she was doing. In this case the heavenly sight of watching her dick slowly disappearing into Iris's widely stretched ass hole until her thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks, announcing every single inch of her strap-on was buried in the other woman's bowels. At the same time Nyssa did the same to Linda, the two Doms then briefly savouring the moment before moving their hips back and forth, causing the dildos to slide in and out of those well stretched butt holes and arguably officially begin the sodomy of Iris West and Linda Park.

Linda had always prided herself on being an adventurous girl, but she had never tried anal sex. She had come close a few times, but she was saving that cherry for a truly special occasion. Which technically she had very much succeeded in, because what could possibly be more special than an all girl orgy? Of course it hurt at first, especially the initial anal penetration. However it heard about as much as she was expecting, and in a surprisingly short amount of time she found herself moaning in pleasure from being so obscenely violated, making her wish she had tried anal sooner. Although even then it was unlikely anyone else would have been as experienced and skilled as these girls were. Especially the incredibly scary one who had just popped her anal cherry.

It had been something she thought she might give to another woman, but every time Linda hooked up with a girl she ended up being the dominant one. Even Iris, which was kind of a surprise as she thought her friend might insist on being on top. Sometimes she even wished she'd try, which had ended up adding to the reason that Linda had allowed herself to be dominated by these women, which was definitely the bright side to it. Although after this she might have to actually ask Iris to top her, because this was amazing. If Iris could even try after so totally bottoming to these goddesses. Then again, would Linda be able to top her friend again after this?

That was a scary and off-putting thought. This whole thing was amazing, especially the anal sex now her ass was nice and relaxed and being properly fucked, but even this incredibly kinky feeling wasn't worth losing Iris West, and now Linda was genuinely afraid that after this she wouldn't be able to top her friend again. No! She promised herself she would top Iris again. She had too. No matter how good this felt nothing would take Iris away from her. In fact, after this she was going to tell Iris how she really felt, and they would start doing this to each other. Oh yes, they would become girlfriends who butt fucked each other on a daily basis, amongst many other things.

For a few long minutes Linda became lost in that wonderful fantasy, then she cried out in dismay as without any warning Nyssa pulled her cock out of her ass. Fortunately she only went without for a few long seconds, although when she was filled again it wasn't with Nyssa's cock, but with Felicity's. Oh yes, Nyssa spread her cheeks wide and without a word Felicity slowly pushed her strap-on cock as deep as it would go into Linda's ass and started ass fucking her with the same kind of skill Nyssa had shown, meaning Linda was soon moaning with pleasure again. Her eyes then went wide with disbelief, and lust, as she watched Nyssa move over to Iris and make her air tight.

"Suck it." Nyssa ordered once she was standing in front of Iris, then happily elaborated, "Mmmmm, suck my cock and taste your little girlfriend's ass. Go ass to mouth and become our little air tight slut. Our little fully stuffed whore. Oh yes, suck it and become a little fully stuffed reporter. Then we'll do the same to your little girlfriend, and make you our fully stuffed journalists! Oh yes suck it you perverted bitch! Suck my cock, mmmmm, suck it good. Suck every drop of your girlfriend's ass off my cock! Take it deep. Take it deep down your throat while my girlfriend fucks you up the ass. Mmmmm yessssss, and my other girlfriend fucks your girlfriend while we make you air tight! Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh, suck it!"

Nyssa was impressed that Iris barely hesitated to do as she was told, even though given the surprised sound she let out afterwards it seemed she had done this before, further proving these two had been anal virgins, and Nyssa had just added another butt cherry to her collection. The thought had Nyssa grinning wickedly, or at least added to it given she was currently receiving a blow job from a beautiful girl. One in which that girl was sucking her friend's ass cream from a toy cock, and clearly loving it, given that initial sound of surprise quickly turned to moans of pleasure and even more enthusiastic sucking, Iris happily showing off just what she could do with a cock. Which again, was impressive.

Perhaps proving her bisexuality Iris passionately sucked that cock as if it was real, taking it deep into her mouth and eventually down her throat like a well-trained cock sucker, which Nyssa was only too happy to point out as she continued encouraging the other girl to clean that cock. Of course as wickedly wonderful as that sight was Nyssa didn't love it quite as much as watching another woman's ass hole stretching for her, and even when she had been sodomising Linda her gaze had wandered to Sara as she treated Iris West to her first ever butt fucking, which admittedly had to be another reason for Iris's constant moaning.

Now Nyssa also found herself looking over at Felicity ass fucking Linda, but Sara was directly in front of her, her big beautiful boobs bouncing with every thrust into Iris's ass and such a captivating happy look on her face constantly distracting the Heir to the Demon. Then Sara looked up in their eyes met and they exchanged a loving look and a happy smile while Nyssa began gently but firmly thrusting into Iris's mouth so they could both be fucking her at the same time. Unfortunately while Iris had clearly deep throated before, and even managed to take all of Nyssa's cock, she obviously wasn't expecting this, and choked and gagged enough to get Nyssa's attention. Which was fine, because she was aching for another hole.

"Let's swap fuck holes." Nyssa suggested eagerly, "Mmmmm yeahhhhh, make this little slut taste her own ass, while I get a piece of her sweet black booty."

Sara looked thoughtful for a minute, then grinned, "I have a better idea."

With that little exchange Sara pulled her cock out of Iris's ass and walked over to where Felicity was butt fucking Linda, leaving that sweet black booty for Nyssa. Only too happy to take advantage of that Nyssa quickly pulled her cock out of Iris's mouth, walked around her body and shoved it up her butt, pausing only to admire the fine work Sara had done stretching it out already. Of course it was nothing compared to how gaped it would be when they were all finished fucking it, Nyssa thought with a wicked grin as she entered Iris's ass for the first time, more or less at the same time as Sara was feeding Linda her friend's ass.Which again Nyssa couldn't resist glancing over too, but her main focus remained Iris's ass, even when Sara started some wonderful commentary.

"Yesssssss, that's it Linda, mmmmm, suck your girlfriend's ass off of my cock. I mean, your friend's ass." Sara shamelessly teased, earning her a nervous glance from Linda, especially as she continued the teasing, "Yes, suck your friend Iris West's ass off of my strap-on cock. Mmmmm, I just popped your little friend's anal cherry, and it was so sweet. So tight. So, mmmmm, fuck-able. Just like yours, I bet. Ohhhhh yessssss, I'm going to get a peace of that tight little ass of yours in just a second, but first, clean my cock! Get every drop of Iris's ass off of it, and make it nice and wet for your butt hole. You know, wrapped around my girlfriend's cock, while our bitch's dildo is in your cunt, making you our air tight whore. Oh yes Linda, you've got a cock in each one of your holes right now, and you love it, don't you? Ooooooh yessssss, you love it. You love it almost as much as your little friend Iris West."

Iris hadn't thought anything could be better than being DP'ed, but almost immediately she was proven wrong by being made air tight. Oh yes, having two cocks inside her pussy and ass at the same time was amazing, especially when they rubbed against each other through the thin wall in between those holes, but to also have a cock in her mouth? God, that was just perfection. Okay, she couldn't feel physical pleasure from the cock in her mouth like she could from her pussy, and amazingly from her ass, but it enhanced the overwhelming feeling of being a nasty little submissive slut, which she was quickly growing to adore. Especially when tasting her friend's butt on a dildo.

So to go back to just being DP'ed was a little disappointing, and Iris almost begged Sara to come back so she could see if her own ass tasted as good. But she didn't want to be greedy and deny Linda that pleasure, so she watched her friend come to the same realisation that she had and eagerly suck that cock while getting her other hole stuffed. She was then rewarded for her patients as Felicity, Nyssa and Sara continued switching holes, completing their pattern until each of them had got a piece of both Iris's and Linda's asses. Then they changed it up so that Iris and Linda got to taste their own butts, which Iris loved just as much as Linda's, and from the sound of it Linda did too.

Which was wonderful, and yet torturous because the desire to cum quickly became increasingly overwhelming. Iris fought it for as long as she could so she could enjoy more of this unique heaven, but she was just fighting the inevitable at this point. Lucky for her so was Linda, meaning all she had to do was outlast her friend and maybe she would keep a shred of her dignity. Unlikely considering that she was acting like a totally submissive lesbian slut right now as she was getting gang banged by her female friends and fellow Crimefighters, but still, it would help. Although in the end Linda was just as stubborn as she was, meaning it took a long time for her to break, and when it finally happened it was simultaneous.

"Please..." Linda whimpered, "Harder! Harder! Ohhhhhh Goooooodddddddd, make me cum!"

"You wanna cum, huh?" Sara teased.

"How about you Iris?" Nyssa pushed.

As soon as her mouth was free Iris quickly agreed, "Yesssssss, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Mmmmm, make me cum!"

After waiting a few long seconds Felicity sing-songed, "I bet you can do better than that."

Linda and Iris exchanged a look, and then Linda did her best to remain coherent and think of what the other women wanted to hear as she pleaded, "Fuck me! Please? Please fuck me hard. I need it, ooooooh God, I need to be fucked. Mmmmm, I need to be fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time, ohhhhhh, pounded like the little DP whore I am, ooooooh, the DP whore you made me, oh God, please make me a total DP whore by making me cum on your dicks. Mmmmm yesssssss, two dicks at the same time. That's what I want. That's all I want. Yesssss, please give it to me. Ooooooh yessssss, fuck me hard, mmmmm, slam fuck my slutty little holes and make me your little lesbian bitch! Yesssssss, just like that, oh fuck, make me cum make me cum make me cum aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKK YESSSSSSS!"

At more or less the same time Iris pleaded, "Please fuck me, mmmmm, fuck me hard. I need it, I need to be fucked, I need to be double stuffed. Oh please, double stuff me, ohhhhhh Gooooodddddd, stuff my slutty little fuck holes and make me cum like a total slut! Mmmmm yesssssss, your little lesbian DP slut. Oh God, make me yours! Slam fuck those holes of mine and make them yours, to use whenever you want. Oh fuck, ohhhhhhh fuck, Sara, Nyssa, ooooooh Goooooddddd Felicity, drill my butt hole so I cum nice and hard on Laurel's dick! Please? Please pound fuck my slut holes and make me cum! Oh please, fuck me and make me cum fuck me and make me cum fuck me and make me cum ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yessssss, oooooooohhhhhhh Goooooooddddddd! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS, AH FUCK!"

Both Iris and Linda tried to keep up their begging when the pace finally increased, but it quickly became impossible when the other two women started giving them everything they had, thighs crashing against ass cheeks which was a sound which was almost as deafening as the screams of pure pleasure from the two reporters. Somewhere along the way Iris started cumming harder than ever before, and it was quickly followed by another before she even recovered from the first. Then another and another and another until there was nothing left but a screaming wreck, her last coherent thought being it sounded like Linda was receiving the same treatment. Which would hopefully make it easy for her to talk the other girl into doing this to her.

Felicity just so happened to be the one fucking Iris's ass at the time, and while her stamina and strength had increased no end since she first got together with Sara, and especially when Nyssa was added to the relationship, and they started collecting pets, she still wasn't a match for her two girlfriends. At least not in the long term. Although at least in the short term she was able to get close to matching Nyssa's speed and strength, causing Iris to cum enough times on Laurel's cock for Felicity to feel proud of herself. It was also more than enough to push her over the edge of orgasm, the stimulator bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising these beautiful women, and everything else around it, catching up with her so wonderfully.

Initially she had fought against that urge so she could make Iris cum as much as possible, which was the same reason that she continued pounding her butt through climax after climax, but inevitably Felicity pulled her cock out of Iris's bottom and stumbled back, gasping for breath. She barely got the chance to admire Iris's ass hole before Sara took her place behind the beautiful black girl and shoved her strap-on straight up her butt. Which caused Iris to let out a loud cry of mostly pleasure, then cries of pure pleasure as Sara quickly made her cum on the other Canary's cock again and again and again. Oh yes, Iris was the meat in a Canary sandwich, and Felicity honestly didn't know who she was more jealous of.

She'd just experience the joy of roughly pounding another girl's butt through climax after climax, and Iris West had a nice big meaty black girl booty which jiggled so wonderfully with every thrust, and was now like jelly in an earthquake. And oh God, her screams, and Linda's, were almost as loud as those butt cheeks being smacked into by the thighs of Felicity's girlfriends. Of course, then there was the psychological pleasure of totally dominating another woman in that way. Although it was almost just as fun being on the bottom and having that woman cum on her cock. Okay, it wasn't nearly as dominating, but having an up close look on her face, and the face of one of her girlfriends, was something truly special.

Perhaps if she was being honest with herself though Felicity was most jealous of Iris and Linda, because she knew from experience just how amazing it was to be DP'ed. Hell, she'd had it even better than them, because Felicity had been sandwiched between Nyssa al Ghul and Sara Lance, those two incredibly skilled women effortlessly fucking her through climax after climax. Although what Iris and Linda were experiencing was amazing too, as Nyssa and Sara were experts in the art of anal sex, and well and truly busted those butts. Which was proven both by how much everybody involved came, and just how widely gaping those butt holes were when the two assassins finally pulled their cocks out to admire their handiwork.

"Not bad..." Sara grinned thoughtfully, before calling out, "Laurel, Thea, spread those cheeks for us. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, show us those pretty little gapes."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea obeyed immediately, spreading Linda's cheeks wide apart.

"How's that Mistress Sara." Laurel asked hopefully shortly after she spread Iris's cheeks just as wide.

"Beautiful, sis." Sara encouraged gleefully, "Mmmmm, keep it up."

Sara, Felicity and Nyssa just stared at those gaped butts for a few long minutes, partly because they just enjoyed admiring their handiwork, but mostly to allow Iris and Linda some time to recover. Of course it wasn't necessary for Laurel and Thea to spread those cheeks, as it was obvious just how battered those back holes were without it, but it emphasised those gapes so beautifully. It also emphasised how submissive and well-trained Laurel and Thea had become. Possibly Iris and Linda too, although there were much more enjoyable ways to test that theory, one of which Sara and her girlfriends delighted in as soon as their new little playthings stirred.

"Back with us? Good, then crawl off of those cocks, and suck them clean." Nyssa ordered firmly.

"But only when you're ready." Felicity added softly.

There was a groan of acknowledgement, then a long pause in which Sara thought Nyssa would have to repeat herself, or she would have to jump in to provide a softer push, but sure enough Linda and Iris eventually did as they were told. Clearly they had taken Felicity up on her offer, and that offer had made Sara smile. Her little nerd was always a soft touch with her bitches. Although in this case it seemed to been the right call, as these girls were clearly exhausted, but when they had enough energy back they did as they were told, and did it with enthusiasm, wrapping their lips around those cocks and eagerly sucked their own cum and pussy cream off of them. They even deep throated without needing to be told, not that it stopped Sara from doing so.

"Oooooooh yesssssss, suck those cocks! Mmmmmm, suck 'em good. Yesssssss, clean those big dicks of your slut cream. Oh yes, take them down your throats. Take them down your throats and get every drop of that yummy cum and cunt juice. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh girls, get all those delicious juices. Yeah, that's it, mmmmm, get every drop. Every fucking drop, ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!" Sara encouraged gleefully, "But don't forget about us. No, we've got plenty of slut cream for you girls clean. Butt cream! Oh yes, crawl over here and go ass to mouth! Become our little ATM bitches, ohhhhhhh yessssss, mmmmm, or you'll never know the joy of our big cocks inside you again."

That certainly got their attention, but not the response that Nyssa wanted, "What do you say?"

There was long pause and then Iris murmured, "Yes Mistress Sara."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Linda murmured a short time afterwards.

Even as they spoke Iris and Linda were obediently crawling over to where the Doms were standing, looking exhausted but eager to please. Of course once they reached their destination they paused because ultimately there would be one Dom left out, at least initially, and they were clearly worried about upsetting someone. Then they made the obvious choice, Iris wrapping her mouth around Sara's strap-on while Linda did the same for Nyssa's dildo, leaving poor Felicity out. Which made Sara chuckle, and Felicity pout. That's what Felicity gets for not being a deadly assassin, Sara thought with a smile. A smile she briefly shared with Nyssa, before they both turned their attention back to the reporters.

While Sara did eventually return to giving them encouragement for this she was barely aware of what she was saying, and it was simply unnecessary anyway, as at this point Linda and Iris didn't need much encouragement. No, they stuffed those ass flavoured cocks deep into their mouths, and eventually down their throats, and got every drop of their own butt cream. Even more impressively without needing to be asked they took it in turns to suck Felicity's cock, making sure no one was left out, and then continued to suck strap-on until told to stop. Which was quite a while, because Team Arrow was very much enjoying the show. However it had to stop eventually, and Sara had one more parting gift for them.

"Iris, stop sucking cock and look at me." Sara ordered, and then after a brief pause explained, "Nyssa and I were trained by the League of Assassins. Hell, Nyssa is their rightful heir. That means were not just experts in killing people, but infiltration and seduction, which involves a lot of analysing people. But you shouldn't need any of those skills to work out how Linda feels about you. And I think you know. Don't you?"

Another long pause in which Iris blushed, glanced over to Linda who was still obediently sucking cock even as she nervously looked at her friend, before the black girl admitted, "Yes."

"Meaning?" Sara pushed.

"Oh for God sakes, Linda, you can stop sucking cock." Felicity whispered, showing some mercy to the reporter who looked gratefully at her, before turning her full attention to Iris.

"Meaning... I've been waiting for her to say something." Iris admitted, turning her full attention to the other reporter, and smiling as she added, "If it helps, I feel the same way."

"You do?" Linda smiled hopefully.

"I think so." Iris said shyly, which was kind of funny considering what just happened, "But you need to say it first."

Briefly Linda thought about arguing this, but quickly decided it wasn't worth it and just took a deep breath and finally admitted, "I like you. As in, I like you like you. Like... I don't want to be friends with benefits, I want you to be my girlfriend."

"That's what I want too." Iris confirmed with another smile, "But one condition, we can still do things like this, as long as we're together. Not every day, I don't want to be a full-time member of this crazy Harem, just sometimes."

"Deal." Linda agreed quickly, before adding hopefully, "But maybe next time, we could be the tops?"

"Oh yeah." Iris happily agreed, before indicating to Thea and Laurel while telling Sara, "At the very least, you should let us top these sluts."

"I'll think about it." Sara grinned wickedly, then a warning cough made her quickly correct herself, "Erm, I mean we. We'll think about it."

Chapter Text

"You sure you're up for this?" Felicity asked nervously, "I mean, I know it can be difficult, moving from friends to lovers. Not that it was for me and Sara, or us and Nyssa. God no, it was amazing. But it was scary, and what you guys are doing is crazier than us, and I didn't think that was possible, and-"

"Felicity, remember to breathe sweetie." Sara half teased, half soothed while squeezing her lover's hand in the way which always calmed Felicity down when she got caught up in her rambling.

Nyssa squeezed Felicity's other hand and added while turning to their guests, "Besides, we need to give them a chance to answer."

"Are you kidding?" Linda scoffed.

"We've been talking about this all week." Iris revealed with a grin, "No way are we passing this up."

"Alright then." Sara smirked, turning to her sex slaves, "Thea, Laurel, meet your Mistresses for the night. We expect you to give them the same respect you give us, do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel quickly said.

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea parroted at virtually the same time.

"Good, you can start by spanking their asses." Nyssa recommended, making sure they knew from her tone it was a command, and not a suggestion.

"Mmmmm yesssss, put on a show for us." Sara eagerly agreed.

Iris was unable to stop herself glaring at their friends, but she quickly stopped when she got a warning look from Nyssa. Of the thruple Nyssa was by far the scariest, and probably the most deadly, which was why Iris stopped glaring, but she felt she had a right to glare considering she and Linda had been promised total control of Laurel and Thea, not to become simple dancing monkeys for the amusement of Mistress Sara, Mistress Nyssa and Mistress Felicity. Although she had to admit there was a certain thrill to it, especially with an audience. She just hoped that the three tops would keep their promise to just watch, and allow Iris and Linda to be the primary tops, at least for a little while.

Which was why Iris tried to re-establish her dominance by ordering, "What are you waiting for? Get naked and bend over our knees!"

"Yes Mistress Iris." Laurel replied, notably not as quickly as before.

"Yes Mistress Iris." Thea also answered not as quickly.

Even though this was annoying it was hard to stay annoyed when two women were stripping in front of them, especially as without needing to be told they were doing it slowly, teasing Iris and Linda with their beautiful bodies which Iris definitely couldn't wait to play with, and from the looks of it Linda felt the same. Besides, their brief moment of indecision just gave more of an excuse to spank them, Iris taking full advantage of that as soon as Laurel was close enough to her, the small reporter grabbing the vigilante and forcing her over her knee. Linda did the same to Thea, meaning that all of a sudden Speedy and the Black Canary were bent over the knees of physically weaker women, just ready to be spanked.

For a few long seconds Iris savoured that fact, but apparently Linda wasn't in a patient mood and almost immediately started smacking Thea's cute little ass, getting the most wonderful sounds out of Thea process. Mostly Thea's sharp cry, but there was also something to be said for the sound of flesh smacking off flesh. Which was something Iris received soon after she began spanking the Black Canary's butt, making Laurel cry out just as wonderfully as Thea was. And Sara, Laurel's own sister, just sat on the hotel room bed with her girlfriends smirking with satisfaction, who in turn were also smirking as Thea and Laurel got their asses whooped by two women who had been submissive last time they saw each other.

It was so sick and twisted, and hot, that a big part of Iris wanted to just forget about the spanking and just get to the 'good stuff', especially as that included strap-on ass fucking another woman for the first time in her life, and Iris couldn't think of anything more dominant than that. However seeing what Sara, Nyssa and Felicity had with each other and their slaves had made her want a Harem of her own, and to do that she needed practising in all aspects of dominating another woman. Besides, it was incredibly thrilling to have a superhero bent over her knee, her ass cheeks jiggling oh so invitingly with every blow. Especially as this was someone she knew, and had even considered a friend before all this craziness began.

Laurel also liked that touch. Okay, she and Iris weren't close or anything, and had been more friendly acquaintances or friends of friends, but they had spent enough time together for Laurel to develop this little crush on her, and she was overjoyed to find out the feeling seemed to be mutual, given that Iris had informed her that night she was hers, just as Thea would belong to Linda. There would probably be some crossover, or at lease Laurel hoped so, as she already sampled Iris's pussy and was hoping for a taste of Linda's. And of course Laurel lived to be double stuffed, so when toys were inevitably introduced she hoped she would be at the very least spit roasted. Although she would take anything, as long as it allowed her to prove her devotion to her Mistresses.

What was going to make all of this truly perfect was the fact that her Mistresses were going to watch this entire time. Although Laurel suspected it was only a matter of time before they got involved, especially given Mistress Sara's track record of impatience. Then it was all but guaranteed she would be double stuffed, and better yet triple stuffed. Although ironically Laurel found herself hoping that Mistress Sara could control herself, at least for a little while. Partly because it would rile them up to just watch, especially if they could avoid touching themselves or each other, meaning that when her Mistresses got involved Laurel would be in for some serious fun. But also she wanted to see just what Mistress Iris and Mistress Linda could do given the chance.

It was of course hard to compete with a couple of Master Assassins, or even a woman who had been more or less keeping up with them for over a year, but Mistress Iris and Mistress Linda did very well considering the odds against them. Mistress Linda started out a little aggressively, but when she saw the more gentle, teasing techniques that Mistress Iris was using she slowed down, and then together they gradually picked up the pace until they were giving Laurel and Thea everything they had. Which was pretty much the same treatment they were receiving from their other Mistresses, albeit with a little less groping and pausing between the initial strikes, and of course the spanking was never quite as brutal. But it was still wonderfully satisfying.

While she wasn't quite the pain slut that Thea was, instead preferring the mutually pleasurable parts of sex, Laurel did have to admit there were times she enjoyed it a great deal. Especially when it was Mistress Sara, as not only was she the best, or at least the second best butt beater, the added thrill of being spanked like a naughty child by her kid sister was extra thrilling. However there was just something about this which had Laurel painfully wet, even as tears started sliding down her cheeks and she literally started begging for mercy. Which fell on deaf ears, either because her temporary Mistresses were too lost in what they were doing, or more likely her words were just completely incoherent.

Linda was beginning to wonder if they should stop, not because of the sounds Thea and Laurel were making, but because of just how red those asses were becoming under the relentless blows. Also her hand stung something fierce. But she was just so lost in the spanking, the sounds the other girls were making, and most of all those jiggling cheeks in front of her. Also she was desperate to impress Mistress Sara, Mistress Nyssa and even Mistress Felicity, and she couldn't do that if she chickened out before Iris. And yeah, she wanted to please her new girlfriend, so she figured she'd keep an eye on Iris, and stop whenever she did. Or at least, that was the plan initially, but then the pain in her hand became just too much.

Right after she stopped Iris did too, the two girlfriends exchanging a bashful look before they went back to admiring their handiwork. Which was both impressive, and horrifying, given just how bright red those butts now were. In places they were even a darker colour, and maybe even bruised. This made Linda feel bad, but not as much as it turned her on. Which was probably a good sign, considering she was supposed to be a top. Which was just enough to stop Linda from reaching out and rubbing some of the pain away, at least not while they had an audience. Speaking, or more accurately thinking of which, Linda looked over at them and tried to decipher what they were thinking, although at least one of them was an open book.

"That was great you guys!" Felicity said enthusiastically, giving them a dorky thumbs up.

"I suppose it was all right, for beginners." Nyssa said dryly.

"Are you kidding? Look at those butts!" Felicity indicated to the butts in question, "They look like a Russian flag."

"Maybe we could get a better look at them?" Sara suggested hopefully, as if it was just occurring to her, gleefully ordering, "Thea, Laurel, come stand over here with your backs to us."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel quickly said.

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea parroted at virtually the same time.

"So now what?" Linda asked cautiously after Thea and Laurel had the chance to show off their butts to their owners.

"Pussy eating?" Sara suggested with a wicked grin, "I bet Thea and especially Laurel would love that, the little pussy sluts."

"Oh yes Mistress Sara." Laurel gleefully confirmed.

"Yes please Mistress Sara." Thea nodded her approval, before turning to Team Flash, "Please, let us eat your pussies."

"We promised to eat them good." Laurel quickly chimed in.

Iris hummed thoughtfully, then pointed out, "We did that last time."

"You could swap pussy lickers." Felicity pointed out helpfully.

"Na." Iris grinned, coming up with the perfect solution, "How about we make them kiss our asses? Oh yes, Team Arrow can kiss our asses, and beg us for the privilege of getting their asses fucked."

Nyssa didn't really appreciate how Iris chose to phrase that, and told her so through a long warning stare, but it wasn't that long before she was grinning, "I think that's a splendid idea. Don't you agree, girls?"

When they were sure as they could be that this was referring to them Laurel replied, "Yes Mistress Nyssa."

Quickly followed by Thea, "Yes Mistress Sara."

"Linda?" Iris briefly checked.

"Hey, I'm down." Linda grinned, "I told you, whatever you want."

"Thanks." Iris beamed at her girlfriend, before turning back to her pet, "Because what I want, is for this Canary to eat my ass."

"Yes Mistress Iris." Laurel again replied and obeyed without hesitation, although she briefly looked over to Mistress Sara to see what she thought about the obvious jab, to find her sister mostly amused.

"That means you're eating this ass cutie." Linda grinned at Thea.

"Yes Mistress Linda, thank you Mistress Linda." Thea nodded.

Linda and Iris then undid their pants, turned around, pushed them down along with their underwear and waited for Laurel and Thea to obey. They were not waiting long, soon their subs for the night were pressing their lips against the Dom's bottoms, and then repeating the process, covering those backsides in kisses. Which caused Iris to flash Linda a beautiful smile, one which Linda happily returned before moaning as her cheeks were parted and Thea started licking her ass hole, and from the sounds of it, Iris was receiving the same treatment from Laurel. Something which didn't take much to confirm, and when she did it put a smile on Linda's face, before she became lost in moaning again. Which was satisfied with, but apparently Iris wasn't.

"More!" Iris eventually moaned, "Mmmmm yessssss, eat that ass! Eat it good, ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, more! Shove your fucking tongue up my ass! Do it! Oooooooh yesssssss, just like that, oh fuck, more!"

"Yeah, give us more!" Linda chimed in, mostly not wanting to be left out, "Give us everything you've got, ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

Not long after they started requesting more they got it in the form of Thea and Laurel literally shoving their tongues up the butts of Linda and Iris. Or at least Linda assumed they were getting the same treatment given Iris's reaction. Although it didn't really matter, as she was overwhelmed with embarrassment about just how easily and just how far Thea's tongue pushed it's way inside her ass, which was a clear testament to just how thoroughly it had been violated before. Violated by the women who were watching, which made Linda even more embarrassed, as much as it seemed to make Iris more determined to prove that she could be a top, and there was no way simply receiving a rim job would cut it.

"Alright, that's enough, bring us some strap-ons and some lube." Iris ordered.

"Yes Mistress Iris, thank you Mistress Iris." Laurel replied the second she pulled her face out of Iris's butt.

"Yes Mistress Iris , thank you Mistress Iris." Thea said after that, the two of them scrambling to obey.

"Oh, is it time to repay the favour." Sara grinned wickedly.

"Na, I just want to get down to butt fucking a superhero." Iris teased while looking directly at Sara, before quickly adding, "Besides, you pound their asses so much, why bother?"

"She has a point." Felicity said helpfully, quickly adding, "And they are wearing butt-plugs."

"Yes, I too am eager to see what they've got." Nyssa chimed in, "And to see our sluts get sodomised."

"I suppose." Sara relented, "But like I said before, you better put on a good show for us, otherwise we're gonna show you what topping is really all about."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Iris forced a smile, then addressed the returning bottoms, "Well don't just kneel there looking stupid, strap those cocks onto us and cover them with lube."

"Yes Mistress Iris, thank you Mistress Iris." Laurel replied as she immediately started helping Iris into a harness.

"Yes Mistress Iris, thank you Mistress Iris." Thea said as she did the same.

"Good girls." Linda replied after they were done, not wanting to be left out of giving orders, "Now bend over and begged to be butt fucked."

"Yes Mistress Linda, thank you Mistress Linda." Thea replied, acting first this time, as she bent over, wiggled her butt and then pleaded, "Please, please, please butt fuck me! I wanna be butt fucked so bad. I'm a total butt slut who needs big toys in her slutty little bitch hole! Please Mistress Linda, fuck my butt like my owners do. Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh, use my slutty little bitch ass! Use it like the fuck hole it is! Ooooooh yessssss, play with my fucking butt, oh Mistress Linda use my ass! Ass fuck me, fuck me in the butt, mmmmm, use me like the nasty little anal whore I am! Mmmmm yessssssss, fuck me, please fuck me, oh Mistress Linda, ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk yessssss!"

"Yes Mistress Linda, thank you Mistress Linda." Laurel said shortly after Thea said those words and then as her friend was shamelessly begging she did the same, once she was in position of course, and taking it a step further by spreading her cheeks, which Thea copied soon after, "Yes, please ass fuck me Mistress Iris! Please fuck my slutty little bitch ass! Please treat me like the anal whore I am and fuck me in the ass. My whore ass was built for fucking. Just asked my sister, mmmmm, and her girlfriends. My Mistresses. Oh please Mistress Iris, ask my Mistresses what a great fuck hole my butt hole makes. Or better yet, find out for yourself. Find out by taking my ass and making it yours. At least temporarily. Oooooh yesssss, mmmmm, my Mistresses are letting you borrow the fuck hole which is my ass hole, please use it for your pleasure. Oh yes, ohhhhhh yesssssss, fuck me Mistress Iris! Mmmmm fuckkkkkk!"

Iris and Linda shared a wicked smile, then simultaneously grabbed the butt-plugs sticking out of those cute little asses and began playing with them, mostly pulling them out of the way before pushing them back in again, but also pushing them side to side as well as up and down, making sure those slutty little holes were truly ready for them. Then without warning they pulled the plugs out and replace them with their cocks, causing Laurel and Thea to cry out softly and then loudly, both times in pure pleasure like the anal sluts they were. Iris didn't know about Linda, but she wanted to shove every inch of her big dick up Laurel's ass in one hard thrust. But no, she had to remember these were still their friends, and they didn't really want to hurt them.

As it turns out they really could have done that and these ass whores would have probably felt nothing but pure pleasure, given the way they whimpered, gasped and moaned as their butts were stuffed with strap-on. Still, it was better not to take the risk, and Iris had to admit there was an extra thrill to watching such a private hole being violated. Especially as Laurel and Thea were providing the perfect view of this obscene act, Iris even finding her gaze being a little distracted by Thea's ass hole slowly allowing Linda's cock to slide into it, although mostly she remained her focus on Laurel's back hole stretching for her dick. On the Black Canary taking it up the ass for her. Oh God, this was truly the hottest thing Iris had ever done.

Getting double stuffed, and even triple stuffed, had been amazing, but Iris definitely preferred this. True, she wasn't getting a lot of physical pleasure, but the sheer mental high of doing this to someone physically superior to her easily made up for it. Hell, both the women who were bent over right now could easily kick the asses of herself and her girlfriend, but instead Speedy and the Black Canary were getting their asses fucked. And they continued to emphasise their humiliation by shamelessly holding their ass cheeks open, exposing what the reporters were doing to them. Oh yes, Iris definitely preferred to be a top, and she was going to make sure she stayed that way. No matter what it took.

Then her thighs came to rest against Laurel's ass cheeks, causing Iris to giggle and taunt, "Wow, you sluts took that soooooo easy! Ohhhhhh, you love this, don't you?"

"Yes Mistress Iris." Laurel quickly moaned in agreement.

"We love it up the ass!" Thea quickly nodded in agreement.

"Yessssss you do, mmmmm, which is why your friends, and your own sister..." Iris paused to smack Laurel's ass to emphasise her words, "Fuck these whore holes of yours all the time! Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, and now me and my girlfriend are going to use them like the fuck holes they are. Use you like the fuck holes you are!"

"You want that, don't you?" Linda joined in the teasing.

"Oh yes, we want it!" Thea quickly replied, beating Laurel to the punch this time, "We wanted so bad, please use us. Please use us like the fuck holes we are!"

"We're yours to fuck." Laurel quickly agreed, "Please Mistress Iris, Mistress Linda, use us however you want. Fuck our slutty little fuck holes, mmmmm, fuck them good! Ooooooh yessssss, OH GOD!"

With that Iris and Linda pulled their hips back until their dildos were about half way out of the butts of Laurel and Thea before pushing their way back in and then repeating the process, officially beginning the sodomy. Again Iris and Linda seemed too focused on their handiwork, this time their cocks pumping in and out of this forbidden holes while Laurel and Thea whimpered, gasped and moaned with even more obvious pleasure. Which was all just heaven as far as Iris was concerned, especially as she got to do it with Linda, the two girlfriends exchanging a gentle smile before they continued their anal domination of the two butt sluts bent over in front of them. God, Iris needed to get a butt slut of her own. Or maybe take these ones.

Thea loved being a butt slut. She loved everything her Mistresses did to her, but by far her favourite was whenever they fucked her up the ass. Or more accurately, if they were just doing one thing to her, as her favourite thing was technically being triple stuffed, with double stuffed a close second, but the constant in the middle of those was Thea getting her ass drilled. Oh yes, being spit roasted was so good, but she couldn't feel physical pleasure from being face fucked, no matter how hard or deep the cock went. And of course she liked being fucked in her pussy, but it wasn't quite as nasty, and if the last year or so had proven anything it was Thea Queen was a nasty little slut.

But from now on she wouldn't just be a slut. No, she was literally a whore. Her wonderful Mistresses had whored Thea and Laurel out to Linda and Iris, and Thea had never been happier. Which was crazy, even in her completely broken state she knew that, but it was just so wonderful to have a chance to further prove just how submissive she was to Mistress Sara, Mistress Felicity and Mistress Nyssa. After everything those women had done to her Thea thought she had reached her limit, that there was no level of depravity left for her to show her devotion. But now she was giving up her ass to a woman she barely knew, just because it pleased her Mistresses, and Thea loved every minute of it. Especially because again, she was a shameless butt slut, or more accurately right now, an anal whore.

