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[Audiobook] Project Talk It Out: A Glee 4x04 Reaction Compilation

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Contents (to download individual mp3 files, right-click save. To stream, just click):

1. Intro (mp3) by klb

2. Breakfast (mp3) written by djchika and read by oohshinyfangirl

3. Freezing (mp3) written by wowbright and read by klb

4. Tipping (mp3) written by stut_ter and read by canarian

5. Episode clip: Teenage Dream/Blaine's Confession

6. Rending (mp3) written by judearaya and read by klb

7. Sunrise (mp3) written by flaming_muse and read by mcollinknight

8. Crash (mp3) written by threepwillow and read by oohshinyfangirl

9. so quite new a thing (mp3) written by wordplayitout and read by mcollinknight

10. A Type of Mo(u)rning (mp3) written by the_multicorn and read by judearaya

11. Starring Blaine Anderson as Humpty Dumpty (mp3) written by stultiloquentia and read by mcollinknight

12. Reaction Ficlet 4x04 (mp3) written by fleurdelisee and read by oohshinyfangirl

13. The Worst Part (mp3) written by fountnofthought and read by oohshinyfangirl

14. The Easy Things Never Are (mp3) written by canarian and read by judearaya

15. The Simple Things Never Are (mp3) written and read by canarian

16. The Things That Are (mp3) written by canarian and read by canarian and judearaya

17. Soon Enough (mp3) written by sarahexplosions and read by klb

18. First Steps (mp3) written by fabrissefanfic and read by oohshinyfangirl

19. Love Is Waiting (mp3) written by likeasouffle and read by klb

20. Burning Bright (mp3) written by ca_te and read by oohshinyfangirl