Just when Thea didn't think it could get any better Iris abruptly pulled her cock out of Laurel's ass, walked over to her, pressed her cock against her lips and ordered, "Suck it! Mmmmm yes, taste your friend's ass on my cock."

No doubt a lot more was said than that, but Thea wasn't aware of any of it because she was too busy wrapping her lips around the head of Iris's cock and moaning happily. She always moaned happily in these wonderful circumstances, both because she was getting to taste her fellow slut's ass, and it meant she was getting double stuffed, two thing she got to savour for a few long seconds. Truth be told Thea would have liked to spend longer, but she had been punished for that before with the dildo being taken away from her, and she couldn't let that happen now. So Thea quickly began bobbing her head up and down the dick and then greedily sucking the ass cream off of it, while Linda continued to lazily pump her butt.

Shortly after Thea's lips reached the base of Iris's cock it was pulled away from her and returned to Laurel's ass, which made the admittedly spoiled former heiress whimper in disappointment. Which was quickly replaced by a moan as Linda slapped her ass and began fucking it a little more passionately, so much so that Thea actually wondered if she would be allowed to cum. Of course she should have known better, and like a seasoned pro Linda got her hopes up, only for her to take the cock away completely and leave Thea feeling horribly empty and unloved. But she trusted it wouldn't be for long, and it gave her the chance to watch a quite delightful little show.

Laurel had been in the same boat only a few minutes ago, and it had been horrible. In fact, she would rather get injured while out on patrol instead of have to endure the indignity of her Mistresses, even if it was in this case temporary Mistresses, abandoning her in favour of another bottom. Especially as in this case she didn't even have a strap-on stuffed up her cunt. No, she was left completely alone and untouched, with the only stimulation she could enjoy being watching her fellow sub get the treatment she so desperately wanted. Which was sadly an indignity she had to endure several more times that night, although what more than made up for it was being double stuffed.

Just like Thea before her Laurel didn't hesitate to wrap her lips around the dildo being presented to her and greedily sucking it clean while moaning with delight. And just like with Thea, as soon as that cock was clean it was returned to Thea's ass hole, her own ass being pounded ever so slightly harder only again for it then to be abandoned. Although instead of going to Thea it was pressed against her lips, Laurel excepting eagerly, vaguely aware that almost simultaneously Thea was also getting the honour of tasting her own ass. This process was repeated over and over again, Iris and Linda becoming gradually more verbal as they abused their sluts for the night, much to the delight of Laurel and Thea.

"Yessssss, suck it! Suck my cock! Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, that's so hot!" Iris moaned, "Mmmmm, take those toy cocks deep down your throats you perverted little bitches! Oh fuck yeah, ohhhhh fuckkkkk! You're such ass to mouth whores! Mmmmm, fuck yeah, what do you think they like more Linda? The taste of each other's asses, mmmmm, or the taste of their own?"

"I don't know... maybe 50-50?" Linda guessed with a chuckle, "They certainly seem to suck cock just as passionately either way. Mmmmm, but what they really love, is getting ass fucked! Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, I watched a lot of porn while pining over you, but I've never seen more shameless anal sluts. Have you?"

"No, they're the biggest sluts I've ever seen." Iris agreed with a grin, pulling her cock out of Thea's mouth and pushing, "Aren't you?"

"Yes, we're total sluts! Your sluts." Thea agreed breathlessly, "We're your fuck holes tonight. Use us however you want."

"Oh yes, we're nothing but slutty fuck holes." Laurel happily agreed, causing the other women to giggle with delight, "We're yours to fuck! Mmmmm, please fuck us. Please? Fuck us hard like the sluts we are!"

"You heard them!" Sara called out, "Fuck them, mmmmm, fuck them hard."

"Show those sluts who's boss!" Felicity chimed in.

"Impress us, if you can." Nyssa grinned.

All of this was pure bliss initially, but inevitably the need to cum became overwhelming for Laurel and Thea. Being enslaved had increased their stamina no end, but Laurel and Thea had their moments, and it was now only a matter of time before they broke. As always they tried to outlast each other, knowing it was most likely they would break together, although part of Laurel kind of like that, as it made this whole thing that much more intimate. Either way Laurel hoped that this would not be a one time thing, and they were whored out to Iris and Linda again, because they did make great tops. Hell, Laurel would love to be whored out to just about any woman, as she was so broken at this point she was eager for the chance to prove her submission to her Mistresses, especially her sister.

When she could hold back no longer Thea pleaded, "Harder Mistress Linda, ohhhhhh, please fuck me harder! Fuck my ass harder! Oh please? Please Mistress Linda, mmmmm, ram my rectum as hard as you can! I need my bitch ass fucked hard and deep so I can cum for you. Oh please, please make me cum. Mmmmm, make me cum like a bitch with your cock up my ass! Ooooooh yesssss, give me everything you've got. Show Mistress Sara, Mistress Felicity and Mistress Nyssa everything you've got by destroying my little bitch hole! Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, just like that, ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, oh fuck Mistress Linda mmmmm fuckkkkkkk, fuck me, ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeessssssssss!"

Shortly afterwards Laurel joined the chorus, "Please Mistress Iris, please make me cum! Mmmmm, fuck my ass harder and make me cum like a little bitch! Ooooooh yeahhhhhhh, make me cum like the ass whore I am! Oh yes, and do it in front of my little sister. She'll loved that. Yesssssss, Mistress Sara, Mistress Felicity and Mistress Nyssa love to watch me cum with a cock up my ass like a total butt slut. Mmmmm, but especially my sister. Please make her proud by ruining my whore ass! Oh yes, that's it, mmmmm, harder! Harder! Yes, slam fuck my little bitch hole! Oh fuck! Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss, oooooooohhhhhh yeeeeeessssss, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

It didn't come quite as quickly as Laurel would have liked, but eventually the pace was increased, Linda and Iris once again working simultaneously to make sure that Thea and Laurel came at the exact same time. Laurel wasn't sure about Thea, but that first orgasm couldn't compare to the ones that she was used to receiving from her Mistresses, especially whenever she was double or triple stuffed. It was the same for the ones which followed, however no one could hope to come close to that, and what she did receive was very satisfying. Especially as Laurel focused on the fact that she was being whored out by her Mistresses, pleasing them in this extra perverted way. And she was still getting her ass brutally fucked right next to Thea Queen, so it was hard for Laurel to complain.

Linda certainly felt satisfied. In fact she was maybe more satisfied than ever. Well, maybe butt fucking Iris was better, but even then it felt like Iris was doing her a favour, and neither of them were quite the shameless butt sluts that Laurel Lance and Thea Queen were. Which was obvious given how hard and frequently Thea came from Linda pounding her ass, making Linda feel wonderfully powerful and dominant. It was a feeling which she and Iris clearly shared, Linda more than a little distracted from looking over at the woman she loved seeing how happy she was. Which almost made Linda want to become a pure bottom, just so she could make Iris feel that way. But no, sharing bottoms like this seemed a much more preferable way for them to express this joy again.

To try and ensure that by impressing their audience, and perhaps just as importantly impressing Laurel and Thea, Linda did her best to hold back the urge to cum while still giving Thea's ass hole everything she had. Which turned out to be impossible in the long run of course, but Linda was still very impressed with herself just how long she managed to resist that overwhelming urge. More importantly when it all just became too much for her, that when the constant bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising another woman, a superhero at that, made her cum over and over again, she didn't let it stop her. Hell, she didn't even slow down. No, she just kept pounding away at Thea's butt hole, while right next to her Iris was doing the exact same thing with Laurel's back door.

What made this even more impressive was that shortly after they became too incoherent to talk anymore Laurel and Thea started throwing themselves back and forth like wild animals, impaling their ass holes on those toys. It should have been enough to knock Iris and Linda off of them, or at least off their game, but instead Team Flash recovered and together with Team Arrow, or arguably Team Canary, the four women worked together to make sure the most private holes of Laurel and Thea were well and truly brutally pounded. And yes, maybe they couldn't quite match the mighty assassins Sara Lance and Nyssa al Ghul, or even their girlfriend Felicity Smoak, but Linda was still very proud of what they accomplished.

They weren't even the first to run out of steam, and surprisingly first that was The Black Canary, followed by Speedy, and so for a few glorious seconds the superheroes truly became nothing but orifices for the pleasure of two reporters. Then ironically simultaneously again Linda and Iris collapsed down onto the bodies beneath them, all four women then lying there in an exhausted heap for a few long minutes while they try to get their breath back. No sooner than they had succeeded Linda became aware of Nyssa, Felicity and Sara standing over them, with particularly the assassins looking very intimidating, even if the hacker did give them a dorky thumbs up. Which wasn't much, but it clearly said despite how Nyssa and Sara were acting, or what they might say, Linda and Iris had done an excellent job topping Laurel and Thea.

Although admittedly, Linda wanted to hear it, which was why she nervously asked, "So, how was that?"

"Awesome!" Felicity beamed, then when she got a look from her girlfriends she protested, "What? They were!"

"They weren't bad. For first timers." Nyssa provided a backhanded compliment.

"I'd say great, for first timers." Sara smirked, "But there's an easy way to end this debate... mmmmm yeahhhhhh, why don't you show us your handiwork?"

"Gladly." Iris beamed, briefly looking at Linda who gave her a nod of agreement.

Sara watched with glee as Iris and Linda slowly pulled out of the asses of Laurel and Thea, moved to one side and then spread those cheeks nice and wide, showing off their handiwork to their Mistresses. It wasn't quite perfect, as by pulling out slowly Linda and Iris were maximising their own enjoyment instead of the enjoyment of their Mistresses, but they were both still new to all of this, so Sara could forgive them. Besides, it was hard to be mad when being presented by two well fucked female butts, especially considering one of them belonged to her precious sister. Oh yes, Sara loved staring deep into those gaping back holes, she and her girlfriends moving closer for a better look, and then they moved onto the next stage of their wicked plan.

"Nice." Sara admitted when she finally pulled her gaze away from those gapes almost a full minute later, and then told Iris, "Now give me your strap-on."

"What?" Iris frowned.

"You heard." Sara said forcefully, becoming very stern.

"You too Linda. Hand me your cock." Nyssa ordered just as firmly, and then after a brief pause when Linda did as she was told she pushed her, "What do you say?"

Another brief pause and then Linda guessed, "Yes Mistress Nyssa?"

Nyssa nodded in approval, and then all eyes turned to Iris who reluctantly nodded, "Yes Mistress Nyssa."

"Who gave you an order?" Sara pushed.

Which earned her a glare from Iris, but again she did as she was told, "Yes Mistress Sara."

"Good girl." Sara said when she had the toy in hand, "Now clean it for me..."

As she spoke Sara carefully held the harness without touching the dildo and pressed it against Iris's lips, while besides her Nyssa did the same with Linda, making it clear what they wanted. Despite not being the one officially asked Linda was the first to open her mouth and wrap her lips around the toy. She didn't say 'yes Mistress Nyssa' or even 'yes Mistress Sara', but that was okay, as Linda and Iris seemed more comfortable being switches, and Sara was happy to leave them that way. But she wanted them to know who would be in charge when they played together, hence this display of power she had planned out with Nyssa. Which only partially worked, as Iris hesitated to do as she was told, even staring Sara down and proving that she had a little fight left in her.

Honestly Sara liked that as it only made what they were doing that much more fun. Case in point, although she started out being reluctant, Iris moaned when the taste of Laurel's ass hit her taste-buds and soon she was sucking her strap-on just as eagerly as her precious girlfriend Linda was sucking hers. Which caused Sara and Nyssa to exchange a smirk before they concentrated on pushing more of those dildos into the mouths of Iris and Linda. It was a bit of a struggle, but eventually every drop of butt cream was cleaned from those toys, at which point Sara and Nyssa strapped the harnesses around their waists and stroked them as if they were real.

"Bend over." Sara ordered, then when she got a look from Iris she smirked, "What? You don't really think we weren't going to fuck you, did you?"

"You're performance was admirable, but it highlighted that you need to be reminded of your place." Nyssa added, "And that's just what were going to do."

There was a brief pause and then first Linda and then Iris did as they were told, both grumbling and not even Linda had the sense to reply 'yes Mistress' like she should have. But that was okay, because it just gave Sara and Nyssa more of an excuse to brutalise those butts hard and deep and re-established their dominance. Which was exactly what they did, with a little help from their beloved Felicity of course, and even some from their regular sex slaves who they rewarded with an extra ass fucking afterwards, treating them as a desert to the main course of Iris and Linda. And even though Iris and Linda managed to get through it without breaking completely fun was had by all on that extremely kinky night.

Chapter Text

"Who's that?" Sara grinned happily.

"Oh, that's Jesse." Iris said dismissively, before she noticed the gleam in Sara's eye, and she said warningly, "Sara..."

"Introduce me." Sara grinned.

"No." Iris protested.

"Now." Sara said firmly.

"She's just a kid." Iris pleaded, before Sara gave her a look and then she stomped over to her friend while sighing, "Fine... Sara, Jesse... Jesse, this is Sara Lance."

"Hi." Jesse beamed.

"Hi." Sara grinned wickedly.


A short time later...

Jesse Wells, a.k.a. Jesse Quick, knew this was weird and wrong, and knew she should probably run away at her top speed, which thanks to her training was the speed of sound, but then again she should have done that when multiple women started hitting on her. Instead she had laughed and flirted back, thinking they were joking, only to find out they really, really weren't, and even though that initially totally stunned her into silence she couldn't deny it was intriguing. Especially when flirting turned to caresses, whispered promises and then finally kisses. Oh God, especially when it turned to kisses, as the second the lips of Nyssa al Ghul were pressed against her own Jesse just melted.

That kiss had lasted several long minutes, which felt like several long hours, and then the deadly assassin had moved away from her and only be replaced by another, Sara Lance, who had been flirting with her almost as much as Nyssa. The two of them then took it in turns for quite a while, before Felicity Smoak joined in the fun, eventually followed by Laurel Lance and Thea Queen, although it was still the two former assassins which kissed her the majority of the time. They were also the ones to start sliding their hands over her body, barely wasting any time in squeezing her boobs and butt. Then all of a sudden it seemed to be over, and Jesse was left feeling disappointed.

Even though it seemed highly improbable that all these women wanted to do was make out a little and then kick her out of their hotel room after they went to all the trouble of coaxing her there Jesse didn't want to take any chances and opened her mouth to complain. However before she could even get a syllable out Nyssa started to remove her jacket, causing Jesse to stop in her tracks and wait. Which was agonising for a Speedster, but it turned out to be worth it as agonisingly slowly Nyssa al Ghul stripped herself naked in front of her, revealing her flawless body. Then the other women followed suit, and suddenly Jesse was surrounded by naked women she was just itching to be able to touch.

"Wow..." Jesse mumbled, lost for words.

"If you would like to leave, now would be the time." Nyssa purred, quickly adding, "But I promise, if you stay, we'll make you feel things you could have never imagined."

For a few long seconds Jesse just stood there staring at them, then she groaned and removed all her clothes in a flash, prompting Sara to grin, "Good choice."

Before Jesse could ruin it by saying something dorky Sara grabbed her waist and pulled her in for another kiss, this time bare flesh touching bare flesh, and wow! Jesse had loved the feeling of their bodies pressed against each other when they were wearing clothes, but this was even more thrilling. So much so she almost forgot to kiss back, but luckily for them Sara Lance would not be denied, and she effortlessly coaxed Jesse's lips and tongue into action in a way no one else ever had. Then instead of moving away completely Sara moved down to her neck while Nyssa moved in for another kiss, giving Jesse her first experience of having two people worshipping her at once. Which would hopefully be the first of many tonight.

Sara was determined that it would be, and she knew her other lovers were just as determined, especially Nyssa. And why wouldn't she? She'd called dibs. That meant she got to be the first to sample Jesse in every way, and while Sara had been more than getting her fair share of that lately she couldn't help being a little jealous of the Heir to the Demon. She was even more jealous now they had Jesse out of her clothes and she could see she was not only cute as hell but a total knockout. Oh well, just because Sara wouldn't be first didn't mean she wouldn't get a chance with all of Jesse's tight little fuck holes, and she was determined to at least get a decent shot at her favourite one before the end of the night. And to pound all of them before leaving this city.

While it was difficult not to become lost in thoughts about all the wicked things they had planned for the younger girl, especially when just kissing her neck gently, Sara did refocus when Nyssa joined her on the other side of Jesse's neck, which was her cue to finally go lower. Which was exactly what they did, after exchanging a wicked smile with each other. Although they didn't go as low as Sara would have liked, which was probably for the best given how Jesse momentarily tensed up, proving that while this 19-year-old was really mature for her age she was ultimately still technically a teenager, and new to this. At least the group sex part.

They had managed to get Jesse to confess to a few previous lesbian experiences, which practically guaranteed Jesse would end the night getting at least double stuffed, if not triple stuffed, by big strap-on dicks. It also guaranteed that before that extreme Sara would be wrapping her mouth around one of Jesse's nipples while Nyssa did the same to the other, the Speedster letting out a loud cry as for the first time in her life two women sucked her tits. Then licked them, kissed the area surrounding them, and then sucked them again. Which went on for several long minutes, before Nyssa started going even lower, reigniting Sara's jealousy.

On the bright side Sara had both those perky little titties to herself for quite a while after that, and Felicity moved in to press her lips against Jesse's, which pretty much made the moment perfect. Later Felicity moved down to join her in worshipping Jesse's boobs, but by then Sara didn't really mind the company. Besides, it gave her the chance to move back up to kiss Jesse again, and briefly glance at Laurel and Thea, who were still obediently waiting for further instructions like good little sex slaves. Of course obviously Sara focused on what she was doing, and more importantly what Nyssa was doing. Especially once Nyssa's head was in between Jesse's legs.

Nyssa definitely preferred to be the one receiving head, as giving felt much more like a bottom thing, making her want to grab hold of the back of Jesse's head and shove the younger girl's pretty face in between her legs and not allow that pretty face to leave her cunt until she was covering it with her cum. But no, that would have risked scaring Jesse off, and the last thing Nyssa wanted to do was that. Especially because as a Speedster Jesse could disappear to who knows where in an instant. Besides, even if she couldn't do that, it would be unfair on Jesse, so instead Nyssa gently eased her into the night's activities with a pussy licking.

To be fair it wasn't like Nyssa was out of practice doing this, as she often did it to Sara and Felicity. It just wasn't as often as she received head from them, or Laurel and Thea, so there was a brief moment after Nyssa got down on her knees that she was worried that she would be out of practice. Those words were quickly proven unfounded as she slowly slid her tongue over Jesse's pussy lips, causing the other girl to cry out in pure pleasure. That cry was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as Nyssa repeated the process, becoming more comfortable with her current position with every lick. Especially as Jesse started whimpering encouragement to her.

"Ohhhhhhh yessssss, mmmmmm God! Oh Nyssa! Oh yes! Oooooooh fuckkkkkkkkk!" Jesse started repeating in various different orders, before whimpering, "Yessssssss, lick me! Lick me just like that, mmmmm, oh Nyssa! Nyssa! Fuck me, mmmmmm fuck, lick my pussy, ooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssss!"

Ideally there would be more graphic words of encouragement to come, but that was a fine start, and Jesse was making it very clear just how much she was loving this. And so was Nyssa, if she was being honest with herself. Oh yes, Jesse had a yummy little twat, and Nyssa loved to lick it. In fact, Nyssa loved it so much that she closed her eyes and focused on only that for a few long minutes, the rest of the world, including her girlfriends, fading into the background as she just concentrated on licking pussy. And of course the delightful taste of this particular pussy. And okay, the whimpers, cries and moans of the young woman it belonged too.

Of course Nyssa couldn't forget about her other lovers for very long. Partly because she just adored them so much, but mostly because they just wouldn't allow her too. Especially not Sara Lance. No, that little attention whore reached down to stroke Nyssa's hair, and then later took a break from licking and sucking Jesse's neck and tits in favour of dropping down to kiss Nyssa's back and neck. Somewhere along the way Nyssa became aware of a presence behind Jesse, and although she wasn't entirely sure who it was she welcomed the help. Okay, it might have been fun making Jesse cum all by herself, but there would be time for that later. For now Nyssa was more than happy to team up with one of her lovers to send Jesse over the edge of her first of many orgasms.

Thea hated to be left on the side-lines. Well, maybe hate was too strong a word, it definitely wasn't her favourite. Especially given that she wasn't allowed to touch herself while doing it. If she could just rub her wet little pussy it might have been a different story, but even then she would be left out of the fun. Besides, touching herself paled in comparison to the pleasure she received from her Mistresses, so wasn't something she did any more. Especially even how frequently she was fucked. Although what gave her pleasure was being able to worship one of the goddesses which owned her, which was why she was so jealous of Jesse in that moment. So jealous she almost didn't hear Mistress Sara's command.

"Hey Thea, get over here and eat Jesse's cute little butt." Sara ordered, barely taking her attention away from her latest conquest.

Even though no one was paying attention to her at the time Thea replied, "Yes Mistress Sara."

Part of the reason no one was paying attention to her was that she'd been given her orders several seconds ago, which was way too long to go without obeying an order, but Thea just couldn't help it. She had just been so lost in the show, and not expecting the invitation to join any time soon. But once that order truly registered Thea eagerly replied and then rush to get down behind Jesse and bury her face in that cute little butt of hers. Which wasn't as cute or tasty as the butts that belonged to her owners, but as long as this was a way to please them Thea would put her all into it. It was also a sexy little butt, so that wasn't asking a lot of her.

As soon as she pushed her face between those cheeks and began eagerly lapping at Jesse's butt hole the Speedster let out an extra loud cry of pleasure, which caused a wicked grin to cross Thea's face. After that it was extremely hard to tell which cries were because of her and because of Mistress Nyssa, but it warmed Thea's heart that it was probably a combination of both. That, and whatever Mistress Sara was doing. Honestly Thea really, really wanted to know, but it wasn't worth pulling away from Jesse's yummy little ass hole to find out. Especially as it would be disobeying a direct order from one of her Mistresses, and God forbid Thea should ever do that.

With that in mind Thea desperately fought the urge to get lost in the rim job and listen out for permission to pick up her game, which she had no doubt would be soon, right after Jesse begged for it, just like everyone before her. Oh yes, her Mistresses were women seducing machines, especially Mistress Sara and Mistress Nyssa, and poor little Jesse had been hardly a challenge. In fact she and Jesse shared a lot of similarities. They were both fairly new to the superhero, and submissive lesbian, life style but were very eager to learn, with experienced teachers helping them out along the way. The difference was while both were thrilling the whole submissive lesbian thing was a lot more pleasurable, and they just happened to be getting their education in lesbian sex from the same women.

Jesse wanted to beg for more, but honestly she had problems saying anything at all at this point. She was just so overwhelmed by everything that was happening to her. Although even if she could speak she might have held back simply because it felt like all of this would be 'on the test', and Jesse was used to working hard to study for a test. Of course this wasn't simply about putting the time and effort into studying. No, this was somehow trying to concentrate exactly what was happening to her while she was being bombarded with pleasure, pleasure which eventually became torturous as it felt like it was coming from her everywhere it could. Even places she hadn't known could feel that much pleasure.

Like her ass. Who new having it licked felt so good? Jesse thought that was just a myth, but after this she was definitely going to have to do more research. Of course she was worried about what she might find, and what this could lead to, but for now she was just enjoying the feeling of that tongue sliding against her most private hole. A girl tongue that, just like the one that was lapping away at her pussy, and the other one which was taking it in turns to toy with her nipples. Oh God, three tongues! Three women! Three women were all using their mouths and tongues on her pussy, tits and ass all at the same time, making Jesse feel like she was going to literally explode from the pure ecstasy she was feeling.

When it all became too much Jesse whimpered, "Please..."

Abruptly pulling away from Jesse's tits Sara pushed, "Please what?"

Thankfully Nyssa and Thea slowed down what they were doing, allowing Jesse to respond, "Please... please make me cum. I need to cum. Please, Sara-"

"That's Mistress Sara." Sara corrected firmly, "And you shouldn't be telling me. You should be telling the beautiful women eating your little pussy and ass. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, beg them for what you want, and make sure to do it properly, otherwise they won't give you what you obviously so desperately need."

Jesse played that back in her head a few times just so she could be sure she was doing exactly what she was told to do, then finally she started shamelessly begging, "Please Mistress Nyssa, make me cum. Ooooooh, make me cum like a little dyke slut, and I'll be a good little bitch for you and Mistress Sara and Mistress Felicity. A good little lesbian bitch. Oh God yes, make me a lesbian Mistress Nyssa! Make me crave the taste of pussy. Please? Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, I wanna please you so bad Mistress Nyssa. I want to taste your cunt. No, I don't just want to taste it, mmmmm, I want to bury my face in it and lick it until you drench me in your girl cum. Please Mistress Nyssa, I swear I'll eat your pussy if you just make me cum. I'll eat Mistress Sara, Mistress Felicity, Laurel and Thea out, do anything you want, mmmmm, just please, make me cum. Oh, and Thea, mmmmm, oooooooh God, shove your tongue up my butt! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, I want both your tongues, aaaaaahhhhh fuck, both of them inside me, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSS, OH FUCK ME, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!"

It took longer than Jesse would have liked, much longer, and it became harder to keep speaking as Nyssa lingered more on her clit. But eventually that talented little tongue slid downwards to tease her entrance once again, but this time not just teasing as it actually slid inside. Somehow Nyssa did this slowly enough not to send Jesse over the edge of orgasm, at least not right away. No, there were a few long torturous seconds where first that tongue was sliding into her, then she stayed where it was, fully embedded inside her. But then, oh then It's started gently pumping in and out of her, gradually picking up until Jesse went hurtling over the edge.

As if she could sense exactly what her Mistress was doing Thea pushed her own tongue into Jesse's butt shortly after Nyssa had pushed hers into Jesse's pussy. She didn't get far, but it was definitely far enough to make a difference, especially as it coincided with the moment Nyssa literally started to fuck Jesse with her tongue, making that first climax that much more intense. It was then quickly followed by another, and another, and another, as the two women worked tirelessly to get her off. Three, if you included Sara biting roughly on Jesse's nipples. And someone else, most likely Felicity, joined Sara, so both nipples would be affected at once. Although Jesse was barely aware of it, or anything else at that stage, except the ecstasy she was feeling.

Nyssa might not eat pussy as often as her sluts Laurel and Thea, or even her beloved girlfriends Felicity and Sara, but she still knew when exactly to remove her tongue and wrap her lips tightly around Jesse's entrance so she could swallow the majority of girl cum. Sure enough all these years of making other women go down on her hadn't made Nyssa rusty, and she got every drop of that first orgasm. She wasn't quite so lucky with the following climaxes, but that had been the case when she had done this before, and again it didn't come quite as naturally to her as her girls. But still, she continued trying her best, and even truly loved the taste of Jesse's cum. She just didn't lose herself in it, as her girls did.

That wasn't entirely true of course. When she was going down on Felicity and especially Sara, and truth be told even sometimes Laurel and Thea, Nyssa could become obsessed with swallowing as much girl cum as she could, but while Jesse was a sweet girl she wasn't someone Nyssa truly cared about. No, she was just a cute little fuck toy for Nyssa and her girls to simply play with, and oh, did Nyssa fully intended to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of this new plaything. She was looking forward to other things more, more dominant things, but there was definitely something to be said for tongue fucking another woman to orgasm. Especially as there were some things Nyssa could do which were very dominant right now, at least in her opinion.

Namely replace her tongue with a few fingers, Nyssa starting out with one and then gradually working her way up to three while beginning to suck on Jesse's clit. That really sent the poor girl off like a rocket, especially as that was Thea's cue to redouble her efforts in tongue fucking Jesse's bottom. Then Nyssa started switching back and forth between those techniques so she could swallow some of the cum which had started to collect there as a result of the fingering. At one point she even started rubbing Jesse's clit with the fingers on her other hand so she could suck her fingers clean, and collect some of the cum on her face, while keeping Jesse on her high.

Of course throughout all this Nyssa made sure to keep a close eye on how Jesse was doing, and when it was clear the younger girl was starting to lose consciousness Nyssa slowly brought her back down from her high and then pulled her down into her arms for a deep, passionate kiss, feeding Jesse her own cum. Then as an extra perverted bonus she feed Jesse some of her own butt cream via pushing her into a kiss with Thea, the two other brunettes not even needing to be told, just automatically kissing as soon as they were close. Nyssa then just watch the little show they put on for her, before standing up and silently taking the offered toy Sara offered her.

Then when it was securely in place Nyssa called out, "Jesse, just how adventurous are you feeling?"

Breaking the kiss with Thea and turning to find the other women wearing strap-on dildos Jesse blushed, "Wow."

"Is that a good wow, or a bad wow?" Felicity asked nervously.

"Oh, it's a good wow. I think." Jesse said, fighting her own nervousness, "So, how would we do this? One at a time, or-"

"Three on one, at the same time." Sara grinned wickedly.

"But only if you're up for it." Felicity quickly clarified, then admitting, "And we really, really hope you are."

"Especially me." Nyssa confessed, kneeling down in front of Jesse and stroking her face gently, "Oh Jesse, I know this must be terrifying for you, but please give this a chance. I promise if you do we shall redefine your understanding of pleasure. More than we already have."

Jesse blushed, lowered her head and hesitantly admitted, "I've never... you know..."

"Taken anything in your bottom?" Nyssa offered softly, trying to keep the wicked grin off her face as she admitted, "Why do you think I'm so eager for this. Mmmmm, I love Sara with all my heart, but she has a tendency to hog the anal cherries. Now finally it's my turn, and I promise you Jesse, if you give me yours it will be more pleasant than you can possibly imagine. I'm not some clueless but perhaps well-meaning man. I'm an expert at taking women anally. Just asked my girlfriends. Or my bitches. And asked them how much easier it is giving up your ass the first time with a cock in your cunt. Although, they're not the only ones who know how preferable that is, as thanks to them I have experienced such a thing directly. So trust me, you couldn't be in better hands."

There was a brief pause, then Felicity piped up, "It's true."

"Yeah, Nyssa is the best. Well, maybe second only to me." Sara quipped, and when she realised that last comment wasn't helping she quickly amended, "But not by much. And Nyssa is great at everything she does. Which is why we let her fuck our asses like, every single day. Isn't that right Thea?"

"Oh yes." Thea chimed in from her place on the ground, right next to Jesse, "I love it when Mistress Nyssa butt fucks me. Mmmmm, all my Mistresses are awesome at fucking ass, and easily turned me into a total anal whore after just one butt fucking. Now I just can't get enough. Especially when I'm double, or triple stuffed."

"Sis?" Sara interrupted Thea to stop her from going on all night.

"Yes, we all love it." Laurel blushed momentarily, but obediently continued to confirm, "I love it up the ass thanks to my Mistresses, and Mistress Nyssa just might be the best. It's very, very close, but Mistress Nyssa is truly amazing with a strap-on. And the feeling of my Mistresses stuffing all of my holes is the greatest experience of my life. Please Jesse, don't deny yourself this joy."

Another brief pause and then Nyssa cautiously offered, "Or, we can teach you how to eat pussy, if you prefer? Or we could do one, then the other. We were all just hoping for a piece of your amazing ass, and wanted to save plenty of energy to do it. You can see it as payback for what we just did, if you like. Or like I said, we could do other things. Your choice."

Jesse thought it was cute how nervous this deadly assassin was. More accurately, how nervous these deadly assassins and their hacker girlfriend was, given that up until now they had been the definition of confident and seductive. Well, the seductive part was still working, as their words and the obligation to return the favour had Jesse considering something she couldn't have possibly imagined herself participating in before. Being the centre of a lesbian gang bang was extreme enough, but now they wanted to fuck her virgin ass. And she wanted to let them. Which was insane, but their words made sense, and were just so enticing, that despite her embarrassment over the whole thing Jesse just couldn't say no.

So after yet another pause, this one painfully long, Jesse nodded, "Okay."

"Good girl." Nyssa purred, her confidence quickly returning, "Now, go and suck Laurel's cock. Mmmmm yesssssss, get it nice and wet for your little cunt, then sit on it for us."

Taking the hint Laurel went to sit in the centre of the bed and then go to Jesse expectantly, who bashfully made her way onto the bed and crawled onto it until she was in between the legs of The Black Canary. Jesse was kind of surprised that Laurel was permitted to wear a dildo, but presumably that was down to Nyssa, Sara and even Felicity wanting a piece of her ass, the idea making Jesse blush furiously. It also somehow turned her on, despite what it meant for her previously untouched ass hole. Briefly Jesse wished she could go back to just tasting herself on the lips of Nyssa and even Thea. Perhaps just offer to eat pussy, which certainly didn't seem half as scary as this.

Despite these thoughts Jesse found herself barely hesitating wrap her lips around Laurel's cock and start bobbing her head up and down it the first chance she got. Which earned her encouragement from the other women, although surprisingly Laurel stayed silent. Not that Jesse was really paying attention to what they said. No, she was too busy sucking that cock. Or at least as much of it as she could take. Which wasn't much, as it was big. Like, really big. Like she could barely fit it in her mouth, let alone push it into her throat. In fact she didn't even try, instead just spitting on the lower half and licking it, which she could tell the other women didn't approve of, but they didn't outright say anything.

As she continued to suck that cock Jesse started fingering herself, slipping one and then two fingers into her extremely welcoming pussy. God, Jesse wasn't sure she'd ever been this wet, and she soon found herself moaning around the cock, which unsurprisingly pleased the dominant women around her. Also Laurel, who grinned down at her. Which made her wonder what Laurel thought of all this? She'd said Mistresses, right? As in Nyssa and Felicity, almost definitely, but did that include Laurel's sister Sara? Were they really that perverted? Because it certainly seemed like it, and while that should have put Jesse off like the threaten of being made air tight it only turned her on even more.

Laurel had of course meant Mistresses, and she was so happy they had a fresh piece of meat to play with, and more importantly she was helping them do it. Of course she was extremely jealous of Jesse right now, she loved to be the centre of attention during the frequent lesbian gang bangs she had been involved in. But her fuck holes were still a little sore from the last time she had gleefully fill that role, and if she was lucky one of her Mistresses would use her mouth to clean their cocks and/or one of her fuck holes as a sort of desert. And of course, the stimulator on her clit made sure she would cum later when Jesse was riding her, and she actually got pretty close just from Jesse blowing her. Although part of that was the frequent encouragement Jesse was receiving from the others.

"Yesssssss, suck it bitch! Suck that cock!" Nyssa commanded, her slight nervousness a distant memory, "Suck it good. Get it nice and ready for your cunt, then I shall slide into your virgin ass hole and introduce you to the joy of being DP'ed. Then we shall introduce you to the joy of being air tight, a cock in each one of your fuck holes, giving you pleasure like you couldn't possibly imagine."

"You'll love it. We all did." Felicity revealed, earning her a glare from her girlfriends, causing her to quickly add, "And so did our bitches. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, we double and triple stuffed them all the time, and they love it. Can't get enough of it. So suck that cock. Take it deep down your little throat so you can earn the right to be made air tight."

"Or just suck it for the sheer joy of it. And you are enjoying it, aren't you Jesse?" Sara chimed in gleefully, trying to turn their attention back to the present, "Ooooooh yessssss, you're quite the little cock sucker, aren't you Jesse? Yes you are, mmmmm, I think that's so hot. Go ahead Jesse, show us just how much you love cock, because by the end of the night, you're going to be addicted to our strap-on cocks. Oh yeah, you're going to be addicted to dicks which never go soft, meaning that you will need dominant women like us to fuck you all the God damn time. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, and luckily for you, we have a few women in mind. But first, you've got to suck that cock good."

"All our cocks." Nyssa suddenly revealed, "Oh yes, Laurel's cock is wet enough, hop on it and you can start sucking our cocks, you nasty little cock slut."

Pulling her mouth away from that dildo Jesse replied bashfully, "Yes, Mistress Nyssa."

If Laurel had sounded so ensure while replying to one of her Mistresses she would probably be punished for it, although Jesse obviously got off lightly as she was still new to all of this. Still, Laurel hoped that she would see this little slut receive a nice hard spanking soon, as she always liked watching Thea getting her little butt beaten. Almost as much as she loved receiving an ass beating herself. Although it was hard to think of such things when another submissive girl was mounting her, crying out and then moaning as she penetrated her own pussy on Laurel's strap-on and then slowly slid all the way down it. Jesse then obediently paused, waiting for a cock to be pushed into her mouth, but when none came she cautiously started bouncing up and down.

The dominant women seemed intent just to watch for a few long minutes, making Laurel even more jealous of Jesse. Then Mistress Nyssa gleefully pressed her strap-on against Jesse's lips, clearly not expecting to have too repeat herself. Sure enough Jesse didn't hesitate to wrap her lips around that man-made meat and started greedily sucking on it, moaning as she got her first taste of being double stuffed. It certainly wouldn't be her last, Mistress Sara and Mistress Felicity encouraging her to give them a turn with her hot mouth. Even little Thea got a turn with that mouth, although unlike the others she didn't provide commentary for it.

Not that Laurel really paid much attention to what her Mistresses were saying, as she was just a little too lost in memories of being in Jesse's position. She just couldn't help it, as it was one of her favourite parts. In a way it was even better than being fully stuffed, or DP'ed, because she had the joy of anticipating the pure heaven, and the incredible orgasms which would follow. Not just for her, but for her precious owners. Although Laurel certainly didn't have the courage to start bouncing up and down the cock in her pussy, like Jesse was doing now. Even if it was a gamble which had paid off, again mostly because she was new, although also because she was still giving each of the dominant women a thorough blow job.

"Jesse, are you ready to be butt fucked?" Nyssa asked with a wicked grin as she and her girlfriends moved back to give Jesse some space.

There was a brief pause as Jesse blushed, but eventually she replied, "Ye, yes. I mean, yes Mistress Nyssa."

"Good girl." Nyssa grinned, moving behind her pray, "Then spread your ass cheeks and give me your virgin butt hole."

Nyssa smiled wickedly at her target for a few long seconds, enjoying this sight of Jesse's cheeks being spread, the younger girl's most intimate hole being offered to her as a sacrifice for their mutual pleasure. Then she teasingly slid the tip of her cock up and down Jesse's ass crack, before slowly beginning to stretch that cute little butt hole, not stopping until the head of the dildo slid through the anal ring and into Jesse's virgin bottom, meaning Nyssa had done it. She had popped Jesse's anal cherry, making this ass hers. Or at the very least it was the first step. Not that it mattered, because right now, this ass was hers to fuck, and Nyssa took full advantage of that fact.

Obviously she paused to give Jesse some time to relax, especially considering the other girl cried out in understandable pain from getting her virgin ass violated, and then when Nyssa did finally start pushing forwards she went nice and slowly, not giving Jesse more than she could handle. But truthfully, that was as much for Nyssa's benefit as it was for Jesse's. Oh yes, Nyssa adored the chance to savour what it was she was doing, and oh, she was only too happy to take her time and savour every moment of stuffing Jesse's now formally virgin bottom with her cock. Especially with having those cheeks spread like that, meaning that she could have the perfect view of Jesse's ass hole slowly stretching for the big strap-on that was slowly sliding inside it.

That sight alone would have been sheer perfection, but Nyssa got so much more. Which included one of her regular lovers spreading those cheeks, and even grinning as she anally abuse the younger girl. Jessie whimpering, gasping and crying out from trying to get used to having her butt invaded and yet she didn't offer up any true complaint and just let Nyssa have her way with her. Although perhaps best of all was the sheer mental high of having seduced this 19-year-old girl and within mere hours of meeting her to be introducing Jesse's ass to it's first cock, with two more ready and willing to take over. Yet they would have to wait until Nyssa was finished having her fun with this virgin bottom.

Despite knowing it wouldn't be long before Sara would impatiently demand a turn with this hot little piece of ass Nyssa took her time giving Jesse a long slow anal penetration. Even when it was over and her thighs came to rest against the other girl's cheeks, announcing the full length of her dick was inside Jesse's rectum, she further showed the Speedster mercy by pausing to let Jesse get used to the sensation of having a butt full of cock. And yes, also so Nyssa could savour this delicious moment of conquest. But mostly it was mercy. The same mercy she showed when she began gently pushing back and forth, causing the dildo to move slowly through Jesse's back passage, Jesse Quick crying out as her first ass fucking officially got underway.

Sara loved watching a pretty girl getting her ass cherry taken almost as much as she loved taking it, and certainly throughout the anal penetration she couldn't take her eyes away from Jesse's butt hole slowly stretching and then accepting the full length of Nyssa's cock. But after that she found her eyes wandering to Nyssa. Nyssa was always ridiculously sexy, but never more so than when she was anally dominating another woman. She was just totally in her element, and ironically Sara found herself more jealous of Jesse than Nyssa for a few long moments. She even felt the urge to bend over next to Jesse, spread her cheeks, and see how long it took for Nyssa to start switching between their butt holes. Maybe even beg Nyssa to concentrate on her greedy little ass hole.

As amazing as that would be Sara couldn't possibly miss out on the fun of breaking in Jesse, and sure, she wouldn't be first, but second was nothing to be ashamed of. She just needed to get back into a dominant mood first, which wasn't difficult given the heavenly sight of that big dick pumping in and out of Jesse's butt hole. Oh yes, all Sara had to do was concentrate on that and imagine it was her in Nyssa's place, not Jesse's. Which okay, was a little more difficult than it normally was, but Sara got there, and as soon as she did she asked as nicely as possible for her turn, with disappointing but not surprising results, given how much fun Nyssa was clearly having.

"My turn now?" Sara questioned hopefully.

"Five more minutes." Nyssa said dismissively.

"Now Nyssa, you promised you wouldn't hog that butt." Felicity softly reminded her lover.

"And I won't." Nyssa swore, finally turning her gaze to Sara, "Five more minutes, and she is yours. I promise. Mmmmm, I just want a little more time breaking her in first."

There was a brief pause, then Sara sighed, "Fine, but then you better be willing to share this sweet piece of ass."

"Don't worry beloved." Nyssa grinned wickedly, "We're all getting a piece of this ass tonight."

The next five minutes were agonisingly long for Sara as she watched Nyssa savouring every additional second she got with Jesse's ass hole, before finally pulling out and taking over spreading Jesse's cheeks with a wicked smile. Not needing any further encouragement Sara wordlessly got into position and shoved her cock into Jesse's already gaping butt hole, causing the poor girl to cry out loudly in mostly pleasure. Which continue to be the case as Sara completed the anal penetration with one more long thrust, slowing it down to make it easier on their latest conquest, and just to savour the moment. Even so, it only seemed to be a matter of seconds before her thighs came to rest against Jesse's cheeks, announcing every inch of that dick was buried in the Speedster's butt.

After savouring that fact Sara began pumping her ass back and forth, officially starting to sodomise the other girl, much to Jesse's clear delight. Oh yes, this girl was a natural butt slut, and by the time they were through with her they would make sure Jesse Quick was completely addicted to anal sex. They would also make her addicted to ass to mouth, Nyssa gleefully being the first to introduce her to it. Well, Nyssa did continue to provide Sara, Nyssa and Thea the perfect view of Jesse's ass hole stretching wide around the dildo pumping in and out of it for a few long minutes, but inevitably she walked around to introduce Jesse to yet another form of debauchery.

Jesse couldn't believe how good it felt, not just because of the cock in her pussy. Yes, the cock in her pussy initially distracted her from the pain of losing her anal cherry and getting her ass stuffed full of a giant dildo, but once that strap-on was fully embedded in her butt and pumping in and out of it Jesse started to feel pleasure. Then she felt nothing but pleasure as Nyssa literally fucked her ass into submission. Which sounded brutal, but in reality it meant gentle strokes of her cock, causing Jesse's rectum to relax and places inside her which she never knew could feel good being stimulated until she just couldn't fight back the urge to moan in pleasure. Maybe it was foolish to even try, it was just so embarrassing and humiliating to be enjoying getting her ass abused, especially so soon after the butt sex had begun.

It would have been bad enough if she allowed her boyfriend to talk her into this, and it would be just the two of them in an intimate setting. Or better yet, she was doing this as part of a drunken one night stand, and they both probably wouldn't remember it in the morning, and even if they did she really wouldn't have to deal with the consequences. But no, she had allowed her friends to talk her into this. Well, friends of friends and occasional Allies, but it was still a large group of women gleefully watching the most humiliating moment of her life. And were participating in it. Oh God, Nyssa was right, they were all going to get a piece of Jesse's ass, and that's all Jesse was right now. A piece of ass for these dominant women to use for their pleasure.

Then just when Jesse didn't think it could get any more humiliating Nyssa walked around, pressed the tip of her cock against her lips, and ordered, "Suck it slut, mmmmm yeah, suck your ass off of my cock! Yes, suck it, and know the joy of being fully stuffed! Ohhhhh yes, know the joy of a cock in your mouth, ass and pussy all at the same time! Do it whore! Suck my cock!"

Which caused Jesse to blush furiously and whimper pathetically. God, was there any limit to this debauchery? Did these women have no shame? Did they truly expect her to suck a dildo which had just pummelled the deepest parts of her bowels? Clearly given the look on Nyssa's face the answer to those questions was no, no and yes. In fact yes maybe putting it mildly. Nyssa was clearly demanding she did this, and Jesse knew she couldn't deny her. Not because she was a scary assassin, but because Jesse needed her and the rest of these women to fuck her and make her cum. Besides, she suspected there would be consequences to even hesitating, and sure enough Sara stopped fucking her ass and threatened to stop entirely, which was an unbearable thought for Jesse at that moment.

"Do as she says!" Sara ordered, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, go ass to mouth for us, otherwise we won't let you cum. That's right, we'll leave you to finish yourself off, and just have more fun with each other and our bitches, and you don't want that, do you? No, you don't, so suck it! Fucking suck it you nasty little Speedster! Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, suck it just like that, oh fuck, good girl. Good little ATM slut!! Mmmmm, good slut Speedster! Good little fully stuffed Speedster! Oh fuck!"

"Do as they say Jesse." Felicity encouraged, albeit a little more gentle than the others, like the rest becoming gleeful as Jesse did as she was told, "Oh yes, suck it! Suck it good, mmmmm yessssss, oh fuck! Take it deep into your throat so you know the joy of having a cock in every single one of your holes! Oh yes, it feels good doesn't it? Doesn't it? Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, you love having a nice big cock in all of your sexy little fuck holes at the same time, mmmmm, my girlfriends and my bitch working together to fuck you? Oh God, I'm so jealous of you right now Jesse. I'm jealous, because I know just how good it feels. Mmmmm, but I'm also jealous of every single one of them, and I can't wait to get a piece of those sweet little fuck holes of yours."

As it seemed like she had no other choice Jesse had wrapped her lips around that cock, her face scrunched up as she expected to taste something truly vile. Which initially might be preferable to her Instantly liking it, and moaning in pleasure. Of course this caused the other women to laugh, and humiliate her even more, each taking it in turn to layer verbal beat down on her. Thankfully Jesse barely heard a word, as she was too caught up in tasting her own butt. Also the fact that Sara was right, and she was now fully stuffed. A fully stuffed Speedster. A cock stuffed into all of her holes, her mouth, pussy and ass hole all being used by dominant women, making her feel like a total slut. Which again was humiliating, embarrassing and degrading, but Jesse couldn't help but love it.

Thea could vividly remember being in that position, and it made her ass hole quiver around the large plug in it, both from desire and jealousy. The last time her Mistresses had anally taken a female member of Team Flash, namely both Iris and Linda, they had treated Thea and Laurel as their deserts. It happened the first time they all had sex, and every time after that, and Thea very much hoped that it would happen again tonight. And that when they were through with her Jesse would turn around and fuck her, like Iris and Linda had done. Although it was unlikely given that Jesse definitely seemed like a pure bottom. Which meant she would have a new friend, but also more competition. Which she wouldn't mind as long as she was still regularly used, and her Mistresses could be trusted to make sure that happened. In fact, it was going to happen again sooner than she would have thought.

"Thea, up for trying something new?" Nyssa asked once her cock had been cleaned enough.

"Of course Mistress Nyssa." Thea said submissively.

"Good, then bend over." Nyssa ordered, taking great delight in the happy grin which crossed Thea's face. Then she scolded Thea as she reached for the harness, "No, leave it on."

"Yes Mistress Nyssa, sorry Mistress Nyssa." Thea apologised, before finally bending over.

It felt extremely weird to Thea whenever she wore a strap-on as she identified as a pure bottom, but she was happy to do it to assist her Mistresses with whatever they had planned. She had simply assumed that Jesse was to be passed back and forth between her and Laurel, or perhaps Jesse would have to anally ride them to show just how much of an ass whore she was. But this she just didn't get. Not that she could care when suddenly her butt-plug was removed and replaced by Mistress Nyssa's dick, her Mistress slowly stuffing her ass despite the fact that she could have probably rammed it all in with just one thrust considering how slutty that hole was, and how it was constantly used. Of course Thea welcomed the slow thrust, as it meant that she and her Mistress got to savour the moment.

"There, now you get to be my human dildo." Nyssa chuckled wickedly, as she started moving them over to Jesse.

"Yes Mistress Nyssa." Thea whimpered in response.

But clearly Thea was truly just a human dildo to Mistress Nyssa now, as she completely ignored her and simply moved her into position, expertly lining up Thea's strap-on with Jesse's butt hole once it was free and then pushing forwards. The force of that thrust caused Mistress Nyssa's strap-on to pound deeper into Thea's butt, meaning that both she and Jesse cried out in pure pleasure as their most private holes were violated by the superior woman. But also, Jesse was being violated by Thea, the thought amusing Thea, and certainly not going unnoticed by her other Mistresses who taunted Jesse for this fact. Albeit after Thea's dildo was buried in Jesse's ass and Mistress Nyssa had worked up a steady rhythm to fuck them both.

"Yessssss, you like that, don't you slut?" Nyssa chuckled with delight, "You love getting butt fucked by my human dildo?"

"It's more than that Nyssa. Mmmmm, she loves being butt fucked by a bottom." Sara grinned wickedly, "Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, Jesse Quick is the kind of shameless bottom who totally gets off on giving up her ass to another bottom. Oooooooh, and we all know what that means, don't we Felicity?"

"Right." Felicity nodded, blushing a little but not needing to be further pushed to add, "It means this Speedster is as big a bottom as your whore sister, and sweet little Thea. Which has to make her one of the biggest bottoms on Earth. Any Earth, for that matter. See, she's from Earth 2, not our Earth, and wow wasn't that something weird to say. But-"

"So she's the biggest anal loving lesbian bottom of another universe? Got it." Sara said dismissively, getting them back on track, "Which means she's perfect for the role of sex slave. Mmmmm yessssss, you hear that Jesse? You're gonna make the perfect little butt sex loving lesbian slave, just like my big sister, ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, and the girl who is practically my little sister. Speaking of which, how do you like it Thea? Huh? Do you like being Mistress Nyssa's human dildo? Huh? Literally a fuck toy she's using to further humiliate and break in another girl? Huh? Answer me! Do you like being used like this for the enjoyment of your betters?"

"Yes!" Thea cried out, struggling to form words, "I love it, oooooooh, I love it sooooo much! Mmmmm, I love it Mistress Sara! I love literally being a fuck toy for you and my other Mistresses. And ohhhhhhh, Mistress Nyssa! My wonderful, wonderful Mistress Nyssa! Ohhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, thank you, thank you, thank you for turning me into nothing but a human dildo! That's, mmmmmm, that's all I want to be if it means more of your big fucking dick in my ass! Oooooooh yessssssss, I live for your dick in my ass! I live for it! Yessssssss, fuck my ass, mmmmmm, fucking use me! I love it when you use me! Oh please Mistress Nyssa, use me to butt fuck Jesse Quick and turn her into your personal anal whore! Just like me. Oooooooooh Gooooooddddd yesssssss, use me, ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, use my slutty little butt, oh fuck! Ah shit! Oh Mistress Nyssa! Ooooooohhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddddd, fuck me!"

"As you wish, my little butt slut." Nyssa chuckled while beginning to fuck the asses of Thea and Jesse at a faster pace, picking it up until she was sodomising them as hard as she could without making them cum.

Normally Thea loved being anally violated and tortured by her Mistresses, but it was weird to express that and yet not be the focus of their attention. It was a little disappointing, but mostly it added to the humiliation Thea was experiencing, and that just pushed her closer to climax. Most of all, she was jealous of Jesse, who was not only being made air tight, but technically had the added humiliation of having a total bottom butt fuck her. Which unsurprisingly caught up with the Speedster, and soon she was begging for more, which the Doms were only too happy to give her. Then Thea forgot all about being jealous of her, because she got to cum too, even if it wasn't quite as hard and as frequently.

Jesse hadn't thought it was possible to be more degraded than having each one of her fuck holes stuffed with cock, but these incredibly dominant women somehow found a way by using one of their subs as a dildo. Which made her wander what it would be like to be in Thea's position. Would it be more humiliating than hers, or less? The same? Would it feel as good as this? It couldn't possibly feel better, could it? One thing was for sure, the women topping her weren't being penetrated at all, and whatever mental high they were receiving from doing this couldn't possibly compare to what she was receiving right now, making Jesse so grateful she was in her current position. But also hoping the tops were receiving even a fraction of the pleasure she was, because she wanted to do this again.

It was now obvious that Thea and Laurel were the sex slaves of... Mistress Nyssa, Mistress Sara and Mistress Felicity, so why couldn't Jesse join them? No, Jesse had to join them. She had to experience this pleasure again, and surely the only way she could do it was to devote herself completely to the strong and dominant women. All Jesse had to do was prove that there was no perverted thing she wouldn't let them do to her, and they could use her for as long as they wanted. Then there was the advantage she had over normal girls, her superhuman stamina, and Jesse used it to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of this as possible, and try and prove herself the perfect sex slave.

Then when Jesse could take it no more she shamelessly begged, "FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK! Ohhhhhhhh, fuck me Mistress Sara, fuck my ass and make me your bitch! Make me your slutty little anal loving whore! Make me your sex slave. Ooooooh yessssss, mmmmm, make me your anal addicted lesbian sex slave! Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, make me like Laurel and Thea! Do to me what you did to your own sisters, you perverted bitch! Ah fuck! Just please, fuck me hard and make me cum! Ooooooooh please, please, mmmmm, please, I'll do anything if you just make me cum! I need it! I need to cum, ohhhhhhh, please, please, please Mistress Sara, ooooooh Mistress Felicity, mmmmm, Mistress Nyssa, yesssssssss, that's it, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh, make me cum make me cum MAKE ME CUM OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD, FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK MEEEEEEEE, AH FUCKKKKKKK!"

Honestly Jesse was expecting more taunting and teasing, and she even just had enough stamina left to deal with it. However thankfully instead of that Mistress Sara, who was currently in her ass, gradually increase the pace until she could no longer at a coherent word, and then pushed her over the edge of the most amazing climax of her life. It was then followed by another, and another, and another as Mistress Sara effortlessly wrecked her ass. Which given everything that had come before Jesse had been expecting, but she was beginning to wonder whether at least Mistress Nyssa and Mistress Sara also had superhuman speed, strength and stamina, as first one and then the other gave her a truly epic ass fucking.

The only thing stopping it from being perfect was that after Mistress Felicity pulled her cock out of her mouth there was nothing which replaced it, and when it was her turn while Mistress Felicity was really impressive however it was more of a pleasant desert to the main course which had been the rectum wrecking Jesse had received from Mistress Sara and Mistress Nyssa. Not that she complained though. No, she was still too busy cumming, and daydreaming of her new life as a lesbian sex slave to these incredibly beautiful women. Or at least she was when she could think, as even with her superhuman abilities it became a struggle for her through most of the hard butt pounding.

Felicity felt exhausted just from watching first Sara and then Nyssa take their turns giving Jesse's ass everything they had. To be fair to her by the time Jesse had started begging for a harder butt fucking they had switched holes half a dozen times, and once again her girlfriends were total booty hogs who seem to take forever to finish with Jesse, allowing plenty of time for Felicity's adrenaline to wear off. Meanwhile Nyssa had been cheating, because whenever she wasn't in one of Jesse's fuck holes she was violating Thea. Or using Thea to violate Jesse. Except for the end there, where Nyssa pushed Thea away so she could concentrate on Jesse. Although it was very impressive the way that even when she finally just vacated Jesse's butt hole she went back to sodomising Thea, even if she made Thea do all the work.

It was hard for Felicity to not feel intimidated by what a great job her assassin girlfriends had just done, or by Thea rapidly bouncing her butt up and down Nyssa's cock until her cum squirted out of her cunt. But Felicity was determined to prove she was a worthy addition to this trio, something she felt she needed to do to avoid Sara and Nyssa relapsing into simply dating each other and seeing the hacker as just another fuck toy. So taking a calming breath Felicity shoved every inch of her cock up Jesse's ass with more force than Nyssa and Sara had shown and then started giving their latest conquest everything she had, pretty much starting off that way from the get go instead of bothering to build up, not that Jesse complained.

Thankfully Jesse somehow still had enough voice to continue crying out, whimpering and even screaming her approval as Felicity roughly stuffed her ass and then fucked it. More importantly the Speedster pounded herself back against Felicity's cock in her ass, and then down onto Laurel's cock stuffing her pussy. Which of course she had done for Sara and Nyssa, and even for them all just before the hard pounding began, but until then she hadn't used her superspeed. Now she was it was making all the difference. So much so that Felicity was struggling to hold on, only her experience with her girlfriends allowing her to last as long as she did. Which wasn't as long as Felicity would have liked, but it was still pretty impressive, and ensured Jesse came nice and hard.

Maybe if Jesse hadn't started using her superspeed Felicity could have lasted longer, but it was doubtful considering she had barely gotten started before she too started cumming. Sara and Nyssa clearly came when it had been their turn, Felicity knew them well enough for that. Hell, Nyssa was still cumming thanks to Thea anally riding her. But Felicity didn't quite have the stamina of Master Assassins, and certainly not of a Speedster and ultimately the constant bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising another woman, of anally gang banging a female superhero with her girlfriends, just caught up with her and she came so wonderfully hard. And she was able to push herself through that, but it was the beginning of the end, and ultimately she had to pull out and stumble back to avoid collapsing in exhaustion, leaving her and her girlfriends to admire their handiwork.

After a few long seconds of that Sara ordered, "Spread your cheeks for us slut! Mmmm yeahhhhh, show us that pretty little gape."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Jesse whimpered and blushed.

Jesse then quickly pressed her face down, pushed her ass high into the air and reached back. She was going to use the same speed to pull apart her cheeks, which was bordering on superspeed, but luckily her mind recovered quickly enough for her to realise that her new Mistresses would want her to do this part slowly, which was exactly what she did, which seemed to please the other women given the look on their faces. Which made Jesse more grateful than ever that she was a Speedster, and therefore able to recover quickly even from something as draining as being the centre of an all girl gang bang. Which was obvious to the other women, which would hopefully convince them she would be the perfect sex slave for them, because in that moment Jesse had never wanted anything more.

"Good girl." Nyssa purred, "Now clean our cocks. Mmmmm yessssss, use that hot little mouth of yours to clean our cocks of your slut juices."

"And you can start with Laurel's cock." Felicity chimed in, "Oh yes, suck your cum off of that cock, mmmmm, that's hot."

"Yes Mistress Felicity." Jesse replied more eagerly this time, although she still blushed. Then for good measure she added, "Yes Mistress Nyssa."

Again Jesse reached her destination quickly, this time definitely using her superspeed to pull herself off of Laurel's cock and position her mouth over it before slowing down to wrap her lips around that cum coated dildo. It was yet another first for her, which seemed quite normal given the depravity she had just submitted too. Unsurprisingly she quickly found she liked it, moaning happily as the flavour hit her taste-buds, much to the clear delight of the dominant women. They continued offering her encouragement, especially Mistress Nyssa and Mistress Sara, but honestly Jesse couldn't really focus on anything they were saying when there was some yummy cream to clean.

It was the same story when she moved onto the other cocks, Mistress Nyssa, Mistress Felicity and Mistress Sara gathering around so it would be easier for her to go back and forth between them. Mistress Nyssa was even gracious enough to gently hold Thea next to her, the poor girl exhausted from her anal pounding, giving Jesse another yummy strap-on to clean. Because of that she was not only tasting all of her ass cream available, but Thea's ass too, which was a wonderful addition to the liquid which was sending her taste-buds on fire. Which made it very hard to give each cock a long, drawn-out blow job, but she just about managed it, her abilities even allowing her to deep throat pretty easily, thoroughly cleaning each one and then continuing to suck cock while paying more attention to what was being said.

"Yessssss slut, get every drop. Every single drop of your own butt cream you perverted bitch! Oh fuck yeah!" Sara gleefully encouraged, "Take those dildos deep down your throat! Ohhhhhhh yessssss, such a good girl. Such a well-trained cock sucker. Oh wait, we didn't even train you to do that. Which means you must have been an amazing cock sucker before. Is that true Jesse? Have you just been sucking cock all over Earth 2? Huh? Well, that's good, because from now on you're going to be sucking strap-on. Trust me, it's not quite the same, but women want their dildos thoroughly cleaned after they're used, so don't short change us. Yesssss, give us everything you've got."

"Oh, we clearly don't have to worry. Look at her, she's a natural." Nyssa chuckled with delight, "Oh yes, sucking cock just comes naturally to this slut, just like ass to mouth, and everything else we've done to her tonight. Ooooooh yesssss, just look at the way she's sucking Thea's ass, and her own, off of my dick. Iris and Linda will be so pleased."

When Jesse frowned around Nyssa's dildo and looked up at them Sara happily explained, "We're going to give you to them as a gift, after we've done training you of course."

"Think of them as your caretakers, but make no mistake, we own you all." Nyssa clarified.

"But I'm sure they'll take good care of you." Felicity chimed in.

While it was a little disappointing that they weren't 'keeping her' in the traditional sense at least she would still be theirs, and that was enough for Jesse at that moment. In fact this arrangement might be even better, because instead of becoming the sex slaves of women she didn't know she was about to become the sex slave of her friends. More accurately women she didn't know, superheroes at that, were going to train her to be the perfect lesbian sex slave for her friends. Which from the look of it, just meant more fun like this with these beautiful women, before then having this kind of fun with her friends, which pretty much seemed like heaven at that moment for Jesse Quick.

Chapter Text

"Felicity, are you okay?"

Coming out of her thoughts Felicity Smoak stammered, "I'm, I'm fine thanks Caitlin. You?"

"Yeah..." Caitlin Snow frowned, "I'm just worried about my friend, and wondering why she wanted to talk to me alone."

"Oh, that." Felicity grinned, "I just thought this would be better, you know? I mean, Sara's great. Like really, really great. Amazing actually. But she can be a bit much, sometimes. And Nyssa, don't get me started on Nyssa. I don't want them to overwhelm you, especially after everything you went through with Ronnie."

This confused Caitlin even more, "What do you mean, exactly?"

"Let's put a pin in that for just a second." Felicity dismissed, "How have you been doing, you know? With Ronnie..."

"Being dead, only not, then after a year of absence marry him only for him to immediately die? Yeah, it's been hard." Caitlin grumbled, before softening her tone as it wasn't fair to take that out on her friend, "It's been about a year now, since he, you know, officially died... and... it's hard."

"I'm sorry." Felicity said softly, squeezing her friend’s hand over the table.

"It is what it is." Caitlin said sadly, "I'm dealing with it. Or at least I'm trying."

"Have you at least managed to find a rebound guy, like I suggested?" Felicity asked hopefully.

"Yeah." Caitlin grumbled, "He was evil."

"I'm sorry." Felicity said again with a reassuring smile, "Dating can be the worst. Especially given most guys our age only want one thing."

"What? No, he was literally evil." Caitlin explained, "You remember Zoom? That turned out to be the guy I was dating."

"Wow, really? God, you really do have the worst luck." Felicity said without thinking, immediately hating herself for it, "Oh God, I'm so sorry. I-"

"It's fine." Caitlin reassured, "Maybe, one day I'll find it funny, but it happened pretty recently, so can we talk about something else? Like anything? Oh, speaking of dating, I hear congratulations are in order. You and Sara? What is it, a whole year together? That's so great Felicity. I'm so, so happy for you."

"Thanks." Felicity beamed, cautiously adding, "But we don't have to talk about it if you don't want too."

"Why? Because my love life is a flaming wreck? Please, I could do with a distraction." Caitlin reassured, "Please tell me more."

"Okay." Felicity beamed happily, "Sara's amazing. She's so smart, and funny, and oh my God she's so freaking hot. And the sex? I literally don't have the words."

"That's great." Caitlin smiled, unable to stop herself from asking out of curiosity, "But, isn't it weird? Being with a girl, I mean?"

"No." Felicity said quickly, before admitting, "Well, maybe a little bit, but it's a good kind of weird, you know? Or different! Yes, I like different. It's different, but incredible. I love everything we do together, mmmmm, especially lately. Hey, did you want to hear what we did for her one-year anniversary?"

"Sure." Caitlin grinned, before quickly adding, "As long as it's not too graphic."

"Do me a favour? Start sipping your drink first?" Felicity asked hopefully, and then when Caitlin gave a look the hacker protested, "What? I wanna see if I can get a spit take out of this."

"Fine." Caitlin sighed, indulging her friend, "But I warn you, I'm a doctor, and I've spent two years being confronted by the impossible weekly. It'd take a lot to shock me."

Felicity hummed, waiting until her friend had a mouthful of martini before revealing, "We had a three-way with Nyssa."

This didn't get the spit take Felicity was hoping for, but Caitlin did choke on the alcohol a little before swallowing and exclaiming, "You, you invited your girlfriend's ex-girlfriend into your bed?"

"Well, she's not her ex-girlfriend anymore." Felicity teased, before continuing, "She's my girlfriend. And Sara's. We're a thruple."

There was a long pause and then Caitlin admitted, "Okay, that's pretty shocking. But it's not as uncommon as people think. I was reading this article the other day-

"Then we made Thea and Laurel our sex slaves." Felicity finally revealed, really feeling like she was on a roll now, "This was after we solidified our relationship of course. Which is still going strong, we just have other playmates now."

There was another long pause and then Caitlin admitted, "Yeah, that's a new one."

"I'm not trying to freak you out." Felicity said softly.

"I'm not-" Caitlin began to protest loudly and unconvincingly, before quieting her voice, "Okay, I'm a little freaked out. But it's fine. It's... fine."

"Because I just wanted to be honest, and..." Felicity protested.

"No, you have. And I appreciate that." Caitlin insisted, softening her tone once more and squeezing Felicity's hand, "You've been such a good friend to me, Felicity, and I do really appreciate having you in my corner over the past few years."

"Me too." Felicity said softly, rubbing Caitlin's hand, "Which is why I have a proposition for you..."

"P, proposition?" Caitlin stammered, seriously considering pulling her hand away.

"Yeah..." Felicity murmured softly, briefly crippled by the same anxiousness and doubt which had stopped her from doing this earlier in the night, before she thought of her beloved Sara, which gave Felicity the courage she needed to take a calming breath and tell her friend, "Just, just hear me out? Okay? Lately we've, as in me, Sara and Nyssa... have been going out together... hunting, as Sara likes to call it... for a woman, or women, who would like to join us. Just for a night! We're not looking for another full-time pet, and we're certainly not looking for another girlfriend. We're just looking for some fun, and after everything you've been through, I think you could really use some no strings attached fun."

There was yet another long pause, the longest yet, and then Caitlin stammered, "Wow... just... wow... I'm, I'm flattered. So flattered, really. But I'm not... well..."

"Gay?" Felicity offered with a gentle smile, "Neither am I. Honestly, I wasn't even sure I liked women before Sara seduced me. Or at least, that's what I told myself. I explained away lingering looks and thoughts with articles about how it was natural to be curious, but Sara proved me wrong, and I'm so happy she did, because our relationship was a revelation. But that doesn't have to be what it's like for you Caitlin. You can just have a night of fun, then you can go back to pretending you don't have a crush on Iris."

"Iris?" Caitlin blushed, before weekly protesting, "I don't-"

"We fucked her. Did she tell you that?" Felicity interrupted, suddenly feeling confident again, "Did she tell you that, huh? Did Iris West tell you about how we gang banged her and her little girlfriend Linda on our very first night here? Well, they weren't actually girlfriends then, but they were by the time we were done with them. Mmmmm, then after a week of having fun with them we went after little Jesse, and God, does that little Speedster make an excellent submissive slut. Which again, you should ask Iris about, considering we gave Jesse to her as a present. We even put a little bow on her, and then watched as Iris and Linda made her their bitch. Does that excite you Caitlin? Huh? The thought of being Iris's bitch?"

"I... I, I..." Caitlin stammered.

"But, this wasn't supposed to be about throwing you in the deep end." Felicity quickly slowed things down, "If I had been okay with that, I would have let Sara and Nyssa do it. Or maybe even let Iris take a shot. But you've been too good a friend to me for that, so insisted on being upfront with you. That way, if you want, we can just forget the whole freaking thing. I'll even give you some space if you need. But... I really think this would be good for you. And I... I want you Caitlin. I want to show you everything I've learned over the past year or so about myself, because if ever anyone deserved it, it's you. And honestly? I just want you because you're incredibly beautiful, and a wonderful person. And if you like, it can be just the two of us. You and me. No toys, no kinky shit, not even anyone watching. Just one woman giving another pleasure. Just... promise me you'll think about it? Please?"

There was yet another extremely long pause and then Caitlin mumbled softly, "I promise."

"Great." Felicity smiled softly, then after another pause asked, "So, you want to get another drink, or-"

"No, I... I need to clear my head." Caitlin stammered, finally pulling her hand away from Felicity and stumbled towards the door.

Sara, who had been watching from a short distance away, slowly approached, wrapped her arms around Felicity who happily relaxed into them, and then she softly asked, "Do you want me to go after her, babe?"

"No." Felicity shook her head.

With a wicked smile Sara offered, "Do you want Nyssa to hunt her down and drag her back here?"

"I don't like what you're implying, beloved." Nyssa grumbled, appearing from the shadows, "I am just as capable of subtle seduction as you are, if not more so."

"Yeah right." Sara scoffed.

"No, no, no." Felicity laughed good-naturedly at the banter of her girlfriends, before telling them with surprising confidence, "She'll be back. I know it."


Caitlin didn't know it, but then again she didn't feel like she knew anything at that moment. Her mind was just filled with images of her female friends doing very erotic things to each other, and girls she knew in passing, and of course Felicity's words about what she wanted to do with her, and it was all just overloading her system. Somehow in the middle of all that she found herself wondering why through almost the entire speech she had left her hand in Felicity's. It was such a small thing, and it really shouldn't matter, but Felicity had emphasised her words with gentle strokes, squeezes and caresses, mostly with her thumb, which Caitlin could still feel at this moment. And those eyes. God, Caitlin could remember staring into Felicity's eyes the entire time.

Somehow in the middle of all the chaos going on inside of her head Caitlin found herself standing outside of the home of her good friend Iris West, trying to work up the courage to knock on her door. As much as she wanted to pretend she didn't know what she was doing here Caitlin knew the reason exactly. She wanted confirmation that Felicity wasn't playing some cruel trick on her. Deep down she knew she wasn't, but she wanted to hear it from Iris. To hear that her girl crush and the straightest woman she'd ever known had been seduced and was now in a relationship with her roommate. Or at least Caitlin thought she wanted to know. In reality she just wasn't ready for what she found when she finally worked up the courage to knock on that door.

"Caitlin, come in. We've been expecting you." Linda grinned widely as she opened the door to find her friend standing there, and then opening it wider for her to step in.

"You have?" Caitlin asked softly, walking into the apartment despite the fact Linda was wearing a robe, and probably nothing else underneath it despite the time of night, and more noticeably there was the sounds of sex coming from Iris's bedroom.

"Well, yeah..." Linda hesitated briefly, even as she shut the apartment door, "You were out with Team Arrow tonight, right?"

"Yeah." Caitlin confirmed softly.

"And you want to know whether Felicity was telling the truth, or not?" Linda grinned knowingly, her confidence back.

"Ye, yeah." Caitlin hesitantly confirmed.

"Well, all the proof you need is waiting for you in Iris's room." Linda told her, and then after a few long seconds of Caitlin just standing there, "Please, go right ahead. No one is going to hurt you. I promise."

While Caitlin was sure that was true she was still deeply wary of what she was about to see, and very nearly ran screaming from the apartment. However she was just too curious, so she cautiously walked into Iris's room and went paler than ever, before blushing a deep red. Which was almost the same reaction Jesse Quick had, that didn't stop the Speedster from continuing to bounce up and down slowly on Iris's lap, very clearly riding a strap-on cock. Briefly Caitlin noticed that Iris was sitting up and smirking at her, but her attention quickly went back to Jesse, her eyes travelling down to the other girl's perky boobs which were bouncing in time with her thrusts, and then down to her very wet and noticeably empty pussy, meaning the dildo was in her ass hole, which Caitlin could just about see.

Her female friend, the daughter of a close friend, this superhero was anally riding a cock strapped around the waist of Caitlin's best female friend and girl crush. Which even more than before should have made Caitlin run screaming from the apartment, but she just couldn't take her eyes off this obscene lesbian sex show. And the worst part? Was that she was actually jealous of Jesse. Oh God, to know the joy of being with Iris West she would gladly give up her ass, a thought which terrified Caitlin. Then she heard a gentle cough from behind her, making her turn to find that Linda had disrobed revealing she was wearing nothing but a strap-on. One which looked suspiciously wet.

"Do you like what you see?" Linda teased, confidently stepping forward. Then after a telling silence she added, "We were in the middle of double stuffing Jesse when we heard you knocking on the door. Normally nothing could pull me away from that kind of DP fun, but since we knew there was a very good chance it could be you I made the sacrifice of pulling out of that hot little cunt, covering up and answering the door. Mmmmmm, and I'm actually glad I did, because the look on your face? Totally worth it."

"I-" Caitlin began softly.

"Turn around!" Linda firmly ordered, grinning as Caitlin instantly did as she was told, then moving closer to softly murmur into her ear, "Look at her. Mmmmmm, she's so embarrassed about being exposed as a lesbian whore who loves it up the ass, but does she stop? No. She can't. She's so totally addicted to the pleasure we can give her that she keeps abusing her most private hole, even when someone new is discovering her dirty little secret. We want that for you Caitlin. We want you to know the joy of getting your holes stuffed by dominant women who know what they're doing. Mmmmmm, stuffed at the same time, just like we were doing to Jesse a few seconds ago. Just like were going to do to her again, when you leave."

"But don't leave yet. We have a few questions for you." Iris spoke, "Like have you ever been with a girl before? Have you ever wanted too? Mmmmmm, and do you want to have a little preview?"

For the first question Caitlin shook her head and for the second one she nodded, but despite the fact she didn't answer the last one Linda firmly ordered, "Turn around."

Figuring out what they meant Caitlin did as she was told, and then stammered, "I, I'm not sure about this. I-"

"Get on your knees!" Linda ordered firmly, adding once Caitlin had dropped down to her knees, "Suck my cock. Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, get your first taste of pussy from my cock."

Caitlin hesitated again, but just couldn't resist wrapping her lips around the head of that cock. She told herself it was just going to be a little taste to satisfy her curiosity, but deep down she knew that wasn't true and sure enough after a few long seconds she began bobbing her head up and down the shaft, much to the amusement of Linda and Iris. But Caitlin couldn't help it, it just tasted so good. Jesse's pussy tasted so good. Oh God, she was tasting pussy for the very first time, and it was on a cock. More accurately around a strap-on firmly attached to a friend, who gently stroked her hair and provided words of encouragement throughout the blow job.

Not that Caitlin really paid attention to them. No, she was far too preoccupied with cleaning that cock, Caitlin even pushing it into her throat and choking on it just in the name of getting more of that juice. Unfortunately she wasn't exactly an expert at that, and had to settle for just licking the last few inches. It got the job done, but she kind of wish she could take the whole thing. Although that was a fleeting thought next to the idea that maybe this wasn't just her first taste of pussy. Maybe it was her first taste of girl cum. Maybe it tasted so yummy because her friend Jesse had cum all over this dildo when her other friends were DP'ing the younger girl, the thought exciting Caitlin so much she didn't notice Iris pushing Jesse away from her and then slowly approaching her pray.

Not until Iris grabbed her hair, pulled her towards her and firmly demanded, "Hey, don't hog her. I want a turn with that mouth. Oh yes Caitlin, suck my cock. Let's see if you like the taste of ass as much as you like the taste of pussy."

Without really thinking about it Caitlin had automatically wrapped her lips around Iris's dick and started sucking it. Briefly she frowned as she wondered why it tasted different, then her eyes went wide in realisation. Jesse's butt! This strap-on had been deeply entrenched within Jesse's butt, and now Caitlin was tasting the deepest depths of the other girl's bowels. Which thankfully weren't nearly as bad as she thought they would be. It was so incredibly nasty, but somehow it was a turn on for her. Not that she could really analyse that right now, as she was lost in obeying the much more dominant women, and if that meant sucking ass flavoured cock so be it.

Bizarrely it felt like a small price to pay to live out her dream of having sex with Iris West, and while it wasn't skin to skin it definitely still counted in Caitlin's book. After all, it was clearly making Iris very happy, given the way she was chuckling with delight, stroking Caitlin's hair, and discussing with Linda what fun this was. Which again, was incredibly embarrassing, but Caitlin just couldn't get enough of it. Which was why she cleaned that cock just as thoroughly as the last, which meant taking as much of it into her throat as possible before licking the base. She was even rewarded for her dedication by Iris kneeling down and pulling her into a deep and passionate kiss, before pulling away and smiling warmly at her.

"So, do you really have a crush on me?" Iris asked out of curiosity, beaming happily again when Caitlin blushed and lowered her head before finally nodding it. Then Iris pouted, "God, I so wish I could fuck you right now."

"You could, you know." Linda pointed out, smiling softly, "I wouldn't mind."

"But Mistress Felicity would. More importantly Mistress Sara and Mistress Nyssa would." Iris reminded her, "They get first dibs, remember?"

"Yeah, but they're not here." Linda pointed out, "And who's going to tell them if we have a little fun with her first?"

Iris was very intrigued by the idea, but then pouted and pointed out, "They'd know. You know it."

"Do we?" Linda questioned, before admitting, "Okay yeah, probably, but what's the worst that could happen?"

Again Iris looked thoughtful, giving Caitlin a chance to speak, "Erm, do, do I get a say in this?"

Looking embarrassed Iris quickly reassured, "Of course sweetie. I just... we just..."

"Assumed you'd be okay with that, considering you haven't run screaming already." Linda finished for her, looking just as embarrassed sure, "Although, I was the one telling her that you wanted her, so I was pretty sure you'd be okay with it."

There was a pause and then Caitlin admitted, "I don't know... it's all just a bit much, you know?"

"Yeah, I get it." Iris smiled softly, then after another pause asked, "Do you wanna leave?"

Yet another pause and then Caitlin admitted softly, "I, I don't know."

Iris smiled, pushed Jesse away, stood up, slowly pulled off her strap-on and then walked over to her pray, "Can I try something? See if it helps to make up your mind?"

"What?" Caitlin asked nervously.

"Can I kiss you?" Iris asked softly as she stepped into Caitlin's personal space.

This time there was barely a hesitation before Caitlin nodded and softly murmured, "Yes."

Iris smiled widely, and then did one of the many things she'd wanted to do to Caitlin Snow over the past few weeks. It was perhaps the more tame thing, and something she had fantasised about even before all this craziness, but it was an important step towards making Caitlin her fuck toy, just like Jesse now was, which was hopefully the ultimate result of all of this. Oh yes, Iris would do just about anything to achieve that goal, and slowing things down when she didn't want to seemed like a small price to pay for it. Especially if that meant kissing Caitlin Snow in what was pretty much a perfect first kiss, being that it was soft, slow and sweet, and felt like it should be a company by a triumphant soundtrack considering how her friend just melted into the embrace.

"Wow..." Caitlin murmured once the kiss was broken.

"I know right?" Iris beamed, "Kissing girls..."

"It's pretty awesome." Linda chimed in.

"You're pretty awesome." Caitlin beamed at Iris, before looking at the other two girls and quickly adding, "You all are! I... I, erm..."

"Caitlin, sweetie...." Iris said in a hopefully calming voice.

"Yes?" Caitlin squeaked.

"Can I please go down on you?" Iris asked softly, then when Caitlin looked even more embarrassed she quickly added, "We don't have too, obviously, but our Mistresses shouldn't be too mad about that, and it will make a nice preview for the pleasure you could receive if you go to them and submit."

"The pleasure you could receive from them, and us afterwards, if you want." Linda gently pushed.

"Please Caitlin." Jesse chimed in, briefly pausing as she was nervous it was too much, but she continued anyway, "We'll make it worth your while, I swear."

There was another pause, the longest yet and then Caitlin whispered, "Okay."

Which caused the rest of the girls to celebrate, none more than Iris, "Thanks babe, you won't regret this."

Eager to backup those words Iris slowly leaned in for another kiss, to her credit Caitlin only hesitated briefly before following suit. That kiss lasted even longer than the last one, and when it was over Iris grinned at her friend, and then pushed her into the arms of her girlfriend. To her delight while again Caitlin hesitated briefly she not only allowed Linda to kiss her, but she quickly got into it, and it was the same story when Linda pushed her into Jesse's arms. This cycle was then repeated a few times as they gradually guided Caitlin towards the bed, stripping her of her clothes along the way, which was fairly easy as there were two women to remove clothing while another kept the newcomer's lips occupied.

Soon after Caitlin was completely naked Iris lowered her down on the bed and got on top of her for another long making out session, this time with her naked body pressed down against her friend's, heightening the pleasure. Which Iris should have probably lingered on for more than she did, after all she had dreamed of this for a very, very long time. But she was eager to ensure that Caitlin wouldn't chicken out, so perhaps sooner than she should have Iris made her way down Caitlin's chest, soon making her way up one of her friend's boobs. She then took the nipple of that breast into her mouth and started gently licking and sucking on it, which unsurprisingly got very positive sounds out of Caitlin.

To her credit Iris continued getting those sounds as she slowly worked her lips down that breast and up the other to take the other nipple into her mouth so she could lick and suck that. She then went back and forth for a few long minutes, worshipping Caitlin's tits while Linda and Jesse moved in to distract their friend by again taking it in turns to kiss her. Which again Iris should have probably done for a lot longer than she did, but selfishly she was more than warmed up at this point from all the fun that she'd been having with Jesse, and once Caitlin had been properly trained they would have plenty of chances to take this slow. So with that in mind Iris kissed her way down Caitlin's stomach to her ultimate destination, and then did something else she'd wanted to do for a very, very long time.

Linda smiled into her kiss with Caitlin as she let out an extra loud cry out into her mouth. She had been constantly whimpering and moaning before, but the way Caitlin's body tensed up and then quivered after a long ans extra loud cry pretty much confirmed what was happening to her. Confirmed that Linda's girlfriend had just treated this beautiful woman to her first experience with a female tongue touching her twat. Which admittedly made Linda a little jealous, but mostly she was happy for Iris at finally being able to taste Caitlin, and happy for Caitlin that she got to indulge in what the rest of the female members of Team Flash had been enjoying for weeks now. Especially as it meant that soon enough she would have her turn to lick Caitlin's pussy, and so much more.

Just kissing this beautiful woman was quite the treat, one which Linda savoured for quite a while before allowing Jesse to have a turn. Even when she did Linda didn't just watch as Jesse had done, even though it was very tempting as watching Caitlin and Jesse kiss was amazing, and seeing Iris's head between Caitlin's legs was even better. So okay, she may have watched a little bit, but it wasn't long before Linda was kissing Caitlin's neck, and even teasing her a little by kissing her way down her chest. Although Jesse pulled away from Caitlin's lips before Linda could get to the scientist's tits, and after a brief debate she moved back up to kiss their prey again.

The next time Linda pulled away from Caitlin's lips she headed straight for her tits, wrapping her mouth around one and sucking it with far more force than she would with the usual foreplay to force an extra loud cry out of Caitlin. Admittedly then she slowed down the suction, but it made for a fun few seconds. So much so Linda couldn't resist doing the same to the other nipple. Then she went back and forth between them, sucking them mostly softly while adding her tongue into the mix so she could swirl her tongue around those sensitive little bundles of flesh, giving them the attention that perhaps Iris should have given them. Not that Linda could blame her for jumping the gun a little, considering the prize waiting for her.

For a while the couple and their pet got to enjoy three different prizes, arguably overwhelming Caitlin in the process. Not that the scientist complained, even when Jesse moved down to her neck so she was given more than her chance. No, Caitlin just kept whimpering, moaning and crying out in pure pleasure as her three teammates worshipped her body. Which was wonderful, but Linda wanted more, and apparently she wasn't the only one, as Jesse kissed her way down Caitlin's chest to join her at their friends' tits. Admittedly they were easier to share than Caitlin's lips, but Linda was mad at Jesse for acting without permission. Luckily she had an idea which could technically be a punishment, even if Jesse wouldn't see it that way, and it would make this even more kinky, and most importantly make Caitlin ultimately cum even harder.

Jesse was trying her best to make sure Caitlin would ultimately cum as hard as possible, and just enjoy herself. Both because she truly wanted her friend to be happy, and admittedly more importantly because her Mistresses had allowed her to do this. All of them. However even though she put her all into worshipping Caitlin's beautiful body there was a small part of her which was jealous of Caitlin for being the centre of attention, when that had been her a short time ago. More importantly, another sub meant less attention for her overall. Then again, if it meant she got to play around with Caitlin too it seemed like a worthy trade, and she was so looking forward to doing more than foreplay with her. And to her delight, she got that chance much sooner than she thought she would.

Suddenly pulling her mouth away from Caitlin's tits Linda softly called out to her girlfriend, "Iris... Iris... IRIS!"

"What?" Iris growled in annoyance, barely pulling her mouth away from Caitlin but still looking up, "I'm eating."

"I know, I was just wondering if you wanted some company." Linda grinned.

"I'm not sharing this pussy." Iris said firmly, before offering, "Maybe next time."

"Not her pussy." Linda revealed with the grin.

Which caused Iris to grin, "You're on."

"Good." Linda purred, turning her attention to her pet, "Jesse, Caitlin has another hole for you to lick."

"Yes Mistress Linda." Jesse eagerly replied.

"Wait, what?" Caitlin blushed, even in her current state following the conversation, which embarrassed her.

"Shhhhh, relax Caity." Linda soothed, before grinning again, "You'll love it."

Admittedly Caitlin was not entirely convinced, but she was given a chance to protest before she was rolled onto her side by the more dominant women, giving Jesse a chance to get behind her in lower her face downwards until it was hovering over Caitlin's butt. As Caitlin hadn't offered up any protest by that point Jesse move forwards, but teased her at first. Not that she truly thought Caitlin would protest, but it would be good for her to get used to the idea. Sure enough Caitlin only in cooed enjoyment as Jesse literally kissed her ass, moving from cheek to cheek for a few long seconds before pressing her face in between them so she could lick the other girl's forbidden hole.

That first, long, slow lick caused Caitlin to let out an extra loud gasp, and she may have tensed up a little bit, but she then quickly relaxed and went back to letting out sounds of pure pleasure, which put a satisfied grin on to Jesse's face. Well that, and she just liked eating another girl's ass. It didn't taste as good as pussy, but it was so wonderfully naughty and wrong. Fortunately Caitlin kept her butt hole nice and clean, and it was just as tasty as the back holes of the dominant women Jesse had rimmed, even if it didn't give her the same thrill. Actually, now she thought about it, it was even better, because while she wasn't showing her submission to Caitlin she was still showing it to Mistress Linda and Mistress Iris by tonguing a bottom's bottom.

Pushed onwards by that wonderful thought Jesse began licking Caitlin's ass hole even more enthusiastically than before, which was really saying something. This included switching from just sliding her tongue up and down to also from side to side and swirling it around, as well as just increasing the speed and the passion. Although perhaps it was a little bit too much of an increase, as soon afterwards Caitlin started begging for more. Which might lead to Jesse getting punished later. Or at least, she hoped so. Whatever the case again it gave her the excuse to try literally pushing her tongue into Caitlin's virgin ass, and although she didn't get very far it was far enough to make a difference, and just enough for her to literally tongue fuck the other girl's butt.

Caitlin's head was spinning. Or more accurately had been spinning since her conversation with Felicity, as somehow she had gone from a night out with an old friend, to constantly thinking about lesbian sex, to actually having it. And not just with one girl, but now with three! Three women were touching her at once, one of them licking her most private hole, no less. Which just happened to be the girl who was almost 10 years her junior, and was now apparently the sex slave of her other female friends, Iris West and Linda Park. God, this was so weird, and twisted, and Caitlin was loving every moment of it. Especially the fact that the girl she wanted the most, Iris West, was now going down on her, easily giving her the best pussy licking of her life.

Throughout this incredible experience, and probably throughout the rest of the night, Caitlin silently thanked Felicity. Hell, she was so delirious with pleasure she might have said it out loud a few times, but if that was the case the other woman ignored her in favour of worshipping her body, something Caitlin was very, very grateful for. Although as the second ticked by it felt like a simple thank you just wouldn't suffice. Nor would any amount of flowers, cards, or chocolates. No, Caitlin should go above and beyond to show her gratitude. Maybe by doing something she wouldn't otherwise consider. Not really. Sure, she might have fantasised about it, but never actually do it. Oh yes, Caitlin wanted to thank Felicity by going down on her. And she wanted to thank these women too, by doing the same thing.

First though Caitlin needed to cum, which was a need which slowly grew inside her since that very first lick to her pussy, or maybe even before that, however she struggled to find the words. Both because she was so overwhelmed by pleasure, and more importantly because she just wasn't sure she could say it. Ask another woman to make her cum. Or more accurately, women. Then just as she felt she had worked up the courage the chance was taken from her by Linda moving up from her tits to her lips, covering them with her own and silencing her. Which initially Caitlin welcomed, as she really, really like kissing these women, but ultimately it just made her more determined to beg for more.

"Please, please make me cum!" Caitlin finally whimpered when she broke the kiss with Linda, "Mmmmm, make me cum! I need to cum! Please? Oh please, make me cum. Make me cum in your mouth! Aaaaaaahhhhhh fuckkkkkk, fuck me! Fuck me hard, h Iris! Linda! Jesse! Ooooooooh yessssssss, yes please, oh Iris, mmmmm, Jesse, oh Linda ohhhhhhhh, make me ooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd yeeeeeeeeessssssss, mmmmmm yessssssss, ah fuck!"

Luckily before Caitlin had to say anything truly graphic she was given what she wanted in the form of Iris West pushing her tongue as deep into her pussy as it would go. She then left it there for a few long seconds as Caitlin tensed up, so close to the edge of orgasm she could taste it. Then a combination of things happened which pushed her over that edge. Namely Linda tweaking her nipple and nipping her neck, Jesse literally trying to push her tongue up her butt, and most of all Iris beginning to fuck her with her tongue. It was an incredible climax, which was followed by another, and another, and another, quickly robbing Caitlin of the ability to think and turning her into just a writhing mess.

Iris removed her tongue from Caitlin's cunt and wrapped her mouth around her entrance just in time to be able to swallow every drop of the other girl's cum. Which was something Mistress Sara, Mistress Felicity, Mistress Nyssa and especially her best friend turned girlfriend Linda had made sure she had plenty of practice at lately, and she was grateful to all of them, because Caitlin's cum tasted even better than she thought it would, and it felt like a crime for any of it to go to waste. Ironically she was most grateful to her Mistresses, because without them maybe this wouldn't be happening, which would be the greatest crime of all. Because really, Iris should have been doing this a lot sooner, perhaps even before Linda came into the picture.

Briefly Iris became lost in the idea of seducing Caitlin first, before deciding she liked it better this way, because it was likely that Caitlin would end up being her girlfriend and she would have missed the chance to be with Linda too. Also, while she loved Caitlin, she could never dominate her like Linda did, which was something Iris couldn't imagine going without. Besides, Caitlin would just make the perfect sex slave. She just needed to be thoroughly broken in first. Thankfully that involve giving Caitlin as many orgasms as she could right now without knocking her unconscious, something Iris was very, very grateful for in that wonderful moment.

Concentrating on that was easy, especially after Caitlin's initial climax was over, meaning there was no more girl cum for Iris to swallow. Automatically she shoved her tongue back inside the other girl and tongue fucked her until she got more girl cum to swallow, and then she repeated the process over and over again. Then once her tongue became a little too tired to continue, and she wanted to make sure she gave Caitlin the best orgasms possible, Iris replaced her tired tongue with her ready to go fingers, pushing two straight away into the welcoming fuck hole and eventually adding a third while she nervously sucked Caitlin's clit. Although she'd go back to wrapping her mouth around the other girl's entrance so she could swallow more of that precious liquid she craved so much.

Then just as Caitlin was getting dangerously close to unconsciousness Iris reluctantly pulled her mouth away from her crotch and moved upwards. She intended to kiss Caitlin so she could taste her own cum and pussy cream, but she just couldn't resist kissing Linda first. There was still a little left when she got to Caitlin's lips, but she definitely shared the majority with Linda, which was probably a good thing, as it gave their friend the chance to recover. Besides, she made it up to her by making sure Jesse went straight from her ass hole to her lips, although it was hard to tell whether the scientist was truly grateful for that or not. Either way she kissed her passionately and then reluctantly removed her fingers from Caitlin's cunt, after slowly decreasing the pace of the finger fucking, and then slowly sucked them clean while enjoying the show.

"That was... wow!" Caitlin gasped after a few minutes of being kissed by each woman in turn.

"You're welcome honey." Iris beamed.

Taking a deep breath and summoning up her courage Caitlin forced herself to add with a blush, "I, I didn't thank you yet."

"No, you didn't." Iris teased.

"I want to thank you properly." Caitlin continued.

"I was hoping you'd say that." Iris grinned wickedly.

"Can, can I go down on you?" Caitlin stammered, "Please?"

"Later, definitely. I promise. But first, mmmmm, I want to fuck you with my dick." Iris revealed, indicating to her strap-on, before pouting, "Our Mistresses made us promise to save your ass cherry for them, and while I'm very tempted to break that promise, because no amount of punishment would make it not worth it... I do owe them a lot. Sooooo... I suppose. But they didn't say anything about your pussy, and I'm definitely going to be the first one to strap-on fuck that. As long as you're up for trying that, of course."

Some of those words, mostly the stuff about her 'ass cherry', had Caitlin extremely nervous, which was the only reason she hesitated before nodding, "Okay."

"Good girl." Iris smiled softly, slowly getting on top of Caitlin again, "Then just relax and enjoy. I'll take care of you. I promise."

Iris then kissed the clearly nervous Caitlin on the lips, allowing that kiss to go on for several minutes, both to make the other girl feel better, and honestly just because she liked kissing Caitlin. That, and their bodies pressed against each other like this. Although most importantly of all they could all do with a rest, especially Caitlin. Really they should have probably gone back to double-team Jesse with Linda, or better yet insist Caitlin leave, as there was definitely something to be said for leaving her wanting more. However Iris just couldn't pass up this opportunity, especially if she was going to miss out on Caitlin's anal cherry. Besides, this wasn't a bad consolation prize, but she would totally miss out on it if she didn't claim it now.

So during the kissing Iris returned her hand to Caitlin's cunt and started gently rubbing it, causing her friend to moan into the kiss they were sharing. Then she used the other girl's own juices to lubricate the dildo that was about to fuck her, before finally grabbing a firm hold of that dick and pressing against the entrance of Caitlin's pussy. Iris savoured the moment for a few long seconds before pushing forwards, causing Caitlin to cry out loudly into her mouth as she penetrated and then filled her pussy with it's very first strap-on dick. It would be the first of many, Iris promised herself that. Mostly because she would be wearing them, she thought with a wicked smile.

That dick slid into Caitlin like a hot knife through butter, which certainly wasn't surprising after everything they had just done, but it was still really, really hot. Then once the penetration was complete Iris stayed perfectly still again to give Caitlin a chance to relax and get used to this new sensation, before she began thrusting in and out of her. Iris broke the kiss just before that so she would be able to hear Caitlin's cries of pleasure in all their glory, and she certainly wasn't disappointed, the reporter grinning against the scientist's neck as she could squeeze more wonderful sounds out of her with her machine-like thrusts, and her hand sliding over her body. And hopefully, she was also daydreaming about a future in which they could do this on a regular basis.

At the very least for Iris's fantasies the other constant, other than Caitlin submitting to her, was Linda Park standing right there beside her, strong and proud, smiling softly and lovingly at her as they dominated Caitlin together. And Jesse, and hopefully others, but most importantly together. And that's how they should be dominating Caitlin. How Iris wanted to be dominating Caitlin, she really did. It was just hard not to be selfish in this moment, as she had waited so long to do this, and so many other things, to this girl. However one of those things she was definitely going to need Linda's help with, which would allow her to claim another first from her friend's heavenly little body.

"Hey." Caitlin cried out in protest, and then whimpered in disappointment, as the strap-on was abruptly removed from her pussy.

"Bend over!" Iris ordered firmly in response, before explaining, "Mmmmm yeahhhhh, get on all fours for me. I said I was going to be the first to strap-on fuck your pussy, and officially I am, but now I'm going to share your hot little cunt with my girlfriend. And you know what else? I'm going to stick my cock in your mouth so we can be the first to spit roast you. You like the sound of that?"

"Yes." Caitlin admitted hoarsely.

"Yes what?" Iris pushed.

Caitlin hesitated for a few brief seconds, then replied, "Yes, Mistress Iris?"

"Then do as you're told." Iris said firmly.

"Yes Mistress Iris." Caitlin said softly, slowly turning over and pushing herself up onto all fours.

Caitlin was thankfully only waiting a few seconds for Linda to replace Iris, the reporter wasting no time pushing her strap-on cock into the scientist's needy little pussy. It was a different story with Iris, who after moving around so she was in front of Caitlin seemed perfectly content with just watching Caitlin's face as Linda slowly entered her. Oh God, Iris was watching her girlfriend slowly stuff her snatch with every inch of her strap-on dick, and then beginning to pump it in and out of her, officially fucking her with it. Fucking her in front of Iris. That's what Linda was doing, and yet Iris didn't look betrayed. No, she looked delighted, which was only fair as she had done the exact same thing only a few minutes ago, albeit in a different position.

Initially Caitlin was grateful for Iris holding back, as it was overwhelming enough for Linda to be fucking her with a strap-on, especially with other people watching them. But then her eyes eventually travelled from Iris's beautiful smiling face down to the dildo covered in her own juices. Caitlin had tasted herself on her lover's lips, most recently with Iris, but to taste herself on a cock would naturally be different, especially one which was still hard. And to do it while she's being fucked? Spit roasted like a total whore? That was literally the stuff of her darkest wet dreams, which she now wanted to become a reality. In fact she wanted it so much she very nearly begged for it.

She was just about to before obligingly Iris closed the distance between them and pressed that dick against her mouth. Instantly Caitlin welcomed it by wrapping her lips around that pussy flavoured cock and began sucking it, moaning happily as she did so. Which was less about the flavour, although that was pleasant, and more about the joy of officially being taken in both ends for the first time. At first this was more of a mental high, but that definitely changed as Linda and Iris began swapping positions over and over again, each time making her take more of their cocks into her mouth until it was sliding down her throat and choking her, which was somehow even more of a turn on. She still couldn't quite take the whole thing, but each time she cleaned the lower half with her tongue to make sure she got every drop of herself, before being given more.

Of course inevitably this became too much for her, and Caitlin took the latest cock out of her mouth and pleaded, "Make me cum, please make me cum! Oooooooh Goooooooddddddd, I need to cum. I need it so bad. Soooooo bad, mmmmm, please fuck me! Oh Iris, ohhhhhhh, Linda, fuck me hard and make me cum!"

There was a brief pause and then Linda teased, "Is that it?"

"Come on Caitlin, you can do better than that." Iris pushed, "And don't forget our proper titles."

"Yes Mistress Iris, sorry Mistress Iris." Caitlin whimpered apologetically, before upping her game, "Oh please Mistress Iris, forgive me and fuck me! Mmmmm, fuck me hard! You too Mistress Linda! Oh God, ooooooh fuck, mmmmm, I need you both to fuck me! Pound my pussy as hard as you can! Please? Make me sore and aching tomorrow because you fucked me so good. Make me your slut! Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss, make me your little lesbian slut, mmmmm, just like you did to Jesse. Oh please Mistress Iris, Mistress Linda, slam fuck me good and hard, and make me cum so good and hard that I'll have no choice but to be yours. Your lesbian slut, your... your anal whore... your sex slave, ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeessssss, do whatever you want to me, just make me cum!"

There was another brief silence in which Caitlin thought she was going to have to say more, but that wasn't the case. Instead Mistress Iris and Mistress Linda exchange knowing looks and smiles before Mistress Iris, who was inside her pussy at the time, began slowly increasing her pace while the other Dom backed off and just watched the show. Caitlin was a little disappointed by this, as she would have loved to have cum for the first time with two cocks inside her. However it looked like she would get that opportunity soon enough, and she certainly couldn't complain when Mistress Iris effortlessly gave her one of the best climaxes of her life, if not the best, quickly followed by another, and another, and another until Caitlin's mind seemed to slowly melt from the ecstasy she was feeling, leaving her a happy little puddle.

Linda watched with delight and a wicked sense of pride as Iris fulfilled one of her greatest fantasies, fucking Caitlin Snow to orgasm after orgasm. It might not be Caitlin's virgin ass, but this pussy pounding seemed more than enough to turn their friend into their lesbian fuck pet, just like Jesse Quick. Or at least, Linda hoped so. That way Iris would get everything she wanted, and Linda wouldn't have to lose her. Because Caitlin might be the perfect little bottom, but Iris also needed someone who could top her. More importantly, somebody who could do it while truly caring about her, unlike their Mistresses. Oh yes, this was truly the perfect arrangement for the four of them, and Linda would do anything to solidify it.

At first that just meant watching the very enjoyable show, but as soon as Iris pulled her dick out of Caitlin and moved back Linda very eagerly took her place and started showing their new bitch exactly how hard she could make her cum with a strap-on. Oh yes, she rammed that dildo deep inside the other girl's pussy and quickly build up the pace to the same brutal pounding Iris had been dishing out before, meaning Caitlin was given no true time to recover before she was cumming again. Which from the looks of it, would be enough to break this natural bottom. If breaking was even the right word. No, it was far more accurate than she was showing Caitlin what she was supposed to be, while Iris looked on with the same pride that she'd had for her only a few minutes ago.

It was really, really tempting to use every ounce of her strength to pound Caitlin's pussy in that moment. If she collapsed with exhaustion it would make Iris a little less proud of her, or maybe even less proud, but it just may be worth it to make Caitlin theirs long before Mistress Sara, Mistress Felicity and Mistress Nyssa got their hands on her. But no, Linda had a reputation to uphold, and if one of them was going to break her completely it should probably be Iris given how fond of Caitlin she was. So reluctantly Linda stopped sooner than was necessary, although not before allowing herself several climaxes of her own, just like Iris had treated herself too before her.

Thanks to the other end of their harnesses bashing against their clits, the sheer joy of doing this to another woman, the dominance they felt, and the thrill of doing this in front of their girlfriend and pet both Iris and Linda had several satisfying climaxes before they stopped. Maybe especially Iris, given she had wanted this for longer, but Linda certainly had no complaints. Then one by one they had slowed down, pulled their dicks out of Caitlin's cunt, and allowed Jesse the privilege of cleaning those cocks. They then waited patiently for Caitlin to recover enough to be able to receive her next orders. Or at least Linda did. Iris, clearly still mad about being denied Caitlin's ass, took another turn with Jesse's slutty little ass, much to the delight of their pet.

Caitlin was only aware of Jesse cleaning Iris's cock, and then her doing the same with Linda's dick, because one by one the tops move directly in front of her. Although during that first blow job Linda's strong grip on her thighs kept Caitlin's body in the air, at least for the most part, meaning that she got a better look, while during that second BJ she spent most of it lying on her front and gasping for breath. Then she became dully aware of something else happening, Caitlin looking up to see it was now Jesse's turn to be spit-roasted, which simultaneously caused two very different reactions. Namely her sore pussy quivered with discomfort at the memory of what had just happened to her, but mostly it quivered with delight at that same memory.

Or maybe that was after-shocks from her orgasms? It was hard to tell at that moment, and honestly, Caitlin didn't care. She just wanted a better look at the heaven Jesse was going through, so she somehow found the strength to crawl closer. Then Caitlin found herself blushing, as she quickly learned it wasn't Jesse's pussy which Iris was fucking. No, it was her ass! Which definitely made Caitlin's ass hole quiver with fear, because she knew what Iris wanted to do to it. But she also wanted her to do it, because it meant that she would truly belong to Iris West. Better yet she would belong to both Iris West and Linda Park, these two beautiful tops who had made her feel so good.

Part of Caitlin wanted to run away, but the other part wanted to bend over, spread her cheeks, and beg Iris to take her anal cherry. For both Iris West and Linda Park to treat her ass hole like their own personal fuck hole. To turn it into their property, theirs to use however they wanted. To use her, however they wanted. To turn her into their little lesbian bitch, just like Jesse Quick was. Oh God, Caitlin was so jealous of Jesse right now, and desperately wanted to take her place. But what effect would that have on her? Did she really want to be nothing but a girl loving slut who took it up the butt? Or did she want to get out of here and save her independence?

Before she could come to a conclusion Linda turned to her and told her, "Get out! And don't come back until you're ready to be ours."

It took a few long seconds for Caitlin to do as she was told, mostly because she suddenly realised that she was touching herself. Yes, she was emotionally and physically exhausted, and had maybe cum more tonight than she had her entire life, but somehow the combination of watching Jesse and her thoughts had made her hand travel of it's own accord down to her pussy and gently begin to rub it. Which was extremely embarrassing, especially because Caitlin found it hard to stop. But she did, quickly gathering her clothes and getting dressed, the entire time looking longingly at her friends still having passionate lesbian sex. Then for better or for worse she left the apartment for a long night of debating what she should do next.

Chapter Text

"Hello Caity." Sara beamed as she opened the door to find a blushing Caitlin Snow on the other side.

"H, hi." Caitlin greeted awkwardly.

"Please come in. We've been expecting you." Sara revealed as she stood aside and allowed Caitlin to pass her, and then she closed the door as she added, "In fact, we were hoping to see you a lot sooner."

"Yeah, sorry... I just..." Caitlin stammered.

"No need to explain. Iris and Linda told us everything." Sara reassured, "Please, this way."

"Okay." Caitlin mumbled awkwardly before following Sara.

Caitlin had been hoping to be greeted by Felicity, who was by far the less intimidating of the trio. Although perhaps she should count her blessings that it wasn't Nyssa. Then again in her current state of mind maybe this was the worst option, as Sara was almost ridiculously flirty, and that was before Caitlin had showed up at their suite, basically agreeing to be sexually dominated by Sara and her girlfriends. Now just in a short walk Sara flashing her little smiles and looks which made Caitlin's insides go topsy-turvy. Not in a bad way, but it was a reminder of what she was doing, which was jumping in the deep end of this whole experimentation thing.

Then just when Caitlin didn't actually think she could get more nervous and intimidated she walked into the bedroom to find Nyssa al Ghul posed on a bed, the embodiment of sex, her good friend Felicity Smoak standing nervously once I to her, and on the other side a kneeling Laurel Lance and Thea Queen, and on the other side of them was something Caitlin hadn't expected to see. Namely her closest female friends and teammates Iris West, Linda Park and Jesse Quick, gagged and tied to a couple of chairs, looking embarrassed but no less pleased to see her. Which bizarrely sent a shiver of arousal through her body, even as Caitlin wanted to turn and run. Of course there was movement behind her, meaning that Sara Lance, The White Canary, was standing behind her, blocking her exit and trapping her in a room filled with sexual predators.

After a few long minutes of silence Felicity awkwardly greeted her, "Erm, hi Caitlin. If this is too much for you, just tell me, okay? I know they can seem scary, but Sara and Nyssa would never force anyone into sex. They're just trying to get into your head."

"True..." Sara reluctantly agreed, before shooting a glare at Iris and Linda, "But we are also trying to punish our naughty playthings."

"You see, we gave them very strict instructions, and they disobeyed them." Nyssa explained as she got off the bed and slowly walked over to the restrained members of Team Flash, "Perhaps they were hoping for a more fun type of punishment, the type we give Laurel and Thea on a regular basis. But no. For their insolence they shall be forced to watch the rest of us have fun with you. And then perhaps we shall take you away from them."

"Only if you want to be." Felicity quickly chimed in, before admitting, "Although, my girls can be very persuasive."

"Yeah we can." Sara grinned proudly, suddenly closing the distance between herself and Caitlin and making her pray jump when she turned back to her, "The question is, did either of them take your butt cherry?"

If it had been someone else asking her such a question Caitlin would have probably stormed out angrily, but instead she just blushed as it felt like Sara was staring into her soul, before answering softly, "N, no."

Sara frowned for a second or two, but then she nodded and called out, "I believe her."

"Yessssss!" Felicity couldn't help pump her fist in celebration like the adorable dork she was, before quickly closing the distance between herself and Caitlin, gently turning her friend to look at her and then explaining, "Hey, hey, hey, it's okay. You're okay. I mean we don't have to do that, it's just... well, Sara has been hogging the anal cherries, and now I finally get a turn taking one, but only if you want to let me. And we don't even have to do anything like that tonight if you don't want too. We can just stick to doing the things you did with Iris and Linda. It can even just be the two of us, at first. Would you like that sweetie?"

After a brief pause Caitlin gently lowered her head and said, "Yes."

"Oh." Felicity murmured, unable to hide her disappointment.

Which caused Caitlin to frown, then when realisation hit she quickly added, "But, but you can have my anal cherry. I, I've been thinking about it all day."

"Really?" Felicity beamed.

"Really." Caitlin confirmed, "But can I go down on you first? I, I really want too."

"Wow..." Felicity mumbled, before grinning widely again, "Best day ever."

"Gee, thanks." Sara quipped.

"Oh you know what I mean." Felicity shot back, before sticking out her tongue childishly at her lover, who returned the favour.

"Honestly, you can both be such needy children sometimes." Nyssa grumbled as she got on to one of the beds and ordered, "Thea, come eat my pussy."

"Yes Mistress Nyssa." Thea quickly replied and obeyed.

Sara's gaze then turned to the other available slaves, leading to the two Lance sisters sharing a smile before one ordered the other, "Laurel, eat my pussy."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel grinned and happily obeyed.

"Wow." Caitlin murmured after a few long seconds of watching the proceedings, before telling Felicity, "I can't believe the Lance sisters are having sex, and everyone's okay with it."

"Including you?" Felicity checked softly, which caused Caitlin to blush, but when she then nodded the hacker grinned, "Good, because we're just getting started."

With that Felicity gently pulled Caitlin into a surprisingly gentle kiss given the circumstances, as around them Mistress Nyssa and Mistress Sara started moaning loudly in pleasure from their sex slaves beginning to lick them. God, how did Caitlin find herself in this position? Only a few years ago she was living a pretty ordinary life. She'd had setbacks and tragedies, sure, but nothing was totally shocking. Now she was helping a superhero fight crime on a daily basis, and she was going to take part in a lesbian orgy. Arguably her second, although the first was simply an all girl threesome, which somehow seemed quaint compared to this. Especially as she was going to be the main focus, meaning eventually this would turn into a gang bang.

As that last thought particularly was scary Caitlin desperately tried to ignore it for now and concentrated on just kissing Felicity, which mostly worked, even as Felicity started stripping them both in between kisses. But then Felicity lowered her down to the centre of the bed and started kissing Caitlin's neck, giving the scientist a chance to look to the other beds where two other sets of women were now naked and doing the exact same thing she and Felicity were. Which was almost surprising, as she had almost thought they would skip the foreplay given their orders, although she was grateful that they didn't as it was a little less overwhelming, and gave her a chance to remember she had asked to be the one giving Felicity pleasure, not the other way around.

Felicity was hoping that Caitlin would remember that, but she was more than happy for it to come after she took a turn first. Or maybe they could go together, as Felicity loved 69'ing with Sara and Nyssa, and even Laurel and Thea. Also if it came down to it, she would be just happy to go down on Caitlin, then let her friend go after that, and she had been fantasising about tasting Caitlin's since they first met, and Felicity and Nyssa could be so forceful and dominant that Felicity worried they sometimes pushed things a little too far, and pushed the boundaries of consent. Luckily tonight she was in charge, and she was going to make sure that didn't happen, and make sure Caitlin knew every step of the way that she could stop this at any time.

With that thought in mind Felicity almost reminded Caitlin of that before they went any further, but before she could get a word out the other girl grabbed her face and kissed her again, putting a lot more force and passion into it then before. Wanting to encourage that Felicity kissed back with the same amount of passion, almost becoming so lost in it she didn't notice Caitlin flipping their positions. She probably wouldn't have, if it wasn't for Sara doing this exact same thing to her on a regular basis ever since they had first got together. More recently Nyssa would do it too. Not Laurel and Thea though, which was almost disappointing. They were just too broken for that. Which was why Felicity was very glad that Caitlin wasn't, at least not yet.

After only spending a few minutes with her Sara and Nyssa had concluded that Felicity was right, and Caitlin was just a natural bottom waiting to be taken by a strong confident woman, which was why seduction had been left to her. It might not have gone precisely as planned, but Felicity definitely wasn't complaining about the results. Results which again suggested that she was right, as although she took surprising initiative Caitlin then worked her way down to Felicity's tits and began working on them like a pro. Which might be a result of Caitlin's one night with Iris and Linda, but more likely it was down to natural talent. Or possibly a combination of both. Either way Felicity and her girlfriends would make sure Caitlin had thoroughly been put in her place by the end of this.

There was no hurry though, and Felicity was more than happy to lie back as Caitlin kissed her way down one breast, up the other and then back again in between gently licking and sucking her nipples until they were painfully hard. Especially as she got a look either side of her and enjoy the sight of Sara and Nyssa receiving the same treatment from Laurel and Thea. In fact Felicity would have to be careful not to become too lost in those wonderful sights and sounds, and give Caitlin the attention she deserved. Which of course became easier when Caitlin moved her mouth lower, but for that moment Felicity settled for gently stroking her friend's hair, and offering up words of encouragement, even if she made sure they were mild, at least for now.

"Ooooooh yessssssss, that's good Caitlin. Sooooooo gooooooddddddd, mmmmm, oh baby." Felicity moaned, being surprised she was the only one talking right now, and also thankful for the fact that Sara and Nyssa were taking it easy on their latest conquest, "Yesssssss, suck my tit, lick it, ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh. Please me, just like you're tied up friends, oooooohhhhhhh yessssssss!"

Iris grumbled as while Felicity didn't look their way while mentioning them it did prompt Nyssa and Sara to look their way, and to give the bound members of Team Flash a taunting smirk. Which made Iris scowl back at them, then once they returned their attention to Laurel and Thea respectively Iris struggled in her bonds in frustration. She hadn't wanted to give Sara and Nyssa the satisfaction of seeing that, but she suspected by the way they smirked at Laurel and Thea they knew. Not that it mattered, as neither she or Linda had superpowers, and it was questionable whether even Jesse would be able to get out of ropes secured by these Assassins. Hell, they might have something to counteract Jesse's ability to vibrate through objects for all she knew.

Not that it really mattered, as even if they could get out they would be just restrained again, and the result would be the same, Iris, Linda and Jesse forced to just watch as Felicity enjoy Caitlin's hot little mouth. Which was bad enough before Caitlin crawled downwards, as Iris knew just what that mouth was capable of thanks to the one amazing night they'd had together. But then the inevitable happened, and Felicity cried out loudly with pleasure as Caitlin began gently licking her pussy. To make matters worse the bitches who had restrained her were receiving similar treatment from their bitches, leaving Iris, her girlfriend and her bitch to squirm and wish they were at least somehow involved in the equation.

Just being tied up and forced to watch would have been bad enough, but what truly made this unbearable was the fact that Iris, Linda and Jesse all had little vibrators strapped firmly against their clits, and a butt-plug stuffed up each of their asses. Those toys were hidden beneath their clothes, presumably not to freak Caitlin out even more, but it also meant those clothes would be ruined. Or at least their pants and definitely their panties, the latter of which at least Iris had definitely soaked through already, and that was just from anticipating Caitlin's arrival. Now Caitlin was here and the party had really got started, making Iris's desire for something more than teasing pleasure overwhelming, and from the sounds coming from her friends it was the same for Linda and Jesse.

This wasn't how it was supposed to go. Nyssa and Sara were just supposed to spank them for being naughty, maybe give each of them an extra passionate double fucking, or better yet a triple fucking with Felicity involved. Instead Iris and Linda, who had just been finding their groove as tops to Jesse and now Caitlin, had been utterly humiliated and left out. And while it was kind of hot to be 'put in their places' as Sara had so gleefully told them, Iris couldn't help imagining getting her revenge on Team Arrow. Oh yes, giving Nyssa and Sara, and even Felicity, a taste of their own medicine, now there was a wonderful idea. Perhaps even better than getting Caitlin as a sex slave, which was the only thing which could possibly make the torture she was currently receiving worth it.

Caitlin was embarrassed to admit it, even now silently to herself, but she also hoped that was the result of all this. Which was so strange, because only a few days ago she couldn't have imagined herself wanting to be a lesbian sex slave, but now it was all she could think about. True, the novelty might wear off, but if it did she had no doubt that Iris would let her go without complaint. Or Felicity. Honestly, Caitlin was a little unsure of who's bitch she was going to be. Honestly she would prefer Iris, but being part of Felicity's Harem certainly seem to have it's advantages, the main one of which she was focused on right now was the tasty treat she was now licking.

Just like with Iris's pussy Caitlin had instantly loved the taste of Felicity's pussy, and had struggled to control herself and give her friend the attention she deserved. The attention she had been trained to give her by another friend. Oh yes, Iris had trained Caitlin for this moment. Which was ironic, considering Felicity had trained Iris, their training coming back to benefiting the hacker in a big way, given how she was crying out in pure pleasure. Which was enough to make Caitlin smile happily against Felicity's cunt, safe in the knowledge she was doing a good job and pleasing her friend, and maybe her future owner. And hopefully ensuring that one way or another she would be doing this more often.

She also hoped she'd get to sample the pussies of Sara and Nyssa, Caitlin occasionally glancing left and right so she could see the two sexy Assassins writhing with pleasure from having their muffins munched by their bitches. Hell, Caitlin would love to go down on those bitches and prove just how submissive and eager to please she really was. And Jesse, for that matter. And of course, she wanted to taste Iris and Linda again. So basically she just wanted to go down on every girl in this room, Caitlin briefly becoming lost in a fantasy where all these women lined up with their legs spread for her to service each and every one of them in turn, either one by one or going back and forth until she had them all cumming in her mouth and all over her face.

In reality she was glad that she was getting to just concentrate on licking one pussy, as even licking two had been a little overwhelming, but hopefully they would built her up to the point where Caitlin could do something like that. Because Caitlin really, really wanted to make that beautiful dream a reality. But for now she was more than happy to concentrate on Felicity's cunt. In fact, she felt ashamed for getting lost in her own thoughts, and the beautiful sights around her, when she should be concentrating on what was in front of her. And more to the point, making the beautiful woman in front of her cum in her mouth and all over her face, just like she had been dreaming ever since being propositioned.

Felicity had actually had to talk her girlfriends down from sharing Caitlin's mouth like that. She promised them they would do it eventually, and don't get Felicity wrong, she really wanted to do it, but it was unfair to a first timer, especially one who was initially as nervous as Caitlin. Although she was almost considering changing the plan, given there was no hint of nervousness now, instead Caitlin was just licking her pussy with an eagerness and even confidence which had taken their other sluts weeks to learn, and even months. Hell, Felicity might not even be that confident eating pussy now, and she had been dating multiple women for quite some time now.

Like the girl who was currently licking her cunt Felicity couldn't help but spare a glance at those women. Although honestly she tended to do more than glance at them while subs were eating them out. Oh yes, Felicity would often stare longingly at her girlfriends when they did things like this, and sometimes she would even reach over to kiss them, or just fondle their boobs or something like that. She could tell they would love that now, but again she should keep her focus on the first timer, and it seemed only right to focus her attention as much as possible on the girl who had been so nervous. Which was hard given that not only were her beautiful girlfriends by her side, but Iris, Linda and Jesse were tied up only a few feet away, but she just about managed it.

Of course it became easier and easier as without needing to be told Caitlin gradually increase the attention to her clit, starting off with every other lick, then sometimes lingering on it, and then finally lingering on it with every single lick. By the time Caitlin was taking Felicity's clit into her mouth and sucking on it the hacker was very much finding it impossible to do anything but focus on what the scientist was doing to her, and of course holding back the urge to cum. Which was becoming increasingly difficult, but being with Sara Lance and Nyssa al Ghul had done wonders for her stamina and self-control, and she managed to hold off for quite a while. At least for her.

Inevitably though Felicity whimpered, "Make me cum, ohhhhhhhh yesssssss, make me cum! Make me cum in your hot little mouth you sexy bitch! Oh Caitlin, I want to cum. Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh, I wanna cum in your beautiful mouth and all over your pretty face. Oooooooh yessssss, fuck me, mmmmm, fuck me with your tongue, tongue fuck me, ooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeessssssss, oh Caitlin, mmmmm FUCK!"

Thankfully it didn't take much to push Caitlin into making her cum. It definitely sounded like begging more than ordering, which earned her a disapproving look from her girlfriends, but Felicity really didn't care at that moment. All that mattered to her was that Caitlin was pushing her tongue into her cunt, and fucking her to a wonderfully powerful climax. Especially as it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, Caitlin proving that one night with her friends on Team Flash had done wonders for her training already. Or she was just naturally talented. Either way Felicity was soon grabbing two handfuls of hair, crossing her legs over Caitlin's head, and using both to shove her friend's face deeper into her cunt while she lost the ability to think coherently.

Caitlin did her best to remove her tongue, wrap her lips around Felicity's entrance and swallow all the yummy cream she had to offer, but there was just so much of it, and again she was just so new to this, that she just couldn't. She still managed to swallow an impressive amount, especially during their first time, but it was just so hard. And that was before Felicity started grinding against her face. From previous experience with particularly Iris this told Caitlin that she didn't have long to make an impression before the other woman took over control entirely, so she desperately tried to impress by slamming her tongue back inside of the other woman and fucking her with it.

However it was not long until the pressure on the back of her head increased dramatically, Felicity literally pushing her face into her cunt at the same time she was rubbing that cunt against Caitlin's face, making it hard for Caitlin to breathe, let alone continue eating pussy. But to her credit she managed to stick out her tongue and keep it there for Felicity to bash her pussy, and more importantly her clit, against it. Which was probably by accident more than anything, but it clearly made Felicity cum harder and faster, and that's all that really mattered at that moment. And as an added bonus this meant that Caitlin's mouth was open the entire time, meaning a good portion of Felicity's cum was squirted directly down her throat and into her belly where it belonged.

While Caitlin had quickly learned thanks to her dear friends Iris and Linda that she adored the taste of pussy, what she loved even more was the taste of girl cum. Oh yes, Caitlin had always like the taste of guy cum, but this pretty much confirmed that she was at least bisexual, if not a deeply in denial lesbian. Which was a good thing, considering her new career as a lesbian sex slave to beautiful women like this cute hacker, to the deadly assassins either sight of her, to her friends who were a little tied up at the moment. Caitlin wanted to swallow their cum just like she was doing now with Felicity, and just please them in any way she could. Although more than anything at that moment, she just wanted this to last forever.

Sadly that just wasn't possible, and inevitably Felicity pulled Caitlin's face out of her cunt. Caitlin was reluctant to leave, and even held firmly to the bed initially, but then she remembered she was trying to prove herself as a good fuck pet, so she allowed herself to be pulled up into Felicity's arms. Then thankfully Felicity kissed her, giving Caitlin some much-needed time to recover, the fact that her friend was tasting herself on her lips and tongue helping with that no end. It also helped that she was really aware of Thea and Laurel getting the same treatment from Nyssa and Sara, the three pairs just making out for a few long seconds, before Sara broke her kiss and started to give orders.

"Thea, Laurel, get us some strap-ons. You know how many." Sara commanded.

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel quickly replied.

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea said shortly afterwards.

Thea and Laurel knew that meant once they reached the toy collection they were to pick out a strap-on each, attach them to themselves, and then bring three more over to their Mistresses. Which was a little disappointing, as it was a reminder that they weren't going to be the centre of the fun tonight, but there was a good chance they would receive some action later, even if it was Thea's turned to be at the bottom, and therefore it would be the longest before she could receive some fun. Oh well, Thea was pleasing her Mistresses, and that's all that truly mattered to her. Oh yes, the smiles on their faces as they bought them those toys, and helping them get into the harnesses, made it all worth it.

"Good girls." Felicity praised, before turning her attention back to Caitlin, "It's your big moment Caitlin. Mmmmm yes, it's time for you to become a fully stuffed scientist. And you can start by sucking Thea's cock. Oh yeah, get it nice and ready for your hot little pussy."

"Yes Mistress Felicity." Caitlin began nervously, before doing as she was told.

While Thea definitely identified as a bottom at this point she had to admit to a certain thrill at watching another girl suck cock, especially her cock. Sure, she would much rather be sucking cock right now, but it was still kind of hot, especially as she knew what it was like to be on the outside of it, sucking the strap-on of another submissive girl, in that moment making her the bitch of a bitch. Also Caitlin was really good at it, recovering after a initial slow start due to nervousness and settling into giving Thea's dildo a really passionate blow job. Caitlin even pushed that toy cock into her throat, making sure it was more than ready, before she got the order she was no doubt waiting for.

"Okay, that's enough." Sara said impatiently, "Mmmmm yesssss, that will more than do for your slut hole, so why don't you just jump on that dick and start riding it? Oooooh yeahhhhh, give us a show."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Caitlin said softly.

Proving Caitlin had been waiting for this she immediately jumped up, positioned herself over Thea's toy and slowly pushed herself down at with a long soft moan. She then took a few long seconds to get used to the feeling of the dildo inside her before she began bouncing up and down on the fake dick, again causing her to moan. Also gasp, whimper, and cry out, all in pure pleasure, much to the delight of her audience, including Thea. Of course Thea was getting the added benefit of the other end of the toy rubbing against her pussy, which would eventually make her cum, but now it was just a simple added bonus to this kinky act. And after a few long minutes of giving the up close look at her bouncing boobs Caitlin received another treat, the lucky bitch.

"Laurel, eat Caitlin's ass." Nyssa suddenly ordered out of nowhere, "Mmmmm yes, get it nice and ready for Felicity's cock."

"Oh yes, I love that idea." Sara grinned, "Eat that ass sis! Eat it good."

"I love it too." Felicity admitted with a grin of her own, "Ohhhhh yeahhhhh Laurel, tongue that ass hole and get it ready for us."

As soon as she had the chance Laurel quickly replied, "Yes Mistress Felicity."

This made Thea even more disappointed that she had been chosen for this position, especially as she suspected what other honour Laurel might be getting later. And she especially hated being in this position, because she didn't get a good look at what happened next, but she got enough of a look to be able to know what was clearly going on, namely Laurel Lance, the Black Canary, pulling Caitlin's butt cheeks apart and beginning to lick her butt hole. Which again unsurprisingly got a very positive response from Caitlin, especially as their Mistresses gave her a surprisingly long time to enjoy the rim job, considering they were all eager to get the real fun started. Then with surprising force for her Felicity pushed Laurel out of the way and got into position behind Caitlin.

Then Felicity ordered, "Thea, spread those cheeks for me. Show me that cute little virgin ass hole."

"Yes Mistress Felicity." Thea replied and eagerly did as she was told.

Felicity admired the sight in front of her for a few long seconds, before pushing a lube covered finger into her friend's virgin ass hole, causing Caitlin to cry out in mostly pleasure. Felicity could tell that Sara and Nyssa didn't approve of this, that they were both eager for their own turn with Caitlin's cute little backside, but it was finally her turn to take a virgin butt, and she was going to do it the way she wanted to, dammit. Besides, Felicity could remember how nervous she was losing her anal cherry, and Caitlin was still very much her friend. So not only did she spend a few minutes sliding that finger in and out, but she added a second one before finally checking whether the other girl was ready to move on to the next stage.

"Caitlin, are you ready to be butt fucked?" Felicity asked softly.

"Ye, yes." Caitlin nervously squeaked, before quickly correcting herself, "Mistress Felicity, "I'm ready to be butt fucked."

"Then beg for it." Felicity gently pushed.

"Fuck me... fuck my butt." Caitlin gulped, before taking a deep breath and more confidently adding, "Butt fuck me Mistress Felicity! I want to be butt fucked! I want you to take my anal cherry in front of my friends and yours and turned me into a total lesbian slut. An anal whore! Oh Mistress Felicity, turn me into a lesbian anal slave. I want you and Mistress Sara, and Mistress Nyssa, and Mistress Linda, and especially Mistress Iris to all fuck my ass! I want you to treat it as a fuck hole, to use whenever you want, as hard as you want. Ooooooh yesssssss, DP me! I wanna be double fucked, mmmmm, and triple fucked, ohhhhhh, a cock in each one of my fuck holes, oh Mistress Felicity! Oh God! Oh shit! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

As Caitlin grew more confident with her begging Felicity fingered her ass more enthusiastically, until she finally pulled that finger out and replaced it with her cock. She was so turned on at that point Felicity almost rammed it straight in, but at the last moment she slowed down and savoured every single second of that virgin ass hole stretching from an invading object for the first time. Which was of course something which really pleased her perverted girlfriends, and even Laurel, all of whom were looking over her shoulder for the best possible view of Caitlin Snow losing her anal cherry. And oh, what a wonderful sight it was, Felicity whimpering in delight as a virgin hole finally stretched widely enough for her strap-on to slide inside it, officially meaning she'd taken a virginity, and a forbidden one at that.

"POP! There goes her anal cherry." Sara giggled, after sticking her finger in her mouth and then pulling it out to create a popping sound, "Mmmmm yessssss, that anal cherry is yours Felicity. All yours."

"Yes it is, and now you finally have one, what are you going to do with it?" Nyssa gently pushed.

"I'll tell you what she's going to do with it, she's going to take that ass and make it hers forever." Sara said proudly, before glancing over to Iris, "But maybe she'll let the rest of Team Flash borrow it, if they asked nicely."

"Oh yes, make it yours Felicity." Nyssa called out, "Mmmmm, make that ass 100% yours! That's it, ohhhhhh, just like we taught you. Yesssss, mmmmm, turn that ass hole into a fuck hole for us to use whenever we want, however we want, just like your little friend begged you too. Yes, that's it, mmmmm, good girl."

While Felicity preened at the encouraging words of her girlfriends she was much more focused on the cry and whimper that Caitlin let out as she was anally violated for the first time by a dildo. To her credit the scientist relaxed best she could and didn't complain, even later when Felicity started pushing more of that girl cock into her now formally virgin butt hole. Felicity almost praised her for it, but she was worried it would come off as kind of condescending, and it would definitely disappoint her far more dominant girlfriends, so she chose to stay silent. Besides, they were all savouring the heavenly sight of her big dick slowly disappearing into the widely stretched ass hole of Caitlin Snow.

It seemed to take only seconds, and yet at the same time hours, but one way or another Felicity's thighs came to rest against Caitlin's butt cheeks, announcing that she had buried every inch of her strap-on up the other girl's backside. Felicity chose to savour this moment, and allowed her friend some more time to relax, before she began pulling her dick out of Caitlin's ass and then pushed it back in and then repeated the process, officially starting the ass fucking. Officially starting Caitlin's very first ass fucking. Oh yes, she, nerdy little Felicity Smoak, was giving another girl her first ass fucking. Admittedly that girl was just as nerdy as she was, but she was incredibly hot, and it still felt like an honour. One in which Felicity became lost in for a few long minutes, before of course her girlfriends demanded their turn.

Sara had never been more proud of her girl. She could still remember seducing her for the first time, figuring that she would make the perfect bottom, which was more than fine by her after being forced to play that role for Nyssa. Little had she known that Felicity would not only be willing to top her, but be surprisingly amazing at it, as she was proving once again as she slowly took Caitlin's ass hole and turned it into a fuck hole. Oh yes, just in a short amount of time Felicity already had Caitlin moaning in pure pleasure from being sodomised, getting the beautiful scientist nice and ready for the anal abuse she would be receiving tonight. As a reward Sara and Nyssa just watched for a few long minutes as their girlfriend enjoyed herself, and it was only because she knew that Nyssa was about to ask for her turn that Sara spoke up.

"My turn?" Sara asked, seconds before Nyssa was going too, and then when her girlfriends gave her a look she whined, "Please? I know I can be a butt hog, but Nyssa is just as bad, and there's no way that you're going to let Laurel go second, are you? Come on Felicity, share the wealth. Be better than us and show you can play nice. Please? Oh please, mmmmm, I want a piece of that ass soooooo bad."

"I would also like a turn." Nyssa chimed in, and then when Sara looked at her pleadingly she sighed, "But I suppose Sara can go first. Either way I'm sure Caitlin wants to know the joy of tasting her own ass on a cock, and thus becoming our little fully stuffed scientist. Don't you Caitlin? Huh? Mmmmm yesssssss, you want to be a good fuck toy for us, don't you?"

"Ye, yes? I guess." Caitlin blushed.

"Okay." Felicity sighed after thinking about it for a few long seconds, mostly pulling away from Caitlin.

As soon as Felicity pulled out of Caitlin's ass Sara eagerly took her place, Thea continuing to spread the butt cheeks like a good girl so she made it nice and easy for her Mistress to penetrate that hot little back hole, which was already gaping slightly from Felicity's thrusting. Which of course was nothing compared to the size of the gape at the end of the night, Sara thought with a wicked grin as she slowly pressed the tip of her dick against that inviting hole and pushed forwards. Caitlin cried out again, but the pain was less then when she lost her anal cherry, and there was even a hint of pleasure. Which continue to be the case as Sara slowly slid every inch of her strap-on into Caitlin's forbidden hole. Oh yes, the scientist continued whimpering, crying out and gasping in a mixture of pain and pleasure, making the moment that much more sweet.

Once her thighs came to rest against Caitlin's ass cheeks Sara paused, giving the other girl a chance to get use to the sensation, and of course giving herself a chance to savour this precious moment. She also looked up for the first time to notice that while Felicity had walked around to kneel in front of Caitlin she wasn't quite near enough to complete the triple penetration, instead choosing to watch Sara work. Which was just fine with Sara, who grinned with delight it her girlfriend. Even after everything they had done, and everything they were doing now, this made Felicity blush, which was just adorable and warmed Sara's heart. Then she returned her full attention back to Caitlin, and more importantly the scientist's amazing booty.

Back in the day Sara would proudly describe herself as a bad girl, who had never given nerds second looks, but apparently she had been missing out, because all the nerds she'd met lately were really, really freaking hot, and the female ones had the most amazing asses. True, in Sara's biased opinion Felicity had the best nerd butt, although she had to admit this one came pretty close, especially when she began pumping her dick in and out of it. Oh yes, Caitlin Snow had a truly fuck-able litttle ass hole which looked so beautiful wrapped around a dick, Sara unable to get enough of staring at it. In fact the only thing which could pull her attention from it was what her beloved Felicity did next.

Caitlin had been thinking about this pretty much non-stop for the past week, and initially it was a relief that getting her ass stuffed wasn't nearly as bad as she thought it might be. Then it became a great source of embarrassment, as her back passage relaxed and accepted it's fate ridiculously quickly, to the point where not only did the pain fade away but it was replaced by pleasure, which became increasingly difficult to hide thanks to the sounds escaping her mouth. Which had to mostly be because of the surprising skill of Felicity, and then the unsurprising skill of Sara, and the cock in her cunt. Although Caitlin couldn't discount the possibility that maybe she was a natural butt slut, the thought making her blush furiously.

Either way Caitlin found herself moaning, gasping, whimpering and crying out in pure pleasure, which was becoming increasingly loud, much to the delight of the women around her. It got so humiliating that Caitlin found herself staring at the dildo which had just been up her butt, which was so close to her, and yet so far away. And she couldn't decide if that was a good thing or not. On the one hand she desperately wanted to muffle her embarrassing sounds of pleasure. On the other, did she really want to taste her own butt? Because that was another thing she had been dreading, almost as much as the anal sex. Which had been proven to be surprisingly enjoyable, although in a way it would be worse if it was, because that would make Caitlin even more of a twisted little slut.

Making a choice Caitlin looked up pleadingly at Felicity, who smiled, closed the distance between them and simply ordered, "Suck."

Which made Caitlin gulp nervously, but ultimately she parted her lips and allowed Felicity to push the strap-on inside her mouth. She then whimpered and moaned in a mixture of humiliation in delight as she instantly loved the taste of her own ass. Enjoying butt sex, especially so soon after it had began, pretty much doomed her, but this was the final nail in the coffin of Caitlin Snow being anything other than an anal loving lesbian submissive slut. Thankfully as humiliating as that was Caitlin had a wonderful distraction in the form of the yummy flavour in her mouth, something she chose to close her eyes and savour as she slowly and happily sucked the head of the dildo clean.

Once there was no more of that yummy flavour Caitlin started to bob her head up and down the strap-on, taking more time until it was hitting the back of her mouth. She concentrated on those inches for a little while, making sure she got every drop of butt cream from them, before finally pushing her mouth down even further. Caitlin thankfully had a little practice with this thanks to Iris and Linda, but she still choked and gagged from the size of the dick stuffing her windpipe. Thanks to that practice Caitlin was able to get most of the cock down her throat, but not all of it, leaving her to lick the base clean, and then blush as the full ramifications of what she had just done hit her, just in time as she got a fresh batch of butt cream.

Laurel was normally very jealous when she got to watch Thea, or one of the Flash girls, getting made air tight by her Mistresses, and while this was no exception she could comfort herself with the knowledge that she was about to join the fun. Not as a top. No, despite her wearing a dildo Laurel had no doubt that her Mistresses had something much different, and much more enjoyable for her, in mind. The only real question was, who exactly was going to do it? Mistress Nyssa was a good guess, as she had been the first to do it with Thea, and Laurel would love to be her cock sleeve. Just not as much as she would like to be Mistress Sara's, and thankfully after a few hopeful glances at her little sister Laurel's dreams came true.

"Bend over sis." Sara suddenly ordered, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, it's time for 'you' to fuck some ass."

"Yes Mistress Sara, thank you Mistress Sara." Laurel quickly replied and obeyed.

Despite the fact that Mistress Sara had roughly sodomised her only a few hours ago, and constantly ever since she took her anal cherry, the younger girl apparently felt the need to grab onto Laurel's butt-plug and start playing with it instead of pulling it out entirely. Which made Laurel whimper with disappointment, but she also quickly moaned happily as Mistress Sara pulled the plug out until the widest part was stretching her shit hole, only for it to be then pushed back all the way in. This process was repeated a few times, before it was finally pulled out and pushed into Laurel's mouth, The Black Canary again moaning happily, and quickly beginning to clean that butt-plug covered in her anal cream while her ass hole got use too Mistress Sara's big cock pressing against it, but not going in right away. Not that she was waiting long to truly get what she wanted.

When her little sister finally pushed that cock into her ass Laurel let out such a loud cry of pleasure that the plug almost fell out of her mouth. Luckily by now she was too well-trained for that, and at the last possible moment closed her mouth firmly around it and began sucking it even more passionately than before. Not that Mistress Sara noticed. No, she was far too understandably captivated by her cock disappearing into her big sister's bitch hole. A moment which would have been perfect if only Laurel was permitted to spread her cheeks and literally present herself to the superior sister. However for once it seemed that Mistress Sara wanted to be the one to spread those cheeks. Whatever, the important part was Mistress Sara was getting the best possible view throughout the ass stuffing, which took a predictably short time.

Sara took a few seconds to savour the moment once her thighs came to rest against Laurel's ass cheeks, announcing that every inch of her dick was deep within her big sister's butt, then she gently pushed, "Nyssa, is it my turn now? I mean, is it Laurel's turn?"

Nyssa raised an eyebrow, stared at her first love for a few long seconds, then scoffed, "Using your own sister to get another turn so quickly? Typical Sara."

"Like you're one to talk." Sara pointed out.

"True." Nyssa conceded, and then after a few more long seconds reluctantly pulled her strap-on out of Caitlin's ass, "Okay then, but you better put on a good show."

"I always do." Sara boasted while using Laurel to take Nyssa's place.

This involved shuffling forwards awkwardly to get Laurel in the proper position, which was kind of weird and awkward, but as far as The Black Canary was concerned it was totally worth it to be her own sister's human strap-on dildo, Mistress Sara literally using her to butt fuck a third girl while she was in fact fucking her butt. Oh yes, Mistress Sara reached round and grabbed hold of Laurel's strap-on and guided it into Caitlin's now thoroughly loosened and opened back door and pushed it inside. As she did this her own hips pushed forwards, which pushed Mistress Sara's dildo deeper into Laurel's slutty little ass hole. And things got even better for both Lance sisters once the sodomy got underway and one was anally violating the other while fucking Caitlin's butt, causing all three tremendous pleasure. Four if you included Thea.

Caitlin was definitely getting the most pleasure, which was driving her crazy. She was now constantly being surrounded by dominant women as they went back and forth between her mouth and ass, meaning that all her holes were constantly getting stuffed with strap-on cock. Perhaps best of all each incredibly pleasurable thrust into her butt caused her cunt to become impaled on Thea's dick, and whenever it pulled out it caused her to lift up off that dildo in her pussy, meaning she was riding it without even having to try. Which was amazing enough, but to her shame constantly being able to taste her own ass was such an added bonus that Caitlin soon felt an increasingly overwhelming urge to beg for more.

It was only a matter of time before she did just that, but she wanted to hold back for as long as possible so she could enjoy all the pleasurable sensations this had to offer her. After all, getting spit roasted had been one thing, but this was an even greater pleasure which Caitlin never wanted to end. At the same time she kind of wanted it too, so she could do this with Iris, Linda and Jesse. Or better yet, they join in. Oh yes, that would make this perfect. Because she liked Felicity, but the other women were strangers to her, whereas Iris was her secret crush and Linda and Jesse were her female co-workers, which would make doing this with them even more special.

She hoped that would include Iris or Linda turning Jesse into a cock sleeve and using her to fuck her ass, just like Mistress Sara was using Laurel, because that was a really wonderful addition which made Caitlin's submissive heart flutter. After all, how much of a total bottom did she have to be to get butt fucked by another bottom? Or more accurately two botttoms, including Thea. Yes, those bottoms were just being used by the tops, but it was an extra level of perversion Caitlin loved. So much so it became impossible for Caitlin to resist begging for more, especially when she was waiting a frustratingly long amount of time for another change over. Then she put her everything into shameless begging.

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder, ohhhhhhhh please, oh please wreck my ass!" Caitlin pleaded desperately, "Mmmmmm yessssssss, slam fuck my ass hole and ruin it forever! Pleasssseeeee, mmmmmmm, stretch it so wide and deep that it never recovers, oooooooh, and becomes nothing but a loose fuck hole dominant women like you can use whenever you fucking want! Please? Oh please fuck me! Destroy my butt hole! Oh Mistress Felicity! Mistress Sara! Mistress Nyssa! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck, I want you all to fuck me! Pound my little back door as hard and as deep as you can! Use it as your personal fuck hole! Just please, mmmmmmmm, fuck me and make me cum! Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, God yes, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, fuck my butt, fuckkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssssss!"

After what felt like an eternity Caitlin finally got what she wanted, Felicity was again giving her a first, this time her first anally induced orgasm. It didn't come as soon as she would have liked, Felicity insisting on slowly reinserting her strap-on all the way back up Caitlin's butt and then establishing a steady rhythm before finally getting to some seriously hard butt pounding. However when she finally started increasing the pace it was totally worth the wait, because it was an orgasm more powerful than Caitlin had received before, and it was quickly followed by another and another and another, melting her brilliant mind and leaving her a happy little slut. Okay, she had already been a happy little slut, but it meant she would not only be a shameless lesbian slut for these women, but a shameless lesbian slut for anyone who wanted her.

Nyssa was happy to let Felicity take the lead hereafter leaving her on the side-lines for so long during the breaking of the other bitches. Oh yes, Nyssa had a tendency of getting lost in her love for Sara, and the dominating of other women, but she really had grown to love Felicity almost just as much as her first love. Now finally she had a chance to prove that love, by waiting patiently for Felicity to finish having her way with Caitlin's juicy little bottom. Which took an impressively long time, herself and Sara clearly rubbing off on Felicity doing her a world of good, giving her the kind of speed, strength and stamina she probably couldn't have imagined before. Although she still couldn't quite compare, Nyssa was very proud of the amount of orgasms she powered through, both herself and for their new bitch.

Of course as soon as Felicity pulled her strap-on out of Caitlin's ass Sara was quick to replace her, which made Nyssa roll her eyes, but again, she adored Sara so much she was happy to watch her wear herself out. Also while she constantly moved around throughout this so she could see both the looks of pleasure on her girlfriend's faces, and Caitlin's, and the beautiful sight of a dildo hammering a girl's butt hole, Nyssa found herself captivated by Sara's juicy little ass. Oh yes, it had been far too long since she had stuffed her precious Canary, and Nyssa promised herself she would do it again soon. Then as if reading her thoughts Sara moved aside, giving Nyssa a turn. No, of course she wasn't that generous. Or aware of what she had been thinking. No, she just wanted to get back to fucking her sister's butt.

While Sara gleefully sodomised Laurel right next to them Nyssa kneeled down in front of Caitlin, slammed her dick up her ass, and immediately began roughly sodomising her. Which was a little harsh considering Caitlin had been an anal virgin when she had arrived here, but she clearly wasn't complaining now. No, Dr Caitlin Snow was screaming in pure pleasure, almost drowning out the sound of Nyssa's thighs crashing into her butt cheeks, making that juicy flesh jiggle. That, and the sheer joy of ass fucking another woman while her precious Sara butt fucked her own big sister right next to her, and of course the other end of the harness bashing against her clit, ensured that it wasn't that long before Nyssa was cumming too.

She of course pushed herself through that climax and the ones that followed to both live up to her reputation, and to make sure that Caitlin kept cumming. Which she may have succeeded too well at, given it wasn't long after she got started that Caitlin passed out, unable to cope with all the pleasure she was receiving. Which was disappointing really, but it wasn't like this room wasn't full of hot asses for Nyssa to fuck, and she promised herself that at the very least she would sample another Flash girl before she left. Maybe Laurel too, given Sara had been such a good job of loosening her up. Then reluctantly Nyssa pulled out of Caitlin and moved back to admire her handiwork, about the same time as Sara did the same with Laurel.

"Spread your cheeks bitches!" Sara ordered, "Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, show us our handiwork."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel quickly replied and obeyed.

Caitlin groaned and whimpered with exhaustion and embarrassment, but slowly did as she was told. Although by the time she was grabbing her cheeks Laurel had already spread hers wide, making her more ashamed of her failure as a bottom then what she was actually doing. Because after all those amazing orgasms Caitlin Snow wanted to devote the rest of her life to pleasing more dominant women, like Mistress Sara, Mistress Felicity, Mistress Nyssa and especially Mistress Iris and Mistress Linda. Promising she would do better Caitlin slowly pulled her cheeks as wide apart as possible, and arched her back to push her thoroughly gaped butt into the air, even pulling herself off of Thea's dildo in the process, which thankfully seemed to please the dominant women.

"Wow, great work team!" Felicity gleefully complemented her girlfriends, "Mmmmmm yes, that's one widely gaped butt hole! God Caitlin, I can see so deeply into your ass. And I love it! Does that freak you out? Huh? That your friends are so twisted, they like to see your back hole gaping wide open because they took turns sodomising you? Or are you a filthy slut who likes showing off your opened butt? Huh? Answer me!"

"Yes Mistress Felicity. I mean no... I mean..." Caitlin whimpered, as soon as Mistress Felicity actually gave her a chance too, "I'm a filthy slut who likes showing off my opened butt hole! Mmmmmmm, and I'm so glad that you and your friends, my other friends, would want to do it. Oh yes, thank you so much for stretching my ass and gaping it wide. Ooooooooh, please do it again whenever you want."

"Ha, looks like we have another thoroughly broken bitch on our hands." Nyssa chuckled with delight, before turning to Iris, "I believe the words you are looking for, is thank you."

"Na, Caitlin was just begging to be enslaved, mmmmmm, and her butt was just begging to be fucked." Sara pointed out, walking over to Iris and leaning down to tell her, "And if you'd actually been able to resist fucking her without us, you could have joined the fun. Oh well, at least you didn't take her anal cherry, because then we would definitely be taking this hot piece of ass with us when we left. Maybe your precious Jesse too. But hey, the good news is, now you can use this fuck hole whenever you want, isn't that right Caitlin? Huh? Oh yeah, we just broke you in, and now you're Iris West's personal anal whore! Her pussy licking slut! Hers to do with as she pleases. Right?"

"Oh yes Mistress Sara." Caitlin replied eagerly, while still displaying herself, "You broke my ass hole in, and turned it into a fuck hole Mistress Iris can use whenever she wants. Mistress Linda too. I belong to them now, and I want them to use me however they want. Mmmmmm, but I hope you'll come back to visit, so you can use me too."

"Oh we will, you don't have to worry about that." Nyssa reassured, "But for now how about a kiss goodbye? And by kiss, I mean ATM of course. Oh yes, mmmmmm, it's time for you to thoroughly clean these cocks of your own ass. Again! Yes, clean it of our dicks you filthy little submissive whore! Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, suck it good!"

After what felt like an eternity displaying herself in such a truly twisted way when it felt like her ass hole was as wide as the Grand Canyon Caitlin was glad to be able to let go of her cheeks, turn around and crawl over to where her Mistresses were now standing so she could give them the proper respect they deserved. She just wasn't expecting it to be so hard. Not because of how humiliating and degrading this act was. No, if anything that just pushed her onwards through the real problem, namely that her butt hurt like hell. More accurately her entire body ached from exhaustion, but her overused forbidden hole ached particularly badly with every little movement she made, although that did mean that it felt like more of an achievement when she got into position.

Starting with Mistress Felicity's dick, as that seemed only right under the circumstances, Caitlin quickly wrapped her mouth around the head and moaned shamelessly in pleasure. Then after a few long seconds of savouring the flavour, she moved over to Mistress Sara and then Mistress Nyssa to repeat the process. Laurel and Thea even shuffled over, allowing her to taste the deepest part of her ass and cunt before she started taking those cocks deeper into her mouth and ultimately down her throat. Sadly she still couldn't take every inch, but now this was her only focus she got further than ever before, Caitlin violently choking herself on those dicks and then licking the basis clean, while looking up lovingly at the women who had just thoroughly taken her like never before.

Those women looked back with a mixture of delight and other emotions. Pride of their actions mostly, and maybe even pride for her, which warmed Caitlin's submissive heart. But there was something else. Something almost sad. Except for Laurel and Thea of course, who were looking at her with nothing but jealousy, although Caitlin had no doubt it wouldn't be long before they were right back where she was, on their knees and sucking strap-on cocks clean of slutty fuck holes. Then Mistress Felicity pulled her up onto her feet, which were a little bit wobbly, and then kissed her passionately, which made Caitlin feel even more wobbly. Thankfully Mistress Felicity kept her on her feet during the kiss, and after it as she pulled back and smiled at her.

"It's been fun, but we really need to go home. Our city needs us." Felicity explained, giving another quick kiss before pulling away.

"But we'll be back." Nyssa smirked as she, her girlfriends and her bitches took off their strap-ons.

"Until then, you girls have fun." Sara grinned widely as she, her girlfriends and her bitches got dressed and left.

Caitlin watched them go, then untied Mistress Iris, nervously asking her as soon as she took off her gag, "Are you okay?"

"I will be, as soon as I find a way to 'thank' those girls for this." Iris growled menacingly, for grinning at her new plaything, "But since you're nice and ready for us, how about we continue your anal education?"

Despite the fact that her entire body, but especially her butt, was incredibly sore and aching, Caitlin eagerly replied, "I'd love that Mistress Iris."

"I thought you would." Iris smirked, before making good on her promise.

Chapter Text

"Our relationship is a, what?" Felicity frowned, wanting to clarify things before she jumped to conclusions.

"An time anomaly." Amaya repeated herself.

"Meaning..." Felicity murmured, her worst fears confirmed.

"That our relationship is a mistake." Nyssa said sadly.

"Screw that!" Sara snorted, "This relationship is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I'm not giving it up for anything."

"Sara-" Nyssa began soothingly.

"Who the hell do you people think you are?" Sara exclaimed angrily.

"We're the Legends." Amaya said softly.

"Legends?" Sara scoffed, "Isn't that a little pretentious?"

"Hey, you're supposed to be our Captain." Zari quipped dryly.

"I'm what now?" Sara blinked in disbelief.

"You heard." Zari grumbled.

There was a brief pause then Sara confessed, "I'm not really leadership material."

Suddenly a disembodied voice announced, "I think you grow into the role quite nicely, Captain Lance."

"Oh, what is this now?" Felicity sighed, before yelping as a woman appeared beside her. Or at least, what appeared to be a woman, but more accurately seem to be a hologram.

"Hi, I'm Gideon. The ship's computer." Gideon introduced herself brightly.

"Wow, really? Artificial intelligence! That's so cool!" Felicity gushed.

"Wait, you weren't wowed by our Time Ship, but you are wowed by our computer?" Zari raised her eyebrow.

"That's Felicity for you." Sara beamed fondly, staring dreamily at her favourite nerd.

"To be fair, you haven't shown us any proof yet that this contraption can truly travel through time." Nyssa pointed out.

"Yeah, and cloaking technology exists in our time. Although I was impressed by that too, FYI." Felicity quickly added, smiling nervously as she continued, "And this setup is nice, it really is, and I'd love to take look at your hard drive. But like Nyssa said, it doesn't prove you can travel through time. But, maybe you could, give us a demonstration? I mean that would be, like, major wow..."

"Oooooooh, I like that idea." Sara grinned with agreement, "Yeah, you want us to believe you? Prove it by showing us."

Zari smirked, "What do you want to see?"

"Surprise us." Sara beamed.

"Zari! It's not a toy." Amaya scolded.

"What? We want them to believe us, right?" Zari pointed out.

There was a brief pause, then Amaya sighed, and then smiled, "Alright fine, but I pick."

"Fine by me." Zari shrugged.


Five minutes later...

"Okay, that light show was impressive..." Sara somewhat concedes, before pointing out, "But how does this prove anything? This is just a forest. It's beautiful, but we still have these back in our time."

Sara was going to say more, but then a raw echoed throughout the forest, one like Sara had never heard before. Then the ground shook like something large was coming towards them, and then in the distance she saw that something coming towards them. Which was a freaking Tyrannosaurus-Rex! For a few long seconds Sara thought it had to be an illusion of some kind, which certainly wasn't out of the realm of possibility given that she had just seen a hologram, but when a deadly creature that size looked like charging towards her it was better not to take any chances. Especially with the women she loved surrounding her. So she quickly turned to the other women, most of whom looked as nervous as she was, and then stating the obvious.

"Okay, that's impressive, and I now believe you. Now, please get us out of here because I don't want to become dino food?" Sara pleaded.

"No need." Amaya smiled, holding out her hand.

"W, what? Felicity exclaimed nervously.

"You want to see impressive? Watch this." Zari boasted.

Despite the other women's confidence Sara still retreated back into the ship, and she didn't needed to encourage Felicity or Nyssa to do the same. Then to their disbelief they watched as the T-Rex slowed its charge, to a casual walk just before it reached the time travellers, then lowered it's head and allowed Amaya to pet it like it was some kind of giant dog. Which would have been enjoyable, if it wasn't so terrifying. And again, admittedly impressive. Then after sending the dinosaur on its way Amaya and Zari turned back to them, smiled smugly, and returned to their ship. It was the kind of look which would normally annoy Sara, if she wasn't the one making it, but particularly Amaya definitely deserved to look smug right now, and she nodded in acknowledgement of that.

"Okay yeah, that was-" Sara started, before being interrupted by her rambling girlfriend.

"WOW! WOW , WOW, WOW! THAT WAS AMAZING! WOW!" Felicity exclaimed loudly and quickly, only somewhat lowering her voice as she added just as quickly, "That was a dinosaur! Like, a real dinosaur! I can't believe it. I love dinosaurs. So wow, this really is a Time Ship? Like the TARDIS? Wait, who's The Doctor? And who is The Companion?"

"What?" Amaya frowned.

"I'm The Doctor." Zari beamed.

"I think we're getting off topic." Nyssa quipped, before pushing, "What do you want from us exactly?"

"Well..." Amaya blushed, "Normally when dealing with a time anomaly, we would try and fix it. But..."

"But in this case, things have been screwed up for the better." Zari smiled, taking Amaya's hand in hers, "Right babe?"

Amaya blushed even more, but nodded and hesitantly explained, "Zari and I weren't together in the other timeline. But we wanted to be. And the only reason we remember how things were supposed to be is because we travel in time so often. Or at least, that's what we think. How about you Sara? Can you remember anything of your previous life?"

"Maybe..." Sara admitted hesitantly when everyone was looking at her, "I get weird flashes sometimes. And déjà vu. But I think that was just something I ate, or a bad dream. Or The Flash messing the timeline again."

"Hey, if you guys are time cops why don't you do anything about him?" Felicity frowned.

"Well, The Flash was first, and whenever he messes with the timeline it's predestined. Also if anyone tries to stop him it just makes it worse, so we just stays out of his way, and he stays out of hours." Amaya explained.

"Except for the annual team up." Zari grumbled.

"The what?" Felicity frowned again.

"So what do you actually want from us?" Nyssa snapped, running out of patients.

"We told you, you just weren't listening." Zari grumbled, before explaining, "We need Sara to be our Captain again. Or for the first time, or whatever. The point is, she needs to join us."

"And like I said, I don't make a good Captain." Sara argued.

"You'd be surprised." Amaya reassured.

"Yeah Sara, don't sell yourself short. I bet you'd be great at it." Felicity piped up.

"Thanks babe." Sara smiled, thinking it over for a second, before insisting, "Could my girls come with me? All of them?"

"Yes." Amaya smiled, before quickly clarifying, "Well, at least the girls of Team Arrow. The girls of Team Flash need to stay. Trust me, Barry would be lost without them."

"What about Oliver?" Nyssa questioned, and then when her girlfriends gave her a look she pointed out, "What? He can barely tie his shoelaces without Felicity."

"Her Father, The Calculator, will take over if Felicity asks nicely. Then while he is seeking redemption on Team Arrow, Ms Smoak can be helping us." Amaya explained, "There also will be a new Canary joinning the team, so Oliver Queen will have all the back-up he could possibly need."

"Another Canary? Wasn't two enough?" Felicity scoffed, before quickly turning to Sara and apologetically reassuring, "Not that you're not amazing, it's just that-"

"It's okay Felicity. Believe me, I know what you mean." Sara reassured Felicity, before turning back to the time travellers, "Okay, I'll do it. Just give me a few days to gather my things and say goodbye to everybody."

"We already have everything you need, and we can return you to the time that you left like nothing ever happened." Amaya pointed out.

"I guess that's true." Sara said thoughtfully.

"And if you come now, we'll show you our gratitude." Zari said flirtatiously.

"Well, I'm sold." Sara grinned.

"You would be." Nyssa grumbled, before telling the time travellers, "Can we have a moment to discuss it amongst ourselves?"

"Take all the time you need." Zari smirked, enjoying the pun.

Sara rolled her eyes, but obediently shuffled over to the corner of the room with her girlfriends and then told Nyssa, "I know you don't trust them, but trust has to be earned. And yes, it could be a trap, but if it is we'll get out of it. We always do."

"You're just saying that because you want to have sex with them?" Nyssa grumbled.

"And you don't?" Sara smiled, "And do you truly disagree with anything I've said?"

There was a brief pause, then Felicity spoke up, "I think we should take it to a vote... and I vote we go with them. I know, I know, it's dangerous, but so is everything else we do, and this way could make a real difference, not just to our city, but to all of time. And I mean, imagine all the fun places we could go, and people we could meet."

"And people we could fuck." Sara grinned wickedly.

Another brief pause and then Nyssa sighed, "Fine, but we're not leaving without Laurel and Thea, right?"

"Of course not." Sara reassured with another grin, before turning to the other women, "Okay, we're in. We just need to make a quick stop first..."


Their new shipmates were very accommodating, and allowed them to not only retrieve Laurel and Thea but, after a little negotiating, spend a day saying goodbye to everyone just in case something went wrong. It was all so nice to walk the streets, and the rooftops, of their beloved city what could be one last time, and would certainly be one last time for a while. Or at least, Sara's beloved city. Felicity had moved here for a job, and Nyssa was only here because of them, but they did care about this place almost as much as she did, having spent so much time keeping it safe. But ultimately they found themselves back on the WaveRider, this time in the Captain's quarters. Which wasn't nearly as luxurious as they might have hoped for, they would definitely have too get an extra large bed, and their new crew mates were waiting patiently for them there.

"So..." Sara grinned mischievously, sitting down on the nearby bed, her girlfriends and bitches quickly doing the same, "You want me to be your Captain so bad? Huh? Well prove it! Mmmmmm yesssssss, strip for us! Show us what you've got. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, and make sure to make it a good show."

Predictably the woman claiming to be from the 1940s blushed adorably at this command, while the woman from the future just immediately obeyed. To her credit Amaya did eventually join Zari in taking off her clothes, but it was awkward, while Zari was simply quick, leaving much to be desired. Oh well, Sara would be more than happy to give them a few lessons in stripping, the first one coming after the two other women were naked. Well, Sara might spent a few long minutes admiring her prizes, as her new crew was beautiful. For the most part that included the men on the crew, which they briefly met, but right now Sara was only interested in the women, and sharing them with her girls, who followed her lead as she slowly slid up and then showed these time travellers how it was done.

"Mmmmmm, I think your seduction technique could use a little work, but I certainly can't argue with the results." Sara chuckled.

"Well, you are a bit of a slut." Felicity meant to just think, and then blushed when she realised she said it out loud.

Seeing this Nyssa helped out her geeky girlfriend by quickly agreeing with her when her other girlfriend gave her a look, "She's right Sara, and you know it. You're standards are very low. And that was a very low standard striptease. Luckily for you two, Sara Lance is an expert at the subject, and will be happy to give you some pointers. Isn't that right Sara?"

After briefly scowling at each girlfriend in turn Sara then told the time travellers, "Absolutely. Mmmmmm, watch and learn girls, because I'm going to show you how it's done."

Zari Adrianna Tomaz had no interest in learning how to 'strip properly' as it wasn't like she planned on ever being a stripper or anything, and if someone didn't like the way she took off her clothes they didn't deserve to be with her. Also she loved the way Amaya took off her clothes, which was weird, because for anyone else it would be annoying that they were still nervous even after all the times they had sex, but for Amaya Jiwe it was just adorable. But she had to admit, the way that Sara Lance and her girls took off their clothes was very enticing, Zari unable to take her eyes off of it for the long minute or two it was happening. Then instead of sitting back down Sara strolled towards them, and gave them by far Zari's favourite order so far.

"Now kiss." Sara ordered, "You say this little time anomaly brought you together? That you're grateful for it? Well prove it. Kiss in front of us, and pot us in the mood to play with you. Oh yes, mmmmmm, that's it! Oh fuck, that's so hot."

That encouragement trailed off shortly after Zari pulled Amaya into her arms and softly kissed her without a moment's hesitation. Amaya was clearly taken aback by the suddenness of it, but it certainly wasn't long before she was smiling into the kiss and returning it passionately. Then for those precious moments the whole world melted away and it was just the two of them. Which was pretty common whenever they kissed actually, as Zari had never felt this way about another person before. It was almost enough to make her question why they were doing this, as while she would be normally down to experiment like this she wasn't so sure she wanted to share Amaya. But her girlfriend had promised that this was an inevitability, and given how hot Sara and the others were Zari had to agree maybe it was better to give into temptation and entice Sara and the others to join them.

"Okay, I'm convinced." Sara said after enjoying the show for a few long minutes, then curling her finger when she had their attention, "Now get over here and give the rest of us some of that action."

While Zari was reluctant to pull away from Amaya she had to admit she was curious what Sara had to offer. She wasn't disappointed, because as soon as she was close enough Sara pulled her into a passionate kiss which was just ridiculously good, to the point that when it was over Zari practically found herself staggering into the arms of Felicity to repeat the process also returned her attention to Amaya, who had mostly just watched her new Captain and her girlfriend make out. Things continue like that until the time travellers had been able to kiss each one of their new recruits, in most cases sliding their hands over each other's bodies and squeezing the assets available. And sometimes Zari wasn't even the one to initiate it.

"That was a fun warm-up..." Sara grinned, squeezing Amaya's ass, "Now I want this one to eat my pussy, while you eat my ass."

"And what are we supposed to do?" Felicity scoffed.

"Well, my tits will be free?" Sara suggested cheekily, then when her girlfriends looked even more annoyed at her she quickly added, "Or I'm sure Laurel and Thea will be happy to attend to your needs. Isn't that right girls?"

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea replied quickly.

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel replied lovingly.

"Honestly Sara, you're so greedy." Nyssa rolled her eyes.

"What? There isn't enough for each of us to have one, and it would be even more unfair of someone was just left out." Sara argued, "And they wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me. I'm the one they want, so I'm just giving it to them. Besides, it's not like you both won't have your fun with them when I'm done. Or have plenty of chances to see what their mouths can do."

There was a brief pause, then Felicity sighed, "Fine, but you owe us one."

"Definitely." Sara promised, before turning her attention to Nyssa.

Another long pause, then it was Nyssa's turned to sigh, "One of these days this selfish behaviour will catch up with you, beloved."

"I look forward to it." Sara grinned flirtatiously, before turning her attention back to her new crew, "You have your orders, get to it. No, wait... kiss my feet first. Mmmmmm yes, I like that idea. Start with my feet, then make your way up to my pussy and ass. Show me just how badly you want me to be your Captain. And your Mistress. And I expect you to use my proper title."

Amaya blushed again, but hesitantly replied, "Yes Mistress Sara."

Meanwhile Zari was just glaring at this arrogance, and the fact that instead of teasing one of the pussies of these admittedly very attractive women she was being reduced to eating ass. Hell, she wasn't even sharing Sara's pussy with Amaya. Admittedly she was partial to a rim job, but normally she was receiving them instead of giving them, and this was just a sign of Sara establishing her dominance over her, which she had very mixed feelings about. But Gideon, and more importantly Amaya, were convinced that Sara was 'the chosen one' or whatever and the needed her, and Zari would pretty much do anything for her girlfriend. Besides, if Sara really was responsible for her relationship she owed her a debt, and there were worse ways to repay it.

Amaya was extremely glad that her girlfriend was okay with doing this, because it was likely the only way they would get Sara Lance on board as their Captain, which was their mission, and ever since she had become Vixen Amaya was proud to say that she would do anything to complete her mission. She never thought she would be required to eat another woman's pussy, or partake in a lesbian orgy to complete a mission, or even that she'd ever have a girlfriend, but she was so glad that she found herself in that position. Because she really loved Zari, and also felt a need to thank these wonderful women for their part in changing the timeline for the better. Especially this woman, the woman who was supposed to be their Captain, Sara Lance.

Ever since Gideon had told her about the changing in the timeline, and showed her the evidence for it, Amaya had fantasised what it would be like to have group sex, and to go down on Sara Lance. She could have never imagined the former before, but she had definitely fantasised about the latter given how beautiful Sara was, and Amaya was haunted by those fantasies. So she savoured every single moment of worshipping this woman's feet and slowly kissing her way up those long legs of hers. Then she even paused right in front of that yummy looking pussy so that she could savour the smell, and of course the moment, before leaning forward, sticking out her tongue, and sliding it over Sara's pussy lips. Which of course, had predictable results.

Namely a loud cry of pleasure from Sara, followed by a long, satisfied moan. Amaya let out a little joyful cry too as she tasted her new Captain's pussy for the first time, instantly hoping it would be the first of many, as it was easily as delicious as she had dreamt it would be. She then repeated that lick over and over again, albeit ignoring Sara's clit, which she had initially lingered on. This meant Amaya received more of those wonderful sounds, and more importantly more of those tasty juices. Also she received Sara's hand in her hair, the other woman gently stroking it affectionately, silently encouraging her to keep going, before ultimately moving on to non-silent encouragement.

"Yesssssssss, that's it! Lick me just like that, oh fuck!" Sara moaned joyfully as she began stroking Amaya's dark locks, "Ooooooooh yessssssss, mmmmmm, good girl. That's a very, very good girl. Now, ohhhhhhhh, if your little girlfriend can just start eating my ass, we can really get started. Yes we can, oooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssssss, eat me you bitches! Eat my holes, oh fuck!"

It was unsurprising that the proud, and often grumpy, Zari would be hesitant to submit. After all, she was definitely the dominant one in their relationship. But Amaya was pretty sure she had made it clear that this was a necessary 'evil' for them to save the world, and that sooner or later Zari would obey. Until then Amaya did her best to distract Sara by focusing more attention on her clit, and looking up at her to make it clear that she was eager for more approval, which Sara seemed only too happy to give her. Then there was thankfully more distractions, in the form of Felicity and Nyssa crying out in pleasure, making it clear that Thea and Laurel had started working on their pussies.

Zari had made her way up Sara's legs about the same pace as her girlfriend, and was now right behind her, staring at the blonde's admittedly amazing backside. But Zari didn't want to kiss it. No, she wanted to ram her strap-on up that big, beautiful booty and put her new Captain in her place with a nice hard ass fucking. From what Gideon had told them about this whore from the past, Sara would probably loved that. She could probably give the same treatment to Felicity with the same results, and while topping Nyssa might be harder Zari would dearly love to give it a shot. However, Amaya had made it clear what they should be doing here, and while Zari didn't much like it she would do anything for her girlfriend. And again, anything to protect this timeline.

Holding back did have it's advantages of course, namely she got a good view of Laurel and Thea starting to work over the cunts of Felicity and Nyssa. Like Amaya and Zari they had started off kissing feet and working their way upwards, but now they were eagerly lapping away at the tasty treat in front of them, the moans of Felicity and Nyssa making Zari very jealous that she wasn't the one receiving the treatment right now. Of course, she was mostly jealous of Sara, as if there was anyone she wanted to be licking her pussy it was definitely her precious Amaya. Although while she would never admit it out loud Zari admitted to herself that she was jealous of Thea and Laurel, especially Amaya, for being permitted to eat the pussies which was making the subs moan happily.

While it wasn't a tasty pussy this was hardly Zari's first time licking an ass hole, and when she used both hands to spread those meaty cheeks she had to admit in a bizarre way it was quite pretty. Just like when she started licking it she soon found out it was tasty. Again she wished it was because she was about to ass fuck this bitch, but it wasn't exactly the worst thing in the world to be pleasuring a beautiful woman with her girlfriend. Oh yes, Zari focused on that fact, and suddenly she got a lot more into it. After all, this was her girlfriend from the 1940s, who had been adorably prim and proper, and most of all innocent. And now they were double teaming a woman together.

Now she thought about it, Zari didn't have words to describe just how hot this was. Sure, when the time came she was rewarded with girl cum, but at least she didn't embarrass herself by going crazy for it, like she did sometimes when going down on Amaya. And she had always lick some of it off of Amaya's face when they were done. Or maybe Sara would make them kiss and share the taste of pussy and ass? That could be a lot of fun. Before now Zari would do her part to shut Sara up by putting her all into the rim job, sliding her tongue all around the other woman's butt hole as well as simply up and down, and eventually even trying to push her way inside, unsurprisingly getting very far, because as Gideon had told them, Sara Lance was quite the little slut.

Sara was very proud of that fact. After all, if she hadn't been such a 'slut' she wouldn't have two amazing girlfriends which she adored, some loyal little bitches and she certainly wouldn't have a growing number of playthings. She couldn't be sure which category Amaya and Zari fit yet. Well, Sara wasn't looking for another girlfriend, and these two seem too into each other to qualify for that category, but if they were going to be working closely together maybe Sara should give them the honour of being her bitches? Then again, maybe it was dangerous to make them quite as submissive as Laurel and Thea now were. The idea was quite hot though, and easily pushed Sara towards climax.

Another thing which pushed her towards that was the beautiful sight of her girls getting their pussies licked by her girls. Or more accurately, her girlfriends getting their pussies licked by their lesbian slaves, Laurel and Thea, who were lapping away eagerly at the cunts of Sara's precious Felicity and Nyssa, who had the most beautiful expressions on their faces. Hell, Sara could probably cum just from that, but Amaya was doing a pretty good job at eating her out, and now that she relaxed and got into it Zari was also doing a commendable job of tonguing her butt. Sadly Sara had a reputation to uphold, and couldn't ask to cum just yet, but she could push things forwards a little bit.

"More, mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, lick my clit more!" Sara moaned, quickly adding, "No, don't make me cum yet. Just, yessssssssssss, suck my clit! Fucking suck it! Oh good girl, oh fuck! Ooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkk, mmmmmmm, your little girlfriend has done such a good job at teaching you how to eat pussy Amaya. Sooooooooo goooooooooddddddddd, mmmmmmmm fuck. Speaking of which, pick up the pace a bit Zari. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, I know just by looking at you, you can eat ass better than that. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, that's it! Now you're learning! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuck me, oh God, fuck me!"

Which is all it took to get her what she wanted, Zari and Amaya picking up the pace and effortlessly sending her to the edge of orgasm. Zari adorably glared into Sara's ass cheeks before doing so, but she did it. And the woman from the 1940s happily increased her attention to Sara's clit, at first beginning to linger on it with her tongue, and then taking it into her mouth and sucking on it, making the White Canary cry out and even whimper rather embarrassingly. Combined with watching her girlfriends receive the same thing from their bitches made it almost painful for Sara to hold back, but again she had a reputation to uphold, so she just about did it for a few long minutes before finally giving in.

"Fuck me! Mmmmmmmm oooooooh yesssssssss, fuck me with your tongues and make me cum!" Sara finally ordered, "Come on bitches, fuck me! Fuck me! Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yesssssssss, oh fuck! Tongue fuck me like the little dyke sluts you are, or I'll break you worse than I did my own sister! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, and the girl who might as well be my sister. Mmmmmm, fuck yeah, you better be good to me, otherwise I'll, oh shit! Oh yes, do that. Fuck me, fuck my cunt and ass with your slutty little tongues! Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooddddddddddd!"

The eager to please Amaya of course barely paused to tease Sara's entrance before shoving her tongue as deep into her twat as it would go, triggering a powerful climax. Especially because at the exact same time Zari was hammering Sara's ass hole with her tongue. Which to be fair Zari had been doing before she had been ordered too, but the White Canary could hardly complain. No, she welcome that almost as much as she welcomed Amaya's tongue into her cunt, and the amazing orgasms that came with it. Admittedly not quite as amazing as the ones given to her by her girlfriends, but the fact that she could stare at them lovingly made the ecstasy she was receiving that much more wonderfully satisfying.

Amaya had become increasingly aware of those girlfriends, and blushed with embarrassment when they too started letting out orgasmic cries. Because she was used to hearing these wonderful sounds from Zari, and took pride in the fact that she could get them out of the more experienced woman, but to hear them from not just one but three other women? God, that was so naughty, and forbidden, and so, so very hot. The kind of thing Amaya couldn't have imagined herself experiencing, and she was so glad that now she was. She, Amaya Jiwe, the Champion of her people known as Vixen, was in a lesbian orgy. If only her people could see her now. Oh God, it would be so scandalous, which for some reason made Amaya enjoy this more.

Of course that was something she dwelled upon during the long pussy licking, especially when Sara was denying her the privilege of making her cum, but as soon as that precious liquid hit her taste-buds Amaya pretty much lost the ability to think about anything else except Sara's cum, and her desperate need to swallow it. All of it! Oh yes, Amaya desperately swallowed as much as she could, and then when Sara's initial climax was over Amaya shoved her tongue back inside of her new Captain's cunt and fucked her with it, until she received another delicious treat. Then the process was repeated again, and again, and again, making Amaya feel like she was in lesbian heaven. Or at least, pussy eating heaven, the idea causing her to both blush and preen with delight.

Unfortunately while Amaya had made a lot of progress since her first time going down on Zari she just couldn't swallow every drop of that yummy liquid. Although on the bright side that meant it ended up covering her face, officially marking her as a lesbian slut. Which wasn't quite as fun as when Zari was marking her as her lesbian slut, and she of course liked her girlfriend's cum better, but that was also good, because it proved just how in love they were. Admittedly Amaya didn't need that proof, but it was still nice to have it. And now they were making another girl cum together as a couple. God, did she mention this was perverted? Or that she was loving every second of it?

While part of Amaya would have been happy to do this all night long, she was glad when Sara tightened her grip on her hair and pulled her face out of her pussy. Partly because it gave Amaya the chance to get some much-needed air, but mostly because Sara did the exact same thing to Zari, then stepped aside so she could push the faces of the two girlfriends together. Happily obeying that silent command the two women engaged in the most twisted kiss ever. After all, they had tasted each other's pussies and asses on the other's lips before, but now they were sharing the taste of Sara's juices, making them moan with perverted delight. Perhaps best of all, they were left to savour it, and just each other, for a few long seconds before they were ordered to stop.

"Awww, you two are so cute together. But I'm not done with you, so eyes on me." Sara ordered, then when the other women obeyed she grinned, "Okay time travellers, you want to prove you're from the future, right? That you know everything about me. About us. Then prove it. Mmmmmmm, prove it by telling me exactly what I want to do next."

There was a brief pause, then Zari answered dryly, "You want to 'stuff' us."

"Yes I do." Sara grinned wickedly, before turning to her other new ally, "And what exactly do I mean by that, Amaya?"

Another pause as the once innocent Amaya blushed furiously, before hesitantly answering, "You... you want to double fuck us. Take our pussies and asses at the same time. Perhaps even our mouths too? And use your bitches to do it."

"That's correct." Sara grinned, "And are you willing to let me? Let us stuff all of your holes! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, let me and my girlfriends, and our sluts, fuck your fuck holes? Take you in every way possible, and make you ours? Well, are you?"

Zari reluctantly admitted, "Amaya says we have too."

"Do you want too?" Sara pushed with a wicked grin, confident that she already knew the answer.

Yet another pause, the longest yet, and then Amaya admitted with another blush, "Yes."

"Zari?" Sara pushed.

"Yes." Zari admitted reluctantly.

"Excellent." Sara beamed happily, before pretending to ponder, "Now, who should I allow to join me?"

"Shouldn't you sit this one out?" Nyssa grumbled, "You know, for being so selfish."

"She has a point." Felicity cautiously agreed, partly because she liked the idea of teaming up with Nyssa to fuck these women.

"No!" Sara exclaimed abruptly, before quickly softening her tone, "I mean, I'm supposed to be a Captain around here, right? Shouldn't I get special privileges? And we wouldn't be having this chance if it wasn't for me, so surely I shouldn't be left out?"

There was a brief pause, then Nyssa sighed, "Fine, but next time, I get first dibs."

"Me too." Felicity piped up, "Or at least, after that."

"Fine." Sara shrugged, before pointing out, "But there is another ass available."

There was a brief pause and then Felicity turned to Nyssa and asked, "Do you want it? I had the last one, so it only seems fair."

Nyssa looked thoughtful for a minute, staring at her new teammates, before shrugging, "Na, I'll wait for the next one. I have a feeling it's going to be extra special."

"Alright." Sara grinned, before turning to their new pets, "Get us some toys. Mmmmmm, it's time to kick this party up a notch."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Amaya replied cautiously, doing as she was told.

"As for you to, lie down and get ready to be used like the fuck toys you are!" Sara ordered her sister and the girl who was practically her sister.

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel replied eagerly.

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea replied just as eagerly.

Again, Zari didn't give the same response, but it she was told, Sara grinning at her directly as she orders upon her return, "Good, now, strap on those cocks, and get them ready for your holes."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Amaya replied, again being the only one to do so.

Laurel could tell by the way that she was grinning with delight Mistress Sara was amused by this. It was enough to make her wonder if she should try being a little bit disobedient. Admittedly that would probably led to punishment, but the pain was nowhere near as much a deterrent as Mistress Sara's disapproval. Besides, it probably wouldn't be long before Mistress Sara was putting Zari in her place, as she did with all her sluts. Although while she was pondering she found Amaya strapping a toy around her waist, after having done the same with Mistress Sara, and then took the cock into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down upon it with almost surprising passion given where this woman was allegedly from. Or more to the point, when.

At more or less the same time Zari was doing the same thing to Thea, meaning that both the pure bottoms were fully equipped with strap-on cocks. Which was always weird for them, but that was a small price to pay for pleasing their Mistresses. Who was obviously very into watching this little display, stroking their toy cocks as if they were real the whole time watching the other dildos get sucked. Although admittedly, that made Laurel jealous. Especially because these were subpar blow jobs. Laurel and Thea were much better cock suckers. Admittedly it might be fun though to give these girls some pointers, something Laurel was sure she and Thea would have the opportunity to do.

"Okay, that should be enough. Start riding those toys with your pussies." Felicity suddenly ordered.

"Ye, yes Mistress Felicity." Amaya stammered, taken off-guard by who was ordering her.

Even after all this time it was still a novelty to hear the once timid Felicity Smoak give such orders, especially when physically stronger fighters like Vixen were obeying her. Not that Laurel really got the chance to dwell on it, as she was too busy moaning in pleasure as Amaya penetrated herself on the strap-on, causing the other end of the toy to rub Laurel's pussy. Of course, that sign of pleasure was drowned out by the ones that Amaya and Zari were making as they slowly lowered themselves all the way down those cocks, and then started bouncing up and down on them. They were permitted to do that for a few long seconds, before moving on to the final stage, which would mean they were officially stuffed.

"Now stay still, while we prepare your asses." Sara grinned.

"Yes Mistress Sara." Amaya said softly.

With that Mistress Felicity and Mistress Sara kneeled behind Zari and Amaya, each rubbing some lubricant into their cocks. They then use that lube to finger the butts of their conquests, presumably having first one and then two fingers inside them so they could really stretch them out. Which Laurel guessed based on experiencing the exact same thing multiple times a day ever since she became a lesbian fuck toy for these superior women. Naturally this made her even more jealous of Amaya and Zari, but again she was just happy to be involved, and pleasing her Mistresses. Also, the friction against her clit and the sheer joy of what was going to happen would easily make her cum, just as it would do for Thea, even if those orgasms wouldn't be anywhere near to what Amaya and Zari were about to experience.

"Now beg us to fuck your butts." Sara ordered while still fingering Amaya's ass hole.

"Fuck me Mistress Sara, fuck my butt." Amaya moaned softly.

There was a brief pause, and then Zari repeated those words, "Fuck me Mistress Felicity. Fuck my butt."

Sara and Felicity then exchanged a wicked smile, before pressing their cocks against those virgin ass holes, slowly taking the anal cherries of Amaya and Zari. Taking a butt cherry was a rare treat for Sara, and the only thing better was to be taking one while Nyssa was taking the other. And now for the first time she was taking one with Felicity, which was just as special as with Nyssa, with of course the slight benefit of this being a very first time for Sara. Oh yes, Sara didn't have many first times left, and it was so amazing to be sharing this with Felicity now. So much so that she just couldn't resist giving the hacker another smile once they had popped those ass cherries, although that smile was less wicked and more loving.

Of course Felicity was only too happy to return that look, and they shared several more throughout the butt stuffing. However for the most part their eyes remained on the holes in front of them, especially during the initial anal penetration. And why wouldn't they? This was the kind of thing they lived for, especially Sara. Oh yes, she sometimes felt her purpose in life was to pleasure women, and even to dominate them in a pleasurable ways, and there was no better way to dominant them while bringing them pleasure than to take their asses, as she was teaching to two more women. Which was another thing she thought born for, Sara relishing every moment of breaking those forbidden holes in and turning them into eager little fuck holes. Her eager little holes.

No, Sara shouldn't be so selfish. After all, waht made this moment special was being able to share with Felicity, just as she was share it with her the entire night. Nyssa too, who was clearly eager for a turn, but she would just have to wait at the very least until Sara buried the full length of her dick into Amaya's virgin ass. Which she made sure would be a very long time. Which to be fair, made it easier on her latest victim. Not that Sara could even begin to deny that this was mostly for her own benefit, especially given that Laurel was giving her the perfect view of her strap-on stretching that back hole wide open and then slowly sliding inside it, until the full length was buried inside the black girl's booty.

About the same time Felicity's thighs came to rest against those cheeks, announcing every inch of her dildo was buried deep within Zari's butt, allowing the two women to paused to savour the moment, and then is Sara chuckled, "Good girls. Mmmmmm yes, that's every inch right up your asses. Oh yeah, we'll be making good little anal whores out of you yet."

She wasn't surprised that the two new subs didn't respond, but Sara couldn't help be disappointed. But she was even more disappointed that Felicity, or even Nyssa, didn't join her in the taunting. Oh well, it didn't really matter, not when moments later she was pulling inch after inch of dildo out of that forbidden hole, then pushing it back in and then repeating the process, thus officially starting the sodomy. Officially beginning to butt fuck this uptight woman for the first time in her life. Oh yes, Sara loved ass fucking all kinds of women, but there was something extra satisfying about the type who would have never considered something like this before she took them, especially as she never failed to make them love it.

Nyssa had always been very proud of her girl for that fact. And now she had never been more proud of her girls, as not only Sara but Felicity too were doing a fantastic job of turning those forbidden holes into eager little fuck holes. Oh yes, she could tell just by how easily Amaya and Zari were taking it up their asses. Which to be fair was a testament to their toughness, but also to the skill of her girls. After all, if they hadn't been so good at butt fucking other women it was doubtful that even those natural anal whores would have moaned in pleasure quite so quickly. And Sara and Felicity certainly should be skilled, given just how frequently they sodomised Laurel and Thea, and countless other women along the way. Or for that matter, that Nyssa sodomised them.

It was rare, but they also had butt fucked Nyssa, and to Nyssa's surprise that had actually made her a better butt fucker. Sara had told her it would help, but she didn't believe it until allowing the woman she loved into her back door, and now she had to agree, knowing what their bottoms went through did help. Although Nyssa certainly didn't dwell on such submissive thoughts. No, she was far too preoccupied with stroking lubricant into her strap-on while patiently waiting for her turn. Of course, her girls could get carried away, and as much as Nyssa loved watching them totally dominate other women like this ultimately she needed to join in the fun.

"My turn perhaps, beloved?" Nyssa questioned.

"Oh, right." Sara grumbled, briefly considering to point out that Nyssa could take over from Felicity instead, but didn't feel it was worth arguing over, "All yours."

Despite that claim Sara was very slow to pull her cock out of Amaya's ass, but Nyssa found it hard to argue about that when both she and Sara were getting to watch that cock slowly slide out of Amaya's cute little back door. Besides, once Sara was all the way out she was quick to move aside, allowing Nyssa to take her place and shoved her strap-on straight into that loosened whore hole. Something she got to savour for a few long seconds as she took almost as long pushing her cock up Amaya's butt as her girlfriend had. Then once it was she who was fully embedded within that backside Nyssa began to gently sodomise her latest victim while it was Sara who was now just watching. Although of course she wasn't just watching for long.

"So, I hope you're ready to be made air tight?" Sara asked once she was done admiring the view.

As much as Nyssa was enjoying watching her cock pumping in and out of Amaya's ass hole, which as always was on perfect display thanks to one of her sex slaves, she just couldn't help watch another woman go ass to mouth for the first time. Especially when Sara was involved. Or more accurately, one of her girlfriends. Of course when it was herself and her girls, or at least one of them and one of their bitches, introducing another woman to the joys of being made air tight it truly was perfect, and tonight they wouldn't just have that pleasure once, but twice. Oh yes, once again they were taking another cherry from Amaya, and Zari was next, truly making this one of the best nights they'd had together since they had broken in their first two Flash girls.

Amaya couldn't believe this was how she was going to save the timeline. Eating pussy was one thing, but to actually have to take it in her butt? That would be unthinkable for someone like her, even at the start of the day. But now she wasn't just giving up her forbidden hole, she was allowing herself and her girlfriend to be gang banged by a woman she had just met, both she and Zari getting violated in their pussies and asses at the same time. Which she had thought surely must be the most perverted thing that Captain Sara could inflict upon her, but once again she was proven wrong as the grinning blonde suddenly stood before her, pressing her cock fresh from Amaya's ass against Amaya's lips.

Perhaps more than anything else which had been inflicted upon her today Amaya was disgusted by this, which she made clear by scrunching up her face in disgust, but that just seem to amuse the Canary. Oh how she wanted to refuse, but she had come so far and there was no way she could give up now. Besides, duty compelled her to see this through, so in the name of that duty Amaya had hesitantly agreed, closed eyes, scrunched up her face in disgust again, leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the head of the dildo which had just taken her anal virginity. To her tremendous relief it wasn't nearly as vile as she thought it might be, and even relaxed as she gently started to suck it.

Which of course led to Sara chuckling with delight, and call out, "Yessssss, that's it, mmmmmm suck my cock! Oh yes, suck my cock like a good girl."

To add insult to injury, or in this case perhaps add insult to further insult, Sara reached down and began stroking her hair as if she was some kind of pet, which was extra insulting considering Amaya's powers. After all, her necklace maybe hanging dormant around her neck right now, but in that moment she could feel every untamed beast inside it crying out for her to rebel at being treated like a domesticated pet. But she still had her mission to complete, so Amaya desperately ignored those feelings in favour of just continuing to suck the cock. Something she was out of practice with thanks to her relationship with Zari. Oh God, remembering her girlfriend made Amaya feel so guilty, so much so she hesitated briefly, but with a little more encouragement from Sara before she refocused on her mission.

"Ah come on Amaya, don't stop now. You're doing so well." Sara encouraged, "Mmmmmmm soooooooo well at sucking my cock! Yessssssss, start sucking it properly again! That's it, oh fuck! Good little cock sucker! Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, suck it just like that! Oooooooooh fuckkkkkkkk, that's better! Wow, look at you go."

Even those words were deeply upsetting, especially because she now knew exactly what Captain Sara expected from her, it distracted Amaya from thinking about Zari long enough to refocus on what she had to do, namely sucking that cock. Which now meant taking more into her mouth, as the head had been thoroughly cleaned as result of her sucking on it for so long while being lost in her thoughts. Unfortunately she soon reached her limits, her mouth only able to take so much, forcing her to actually use her powers to summon the swallowing ability of a snake so she could push that dildo into her throat. Which was disturbingly effective, both at actually swallowing the cock and more importantly pleasing her future commanding officer.

Zari was amazed to watch Amaya submitting to all these perverted acts, let alone being good at it. Hell, she'd like to think of herself as sexually adventurous, as she saw it as a fuck you to the overbearing government, but this was extreme even for her, but then her girlfriend was from the 1940s. And yet thanks to her particular totem Amaya seem to be excelling at this. Or at least the ass to mouth part. When it was her turn, and really Zari should have seen that coming, she struggled to even take half as much cock down her throat as Amaya had. Which clearly annoyed the other woman, who gave her the same encouragement they gave her girlfriend, the only difference being was that Zari was able to ignore them for the most part.

More accurately she had to concentrate on what she was doing, because Sara, Nyssa and Felicity began swapping places over and over again so well Zari and Amaya were constantly getting pussy and butt fucked and at least one of them had an ass flavoured cock in her mouth as well. Which was so perverted and humiliating, especially because Amaya got the lion share of the attention thanks to her ability, which actually made Zari jealous. She actually wanted that to be her getting triple stuffed, and when it was she put her all into the blow job while savouring being taken like never before. And the end result was she actually wanted more. Oh God, everything just caught up with her, to the point where she actually wanted to be fucked hard so she could cum, and she sensed it was the same for her girlfriend.

So it just became a question of who was going to beg for it first, and to Zari's relief it ended up being Amaya, who on the rare occasion there wasn't a cock in her mouth cried out, "Harder! Oooooooooh please, fuck me hard! Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard! Oh please pound my butt hole as hard as you can! Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, fuck me! Fuck me please, oh God, please fuck me! Yesssssssss, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh God! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum from being fucked in the fucking ass! oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooooddddddddddddd, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!"

"Me too." Zari added, not waiting for her girlfriend to finish, "Wreck my fucking ass! Ruin it! Slam fuck it as hard as you can, mmmmmmmm, I don't care, just make me cum! Oh God! Please? Oh fuck, make me cum make me cum make me cum aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddd, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!"

Of course by going first Zari figured she wouldn't be the first to cum, but that was okay, as she wouldn't the humiliation of Amaya being aware of her cumming like this. She kind of got her wish, but she was also denied really savouring Amaya's reaction to cumming as both Nyssa and Sara, who was sodomising them at the time, gradually picked up their pace until the sounds of their thighs smacking against butt cheeks echoed throughout the room almost as loudly as the squeals of pleasure coming from Zari and Amaya. Although long before that they came pretty much simultaneously, which was almost kind of sweet. Which Zari only realised after the fact, because at the time she could barely think coherently.

The following climaxes completely robbed her of the ability to think coherently, and again she was pretty sure it was the same for Amaya. Which was maybe the best part, as Zari wanted to know that her girlfriend was feeling the same thing as her right now. More importantly she wanted them both to experience this again and again and again, which just might be possible with Sara as Captain. Oh yes, Zari had been sceptical that this mission would actually make a difference, and while she still found it hard to believe Sara could whip their team of misfits into shape having the Canary in charge would clearly lead to a lot of orgasms for both herself and her girlfriend. Which was more than enough for her to fully support Sara's new position as their leader.

Felicity was still sceptical about it, and she knew her girlfriends were two, but the last thing on their minds right now was the future. Or at least, that far into it. Yes, Felicity was far more preoccupied with living up to the legacy that Sara and Nyssa were now leaving her. God, this was why she hated going after them. They were just so fast and strong, with a ridiculous amount of stamina. True, she'd got a lot better since she started having sex with them, but it was truly intimidating to watch them work. Incredibly hot, especially like this, where they were giving the girls in front of them everything they had, but it was still really, really intimidating.

It was also really, really hard for Felicity not to touch herself while watching the two rough double fuckings happening in front of her. Especially because she couldn't resist initially staying where she had been, standing right in front of their latest victims, where she had been feeding Amaya her own girlfriend's butt cream. There she was able to see the look of submissive bliss on the faces of Amaya and Zari, and to a lesser extent on the faces of Laurel and Thea, and the dominance that was on the faces of Nyssa and Sara right now. That alone made her want to cum, especially when combined with the noises they were making. Although it didn't do her much good moving round the side, and then eventually behind them, because she could still see those six bodies sandwiched against each other.

Clearly carried away both Sara and Nyssa gave those little butt holes everything they had, leaving cavernous ruins in their wake once they were finally done. It would have been much kinder if Felicity just got herself off and allowed the anal sluts to recover, but it's moments like this it was important for her to remind everyone she wasn't just another bottom. Besides, after waiting for so long she just couldn't resist shoving her dick straight up the nearest girl's ass and beginning to pound away. Which turned out to be poor Amaya, who whimpered and cried pathetically for a few long minutes, then started crying out with pleasure again as Felicity used all the skills that she picked up from Nyssa and Sara to make sure that Amaya was cumming again real soon.

Showing some mercy Felicity didn't hold back at all, and at the very first opportunity she allowed the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising another woman and sharing her with her girlfriends, and everything else really, to catch up with her. Although she did push herself through that powerful climax and several more that followed it, but then again that was just to prove that she was the equal of Nyssa and Sara. Or at least close. Which hopefully made her girlfriends' proud of her, and Amaya as she used her to make a point. Besides, it wasn't long before Felicity ran out of steam, and was forced to stop, pull her dick out of Amaya's ass, stumble back and admire what she and her girlfriends had done to those poor little back holes.

Wasting no time Sara called out, "Spread your cheeks for us girls! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, show us your pretty little gapes!"

Sara was expecting Zari to be reluctant, like before, but to her delight instead both time travellers immediately did as they were told. They did it slowly, probably because they were tired more than they were just trying to please, but it ended up making the whole thing perfect. Oh yes, Amaya and Zari slowly pulled their butt cheeks apart to reveal their gaping ass holes, just the way a couple of well-trained subs should, which made Sara grin wickedly. And she wasn't the only one, particularly herself and Nyssa transfixed by their handiwork for a few long seconds, while ironically it was Felicity who ended up moving things along to the next equally enjoyable stage.

"You know what we want you to do now?" Felicity asked.

"Yes Mistress Felicity." Amaya whimpered.

"Yes Mistress Felicity." Zari whimpered.

"Then do it." Felicity ordered, before giving the game away, "Mmmmmm, suck it! Suck these cocks! Oh fuck yesssssss, get over here and clean them of your slutty butt cream!"

"But clean your pussy juices from those other dildos first!" Nyssa quickly added, "Oh yeah, let's see how you like all your flavours."

Repeating their earlier words Amaya and Zari slowly got off of the toy cocks they had been impaled on, lent down and took those dildos into their mouths. They then moaned happily as they tasted their own cum and pussy cream, and then started sucking them for the second time that evening. Which was pretty good, but Sara demanded a higher standard from her sluts. Oh yes, if these two women were going to stay on her crew, then they were going to need to learn to be better cock suckers. Perhaps she would even enlist the men to help. That would probably do wonders for morale, and recruitment, Sara thought with another wicked grin.

Of course inevitably their new teammates went from obeying Nyssa to obeying Felicity, slowly crawling over to where the Doms were now standing. Amaya went straight for Sara, immediately taking her cock into her mouth and starting to suck it, moaning happily as she did so. Zari was a little less sure of herself, but that may have been because she had two cocks to choose from. Ultimately she crawled over to Nyssa and started sucking her dick, which was understandable, as she was by far the more scary one. Although hopefully Felicity would make her pay for that later, something that Sara would dearly love to see. Not that Felicity was left out, as without being needed to be told Amaya and Zari started going back and forth between those cocks, doing their best to clean every drop of butt cream from them.

This would be normally the time that Sara would start dishing out some verbal encouragement, and she was pretty sure that Felicity and Nyssa picked up the slack, but the White Canary just couldn't right now. No, she was too lost in thinking about all the wonderful possibilities having a Time Ship now gave her. Well, she'd actually been thinking that since these people showed up, but it was hitting her hard now. Of course, it was also terrifying, as there was always the chance that she would mess things up. Then again, from the sounds of it, that was a common occurrence, and these people tended to screw things up for the better, and already had, if it had resulted in the two beautiful women sharing her cock.

Chapter Text

"So that's..." Sara began with disbelief.

"Our daughter." Felicity finished for her with equal disbelief.

There was a brief pause and then Nyssa shrugged, "I'm not impressed."

The tied up blonde smirked, "Untie me, and I'll show you what I can do."

Sara raised an eyebrow, and then smirked, "Do you have a name?"

The other girl puffed out her chest and announced, "Blackstar."

"Her name is Mia Smoak." Felicity clarified, then when everyone was looking at her she tried, "Or at least that's what's in her file."

"My name is Blackstar." Mia repeated with a growl.

"Cute." Sara smiled, glancing at Felicity, "I see the family resemblance."

"Well, I don't." Nyssa huffed, "Her technique was appalling. Who trained you anyway?"

"You did." Mia smirked, "You all did. You, and my father."

"Father?" Sara raised an eyebrow, "I assume you mean sperm donor."

"Whatever." Mia said dismissively.

"Hey, look at me young Lady!" Sara demanded, feeling like a mother already. Then once she had the girls full attention she asked out of curiosity, "So, he anyone we know yet?"

There was a brief pause, then Mia admitted, "Oliver Queen."

"Well, that explains it." Nyssa scoffed, "Whatever sloppiness she has, she learned from her father."

"Still knew enough to put you on your back." Mia scoffed.

Nyssa scowled at her, "You're not too old for a spanking, you know?"

"I'd say she's the perfect age." Sara said flirtatiously.

"SARA!" Felicity scolded.

"What?" Sara protested, before pointing out, "If she really is our daughter, I suspect she's used to such things.... or am I wrong?"

"No, you're not wrong..." Mia smirked, before revealing, "You just might be surprised about your place on the food chain."

"Meaning?" Nyssa raised an eyebrow.

"Oh Nyssa Honey, don't play that game. You know what she means..." Sara smirked, "Which, makes it even more cute. I mean seriously, can you imagine this brat topping anyone?"

"Let me go, and you'll find out." Mia growled with a warning.

"Deal." Sara shrugged, approaching her daughter, before explaining the rules, "You win, you get to prove you can top us. I win, you do anything we say. And I do mean anything!"

"SARA!" Felicity repeated.

"Deal!" Mia smirked, "And when I win, I'm breaking all of you early."

"SARA!" Felicity exclaimed, for the third time, this time at the top of her lungs. 

This time Sara turned to her apologetically, and approach the hacker, "Sweetie..."

"Don't!" Felicity held her hands up, "You can't do this! She's my daughter! Our daughter!"

Sara folded her arms, "You didn't seem to have a problem with it when it was me and Nyssa topping our sisters. No, you encouraged it. Helped us, even."

"That's different." Felicity scoffed.

"How so?" Sara frowned.

Felicity hesitated, and then look to Nyssa, who told her, "I too am curious to hear your answer on this. I see no difference between this, and lines we have crossed before."

"Because she's ours!" Felicity protested, before expanding on her point, "All that other stuff, it was like... sibling rivalry turned up to the max. But this... this is our daughter we're talking about. The person we're supposed to love and protect above all others. And just because we don't remember her being our daughter, doesn't mean she isn't. Again, DNA doesn't lie. So, what? You're gonna fuck her without a second thought? Really?"

There was a brief pause, and then Mia burst out laughing, and then when all eyes turned to her she told her biological mother, "I'm sorry, it's just hilarious to hear you of all people making that argument, when you're the biggest slut for me of them all. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, you love the taste of my pussy, Mommy. And my cock up your ass. Which you're going to find out soon enough."

"Maybe." Sara said dismissively, producing a knife, as if from nowhere, "Let's find out."

Mia smirked as Mommy Sara then removed her bonds with a few quick slices before anyone else could protest. There was then a brief silence, before Mia jumped up and got into a fighting stance, while the White Canary just smirked and took a few paces back. Then there was a long pause as Mia tried to decide her best form of attack. When the time travellers had first arrived Mia had mistaken them for doppelgängers from another dimension, which happened more than she'd like, so she had rushed into attack. However she was rusty, and there had been light shining in her eyes, and... Mommy Sara had just cheated, somehow. That wouldn't happen again. No, Mia would not be humiliated like that again, and would put this younger version of her bitch in her place.

Frustratingly not only did that not happen, but she didn't even land a blow at first, Mommy Sara dodging each one of her attacks and literally laughing in her face. Then when she had finally landed a blow it was almost immediately countered into a submission hold which Mia just couldn't seem to get out of. She used all her training, and got close a few times, but all she could truly do was squirm in the strong arms of the older woman. Within that position Mia got a new appreciation of her mother's strength, strong arms and legs wrapped around her like Anaconda squeezing the oxygen out of her lungs. She also appreciated just how beautiful the watching women were. Although it was fleeting, as she once again stubbornly passed out, only to come to a short time later to the sound of half-hearted clapping.

"I'll give you this, you've got heart." Sara offered, "It's too bad you're technique is lousy and predictable."

"Fuck you." Mia spat as she slowly came too, still too weak to come up with anything better.

"Yes, that's exactly what we're going to do now. Fuck." Sara grinned, grabbing the little brat by her hair and pulling her up to her knees before telling her, "Now, you've proven to be a subpar fighter, but how's your pussy licking skills? Because I bet it's better. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, I bet that mouth of yours is actually good for something, isn't it? Huh? Yeahhhhhhhh, mmmmmmm, let's find out!" 

With that Mommy Sara smashed their lips together in a bruising kiss which despite her anger Mia just couldn't help but melt into. God, Mommy Sara was just such an amazing kisser, and it was so thrilling to meet a dominant version of this woman who she'd known her whole life. In fact, it was so different from everything she knew. Something which Mia shouldn't be enjoying, but she was. Just as she shouldn't be enjoying the kiss, which sadly didn't last nearly as long as she wished it would. Then when it was over Mommy Sara was undoing her pants and pulling them down, along with her panties, revealing the pussy Mia had mostly ignored in favour of abusing the sub's ass hole.

However again, this wasn't the easily pushed around bitch she was used to, but a strong, confident woman, who was now standing in front of her in a dominant position, and smirking down at her infuriatingly. Which further annoyed Mia, but not enough to be able to resist beginning to lick pussy the second that Mommy Sara grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face first into her cunt. She wanted too, Mia keeping her mouth firmly shut when it was initially pressed against that pussy, but then the taste hit her taste-buds and then she moaned with pleasure, and her body just betrayed her, her mouth just opening of its own accord and starting to lick the yummy little treat in front of her. And she just couldn't stop.

Sara chuckled in delight in between her moans as Mia started gleefully doing what she was clearly born to do. Oh yes, Sara had known plenty of wannabe tops like Mia Smoak, and it was adorable that she thought she was good enough to top someone like the White Canary. Okay, under other circumstances, Sara would totally bottom for her, but after the bratty attitude the so-called Blackstar gave her? After attacking her? And especially after threatening her girlfriends, there was no way that her daughter was going to avoid getting put in her place. In fact, she was lucky that Sara wasn't skipping straight to the ass fucking to really put this bitch in her place.

Arguably, she should be giving her a spanking first, and normally Sara would be all for it, but she was just so overwhelmed about being able to do this to her own daughter she just hadn't been able to wait for some satisfaction of her own. Besides, this way they would get to the butt fucking quicker. Also, who says they couldn't do both? Oh yes, Sara had some very pleasant thoughts of bending down and spanking the bitch eating her pussy. She'd even done it to Thea and Laurel a few times. It was very, very tempting to try it now, but there was someone even more incensed with her impatience that Sara thought she would give the honour of doing the spanking too.

"Aren't you forgetting something, beloved?" Nyssa raised an eyebrow.

"What? The spanking?" Sara raised an eyebrow, before grinning wickedly, "I thought I would leave that one to you, my love. After all, I know how much you love spanking naughty bottoms."

There was a moment's pause, then Nyssa glanced at their bitches, then back at Sara, then admitted, "Yes, I do."

"Still, you'll do it then?" Felicity squeaked softly.

"Unless you want to go first?" Nyssa smirked, and then when Felicity shook her head Nyssa grinned and kneeled down behind her prey, "Yes, yes I think I will."

Despite obviously overhearing the conversation Mia did nothing to stop this indignity. No, she just kept lapping away at Sara's cunt like a good little bitch as Nyssa undid her pants and pulled them down along with her panties, with plenty of groping before and after. Okay, there was a little hesitation after the first strike, but that was more than understandable, and something Sara would have accepted even from Felicity. Especially considering the uppity little slut then began with the same steady pussy licking she had been giving her before, making Sara close her eyes, tilt her head back and let out several long loud cries of pure joy, mixed in with chuckles of glee.

Clearly this wasn't her daughter's first time eating pussy. No, someone had clearly trained her, and it was likely the same person, or persons, responsible for Sara being a pure bottom in this future. Such a thing was hard for Sara to imagine, but she had to admit in this moment of depravity it was an incredible turn on. She tried to imagine who could possibly convert her, but she was coming up with a blank, and in the end just imagined herself kneeling in front of beautiful women, their faces shrouded in mystery, as she and her girlfriends willingly submited to them. Probably their bitches too, and maybe even everyone else in this reality. Or everyone she knew. Which again, made Mia's tongue working against her twat all the more pleasurable.

Nyssa hadn't really seen the family resemblance between Mia and Felicity when the truth about this little bitch was revealed, and it was still hard to believe given that Mia was so petite whereas Felicity was so curvy. And yet, there was one thing that they definitely had in common, that being, they both had amazing asses. Even though one was round and juicy, while this one was firm and tight. Both were truly wonderful in Nyssa's hands, especially when she was feeling it up like this. Of course the spanking was also a good part, partly because Nyssa kept up the groping in between strokes, and partly because she just loved everything about dishing out a spanking to a naughty little bitch like this.

The feeling of flesh hitting flesh. The way that even a tight little ass like this jiggled for her. The way that flesh quickly turned bright pink under the assault, then slowly red. And oh, the sounds. Those wonderful sounds created by each blow, Nyssa unsure which she liked the most, the sound of her hands connecting with those cute little cheeks, or the way that Mia whimpered, cried and even moaned into Sara's pussy. Admittedly, that last one was at least partly because Sara had a tasty little twat, but Nyssa was also sure her handiwork had something to do with it. Oh yes, this little whore was enjoying herself, suggesting that it would be even easier than she originally thought to break her. So Nyssa took her time to enjoy this. And so Sara could enjoy it too. And of course, so she could make sure she got a turn with Mia's mouth.

Which was why eventually Nyssa moved away from Mia's ass and ordered firmly, "Let's swap over. Mmmmmmmm, I want to see what this little bitch can do with her mouth."

Sara smiled and raised an eyebrow while taunting, "What's the magic word?"

"Now." Nyssa said firmly, while pulling Sara into her arms and kissing her passionately, while of course making sure she didn't pull away from Mia, who really kept lapping away at her cunt.

"Well, when you put it that way." Sara gasped softly when the kiss was broken, stumbling back and then regaining her swagger as she smirked, "Oh, and I assure you, you'll find that little Mia is as natural a pussy licker as our beloved Felicity. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, it really is a case of like mother, like daughter here. Or should that be, like mothers, like daughter?"

That naturally caused Felicity to blush, and the assassins to smirk, as Nyssa took Sara's place and simply said, "I have no doubt. Because you wouldn't want to disappoint us, would you Mia? No, ooooooooh yesssssssss! Mmmmmmm, a natural pussy licker indeed. Oh yes, you're right Sara, soooooooooo right, mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkk! This girl was born of a pussy licker, and born to lick pussy. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, prove my beloved Sara right you little cunt loving whore! Mmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, prove you really are the daughter of Felicity Smoak by licking my pussy like you were born for it, mmmmmmm, while Sara spanks you."

Further prove of the family connection came when that encouragement seemed to really help Mia devote herself completely to licking Nyssa's pussy, even as Sara obediently kneeled behind her and gave the same gentle but firm spanking that the other assassin had been giving the little bitch before, complete with plenty of groping. Oh yes, Mia was easily as eager and good as Felicity at eating pussy, although to be fair Nyssa didn't know for sure whether Felicity had been quite the natural that this girl was. After all, Sara had about a year of training Felicity, before the three of them had gotten together, and if anyone could train a girl to be an amazing pussy pleaser it was Sara Lance. Or Nyssa herself.

But of course, it was certainly easy for Nyssa to believe it, and for a few long minutes she closed her eyes and imagined Felicity Smoak in between the legs of Sara Lance for the very first time, tasting her first woman and loving it, just as much as her daughter now was. Which of course put a big smirk on Nysssa's face, which only got wider when she heard an extra loud strike, which in turn caused Mia to let out an extra loud cry into her pussy. Her daughter was letting out an extra loud cry into her pussy! Oh yes, this girl might not be her flesh and blood, but there was a definite connection between them. Between all of them. Nyssa could feel it in her bones, and it made every lick and every strike that much more intense for her.

Felicity could feel a connection too, which was why she had initially been so hesitant to be involved with this, why she should have turned and ran the second Sara and Nyssa predictably turned this sexual. However, she didn't do that. Instead she proved to be just as bad as her girlfriends by not only staying, but actually getting turned on by the twisted display of Nyssa al Ghul and Sara Lance constantly switching places between spanking Mia and feeding her their pussies. Which naturally only made Felicity jealous of her daughter, she was also jealous of her girlfriends. Oh God, she actually wanted to be in their places, getting her pussy licked by her own daughter. Something which Sara noticed, and instead of keeping it to herself used it to her own advantage to get what she wanted.

"You want a turn Felicity?" Sara suddenly moaned, she and Nyssa turning their attention to their favourite geek.

"Wha, what?" Felicity stammered with a huge blush on her face.

"Awww, don't be shy now, baby." Sara smirked wickedly, "I can tell you want a piece of this. It's written all over your face. So come on, try out Mia's hot little tongue. Please? For us? Mmmmmmmm, you'll regret it if you don't, ohhhhhhhhhh, because this is some first-class head I'm getting. And it will be even better for you, trust me."

While Felicity did trust Sara, she wasn't so sure she would regret not doing this, and yet, when she opened her mouth to turn her down she instead found herself mumbling, "Okay."

That was her body's first betrayal, the second one stumbling over to where Sara had been standing, and the third was immediately moaning with pure pleasure as her own daughter's tongue began caressing her cunt. It did at least have the decency to allow her to lower her head so she wouldn't have to see the smirking faces of her girlfriends, and she also blushed with shame at what she was doing, but she didn't stop doing it. No, she just stood there for several long minutes while Mia licked her pussy, and Sara joined Nyssa in spanking their daughter, crying out in pleasure the entire time. She even started swapping places with her girls, so they were all using the mouth and tongue of her biological daughter from the future for their pleasure. Did Felicity mention her life was weird?

Along the way Mia started picking up the pace of the licking overall, and of course focusing more and more onto the clits of her Moms. Or at least, Felicity assumed she was receiving the same treatment, given the delighted reactions that were coming from Sara and Nyssa. Which made her wonder if Mia was doing this of her own accord, either because she was getting carried away, or just wanted this to end, or whether she had been ordered too, and Felicity had simply been too out of it to realise. Either way if someone didn't order Mia to make them cum soon she was going to have to do it, because having her own daughter eat her pussy was one of the most twisted yet hot things of Felicity's life. In fact, it almost certainly top the list, which was really saying something.

Deciding, or more accurately hoping, her girlfriends were waiting for her to say something Felicity cried out, "More! Mmmmmmm, make me cum! Oh God, make me cum, make me cum, make me cum, oooooooooh Mia! Mia! I, I want you to make me cum! I want my own daughter to make me cum! Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, tongue fuck me you little dyke! Fuck Mommy! Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, fuck all three of your Mommies and make them cum like the little lezzie bitch you are! Oh yes, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, fuck me! Fuck me! Ah fuck! Oh shit! Mia! Oh baby girl, fuck Mommy aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, fuck Mommy!"

Proving that she had at least some connection to Sara, and probably Nyssa too, Mia just listen to Felicity's words until she was well past the point of giving orders, and was just shamelessly begging, even reminding them of their family connection the process, which made the moment even more perverted. Or at least shone a light on it. Either way Felicity didn't think she'd ever been more desperate to cum then when her own daughter shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into her, instantly triggering a powerful climax. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, which almost literally knocked Felicity on her ass, the only thing saving her being Sara coming up behind her and whispering encouraging words into her ear.

"That's it baby, cum in that hot little mouth!" Sara encouraged, right after she saved Felicity from embarrassing herself, "Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, you're so pretty when you cum. I love it! Mmmmmmm yessssssss, I love it when my girls cum, and honestly? You've never looked better. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, you've never looked better than when you're cumming in our daughter's mouth and all over that pretty face of hers. Oh yes, cum just like that. Feed that little slut your cum. Show her who's boss! Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, God Felicity, I love you. I love you so much, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, cum, fucking cum, oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Mia was able to still feel shame as she tasted the pussy juices of her adopted mothers, but when it came to her actual biological mother the cage fighter known as Black Star lost herself completely. Luckily her body went into autopilot, and she was able to continue getting the yummy liquid which was being given to her. True, sometimes Mia had to settle for a lesser flavour, but she knew if she did a good job she would get more, so that was exactly what she did, and exactly what she was rewarded with. Which was a paradise she could never have imagined before, only for her mind to be blown again one somehow an even tastier liquid hit her taste-buds.

It came shortly after pushing her tongue into the tasty treat in front of her, and Mia was just about able to get her tongue out and wrap her mouth around that entrance fast enough to swallow the majority of that heavenly liquid, and then repeated the process. True, she wasn't quite as successful, but then that precious liquid just ended up on her face, so she comforted herself with the fact that she could get it later. And of course, that she was pleasing the woman in front of her. Her... Mommy! Mia had a horrible reminder that's what she was doing when Mommy Felicity finally had enough, and backed away from her, but for better or for worse she didn't really have to dwell on it because she was soon replaced by Mommy Sara, who grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face first into her cunt.

"Eat me bitch! Eat my pussy!" Sara ordered firmly, and then after a few long seconds of hesitation Mia did as she was told, prompting Sara to encourage her gleefully, "Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssss, mmmmmmmm, eat me! Eat that pussy good and make me cum like the little slut you are! Oooooooooooh yesssssssssss, tongue fuck that cunt! Fuck it! Ohhhhhhhhh, fuck yes, make me cum like you made Mommy Felicity cum! Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, that's it, make me cum you little pussy loving lezzie whore! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD!"

Once Mia got back into the rhythm of things she quickly forgot about who this exactly was again, when the time came to switch over to her third and final mother she didn't even think about it, not really. No, there was a hot, wet cunt in front of her, just aching to cum, and Mia was helpless to do anything about it at that point except push her tongue deep inside it until she had a mouthful of girl cum. Then of course she was swallowing that heavenly cream, and then when there wasn't any left she repeated the process, just as she had done for the other two, with the only difference being that Mommy Sara was much more a talker, while Mommy Nyssa stayed silent. Well, that and the face fucking.

When they started Mia would have probably guessed that Mommy Sara would be the one to face fuck her, or perhaps an over excited Mommy Felicity, but it was actually the usually cool and calm Mommy Nyssa, who started grinding her cunt into Mia's face. Obviously she had taken Mia's previous work as encouragement, or was just so thrilled by her, or perhaps just annoyed, that she had decided to up the anti. Whatever the case Mia found herself welcoming it, even if it meant she passed out from lack of oxygen, because she was just so desperate in that moment to please her Mommies. Which was a thought that greatly embarrassed her once Mommy Nyssa pulled away from her. In fact, she was embarrassed in general. And why wouldn't she be? Here she was, a proud top, on her knees with her face and belly full of girl cum, staring up at the dominant women who had just had their way with her. And she continued to let it happen.

"Not bad, for a beginner." Nyssa smirked down at her pray, before turning to Sara, "How about we kick things up a notch?"

"Way ahead of you." Sara grinned, already by the control panel and summoning up some toys for them to play with.

"Excellent." Nyssa grinned, catching the strap-on Sara threw her and began attaching it herself, "Who should get her pussy?"

"Mmmmmmm, how about Auntie Laurel? Oh yes, that way we can make this a real family affair. Especially when I make her the filling in a Canary sandwich." Sara suggested with a wicked grin.

"Fine by me... Laurel, put this on, and get down on your back." Nyssa ordered after Sara threw her the other strap-on, which in turn she threw to Laurel.

"Yes Mistress Nyssa." Laurel eagerly replied and obeyed.

"You, you won't break me." Mia weakly repeated.

"We'll see about that." Sara said dismissively, reminding her pet, "But you still have to do what I say, so I suggest you suck my sister's dick. Oh yes, get it nice and wet for your pussy, and if you do a good job who knows, maybe I'll let Thea tongue your ass hole before we run train on it."

Laurel was kind of surprised that Mia wasn't Mistress Sara's biological daughter, and therefore her niece, as she definitely had the Lance family stubbornness, given the way the two of them stared each other down for a few long seconds, even though Mia was beaten, and she knew it. Sure enough the future girl lowered her head in shame and defeat, and slowly crawled her way over to Laurel where she was forced to wrap her mouth around the cock of a total bottom. Which must be totally humiliating for someone who considered themselves a top, although Laurel struggle to understand what that was like, as she was so blissfully happy with her current role. Not that it stopped her from enjoying the little show that Mia was putting on.

It hadn't when it was Thea, as Laurel had known the youngest Queen her whole life and saw her as a sister, yet technically Mia was even more family to her, so it was twisted to watch her sucking her cock. Although it didn't last long, Mia only bobbing her head up and down the shaft for a few long minutes before she straddled Laurel's waist, lined the entrance to her pussy up with the dildo and slowly, but forcefully pushed down on it. Which was probably designed to take back some control, but it kind of backfired, as Mia was still obeying Mistress Sara's command, while showing off just how wet she had gotten eating pussy. And perhaps even being dominated, not that Laurel could blame her, as it was something the former lawyer now lived for.

She also lived for the simple feeling of pleasure that Mia was experiencing as she penetrated herself with that dildo, slowly lowering herself all the way down it, and then bounced up and down it pretty much without a moment's hesitation. Oh yes Laurel loved that feeling, especially as it was a prelude to getting double stuffed, and more often than not triple stuffed, something Mia would be experiencing very soon. In fact she experienced being double stuffed almost immediately, as Mistress Nyssa got on the bed besides her and wordlessly pressed her cock against Mia's lips. Which briefly resulted in another contest, with the same results as before, a.k.a. the younger girl doing what was expected of her, which meant beginning to suck that cock.

Not long after that Mistress Sara and even Mistress Felicity joined Mistress Nyssa, silently forcing Mia to go back and forth between them, sucking their cocks one by one until they were all slippery wet. God, Laurel was so jealous of Mia in that moment, and only hoped that she would be getting the same treatment again soon. Maybe even as a desert to the main course of Mia. Although, even just the gentle bouncing than the future girl was continuing to do while sucking it the other end of the harness rubbed against Laurel's clit, providing her a taste of the pleasure to come when the triple stuffing really got underway. Something she got to enjoy as the blow jobs lasted a surprisingly long time.

"Yesssssssss, suck it you little slut! Suck our cocks good like the cock sucking slut you are! Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, that's so hot! Mmmmmmm, I love it when a submissive little bitch sucks my cock. And my girlfriends' cocks! Oh yes, take it deep! Deep down your throat you fucking cock sucker! Mmmmmmmm, fuck yeah!" Sara gently taunted for quite a while, before calling out to one of her other pets, "Thea, mmmmmmm, I think this slut has earned your tongue in her ass hole, so go ahead and give it to her. Oooooooooh yessssssssss, tongue that butt! Stick your tongue deep up her butt, and get it nice and ready for our cocks."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea eagerly replied and obeyed.

Thea had just finished securing a strap-on around her waist, something she both loved and hated. Well, maybe hate was too strong a word, but as a proud bottom it felt really weird to be wearing a cock like this, traditionally a sign of dominance, especially amongst her Mistresses. Of course, she would do anything for her owners, including fucking another girl on her own if they really wanted her too. Thankfully, there had never been the case before. No, instead they would shove a strap-on up her butt an use Thea as a human dildo, which gave Thea the kind of wonderful physical pleasure and humiliation she craved, which meant she was most excited about being handed the toy.

She was even more excited with the prospective of being able to please her Doms in a more traditional way for her, Thea scrambling to kneeled down behind Mia and bury her face in her butt. Just before she did she thought it was kind of a shame, because Mia had a really cute little booty, and Thea would have liked to take her time kissing the other girl's ass cheeks, like she did for her Mistresses, but sadly this wasn't a new Dom for her to worship, but another sub to prepare for their owners. Although there was definitely something to be said for the twisted thrill of burying her face in between those cheeks and attacking Mia's butt hole with her tongue. Especially given the way that the self-proclaimed top cried out joyfully like the little anal loving bitch she obviously was.

It was extremely hard for Thea to remember a time she didn't absolutely adore anal sex, but she could just about remember how nervous she was the first time, so it was nice to be able to ease some of that for Mia by showing her just how good ass play could feel. So much so that Thea arguably disobeyed her Mistresses by taking some time to lick Mia's ass hole before shoving her tongue into it, although hopefully that's what Mistress Sara had basically wanted her to do. That seemed to be the case as she was given several long minutes to slid her tongue all over that pretty little back door, although it was not long before she was pushing her tongue into Mia's butt. Not that she got very far, given that Mia was an anal virgin, but she got far enough that she could tongue fuck that cute little back hole for a few long seconds.

Then Sara asked, "Who gets the ass first?"

Felicity blushed as she felt all eyes turning to her, but despite her early hesitancy admitted, "Me... I wanna do it. I... I want to butt fuck my own daughter."

"Fine by me." Nyssa grinned wickedly.

"More than. Oh Felicity, fuck that ass! Make it open for business." Sara encouraged lustfully, "Take your daughter's anal cherry! Mmmmmmm, our daughter's anal cherry."

Felicity took a calming breath, and then ordered, "Thea, get out of the way so I... I can pop my daughter's butt cherry."

"Yes Mistress Felicity." Thea replied out, reluctantly pulling her face from those cheeks.

Although she thought indeed that to move away Thea didn't move far so she would get a great view of what would happen next. Oh yes, a great view of Mistress Felicity kneeling down behind Mia, briefly admiring her target, before shoving a lube covered finger up her own daughter's butt. Something Thea found wonderfully hot, which was a testament to how perverted she had become. But perhaps not as much as the mother and daughter, who both cried out in pleasure as one penetrated the other, and then continue to do so through a nice slow anal fingering. Then Mistress Felicity pushed things even further, first by adding a second finger into her daughter's ass hole, then by, removing those fingers and sucking them clean.

Then even more by asking, "Are you ready?"

Mia blushed, lowered her head and grumbled, "Just do it."

"Oh Mia, mmmmmmmm, soon you will be begging your Mommies to fuck your ass." Sara boasted, watching gleefully as her precious Felicity put their daughter in her place.

Felicity pressed the tip of her strap-on against Mia's ass hole and then slowly began pushing forwards. It wasn't until that forbidden hole began to stretch that Felicity remembered just how forbidden it was to her. After all, she may not have any memories of growing Mia inside her belly and giving birth to her, or raising her for that matter, but DNA didn't lie. This was her daughter who she was about to anally violate, which somehow seemed so much more extreme than simply Sara sodomising her big sister. And yet, Felicity couldn't stop herself. It was just too hot. She wanted, no, she needed to take her daughter's ass, and more importantly her anal virginity, and that was exactly what she did.

Which was why an evil smirk crossed Felicity's face when with a sharp cry from Mia that ultra-forbidden hole stretched wide enough to allow the head of Felicity's dildo to slide through it and into the younger girl's most private hole, meaning that Felicity had officially taken her daughter's anal cherry. Unsurprisingly this delighted her girlfriends, who literally and figuratively cheered her on, but Felicity didn't hear a word they said. No, she was far too preoccupied with staring at where her daughter's butt hole was stretching around the head of her dick, still on perfect display for her thanks to those cheeks being spread. Then with another evil smirk Felicity began pushing forwards again.

She then hesitated when the tiny but tough Mia Smoak cried out and whimpered pathetically, but Felicity could vividly remember her first time taking it up the ass, and not to mention all those anal cherries she had popped. Well, it was like only two at this point, but she had been present while Nyssa and Sara took the back door cherries of a lot of women, including little Thea Queen, who was just as tiny as Mia, and of course Laurel Lance, who again was Sara's sister. These thoughts were comforting, but Felicity still paused every so often to make it easy on her daughter, and stuffed her baby girl's butt nice and slow. After all, the whole point of this was training Mia to love it, and the least Felicity could do now was minimise her pain.

Thanks to the training of her wonderful girlfriends Felicity pretty much did this with ease, slowly but surely filling her baby girl's bowels with every inch of that big dick, until her thighs came to rest against Mia's cute little butt cheeks, announcing that Felicity's dick was now thoroughly buried in her daughter's rectum. Oh yes, Felicity had anally skewered the daughter, who had been allegedly topping her, Nyssa and Sara for years, making this so very satisfying. Something that Felicity just had to savour for a few long seconds, which to be fair, made it easier on Mia, give or take the taunting of her girlfriends. Taunting Felicity found herself paying a lot more attention to now she was taking a break.

"Oooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, stuff that ass! Stuff that tight little ass full of your cock Felicity! Anally defile your daughter!" Sara gleefully encouraged, "Take our daughter's butt! Oh yeah, give her every inch. Every inch, ohhhhhhh yessssssss, that's it! Every single inch up that brat's booty. Mmmmmmm, way to put her in her place, babe."

"Indeed." Nyssa agreed, "Show that little brat who's boss by butt fucking her! Oh yes, fuck her in the bottom. That's what I want to see. Oooooooh yesssssss, this bratty little bitch getting put in her place. Ohhhhhhhh yessssss, take that ass Felicity! Take it and make it yours! Or better yet, mmmmmmm, ours. Yesssssssss, fuck our daughter up the butt and make her our bitch!"

Sara chuckled wickedly, and gleefully provided more encouragement as Felicity finally pulled her hips back, causing a few inches of dick to slide out of the wannabe tough girl's butt hole, only for it to be slid straight back in. Felicity then of course repeated the process, officially starting to butt fucked this bitch. Their daughter! Oh yes, Felicity Smoak, who had been so innocent and cute when Sara had first met her, was beginning to sodomise her biological daughter, the daughter that they had apparently raised together. Or should that be reared together? Ha! They were certainly rearing her now. Or at least they would be, once Felicity started sharing the wealth.

It was wrong to be so impatient, Sara knew that, and not because her girlfriends constantly mocked her for it. But when it came to sex she just couldn't help it. She hated sitting on the side-lines and just watching other people have fun when she could be right there joining them. Or at least using one of the other fuck holes available. Because sure, Laurel was busy stuffing Mia's pussy, but Thea's sweet ass was just begging to be fucked. But no, Sara would be good and wait patiently for her turn with this new piece of ass. Who again, was their daughter, making it extra special. So special that while she normally didn't like watching Sara truly became captivated by watching Felicity butt fucking their baby girl.

So much so that it was actually Felicity who offered, "Sara, you want a turn?"

"Always!" Sara beamed.

"Wait a second, that's Felicity's biological daughter. You didn't share your sister's ass the first time you had it, why should she share that ass with you?" Nyssa questioned.

"Nyssa!" Sara whined, "Don't ruin this for us. Felicity wants to share, so let her share."

Nyssa huffed, "Well... surely we should let her at least have more time with her?"

"It's fine Nyssa." Felicity reassured, "I'll just get her last. Mmmmmm yessssssss, then I can give her my all. Make sure she is thoroughly broken."

"I, I won't break." Mia whimpered again.

"We'll see." Felicity said dismissively, finally pulling out of her daughter's butt hole.

Before Felicity could change her mind Sara replaced her the second the space was available and shoved her cock up Mia's ass. Okay, it was hardly the brutal penetration she would give a fully trained ass slut like Thea or Laurel, but it was also a long way off from the gentle way that Felicity had taken their daughter's anal cherry. However in the few long minutes Felicity had been sodomising their baby girl Mia's rectum had clearly loosened up. This meant there was definitely a mixture of pain and pleasure during the cries and whimpers that she let out as Sara slowly stuffed her shit-pipe with strap-on and then began gently pumping her butt hole with more well timed thrusts, continuing the fine work Felicity had started in making their daughter's most private hole their personal fuck hole.

While Felicity had become extremely good at it Sara was an expert, and in no time at all Mia was moaning in pure pleasure from getting her tightest of holes violated. Admittedly, the fact that she was pushing Mia's pussy down on Laurel's cock had a lot to do with it, not only physically but mentally, as this was literally turning her daughter into a Lance sister sandwich. Oh yes, little Mia was being sandwiched by one of her Moms and one of her Aunts, as the rest of them watched. And of course, it wasn't long before her biological Mom join the fun again, which was the only thing which made Sara look up from the beautiful sight of Mia's butt hole stretching around her strap-on, as she pumped it in and out of that ultra forbidden orifice.

Mia had never been more humiliated in her entire life, and somehow it was about to get worse, even though she didn't know if that was really possible. Her whole life. She trained so hard not to be like her whore mother. To be a strong, confident top. And yet when it mattered, her training had failed her, and now here she was, getting butt fucked like her sub Mom. By her Sub Mom! That was the most humiliating thing about all this, that now she wasn't getting topped by a superior warrior, but she lost her butt cherry to the biggest bottom she had ever known. And somehow, she had been made to enjoy it, making Mia question everything she thought she knew about herself. Then came the part where it got even worse.

Namely by her Mom pressing the strap-on which had robbed Mia of her anal cherry against her lips and ordered, "Open your mouth, sweetie. It's time for you to become air tight. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, Mommy loves it up the ass, but what Mommy loves even more, is taking a cock in each of her fuck holes. Ohhhhhhh, and I bet you're going to love that, just as much as you liked getting your ass stuffed, you little whore! Come on, show that you're just like us. Or maybe, just like our bitches. Take a cock which has just been in your ass into your mouth and become my ATM slut. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, do it Mia. Mommy promises you'll love it. Yes that's it, oh baby, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

As much as Mia would have liked to be able to resist indefinitely sooner or later she would be tasting her own ass on a cock, so really it was just in her best interests to open her mouth, and that was why she did it. It had nothing to do with the moan which escaped her lips without her permission, although then she was glad of the butt flavoured dick, as the fact that it was now stretching her lips open was distracting everybody from that moan. Another good thing was that the taste of her backside totally distracted Mia from any other taunting that her Moms may have given her, because for better or for worse, all she could concentrate on at that moment was the taste of her own ass. And how much she loved it.

No! This had to be some kind of mistake. She wasn't one of those girls. She couldn't be. She couldn't like the taste of her own butt. That would truly make this like mother, like daughter, and Mia just wouldn't be able to cope if that was true. And yet, it did taste good. So good that she just couldn't stop herself from sucking that incredible flavour off of the first few inches of the dildo. Or trying to get more, the proud cage fighter bobbing her head up and down the shaft like a shameless cock sucking whore! Like the shameless cock sucking whore her Mommies were turning her into, that humiliation only making this whole thing worse, and yet somehow turning her on.

Before Mia could make it even worse by trying to deep throat that dick Felicity thankfully pulled back, allowing Sara to take her place, and in turn Nyssa to take hers. Oh God, her three Mommies began taking it in turns with her ass and mouth, making sure that Mia was constantly tasting her own butt, and nearly constantly taking it in all three of her fuck holes. Oh God, she just thought of her butt hole as a fuck hole! And to her shame that was what it was now. It didn't matter if she turned the tables on them, and butt fucked them all, because they had got her anal cherry, and there was no getting it back. And again, somehow, she was enjoying this. Oh God, she really was like her Moms after all. And worse, Felicity. Worse still, like Laurel and Thea, a.k.a. total lesbian sluts without a single ounce of shame.

"Finger your slutty little ass Thea." Nyssa suddenly ordered.

"Yes Mistress Nyssa." Thea replied and obeyed eagerly.

Thea had been pretty confident this was going to happen, but it still came as a relief as part of her had wondered if they would try and humiliate Mia by having Thea try and top her. Technically that would still happen, but it would be like Thea was being used as a toy to do it, which was exactly what Thea wanted. She was no top, and while there was something to be said for watching another girl getting stuffed by her Mistresses it just wasn't seen when her slutty little ass wasn't getting some attention too. So she pulled out her butt-plug, stuck it into her mouth and moaned happily at tasting her own anal juices, while frantically shoving a couple of fingers up there and spinning a few long minutes stretching herself out before Mistress Nyssa came up behind her and gave her something even better.

"Bend over, slut." Nyssa ordered with a smack to Thea's ass, "Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, give me that ass!"

"Yes Mistress Nyssa." Thea moaned as loudly and clearly as possible around that butt-plug while doing as she was told.

While she'd only been told to bend over Thea took the risk of reaching back and spreading her cheeks, making it even more clear that she was giving her most private hole to her Mistress, and giving the superior woman all of the access she could need to her slutty little back door. This caused a tiny smile to cross Mistress Nyssa's face, which made Thea's heart flutter, even if that might have been more because of what Mistress Nyssa was about to do, as opposed to what they had done. Either way, that happy look stayed on Mistress Nyssa's face as her cock easily slipped into Thea's back hole and then later her back passage, until her thighs came to rest against her cheeks, announcing she was fully embedded. Fully embedded in Thea's butt! And Thea, mostly moaned in pleasure from getting her ass penetrated and filled, making her feel like such a slut. Which of course, made her weirdly proud of herself.

Shortly after this Mistress Sara moved away from Mia's ass, giving Mistress Nyssa all the access she needed to that bitch hole. Which of course she took full advantage of, albeit while her cock was stuffed into Thea's bitch ass. Oh yes, Mistress Nyssa guided them over to Mia, lined up Thea's strap-on with Mia's now thoroughly gaped ass hole and pushed forwards, causing the so-called top to cry out in pure pleasure as she was technically anally taken by a bottom. And oh, did Thea love it. Not getting to fuck Mia's ass, because she didn't care about that, and it didn't feel real anyway. No, what she loved was getting used like a little sex toy, and of course in the process she was getting butt fucked.

Initially that cock seemed to be pushed deeper into her rectum as Mistress Nyssa slowly pushed forward, burying more and more dick into Mia's butt, which felt amazing, but what was even better was that after Mia had been fully stuffed again, Mistress Nyssa started thrusting back and forth, causing both Thea's dildo to slide in and out of Mia's butt hole and her own strap-on to slide in and out of Thea's ass hole. Oh yes, Mistress Nyssa was such a dominating force of nature in that moment she was sodomising two bitches instead of one. And Thea was honoured to be one of those bitches to the superior woman. Just like Mia. Oh yes, she might deny it, but Thea knew that Mistress Felicity's future daughter was loving this, and she knew that meant so did everyone else.

Mia couldn't deny she was enjoying this, all of it, and it was making her deeply ashamed. It wasn't supposed to be this way. She wasn't a lesbian sub. Not like her Moms. Or at least, that's what she had thought, but tonight the old versions of them had effortlessly dominated her, and made her feel things she could never have imagined before. Although, at least now she knew how her bitches felt whenever she took them. Which was really, really addictive, Mia even feeling the urge to beg to become a full-time bitch. But no, she was stronger than that. She would resist the urge for that, and to be made to cum. Because she had too. She would. Oh fuck it!

"Make me cum." Mia whimpered the next chance she got, "Please?"

"Come on baby girl, you can do better than that." Felicity, of all people, pushed.

For a brief moment Mia was tempted to comply, but she couldn't. She just couldn't. Could she? No, she had to stay strong. It didn't matter how amazing the cock felt in her ass, or that it was pushing her down onto the cock in her cunt, or that the taste of her own butt on that other cock was just so delicious, all these things ganging up on her and threatening to turn her into a mindless slut. Because she wouldn't let it. No, she needed to maintain at least a shred of dominance so later she could turn the tables to what things were supposed to be. And even if she wanted to give that up just so she could cum, there was no guarantee that she'd actually get what she wanted. Or at least, that's what Mia told herself over and over again for the next few minutes, until inevitably it all became too much.

"Fuck me! Fuck my ass harder!" Mia cried out loudly, and pathetically, "Fuck me in the ass and make me cum like a little bitch! Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, I wanna cum like a little bitch with a dick in my ass! Triple stuff me like a whore! Make me your slut, if you can. Ohhhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, fuck me! Fuck me Nyssa, fuck me Sara... Fuck me Felicity... oh shit, fuck me Mom! Fuck me Mommy, mmmmmmm Gooooodddddddd, I want my Mommies to fuck my ass and make me cum! Please Mommies, fuck me and make me cum fuck me and make me cum fuck me and make me cum ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss, harder, harder, harder, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddd, fuckkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeee!"

Thankfully they didn't push the issue, or even just wait long enough for Mia to get so desperate that she would promise them anything if only they would make her cum. Maybe even promised to be their submissive little bitch no matter what happened in the future. Mia was horrified when that idea pushed her closer to orgasm, and then before she could really think about anything else Nyssa ever so slightly increased the pace of the butt fucking, instantly making her cum. Although at least then she didn't have to care about what she was thinking, because it just felt too good. Better than anything she'd ever felt before, in fact. Oh yes, Mia Smoak experienced the most powerful climaxes of her life while being fucked in the ass by Mama Nyssa, forcing her to cum on Auntie Laurel's cock.

What made this moment of submission perfect, and at the same time unbearablely humiliating, was that her biological mother pushed her cock back into Mia's mouth just before she climaxed, officially making her triple stuffed again. There was no longer any butt cream on it, but that was little comfort, as it reminded Mia that she had been the one to clean it. Clean it after it had been up her butt. She had let her 'real' Mom fuck her in the ass, taking her anal cherry and then sharing her with all her other Mommies, and even the most submissive of sluts. It was the kind of humiliation Mia didn't know whether she could ever recover from, and yet it made her cum so hard and frequently that she could no longer even think coherently, let alone care about it.

Nyssa had been very tempted to push Mia into breaking completely, and she could tell it wouldn't take much more to achieve that goal. However she was also confident that between herself and her girlfriends. They could probably achieve that goal through just making their daughter cum as hard and as frequently as possible. Or at least get her close enough that she would stick around and allow herself to be sexually dominated again, and again, and again, until she broke completely. Which honestly, was more appealing to Nyssa. Sure, she loved how submissive Thea and Laurel were, but it was a breath of fresh air to have a somewhat reluctant and embarrassed former pure top submit to her. Especially when they had such an intimate connection.

It was also worth noting that Mia Smoak really was a gorgeous piece of ass. Firm little booty, but not completely flat. No, it had a nice bit of jiggle to it. Not as much as with Sara or Felicity, or even their bitches, but still an enjoyable amount. And that hole! Oh, Nyssa wasn't sure she'd ever sodomised another girl with such a tight little ass hole before. Which ironically just made her more eager to destroy Mia's tight little ass, and forever put her daughter in her place. Something she got at least pretty close to doing as she slowly built up the pace of the butt sex until she was using every ounce of her strength to brutalise Mia's butt hole. Which meant the sound of her thighs smacking against Mia's ass cheeks were echoing around the room, almost as loudly as Mia's squeals of pleasure.

Selfishly Nyssa wanted to keep that perfect little booty all to herself for as long as she possibly could have it. Maybe even all night long. But sadly not even she had that kind of stamina. More importantly, she needed to give her other girlfriends a chance to make Mia cum, especially Felicity. So while she held back on her desire to climax for quite a while, ultimately Nyssa allowed herself to get overwhelmed by the feeling of the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising another woman. Those things, and the fact that she was doing this in front of an audience, to her own daughter, while triple stuffing her, made Nyssa cum over and over again until she was at least somewhat satisfied.

Then she reluctantly pulled out, taking a brief moment to admire her handiwork, before moving aside so one of her girlfriends could take over. Which was Sara of course, who had been lying in wait to get another crack at that crack. But while normally this would be a sign of Sara's inpatients Nyssa wondered if it was strategic on Felicity's part. To impress Mia with her skills by leaving a lasting impression. Perhaps even impress them all. Something which Felicity did continuously, and tonight would be no exception. Although Sara also did a good job of impressing Nyssa. Then again she was biased because she just loved them both so much, and she loved watching them sodomising other women, especially one like Mia Smoak, who desperately needed to be put in her place.

Felicity was definitely holding back so she could go last, but it wasn't just because she wanted to leave a lasting impression on Mia. Hell, it was questionable whether their daughter had truly knew who was sodomising her at that moment. No, Felicity was mostly hanging back because she wanted her more dominant girlfriends to do the hard work for her, and either break Mia along the way, or breakdown her defences so much that it would be easy for Felicity to finish the job. Or at least get Mia so far gone that she would be no threat to even their submissive bitches once they were done with her, and more importantly would stay with them, so they could continue having this kind of twisted family fun.

Of course Felicity also just loved watching her women work, especially Sara, who continued using Thea as a human dildo to butt fuck Mia. Then when she finally ran out of steam Sara made Thea anally ride her to a couple more orgasms for them both, although at that point Felicity was more focused on stepping up to the plate. Luckily, all this waiting meant that Felicity had gotten a chance to rest and save up her energy for this precious moment, so the second Sara pulled out and moved aside Felicity immediately took her place and slammed every inch of her strap-on deep into her daughter's bitch ass. Which had that daughter crying out in pure pleasure, a sign of just how good a job the assassins had done preparing her for this, prompting the hacker to spare them a grateful smile before getting down to business.

While Sara was obviously preoccupied Nyssa happily returned it, which in a weird way warmed Felicity's heart, almost as much as hearing Mia's cries of pleasure as she began sodomising her. Again! Oh yes, Felicity was once again sodomising her own daughter, having taken her anal cherry earlier, and now making sure she was truly broken. Which of course made it impossible for Felicity to hold back on her own climaxes for long, although she was impressed with herself just how long she held out. And she definitely made Mia cum several times in the process. Laurel too, the other end of the harness doing just as good a job on her as it was on the others, but that didn't matter in that moment. No, what really mattered was the biological mother and the biological daughter cumming as hard and as frequently as possible.

Again thanks to the earlier actions of the women she loved, and admittedly herself, Felicity felt confident that she was easily able to achieve this, as she eventually built up the pace to a rectum wrecking which was worthy of the type that Nyssa and Sara would normally dish out, which was really saying something. Oh yes, Felicity held nothing back as she was desperate to make her point, and truly put this little brat in her place. Something she became lost in as she became a wild animal pounding into her submissive mate until every ounce of her energy was gone and she was collapsing down onto the equally exhausted body beneath her. Which was a position she stayed in for a few long seconds before she reclaimed enough of her energy to be able to pull out, stumble backwards and admire her handiwork.

"Wow, nice job Felicity." Sara grinned wickedly.

"Indeed." Nyssa smirked, Sara eventually pushing Thea away so she could join her other girlfriends in getting the best possible look at Mia's widely gaping ass hole.

"Thanks." Felicity blushed, unable to believe what she had just done, but not allowing it too overwhelm her as she ordered, "But I think we can get a better look, don't you? Mmmmmmm, yes we can. So Mia, sweetie, spread your cheeks for us! Show your Mommies how good they gaped you!"

There was a long pause in which Mia just laid there, either exhausted or just hesitant to do as she was told. It was probably a combination of both, but whatever the case without needing any more prompting Mia eventually did as she was told, pushing her ass high into the air, reaching back and spreading her cheeks as wide as she could, wonderfully emphasising her gape. Something which Sara, being the twisted pervert that she was, just couldn't wait to take a photo of, shamelessly grinning while she did so. Felicity tried to give her a disapproving look, but in the end all she could do was smile at the woman she loved, and then turned her attention back to Mia obscenely exposing herself. To her daughter obscenely exposing her butt hole, which Felicity had just gaped! Oh God, this was so twisted. The most twisted part being that Felicity didn't feel nearly as much shame as she should have done.

After enjoying that twisted show for a few long minutes, and guessing that Felicity might be second-guessing herself, Sara ordered, "Good girl, now get over here and clean our cocks! All of them! Oh yes, that means Laurel and Thea too. Oh yes, suck bitch dick! Then maybe you'll think twice about mouthing off to superior tops. Ooooooooh yesssssssss, suck them! Suck them good, ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh!"

Probably to try and annoy her Moms Mia started with Laurel's dick, which she'd only just pulled herself off of, although the truth was this just allowed them to admire her gaping ass hole for a little longer, with the added bonus of having her sucking her cum and pussy cream off of that dildo, and moaning while doing so. Then making it crystal clear she was trying to annoy them Mia moved over to Thea and got what might be her first taste of her own ass. Of course again Felicity found it weirdly enjoyable, and she was sure that Nyssa and Sara also found it that way, as it was someone who claimed to be a top going ass to mouth like a little sub bitch. Also, unlike when she tasted her own cunt, there was an adorable little bit of hesitation on Mia's part, followed by yet more shameless moaning as she instantly liked the taste of her own butt.

Something which Sara was only too happy to capitalise on, "Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, suck it slut! Oh yes, someone clearly loves the taste of their own butt. Ha, and to think, you acted like you were better than us? Better than our bitches, mmmmmmmm, but now it's you sucking an ass covered strap-on, worn by a bitch, Worn by a submissive little bottom, who got to fuck you in the ass. Oh yeah Mia, you maybe our daughter, but you're also a complete ATM whore for us, mmmmmmmm, and anything else we want you to be. Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmm, who would have thought that our own daughter would make just the perfect little bitch for us? Sooooooo perfect, I think we should keep her. What do you say girls?"

"I think it would be wrong not too." Nyssa smiled without hesitation.

As all eyes turned to her Felicity shrugged, "I don't know, maybe we should see how good she sucks our cocks first."

"Oooooooooh, rightfully said." Nyssa chuckled with wicked delight, "Ohhhhhhhhh, suck those cocks good Mia! Take them deep down your throat! All of them! Yesssssssss, you're doing a great job with those bitch cocks, but don't forget about the strap-ons of your Dom Moms. Yeahhhhhhhh, your rightful owners deserve a turn with your hot mouth, mmmmmmm, starting with me. Come on, get over here and suck my dick! It will make a nice change for you, given it's flavoured with Thea's ass. Oh yessssssss, taste the deepest part of Thea's butt you filthy little whore. Oh yes, mmmmmmm, suck it! Suck it good, mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeesssssssss!"

Yet again Mia seemed a little reluctant, but that could have been because she was enjoying tasting her ass on Thea's dildo, or even the submission of having to do that with a bottom, rather than still having any fighting spirit left. Although part of Felicity would have been disappointed if Mia didn't have any fighting spirit left, partly because Sara and Nyssa were her Moms, but also there was a twisted part of her which wanted to break this wild horse in. Something they were already well on their way too, given Mia eventually obeyed and gave Nyssa, Sara and finally Felicity the same treatment, namely taking their strap-ons into her mouth and sucking them clean. Or trying to at least.

Deep throating was clearly an issue for Mia, one they would have to work on later, something which shouldn't have been appealing, but it was. Oh yes, Felicity wanted to teach her daughter to be a good little cock sucker for her Mommies. And so many other twisted things. Or at least perfect them, as it seemed Mia was quite the natural slut. She certainly moaned loudly and happily each time she tasted some fresh ass, whether it be her own or Thea's, and of course her hot little booty had seemed like it was made to be stuffed. So much so the thought of keeping this little whore seemed increasingly worth the risk, even if it endangered the timeline.

"So, what do you think Felicity? Can we keep her?" Sara asked after a few long minutes of enjoying the show.

Felicity look thoughtful for a second, and then smiled, "You really want her?"

"Oh yes." Sara grinned wickedly.

"Okay honey, anything for you." Felicity smirked just as wickedly, before quickly adding, "But you've got to help me... rear her."

"That won't be a problem." Nyssa chuckled just as wickedly, knowing she spoke for Sara too in that moment.